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dimanche 6 avril 2008 09 h 20
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On April 6th at 12 PM Eastern (9:00am Pacific) hundreds of thousands of people around the world will focus the Moses Code vibration onto the Old City of Jerusalem, what we are calling a "virtual hug" of the Old City, to help awaken its Divine Destiny as the City of Peace. There are two ways that you can participate.
  1. If you have access to a computer during the vigil, simply click on the provided link to listen to a specially prepared meditation presented by James Twyman. This meditation integrates the Moses Code frequency described by Jonathan Goldman at the end of the Moses Code book. The recording is 21 minutes long, and we suggest that when it ends simply continue chanting the "I AM THAT, I AM" until the hour is up.
  2. Print off these instructions if you are not near a computer to listen to the recording.
The focus of this meditation is to use the Moses Code to enliven and awaken the destiny of Jerusalem. For thousands of years Jerusalem has been in conflict, and yet many prophets have claimed that it will someday initiate peace throughout the world. If you've seen the movie or read the book then you already know the chant using the name of God given to Moses at the burning bush. If not, then here is a simple explanation.
  1. Create the emotion of peace within your heart. You may choose to remember a time in your life when you experienced great peace, or you may imagine the people of Jerusalem living together in complete harmony.
  2. As you hold onto this emotion and energy say the words "I AM THAT" as you breathe out. Then as you breathe in either say or think the words "I AM." This is the name God gave Moses at the burning bush, and the chant unlocks the power in the name to manifest and to heal.
  3. Imagine yourself standing outside the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem as you chant the name. If you watched the movie you'll remember the scene of thousands of people chanting there. See yourself in the group, and offer your energy and love through the Code.
Chant the Moses Code for the hour, and feel the energy of hundreds of thousands of others who are doing the same. In this way we will use the most powerful manifestation tool in history to not only awaken the destiny of Jerusalem, but your personal destiny as well.

From the Director of the Secret comes the World Premiere:
The Moses Code  movie-info
World Premiere of The Moses Code-
From the makers of the Secret: w/ Jimmy Twyam, Debbie Ford, Michael Beckwith, Neale Donald Walsch, James Van Praagh, Gregg Braden, Dr. Joe Dispenza. www.the mosescode.comRSVP
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samedi 5 avril:

 Les Grands Inspirateurs
College FX Garneau
1660 Bl de l'entente
Quebec,  QC G1S4S3
Contact: Yves Groleau

April 5, 2008 - 2:00 pm
 Luce Brodeur
1410 Louis-Philippe Duclos
Chambly,  QC J3L 5X5
Contact: Luce Brodeur

April 5, 2008 - 7:30 pm

N E S A R A UPDATE: April 6, 2008 by Patrick H. Bellringer

These times are about discernment and choices and final lessons for all souled beings. Patrick John Fitzgerald was given the choice of a lifetime to do something great for the good of all humanity, but he blew it. He chose Darkness rather then the Divine Plan.
This changes nothing! The Divine Plan moves ever forward in Heaven’s timing. Hatonn has said that when someone fails in their mission, they are asked to step aside, and another takes their place. And so it is!
There are no mistakes! All happens for a reason, a purpose. The Lighted Plan continues on to bring harmony and balance, and the Darkside cannot stop it. This new week is set to explode many false ideas, to expose the lies, as never before, and to bring “Reality” to the NESARA Mission.
We have passed through the Valley of the Shadow and are down to the good times. Know it in your heart, and
rejoice! Release all the frustration, disappointment and condemnation to the ethers, and allow the Light from within to flood your space and bring you joy and peace. Give yourself a break. It has been a long and difficult journey.
On this first day of our new week take time-out to rest and meditate and connect to your God Spirit within and to all others, for we are all connected. Offer a prayer of Thanksgiving for the past, the present and the future, and be happy! You create your future! What shall it be?
You say your journey is difficult and lonely. That should not be, for you have at least two Guardian Angels with you at all times. Ask for their assistance for they are only a thought away. And be happy, for our new day is a-comin!
We honor all those great patriots, and White Knights, and Lightworkers by the thousands, who are doing their tasks and holding positive energy to bring this great mission to a close. This is our time, and we are doing it. Aho!
( The latest Casper Update ( see below) has brought another avalanche of disappointed people and negative emails condemning Casper, the messenger, for bringing bad news. What is the point? Casper has no control over the freewill choices of Fitzgerald or Cheney or Bush, Jr. or Sandra Day O’Connor or anyone else. These experiences are lessons for us to grow in enlightenment or to toss aside in our disappointment and anger.
These times are about discernment and choices and final lessons for all souled beings. Patrick John Fitzgerald was given the choice of a lifetime to do something great for the good of all humanity, but he blew it. He chose Darkness rather then the Divine Plan. )

Casper april-5-08 evening
WE regret to report that "the last boy scout" is no different than Clinton who pardoned Marc Rich and dozens of other assorted drug runners and criminals of every stripe. No different than the various "special commissions" whose job it is/was to sweep horrific and treasonous activities under the carpet. No different than other scoundrels from the historical past who suppressed the truth thereby sowing the seeds of future and never ending corruption at the highest levels of Government.
While we anxiously await next weeks exposures and the culmination of decades of criminal activity we learn that FITZGERALD is busy this weekend giving immunity and pardons and get out of jail free cards to every dirty rotten scoundrel in Washington D.C..  WE don't know whether he was
offered the usual BUSH calling card, a carpet of diamonds or a carpet of bombs or what other "pressures" were brought to bear.
This seems to this reporter to be against all things good and decent. It heaps injustice, suppression and secrecy upon a hundred years of deceit and criminal behavior by the highest leaders of the country. The gangster government is far worse and has gone on far longer than we have written about. The idea that a stable future can be built upon this wasteland of lies is an abomination. Embezzlement, outright thievery, the torture and death and imprisonment of untold numbers of Patriots who gave their lives , the cover up acts of depravity and outright TREASON, all this rest now upon the head of one PATRICK FITZGERALD, a TRAITOR for the ages.
Let us make a pact now one with the other. The truth shall be known and as each dastardly deed becomes known and fodder for public ridicule let us end every exposure and expose with the published and publicized epitaph-- "PARDONED BY PATRICK I. FITZGERALD".
This man, this last great hope for truth, justice and the American way shall live in infamy as he decides to follow the dictates of the criminals themselves and to say to WE THE PEOPLE- you have no right to truth and to the extent you are able to learn of it, in spite of my best efforts, there is nothing you can do about it anyway.
There are other things we intended to write about tonight but frankly we are so busy throwing up we are just not up to it. This is like finding your wife in bed with SATAN such is our and soon the worlds disappointment with this fellow.
It is not fair that dog catchers should be insulted like this.
                  casper   4-5-08
 p.s. delivery Monday we hear.