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written in 2006:


Supermarket Shelf Poisons

Declaration of Independence From Israel
A Hot-Cold-Silent War False Flag Alert
Major William Fox, Captain Eric May
Vigilant Shield and Jokers Gone Wild
Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2008
In prior alerts, we felt it our public duty to identify strategic-scale disaster response exercises. These military style operations have an inherent potential to be covertly hijacked and turned into false flag operations. The 9-11-01 World Trade Center attacks and the 7-7-05 London subway bombings employed concurrent major exercises that "went live"!
Operation Vigilant Shield, running from Nov 12-18, 2008, is much too big to ignore, as it will link multiple concurrent exercises including USSTRATCOM Global Lightning 09, Bulwark Defender 09, Canada Command Determined Dragon, California National Guard Vigilant Guard, and State of California Golden Guardian . Unfortunately, according to USNORTHCOM, specific information about Vigilant Shield scenarios will not be available for weeks, permitting less time to analyze the situation.
Once an urban area has been designated an exercise target, that designation increases its odds of actually experiencing a future false flag attack. It takes considerable resources to corrupt an area, and false flag insiders like to get a return on investment. Since Houston , Chicago , Portland , Seattle , and Phoenix have already been "prepared" in prior exercises, they remain especially vulnerable. In addition, Vigilant Shield will probably add new areas in northern California to the potential target list.(...)
A less painful route to restore a sane, stable, and productive America involves maintaining a free Internet at all costs. The free Internet not only provides Americans their best means to diagnose their problems, but also their most effective way to stop false flag terror. For more information about threats to a free Internet, please see The Rev Ted Pike Archive.18
In view of all of the aforementioned considerations, we believe that a "Red Alert" for the 12-18 Nov 2008 Vigilant Shield time frame, combined with a "High Alert" for the entire period from now until the official end of the Bush presidency on 20 Jan 2009, is fully justified. We remain concerned that Bush and Cheney will resort to extraordinary measures to insure their continuation in power. They may even use a false flag attack to suspend the Constitution while claiming that only they are capable of coping with a major crisis. Every one of us is obligated to resist by every means possible any efforts in this direction.
* * * * * * * * *
Lt. Col. Guy S. Razer is a retired U.S. Air Force Command fighter pilot. Dr. James H. Fetzer and Major William B. Fox are former U.S. Marine Corps officers. Captain Eric H. May and Sergeant First Class Donald Buswell are former members of Army intelligence.
You will recall a true Patriot, Mr. “S”, earlier this year was the main source of the volume of information we posted on Fourwinds concerning the Corporate United States. This information has been of great help to our Patriots, who are presently in the process of lawfully dismantling the Corporate United States of America and bringing it back under the Constitution of the Republic.
Corporate U.S. agents have harassed “S” for years with ever increasing intensity to force him to stop his research and court filing and publications. Presently, they have seized and incarcerated his 60 year old wife, and are torturing her to force “S” to come out of hiding and turn himself in to the Corporate authorities.
Thus far, Patriot efforts have failed to resolve this life-threatening problem.
We are asking for your prayers and any help you can offer lawfully or in advice to relieve this abusive attack on our people.
Please direct your e-mail to Casper and send to
In honor of “S” we are re-posting his work that we have in our Fourwinds Corporate Government archive. We refuse to be intimidated by any Corporate U.S. Government agents.
In Love and Light,
Anne and Patrick Bellringer

from S :
November 6, 2008 2:48 PM
DUN & BRADSTREET - with Comments by 'S'

November 6, 2008 2:43 PM

November 6, 2008 2:43 PM
LIST OF ARTICLES / DOCUMENTS by 'S' (Reposted Nov. 6, 2008 )( Note: by PHB)

Anne Bellringer

Nov. 4, 2008

Good afternoon, Anne, this is Aton, God of Light speaking to you. I am also Hatonn, whom you know so well from the Phoenix Journals. I am ONE with CREATION/ CREATOR SOURCE.

I see that you have concerns and questions to ask of me, as readers of Fourwinds have sent you and Patrick their questions and anxieties. I shall answer you in clear terms.

You ones have been thinking that the NESARA Announcements and the delivery of the Packets of the Farm Claims and Prosperity Programs was absolutely to be completed BEFORE the U.S. Presidential elections. The completion of this Mission never was dependant upon November 4, 2008, although many thought that, if it was not completed by that date, it would never happen.

