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Friday, 25 April 2008
Brushing Away the Ashes of Hadrian
'Why would a 'machine' like the Soviet Union want to put a communist leader in a step pyramid shaped tomb for? Why would they want to make the tomb similar to a middle eastern Sun King's tomb? I assure you the Step Pyramid that poses as Lenin's tomb..........
 is just as much an illuminati monument as the Washington Monument, the London Eye, an Obelisk in St Peters Square at the Vatican or indeed the glass pyramid at the Louvre.'
(Aerial view of Hadrian's Mausoleum Vatican City 'Pentagon') :
I believe this line from Hadrian's Mausoleum to St Peters Basilica is an energy line that is on a par with the Axe Historique in Paris:
Hypnotised by Illuminated Deceivers
By Matthew Delooze
The Double Helix staircase in the Vatican
It's obvious to me that the staircase is a bloody fully 'operational' double 'Helix' too.
The frustrated and excited multitudes of people are released through the doors, after they were queuing like slaves, and they literally ascend or descend the double Helix staircase (Twin Serpents) in a state of emotional frenzy. One staircase is for going up and another for going down. So I ask you this, believing you have already read my previous stuff. Do you think it's possible that by getting hordes of people into symbolic places, raising there emotions on the way, and getting them to enter geometric shapes (Louvre Pyramid in Paris and Double Helix in the Vatican) ............. that spiritual energy maybe being extracted from human beings and then sent into another dimension through the monuments or occult features?
I'll tell you something, my band of serious thinkers out there, I flipping well do! The emotions of millions of brainwashed Catholics whilst they literally run up that double Helix staircase, just to see the famous relics and the Sistine Chapel will, in my opinion, create enough spiritual energy to feed the underworld ..........for bloody decades.
Double Helix/Twin Serpent.          Is the spiritual energy of human beings literally being sucked out of them in these places?
To get an idea of the energy being created by brainwashing religions ­­...............just ask any 'good' Catholic what they would do if they actually got into the Sistine Chapel or the Pope invited them to tea and biscuits in his batchelor pad. I'll tell you what they would do, they would literally have an orgasm on the spot. So please think about what I have said and let it sink in. Look at the staircase again.
 Is it possible that the emotions of human beings are being manipulated and the liars working for false religions are attracting people to areas......... that can actually harness and extract the energy that was created by the said emotions?
The dots of colour on the Road to Conciliation in the centre of the picture are actually human beings that are massed together waiting to show 'respect' to a Pope that has died. This mass of people is 50 or 60 people wide! The same scenario occurs at Christmas and Easter time etc, as well as at mournings etc.
Can you see how the crowds have been shepherded to literally form a mass group of energy and then they form a line of walking energy whilst being directed to and past a bloody ancient Sun obelisk?  Please look at the picture again my friend because you won't find a better looking example of how the deceivers of this world bleed us dry of any goodness we have or feel. These people in the picture are literally 'spiritual energy walking'. These people are brainwashed Catholics that are grieving for the bloke (The Pope) they think is a God incarnate or at least God's right hand man. They are very very emotional indeed,  .........    don't forget Emotional Respect = Spiritual Energy.
Can you start to see how this energy can be created by manipulation of our emotions, harnessed, and then literally released in symbolic places, in or near occult monuments or the tombs of members of the Serpent Cult? I believe I need you to fully understand this if you want to be free in the future so please think about it. Breath the air that I send you.
For example can you accept that any 'energy' created at this event, and indeed at the daily events involving the double Helix described to you earlier, can actually be 'syphoned' off?
I tell you the truth when I say that is exactly what is going on and it has been going on for thousands of years. That is why millions of Catholics starve whilst the Catholic church leaders build their magnificent monuments. Do you understand why these monuments are actually built now? They are simply a means to feed entities in other dimensions. It certainly explains a lot doesn't it?
 Indeed ask yourself why the Catholic church actually display pagan symbolism (obelisks etc.) when they claim Paganism was a bag o'shite. I'll tell you why ........shall I?
 It is because the Catholic church is just a deceptive front for a 'Sun Temple' (The Church of Babylon) and it does not want its millions of members to know that it is stealing their spiritual energy and feeding its serpent masters in another dimension.
 The Catholic church is simply a deceptive puppet...... for the 'underworld' (AKA 'lower fourth') and all religions are used in exactly the same way, and in turn all major churches are used, to extract the free will spiritual energy from human beings.
