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 C-51 Goes to Second Reading Monday or Tuesday
IAHF List: ( international advocates for health freedom )
 ACT IMMEDIATELY!! See below. This alert just in from Tony Stephan of Truehope Inc. in Alberta Canada. Tony has 8 employees hard at work in an emergency call center from which they're contacting every health food store in Canada urging emergency assistance to kill the bill from hell: C-51.
No one in Canada or the USA can afford not to help kill this bill. If you are American, please forward this to anyone in Canada who you know,
............. and if you are Canadian, please take action yourself, then download this info and bring it to every health food store within a 25 k radius of your house and urge them to bagstuff the alert and to urge customers to call their MPs to strenuously oppose this. If you don't      you will lose your access to dietary supplements. Keep in mind that the evil Canadian Health Food Assn isn't helping to kill this bill.
IAHF warns vitamin consumers globally that the European Food Safety Authority combined with the European Commission will be unleashing the regs from hell in January 2009, and that they'll make their way into Codex because the EU politically dominates Codex. These will be "Maximum Safe Upper Levels" that will be only slight multiples above RDA.
IAHF warns you that if we fail to get congressional oversight in the USA on the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada/ Mexico, we will not be able to stop this from coming to America, we will not be able to defend DSHEA.
IAHF has just issued an urgent warning to the Life Extension Foundation, National Health Federation, American Association for Health Freedom, National Council for Health Freedom and allied groups world wide to the urgent need to assist film maker Kevin Miller so he can produce an updated version of "We Beco
me Silent" which will focus on these issues.
Dr.Rath is a true genius! On his newest website at he has an automated program designed to utterly bury all Codex delegates to the Committee on Nutrition and Food for Special Dietary Use via a simple menu into which he has all the countries participating, you click on a country and see the list of all their delegates and their email addresses.
You simply enter your own address into a form (or use a pseudonym if you wish), and with one mouse click you automatially send a form letter to all of the delegates, and you can also select one button that automatically emails EVERY SINGLE ONE of the Codex Delegates with Rath's form letter!
I learned of this when I started getting deluged with emails from all over Europe as a member of the US delegation, and I had to call Rath's webmaster and plead with them to take my name OFF the US delegation so I don't get BOMBED with email! I love it! I blitzed all of my fellow delegate several times over!  international advocates for health freedom
The North American Security Act, S. 853 in the Senate, H.R. 2672, is ostensibly being created to "enhance our protection against terrorists" by creating a common security perimeter- essentially by erasing our borders with Canada & Mexico to create "THE NORTH AMERICAN UNION". It must be seen in the context of the (so called) Security & Prosperity Partnership of North America. (The SPP was signed by Martin, Bush, and Fox of Canada, the USA and Mexico with zero input from the citizens of these 3 nations.)

The North American Cooperative Security Act is an intended prelude to forcing the USA into first, a North American Union, then into the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas). It poses as much of a threat to US sovereignty and to all of our laws as the European Union Dictatorship poses to the laws and traditions of the UK and all of its other member nations.

Lou Dobbs did a program about this threat on June 9th: “Good evening, everybody. Tonight, an astonishing proposal to expand our borders to incorporate Mexico and Canada and simultaneously further diminish U.S. sovereignty. Have our political elites gone mad?” … Lou Dobbs June 9, 2005

Aside from the fact that both Mexico and Canada are hotbeds of terrorism, and it makes zero sense whatsoever to open our borders with these countries, this pending legislation is blatantly unconstitutional and it threatens all of our existing laws, including the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act of 1994 with harmonization to international dictates such as highly draconian CODEX vitamin standards under "development" at the UN's Codex Alimentarious Commission- where we have zero ability to influence the decisionmaking. We can only stop Codex from being forced on us if we can preserve our sovereignty.
An Important Notice Regarding Bill C-51
On April 8, 2008, the Minister of Health in Canada introduced Bill C-51 into the House of Commons. This Bill proposes significant changes to the current Food and Drugs Act that would remove critical checks and balances from Health Canada and endanger your Constitutional rights to "life, liberty, and security of person" (Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Section 7).
