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Saturday 11 October 2008 00:03 ((eastern usa time ??))



Washington, 10th October 2008:

Yesterday evening, the Editor attended a Press Conference here in the Press Room complex at the headquarters of the International Monetary Fund. The conference (or rather, the monologue) was conducted almost exclusively by Herr Steinbruck, the German Finance Minister, in the German language throughout, except when he had to answer the Editor's questions.

On this occasion, the Editor refused to hand the microphone back after asking his first question, and persisted until the ambush was complete, and Herr Steinbruck had spilled the beans. Normally the microphone is removed from the questioner almost immediately on these occasions.
If possible, the precise verbatim exchange will be publicised as soon as the relevant transcript has been made available in the Press Room.
  (( ..  approximately 6.40pm in Washington, DC, on 10th October 2008.....))
What follows here is a paraphrase of the ambush:

Editor: 'Herr Steinbruck, you have representatives of the world's press in front of you. Would you kindly talk about the real issue? They need to know about it. I refer to the very large sums of money that were transferred to US banks late last year and subsequently, to pay the Settlements, which you of course know all about and which will resolve the crisis'
'Did you discuss this central issue at the G-7 Meeting that has just concluded?'

Steinbruck (looking annoyed, even agitated: paraphrase throughout):
'I have no information about such Settlements or any such matters. We did not discuss this matter at that meeting, no'.

Editor: 'Did you discuss this at earlier G-7 meetings?'

Steinbruck (going round the houses, more extensively than paraphrased here):
 'We discuss many issues at these meetings and the question of certain transfers and related issues' (obfuscation and diversion here) 'has been discussed at earlier meetings of the Group of Seven, yes'.

Editor: 'Mr Steinbruck: These funds have been illegally blocked for many months. We are talking about massive criminal corruption. Would you care to inform the world's press about this, please?'

Steinbruck: 'There are certain instances of which I am aware in Germany and these cases are in the hands of prosecutors and the relevant authorities. These are matters for the German authorities. I am neither able nor competent to discuss or allude to cases of corruption which are a matter for other Governments and jurisdictions. The issues you refer to are a matter for the Government of the United States and you should address your questions to the United States Government'.

Editor: 'Mr Steinbruck: You have just acknowledged that the Settlements money has been blocked illegally by criminal action. Thank you very much'.
As the Editor handed back the microphone, a person sitting behind him lent over and whispered in his ear: 'You are very brave'. This was a compliment, but, generous though it was, it was misplaced.

Exposure has moved mountains. Exposure of this huge corruption WILL move mountains. And the Settlements WILL be paid. It was crystal clear to all present that Herr Steinbruck knew all about the illegally blocked funds, held hostage by the Bush Crime Family-controlled White House, 'Paulson' and other operatives; and since the Editor would not yield back the microphone until the German Finance Minister had admitted this, WE ARE NOW IN A COMPLETELY NEW SITUATION with regard to exposure of this criminality. With the posting of this report, the cat is well and truly out of the bag.

This exchange between the Editor of International Currency Review and the German Finance Minister took place at approximately 6.40pm in Washington, DC, on 10th October 2008.

Following this revealing exchange, Steinbruck reverted to more German language monologues and carried on answering questions from German-speaking pressmen
 who appeared not to have understood or paid attention to the exchange,
and therefore reverted to the diversionary issues that Steinbruck was content for them to discuss, as though our exchange had never taken place.

The Communique issued by the G-7 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors after 6.15pm on Friday evening 10th October prior to this Press Conference,
is the shortest that the G-7 has issued in the 31 years that the Editor of this service has covered these meetings.

This means that there was a blazing row (there IS a blazing row)
and that a decision was taken to publish as little information for public consumption as possible. However the G-7 Communique contains confirmation that The Refunding Program (which the Editor originally called The Wanta Plan,
 but which must now be referred to as The Refunding Program), will proceed.

Since Herr Steinbruck is a G-7 Minister, he knows perfectly well, therefore, that the refunding operation (see below) which presupposes the Settlements payout,
 IS scheduled to occur.
Hence his denial that this overall matter was discussed at the G-7 Meeting that took place last evening, CANNOT POSSIBLY BE TRUE. The press has been misled. However this was no problem for Herr Steinbruck because the German-speaking pressmen who hogged the Press Conference clearly had no idea what the Editor was talking about, and didn't follow up the Editor's questions.
Another gross failure of the Fourth Estate here.
 But who NEEDS the Fourth Estate, any more?

