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November 20, 2008

Something incredible is about to happen; don't be afraid when it does

My Fellow Americans:
Something incredible and historic is about to take place here in our country. When it does, the nation will reel in shock and awe at the coordination and execution of such a vast, sudden, dramatic and irreversible series of events.

When these things take place, your initial reaction may be one of fear but DO NOT be afraid. These things have to happen. They have needed to happen for a very long time and after they happen, our nation will be better for it.

Every once in awhile, people have to do things they know are bad in order to achieve things they know are good. America as a nation is at such a cross-roads. We are left with two choices: either accept the debauchery, manipulation and usurpation that have taken place, or correct those problems with deliberate and direct action.

We can no longer sit idly-by and simply accept the debauchery, manipulation and usurpation. It is going to be corrected very soon by extraordinary and stunning means.

When these things happen - and they will happen soon - do not be afraid, America. The actions are long overdue and need to occur.

To those outside of the United States, a stern warning: When we correct the problems of this nation, the correction will happen with such magnitude that your first reaction may be to step-in.

You are herewith warned to stay away.

Make no effort whatsoever to interfere with what is going to take place inside the United States. We have some problems as a nation that we citizens are going to cure with dramatic and shocking action. Any outsiders who attempt to interfere will be dealt with harshly.

UPDATE: 9:11 AM 20 November 2008 -- The government knows "something big" is coming; they just don't know what.

They are mailing "general mobilization" letters to EVERY former member of EVERY branch of the U.S. military, no matter their age or physical capability, telling them to prepare for recall into the armed forces for a "general mobilization." The last time the USA made a general mobilization was in December, 1941.

That's how big this "thing" is going to be. Prepare yourselves and DO NOT be afraid.



Thursday 20 November 2008



By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review and associated intelligence publications and information services. See this site for details and ordering facility.

London, 20th November 2008:
The first report in this series publicised the following realities:

The two signatories of Britain's accession to the European Economic Communities, the long-range entrapment device developed by the secret Nazi strategic continuum since exposed as Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD), Dachau, were recruited by the Nazis before the war. Their names were: Edward Heath and Geoffrey Rippon. This report remains, like all our analyses, easy to access via our Archive: see the report dated 12th October 2005.(( http://www.worldreports.org/news/6_e.u._treaties_procured_by_payola_corruption ))

Successive European collective treaties are routinely procured by means of gross bribery. In that report, we exposed the fact that slush fund payments worth $100 million equivalent for each of the 25 EU 'Member States' had been 'bunged' to prime 'facilitators' of the (subsequently unratified) EU 'Constitution' Treaty. The normal procedure is for 50% of the available slush money to be paid to the national 'facilitators' on completion of the Intergovernmental Conference at which these odious anti-nation state EU collective treaties are 'negotiated', and for the second 50% (in that instance, worth a further $2.5 billion in total) to be paid to the corrupt 'facilitators' on ratification.

As you can imagine, this of course provides a mighty incentive for the 'facilitators' to move hell and earth to procure ratification: which of course explains their fury at the behaviour of the Irish, who indicated in their referendum that they are not enamoured of losing their independence, after all that they have been through, thank you very much.

So, when observing the frantic activities and snide observations of the corrupt EU 'movers and shakers' on the political stage who are pushing for the EU's Lisbon Treaty (which will destroy the Member States' residual sovereignty completely), just bear in mind, would you, that, once again, IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY: the slush fund money that the top 'facilitators' fancy being placed into their offshore bank accounts. They are drooling at the thought of it.

FACT: The Editor traced Blair's $100 slush million to the Central Bank of Belize. It surfaced there between February and March 2006. Source: International Monetary Fund, 'International Financial Statistics'. This fact, together with the above information, was emblazoned all over our output at the time, and when not a single feeble British journalist paid the slightest attention, we publicised the names of the journalists to whom we had distributed this information. Did they care?

NOW, Gerard Batten, the very sensible and level-headed MEP, has taken matters further by carrying out detailed research into the gross and net total costs of Britain's counterproductive membership of the pan-German-controlled European Union Collective.

As we have often pointed out, this is a long-range strategic deception entrapment mechanism which was originally planned, in its modern format, by Nazi intellectuals, as laid out in Europaische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft ('European Economic Community'), a compendium of papers presented at a Nazi symposium in 1941 and published in Berlin in 1942.
 Facsimiles and text from this document are featured in the Editor's book 'The New Underworld Order' in Chapter Ten: The Thousand-Year Reich. This book may be ordered via this website [.. the Edward Harle Limited segment].(( http://www.edwardharle.com/ ))
The chapter headings of that 1941 Nazi compendium correspond almost precisely with the main headings of the Maastricht Treaty of 1992, which this Editor fought against at the time.

For many years, pressure was exerted on the UK Treasury to publish a detailed analysis of the cost and benefits (if any) to Britain of its disastrous membership of this corrupt supragovernmental New Underworld Order organisation. The Treasury refused to comply, at least for public consumption. Gerard Batten MEP has conducted the necessary research, which is published by the Bruges Group (Honorary President: The Rt. Hon. the Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven, LG, OM, FRS).

Gerard Batten's report will be presented at a conference scheduled for Saturday 22nd November 2008 in the Great Hall, King's College,The Strand,London WC2R 2LS.
For further information, contact the Director of the Bruges Group, Robert Oulds, on:
+44 (0) 20-7287 4414; mobile: 07740-029787: Email: info@brugesgroup.com.
You can also contact Gerard Batten MEP direct on his cell phone: 07843-423864.

As this service has recently reiterated, this is the FOURTEENTH YEAR in which the European Union's Court of Auditors has REFUSED TO SIGN OFF on the European Commission's accounts.

The Court of Auditors is the tame EU 'institution' which is required to 'validate' or 'rubber-stamp' the European Commission's accounts. Yet even this tame entity, which was set up precisely in order to provide the EC's accounts with 'legitimacy', hasn't dared to approve the EC's finances, because its members fear that if they were to fudge the matter, they could well be held personally liable for the fraudulent finance operations and trickery that surface every year in these accounts.

So to be safe, the Court of Auditors routinely refuses to sign.

In October 2005, we published a complete issue of International Currency Review which exposed massive ongoing and repeated financial fraud inside the structures of the European Commission.
The kind of frauds favoured by these EU parasites is to establish offshore corporations and bank accounts in, say, Luxembourg, and then to direct contracts from inside the European Commission to such controlled, corrupt enterprises, usually with cutouts to 'disguise' what is going on.

This type of fraudulent practice has remained rife ever since this rotten German construct was first established: but our own impression is that such frauds have become more and more common as the Eurocracy has developed increasingly sophisticated methods for covering up these activities. Successive British Governments have gone along with all this corruption, as though it was of no consequence: which of course means that Ministers are co-conspirators in these ongoing frauds.

Gimmicks deployed by the Europarastites include 'calling for' successive 'investigations'.

This creates an environment in which the first investigation, after 'completing its work' [sic] may be 'suspended' pending the outcome of a second investigation. As many as four investigations by different entities within the EU structures have been known to materialise, with the objective being to string investigations out to the end of the European Commission's six-year term. When the new Commission arrives, these 'old' issues are suddenly 'yesterday's problem': 'That was a matter for the previous Commission. We can't deal with it. Don't know anything about it'.
Another favourite trick is to pin the blame onto given 'Member States', so that it's never the Commission's fault (which is always the reverse of the truth). Anyway, you get the picture.

The proper response to this scandalous state of affairs is this:
The British Government must withhold all payments to the European Union's structures with immediate effect. For the time being, the Value Added Tax taxpayer funds should be paid into a suspense account. The European Commission should be told: You have had 14 years to clean up your accounts and to suppress financial fraud, and you have failed to do so. We are fed up with your endless prevarication and deceit. You are hereby informed, therefore, that all UK payments to the European Union are suspended sine die, until such time as WE are satisfied that your accounts are in order. Furthermore, in view of your recalcitrant failure to comply with appropriate accounting standards, WE will be the judge as to whether, and when, your behaviour and transparency on this score has improved to the point that we will be able to consider releasing the suspended funds.
You have two years to clean up your act. If you fail to do so to our satisfaction, we will confirm suspension of all taxpayer monies to the European Union indefinitely.

Every other word Gordon Brown employes is 'global'. He has repeatedly made it crystal clear that he is what he calls an 'internationalist', by which he means that he is an international socialist.

So, ON THE FACE OF IT, one would be reluctant to bet on Mr Brown taking up this suggestion, not least since it comes from the Editor of this service. HOWEVER, while all these operatives on the stage are working to The New Underworld Order script, there is ONE THING they ALL consider to be MORE important than the failing internationalist agenda: STAYING IN POWER.

FACT: If Gordon Brown wants to prolong his premiership out into the future (assuming that his blindness in one eye allows this), he would be well advised to adopt the hardline stance towards the European Union's finances outlined above. For why? It's in his own interest! Promulgation of such a policy would ensure a MASSIVE VICTORY for the Labour Government at the next election. This Editor doesn't like this Government, of course. But our continued membership of the corrupt and failing European Union Collective is even worse. We opt for the lesser of two evils, since it is quite clear that the so-called 'Conservative' Party has no guts and is even more brainwashed, if that is conceivable, than the dull, mainly Scottish, masonic ideologues which have taken over Whitehall. (Telephone any part of Whitehall, and the female who answers has a Scottish accent).