Without immediate action from concerned citizens like you, this Bill will soon be law in Canada.
Consider How Bill C-51 Would Affect You
Health Canada Needs Checks and Balances
Acting under current laws, Health Canada has already endangered Canadians' lives by seizing their natural health products. In 2003, Health Canada seized personal shipments of EMPowerplus, a vitamin-mineral supplement that hundreds of Canadians with bipolar disorder and other serious mood disorders depended on for mental wellness, and ordered Truehope Nutritional Support Ltd. to stop selling the supplement in Canada. Fearing for the safety of Canadians who were using EMPowerplus, Truehope disobeyed Health Canada's orders and was charged with selling an illegal drug.
Fortunately, in this case, Health Canada was unsuccessful in removing EMPowerplus from the market. In 2006, Truehope was found not guilty. The court ruled that Truehope was "overwhelmingly compelled to disobey…in order to protect the health, safety and well-being of the users of the supplement", and Health Canada dropped its appeal of this case in October 2006. (Learn more ).
However, Bill C-51 would make it easier for Health Canada to seize natural health products like EMPowerplus in the future and remove them from the market, violating your Constitutional rights to "life, liberty, and security of person."
What You Can Do To Protect Your Rights
·         Read Bill C-51.
·         Read a Discussion Paper on Bill C-51 by the President of the Natural Health Product Protection Agency (NHPPA).
·         Contact your local MP to voice your objections to this Bill.
·         Forward this email to all of your concerned friends and family.
·         Attend a key court case to stop Health Canada from seizing natural health products without court permission.
Where: Federal Court of Canada, 635 8 Ave SW, 4th floor, Calgary, Alberta.
from eldon warman
Format editing by: ELDON WARMAN
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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the Proposed Constitution of New America
SECTION 11. When this Constitution has been implemented the President may delete by proclamation appropriate parts of this article.
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Subject: Regarding Proposed Constitution
The post you have regarding the Proposed Constitution of New America does not address the issues of the current which have allowed the government to become a corporate entity, and the President to be a full blown dictator, with all the humans of America being reduced   to slaves, be it of 'the corporate UNITED STATES' or to the City of London, or to the Pops's Holy Roman Empire.
The proposed constitution is still a collectivist document making the  humans living on the land called America mere body parts of the collective. References are to 'persons', meaning a fictional role or status, when applied to humans. The term 'citizen', as did 'freeman' in earlier times, means a slave granted privileges by the State in exchange for obedience to legislated statutes and Presidential edicts. This implies a contract, where the  terms result in punishment for disobedience, hardly a situation allowing 'free will' to exist.
If such terms are to be used, they must be given exacting definitions within  the Constitution.
And, further, without some provision forbidding the requirement to use a State owned name to deal with corporate and governmental organizations, and the deception  imposed upon humans by the State to accept that name as being one and the same  as themself, or by the Government's assuming that one uses the name voluntarily,  where that use is mandatory upon an individual to sustain and maintain life and  liberty, ........... the way is open for the State/Government to declare that the human has become an accessory attached to State property, the legal identity name, and thus
(the human) becomes the property of the State in slave status, supposedly by voluntary (on the part of the human) means.
This is what we now have in Canada and the USA. All people who use the State/Crown  owned names are considered to be slaves (humans as property) subject to the State/Crown,  and if they disobey State/Crown rules, they are stripped of the rights of due process of law, as Wesley Snipes has been by his being sentenced to 3 years for evading the State Extortion Racket called Income tax.
You see, income tax is the recovery of State property from the owned slave. The IRS 1040 is a 'benefit' return, with a 'benefit' being the gift of the slave owner of some of the fruits of labor of the slave to the slave for his own use and enjoyment. The whole scam is based upon 'property right', only it is the 'property right' of the artificial 'person' called the State, or UNITED STATES.
Something else that is needed in a viable constitution would be a 'trimvirate' Presidency with unanimous approval of selected agenda and 2/3 approval of minor issues.
Plus, the Committee of the States from Article 5 of the Articles of Confederation needs be emplaced.