The Refunding Program involves special Capital Markets Instrument operations to be conducted transparently ON-THE-BOOKS with a group of financial institutions, centralised but in the private sector, with all proceeds fully taxed, yielding massive ongoing accruals to the US Treasury.
The United States is bankrupt and is essentially in the hands of its creditors. The Refunding Program, which should have been kick-started in June 2006,
will address and rectify this state of affairs, providing both immediate and long-term relief to the American people and the whole world.
This Program was hijacked in collusion with President George W. Bush Jr. and his father, George H. W. Bush Sr., in June 2006,
 by the Secretary of the United States Treasury, Henry M. Paulson Jr., who procured the placement with Goldman Sachs of the $4.5 trillion of funds remitted during May 2006 from China that were constantly referenced in our 'Wantagate' reports (terminated on 18th March 2008).
 Since Paulson had been CEO of Goldman Sachs until his sudden appointment as US Treasury Secretary in place of John Snow, this corrupt act has represented the most extreme instance of an official, criminal conflict of interest in financial history, as we pointed out at the time.
After we had kicked up a huge stink about this, Paulson had the funds abruptly removed to another institution, not least since Goldman Sachs was being accused of criminal conduct by this service.

Paulson and friends then proceeded to exploit, leverage, hypothecate, multiply and finally steal  these funds, which were intended by the remitter for The Refunding Program.

Hence, as we persisted in pointing out, the holders of the highest offices in the George W. Bush Jr. Administration were and are specifically and EXCLUSIVELY responsible for the catastrophe that has come about,
and which we first predicted in our report dated 2nd September 2006, and in analyses published in July and August 2007 anticipating and confirming the financial 'train wreck'.

The reason that we were able to predict this 'train wreck' accurately was that we were following the CORRECT TRAIL, whereas the US and British 'Mainstream' media, having been compromised by multiple nefarious methods,
 'bought' the CIA's COINTELPRO 'slide' that the financial crisis was attributable to 'subprime mortgages' (which have always existed). One of the 'Black' methods used to neutralise the press in the United Kingdom included the dissemination by rogue UK intelligence operatives of fantastic lies about the Editor of this service, which were fed to the press. Details of this operation will be revealed on this website at the appropriate time.

Paulson's predecessor had travelled to China with Dr Alan Greenspan to procure the release by Chinese intelligence of the $4.5 trillion that had been held with the People's Bank of China since the arrest of Leo Wanta in Lausanne in July 1992.
 Outline details of the source of funds may be reviewed by accessing our report containing the text of the Petition for a Writ of Mandamus: this website
 (Archive: report dated 8th August 2007  http://www.worldreports.org/news/76_mandamus_court_summonses__returns_of_service ).

Dr Greenspan is the 'technician' who invented what we have termed the 'Never Pay Syndrome', which Greenspan developed on instructions from George Bush Sr.
Under this deception, one phone call is sufficient to block repeated attempts, involving a large number of Trustees and institutions, to effect the payouts.
Trustees, who have been obliged to attend at their banks repeatedly, as instructed, in anticipation of intended payouts, have had their lives turned upside down by this unbelievable corruption, for years. The participating banks have likewise been repeatedly 'stood up' by this means, even though many of these institutions are complicit.

Unbelievably, Greenspan is featured as the lead story in the issue of 'Emerging Markets', a paper produced daily for these Annual Meetings, dated 10th October. His portrait appears on the front page, with an article providing attendees with the guru's latest prognostications on the global financial crisis of which he is the primary technical author.

Specifically, Greenspan gives quote 'a surprisingly upbeat assessment of the state of the financial markets', seeing 'an eventual thawing of the world's frozen credit markets'. Greenspan 'praises the actions of Governments in buying up toxic assets and recapitalising banks'.
 An extended article by this notorious financial criminal is scheduled for publication in the edition of the paper for 11th October not yet seen by the Editor at nearly 3.00 am here in the long since deserted Press Room.

The 'Never-Pay Syndrome' was first applied during the precedent, indeed, the model, for this crisis in 1989-92.
 Then, as today, repeated payout operations were routinely sabotaged
while the same duplicitous controllers exploited, duplicated, multiplied and helped themselves directly to funds belonging to others or which had been remitted for a specific purpose. Those who knew anything about this scandal were then systematically liquidated under the Clinton Presidency.
Since William Jefferson Clinton, a CIA operative like his 'wife', 'works for' George Bush Sr., there is now no mystery any longer about why those 420++ people and Bush-Clinton associates who 'knew too much', were systematically liquidated, in a purge recalling Josef Stalin (Djiugashvili-Kochba).

