Warrant for arrest issued against Ghislaine Lanctôt ( Canada).

dimanche 23 mars 2008 16 h 43
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Sunday, 23 March 2008
Warrant for arrest issued against Ghislaine Lanctôt for failure to produce income tax reports for Revenue Canada.
On March 3rd, 2008, a warrant for arrest was issued because for failure to appear in court, despite a mistaken identity.

 The wonderful Ghislaine is author of the book, The Medical Mafia
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On July 16th, 2007, Judge Marie-Josée Ménard ordered a trial at the same court, to be held on September 6th, 2007.
On September 6th, 2007, the legal entity LANCTOT, Ghislaine, was sentenced on all charges, by Judge Menard, and asked to pay a 1000$ fine for each charge, for a total of 7000$. An order was also issued to produce seven income tax statements within 30 days.
On January 30th, 2008, new charges were laid against the legal entity LANCOT, Ghislaine, for not having produced the income tax statements within 30 days. The appearance was set for March 3rd, 2008, at the Granby Court of Justice (Summons No. 460 73-000190-085). Me Serge Champoux, attorney, was still acting for Canada Revenue Agency.

On March 3rd, 2008, given the absence of the former representative for the Ghislaine LANCTOT Corporation, a warrant for arrest was ordered against this corporation for failure to appear.


in french:


in english, below    with Jean Dury legal notes.

EXPLANATIONS: All cars in Quebec, Canada, carry license plates bearing the words “Je me souviens” (I remember). Each car is given a number, written on the plate and used to identify the car owner. As we drive, we keep seeing this message on the car in front of us. Its meaning is clear: the driver needs to remember that she is only a number assigned by official authorities, who are the true owners of the vehicle and its driver. There is also a subliminal message: the authorities offer privileges which they can take away at any moment. If I am a “bad” driver, they can find me and I may suffer dire consequences.
By changing the words on the license plate to “Je me souviens de qui je suis” (I remember who I am), and by putting an infinity sign instead of a number, this particular license plate claims loud and clear that, in reality, I, human being, am an idessic (divine) individual: infinite, unlimited, immortal, omnipotent. I am the sovereign of my life. I follow my own internal law, based on the requests of my individual, idessic soul. ANOTHER VISION… ANOTHER WORLD!