And, if the States and Federal Government are to be corporate structures, then  the forbidding of one corporation owning or controlling another needs be inserted. This would preclude the Federal corporation from usurping control over the States  by any method (prize of war, treaty, etc), as is now the case.
Eldon Warman
"José Can You See?........the  Bush's Trojan Taco"
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From: SJ
Sent: Thursday, April 24, 2008 11:10 AM
Subject: Bush's Trojan Taco
Hi Folks!
It's time we get the big picture.  Greg Palast, one of the few journalists you can believe in has a hideous story about what's going to happen to YOUR money and freedom if Bush's latest secret plan for a new worse than NAFTA scheme succeeds.
The North American Competitiveness Council is meeting now - (Bush, the Prime Minister of Canada and the President of Mexico + chief executives of Wal-Mart, Chevron Oil, Lockheed-Martin and 27 other multinational masters of the corporate universe.  This Security and Prosperity Summit is worse than the "NAFTA on steroids" )  Never heard of The Council - that’s because it’s secret! 
…And why did the landlords of our continent order our presidents to a three-nation pajama party?  Their term is "harmonization."
Harmonization means making rules and regulations the same in all three countries.  Or, more specifically, watering down rules - on health, safety, labor rights, oil drilling, polluting and so on - in other words, any regulations that get between The Council members and their profits.
(Summary by Joy in Phoenix 4/21/08.)
See more of this article by Greg Palast “José Can You See?  Bush's Trojan Taco” , below:
 "José Can You See?  Bush's Trojan Taco"
By Greg Palast
Monday April 21, 2008
Psst!  George Bush has a secret. 
While you Democrats are pounding each other to a pulp in Pennsylvania , the President has snuck back down to New Orleans for a meeting of the NAFTA Three:  the Prime Minister of Canada and the President of Mexico .
You're not supposed to know that - for two reasons: 
First, the summit planned for the N.O. two years back was meant to showcase the rebuilt Big Easy, a monument to can-do Bush-o-nomics.  Well, it is a monument to Bush's leadership:  The city still looks like Dresden 1946, with over half the original residents living in toxic trailers or wandering lost and broke in America .
The second reason Bush has kept this major summit a virtual secret is its real agenda.   More important, the agenda-makers, the guys who called the meeting, must remain as far out of camera range as possible:  The North American Competitiveness Council. 
Never heard of The Council?  Well, maybe you've heard of the counselors:  the chief executives of Wal-Mart, Chevron Oil, Lockheed-Martin and 27 other multinational masters of the corporate universe. 
And why did the landlords of our continent order our presidents to a three-nation pajama party?  Their term is "harmonization."
Harmonization has nothing to do with singing in fifths like Simon and Garfunkel.  Harmonization means making rules and regulations the same in all three countries.  Or, more specifically, watering down rules - on health, safety, labor rights, oil drilling, polluting and so on - in other words, any regulations that get between The Council members and their profits.
Take for example, pesticides.   Wal-Mart and agri-business don't want to reduce the legal amount of poison allowed in what you eat.  Solution:  "harmonize" US and Canadian pesticide standards to Mexico 's. 
Can they do that?  Can Bush just say, "Eat your peas - even if they're radioactive?"  Under NAFTA, at least the way George Bush reads it (or has it read to him), he can.  At any rate, he does.
The three chiefs of state will meet privately with the thirty corporate chiefs where they are also expected to legally erase more of our borders, to expand the "NAFTA highway."  Technically, the NAFTA highway is a set of legal rules governing transcontinental shipment.  Some fear NAFTA highway expansion will allow a new flood of cheap Mexican products into the US and Canada .  Not so.  Their hunger to expand the NAFTA highway is to bring in even cheaper Chinese goods.
Say what?
As trade expert Maud Barlow explained to me, the new "NAFTA highway" will allow Chinese stuff dumped into Mexico to be hauled northward as duty-free "Mexican" products.  That's one of the quiet agendas of this " Summit for Security and Prosperity", (SSP) the official Orwellian name for this meet.  Think of the SSP "harmonization" as the Trojan Taco of trade.
