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dimanche 26 octobre 2008 12 h 28
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Sunday 26 October 2008 00:01











New York, 25th October 2008: In the following report, it will be conclusively proven that the world has been held to ransom by an international gang of geocriminal financial operatives and their corrupted, co-conspiring banking sector associates bent on ransacking, pillaging and stealing every financial balance they can lay their hands on, with what they assumed was impunity.

This is first and foremost a geocriminal crisis, as will be further exposed when we publish a special report, currently in preparation, demonstrating the serial illegality of the securitisation processes attaching value to diluted fake ‘assets’ that have no underlying value whatsoever. This report will be published as soon as possible, and this side of Christmas.

Meanwhile it is shown below that the forces of law and order are progressively decimating the ranks of these rats, who were all originally energised by the George H. W. Bush Sr. criminalist network, reporting to the pan-German Nazi long-range strategic deception Continuum based in Dachau, near Munich (Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst or DVD).

The ‘smoking gun’ link in this chain of criminality is the female operative named Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, who was formerly the Secretary of the Agitation and Propaganda Department of the Young Communists at Marx-Lenin University, East Berlin.

This STASI/DVD operative is reported to us to have been receiving bribes arranged by George Bush Sr. for the past four years, in exchange for which she is required to guard his proceeds of financial crime held in accounts with Germany’s largest financial institution.

George Bush Sr.’s financial fraud technician-in-chief has all along been Dr Alan Greenspan, a Dark Actor Playing Games, whose acting skills almost deserted him completely when he appeared before a House of Representatives Committee on 23rd October.

Faced with the toughest grilling of his career (which was nothing like tough enough), Dr Greenspan pretended that he was ‘in a state of shocked disbelief’ at what has happened, when of course what he actually meant was that he is in a state of shocked disbelief that he got caught. His continuing intransigence has resulted in some of his closest associates being physically liquidated between 30th September and 2nd October, when he was told that ‘if you continue blocking the Settlements, you’ll be next’. Apparently these hardened criminals don't think or reason like the rest of us.

His stance, for public consumption, in the face of having been caught out, is to affect shock and disbelief, mingled with a touch of ‘gaga’, as though he’s completely beyond his sell-by date and hasn’t much of a clue about what’s going on any more. He was awfully quiet on that occasion, whereas normally he runs rings round the legislators.

Greenspan's testimony on 23rd October gave new meaning to the word ‘hypocrisy’, and he showed no remorse whatsoever for having been the primary mover in decimating the lives of millions of people around the world. Basically he said that he made a small mistake, whereas in reality, as the whole world that matters, knows full well, he stole money on a gargantuan scale. Don't email us and ask why he's still at large: we cannot possibly answer such a complex question.

Further, since at least 10,000 of his banking and other co-conspirators have ‘gone down’ (either to jail or the grave) since these criminals were cornered in 2006-2007, his own prospects are, shall we say, dismal in the extreme. This also applies to a number of very well-known figures on the stage, as will become apparent over the course of time.

In this analysis, too, we will again observe the ‘rats in a sack syndrome’, which gives all of us great hope for the future. This presupposes that criminals always fall out among themselves: they always turn on each other, since none of them can trust any of their colleagues or peers.

This is now happening on a scale that has never occurred before, and the tensions created by these divisions are even filtering into the consciousness of the ‘mainstream media’, which still appears to have little idea of the underlying causes of this crisis, and is simply regurgitating the pabulum fed to it by the directors of this theatrical snake dance.

For instance, The Times of London is running a blog designed to encourage people to answer the question: 'What caused the crisis?' There wouldn't be much point in telephoning The Times to point out that the answer to this question is emblazoned all over this website, because journalists on these newspapers invariably know better than the experts. Besides, there is another, rather more insidious, reason why they won't bother to do their due diligence on this score [see below].

From 6th September 2008 onwards, certain measures were taken in Britain to provide highest-level authorities with documented information that enabled them to ‘connect the dots’ with respect to the background to the blocking of the Settlement funds.

These consist of the $6.2 trillion loan provided by Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Al-Aweed al-Talal of Saudi Arabia, plus $7.8 trillion loaned altogether by the Chinese. These loans are for the wholesale Settlements; and these are the loan funds that have been BLOCKED from distribution and illegally exploited to sustain the Wall Street and foreign banks’ carousel, enabling all of the banks involved to collect fees as the leveraged money circulates among the institutions.

The funds were moved to the United States because the Settlements are payable in US dollars.

On Saturday 25th October, suspicion was focused on 'Paulson', who was reported to us to be again blocking the payouts. These geocriminalist operatives take turns to block the Settlements.

The $14 trillion has been sitting in Treasury suspense accounts with the same custodial group for months, earmarked to finance the wholesale Settlements. It has, as noted above, been illegally BLOCKED and misused by the Bush-Greenspan-Paulson-Clinton geocriminal ‘Syndicate’ which is holding the whole world to ransom, and couldn't care less about the suffering it has caused.

In addition to the documented information referenced above, certain advice was proffered to the highest levels in London, to the effect that, since the wholesale Settlements were STILL being blocked, only a stance of reinforced steel would be liable to yield the necessary results.

Within a matter of days, the $14 trillion were placed in LOCKDOWN by order of two Heads of State (the British and Chinese), the practical effect of which was that the ‘real money’ underpinning the financial carousel was suddenly no longer available: whereupon the financial carousel suddenly stopped on 19th September. The music stopped.

Ever since then, the global crisis for which the geocriminals headed by the Bushes, ‘Paulson’ and Dr Alan Greenspan are explicitly responsible, has been getting steadily worse and worse, as the Europeans have made it plain that they have had enough of this criminality: so, with the carousel halted, the volume of defaults is increasing all the time, while ‘Paulson’ throws new money at the problem (which he is able to do, to a certain extent), to no effect as the hole is growing ever wider.

Like a gambler in a casino hopelessly trying to recoup his immense losses by gambling more and more, ‘Paulson’ (proxy now for the US authorities who thought they would never be found out), is pouring more and more 'new' money into the system: and yet the defaults are exploding and will continue to go off like grenades for the foreseeable future, so that he can never hope to catch up.

Faced with this situation, the two nearly defeated but still typically arrogant US criminalist co-conspirators, Messrs ‘Paulson’ and Bernanke, appeared before Congress and tried to ‘bounce’ it into coughing up $700+ billion of emergency appropriations on demand, even threatening Martial Law if Congress demurred. When Congress naturally baulked at this arrogance, there followed the two weeks of theatrical activity parodied in our ‘sausages’ metaphor report.

The ‘new money’ was ‘needed’, in reality, to underpin the financing carousel that had suddenly stopped circulating; but in the meantime, since the carousel had stopped, the financial markets descended into chaos while the politicians and the representatives of the criminalist Executive squabbled over their sordid pork-barrel document which duly grew to well over 400 pages, a significant proportion of which have never been published. Final ‘agreement’ on the legislation satisfied the stock markets for a just couple of days, after which they reverted to chaos mode.

One likely reason for this is that that a hedge fund located in Grand Cayman linked to prominent figures may have received a proportion of the final pork-barrel $780 billion of US taxpayers’ money to provide the basis for a brand new 'funny money' financing platform, which has been 'Paulson’s' objective all along. These people are still fantasising that they can exit from Government with the finance that they ‘need’ to restart their own ‘refunding’ and trading carousel, after leaving office.

This is a fantasy because most of these people face a bleak future that ‘they never anticipated’.

In his testimony before Congress on 23rd October, Dr Alan Greenspan, far more subdued than usual, and facing the continued prospect of arrest, nevertheless resorted to his familiar smooth verbiage to describe what has happened, which of course made no reference whatsoever to the fact that he is himself the architect and originator of the fraudulent finance that underlies the worst financial crisis in world history – a crisis that was predicted by this website.

This smooth verbiage included the following:

‘This crisis has turned out to be much broader than anything I could have imagined’ (unspoken: I never imagined it because I thought the music would continue for ever, would never stop, and I could keep on stealing, stealing, stealing). ‘It has morphed from one gripped by liquidity restraints to one in which fears of insolvency are now paramount’.

‘The evidence strongly suggests that without the excess demand from securitizers, sub-prime mortgage originations (undeniably the original source of the crisis) would have been far smaller, and defaults accordingly far lower’.

As will be seen, all that Greenspan did here was to describe the situation in general terms, offering no solutions and deflecting attention from his own culpability while at the same time perpetuating the CIA ‘slide’ that the crisis stemmed originally from the ‘sub-prime mortgage meltdown’.

The only element of that last statement that is true concerns the fact that when the ‘taster’ low-interest period of certain mortgages ended, very large increases in monthly payments proved impossible for lower-income householders to finance. However the real financial scandal buried inside this ‘slide’ is that the mortgage bank prospectively gets paid FOUR TIMES per mortgage:

Payment #1:
Down payment and subsequent income stream from the householder granted the mortgage.

Payment #2:
A discounted payment from the ‘mortgage collectiviser’ (such as Lehman Brothers or Bear Stearns) which buys the mortgage at a discount from the mortgage bank and then sells it on to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, which then places the mortgage in a trust, which then creates Collateralised Debt Obligations (CDOs) after collectivisation with other mortgages (or even with dud paper), and then splits the CDOs into tranches, which are then multiplied creating a ‘basket’ of pools of tranches which are sold off to institutions, especially carousel participating institutions abroad which didn’t originally do their due diligence, with the resulting avalanche of completely worthless assets being propped up alone by the NAMES OF THE INSTITUTIONS marketing them.

Of course, from the earliest stage of this avalanche, the owners of the ‘assets’ beyond the original mortgage bank have sold them ‘without recourse’ to the holder of the original mortgage.

Therefore, if the mortgagee defaults, so that the ORIGINAL asset has become worthless, none of the parties ‘downstream’ is any the wiser. They just keep on marketing successive tranches of these fake ‘assets’ ON THE UNCHECKED ASSUMPTION that the original mortgage is still intact.

For Greenspan, who was arrested in June 2007 and held under house arrest/in jail for three weeks to bring him to his senses, to tell Congress that he ‘couldn’t have imagined’ this being the case, is TYPICALLY SELF-SERVING and UTTERLY OUTRAGEOUS.

Payment #3:
Since the bank continues to hold the associated Universal Commercial Code 1 document that goes with the original mortgage and does not ‘travel’ with the subsequent hypothecations, the bank is in a position to sell the mortgage a second time, to a third party (which starts the replication process beyond the mortgage bank all over again).

Payment #4:
Finally, the bank of course continues to demand the repayments from the mortgagee. Should the mortgagee default, and foreclosure occurs, the bank hopes to be in a position to repossess the property, whereupon it becomes a realtor and proceeds to sell it or to provide a mortgage against it from scratch (which would open up a further three prospective payments for the mortgage bank in accordance with the above sequence).

In such cases, people facing repossession should, as we pointed out in our report dated 26th December 2007, demand that the TOP COPY of the mortgage document be presented to the Court.

Since the bank has sold the mortgage on, it may not be able to comply with this demand, in which case the repossession should be adjudged to be null and void.

A related scam associated with this scandal here is that mortgagees may have been asked to sign THREE TOP COPIES of the mortgage documents, which of course greatly facilitates the proliferation of this fraudulent financing scam scenario.

At the IMF/World Bank Group Annual Meetings held in Washington, DC, in 2007, Dr Alan Greenspan gave the prestigious Per Jacobssen Lecture. The security surrounding this event was far greater than the generally heightened level of security always evident at these meetings nowadays.

Specifically, several lines of jackbooted police thugs stood in parallel along the street close to the IMF headquarters buildings, while all the compliant financial sector guests, on a strictly ‘Invitation Only’ basis (contrary to earlier custom for the Per Jacobssen Lecture) crowded into the auditorium to hear the words of wisdom cascading from this smooth financial criminal’s duplicitous lips.

No doubt none of the bankers who attended on that occasion in 2007 gave a moment’s thought to the reality that by following this world-class criminalist pied piper, they had become liable as co-conspirators and accessories to the fact of the biggest rolling financial scamming and hijacking operation in world history, and that due to their greed and sheep-like stupidity, many would find their institutions in severe difficulties a year later.

As mentioned above, at least 10,000 of these people have vanished behind bars or worse, while a certain number of Dr Greenspan’s closest associates ‘are no longer with us’; and yet even as this report is being published, the solution to the crisis, in the format of the Settlements payouts from the $14 trillion that remains in lockdown, is STILL being blocked.

To revert to the wholesale Settlements: Payment of the wholesale Settlement cash funds, currently in LOCKDOWN due to certain events that we cannot go further into and that took place in Britain in early September 2008, will elevate all recipients of such funds to ‘primary’ status, while ‘degrading’ other $ monies, since the $14 trillion is in fact the only cash-cash money in the world.

