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Thursday, March 06, 2008
HOT: Hillary Uses ILLEGAL Aliens, her FRAUDULENT Tax Returns, BURGLARIZING of National Archives


March 5, 2008

by Tom Heneghan
UNELECTABLE loser Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton
It can now be reported that thousands of ILLEGAL aliens, once again, were used to vote for lesbian IN-THE-CLOSET Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton during Tuesday's Democratic Primary in Texas.
As in California and Nevada , the Clinton campaign supplied the buses to transport these UNDOCUMENTED aliens to the polling place.
This comes on the heels of Rush Limbaugh getting thousands of Republicans to cross over and vote for CLOSET lesbian Hillary in the Texas Democratic Primary.
Reference: Over the last five years both the State of California and the State of Texas have conspired to allow ILLEGAL aliens to get BOGUS Driver's Licenses and, accordingly, make their way onto the voter rolls.
Rush Limbaugh's advocacy for Hillary in the Texas Democratic Primary is based on the belief that Hillary will LOOSE the General Election in a landslide to the Republican Party; and,
as she did in 1994 with her healthcare debacle, HILLARY WILL BLOW OUT THE DEMOCRATIC MAJORITY IN CONGRESS.
SERIAL RAPIST and AIDS positive Bill Clinton
with his sexual lover Canadian Belinda Stronach
We can now also report that it was KHAZARIAN Jew Andrea Mitchell of NBC News, along with daddy Bush's little bitch, SERIAL RAPIST and AIDS positive Bill Clinton, that conspired with the Canadian Consulate in Chicago to ILLEGALLY leak DIPLOMATIC PROPERTY OF THE GOVERMENT OF CANADA to the Associated Press.

SERIAL RAPIST and AIDS positive Bill Clinton
with his sexual lover Canadian Belinda Stronach

As reported previously, Bill Clinton's girlfriend, former Canadian Minister and Member of Parliament Belinda Stronach, helped coordinate the THEFT of the Diplomatic property for the purpose of a political dirty trick directed at Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama.
At this hour the Clintons still REFUSE to release their Tax Returns because they are in the process of amending their 2006 and 2007 FRAUDULENT Tax Returns.
Previous related March 2, 2008 Intelligence Briefing:
…Bill and Hillary Clinton are currently being allowed by the Bushfraud-controlled IRS to amend both of their fraudulent 2006 and 2007 tax returns.

Both UNELECTABLE Hillary lesbian IN-THE-CLOSET Rodenhurst Clinton and her husband, daddy Bush's little bitch and SERIAL RAPIST Bill Clinton failed to report massive interest income from their offshore CIA proprietary accounts in the Cayman Islands.

Bush-Clinton bagman, ILLEGALLY pardoned
East German DVD/MOSSAD agent Marc Rich

Reference: These accounts were set up in the Cayman Islands from the STOLEN funds of Ambassador Leo Wanta with the assistance of Bush-Clinton bagman and fixer, fugitive East German DVD and Israeli MOSSAD agent Marc Rich, along with Hillary's East German DVD agent and fundraiser, 7/7 London bombings Terrorist suspect Eva Telege aka Teleke aka Teleki.

Peak Net Worth (Year): $1.5 billion (2006)
Source: Commodities trading
Charged in 1983 with 65 counts of tax evasion,
mail and wire fraud. Fled to Switzerland .
Pardoned by President Bill Clinton in 2001,
paid $100 million fine.
From All the Money in the World, available in bookstores now

Not only did they FAIL to report interest income from their Cayman Islands offshore accounts, but they are also trying to hide MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN BRIBES AND GIFTS from noted Bush-Clinton bagman, Israeli MOSSAD agent and East German DVD agent Marc Rich, i.e. Hans Brand.
This is all happening while the Bushfraud Justice Department is sitting on and covering up TWENTY-FIVE (25) MAJOR CRIMINAL REFERRALS involving the Clinton-Bush Crime Family Syndicate.
We can also report that the Clintons are involved with their business partner, occupant pResident George W. Bush in
Hillary's co-conspirator, business partner and
fugitive Eva Telege aka Teleke aka Teleki
7/7 London bombings TERRORIST suspect
and East German DVD agent

burglarizing the U. S. NATIONAL ARCHIVES and ILLEGALLY removing documents showing that
"By Way Of Deception Thou Shalt Do War." - official motto of Israeli MOSSAD
Hillary meets with
LOSER Hillary sits in acceptance before the
American flag DESECRATED by the FOREIGN
Israeli Star of David