They get you to surrender your emotional respect,........... whether you believe in the religion does not matter because they get your respect anyway, ............and then they turn that respect into energy and feed their alien masters. I know it sounds like something out of a crappy SF movie and it is meant to do exactly that, so you will do nothing about it.
 I tell you again that the reason the churches build such monuments ........ is because the purpose of the monuments ........... is far more important to the Serpent Cult than the actual church members. The brainwashed church members are merely farm animals. Blind farm animals to boot. The Pope and the average paedophile priest in the local churches don't give a toss about the starving Catholics in the world.
They are more bothered about keeping the Church building in order, this is simply because the church building ........ is really a spiritual energy extraction machine in its own right. (Get it?)
When people get on their knees in a church ......... they are literally surrendering spiritual energy to the symbolism being displayed there (Sun Symbolism) ..........and this energy is then harnessed and channelled to another dimension. It's literally the greatest deception ever carried out! You respect your enslaver!
In my opinion the British Museum is also used as a spiritual energy extractor and the recently modernised reading room and the Great Court located in the British Museum ........ operate on a similar basis .........   to the great lumping glass pyramid at the Louvre and the ancient sun worship obelisk and the blatant double helix monument at the Vatican.
Again, our energy is being syphoned off .......  through the monuments and the emotional respect we release at these places.
 Please don't ever forget that the illuminati are behind the building and stocking of museums. They want you to respect the ancient relics that are linked with mythology and ancient gods. They let you respect these relics .......   because they want you to (( do so )).
The Serpent Cult has created many spiritual extraction points all over the world, whilst hiding sacred geometry within crafty modern buildings, and sadly right under our noses and even more sadly we are blindly respecting them for doing it! Wake up. Do any of you out there really think that museums are there for our benefit? The people behind creating such things, and their serpent masters, don't want to enlighten you. They want you to be so bloody stupid and just blindly respect this King's monument or that Pharaohs monument or respect this Sun monument or that Sun monument And you do just that just like sheep.
 All this respect you give is based on their version of history and their occult monuments and their symbolism.
All those people who believe in official history and respect the relics of official history .....   are not going to do that ....... if they find out their respected historic figures like Nelson and Churchill were vicious paedophiles........ are they?
They simply want to create emotional respect 'energy' and they want you to release this energy where they want it released. That is why the human race is farmed and hypnotised to worship whomever and whatever the Serpent Cult say the human race has to worship, so they bullshit us about history ........  to create respect where and when they want it.
Tell that to your local puppet teacher in their local puppet school.

The Serpent Cult is so deceptive that it operates in all ways possible and it will use 'any situation' to get the masses to create and release the energy through the respect of its symbolic agents or its symbolic monuments. This applies whether the situation is connected to religion or not.
OK. I want to show you an other example of how the 'masses are being led to release emotional respect in symbolic places' .....  but this time with no religion involved whatsoever.
Here is a picture of Lenin's Mausoleum on Red Square.. 
It's a step pyramid! Yes folks it's a fully occupied and operational 'step pyramid' and it's on a par with the same in ancient Egypt and the ancient middle east and one of the most obvious Sun God monuments going. Therefore Lenin's Mausoleum in the centre of Moscow .....   is really a symbolic illuminati shrine to the Sun. (...)
It was actually based on the the tomb of Cyrus the Great. Who's he you might ask? Well of course he's not linked to communism or even the Soviet Union (Russia).
 He was a King of ancient Persia and his name was said to mean 'like the Sun'. It is said that a tomb for Cyrus was built in the ancient city of Pasargadae in Persia.
Here is a picture below. This is what Lenin's tomb is based on, the 'step pyramid' of Cyrus the Great.
I assure you the Step Pyramid that poses as Lenin's tomb ...... is just as much an illuminati monument as the Washington Monument, the London Eye, an Obelisk in St Peters Square at the Vatican or indeed the glass pyramid at the Louvre. This 'Step Pyramid' is just another prime example, in my opinion, of how the masses are led to a monument to release spiritual energy through emotional respect.
Millions of people have queued to give 'respect' to Lenin in his tomb just like millions go to the Vatican and the Louvre museums and the tombs of various members of the Serpent Cult.
 I ask you again my friend, are the masses being conned into surrendering spiritual energy at symbolic locations? If so can the symbolic monuments concerned act as a vehicle and send our energy to another dimension? Yes or No? What do your guts tell you after thinking about the evidence in the Vatican and Red Square, not to mention all the other stuff I have written on the subject, especially in Paris?
