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"Not a recession," is the pillow that is being forced over your face to keep you from crying out as you are suffocated by Drs. Bernanke abd Paulson.
  I see that the Fed is going to give trillions to bail out corporations owned by their friends. I see that the Treasury is going to give more to the banks.
And this is termed "bailout."
What a stupid and devious word.
What is happening is that the American people are being robbed of everything. We have been denied purchasing power even as fuel prices and food prices have been deliberately increased through monopoly power applied to effect this very sinister end. The Fed has kept M1 money supply tight even as it has hidden M3 which measures the money used by the elites in their international transactions. Thus the people have experienced a bust (a depression) while those on the Elite Loop have had plenty of purchasing power to buy up all of the foreclosed properties and all of the the businesses going under in this artificially created downturn.
While the American people are getting the pillow pushed down over their faces the Money Power is pumping pure oxygen to their own.
But remember, we couldn't pay our morgages because the Fed dried up all of our purchasing power at the same time that vast new dollar deposits were created in the hands of foreigners to pay our our debt finacing of consumption and war. Remember I said that the Fed needed to reduce its reserve requirements to save everyones house and job? That was the obvious cure.(...)
Of course, Paul's gold standard is exactly the opposite of what we really need. The Money Power always wants a gold standard AFTER everyone else has been crushed by near infinite debt and have no money themselves. People can't believe that folksy old guys telling you what you want to hear while throwing in concepts above your head with bromides like "sound money" -- as if once Ron Paul became president you could all cash your paychecks for gold coin -- for cryin' out loud -- what you borrowed as paper, you repay as gold, after the government borrows the gold from the current gold horders at compound interest. (...) My God...the poverty and misery and tragedy I see around me in Yakima thanks to the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and all of the elite who have sold their souls (and their American factories) to get a piece of their usury.(...)
Dick Eastman     Yakima, Washington
Sunday, 12 October 2008
Glenn Beck - One World Currency Is The Desired Outcome
Watch here...
Sunday, 12 October 2008
Israelis Shoot TV Cameraman
'In this dramatic footage, Israelis shoot a Palestinian cameraman in the legs while filming a battle. He later was rushed to the hospital and had both legs amputated. '
Watch here...   http://www.evtv1.com/player.aspx?itemnum=8387   Mokena, Illinois 60448
Sunday, 12 October 2008
Five NATO Generals Prepare For World Government
'In January 2008, five former NATO generals presented a preparatory document for the NATO summit meeting at Bucharest. Their proposals reflect a terrifying tendency. And what gives weight to their document is that, up until recently, all of them held very high positions. General John Shalikashvili was US Chief of Staff and Commander in Chief of NATO in Europe, General Klaus Naumann ran the German army and was president of the military committe of NATO in Europe, General Henk van den Breemen was chief of the Dutch Chief of Staff and Admiral Jacques Lanxade held the same post in France, while Lord Inge ran the General Staff and was also Chief of the Defence Staff of Great Britain. This is just the big shots - and very aggressive they are too, as we shall see.' (...)
 Notes -
The links between the economy and the war are analyzed in the book Bush le cyclone (( hurricane Bush)) : Bush le cyclone (in French and Spanish). This book is particularly concerned with the question 'Who commands Bush ?' And, therefore, the next President.
These questions will also be tackled at the next seminar organized by Investig'Action in Brussels (in French) on 8-9 November. For information : magali.investigaction@gmail.com
Other articles on the foreign policy of the United States, Russia, China, the European Union, Iraq, Afghanistan, Brzezinski, Obama (in French)
http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article20994.htm  ((ICH))
  What will the US foreign policy be tomorrow ?
When Bush goes, everyone will be hoping for a change - or fearing the worst. McCain or Obama ? What will that change for Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Africa, Caucasia, Cuba and Venezuela ? And for US relationships with the big powers : Europe, Japan, Russia, China ?
This text is extracted from our book « The 7 sins of Hugo Chávez » (Chapter 11 : [The United States] Black gold and the wars of tomorrow), shortly to be published.
 The preceding pages explained the reason for the rise and then decline of the United States.
Table des matières : 

Qui commande à Bush ?
La guerre est-elle aussi contre nous ?
Mais d'où viennent tous ces pauvres ?
 Pourquoi le Sud est-il si pauvre, et le Nord si riche ?
 Qui est responsable de la hausse du pétrole ?
 Pourquoi il faut qu'il y ait du chômage.
 Pourquoi il faut qu'il y ait du racisme.
A quoi sert l'Etat ?
Quel rôle jouent les médias ?
L'Europe est-elle différente ?
Les multinationales sont-elles compatibles avec l'avenir de l'humanité ?
Des questions - clés, des réponses claires. (80 pages)
  10 questions sur la crise
 Quelle sera demain la politique internationale des USA ? 
 Notre séminaire "Chavez, l'Amérique latine et la libération du tiers monde" : Il reste quelques places 
   « On nous dit que... »    Venezuela : bilan de l'année 2008 avant les élections    La guerre d’Ossétie du Sud : qui a piégé qui ?    USA : le budget militaire coûte plus cher que le plan de sauvetage    Nos enfants sont-ils des cancres ou des crétins ?    Principes du Nouvel Ordre Impérial Mondial    Italie : la sauvagerie continue    Lettre à Barak Obama    Un Etat schizophrénique    Kosovo-Ossétie : cherchez la différence !  
 « Venezuela concerns the future of all of us »
Interview of Vanessa Stojilkovic about her new film "Brussels - Caracas" by Michel Collon.

Patricia Parga-Vega est journaliste, membre de l'équipe Investig’Action.

Traduction: José Gregorio, Investig’Action


¿Está Evo en peligro?
Traducido por  Patricia Parda-Vega y Mila Marcos para Investig'Action

