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mardi 28 octobre 2008 18 h 56
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Oct 28.  In a stunning defeat for Bush and Cheney, the Pentagon cancelled the election-surprise Iran Invasion Plan.  We catch Junior at NSA Headquarters where they watched Navy SEALs destroy the nuclear tipped Scud missile that was the centerpiece of the plan...

Bush Crushed By Failure

by  Ken Welch in Houston
October 28, 2008

A plan to ignite nuclear war in the Middle East a week before U.S. elections collapsed on Friday in a crushing defeat for George Bush, Dick Cheney and their Big Oil masters in Houston.  The mission was the invasion of Iran and the seizure of Iranian oil fields triggered by false-flag nukes blamed on Iran.  This has been Houston's ultimate objective since installing Bush and Cheney in the White House eight years ago.

The plan surfaced only four weeks ago as outlined in our last report, Gambit Reloaded - All Set to Nuke Iran.  In that report, we saw the first evidence of the new power structure which will control the U.S. after January, as the great Rothschild Banking Leviathan forced the White House to delay implementation of the war plan
 until the Banker Bail-Out was approved by Congress.
  (Yes, Obama is the Rothschild candidate, just like FDR, as history repeats itself.)

A Bush speech reversal, DOSE THE WIN, had indicated that he was hoping that nukes popping off in the Middle East would influence the November voting or perhaps poison the whole electoral process in some way.  But in the cloud of near-total illusion that dominates world affairs today it is rarely easy to identify true objectives, or even the players themselves.  Bush may have been hoping to retain the White House and Pentagon for the Oil Cartel or he may have been instructed to honor some previous agreement between Houston and London (?) to help with an Obama landslide victory - a possible backlash against Bush's fondness for war.  The White House certainly did all it could to protect and foster the long-running plot to turn the financial world upside-down, so there is reason to believe that cooperation between these two great monopolies is relatively high.

I.  Cancelled!

The war plan was cancelled shortly after noon on Friday, October 24th, as Bush, Cheney, and intelligence director Mike McConnell met with military leaders via the global ultra-secure video conferencing channels at the National Security Agency.  Junior provided us with the Admirals' and Generals' negative verdict when the stunned Big Oil team emerged from the "briefing."


You may have noticed from the audio that Junior was so shaken by the news that he could barely get through his two-paragraph speech.  In fact, I urge you to view the video by clicking on the link above.  Cheney, a mass murderer who's life work in service to oil industry profits is going down in flames, spends the time staring at the floor.  The weird little guy on the right, Mike McConnell, looks like he might burst into tears at any moment.

It would be interesting to know the size of the bonuses these three men were offered if they could pull off the Iran invasion before their time in office slipped away.

II.  So What Happened?

I have reports of greatly increased radio traffic in the Middle East on Thursday and Friday, all involving U.S. military units both on land and sea.  This would be consistent with military units reporting their locations and status prior to a really big operation.  We can see from the way this played out that the decision to abandon the mission was a military one, rather than a political necessity or some direction from invisible higher authorities.  Those issues would have appeared at the White House, and not at the NSA.

We know from the last report that unlike previous attempts, this was a rush operation.  Units would have to hurry to be in position and ready to go, although they had almost a full month to do this.  I know that seems odd.  The fact is that full preparation and positioning for the invasion of a country like Iran takes a lot of time.  During other attempts the process moved along at virtually a glacial pace.  So the logical and simplest explanation is that U.S. forces were unable to move fast enough to meet the deadline.

We have a number of reversals indicating that there was growing concern that the centerpiece of the basic deception, the Scud missile that was being covertly transported back to its firing position in Iran, might not work.  It was a part of the plan that could not be tested.  A typical reversal would be FEAR THE MISSILE.  But there was no example suggesting that such worries were cause for cancellation.
  Another possibility is that something happened to it during transport.  Something on the missile or the launch vehicle could have been damaged.  It could very well have been upside down in some Iranian ditch last Friday morning.  This would provide such a strong graphic image, though, that I feel sure it would have shown up in the speech reversals.  We do have one set of speech reversals that you can hear below that seem to reference the Scud's fate.  You can decide for yourself about how much should be read into them.