After the $4.5 trillion had finally vanished, The Queen and Prince Al-Waleed of Saudi Arabia were persuaded to 'replace' the stolen/diverted funds with a LOAN worth a total of $6.2 trillion. After all, The Queen had told the G-7 Meeting held in northern Germany in June 2007 that The Refunding Program must be implemented 'for the sake of the whole of humanity'.
These funds have been held in a suspense account with Citibank in New York City, pending resolution of this matter, given that the exposures of these scandals on this website have made it very difficult, and probably almost impossible, for corrupt financial manipulations to take place now without being traced.

The lenders of these funds can recall them at any time; and a failure to comply would trigger, for instance, the seizure of American-owned assets found in any US dollar-denominated accounts, for instance, with the Bank of England, to an amount at least equivalent to The Queen's loan funds plus compound interest, plus any amounts representing the duplication of these loan funds, which have not been applied for the purpose for which they were intended by the lenders.

Due to the serial criminality of the holders of highest office in the United States, The Refunding Program has not yet taken place (it has been criminally delayed for 27 months already), so that the exposures of the criminal financial operations that we have have publicised, were left to corrode the system
 while the criminal operatives continued to help themselves to other people's money and to generate colossal sums from them for self-enrichment and 'Black Ops' purposes.

What is now happening is that the legal principle 'The money you make by illegally using my money is my money' is being forced down the throats of the criminalist operatives behind the scenes.
It is not a subject that the German Finance Minister wanted to talk about in public, given for instance that Deutsche Bank holds one of the largest portfolios of toxic traded garbage paper in the world.

Meanwhile Chancellor Angela Merkel, who served as the Secretary of the Agitprop (Agitation and Propaganda) Department of the Young Communists at Marx-Lenin University in East Berlin in her youth, is on the rack, like Finance Minister Steinbruck. Why? It is reported to us that George Bush Sr. has been paying bribes to this woman for the past four years,
in exchange for which she guards funds 'owned' by Bush Sr. et al in the largest German financial institution.

Here is the text of the Communique (( communiqué))
 handed out in the IMF/World Bank Press Room last evening:

Washington: The G-7 agrees today that the current situation calls for urgent and exceptional action. We commit to continue working together to stabilize financial markets and restore the flow of credit, to support economic growth. We agree to:

1. Take decisive action and use all available tools to support systemically important financial institutions and prevent their failure.

2. Take all necessary steps to unfreeze credit and money markets and ensure that banks and other financial institutions have broad access to liquidity and funding.

3. Ensure that our banks and other major financial intermediaries, as needed, can raise capital from public as well as private sources, in sufficient amounts to re-establish confidence and permit them to continue lending to households and businesses.

4. Ensure that our respective national deposit insurance and guarantee programs are robust and consistent so that our retail depositors will continue to have confidence in the safety of their deposits.

5. Take action, where appropriate, to restart the secondary markets for mortgages and other securitized assets. Accurate valuation and transparent disclosure of assets and consistent implementation of high quality accounting standards are necessary.

The actions should be taken in ways that protect taxpayers and avoid potentially damaging effects on other countries. We will use macroeconomic policy tools as necessary and appropriate. We strongly support the IMF's critical role in assisting countries affected by this turmoil.

We will accelerate full implementation of the Financial Stability Forum recommendations and we are committed to the pressing need for reform of the financial system. We will strengthen further our cooperation and work with others to accomplish this plan.


'Take action... to restart the secondary markets for mortgages and other securitized assets':
[we will] 'work with others to accomplish this plan'
= IMPLEMENT THE REFUNDING PROGRAM THAT PAULSON HIJACKED IN JUNE 2006, which in turn presupposes releasing the blocked Settlement funds which are the SOLUTION to the crisis.

'The actions should be taken in ways that protect taxpayers':

'Take decisive action and use all available tools to support systemically important financial institutions and prevent their failure':

'Take all necessary steps to unfreeze credit and money markets and ensure that banks and other financial institutions have broad access to liquidity and funding':
= 'ALL NECESSARY STEPS', not SOME necessary step: ALL necessary steps includes and further presupposes implementation of THE REFUNDING PROGRAM and thus payout of the Settlements that have been criminally blocked by the holders of the highest offices.
It is NECESSARY to do both, so this opaque language CONFIRMS THAT BOTH WILL PROCEED.