God’s Plan 2000 is going forth, despite the antics of the Dark Ones. Your election is a choice between two evils, both of whom are directed and controlled by those would-be-controllers, who keep their plan of the OWO alive and kicking. Either evil choice for a president would be the capstone of death for your nation, for the evil plans that are already in motion would be carried forth by either of these two candidates. There would be no change in the OWO’s plans. In fact, their plans for the people of your nation are so hideous and evil, there is no plan so evil in the entire Cosmos!

However, do not fear nor tremble, for God’s Plan is coming forth. The Mission shall go forth. There is a plan to bring the Mission to a close this week. Goodness is tramping forth step by step and cannot be stopped. The evil ones know this, and that is why they are so desperately trying to complete their total evil takeover of your nation and planet.

As you have read in the Journals, the Lighted Hosts cannot do it for you, but the Mission is being carried forth with our help. That is a fact. We work with you and through you. Miracles are happening in every way, if you just have faith to believe we are among you ones.

Mother Earth is birthing into 5th Dimension and is not delaying in this process. She has been granted the right to move into her higher dimension for she has done her mission, and has passed all her tests. The Phoenix Journals are clear in that not everyone on earth shall graduate into 5th dimension with Mother Earth, UNLESS they have lived the Laws of God and Creation, passed all their lessons in soul growth and have earned the right to graduate. Those ones, who have not learned all their lessons shall choose another 3D planet on which to live to continue, right where they left off here. They cannot come back to Mother Earth, as she will be in 5th dimension.

Her movement into 5th dimension goes forth each day. This is the only equation that would interrupt the NESARA Mission, if she chooses to move into 5th dimension before the Mission is completed. The threats of continuous war using nuclear weapons is greater than it was back in the 1990’s. That is why we are still on Red, Red Alert waiting for that evacuation moment. That, too, is momentary.

As I said before, the NESARA Mission completion is also momentary. I know you ones are petitioning for the NESARA Mission to be completed to bring closure to the evil plans and let them know in no uncertain terms that they have lost, lost their OWO and that the Light has triumphed.

Chelas, the Light triumphs either way. If the NESARA Mission is accomplished, the Light wins. If Mother Earth moves into her birthing right, the Light has won. The evil ones cannot survive in salt water. Know that I have warned the evil ones to stay away from mine Lightworkers. As I stated in the Journals, “THERE SHALL BE NO MORE MARYTERS OF MY PEOPLE”. Ye ones are protected.

Carry on with your work to the end. That, chelas, is not far away! The end of the Age is here. Your work in this illusion has been glorious, and we salute you and all Lightworkers, who have stayed the course. You knew before you came here how TOUGH it would be, but you volunteered, awakened, completed your mission, and now it is time to come home. We await the glorious celebration aboard ship.

SALU to mine brother and sister.




November 5, 2008

Obama Wife ‘Dares’ Neocon Nazis To Kill Her Husband

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers (Traducción al Español abajo)

An historic new chapter has begun to be written in the annals of human history with the ascension to the United States Presidency of Barak Obama whose historic election victory is still resounding around the World.

And to this historic moment in time, the new American President’s wife, Michelle, presented herself to the World at the side of her husband as both the United States new First Lady and a ‘visual warning’ to her, and her husbands, enemies that she would not become the ‘black widow’ they fully expect her to be.

Though virtually unnoticed by the American people, and totally ignored by their propaganda media, Michelle Obama stood confidentially beside her husband on this historic night garbed in the ancient African Bantu ceremonial ‘Royal Robe’ meant to signify that that which they most feared would not hold power over them, and which in this case was her dress of black doused with the reverse triangles of red upon her breast and abdomen like the ‘black widow’ spider [2nd and 3rd photos on left] she has called to have power over.

The history of the ancient Bantu peoples of Africa has been nearly entirely erased from Western history other than the mention of their mass migration in 1,000BC (still considered one of the largest in human history) forced upon them by the new ‘gods’ of the Middle East seeking domination over our human race and fearing our peoples ever becoming united against them.

For these past 3,000 years, these ‘gods’ of the Middle East have waged perpetual genocidal warfare against the Bantu peoples to both enslave and kill them to keep from our World the knowledge of the truest origins of our human race preserved in their ancient myths and religious beliefs, and whose battles still rage today and shows the vast African Continent, and its peoples, embroiled in countless wars, famine and massive deaths by disease.

