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FITZGERALD is/has overcome all obstacles which will result in our delv's tomorrow and all else by Friday.

WE are chomping at the bit to post details but have been asked to hold off. So much is happening up there and all of it is in our favor. Bad guys in baaad shape.

WE feel like screaming FITZGERALD FOR PRESIDENT ...........
and you will too when all is known.
           casper    april-1-08
p.s. this is NOT an April fool update.


alcuin:april 2
In fact, by the beginning of April 2008, Patrick Fitzgerald was the most closely protected individual on the planet. Agents acting for President George Bush Jnr and the Vatican had a contract out for Fitzgerald's assassination and had told him so.
But by this time he and his co-workers were safely surrounded by tiers of security provided by Interpol and the Chinese Secret Society of which Benjamin Fulford had spoken in 2007. More details here and here. The Chinese enforcers also had people in place within the inner circles of George Bush Jnr, George Bush Snr, Dick Cheney, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, as well as in the hospitals these people would be taken to in the event of an accident.
If the Chinese bullet didn't work, the Chinese syringe certainly would
Dick Cheney knew this. He had serious cardiac-related breathing difficulties. He kept going to sleep in important meetings because of his clapped-out heart. It couldn't get enough oxygen up his carotid arteries to his brain. Cheney badly needed a heart transplant, but he knew that if he was under anaesthetic for that long, he would be quietly assassinated in hospital like Ken Lay or Ariel Sharon. More details about Dick Cheney's heart condition can be found here.
Whether he was aware of it or not, Patrick Fitzgerald was protected by additional layers of esoteric security above and beyond Interpol and the Chinese. More details here. But why was Fitzgerald suddenly so unpopular with the politico-legal overclass in Washington DC? The answer to that question was the biggest answer articulated in American history.
During his investigations into US government wire frauds at the Treasury, Fitzgerald had stumbled across an altogether larger legal fraud: Washington DC itself had no right in Constitutional law to run America. Washington DC was a system of corporate scams constructed to milk the American people without their knowing. The United States was not the United States of America. These were two completely different legal entities. There was an illegal President of the US in post, but no legally constituted President of the USA. The US (Washington DC) was not about the government of the people, by the people, for the people. The US was about the control of the people by the corporations for the Crown Temple in London. More details about the legal status of the US/USA are introduced here.
The scam dated back to the American Civil War (1861–1865). Both sides in that manufactured conflict had been financed by the Crown Temple in London and all subsequent legal and financial settlements were controlled by the Crown Temple for the Vatican. That is why it was important to have pliable Roman Catholic placemen at the top of the Washington DC corporation at the Supreme Court (SCOTUS).
All this might have stayed invisible but for NESARA and the American financial depression of 2007-2008. The combination of these two things engendered irresistible pressures which squeaked out the legal pips. And Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald saw them in the Washington spittoon.
America's money had gone. There was nothing to replace it with except the NESARA world prosperity funds. The politicos were desperate. They didn't want NESARA because NESARA would re-establish Constitutional law and they would be forced out of office to face public Treason charges. They were terminally desperate. And in their desperation, they made serial mistakes with attempted illegal wire transfers and off-shore stealth trades (more details here). Their flailing about caused the whole corporate legal fiction to unwind visibly.
What was happening behind the scenes was described in meticulous historical detail by a network of alternative news and analysis sites on the web (for example here). The facts came to the attention of Patrick Fitzgerald and he deftly played the end-game card. The Bush-Cheney-Clinton junta was in a fight for its political, legal and financial life.
But at the beginning of April 2008, the US junta still controlled the mainstream corporate media, so the general population was unaware of anything but a politically understated financial crisis, a collapsing dollar, a rising gold price, and a few million foreclosures on domestic properties.
Crucially for Fitzgerald, President George Bush Jnr's interference in due process in July 2007 with regard to Lewis Scooter Libby had energised his investigative work in Washington. Libby was Dick Cheney's Dick Cheney; the perfect exemplar of American legal and political corruption. Patrick Fitzgerald had secured Libby's conviction in the Valerie Plame case only to watch as the President, under orders from Dick Cheney, cynically commuted Libby's two and a half year jail sentence. Fitzgerald was furious and he went after Bush with renewed determination. As history will show, Bush lost and the American Constitution won. More details about Lewis Scooter Libby can be found here.
What the alternative news and analysis sites were making plain between August 2007 and April 2008 was that the American people had allowed themselves be duped docile for generations by a series of legal fictions and a series of fictions of law. These are two slightly different kinds of elite-led control mechanisms. A legal fiction is an assumption of fact made by court as basis for deciding a legal question. It is a situation contrived by the law to permit a court to dispose of a troublesome matter. A fiction of law is an assumption or supposition of law that something which is or may be false is actually true. Or, that a state of facts exists which has never really taken place. A fiction of law is an assumption, for purposes of putative justice, of a fact that does not or may not exist. A fiction of law is an establishment rule of law which assumes as true, and will not allow to be disproved, something which is false, but not impossible.
The English are good at recognising legal fictions; much better than the Americans. The story is told of an Oxbridge College which wished to appoint a new Provost. It was a weak field: one outstanding candidate and several grey, lacklustre also-rans. But there was a problem with the lead candidate. He had a dog. And the College's medieval statutes proscribed the keeping of dogs within the College purlieus. After much discussion, a legal fiction was suggested and a vote was taken. In the unanimous and considered opinion of those entitled to vote on the matter, Rover, the dog, was deemed by the College not to be a dog. Rover was a dog-like cat. And cats were permitted within the College purlieus. The new Provost and his cat were appointed. Due process was unsullied. The Senior Common Room broached a new pipe of port.