Fuente: p://www.michelcollon.info/articles.php?dateaccess=2008-08-08%2018:59:58&log=articles
http://www.tlaxcala.es/pp.asp?reference=5652&lg=es spanish
http://www.tlaxcala.es/pp.asp?reference=5650&lg=fr francais
http://www.tlaxcala.es/pp.asp?reference=5651&lg=en english
 Sunday, 12 October 2008
The European Union - Criminalising Free Speech
In November 2007 the European Commission submitted a proposal to add three new criminal offences to the 2002 EU Framework Decision on terrorism.(...)
'As Statewatch pointed out in its analysis of the proposal, the wording of this definition is clearly likely to result in the criminalisation of the expression of political views (for example on the situation in Middle East or on certain conflicts within Member States), even if that expression does not in any way include the advocacy of terrorism to support those opinions.2 It will be enough that the authorities deem that there is a “danger” that this will happen, an actual terrorist offence as a consequence is expressly not necessary for the Framework Decision to apply.' (...)
Ben Hayes is a researcher with Statewatch and the Transnational Institute.
In an age dominated by corporate media control, the importance of alternative media in contesting mainstream interpretations, promoting alternative understandings and supporting the development of a radical popular culture can hardly be overstated. ukwatch.net is our contribution.
We update daily with comment, analysis and opinion pieces focused upon UK politics, economics, society and culture.
The doctors in the early 1900's didn't know about that, and even today few if any doctors are aware that fever is not a symptom of disease, but is the primary and only way for the human body to stop viral infections. If you stop or reduce the fever, viruses are allowed to divide and spread uncontrolled throughout the body. I have already described this process in detail in my articles posted in the Brother Jonathan Gazette in 2003, so I won't go into detail here. Do a search on "SARS" on the Gazette and you'll find the articles.
      Normally the progress of a flu is that a virus enters the mucous membrane lining of the lungs, enters cells, then makes many copies of itself, which causes the cell to expand to such an degree that it bursts open. The new viruses then cloak themselves with a coating taken from the old damaged cell wall, thus hiding themselves from the human body's own T-cell antibody immune defense system. To the body's immune system the new viruses simply appear to be pieces of the body's own lung tissue.
      By creating a fever, the viral infection is slowed down sufficiently so that the body's T cells can find the swollen infected lung cells, surround them and metabolize (literally eat) the damaged cell with strong acids which also breaks down the RNA viruses into basic amino acids. This effectively "kills" the viruses so that they can't reproduce. But viruses are not living things, and you can't kill something that's not alive. All the body can do is destroy or dissolve the RNA amino acid chain which makes up the virus.
      Not knowing this, most doctors treat the flu with aspirin or fever reducers, as a palliative treatment to ease the aches, pains, and delerium fever effects. The result is that within hours, the fever goes down and the patient feels much better. What neither the patient nor the doctor knows is that with only a normal 98.6F body temperature, the viruses are allowed to reproduce unchecked. Within 72 hours, the viruses have grown from one or two virus bodies to millions or billions. The body is now completely overwhelmed. But while taking aspirin or cold medications, there are no symptoms or warnings of what is yet to come.
      As a last resort the body tries to quickly flush the infection of billions of viruses from the lungs with massive amounts of T-cells, and fluid in the lungs to "cough out" the virus. This is called viral pneumonia. Soon within hours the patient is in the hospital. The doctors try to treat the now 105 degree fever with more anti-febril aspirins, or related medications to "treat the fever." Then within another 24 hours the patient, suffocating and gasping for breath, is dead.
      You should note that the original infection did cause a mild fever, aches and pains, which the patient "self-medicated" with over-the-counter products. For the next several days, the patient seemed to have no symptoms, but was actually growing billions of copies of influenza virus in his lungs. Then days later, the patient and doctor seem to see a sudden rapid case of viral flu infection that is now overwhelming the body. Is that what really happened?
      What caused the patient's death? Was it the original flu virus, or was it the use of Aspirin to lower the flu fever which then shutdown the patient's own immune system response? Obviously, the latter. So how did this cause the massive rapid spread of the 1918 Flu?
      The Bayer court case had just been settled, and many companies other than Bayer, could now legally market aspirin to treat colds and fever. But then "The Great War to End all War" was on, and most aspirin products were going directly to the front lines in France to treat the soldiers in the diseased hell hole trenches of WWI.
      The World War I medics knew that aspirin could quickly reduce a fever. If a soldier had a fever, the docs gave aspirin. Magically the fever went down, the soldier felt better and quickly went back to the fighting. Then three days later, the same soldier was back, now with severe pneumonia and died almost overnight.
      No doctors then made the connection between aspirin and pneumonia death, since the trenches were filled with many other seemingly related diseases such as diphtheria or tuberculosis. Death and dying on the front line was common, so no investigation was done. Aspirin seemed to be a god-send since it allowed sick soldiers to swiftly get right back into the fighting.
      After the Armistice of November 11, 1918 the fighting stopped and the soldiers went home. The soldiers around the world announced the good news to their families back home. Most of the low-ranked doughboys had to wait till they got back to their homebase in Kansas, or wherever, to call home. They couldn't afford the costly trans-Atlantic deep sea cable phone rates. But when the troop arrived in Kansas, the call from sergeant Tom was something like:
      "Hey mom, I'm coming home. I'll see yu and dad next Tuesday in Chattanooga. How's everybody? Oh, Aunt Esther has a fever? Hey tell her to take some aspirin. Yeah, that stuff in the medicine cabinet for treatin' the aches and pains. Tell Esther, we used it in France. Works right away and the fever is gone. OK see yu Tuesday...."
      So what does Esther do? She tries the aspirin, but the old Bayer label only says its for "aches and pains" and says nothing about fevers. She takes it and magically the fever is gone, and she feels much better, almost cured. She's so much better, she gets out the horse and buggy to go see her sister, Lucy in Mt Carmel, where Lucy and the kids are down with the fever. Mt. Carmel has no telephones and even no roads, only the buggy path to reach the outside world. But within hours of sergeant Tom's phone call home, by word of mouth, everybody in rural Mt. Carmel is now taking aspirin to treat fevers. Since the new information came from a soldier, from the US Army and the government, it must be true!
      Within a week of the 1918 Armistice, by newfangled telephone, trans-oceanic telephone cables, and even the experimental ship-to-shore shortwave radios using Morse code, the message was flashed around the world -- "Have a fever? Take Aspirin. It worked in France, it'll work for you." That message spread at nearly the speed of light over millions of telephone lines all around the world. The news of the "miracle cure" even spread by word of mouth within a day or so, even to places with no phones nor roads.
      Mysteriously, a week later, doctors round the world now had hundreds of sick and dying patients. Nobody could figure out why. The patients themselves never reported that just the week before they did have a mild fever. But it was so mild that when they took some aspirin, it simply went away. Nobody made the connection. The doctors only saw, by November 24, 1918 thousands of very sick patients with high fevers, lungs filled with fluid, and swift overnight death.
      The medical profession had never seen anything like it before, nor since. It seemed to occur simultaneously all around the world and even reaching into such out of the way places like Mt. Carmel with no telephones nor roads. How could such a massive fast-spreading killer disease exist? It didn't. It wasn't a disease. It was a new use for an old home folk remedy which everybody already had in their medicine cabinet, Bayer Aspirin to reduce fever.
      The medical profession, at a complete loss to explain it, simply called it the "Spanish Flu" or the "1918 Flu" or many similar names. It was a mystery with no known source, so it was assigned many place names. So far, nobody has been able to prove any single pathogen was responsible. And even if they did, they still can't explain how it seemed to spread world-wide at almost the speed of light, clear around the world within a week.
      To this day there is no explanation. But, now you know. The "disease" was not a single pathogen, but many of the hundreds of similar types of flu which are always existing at any time around the world. What was different in November 1918 was the many hundreds of thousands of almost simultaneous phone calls from the millions of returning sergeant Toms saying, "...tell Aunt Esther to take the aspirin. It worked in France. It'll work for her..." Nobody traced the spread of the 1918 Flu to sergeant Tom. Nobody made the connection.
      That very same source of disease still exists today. What is different today is that cold and flu products are sold and used all year long. This results in an estimated one million deaths from mysterious viral pneumonia reported every year, but also all around the year. In 1918, the new use of aspirin for treating colds and flu all started at the same time in November, thus creating the false impression of a sudden massive onset of a new disease. Even today SARS is not a disease. It is the improper use of a brand new high-tech flu fighter called Tamiflu. The FDA approved the use of Tamiflu several years ago. In 2003 it began to be used world-wide. But how is it used?
      Many millions of people around the world still self-treat their own colds and flu with over-the-counter meds containing aspirin. Those are the most commonly sold medications in the world. The patient's mild fever quickly goes away. They forget about ever having felt sick. Then several days later the patient sees the doctor and now has a high fever, bad cough and fluid-filled lungs. The doctor, using the new CDC and WHO guidelines, treats the hospitalized "flu" patient with the new high-tech Tamiflu. But how often and at what dosage?
      The doctors do what they've always done for the past 100 years. Tell the nurse to stick a thermometer in the patient's mouth, increase the Tamiflu dosage by 10cc's every hour until the fever starts to drop. Then maintain that dosage level until the patient dies. Then blame the death on some new highly contagious lethal virus. Nothing new here. It's the same old story, since 1918.
      The only thing different is that they give it a new name like SARS, or Bird Flu or whatever sounds nifty and high-tech. Even today, each year about one million people world-wide die from the very same "disease" which first appeared in the fall of 1918. Has medicine, in the last 100 years, turned this "contagion" from Pandemic by Phone, into Illness by Internet? Is it the rapid and continuous spread of misinformation that is still killing millions?
      So now, I have given you enough information that you are ready for Part Two. Coming next is a review of the curious scientific evidence, medical records and the biochemistry proof behind the Case of Murder in the Medicine Cabinet.
Marshall Smith
Editor, BroJon Gazette
 All pages are © Copyright 2005 the Teddy Speaks Foundation Inc.,
 A Non-Profit Educational Corporation, Delaware USA
Foundation, Inc. and the Kinderken Press.
http://www.brojon.org/frontpage.html  home page.
  In 1776 a group of British colonies formed a coalition or union of independent states. Each state had its own laws, practices and social customs so citizens of each of the states could choose which religion, culture, beliefs or benefits they preferred by either living in that state or moving to the one which most matched their own. This mutual respect of differing opinions and beliefs was personified in the symbol of the new union, the United States of America. That symbol was called "Brother Jonathan."
As the French, after their revolution, called themselves "Citizen", the people of the new American union called themselves, "Brother Jon", "Brother Jonathan," or simply "Brother." The symbol of Brother Jonathan implied a citizen of the various states without regard for which state. This practice based on the concept of the new egalitarian republic continued until the mid 19th century and abruptly ended with the US Civil War.
Underlying the events of the Civil War, was the planned destruction of the concept of a union of independent states and the amalgamation of the states into a single country. For the powerful new businesses brought about by the rise of new technologies of the mid 19th century it was easier, more profitable and more manipulative to deal with only one federal government rather than the 30 or so independent states. (...)
  It was during the Civil War when the symbol of Brother Jonathan was completely replaced by the symbol of a single central paternal US Federal government, "Uncle Sam." Then the many new corporations which wished to sell weapons, munitions or uniforms only had to deal with one federal Uncle Sam, rather than the many egalitarian Brother Jon's. It was also during the Civil War when all references to the United States changed from plural to singular. Old news reports might state, "The United States ARE entering a pact with France." But after the Civil War, all references would say "The United States IS entering a pact with France." Every school child knows the word "states" is plural. Somehow the original cojoining of the American states has been changed to something else.
One vestige of the concept of a collective of individual states is the Electoral College, which allows each of the various states or Brother Jons to have equal political power in the actions of the union. Without the Electoral College, the larger states would simply annex the smaller states or simply vote out of existence the various life-styles enjoyed by the Brother Jonathans in the states with smaller populations. And thus end the concept of a diversity of beliefs, lifestyles, and individual choice.(...)
  The November 2000 activity in Florida and the calling for the ending of the Electoral College is meant to finalize the removal and destruction of the concept of the "United States" and to blend it into a fuzzy concept and uniform country called the "Unitedstatesofamerica." In the "Unitedstatesofamerica" there is no room for individual opinions, diversity of lifestyles, or differences of laws. ....
Since about 15 years ago, when I first discovered the old symbol of Brother Jonathan, I have wondered at how it was so popular and widely accepted and honored around the world in the 19th century, but somehow has completely disappeared in the 20th century. It was for the conception of Brother Jonathan which the French acknowledged with their gift of Lady Liberty. But now the mystery is solved.....
each of the various states or Brother Jons to have equal political power in the actions of the union. Without the Electoral College, the larger states would simply annex the smaller states or simply vote out of existence the various life-styles enjoyed by the Brother Jonathans in the states with smaller populations. And thus end the concept of a diversity of beliefs, lifestyles, and individual choice.(...)
  The November 2000 activity in Florida and the calling for the ending of the Electoral College is meant to finalize the removal and destruction of the concept of the "United States" and to blend it into a fuzzy concept and uniform country called the "Unitedstatesofamerica." In the "Unitedstatesofamerica" there is no room for individual opinions, diversity of lifestyles, or differences of laws. ....
Since about 15 years ago, when I first discovered the old symbol of Brother Jonathan, I have wondered at how it was so popular and widely accepted and honored around the world in the 19th century, but somehow has completely disappeared in the 20th century. It was for the conception of Brother Jonathan which the French acknowledged with their gift of Lady Liberty. But now the mystery is solved.....
As far as my research can determine the Brother Jonathan symbol was never made a visual symbol. The term refers to a statement made by Gen. George Washington at Valley Forge in 1776 during the revolutionary war when supplies and ammunition were extremely low and his officers asked where they would get more. He replied, "We'll just have to rely on Brother Jonathan."
He was referring to Jonathan Trumbell who was the leader of  
the Continental Congress
which was supplying the colonial army with the funds and materials to fight the revolutionary war.
The catch phrase quickly caught on as "Brother Jonathan" referring to the "source" of the energy, pride and fighting spirit which produced the new union of the American states.
Thus for almost 100 years Brother Jonathan was the symbol of the United States, which stood firmly against tyranny and monarchy anywhere in the world, though it was only a verbal reference and not a drawing or visual symbol.
October 11, 2008 8:59 AM


The following document, dated May 1979, was found on July 7, 1986, in an IBM copier that had been purchased at a surplus sale.

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

Operations Research Technical Manual TM-SW7905.1

Welcome Aboard
This publication marks the 25th anniversary of the Third World War, called the "Quiet War", being conducted using subjective biological warfare, fought with "silent weapons."
This book contains an introductory description of this war, its strategies, and its weaponry.
May 1979 #74-1120.

It is patently impossible to discuss social engineering or the automation of a society, i.e., the engineering of social automation systems (silent weapons) on a national or worldwide scale without implying extensive objectives of social control and destruction of human life, i.e., slavery and genocide.
This manual is in itself an analog declaration of intent. Such a writing must be secured from public scrutiny. Otherwise, it might be recognized as a technically formal declaration of domestic war. Furthermore, whenever any person or group of persons in a position of great power and without full knowledge and consent of the public, uses such knowledge and methodologies for economic conquest - it must be understood that a state of domestic warfare exists between said person or group of persons and the public.
The solution of today's problems requires an approach which is ruthlessly candid, with no agonizing over religious, moral or cultural values. (...)
Silent weapon technology has evolved from Operations Research (O.R.), a strategic and tactical methodology developed under the Military Management in England during World War II. The original purpose of Operations Research was to study the strategic and tactical problems of air and land defense with the objective of effective use of limited military resources against foreign enemies (i.e., logistics).
It was soon recognized by those in positions of power that the same methods might be useful for totally controlling a society. But better tools were necessary.
Social engineering (the analysis and automation of a society) requires the correlation of great amounts of constantly changing economic information (data), so a high-speed computerized data-processing system was necessary which could race ahead of the society and predict when society would arrive for capitulation.
Relay computers were to slow, but the electronic computer, invented in 1946 by J. Presper Eckert and John W. Mauchly, filled the bill.
The next breakthrough was the development of the simplex method of linear programming in 1947 by the mathematician George B. Dantzig.
Then in 1948, the transistor, invented by J. Bardeen, W.H. Brattain, and W. Shockley, promised great expansion of the computer field by reducing space and power requirements.
With these three inventions under their direction, those in positions of power strongly suspected that it was possible for them to control the whole world with the push of a button.
Immediately, the Rockefeller Foundation got in on the ground floor by making a four-year grant to Harvard College, funding the Harvard Economic Research Project for the study of the structure of the American Economy. One year later, in 1949, The United States Air Force joined in.
In 1952 the grant period terminated, and a high-level meeting of the Elite was held to determine the next phase of social operations research. The Harvard project had been very fruitful, as is borne out by the publication of some of its results in 1953 suggesting the feasibility of economic (social) engineering. (Studies in the Structure of the American Economy - copyright 1953 by Wassily Leontief, International Science Press Inc., White Plains, New York).
Engineered in the last half of the decade of the 1940's, the new Quiet War machine stood, so to speak, in sparkling gold-plated hardware on the showroom floor by 1954.
With the creation of the maser in 1954, the promise of unlocking unlimited sources of fusion atomic energy from the heavy hydrogen in sea water and the consequent availability of unlimited social power was a possibility only decades away.
The combination was irresistible.
The Quiet War was quietly declared by the International Elite at a meeting held in 1954.
Although the silent weapons system was nearly exposed 13 years later, the evolution of the new weapon-system has never suffered any major setbacks.
This volume marks the 25th anniversary of the beginning of the Quiet War. Already this domestic war has had many victories on many fronts throughout the world.

Political Introduction

In 1954 it was well recognized by those in positions of authority that it was only a matter of time, only a few decades, before the general public would be able to grasp and upset the cradle of power, for the very elements of the new silent-weapon technology were as accessible for a public utopia as they were for providing a private utopia.
The issue of primary concern, that of dominance, revolved around the subject of the energy sciences.


