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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Signs of the Times was targeted by hackers. While our server itself was not compromised, you may have been redirected to a web site that downloaded malware to your computer if you tried to visit on June 3rd. ( Click here to read more and find out how to protect yourself.)
NOTICE: On June 3, 2008 our hosting company came under a network-related attack. The attack allowed 'bad guys' to redirect traffic destined for legitimate sites to sites hosting malicious software. Unfortunately, was among the sites whose traffic was redirected.
Therefore, if you visited visited or the SOTT forums forums, on June 3, 2008, you should strongly consider checking your computer for spyware to ensure that you did not become a victim of the attackers.
If you don't have security software that can help detect spyware, then consider any of the following options:
Windows users: Spybot Search and Destroy
Mac users: MacScan (trial version)
Linux / Windows / FreeBSD: AVG Free is not affliated in any way with any of the above software makers, nor can we guarantee the effectivenes of their products. The above products are merely suggestions; use your own judgement in selecting a suitable solution!
FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
     TO:  Candace Frieze
DATE:  June 3, 2008
Dear Candace Frieze:
    A Good Day to you, too!  Fourwinds is not into any "numbers game", and we do not feel threatened by your challenge that we are lying about Fourwinds Internet traffic, server and webmaster costs and the need for financial assistance from our readers at this time.  The facts speak for themselves.
    Last August, government hackers were able to destroy our website because we were utilizing a single server.  Not only was Fourwinds taken down, but also all of our nine mirror sites, because all were using the same server.  Fourwinds is now using a CDN (Content Distribution Network) of many connected servers.  Other businesses use this same CDN, as well as Fourwinds, for data protection and content security.    Presently, Fourwinds is utilizing four servers to handle the needed volume and band width, but can expand to other CDN servers as needed. 
    Should there be a problem with our CDN and Fourwinds would go off-line, we would be immediately automatically switched to our co-location server in Paris, France without any loss in Internet service.  We shall have a second co-location server in Italy in July.  This makes it very difficult for hackers to ever shut down Fourwinds again.  It was very costly in terms of webmaster time to restore our complete data base, some of which is still pending restoration, and some which is un-retrievable. 
    We, also, have eight mirror sites for both wider exposure and for protection, and which are financed through our monthly budget.  The web address of these mirror sites are as follows:
    There are two popular Internet web traffic analysis services today.  One is, considered to be the more accurate, and  Compete publishes the approximate number of U.S. Visitors to the top one million websites in the U.S.  Alexa provides web traffic for websites worldwide and on a three month average.  For information on how Alexa obtains their data, I suggest, that you go to their "Help" page.
    The following graphs show analysis data comparing the Internet traffic of to that of  Compete shows a People Count of 64,771 monthly average over this past year (April to April) for Fourwinds.  By comparison the People count monthly average over that same period was 4,731 for AbundantHope.
    In your letter, Candace, you said "We get one million hits to the front page a month".  "Hits" are also called "visits".  Compete shows a monthly average of "visits" over this past year of 50, 650 for AbundantHope and 1,134,668 for Fourwinds.  You called me a liar!  Come now, who is really lying?  It is not the number of hits/visits that really matters to us.  What matters is the number of web pages, which are totally different than "visits".  You might do well to check out the definitions. 
    Of the top million U.S. websites, based on traffic, with number "1" being the top, the April, 2008 monthly ranking by Compete for Fourwinds was 28,433, while AbundantHope ranked 270,745.  Alexa shows a worldwide ranking, three month average, of 39,312 for Fourwinds and 407,272 for AbundantHope.
FROM: ( is an account of the web traffic of the top one million websites in the U.S.  It is a monthy average over a year's time.)
April 2007 - April 2008
Use This Data: Embed Graph | Export CSV | Show Permalink
Date: 04/2008 People Month ¦¤   Year ¦¤   What is this?  64,771     The number of people visiting a site   4,731    
April 2007 - April 2008
Use This Data: Embed Graph | Export CSV | Show Permalink
Date: 04/2008 Visits Month ¦¤   Year ¦¤   What is this? 1,134,618     The number of visits made to a site. A person can only be counted as one person in a month, but can make multiple site visits    50,650
3.  RANK / MONTH (April 2007-April 2008
Apirl 2007- April 2008
Use This Data: Embed Graph | Export CSV | Show Permalink
Date: 04/2008 Rank Month ¦¤   Year ¦¤   What is this? 28,433     420 142,141 Compete ranks the top one million websites in the U.S. based on the number of People the domain attracts each month.   270,745
FROM  ( provides web traffic  for websites worldwide. )