A last minute personal meeting on Wednesday between Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mullen and his Russian counterpart, General Nikolai Makarov provided food for thought.  Based on our growing experience with these things, the meeting was held to appraise the Russian military of the date and time that operations would begin, remind them that their leaders had agreed to the plan (for whatever reason)
 and perhaps reassure them that nukes in the middle east were not a prelude to an attack on Russia.  Possibly the Russian military chief might have said no, that they had changed their minds and that Russia would come to Iran's aid.  Yet, this news would have been flashed to the White House earlier in the week, and certainly would have appeared in speech reversals.

One thing that we know for sure is that during the previous ten days a blizzard of news stories appeared in the U.S. and in Israel, all citing urgent reasons for the destruction of Iran.  The Iranians are not stupid.  In fact, they even visit this website from time to time.  It's quite possible that Iran's defense readiness was raised so high in response to all this
 that the invasion would simply have failed.

In the end, all we can really say is that we simply don't yet know what went wrong.  With a little luck the information will show up in a few days and be picked up on our reversed speech radar.

III.  Nuclear Tipped Scud Blown Up In The Desert

While it is wonderful to see another Gambit false-flag operation go down in flames, there is particular joy associated with the October failure.  It seems like we have been tracking that damned Scud missile with its Russian warhead forever.  The reversals indicate that the Pentagon decided not to bring it back this time.

 They ordered the SEALS who were guarding it to blow it up in place
 while everyone on the NSA video hook-up watched!


For some reason the Pentagon decided that it was not a good idea to attempt bringing the Scud back from its hidden launch site somewhere in Iran.  It may be that something was wrong with it, or perhaps they felt that Iranian security forces might intercept it this time on the way home.  The liquid fueled Scud is reportedly powered by something akin to diesel fuel, so the TOXIC reference suggests they did not attempt to salvage the warhead, which was crafted from a 1950s era Soviet nuclear canon shell.
  No doubt there is some remote area in Iran that will be mysteriously radioactive for years to come.

At NSA headquarters. you can watch live satellite imagery of events taking place on the ground.  Bush was really fond of that missile.  It would have been especially satisfying to see his face as he watched his perverse dream turn into a cloud of smoke.

According to our count, this leaves three other Soviet canon shell nukes in the hands of U.S. covert operations teams.
  We believe one was turned into a car bomb to be used to simulate the impact of a second missile on an Iraqi town near a large U.S. military base.  Reversals from the UK Defense Minister last week suggested that one may be near Basra, Iraq's oil port, and quite possibly is hidden in a ship; the same method used for the first Texas City nuke.  The third one is still a mystery.
 We have a single reference that suggests it might be reserved for the Israeli coast. 

Still, I don't think they can come up with a new scenario all that quickly.  Odds are high that this was the last shot for Bush and Cheney to complete their mission.
  If that turns out to be the case then, when I am President, I'll make October 24th a national holiday in honor of all those whose lives were actually saved over the last three years due to their bungling and incredible bad luck.

IV.  Some Thoughts

The only thing that will change in January is the face you will see on TV from the White House.  Everyone at the Pentagon will still be in place, and ready to recycle the Iran invasion plan as soon as Obama gives the word.  Remember that Obama's employer, the money and banking cartel, has been OK with the Iran invasion all along; only holding it back during the set-up phase for next year's destruction of the Dollar.
 Naturally, if something is afoot sooner than this, you'll read about it right here.

Finally, I'd like to point out that this is the second time we've breached the impregnable walls of the National Security Agency.  In a different era we would be receiving very lucrative offers to go to work for some other country's intelligence service.  Probably more than one.
 Today, however, we are finalizing our New World Order.  Independent countries are a thing of the past.  All are controlled by their corporate masters who confer with one another in less public venues.
 All, except "rogue states" of course, are informed ahead of time about large events like these, and deals and adjustments are made that will smooth the process.
  When you think about it, there really aren't any national secrets any more.  Except, of course, for the secrets these nations are keeping from their television-drugged people. Those are the secrets that must be exposed
 if humanity is ever to live in a better world.