Energy is recognized as the key to all activity on earth. Natural science is the study of the sources and control of natural energy, and social science, theoretically expressed as economics, is the study of the sources and control of social energy. Both are bookkeeping systems: mathematics. Therefore, mathematics is the primary energy science. And the bookkeeper can be king if the public can be kept ignorant of the methodology of the bookkeeping.
All science is merely a means to an end. The means is knowledge. The end is control. Beyond this remains only one issue: Who will be the beneficiary?
In 1954 this was the issue of primary concern. Although the so-called "moral issues" were raised, in view of the law of natural selection it was agreed that a nation or world of people who will not use their intelligence are no better than animals who do not have intelligence. Such people are beasts of burden and steaks on the table by choice and consent.
Consequently, in the interest of future world order, peace, and tranquillity, it was decided to privately wage a quiet war against the American public with an ultimate objective of permanently shifting the natural and social energy (wealth) of the undisciplined and irresponsible many into the hands of the self-disciplined, responsible, and worthy few.
In order to implement this objective, it was necessary to create, secure, and apply new weapons which, as it turned out, were a class of weapons so subtle and sophisticated in their principle of operation and public appearance as to earn for themselves the name "silent weapons."
In conclusion, the objective of economic research, as conducted by the magnates of capital (banking) and the industries of commodities (goods) and services, is the establishment of an economy which is totally predictable and manipulatable.
In order to achieve a totally predictable economy, the low-class elements of society must be brought under total control, i.e., must be housebroken, trained, and assigned a yoke and long-term social duties from a very early age, before they have an opportunity to question the propriety of the matter. In order to achieve such conformity, the lower-class family unit must be disintegrated by a process of increasing preoccupation of the parents and the establishment of government-operated day-care centers for the occupationally orphaned children.
The quality of education given to the lower class must be of the poorest sort, so that the moat of ignorance isolating the inferior class from the superior class is and remains incomprehensible to the inferior class. With such an initial handicap, even bright lower class individuals have little if any hope of extricating themselves from their assigned lot in life. This form of slavery is essential to maintain some measure of social order, peace, and tranquillity for the ruling upper class.

Descriptive Introduction of the Silent Weapon

Everything that is expected from an ordinary weapon is expected from a silent weapon by its creators, but only in its own manner of functioning.
It shoots situations, instead of bullets; propelled by data processing, instead of chemical reaction (explosion); originating from bits of data, instead of grains of gunpowder; from a computer, instead of a gun; operated by a computer programmer, instead of a marksman; under the orders of a banking magnate, instead of a military general.
It makes no obvious explosive noises, causes no obvious physical or mental injuries, and does not obviously interfere with anyone's daily social life.
Yet it makes an unmistakable "noise," causes unmistakable physical and mental damage, and unmistakably interferes with the daily social life, i.e., unmistakable to a trained observer, one who knows what to look for.
The public cannot comprehend this weapon, and therefore cannot believe that they are being attacked and subdued by a weapon.
The public might instinctively feel that something is wrong, but that is because of the technical nature of the silent weapon, they cannot express their feeling in a rational way, or handle the problem with intelligence. Therefore, they do not know how to cry for help, and do not know how to associate with others to defend themselves against it.
When a silent weapon is applied gradually, the public adjusts/adapts to its presence and learns to tolerate its encroachment on their lives until the pressure (psychological via economic) becomes too great and they crack up.
Therefore, the silent weapon is a type of biological warfare. It attacks the vitality, options, and mobility of the individuals of a society by knowing, understanding, manipulating, and attacking their sources of natural and social energy, and their physical, mental, and emotional strengths and weaknesses.
October 11, 2008 9:08 AM




(( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nesta_Webster 
http://www.libertypost.org/cgi-bin/readart.cgi?ArtNum=64890&Disp=0 ))
Posted Oct. 11, 2008


The Chevalier de Boufflers
The French Revolution
World Revolution
The Socialist Network
The Surrender of an Empire
Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette: Before the Revolution
Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette: During the Revolution
Spacious Days
October 11, 2008 9:59 AM



Let us recapitulate the events of this decade in the form of a table and the proximity of dates will then be more apparent:
..  Tom-Hen.  (the new alliance figures it is time to finish off the United States)/French Intelligence Fingers Israeli Planned FALSE FLAG Attack on American Soil...( a week before the upcoming November presidential election)
..tom-hen  // sott // icke // fw10 // sorcha: $516 Trillion ‘Time Bomb’ // ...
  October 11th-12th, 2008 
 French Intelligence Fingers Israeli Planned FALSE FLAG Attack on American Soil
French Intelligence Fingers Israeli Planned FALSE FLAG Attack on American Soil.
Emergency Report on G7 Meeting
Story developing…
by Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert
George W. Bush (center), France's Finance Minister Christine LaGarde (R) and US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson (L)   Reuters
Saturday  October 11, 2008 at 8:30 p.m. EST
United States of America – It can now be reported that after the G7's conference today in Washington, D.C.,           a private meeting took place between U.S. White House occupant George W. Bushfraud and French Finance Minister Christine LaGarde.
French Finance Minister Christine LaGarde showed the alleged pResident George W. Bush "smoking gun" evidence detailing Israeli MOSSAD infiltration of major Al Qaeda cells in Yemen, which were used to attack the U.S. Embassy in Sana'a last month on September 17th.
Smoke rising following an attack on the US embassy in Sanaa on September 17, 2008.  Islamist militants attacked the US embassy in Sanaa with a car bomb and rockets today, leaving 16 people dead, in the second strike on the high-security compound in six months. The dead were six Yemeni soldiers, four civilians including an Indian and six attackers -- one wearing an explosives belt, the interior ministry said.
A group calling itself Islamic Jihad in Yemen claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement received by AFP and threatened similar strikes against the British, Saudi and Emirati missions in the Yemeni capital.   AFP/Getty Images

French Finance Minister Christine LaGarde also showed Bush evidence uncovered by French Intelligence detailing the ISRAELI MOSSAD's plan to use private mercenaries and compromised Israeli Mossad-Al Qaeda cells on U.S. soil to launch a major terrorist attack on the United States a week before the upcoming November presidential election.
This attack will coincide with a major worldwide "financial" terrorist attack on all U.S. equities and bonds      as to finish off the United States of America as a Republic and reduce it to a third world nation and plunge the United States into poverty and anarchy.
A new alliance has developed involving Israel, the United Kingdom, the Russian Federation, China and the German Federal Republic.
 This alliance believes the United States is finished as it no longer has any financial foundation and, accordingly, is no longer useful
 given the fact that the U. S. Treasury has been completely looted.
Accordingly, the new alliance figures it is time to finish off the United States
 and scrape up the left over remains of what was once a great nation.
It is FRANCE, our oldest ally and our only  REAL  friend, that has not participated in this rape of the United States and had to endure the humiliation of Bushfraud's dishonor of the American-French blood alliance during the Iraq War controversy,
that has come to our aid in our most dire moment.
That is why I say folks, know who your  REAL  friends are and who your real friends aren't.

Vive la France!
Vive the United States!
As Lafayette remains at Brandywine and Albert Gore Jr. remains the  REAL  President of the United States.
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 Joe Quinn
Sott.net    Wed, 08 Oct 2008   .....  SOTT FOCUS:
The arrest in Yemen this week of a group of "Islamist militants" has provided more evidence that the Israeli government and its associated agencies are still hard at work fabricating "Islamic terrorism" for the enthrallment of the 'educated' masses back home and in the 'enlightened' West: ....(...)
Is it really "far fetched" to believe that Israel would fabricate Islamic terrorist attacks? After all, is it not true that Islamic terrorism is Israel's 'bread and butter', without which Israel would stand naked, for all the world to see, as the brutal occupier that it is? And is the same not true of the US and British governments?
Lest we forget the past, and the very recent past at that, below are a collection of mainstream news reports that leave us in little doubt that Israel (closely followed by the US and UK) has its fingers all over "Islamic terrorism" in the Middle East.(...)
Furnished with an understanding of the long-standing tactics used by American, British and Israeli governments and agencies in Iraq, Northern Ireland, Kenya, the Philippines, Palestine, Lebanon and many other campaigns during the course of the last century (all to be intimately detailed in an upcoming book from Red Pill Press)
we are in a position to pull back the curtain and understand the truth behind the "war on terror" and to answer some of the questions
 the mainstream media unfortunately never will.
... And Don't Forget ....(comment   By: Y-truth ) ......
& don't forget that even in Trinidad, a couple of Israeli Mossad were caught posing as fanatical Islamics who were plotting to blow up targets in Venezuela and blame it on muslims. There is literally a very long laundry list of Israeli terrorism which is blamed on muslims. They continue doing it because they know that gullible westerners believe it all - 100%
Joe Quinn    Sott.net :
For more details on the fakery that drives the war on terror, check out my articles here. :
2008-10-08 -- Mossad's "Islamic Militants" Exposed In Yemen 2008-08-30 -- Is Sott Anti-Semitic? You Be The Judge 2008-08-29 -- Anti-semitism, British Academia and the Israel Lobby 2008-07-14 -- Sarkozy - Hello NATO, Goodbye France 2008-05-04 -- Golden Nuggets - Sexing Up An Iranian War 2008-04-22 -- Unbelieveable! "al-Qaeda" Dismisses Conspiracy Theories, Defends Israel, Attacks Iran and Hizbollah! 2008-04-06 -- Sanitizing The War On Terror - Part 2 2008-04-03 -- Sanitizing The War On Terror 2008-02-01 -- Burka Bombers: Spontaneously Exploding Iraqi Women 2008-01-08 -- Would The Real War Criminals Please Stand Up
...and more................at
 Naomi Wolf      Alertnet   Thu, 09 Oct 2008
and these comments:
The Great Depression was caused by private owners and riggers of a private Fascist bank labeled the "Federal Reserve" Corp (not "federal" and minis ZERO "reserves") as Fed chair Bernanke admitted:
“I would like to say to Milton and Anna: Regarding the Great Depression. You're right, we did it. We're very sorry. But thanks to you, we won't do it again.”
Federal Reserve Governor Ben Bernanke (Conference to Honor Milton Friedman, University of Chicago 2002)
“The Federal Reserve [Corporation] definitely caused the great depression by contracting the amount of currency in circulation by one-third from 1929 to 1933.”
MILTON FRIEDMAN (conservative Nobel Laureate economist speaking on NPR. Quote 1996)

Well guess what? They HAVE done again. And in spades. The current crash is the outcome of allowing a parasite Organized Monopoly Corporate Crime State to rule over the nation for 100 years. This the serial monster that makes a killing joke of false "democracy" and "capitalism" worldwide.

