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Sunday, November 16, 2008
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I've just posted our first report on Barrack Obama, featuring reversed speech from his Election Day victory bash in Chicago. This is a MUST READ for everyone who wants to know what's going on. The link is:

MEET THE UNDERTAKER Our First Look at Obama by Ken Welch in Houston
November 16, 2008
(( I must admit right now that we don't have enough experience with Obama to really know what is going on with him. We will eventually know more about him than he does himself. But early as it is, I'm already very concerned.
For one thing, I'm not sure this guy is entirely sane. The goal and the rhetoric are most likely from early childhood. Yet Obama is too old to be driven by childhood conditioning and still be considered mentally balanced and stable. One would expect him to be able to look at his own success and realize that most of those old grievances (from his early Islamic schooling?) are pure hogwash. Apparently not.
I'm also concerned about his thought that Bush caused the economic crisis. Bush is only a puppet, and Obama is in the same boat. It is easy to see from the policies he's already announced that it is Wall Street and the great Money and Banking Cartel that is pulling Obama's strings. Yet the hint that Obama doesn't understand what's going on is disturbing. If we end up with too much conflict between Obama and his Masters then we could easily see a replay of the 1963 coup that replaced Kennedy with Johnson.
As I said above, it's a bit too early to get a true measure of what's going on with this man, but it already feels like the shark is in the swimming pool.))

As I suspected, no one knows the real Obama. You learn nothing about a man by listening to him read a speech that some other person has written. It will take a while before our reversed speech team becomes as familiar with Obama's mind as we did with George Bush, but sooner or later we will know him better than he knows himself.

In the meantime, what we've found already is quite disturbing. The first reversal we found in the victory speech was "I'M ON YOU NOW." That's not a comment, it's a threat. The man is dangerous, and yet quite naive about the way the world works.

Obama has also been told that war is imminent, meaning another attempt at triggering an invasion of Iran and the seizure of all that oil is pretty close. Known disinformation sources like this one, Debka Files, are even now laying the groundwork for another false-flag incident to be blamed on the imaginary Al Qaeda organization. You can expect our Alert Status to go up another notch quite soon.

Enjoy the report, and thanks so much for your support.

Ken Welch in Houston

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-sunday 16.of11.08, Sorcha Faal <> wrote :
De: Sorcha Faal <>
Objet: British Leaders Targeted As ‘Horrific’ Attack Expected On US
Date: dimanche 16 Novembre 2008, 19 h 31