Further, activation of the G-7-Approved Refinancing Program – the previously referenced agreed-upon on-the-books fully taxed and 100% transparent limited private sector Capital Markets trading operations – will deliver massive ongoing ‘windfall’ tax receipts to the US Treasury, bringing to an end the century-long one-way deficit-financing orgy that has all but destroyed the United States and which ‘Paulson’ and the other US financial criminals want to continue. Why is that? Answer:

Because with the reversal of the one-way deficit-financing orgy, there won’t be a lot for the likes of Goldman Sachs, which has grown fat and arrogant on the back of this one-way deficit-financing binge – to do. The fact that it is conspicuously in the interests of the American taxpayer for the G-7-Approved Refinancing Program to be implemented, is of no interest to these criminals, who place the interests (in this case) of Goldman Sachs above the interests of the American people.

On 22nd October [see bellow] it transpired that some problem or other at the corrupted Bank of England had arisen, again blocking the payouts. The Bank was reported to have been ‘not ready’. However Prime Minister Gordon Brown was sharply reminded from the highest level that if he stood in the way of the Settlements, he would be removed from office [see below].

When setting up the criminal finance carousel and ‘Never-Pay Syndrome’, Greenspan and Bush Sr. et al. chose the United Kingdom as their Master Platform.

The consequences for Britain of having allowed these criminals to use the City of London and the British financial sector generally as their Master Platform are already, and will continue to be, quite devastating. The pound has already collapsed by between 48 and 52 cents from its peaks of $2.0457 per UK£1.0 on 10th December 2007, $2.0311 on 12th March 2008, and $2.0036 on 15th July 2008, and is now below $1.53 [Friday 24th October]. It could fall further, for reasons now explained:

Britain has been comprehensively ‘enronised’ (hollowed out) as a direct consequence of the crass policy of entanglement with European schemes perpetrated by successive indoctrinated cadres in all three main UK political parties and within the Intelligence Power that controls them.

Their internationalist ideology presupposes not only the collectivisation of all national interests (even though British politicians inconsistently continue to talk about the national interest), but that in a ‘Common Market’, it is neither here nor there whether the Germans and/or the French acquire ownership of British national assets such as the engineering and nuclear industries.

As an international socialist, Brown couldn’t care less about such issues. Such revolutionaries have chips on their shoulders the size of the pyramids.

All the British political parties are mesmerised by this catastrophic ‘European policy’, which in practice represents capitulation to Germany, in specific conformity with the blueprint set out by Nazi intellectuals in their seminar compendium entitled ‘Europäische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft’ (the ‘European Economic Community’) published in Berlin in 1942, then elaborated by the Nazi German Geopolitical Centre in Madrid in the early postwar years, institutionalised by the Treaty of Rome establishing the European Communities, and replicated via the Maastricht Treaty of 1992, the chapter headings of which are almost identical to those of the 1942 Nazi compendium.

The country’s industrial base has been decimated as a specific consequence of this crass policy; and even today, the present internationalist British Government and the greedy City of London are blithely engaged in selling off as many of the country’s real assets as possible. In addition to those assets sold off to the Germans, as summarised in our DVD exposure of 20th September, the Brown Government has consented to the acquisition of Britain’s nuclear power industry by Electricité de France (EDF), an asset of the French Government which is bound to Germany in perpetuity under the 1963 Treaty of the Elysée procured by General de Gaulle and the Hitler-era Mayor of Cologne, Dr Konrad Adenauer. [For further details and background, see below].

Most cars seen on British roads nowadays are German or French, the country’s once-thriving national motor industry having been sold off to foreigners.

Meanwhile the greedy City of London, on which the economy has therefore had to rely excessively for income, has been taken to the cleaners given that the geocriminalist syndicate has used Britain as its Master Platform, so that the inevitable total unravelling of the fraudulent finance derivatives scamming operation organised by the Greenspan-Bush-DVD/CIA-1 strategists will leave the City of London severely thinned out and less able than ever to fill the massive financing gaps arising from the headlong, DVD-masterminded de-industrialisation that has taken place as a consequence of the false European prospectus embraced by ignorant ideologues littering the political landscape.

A glance at some of the British numbers makes sick-making reading. In respect of the country’s international investment position, British nominal assets abroad rose from $2,782.92 billion in 1996 to $12,882.05 billion in 2007, while the country’s liabilities abroad increased from $2,877.12 billion to $13,697.08 billion. Thus the country's net external investment deficit ballooned from – $94.2 billion, to – $702.06 billion. By contrast, on lower turnover, Germany’s net external investment surplus over the same period rose from $89.54 billion to $951.88 billion.

The United Kingdom's accumulated merchandise trade deficit between 1996 and 2007 inclusive amounted to – $943.64 billion, while the current account deficit reached – $473 billion.

Despite shallow talk by pundits about inflation not being a threat, the heavily massaged official year-on-year consumer price inflation figure for July 2008 was already +4.4%, with overall UK producer prices up by 6.7%. The assumption is that with oil prices heading towards $50 per barrel compared with their peak of $143 per barrel, inflationary pressures will abate.

However since the pound has depreciated from its peaks by more than 25% and has much further to go in our view, and the UK Government has poured vast non-existent fiat resources into the financial sector to prevent it from collapsing after the financing carousel halted, and monetary expansion was already vigorous by July (year-on-year M1 was up by 8.2% and M4 by 11.0%), the money-printing spigot has been unscrewed, so that price inflation remains a severe threat.

This will remain true even though the British economy is now in recession, having contracted by 0.5% in the third quarter of this year.

The threat is exacerbated by the fact that the Brown Government, which of course failed to do anything whatsoever to curb the financial excesses, let alone to stop Britain being used as the geocriminalists’ Master Financing Platform, has, via its knee-jerk response to the crisis, expanded its panic-driven deficit-financing to an unprecedented degree, creating a hideous burden for future generations. Additionally, UK domestic credit expanded from £961.48 billion at the end of 1996, to £2,638.87 billion in December 2007, representing an increase of £1,677.39 billion, or an average £152.49 billion expansion of domestic credit recorded in the real economy per annum.

Since the county is running huge structural balance-of-payments deficits, this credit is based on NOTHING WHATSOEVER. And of course these data exclude all reference to the colossal mountains of derivatives-sector ‘funny money’ assets held off-balance sheet and offshore, some of which has been leaking into the ‘real’ economy and therefore surreptitiously onto the books via the banks.

Flashback to 2nd June 2008, when the Metropolitan Police, headed by Deputy Assistant Police Commissioner John Yates, raided three ‘safety lock box’ centres in London (Mayfair, Edgeware and Hampstead), with the assistance of 300 heavily armed police.

It will be recalled from our reports at the time that Yates made sure that the mainstream UK and foreign print and broadcast media were present with their TV camera assets and photographers to witness the scene when the police raided the Mayfair establishment.

He did this by careful prior design, in collaboration with 'other authorities', in order to send a clear signal to the geocriminal cadres that the game was up, and that the British authorities held all the evidence arising from the fact that Britain had been used as the Master Platform. The stolen and other collateral assets were therefore held in these London 'safety lock boxes', as well as with a number of selected financial institutions offering custodial services.

FACT: The ‘safety lock boxes’ were used to store the stolen and other collateral and assets used as base for the geocriminal financial operations orchestrated by the Bush-Greenspan-CIA-1/DVD geocriminal octopus, using the United Kingdom as their Master Platform.

We repeat: Britain has all along been used as the primary Master Platform from which these fraudulent finance operations were launched. This can only now be revealed.

The raids on the ‘safety lock boxes’ will have taken much careful preparation, especially given the presence of 300 armed police, indicating that the sheer momentum for the end-game triggered by our exposures could not be ignored and had to be acted upon in London, given that the criminal activities were run out of the British capital. And of course the fact that the Metropolitan Police needed 300 heavily armed police as cover SPEAKS FOR ITSELF.

After all they were confronting the most ruthless gang of professional fraudsters in history.

The criminalist cadres miscalculated, on the assumption (a) that ‘none of this would ever come out’ (1) and (b) that in the unlikely event of exposure, a British Government, elements of which will have been compromised, would have preferred to adhere to the criminalists’ omertà regime, rather than to institute vigorous measures to cauterise the financial corruption.

Bad mistake. Because Deputy Assistant Metropolitan Police Commissioner John Yates was the top policeman who masterminded investigations into the notorious ‘cash for peerages’ scandal during the Blair era, bringing forward evidence of corruption which he was later prevented by political pressures from taking any further.

It is most unlikely that such a fine upstanding policeman would have been prepared to take this lying down. Accordingly, we suspect, Yates was all the more determined that the (probably linked) investigations into the ‘safety lock boxes’ would be pursued with great determination and that no steps would be spared in connection with this operation.

Hence the quite unprecedented presence of 300 armed police and the equally unprecedented UK and world media and TV presence, which was very deliberately intended to ensure that the whole world, ‘where it matters’, would be informed that the game was now well and truly up.

AND THAT IS PRECISELY THE CASE. Everything that has happened since the British ‘safety lock box raids’ has followed on directly from this historically unprecedented takedown, which has placed the irrefutably relevant evidence into the hands of judicial authorities in the relevant countries.

Following the inadvertent acknowledgement by Herr Peer Steinbrück, Germany's Finance Minister, at a German Press Conference on 10th October 2008 attended by your correspondent at the Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group, to the effect that he knew all about the Settlements crisis and the related criminality, the Editor picked up a further reference, somewhat more oblique, at a later Press Conference in the auditorium off the Press Room.

Specifically, Mr Lipsky, the First Deputy Managing Director of the IMF (the guy with the handlebar moustache), alluded, in the Editor’s presence, to ‘certain issues which for various reasons I won’t be discussing today’ – a reference which, of course, the somnolent ‘mainstream’ media hacks who were present, failed to pick up on: perhaps because they were mainly Germans.

At these so-called press conferences (actually, monologues), one is at the mercy of having to catch the eye of the convenor on the platform: and such people are notoriously wayward, indicating their assent by a nod and then calling on another journalist instead.

An interesting fact that has been drawn to our attention is that the authorities of countries that have been raped and pillaged by the cornered Bush-linked geocriminalists face the apparent problem that they ‘cannot’ mention the criminal activity in public, because if they do, they would have to take open measures to deal with this offensive.

Since so many foreigners have been corrupted by this vast DVD-sponsored operation, they are supposedly constrained in this respect (we are advised, although of course we do not agree with this feckless attitude). So, at the IMF/World Bank Annual Meetings, for instance, NO open reference to the true cause of the crisis was ‘permissible’: instead, the participants were all walking around the elephant. The one thing that COULD NOT BE MENTIONED was the US high-level corruption.

For ‘insider’ consumption among the corrupt élite, the excuse for not tackling the real cause of the crisis head-on, appears to have been that ‘this is a private matter between The Queen, the World Court and President George W. Bush Jr.’ (The Queen being the greatly injured party, of course). The Chinese parties, working closely with the British, also have a very severe grievance.

However this omertà convention (evident from the rude put-down of the Editor of this service delivered by the Banque de France representative, as previously reported) merely invites the justified accusation that every single one of these people on the stage is de facto (or in reality) a co-conspirator and an accessory to the fact of historically unprecedented financial criminality and of FINANCING TERRORISM. If they know about it, they are de facto a party to it.

That explains why so many of these people look terrified: and with good reason, as more and more of them are arrested without any warning. They are terrified, too, of the Editor of this service, whom they loathe, and likewise with ‘good’ reason. In the European arena, the arrested financial sector fraudsters have been convicted under ‘robust’ EU anti-terrorism legislation, which specifies that money laundering and financial fraud constitutes ‘financing terrorism’ [see below].

In an interesting confirmation that the British Anti-Terrorism Act is being extensively deployed to combat this financial corruption, the Act was used to freeze all accounts with Icelandic banks, and to order financial institutions to cease processing transactions connected with Iceland. The UK Government appropriated assets with Kaupthing two weeks ago. Geir Haarde, the Prime Minister of Iceland, said on 24th October 2008: 'We still do not know what prompted the British Government's shameful decision to put Iceland on a 'terror list' and apply terrorist law to freeze Icelandic assets in Britain'. His Government is considering suing Britain over the appropriation. However it will get nowhere, since as previously reported here, the anti-terrorism legislation is the primary weapon that has been and continues to be wielded against financial fraudsters and money launderers.

The Editor tried to attract the attention of another convenor at a press conference on Saturday 11th October given by Mr Dominique Strauss-Kahn, which was supposed to have started at 3.30pm. The Managing Director of the IMF appeared at 5.00pm, reminding many of us of an occasion at one of these meetings during the chaotic Clinton era, when President Clinton kept the entire international financial community waiting for an hour and a half, and when he finally made it, uttered no apology whatsoever. Half the auditorium had emptied by the time he arrived.