The ramifications are not just economic but measured in mass murder genocide of sham 9/11 "war on terror" of a thousand lies .
The private "Federal Reserve" sham basically works like this: The government granted its power to create money to private “FED” banks. The “FED” creates money out of thin air, then loans it back to the government [ i.e. the people ] charging interest. The government levies income taxes to pay the interest on the debt.
This core truth is not something you will hear on any campaign trail where both "candidates" are merely actors for Organized Corporate Crime at a Washington-MSM circus.
Again, once you control money, you own all that matters including government, military-industry, and of course, the media and "education".
The coup occurred in 1913. Until it is reversed, the world will sink into further moral and mortal terror at the hands of a Fascist ruling class that owns and rigs the system at public cost for private profit. It's that simple and that complex.
 Winter Patriot       Mon, 06 Oct 2008
 David Owen      The Sunday Times   Sun, 12 Oct 2008
Dominican nuns Sister Ardeth Platte and Sister Carol Gilbert have spent more than 40 years protesting nuclear weapons and war, even doing time in federal prison for their actions. They say they have devoted their entire lives to nonviolent resistance.
But after spending two weeks out of town, Sister Ardeth, 72, and Sister Carol, 60, returned to their Baltimore home to find letters and an e-mail from the Maryland State Police saying they were wrongfully labeled as suspected terrorists in a federal database between 2005 and 2006.
For 13 years, the missionary nuns from Michigan have lived and worked in the Jonah House community, a faith-based, non-violent resistance community in Baltimore.
Law Breaking Law Enforcement?     ....    comment   By: Laura
 "Sachs' investigation found the state police violated federal regulations by transmitting its investigative findings to the federally-funded Washington-Baltimore High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area program, and showed a "lack of judgment" by labeling peaceful groups and individuals as "terrorists" and "security threat groups.""
Is that another way of saying they broke the law? And if so, what are the penalties?
Connecticut Supreme Court struck down the state's civil union law on Friday and ruled that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry. Connecticut thus joins Massachusetts and California as the only states to have legalized gay marriages.
Stuttgart, Germany: A German engineer has acknowledged that he helped procure parts for a centrifuge system that authorities say was meant for Libya's now-abandoned nuclear weapons program, a court said Thursday.
Gotthard Lerch went on trial in June, accused of supplying Libya with sensitive technology in the knowledge that the country was seeking atomic weapons. Prosecutors have accused him of playing a key role in the network led by Pakistani scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan. (...)
Comment: Mainstream journalism and media seem to continue spreading information that has long been cleared as lies:
              The Pakistani scientist blamed for running a rogue network that sold nuclear secrets to North Korea, Iran and Libya has recanted his confession, telling ABC News the Pakistani government and President Perez Musharraf forced him to be a "scapegoat" for the "national interest."
"I don't stand by that," Dr. A.Q. Khan told ABC News in a 35-minute phone interview from his home in Islamabad, where he has been detained since "confessing" that he ran the nuclear network on his own, without the knowledge of the Pakistani government. The interview will be broadcast Friday on "World News With Charles Gibson."
It was his first interview with an American journalist in a series of telephone interviews he has granted this week, marking the 10th anniversary of Pakistan's first test of a nuclear bomb.
As to his widely publicized confession, Khan said he was told by Musharraf that it would get the United States "off our backs" and that he was promised he would be quickly pardoned. "Those people who were supposed to know knew it," Khan said about his activities.
 - Lira Tskhovrebova is the founder of the Association of South Ossetian Women for Democracy and Human Rights and has worked for more than a decade to improve relations between people of Georgian and Ossetian descent in the Caucasus.
 Conn Hallinan    Counterpunch
Jerry Guo is a senior at Yale University who has studied North Korean economics.
Comment: To help explain just what is going on in Pakistan, it may help to read this article: US fighting on both sides in Pakistan
 Zafar Bangash       Media Monitors Network
Comment: It would not be the first time that those folks who are so experienced at creating "suicide bombings" (hint - CIA/MOSSAD) have used this technique to send messages to those who are not "following the script" that has been written by the US/UK/Israel to get them to step back into line with their agenda.
 If you can connect the dots, this would seem to be the case.
Comment: It would seem that the "message" of the Marriott and various suicide bombings has been received by Asif Ali Zardari and he seems, at least on the surface, to have decided to go along with the "war of terror" being committed by the terrorists of the US/UK/Israel governments.
 Andrew J.Bacevich      Chron.com
Bacevich is a professor of history and international relations at Boston University and the author of, most recently, "The Limits of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism."
 Richard Engel     NBC
Comment: Is there any connection between these long-bearded Special Forces, and the "Taliban and al-Qaida fighters" that "have burned down 111 girls schools, destroyed 37 government buildings, blown up 29 bridges, incapacitated the main power plant and cut the gas supply"?
 Mushtaq Yusufzai     TheUnjustMedia.com
Regarding The Taliban And Narcotics  ....        comment    By: Ryan  
"A year later, after American and British troops had removed the Taliban and installed the interim government of Hamid Karzai, the land under cultivation leapt back to 285 square miles, with Afghanistan supplanting Burma to become the world's largest opium producer once more."
"Afghanistan produced record levels of opium in 2007 for the second straight year, led by a staggering 45 percent increase in the Taliban stronghold of Helmand Province, according to a new United Nations survey to be released Monday."
Given that the US/NATO caused the increased trade in narcotics via the invasion of Afghanistan, it seems like par for the course that they continue to do nothing about it. And if the drug trade allows their "enemies" to continue to exist, thus justifying further warfare and propaganda, it serves their purposes to ensure nothing gets done about it.
Lies heaped upon lies heaped upon lies.... that's the "War on Terror" for you.
The head of the French military General Jean-Louis Georgelin on Wednesday backed comments by a senior British military officer's view that the war in Afghanistan was unwinnable.   .......    Georgelin's remarks just a few days after comments by British Brigadier Mark Carleton-Smith.
 Eric S. Margolis         Information Clearing House
 Malalai Joya          The Nation
Editor's Note: October 7 marks the second anniversary of the murder of Anna Politkovskaya, the crusading Russian journalist and outspoken government critic who exposed the brutal treatment of civilians in Chechnya by Russian forces and Moscow-supported Chechen officials. Two years on, Russia shows no political will to bring her killers to justice.
 To honor Politkovskaya and other women like her in the world, the human rights organization Reach All Women in War (RAW in WAR), presented the second annual Anna Politkovskaya Award to Afghan politician and social activist Malalai Joya in London Monday. An elected member of the Afghan Parliament and outspoken critic of warlords and war criminals in the government, Joya was suspended from office on grounds that she had "insulted" fellow representatives in a television interview. She delivered these remarks at the London ceremony.
Riots have broken out in the mixed city of Acre, reportedly triggered when an Israeli Arab man drove his car during the Yom Kippur religious holiday.
Neve Gordon teaches politics at Ben-Gurion University and is the author of ((this book:))Israel's Occupation. Visit his website.
The book has two distinct sources. First and foremost, it is a product of many years of activism in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. My understanding of the forms of control deployed in the Gaza Strip and West Bank began during the first Intifada, initially as a member of the Gaza Team for Human Rights and later as the director of Physicians for Human Rights, Israel. During the second Intifada, I became an active member of Ta'ayush (Arab-Jewish Partnership) and spent much time in the Occupied Territories resisting, together with Palestinians, Israel's abusive policies.(...)
 Kim Petersen     Dissident Voice:
On 24 September, a prominent Canadian politician said that the collective punishment of the Palestinian people "... is the right thing to do." The name candidate with Canada's Liberal Party delivered a shocking statement that is, in essence, advocating a genocide against 1.5 million Palestinians in Gaza.
"Speaking at Toronto's Beth Emeth synagogue, hockey hall-of-fame goalie, former federal cabinet minister, and current member of the Canadian parliament for the Ontario riding of York Centre, Ken Dryden sounded like an arch-Zionist:
'Stop all aid that flows into Gaza. While that may seem a harsh measure that will hurt Palestinian civilians... it is the right thing to do at this time.'" [2] [emphasis added]
Journalist Paul Weinberg considered that Dryden was "trying to out-Israel" his competition from the staunchly pro-Zionist Conservative Party, Rochelle Wilner, a hard-liner and former B'nai Brith president.[2]
Dryden's campaign manager, Ruth Thorkelson, contradicted her candidate. She stated that the Liberal Party position was for a Canadian government boycott of aid but to indirectly support UN assistance.
Since Palestinians in Gaza were already starving,[3] a call for cutting off all aid to Gaza is tantamount to a call for a mass starvation. It is advocating collective punishment - a war crime, as stipulated by the Fourth Geneva Convention. It is advocating genocide.
elEconomista is a business daily based in Madrid (Spain) that is born with the aim of making economics available to everyone. Published by Editorial Ecoprensa SA, it was launched on February 28th, 2006 under the leit motiv “delivering a new concept of financial journalism”.elEconomista.es, the digital version, starts on March 31st. The company’s equity is of 20 million euros, distributed among 18 shareholders.
 The main investor, with a 15%, is the Italian business newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, Europe’s biggest financial daily. Twenty five percent of the voting rights –which include both the employee’s and the promoter’s shares- are syndicated. This situation allows elEconomista to behave as a truly independent publication and therefore to perform real investigative journalism, both in the print and the digital version.
Nishantha Fernando, who had made complaints of torture and bribery against a senior police officer and several other police officers, was shot dead today, 20th September..
http://www.mindanaoexaminer.com/about.php Zamboanga city, southern Phillippines.
Palin represents a greater danger to our country and our Constitution than even Bush is. Look up Rousas Rushdoony, the Chalcedon Foundation ( www.chalcedon.edu ) and Christian Reconstructionism. What they want to see is a theocracy built on biblical law in the ashes of our Constitution! Religious Freedom Coalition presents Christian Reconstructionists What Is Christian Reconstructionism? by Paul Thibodeau http://www.tylwythteg.com/enemies/reconstruct4.html
They have already infiltrated our government at all levels.
Comment: And these attacks come from Palin, who
...has spent more than two and a half decades of her life as a member of an Alaska church which is part of a fanatical Christian-named cult project that is sweeping across America. Palin comes out of the most radical stream of US Born-Again Evangelism known as 'Joel's Army,' an offshoot of what is called Dominionism and sometimes also called the Latter Rain cult or Manifest Sons of God. The movement deliberately attempts to remain below the radar screen.
We are just so fearful that this is not a woman who sees America the way that you and us here see America...((   F. William Engdahl    Global Research
 Frank Schaeffer     The Huffington Post.
(...)  In that sense Palin is the product of my late father Francis Schaeffer, who helped politicize the Evangelicals into the Religious Right through his incendiary books such as A Christian Manifesto (1980) wherein he called for the takeover of America in the name of Christ if, need be, by force if all else failed.
You can't understand Palin without understanding her movement's mentors that crafted the modern Evangelical involvement in politics "for the cause of Christ." These mentors include my late father and also the so-called Dominion Theology movement, led by people even more radical than my father was. Dominion Theology is a subset of Dominionism and Christian Reconstructionism or the "Theonomy" movement. Followers believe that the God revealed in the Bible is the sole source of all human law, and that "God's law" must be established in America. This is the American version of the Taliban.
                   The key Dominionist leader, the late Rousas John Rushdoony, said that Christians should have "dominion" over the earth and every nation in it in the name of not just Jesus Christ but also in the name of the God of the Old Testament. Thus in the best of all worlds we'd be enforcing Old Testament law. We'd be the new version of Calvin's harsh Reformation Geneva wherein heretics were burned and women with illegitimate pregnancies were drowned along with their unborn babies.
The Dominionists have a wide and under-the-mainstream-media radar following in many Evangelical circles. Palin is an ardent Dominionist. ..... 
Palin is by the very nature of her beliefs a born, in fact eager, liar. She can do no other. She must lie or admit she is wrong, about just about everything she believes in, from a young earth, to dinosaurs roaming the planet alongside men, to the nature of global warming, to Israel's place of primacy in the prophetic "End Times" and, lately, as to the causes of the economic meltdown. Get inside Palin's head and you'll hear a little girl telling herself biblical stories where she's always the hero. Palin's fantasy world is about being "called" -- Esther-like -- to "save" her people. And lying for God is okay, in fact it's good. Her biblical heroes (King David, Samson, Queen Esther...) all lied for God when they needed to in order to defeat God's enemies.
Palin is the female version of Bill Murray in the movie Caddyshack fantasizing... "A hush falls on the crowd..." about her destiny of insane godly glory. Only it's not insane, but real, real as McCain's calculated I'll-win-at-all-costs ploy in choosing a fanatic as a running mate.      The election of 2008 is best be understood as (what I and all sane Americans hope) is the last gasp of the desperate born-again religious movement that that has been running America into the ground for the last eight years..... our internal wars of religion, otherwise known as the culture wars, wherein an ignorant hate-filled, frightened American minority is trying to impose on the United States its own version of religion, in the same way that Saudi fanatics have imposed strict Islam on their unfortunate fellow citizens.
.... What she didn't mention was that the greatest threat to American freedom is coming from the unhinged religious fanatics who are feeding on her poisonous lies, re-energized by a vision of overt "he's not like us!" racist politics on behalf of their God.
Frank Schaeffer is the author of Crazy For God -- How I Grew Up As One Of The Elect, Helped Found The Religious Right, And Lived To Take All (Or Almost All) Of It Back.
 Now in Paperback 
Right On Frank!     comment   By: Garnet
I was wondering when you were going to pop out of the woodwork to help expose the hatred and lies of the Dominionists. And their psychopathic god Yahweh. ////
Antinomian Nightmare          comment     By: Sankara
This sounds like the Shabbatean 'dogmas', lying, killing, etc... in the name of yahweh is right when it advance the 'cause'... So this is the same psychopatic pattern that is followed by Sarkosy..  Isn't zionist evangelism a form of antinomian christianity?
 Shirley Bianchi          OpEdNews.com
(...)  The CIA was subsidizing the immigration of European Nazis and fascists in order to build a far-right power bloc as a hedge against communism. Its primary vehicle became the Republican Party." The Republican Party organized a subsidiary group called the Republican Heritage Groups Council in 1969. It is interesting to Google the organization for further information. There is more there than can possibly be in an article of this length.
One of the sites that came up in the Google search is 'nazigop', and an article by Carla Binion, 2000, "Nazis and the Republican Party." In this article Binion quotes extensively from Russ Bellant's book, Old Nazis, The New Right, and The Republican Party, which I had read years ago, since loaned out, and lost track of. It was published in about 1988. Bellant had been intrigued by an article in the Washington Jewish Week stating the George H. W. Bush had some six former Nazi and fascist sympathizers on his campaign committee.... After a time, an intern reporter for the local paper came up to interview us as to why we were there, since we were Democrats. The woman heard us, and called me over to her. She asked if I were a Democrat, and I answered in the affirmative. Her next comment really jolted me. "You'd better be glad I don't have a gun because if I did, I'd shoot you." Having someone threaten to shoot you, eye to eye, tends to focus one's attention. In this case, on the radical Republican right.    ......  After reading the book, my opinion is that Erik Prince, the 'CEO' of Blackwater USA, a conservative Catholic, believes wholeheartedly that the capitalist system is Christ's own. In short, he is a 'true believer', and to paraphrase Hawkeye from M*A*S*H, this is NOT the 'finest kind'. Christian fundamentalism is no better or worse than fundamentalism of any religion, or lack thereof. It is a blind adherence to someone else's interpretation of that religion, and usually that someone else has something other than God in mind. One of the most distressing points about Blackwater USA is that it does not adhere to the Uniform Code of Military Justice. It operates under orders from Bush, Cheney, the military or whomever. Just as the Waffen SS operated under Himmler. ....  How did I get from fascism to Christian fundamentalism? By way of the book, American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America, Chris Hedges.
"Dr. James Luther Adams, my ethics professor at Harvard Divinity School, told us that when we were his age - he was then close to 80 - we would all be fighting the 'Christian fascists'."
"The warning, given to me nearly 25 years ago, came at the moment Pat Robertson and other radio and televangelists began speaking about a new political religion that would direct is efforts at taking control of all institutions, including mainstream denominations and the government. Its stated goal was to use the United States to create a global Christian empire. It was hard, at the time, to take such fantastic rhetoric seriously, especially given the buffoonish quality of leaders in the Christian Right who expounded it. But Adams warned us against the blindness caused by intellectual snobbery.
 The Nazis, he said were not going to return with swastikas and brown shirts. Their ideological inheritors in America had found a mask for fascism in patriotism and the pages of the Bible."
Comment: Note that behind Nazism, Christian fundamentalism and Zionism, lies the face of psychopathy calling upon it religions and political parties to hide its conscienceless and inhuman nature from the eyes of the public.
Andrew M. Lobaczewski has warned us:
The actions of [pathocracy] affect an entire society, starting with the leaders and infiltrating every town, business, and institution. The pathological social structure gradually covers the entire country creating a "new class" within that nation. This privileged class feels permanently threatened by the "others", i.e. by the majority of normal people. Neither do the pathocrats entertain any illusions about their personal fate should there be a return to the system of normal man.
Thus, the biological, psychological, moral, and economic destruction of this majority of normal people is a "biological" necessity to the pathocrats. Many means serve this end, starting with concentration camps and including warfare with an obstinate, well-armed foe who will devastate and debilitate the human power thrown at him, namely the very power jeopardizing pathocrats rule. Once safely dead, the soldiers will thereupon be decreed heroes to be revered, useful for raising a new generation faithful to the pathocracy.   http://www.ponerology.com/
In the author’s opinion, Ponerology reveals itself to be a new branch of science born out of historical need and the most recent accomplishments of medicine and psychology. In light of objective naturalistic language, it studies the causal components and processes of the genesis of evil, regardless of the latter’s social scope. We may attempt to analyze these ponerogenic processes which have given rise to human injustice, armed with proper knowledge, particularly in the area of psychopathology. Again and again, as the reader will discover, in such a study, we meet with the effects of pathological factors whose carriers are people characterized by some degree of various psychological deviations or defects.” (Lobaczewski, 42)
With very few exceptions down the ages, discussions in moral philosophy - the study of right conduct - have failed to systematically investigate the origin, nature, and course of evil in a manner free from supernatural imaginings. Evil was often considered something to be endured rather than something that could be understood and eliminated by rational measures. And - as Lobaczewski demonstrates - the origin of evil actually lies outside the boundaries of the conventional worldview within which the earlier moral inquiries and literary explorations were conducted. Evil requires a truly modern and scientific approach to lay bare its secrets. This approach is called “ponerology”, the study of evil, from the Greek “poneros” = evil. (...)
Political Ponerology is a study of the founders and supporters of oppressive political regimes. Lobaczewski’s approach analyzes the common factors that lead to the propagation of man’s inhumanity to man. Morality and humanism cannot long withstand the predations of this evil.
 Knowledge of its nature – and its insidious effect on both individuals and groups -
is the only antidote.
 Sheila Samples      Yurica Report    Mon, 22 May 2006
(...) The U.S. Council for World Freedom was part of an international organization linked to former Nazi collaborators and ultra-right-wing death squads in Central America. The group was dedicated to stamping out communism around the globe.
The council's founder, retired Army Maj. Gen. John Singlaub, said McCain became associated with the organization in the early 1980s as McCain was launching his political career in Arizona.
Don't tell Obama and McCain, but the war they are both counting on to make their bones as commander-in-chief -- the "good war" in Afghanistan, which both men have pledged to expand -- is already lost. Their joint strategy of pouring more troops, tanks, missiles and planes into the roaring fire -- not to mention their intention to spread the war into Pakistan -- will only lead to disaster.
Who says so? America's biggest ally in the Afghan adventure: Great Britain. This week, two top figures in the British effort in Afghanistan -- Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, UK ambassador to Kabul, and Brigadier Mark Carleton-Smith, the senior British military commander in Afghanistan -- both said that the war was "unwinnable," and that continuing the current level of military operations there, much less expanding it, was a strategy "doomed to fail."
The biggest headlines went to the comments by Cowper-Coles, whose frank assessment was quoted in a secret French diplomatic cable that was published by a muckraking French magazine last week.
(...) For those who have grown up with Zionism programmed into them from birth, there are simply certain places that the mind cannot go. For this reason, Zionism is the greatest obstacle to peace. Challenging it, unfortunately, is no easy feat since it has become an integral part of all Jewish community life everywhere. The Jewish school, the Jewish camp, the Jewish campus clubs, the Jewish day care, the local Jewish community center, even the shul - in all of these places one absorbs Zionist ideology through osmosis. Unless you belong to one of the anti-Zionist ultra-orthodox sects such as Neturei Karta, to reject Zionism is to tear yourself apart from the connection to friends, family, and Jewish life. Increasingly, there are small anti-Zionist Jewish spaces opening up, and though they are marginal and not always accessible, their importance should be underestimated. Only if there exists the ability to participate as an anti-Zionist and a Jew in some sort of Jewish life will the risk associated with breaking from Zionism diminish. And only by rejecting Zionism can we who are Jewish break free from the trap we have created for ourselves, the trap of a Jewish state.
Jason Kunin is a Toronto teacher.
Look Who's Talking   comment    By: Y-truth
Popesie should know. The Vatican holds a considerable amount of the stolen gold and treasures of the world.
Sunday, 12 October 2008
Taking Back Congress - What Americans Must Do Now
'We have four weeks until the U.S. elections. Four weeks to spread the viral word through emails, fliers, any tools we’ve got, that now is the time for Americans to take back their Congress, to elect representatives who represent the will and best interest of the people.'

