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mardi 11 novembre 2008 21 h 36
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Tuesday, November 11, 2008
From Ken-Welch.Com to All Lists:


This is just a note to let you know that, without any fanfare, we have bumped up our Nuclear Event Alert Status from green to YELLOW.

Bush is much too happy, and we are picking up clues that another attempt will be made to find an excuse to attack and invade Iran.  Don't let the election results fool you.  It's the same team in January - just some new players and a batch of fresh buzzwords.  Needless to say, they would really like the Iran invasion to be far enough along that the new administration can avoid being tagged with responsibility for it.

This could come very quickly.  There is at least one suggestion that it has been scheduled for Tuesday or Wednesday, 25-26 November.  This is a period with virtually no moonlight, a big advantage to military forces that rely heavily on stealth technology.

Coming up:

We've begun our coverage of Barrack Obama with his Chicago victory speech, the first instance we know of in which he felt free to indulge in his personal feelings.  Even I have been shocked at what we've found so far.

I'll send you a note as soon as the new report is ready.


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