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Friday, May 2, 2008
((You will see)) NUKES ON TV
If you've been thinking of purchasing that big-screen television then today is the day to do it.  If the Iran invasion goes off as planned, you can expect to view some astounding television drama as the Houston-based Oil Cartel (once known as the Seven Sisters) makes its final attempt to seize Iran's vast oil reserves and, at the
 same time, salvage the rapidly failing occupation of Iraq with the use of tactical nuclear weapons.
This information comes from reversed-speech eavesdropping on both civilian and military leaders over many months, and most of the details are already posted at Ken-Welch.Com. 
The invasion of Iran is the final phase of the plan that began with the World Trade Center charade on 9-11.  post-Iraq false-flag attempts intended to trigger the follow-on invasion of Iran failed, usually due to embarrassing technical problems.  However, the current plan includes enough redundancy that it is hard to imagine it being abandoned.  Nonetheless, it does depend on a massive and complex deception to mislead the public and justify the invasion, so there is always a chance that things may go wrong.  We are not predicting.  We can only report on the plan as it exists at this moment.
As we've reported many times over, the U.S. needs a false-flag nuclear incident to trigger the destruction of Iran and the occupation of Iranian oil fields.  At the same time, the occupation of Iraq is failing dramatically.  Daily rocket and mortar attacks on the Green Zone are strongly reminiscent of the fall of Saigon, in spite of the amazing lies being told about our progress there. 
 For the ((Oil)) Cartel, preventing the loss of Iraq by nuking centers of increasing resistance is just as important as doubling their new holdings by stealing the Iranian oil reserves.  They are in an all-or-nothing situation now,......... and the Cartel is willing to sacrifice any number of lives, including American lives, to achieve their objective.
After the attempted hijacking of a B-52 bomber and six nuclear missiles for covert use in Iraq failed last year, U.S. Navy SEALS obtained four Russian "atomic cannon" shells from a storage or decommissioning facility in that country.  Each shell contains a tactical nuclear warhead, probably rated at 20 KT or less.  One was sent to the U.S. and failed to detonate when used in a false-flag plan centered around the Thanksgiving holiday last year.  The current location of that device is not known.
One shell (maybe two) is in Iraq and has been converted into the favorite weapon of U.S. Intelligence operatives in the Middle East, a car bomb.  It will be placed in an Iraqi city ............  and we will be told that an Iranian missile fired at an American military base......
 landed there.
To enhance the Iranian missile hoax, one of these warheads has been mounted on a mobile Scud missile from Saddam's arsenal that was found by the Brits and has been refurbished for this purpose.  The last time it was mentioned in reversed speech its hidden location was given as Neydar, which appears to be a desolate area many miles inside Iran. 
 The Scud missile is the centerpiece of the deception and we believe the chances are pretty good that you will get to see it on CNN.  We know that General David Petraeus will personally send the signal to launch the Scud.
The basic hoax is that Iran had these weapons all along, and in a moment of desperation will fire them at U.S. bases in Iraq.  If handled correctly, this scenario would address a logical weakness in previous false-flag plans; the question of why Iran would deliberately commit suicide. 
 Two years ago the U.S. made it known that any use of a weapon of mass destruction on American controlled territory would lead to the automatic nuclear destruction of Iran, regardless of who actually did the deed.
Previous false-flag attempts designed to trigger the invasion .... were targeted on the aging oil terminal and BP refinery at Texas City.  But the current U.S. propaganda stream suggests that an alternative may be in the works. 
Although unable to prove any of their claims against Iran,
..... the U.S. has recently been signaling very strongly.... that some sort of military operation against Iran is imminent.  Air strikes against Iranian research facilities or the military bases assumed to be supplying Iraqi resistance fighters ... could provide the opening scene in this carefully constructed drama.  Thanks to Israel, attacks like these are normal for the Middle East, and at this point would cause no great surprise. 
 It would also allow the U.S. to claim Iran had fired nuclear-armed missiles in response to being attacked.  Israel has been making every possible preparation for war, and the odds seem pretty good that Israeli forces will launch into Syria.... when the time is right.
The new information in this assortment of clues is the actual date for the commencement of war.  "Go May fifth," was a speech reversal that surfaced in early April after a White House briefing for a foreign head of state.  Without a confirmation of some kind it was not possible to make a strong connection.  Recently, however, the U.K.'s Gordon Brown supplied us with "Fear the fourth."
Since any major action on the fifth is likely to be preceded by covert moves the day before, including a false-flag attack of some kind, we believe the 5/4 - 5/5 dates relate to the same event.  The fact that no other dates have surfaced during a period in which leaders are necessarily thinking about the attack... is also significant. 
 These reversals and an update will be posted on within the next 48 hours.  Much more material is likely to become available as we work through it, and will have important historical value.
One interesting question concerns the significance of these dates. 
A very impressive but annoying military intelligence disinformation campaign fronted by a man calling himself Captain Eric May has labored for years .... to convince the gullible that military planners choose attack dates because of some magical or mystical significance.  Since virtually any date can be multiplied, divided, or otherwise manipulated to make it seem related to something else,
....  the concept is infinitely flexible, while remaining totally false and adding a great deal of confusion about what is actually going on.
The simple fact is that dates are chosen for the most practical reasons, which are usually obvious ..... if your attention is not being directed toward la-la land.
  The WTC attack occurred on 9-11-01 because it was the only weekday morning on which virtually all the Jews who worked in the building would be observing a religious holiday and not be present.  This would have been quite obvious to the mythical Bin Laden, which gives you a good clue about that part of the story as well.
May fifth is a New Moon, meaning that there will be several nights without moonlight; a vital necessity for American stealth technology to work.  If you wish to look for other significance, then consider that if it takes ten days to reduce Iran to the stone age and occupy the Iranian oil fields, .....  the result will coincide with the sixtieth anniversary of Israel's independence. 
However, this writer believes that all the events we see in the Middle East are related to oil and money, .... while religion is a deliberately created smokescreen.
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Please focus over the next few days on holding in your mind the best possible wishes and prayers for the peace and safety of ALL the wonderful people in the Middle East. 
Their fate is our fate, and God cherishes every part of His Creation.
Ken Welch
Disturbing nationwide terror drills began today, and will continue until May 8.  They involve simulated terrorism and catastrophe, then end in a rehearsal of martial law. Last weekend, we co-authored "MAYDAY ALERT! -- Terror Drills Could Go Live!" so that the American people would be aware of the danger inherent in such terror drills.  Bush administration officials could use them to set up actual terror events and bring about actual martial law.
Dr. James H. Fetzer -- Founder, Scholars for 9/11 Truth
Major William B. Fox -- Publisher, America First Books
Captain Eric H. May -- Correspondent, The Lone Star Iconoclast
Sergeant First Class Donald Buswell (USA, Ret.) -- "The 9/11 NCO"