This is the time to send out the idea into the American consciousness that we must kick out every Senator and House Representative who voted for the bailout bill. If we can convince our fellows of that, and if we elect a new Congress that represents the people, we have real hope of turning around our situation.

A Congress filled with the people’s people would repeal the Patriot Act, dissolve the Federal Reserve, reinstate tariffs, and do all the other legal things necessary to restore our sovereignty and freedoms. A Congress that represents the people will say no to the manipulations of a power-elite president, and such a president will be weak without a Congress ratifying his schemes.

CONGRESS IS THE KEY. To elect a good one, we need to each work locally, first by examining the roster of candidates to determine those who are the power players and those who are decent folk. We need to research who’s running and decide who among them should represent us. If there is a U.S. Senate or U.S. House position that has no candidate running except for power-elites, we must invent a stout write-in candidate for that job. Phone him or her and ask if they’d be willing to go to Washington for a term if the people are able to get them in through a grassroots campaign. If they agree, create a viral flurry within your district/state to elect that write-in candidate along with the decent people who are already running on the ballot.

If you do a web-search for “write-in candidate U.S. Senate” or “write-in candidate U.S. House,” you will see that people get elected that way all the time. This is a practical strategy that can work, but it takes some work, and we have 4 weeks to do it. If you possibly can, research people running for House districts other than your own, and include the names of “the good guys” running in the other districts in your viral campaign. At the bottom of every email, include a note “SPREAD THIS E-MAIL FAR AND WIDE. IF YOU DO, WE CAN RESTORE CONGRESS TO THE PEOPLE.”

Our emails must always remind of the ultimate truth: that the crash was intentionally manipulated by the power-elite to move the world closer toward global fascist economy and government, and that anyone who voted to support the bailout is either a fool or in league with that power elite. But we must argue further (for those not yet convinced there’s a global agenda) that even if you don’t believe the disaster was intentional, it’s plain to see that those in Congress who voted for the bailout thumbed their noses at the will of the people they were elected to represent and instead accepted the solution of the very individuals who caused the problem in the first place: the U.S. Secretary of Treasury and the chairman of the Federal Reserve. We must route out the Congressional representatives who cave to pressure, power, and flattery (i.e., Obama phone call) and replace them with decent, ordinary folk whose only interest is what’s best for their people.

Any angry American can see the reasonableness behind that logic, once it is explained to them. It won’t be hard to mobilize a grassroots back-kick and to elect a “people’s Congress” if we put forth some effort. Is it worth the trouble? I don’t think anyone reading this could deny that.(...)

What is the alternative if we don’t take this action, except a continuing march toward even greater tyranny? Starting a viral campaign now to restore Congress to the people is a peaceable, powerful way to subvert the efforts of the power-elite to create a police state in America. If we don’t act now, if we allow our fear or discouragement to render us deer in the headlights, we are responsible, right along with the power-mongers and head-in-the-sand Americans, for the marshal law that follows. Do we really want that on our conscience? (...)


NOTE: Check out these two links to see

 how each of the Senators and House Reps voted on the bailout.