'You' couldn't be victim to such a scam like being conned into respecting something that is not good for you, could you? Not a smarty arse like you eh? ................... I can see some of you now thinking... Ha Ha Ha I'm so clever with my credit card and my mortgage that I won't fall for the lunatic idea that our energy is being syphoned off by the manipulation of our emotions and the use of illuminati built monuments and the yearly rituals I blindly take part in.
What sort of idiot would fall for that? I hear you say. ..............
 I'll tell you ..............shall I? .............
Me and You that's who. We have been suckered for thousands of years. You have been conned on a massive scale and not only have you been conned ....  you have actually been on your knees thanking the force that has actually conned you for actually conning you at the same time? Suckers!
I am sorry if I sound abrupt or aggressive but I am trying to wake you up.
(( ...So let's go and have a butchers at 'Les Invalides' in France because it is another prime example of a museum containing occult monuments and symbolism that is used to extract spiritual energy from the masses. It is also a burial place for agents employed in the Serpent Cult, like Napoleon .........and the rest of the deceptive liars that help keep the human race in spiritual chains.        ( Emotional Respect = Spiritual Energy.)
Again folks. The masses are led to symbolic places connected to the Serpent Cult and their emotions are exploited and farmed to produce spiritual energy ........which is then transported to the another dimension through monuments built by the Serpent Cult. It's a simple scam and it works every time and has done for years....
.//.....Millions of people come to show respect to Napoleon and therefore release spiritual energy there......He is laid directly below the domed roof that also shows a sun type circle surrounded by 12 pillars and 12 windows......//...This scene made my arse twitch I can tell you! I had seen something very similar in a vision under Ayahuasca in Colombia. 
Is it possible that Spiritual energy is filtered through such monuments?...........
 .......Here is a picture of the roof directly over the tomb of Napoleon................. Anyone who has read my article, Standing in the Line of Fire,....((( http://www.matthewdelooze.co.uk/readarticle.php?article_id=37  + http://www.tortuga.com/ ....http://www.tortuga.com/eng/library/index.php......http://www.tortuga.com/eng/multimedia/music.php.........http://www.crystalinks.com/mayancalendar.html....)))... may understand that this picture exactly resembles what I saw in my visions, concerning the roof of the Maloca/communal hut . This is because in my vision ....  I saw the roof move upwards revealing a hole in the sky, just like the inner circle looks in the picture above....//...The maloca also had wooden beams that looked just like the gold coloured pillars in the picture too and the windows are exactly like the Mayan symbols that were hanging in the Maloca.........The Maloca from the inside...see..http://www.matthewdelooze.co.uk/images/articles/line2.jpg.......//  Apart from the figures in the picture I have to say again that this image is near enough what I saw after taking the Ayahuasca medicine. Again I was in shock when I first saw this picture. Indeed I couldn't have drawn a better description of what I saw and what I experienced about holes in the sky in Brazil some 6 months earlier. I tell you the truth...// 
.......... Was I being shown something in my vision with Ayahuasca...................... that the Serpent Cult already know about and actually practise? I can tell you now that I believe so.
Is it possible that the Serpent Cult know all about getting through symbolic holes in the sky (in and out of other dimensions) and that's why they place illuminati agents like Napoleon under such symbolism? Is it possible the Serpent Cult don't want 'you' to know how to get through the hole in the sky?.......//   ....Is it possible that all the human race needs to do to create a shift in mass consciousness or to reclaim their multidimensional powers............  is to simply be spiritually and mentally on a par with the knowledge and information that is currently in the grip of the illuminati?
Fighting fire with the same fire so to speak? Obviously this needs taking  much deeper ..............))
But how many 'examples' do you really need to break the spell you are under ....  and break the cowardice your ego willingly hides behind?
How many examples does it take? I know full well, even if I convince you 100% that you are a victim today, that you will still go along with the system that enslaves you tomorrow. You are hypnotised to do just that. You dare not do anything else. I understand that. It's just that your ego stops you from believing information that actually shows you that your ego is really full of shit. That's why you are controlled from birth to death and from death to birth.
I can only ask you if it now makes more sense to you why the Serpent Cult, the illuminati, the new world order, whatever you want to call them, control and maintain these symbolic places in the way that they do. In my opinion it is important that you grasp the reasons behind the Serpent Cult's use of monuments ............  at any cost to them.
Let's have a recap (( recapitulation)) eh?........... I showed you Vatican City which was built over an ancient sun worship area and symbolic burial grounds. I indicated to you that the masses are releasing massive amounts of energy through a symbolic double helix and a sun monument (obelisk) there.