On March 3rd, 2008, a warrant for arrest was issued because for failure to appear in court, despite a mistaken identity. On June 4th, 2007, the Attorney General of Canada was advised by letter that the name LANCTOT, GHISLAINE, a legal entity established by a birth certificate, could not be used anymore as the proof of identity of the human being who had previously been representing it.
On June 6th, 2007, Canada Revenue Agency summoned the LANCTOT, Ghislaine Corporation – a creation and property of the government – to appear at the Granby provincial court, on June 18th, 2007, under seven charges related to the Income Tax Law, for failure to file personal income tax reports. This was received despite the fact that the Canadian and Quebec Attorney Generals were officially notified that no human being was now answering for this legal entity (Summons No. 455 73-000295-074). Me Serge Champoux, attorney, was acting for Canada Revenue Agency.
On June 18th, 2007, a courtesy visit was paid to inform Judge Donald Bissonnette that no human being was now representing the LANCTOT, Ghislaine Corporation. In spite of this notice, a non-guilty verdict was registered, without taking into account the refusal to identify with the legal entity. The court postponed the case until July 16th 2007.
On July 16th, 2007, Judge Marie-Josée Ménard ordered a trial at the same court, to be held on September 6th, 2007.
On September 6th, 2007, the legal entity LANCTOT, Ghislaine, was sentenced on all charges, by Judge Menard, and asked to pay a 1000$ fine for each charge, for a total of 7000$. An order was also issued to produce seven income tax statements within 30 days.
On January 30th, 2008, new charges were laid against the legal entity LANCOT, Ghislaine, for not having produced the income tax statements within 30 days. The appearance was set for March 3rd, 2008, at the Granby Court of Justice (Summons No. 460 73-000190-085). Me Serge Champoux, attorney, was still acting for Canada Revenue Agency.
On March 3rd, 2008, given the absence of the former representative for the Ghislaine LANCTOT Corporation, a warrant for arrest was ordered against this corporation for failure to appear.
Is it a money problem? No, it is matter of conscience. For years, I, Ghis, a sovereign being with a body, a soul and a spirit, have relinquished all the privileges granted by the government – health insurance, driver’s license, retirement savings plan, old age pension, bank account, credit cards, etc. – so as not to be bound by related obligations that go against my soul and conscience.
Until 1994, I agreed to pay taxes for a fictitious entity called a “taxpayer”, a corporation created by the government, which belongs to it and bears the name LANCTOT, GHISLAINE. I thought that I was contributing to the public good and did so with pleasure.
Why did I stop contributing in 1995? People might come up with the following common conclusions: financial crisis, rebellion, negligence, forgetfulness, etc. It is none of these. I took this decision by listening to my soul and conscience, after I found out that:
  1. Income taxes do not serve the public interest. They go directly in the pockets of international bankers, the true owners of the Bank of Canada, who use them to finance weapons, wars and similar ventures.
  2. The Bank of Canada does not belong to Canada, but to a cartel of international private bankers who created the Canadian currency we presently use. Beforehand, the power to create money was exclusively held by the Canadian government. It was given away to the Bank of Canada in 1913. Since then, the government has been borrowing – with compound interest – money that it could create for itself at not additional cost. That is why our huge national debt keeps increasing. Meanwhile, Canadian taxpayers are used as a security and bleed themselves white to pay the interests of this fraudulent debt.
  3. The services provided by the government are not paid with taxes. They are funded through new loans incurred on a regular basis, bringing about a steady growth of inflation and increasing the public debt – capital and interest.
  4. This public debt is fictitious, fraudulent, and virtual. It is a false debt. No money has been loaned by the bankers who own the Bank of Canada. They register and use written numbers that are not backed by any reserve (gold or other). This money is fictional; it has been created out of thin air. There is no real debt!
  5. For individuals, income taxes are voluntary contributions. There is no law that forces human beings in flesh and bone to pay tax on their income. Only corporations – fictitious entities – are required to pay tax on their profits – revenues minus expenses.
  • I become an accomplice of public deception and fraud.
  • I participate in financing world-wide wars and genocides. Don’t the Nuremberg Principles condemn any form of collaboration, direct or indirect, to “crimes against peace, war crimes, and crimes against humanity”?
  • I support “big ones” as they dispossess “small ones”; I create social injustice. When this becomes clear, my soul adamantly forbids me to pay income tax. Indeed, there is much ambivalence in the message offered by the authorities concerning the behaviour they wish me to adopt. They demand that I blindly obey their orders at all times. However, occasionally, I must obey my soul and conscience rather than their orders.
  • Condemn Nazi leaders in Nuremberg, and Papon in France, because they had obeyed orders rather than their conscience;
  • Reward General Romeo Dallaire, after he had obeyed his conscience and not the orders issued by the United Nations. There exists “a higher law, the law of God, which orders us to obey our soul and conscience”, claimed the authorities during the Nuremberg trial.
I am aware that obeying my soul and conscience disturbs the system in place. Whatever the price, I remain faithful to my soul. She manages my life and I have given it free rein. Whatever the outcome of this adventure, I am pleased to contribute to the evolution of human conscience. After all, is it not the reason for my presence on earth?
To be continued…
You will be kept informed as events unfold.
For more information : info@jemesouviensdequijesuis.com