Bronte Baxter


Sunday, 12 October 2008
Spreading NAFTA's Love Across The Atlantic / by Dana Gabriel.
'Canada and the European Union (EU) are set to begin preliminary discussions on deeper economic integration a mere three days after the election. It has been reported that the proposed trade deal will far exceed NAFTA. Some see this as an opportunity to possibly update the 15 year-old accord. Stephen Harper is busy telling Canadians that only a Conservative majority government will be able to bring confidence back and stabilize the economy. That is why I find it a little strange that this has not become a pillar of the Conservatives economic platform. Harper has decided not to release the full text of the draft proposal until after the election on October 14.
The reality is that such an agreement with the EU will be no different than NAFTA      in the sense that it will be used to further advance corporate interests.'
For the past several months, Canadian officials have been hard at work negotiating with EU representatives. They have compiled a detailed study that will be unveiled after the election. Talks could begin as early as October 17 at a summit in Montreal , with formal negotiations set to begin in 2009. Just as the case with the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) labour, citizen groups and the public at large havebeen excludedfrom anydiscussions.
             Many support this trade initiative because they wish to lessen Canada’s dependency on the American economy. This agreement has a better chance of succeeding if Harper is re-elected Prime Minister. There still remains much secrecy surrounding trade talks with the EU, and up to this point, Harper appears to be reluctant to make this an election issue.
He ((A.A.))went on to say, “If the EU and Canada join hands, the U.S. and Mexico will be eager to join the party.”  Some believe that such an agreement will further advance North American integration while spreading NAFTA to Europe. ...  In April of 2007, it was announced with very little fanfare that the U.S.-EU had reached a deal on a new Trans-Atlantic Economic Partnership. ....He (( JMB)) also stated, “the time has come to start thinking of an Atlantic Agenda for Globalisation.” With the further erosion of national sovereignty and continued economic, social, cultural and environmental integration, we are on an undeniable path towards world government. ...
The global elite, pushing for world government, are using the current financial turmoil to acquire more wealth and power. Economic uncertainty could also be used to usher in a North American Union with its own currency. A Canada-EU trade deal is yet another incremental step towards global governance.
Sunday, 12 October 2008
Bankruptcy, Theft & Fear
'Why does the U.S. ruling elite en masse accept passively the Rothschild kleptastrophe? The answer is simple. Our ruling elite are no longer domestic factory owners, they no longer control productive capactiy in the US. There are no domestic capitalists left in the USA. They have exchanged ownership in real wealth for speculative international portfolios at the mercy of the Money Power. They sold out to the Rothshild-Rockefeller-Zhou credit monopoly and are fully invested in China ventures. They have tied their fortunes to the destruction of the United States economy and people. They go along because they have nowhere else to go, they have no feet of their own to stand on. (...)
1859. Crétineau Joly's book published containing documents of Haute Vente Romaine (parallels quoted by me).
1860. Alliance Israëlite Universelle founded.
1864. 1st Internationale taken over by Karl Marx.
" Alliance Sociale Démocratique of Bakunin founded (parallels quoted by me).
" Maurice Joly's Dialogue aux Enfers published (parallels quoted by Times).
1866. 1st Congress of Internationale at Geneva.
1868. Goedsche's Biarritz (parallels quoted by Mr. Lucien Wolf).
1869. Gougenot Des Mousseaux's Le Juif, etc.
" Bakunin's Polémique contre les Juifs.
But from the moment the Protocols were published the Jews and their friends had recourse to every tortuous method of defence, brought pressure to bear on the publishers—succeeded, in fact, in temporarily stopping the sales—appealed to the Home Secretary to order their suppression, concocted one clinching refutation after another, all mutually exclusive of each other, so that by the time the solution now pronounced to be the correct one appeared, we had already been assured half a dozen times that the Protocols had been completely and finally refuted. And when at last a really plausible explanation had been discovered, why was it not presented in a convincing manner? All that was necessary was to state that the origin of the Protocols had been found in the work of Maurice Joly, giving parallels in support of this assertion. What need to envelop a good case in a web of obvious romance? Why all this parade of confidential sources of information, the pretence that Joly's book was so rare as to be almost unfindable when a search in the libraries would have proved the contrary? Why these allusions to Constantinople as the place "to find the key to dark secrets," to the mysterious Mr. X. who does not wish his real name to be known, and to the anonymous ex-officer of the Okhrana from whom by mere chance he bought the very copy of the Dialogues used for the fabrication of the Protocols by the Okhrana itself, although this fact was unknown to the officer in question? Why, further, should Mr. X., if he were a Russian landowner, Orthodox by religion and a Constitutional Monarchist, be so anxious to discredit his fellow Monarchists by making the outrageous assertion that "the only occult Masonic organization such as the Protocols speak of"—that is to say, a Machiavellian system of an abominable kind—which he had been able to discover in Southern Russia "was a Monarchist one"?
It is evident then that the complete story of the Protocols has not yet been told, and that much yet remains to be discovered concerning this mysterious affair.
October 11, 2008 10:16 AM

NESARA will Give Americans Money When Fixing Bailout

October 11, 2008 10:18 AM

Black Friday?

October 11, 2008 10:57 AM

A Solution?

Instead of wasting $700 billion on a bailout of the guilty that does not address the problem, the money should be used to refinance the troubled mortgages, as was done during the Great Depression. If the mortgages were not defaulting, the income flows from the mortgage interest through to the holders of the mortgage-backed securities would be restored. Thus, the solvency problem faced by the holders of these securities would be at an end.
The financial markets must be carefully re-regulated, not over-regulated or wrongly regulated.
To shore up the credibility of the US Treasury’s own credit rating and the US dollar as world reserve currency, the US budget and trade deficits must be addressed. The US budget deficit can be eliminated by halting the Bush Regime’s gratuitous wars and by cutting the extravagant US military budget. The US spends more on military than the rest of the world combined. This is insane and unaffordable. A balanced budget is a signal to the world that the US government is serious and is taking measures to reduce its demand on the supply of world savings.(...)
October 11, 2008 10:20 AM

The Death and Rebirth of a New World Order

October 11, 2008 10:21 AM

Secrets of the Bank of England Revealed at Last!!

http://www.reformation.org/page2.html#The%20Wonders  home page
October 11, 2008 11:15 AM


Karl Denninger

   Reprinted from MARKET TICKER
[In this article and in another entitled "Time Is Up for Congress--And America", Denninger explains that we are experiencing nothing less than a global economic Katrina. Many of us have been ranting for years about collapse, but the ranting is over. Collapse is here, collapse is now. What are you doing about it?--Carolyn Baker]
This is now a national emergency.

Channeled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

It's in the DNA!
This live channelling was Given in Kelowna, BC, Canada
June 28, 2008.
To help the reader, this channelling has been rechannelled [by Lee and Kryon] and added onto to provide even clearer understanding. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in beautiful Kelowna.
October 11, 2008 12:18 PM

Securing Your Freedom - Christian Liberty from Legal Slavery (Updated Oct. 11, 2008)

 www.lawgiver.org .. no link??
From: "Eldon Warman" <egwarman@outgun.com>
To: <bellringer@fourwinds10.com>
Sent: Friday, October 10, 2008 10:47 AM
Subject: Re: Securing Your Freedom - Christian Liberty from Legal Slavery
Regarding the recent post on fourwinds10.com
"Securing Your Freedom - Christian Liberty from Legal Slavery"
The author misses a very important point. Contract is between
those of equal status. However, a slave does not contract with
the slave-owner, or vice versa. There is a whole different legal
system used when the people interact with the slave-owner, the
corporate State or corporate Crown in Canada.
The author seems to imply that being a Christian makes one free
of being in the slave status. That is not so, and never has been,
as all Roman citizens were of slave status belonging to the
corporate Rome, and all humankind was declared to be of slave
status to the Pontiff of Rome in 1302 [Papal Bull Unam Sanctam].
Nothing has changed that declared status.
The following is my response to this post:
The NAME GAME Explained
Recent research here in Canada shows that the income
tax is imposed based upon the 'property right', and
that property right is the property right of the
corporate Crown in Canada, and corporate State (be
it a State or the UNITED STATES) in the USA.
The 'Crown' is the administrative corporation of the
Pontiff of Rome owned City of London, the financial,
legal and professional standards capitol of/for the
Vatican,                         The City of London is a square mile area
within Greater London, England, and is an independent
In the USA, the administrative corporation for the
Pontiff of Rome is the UNITED STATES, and that
corporation administers the Vatican capitol for
military purposes called Columbia, or the District
of Columbia. The UNITED STATES also administers the
50 sub-corporate States of the United States of America,
identified with the 2 cap letters - CA, OR, WA, etc.
All adult humans are deceived into using the fiction name,
as imprinted on the copy of the birth certificate you
receive when ordering it from Provincial/State Vital
Statistics, or to whatever source you apply. Although
the birth certificate is of somewhat recent origin and
used to formally offer 'citizens' as chattel in bankruptcy
to the Pope's Holy Roman Empire owned Rothschilds' Banking
System, the false use of the family name goes back into
the Middle Ages in England.
 Thus, it is with the family  name made a primary, or surname,  (Mister Jones), and
the given names of the child (Peter) made a reference
name to the primary name. This is the reverse or mirror
image to reality. A 'family name' is NOT a man's name -
it is a name of a clan - a blood relationship. [Replace
the name, Peter Jones, with your given and family name.]
We are then 'forced' or 'obliged' to use that name in
all commercial and Government dealings and communications.
So, when we do use it, as 99.99% of the human inhabitants
of North America do, we supposedly 'voluntarily' attach
ourselves, the free will adult human, to the Crown/State
owned property, called the 'legal identity name' as an
accessory attached to property owned by Another party.
The Crown/State then invokes the legal maxim, accessio
cedit principali, [an accessory attached to a principal
becomes the property of the owner of the principal],
where the principal is the legal identity name as
'intellectual property', the owner is the corporation
called the Crown/State or UNITED STATES, and the accessory
is the free will human who has supposedly volunteered
himself to be 'property by attachment' of the Crown/State.
An adult human who is property is, and by any other name,
a 'slave', be it citizen, subject or freeman.
I would point out here that all concepts that teach that
the relationship between free will man and Government/
corporate bodies is contractual are incorrect.
 All supposed remedies in contract law, American UCC or
Canadian PPSA are 'red herring' diversions - some
intended, and some in ignorance by the teachers.
As a slave, one's property in possession, including
body and labor, belongs to the slave owner 100%. And,
the property right is a bundle of rights - own, use,
sell, gift, bequeath and hypothecate property.
Thus, ALL 'income' resulting from the owned human slave's
mental and/or physical labor belongs to the slave owner.
That which is left with or granted to the slave for his
own use and maintenance is called a 'benefit'.
 In Canada, the 'return of income' [the phrase itself tells the story]
is called a T1 'tax and benefits package'. The T1 or 1040
is an accounting by the slave of his fruits of labor that
belongs to the slave owner, and the prescribed 'benefits'
that he may keep or have back from withholding.
Thus, all income tax cases', in reality, result from fraud,
illegal concealment and theft by the accused slave of
the slave owner's 'property'.
Going back to an above paragraph, we find that the attachment
of oneself to the Crown/State owned name is 'assumed to be
voluntary', as the Crown/State has no valid right to impose
slavery upon adult humans against their will. And, constitutional
prohibitions of slavery only encompasses ' involuntary
servitude', not 'voluntary servitude'.
Anyone working as an employee is in a contract of voluntary servitude - direction
and time control by, and obedience and loyalty to the employer.
Until we 'assumed to be slaves' get our heads around this key
to the lock that holds our chains of slavery around our necks
and ankles, we will continue to attempt to swim with that
100 lb ball chained to our leg.
Reports of unsuccessful attempts at paying government imposed
debts using the Canadian Bills of Exchange Act or US UCC
provisions of settling an account proved that there was no
contract issue between a Canadian or American adult human and
the Government as is commonly taught by some patriot gurus.
Under contract, a 'bill' is a method of equalizing a contract -
like value exchanged for like value.
However, under the 'property right' of a slave owner in regard to property in
the possession of an owned slave, a 'demand' for the property
by the slave owner, or the slave owner's agent (such as the IRS,
or county tax collector, or for a court imposed fine),
is all that is necessary, without regard to due process of law.
Remember, ALL that a slave possesses belongs to the slave owner.
I am NOT saying you ARE a slave.
I just point out to you that Government, and its employees, judges and officers
 SEE you as a SLAVE.
However, since we are 'forced to', or 'obliged to' use the
Crown/State owned legal identity name in all commercial and
government dealings, services and communications, we can make
a 'claim of right' under the Rule of Private Necessity - with
the necessity being the means to sustain and maintain our life,
as all food, shelter, clothing, means of travel and that which
answers our need for happiness all has to be obtained or used
in the realms of commerce.
Briefly, commerce is all communications,
contracts, and other interrelations and interactions with other
parties, which includes government.
This should counter the claim that we 'voluntarily' attach
ourselves to Crown/State property.
 Repeating - The Private Necessity is that we cannot do anything in relation to life,
liberty, property or due process of law without using the
Crown/State owned name, and thus we cannot sustain or maintain
our lives without that fiction name.
Also, a Freedom Of Information Demand should be sent to the
Minister, or Representative requesting the authority, date,
means and methods by which you, a free will man (m or f)
became a slave owned by the corporate Crown or State.
A process that has worked recently in Texas is the 'surrender'
of the copy of the birth certificate one has in possession to
a judge, or the judge assigned to a case where you, in the
legal identity name, are the defendant, in an 'in chambers'
hearing. Some call this 'surrender' of the defendant (the legal
identity name) as being on the 'private side' using the Biblical
method of settling disputes privately if possible.
This is preferred to 'surrendering it in court' as that is on
the 'public side', and as a human presence in the court  room,
the assumption that you are an attachment to the legal identity
name has already been made.
 And being attached as an accessory
to it, you become surety, guarantor and do 'represent' the
legal identity name defendant.
Eldon Warman
[A non-commercial website of ministry]
 USA nuked Iraq during Gulf War – report
An American war veteran has claimed that the U.S. dropped a nuclear bomb during the last days of the first Gulf War in Iraq in 1991.
October 10, 2008, 17:48
Jim Brown, a mechanic in the U.S. Army’s 10th Mountain Division at the time, told Italian channel RaiNews24 that coalition forces dropped a 5-kilotonne nuclear bomb in a deserted area near the city of Basra.
The bombing allegedly took place in February 27, the last day of hostilities.
The news channel says it investigated the claims and decided to report on them after learning about data from the UK-based International Seismological Centre. It showed an event registered on the date in question that could have been consistent with a five kilitonne explosion.
In a 30 minute programme on the accusations, RaiNews24 showed an interview with Iraqi doctor Jawad al-Ali who heads the Oncology Centre at the largest hospital in Basra. He said the number of tumours in Basra increased from 32 in 1989 to 600 in 2002 and believes the surge was caused by massive use of depleted uranium munitions during the war.
The United States Central Command told Italian reporter Maurizio Torrealta that no nuclear weapons were used during the Gulf War in 1991. They suggested a conventional bomb dropped on the day, like the BLU-82 Daisy Cutter, could have been recorded by seismologists.
Gulf War
The operation ‘Desert Storm’, which the media widely referred to as the Gulf War, was a military operation of a 34 country coalition led by the U.S. against Iraq. It followed the Iraqi invasion into neighbouring Kuwait over alleged stealing of oil in border territories.
The operation is seen by many military experts as pivotal for the way warfare is done. Coalition forces relied heavily on air strikes with precision weapons on Iraqi targets, thus avoiding direct ground combat. The war also had unprecedented coverage in the media.
BLU-82 Daisy Cutter
The BLU-82 was a 6800kg bomb originally designed to create jungle clearance during the Vietnam War. Later it was used as an anti-personnel and intimidation weapon due to its explosion with a huge flash and sound.
A total of 11 of these bombs were used during the Gulf War. Now BLU-82 is not used by the U.S. military, with the last one dropped in July 2008 at a test range.
Bush saved Iran from Israel’s counter-nuke strike – report
‘U.S. may use Georgian air bases to strike at Iran’
U.S. missile crew fall asleep on duty
Vlad the Bad & Dmitry the Gitry TagTeam Is Here.