Traffic History Graph for has a traffic rank of:  39,312

Traffic History Graph for has a traffic rank of:  407, 272
In addition to increased server costs this past year, we have had increased webmaster time to restore our website, replacement of our main computer, monitor and accessoreis, and an increase in the cost of local high-speed Internet access.  For the last two years Anne has done all the posting to Fourwinds, and most of our webmaster's time is used to deal with the constant hacking and government attacks against our website, technical problems that have arisen, and making things increasingly secure.  I read and screen materials for posting, answer hundreds of letters weekly, plus do other writings and handle all financial affairs.  I hope this meets with your approval!
    You say, "That piece today on 911 stinks.  You should take it down."  The article in question is from Citizens For Legitimate Government, and the title is:  "USA Military Officers Challenge Official Account of September 11"  ( ).  Are you saying that these 25 former U.S. Military officers have no right to challenge the official account of 911?  Whose side are you on?  I give up.  May you get your facts straight.  Do I ever tell you how to run your website?  Of course, not!  I would consider that insane!
                      In Love and Light,
                      Patrick H. Bellringer
the comment was:
 I Think You Are Lying About Fourwinds Traffic and Money Needs!
----- Original Message -----
From: Candace Frieze
Sent: Saturday, May 31, 2008 6:23 PM
Subject: 7 new servers
Patrick, while I know that you have a lot of material stored on your site, the huge new requirement for servers is extreme. I have one, and it can handle several million contacts a day. We get 1 million hits to the front page a month, and we have all sort of bandwidth and extra server stuff. I think you are lying. Also I have some idea of what bandwidth costs and I think you and Ann can affort it. However, since your kids don't help you anymore, I assume you need some webmaster help. However, if you are using a quality software, you don't need the webmaster to post your stuff, you and Ann have sufficent time to do so.
That piece today on 911 stinks. You should take it down.



Tuesday 3 June 2008 09:54

By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review, World Reports Limited, London and New York. For earlier reports, press ARCHIVE. Order your subscriptions and our 'politically incorrect', hence correct, intelligence books from the Edward Harle segment.

BOOKS: Edward Harle Limited has so far published FIVE intelligence titles: The Perestroika Deception, by Anatoliy Golitsyn; Red Cocaine, by Dr Joseph D. Douglass, Jr.; The European Union Collective, by Christopher Story; The New Underworld Order, by Christopher Story; and The Red Terror in Russia, by Sergei Melgounov. All titles are permanently in stock. We sell books DIRECT.

NOTE: The Subs/Books panel on the Home Page is a means to enable us to communicate with subscribers, the purpose being to announce when issues of our serials have been published, and also to provide updated information on our Books. On 23rd May, the Editor appended an essay for the specific benefit of subscribers to International Currency review, the purpose of which was to inform them of progress on the publication of International Currency Review, Volume 33, Numbers 3 & 4, which runs to almost 1,000 pages, and will provide a massive historical record with detailed documentation and updated information on the worst financial corruption crisis in world history.

This private communication was lifted by another website and placed onto their space out of any context, causing some confusion. The reason for the confusion was that the information published in the second panel, though accessible to anyone, represents, as indicated, this Editor’s private communications with subscribers to our printed intelligence publications. Therefore, what we say in the second panel is nothing to do with anyone other than our actual or potential subscribers.
 Please Make a Donation, if you feel able to do so, to help finance Christopher Story's ongoing financial global corruption investigations. Your assistance will be very sincerely appreciated and will make a real difference, hastening the OVERDUE resolution of the worst financial corruption and linked financial fallout in world history. The Editor's $35,000 Wanta bail-out money has been stolen.