In these tormented times, everything I relied on is collapsing – systems, family, gains, achievements, moral values, beliefs, etc. – and nothing is left to hold on to. The very pillars of society are crumbling a bit more every day, as one truth after another are being unveiled. And it hurts! Do I suffer because I finally know the truth? No, I am simply losing my illusions. I believed in a system of justice for all, universal health care, a protective government, compassionate bankers, and industries that worried about the well-being of employees and customers. I even had faith in a merciful God!
I am disenchanted, like a young child who discovers that Santa Claus does not exist. She finds out that the beautiful story that filled her childhood with magic is a mere lie. Her parents betrayed her. These were the people that she loved and respected the most; she trusted them blindly. Like this child, I now realize that the authorities I relied on manipulate, deceive and cheat. I cannot believe in them anymore. The love story is over.
As my eyes slowly open, my concern is great and my fear, even greater. The authorities are worried about the situation, even if they pretend to be optimistic. Discouragement and despair are rampant in the population. Suicides are increasing at an alarming rate. There is no solution in sight. Humanity is being flushed down the evolutionary drain into oblivion. The big question finally arises: who can I turn to now, when I can no longer rely on the authorities in place? Even God, the supreme authority, has abandoned me. Who will save me?
In reality, this situation is not new. As always, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Kings control their serfs and masters, their slaves. Big fish eat small fish, as decreed by the law of the fittest. I had been dreaming about a more equitable, democratic and just society. I gave full trust to those who promised to achieve this goal. I fooled myself as I believed parents, politicians, priests, teachers, bankers and others. I even fooled my own children. All of us seemed to be trustworthy. What happened?
For thousands of years, I have been living in a world of illusion. I played, and still play, a role in a drama where I am a SHEEP, a poor and powerless creature at the mercy of an external authority. Whether it represents parents, teachers, bosses, protectors, legislators or an invisible God, external authorities govern my life and I must obey them.
Sometimes, I submit to their command and I get the carrots I coveted: power, money, and prestige. At other times, I rebel and get sticks: exclusion, dispossession, and elimination. My fate is in their hands. I am scared, very scared. I live in fear at all times, because I never know what will happen to me. The drama always ends the same way, with my own death and that of others around me. It is hell-on-earth! The only exit door is death. Like Benjamin Franklin once said:
“Two things are INEVITABLE: income tax and death.”
The sheep is a domesticated animal. All animals are controlled by their instinctive needs. Domesticated animals are fed and protected by external authorities. In exchange for this security, the sheep relinquishes its freedom and its rights. It submits to the shepherd, whose function is to sheer the sheep until there is no more wool, and then to lead it to the slaughterhouse.
In this drama, there is an implicit contract, a hidden convention, between the shepherd and the sheep. On one hand, the shepherd grants rights and privileges to the sheep. On the other hand, the sheep complies with the shepherd’s authority and obeys his rule. Like Pierre-André Paré said in 1996, when he was the Deputy Minister for the Quebec Department of Revenue:
Everything is a privilege granted by the state: your car, your home, your profession, in short,
your life.
And what the state gives, it can take back if you are not a docile taxpayer.”
If one of the parties does not respect the agreement, war ensues. Who wins? The shepherd, always! For animals, the law of the fittest takes precedence over anything else. The shepherd sends his dogs/wolves on the sheep’s tail. He is brought back to the fold and beaten into submission.
And the sheep submits… unless he remembers that this nightmare is an illusion, a drama in which he plays the role of a sheep, the powerless VICTIM of external authorities. Rather than cursing the shepherd and praying for change, he can decide to let go of the character, to leave the stage, and to regain his true identity.
Who am I? That is the burning issue, the ultimate question. Sooner or later, it arises inside of us, in a moment of intense suffering, after the death of a loved one, or just before our own death. The time has finally come for us to ask this same question. Let us examine the situation with new eyes.