Israel's Mossad Sweetliberty .org
Israel Is Spying In And On The U.S.? Part1 Part2Part3 Part4

P.S. The Israeli MOSSAD continues to conduct ESPIONAGE on Senator Barack Obama's campaign on a 24-hour basis on behalf of UNELECTABLE Hillary.    (Reuters)
CLOSET lesbian Hillary Clinton with her
secret traveling lesbian lover

MAJOR MOSSAD agent Huma Abedin
Hillary's secret traveling lesbian lover Huma Abedin continues to operate as liaison between the Israeli MOSSAD and the Clinton campaign.
P.P.S. LOSER Hillary announced today that she will NOT abide by the will of The People or the elected Democratic delegates in reference as to who should be the nominee of the Democratic Party.
Hillary announced that she will urge Super Delegates to appoint her the nominee of the party REGARDLESS of the vote and will of The People.
Now folks, Hillary sounds just like her business partner George W. Bushfraud being appointed pResident and occupant of the White House by the BRIBED criminals on the U.S. Supreme Court, even though his opponent, Vice President now duly elected President Albert Gore Jr. received over 500,000 more popular votes and clearly would have won the State of Florida had the Florida re-count been allowed to continue.
One last note: When LOSER and lesbian IN-THE-CLOSET Hillary Clinton praises John McCain while she is attacking Senator Obama this indicates that Hillary will do everything she can to try to STEAL the Democratic nomination and, if that fails, she will dirty up Barack Obama enough so that Federal Reserve and Keating Five Bush-Clinton-Millman stooge John McCain will easily defeat Obama to keep the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate in control of the U.S. Justice Department.
John McCain has stated that he will NOT pursue prosecution of the Bush Administration (MASSIVE) corruption.
Reference: The TWENTY-FIVE (25) criminal referrals still sitting in the Bush-Clinton controlled Justice Department.
Let us also remember that when UNELECTABLE Hillary talks about national security she is talking about the security of the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate from facing prosecution for HIGH TREASON.
"National Security" is also a code term for the ILLEGAL spying against the American People by the Bush-Clinton controlled NSA (National Security Agency).
And, of course, they would also like to take our guns away.
In 1993, as the President's wife, Hillary participated in a "Protocol of White House Conference November 11, 1993" in which she suggested MASSIVE GUN CONTROL legislation.   (View below Hillary's remarks in the official minutes of this 1993 White House conference.)
Story developing.
FloridaGate 2000 conspirator, slut Mary Matalin's involvement in the THEFT of documents from the United States National Archives on the behalf of UNELECTABLE Hillary.
Matalin is married to Clinton advisor James Carville.;read=100564

"Protocol of White House Conference November 11, 1993"
Participants: The President, HRC, TFM, RN, IM and GS
[HRC = Hilary Rodham Clinton]
Regarding the Health Security Act:
HRC: If they will swallow NAFTA, they will certainly pass this as it stands . . . Perhaps if the alcohol and tobacco people realize we can cripple their businesses, they might see their way clear to donate substantial sums to help us secure passage of the Health Act. It's something to consider.
Regarding the Health Act and the relationship between theTurners and the White House:
HRC: We really owe this to Jane. She is one of the few people who not only sees the necessity for our programs but is in a position to do us some good. We ought not to forget this later when we hand out rewards.
Regarding the National Identity Card:
HRC: We all know this has to be done...just like total gun control. People simply do not realize what has to happen to make their lives easier and safer.

