Did those nasty old Al Qaeda terrorists actually burn these captives alive?  Fox News jumped at the chance to publicize this hoax-within-a-hoax last week.  It's all part of the Wag The Dog terror war and you can see just how easy it is for reversed speech to penetrate the illusion!






by  Ken Welch in Houston
February 25, 2008

Last weekend (2/16) I got a note from one of our supporters asking about a Fox News story that had just been posted.  The story featured a short but ugly propaganda film from Iraq, and Fox News claimed it showed Al Qaeda "insurgents" burning three captured men alive.  According to Fox, the scene was part of a larger film originally posted on Google in December.  Why it would then become news in mid-February is a mystery known only to Fox.  However, we are seeing a resurgence of war propaganda in the media after a two-month break and Fox is certainly doing its part.

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My correspondent wanted to know if the film was another production of the Florida-based "As Sahab Studio" that produces all the Al Qaeda videos for Houston and the White House, or was it perhaps the real thing.  It did not sport the familiar logo, and the home-made quality made it seem authentic.  The video is only forty seconds long, but a quick scan for reversed speech in the film's audio track would easily reveal if the main actor was actually an Arab or, as has always been the case in the past, an American military intelligence operative or "private contractor" mercenary simply pretending to be Al Qaeda.

Fox offered two links to the video, with the obligatory warning that it was not for the squeamish.  The Google link didn't work.  Apparently Google had been alerted by the Fox story and removed the video since it obviously violated their standards.  During the day, someone (Fox?) attempted to upload it again (I found it with a keyword search), and Google promptly removed that one as well.  Following this, Fox removed the link from their story.  The second link, to a website in Turkey, worked just fine.  Oddly enough, a logo pasted on the film suggested it was actually being hosted in the U.S.  Even more interesting, Fox posted a photo that was in much higher resolution than was available from the web.  Like me, you can wonder where they got it.

Here is the video link that worked, but before you go there (you certainly don't have to!) I should tell you that the film is a hoax.  In other words, the situation that Fox News describes is not what is actually taking place.  No one is being burned alive.  However, the ordinary viewer would be preconditioned by reading the Fox story and see what Fox told them to see.   Link To Video

The video begins with a brief scene of a fire being built in a pit, then switches to the classic but shopworn opening scene.  A group of rather pale skinned men dressed as Arabs flank a leader who reads a statement from a piece of paper clutched in his left hand.  The camera moves back, and you see three bound men sitting on the ground.  Someone pours some gasoline on them.  They are then partly dragged, pushed, rolled into the fire pit which is just in front of them.  The gasoline vapors cause them to burst into flame even before they can be pushed fully over the edge.  If you thought these men were alive, as Fox suggested, it would be a horrifying sight.

In fact, they are quite obviously dead to begin with.  From their oddly slumped positions you will notice that they never make a sound, and never react to what is happening.  The two on the left are actually roped together to keep them upright.  One has had a leg propped up (to look natural?) but it slips during the filming.  This enhances the illusion, but it is the only movement shown by the "captives" during the entire production.

The film is short and the reading of the death sentence takes only about twenty seconds.  At first I was disappointed because English phrases didn't immediately show up in the reversed audio.  I decide that maybe I was rushing it and began scanning again, only two or three syllables at a time.  This time I find them.  The three reversals are brief, but definitely there.




I think that the first reversal may be an unconscious prompt directed at two of his cohorts who are supposed to do the dirty work, but this is speculation, pure and simple.  It could also be a small attack of conscience, reflecting that the whole affair is "out of line." On the other hand, the other two reversals certainly seem connected to the fact that there are now three bodies to dispose of, and probably tell as much of the real story as we need to know.  The dead men could be smugglers, bandits, or any of a multitude of other possibilities.  All we know is that earlier in the day their luck ran out.

I didn't expect to learn even this much from the reversals.  The video is much too short to reveal anything of real value without an unusual amount of good luck.  The point was to determine if the speaker was a native, or just another American posing as Al Qaeda.  The presence of plain English in his unconscious thought stream establishes this without question.

Those three reversals are all we need to prove that the video is a hoax within a hoax, but (and we've seen this before) once the real action starts and emotional stress levels start to peak, we are gifted with quite a bit more.  Since I have a great interest in the workings of the mind, and the window into the unconscious that reversed speech provides, I decided to see what else could be found.

As the indictment and sentencing script ends, it's time to get down to business and drag and push the bodies into the fire pit.  The bodies were positioned only two or three feet from the edge, because any greater distance would require them to be dragged or carried far enough that the viewer could easily see they were seriously dead.  Nonetheless, it was a lot easier to plan than to do, and obviously takes some effort.

It is in the moment of dramatic action that unconscious speech really opens up.  The standardized script calls for them all to be shouting out praises to Allah as they go to work.  We hear multiple voices at once, but you can pick them out as one man or another is louder than the others, or closer to the microphone:




It turns out that dumping the bodies into the fire pit is not as easy as it might seem.  The first two were roped together, apparently the only way to keep the first one (front left) upright.  This problem is compounded by the fact that bodies are now soaked with gasoline.  You can't see the comedy here if you are thinking that these guys are still alive.  But once you see through the illusion, you can get a good laugh.  The gasoline vapors ignite in a big whoosh and I guarantee that at least one imitation Al Qaeda warrior was singed in the process.

The reversals during this final ten or eleven seconds of the video are pretty interesting.  One man is really into the affair and urges the men on.  The one who is trying to dump the first body in the pit almost goes up in flames himself when the gasoline vapors ignite and he unconsciously shouts his alarm.  This is immediately followed by two other voices in unison saying "SO HOT!" This is a rare find.  Listen closely and you can clearly hear both voices.





I routinely look for clear admissions that what is being presented is a lie.  The unconscious in most people is often quick to provide this.  There was nothing like this from the leader, indicating that lying is part of his profession (to him it is just the script for today) and not worth comment.  But in the last few seconds at least one man had to blurt it out, and you can clearly hear the word "LIE!" and the rather astonishing "COW MANURE!"

One voice that I can just make out with my professional equipment could be heard in the background saying, "want to go home." I can't get that one clear enough to include in this report, but the same voice was also the last one to speak, and you can easily hear him at that point as he finishes his plea: "OKLAHOMA."

# # #
Since the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, I believe that over a thousand films like this one have been produced and distributed.  Until recently, the most common depicted roadside bomb attacks on U.S. or allied soldiers.  Those attacks were real, and brave men died to fill the propaganda stream for the people back home.  We explored four of these in a previous report.  It is all part of the grand illusion that we are fighting an implacable enemy instead of turning over the world's second and third largest oil reserves to Exxon, Shell, BP and the rest, all at U.S. taxpayers' expense.

I must also point out that in this brave new world of fantasy news and all-pervasive illusion, I have not found a single news provider among broadcast or print media that is not a wholly compliant channel for false or distorted information, usually hundreds of times each day in one form or another.  As far as I can tell, this universal matrix of disinformation extends to Canada, the U.K., and most of Europe as well.

This is why I believe it is absolutely vital that we encourage at least one person we know to obtain some skill at reversed speech.  You are truly powerless when you don't have any idea of what is actually going on.  Worse yet, the hell into which we are falling is all about money and you know that greed is never satisfied.  That means that without a popular means of finding truth this situation can only get worse with no end in sight.