If the world in which I live is illusory and deceitful, there must be a world of truth somewhere. In reality, I am not a poor creature, separated from an external creator. I am unified, both creatrix and creature. That is the true meaning of “indivi-duality”. If the supreme authority is not external, it must be internal. I recognize and acknowledge my true identity, in the world of reality:
unlimited creatrix of the whole universe,
incarnated in a physical body, my creature.
This is both bad news and good news. It is BAD, because it confirms that I created the present hell-on-earth in my image and likeness, that of a sheep. In reality, there is no victim, no culprit, and no saviour. I am the only creatrix, sole responsible and sole guarantor of everything that happens to me. When I become conscious of being Idessa, I stop living in a world of duality: right vs. wrong, authority vs. obedience, soul vs. body. The GOOD news is that unifying these opposites celebrates the end of division, war, disorder, slavery, disease, old age and death. It brings the end of death, forever. I can finally create heaven-on-earth, as I had been dreaming all along. In this new world of reality, I claim loud and clear that:
“Two things are EVITABLE: income tax and death!”
Now that I remember who I am, I need to learn how to behave as Idessa. I cannot go on thinking, talking and acting as a sheep. Schools are not yet offering “Idessity 101” courses. However, I know that the truth is internal and that I need to give free rein to my soul. So, I transfer the power from the ego to the soul. I change my internal ruler.
The internal passage from the world of illusion to the world of reality represents the greatest adventure of all times. It requires courage, determination and discipline. There is nothing to do… but all to undo. I need to let go of my old sheep behaviour, so that Idessa finally emerges, after being imprisoned inside of matter since the beginning of times. To achieve this goal, I ask my soul to guide me. She knows everything and has access to the world of truth and reality. She is eager to help me and I obey her command. She recommends that I do the opposite of what I did as a sheep. Quite a program!
So, I stop my reliance upon external authorities. I end my role as a kept sheep. One after the other, I let go of all the rights and privileges granted to the sheep by the shepherd. The list is long….
My soul knows that she is sovereign. She has all the rights and no obligations. She is idessic, has no needs and no ego. She cannot interfere with anyone, as she is infinite love and peace. She never makes mistakes, so I can follow her advice at all times. However, my old sheep is really scared and worries constantly. He is scared of losing his rights and privileges and tries to stop me at all cost. Despite his efforts, I continue to move forward, keeping the pace that my soul dictates.
First, I abandon those privileges whose loss affect me the least. Then, I go one step further. I face bigger fears, such as letting go of health insurance, driving license, family allowance, old age pension, welfare, bank account, insurance, etc. Meanwhile, I stop submitting to the shepherd and his laws. I have no more wool to sheer. I am no longer a sheep and my contract with the shepherd is now obsolete. Progressively, my illusory fear fades away and is replaced by my soul’s idessic power.
On his side, the shepherd is still caught in the drama and continues to play his role. He worries about to many sheep leaving the flock and tries to retain them at all cost. He sends his dogs/wolves at their tail to bring them back, but there are no more sheep, no more wool, no more fear of dogs/wolves.
I am no longer afraid of retaliation because I remember who I am. The authorities may take everything away, but they can never get my soul. She is not for sale at any price. She decides what goes on and her intervention is always perfect. She is my queen, and I obey her command. Nothing will make me go back to the status of a tagged and numbered sheep, owned by a false sovereign, “Her Majesty”. I recognize and I honour my true identity: “Idessa, unlimited creatrix”!
We have reached a turning point between the outmoded animal world and a new idessic world. We jump from one crisis to the next, as we prepare for the big change. We are not facing an economic crisis, nor a political, a social or moral crisis. In reality, it is an evolutionary crisis. Human beings are now going through the passageway between animality and idessity. It is the biggest evolutionary jump since the beginning of times. Unlike previous evolutions, we will not undergo the change unwillingly, but we will select it consciously. We have the choice between participating in the change or resisting it.
Personally, I am pleased to cooperate both actively and consciously in the evolution of human consciousness and I thank all those who take part in this experience.