None of these diseases threatens the Bantu peoples of the World more than the incurable and deadly HIV/Aids virus known to have been engineered by the West to totally eradicate ‘once and for all’ the ‘threat’ to these ancient ‘gods’ posed by these ‘First Peoples of Earth’ and which now affects fully 70 percent of the African Continent peoples.

And to our human races most ancient ‘story’, as told by the Bantu peoples through their myths and religious practices, our Earth and its peoples lived in total harmony before the descent to our planet by the ancient ‘gods’ in the African Nation of Zimbabwe where the oldest structures ever built by human beings still survive to this day.

After the reengineering of our human race to a ‘form’ better suited to their uses, as the Bantu peoples refused to bow before them, these ancient ‘gods’ abandoned the Continent of the Bantu (Africa) and established in present day Iraq their ‘main base’ which today goes by the name of Garden of Eden and from which their religions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism all share their birth.

But, and unlike the beliefs of the Bantu peoples which stressed no difference between our Earth and its peoples, these ‘new’ religions were designed to keep our human race in perpetual warfare with each other, and which over these past 5,000 years have been astoundingly successful as billions of our race have died for the glory, and in devotion to, the new ‘gods’ of our planet.

It goes without my saying that these things I speak of are almost entirely unknown to the vast populations of our Earth’s peoples, but it should also be known that just because a thing may be unknown does not make it untrue. And if not untrue, just unknown, it then falls upon the hearer of these things to prove their truth with the evidence available to them.

And the first piece of evidence to be presented is the rise of Barack Obama to not just the Presidency of the United States, but also to his being the acknowledged ruler of our entire World, and as we had laid forth the facts of this being true in our November 4th report titled “Chaos And War Face United States As It Chooses New Leader”.

For anyone to believe that as our World enters what will prove to be its ‘Last Days of this Age’, and that it is just a ‘coincidence’ that the now defacto Leader of our entire Earth is of ancient Bantu blood, I would, respectfully, state to them that they have no idea of the true significance of the Kenyan-American ‘mystery man’ being hailed as a new ‘Messiah’ and looked upon as a modern day ‘Moses’ who now rules over them.

Likewise, for those foolishly believing that the ascent to World Power of Bantu people has once-and-for-all defeated the power of the ancient ‘gods’ I can state with one-hundred percent certainty that the blood that has been spilled over these past thousands of years for control of our Earth will pale in comparison to that which is soon to be spilled as the forces aligned for the final battles of our race are now in place and prepared to be unleashed upon one another.

We are one human race, we live on one World, there is only one fate which awaits us all when we die, there are no real ‘borders’ existing between our Earth’s peoples, there isn’t a ‘them versus us’, there is only us…this is what the ancient Bantu knew and now they hold the fate of our entire human race in their hands once again…let’s hope they do better in protecting us this time…Michelle Obama has made a good first start.

To be continued….

Note: Suggested first reading for further research on this subject matter: “Wars in Heaven, Wars on Earth”, “Dirty, Filthy, Christians”: Treatise On The Most Dangerous Death Cult In Human History”, “The Science of the Dogon: Decoding the African Mystery Tradition”, and “Les Peuples Bantu: Migrations, expansion et identite culturelle”

© November 5, 2008 EU and US all rights reserved.

--thursdayo 6.of11.08, Sorcha Faal <> wrote :
De: Sorcha Faal <>
Objet: Obama Forces Launch ‘Furious’ Assault Against Bush-Clinton-CIA Nazi Coup Plotters
Date: jeudi 6 Novembre 2008, 5 h 21

[Ed. Note: This report should be read from its website location at
as this email copy does not
contain the links embedded in the original report.]

November 6, 2008

Obama Forces Launch ‘Furious’ Assault Against Bush-Clinton-CIA Nazi Coup

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

As the World continues to celebrate the election of
Barak Obama as the
new President of the United States the same cannot be said within the
walls of Kremlin today where President Medvedev has ordered the
immediate stationing of nuclear missiles in Europe to counter an
expected first strike by American Forces led by US Coup Forces intent
upon keeping power despite their being thrown out of power.

Russian Intelligence Analysts are also reporting that those American
Military Forces loyal to President Elect Obama are continuing their
‘furious’ assault upon the International drug empire used to finance the
Nazi backed Bush-Clinton-CIA troika intent upon toppling the established
government of the United States and plunging our World into Total War.