LONDON, 3rd June 2008:
The British press reports this morning that UK armed special police have conducted mass raids on three safety deposit box depots in Park Lane, Central London, Hampstead and Edgware, both in Northwest London. Yesterday, more than 300 officers and staff were involved in simultaneous armed raids at the three lock box locations.

The total number of safety deposit lock boxes raided is 7,000.

Police officers have secured the concrete and steel vaults, and will take several weeks to remove each box, using angle grinders, to a secret location where they will be prized open with diamond-tipped drills. This is an unprecedented blow against UK and global organised criminal operations, and will have decisive implications for the criminalised sectors of intelligence services, especially the vast intelligence criminal underworld associated with the Central Intelligence Agency.

Press reports assert a view that a top tier of criminalist masterminds are believed to have rented out most of the boxes from the firm, Safe Deposit Centres Limited, which has been operating for more than 20 years. Two directors of this firm were arrested yesterday: Jaqueline Swan, 44, who was arrested at the Mayfair address, and Leslie Sieff, aged 60, who was detained in Hampstead. A third director, Milton Woolf, 52, is reported to be abroad, possibly in Israel.

Sieff and Woolf, originally from South Africa, have been residents in Britain since the 1980s.

While not yet knowing how many of the safety deposit boxes are being rented, British police believe that 90% of them may hold criminal assets. Scotland Yard said that the Met's Specialist Crime Directorate raided seven properties in all: the three safety lock box depositories, an office and three residential addresses. This was the biggest raid of its kind in the Met's history.

The Assistant Commissioner at Scotland Yard, John Yates, told the press that 'each box will be treated as a crime scene in its own right'. Named Operation Rize, the police offensive is 'a money-laundering investigation, one of the biggest ever undertaken in the United Kingdom', John Yates said. 'In the past, safety deposit boxes have been searched on an individual basis, often resulting in the recovery of guns, drugs and cash. We believe that this operation has the potential to impact upon many layers of serious crime'.

Translated into the vernacular, this last sentence by Yates will send tremors down the corridors at Langley, that den of open-ended iniquity, and other US nests of intelligence criminality, warning the perpetrators that when we and others say that 'the game is up', this statement is accurate.

Significantly, this investigation has been running for two years, indicating that it started just as our exposures of US intelligence-related criminality hit the ground running. Mr Yates elaborated:

'This is an unprecedented operation, and my officers have worked tirelessly and methodically, advised throughout by leading counsel, to ensure that this is the right action to take'.

In other words, this is not America, where the Rule of Law has decayed and almost collapsed, but Britain, where the police still take meticulous care to operate within the framework of the law. Mr Yates explained that the raids were part of 'a huge undertaking to tackle criminal networks who we believe are using safe deposit facilities to hide criminal assets. It is in the public interest that we target this particular business to stop any criminal activity'.

Scotland Yard is reported to believe the operation may unlock clues and links to every layer of serious crime in Britain, including murders, shootings, drug trafficking, paedophile gangs, and fraud. Senior officers said there is a potential to recover stashes of diamonds, jewellery, stolen computer data, artworks, you name it.

Some boxes are no larger than a sheet of paper in length and width. Others are 'walk-in' vaults.

Members of the public who have innocently and legally stored their valuables with Safe Deposit Centres are 'inevitably' going to be affected by this disruption, police said.

But the police have provided a freephone telephone number (free in the UK, at any rate) for such people to claim back their goods. The number is: 0800-030 4613.

As always, the sigificance of important events is often indicated by their timing. Despite the focus on 'visible' criminal behaviour recognisable to newspaper readers, the underlying implication here is that the criminalist intelligence Dark Forces have received a further powerful kick in the pants, representing another decisive move in the offensive that has been running for two years now, to defang and put an end to their aberrations.

Of course lock boxes held at firms like Safe Deposit Centres Limited (or Mail Boxes Etc.) are not the primary location of safety lock boxes where the proceeds of criminal operations, especially of intelligence-related organised theft, are located. The other venue for safety boxes is of course the banking sector. It will be interesting now to observe whether, in due course, Scotland Yard follows through with armed raids on banks specialising in offering safety lock box facilities.