*IDESSA: The name of the Supreme Being inherent to all that exists. She is both the creative spirit and the created matter. Each human being is Idessa, whether she is aware of it or not.


With Jean Dury, lawyer
Office : 514-526-6625 , email : jsdury@hotmail.com
I met Ghis in 1995, when she was known under the name of Ghislaine Lanctôt, during her trial with the CMQ (“Collège des médecins du Québec” – Quebec College of Physicians). We connected strongly as soon as we met. At that time, I had been presenting several associations in the field of alternative medicine. Ghis did not need a lawyer since she was presenting herself in court, but she was looking for a legal counsellor. Through personal experience, I knew that a person subject to trial could very well present himself in a court of law if he had access to legal counselling. Such an approach seemed revolutionary at the time but, nowadays, it has become a common thing. The person can express himself without a middleman and has access to justice at a lesser cost. Since that time, Ghis and I have developed a close relationship.
I have been practicing criminal law in Montreal since 1980. I have also been giving conferences on many subjects that are close to my heart, such as:
  • How to defend oneself without a lawyer;
  • How to become responsible and solve external conflicts, which always come from within;
  • How to become sensitive to the world of illusion in which we live;
  • How law, finance, politics and religion are connected.
I will keep you informed regularly about the date and location of these conferences on the site: www.jemesouviensdequijesuis.com.
On this same site, I will also publish legal notes based on related issues.
As I perused the current file for Revenue Canada Agency against LANCTÔT, Ghislaine, I was left perplexed. I recently defended a motion in the Court of Quebec concerning the unconstitutionality of the Canadian Income Tax Law, on the motive that it was totally incomprehensible. Nobody is supposed to ignore the law. Ignorance is not an excuse, but this celebrated principle of common law is not applicable to the Income Tax Law, since nobody can fully understand it, including judges, lawyers, civil servants, bookkeepers, ministers…. Some people may have a partial knowledge on specific articles, but nobody in Canada has full knowledge of this law. Nevertheless, this same law stipulates that all must know it thoroughly.
I lost my motion on the following reason: even if the Income Tax Law is complex, the Court guarantees its explanation. Even if I tend to respect other people’s opinions, I am fully convinced that nobody can apply a law that remains incomprehensible, even with the best of intentions and the highest competency in the world.
In Ghis’ current file, I was amazed to find out that on September 6th, 2007, the attorney for Revenue Canada Agency, Me Serge Champoux, omitted to establish one of the essential elements of the evidence: the fact that LANCTÔT Ghislaine had a taxable income for the years concerned. Indeed, no Canadian citizen needs to file a tax report if he did not generate a taxable income during the current year. Is an 18+ year old student ever forced to file an income tax report? No. The reason is simple. To accuse a Canadian citizen of not producing an income tax report, Revenue Canada Agency needs to prove that the taxpayer has indeed made a taxable income.
Secondly, Judge Marie-Josée Ménard imposed a fine of $1 000 for each of the 7charges, one per year of non production, for a total of $7 000. Thirdly, she ordered LANCTÔT, Ghislaine to produce, within 30 days, 7 tax reports for the years concerned.
As a consequence of non production for the period prescribed, LANCTÔT Ghislaine was again summoned to appear in court on March 3rd, 2008, since she contravened Judge Ménard’s orders.
Why did the attorney for Revenue Canada Agency, Me Champoux, omit to prove the existence of a taxable income, an essential and fundamental element of the charge? And why did the judge for the Court of Quebec condemn her in spite of this absence of evidence?
This is essentially the problem that people keep encountering with the tax law. If the Agency’s attorney and the judge for the Court of Quebec made such a blatant error, how can taxpayers be expected to understand the tax law?
Today, Ghis, the human being, is under an arrest warrant, the most precarious legal situation under the Common Law since the 13th century Magna Carta. Since my training as a specialist in criminal law in the early 80’s, I have learned how important it is for Justice to make sure that no Canadian citizen is deprived of his freedom without due process of law.
For those who believe that the accused person should have appealed against the judgment, I shall reply that she does not need to know all the details of the tax law. This task belongs to judges, along with Revenue Canada Agency and its attorney.
In the USA, such situation would inevitably bring about a 10 million dollar prosecution against Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
This example clearly proves the incoherence of the Canadian fiscal system. Realize here that we have not yet examined the unconstitutionality of this law. In 1867, the legislator never gave the federal government permission to collect direct and indirect taxes from Quebecers citizens.
In 1867, the Canadian Constitution never stipulated that the federal government could transfer its power to create money to a private corporation, the Bank of Canada. This group of bankers stem from a cartel that was already well established before 1913, the foundation date of the aforementioned bank. These bankers privately organized the biggest crime against humanity in history, the creation of currency from absolutely nothing. In the Criminal Code, a fraud is defined as being a scam, a lie or any other delusive means that cause or may cause others to suffer prejudice. The lie is to persuade us that the paper money issued is backed with precious metals. The prejudice is that the Central Bank has never put in circulation the money needed to pay the interests on the capital.
Furthermore, the world banking cartel has been, for a long time and is still today, the essential cause for all the wars on our unfortunate planet. The so-called money that citizens are asked to give as taxes serves one purpose, which is to maintain this obvious fraud with the complicity of the federal government. What happened to the responsibility of the same federal government, which was to ensure the establishment and maintenance of peace, order, and good governance, as stipulated in Section 91 of the 1867 Constitutional Act?
It's about time for the public to become aware of what is going on backstage, so that they can finally regain their own power, as Ghis says so well.
Serenely yours,
Jean Dury
P.S. The present document is not meant to be a moral judgment, but a personal observation concerning the political reality of this world.
Source: www.jemesouviensdequijesuis.com
http://www.jemesouviensdequijesuis.com/billetsB.htm  in french