Barlow is Chairwoman of the Council of Canadians.  She is known as the "Ralph Nader of Canada " (not Nader version 2.0, The Spoiler Candidate, but Nader version 1.0, the consumer advocate).  Because Americans are too distracted by the Punch-and-Judy primaries to complain about this lobby-fest on the bayou, Canadian Barlow is leading street protests against this greed-grab.  
I caught up with this courageous Canadian (I've seen her face down corporate bullying we can't imagine in the US ) on her way down to New Orleans .  Barlow's particular concerns are first, the NSS agreement promotes a five-fold increase in the mining of Canadian tar sands for import, as liquid crude oil, into the USA , an idea filthier than a re-make of  Debbie Does Dallas.  "This is an insane model of development," she says, especially given Bush's recent claim that he wants to slow global warming.  
Bush himself is pushing his Canadian and Mexican counterparts to adopt US-style "Homeland Security" measures so that, says Barlow, "we'll all be zip-locked together in one security bag."
There will be other anti-SSP protesters in New Orleans as well, from America 's populist Right.  They are concerned that the Security and Prosperity Summit is worse than the "NAFTA on steroids" that Barlow fears.  The populists see in the SPP a nascent "North American Union," and the elimination of the good old US of A.
They're wrong, of course.  The U.S. of A. has been long eliminated, at least economically.  The Competitiveness Council is a multinational crew, with one shared set of country clubs, beach homes, art collections, union busters and lobbyists knowing no borders.  
The populist radio hosts railing against the coming North American Union don't realize that these CEOs won't take away their flags or Fourth of July or Star-Spangled Banner.  The rags and flags will always be kept around to con the schmucks along the Yahoo Belt into donating their children to the Iraq Occupation or other misadventures.  A billionaire like Carlos Slim, the richest man on the planet (sorry, Mr. Gates), didn't buy the Mexican government to "protect" his nation from Gringos but to protect his media monopoly. 
So there is no United States of America nor Canada nor Mexico - at least as we like to imagine ourselves in our national fairy tales:  self-governing democracies run by we the people or nosotros el pueblo.  There's just the diktats of the North American Prosperity Council.  Get used to it.
 Barlow said that the US Ambassador to Canada told her the legal changes wrought in New Orleans will not be put before the three national Congresses for a vote.  "We don't want to open up another NAFTA."  So, they'll skip the voting stuff.  Democracy is so, like, 20th Century.
Barlow said that the US Ambassador to Canada told her the legal changes wrought in New Orleans will not be put before the three national Congresses for a vote.  "We don't want to open up another NAFTA."  So, they'll skip the voting stuff.  Democracy is so, like, 20th Century.
Is Bush just a reluctant participant in this "harmonizing" of our economic fate?  The meetings are secret, so I can't say for sure.  But I note that, at the opening ceremony, if you read his lips, you can see our president singing the national anthem as, "José, can you see?"
Greg Palast is the author of the New York Times bestsellers, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy and Armed Madhouse:  Sordid Secrets and Strange Tales of a White House Gone Wild.  
Sign up for Palast's investigative reports for BBC on RSS feed at
 Note:  On May 1, in New York , Palast will speak at the international conference of the victims of Barrick Gold mining operations, the Canadian-American company whose board members included the former Prime Minister of Canada Brian Mulroney and the former President of the United States , George Bush Sr.  Information soon at
Thank you Greg!
Joy Marx-Mendoza
Vatican Propaganda Reaches All-Time High
in 2009 Hollywood Release of.......
April 8, 2008
The movie claims Illuminati trying to destroy Vatican when in fact the
Vatican is the Illuminati! Tom Hanks and Ron Howard should know better but they are a big part of the propaganda movie happy to collect millions in dirty Vatican money.
The Hollywood movie Angels and Demons coming out in June of 2009 is a perfect example how the Vatican uses its money and corrupt power to sway public opinion in the mother beast's direction.
The Illuminati is the Vatican and the Vatican is the Illuminati, but in
this movie they will twist the facts by telling the world the Roman
Catholic Church is in a life and death struggle to save its very soul
from the evil forces of the Illuminati, trying to destroy the good old
boys at the Vatican.