Lyndon LaRouche  

Yakunin On Eve Of Rhodes Forum: The Agenda Is New Financial System
Oct. 10, 2008 (LPAC) -- Vladimir Yakunin, CEO of the state-owned company Russian Railways and co-founder of the World Public Forum-Dialogue of Civilizations, told an Oct. 8 Moscow press conference that a new financial architecture would be front and center at this year's Rhodes Conference, which opened yesterday on the Greek island. The Russian Information Agency Novosti put out a wire highlighting this element of what Yakunin said.
       At the top of the agenda, he said, is "finances and the economy, which are manifestations of intercivilizational development." The financial crisis, Yakunin stressed, "derived not from financial management in any one country, but from the international financial architecture." Last month, Yakunin told the business daily Kommersant that American economist Lyndon LaRouche was the one who had warned him beforehand, that such a systemic financial crisis was going to break open.
       Now, said Yakunin, there is "an enormous pyramid," but "the Russian leadership, the Persian Gulf countries, and Asian nations are thinking about an alternative." He is confident that "in the near future, we shall see a financial system that is different from the one we are used to," and Russia "can be a full-fledged member of this new world economic system."
October 11, 2008 1:29 PM

Once Upon A Time On Skid Row

At the beginning of the third year, the interest rate on the loan rises from zero to 10%, as agreed. Now, the Homeless Person has to fork over $7.16 a month instead of $5. The HP balks. Heck, he was barely making the $5 payments! He simply can't do the extra two dollars. He's STILL HOMELESS, still has a negative net worth. So, he eventually stops making payments altogether. He realizes that being broke was easier!
Now, let's say that all the Homeless People who took out loans with you decide to walk away from THEIR payments as well.
Pop Quiz #2: What happens when a significant number of debtors default at once?
That's right! The "credit events" in the CDS contracts are triggered. "Shifty the Banker" is now obligated to make IMMEDIATE PAYMENT to all of the Investors who have credit insurance with him. The problem? Ol' Shifty, just like all bankers, is highly "leveraged". That means he doesn't have thousands and thousands of dollars of cash on hand. He's spent his premiums on luxuries, vacations, mistresses, etc. He now owes out thousands of dollars that he cannot immediately pay! "Shifty the Banker" is now in need of...
...a "Bailout". He goes to the rest of The Neighborhood, a neighborhood that he's never done anything for but to suck blood out of them, and ORDERS them to loan him thousands and thousands of dollars. He even threatens them with financial ruin if they don't give him what he's demanding.
Talk about chutzpah.
It is difficult to tell how much money Shifty will need because it is nearly impossible to determine the value of these "Homeless-Backed Securities". Remember when they were split up into "Groups"? What if Group "A" has all defaulted but Groups "B" and "C" are all paying as agreed? Does that make the whole security "bad"? Do you just count Group "A" in the bailout? Multiply the above scenario by the hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions(?) and you will have an idea of how this Global Crisis REALLY happened.
Final Pop Quiz #3: Who bears the MOST responsibility for this crisis?
Hmmm, you've got multiple choice there. I'll tell you who bears the least responsibility- THE NEIGHBORHOOD and THE HOMELESS PERSON. The Homeless Person knew he was destitute. Someone throws money at him, what's he supposed to do? Turn it down? The Neigborhood was minding their own business. Now, some bloodsucker is banging on their doors determined to turn their pockets inside-out???
There's plenty of blame to go around, plenty. But the "money men" are the ones who are deeply responsible for crafting this scheme KNOWING FULL WELL THAT IT WOULD EVENTUALLY END IN COLLAPSE!!
I hope this has been enlightening, and if not, then I hope it has at least been entertaining!
~~ G
[Ed. Note: This report should be read from its website location at
http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index1153.htm as this email copy does not
contain the links embedded in the original report.]

October 13, 2008

$516 Trillion ‘Time Bomb’ Set To Destroy World Economy

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Today our World is staring into the abyss of total economic collapse on
a scale unseen since the Great Market Crash of 1929, and which has been
succinctly stated by London economic expert Will Hutton who has stated:

“In the week of the crash in 1929, Wall Street fell by 23 per cent. Last
week, it fell by 18 per cent, London and Frankfurt by 21 per cent and
Japan's Nikkei by 24 per cent. Every major financial centre's interbank
market is frozen. Trust and confidence have collapsed; the global system
is paralysed on a scale that now surpasses 1929. There is a combination
of a worldwide bank run, seizure of credit markets and collapse of asset
values that could plunge the globe into a depression.”

Stanford University economist Nick Bloom has further warned the London
Times that “the recent volatility of the stock market is on a par with
the 1929 crash and subsequent episodes in that period when the
Depression took hold. Bloom, who spends some of his time at the London
School of Economics, is one of a number of economists who think it is
not the level of the stock market that counts but the extent to which it
fluctuates. Recent days have seen some of the wildest fluctuations ever,
which leads him to think a bad recession is on the way. Britain, he
says, could experience a 3% contraction in the economy next year. That
may not sound much, but if it happens, it will count as the worst year
since the 1930s.”

[Note: “In October 1929 shares on Wall Street fell sharply following a
speculative boom during the "Roaring Twenties". In two days the Dow
Jones industrial average fell by 25% (ending on Black Tuesday, 29
October). The volume of stocks traded set a record that was not broken
for 40 years. When it finally reached its record low in July 1932, the
Dow Jones had fallen 89%, and it did not recover to 1929 levels until
1954.” BBC Worldwide News Service]

But, to the direst warning of the abyss our World is facing we can read
as reported by the London Times News Service in their article titled
“IMF warns that markets could collapse by another 20% ”, and which says:

“The world is on the brink of financial meltdown, the head of the
International Monetary Fund (IMF) said last night. His bleak warning
came as finance ministers tried to calm the frenzy in markets that saw
share prices crash by more than 20% last week.

Separately, the IMF’s chief economist predicted that shares could slump
by another 20% before stabilising. G7 finance ministers pledged to take
all necessary steps to support the banking system and stave off an
economic slump.
Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the head of the IMF, warned that the measures so
far “have not yet achieved the goal of stabilising markets and
bolstering confidence”.
He said: “Intensifying solvency concerns about a number of the largest
US-based and European financial institutions have pushed the global
financial system to the brink of systemic meltdown.”

Even worse, and to what US billionaire Warren Buffett has called the
real 'weapons of mass destruction', the ticking $516 Trillion ‘time
bomb’ of the Global derivatives market is set to explode upon all of us,
and as we can read as reported by London’s Independent News Service:

“The market is worth more than $516 trillion, (£303 trillion), roughly
10 times the value of the entire world's output: it's been called the
"ticking time-bomb".
It's a market in which the lead protagonists – typically aggressive,
highly educated, and now wealthy young men – have flourished in the
derivatives boom. But it's a market that is set to come to a crashing
halt – the Great Unwind has begun.

Last week the beginning of the end started for many hedge funds with the
combination of diving market values and worried investors pulling out
their cash for safer climes.
Some of the world's biggest hedge funds – SAC Capital, Lone Pine and
Tiger Global – all revealed they were sitting on double-digit losses
this year. September's falls wiped out any profits made in the rest of
the year. Polygon, once a darling of the London hedge fund circuit, last
week said it was capping the basic salaries of its managers to £100,000
each. Not bad for the average punter but some way off the tens of
millions plundered by these hotshots during the good times. But few will
be shedding any tears.

The complex and opaque derivatives markets in which these hedge funds
played has been dubbed the world's biggest black hole because they
operate outside of the grasp of governments, tax inspectors and
regulators. They operate in a parallel, shadow world to the rest of the
banking system. They are private contracts between two companies or
institutions which can't be controlled or properly assessed.
 In themselves derivative contracts are not dangerous, but if one of them
should go wrong – the bad 2 per cent as it's been called – then it is
the domino effect which could be so enormous and scary.

Most markets have something behind them. Central banks require reserves
– something that backs up the transaction. But derivatives don't have
anything – because they are not real money, but paper money.”

This concept of ‘not real’ money plunging the World’s economic systems
into the abyss has been further emphasized by Yale economist Robert
Shiller, who has stated bluntly:
“If you're looking to track down your missing money — figure out who has
it now, maybe ask to have it back — you might be disappointed to learn
that is was never really money in the first place.

