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mercredi 26 novembre 2008 10 h 24
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tom-hen. Stories Developing as US Remains on the Brink //ken-welch , another try //
sorcha: a special note //
Wednesday, November 26, 2008
Explosive News: Stories Developing as US Remains on the Brink
by Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert

Tuesday November 25, 2008

United States of America - Stories developing as U.S. remains on the brink:

U.S. Treasury Reduced to Record Low of $7.6 Trillion
Obama-Bush Declare Joint Martial Law Plan as Economic Emergency Mounts

Paulson Loses Half of Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol Funds in 48 hours
with Bogus Derivative Trading

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert Continues to Blackmail Bushfraud aka Attack on Iran

Swiss Banks Receive Massive BRIBES to Give Tax Amnesty to U.S. Criminal Cabal, Including Both Bill and Hillary Clinton and None Other Than Marc Rich

NASA Now Directly Linked to Election 2000 Coup d'état aka Electronic Voting Manipulation and Fraud in Seven (7) States
Convicted Oklahoma City Bomber Terry Lynn Nichols Receives Parole, May Be Released From Colorado Prison Next April

French President Nicolas Sarkozy Issues European "Red Notice" aka Arrest Warrant for Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair

U.S. Military Joint Chiefs of Staff Are Refusing to Take Orders From Sociopath Bushfraud as Bush's Narcotics and Drinking Reaches a Level of Being a National Security Risk

United Kingdom Considers Withdrawing From European Union as Early as December 1st

Central Bank of Iraq Now Tied to Major Derivative Fraud With Couts Bank of England, the East German Stasi DVD Deutsche Bank, the Vatican Bank and None Other Than Citibank in the United States (photo by Thomas Hartwell)
Click below for on the latest United Kingdom crisis and its future in the European Union:


Tuesday 25 November 2008 20:45

by Christopher Story

It is important to note at this hour that the United States remains under a SECRET sweeping martial law decree issued by Bushfraud and TREASONOUS Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi at the time of the original vote on the $780 BILLION bail out.

Click url to enlarge

The criminally compromised corporate controlled U.S. media is currently under complete NSA (National Security Agency) control to a degree unprecedented in U.S. history.
ALL domestic phone calls, emails and internet are under total surveillance.

All financial electronic banking transactions are monitored by U.S. satellites as the U.S. banking system and deposits of millions of Americans are actually being used in massive criminal derivative trading in nightly bond and currency transactions overseas.
Stay tuned as the TREASON escalates and the American People ready themselves for revolutionary mode to remove this filth aka the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate
from American soil once and for all.

God Save the United States
Live Free or Die! 
. . .
Special message to our greatest ally of 200 years, the Republic of France :
It is time for us all to conquer or die and proceed with the liberation of the American People before it is too late.

Overlord at Yorktown remains relentless and victorious as Lafayette remains at Brandywine and Albert Gore Jr. remains the REAL President of the United States .

Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, said "…I am surrounded by enemies but I shall never stand down in the face of tyrants..."

Non-inaugurated, duly elected
President Albert Gore Jr.
International Intelligence Expert, Tom Heneghan, has hundreds of highly credible sources inside American and European Intelligence Agencies and INTERPOL -- reporting what is REALLY going on behind the scenes of the controlled mainstream media cover up propaganda of on-going massive deceptions and illusions.

5:50 AM
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by Ken Welch in Houston
November 25, 2008

Evidence continues to mount that the Houston-based Oil Cartel that controls the White House and the Pentagon will soon make another try at invading Iran and seizing the Iranian oil fields, a life-long goal of VP Dick Cheney and the original assignment for George Bush when the cartel put him in the White House.

Current indications are that the effort is running into delays and mistakes, so it is difficult to judge the likelihood of success. Nonetheless, we cannot ignore the fact that they are trying.

I. All The Usual Clues
Repeated below is the set of speech reversals from Obama's victory bash in Chicago.

Nimmers are members of Navy Intelligence Management and are well documented in these pages. They are the military organization that planned and conducted the bombing of the World Trade Center, and they appear in reversed speech from Washington virtually every time a large false-flag attack is planned. A recent reversal from Admiral Mullen confirms that Obama received at least one briefing from a Nimmer, and you can see that he was told that war was a possibility.
Three days later we find that Obama has a better grasp of the operational details, and the goal. It is probably not a coincidence that the reference to a false-flag nuke should appear within the phrase, "so worth it." After all, we are talking about an awful lot of oil.

Also, note the reference to THE SURF. This has come up over and over again as we've monitored the false-flag planning, and I am assuming that a small nuclear device has been hidden just off a beach somewhere. Originally we concluded that this might be in Israel. However, the plan has taken so many twists and turns, including the loss of the Scud missile they planned to use, that unless we get fresh information I can't say we have a firm grasp on what is intended.