Had the Managing Director of the IMF had time, the Editor had intended to ask him a question in the broad context of the Fund’s enthusiastic ‘endorsement of exceptional measures’ in the face of this unprecedented financial crisis (unstated: brought about exclusively by the serial criminality of the President of the United States, his father, and their criminalist cronies holding high office).

The question would have been as follows: ‘Does the proposed constellation of measures reiterated by the international financial community include the G-7-Approved Refunding Program, involving fully taxable, 100% transparent limited private sector Capital Markets trading operations on the books, yielding substantial ongoing windfall tax accruals to the US Treasury?’

Unfortunately, Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s authority is in the process of being eroded, as he faces his ‘Wolfowitz moment’. Specifically, the IMF has begun an investigation into whether he abused his position in connection with a relationship with a subordinate.

In August, the Fund hired the US law firm of Morgan, Lewis and Brokius LLP to look into the IMF Managing Director’s relationship with Hungarian-born Piroska Nagy, a former senior official in the IMF’s Africa Department. Ms. Nagy left the Fund in August under a buyout of nearly 600 employees instituted by M. Strauss-Kahn to reduce IMF costs, and she now works for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The investigation was triggered when A. Shakour Shaalan, an Egyptian who is the longest-serving member of the IMF’s Board and who represents much of the Middle East, asked for an independent investigation.

It is reported to be looking into how Ms. Nagy was chosen for the buyout, if she was paid more than she was entitled to, and if she was allowed to take the buyout outside normal IMF channels. Simon Johnson, a former IMF Chief Economist , has commented:

‘This is a very bad time for a leadership distraction. I think the global crisis is just beginning and I think it is going to get much worse before it gets better’.

The affair echoes the similar scandal 15 months ago when neo-con Paul Wolfowitz had to resign as President of the World Bank after investigators had found that he had arranged a 36% pay rise for his companion Shaha Riza in 2005, shortly after he assumed his post.

13th October 2008: It is again reported to us that the thousands of bankers who were picked up this time last year and packed aboard a fleet of nine aircraft and then flown off to Europe, all received maximum jail sentences of 25 years for their financial crimes. These were committed in Europe, so European judicial processes were involved. They were given no time to collect their toothbrushes or to contact their family members. They had assumed that they enjoyed Bush-Greenspan Crime Nexus/CIA/NSC protection, and that there was safety in numbers, but they miscalculated.

Since the Bush-Greenspan global financial fraud operation used Britain as its Master Platform, in the case of those bankers who were exported to Britain, they were subject to English jurisdiction. All those who were arrested and exported to Europe were subject to the European anti-terrorism legislation, which embraces money laundering and all forms of financial fraud, as noted above.

A large number of bankers were exported to Germany where they also received maximum jail sentences. As noted in the preceding report, when the bankers’ lawyers flocked over to Britain and Germany to try to extract their clients from custody, many of them were likewise arrested as co-conspirators to the fraudulent financial operations, and received comparably harsh sentences.


In the UK context, geocriminal funds were stored in accounts inter alia with the Bank of England. In July 2007, we reported exclusively that the former Governor of the Bank of England, Eddie George, was arrested, like his colleague in financial crime, Dr Alan Greenspan, criminal Godfather George H. W. Bush Sr.’s financial technician and the notorious inventor of the ‘Never-Pay Syndrome’.

Corrupt UK financial operations were run, it will be recalled, out of a ‘backroom operation’ based in Birmingham, headed by an operative named Carl Daniels.

After Greenspan had ‘bracelets’ dangled adjacent to his person, and a number of Dr Greenspan’s associates were liquidated between 30th September and 2nd October 2008 as previously reported, Greenspan was told that ‘if you don’t cooperate, you will be next’. We were then advised (on 5th October) that Greenspan’s accounts have been frozen, all the money contained in the relevant accounts was removed, and the accounts have been closed. No wonder he was distinctly subdued when he appeared before that Congressional Committee on 23rd October.

Separately, on 4th October, we had been advised that the independent regional Federal Reserve Banks are not at all ‘in sync’ these days with the corrupt Federal Reserve Board in respect of any further ‘funny money’ trading operations to be financed from a new platform seeded inter alia by the ‘new money’ appropriated by Congress during the theatrical Congressional ‘sausage machine’ operation in September. The regional Feds have their feet much more firmly on the ground.

It is also believed that Dr Bernanke, whose body movements in public these days betray his justified nervousness, has informed agents for the ‘Box Gang’ criminalists that he and other colleagues ‘are not going to die or go to prison for you, and you are on your own’ (paraphrase).

Actually, under the Misprision of Felony Statute, Bernanke, like all these people, is a co-conspirator and an accessory to the fact of massive open-ended crimes and misdemeanours, not least if he has not reported the financial crimes that he knows all about, to a military officer, Judge, or some other person in authority under the United States (which of course he cannot do without incriminating himself in the process). Same applies, by the way, to ALL Americans who know about these crimes.

The Editor regards this ‘revolt’ inside the Federal Reserve System as a significant development. This internal pressure has evolved exclusively as a consequence of the exposures, which have triggered judicial processes in pertinent countries that have been grinding away slowly but surely behind the scenes, the impact of which will be cumulatively dramatic. These processes cannot be hurried, and neither can any aspect of them be discussed: they take their time, but eventually they deliver decisive results, many of which can now be detected behind the scenes.

Her Majesty The Queen, as Head of State, visited Paris on Sunday 12th October for the Heads of State Meeting. She attended in order to be able to give her personal imprimatur to agreements.

In the case of The Queen, ‘Mohammed’ goes to the mountain, rather than the mountain visiting Mohammed (to coin a phrase). Therefore, Her Majesty’s presence would have been remote from the location of the Meeting. As for the earlier report that The Queen travelled to Andrews Air Force Base, that was false. An emissary flew to Andrews Air Force Base.

‘Tarmac meetings’ of Heads of State are sometimes equivalent to meetings in the mid-Atlantic, in international waters, so that in theory The Queen could have made that journey, even though the Monarch does not leave the United Kingdom without the prior agreement of Her Ministers. The last time a King left the country without informing the Government, he was replaced.

14th October: The CEOs of the big US financial criminal enterprises were televised marching up the steps of the US Treasury Department building in a staged display to show the public that they were accepting the assistance of the Treasury, driven by developments in Europe.

However one does not ordinarily enter the Treasury building by walking up the steep steps. The normal entrance is by means of an elevator.

This was therefore a clearly staged operation for public consumption, ostensibly designed to show ‘solidarity’ among the criminalist financial elite. But the unfortunate impression now created was of seriously deflated and compromised, formerly arrogant bankers’ backs to the camera as they walked up the steps into the clutches of their corrupt masters, the US Government.

The US Treasury was forced to switch its priorities to pumping money into these criminal financial enterprises, by actions taken following acceptance by the Europeans of the so-called ‘Brown Plan’, which amounts to no more than plain backdoor socialist semi-nationalisation of the banking sector.

The single redeeming feature in the US case is that the new debt securities involved are only guaranteed for three years: i.e., there is a sunset clause, which does not apply in the European context. The US Treasury had to switch its approach in order to avoid a rush of deposits from the criminal financial enterprises into accounts with foreign banks.

Meanwhile Americans have cottoned on that the regional banks have not generally been involved in this fraudulent finance, so that a rush of money from the metropolitan institutions into regional banks has been taking place. Even so, official assistance is now being extended to regional banks, implying that the situation is vastly worse than ‘assumed’ earlier.

At 7.55pm on 14th October, the Editor is advised that further interference by Bush 41 and Bush 43 with the payouts occurred. In this context, it is reported to us that many of Bush Sr.’s associates have been arrested or otherwise ‘neutralised’, with no further details available.

It is separately reported to us that a number of compromised operatives at the Treasury who have been instrumental in following the instructions of the geocriminal operative ‘Paulson’ to block the Settlement payouts, have been ‘taken away’ in the past 24 hours (as reported). The actual number of these people who were removed from the Treasury is said to have been ‘considerable’.

17th October: A very senior Settlements Trustee whom we will refer to as ‘X’, who was tasked with taking care of financial payment matters involving inter alia foreign recipients separately from the Settlements, is reported to us at 11.15am to have been paid.

However he cannot access his funds, which are being blocked ‘by political forces’. At 1.15pm the Editor is informed that this information is accurate and that X’s access to his funds is being blocked by Bush 41 and Bush 43. (This information is again reconfirmed to the Editor at 3.20pm on Monday 20th October). The Bush criminals were advised that if the Settlement funds are not unblocked by this evening, severe measures will be taken against both of them.

The countries that have been ransacked by these criminals, we are told, do have the power to have these geocriminals arrested for serial theft and for innumerable other crimes.

The Editor is later informed that the foregoing is accurate and that Bush 41 and 43 were both threatened with being arrested.

It is publicly revealed that President Nicolas Sarkozy, of France, who is also the President of the European Union Collective until the end of December (although power has gone to his head and he apparently wants to stay en poste for ever), is now to visit President George Bush at Camp David at the weekend. Also attending will be José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission [see our DVD exposure report of 20th September].

What is NOT reported at this stage is that Gordon Brown, the British Prime Minister, will also be attending. Intelligence officer Brown would certainly be appearing as the representative of The Queen, as well as of the British Government. And he will supposedly have one objective in mind.

18th October: It transpires that so far as Sarkozy and Brown are concerned, the purpose of their sudden visits to Camp David is OSTENSIBLY to procure President Bush’s signature on a document authorising the wholesale Settlements releases.

Brown and Sarkozy therefore duly presented Bush Jr. with the necessary paperwork and asked him to sign it, whereupon Bush 43 REFUSED to sign. He was then told, for the first time, that 26 of the Bush Crime Family’s cronies IN EUROPE would be arrested if he continued to block the payments.

Brown (paraphrase): ‘OK, I’m not going to stick around here while you play silly games with me. I’m leaving. You will wind up losing all your powers’.

Whereupon Mr Brown left Camp David immediately. It is believed that he then contacted London, possibly Buckingham Palace, and that as a consequence ‘London’ got on the phone to Camp David and that very sharp words were exchanged. Of course, even if Bush had signed then and there, he would have immediately attempted to renege on his undertaking, given that this man is much more Leninist than Lenin ever was (3). Bush 43 reneges on his formal undertakings within split seconds of signing documents, whereas evil genius Lenin was somewhat more circumspect in this regard.

Separately, the European Union Collective's ‘Member States’ are reported to us to have expressed severe frustration with M. Sarkozy, whom they presumably know, from his past behaviour (and also given that his half-brother, Olivier (Oliver) is a Director of the Bush slush-fund, the Carlyle Group), is not to be trusted. They are watching this unruly and impetuous underworld figure like a hawk.

Specifically, they are reported to have told Sarkozy that they require him, as the President of the European Union, to ‘fix’ the problem of the blocked Settlements. Otherwise they will collectively compel him to resign his post forthwith, they say.

This would be wholly unprecedented and would jeopardise the entire frail and now prospectively disintegrating construct of the European Union Collective, while also placing Sarkozy’s position as President of France under severe immediate strain because of the humiliation that sacking him as European Union President would entail.

To repeat, the rest of the European Union (with the exception of the corrupt Frau Merkel: see below) have told the President of France and of the EU: ‘You fix this, or we will remove you from the Presidency’. Sarkozy’s whole political existence, and probably his life, are on the line. Evidently Sarkozy was given 20 days to procure the absolute completion of the Settlements. It is not known when the 20 day period started, but that this timeframe exists is certain.

Thus the situation in the early afternoon of Saturday 18th October APPEARED TO BE worse than it had ever been, and seemed now to be completely out of control. It is very likely that Brown, having stated that he wasn’t going to stick around, was probably told to ‘get out’.

But at 11.15pm the Editor started to receive telephone calls confirming that George Bush 43 had been obliged, finally, to sign the documentation in question, authorising M. Sarkozy to procure the Settlement payouts. President Sarkozy, motivated both by the very serious threat from his fellow EU Governments that he had 20 days to ‘fix it’ or else he will be removed from being President of the European Union Collective, and also by sober consideration of ‘life after Bush’, has clearly decided to forfeit his close and extremely unhealthy relationships with the ever more blackened, disgraced and unsavoury Bush geocriminal network.

For now, at any rate: until he changes his double mind.

Of course this departure on the part of Sarkozy simply illustrates the ‘rats in the sack syndrome’ at work: sooner or later each rat will bite each of its rivals.

It further transpired that the primary pressure applied to Bush Jr. was Sarkozy’s threat that if Bush blocked the Settlements again, he (Sarkozy) would indeed use his vast powers as President of the European Union to arrest 26 of Bush’s associates – IN EUROPE.

Furthermore, Sarkozy told Geroge Bush that ANYBODY standing in the way of the payouts, would be arrested immediately. This warning, especially concerning the 26 George Bush Sr. associates in Europe, clearly alarmed Mr Bush 43, because although he believes himself to be omnipotent, he is unable to interfere with foreign law enforcement operations.