The legal fictions operating in modern America are more arcane and more coercive. Few Americans, for example, know that income tax is voluntary and self-assessed. The American Constitution explicitly states that no citizen shall pay any direct tax to the federal government. Income tax is an indirect excise tax on privileges licensed by the State. According to the Supreme Court, income tax is not mandatory.
"Our system of taxation is based upon voluntary compliance and self assessment, and not upon distraint." (Flora v. U.S. 362 U.S. 145, at 176 [1960]). The American Inland Revenue Service (IRS) is not a U.S. Government Agency. It is an Agency of the IMF (Diversified metal Products v. IRS et al. CV-93-405E-EJE U.S.D.C.D.I., Public Law 94-564, Senate Report 94-1148 pg. 5967, Reorganization Plan No. 26, Public Law 102-391), and the IMF is an Agency of the United Nations. The US Government is, in effect, a corporate instrument of international bankers, mostly based in Europe. In America, the NESARA reforms will abolish income tax.
The US Federal Reserve banking system and its monies are not governed by the people, for the people. The US Federal Reserve banking system is owned by a British foreign corporation. Linked here are excerpts from a court case proving the Federal Reserve system's status. The court ruled that the Federal Reserve Banks are independent, privately owned and locally controlled corporations. There is insufficient federal government control over detailed physical performance and day-to-day operation of the Federal Reserve Bank for it to be considered a federal agency. The Fed does not belong to, or act in the interest of, the American people.
In America, the NESARA reforms will abolish the Federal Reserve banking system. It will be replaced by a system of Treasury Banks which issue a new, reliable, gold-backed American currency. It was inside knowledge of this which was one of the factors operating to raise the gold price in international markets. Look at the charts, and look at the timing, for example here or here or here.
America has a particular problem with gold. It does not have the deliverable gold it needs to survive the coming financial changes associated with the obligatory Basel II and Basel III global banking reforms. Much of the gold held at the American Fort Knox Bullion Depository in Kentucky is not gold at all; it consists of facsimile lead bars painted a gold colour for presentation purposes. This is becoming noticeable as the gold paint fades. Where the original gold went, and who took it, is shortly to be made public by a former insider. Much of the USA's gold reserves are listed as being Mint-Held Gold in Deep Storage. Dealers have always assumed that this means finished gold bars stored with their up-to-date assay certificates in deep underground vaults beneath places such as Fort Knox, Denver and West Point. The indications are emerging, however, that the term 'Deep Storage Gold' is a legal fiction. It is, in effect, a euphemism for 'yet to be mined gold'. It doesn't exist in deliverable form; it is merely an expedient paperwork forecast about future gold mining potentialities.
America's 'Deep Storage Gold' is valueless in the immediate market and is valueless as legitimate collateral. It has, however, been sold several times over to foreign bankers whose first language is not English and whose skin colour is not Zionist.
Another uncritically accepted legal fiction in the US concerns the right of central government in Washington DC to limit the power of American citizens. No such limitation exists in Constitutional law. The corporate government of the US has no jurisdiction or authority over any state of the republic beyond the District of Columbia (DC). 'There can be no limitation on the power of the people of the United States. By their authority the State Constitutions were made, and by their authority the Constitution of the United States was established.' (US Supreme Court, in Hauenstein v. Lynham, 100 US 483.) In America, the NESARA reforms will abolish Washington DC as a corporate legal entity and will return the country to Constitutional law. All legal professionals who do not oppose this change will be re-trained, free, in Constitutional law. All legal professionals who actively assist the change will be given leading positions in the new system. Those lawyers and their agents who oppose the return to Constitutional law in America will, at the very least, never practice law again in any country on the planet.
Present-day American court systems do not operate in accord with the Constitution for the United States of America (1787) and the subsequent Bill of Rights. Current American courts operate admiralty-type British Law within the confines of a legal contract. The clerk of the court, the prosecuting attorneys, and the judges proffer the contract, and the defendant, if ignorant of the coercive legal fiction being deployed, blindly accepts the offered contract by acquiescence and obedience to court orders and sentences.
A defendant convicted and sentenced, even by a jury, needs only to inform the judge that he refuses the offered contract and/or sentence of the judge. As a contracting party, the defendant does not have to accept a contract by imposition against his free will. As has happened, when such a refusal of the contract is made, the judge proceeds to use legal trickery and bluster in an attempt to get the defendant to accept a second legal fiction, a second contract. The defendant need only to continue with: "I do not accept your sentence." Or, where applicable: "I do not accept your offer of contract." The latter statement may be placed upon served court documents and returned (signed and dated) to the clerk of the court. In this circumstance the American court cannot further detain, harass or limit the defendant.
An interesting court case from a few years ago has recently been brought back to attention in America by the alternative news and analysis sites. The case was rigorously hushed-up by the Washington DC-controlled corporate media when it first occurred. Bighorn County Sheriff Dave Mattis (Wyoming) spoke at a press conference following a U.S. District Court decision (Case No. 2:96-cv-099-J (2006)). He announced that all federal officials are forbidden to enter his county without his prior approval. 'If a sheriff doesn’t want the Feds in his county he has the constitutional right and power to keep them out, or ask them to leave, or retain them in custody.' The court decision was the result of a suit against both the BATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) and the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) by Mattis and other members of the Wyoming Sheriffs' Association. The action in the Wyoming federal court district sought restoration of the protections enshrined in the United States Constitution and the Wyoming Constitution. The District Court ruled in favour of the sheriffs. The court confirmed and asserted that Wyoming is a sovereign state and that the duly elected sheriff of a county is the highest law enforcement official within a county and has law enforcement powers exceeding that of any other state or federal official. Some of the early court documents in this case can be viewed here.

