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mardi 22 avril 2008 14 h 05
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La *swamp creature *   règne aussi bien aux usa qu,au canada, en Israel   et ailleurs....
et plusieurs personnes s'y attaquent en ce moment....
from FW10:
casper april-21-08
Also, a heartfelt thanks to the dozens of you who have sent words of encouragement and kindness to Casper. Your messages have meant a great deal to us and often served as a "B-12 shot" when we needed it most. A review of our updates for just the last six months, an exercise we definitely do NOT recommend, reveals the intensity of the economic warfare behind the scenes which has delayed deliveries for so long.
Those who are unaware of the never ending shenanigans originating in D.C. have no concept of what has actually been going on and the worlds difficulty overcoming the CORPORATION of THE UNITED STATES and the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels in D.C..
And a most special thanks to "S" and SK and Anne and Patrick Bellringer at FOURWINDS who have worked harder than anyone to inform us all.
The Trustee problems both small and large have been dealt with. The change from "ghost" money on computer screens to real money was underway all weekend. Packages were moving Sunday night.  Deliveries are expected today or tomorrow.
GORDON BROWN, the British Prime Minister, gave a most warmly received speech last week while in the U.S. (JFK Library) in which he introduced then hammered home what is apparently the new euphemism for the New World Order, THE GLOBAL SOCIETY. He must have used the phrase twenty times . GLOBAL this and GLOBAL that ad infinitum. He talked about the 1945 Marshall Plan and today's renewal of all the WORLD institutions, economic, political, environmental, humanitarian, A NEW INTERNATIONAL ARCHITECTURE, etc., etc.. 
I mention this because BUSH is meeting today in New Orleans  with the Presidents of Mexico and Canada.  North American Union no doubt. Remember, according to the published plans of the CFR, TRILATERALIST, and BILDEBERGERS REGIONAL GOVERNMENT is to precede WORLD GOVERNMENT. There is nothing inherently wrong with the WORLDS GOVERNMENTS gathering themselves together to solve the WORLDS problems .................   UNLESS the loss of National Sovereignty is required.
Several reports are in ..........  regarding wee hours television disclosures of Govt. and Banking corruption usually around 4 a.m. and some of it was on major channels such as ABC.
Regarding all the BANKRUPTCY DISCLOSURES we find the U.S. was placed into Bankruptcy in 1863. Add 70 years (Bankruptcy of Nations contract) and we are into 1933 when FDR did it again, add five years, 1938, when the Supreme Court codified what FDR had done in '33, ...........
 add another 70 year contract and where are we?? April 4th 2008 that's where.
And if BUSH and his D.C. MAFIA had their way we would have still another 70 year suspension of the Constitution.  Ain't gonna happen boys.
Regarding our use of the SWAMP CREATURE label we pilfered that from the writings of "S" which is also where most of our recent education comes from.
((Christopher)) STORY and other messengers have said BUSH is going to take credit for the coming changes and make himself out to be the hero.
WE don't agree with this. A pig with lipstick is still a pig and no one has that much lipstick.
Please remember
Once again friends this should be the end of the old and the beginning of the new. Lets do good do right and do lots of it.
            casper    april-21-08
all casper:
G.Brown speech:
..........................more on the swamp creature, below..............
from SOTT ......... a story from Jeff Halper
He-is-Born-to-Demolish              and happy of that.
As Shaadi Hamdan and I were standing in front of the home, we were accosted by a slim, blond Border Policeman, probably of Russian origin.
"I was born to demolish Palestinian homes," he informed us mockingly, a big smile on his face, a swagger in his movements.
"I love demolishing homes. I wake up in the morning hungry to demolish homes."
With that he walked away. I can't convey the mixture of anguish, anger, bewilderment and resignation that crossed Shaadi's face at that moment. He simply stood aside as his home was demolished for the second time.
It was another of those routine tragedies that are never publicized. At eight in the morning we at ICAHD (the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions) received a call that the Border Police, Israeli police and Jerusalem Municipality bulldozers were massing below the Palestinian village of Anata, poised to begin another day of home demolitions.(...)
When we received word of preparations for a demolition that morning, however, we knew precisely which home would be targeted first: that of the Hamdan family, the elderly parents their married son and daughter-in-law with their five children, and an unmarried son. It was a home we had rebuilt for the second time in last summer’s ICAHD work camp, when Israeli and international peace activists joined with local Palestinians to rebuild as an act of political resistance to the Occupation.
In fact, we had been present at the original demolition two and a half years before, a report of which, entitled “The Miserable Occupation on a Miserable Morning,” appeared on our website.
 At that time, 6:30 on a very cold and rainy morning in late November, 2005, ICAHD staff, volunteers and activists had rushed to Anata to witness, document and resist the demolition of the Hamdan family home – and subsequently of their next door neighbor. By the time we arrived the area had already been blocked off by the Israeli Border Police, so we had been unable to approach the houses.