19th October: The Editor is again informed that President G. W. Bush finally signed the necessary documentation, and that the primary source of the pressure was that M. Sarkozy would order the arrest of 26 NAMED Bush Crime Family’s closest associates in Europe if he did not sign, or if he or his father or any of their associates with the Settlements interfered again.

The Wall Street Journal confirmed that Gordon Brown had been at the Camp David meeting. It is worth pointing out that Brown intensely dislikes being in the same room as EU President Barroso, who was also present at the Camp David meeting, given the Madeleine McCann scenario (see our DVD exposure report). Brown has the mobile phone number of the McCann family, whose little five-year-old daughter was kidnapped in Portugal in May 2007. Her photograph was made available to the paedophile ring operating inside the European Commission, and the little child was chosen by the President of the European Commission himself, as we reported.

It evidently came as a shock to Bush 43 that Sarkozy, whom he had assumed to be still in the Bush Crime Family’s pocket, had now adopted such a ‘contrary’ stance, and was threatening to order the arrest of 26 of Bush 41’s high-level European associates.

Moreover Bush Jr. was said to have been ‘shocked’ when Sarkozy added that he would order the arrest of ANYONE standing in the way of the Settlements – which he proceeded immediately to do – although it is also believed that multiple arrests had actually been ordered PRIOR TO M. Sarkozy’s meeting with Bush 43 at Camp David, the point here being that Sarkozy wanted Bush to know that he meant business (in order to save his own skin, and Presidencies).

Specifically, between 18th and 19th October inclusive:

Well over 200 senior bankers and others were arrested in European locations, and in the United States. A key US 'Trustee' who has been in touch with the Editor for two years, evidently feeding us diversionary information, and probably reporting back to Bush Sr. all the time, was reported to us on 20th October, to have been picked up during this sweep (on the 18th October). It is also now believed (see below) that ‘X’ in Belgium, the even more senior Trustee, may have been removed from the scene, although this is not confirmed.

The arrests in question occurred in SEVEN countries.

Many of those arrested were associates and cronies of the arch-criminalist Dr Alan Greenspan.

No sooner had he left the presence of the American President at Camp David, equipped with the President’s signature on the necessary documentation, than Sarkozy got in touch, we understand, with Chancellor Merkel, Bush Sr.’s bribed crony in Berlin: whereupon he told Frau Merkel that, as President of the European Union, he was ordering her to cease and desist all her obstructions to the Settlements payouts, and that if she didn’t fancy complying with this instruction, he possessed the necessary powers to have her arrested.

‘Chancellor Merkel (paraphrase): ‘You’re full of ……’.

President Sarkozy (paraphrase): ‘No I’m not, I mean exactly what I say. You have to cease and desist or you’ll soon find out who’s really in charge. I don’t care who you are. If you continue frustrating the Settlements’ – which were by now scheduled to restart on the evening of Sunday 19th October – ‘I’ll have you arrested and you’ll go to jail’.

Now, Germany and France are bound together, as mentioned above, by the Treaty of the Elysée of 23rd January 1963, which contains a key clause requiring that the parties shall achieve a ‘common position’ in respect of all international issues. This treaty, which is of unlimited duration and has no exit clause, is the central layer of glue that binds the fragile pan-German European Union together. It was orchestrated by Dr Konrad Adenauer, the Hitler-era Mayor of Cologne, and the close friend of Hitler’s favourite bankers, Drs. Abs and Pferdmenges, and President Charles de Gaulle.

Since the European Union is the realisation of the Pan-European project that originated under Frederick the Great and was updated in 1941 at a conference attended by highest-level Nazi/Pan-German 'hoch' intellectuals which resulted in the publication in 1942 of the strategic compendium called ‘Europäische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft’ (‘the European Economic Community‘), the chapter headings of which coincide almost precisely with those of the EU’s 1992 Maastricht Treaty (4), the European Union Collective is considered by the brainwashed German geopolitical élite to be its own global hegemony property and project. Which is precisely correct.

Therefore, for a jumped-up Jewish-Hungarian French President from an immigrant family to purport to inform the Chancellor of Germany that the powers that he possesses as the President of the EU which Germany considers to be its own plaything, are superior to hers and are sufficient to have her arrested, must have been enough to send the duplicitous Frau Merkel’s blood pressure off the chart. Even so, M. Sarkozy’s threats had no immediately discernible effect on Chancellor Merkel’s attitude, and arrests have therefore continued inside Germany, we understand.

Interjecting here, we can further substantiate the rapid deteroriation not only of US-EU relations (while Bush 43 remains in office) but also of inter-EU relations, especially with respect to Britain.

First, almost immediately after we exposed EC President Barroso as having selected the kidnapped five-year-old girl Madeleine McCann to satisfy his depraved desires, the highly dangerous Peter Mandelson, a fickle character who was fired twice from Blair’s Cabinet, was suddenly yanked back from his position as European Trade Commissioner in Brussels, given a peerage and plonked into Brown’s Cabinet. We could speculate as to why Mandelson had to be pulled out of Brussels at this juncture: suffice it to say that Brown has the mobile phone number of the McCanns [see above].

A second element of this episode concerns who Brown selected to replace Mandelson, known in Britain as ‘the Prince of Darkness’. As the Editor was informed before he left for the United States earlier this month, Brown replaced Mandelson with a person called Lady Ashton, of whom no one had previously heard. She is a little mouse of a lady, no doubt very well intentioned and all that...

Our 'connected' informant pointed out jubilantly that this appointment was a deliberate snub to the European Commission, indicating that Britain’s relations with this pan-German construct are at rock bottom. The European Union remains deeply unpopular except among the Great Brainwashed.

And so indeed it has turned out. On 19th October, it was confirmed that the appointment of the dear little mouse, Lady Ashton, has indeed been taken as a calculated insult by the Euro-ideologues in Brussels, who are said to be ‘enraged’. A mole inside the European structures, referenced in the British press, asked: ‘Who is she? Feelings are running very high. It is an insult’. So, at least these Dumkopfs understand the art of the diplomatic put-down.

Moreover Lady Ashton added insult to injury when she pointedly snubbed an invitation from the House of Commons’ Trade Committee for an informal chat ahead of her confirmation vote during the week beginning 20th October. She didn't fancy attending.

No sooner had these twists been added to the cauldron of escalating confusion than the British MEP (Member of the European Parliament) Syed Kamall [sic] publicly urged Peter (who is now Lord) Mandelson to return to Brussels and disclose his relationship with the Russian GRU oligarch and close Putin associate, Oleg Deripaska, who is on the Interpol watch list, to clarify any conflict of interest arising from this connection while he was the European Commissioner for Trade.

Then, in an extraordinary display of much younger rats biting each other, Mr George (originally Gideon) Osborne, the Shadow (Conservative Party) Chancellor, was forced hotly to deny that he had solicited a political donation from Mr Deripaska while sojourning on his yacht.

Enter George Osborne’s former Oxford University friend, Nathaniel Rothschild, the son of Jacob, whom The Times of London stated on 23rd October 2008 ‘has become intimately involved in Mr Deripaska’s business empire’, which has lost billions of dollars in the stockmarket turmoil.

Likewise, Nathaniel Rothschild’s New York-based Atticus hedge fund has experienced substantial losses: The Wall Street Journal has reported that in the first eight months of 2008, the two principle Atticus funds each lost 25%-30% of their value.

Nathaniel Rothschild broke with his family’s tradition of discretion by writing a letter to The Times, London, published on Tuesday 21st October 2008, exposing George Osborne’s dealings with Oleg Deripaska, a letter which Nathaniel Rothschild justified on the ground that Osborne breached his trust and abused his hospitality, as Osborne had met Deripaska through Rothschild.

Rothschild’s exocet may have destroyed Mr Osborne’s career (he is supposedly David Cameron’s intelligence community handler). Its first consequence was to subject him to half an hour of jeers from the Labour benches. Whether this is an intelligence operation is not yet clear.

Since his sudden return to the Cabinet this month, Mandelson has been dogged by questions over his links to Deripaska and Rothschild. Deripaska, who was worth £16.2 billion before the crash of 2008, needs $2.0 billion by the end of October, in order to be able to retain control of his 25% stake in Norilsk Nickel, the world’s largest nickel producer.

He has to repay part of a $4.5 billion loan borrowed from a group of Western banks that financed his purchase of the shares, even though the banks, if they had done their due diligence, should have known that Norilsk Nickel was stolen from the Soviet Party-State. This loan was secured against Norilsk Nickel’s share price, which has collapsed by 75% since last May, thereby placing Comrade Deripaska’s U C Rusal company in breach of a collateral agreement with the banks.

Nathaniel Rothschild is described as principal adviser to Mr Deripaska and his investment vehicle, Basic Element, which owns the majority stake in U C Rusal, the world’s largest aluminium producer. Nathaniel Rothschild is also chairman of N Plus, an energy corporation owned by Deripaska, aged 40, who was married in 2001 to Polina Yumashev, whose father Valentin was the Chief of Staff to the late President Boris Yeltsin (Baruch Ellia).

Valentin Yumashev later married Baruch Ellia’s younger daughter, Tatyana, thought to have been instrumental in elevating the GRU officer Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin to the Kremlin. Baruch Ellia (Boris Yeltsin)’s wife was the daughter of Comrade Josef Stalin (Djiugashvilia-Kochba) and Rosa Kaganovich, daughter of the well-known Bolshevik.

Mrs Deripaska is a close friend of the girlfriend of Roman Abramovich, the Russian Oligarch, Daria Zhukova, from the equally well-known Bolshevik Zhukov family. Deripaska is Vice-President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (the KGB-GRU mechanism for controlling the oligarchs), which pays frequent visits to the Kremlin.

Deripaska’s Basic Element has investments in over 100 businesses, including LDV Holdings, a light van manufacturer in Birmingham that was the focus of the alleged discussions about channelling an illegal donation to the Conservative Party from Mr Deripaska, who retains close links to Putin.

The Times of London reported on 23rd October that Mandelson has frequently accepted hospitality from Nathaniel Rothschild, including a stay at his chalet at Klosters, in the Swiss Alps. The extent of the relationship between these two figures has emerged as the business links between the young Rothschild and Oleg Deripaska have become clear. In August 2008, Mr Mandleson was the guest of Nathaniel Rothschild in Corfu, during which visit he was ‘billeted’ on Mr Deripaska’s yacht as there were so many guests staying at the Rothschild family villa.

Mandelson’s acceptance of hospitality from Nathaniel Rothschild has raised questions about a possible conflict of interest with respect to his rôle in Brussels, where he made decisions on tariffs that affected Deripaska’s aluminium operations. As mentioned, Nathaniel Rothschild is described as principal adviser to Mr Deripaska and his investment vehicle, Basic Element.

The Code of Conduct for European Commissioners is extremely loosely written – on purpose. It includes the following language:

‘The general interest requires that in their official and private lives Commissioners should behave in a manner that is in keeping with the dignity of their office. Ruling out all risks of any conflict of interest helps to guarantee their independence’.

Of course, since the European Commission is itself irretrievably corrupt, this language DOES NOT FORBID European Commissioners to act in accordance with conflicts of interest. But in London, the conflict(s) of interest are evident: and the Shadow Business Secretary, Alan Duncan, has therefore called for ‘a full declaration of his interests and associations while in Brussels’.

Peter Mandelson is an extremely dangerous commodity, so Gordon Brown must have had some overriding reason for suddenly yanking this discredited creature back from Brussels, kicking him into the Lords, and plonking him inside his Cabinet.

The overriding reason will doubtless emerge as oligarchs implode, unspeakable activities are exposed, and financial empires built on stolen assets and risky credit collapse.

Meanwhile the Europeans seem to be so out of touch with reality in Britain that they appear to have been trying leverage the international financial crisis to ‘bounce’ the United Kingdom into dropping the pound sterling in favour of adopting the much disliked European Collective Currency, the Euro, using the economic and financial crisis as their pretext.

Indeed, bad blood is spilling out all over the place. For instance, the Chairman of the Eurozone Group of Finance Ministers commented, in the same put-down, arrogant tone as the Banque de France representative had used against the Editor in Washington a few days earlier, that Gordon Brown had to ‘beg to be let into the room’ where crisis talks were taking place last week.

The comparably arrogant Finance Minister of Luxembourg, Jean-Claude Juncker, said that the EU Finance chiefs had ‘warned’ the British Prime Minister that he could be excluded from future talks on the European economy for just as long as the United Kingdom remained outside the European Collective Currency. Brown retorted, in a formal statement from Downing Street, that ‘we continue to review it, but we have no plans to join the Euro’.