[Ed. Note: This report should be read from its website location at
as this email copy does not contain the links embedded in the original
report.] November 17, 2008 British Leaders Targeted As ‘Horrific’ Attack Expected On US By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers Russian Military Analysts are reporting to Prime Minister Putin today that British Leaders Gordon Brown and Tony Blair have both survived assassination attempts by what are being described as rightwing factions
within Israel’s National Intelligence Agency HaMossad leModi'in uleTafkidim Meyuhadim (Mossad). The first attack these reports say was made against former British Prime Minister Blair, and current International Envoy to West Asia,
who while leaving Israel this past week was fired upon by an assailant who was then in turn killed by one of the security agents protecting him. Western news reports are continuing their suppression of the true facts of this attack and are reporting that the attack against Blair at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport was instead an
‘incident’ caused by one of his security guards
‘accidentally’ firing his weapon. The second, and more serious attack was an assassination attempt against the current British Prime Minister Gordon Brown during his visit this past weekend to the US for the G20 summit when another rightwing Israeli zealot threw a grenade and fired shots during an assassination attempt while Brown was exiting the Waldorf-Astoria hotel where he had been staying and meeting
with top American economic officials. Western news reports are, likewise, continuing their suppression of this attack too and are stating that the assassination attempt on Brown’s life
was an ‘attempted robbery’ of a jewelry store
at the Waldorf-Astoria by an Israeli attacker identified as
Rafael Rabinovich, but which reports don’t even attempt to explain the grenade explosion which witnesses to the attack, such as Christine Cataldo, described as “It sounded like a
bomb, one big boom.” Even more perplexing of these Western reports to the attack against Brown at the Waldorf-Astoria is their failure to explain
how any attacker could enter the most prestigious hotel in New York at the exact time it was being inhabited by nearly every foreign leader in the Western World attending the G20 summit protected by their formidable security details, and not even to mention those security and intelligence forces under the control of the United States. Russian Military reports, however, state that these attacks against Blair and Brown are attempts by rightwing Israeli forces
and their American Nazi backed allies to destroy the planned Blair backed attempt to force Israel to return to its 1967 borders,
and which the new American President Barack Obama has signed onto as the ‘first step’ towards instituting a permanent peace in the Middle East. It is important to note that the rightwing ‘Zionist’ forces
have long cooperated with their Nazi enemies in the establishment of Israel and the continued destruction of the Palestinian peoples,
and as best described by Zionist leader Chaim Weizmann who in 1937 explained his organizations cooperation with the German Nazis by stating:
“The hopes of Europe's six million Jews are cantered on emigration. I was asked: 'Can you bring six million Jews to Palestine?' I replied, 'No.' ... From the depths of the tragedy I want to save ... young people [for Palestine]. The old ones will pass. They will bear their fate or they will not. They are dust, economic and moral dust in a cruel world. ... Only the branch of the young shall survive. They have to accept it.”
To the current ‘cruel world’, however, facing these Zionists,
and threatening to turn them into ‘economic and moral dust’,
like they consigned millions of their people too during World War II,
the currently embattled Israeli
Prime Minster, Ehud Olmert, has warned his Nation and called upon them to return to their 1967 borders, but to which the expected new to be Prime Minister, Tzipi Livni, is stating there will be no agreeing to the new Obama led efforts at peace in the Middle East. Further adding to the woes of the rightwing Israeli forces, and as we had previously reported on in our November 11th report
“Obama Tells US Military To Prepare For ‘Rapid Destruction’ Of Israel”, these latest failed attempts to derail
what Russian Intelligence Analysts state is our World’s ‘last chance’ for lasting peace are turning our World towards an ‘inevitable collision’ with total and open Global warfare that will ensure their destruction. Even now the ominous warnings of the new and horrific attacks designed as the catalysts for Total Global War by these ‘hidden’ forces are circling the Globe, and as we can read: “An Israeli intelligence site claimed
that “US president-elect Barack Obama, European and Russian heads of states in Washington G20 conference
were briefed over the weekend about a probable early al Qaeda attack.”
Israeli intelligence news site, “Debka”, also claimed that “Obama and his team have been advised that a new al Qaeda strike is highly probable in the United States or against a key US target in Europe, North Africa or the Middle East.” The “Debka” claim coincided with a regional intelligence report that Israeli Mossad and Indian RAW regional chiefs have held an important meeting in a European capital and discussed “possible preparatory reaction”
to a new mystery yet to unfold.
Regional watchers have also cautioned against fast growing strategic and secret cooperation between certain foreign elements in the neighorbood of Pakistan. DEBKA report claimed that al Qaeda’s Yemen base, a reliable barometer for Osama bin Laden’s
schemes, issued a Directive to All Fighters in Arabia on Nov. 9 presaging a major operation in the United States that will “change the political and economic world” and be “far bigger than 9/11.”
Israeli source claimed that the Al Qaeda
“notice said the operation “is very near” and “precise instructions were in the hands of
“the fighters, who are already on their way to America”
armed with bin Laden’s orders.”
Most important about these latest warnings, these reports continue, and which is virtually unknown to the American people, are that ‘warnings’ issued from the Osama Bin Laden backed Al Qaeda Terror Organization are actually those ‘issued’ by the Nazi backed dissident forces within the CIA,
and who created Al Qaeda to begin with to further their destruction of
the United States as the World’s last superpower. Not being understood by the American people about these events is that
though Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda have been blamed for the 9/11 attacks
upon their Nation
and the reasons for their wars in Afghanistan and Iraq
their own government has never actually accused, or charged, them with being responsible, and as the FBI wanted poster for Bin Laden freely admits, and as we can read: “USAMA BIN LADEN IS WANTED IN CONNECTION WITH THE AUGUST 7, 1998, BOMBINGS OF THE UNITED STATES EMBASSIES
IN DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA, AND NAIROBI, KENYA. THESE ATTACKS KILLED OVER 200 PEOPLE. IN ADDITION, BIN LADEN IS A SUSPECT IN OTHER TERRORIST ATTACKS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD.” However, the ignorance of the American about Bin Laden has not carried through to President-Elect Obama, quite the contrary as he has repeatedly vowed that upon taking office
Bin Laden and Al Qaeda would be his ‘top priority’ for destruction, and which in US ‘code-speak’ is a declaration of war
upon the Nazi backed forces in his own
Nation centered in the CIA, and who no one is expecting to go down without a vicious fight.
© November 17, 2008 EU and US all rights reserved.
 -- Sorcha Faal