I am most concerned with a new twist that suggests U.S. naval forces may be sacrificed to provide realism for the false-flag event.
Over this last weekend Bush attended meetings in Peru and pre-recorded his Saturday radio address. This would most likely have been done on Thursday, November 20. At that time he is upbeat and gives us clear signals that a false-flag operation involving a nuclear device is nearing final readiness.

In previous attempts we have almost always picked up the fact that the weapon was being "fused" or "released." These are key words that have virtually no other interpretation. Obviously, the weekend before Thanksgiving was a key milestone.

I must note here that we are not picking up any hint of the code-name Gambit. It has been used for the past two years to describe the use of a false flag nuke to initiate war with Iran. With the loss of the Scud, the Gambit name has disappeared.

In addition to Gambit, we have learned over time that the invasion as a whole is commonly referred to as THE SHOW. This term included the false-flag trigger, and apparently referred to planned television coverage of the dramatic events that would follow. There is no lack of THE SHOW in current reversals. It seems to appear everywhere. It's usually a bit more clear than what you'll hear below, but there it is.
II. Timing
Information just coming in, but not yet ready for posting, indicates that this final attempt to achieve their goal is not going very smoothly. Also, the FUSING IT message can come weeks before a nuke is to be used. Our best guess is that the attempt is still several weeks away.

I expect to have additional information fairly soon, although the Holiday is interrupting my work schedule. As new information is ready for posting, I'll add it to this page and then send out a note to those on our mailing lists.



Tuesday 25 November 2008 20:45


By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review and associated intelligence publications and services: see this website for serials and books ordering details.
London, 25th November 2008:

On Tuesday, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Alistair Darling, introduced something called a 'Pre-Budget Report' to the House of Commons, in which he reduced Value-Added Tax (raised from the taxpayer to pay for Britain's disastrous and counterproductive membership of the European Union Collective) from 17.5% to 15%, introduced a 45% tax rate on earnings above £150,000 per annum, distributed £60 for no apparent reason to all pensioners (including the Editor of this service) and disabled children, raised child tax credit to £1,810 (from next April), increased National Insurance payments for eight million people, and announced that the Government would be borrowing about £118 billion per annum by 2010, with the National Debt reaching 57% of national income by 2013.

The Chancellor also waxed verbose on innumerable other issues which tinkered at the margin of Britain's precarious official finances, which have been severely compromised by the Government's refusal to acknowledge that the global and UK financial and economic crisis is 100% attributable to fraudulent finance and criminal financial operations institutionalised by the former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, in collusion with the criminal former US President George Bush Sr., when they launched fraudulent finance operations out of the City of London, using Britain as their main platform.

As usual, the same group of geointelligence criminals in the United States exported their updated criminal finance model, because of course it breached US securities market rules and regulations: so it could not have been launched above the radar domestically. We will be expanding on this and related (devastating) revelations in a report currently in process.
Instead of droning at the jaded membership of the discredited House of Commons, the Chancellor could have saved wear and tear on the MPs' trousers and dresses by informing them as follows:

'Mr Speaker, I will not take up Honourable Members' time today. This will be the shortest budget-related speech on record. I have just ONE important measure to put before the House, and it will be implemented by regulation at 5.00pm this evening'.

'I am suspending, with immediate effect, all British VAT payments to the European Commission'.

'The reason I am doing this is that this is the fourteenth year in succession that the Commission's accounts have not been approved and appropriately signed off by the European Court of Auditors'.

'The funds withheld from the Commission will be 100% at the disposal of the British Government'.

'I have written to the President of the European Commission, Sr. Jose Manuel Barroso, accordingly. In my letter, which is published this afternoon on the Treasury's website, I have told Mr Barroso that the British Government is allowing the European Commission two years to clean up its act to the British Government's satisfaction. The British Government will judge, in accordance with its own professional advice, whether any reformed accounts produced by the Commission meet with our approval. In the meantime, we will continue to collect VAT at 17.5%, the proceeds of which will be paid into a suspense account that will be expertly managed for the benefit of taxpayers and the Government. We anticipate that significantly more than £120 billion will have been amassed in the suspense account in the space of two years, accumulating or course by compound interest'.

FACT: Since the European Commission's fraudulent accounts have not been signed off by the Court of Auditors for the past 14 years, the likelihood of the EC's accounts ever complying with acceptable standards of probity is virtually zero. It follows that, at the end of two years, the funds in the suspense account will be available for the UK Treasury to deploy in the public interest, i.e. to cover the Government's increased 'balancing' expenditure during the present crisis.

Obviously, if the Chancellor had been so advised, he could have included all his other fiddling changes in his statement, burying this provision, even, in the small print. But to make a splash, and to guarantee Gordon Brown a very long spell in power, this is basically what Darling should have done on Tuesday 24th November 2008. But no, these Scottish ideologues have no imagination.