'Accurate valuation and transparent disclosure of assets and consistent implementation of high quality accounting standards are necessary':
= 'Mark-to-market' pricing is to replace creative pricing for fraudulent marketing purposes, while disclosure of 'source of funds' and of assets is to become routine again, smothering the notorious fraudulent finance and the secretive, illegal and untaxed 'funny money' offshore operations.
Further, the era of creative accounting and deceiving investors and the general public by CEOs, Finance Directors and their accountants, is hereby decisively terminated.

'We will accelerate full implementation of the Financial Stability Forum recommendations':
= INCLUDING ESTABLISHMENT OF COLLEGES OF SUPERVISORS to be attached to each very large institution, charged with the task of checking and monitoring the ongoing operations of the largest financial institutions. In other words, the G-7 is insisting upon CHECKS AND BALANCES.
It will be recalled that these 'colleges' were recommended in the G-7's Communique dated 13th April 2008, following the call by Michael C. Cottrell in March for an 'oversight panel' to protect Mr Cottrell from any untoward actions that might be taken independently by others under the funding arrangements which we had labelled 'The Wanta Plan'.

In conclusion, the following SENSATIONAL developments are reported:

1. The German Finance Minister, ambushed by the Editor of this service at the foregoing IMF Press Conference, has inadvertently acknowledged the accuracy and the relevance of our reports on the Settlements and The Refunding Program, and has thus referred in public to the fact that the White House (the US Government) is complicit in blocking the Settlements and The Refunding Program.
Steinbruck's pointed comment that the Editor should address his questions to the United States Government leaves NO DOUBT that the German Finance Minister knows PRECISELY what the Editor was referring to via these questions.

2. The Group of Seven Communique released in Washington last evening has confirmed that the Refunding Program will go ahead,
and that, accordingly, the colossal volume of Settlement funds sent over to the United States in 2006-2008 to fund the Settlements (because the payouts have to be effected in US dollars, which was the denomination of the original stolen and diverted funds), will be completed. 'ALL', not SOME, 'necessary steps' are intended, which includes the above.

The following additional related intelligence is to be noted:

Iceland has been 'enronised' (hollowed out: see Glossary appended to our reposted report on The Cottrell Plan (18th September 2008)..). When London became fully aware of the fact that the failure of Icelandic institutions threatened the viability of a swathe of British operations, primarily High Street commercial retail chains and services,
 British authorities contacted the Icelandic Government and warned that they would take steps to see to it that the Prime Minister of Iceland would be arrested for perpetrating economic and financial terrorism against the United Kingdom
if the Icelandic banks were not nationalised immediately so that the Icelandic investments in Britain were protected.
Iceland is one of a number of smaller countries targeted by the Bush-linked criminalist nexus as counterparty bolt-holes for their fraudulent toxic finance operations.
 Other smaller countries that have been 'enronised' include, as previously reported, Ireland, Estonia, Argentina and Zimbabwe.
(( Enronisation: A new word coined by the Editor of this service, meaning ‘hollowing out’. Verb: ‘to enronise’; noun: 'enronist', a financial criminal who 'hollows out' a targeted entity. The essence of the destruction of Enron was that executives and directors formed private partnerships and stole or diverted financial assets or proceeds from the corporation into offshore bank accounts of the partnerships. These diverted monies were then systematically leveraged and hypothecated into high-yield investment and other programs which wound up being far more profitable than Enron itself. Such illegitimate financial arrangements proliferated, so that the original enterprise, Enron, was ‘hollowed out’, while the illicit partnerships prospered, with 100% of the proceeds being held undeclared and untaxed offshore.
 'Enronisation' strategies are applied not only to companies,
 but also to whole countries (e.g., Ireland, Zimbabwe, Iceland, probably also Spain (forthcoming)...)...http://www.worldreports.org/news/171_michael_c._cottrells_u.s._financial_reform_proposals))

FACT: It will be recalled that the US bankers who were rounded up this time last year and flown to European capitals where they were made to account for their serial fraudulent finance criminality, were 'handled' under European legislation
 which categorises fraudulent finance marketing and related operations
 as 'economic and financial terrorism'.
As we pointed out at the time, this is a fascinating example of these people being hooked by their own diversionary deception. The US focus on terrorism provides the pretext for the 'Big Brother surveillance society' which, in turn, has as its PRIMARY agenda keeping tabs on who knows what about the fraudulent finance, so that anyone considered a prospective threat to its continuation, can be 'dealt with'.
 See below for what happened while the Editor was on the train from New York.