As we had previously reported on in our October 27th report
“Obama-Ahmadinejad Meet Spurs Attacks On Syria, CIA”, the first attacks
launched by the Obama Forces against the Bush-Clinton-CIA troika began
the downing of a CIA jet aircraft over Mexico bringing to the
United States over 3 tons of cocaine and the seizing of over 10 tons of
CIA controlled cocaine in Colombia planned by these coup-plotters to
finance their operations against Obama’s Forces.

After these initial attacks against the Bush-Clinton-CIA troika
Venezuela Military Forces than acted upon information supplied to them
by the Obama Forces in the US staging a daring raid against the Stanford
International Bank on November 1st used by the Bush and Clinton Families
to hide their billions of dollars in drug profits, and as we can read as
reported by the Reuters News Service:

“Venezuelan military intelligence officials on Friday raided offshore
banking group Stanford International Bank, a prosecutor and the
U.S.-founded company said.”

Russian Military Analysts further report that information gained by
Venezuela Military Intelligence
Officers in their raid on Stanford
International Bank, and passed onto Obama Forces in the US, led to the
immediate resignation of Colombia’s CIA-trained Military Chief, General
Mario Montoya, implicated in this vast International drug empire, and
the killing of innocent civilians, and to the shootdown yesterday of
Mexico’s Interior Minister Juan Camilo Mouriño’s jet aircraft attempting
to flee to the Bush Family’s mountain stronghold in Paraguay, and
Bolivia’s President Evo Morales ordering all US Drug Officials out of
his Nation.

Even more disturbing, these reports continue, and as we had previously
reported on in our November 3rd report “McCain Agrees To Destroy CIA In
Bid To Stop US Coup Forces”, the United States was nearly plunged into
chaos on the very day of their election due to Senator McCain’s
attempting to break his previous agreement with Obama’s Forces to
dismantle the
CIA, should he win the Presidency, and which led to the
near shootdown of his plane as it attempted to land in Albuquerque, New
Mexico, after which McCain was said ‘quick’ to reaffirm his earlier
stated commitment.

To the most astounding fact of all of these events is the American
people’s continued refusal to believe the monstrous powers of those they
have chosen to lead them these past nearly 30 years, and which has
allowed the Bush-Clinton-CIA troika to bring their once great Nation to
near destruction. Nowhere is this more evident than in the former CIA
pilot Terry Reed, who in the 1990’s was one of the first to expose these
monsters in his book “Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA” of which
is said:

“This book could topple the President," is the quote from the London
Sunday Telegraph on the back cover. Well, ten years on and Bill Clinton
seems to be a respected elder statesman and
I don't think he comes out
of this book with his reputation too badly damaged as at least he
invested some of the drug money into regenerating Arkansas. It seems
that back in 1992 when Mr Reed went public about his experiences that he
wasn't taken seriously because it would have meant that Clinton, who had
been a vocal critic of aid to the Contras, would have been performing
"risky favors" (as Time magazine put it) for the Reagan
And why would he do that? Money! The CIA supposedly judged Arkansas to
be a kind of banana republic with very poor accounting standards and
used it as a base to manufacture weapons to be used in Nicaragua and the
CIA paid Clinton for the privilege. However, it seems that Clinton got
greedy and creamed off too much of the CIA's hard-earned drug money and
the operation was moved to Mexico.”

But not to toppling these monsters when the facts of their actions
revealed, the American people actually kept reelecting them to office,
and as we had reported on in our November 4th report, “Chaos And War
Face United States As It Chooses New Leader” has therefore brought their
Nation to the brink of the abyss.

Today these American people live in a Nation that has not seen such
division since their Civil War, with one half of them being
‘overwhelmed’ by the victory of Barack Obama over the Neocon Nazi Forces
currently ruling over them, and the other half of them ‘absolutely’
convinced that Obama’s victory spells the end of the ‘real’ America.

Not being understood by either of these sides, however, is that they
have been deliberately separated so that all it will take is one simple
‘spark’ to plunge them into full and total war against one another, and
which out of will come Total Global War.

And be warned, this ‘spark’ is not going
to be some ‘far off’ event, it
is, in fact, much nearer than these poor people could ever believe, and
which the coming weeks will show to their great horror and surprise.