The average American, even if he is an Anglophile, scoffs at the idea of the 'special relationship' between the US and the UK. At most he thinks that it is some sort of dependence hangover from World War II when America prevented Britain starving to death by running transatlantic food convoys into Liverpool. To him, the special relationship is a historical vestige; big powerful America is master, little compliant UK is poodle.
In fact the exact reverse is the case. America is the poodle. The Crown Temple in London owns modern America and it owns the modern American legal system. Modern America is a cash cow which sends money to London. That is what America is for; America is a British business with all the major shareholders at the Crown Temple in London and at the Vatican in Rome. Modern America is a European financial convenience.
Most Americans are still unaware that Queen Elizabeth II of England and the Crown Temple, unilaterally controls and amends U.S. Social Security law. Consider, for example, S.I. 1997 NO.1778 The Social Security (United States of America) Order 1997, made on the 22nd of July 1997 and in force from the 1st September 1997.
"At the Court at Buckingham Palace the 22nd day of July 1997. Now, therefore Her Majesty in pursuance of section 179 (1) (a) and (2) of the Social Security Administration Act of 1992 and all other powers enabling Her in that behalf, is pleased by and with advise of Her privy Council, to order, and it is hereby ordered as follows: 'This Order may be cited as the Social Security (United States of America) Order 1997 and shall come into force on 1st September 1997.'"
Long live the special relationship? More background here and here.
JPMorganChase did not hire Tony Blair. Blair beckoned and Chase came running. And shortly after, so did Bear Stearns. And who do you think is running Citibank? Some innumerate woolly-back from Texas with an eye on the main chance? No. The chap running Citibank has no trace of a Texas accent. He is a quiet retiring type called Sir Win Bischoff. Notice the Sir. He is a Knight of the Crown Temple. A bit like Sir Alan Greenspan. And look at the spelling of the surname. Sir Win's is not a Home Counties name is it?