However what Gordon Brown SHOULD do (redeeming himself in the process) in response to such high-handed behaviour from Brussels and the EU Finance Ministers, is to say to them:

‘Right. Since you believe you can order us around, we will show you what we are made of'.

‘I will immediately order all payments to Brussels derived from Value Added Tax to be paid into a suspense account in London, and to be held there until such time as the European Commission puts its own corrupt finances in order, eliminates financial fraud and cronyism from its operations, and has its accounts signed off by the Court of Auditors’.

FACT: For the past 14 years, the EU’s Court of Auditors, which is required to ‘audit’ the European Commission’s accounts, has REFUSED to sign the EC accounts, which have been repeatedly shown to be falsified and riddled with fraud, corruption and creative accounting.

It is an ongoing FILTHY SCANDAL that Britain continues to overlook all this corruption in Brussels. Brown should have the courage of any convictions he may retain, and should make a big play with such an initiative. Paying money into this corrupt sink-hole is a DISGUSTING AFFRONT.

Brown should appear on television to announce that he has ordered all tax collections payable to the European Commission’s accounts to be withheld and paid into a suspense account, and should explain to the British public in forthright terms why he is doing this.

Such an initiative would build upon Gordon Brown’s sudden ‘enlargement’ as ‘the experienced hand’, the ‘man of the hour’ who came up with ‘the Brown Plan’ which was at once adopted by the Europeans and which forced the US Treasury to change its stance and to proceed bail out the big US institutions directly. He should exploit his new-found pre-eminence by stopping all payments to the corrupt European Commission until such time as they clean up their act (which they'll never do).

Such a move would be hugely popular with the British voting public and, coupled with the much harder line on unfettered immigration that is suddenly being advanced by Brown's newly appointed Immigration Minister, would rescue the Government and the Labour Party from defeat at the next General Election, ensuring Brown a much longer tenure in Number 10 Downing Street than what he calls ‘the commentariat’ have considered likely.

Only a few weeks ago, Gordon Brown was being almost written off, and was even thought likely to resign early. It was being taken for granted by some that he would be succeeded as Prime Minister by the brainwashed David Cameron, who would in fact be even more fatuously ‘politically correct’ in office than the Labour Government has been.

Stopping payments to Brussels, and making a big political song and dance about it, would be the Brown Government’s salvation. After all, the gloves are off now, and European diplomatic niceties are a luxury of the past. Hypocrisy over Britain’s entanglement in Europe is distinctly passé.

Memo to the British Prime Minister: You don't mean to say that you are told what to do by the head of MI6 and GO-2, John Scarlett, do you? He's too close to Germany. Sack him.

Simultaneously with all the foregoing, President Sarkozy made it clear to all concerned not only that he would have anyone standing in the way of the Settlements arrested (or worse), but further that ‘I don’t care who they are’ – by which he clearly meant that some of the top European cronies of Bush 41 and Greenspan, such as Ackermann, CEO of Deutsche Bank, were in his sights; and that he does indeed possess powers under the EU terrorism legislation to have such people taken down.

And indeed, those reported to have been placed under arrest from 18th October onwards were all said to be senior people, not small fry at all.

One might add that it also looks as though Sarkozy has at some very recent stage been insulted or double-crossed by the Bush Crime Family, accounting for the remarkable vigour of his response to fulfilling his obligation to procure the Settlements. Additionally, French intelligence will have been pressing him hard to use his powers to ‘make it happen’. But most of all:

Sarkozy is fighting for his political (and possibly physical) survival as he was given 20 days to procure the wholesale Settlements or to be kicked out. Don’t forget that an assassination attempt on Sarkozy was perpetrated when he visited Israel.

M. Sarkozy sees this situation as an opportunity to display the power of the Presidency of the European Union. This dark underworld figure has been placed where he is for a reason. And he has no problem deploying underworld procedures to remove all who are STILL standing in the way of the Settlements, we understand from informed sources.

In this connection, the recent ‘accidental death’ in a car crash of the right-wing Austrian political figure Jorg Haider sent a message to all Bush-DVD bankers and operatives in Europe, that they had better stand aside, or else. Even so, the message was not received and so more and more of these people have been ‘removed’ from the scene, whether by arrest under the EU’s harsh anti-terrorism legislation, or ‘by other means’.

20th October: So, how did Merkel respond to Sarkozy’s threats? She made sure that the attempted payouts, which were to start on Sunday evening, 19th October 2008, with Europe and the Pacific Rim starting to release simultaneously, were frustrated. At 11.50 am on this Monday, the Editor was accordingly informed that a large number of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s geocriminalist associates in Germany had already been arrested.

At 3.15pm, the Editor of this service was advised that ‘arrests are proceeding all over Europe and in other parts of the world, including the United States’.

The Editor was also separately informed that ‘Xs’ bank account or accounts in Belgium, containing massive funds, was or were hacked into over that weekend (18th-19th October) and that his funds were stolen. The Editor put out some feelers to see whether this could possibly be true. Since the only person who could know that, would be ‘X’ himself, he would be unlikely to be the source of this ‘information’. Later in the day, the Editor was advised that the funds were still intact. At 9.20pm, after further enquiries, the Editor was finally advised as follows:

The account in the name of the very senior long-term Trustee based in Belgium named ‘X’ was indeed hacked into over the weekend of 18th-19th October.

The coordinates of the account were altered so that the account was placed under the direct control of President Nicolas Sarkozy.

On the face of it, one’s knee-jerk reaction to this revelation would be that President Sarkozy, while appearing to press vigorously on all fronts to close the Settlements, was simultaneously helping himself to the funds (given his two-faced, double-minded Illuminati underworld nature as ‘one of the boys’). However such an understandable knee-jerk reaction would be unjustified on this occasion not only because if he had behaved this way, he would most probably suffer the ultimate penalty without further ado, but also because:

What appears to have occurred is that, in the course of the ‘sweep’ of all who were believed or known to have been blocking the Settlements in alliance with the Bush Crime Family, not only was the 'Trustee' who had been in touch with the Editor for two years picked up on Saturday after it had been determined that he may have been ‘redirecting’ our focus all that time in cahoots with Bush Sr. by constantly stating that the Settlements were imminent when he may have known that the reverse was the case or may have been blocking them himself; but his ‘superior’, ‘X’, appears to have been picked up after it had likewise been determined that he may have been blocking the payments as an accomplice of the Bush financial crime nexus, as well.

Both these characters were reportedly all along ‘working for’ George Bush Sr.

With ‘X’ and the lesser Trustee out of the way, President Sarkozy, equipped with the authority he needed, ordered his intelligence services to hack into the account and to place the funds directly under his personal control, thereby severing the leverage and the connection or control hitherto asserted by Bush Sr. and Greenspan, and enabling Sarkozy to dispose of the funds in accordance with the authority vested in him by President George W. Bush at Camp David on 18th October.

Given the Camp David time sequence referenced above, it seems more than likely that the ‘X’ account was hacked into just as soon as Mr Sarkozy, equipped with the authority from Bush 43 to procure the Settlements as described above, had obtained Bush’s signature under the duress threat that the 26 closest criminalist associates of Bush Sr. and Greenspan in Europe would be arrested forthwith if Bush Jr. resisted any longer.

The ‘X’ account is not part of the main Settlements monies. However these developments are all closely interlinked and they are of supreme significance in terms of achieving the final resolution.

Additionally, the World Court was reported on Monday 20th October to have provided Sarkozy with documents backing up his authority to procure the Settlements payouts that he had obtained from President George W. Bush at Camp David. And once again, against this background and of reports of extensive arrests of Bush-Greenspan criminalists in Europe and around the world, the payout process was supposed to start up again on the same evening, which did not happen.

The US Supreme Court dominated by the Bush stooge John Roberts signed documents releasing OMEGA ‘packages’ for Canada, which was necessary prior to the ‘lever being pulled’. However it later turned out that ONE package, addressed to the chief Trustee for the CIA's OMEGA Ponzi scam recipients, was sent and reportedly delivered to Toronto.

On recent earlier occasions when such reports have been verified, it has transpired that the so-called ‘packages’ have tended to contain Affidavits, implying no intention of payment whatsoever.

21st October: Following the above, the wholesale Settlements releases were supposed to have started at 1.00pm New York time on Tuesday 22nd October. When this did not happen, arrests were reported to us (at 4.55pm) to have taken place in Germany and Switzerland. Our informants stated that ‘people standing in the way are being eliminated without mercy’.

In this connection, we were advised that the anonymous ‘Trustee’ who had been in touch with the Editor for the past two years, had been ‘removed’ on Saturday 18th October. When we attempted to contact him a few days later, someone else responded, employing language quite different from that used by the ‘Trustee’, and from the West Coast as opposed to Texas, where the ‘Trustee’ had previously stated that he lived. Furthermore, the person (operative) who had to respond, dropped his familiar ‘God Bless’ and references to Scripture with which the anonymous ‘Trustee’s’ emails to the Editor over a long period had been peppered.

This operation had been diagnosed some time ago as a George Bush Sr.-linked redirection and deception operation designed to ‘sit inside’ the Editor’s environment, so to speak, in order to suck information from the Editor while purporting to provide us with ‘Settlement progress’ information, which always turned out to be completely inaccurate. The person got annoyed when, from time to time, we hinted that we knew what was going on.

In other words, this was a typical Bush-linked deception operation, based upon the familiar Bush-Greenspan ‘Never-Pay’ model. When the Editor pressed the matter on 24th October by sending the ‘Trustee’ a chaser email, the operative briefed to continue the old charade attempted to close the deception down with the following response, in part: ‘I haven’t communicated because I haven’t had anything to communicate… I am sorry, but I haven’t had anything to report. I am very angry and ready to go on with my life and let the lawyers etc. handle this for me. Enough is enough’.

The only problem with this crude response is that ‘enough was never enough’ for the preceding two years, when the ‘Trustee’ incessantly asked for information from the Editor of this service. Now, all of a sudden, with dramatic events, as recorded above, and Sarkozy under a deadline to settle, which will certainly occur, this person had ‘lost interest’ and had ceased to ask us for any updates at all. And the Bush disinformation apparatus expected us to believe this nonsense!

The reason he ‘lost interest’, after two years of almost daily duplicitous correspondence with this Editor and supposedly at least ten years of agitation before that, is that he was reportedly arrested, as indicated above, on 18th October, for having blocked the Settlements on the orders of Bush Sr.

That left the ‘handlers’ with the problem of how to close down this deception operation if the Editor were to continue the correspondence. The upshot was a couple of curious emails purportedly from the ‘Trustee’ in response to prodding from the Editor, but in a completely different style, shorn of the familiar ‘God Bless’ sign-off because presumably the handler tasked with having to continue the charade doesn’t feel comfortable referencing God. These emails were both sent from the West Coast, where the anonymous 'Trustee' does not reside. Pretty poor tradecraft!

The real truth about this pathetic illustration of the stupidity of these compartmentalised American deception ‘specialists’ is that the long-term operation to keep someone ‘on the inside’ with respect to the Editor’s work and connections, has collapsed – blown by the Editor.

Unsurprisingly, it conforms, therefore, to Story’s Third Law [see The Cottrell Plan report, 18th September 2008: Archive], which states: 'Sooner or later, all covers and operations are blown'.

23rd October: It is again reported to us that Sarkozy had reiterated that the Settlements are to be released ‘come what may’ (code for: ‘we will eliminate anyone impeding the Settlement payouts’). The releases were supposed to have started at 7.00am New York time, but did not. At 10.15am the Editor found out that problems had supposedly arisen on 22nd October with the Bank of England claiming that ‘it was not ready’. There is alleged to be a serious ongoing corruption problem at the Bank of England. We have been told this by impeccable informants.

Special sources further advised the Editor that Gordon Brown had been informed by a higher authority in London that he is required to remove all obstacles to the Settlements in the British jurisdictions: or else he, like Sarkozy, will be removed abruptly from office.

It is understood that far from assisting matters, Brown may have been interfering – which recalls his behaviour when he said goodbye to President George W. Bush Jr. and Laura Bush on the steps of Number Ten Downing Street in the morning of 16th June, and then flew in the afternoon to Belfast where he joined Bush to attend at one or more banks to open bank accounts.

When we hinted at this treachery on this website with our 'Heaven forbid' comment, the balloon went up and Bush Jr.’s duplicity towards The Queen was exposed, as we reported at the time.

It is understood that Gordon Brown, who is an intelligence operative, like former Prime Minister Blair, was subsequently ‘educated’. It appears that his ‘education’ was incomplete.

On 24th October, the excuse for non-release was that problems had arisen this time in the US banking sector. However both Sarkozy and Merkel were attending an EU-Asia meeting in Peking.

And indeed, The Times of London reported on 24th October that Frau Merkel was scheduled to hold ‘a frosty meeting’ with President Sarkozy on the 24th, during a summit meeting between the European Union and Asian leaders in the Chinese capital. So, ‘if it’s Friday 18th October, it must be Camp David. If it’s Friday 24th October, it must be Peking (Beijing)‘.