Gerard Batten's research findings include the following:

Total direct and indirect costs of Britain's catastrophic membership of the EU Collective in 2008 are shown to be £55.775 billion down the drain. Specifically, EU membership this year will have cost us almost £65.675 billion per annum gross, or almost £55.775 billion net.
Due to endless fraud, it is likely, Mr Batten argues, that the equivalent of Britain's entire net contribution to the European Union is lining the pockets of EC Eurocrats, politicos and fraudsters.
By the end of 2008, Britain will have contributed £230.4 billion gross to the EU structures.
By the end of the current European Commission budget period (ending in 2009), Britain will have made estimated contributions to the EC Budget of £315.4 billion gross and £101.4 billion net.
EU membership is disastrous for Britain in respect of trade. By 2007, the UK had accumulated a trade deficit with the other EU 'Member States' of £383.7 billion. What's the point of membership given such numbers? These arise, of course, from the fact that we have allowed the Germans, the French and others to ransack our industrial base. It's OUR fault, but we MUST PUT IT RIGHT.
The EU's Common Agricultural Policy, which has destroyed Britain's ancient expertise in feeding itself, costs the United Kingdom at least £16.8 billion per annum.
The Common Fisheries Policy, which has destroyed Britain's fishing industry in favour of bearded Spaniards, costs Britain at least £3.275 billion annually: for the privilege of seeing its fishing fleet and personnel, not to mention ancient fishing expertise, permanently decimated.
Excessive nit-picking regulation (the essence, by the way, of Communism) costs the United Kingdom at least £28 billion annually. The latest piece of EC nonsense is that in places where employees work, all electric appliances must have their plugs tested in a special unit, to see whether or not they 'comply' with whatever piece of bogus 'health and safety' jargon applies.
A few days ago, we employed a local firm to refix one of the electric fittings in our building. They ventilated on this subject, estimating that it would cost us £400 for the privilege of getting this done. Another favourite EC practice is to change regulations very frequently: that means that your 'compliance' last year will be out of date next year, generating huge windfall profits for all kinds of players in this corrupt sink of iniquity.

Self-evidently, if Britain were to suspend its contributions to the European Commission's budget, this would set Britain on a path to getting out of this trap: something that the co-conspiring and feckless British political Establishment is terrified of doing. We have news for these people:

FACT: Resolution of the global Settlements crisis and the cleaning up of the epidemic of financial fraud which was about to destroy the entire international economy is entirely a consequence of the exposures publicised inter alia on this website.
That is universally acknowledged around the world.
And THIS development is, in turn, a consequence of deciding to STAND UP TO THE CRIMINALS.
Recall from the Gospel of John that when Judas Iscariot, accompanied by a band of thugs with sticks and staves and lanterns, came looking for Jesus Christ, Judas asked: 'Where is Jesus of Nazareth?' and He replied: 'I am He'. Whereupon John reports that 'they fell back to the ground'.
The Editor of this service takes this passage from Scripture as his infallible inspiration in standing up to these criminal cadres who are destroying our world. Just LOOK what has taken place since we started to expose the fraudulent finance on this website and in our publications.

FACT: Exactly the SAME will happen when Britain FINALLY does what is necessary, beginning with suspending all taxpayer funds to the European Commission. MONEY TALKS. The world will SIT UP AND TAKE NOTICE. And Gordon Brown will be re-elected with a thumping majority.

Meanwhile, Gerard Batten MEP has clearly been thinking along the same lines as us. He says:
A MASSIVE, EARLY BOOST TO THE ECONOMY: Since EU red tape is holding back the UK economy by £28 billion, equivalent to 2% of UK GDP, it is clear that freeing Britain from such EU control will get Britain out of recession, helping to get British people back to work.
Such a calculation would presuppose the termination of all red tape imposed by the EU on British businesses, which may be optimistic: but the point is that swathes of 'controls' could be abolished overnight once the stupid IDOLATRY of EU membership fashionable among the Establishment had been ground into the dust.
COST-FREE TAX CUTS: British politicians are struggling to explain how they will deliver the tax cuts that the British economy now needs. Yet they have so far refused, because of their myopic idolatry of EU membership, to accept that this money can be found if we stop paying billions of pounds per year of taxpayers’ money into this manipulated, German-dominated political collective where no-one is responsible for anything (because it's a collective), and so NOBODY CARES.
It's not as though we don't have the perfect pretext for doing this: since the European official structures can't be bothered to clean up their corrupt finances, Britain needn't be bothered to pay taxpayers' money over to these self-interested, corrupt parasites.

Gerard Batten says that a 2% boost to economic growth created by leaving the EU and slashing its excessive red tape would also increase tax revenues by £10.73 billion. Combine that with the direct savings to the Exchequer, and it will allow for a 6p in-the-pound cut in the basic rate of income tax.
The Editor diverges from this approach, because by far the quickest and easiest course would be to suspend all payments to the EU immediately on the basis that the EC's accounts are fraudulent, given that the Court of Auditors have refused to sign them for 14 years in a row. We don't in fact need any calculations at all: all we need to do is to STOP the payments NOW.

Within two years, WELL OVER £100 BILLION will be sitting in the suspense account. Since, on past performance, there is not the slightest chance that the European Commission will ever clean up its financial act, and since WE will be the judge of whether any reform of the EC accounts meets OUR requirements, we won't need to pay a single penny to the European Union Collective ever again.

The way will have been paved, at last, for the treachery of that Nazi pervert, the late Edward Heath, to be reversed. And by the way, the Foreign Office notion that we must always be NICE to foreigners is a pathetic delusion! Foreigners don't respect 'niceness'. No, the only reality of any relevance is that MONEY TALKS. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.
The Editor GUARANTEES that if Britain were to implement such a simple strategy:
(1) We would get out of imminent depression faster than an eel jumping out of Cockney's eel pie.
(2) Gordon Brown would be re-elected with a massive majority.
(3) The whole world would sit up and take notice; and:
(4) A FURTHER decisive blow would have been inflicted on The New Underworld Order, on top of the MASSIVE BLOWS that have been administered from all directions as a direct consequence of the simple EXPOSURE strategy of STANDING UP TO THESE CROOKS AND FACING THEM DOWN.

British Governments relish DOING THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT THE BRITISH PEOPLE WANT. That's why Deutsche Bank, the DVD's key controlled institution, has been financing Common Purpose, an evil, insidious mind-bending programme run out of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (under that revolting creature John Prescott, anyway) which is engaged in brainwashing cadres throughout the British official structures (the police, local authority personnel, certain military cadres, lazy civil servants, complacent industrialists and their staffs), in one of the most destructive Fifth Column operations ever to have been perpetrated upon British subjects.

So here's a nice thought, for a change: Deutsche Bank is now in severe trouble, thanks to our exposures. That means it may even have to pull the financing plug on Common Purpose!
Gerard Batten, adds: 'If the British Government really believes that membership of the EU is in the interests of the British people, they should commission an independent cost/benefit analysis to demonstrate the economic effects of membership'.

The Treasury, as indicated above, has always refused to do this, having suppressed its own findings which would hardly buttress the official case for continued EU participation.

In the preceding report, the Editor exposed the British Ministry of Defence for its gross iniquity in operating in Afghanistan to protect the heroin trade [see Archive].
(( http://www.worldreports.org/news ))

No official denial of that serious accusation has yet been forthcoming: BECAUSE IT'S ALL TRUE.

In addition to suspending further British taxpayers' funding of The European Union Collective, the Enemy of its Member States, British troops should GET OUT OF AFGHANISTAN and the UK Government should PUBLICLY RENOUNCE OFFICIAL PARTICIPATION IN THE DRUG BUSINESS.

Officials evidently throught that no-one would EVER raise this issue. WRONG AGAIN. Just like almost everything they touch these days, policymakers DO THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT THE BRITISH PEOPLE WANT. We DON'T WANT to go on supporting the corrupt European Commission and its filthy dirty, unscrupulous financial frauds; and we DON'T WANT our military to continue protecting the US heroin trade, because we DON'T WANT our children to be poisoned and destroyed.

WELCOME to the overdue COUNTER REVOLUTION against these geomasonic snakes.