TFM: I think that if we can't get a National Health Card through, we could always turn to the INS issue and fabricate the excuse of preventing illegal aliens from taking U.S. jobs or getting free medical care.�

HRC: Well, I agree with that. After all, if all the provisions of the Health Security Act are passed, as they must be...unaltered in any way...every citizen must by law be registered with the program even if they have no intentions of using its services. That must be made a law...a very important part of this program. Note that it will also help the government track down and prosecute fathers who are delinquent in family support payments. By linking this with the Social Security data banks, we should be able to force the deadbeat males to pay right at the workplace. The key is the Social Security number.

TFM: That's the key to all the systems. That's how linkage is maintained between all the federal and private data banks.

HRC: We should make the use of a false Social Security number a federal felony and give every violator five years in jail. A few well-publicized examples would cool off the reset [sic] of the country quickly.
Regarding federally funded abortions, which this gang is in favor of:
HRC: I disagree with the word "force."� The better usage is "persuade."� As far as the religious right is concerned . . . and I am not speaking here of the mainline Protestant groups such as the Methodists, Presbyterians, Baptists and so on, but rather the religious nuts . . . fortunately they are not united or we would have far more trouble than we have had. My view, and the President agrees with me entirely o [sic] this, is that the religious right is our worst enemy, and we should deal with them directly. The Attorney General assures me that if we can link them . . . any of them . . . as organizations, not as individuals . . . to violence against clinics, medical personnel and so on, that we could well bring RICO into play. Limbaugh is safe for the time being, but if Robertson or some of the others get up in their pulpits, or, better, go on the air, and encourage what they call resistance to the freedom of choice movement...and by definition can be linked through this to violence and death, Reno can apply RICO to them and seize their property, including their radio and TV outlets. Things would be a lot more pleasant without their fascistic screaming anyway. We can all agree on that.
White House Intent on Sex Education; the Catholic Church:
HRC: For me, this is a dying religion in this country. They have no power and, if we cannot arrive at a mutual agreement on this, we can proceed against them by increasing the number of priest-pederasty charges. It can be pointed out to them that what they do not want is a media campaign about this. The Turners have already begun the groundwork for this, and we don't need to go too much farther with this before the Catholic leadership can recognize mortal danger for them. We can bring [sic] them around in the end. And I'm sure the issue of female priests can be solved in the same way and at the same time. A package deal. The born-agains are most irritating problem. The neo-fascists here are allied with some of the religious right. The Attorney General advises me that some of the Idaho people are deeply involved in criminal and anti-government activity and have a connection with certain right-wing churches. We need to stress this. Ted Turner is willing to run a series on CNN about the fascist right wing terrorists and to make references to their links with various churches. If we do this a little bit at a time, the public will get the impression that all churches of the right advocate killing abortion clinic people, stockpiling deadly weapons like the Koresh nutties and eventually plan to attack or fight government agencies . . . like in Waco. We can make the connection in the public mind.
Regarding gun control and the Brady Bill:
HRC: We have to approach minorities with caution. We cannot appear to be picking on them or singling them out for punishment. I suggest we fist [sic] use records to confiscate all legally registered weapons from white citizens to show the inner city residents that the white population will be disarmed before any minorities are. Keep in mind that of the fifty-odd deaths in the Los Angeles riots, most were caused by Korean shop owners defending their property. These Koreans should merit special attention in the initial roundup.
Regarding living wills and the Health Act:

HRC: . . . Simply unplugging a dying person is the easiest and most economical way. These people are not ever going to recover, so why spend hundreds of thousands of dollars per case on them?
Last but not least, regarding restructuring of education policies:
HRC: Our children are our greatest resource. We owe them the right to grow up as interacting and socially conscious citizens, ready to take their places in the inter-racial global community that all of us in this room see as the wave of the future. If we have to be severe or even cruel in the furthering of this doctrine, we must realize that the end is certainly worth whatever means we have to employ.

TAKE SPECIAL NOTE of LOSER Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton's NAZI GESTAPO and COMMUNIST views on CONFISCATION of ALL legally registered weapons first from White People...FORCING Americans to only two pets...FORCING Americans as to who lives in their building/community [all the while Hillary does NOT apply this to herself]...FORCING the termination of home schooling...FORCING the unplugging of dying people from life support...

and of Bill Clinton's derogatory remarks on the U.S. Military.

The Voice of the White House (( TBRnews))

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