For those American people seeking which direction to look towards in
order to be warned of when this ‘spark’ will ignite our World, they need
look only towards Rome, and which as we had reported on in our August
23rd report “Vatican Moves For Total US Takeover With Obama Vice
President Pick” should cause them great cause for worry as these days
grow shorter towards the greater winter that lies ahead of us all.

© November 6, 2008 EU and US all rights reserved.
Sorcha Faal



friday 7.of11.08, Sorcha Faal <>
De: Sorcha Faal <>
Objet: As ‘Messiah’ Obama Rises, US People Set To Fall
Date: vendredi 7 Novembre 2008, 12 h 53

As ‘Messiah’ Obama Rises, US People Set To Fall --

Sorcha Faal


r glenn:


Obama est la préfiguration du Grand Monarque.
Élu démocratiquement, réussira-t-il a apporter un renouveau au monde entier ?
Je vous invite à rencontrer Maurice Poulin LE spécialiste du GM.
Un rendez-vous avec l'Histoire, notre Histoire (du Québec) en marche.

de ''Dossiers Mystère'' sera avec nous à Montréal dimanche prochain.
Christian R. Page va nous présenter EN PRIMEUR des éléments de sa
prochaine production internationale pour la télévision:
''À la Recherche des Reliques Saintes''
On lui a présenté l'artéfact qui preuve que Jésus est passé sur Terre...
une preuve non religieuse, mais historique romaine... et juive.

Les sceptiques qui croient que Jésus n'est qu'une invention
basée sur des mythes anciens, vont être confondus !

Et ceux qui, comme moi, avaient encore une petite flamme
au fond de leur cœur pour cet homme fait dieu, seront rassurés.

Pour ma part, avec le DOCUMENT 811
je vous proposerai de découvrir l'INITIATION VULCAIN
qui remonte à l'époque de la première civilisation sur Terre.
Oui, oui, Spock de StarTrek en est le digne représentant.
Avoir un jugement parfait, non coloré par nos émotions.
pourquoi devrions-nous passer par cette INITIATION ?

Bienvenue !

Au plaisir de vous rencontrer.

Richard Glenn, ésotériste
dit : KIWAN sur notre site.


Pour vendredi le 7 novembre 2008 / à Québec.

Richard Glenn, par l' Ésotérisme Expérienciel.
Après avoir traversé les 7 INITIATIONS PLANÉTAIRES TERRESTRES -les 7 sacrements- et les trois premières INITIATIONS COSMIQUES: MAJEURES: LUNAIRE, SOLAIRE et DA'ATh.

Seuls les élus ( É.L.U.S.anagramme de S.E.U.L.) entreront dans le "septième ciel" du "Royaume des cieux". comme rares sont ceux qui parviennent au sommet de la montagne (ou de la pyramide)..
Exposé de Richard, à l'aide du Document 811
remis gratuitement aux assistants à cette conférence.

Personnalité ressource:
M. Maurice Poulin,
Spécialiste de Nostradamus.
Auteur de: "Le Grand Monarque, messager du Verseau"
Le monde change et nous serons bientôt dirigé par une forme de "synharchie extraterrestre".

Projection sur écran géant de plusieurs documents souvent exclusifs en vidéo. - à voir.

Bienvenue à toutes et à tous.


Pour dimanche le 9 novembre 2008 /à Montréal:

M. Christian Robert Page, écrivain,
animateur et co-producteur de télé.
"LE" spécialiste de l'étrange.
Auteur de: "Dossiers Mystère" Tome I & II
Il nous présentera, en primeur, des extraits de dossiers à venir pour le télévision spécialisée
d'une nouvelle série sur:
"Les artéfacts religieux de par le monde".
Certains ont affecté son opinion sur la religion et la foi chrétienne. Ce sera une rencontre intimiste inoubliable.