Press Archive above to read the Editor's exposure of the British Ministry of Defence (MOD) and its operations in Afghanistan which are now confirmed as being driven by an 'imperative' to control the criminal heroin business. One hears certain cynical sophisticates saying: 'If we don't control it, enemies will'. However since the British and American Governments, which should know better, are engaged in drug operations, that alibi won't fly. Official drug operations in Britain are handled via Government Operations 2 (GO-2), which controls two main drug cartels operating in the United Kingdom. Proceeds from these operations are milked to help finance the captive political parties.
Wednesday, 19 November 2008
Irish Times Lisbon Poll Fools Public - Deception Has Set in For Referendum 2
'An Irish Times poll asked 1000 people how would they would vote again on the Lisbon treaty if it was modified regarding “neutrality, abortion and taxation” also allowing Ireland to keep it’s EU commissioner. A misleading question; the EU said it will not modify the treaty as it would have to be ratified again by the other 26 national parliaments.' (...)
The National Platform EU Research and Information Centre
17.11.2008           by Anthony Coughlan - Secretary
Misleading nature of the question asked in Irish Times opinion poll on Lisbon …  The planned deception envisaged for a Lisbon Two referendum becomes clearer
Any Lisbon referendum re-run must be on exactly the same Lisbon Treaty as the Irish people voted No to last June.
This crucial fact is concealed or glossed over in today’s Irish Times poll and in Foreign Minister Micheal Martin’s comments on it.
Not a jot or tittle -  not a comma -  of the text of Lisbon can be changed, for otherwise it would be legally  a new Treaty which would have to go around all 27 EU States for ratification again.(...)
A more accurate and less misleading way of putting the opinion poll question would have been:  “If the Lisbon Treaty  is left legally unchanged but is accompanied by a promise that Ireland could retain an EU Commissioner and other Irish concerns on neutrality, abortion and taxation are clarified in non-legally binding Declarations, would you vote Yes or No in another referendum?”
That question very likely would have given a rather different result.(...)
The real danger of Lisbon is that it removes Member States’ rights to decide WHO their Commissioner is, although most people are unaware of this:
The Lisbon  Treaty  provides that each Member State’s right to “propose” a Commissioner - and hence to insist if need be on its proposal being accepted as a condition for it accepting the proposals of others (Art.214 TEC) -  would be replaced by a right to make “suggestions” only, for the incoming Commission President to decide (Art.17.7 TEU). Who the new Commission President is would be decided mainly by the votes of the Big States.
Retaining a national Commissioner for each State is therefore of small importance if  EU Member Governments no longer have the final say in deciding who that Commissioner will be.  This important change that would be made by Lisbon was not widely appreciated by voters in last summer’s referendum.(...)
RTE commentators on this morning’s Morning Ireland  referred to the Lisbon Treaty being modified by means of “a codicil,  a Protocol or a Declaration” as if these were all somehow similar.  They are very different things in a Treaty context. It is important to know the difference between a  Declaration and a Protocol if one is not to be taken in by the  systematic attempt now being concerted to pretend to the Irish Public that the Lisbon Treaty will be changed to take account of their concerns in order to  justify a second referendum here aimed at reversing the people’s decision of last June.
If Ireland as a society falls for spoofery of this kind, we would justifiably become the laughing stock of Europe.  Future generations will surely wonder at our gullibility and what kind of political class and media could connive at such a thing.
If people vote Yes in Lisbon Two to what they voted  No to in Lisbon One,they will only find out later they have been codded, when it will of course be too late.
  http://www.wiseupjournal.com/?page_id=32  wise-up TV
http://www.wiseupjournal.com/?page_id=12  issues

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Did Hitler Really Die In the Bunker or in Argentina?

picture of Richard Koshimizu:


Richard Koshimizu his page......( http://www15.ocn.ne.jp/~oyakodon/meanwhile_j.htm )













'After WW II, at least five German U-boats reached Argentina with no less than 50 high ranked Third Reich officials on board. During the trip they sunk a US battle ship and the Brazilian cruiser Bahia with a death toll of more than 400, including US citizens.

 Both the US and the British Government have systematically covered up the operation. Why? Did they take Hitler to Patagonia?'

Hitler died in Berlin in 1945? No. He did not. U-boat took him to Argentina.

Did Adolf Hitler really commit suicide in bunker in Berlin on the day of fall of Third Reich? We are told Soviet troops found Hitler's body and buried somewhere in Berlin. Anyone saw it? Anyone checked its DNA to specify? Wasn't it a corpse of Hitler's double? (Hitler had a double of a close resemblance as witnessed by Angel Velasco.)
I understand Hitler did not die in Berlin and fled to Norway where he took U-boat to head for South America. According to Pravda of Russia, at least 5 U-boats have arrived at Argentina port with many of Nazi officials on board. This is the confirmed fact in history.


 Did Barron Adolf Rothschild Hitler flee to Argentina after completing his Zionistic task to construct Israel, then, live till 1980's there, protected by Jewish community? (By richardkoshimizu)


Appendix 2
Rockefeller financed "Cousin" Adolf
Hitler was a Rothschild
"There are some people who seriously doubt that Johann Georg Hiedler was the father of Alois. Thyssen and Koehler, for example, claim that Chancellor Dollfuss had ordered the Austrian police to conduct a thorough investigation into the Hitler family. As a result of this investigation a secret document was prepared that proved that Maria Anna Schicklgruber was living in Vienna at the time she conceived. At that time she was employed as a servant in the home of Baron Rothschild. As soon as the family discovered her pregnancy she was sent back to her home in Spital where Alois was born. If it is true that one of the Rothschilds is the real father of Alois Hitler, it would make Adolf a quarter Jew. According to these sources, Adolf Hitler knew of the existence of this document and the incriminating evidence it contained. In order to obtain it he precipitated events in Austria and initiated the assassination of Dollfuss. According to this story, he failed to obtain the document at that time since Dollfuss had secreted it and had told Schuschnigg of its whereabouts so that in the event of his death the independence of Austria would remain assured. Several s
tories of this general character are in circulation. (Langer, The Mind of Adolf Hitler, p.107)." This fact alone explain why the dunce Hitler should come from nowhere and become Chancellor of Germany.

Appendix 3
June 11, 2001 NA (Network America)
More on the McVeigh / Oklahoma Cover-up
Eichmann spoke Yiddish, visited Palestine numerous times during the 1930s, called himself a Zionist according to several participants in that era, and was instrumental in setting up training camps in various parts of Europe for the Israeli commandos and “freedom fighters” who would be used in the brutal invasion and takeover of Palestine in 1948. Hennecke Kardel, author of “Adolph Hitler: Founder of Modern Israel”, himself said to be an Austrian Jew by at least some authors, insists that Eichmann was himself Jewish.

Appendix 4


 From Dust Jacket Piece (May 2004)
Dr. Robert Faurisson has concluded from his research that the alleged Hitlerite gas chambers and the alleged genocide of the Jews form one and the same historical lie, which has made possible a gigantic political-financial swindle whose main beneficiaries are the State of Israel and international Zionism and whose main victims are the German people - but not their leaders - and the Palestinian people in their entirety.






 At WTC Tritium's level was 8 times higher than normal a few days after 911. Tritium cannot become such high unless the hydrogen bomb is detonated. Though Jewish 911 perpetrators have tried to dilute the Tritium by means of discharging huge volume of water, they could not erase the evidence.

1600 bodies of WTC victims have totally disappeared. The chief coroner said the bodies were evaporated. If hydrogen bomb is detonated at the bottom of WTC1, 2 and 7, those who were above the ground level in the buildings would have been perfectly vaporised.

How the WTC dust could have been produced? Only the way to explain it is the moisture vapor explosion inside the concrete caused by the extremely high heat of hydrogen bomb. ///



1- - .....A malicious distortion. What I said is that no Jew was killed in Auschwitz's gas chamber. Gas chamber itself was fabricated post war by Jew occupied Soviet Union. But, Holocaust did exist. 60,000 including 30,000 Jews such as Anne Frank died of camp fever in Auschwitz as Nazi could not provide sufficient Zyklon B to sterilize the camps. Anyhow it should be regarded as Holocaust though 6 million death is a mere myth, thus, Holocaust did exist. However, one should realize that this Holocaust was in fact  performed by Stealth Jews. Zionist Jews needed to wipe out Anti-Zionism Jews, thus, selectively sent Non-Zionist Jews into the camps. A covert Jewish organization's top official also admits it in his threatening e. mail to Richard Koshimizu. Holocaust was done by Zionist Jews to chase European Jews into Israel, thus, Israel was established after the war. Adolf Hitler is the father of Israel. (meanwhile, we are not establishing any political party, therefore, Jewish Liars are totally wrong in saying that "Holocaust denier establishes party in Japan".


2. Adolf Hitler was the grandson of Solomon Meyer Rothschild

Richard Koshimizu is not only the person to claim this. If one do not agree, read this and think well.


Hitler was the direct descendant of Rothschild, thus, he was given power and fund. His task was to establish the State of Israel and he managed it.
3. The Nazi dictator's rise to power was funded by Rothschild and other Jewish corporations.

This is absolutely true. Many other than Richard Koshimizu share the same conclusion. Nothing new and is a common sense in Japanese historical study. Nazi was a covert faction of Zionist. ...

 An Argentina professor has recently reported to me that Hitler could have stayed in the town of Miramar near Cordova at a German Hotel and later spent a few years at the hidden property of Mr. Jorge Antonio who was the employer of Eichmann. .......


 6. Jews were behind the dropping of the atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
 Yes, correct. WW2 itself was fabricated by Stealth Jews such as Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Churchill and Stalin. And Hiroshima bombing was decided by Roosevelt and another stealth Jew, Truman. Atomic bombs were invented by Jewish such as Einstein and Oppenheimer. B29 who brought the bomb to Hiroshima was packed with Jewish crews. Hiroshima bombing should be regarded as a real Holocaust performed by Jewish.






Most viewed videos on Google in Japan, July 2008: The Global Warming Swindle/Richard Koshimizu Fukuoka Conference / Loose Change /Abe Yoshihiro lecture - Part 1/ Abe Yoshihiro lecture - Part 5

Not all Japanese are dupes. A certain amount of younger Japanese are waking up. In June 2007, the Zionist Y-Net lamented that a young Japanese named Richard Koshimizu set up a political group named the "Independence Party.” Y-Net claims that Koshimizu said the holocaust is a hoax, and that Jews funded Hitler.
 Zionists responded that they would “handle” Mr. Koshimizu “quietly.”
 ....Leuren Moret, the well known and internationally famous expert lecturer on the health effects of depleted uranium (DU), presented testimony on the high levels of radiation recorded in the area around the Pentagon in the hours and days after the destruction that took place there, suggesting that a cruise missile was the cause of the damage and NOT a passenger plane as we have been told, as cruise missiles contain DU.
Mad Amano, a well known parody cartoonist spoke on how the mass media is using movies like ‘Flight 93’ and ‘The World Trade Center’ to embed the untruth of the events of September 11th, 2001 into the psyche of the world...
Richard Koshimizu gave a very annimated and powerful presentation covering many aspects of the Sept. 11th government conspiracy.