What nonsense! But then people will believe anything if the lie is big
enough and this story ranks among the biggest propaganda movies ever scripted by the Vatican's Hollywood partners.
Money buys power but it also buys a good reputation and that's exactly what the Jesuits and Vatican are banking on as the Vatican, immensely rich and just as deceitful, guides itself through history with this maxim: "A good reputation is better than a golden belt."
As Edmund Paris reminds us in his book, The Secret History of the
"Vatican domination always assumes "spiritual and humanitarian"
pretexts, proclaimed "urbi and orbi" by an intense propaganda which a
goldplated belt provides and the "good reputation", thus preserved,
maintains the inflow of gold to said belt."
And the Vatican's intense propaganda continues as they simply are
supplying huge payoffs to their friends in Hollywood to keep the real
truth from the masses.
So who are the big name Hollywood recipients of all this dirty Vatican
money? Let's start with screen writer Dan Brown of Da Vinci Code fame and move on to Vatican shills, movie director Ron Howard and leading actor in the film, Tom Hanks, who also starred in the Da Vinci Code.
And to factually remind American movie fans of the Vatican and Jesuit
connection to this film, eye witnesses in Rome reported that in May of
2007, the trio mentioned above along with media mogul Rupert Murdoch and high level Jesuits and a Vatican Cardinal all met to discuss the film's financing.
True and frightening are the best adjectives to explain my concern about the new congress's agenda, by using this analogy given to me by a former student of mine.
A Parable: How To Catch A Wild Hog
From Eldon Warman
Several years ago I was supervising a beginning teacher in a city school system. One day during our end-of-the-day feedback conference, the young man gave a facial grimace and began to rub his back. I asked him if he had strained his back in the school lab. After a long period of silence, he sat down at his desk and explained that he had immigrated to the United States because of political problems in his native country.
The discomfort in his back was caused by a bullet wound he had received while fighting the Communists who were trying to take over his country's government. He was then a member of the underground nationalist force.
Then he asked me a surprising question: "Dr. Hedges, do you know how to catch a wild hog?"
The question was completely out of context regarding the day's classroom and lab teaching.
I replied, "I'm not sure what you are talking about. Tell me."
"First," he said, "you find out where the wild hogs are roaming and feeding and then you put some corn out in the field. Soon they will come to eat the corn. You keep putting out the free corn. More wild hogs keep coming to eat the corn."
"So what?" I said. "That's normal for any animal."
"Be patient. I will tell you what comes next," he said. "After the hogs get used to your free corn, you put up a length of fence along one side of the feeding area. The hogs get used to it. You keep giving them the corn. Then you put up another section of fence at right angles to the first. You keep giving them the corn. The hogs get used to the second fence. Then you put up another length of fence at right angles to the second section. You now have a U-shaped fenced area. The hogs get used to that section of the fence. You keep giving them free corn.
Then you put another section of fence with a gate in it, making a closed area except for the gate. You keep giving them corn. Now, the hogs no longer are out in the fields, working to find their own food. They keep coming into the area to eat the free corn. They get used to the fenced area with the open gate. Then, one day you slam shut the gate when the hogs are inside the fenced area. The wild hogs are caught - they are your prisoners."
I understood then that the wild hogs were really the people of his native country and that the free corn was the enticements that the Communists were giving to the people.
"That's correct," the young man said. "Now, the hogs will not get anything to eat unless you give them food. You are in control. They depend on you to feed them, or they will starve. They can't get out into the fields and forests anymore to find their own food. They have probably forgotten how, as it is. They are your servants, your prisoners. They must obey you. Or else they starve. The hogs," he said, "were so accustomed to having the free corn, that they ignored the building of the fences that would eventually trap them.
When the gate slammed shut, it was too late for them to realize what they had been blind to. The free corn was enticing, so effortless to obtain, but eventually the cause of their loss of freedom. The fence had been built; the gate had been shut."