We watched from afar as a bulldozer systematically demolished the homes, leaving a pile of rubble and the shattered families standing amidst their belongings in the freezing rain, wondering where to go, where they would sleep that night, how to survive without a home and any financial resources.
(...) The home of yet another family suffered an even more grotesque fate. In a "compromise" with the court, the family is to demolish half its house with its own hands, while the other half will be sealed .........while the family attempts to obtain a building permit.
(...) ....(( back to today....)) ..........
I seized the moment and rushed into the home, planting myself in a corner of what had been the kitchen before the surprised Border Police could react. The head of the police unit rushed up to me sitting on the floor and ordered me to leave.
*My conscience as an Israeli, a Jew and a human being forbids me to permit this illegal and immoral act of demolition from taking place, I told him. In fact, I informed him, I am placing you under citizen's arrest for violating the Fourth Geneva Convention (Article 53), which prohibits the demolishing of homes in occupied territories. I thereby asked the accompanying policemen to arrest him.* Sputtering, furious, he placed plastic handcuffs on me and had me forcibly thrown out of the house.
Lying on the ground as the bulldozer commenced its evil work, I noted what I often see at demolitions: police and soldiers standing around laughing among themselves, eating sandwiches, swapping the latest sports news.
Taking advantage of their being distracted from the demolition itself, I suddenly sprang up and made a run for the bulldozer. The police chased me and wrestled me to the ground. Furious at this additional challenge to his authority, the policeman in charge had me put in tight metal handcuffs and, since I refused to walk, dragged down the mountainside to an awaiting paddy wagon.
Jeff Halper - Picture by Virginia Paradinas:
Nothing, of course, happened to me, besides a few bruises. The Border Policeman "born to demolish" paraded around me repeating his delight at the day's events, all of which ICAHD activists recorded on film. But we Israeli Jews enjoy a privileged position. We know the police or soldiers will not shoot us, will not beat us, will not detain us for long, and so we exploit that privilege in ways that Palestinians can't. Shaadi would have been shot for doing what I did.
 We also know another sad fact: that unless an Israeli like me performs such a dramatic act, no one will notice the demolitions that take place almost daily in Jerusalem, the West Bank and, yes, Gaza.
The news spread quickly throughout the world. I was interviewed that day, my hands still in handcuffs, by radio stations from South Africa to Norway. I tried, of course, to put my action in context, to stress that my experience paled next to the crime that had been perpetrated upon the Hamdan family by the Israeli authorities. But I knew the truth: only the arrest of an Israeli makes the news; Palestinian suffering, as their very claim for justice, is ignored. Still, resistance is necessary.
We have offered to rebuild the home, but Shaadi says he has no more stomach for the unending cycle of building and demolishing. He doesn’t see the point of it, neither as an act of political resistance about which no one seems to care nor as a solution to his personal problems. Unable or unwilling to leave the country, which is what Israel’s policy of house demolitions is all about, he will sink into the woodwork, managing to survive out of sight as do millions of other Palestinians.
Overwhelmed by the scope of demolitions, it is unlikely we will stay in close touch with him as well. With 18,000 homes demolished in the Occupied Territories since 1967 and thousands more targeted, we will do our best to resist those demolitions we can reach. We have rebuilt about 150 homes in the past eleven years, a drop in the bucket in terms of those needing to be rebuilt but significant in terms of acts of political resistance.
(...) We must redouble our opposition to the Occupation in order to show Shaadi that, in fact, the rebuilding his home is part of an effective political movement that will achieve Palestinian national rights and a just peace.
April 21, 2008 11:31 PM

THE "SWAMP CREATURE" EXPLAINED AND EXPOSED    (( by William Wells ))                    (Updated 4/21/08 with Comment by "S")

COMMENT BY "S" (4/21/08)
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To: Bellringer
Sent: Monday, April 21, 2008 12:14 PM
The  Memorandums ((  see below )) are a related post to recent Fourwinds post on the ‘SWAMP CREATURE’.  
 “S” (( me))  never has stated that the identity of the CREATURE was limited to a superficial corporate construct of interlocking boards, directorates, legal fictions etc.   Institutions are the ‘proxy’ ‘procuratory’ and means by which POWER works its ‘magic’, by deception, obfuscation, trickery, deceit, to procure that which it intends. 
Slavery and absolute control by any means necessary is always an intended goal in the dominance game.  Corporations, whether commercial or ‘governmental’ are  window dressing for what is down in the SWAMP and in SHADOW.   This goes to the xatanic secret society Order(s) of the current global power oligarchy, and to its ancient ‘secret’ or ‘sacred’ origins to ‘those who came from afar’,….the Eloheim ‘gods’, Nephilim, Annunaki…..those who brought us the Babylon Law system of Sovereign Right/Divine Right Authority, Dynastic Houses, Dynastic Claims and Right of Claim. 
That is at the root of  what is now our current ‘admiralty-maritime-commercial-contract-merchant law system.   More on this later.
(NOTE:  These memorandums as noted by "S" are:
(Updated 4/21/08 with Comment by "S")
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