Wednesday, 19 November 2008
Mass Manipulation of Gold and Silver Prices Exposed
'Commodities experts are in agreement that the price of gold and silver is being manipulated by bankers and government officials in order to halt a mass abandonment of paper currencies and the debt based economy.' The New York Post today carries a column by John Crudele declaring that there is a global run on gold coins and that demand is not being met by government mints.....
“There’s another more puzzling aspect to the recent gold rush.” Crudele writes, referring to the fact that the market price of gold is declining, despite the increase in demand.

Crudele quotes Bill Murphy, chairman of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee who states:

“Gold should be moving up… How could there be such a dichotomy between the historic high premium for coins all over the world and the low Comex price?”...(...)

Murphy and the GATA has been attempting to expose the blatant manipulation for a number of years now. “The gold market is managed by certain central banks and their agents, the bullion banks” he wrote in 2005. “It is a price-fixing case involving some very powerful people and institutions … in fact it is a Gold Cartel.”

Murphy and others have revealed how the IMF and the central banks have sought to suppress the gold price over the last 10 years in order to maintain their monopoly over an economy based on debt and fiat paper currencies.

We have previously reported on how the official COMEX gold future numbers are completely divorced from reality and banker manipulation is rife.

Recently, influential private investment advisor Martin Hennecke echoed these sentiments declaring that the anomalous price trends were partly a result of temporary deleveraging as well as, “manipulation as the central bankers and the politicians don’t want you to panic out of their debt and go into gold.”

Hennecke and other investors such as Jim Rogers have predicted that gold prices will explode towards $2,000 an ounce with future hyperinflation resulting from the global central banks’ insistence on printing their way out of economic turmoil.


Wednesday, 19 November 2008
Kidnapped by the Israeli Navy
'Fifteen Palestinian fishermen along with three internationals have been kidnapped in Palestinian waters by the Israeli Navy. They were fishing seven miles off the coast of Deir Al Balah, clearly in Gaza fishing waters and well within the fishing limit detailed in the Oslo Accords of 1994. The fishermen and the human right's observers were transferred from 3 separate boats to the Israeli warships. Other Palestinian fishermen reported that the 3 boats were seen being taken north by the Israeli Navy.'
        why are you working for the banks not us?
        why are you violating the Constitution every day?
        why are you selling out our grandchildren's future?
        why can't I get so & so on the phone?
        why are all the lines busy?
        why was Cheney indicted?
        why do you work for these criminals?
        why has every dept and agency of the government been incorporated?
        why are you holding so many Americans as political prisoners?
        how's the weather?
        what time is it?
Well what do you say gang? Deliver by Friday ...OR..... WE go dialing for answers?
The task is simple, lets prepare to begin Monday. 
Should you be asked "why are you doing this"? The answer is "we are sick and tired of Washington's corruption and we are responding to the televised call for action from The National Taxpayers Union".
Posted Nov. 18, 2008
This video contains images depicting the reality and horror of war and should only be viewed by a mature audience.
Ilan Pappe
1 hr 27 min 59 sec - Jul 12, 2007
Israeli historian Ilan Pappe describes the period around the declaration of Israel’s independence as one during which the indigenous Palestinian population was ethnically cleansed from the land when they were forced from their homes or fled in terror after hearing news of rapes and massacres at other villages. Today, the situation is not much better for the Palestinians under Israeli rule. “To make things so difficult for the Palestinians so that anyone who wants a normal life will leave.”
Wednesday, 19 November 2008
Soros Think Tank Pulling Obama's Strings
'Thanks in part to funding from benefactors such as billionaire George Soros, the Center For American Progress has become in just five years an intellectual wellspring for Democratic policy proposals, including many that are shaping the agenda of the new Obama administration.'
Wednesday, 19 November 2008
The David Icke Newsletter Goes Out On Sunday With A 5,000-Word Special On The Obama Myth

Obama’s predominant mantra is ‘change’. Indeed, his massively-funded, record-breaking campaign has been based on that one word – change. This is a technique used by Bill Clinton and many others and it is highly effective because, at any point, the system ensures that most people are not happy with the way life is. So, when you don’t like the status quo, ‘change’ can be a potent message, even if, like Obama, you don’t say what it means. 

It has been vital to his success, and that of his controllers, that he has never specified what his ‘hope’, ‘change’, and that other mind-control trigger-word, ‘believe’, were referring to in terms of policy and the way society in general will be affected. Hope for what? Change what? Believe in what?

To answer those questions with specifics would have been fatal to Obama’s appeal.

I studied the military/government mind-control programmes and techniques in great detail for many years during the late-1990s and across 2000, and the Obama ‘phenomenon’ is the most blatant mass-mind control operation you could wish to see.

At its core the plan has been to make Obama the focus of everything you hope for, believe in and want to change. This is why it has been crucial for him not to specify and detail what is meant by his ‘hope, ‘change’ and ‘believe’.

However, I can tell you what those words mean in the context of the Obama mind-game. They mean whatever you decide they mean or want them to mean. The idea is for you to project all that you stand for onto him and so he becomes the symbol of you and how you see the world.

Specifics would destroy that ‘I am whatever you want me to be’ scenario and so you don’t get any detail, just ‘hope’, ‘change’, and ‘believe’.

‘I am whatever you want me to be, for I am just a projection of you. And I got a big smile, see.’
Simon Davies & Donald Hunt
SOTT.net     Mon, 17 Nov 2008
Extract from a letter written by Rothschild Bros of London to a New York firm of bankers on 25 June 1863
"The few who can understand the System (Cheque Money and Credits) will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favours, that there will be no opposition from that class. While on the other hand, the great body of people mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical* to their interests." -
* (hostile, hurtful)
Retail sales dropped 2.8% in the U.S. in October (compared to October of 2007), the worst monthly drop on record. That sent stocks tumbling again, with the Dow falling 5% for the week. Since the whole global economy depends on U.S. consumer spending, the other major national stock exchanges also fell for the week.
The U.K. seems to be entering the "capital flight" stage that used to happen only to developing nations. The pound dropped 6% against the dollar last week.
     With the world economy officially in what economists call "crash and burn" mode (no, we made that up, they actually euphemistically call it a "serious recession"), governments, finance ministers, and central bankers are scrambling for more actions to take. Trillions of dollars have been pumped in to the financial system, interest rates have been lowered to almost zero, and checks have been mailed to U.S. citizens (and already spent).
The only thing left to do is invest in infrastructure improvements and reinvigorate heavy industry. In the United States, the auto industry is in dire need of a bailout, but they are an easy industry to hate, so politically, there is some selling to do. The Democrats in Congress are
pushing for an auto industry bailout but Bush is trying to sneak a free-trade agreement with the narco-terrorist regime of Colombia into the bill - nothing like a last favour for your friends.(...)
The situation is eerily similar to the 1932-33 transition, when banks were failing before Franklin Roosevelt was inaugurated. Herbert Hoover disagreed strongly with Roosevelt's approach, but wanted Roosevelt to cooperate in joint action. Roosevelt refused, not wanting to be tied to Hoover's policies and also feeling that the worse things got the more power he would have to act once inaugurated.

But what will Obama's policies be? The conventional way to get an idea is to look at his
advisors . As a commentor on Postman Patel's blog wrote,
What happens when you replace a sociopathic lunatic with an eloquent, sane man who espouses the exact same policies? I think it will become even more apparent to the world that America is helplessly in the grip of corrupt corporations and a hopelessly corrupt Congress...
While Jonathan Weil calls it as it is; in relation to Obama's advisors he says, "It's hard to believe that Barack Obama would even think of calling this change."

It may be, however, that events may push things far beyond the control of the putative leaders. As things get worse, public anger may push more radical solutions that would normally be considered (the 1930s again offer a parallel).
Here is a warning to U.S. corporate leaders from Shoshana Zuboff, a Harvard Business School professor. Zubhoff identifies the almost total lack of trust in business that holds sway across the US (and the UK and Europe if she did but know it) as having its roots in the time when businesses ceased to have any humanity and became solely money making machines; the process of ponerization pushed through by free-market economics that we discussed last week. The problem is that she makes the process seem way more accidental than it is. Naomi Klein in Shock Doctrine argues that the process was deliberate and well thought-out.(...)
Solutions are sought when there are problems so we would be safe to assume that there is a problem, wouldn't we? So what is the problem for which a solution is sought? Perhaps some of the G20 leaders see the problem encapsulating a lack of liquidity in the banking system which has led to banks refusing to make new loans or refresh old loans to businesses, but that one has already been addressed; there is now unlimited central bank liquidity available..........
With their financial paymasters always at hand they might also see part of the problem as excess debt for individuals, businesses, regions and nations which they are now unable to refinance or indeed even pay all the interest. Maybe it's extreme volatility in the financial markets - some politicians will see the loss in value to peoples savings due to stock market collapse, others will see the drop in commodity prices causing losses of real revenue, others see food prices rocketing beyond the reach of ordinary people or recession in manufacturing causing loss of jobs. Certainly for the ordinary people the latter are very real problems for which solutions are desperately needed.
       However, these are not problems for the puppet masters of the world economic system; they are not facing disaster, ruin or starvation. They are sitting pretty pulling the levers of the global economy and thereby directing the show exactly as planned.
What we have in fact for the puppet masters is a solution, a global central bank, looking for a problem.
Does it have to be this way?
Last week we said that there are alternatives, summarizing the ideas of Herman Daly among which was, "Abolish fractional reserve banking. Give the control of money back to governments and away from banks". Two very simple statements but ones that certainly won't be on the agenda in Washington this weekend, for these two simple ideas go to the root of the issue and to the root of global power.
    We are all agreed that the current banking bailout is larceny on a grand scale but does everybody know quite how unbelievable we have all been screwed all of our lives?
We were all born into this system, it didn't come upon us; we have nothing to compare it to. For the most part we are unaware that there might be alternatives and if so what those alternative might look like. We take certain attributes of the system to be fixed, immutable, but are they? ....
We are all slaves so why are we so afraid of the alternatives to our slavery that we are not actively seeking new ways of doing things.
The basic answer seems to us that we are afraid of the unknown, we are simply afraid of the dark; which isn't very impressive when you think about it, is it?
        Fear originates in the most primitive and deepest part of our brain. This should give us pause for thought about the nature of the beings - psychopaths - that control us and keep that fear always there, always pressing in upon us, always stalking us. They have been playing our fear for all it's worth for generation after generation. Back when religion truly was the opium of the masses, when widespread ignorance and superstition and limited travel and communication were the standard, it is understandable that human's seemingly innate fears were used against them. But in today's world of high speed internet, lightning fast communication, and global travel we would have thought that the ignorance would have been dispelled and along with it the fear. But that is not the case.
        (...) It simply doesn't have to be this way. Money does not need to be borrowed by government from privately controlled central banks, interest does not need to be charged and banks do not need to be run as they are. The 'laws' that govern the economic system are not natural 'laws', they are mechanical laws and can change if we change the mechanism. (...)
Our Money system
Imagine a community based on agriculture. There are farmers, laborers, merchants, storehouse owners and the various people who supply goods and services to the community built around these people. The farmers need seed to plant in spring so they borrow it from the merchants who have some stored from the previous year. It is planted and grows. Harvest arrives, the farmers hire laborers, the crop is gathered in and a large volume of seeds are sent by the farmers to the storehouses. The laborers are all paid in seeds, the merchants are repaid their seed plus some extra ('interest') and the storehouse fees are paid in seed. The remaining seed is then available for purchase as food for the community. For each crop there is a value agreed in terms of the other crops and services that all the community needs, the seeds being physically exchanged in each transaction.