Pity, because an opportunity was missed to shake British politics and the whole world by following this model. The Editor put this suggestion forward last week, as you will have noticed, in a posting referencing some reasearch by Gerard Batten MEP, which was promoted by the Bruges Group at a London meeting last Saturday.
The Bruges Group did not have the courtesy to acknowledge the plug that we gave them, thereby confirming the Editor's long-held view that this organisation is little more than a front and a talking shop that does nothing worthwhile to alleviate our EU crisis.

In a counterrevolution aimed at preventing the final destruction of nationhood on the altar of a failing internationalist idolatry, talking is old hat. In a fluid situation like this, action has traction.

AFGHANISTAN SITUATION: Correspondents from all over the world have taken a lively interest in our challenge to the Ministry of Defence to explain exactly what we are doing in Afghanistan, and are amazed that the MOD have seen fit not to reply to the Editor's letter asking them to dispel any suggestion that our troops are dying there to defend the Illuminati's hold on the drug trade.

The longer this silence continues, the more certain we can all be that Britain is in Afghanistan to help the criminalised US military control drug operations,
even though we are informed that the recent seizure of one, maybe two, secret (DVD) submarines (amazingly, by British operatives) has severely disrupted heroin supply chains.

However we understand that a massive stockpile of heroin has now been accumulated, and that Mediterranean towns and cities are being extensively used as staging posts, with whole towns reportedly taken over by the drug gangs.
Russian mafiya operatives have been targeting Akrotiri, exporting very sizeable numbers of AIDS-infected Russian prostitutes who are infecting the British military stationed at the British sovereign bases in Cyprus. There are also credible reports of heavy stockpiles of Afghani heroin being stashed in the area, for the same purpose.

In which case, Britain's involvement in Afghanistan is even more scandalous than indicated, as our operations there appear to be protecting the heroin that is being targeted at not only 25% of the UK population, but also our troops stationed in Cyprus and elsewhere.

FACT: The silence on this score resembles the silence surrounding our simple solution to the British Government's financial crisis, outlined above. The Editor is told that this is all 'too hot' to be acknowledged.
But hang on: have not these reports demonstrated that when you stand up to such evil, the perpetrators back off? Has not the main lesson of our exposures of the fraudulent finance been that EXPOSURE WORKS? It MAKES SENSE to expose these evils BECAUSE WHEN WE DO SO, the perpetrators get scared.
Observe how terrified all the top US criminalists look today!...(....)


Special Note From Sorcha Faal

I am pleased to report to you that Sister Amélie has informed me that
our fundraising goals for November and December, 2008, have been met and
that we are able to continue our operations and outreach efforts towards
those caught in the growing chaos of these times, especially those
peoples in the West who are being greatly harmed by these events.

In Sister Amélie’s report it is also detailed that barely 1 percent of
those people who were appealed to by us responded, and though it was
enough for us to survive these numbers show the sad fact that 99 percent
of these people are still not aware of the dangers they are facing and
how organizations such as our are assisting them.

This is completely understandable because the knowledge of our efforts,
and others like us, have been lost upon this generation by design as the
oldest knowledge of this age old struggle is kept from them. In the
corridors of power the world over we are both feared and used and have
maintained our existence throughout the centuries due to our being
indispensable to all of the sides in this conflict.

To those people having a complete knowledge of history it comes as no
surprise that religious organizations have always formed the conduit
through which much of the world’s secrets are passed, and with good
reason because the objectives of these entities are so different. And
in those corridors of powers are those of our thinking, and knowledge,
who keep the secrets from being hidden and which we, in turn, reveal to
those able to listen.

For these secrets to be revealed also comes with a very high cost for
those who demand payment for their knowledge and which we have always
paid. For others their costs are for protection of themselves and their
families which also comes with a high cost that must be paid.

Of all the secrets we receive though the most prevalent are those of an
opaque nature which are not meant for the casual eye but for those
steeped in the knowledge of these matters and through our actions in
reporting allow those of different sides to communicate with each other
in ways not available to them through the normal course of their duties.

There are, admittedly, restrictions and conditions put upon us at times
in how some information can be used, and which if not followed by us
would cause our usefulness to be negated. In these circumstances we are
able to, however, pass along to you enough information to allow an
astute reader to piece together the greater secrets on their own.

So more than anything else in these words of mine to you I wanted you to
know that your efforts towards are not in vain and provide more of a
service towards the truth than most of you can ever realize. It is also
my greatest wish that the 99 percent of you who have not assisted in
this struggle do so now, and not just for our survival but for you own.

And to those of you who have given already we thank you again.

With God,

Sorcha Faal
Dublin, Ireland
26 November 2008

Every gift does make a difference in the secrets we're able to obtain,
please go to to contribute
Sorcha Faal


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