Here is a related homework project for John Glover Roberts and any Southern Baptist who can read. "The Jesuits are not an operating front for the Vatican; the Vatican is an operating front for the Jesuits." Discuss.
And for entry to Graduate School: "The Da Vinci Code is a vicarage tea party compared with what has been going on in Washington DC in the years 2000-2008." Explain.


from C-Story:

The New Underworld Order

Curse of Criminalism: Dark Actors Playing Games

Author: Christopher Story FRSA    Published by: Edward Harle Limited


Triumph of Criminalism: Dark Actors Playing Games: The global hegemony of geomasonic intelligence and Illuminati criminalism.

The New Underworld Order addresses the greatest crisis the world has ever faced – namely, the globalisation of criminalism. What this means is that governments, and the revolutionary New World Order cabal seeking global governance (or control), are increasingly in the hands of criminal gangs and corrupt power cliques that hide behind formal government positions. Many of the the main Illuminati figures on the world stage today are compromised or vulnerable to blackmail and other ‘Black Ops’ forms of control. During the giga-fund-raising operation, truly unbelievable sums of money were stolen, misrouted or ‘misappropriated’. Indeed, the ransacking and pillaging that took place was so colossal, and the impasse while this was occurring so extended (in 1989-91), that the international banking and financial systems nearly collapsed. Other funding resources resulting from creative Financial Warfare and scamming operations are hidden in accounts held by offshore corporations controlled by international intelligence, which is extensively criminalised and thus increasingly engaged in mafia-style global ‘gangland warfare’. A brilliant light is focused by the Author into this contemporary universe of darkness. Christopher Story’s sensational new exposé provides chapter and verse on the dark forces behind the New Underworld Order, gives detailed financial audit trails showing where and how colossal sums have vanished, identifies the international institutions that have had their trust abused by globalist criminalists or have themselves been corrupted by them, shows how secret Financial Warfare operations and scams conducted by the Great Powers are driving the world to catastrophe, and generally lifts the veil covering the global financial intelligence war which the pressured ‘mainstream’ media declines to monitor and report. In fact, when a distinguished journalist advised a leading London newspaper at the highest level about this Author’s research, the publication’s management showed keen interest – but reverted 24 hours later with the message that they wouldn’t touch this subject ‘with a thousand-foot bargepole’. So exposure of these matters is obviously overdue: The New Underworld Order performs this needed forensic function, revealing dark actors playing games. Please note that price breaks are NOT AVAILABLE for this very large book.





Tuesday 1 April 2008 19:44

In our report dated 18th March 2008, we thought we made it crystal clear to anyone who was paying attention, that we have NOT closed down this add-on reporting service, but would surface again in due course. Evidently some people have failed to understand this fact, and several unpleasant US emails have been received from unwanted correspondents suggesting that it is 'a scandal' that we are not reporting 'at this time'. Excuse us? There have been occasions in the past when we did not report for several weeks. What is NEW about our present stance in that respect?