Many societies have existed that used just such a system. Many soon developed the idea that rather than exchange the physical seeds for every transaction, a token that represented a certain amount of seeds (in the storehouse) could be used. So the storehouse owners issued the tokens and the people used them to effect day to day transactions. Eventually somebody in the chain would want some seeds to either eat or plant and would go to the storehouse to exchange the token for the seeds; a simple and effective system.
Money in the such forms is referred to as "Representative Money". The token could be presented to the issuer at any time and 'demand' for the underlying commodity made. The system relied upon the issuer being able to deliver the specified commodity upon such 'demand'. (...)
The problems began when the principles of repaying loans with "interest" of the same material as the loan, seeds or animals, was transferred to non-reproductive commodities such as metals; for while seeds and animals can reproduce and yield a greater amount than at commencement of a loan, metals cannot. So loans in metal, with interest and principal payable in metal, are inherently flawed as they require the conversion of things that can reproduce into metals.
This then leaves the borrower at the mercy of the fluctuating value of the thing they produce. A value that can be easily manipulated by increasing or decreasing the supply of money.
We were discussing this at the kitchen table the other day. Imagine you are at the table with a friend, you each have a coffee mug, these are the only two tradeable items in your economic system. Your system has $1 in it. By definition therefore, each mug must be worth 50 cents - the mugs being the only things that can be exchanged in your system and money, the $1, being the only medium of exchange. Now let us imagine that another $1 is introduced into the system, nothing else has changed other than this addition yet the worth of each mug has increased to $1 (2 mugs/$2 = $1). For every dollar introduced into the system the value of each mug will increase by 50 cents. Inflation, the rise in price or value of things within the system, is directly linked to the supply of money - this is the Quantity Theory of Money.
Let's look next at how the dollars got into your simple 2 mug $2 economic system. There are just the two of you so you have 2 choices; you can take 2 pieces of paper, write "$1" on each and agree that you will both respect that piece of paper as being a dollar or one of you could do the writing and give one dollar to the other, it really doesn't matter because the dollars are being given. They have no value in themselves, they just represent value by agreement. Now imagine that 8 friends come round and you need 8 more mugs. One of your friends makes mugs so agrees to make 8 more for $1 each; but you only have $2 in your system. So you agree among you that you will get 8 more pieces of paper, write "$1" on each, and give them to the mug maker with the assurance that you will all accept the paper as being a dollar. Now you have 10 mugs and $10 in the system. Should you wish to sell your mug you know it is worth $1 and you will accept a piece of paper with "$1" written on it in exchange for it. The supply of money grows along with the supply of goods. As long as there are new goods in the system matching the increase in the supply of money then the price or value of each item (in our case, mugs) remains the same.
        If however more money is added to the system than goods then the price or value of those goods goes up, there is inflation. Conversely, if the supply of money is reduced then the price or value of the mugs goes down. This is one of the games that bankers play; they increase and then decrease the supply of money in the system. (...)
Under the fractional reserve banking system, banks can lend ten times the amount of cash or its equivalent that they have available, their reserves. This means that if you go into your bank today with $100 dollars which you put into your account your bank can immediately legally lend $1,000. It does this by crediting a borrower's account with $1,000. The borrower takes their cheque (check in the US) book and, Hey Presto another increase in the money supply goes off to shop; or if you prefer, the bank by creating credit has added to the money supply. It is as simple as that. If you are interested in the numbers a good summary is here. (...)
Forgive the rather long tangent but we wanted to illustrate just how easy it was for the banks to increase the money supply and direct a large part of that increase towards housing. Hopefully this will have dispelled any doubts you had as to the manipulated nature of the situation.

The effects of the manipulation go back to the Quantity Theory of Money. There was an increase in the general money supply within which was an even greater increase in the money supply going towards housing. As a result the cost of goods generally rose and the cost of housing rose even more.

Debt Slavery
The trap has now been sprung, the massive rise in the cost of housing has left millions with debts that they have almost no hope of ever paying off while the homes they bought are now worth a fraction of what they were. This is the asset price deflation side of the Quantity Theory of Money; there is now less money available in the housing system so the value of housing is falling. (...)
The Bush administration even made it harder to seek protection in bankruptcy in the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005; yet another piece of remarkably prescient legislation. When signing this new law Bush commented, "The act of Congress I sign today will protect those who legitimately need help, stop those who try to commit fraud and bring greater stability and fairness to our financial system,".
How Machiavellian can you get? Debt Slavery has been achieved and Bush calls it fair!
The Power of Compound Interest
Interest is evil because it enslaves people. It also enslaves entire nations for the power of compounded interest is extraordinary and usually not appreciated, especially by borrowers. ....
Interest is not a necessity, the entire Islamic banking system is proof of that. The absence of interest does not mean that a lender should not have a return for the use of their money; rather that return should be linked directly to the use. If a business does well then it is reasonable to share the benefits with the lender of the money that facilitated that success in part. Similarly, if a business does badly or a crop fails then the lender should share in that risk.
The destitution and suicides amongst Indian farmers would not be happening if the lenders were at risk for the success of the crop. If they were at risk then they would not be so keen to force the farmers to use genetically modified crops which are designed to fail. Aligning the interests of the borrower and lender would change many of the world's most dreadful practices.
National Debt
There need be no national debt. That's a radical statement but it's also true. So why is it that all our nations labor under such large debt burdens? The answer was provided by Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744 - 1812), "Permit me to issue and control the money of the nation and I care not who makes its laws."
The Bank of England was established in 1694 as a private bank in exchange for an initial loan to the government of William III (William of Orange) of ₤1,200,000. Needless to say, the events surrounding the granting of the Royal Charter do not speak of straight dealing. Similarly, the events surrounding the establishment of the Federal Reserve have a highly conspiratorial nature to them. Not surprising when the entire venture is in breach of the Constitution and against the interests of the American people. (...)
The Money Power
It is worthy of note that James Garfield, Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy all held views that opposed the interests of bankers and that all three men were assassinated while President of the US.(...)
All these men either opposed or spoke up against the Money Power, a term coined by L.B. Woolfolk in his book The Great Red Dragon. Woolfolk laid the entire blame upon the people amongst whose number were found the bankers who held the Money Power. It is very tempting to lay the blame for all financial matters today at the feet of that same group of people but it is not truthful to do so. The blame lies with the psychopaths and sociopaths. That the most successful of these psychopaths in the financial sphere come in large proportion from one group of people is primarily a matter for that group; for, in hiding under the skirts of Judaism, the evils of the Money Power, Zionism and Bolshevism have harmed Jews as much if not more than non-Jews. The issue for all of us is psychopathy and its pathology. How to identify it, isolate it and neutralize it is a matter for all normal people and not one of race, creed or colour.
         The modern preeminence of Jews in the money business may have its roots in the ban imposed upon Christians until the early 16th century on usury and the extant ban on the same practice for all Muslims. In the western world that pretty much just left the Jews. It wouldn't have mattered who was left with such a monopoly for it is in the very nature of modern money that it provides a means to predate upon people like no other instrument in history. It's very structure is the product of an evil genius for it is so incredibly simple yet incredibly powerful and plays on man's weaknesses of greed, avarice and jealousy.
Three steps have to be taken to break the Money Power:-
...The Federal Reserve, and all similar central banks that are not owned by the nation, should be taken into public ownership and become part of the national treasury. The power to issue money must vest in the national treasury only.
...Abolish fractional reserve banking.
...The government of the US should stop the bailout theft and instead direct new money, created not through debt but using the power vested in Congress by the Constitution, towards rebuilding America's crumbling physical and social infrastructure. (...)
         Jim Rogers addressed this issue in a CNBC interview in October when he decried the inevitable inflationary effect of the governments of the world bailing out the banks. The effect is inevitably inflationary because pumping money into banks, money that isn't reaching the real economy, will not produce one iota of additional goods in the economy. Even if some of that money if forced into the real economy, coming via banks as debt with the inevitable interest burden, it will be detrimental to the overall health of the system. In fact it can only harm the economy in the current system through both the inflationary effect and the expansion in government debt.
The same money spent in the real economy would produce an increase in real goods, benefiting ordinary people through job creation, while being broadly non-inflationary if not created as government debt.
 Once again, when they tell you they have to save the banks THIS way - they are lying. When they tell you there is no alternative way to run the economy, to issue money and to run banks - that it just has to be THIS way - they are lying.
Stef Zucconi summed it up marvellously:-
Sure, the majority of mid-level contributors to this mess were daft fools driven by greed and fear; with no comprehension of where they were headed. But to believe that only Nassim Taleb [who developed the Black Swan concept, "large-impact, hard-to-predict, random, unplanned and rare events beyond the realm of normal expectations."], and some net based Loons, were the only people who could see a crash coming is nonsense - and more than a little arrogant

It's also worth remembering that, at the same time the seeds for the current crash were being sown, the key components of a fully-blown surveillance and detention state were being rushed into place in the same countries that were inflating the bubble.