At this point in our conversation, the young teacher, in a voice shaking with emotion and with fists hitting the desktop, loudly exclaimed, "This is what I see happening in America today! People are being offered free corn by the government. People are being blind to the fences being built around them by the liberals - the socialists - and that is what frightens me! Just like it was happening in my homeland. The American people do not learn from history. And history shows that socialism/communism does not work. Take note of Russia. Has socialism been the best thing that ever happened to that country? Absolutely not! But socialism is what the American people are being fed, and they don't realize it. All they can focus on is the 'free corn.' They want more and more of the free corn. And this free corn is being fed to us little by little, and soon the gate will slam shut. I am very frightened, and also amazed, that the American people don't see what is being fed us, and for what purpose."
With that said, the young man sat down at his desk and continued to rub his painful back. And I was silent in my chair. And afraid. For I could visualize the supposedly "free corn" being fed to our nation's people and our growing addiction to the "free corn." And I could see the gate being slammed shut. We, the people of the United States of America, because of our ignorance of history, because of our addiction to the supposedly "free corn," could soon be prisoners of liberal socialism. Along with this fighter for freedom from socialism/communism, I too, wanted to slam my fists on the desktop and cry out in a loud voice for all to hear, "Wake up, America! The fences are being built! Don't you see what is happening to us?"
In the agenda of the new Congress, there is much "free corn" being promised the American people. In our greed for this "free corn," will we ignore the incremental building of the fences and the inevitable shutting of the gate? As I ponder the building of the fences now underway by the new Congress, I remember the old adage, "there is always free cheese in a mousetrap." It seems the only thing we learn from history is that we do not learn from history.
Lowell E. Hedges is a retired associate professor of teacher education and a former superintendent of Elgin Local Schools.
This transcript of the Proposed Constitution for the Newstates of America was transferred from Col. Arch Roberts' website at Committee to Restore the Constitution.  When poss
ible, we transfer whole files — always giving credit to its source — in the event a website with pertinent information may be discontinued.  — Jackie
Banking History
More than 30 per cent of people are more depressed during the winter, according to research into the impact of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) on mental health. After suffering through some of the most adverse weather in decades, no doubt that many are downhearted. But most of us will bounce back, it is only a temporary feeling. Surely, this despair is not the sign of a permanent disorder! Only those who profess crazed political thought need to fear. This is a case study in one such individual, who dared to expound such ideas and became a perennial patient in the process..
Most of this account is taken directly from the source, a political prisoner Stephen Ames, locked up in a Pennsylvania Mental Hospital, an enemy of the state, for steadfastly proclaiming these heretical ideas. You be the judge as to his sanity . . . dissecting the NWO would be a good start:
To make matters even worse, when you don't pay the Internal Revenue Service or a bank, people consider you a criminal or a dead beat. You are then prosecuted by someone who is a subordinate (Pretended U.S. Attorney paid by the IMF in electrons) of the Alien Property Custodian (Pretended Attorney General of the United States, INTERPOL agent, paid in electrons by IMF). I almost forgot: You are the Alien. Read the list below:
1. The IRS is not a U.S. Government Agency. It is an Agency of the IMF.
2. The IMF is an Agency of the UN.
3. The U.S. Has not had a Treasury since 1921.
4. The U.S. Treasury is now the IMF.
5. The Attorney General of the U.S. is not employed by the U.S. But is an Agent of INTERPOL which is head quartered in Lyons, France.
6. The United States does not have any employees.
7. Social Security Numbers are issued by the UN through the IMF.
8. There are no Judicial courts in America and there has not been since 1789. Judges do not enforce Statutes and Codes. Executive Administrators enforce Statutes and Codes.
9. There have not been any Judges in America since 1789. There have just been Administrators.
10. According to the GATT you must have a Social Security number.
11. You are an "Institutional Unit" in which your body and labor are pledged to the UN through the IMF.
12. We have One World Government, One World Law and a One World Monetary System.
13. Your Social Security number is your slave number. Just about everyone in the World has a Social Security number from the UN through the IMF.
14. The UN is a One World Super Government.
15. No one on this planet has ever been free. This planet is a Slave Colony. There has always been a One World Government. It is just that now it is much better organized and has changed its name as of 1945 to the United Nations.