Bienvenue à toutes et à tous.

from RMN:
DrRobinFalkov -- Thu, 6:33 p.m. EDT
Hello Everyone,
We are living in amazing times.
We MUST come together as a nation and stand united.
We cannot let our country be undermined when we are on the brink of wondrous possibilities.
We ALL want change and I for one, am hoping that many of the promises made to the people of the United States will become a reality.
Attacks are underway to prevent these possibilities from coming to fruition.
Please read the below information and go to the link at Dr. Rath's website to
understand the whole story.
Please share this information. Exposure of these plans will make their realization much more difficult.
This is not the time to fight amongst ourselves.
Dr. Robin Falkov
Cutting Edge Technology
Vibrant Health
Revenge of the Status Quo
The victory of the movement of change in the US elections threatens the global status quo and its economic base – the oil and drug cartel. The sympathy and hope that unites people around the world with president-elect Obama poses an even bigger threat to them: a global domino effect encouraging peoples around the world to challenge these global interests.
In his last days of
power, George Bush – together with Sarkozy, Merkel and other foreign cartel stakeholders – are trying to orchestrate through the International Monetary Fund (IMF) what amounts not just to a coup d’etat, but to a “global coup”. The exposure of this coup in this newspaper will render these plans void and help the movement of change to go forward.
Goals of Cartel’s “Global Coup”
The goals of this coup are as follows:
Define the IMF as the key instrument to economically control world affairs.
Decrease the US’s voting power at the IMF to deny the new administration the opportunity to “change the world.”
Establish the European Union (EU) as the cartel’s political IMF spearhead and France as its nuclear, military enforcer.
Use the new IMF power to arbitarily prolong the economic crisis in the US.
Implement a “scorched earth” strategy to punish voters, derail the new government and deter other nations.
goals are pursued under the pretext of an economic crisis, advocacy for the developing world – and all before the Obama administration even takes office.(...)
Motives For “Global Coup”
For about a century the rule of the oil and drug cartel was compatible with democracy. But the oil business could last only as long as renewable energies were hidden from the public. Four decades ago, the space age began with rockets propelled by hydrogen (water) energy – but we never learned that this energy can also run cars, heat houses and light cities.
Similarly, the drug investment business – which thrives on expanding diseases as markets for patented drugs – could only exist so long as it was hidden behind false promises of cures. In the 21st century, these fraudulent business models – the status quo’s economic base – are no longer compatible with democracy. The IMF coup is designed to defend this status quo.
Instigators of “Global
With such a frontal attack on the movement of change, this movement has the right to know who the instigators of the global coup are. In short, they are the political figureheads of some of the largest drug exporting nations:
France’s Sarkozy was brought to power by the oil/drug cartel and is its despera te response to a world determined to end the tyranny of oil. On October 18, 2008 – in the shadow of the US election’s final weeks – Sarkozy met with George Bush to set the date for the coup: the G-20 IMF meeting in New York on November 15, 2008.
Germany’s Merkel was brought to power by the German drug cartel. During the past weeks, Merkel – together with Sarkozy – has been bullying European and Asian countries into participating in this coup under the pretext of fighting the financial crisis.
UK’s Brown, their accomplice, has recently promised the Gulf States a “bigger say” in the IMF. Without any authority, Brown
guaranteed these states a part of the “booty” – i.e. US voting shares in the IMF – in return for participating in the coup.
New Hideout of the Cartel
All these activities were coordinated from the new “hideout” of the oil and drug cartel: the “Brussels EU.” A closer look reveals the quasi-dictatorial nature of this construct. The decision taking body, the “EU Commission,” is not democratically elected, but appointed. Its members are “selected” to serve corporate interests. In contrast, the EU Parliament – portrayed as the guarantor of democracy – has merely consultative status and neither legislative nor executive powers. It serves as a fig-leaf for the quasi-dictatorial “Brussels EU.”
The first mention of such a pan-European cartel organization appeared in the plans of the Nazi/IG Farben coalition for a post-WWII Europe contolled by them. IG Farben was the infamous oil and drug cartel that had financed the rise
of the Nazis to power and the preparations for WWII, in search of world conquest. Details are documented in US Senate records. By exposing to the world this coup against the movement of change – and the role the Brussels EU played in it – this cartel hideout can no longer survive in a democratic world.
A New Era for All Mankind
The public exposure of this global coup by the oil and drug cartel will make this coup impossible.
The movement of change and its leaders are obviously being tested even before taking office. This information should help them to master this challenge and continue changing the world.
Government leaders who were bullied by the stakeholders of the oil and drug cartel into participating in this coup now have an opportunity to step back.
If they decide not to do so, they can now be held responsible by their people.

No-one can say “we didn’t know.”
The process of change is irreversible!


Some of the most important documents to study the history of the oil and drug cartel are the records from the 1945 US Congress hearing about its role behind WWII (www. Even more amazing is the fact that these records have been hidden away from the public for more than 6 decades. There is only one explanation for that: These globally operating interests have not given up their plans for world control, as testified on this page. Making these US-Congress documents part of history lessons in every school is a precondition for the movement of change to reach its long term goals.