It's also worth asking yourself just how much, or little, wealth the people responsible for inflating the bubble have lost personally
........(Something which dawned on me whilst pondering the Conspiraloon vs the Non Conspiraloon mental models for comprehending how the world of high finance works is that the Loon looks upon the financial markets as being a means of waging war on ordinary people....) ...
 Once the savers have been screwed over good and proper, that's everyone in the bottom 99.99% of society accounted for, then all the money our governments have released to the shadow banking system can be unleashed to buy everything that's worth buying unopposed.
A massive transfer of real wealth will then take place and a glittering future of supercharged debt-serfdom secured.
 Jonathan Cook     The National
The latest tightening of Israel's chokehold on Gaza - ending all supplies into the Strip for more than a week - has produced immediate and shocking consequences for Gaza's 1.5 million inhabitants.
   The refusal to allow in fuel has forced the shutting down of Gaza's only power station, creating a blackout that pushed Palestinians bearing candles on to the streets in protest last week. A water and sanitation crisis are expected to follow.
    And on Thursday, the United Nations announced it had run out of the food essentials it supplies to 750,000 desperately needy Gazans. "This has become a blockade against the United Nations itself," a spokesman said.
   In a further blow, Israel's large Bank Hapoalim said it would refuse all transactions with Gaza by the end of the month, effectively imposing a financial blockade on an economy dependent on the Israeli shekel. Other banks are planning to follow suit, forced into a corner by Israel's declaration in Sept 2007 of Gaza as an "enemy entity".
    There are likely to be few witnesses to Gaza's descent into a dark and hungry winter. In the past week, all journalists were refused access to Gaza, as were a group of senior European diplomats. Days earlier, dozens of academics and doctors due to attend a conference to assess the damage done to Gazans' mental health were also turned back.
   Israel has blamed the latest restrictions of aid and fuel to Gaza on Hamas's violation of a five-month ceasefire by launching rockets out of the Strip. But Israel had a hand in shattering the agreement: as the world was distracted by the US presidential elections, the army invaded Gaza, killing six Palestinians and provoking the rocket fire.
    The humanitarian catastrophe gripping Gaza is largely unrelated to the latest tit-for-tat strikes between Hamas and Israel. Nearly a year ago, Karen Koning AbuZayd, commissioner-general of the UN's refugee agency, warned: "Gaza is on the threshold of becoming the first territory to be intentionally reduced to a state of abject destitution".
She blamed Gaza's strangulation directly on Israel, but also cited the international community as accomplice.(...)
With embarrassing timing, the Israeli media revealed at the weekend that one of the first acts of Ismail Haniyeh, the Hamas prime minister elected in 2006, was to send a message to the Bush White House offering a long-term truce in return for an end to Israeli occupation. His offer was not even acknowledged.

Instead, according to the daily Jerusalem Post, Israeli policymakers have sought to reinforce the impression that "it would be pointless for Israel to topple Hamas because the population [of Gaza] is Hamas". On this thinking, collective punishment is warranted because there are no true civilians in Gaza. Israel is at war with every single man, woman and child.
   In an indication of how widely this view is shared, the cabinet discussed last week a new strategy to obliterate Gazan villages in an attempt to stop the rocket launches, in an echo of discredited Israeli tactics used in south Lebanon in its war of 2006. The inhabitants would be given warning before indiscriminate shelling began.
    In fact, Israel's desire to seal off Gaza and terrorise its civilian population predates even Hamas's election victory. It can be dated to Ariel Sharon's disengagement of summer 2005, when Fatah's rule of the PA was unchallenged. (..)
With embarrassing timing, the Israeli media revealed at the weekend that one of the first acts of Ismail Haniyeh, the Hamas prime minister elected in 2006, was to send a message to the Bush White House offering a long-term truce in return for an end to Israeli occupation. His offer was not even acknowledged.

Instead, according to the daily Jerusalem Post, Israeli policymakers have sought to reinforce the impression that "it would be pointless for Israel to topple Hamas because the population [of Gaza] is Hamas". On this thinking, collective punishment is warranted because there are no true civilians in Gaza. Israel is at war with every single man, woman and child.
In an indication of how widely this view is shared, the cabinet discussed last week a new strategy to obliterate Gazan villages in an attempt to stop the rocket launches, in an echo of discredited Israeli tactics used in south Lebanon in its war of 2006. The inhabitants would be given warning before indiscriminate shelling began.
In fact, Israel's desire to seal off Gaza and terrorise its civilian population predates even Hamas's election victory. It can be dated to Ariel Sharon's disengagement of summer 2005, when Fatah's rule of the PA was unchallenged. (...)
The military bombed Gaza's electricity plant in June 2006, and has been incrementally cutting fuel supplies ever since. In January, Mr Vilnai argued that Israel should cut off "all responsibility" for Gaza and two months later Israel signed a deal with Egypt for it to build a power station for Gaza in Sinai.
All of these moves are designed with the same purpose in mind: persuading the world that Israel's occupation of Gaza is over and that Israel can therefore ignore the laws of occupation and use unremitting force against Gaza. ....(...)
Jonathan Cook is a writer and journalist based in Nazareth, Israel. His new book is "Disappearing Palestine: Israel's Experiments in Human Despair" (Zed Books). His website is www.jkcook.net.
This article originally appeared in
The National, published in Abu Dhabi.

Comment: Do you remember that a few years ago Israeli settlers were pulled out of Gaza? Remember how their (relative) suffering at the loss of their farms and houses was largely covered by the world media?
It was all part of a strategy of preparation for war.
Israeli Deputy Defense Minister, Matan Vilnai, stated on Friday that a large-scale invasion of Gaza is only a matter of time and added that the army was prepared to invade the Gaza Strip and fight Hamas.
As Jonathan Cook writes, the purpose was to persuade the world that the occupation of Gaza was over - and now a logic of unremitting force applies. Indeed, they couldn't completely destroy the people of a land they partly occupied. But now they can.
Where is the world media now that the real suffering of Gaza is reaching its climax?
 Amira Hass     Information Clearinghouse
Let's not be dragged into calculating how many tons of rice, flour and cooking oil there are in the Gaza Strip 10 days after Israel once again hermetically sealed all the crossings into the enclave. Let's not count the number of children who wait for a nutritious meal at UN Relief and Works Agency schools, and the number of families to whose doorstep Hamas delivers boxes filled with grocery staples. (There are those who swear that these groceries are only given to Hamas members and supporters.) Let's not calculate the number of people dependent on their families for sustenance. There is food in the Gaza Strip, and there will continue to be. Does anyone really think that Israel, the state of the Jews, would allow 1.5 million people to be tossed, crowded and crammed, behind the barbed-wire fences and watchtowers surrounding the narrow strip and starve to death? 
         Let's leave aside the stories of darkness, of how children do (or don't do) their homework by the light of a candle or kerosene lantern. Let's even put off the discussion on the serious environmental hazards - pollution of the groundwater and sea - posed to the people of Gaza and Ashkelon alike as a direct consequence of the intentional fuel shortage, or of Israel's refusal to permit the entry of pipes to upgrade the water and sewage infrastructure. Let's not go now into descriptions of how the sewage flows directly into the sea because there's not enough electricity to operate the sewage treatment plant.            Let's not talk about fears that sewers will back up in the winter and flood residential neig
hborhoods because parts needed to fix the treatment plant were not brought in.
Let's not get dragged into that number crunching, into reducing the Palestinians' lives to a near-animal level, to a humanitarian problem that is easy to prove is not as bad as it can be.
The deliberations over the Palestinians and the methods of coping with the blockade should be converted into a discussion about the Israelis - about those who make policy and the many diligent people who carry it out, about the many citizens who support and encourage it. Instead of discussing quantities of diesel fuel and flour, the talk should be of the logic behind the siege and those who impose it. ....................
People in the Israeli cabinet, Defense Ministry and Shin Bet security service know full well what they are doing when they prohibit anything other than essential food or medicines from passing through the checkpoints, when they prohibit the entry of raw materials and the exit of agricultural and industrial products and prevent normal human traffic for studies, medical care, work or family. Don't underestimate them and don't belittle their judgment. They knew perfectly well when they decided more than two years ago on the tightest closure of the Gaza Strip since the closure policy began in 1991, that industry would collapse, agriculture would wither, tens of thousands of young people would join the jobless and hopeless, that it would be hard for schools to operate and education would suffer, that sewage would back up and seep into the drinking water, that water would no longer reach the upper floors of apartment buildings.