16. New York City is defined in the Federal Regulations as the United Nations. Rudolph Gulliani stated on C-Span that "New York City was the capital of the World" and he was correct.
17. Social Security is not insurance or a contract, nor is there a Trust Fund.
18. Your Social Security check comes directly from the IMF which is an Agency of the UN.
19. You own no property, slaves can't own property. Read the Deed to the property that you think is yours. You are listed as a Tenant.
20. The most powerful court in America is not the United States Supreme Court but, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.
When you see the documents for yourself, your mind will shatter into a thousand pieces. You will have to acknowledge that your entire life has been nothing but a hallucination. You will have to acknowledge that there is NOT, NOR HAS THERE EVER BEEN A GOVERNMENT, COUNTRIES, MONEY, OR CONSTITUTIONS. All GOVERNMENTS AND COUNTRIES ARE FABRICATED FICTIONS CLEVERLY WOVEN INTO YOUR MIND. They are fictions accepted by you because you have been lied to and poisoned your entire life.. What would you do without an external authority commanding you what to do and what not to do? Would you be lost? Did you ever think that maybe you would find yourself? I am not afraid to acknowledge that I am an incomplete 'Being in motion' searching for my reason for existing in this Petry dish commonly called Earth. The evidence in my possession cannot be rebutted. Think twice before labeling me.
The purpose of this story is to illustrate that the progression of uncovering political relationships is a very dangerous venture. You are urged to read the entire series of essays. This segment was selected because it contains citations to review. The significance of Mr Ames conclusions would not be considered by most people, less will understand them and even fewer will accept them to be correct. However, the underlying record of systemic enslavement is the universal sage of all human history. Is it insane to connect the dots, or is the offense in speaking about all the relationships? The study on obedience to authority, mentioned in this source account, carried out by Stanely Milgram, speaks directly to this question.
The “blues” of SAD are nothing compared to the hollow emptiness of grasping the totality of the fraud that has been executed upon mankind. This awareness does not make one sick, it only jolts you to the reality that one is prostrated under the rule of a false system. The power resides in the perpetrators, but the righteousness belong to the people who have the courage to accept the truth. Those who share in the audacity to challenge the scheme of deceit, risk similar confinement as “an enemy of the state”. But are they insane? Are such people demented and should they be institutionalized to protect society from such heterodoxy? Or is mental health defined by the ultimate Sanity Diagnostic Quiz?
If less than a third are despondent because of the winter weather, the overwhelming vast majority are medicated on the most destructive drug of them all - obedience to the STATE. A recent report by the mental health charity - Mind, suggests getting outside as much as possible to make the best use of the available daylight. But when people like Stephen Ames sheds the spotlight on the forbidden relationships, they are labeled insane. The psychotic and deranged are those who refuse to confront the servitude scheme, that the sociopaths have designed and operate. Is this the kind of future that will behold us? It will be unless there is an awakening that the biggest lie of all is the one that most people live. DENIAL that the elites that rule - do so through a bogus legal system, a counterfeit version of capitalism and a command and control system - provides the screen to deflect the rays of real illumination. We are all living in an asylum, a prison that grows each day, named the NWO. So tell me, is Stephen Ames nuts or is he being kept in a sanitarium run by the criminally insane?
SARTRE - February 19, 2003
The New World Order is the embodiment of depravity, greed and arrogance. Together we can shine the light of Truth upon the fraud that this corrupt world community seeks to establish. You already are in chains - all you have to lose is your enslavement. The Global Gulag can be defeated. Join the struggle.
SARTRE - December 5, 2002
Why Afghanistan?
Accessing 11 to 12 TRILLION Dollars in Caspian Sea Basin Oil and Gas (video)
Why Afghanistan?