Two extraordinary factors are reported herewith:

(1) President George W. Bush Jr. was asked by leading Governments to attend a meeting very recently, at which inter alia he was to be confronted over his blocking of the Settlements and The Refunding Program. He refused to attend.
The European Governments concerned RETALIATED by orchestrating the market crash. That has 'worked', because we understand that as a consequence, Bush II 'got the message' and agreed to attend another meeting at which the same issues were to be 'discussed'. (The G-7 Ministers and Central Bank Governors have been in more or less ongoing session since last Monday, we understand).

(2) With confidence in the large institutions in the United States having now almost completely collapsed, because no-one knows which institutions will be around in the morning (literally), the controllers of very large funds have taken to placing such funds overnight with the US Treasury, in order to be able to get a good night's sleep and to preclude waking up at 3.00 in the morning in a cold sweat for fear that their funds have vanished along with the institutions holding them.

(It is presumed that such placements are made into Treasury accounts, as we are not aware of the existence of 'overight' Treasuries, although 'anything' is clearly possible). Such placements are being made without earning any interest.
Of course this is grossly ironic in the extreme, given that the 'Treasury Secretary' has systematically wrecked the 'Full Faith and Credit of the United States'.

So what is happening to the interest that is payable on these deposits, if it's not being paid to the depositors?
 ANSWER: It is being 'booked' internally, and then SIPHONED OFF CORRUPTLY as usual, for private self-enrichment and other familiar criminal purposes.
 ANOTHER HUGE SCANDAL that the Fourth Estate has missed.
[But who NEEDS the Fourth Estate, when the Fifth Estate (the Internet) can perform the necessary exposures that the Fourth Estate is too scared to promulgate?]

Summary: Rather than take a risk with the banks, the controllers of very large amounts of funds 'prefer' to place their monies overnight with 'Paulson',
no doubt cynically aware that the interest is being 'trousered' by 'Paulson', Bush Jr. and their unbelievably corrupt 'buddies'.

[Concerning a recent 'scare story' that the Internet will be closed down, why would 'they' do that? Closing down the Internet would spike and close down the 55++ redirection, diversion, obfuscation and disinformation websites perpetrating COINTELPRO 'Psy-Ops' operations so as to bamboozle and confuse the jaded American people so that they are blinded to the colossal corruption of their leadership under the Bush II Presidency].

It is very reliably reported to us today that certain US financial institutions are REFUSING to carry out instructions from clients to move funds, and have been refusing to move funds for about two weeks.
The sources of this information are involved with clients engaged in transactions worth hundreds of millions (not billions) of dollars. When instructions are issued by these bank clients that payments are to be made to meet obligations falling due, the banks in question are REFUSING to implement such instructions.

This is of course illegal, and means that the banks in question are de facto STEALING the funds. Frustration of transactions by any bank is a very severe offence under the previously mentioned Universal Commercial Code, and renders the offending bank laible for huge additional payments, to be added to the principal.
 Notwithstanding this nasty reality, we understand that the institutions, when threatened with unavoidable legal action, are STILL not complying with such payment orders.

Between 30th September and 2nd October inclusive, associates of Dr Alan Greenspan, the chief architect of the 'Never Pay Syndrome', were 'liquidated'. The Editor was informed that the various 'whacked' personnel were located in Germany and the World Bank.

Earlier, we had been advised that Dr Greenspan had suffered the indignity of having 'bracelets' dangled adjacent to his person, and of being informed by enforcement personnel (MI6, Interpol, possibly accompanied by US Marshals) that if he did not at once now personally reverse what we believe may have been 'standing instructions' for the repeated attempts at the Settlements to be blocked,
 he would spend the rest of what remains of his life in jail.

This did not 'work', so more drastic measures were immediately taken,
 and Greenspan was told that if he did not comply, 'you will be next'.

Note: In this connection, we have made 'special' enquiries to establish whether it is the case, as reported, that Vice President Richard B Cheney is/has been on life support equipment. Since this assertion came from contacts with whom we are in close touch and NOT from an Internet source that has publicised this matter,
 the report cannot be ruled out and is being 'researched'.