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from nenki, conspiration.cc  :

Sur Google: L'homme qui ne paie pas d'impôt au Canada. Si vous desirez le télécharger - cliquer ici - 120 megs). Un cours sur la constitution, la loi, la banque et les impôts au Canada qui n'est pas piqué des vers. Faut entendre et faire circuler. Le Québec est indépendant du Canada depuis 1976. Pour comprendre également le combat de Guylaine Lanctôt et bien d'autres. Jamais, en 1867, il n'a été prévu dans la Constitution canadienne que le gouvernement fédéral pouvait transférer son pouvoir de frapper la monnaie à une corporation privée, la Banque du Canada. Ce regroupement de banquiers issu d’un cartel déjà établi bien avant 1913, date de la fondation de ladite banque, a fomenté en privé le plus grand crime contre l’humanité de l’histoire terrestre, soit la création de la monnaie à partir d’absolument rien. La fraude est définie au Code criminel comme étant une supercherie, un mensonge ou autres moyens dolosifs qui cause ou qui risque de causer un préjudice à autrui. Le mensonge est de nous faire croire que ce papier mis sur le marché vaut de l’argent (métal précieux), et le préjudice est que la Banque centrale n’a jamais mis en circulation l’argent pour payer les intérêts du capital.

Guylaine Lanctôt en entrevue à l'émission de Denis Lévesque avec le montage d'Orion 1999, partie 1.Elle résiste au ministère du revenu et risque la prison: elle refuse de payer ses impôts depuis plus d'une décennie. Vous connaissez ? Elle a bien exposé la souveraineté individuelle et une des fraudes des banques: que tous les impôts des citoyens vont au peiment des intérêts de la dette nationale. Pas les routes, les écoles, les hôpitaux, l'agroalimentaire. Non, des intérêts inconstitutionels et illégaux. Les grandes entreprises devraient payer des impôts. Pas des individus qui n'ont que leurs salaires pour subsiter. Et le prolétariat soutien les pauvres et engraissent les riches. Pas pour longtemps au train où ça va en ce moment. D'où l'arme non-léthale 'Active Denial System'. Partie 2