That would be the logical next step in this huge operation against the criminalist intelligence rats.

Note: This report will remain up for 24 hours and will then be replaced by the report dated 26th May 2008, which exposed the tip of the Cheney corruption iceberg. Contrast the above report with the news from last week that the Unterreichsführer visited Richmond, VA, accompanied by a colossal Gestapo presence, to protect him from his enemies.

In the United States, the resources of the state are deployed to protect the Number One Gangster-in-Chief. In Britain, where the Rule of Law still applies, the resources of law enforcement are busily unravelling the chaos perpetrated by the likes of the Unterreichsführer. Something's got to give.


‘Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some Judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both’.

UPDATE: 8.30pm UK time, 2nd June 2008:

ATTACKS ON THE EDITOR OF THIS SERVICE: The Editor is the subject of confused and mindless attacks on one or more US websites. The specific trigger for these attacks is an email sent by the Editor to one of the websites concerned, in which the Editor made the simple point that convoluted assertions made by a US operative hiding behind the meaningless label 'S', lack credibility because the source hides behind a cloak of anonymity, lacking the guts to reveal his identity and therefore to expose his credentials. The Editor sent this email in response to an earlier attack by this maniac, who has now gone verbally berserk. Nothing that that source presents for the consideration of
the public can be or should be taken seriously, and anyone who does so is liable to be deceived.

The Editor has yet to reveal the elements of the double-cross operation perpetrated against him and a US arms'-length colleague by Wanta and the Cheney Gang, (a) because subscribers to the financial journal (International Currency Review) will receive this and related information and key documentation first, and (b) secondly because we are waiting to see whether certain obligations are going to be honoured. We refer to pay orders, the $35,000 and other payables to key recipients.

IF it transpires that they are not, we can assure everyone who reads this Update that the ENTIRE NEST OF RATS WILL BE EXPOSED AND BROUGHT DOWN, with the impact of such exposures rocking the corrupt US structures to their foundations. And this is NO IDLE FACT. It is THIS that these fools are anxious to avoid: they can avoid TOTAL exposure ONLY by delivering on their OBLIGATIONS. Recall the legal phrase FRAUD BY INDUCEMENT in this context.

The first and most basic rule when reviewing web postings is this: to establish the source's bona fides. By definition, an anonymous source has no bona fides, so it cannot be established. Further, the purpose of the latest diatribe is to inveigle the Editor into a polemical slanging match, which would serve no purpose other than to massage the wounded pride of this sick operative.

These eruptions of verbal anger from anonymous sources will get a lot worse in the weeks and months ahead. The sources in question are locked inside their virtual world, where truth and lies are interchangeable. Such sources can indulge in the luxury of questioning the motives of open sources and Editors who do not hide their identity and credentials [see our Testimonials on this website], and are unlikely to have sufficient Latin to understand the meaning of the phrase PRO BONO PUBLICO. But the main point to note at this juncture can be summarised as follows:

Given that the criminalised US intelligence community cannot stuff the genie back into the bottle, thanks to the massive kick in the pants it was given by (yes) the ('unexpected') exposures of its criminality on this website, it is working overtime to disguise its vulnerability by manufacturing OBFUSCATION red herrings, of which many more will surface in the immediate future.

These 'lines' will all have one single objective: TO MASK/OBFUSCATE THE CONCLUSION OF THE SETTLEMENTS and to HIDE the horrendous struggle that is taking place behind the scenes which the Editor knows resulted in an EXPLOSION on Monday the 2nd June when the absolute, absolute, final deadline for the Settlements was again torpedoed, it is believed by Cheney (who did a deal: earlier reports to that effect were true. He turned up at Richmond last week accompanied by a large Gestapo force which was clearly deployed to protect him. Amazing!).

This led to exchanges by certain countries with the United States which can only be described as liable, if not met with appropriate action by the US criminalists, to yield horrendous consequences.