Certain completely inaccurate and scurrilous assertions about The Queen appearing in the US capital and confronting President George W. Bush recently, reveal that the familiar COINTEPRO technique of mixing falsehoods with a few facts that may be true, is of the essence of the huge redirection and diversion agitprop 'Psy-Ops' operations that are being dished out by BOTH US AND FOREIGN COUNTERINTELLIGENCE to bamboozle and confuse the American people and the Rest of the World in the process.
 In the United Kingdom, Her Majesty The Queen's physical whereabouts are essentially a state secret. However we can gauge where she was 'yesterday', by reading the Court Circular which appears daily in The Times and The Daily Telegraph.

That text reveals the formal duties and activities of the Royal Family, including such matters as the presentation by newly appointed Ambassadors of their credentials, and where the ceremonies or audiences took place. By reviewing this text, it is possible to establish where Her Majesty WAS on the preceding weekday in question.
 By this means, it is established that the Queen DID NOT fly to Washington to confront the President of the United States, an assertion which revealed that the source who invented this nonsense is ignorant of the above straightforward facts about our Head of State. Besides, our 82-year-old Queen does NOT behave in the manner crudely suggested by the ignorant 'report' in question. Such 'mistakes' reveal that this ignorant stuff is 'made up'.

Our 'sausage machines' report dated 27th September is being openly referred to, we are informed. For instance, at about 5.00pm on Thursday 9th October, Bill Barney (who happens to be British) was monitored on Fox making the following comment:
'There's lots of ... in the sausage factory'.
Our monitor missed the word that is omitted from this subliminal allusion, but it is obvious that the missing word is either 'sausages' or 'money'.

This same sequence was also monitored on another US national financial news channel on the 9th.

Separately, the National Review dated 1st October 2008 carries an article entitled:
'Two weeks in the sausage factory'.

From which we conclude that the biggest corruption scandal in world history IS KNOWN ABOUT inside the Beltway and in press rooms of the leading broadcasting organisations, from which we further deduce that IT CAN ONLY BE A MATTER OF TIME before the controlled and cowardly so-called 'Mainstream' media will ERUPT with this Grandfather of all scandals, to the astonishment of the American people and of the whole world except within certain foreign corridors of power.

The fact that the person who whispered in the Editor's ear after his questions to Herr Steinbruck, knew exactly what the Editor was talking about,
 speaks further volumes on this score.

As will of course have been universally observed, our prediction that certain financial institutions will cease to exist, has come to pass and will continue to come to pass. HOWEVER, what has so far not been noted, in this context, is this.
With the long-delayed activation of The Refunding Plan, the US Treasury will be the beneficiary of huge continuing inflows of tax funds to be derived from the ON-THE-BOOKS, fully taxed, fully transparent Capital Markets instrument operations involved.

This will mean that institutions which have grown grossly fat through marketing and financing the US Government's colossal, continuously expanding, one-way debt,
 WILL NOT BE NEEDED ANY MORE, which in turn illuminates, does it not,
 another reason for the crumbling resistance to the payouts and The Refunding Plan associated with the Settlements.
Therefore, the overnight disappearance of some of these institutions is ACTUALLY appropriate, given the imminent new circumstances;
and it can ALSO be interpreted in itself, as indicating that The Refunding Program will proceed.

While on the Amtrak train from New York to Washington DC yesterday, the Editor had to make a number of phone calls from his US mobile. In the course of communicating with a special and highly respected source, his calls were repetitively disrupted while the unwanted instruction 'INSERT SIM CARD' appeared on the screen. The SIM card was of course sitting in its proper place adjacent to the battery.
 After this interruption had occurred on at least least two dozen occasions, the Editor contacted another associate, and the same thing continued to happen repeatedly.

The associate then left a message saying that he would immediately report the matter to the Gold Badges. The Gold Badges kindly contacted a certain team, who were tasked to investigate and to establish who was responsible for this interference.
The Editor was professionally informed that it was likely that the perpetrators were located within 50 feet of where the Editor was sitting. When the Editor pointed out that he was 'on wheels', so that this implied that there was a 'tail',
 the experts confirmed that this would be the case and that the main perpetrator would be wearing an earpiece. There would probably be two operatives working together.

After a gap of some time the Editor identified two men sitting three rows in front of the Editor on the other side of the aisle. These operatives usually work in pairs. The 'Mr earpiece' stood up when we reached Union Station
and nonchalantly rolled up the wire attached to his earpiece while talking to his colleague ('partner') and then left the train ahead of the Editor.

On his arrival in the Press Room, the Editor needed to contact several correspondents and also to read the text of the G-7 Communique over the mobile phone to Michael Cottrell.
These phone calls and conversations all proceeded normally, with no further interruptions along the lines of the interference on the train. ENDS.