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MMS: Independent Review of Detoxifying Claims           Dr. Edward Lias
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There's dis-information on the internet about MMS getting old prematurely. In its dark bottle if kept in the refrigerator, it should remain potent for two years. Standard MMS is a 28% solution of Sodium Chlorite as prepared in the Texas main laboratory. IT IS VIRTUALLY ODOR FREE ! Only when you add the acid does the out-gassing begin to produce a distinctive odor. As long as you detect the odor AFTER adding the citric or other acid, you have assurance of active ingredients. The odor drifting through the room actually kills germs and air-borne bacteria. That odor is Chlorine Dioxide - a germicide like no other.
MMS Sodium Chlorite solution.
Here's what Jim invented: The MMS chlorine dioxide gas had never been packaged in such a way that you could use it internally. The strong chlorine dioxide cleaning products produce strong disinfectant action capable of burning the skin in some cases. You would never take that internally. Don't even think of it.

Nor had it occurred to anyone that chlorine dioxide would be useful to the immune system even if it was ingested internally. At first glance, it might be imagined that MMS could harm the body. What if MMS were to attack living cells with the same vengeance as when it attacks viruses and bacteria?

It was a serpentine path that led Mr. Humble through various procedures with stabilized oxygen and hydrogen peroxide treatments, gradually searching further for other oxidizing agents that might be more reliable than the "hit and miss" experiences he had at that time. Remember also that most of the experimentation was done with coworkers in far away jungles - situations where sick people begged for any solution that might bring them back to health - no matter how experimental and unproven (at that time).

Once Mr. Humble struck upon the 28% sodium chlorite solution, that we mix with a mild acid as we know the protocol to be today, and finding it to be tolerable, reliable, and already understood chemically from its use as a germicide, he came back to the U.S. and after a few false starts began traveling to other small nations as funding would permit. Broad scale testing of MMS began in 2001, spanning about five years.
http://killthevirus.com/MMS-protocol.htm  ..................:
This is the procedure for preparing a dose of the MMS dietary supplement, summarized from the writings of Jim Humble - the discoverer of Chlorine Dioxide. This mixture can be used to purify water, or you can drink it. Humble's free e-book of 127 pages can be downloaded by clicking here  [ Here ]  (no charge).

FIRST - Activate a few drops of the MMS Sodium Chlorite solution.
A one-year supply costs $20.00 (US) plus shipping -
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In a glass mix 1 MMS drop from the original bottle with 5 drops of one of these acids (avoid vitamin C):

unfiltered apple cider vinegar, or
lemon juice drops, or
lime juice drops, or
citric acid drops
Liquid citric acid is one of the preferred acids.
It tastes like lemon juice. Mix 1 tablespoon of Citric Acid powder
with 9 tablespoons distilled water to make a 10% citric acid solution
for use with MMS. Store in a separate bottle.

Always use 5 drops of one of the food acids above to each one drop of MMS (5 to 1)
SECOND - Wait: Swirl the MMS drops and the acid drops in an empty dry glass, then wait at least 3 minutes after mixing. (3 to 5 minutes is OK - 10 minutes is too long.) The two ingredients combine to produce a substance that can't be stored. It slowly begins to release a gas called Chlorine Dioxide. Carried in water and juice it becomes the detoxifying substance that is carried for some hours by the blood stream.

THIRD - Add Juice and/or Water. Add 1/3 to 2/3 glass of distilled water or juice to the extent needed to weaken and mask the slight lemon-like chemical taste. The amount of juice or water is not critical provided no vitamin C is in the juice. After adding the juice or water you can drink it immediately - or wait, but no longer than one hour before drinking because the gas you want is wasting away. Don't use orange juice as the masking agent. Vitamin C neutralizes the desired effect. Carrot juice or beet juice is OK. Some apple and pineapple juices are labeled "nothing added." Avoid taking vitamins containing C for several hours.

FOURTH - Dosage Limits. The protocol for taking MMS starts with one or two drops. Never more at first. People who are very sick and/or sensitive can start with ½ drop. It's hard to measure one-half drop. Therefore prepare a one drop mixture, add water, and drink half of it, then drink the other half one hour later. Tolerance develops quickly and nausea is rarely noticed after the first dose.

FIFTH - Drink it. The juice makes the drink palatable - you can drink it without complaint. If you experience no nausea after the first dose, increase by one drop for the 2nd dose - 2 to 8 hours later same day. The Inventor suggested drinking it morning and night. Other directions suggest repeating the drink every one or two hours. It can be your personal choice how rapidly you want the protocol to exhibit results. The more hours that Chlorine Dioxide circulates in your blood stream, the sooner you'll notice beneficial results. 

If you experience nausea, reduce the amount of MMS for the next dose. Drink two or more preparations each day, at least one in the morning and one in the evening. Your body quickly develops tolerance for the drink. Increase the number of drops (in step one) by one or two drops as tolerance increases. If nausea develops, back off one or two drops for a day or two, then gradually increase again. The maximum is thought to be 25 drops morning and night but for people who have little body weight, or for children, simply reduce the number of drops proportionately. Same with pets.

SIXTH - Monitor Effectiveness. Continue to increase by one drop each time you take a new dose. When you notice nausea or diarrhea, reduce the dosage by 1 or 2 drops for one day.
Because of these experimental outcomes, if they continue to be verified, then MMS will join a rare list of universal germicidal agents available to the public. The competing broad-spectrum killer-agents in the battle against diseases would include:
List of agents claiming to be
broad anti-bacterial agents:
Reviewed Positively Here
1. MMS chlorine dioxide gas -
a chemical germicide for both
external and internal use.
by the inventor Jim Humble
2. Colloidal silver used internally and externally. Not ionic silver.  http://CoAgree.com/silver.pdf
by Patrick Bellringer
3. Oxygen/Ozone/Hydrogen
Peroxide therapies - both
external and internal use.
4. Chelation therapies of various types - mostly for internal use via drip methods in doctor's offices. Any above can be given intervenous.  http://www.drcranton.com/chelation.htm
The contents of this article were reviewed at length on the phone with Jim Humble, the inventor on two occassions. We lingered especially on the places where the chemistry of MMS is described. He assisted with accuracy and was extremely cordial, giving considerable time as we viewed the article on computer screens - while worlds apart.