The notion that you lose a pile of money whenever the stock market tanks
is a "fallacy." He says the price of a stock has never been the same
thing as money — it's simply the "best guess" of what the stock is
"It's in people's minds," Shiller explains. "We're just recording a
measure of what people think the stock market is worth. What the people
who are willing to trade today — who are very, very few people — are
actually trading at. So we're just extrapolating that and thinking,
well, maybe that's what everyone thinks it's worth."

Shiller uses the example of an appraiser who values a house at $350,000,
a week after saying it was worth $400,000. "In a sense, $50,000 just
disappeared when he said that," he said. "But it's all in the mind.”

But, in our World today, and where perception holds much greater weight
than reality, this massive battle between the forces of ‘real money’ and
‘not real money’ are having their intended, and designed effect,
 and which virtually assures the continued destruction of the current Global
economic system, and as we can read:

“For many bystanders, the drama is compelling. Newspapers and TV
channels report the crisis much as they did Hurricane Katrina or the
Indonesian tsunami: a mixture of shock, awe and lots of
computer-generated graphics. We know in our hearts that this will hurt
us all, but the lingering feeling that the world has changed for ever in
just 30 days leaves us giddy.
The anxiety is also contagious. No matter how secure one’s personal
finances, it is impossible not to feel a frisson of panic at the thought
that bank ATM machines might run out of cash, or pay-cheques might
vanish into the ether: both very real prospects until the Government
stepped in to underwrite the bank clearing system on Tuesday. Even now,
there are scenarios so destabilising they are barely mentioned.

Our fear explains why Friday’s sell-off was so brutal. This delayed
reaction to a month of almost unbelievably bad news in the credit
markets was driven primarily by ordinary investors – Mr & Mrs Average
finally deciding to cash in their pension nest egg for fear it might be
cracked beyond repair by Monday.
All round the world, fund managers reported a huge surge in customers
demanding their money back. The professionals panicked long ago.

Ironically, the worst of the financial crisis may, just possibly, have
passed. Friday also exhibited many of the hallmarks of what market
historians call “capitulation” – the moment when even the optimists lose
The sad lesson of past stock-market crashes is that the point when
ordinary punters finally realise it is time to get out usually marks the
point when it is time for the smart money to get back in again.

But the difference now may be in what happens beyond the financial
markets. Usually, a banking crisis follows some form of economic crisis:
lenders are hit by wave after wave of customer bankruptcies until they
themselves cannot take any more and topple over. This time, the banking
collapse has preceded the recession.
Although the crisis started with the default of some sub-prime mortgages
in the US, the scale of the global market losses (and government
bail-outs) long ago exceeded the size of the initial defaults.

Instead, last week’s stock market rout marked the point when the usual
direction of cause and effect was reversed: now it is the real economy
that is expected to take its cue from the markets.

Countries could be next to see their solvency questioned. Iceland is
already seeing its currency under attack. Difficult places such as
Pakistan, Ukraine and Kazakhstan are looking vulnerable – with
devastating consequences for political stability.”
The importance of understanding all of these things, no matter how
complicated they may seem to be, provides not only true knowledge, but
true protection against the worst calamities yet to come. 

And towards this end it is first, and foremost, important to come to a
full understanding that what is currently being viewed as an ‘economic’
crisis is, instead, a major shifting of our World’s current power
structure from one of individual Nation States to one frequently
referred to as a New World Order, and which calls for the abolishment of
all Nations to be replaced with a One World Government.

Now history has given us the guideposts to spot along the road to One
World Government, the most important of them being that any major shift
in Global governance can only be achieved by its resting upon what is
called ‘The Triads of Reason’, and which in our current circumstance two
have already been put into place with the Global Warming and now Global
Economic Chaos and leaving only the last one, Total Global War, to be
thrust upon an unsuspecting World.   

For our World’s hope there are those factions operating within the
United States desperately working to avert the final leg of this triad,
Total Global War, from being put into place, and as we have reported on
many times in the past including our October 9th report “Top US Generals
Reach Out To Russian General Staff To Avert Global War”.

European factions against One World Rule are also attempting to avert
Total Global War and are reporting that they have ‘shelved’ their
differences with Russia in an attempt to avert the current crises from
escalating, and which is a most significant move in that
Russia now stands alone of all the World’s Nations in being able to contain those
advocating the complete destruction of our Earth as we know it. 

In our discussion of these things it important that we acknowledge the
beliefs of those advocating for the establishment of The Triads of
Reason, and which are actually based upon sound scientific principles as
first espoused by nineteenth-century German philosopher Friedrich
Nietzsche who stated “out of chaos comes order”:

“According to a computational study conducted by a group of physicists
at Washington University in St. Louis, one may create order by
introducing disorder.
While working on their model – a network of interconnected pendulums, or
"oscillators" – the researchers noticed that when driven by ordered
forces the various pendulums behaved chaotically and swung out of sync
like a group of intoxicated synchronized swimmers. This was unexpected –
shouldn't synchronized forces yield synchronized pendulums?

But then came the real surprise: When they introduced disorder – forces
were applied at random to each oscillator – the system became ordered
and synchronized.

"The thing that is counterintuitive is that when you introduce disorder
into the system – when the [forces on the pendulums] act at random – the
chaos that was present before disappears and there is order," said
Sebastian F. Brandt, physics graduate student and lead author of the
study which appeared in the January 2006 edition of Physical Review

Towards this end, the forces advocating for the Total Global
Destruction, through Climate, Economies and War, envision an Earth free
from these things in what they intend to rebuild in its place where no
more wars will be allowed, poverty will be eliminated as Global wealth
is redistributed, the environment is protected by the banning of
genetically modified foods and pesticides, where prisons will be emptied
of all but the most violent of criminals, and the main focus of the
human race will be reaching to the stars instead of remaining on an
World rapidly running out resources to sustain us.

To the desired end goal of the New World Order advocates there should be
no disagreement. But, to the means they are employing in order to obtain
their goals (order out of chaos) one can certainly raise strong
objections to them as literally hundreds of millions of human lives are
now hanging in the balance should they succeed.

Though too much uncertainly remains in all of these equations as to whom
will ultimately prevail in this titanic struggle, it does remain a fact
that in these very days we are living these issues will be decided, and
which therefore leaves only one option for all of us….how to survive.

© October 13, 2008 EU and US all rights reserved.
Sorcha Faal

Sunday, October 12, 2008 

EXPLOSIVE: French Intelligence Fingers Israeli Planned FALSE FLAG Attack on American Soil





French Intelligence Fingers Israeli Planned FALSE FLAG Attack on American Soil


Emergency Report on G7 Meeting

Story developing…


by Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert



George W. Bush (center), France 's Finance Minister Christine LaGarde (R) and US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson (L)   Reuters


Saturday  October 11, 2008 at 8:30 p.m. EST


United States of America – It can now be reported that after the G7's conference today in Washington , D.C. , a private meeting took place between U.S. White House occupant George W. Bushfraud and French Finance Minister Christine LaGarde.


French Finance Minister Christine LaGarde showed the alleged pResident George W. Bush "smoking gun" evidence detailing Israeli MOSSAD infiltration of major Al Qaeda cells in Yemen , which were used to attack the U.S. Embassy in Sana'a last month on September 17th.



Smoke rising following an attack on the US embassy in Sanaa on September 17, 2008.  Islamist militants attacked the US embassy in Sanaa with a car bomb and rockets today, leaving 16 people dead, in the second strike on the high-security compound in six months. The dead were six Yemeni soldiers, four civilians including an Indian and six attackers -- one wearing an explosives belt, the interior ministry said. A group calling itself Islamic Jihad in Yemen claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement received by AFP and threatened similar strikes against the British, Saudi and Emirati missions in the Yemeni capital.   AFP/Getty Images



 French Finance Minister Christine LaGarde also showed Bush evidence uncovered by French Intelligence detailing the ISRAELI MOSSAD's plan to use private mercenaries and compromised Israeli Mossad-Al Qaeda cells on U.S. soil to launch a major terrorist attack on the United States a week before the upcoming November presidential election.


This attack will coincide with a major worldwide "financial" terrorist attack on all U.S. equities and bonds as to finish off the United States of America as a Republic and reduce it to a third world nation and plunge the United States into poverty and anarchy.


A new alliance has developed involving Israel , the United Kingdom , the Russian Federation , China and the German Federal Republic .


This alliance believes the United States is finished as it no longer has any financial foundation and, accordingly, is no longer useful given the fact that the U. S. Treasury has been completely looted.


Accordingly, the new alliance figures it is time to finish off the United States and scrape up the left over remains of what was once a great nation.


It is FRANCE, our oldest ally and our only  REAL  friend, that has not participated in this rape of the United States and had to endure the humiliation of Bushfraud's dishonor of the American-French blood alliance during the Iraq War controversy, that has come to our aid in our most dire moment.


That is why I say folks, know who your  REAL  friends are and who your real friends aren't.

Vive la France !

Vive the United States !


As Lafayette remains at Brandywine and Albert Gore Jr. remains the  REAL  President of the United States .


Sunday, October 12, 2008 

EXPLOSIVE: French Intelligence Fingers Israeli Planned FALSE FLAG Attack on American Soil






French Intelligence Fingers Israeli Planned FALSE FLAG Attack on American Soil


Emergency Report on G7 Meeting

Story developing…


by Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert



George W. Bush (center), France 's Finance Minister Christine LaGarde (R) and US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson (L)   Reuters


Saturday  October 11, 2008 at 8:30 p.m. EST


United States of America – It can now be reported that after the G7's conference today in Washington , D.C. , a private meeting took place between U.S. White House occupant George W. Bushfraud and French Finance Minister Christine LaGarde.


French Finance Minister Christine LaGarde showed the alleged pResident George W. Bush "smoking gun" evidence detailing Israeli MOSSAD infiltration of major Al Qaeda cells in Yemen , which were used to attack the U.S. Embassy in Sana'a last month on September 17th.



Smoke rising following an attack on the US embassy in Sanaa on September 17, 2008.  Islamist militants attacked the US embassy in Sanaa with a car bomb and rockets today, leaving 16 people dead, in the second strike on the high-security compound in six months. The dead were six Yemeni soldiers, four civilians including an Indian and six attackers -- one wearing an explosives belt, the interior ministry said. A group calling itself Islamic Jihad in Yemen claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement received by AFP and threatened similar strikes against the British, Saudi and Emirati missions in the Yemeni capital.   AFP/Getty Images



http://grupo19aisp.no.sapo.pt/vanunu/images/mossad_logo.jpg http://www.gnosticliberationfront.com/163_14MOSSAD.gif


French Finance Minister Christine LaGarde also showed Bush evidence uncovered by French Intelligence detailing the ISRAELI MOSSAD's plan to use private mercenaries and compromised Israeli Mossad-Al Qaeda cells on U.S. soil to launch a major terrorist attack on the United States a week before the upcoming November presidential election.


This attack will coincide with a major worldwide "financial" terrorist attack on all U.S. equities and bonds as to finish off the United States of America as a Republic and reduce it to a third world nation and plunge the United States into poverty and anarchy.


A new alliance has developed involving Israel , the United Kingdom , the Russian Federation , China and the German Federal Republic .


This alliance believes the United States is finished as it no longer has any financial foundation and, accordingly, is no longer useful given the fact that the U. S. Treasury has been completely looted.


Accordingly, the new alliance figures it is time to finish off the United States and scrape up the left over remains of what was once a great nation.


It is FRANCE, our oldest ally and our only  REAL  friend, that has not participated in this rape of the United States and had to endure the humiliation of Bushfraud's dishonor of the American-French blood alliance during the Iraq War controversy, that has come to our aid in our most dire moment.


That is why I say folks, know who your  REAL  friends are and who your real friends aren't.

Vive la France !

Vive the United States !


As Lafayette remains at Brandywine and Albert Gore Jr. remains the  REAL  President of the United States .