A further ongoing objective of certain US OBFUSCATION operations is to continue the established practice of confusing WHOLESALE with RETAIL. The dimensions that this service has covered have referenced the WHOLESALE Settlements. By definition RETAIL Settlements cannot proceed without having been preceded by the WHOLESALE payments. This distinction is NOT to belittle the integrity, or whatever, of the RETAIL Settlements: it is just a statement of simple fact.

One other point, to reiterate, here: since the latest antagonist of this Editor is both confused and anonymous, it stands to reason that the Editor is not about to become entangled in his nefarious attempts to entice us into a slanging match, which lots of 'Black' onlookers would like to happen.

It is true that the Editor uses strong language sometimes, but given the extreme gravity of the overall situation, which IF NOT PROMPTLY RESOLVED MIGHT WELL DETERIORATE INTO ACTUAL WARFARE, according to what the Editor was told this afternoon, what can one expect?

BLANK, THREATENING AND OBSCENE EMAILS: We continue to receive emails from unsolicited correspondents who lack the guts to reveal their true identities and coordinates. To deal with this menace, we have installed a facility that displays emails before they are downloaded. Such emails are routinely deleted before they are pulled down from the multiple servers hosting this service. It would appear that this notice has not yet been read by certain mentally perverse perpetrators.

SELECTIVE DUPLICITY: In response to the above, the Editor has recently been asked why he concentrated on the Wanta dimension 'when so much else was happening'. This is a fine example of taking things out of context. ANSWER: Because the Editor forked out $35,000 of his own scarce private funds to dig Wanta out of his unlawful probation, which was terminated five years and two weeks early, as a consequence. This development helped trigger the course of events leading to our exposures and the movement towards the Settlements. The fact that Wanta has not repaid the funds he borrowed from the Editor and subsequently double-crossed him and an arms'-length US colleague is factual and will have and is having 'consequences'. To demand to know why the Editor followed the Wanta dimension while forgetting WHY HE DID SO AND HOW THIS ALL CAME ABOUT is just disingenuous. Finally, we have covered FAR MORE than just the Wanta dimension, as the record clearly shows. The Wanta dimension opened a window into the broader corruption issues. (...)
from icke:
Tuesday, 03 June 2008
Nuclear Explosion Suspected at Epicenter of the Sichuan Earthquake
'An unnamed expert believes that a nuclear explosion caused the recent 8.0 magnitude Sichuan earthquake in China, where three weeks after the catastrophe the death toll has reached 69,000 plus. Overseas Chinese website Boxun News reported that the expert confirmed there was a nuclear explosion near the epicenter, based on witness reports and the discovery of concrete rubble believed to have come from an underground military installation.'
Tuesday, 03 June 2008
Britons visiting America will now have to register 72 hours in advance
'British visitors to the United States will have to register their trip with the American government 72 hours before they leave, it will be announced today. The new plans - the latest in a series of measures designed to strengthen security - will see all travellers from countries which do not currently require a visa forced to register online three days before flying. The scheme is expected to be announced today by Homeland Security secretary Michael Chertoff, to take effect from January.'
Read more ... 
Tuesday, 03 June 2008
Bizarre Government Coloring Book Pushes Deadly Fluoride For Kids
'A bizarre new coloring book for kids issued by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development obsessively promotes the use of fluoride-based toothpaste despite the chemical's proven link to liver and kidney damage in children, cancer and the lowering of IQ, as well as another harmful product - Bovine Growth Hormone infested milk.'
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Friday, 30 May 2008
I have been banging on for years now about the body being a highly sophisticated, indeed staggeringly advanced, holographic computer – the ‘biological’ kind that can assess information and think for itself up to a point.
I may have been pretty much a lone voice on this for a long time, but the tide of perception is beginning to turn, albeit not yet among song-sheet scientists. They appear to have a filter system in the brain that throws a shield of invisibility around any large grey creature sipping tea on the sofa.
Today, I am reading story after story in the media that confirms what I have been saying, but no-one dares to use the ‘C’ word. There are many reasons for this.
One is the song-sheet mentality that will not challenge the party line, but another relates to the so-called ‘mystery’ of consciousness and the association we have with the body being ‘us’.
The thought process goes like this: ‘If we are our bodies and our bodies are computers that means ‘we’ must be computers. Can’t be!
But this perception is fundamentally flawed because of a fundamental misconception – we are not our bodies and the body is not the origin of consciousness. Get that straight and the body can be a computer without ‘us’ being so. Why? Because it is a vehicle for consciousness, not the source of it.
Friday, 30 May 2008
Canadian Journalists apply to intervene in Maclean's 'human rights' case
'The Canadian Association of Journalists has formally applied for standing as an intervenor at the upcoming British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal hearings on a complaint of religious and racial discrimination against Maclean's magazine. The complaint, brought by Mohamed Elmasry and Naiyer Habib on behalf of the Muslim residents of B.C., alleges Maclean's October, 2006, publication of an excerpt from Mark Steyn's book, America Alone, is contrary to section 7 of the B.C. Human Rights Code, which prohibits discriminatory or hateful speech.'
Friday, 30 May 2008
 'Human rights' interrogator Shirlene McGovern: ignoramus or dhimmi?
'Human rights commissions are home to such anti-experts as the Vancouver clown, Judy Parrack of the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal, who ruled that McDonald's couldn't force its employees to wash their hands, since "there was no evidence about the relationship between food contamination and hand-washing frequency," to quote her exactly.
These are the bureaucrats who propose to tell me what I can or can't write about Danish cartoons -- bureaucrats who don't even know what cartoons were published in Denmark, and lack even a child's curiosity to find out.'

