Putin Orders Georgia Invasion On US Iran Attack

mercredi 30 avril 2008 09 h 04
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April 30, 2008

Putin Orders Georgia Invasion On US Iran Attack

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers (Traducción
al Español abajo)

Russian Military Analysts are reporting today that President Putin has
ordered a ‘full scale invasion’ of the Georgian breakaway republics of
Abkhazia and South Ossetia to begin upon the believed to be imminent
attack upon Iran by the United States.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has, likewise, notified the European Union
that “a bridgehead is being prepared for the start of military
operations against Abkhazia", which in response too the EU has expressed

These reports state that President Putin has determined that only Russia
can thwart the West’s plan for the reconfiguration of the entire Middle
East as they have previously done on the European Continent with the
destruction of Yugoslavia and its being separated into warring religious
based feudal states.

Even worse, these reports continue saying, is President Putin’s ‘rage’
at the West’s unilateral recognition of the Serbian breakaway province
of Kosovo as an independent state, and which he has labeled as

Putin has also dispatched Secretary Valentin Sobolev of Russia's
National Security Council, to the Iranian Nation to coordinate Russia’s
military response to the coming attacks by the US.

The United States, however, does not appear to be backing down on its
plans to attack Iran as their Defense Secretary, Robert Gates, has
ordered another US Navy aircraft carrier group into the Persian Gulf for
what he states is a ‘reminder’ to the Iranians of American military

Both Iran and Syria have further been accused by the United States of
attempting to ‘destabilize’ Iraq, which is one of the Americans most
ludicrous charges as since their invasion they have reduced one of the
Middle East’s most modern Nations into dust and rubble, along with
killing hundreds of thousands of its citizens and reducing millions more
of them to refugees status.

Russian Economic Experts, though, point out in these reports that since
Mexico, the top importer of oil to the US, has stated that their oil
reserves will run out before the end of this decade, and that the
Mexican’s remain one of the only Nations left accepting US dollars for
payments, without the captured oil fields of both Iraq and Iran, the
United States will cease to exist as a World Power.

To the American people themselves accepting their War Leaders rapid
plunge towards Total War there appears to be virtually no resistance
among the mass of them. But, for the very few of them who would dare to
voice their opposition, these reports say, the United States has
expanded their number of concentration camps to hold over 1 million
human beings.

At this current time these concentration camps are being utilized by the
American War Leaders and are holding over 300,000 illegal immigrant men,
women and children, but which new reports are stating that the medical
services in this US gulag have ‘completely broken down’.

Even more shocking for these Americans are the recent moves by their War
Leaders to acclimate them to the shocking images of children being
ripped from their mothers as was done during a raid on a Texas religious
cult, a move that appears to be cut from the very pages of the Nazi
handbook for cowering a Nations citizens to accept total control by
their sadistic overlords.

And, as the price of oil continues to rise, as food prices soar beyond
the means of their ability to pay for it, as millions of them continue
losing their jobs and homes, as their lawmakers and corporate heads
continue making billions, as their access to healthcare is being further
eliminated, as their schools now produce the World’s most ignorant
students, and so, so much more, one can only stand in utter confusion as
to what has happened to these once great people as Total War nears their
very homes.

© April 30, 2008 EU and US all rights reserved.
Sorcha Faal