Flying around the world like bees in a bottle, these jet-lagged, frazzled leaders are increasingly at each other’s throats, as their corrupt world collapses beneath them and they thrash around ever more frenetically to try to ‘do something‘. For public consumption, the ‘frosty meeting’ between Sarkozy and Merkel in the Chinese capital was supposed to have concerned Sarkozy‘s intention to launch a French sovereign investment fund with a capital of 100 billion Euros which the French and EU President says that other European Union Collective countries should copy.

Sarkozy openly proclaimed that his proposed fund is part of a programme to strengthen public sector control over private business, on the Chinese and Russian models. He's 'through', he says, with capitalism, a convenient way of trying to 'bury' his own complicity in the criminality.

This French lurch back to heavy state control (dirigisme) hardly befits a country with budgetary debt in the background of around 1,200 billion Euros. A spokesman for the German Government claimed that the French initiative might fall foul of European law.

However the meeting on 24th October will have been frosty because President Sarkozy had earlier threatened Frau Merkel with arrest for blocking the Settlements releases in accordance with her arrangements with George Bush Sr. who, as indicated above, bribes her in exchange for which she guards the integrity of his illicit funds held with Germany’s biggest bank.

Since the German Chancellor had reacted to Sarkozy’s threat that he would have her arrested, by continuing to block the Settlements, and had been confronted with the extensive arrests of Bush-linked ‘Never-Pay Syndrome’ ‘sleepers’ at the German banks, as reported above, we suspect that the ’frosty meeting‘ will in reality have been more akin to a shouting match – which, of course, will have been taped by Chinese intelligence. They are very happy to have these conferences in the Chinese capital: it's so convenient for eavesdropping purposes.

Sarkozy has also widened divisions inside the European Union Collective that he says the financial crisis has 'drawn closer together', by demanding to be allowed to continue in a presidential rôle as chairman of ‘economic Europe’ until the end of 2009 – a proposal that has gone down like a lead balloon in Berlin and other capitals, especially Prague, which takes over the six-month rotating EU Presidency slot in January 2009 and acquires the power being wielded by Sarkozy.

The Deputy Prime Minister there says that Sarkozy has no right or power to do this, that the Czech Republic is entitled to its six-month stint at the EU Presidency, and that the EU Collective's rules cannot be changed unless all 27 ’Member States‘ of the Political Collective agree.

What Sarkozy really has in mind here is that not only is the Czech Republic lukewarm about its own EU membership, but it is not even a participant in the Eurozone, so that it will be liable (President Sarkozy assumes) to give a low priority to issues surrounding the collective currency, the Euro.

More generally, the Czechs have pointed out that Mr Sarkozy’s erratic and impulsive behaviour is driving Europe apart rather than the reverse, i.e. that the French and EU President is behaving in a wild and uncoordinated manner, and that power has gone to his head.

The immediate answer to this is that if Sarkozy does not deliver the Settlements payouts within the 20 days laid down by the other EU ’Member States‘ with the probable exception of Angela Merkel's Germany, he will be relieved of his duties and position by the rest of the European Union.

The International Monetary Fund is reportedly insisting that Iceland’s dispute with London over British savings held in Icesave, the UK offshoot of Iceland’s Landsbanki, must be resolved before it will take any decision on the scale of emergency IMF support for Reykjavik. The Fund’s governing Executive Board was meeting on 23rd October to consider a prospective rescue package, which could be supported by several Scandinavian central banks and the Bank of Japan.

On 24th October, Iceland announced that it had in fact reached a tentative agreement with the IMF for a $2.0 billion emergency loan. However it appeared that the Scandinavian central banks were now less interested in coming to Iceland's assistance. Reykjavik has turned to Russia for help.

The Times of London stated on 25th October that 'Iceland is poised to receive a bailout from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) without giving the UK Government assurances about how it will reimburse thousands of British savers with money in Icelandic banks'.

The Icelandic Prime Minister, Mr Geir Haarde, said: 'Our dealings with Britain over Icesave are not included in the talks. Those will be resolved on another level and we are at present not prepared to commit to British demands apart from those to which we are legally bound'.

Talks in the Icelandic capital between the country’s Government and representatives from the British Treasury broke up on 23rd October with no agreement. The talks are believed to revolve around Britain lending Iceland some £3 billion, although the Treasury has not named a figure.

Some 300,000 British savers held accounts worth about £4.0 billion with Icesave, which suspended operations on 7th October, and stopped customers from depositing and withdrawing funds.

While spokesmen for both Governments said that talks would in fact continue, 8,000 depositors who held more than £800 million in their offshore accounts on the Isle of Man with Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander, have threatened legal proceedings against the UK Government.

The Isle of Man Government sent a delegation on 24th October to see officials from the Treasury and the UK Financial Services Authority, to demand the release of about £550 million of Isle of Man deposits held by Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander in London that were frozen on 8th October. The British authorities ordered clearing banks not to process transactions involving Icelandic-owned institutions under the Anti-Terrorism Act, prompting a wave of imminent legal proceedings.

The UK Treasury will almost certainly call for a list of the depositors involved, to winkle out any British residents holding undeclared accounts. It may also claim that it is not responsible for protecting accounts in the Isle of Man, which is a separate financial jurisdiction for tax purposes.

Suggestions that one or more huge bank failures were likely to occur on Tuesday 21st October were associated with the fact that outstanding Lehman Brothers' Credit Default Swaps (CDOs) had to be settled on that date. This episode will serve to illustrate that such instruments are worthless.

These insurance-type guarantees were provided by banks and hedge funds to generate income streams for themselves. Under these arrangements, banks and hedge funds agreed to cover any default by a large investment entity such as Lehman Brothers, the underlying assumption being that the big houses would always remain ‘Too Big To Fail’ (TBTF).

This kind of assumption ran in parallel with the careless belief that the financial corruption would and could never be exposed, a miscalculation for which the world is paying a heavy price.

Providers of the CDOs charged hefty premia to offer such ‘protection’, which they were confident would never have to be provided. Given that Lehman Brothers’ assets were deemed during the week ending 17th October to be worth just 8 cents on the dollar, the credit default liability would equate to about 92 cents on the dollar, multiplied by about $400 billion.

Theoretically, parties that had agreed to cover credit defaults by Lehman Brothers would need to pay out the cash. If these arrangements were legal, that would be a serious problem that might indeed trigger bank collapses.

But in reality, these private arrangements cannot be enforced. They all represent private, non-regulated undertakings that are in sharp violation of the US securities regulations. Since the only means of enforcement would be through the US Courts, a process that would probably take years, and the Courts would follow the securities regulations (they would have no choice), this ‘deadline’ amounted to nothing substantive. The same will apply to similar deadlines in the future.

What does count is the fact that up to $400 billion of credit has been permanently destroyed through this particular linkage alone. Credit and monetary destruction are proceeding apace.

Total US domestic credit outstanding expanded from $13.9 trillion in 1996, to $33.1 trillion in 2007, an increase of some $19.2 trillion, or more than $1.7 trillion, on average, annually.

Within this total, domestic credit outstanding created by the banking system rose from $6.0+ trillion in 1996 to $14.2 trillion in 2007, representing an increase of $8.2 trillion, or $745 billion annually.

In 1996, the difference between domestic credit created by the banking sector and total domestic credit outstanding was $7.9 trillion, which was the aggregate credit that had been created OUTSIDE the banks as of December 1996.

In 2007, this differential had expanded to $18.9 trillion, so that the volume of outstanding domestic credit generated OUTSIDE the banks equated to 133% of that created BY the banks.

Therefore, for many years now, the banks have created less credit outstanding than non-banks (as reported). Thus the banks have declined progressively in importance as sources of credit, while all talk of monetarism, an artificial means of trying to control the expansion of the money supply, has long since died a death. The reason for this is that notions about curbing monetary expansion at the banks through various techniques became redundant with the hegemony of geocriminal ‘funny money’ and fraudulent finance techniques – almost all of which, as we shall be showing in a future study, currently in preparation, are irregular, illegal and unenforceable at law in the United States.

In the preceding report we noted that one of the most embarrassing and painful new realities for the big geocriminal financial enterprises has been the insistence, first publicised via the Group of Seven’s formal statement at the IMF/World Bank Spring Meetings in April 2008, that ‘international supervisory colleges’ must be attached to these institutions, as a means of ensuring that they do not revert to their old corrupt financial bad habits.

As we also pointed out, the report that the Editor wrote overnight on 10th/11th October in the IMF Press Room was subsequently terminated by the NSA/NSC/CIA ‘mental defectives’ just at the point where the Editor noted that this demand for supervision stemmed from Michael C. Cottrell’s call for an ‘oversight panel’ to govern transactions under what was still then (in the first quarter of 2007) referred to here by this Editor’s term ‘The Wanta Plan’.

As will be seen in International Currency Review, Michael Cottrell made it plain that as Treasurer of Wanta’s corporation (prior to Mr Cottrell‘s welcome but irregular dismissal by Wanta), he wouldn’t be prepared to handle a single cent of the funds unless such an oversight panel were installed.

He needed this panel not least for his own protection, given Wanta’s approach to finance.

At this suggestion, Wanta flew into a rage and expostulated on the Editor’s voicemail that ‘if I need an ‘oversight panel, I shall appoint an oversight panel’ and that since it would be ‘his’ money, he would do what he liked with the funds without guidance from anyone else.

After Wanta ‘fired’ Michael Cottrell irregularly (Wanta was later informed that firing Cottrell was ‘the stupidest thing you ever did’), the Editor in turn realised (admittedly very late on the uptake) that if Wanta couldn’t be bothered to repay the Editor’s $35,000 loan which fell due on 11th June 2007 plus interest, how could he possibly be trusted with the vast sums of money that he was claiming?

This past painful episode aside, the decisive fact of the matter is that the international community’s insistent demand for oversight grew specifically out of Mr Michael C. Cottrell’s parallel demand for an ‘oversight panel’ in the above context. This is a development greatly loathed by all the criminal financial enterprises that will be subjected to this new form of discipline.

But there is much more to this significant demand, on which the international financial community is adamant. For the ‘international colleges’ to be attached to the 60-odd criminal enterprises (banks and huge bank-like institutions) will re-establish the derivatives ratios.

The most recently available official aggregate for the volume of derivatives ‘assets’ outstanding, is $667 trillion. According to the International Monetary Fund’s 'Global Financial Stability Report' for October 2008, subtitled ‘Financial Stress and Deleveraging: Macrofinancial Implications and Policy’, the notional total value of global over-the-counter derivatives contracts outstanding was $297,666 billion at the end of December 2005, ballooning to $596,004 billion just two years later (at the end of December 2007), a figure consistent with the latest official number of $667 trillion.

But the Gross Market Values of the outstanding contracts were estimated by the Fund to have risen from $9,748 trillion to $14,522 trillion over the period.

These IMF data were adjusted for double-counting. Specifically, the notional amounts outstanding have been adjusted by halving positions vis-à-vis other reporting dealers, while the gross market values were calculated as the sum of the total gross positive market value of the contracts and the absolute value of the gross negative market value of contracts with nonreporting counterparties. The elimination of double-counting explains why our earlier figure of $1,200++ trillion surfaced: it appears to have included double-counting.

The ‘international colleges’ to be attached to the big institutions are likely, we suspect, to confirm that the derivatives outstanding are all worth zero.

Which brings us, finally, to the talk about ‘rolling’ financial and economic summit meetings of world leaders ostensibly 'to discuss the global response to the financial crisis', according to a senior White House official, cited by The New York Times on 19th October.

The official added that the (initial?) meeting would be intended to 'explore ideas to 'prevent any recurrence' of the cascading financial failures that have forced the major economic powers to take costly, coordinated actions in the past several weeks'.

'Preventing a recurrence' presupposes closing down all off-balance sheet, untaxed, high-yield investment program offshore parasitical financing operations over which zero supervision, checks or balances, are exercised, or ever apply.

It also presupposes banning hedge funds, or subjecting them, contrary to the wrongheaded and permissive decision on this score taken by the G-7 meeting in northern Germany in June 2007, to severe disciplines to which they are far from accustomed.

Most clearly of all, to preclude any recurrence of this financial corruption nightmare, 'preventing a recurrence' implies valuing the outstanding derivatives contracts at zero.

We understand, on authoritative input, that the independent regional US Federal Reserve Banks believe that the outstanding derivatives contracts are worthless, which has obvious implications for SOME of the so-called ‘packages’, as well.

In a final swipe at maintaining his ’free market‘ ideology intact, the subdued financial crook Dr Alan Greenspan told the House Committee on 23rd October:

'Whatever regulatory changes are made, they will pale in comparison to the change already evident in today's markets. Those markets for an indefinite future will be far more restrained than would any currently contemplated new regulatory régime'.

