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dimanche 13 avril 2008 11 h 56
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As the Internet continues to give rise to the alternative media, the technocrats are getting ready to bring its replacement online. Internet2 also known as “the grid” will have speeds 10,000 times faster than a regular broadband connection. Researchers are set to activate this new network over the summer.....(...)
Unlike the Internet which was established off of existing telecommunications infrastructure, the Internet2 will be based entirely off of fiber-optics. It will take seconds to download full length feature films and even transmitting holographic images will be made possible. Even though these capabilities sound really good, there has been a continuing effort by the establishment to censor and stifle the free flow of information on the existing Internet. By convincing everyone to make the move from the Internet to Internet2, the establishment will be able to force all of Internet2’s users into abiding by a new set of rules.
Social networking sites like Digg and MySpace already appear to be beta tests for a more controlled version of the Internet. On these sites, users have to register with the site and play by the rules of the site controllers. There have been numerous complaints by users on both sites that certain material is deliberately censored. Digg which claims that it is some sort of digital democracy has failed miserably in every aspect. Groups of users affectionately known as the “bury brigade” have been caught red handed censoring particular stories including ones related to 9/11 truth and other subjects that the site controllers see as taboo.
Some researchers believe that the new Internet will be so fast that people will eventually trust all of their information to the network itself. The following is taken from a MemphisRap.Com article on Internet2.
According to Ian Bird, project leader for CERN’s high-speed computing project, grid technology could make the Internet so fast that people would stop using desktop computers to store information and entrust it all to the Internet. Users would use the new "Cloud computing" as a common way to organize personal and private information that would be stored on the Grid and accessible from any where.
If the establishment is successful in convincing the people of the world to put all of their personal and private information on this network, this will be the equivalent of Big Brother on steroids. The establishment is not going to make the same mistake with Internet2 as they did with the original Internet. The Internet has provided people more freedom than they had ever could have imagined and they certainly can't have anymore of that. The people behind Internet2 are large universities, government agencies and multinational corporations. Now, would it be in their best interest to allow Internet2 to have the same freedoms and free flow of information that the Internet currently has? Absolutely not. Below is taken from the "About Us" page of the Internet2 consortium.
Internet2 is a not-for-profit advanced networking consortium comprising of more than 200 U.S. universities in cooperation with 70 leading corporations, 45 government agencies, laboratories and other institutions of higher learning as well as over 50 international partner organizations. Our organization is governed by an executive Board of Trustees and strategic councils consisting of leaders who represent our broad membership.
A new network infrastructure will be built for Internet2 and there are already stories propagandizing how the increase of video sharing on the Internet means that it will be overloaded in a few years. This is absolute bull, as all they’d have to do is upgrade the existing network infrastructure currently used on the Internet. Instead, they want to get everybody to move over to Internet2 that will have different rules set by the corporations, universities and government agencies behind the Internet2 project. Another words, it will be a faster Internet that is heavily policed and regulated by the establishment.
Overall, Internet2 or “the grid” is definitely something to watch out for. By moving to a new network the establishment can claim that they are not censoring the Internet by getting people to move to the Internet2 system voluntarily. If the establishment has its way, it is very likely that Internet2 will be heavily policed and censored. We must not allow this to happen.