Others have said that they depended on our reporting and are very disappointed that we have not reported since 18th March. Are we supposed to publish every day? Do we have a contract to fulfil? How many times do we need to point out that World Reports Limited is a PUBLISHING firm based in London, and is NOT an intelligence disinformation and confusion- building site designed to throw sand in the air and to achieve criminal intelligence community objectives, like so many others.

The other irritating factor in this is that we are supposed to fill in the gaps in people's knowledge of an extremely complex situation. Why do we have such a responsibility? Others DEMAND to be told what is happening 'in real time', prompting the obvious response: why ask US?

Why not address such questions to the incompetent US authorities who are causing such endless misery to ordinary Americans because of their serial criminal behaviour?

There are GOOD reasons why we have not published since 18th March. Unless the information we have is incorrect, we expect some of the sensible reasons for our recent silence to become very apparent to every American in the near future. The Editor of this service is entitled to research and to comment upon every dimension of the INTERNATIONAL CRISIS, but must of necessity exercise due respect for, and exercise caution in connection with, matters which US authorities might have every right to consider exclusively domestic affairs. These are not related to what we have written in this space in the past, except occasionally in passing.

Let's get this basic fact straight: so long as issues discussed are of INTERNATIONAL CONCERN AND RELEVANCE, we are entitled to research and comment on them in the normal pursuit of our never-ending task of seeking to provide the enlightenment expected of an experienced journalist.

At the present time, certain pending developments, though manifestly resonant with international implications, are for the relevant US circles and elements to deal with. We have chosen to refrain from commenting on such matters until we have the unequivocal OKAY to do so from the quarters concerned. Nor do these particular observations refer to the Wanta matter. On the contrary, they concern much broader issues. It is true that these issues are of fundamental importance for the future of the whole world. But there are times when one must respect the right of the relevant US circles to decide matters without the benefit of noises off from outside parties such as ourselves. When we judge this period to have ended, we will be back 'in spades'.

It is preposterous for people to send us emails condemning us for irresponsibility, 'bottling out', or for other perceived sins, when they have absolutely no grasp of the situation, and cannot have any such grasp because they cannot normally be a party to the information in question.

One email received today states 'you must have given up. Sorry for the let down'. How gratuitously nasty is that? There is no 'must'. We are not OBLIGED to report. The Editor wrote 1.1 million words on Wantagate for the reasons repeatedly explained, the most important of which, in case the point has been missed, is to promulgate the absolute necessity for THE RULE OF LAW to be recaptured, applied without fear or favour, and for AMERICANS, for GOODNESS SAKE, to clean up the putrid mess in their own back yard. A Brit comes along, receives 15+ death threats, exposes some of the corruption, and is then pelted with bad eggs from armchair critics who have lacked the guts to do what he was foolish enough to do ON THEIR BEHALF.

Furthermore this Brit is then excoriated when, thanks to the NECESSITY of reclaiming some of his own time lost in exposing the corruption, he does not report for a few weeks, as though it was his duty to do so. WE HAVE NO DUTY AT ALL TO REPORT BY THIS WEB MEDIUM. We have done so pro bono publico, which may be a concept foreign to a certain type of pontificating armchair critic.

This is not meant to be a criticism of the numerous kind and generous emails we have received in support of this work, WHICH WILL CONTINUE.

We are VERY appreciative of ALL such kind messages of encouragement, and for the donations we have received from people all over North America. Self-evidently, we are not about to cease these reports after having accepted these donations in the cause of exposing duplicity and corruption.

But be it understood that this Brit has NO DUTY to help the United States out of its bind. He has stuck his neck out further than any American has so far done, and the very least armchair critics could do is to exercise a little overdue patience, discernment and common sense, and to resist the temptation to rush into knee-jerk assessments which bear no relation to the facts of the matter.

AS PREVIOUSLY STATED, the Editor will post when he is ready to do so, and NOT BEFORE.

Please bear all this in mind, if you will, in the momentous days which lie close at hand.

Christopher Story FRSA,
Editor, International Currency Review
and associated intelligence services.

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