By which Greenspan probably meant that with the market implosion in full swing, there will be no need for improved regulation, after all. However, as the worldwide interest in The Cottrell Plan has revealed, no-one is listening. It's 'curtains' for Greenspan, the crooked pied piper of banking.

Since the Editor will be travelling quite extensively again soon, this may be our last report ahead of the US Presidential Election. At 11.50am on Monday 20th October, the Editor was informed, via an official source ‘inside the Beltway’, that quote ‘they are trying to drag the crisis into the election, to steal the election again, create a pre-revolutionary chaos scenario, and use that as a pretext for imposing Martial Law or a State of Emergency’ unquote.

The Editor responded that ‘well, that’s the only such option they may think they have left. They couldn’t attack Iran because (a) the US military wouldn’t agree to such a rash and amoral attack and (b) in any case, Iran is already a nuclear power, having at least 12 nuclear warheads, according to British sources [see our DVD exposure report dated 20th Sewptember 2008 again].

The Iranians obtained enriched uranium supplies delivered via Type-21 German submarines modelled on the World War II U-Boats, which have also been used by the Bush Crime nexus to deliver drugs and captured children for paedophilia purposes. This is known because a British undercover team has photographed little girls disembarking from one of these submarines at a location in northern Germany.

The children are apparently picked up mainly in Sao Paolo, Brazil, where they run wild, and off the coastline of Portugal, where resident depraved beachcombers act as spies for the paedophile rings running this abominable 'industry', and meeting the needs of the 'protected' perverts, for instance, operating inside the European Commission in Brussels.

Further, the substitute option of escalating the US provocation in Georgia into a war with Russia was explicitly nixed by the US military, who informed their deranged Commander-in-Chief that under no circumstances would they agree to military hostilities over Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

So presumably, stealing the election and generating pre-revolutionary unrest and chaos in the process would theoretically be the final option for these maniacs, who, by the way, will shortly be deprived of the services of Vice President Richard B. Cheney. He is expected to leave early.

It may be recalled that these US Presidential elections are manipulated by the arrogant hitherto self-financing 'State within the State', the Intelligence Power, which controls the Government inter alia by appointing its own operatives to key positions throughout all branches of the structures.

Tweedledum (the Republicans) will, if the defeated Republican/Nazi faction inside the Intelligence Power acts in accordance with the script, be succeeded by Tweedledee, the ‘left-wing’ ‘Democratic’ faction operating dialectically within the Intelligence Power.

Both are Tweedle: that’s the key to understanding the electoral fraud that's going on. And it should never be forgotten amid the hype and hysteria of the election. This is the American revolutionary model of (fake) ‘democracy’. Tweedle is in the driving seat at all times.

But at the same time, we are told that the mad option of stealing the election and causing chaos would in any case be prevented, too, like all the earlier attempted extracurricular abominations that this corrupt US Administration has contemplated, with the exceptions of 9/11, its disastrous foreign wars and the failed provocation in Georgia.

Finally, since President Bush has been forced to ‘host’ an international meeting on 15th November 2008 to 'discuss' how to handle the global financial crisis, which can hardly take place absent the Settlement payouts beforehand, all this talk of a pre-election atrocity and Martial Law can be seen to represent just another wave of the familiar cynical diversionary Psychological Operations.

Certainly, the very recent decisive indications surrounding the Settlements suggest that the worst Government kakocracy (5) in America’s history has run out of options. It will be remembered for having squandered vast resources on pointless wars, for having murdered 2,000,000 people, for having bequeathed a chaotic fiscal legacy and financial burden for its successor to sort out, and for having squandered its time in office to perpetrate unfettered, deeply corrupt fraudulent finance and stealing scams to fund ‘Black Operations’ and for grotesque personal enrichment purposes.

Very probably, the main villains of this odious criminal Administration will find that, once out of office, certain ongoing judicial and law enforcement procedures will see to it that they receive the come-uppance that they so richly deserve – if, that is, they can even manage to survive physically. As you know, many of their associates have, of late, ‘ceased to exist’.

Mention by Colin Powell and several other big figures of 'a crisis that the American people know nothing about occurring on 21st/22nd January' immediately following the new American President's Inauguration confirms (a) that the US élite are congratulating themselves for having covered up the endless corruption in high places from the general public through their control of the ‘mainstream media’ (Operation Mockingbird); and (b) that it is taken for granted that the new President will be obliged to trigger immediate action against the high-level perpetrators of these financial crimes: otherwise the new President will be personally implicated in these crimes.

That puts paid to all the talk about each of the candidates having ‘done secret deals’ with the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate to continue the cover-up of these absolutely unprecedented crimes.

Presidential pardons? Forgeddaboudit. The bulk of the financial crimes were committed in Britain and Europe, where the accounts were maintained precisely because to have operated such a vast system of financial fraud domestically would have been contrary to the US securities regulations.

The London ‘safety lock boxes’ yielded the concrete evidence that is being used to take these crooks down, on both sides of the Atlantic.

The hero of our era is therefore Deputy Metropolitan Police Commissioner John Yates.

It is surely ‘not by chance’, as they say in Moscow, that, at the very end of this disastrous Bush II term, the Cuban Government has suddenly announced that there may well be more than 20 billion barrels of recoverable oil located in offshore fields in Cuba’s share of the Gulf of Mexico, more than twice the previous estimate. What timing!

If confirmed, this will place Cuba’s oil reserves on a par with the ‘announced’ reserves of the United States, and would catapult Cuba into the group of the top 20 oil producers. Drilling by the Cuban state oil corporation, Cubapetroleo, or Cupet, is expected to begin in 2009. In reality, the drilling will be done by Chinese contractors.

Stand by, therefore, for the removal of the intentional US political cap on Cuba’s oil reserves, the wholesale rehabilitation of Cuba into the ‘family of nations’, the progressive reduction of the US obsession with wrenching the oilfields from others in the Middle East for its own corrupt use, and a retrenchment and refocusing by the United States on its own sorely neglected back yard.

The Cuban oil is located more than a mile deep under the ocean and will be difficult and expensive to extract; and it will be three to five years before any meaningful supplies of Cuban oil from these reserves come on-stream. Nevertheless, this development, and its timing, is symbolic of the end of a disastrous era, and can be counted as another hopeful sign for the future.

Notes and references:

(1) ‘None of this must ever come out, you understand’: comment by Gwendoline Waymark (not her real name), a US operative ‘working for’ George H. W. Bush Sr., left on the Editor’s voicemail in May 2003, after it became known that the Editor was investigating the operations of ‘the Octopus’.

(2) In 2004, the veteran journalist and writer Gordon Thomas pressurised the Editor insistently to make contact with a Ukrainian-American Pentagon-linked operative who wished to see him. He said that the US operative had been ‘checked out by MI6’.

The Editor finally consented to meet this individual, who then requested to be contacted while examining fishing tackle in a sports store on Fifth Avenue in New York. The Editor later provided the official gratis with information that he obtained from open sources, including the website of Soviet Military Intelligence (GRU), which this person could perfectly well have researched himself.

When visiting Gordon Thomas in Bath, England, late that year, Mr Thomas suddenly confronted the Editor with the fact that 'MI6' had informed the British press that the Editor had been involved with Mark Thatcher in connection with the aborted putsch in Equatorial Guinea.

Since the Editor has done nothing else except write, edit and produce publications since 1969, and provide high-level political advice when asked to do so on occasion, there would have been no time for such antics. When the Editor protested that this was all totally false, Thomas replied:

‘It doesn’t matter that it’s not true. All that matters is that it’s out there’.

The full sequence of this episode is published in the imminent issue of International Currency Review [Volume 34, #1], since it throws further light on the nervousness of the criminalists.

Later, the Pentagon-linked operative surfaced in Britain, where he visited MI6; and after returning to the United States, he telephoned the Editor and started jabbering about some project with which he erroneously stated that the Editor was involved, with Bernie Ecclestone in Monaco, which is a key CIA money-laundering, fraudulent finance and ‘funny money’ manipulation center.

When the Editor stopped him and pointed out that he had better go back to his sources because the Editor didn’t know what on earth he was talking about, there was a long silence. Then the US operative stumbled: ‘Well, that’s worrying, in view of where the information came from’.

It transpired that these fake stories were all depraved intelligence community traps and stratagems designed, in Gordon Thomas’s words, ‘to make you sit up’. He then elaborated:

'They think you may be dangerous because you have the documents and you control your own publications, and you might expose these activities. So they have disseminated these stories so that the press won‘t take you seriously when you publish anything along these lines'.

To which the answer is that the 'mainstream media' fully met the cynical expectations of Gordon Thomas and of the corrupted (DVD-oriented) elements inside MI6 (GO-2: General Operations – 2), headed by John Scarlett, who is a pawn of the DVD.

But this website has surely made an end-run around the complacent, controlled and bamboozled UK ‘mainstream media’, making fools of these particular intelligence community ‘mental defectives’ who bore false witness against this Editor to the British press.

Furthermore, these British, traitorous ‘mental defectives’ need to understand the following: Independent operators with decades of experience of fending for themselves like this Editor don‘t take kindly to arrogant jackboot tactics from second-rate parasites paid for by his tax remittances whose job should be to protect the Kingdom from enemies, not to try to discredit a person whose father fought for THEIR freedom in TWO World Wars.

You loathesome skunks, Gordon Thomas included: This should make YOU sit up.

(3) As noted in earlier reports, Lenin taught that agreements with ‘the bourgeoisie’ could be broken at any time consistent with the changing revolutionary ‘correlation of forces’. Thus Lenin differed from George W. Bush Jr., who signs agreements with the specific intention of reneging on them immediately. In this sense, Bush 43 is far more Leninist than Lenin himself.

(4) Full details of how the long-range pan-German hegemony strategy is realised through the German-French dominated European Union Collective, are published in this Editor’s 2007 book entitled ‘The New Underworld Order’, Chapter Ten: ‘The Thousand-Year Reich’.

‘Europäische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft’ [the ‘European Economic Community’] was a compendium of papers given at a seminar conducted in Berlin in 1941 by top German Nazi Party intellectuals.

The blueprint for the reorganisation of Europe under German hegemony was arranged in almost exactly the same manner as the Maastricht Treaty of 1992, the key chapter and subject headings of which are almost identical to those of the Nazi compendium, which was published in 1942. Copies of this Nazi document are available in the Staatsbibliothek, Berlin, and in the British Library, London. The copy in the British Library must be ordered in advance. Facsimiles of some of the pages from the document are published in the Editor’s book.

(5) Kakocracy: Governance by the worst elements of society exclusively in their own interests to the deliberate detriment of all other elements of society. See Glossary with the Cottrell Plan text.



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Friday, 24 October 2008

Alan Greenspan's 18 Year Crime Spree Was "A Mistake"

'Wow! The arrogant, crusty old thief and Darling of Wall Street finally admitted that he, "made a mistake" by deregulating the financial system throughout his 18 years as head of the most powerful criminal syndicate in the history of the world - The Federal Reserve. Now, after he and his gang have finished their controlled demolition of the US economy and robbed the country, he stands before congress and glibly says he made a "mistake". Now that's Hutzpa, folks!'


Link: axisoflogic.com/artman/publish/article_28581.shtml


Sunday, 26 October 2008

That Rothschild Clan In Full: Eccentricity, Money, Influence And Scandal

'Nat Rothschild’s career path – from playboy to plutocrat – has to be seen against the backdrop of his family history, studded as it is with eccentrics who were torn between loyalty to an immense and powerful name and the urge to break away from the clan.'


Sunday, 26 October 2008

Defense Secretary John Hutton Backs European Army

'John Hutton has become the first defence secretary to back a French plan for a European army, branding those who dismiss it as “pathetic”. In a wide-ranging interview with The Sunday Times, he said: “I think we’ve got to be pragmatic about those things. Where it can help, we should be part of it.” His support goes beyond the public position of Gordon Brown, the prime minister, and will antagonise those who believe that further European cooperation will undermine Nato by excluding the United States. Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president, has sought to develop Europe’s military structures with new headquarters and rapid reaction forces, each consisting of 1,500 troops from member countries.'


Sunday, 26 October 2008

Darling Knew About Potential Icelandic Bank Meltdown Weeks In Advance

'Alistair Darling was alerted to the possibility of a meltdown of Icelandic banks 'weeks' before they collapsed, taking billions of pounds of British savers' cash invested in them. A transcript of a private telephone conversation on October 7 between the Chancellor and an Icelandic government minister shows that Mr Darling had been 'very concerned' about the country's banks well before they failed.'