Ghislaine Lanctôt, cette médecin radiée en 1997 pour ses propos anti-vaccination, fait actuellement l'objet d'un mandat d'arrestation parce qu'elle refuse de remplir ses déclarations d'impôt... depuis 13 ans. Guylaine Lanctôt refuse ainsi de "collaborer avec un système de fraude et de mensonge", a-t-elle expliqué hier, au Journal de Montréal. À son avis, les impôts servent à financer les guerres et l'achat d'armes. "C'est simple, je ne veux pas être complice de ça, dit-elle. Je ne suis pas un mouton. C'est une question d'identité avec moi-même. Je suis souveraine de ma vie...Si nous ne voulons pas ses services, pourquoi paierions-nous de l'impôt?, lance-t-elle. La loi impose les compagnies, mais ne peut imposer les individus", estime-t-elle." Voilà la solution! Ce sont les compagnies qui devraient payer des impôts pas les individus.
Le problème est que LES CORPORATIONS NE PAIENT PAS D'IMPÔT (En deux parties: partie 2) ou si peu que le fardeau de la facture fiscale de la nation/pays/république repose sur le dos des travailleurs/contribuables qui s'appauvrissent de plus en plus alors que les corporations empochent et accusent des profits énormes en plus des subventions/aide gouvernementale qu'elles reçoivent. Le professeur Léopold Lauzon à l'émission de 'Gauthier' nous dévoile l'imposture et l'immonde voracité des entreprises. Attention, ceci est appliquable également pour l'Europe. À moins que vous ne payez pas de taxes ou d'impôts chez vous. Petit cours d'économie appliquée. Si l'État était composé de gens du peuple au lieu de bureaucrates et bien pensants aristocrates qui ne connaissent rien des rouages machiavéliques de la finance et nous disent que tout va bien, les habitants s'en porterait cent fois mieux et nous viverions au paradis sans fiscalité. Saviez-vous qu'on ne veut pas que vous puisssiez imaginer un monde sans argent et pourtant... les Incas, les natifs et amérindiens n'en n'avaient pas. Quand les banquiers, actionnaires de l'Élite, les riches et célèbres de la Terre seront déportés tous ensembles sur une planète lointaine en Robinson Crusoé, qui frottera leurs bottes, lavera leur linge, nettoiera leurs 'cabanes' et bêcheront leurs jardins ? Ce sera la meilleure chose qui puisse leurs arriver. Ils goûteront enfin à la vie et nous pourrons goûter la nôtre en paix ici, sans qu'on mette un prix ou un brevet à tout ce qui vit et se trouve ici-bas. En nous surtaxant, nous écrasant à devoir payer pour les pauvres, et à enrichir les 'actionaires' corporatifs et leur Élite qui se foutent 'royalement' de notre sort, ces corporations qui utilisent et endommagent les routes, ponts et autes infrastructures du pays, j'ai peur qu'on fomente et veuillent créer une révolte, frustration ou soulèvement social tel, que la société éclate à un niveau jamais vu. La 3e guerre 'civile' mondiale. ORDO AB CHAO. Personne n'écoute. Mais quand les gens ne pourront plus mettre de la bouffe sur la table, là ils paniqueront et réaliseront qu'ils avaient un gouvernement fantôche de république de bananes. Juste des corporatifs qui leurs ont pillé tous leurs biens. Harper a averti les canadiens aujourd'hui de ne pas espérer de plan d'aide du gouvernement en cas de récession. Sait-il quelque chose que vous ne savez pas ? Que ça va fesser durement ? Si le pétrole monte, les cure-dents et le papier de toilette va monter aussi. TOUT ! Ce n'est pas une théorie de la conspiration, ça ! Et pourtant ces salopes industries du pétrole sont celles qui paient le moins d'impôts et polluent le plus notre montre monde, sans compter les routes qu'elles effritent. Ce sont elles qui nous ont volé l'énergie libre et gratuite. Un point c'est tout.