Yes, this was a big 12 trillion dollar reason -- but the fact that the Taliban were erradicating opium as growers converted to Islam and that the opium was the prime ingredient in Chinese heroin also played a part (only a trillion dollars per year, but still nothing to sneeze at)  -- and, I might add -- the fact that China wanted Islam on its boarders taken down -- that is why they allowed an American conquest right next door and kept quiet about it.  And of course Israel got its cut in the American war on all Islam -- taking out her Moslem neighbors to make room for eratz Israel.  And
finally there was the debt financing of a wars of conquest and a police-state and a perpetual war on terror at compound interest and profits for the defense corporations that these bankers float.  Crime is like politics  -- everyone gets a cut who in any way participates. There are other reasons too  -- a lot of investigations were stopped cold when the investigators and their files were destroyed at the Pentagon (auditors)  and the WTC (criminal proceedings against the Fed and the banks sweetheart sales of gold by the Fed -- also the investigation of illegal oil swaps, against US sanctions, between Iran and Kazakhstan involving Mobil Oil etc.  EVERYONE got something from 9-11 -- the package deal.
Dick Eastman
Investment Banker Karl Schwartz lays it out :
 1. The Caspian Sea Basin (Kazakstan, Turkmenistan etc.) holds between 11 and 12 TRILLION dollars in oil and gas resources
2. There are only three ways to get it out:
- East to China
- West through Iran, Russia, and Turkey to Europe
- South through Afghanistan and Pakistan
3. The Taliban who controlled Afghanistan before 9/11 made pipeline deals with non-US companies and refused to change them to give control of the region's resources to the US .
The New U.S.- British Oil Imperialism who is Dr. Norman D. Livergood
Aerosol Anomalies
Proof OKC Was FBI/ATF Bombing Special Operation
What's Wrong With The Bees? (with video)
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Thursday, 17 April 2008
Two puppets of the Church of Rome (Babylon) meet in Washington
The Papal Circus: Two clowns and a band 
'An enthralled South Lawn crowd of more than 9,000 sang "Happy Birthday" to Pope Benedict XVI on Wednesday—twice—and President Bush said that the first papal White House visit in 29 years was a reminder for Americans to "distinguish between simple right and wrong".' 
 Faith in action
 Ice cream, anyone? 
MAYDAY ALERT! -- Terror Drills Could Go Live!
National Level Exercise 8-02
NLE 2-08 will involve the very highest levels of Homeland Security and the US Northern Command. Both "Homesec" and "Northcom" were established by the Bush administration in the wake of 9/11 to take control of the nation in the event of another terrorist attack. They will be joined by FEMA in the May 1-8 exercise, which is one of the two largest terror drills scheduled this year.
On Thursday, May 1, the exercise begins in Washington, when an explosion collapses the Alaska Way viaduct in downtown Seattle and damages surrounding buildings. Twenty minutes later, terrorists explode a highjacked tanker ship filled with highly toxic chemicals at the Seattle Ferry Terminal. Deadly gas soon permeates downtown Seattle.
Emergency responders come in waves. Police and firemen, first to arrive, are quickly overwhelmed. The state deploys its 22-member Civil Support Team, a National Guard unit, to assess the damage and coordinate support. Later, 100 soldiers from a chemical battalion based in Yakima arrive to rescue, decontaminate and treat survivors. Finally, 5,000 troops arrived to handle logistics and security.
On Monday, May 5, the scenario shifts to Oregon where VX, the most toxic nerve agent ever synthesized, erupts from the Umatilla Army Depot.
The next day, terrorists blow up a chemical tanker in Ferndale, Washington. The county sheriff requests national support, and a Marine Corps chemical warfare detachment from Ft. Lewis, Washington responds.
According to sources at Northcom, NLE 2-08 will involve "robust play," with "surprise injects" of unanticipated events in which participants are "stretched to the limit" and have "everything thrown at them except the kitchen sink." All of this makes it easier for the exercise to "go live" by having a real catastrophe occur.
As the Pacific Northwest scenario is playing out, Washington, DC will be simulating a catastrophic hurricane as part of the same exercise. It wouldn't be much of a stretch to suggest that this puts Dick Cheney back in the bunker he occupied during 9/11.
Citizens interested in understanding how local, state and national levels of the military can be manipulated into working against us should read "The Real Drill" by Major William B. Fox, about Portland area terror drills last year. http://www.lonestar absolutenm/ anmviewer. asp?a=2006& z=186  )