The complainants have responsibilities, too!

'So let's see. I have to retain my own legal counsel at my own expense, whether I win or lose; I have the stigma of a prosecution for 800 days and counting; I am to be "judged" by a panellist who is not a judge, and likely not even a lawyer, and who has no training in constitutional matters like freedom of speech of freedom of religion; I do not have the benefits that a criminal accused has, such as the "beyond a reasonable doubt" burden of proof against me; I have fifteen government workers beavering away against me.

And the real bigots complaining against me, who have hijacked our secular state to prosecute their medieval fatwa? Why, they must keep a mailing address. Fair's fair!'

Fifteen Government of Alberta employees are working on my case

 'For 15 Government of Alberta employees, the human rights complaint I'm fighting isn't about me, and it certainly isn't about the law. It's about those 15 unionized grievance hustlers riding an 800-day gravy train, and not wanting the party -- at taxpayers' expense -- to end anytime soon.'
Friday, 30 May 2008
Government to launch inquiry into 'Human Rights' Commission 'investigative techniques'
'I think Richard Warman himself should be subpoenaed to answer questions about his own online bigotry in the name of "human rights". I'm not sure his "I can't remember" shtick will go over as easily in Parliament as it did before the kangaroo courts.
The dam breaks
'This is a big development, and puts Jennifer Lynch's squalid operation on the defensive. It's not been a good six months for the CHRC. The publicity over the Maclean's  case effectively gave a megaphone to Marc Lemire's uncovering of the Steacy/Warman racket.'
Monday, 02 June 2008
Live Blog of Macleans Magazine case at the Canadian 'Human Rights' Tribunal
...The human right to bring a fake seeing-eye dog into a condo
Trevor Jones wanted to buy a townhouse in Vancouver. But they had a restriction against pets exceeding 15 kg. That ruled out Jones's Labrador retriever, Chloe. Jones claimed that he was going blind, and that the condo board was discriminating against him. He took the condo board to the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal. They agreed with him.
Trouble is, Chloe isn't a seeing-eye dog. So what, said the BCHRT. Ka-ching -- $12,000 for Jones's hurt feelings. Mark Steyn is a goner.
 Tuesday, 03 June 2008
Ezra Levant debates human rights and freedom of speech with extraordinary censor from the 'Human Rights' Commission
Brilliant. If it was a boxing match they would have stopped it. Give it a look, Richard Warman, you'll love it, mate. 
Click here to watch ... 
Just who are these three kangaroo court 'judges'? 
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