Sarkozy – Corporate Connections:
Sarkozy's rise to power in France in 2006 was financed by "corporate France". His main donors are listed below.
But this corporate support alone would not have been
enough to get him elected. Thus, his election campaign was propelled by the systematic propagation of fear – similar to Bush 2004 election. But Sarkozy went one step further: he added hatred towards imigrants as a hallmark to his campaign. Sarkozy became known around the world for pubicly calling young imigrants living in the suburbs of Paris "scums" – thereby fuelling racial hatred. This method of psychological warfare against his own people was aimed at driving fearful and intimidated voters into his arms.
The two legs of the Sarkozy election campaign – blatently serving cartel interests while at the same time coercing voter's support by fuelling their fears – is an exact copy of another election campaign financed by the oil and drug cartel in 1933. In that year, the German-based cartel I.G. Farben (Bayer, BASF and Hoechst, today a part of French Sanofi Aventis) brought another unscroupulus politician to power with devestating consequences
for our planet. The details of this 1933 support of the oil and drug cartel behind the rise of the Nazi party, are documented in the records of the 1948 Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal against I.G. Farben.

Download Dr. Rath's Open Letter (PDF, 133 kB)..........
Stop the AIDS Genocide of the Drug Cartel:
Stop the AIDS Genocide of the Drug CarStop the AIDS Genocide of the Drug Carteltel

The truth about ARVs –
and what their promoters don't want you to know
For 25 years, the promoters of anti-retroviral (ARV) drugs have been advocating these drugs as the treatment of choice for AIDS with claims of life-saving and life-prolonging properties. The promoters of these claims include certain media, ARV-supporters among the clinical community, activist groups as well as politicians around the world.
However, the scientific validity and
truth of these ARV-related health claims has never been proven in well-controlled, long-term scientific studies. Moreover, the promoters of these drugs never had to defend these claims in court and under oath.
That has now changed. In 2007, a case brought against the British newspaper the Guardian presented for the first time the opportunity to challenge these claims in a court.

The era of the tyranny of the oil and drug cartel is ending. The first mass production of hydrogen cars – fueled only by water – shows everyone that water energy can also run trains, heat homes and illuminate cities. In medicine, effective, safe and affordable therapies are replacing tainted statins and toxic “chemotherapies.”
These scientific advances are threatening the multi-billion dollar investment business with oil and patented drugs.
Under threat of extinction, the oil and drug cartel tries to cement its global rule.

The “movement of change” in the US will accelerate the end of the global tyranny of this cartel. Faced with that perspective the investment groups behind the oil and drug business are uniting behind John McCain as their candidate. But that is not all.
Only if the Bush administration or their allies launch a nuclear war in the next 4 months could the global rule of these interests prevail. Under the horror and martial laws of World War III the oil and drug cartel would cement its dictatorial rule for generations to come.

With the shift in US politics, the oil and drug cartel has strategically developed a “French Connection”. In another nuclear power, France, it brought Sarkozy and his deputy Kouchner to power as strategic alternates for Bush/Cheney. All four of them already announced publicly
their readiness to launch WWIII.
Until November 4, these stalwarts of the cartel will be desperate to ignite WWIII by authorizing a nuclear attack on Iran. Not since the Cuban Missile Crisis has the world been in greater danger than now!

“Plan A” of the cartel was to use the Iraq War as a launching pad for WWIII. The exposure of this plan in public alert ads in the New York Times and elsewhere prevented that we are living already in a postnuclear war era. Without this civil courage there would be no “movement of change.”
If this movement wants to achieve its goals it must speak out now against the immediate danger of a nuclear war. Indifference will inevitably cause its disappearence under a thick layer of post-nuclear war martial laws.

The facts, motives and plans of the oil and drug cartel should be obvious to everyone. Now you need to speak up!

Over the past five years Dr. Rath has unre mittingly raised his voice in public alerts ads in the New York Times with one goal: To prevent the Bush administration from using already the Iraq War as a launching pad for WWIII. The public exposure of these plans was an important factor that they could not be executed (

For the exposure of the world’s largest oil and drug cartel (IG Farben) behind the Nazi attempt of world conquest during World War II, the Dr. Rath Foundation has been awarded the “Relay of Life Award” from Auschwitz survivors (
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