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november 21, 2008 Israel Hails Takeover Of US Congress ....
As ‘Total Annihilation’ Of Palestinians Set To Begin

Kremlin reports today are stating that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has made an ‘urgent’ appeal to President Medvedev for the possible use of Russian Military Forces to break the Israeli blockade strangling 1.5 million Palestinian people trapped in the Gaza Strip and who are down to their last two days of food.

Switzerland has become the latest Nation to join the United Nations in calling upon Israel to end their barbaric blockade but to which Israel’s Defense Minister has bluntly rebuffed and stated, “No. There needs to be calm in order for the crossings to be opened.”

Jordan's King Abdullah II, these reports state, became so enraged at Israel’s planned ‘Total Annihilation’ of the Palestinian peoples in Gaza that he ‘ordered’ Israel’s Prime Minister Olmert and Defense Minister Barak to a secret meeting in Amman
where he told them that should the blockade not be lifted
his own government would fall,      but not before he would order his own Jordanian Military Forces to launch attacks against Israel.

Israel’s dysfunctional government, however, appears to be a ship of state steering itself towards its own destruction as their President, Shimon Peres, while accepting an Honorary Knighthood from the Queen of England, has warned that his Nation is nearing Civil War with its own Jewish settlers, 20,000 of whom are heading towards a massive confrontation with Israeli security forces.
Its Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, forced to step down due to the many corruption charges leveled against him by Israeli police, and its Foreign Minister, and soon to be Prime Minister, Tzipi Livni, ‘demanding’ that the World not look at Israel’s starving to death of 1.5 ((million))human beings
but instead condemn the Palestinians for even daring to think that they could possibly fight back against their mass imprisonment and soon to be .... death.

Even more perplexing is that while Israel is facing the worst crisis facing its existence since its establishment by the United Nations in 1948
it is, nevertheless, celebrating the record number of Jews elected to the US Congress where they now control over 10 percent of a government in a Nation where they comprise only 3 percent of the population
        and where next week President Bush will meet with Prime Minister Olmert to plan their military attacks upon Iran which they say the UN has reported now has the nuclear material needed to make an atomic bomb, but to which the Iranians have replied, and much more truthfully:
Now one would be hard pressed to believe that a major Middle Eastern war could be started based solely upon the lies told to the American people by their propaganda media organs. Surely, one could rightly argue, a modern and civilized Nation such as the United States could not possibly degenerate into a state where their millions of citizens would allow their government to attack another country based upon the lies of their having enough nuclear material to make a bomb.

But, that is exactly what happened before their invasion of Iraq where, and just like now, the New York Times published nothing but lies about the Iraqi ‘plan’ to acquire nuclear weapons
that the American people were told by their leaders and propaganda media organs
would soon fall upon their cities.

What these insane Americans keep failing to recognize is that what is happening in Israel today is what is being planned for them tomorrow,
and where today it is 1.5 ((million)) Palestinian men, women and children being starved to death in the largest concentration camp our World has ever known,
tomorrow it will be tens of millions of them who are going to be suffering the same fate.

And just like today, where none of these American people even care about the lives of the Palestinians, so tomorrow will they not even care about their own countrymen,
and like the deluded German peoples who they resemble more and more each day,
will, likewise, be ‘surprised’ when the full horrors of what they have become
is staring them in their own faces and profess, “we didn’t know these things”.

And to the most incredible thing of all, the vast majority of these Americans actually believe that their new President is, somehow, going to save them. It’s as if these people have never read a history book in their entire lives
that shows how ‘economic collapses’ combined with ‘charismatic leaders’ have always, ALWAYS, led to the destructions of Nations and Empires….like Rome, like France, like Russia, like Germany, like Japan, like Italy, like England, and though I could go on and on and on, like the United States too!

And the reason for our World’s history being filled with the continued chaos surrounding these staged catastrophic events one may ask? The answer is as simple as reading those aforementioned history books
where anyone able to do math can see that just from 1776 to 2008 the numbers of countries, nations, tribes, kingdoms, principalities, etc., have been reduced from over 18,000 to now under 200…
and which just one more BIG GLOBAL WAR will reduce to 1.

I would like to be able to tell you now to prepare yourself for the New World Order some of you fear, but most don’t even believe in, but I can’t.
What I can tell you though, no((t)) WARN you about,
is that before this New World Order begins nearly all of you reading these words will be dead along with billions of others of your fellow human beings who, just like you, lived their lives never believing anything other than the lies told to them by those they believed in
..... and, of course, calling the few of us who have risked everything to keep the truth alive, the liars.


Friday, 21 November 2008

Nazis Par Excellence / By Khalid Amayreh in Israeli-Occupied Palestine

'Israeli propagandists routinely dismiss comparisons between Nazi Germany and Israel as “corrupt” and “far-fetched.” Some Zionists would even argue that only pathological anti-Semites would dare make such comparisons. However, in light of what Israel has been and is doing to the Palestinians, including the present ruthless blockade of the Gaza Strip, and the slow, agonizing death meted out to innocent Gazans, any honest person shouldn’t fail to observe the striking similarity between the Nazi mentality and the collective Israeli mindset.'

Friday, 21 November 2008

This Is Not A Normal Recession: Moving on to Plan B / by Mike Whitney

'The Winter of 2008-2009 will prove to be the winter of global economic discontent that marks the rejection of the flawed ideology that unregulated global financial markets promote financial innovation, market efficiency, unhampered growth and endless prosperity while mitigating risk by spreading it system wide." Economists Paul Davidson and Henry C.K. Liu "Open Letter to World Leaders attending the November 15 White House Summit on Financial Markets and the World Economy' ......
Now history is repeating itself, this time with a new, more lethal virus that has infested deregulated global financial markets with 'innovative' debt securitization, structured finance and maverick banking operations flooded with excess liquidity released by accommodative central banks. A massive structure of phantom wealth was built on the quicksand of debt manipulation. This debt bubble finally imploded in July 2007 and is now threatening to bring down the entire global financial system to cause an economic meltdown unless enlightened political leadership adopts coordinated corrective measures on a global scale."

Rome is burning. It's time to stop tinkering with a failed system and move on to "Plan B" before it's too late.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Caught in Bed with Evil / by Gilad Atzmon

'Crossing points into Gaza have been shut down for almost two weeks, forcing the only power plant there to stop functioning, due to the lack of fuel. Last week, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency ran out of food and stopped rations’ deliveries to 750,000 residents of Gaza.
However the press was kind enough to report that British foreign minister David Miliband spent some time in Israel this week. He had been very concerned with issues concerning the Avocado and other ethical grocery matters.'

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Conversation Commissars Now In Canadian Education

'Your friend's new fuchsia fedora might be hideous. But don't call it gay, or you might get a language lesson from the conversation cops. Students at Queen's University who sprinkle their dialogue with an assortment of "homo" or "retarded" could find out the hard way that not everyone finds their remarks acceptable. The Kingston university has hired student facilitators to step in when they overhear homophobic slurs, remarks bashing women or racially tinged insults, along with an array of other language that could be deemed offensive.'




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