This policy was presented to the Israeli public in a semiofficial manner as a justified punishment of the Palestinians for electing Hamas (and to hell with international law). "Quarterofficially" we know there was an expectation, or a prediction, that the siege would cause the Gazans to loathe Hamas and end its government in Gaza (after it lost its official grip on the West Bank). That was certainly the hope of the Ramallah government.

Gazans have a bellyful of complaints, and rightfully so, about the Hamas regime. It has already proven itself - mainly to Fatah members - as a regime of fear and repression. But the kind of punishment tactic currently in force is exactly what strengthens Hamas. Instead of the movement being judged according to its ability to run a government and meet its governmental obligations to ensure its citizens' welfare, it can blame the emergency situation created by the siege for every manifestation of immaturity and unprofessionalism.
The public feels that the government is part of it. Like the public, the government is a target for the occupation's cruelty. The brutal siege also saves Hamas from having to cope with the contradiction between its platform (the liberation of all of Palestine) and its integration, despite its denials, into the institutions created by the Oslo Accords. If Israel jeopardizes the lives of premature babies and causes business owners, including supporters of Oslo and Yasser Arafat, to go broke, the Hamas government can present itself as resisting the occupation by its very nature. The extraordinary conditions of the extreme siege and the disconnection between Gaza and the West Bank (another intentional Israeli policy) have made the possibility of holding new Palestinian general elections a very distant one. Hamas can thus bolster its rule with coercion, wages, charity and the consoling power of religion.
And perhaps that is exactly what the Shin Bet, Israel Defense Forces and government want?
Comment: It is worthwhile to review the history behind the formation of Hamas, see:
Israeli Roots of Hamas are being exposed  http://www.sott.net/articles/show/133499
 Dean Andromidas    Executive Intelligence Review (EIR)    Fri, 18 Jan 2002
Comment: As it happened Sharon succeeded and managed to undermine Arafat and thus bringing Hamas to power. This gave Israel the perfect excuse to up the ante and we now see the Palestinian genocide gathering speed.
The latest tightening of Israel's chokehold on Gaza - ending all supplies into the Strip for more than a week - has produced immediate and shocking consequences for Gaza's 1.5 million inhabitants.
The refusal to allow in fuel has forced the shutting down of Gaza's only power station, creating a blackout that pushed Palestinians bearing candles on to the streets in protest last week. A water and sanitation crisis are expected to follow.
Comment: "Israel is at war with every single man, woman and child."
What is happening in Gaza and the occupied territories is nothing short of Genocide, pure and simple evil. People in the west may feel powerless to do anything about this extremely dire situation; but you can empower yourself to gain knowledge about what is really happening in the world, away from the drone of the MSM. You can inform those who really want to know and understand,
by discussing
Psychopathy and Ponerology.
 Matthew Alford and Robbie Graham   The Guardian
(...) So, altering scripts, financing films, suppressing the truth - it's worrying enough. But there are cases where some believe the CIA's activities in Hollywood have gone further - far enough, in fact, to be the stuff of movies. In June 1997, the screenwriter Gary DeVore was working on the screenplay for his directorial debut. It was to be an action movie set against the backdrop of the US invasion of Panama in 1989, which led to the overthrow of dictator Manuel Noriega. According to his wife, Wendy, DeVore had been talking to an old friend - the CIA's Chase Brandon - about Noriega's regime and US counternarcotic programmes in Latin America. Wendy told CNN: "He had been very disturbed over some of the things that he had been finding in his research. He was researching the United States invasion of Panama, because he was setting the actual story that he was writing against this; and the overthrow of Noriega and the enormous amounts of money laundering in the Panamanian banks, also our own government's money laundering."
At the end of that month, DeVore had been in Santa Fe, New Mexico, working on another project. He was travelling back to California when, at 1.15am on June 28, he called Wendy, a call she says has been excised from phone records. She told CNN she was "terribly alarmed" because he was speaking as though he were under duress. She was sure "someone was in the car with him". That was the last time Wendy DeVore heard from her husband.
Comment: There is a great deal of evidence that suggests the tactics attributed to terrorists, are in actual fact the work of the occupying forces. See: "Suicide Bombings" - The Cover Story For US Military Ops In Iraq
 Juan Cole    Hasht-e-Sobh
Comment: The Taliban have not made such threats in the past, being concerned mainly with defending Afghanistan. It is highly likely therefore that this is a piece of French of American or Israeli propaganda designed to scare the French into supporting the troops and bolstering Sarkozy's fascistic policies and the NATO war effort in Afghanistan.
...But watching this revealing French documentary changes the rumours into disturbing facts. "Bin Laden, the failings of a manhunt", produced by Emmanuel Razavi and Eric de Lavarene, two French filmmakers and reporters, assesses and confirms the claims of French soldiers that they could have killed Usamah within two operations, but the American forces prevented them. This film has not been broadcast publicly yet and is to be broadcast by Planet, a French network.
(Description of Source: Kabul Hasht-e-Sobh in Dari Kabul Hasht-e Sobh in Dari - Eight-page secular daily launched in May 2007; editor-in-chief, Qasim Akhgar, is a political analyst and Head of the Association for the Freedom of Speech. )
Text of article, "Bin-Ladin on the run? The rumour which was fact", by Afghan independent secular daily newspaper Hasht-e Sobh on 29 September
BF said...
This report sheds light on the oft-repeated claim by Senator John McCain during his Presidential campaign, that he knew how to capture Mr Usamah Bin Laden. He was repeatedly confronted with the question whether it was not patriotic that he shared his knowledge with the Bush Administration then, months in advance of possibly becoming President himself. Remarkably, he always found a way to escape answering this straightforward question.
As an aside, the above story contains at least three remarkable coincidences. Firstly, the Persian/Dari words "Hasht" and "Sobh" mean "Eight" and "Morning", respectively (thus, Hasht-e Sobh means Eight in the Morning). Now, the time difference between Tehran and Kabul is exactly one hour,* and such that 8 am Kabul's time is exactly 7 am Tehran's time. Secondly, and remarkably, there is an Iranian feature film named "Tehran Sa'at-e Haft-e Sobh"** (Tehran, Seven O'clock in the Morning --- in Persian/Dari, "Haft" stands for "Seven"), made in 2004, which not only is extremely hilarious, but is one of the most intelligent observations of causally unrelated but meaningfully related events in the lives of a number of apparently randomly-sampled dwellers of a large city (in this case Tehran --- the story-line of the film is rendered continuous by showing the main, but unrelated, characters in the same but limited number of frames). Thirdly, and again remarkably, the Director of this film is Mr Amir-Shahab Razavian.** This name is to be contrasted with Emmanuel Razavi, one of the co-produces of the French documentary at issue. Of course, Razavi is different from Razavian, but both names refer to the principal name Reza (they mean of, or related to, Reza; Razavian is also the plural of Razavi).