Sunday, 26 October 2008

Laser Beam Spy Camera Joins War On Terrorism

'A laser that can scan a crowd and identify people who have been handling explosives is being secretly tested at British airports and railway stations. The device - no bigger than a shoe box - could also be used by police and MI5 surveillance teams to identify Islamic terrorists outside mosques or community centres. The laser can pick out suspects in large crowds and highlight explosive residue on their clothing and luggage.'


Sunday, 26 October 2008

Multi-millionaire Nat Rothschild 'Behind Osborne's £200,000 Gift'

'Shadow Chancellor George Osborne was embroiled in a new row last night over claims that multi-millionaire playboy and financier Nat Rothschild was responsible for bankrolling him with nearly £200,000 of funding. Authoritative sources close to Mr Rothschild, a friend and ally of Peter Mandelson, say a £190,000 donation to Mr Osborne's office last year - declared as coming from Lady Serena Rothschild - was paid because she was urged to do so by her son, Nat.'


Sunday, 26 October 2008

Obama And The Predicted World Crisis

'It all began when former State Department chief, Colin Powell, endorsed Barack Obama for president on Meet The Press, October 19 2008. Obama responded by saying, “Powell will have a role as one of my advisers.” Attached to his endorsement of Obama, Powell leaked an Obama-camp agenda about a coming crisis: "There's going to be a crisis which will come along on the 21st, 22nd of January which we don't even know about right now....View Entire Story Here.On the very same day, (what a coincidence!), while at a Seattle fund raiser, Obama’s VP pick, Joe Biden, expanded on Powell’s prediction, by saying that the ‘crisis’ will be one of “international” proportions:'    ...

AS FIRST REVEALED by historian, political analyst, and Washington insider, Webster Tarpley of Rense.com - a new ruling elite is now in place in Washington. This power bloc is headed by the founders of the Trilateral Commission, David Rockefeller & Zbigniew Brzezinski. Obama is no more than a “blank slate” for this new ruling elite.

As the name “Trilateral” reflects, the mission of the Trilateral Commission is to divide the world into three regional super-governments, as an interim step toward world government. As the appellation “Commission” reflects, the instrumentality of a “shadow government” is implied. (More on this soon)......

ON OCTOBER 24 2008, Washington, (translate Rockefeller-Brzezinski), initiated sanctions against Russia’s state-controlled arms exporter, Rosoboron Export.

Russia’s foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, responded by saying that “the sanctions imposed by the US on Russia’s state-run arms exporter contravene international law and will harm ties with Washington.” Lavrov concluded his remarks by saying that the US sanctions was “an unfriendly act.”

And so my friends — the ‘predicted’ world crisis, leaked by the Obama camp on October 19 2008 — has already begun…


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Sunday, 26 October 2008

Congress: What Bernake And Paulson Aren't Telling You

'Ben and Hank have both told you that the critical issue for the economy is for "lending to resume", stating that it has dramatically contracted. If this was the truth, then Ben and Hank would have come to you for $700 billion in the TARP, but instead of TARPing the money, they would have asked for permission to use it to capitalize 10 new banks which would be immediately IPO'd off to the public with the stake being in the form of some kind of super-senior debt that held a coupon high enough to encourage immediate (or nearly-so) replacement with private capital.' ....

In short, it wouldn't have done anything because the economy only grows at a rate of about 20 cents for every dollar of debt taken on.  That is, it takes five dollars of debt to generate one new dollar of GDP.

The bad news is that once you reach the "$1 for $1" level you are no longer able to finance growth with debt, and it becomes inevitable that you will begin to finance debt with debt.

That, of course generates no GDP at all but precipitously tightens the spiral.

We crossed that Rubicon roughly around 1968, and you have had this fact concealed from you.

Congress, please listen:.....(...)



Sunday, 26 October 2008

Sarkozy Tries To Install Himself As European Union President

'The French president, who holds the EU's rotating six month presidency until the end of December, has dominated the international stage following the Russian invasion of Georgia in August and the global financial crisis in recent weeks. But he has dismayed Brussels diplomats and angered the Czech Republic, which takes over the EU presidency in January, by suggesting that countries belonging to the euro, with an invitation extended to Britain, should form an emergency "economic government" with President Sarkozy at its head.'     http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/france/3254628/Nicolas-Sarkozy-under-attack-after-EU-president-proposal.html


Sunday, 26 October 2008

Berlusconi Erasing The Basic Principles Of Democracy

'The Italian government is erasing the basic principles of democracy, ignoring all opposition and diminishing the importance of a whole country demonstrating against Berlusconi and his ministers.'


Sunday, 26 October 2008

Insanity Rules - Gates Funds 'Flying Syringe' Mosquitos

'The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation awarded 100,000 dollars each on Wednesday to scientists in 22 countries including funding for a Japanese proposal to turn mosquitos into "flying syringes" delivering vaccines.'


Sunday, 26 October 2008

Maliki Won't Sign Divisive SOFA

Iraqi Premier Nouri al-Maliki 'will not sign' the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) over fears that it might create division in the country. A lawmaker from the United Iraqi Alliance, Iraq's most powerful parliamentary bloc, made the announcement, adding that a "national consensus" is required before any move, the McClatchy Newspaper reported on Saturday.'







October 24, 2008 8:44 PM 


David Icke

Posted Oct. 24, 2008

Edited and supplemented by 'here and now'........

Today the initiates and frontmen for the "Babylonian Brotherhood" control world politics, banking, business, intelligence agencies, police, the military, education and the media. The most important of these, in terms of control, is banking. The creation and manipulation of money. The Brotherhood financial sting is very simple and spans the period we are documenting from the time of Sumer and Babylon to the present day. It is based on creating money that doesn't exist and lending it to people and businesses in return for interest.

This is how "they" control governments, businesses and the general population, by creating enormous debt. (...)

Another of the Brotherhood's most important coups was the creation in 1913 of the Federal Reserve, the so-called 'central bank' of the United States. It is neither federal nor has any reserve. It is a cartel of private banks owned by the 20 founding families, mostly European, which today decides the interest rates for the United States and lends non-existent money (figures on a screen) to the US Government on which the taxpayers have to pay interest.

What we call the 'American Deficit' - is nothing more than fresh air.

The Federal Government of the United States does not own a single share in the Federal Reserve and American citizens cannot purchase them. Profits exceed $150 billion a year and the Federal Reserve has not once in all its history published audited accounts. This income is assured because:

1. The Brotherhood control the US Government (the Virginia Company under another name) which continues to borrow 'money' from the 'Fed';

2. They also control the privately-owned Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the illegal terrorist organisation which collects the taxation from the people;


3.  it controls the media to ensure that people never find out about 1 and 2.

The Brotherhood had long desired a privately-owned 'central bank' in America to complete their control of the economy. When the leading Freemason, George Washington, became the first president he appointed a Brotherhood yes-man called Alexander Hamilton as his Secretary of the Treasury. Hamilton introduced the Bank of the United States, a privately owned central bank which began to lend money to the new US Government so creating control by debt from the very start. Look at what happened when the Black Nobility introduced the Bank of England, and the scenario is exactly the same. The Bank of the United States caused so much poverty, bankruptcy and rebellion, that it was eventually closed down, but soon after that came its replacement, the Federal Reserve.

Related info on the Fed:


The Bank of England?

Vatican Bank

International Bankers, Credit, and the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)






hal turner blog       http://halturnershow.blogspot.com/   :

October 25, 2008


United States District Court Judge R. Barclay Surrick dismissed a lawsuit against the candidacy of Barak Hussein Obama because, he ruled, voters do not have legal standing to challenge a non-citizen running for US President.

The lawsuit, brought by Democrat Attorney Philip J. Berg of Pennsylvania, established as a legal fact that Barak Obama is not a "natural born citizen" of the United States. The lawsuit established as a legal fact that Obama was born in Kenya and, later was made a citizen of Indonesia. As such, Obama is Constitutionally ineligible to run for US President.

Despite being a loyal Democrat, Mr. Berg filed the lawsuit because the Constitution REQUIRES any candidate for President to be a natural born citizen and he knew Obama was not.

Judge Surrick dismissed Berg's lawsuit ruling any harm from an allegedly ineligible candidate was "too vague and its effects too attenuated to confer standing on any and all voters.

In the past, I would have published the home address of the judge involved so citizens to express their outrage. SInce I am now using Google's free blogspot service, I cannot make such a publication because this blog would be immediately shut off.

Had my listeners supported me better in the past, we could have continued enjoying
the freedom of my own web site on my own server. Alas, that freedom is gone.

Details Here



I warned this would happen and here we go. China has launched a full scale assault upon the U.S. dollar, telling countries around the world to "banish it" from international trade!

This is no small problem and will make financial matters here in America very much worse very fast.

This is economic warfare; intentional and malicious. It's the kind of act that starts wars.

Full details Here
Posted by HalTurnerShow.com at 10/25/2008 01:26:00 PM 12 comments



from RMN  http://www.rumormillnews.com/  :


Posted By: in_PHI_nitti
Date: Sunday, 26 October 2008, 5:42 a.m.

Attention Spiritual WARRIORS. Its time WEILD YOUR POWER and use your VOICE. Dr Deagle has reinforced what I have long known - and that is the one thing that is feared by the lords of darkness - your ability to call on cosmic assistance and know THE POWER OF INVOCATION.

WARNING:This message may not be comfortable; but I recognize Dr. Deagle as a planetary messenger OR I WOULD NOT BE STICKING MY NECK OUT.


http://projectcamelot.org/bill_deagle.html       http://www.clayandiron.com/




Harper dit : « Ce n’est pas la job d’un premier ministre d’avertir la population  que ça va mal dans l’économie »


Holà ! Ta job Harper, c’est d’être responsable de tous les Canadiens, dans tous les domaines.  Pas négociable !!


 Ta formation d’économiste dépasse au bas de ta robe.





Sport des dieux : Montréal a été éliminé de la compétition de Formule #1 en 2009.  La raison n’a rien à voir avec l’argent, mais plutôt avec la date à laquelle la compétition de Montréal était prévue.


Il serait simplement impossible de compléter la compétition à Montréal, la première de juin 2009. La situation sera mauvaise.


Sports de dieux vous dites ?


Premier critère pour appartenir au groupe très sélect des proches de la F1: Être pilote ou encore faire suivre sa Ferrari ou sa Lamborghini par container sur tout le circuit mondial de la compétition.



De Châtillon 8 octobre 


Des changements importants devraient prendre place sur le Soleil Jupiter Neptune Saturne et Mars dans les prochaines semaines.  Un sursaut de rayonnement gamma est à prévoir.




L’apparition d’un première tache solaire pourrait en être un signe précurseur.






Aux policiers de la ville de Québec.


Je ne vous expliquerai pas en long et en large, à vous de lire.


Ceux qui ne respectent pas vos demandes syndicales, sont les mêmes qui vous dirigent vers une apparence syndicale de circonstance, en faisant porter la culotte de combat militaire.


Tout ceci possède un but inavoué.


L’état, c’est nous tous. Pas un avocat qui s’amuse à faire le clown parce qu’il a accès aux médias. 


Le Sommet de la  francophonie est le moment de démontrer que votre professionnalisme dépasse de loin les gigolos de la politique québécoise qui passent leurs temps à sucer plus.


Vous avez un code et des protocoles.


Ne vous laissez pas diriger par ces victorieux à tresses blanches qui possèdent le monde l’univers et le reste. Le peuple a besoin de vous pour faire respecter le droit à l’opinion.


Soyez glorieux et fiers, non par soumission à un petit politicien de merde, ni par vengeance à la suite d’un petit chef syndical qui possède beaucoup de maîtres, mais pour le peuple.


Vous êtes des enfants du Québec.


À vous de lire et à vous de jouer.


De Châtillon 14 octobre 


La pression financière s’accroit.


Réagissant comme un sphincter de bas étage en proie au stress, les banques se contractent et commencent à rappeler les marges de crédits des petits entrepreneurs.


La plus mauvaise nouvelle courante passera encore inaperçue pendant un bon moment. Elle concerne cette réunion d’urgence du G20, demandée par les États-Unis à Washington, le 14 novembre pour un souper à la Maison Blanche et le 15 pour des discussions autour des problèmes de la finance mondiale.


C’est au cours de la matinée du 15 qu’ils tenteront d’arracher à la force, un compromis dont l’issue aux ramifications désastreuses pour le peuple, est déjà connue. Il y a peu de doute que toutes les actions et mouvements de la finance internationale qui se produiront d’ici là, le seront en fonction de cet unique objectif.


Cette date s’inscrit avec relief dans le calendrier de guerre de l’Emporium.
Le radiomètre  est au point mort depuis hier le 25 octobre à 21 heures, moment du croisement avec Saturne. Première fois qu’il s’arrête aussi longuement et première fois qu’il s’accroche sur un cycle de la lune.
 Le moment où il repartira, nous donnera du même coup certaines précisions sur les courants d’énergies en cours et leurs intensités.