I then took you to Red Square to show you how millions of people have shown respect, through Lenin, to another sun monument, a step pyramid,  and it was built based on a step pyramid belonging to a Persian sun king, Cyrus the Great. I finished off with a visit to Les Invalides, another museum and burial ground that was built by another sun king, Louis the fourteenth, and included the tomb of Napoleon.

So how do I sum it up?
It very hard to show you how invisible energy can be extracted from you. It is like showing you the wind or trying to show you electricity inside a cable. I showed you a picture in Paris in my Benu Bird essay, showing how orbs went up through the apex of the Louvre and that picture carries importance, but this time I would like to show you this one.......http://www.matthewdelooze.co.uk/images/pyramidvortex.jpg............
I don't know anything about Dee J Neillson and his energy pyramid that this picture is related to. I am just showing you the picture above as some sort of physical/ visual symbolism in order to try and show how I believe spiritual energy is extracted through symbolic monuments etc. I realise we cannot 'see' spiritual energy being extracted when you walk in the Louvre pyramid, Vatican Staircase, Red Square, Les Invalides or even at the London Eye on New Years Eve.
 But the picture is the best image I can find that is closest to how I see it happening.

I will tell you again that there is a multi-dimensional force that is farming the human race. This multidimensional force uses its agents, that hold high positions of status, and mythological symbolism to put the masses in a continuous and powerful physical and emotional trance ........ and then steals their  spiritual energy through deception, which in turn spiritually imprisons them. For instance, as long as we let human beings live in cardboard boxes in dire poverty whilst we still praise arseholes, that claim to be agents for a 'loving god', in palaces and temples ........ then we will, in my opinion, be trapped in a spiritual prison for eternity. The Serpent Cult have planned it and indeed want it that way .......and have been sucessful with the same scam for thousands of years.
The masses are blindly releasing spiritual energy through events like I have explained above. The events above are only examples that only scratch the surface of a thick and deep level of deceptive activity currently going on in this world. The release of spiritual energy from humans near the tombs of members of the Serpent Cult and other monuments............actually 'feeds' entities in other dimensions and actually gives them the right to rule us. I know it is hard to accept this but as I have said in many articles before, the masses are hypnotically led to these things simply to release energy without them having the slightest clue they are doing it. Their emotions are exploited to the extreme, just like our emotions are exploited at Christmas time and at pop festivals etc.
 It's the same scam that is carried out, time and time and time again. Emotional respect creates spiritual energy. Emotional respect creates spiritual surrender to the force you are conned into respecting. It does not matter that you respect something in good faith because you still surrender to something that you willingly respect, you surrender through free will if you like.
'Same scam, different location' sums it up. Well doesn't it? Whatever country you are in ...........they will force the masses ...  to worship a hero near Serpent Symbolism.
It's time to either realise what is really going on in this world or just let yourself sink up to your eyeballs in the shit the Serpent Cult is currently creating for mankind. The choice will be entirely yours. Carry on swallowing the shite you have been fed for thousands of years if you like. After all what has that done for us? We are so fucking hypnotised, and we have been so for many many lifetimes, that we don't even know who we really are. We are simply on a par with a battery hen ............. and we are knee deep in chicken shit too. Not true I here you say? Well tell me who you are then? You can't even do that...... can you? You are so fucking dumbed down that you have forgotten who you are ..... haven't you?
As I said at the beginning of this article my outer skills are grossly inadequate for what my inner spirit wants to achieve. I have spent the last ten years, in five sense reality terms, researching and understanding how the energy is taken from you, but more than that, I have known it deep down since I first came in to this world. I have suffered, with others, very much to provide the information that has been relayed to you to date. (...) I believe this information will help those people that really want to wake up, to actually wake up.
If the human race 'wants' to continue getting on its knees to deceivers ....  in some vain hope that a supreme being or deity is going to teach them how to 'ascend' to some sort of paradise then that is fine by me. Indeed that's exactly what's been going on for thousands of years already. But in my opinion that mentality has only increased the spiritual chains and the size of ego we carry around with us.
I am only attempting to provide what I believe to be a truthful alternative to the spin and bullshit put out by the Serpent Cult owned media and provide an important ingredient to anyone's recipe for freedom.(...)
The deceptions of the Serpent Cult will not have the same effect on you once you realise what is really going on. I would like to thank you for for spending time reading this information.
May love reign o'er you all.
Matthew Delooze 24th April 2008
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