* For the international time zones, one may consult:
** For details, the reader is referred to:
I was dismayed to discover that one of the stories in this film is in fact entirely based on an account in the biography of the Persian Sufi poet Farid ud-Din Attar Neyshabury (1145-1221), without this fact being explicitly acknowledged in the film credits (Attar became a mystic as a result of the very event described in this account).
BF said...
For Randi and others who might be interested.
According to the analysis by Representative Press, Ms Bhutto misspoke the name; she had meant to say "Daniel Pearl". For details, please watch the following video:
and consult its corresponding Information Box on the right-hand side of the screen (more info should be clicked on).
ps) In my previous comment, "co-produces" should have been "co-producers".
The big bang is not that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's majority Shi'ite/Kurdish 37-member cabinet in Baghdad has approved the draft of a security pact with the George W Bush (and Barack Obama) administrations allowing the US military to stay in Iraq for three more years; it's that the 30-strong Sadrist bloc will move heaven and Earth - including massive nationwide protests - to bloc the pact in the Iraqi National Assembly.
Comment: It was Israel who first broke the truce:
Israel launches first airstrike on Gaza since June
And are collaborating to launch rocket attacks from Gaza:
Hamas blames 'Israeli collaborators' for launching rockets
See also:
Report: Israel committed more than 51 violations since the truce started
 Paul J. Balles      Redress Information & Analysis
casper and fw10:
casper nov-18-08
Today's news is delivery today just as it has been everyday for at least two weeks.
Bernake to Ron Paul, House Banking Committee today, "No Mr. Paul, in the meetings I have been attending around the world we are not discussing any new monetary system to replace the existing Dollar System and no, there are no discussions about gold other than how much the Central Banks intend to sell".
Congressman La Touche (Ohio) to Paulson, "Why have you and your representative John Dugan (Comptroller of the Currency) refused to accept an application from National City Bank/Cleveland for Tarp funds (taxpayer funds) while allowing PNC Bank to sell 15% of their equity to Treasury then use the money to acquire under duress Nat'l City, a Bank with level one capital in excess of PNC Bank"? Nat'l City is a well capitalized Bank. You are FORCING their takeover by PNC. You are not only picking winners and losers, you are financing the winners and helping them take over Natl City at no cost, a bank which survived the Civil War and the great depression. John Dugan was PNC's Corporate Attorney prior to becoming Comptroller of the Currency. WHY"? Spin and B.S. was Paulsons answer. PNC doubles its size using taxpayer funds and its stock to do so, becomes fifth largest bank in U.S. (deposits).
CORRUPTION on display for the entire world to see. Friends of Paulson survive and grow. Not a friend? Into the toilet with you and your 29,000 employees.  
One hundred large banks (Financial Services Roundtable) and the Consumer Federation of America make application to Treasury to forgive up to 40% of a borrowers credit card debt to help get through this crisis. First time in history banks and consumers on same side. NO says John Dugan, Comptroller of Currency on behalf of Paulson. Not allowed. Why? Probably because the debt has been securitized and sold to foreigners. Still think they work for you?
Where did the 3T created OFTH go? Won't tell says Bernake. Fox News and Bloomberg suing Fed Res under Freedom of Information Act to force disclosure. This is your grandchildren's slavery being discussed here.
Why was "big man" lying last week? Because the bad guys "moved" the money again and "our side" has egg on face and not wanting to admit they can't protect the money. BTW, all money retrieved from the VATICAN leaving them broke and a bit upset. Why have they been lying this week? "They" haven't. They have said nothing all week. Why no deliveries day by day? Unknown.
G-20 given some cards, staying here till we receive to be sure it happens. One more reason delv expected at any moment.
HUBER, please don't discuss our numbers on the net. 78 is a reference to number of programs not countries and is itself incorrect. There were/are 112 IMF programs not counting the big six and this is just domestic stuff not counting projects, etc...
BUSH-from the G-20. "We are not here to change the system". Prime Minister ASO (JAPAN) issues statement, "the U.S. Dollar should remain the worlds reserve currency". Statement from BEIJING, "the U.S. has used the Dollar to plunder the world and the system must be changed". U.S., England, Germany, Japan, Israel, Vatican vs France, China, Russia, Brazil, India, European Union and 160 other countries. Do the countries decide? Or is it the behind the scenes banking powers?
AIG bailout now at 167B (up from original 85B) and counting.
Credit card debt, commercial real estate and credit default swaps ticking time bombs. Tick, tick, tick.
Russian stock markets (2) closed 30 times so far, Ruble and Russia crashing.
Insurance Companies (Hartford, Transamerica, etc.) say gimmie some of that there taxpayer candy, apply to acquire S&L's or Banks to get at it.
BUSH says "I'm a free marketer but must be new rules and transparency". (He is describing Basel II and III). WE hear he walked out of the meetings when didn't get his way with others laughing, cheering and clapping.
BUSH mentions World Depression greater than great depression. Also mentioned elsewhere around the world.
Kissinger says "gotta have Hillary". Obama must be stupid or "on board".
Can use em one time only agra seeds from MONSANTO causing massive number of suicides in INDIA and Latin America (crop failure and can't afford re-buy). Is it any wonder we are so hated?
HENNEGAN says WANTA says "all bad guys getting immunity". WANTA sold out to Satanic Cult known as Illuminati.
After BERNAKE finished meetings in GERMANY last week he went-guess where? ITALY.....guess whats in ITALY.
As Secretary of State Hillary gets Immunity. Who appoints Secretary of State? Whats next, ERIC HOLDER the facilitator of the MARC RICH pardons as Atty. General? Poor OBAMA supporters, they have already been fleeced and don't even know it. They have their "King" so now its back to work at two jobs and blind ignorance. They are not stupid, just uninformed and way to busy to become informed. It's a damn shame really. I for one was rooting for his supporters to be right and me and mine to be wrong. I knew better but I was hoping. One must be blind in both eyes not to see this in your face betrayal.
53,000 layoffs at CITI just announced.
540B just announced for mutual fund bailout. Somebody keep track my calculator is out of zero's.
Bush and Paulson say NO to 25B to bail auto industry but "here you are boys" to three banks @ 25B EACH. This gang of financial criminals continue greasing each others palms while the real world crashes.
PLEASE read the article about Glass Stegall on www.fourwinds10.com. It explains the ongoing never ending bribery and corruption of congress and how 300M was paid to them to eliminate this last line of defense against what is now happening.  None of this is an "accident". It was bought and paid for, all roads lead to Congress and Wall Street pocketed hundreds of billions along the way and were happy to share the loot scammed from the world with those who eliminated the laws which allowed it to happen. And now? And now they are into round two, the taxpayer bailout of the criminals who pulled the heist in the first place. Welcome to modern day America.
While most of the world speaks daily about a "new financial order" every other word out of Gordon Browns mouth is Global this Global that. He is the number one pimp for One World Order, New World Order Illuminati and the enemy of every countries national sovereignty.
SARKOZY/BUSH in deep freeze at meetings. Sarkozy issues statement U.S. intent to surround Russia with "defensive missile shield" not in anyone's best interest. BUSH livid. 
Hmmm, lets see now, States, Cities, pension funds, Bear Stearns, Banks large and small-foreign and domestic, AIG-(3), credit card companies, mutual funds, auto industry, Freddie/fannie, increase in jobless benefits, new stimulus (600B being discussed), and on and on and on it goes. There will be consequences. Spa treatments for them, the poor house for us.
What now follows is guess work and small talk.
Only after the day passes are we sure deliveries are not today. It is not just "us" who receive daily assurances of deliveries followed by some excuse or another followed by more assurances for "tomorrow". After days turn into weeks we of course know something just ain't right but we don't know what. Others, at higher levels, receive assurances of their own only to be stiffed when we don't receive allowing them to receive.
There is a degree of comfort knowing that big people are receiving the same assurances as little people. For a little while. Then it becomes clear their assurances are no more valuable than our own and we learn there are only liars and those being lied to. They don't understand it any more than we do. There is always identifiable "progress" but it does not result in deliveries. It is preparation so that when they occur dominoes are ready to fall without interruption. And it progress's every day in a variety of locations. "Leaks" result in people getting fired. Big people. The secrecy is intense. WE have lots of "secret" info not appropriate to this venue or the net. It's all very positive and spells delv at any moment. WE have enough of this info to believe, truly believe, that delv's may arrive at any moment. WE are just as frustrated and flabbergasted as you are but our proximity to  dependable information allows us to understand these delays better than you perhaps and to know that the desired outcome is imminent. So please take comfort in our confidence even if yours is waning.  
Naturally we are concerned with such things as the Bernake comments to Paul televised worldwide on C-Span. WE cannot explain but we can guess that neither he or the Fed Res are part of the NEW. Besides, we know "they" are all bald faced liars anyway. Perhaps parallel systems will operate side by side for a while as we heard so many years ago. Perhaps the NEW is Global and controlled from abroad. Our side is not going to allow us to be exposed to HLS and the P.Act, to BUSH and PAULSON and CHERTOFF, so whatever is going on we will be safe we think. With trillions in tax receipts available to them upon funding it is obvious the best interest of the country means nothing to them, only staying in power and avoiding announcements, exposure and arrest. WE have heard little to nothing about arrest, etc. for the past two weeks except the occasional statement "they are not going to be allowed to get away with it". We know about meetings and we hear about "deals" but get no details.
The MELTDOWN continues. It is serious beyond words. There is no other "source of funds" sufficient to "save the world". The BUSH/PAULSON/FED RES/CONGRESSIONAL bailout endeavor, currently at several trillion plus more mentioned every day is a Band-Aid. "THEY" may be attempting to kill time to get closer to "presidential pardon time". They are obviously saying "to hell with tomorrow, to hell with six months from now, print money, push those computer buttons". Let the crash, the greater greatest depression, the hyperinflation, come on "their" watch. The issue is not what are they doing and "they" now includes OBAMA. The issue is what in the world are our guys doing? WE don't know. Decisions are now occurring above our sources sources pay grade. Besides, they are pros, we are amateurs.
In spite of this WE believe deliveries will occur at any moment.
Follow the instructions and keep your head down.
                 casper   11-18-08
casper 11-19-08 #2
 The net is full of opinions including today's response to Casper by Whistleblower
 who is obviously a very nice well intentioned individual with whom I have never spoken.
OUR Intel does not agree with his. WE are informed the Germain Trust, which is for humanitarian purposes only, is open now and will not close again (it usually opens at Easter and Christmas only then closes if deliveries do not occur timely). What we are now awaiting is unrelated to this trust.
WE hear more about it than what is included here. ALL of it disagrees with Whistleblowers Intel. He does his best, we do our best. Our Intel originates within the World Court.
WE cannot "guarantee" accuracy in all we say but by now you understand we go to extremes in our efforts to be accurate.
WE hear tomorrow and those behind us are being told Friday.
                    casper   nov.-19-08    no.2
        why are you working for the banks not us?
        why are you violating the Constitution every day?
        why are you selling out our grandchildren's future?
        why can't I get so & so on the phone?
        why are all the lines busy?
        why was Cheney indicted?
        why do you work for these criminals?
        why has every dept and agency of the government been incorporated?
        why are you holding so many Americans as political prisoners?
        how's the weather?
        what time is it?
Well what do you say gang? Deliver by Friday ...OR..... WE go dialing for answers?
The task is simple, lets prepare to begin Monday. 
Should you be asked "why are you doing this"? The answer is "we are sick and tired of Washington's corruption and we are responding to the televised call for action from The National Taxpayers Union".
Posted Nov. 18, 2008
This video contains images depicting the reality and horror of war and should only be viewed by a mature audience.
Ilan Pappe
1 hr 27 min 59 sec - Jul 12, 2007
Israeli historian Ilan Pappe describes the period around the declaration of Israel’s independence as one during which the indigenous Palestinian population was ethnically cleansed from the land when they were forced from their homes or fled in terror after hearing news of rapes and massacres at other villages. Today, the situation is not much better for the Palestinians under Israeli rule. “To make things so difficult for the Palestinians so that anyone who wants a normal life will leave.”