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jeudi 27 novembre 2008 20 h 11
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 Thursday, November 27, 2008
Emergency Update on Mumbai False Flag BLACK OP Attacks/ (( second update )).

Emergency Update on Mumbai False Flag BLACK OP Attacks
by Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert map of attacks.
Thursday  November 27, 2008 as of 2:30 p.m. PST
United States of America – At this hour, we can now divulge that the name of the cargo ship that transported Pakistan ISI paramilitary group to Mumbai aka Bombay
 was the MV Alpha.
It has been reported that fishermen saw up to 20 armed men aboard the vessel.
(R) ISI headquarters in Islamabad, Pakistan
Source: Banded Artists Productions.
The cargo ship is jointly owned by the United States CIA and the Pakistan ISI.  The vessel was heavily involved in SECRET weapons shipments to Dubai, UAE, to Hamburg, Germany and Haifa, Israel.
We can also divulge that George W. Bushfraud, America's alleged president, had a conversation with the President of India earlier today in which Bushfraud threatened, blackmailed and then bribed the Indian President in regards to making Al Qaeda the scapegoat and patsy for what clearly was a paramilitary attack
and NOT a terrorist event.
We can also report that Israeli Shin Bet, the domestic internal security force in Israel, arranged logistics and command and control aka the use of hotel rooms and other advantageous locations
 for the purpose of coordinating the Pakistani ISI BLACK OP attacks.
Again, the U.S.-French Intelligence team, headquartered on European soil, has traced the funding of these BLACK OP attacks to the East German Stasi DVD Deutsche Bank, the Vatican Bank, the SECRET CIA BLACK proprietary account in Spain called "Malaga".
        There has been a direct financial connection established between various Somali pirates and alleged terrorists who have various accounts at the Bank of Madrid.
CO-CONSPIRATORS: Spain monarch, King Juan Carlos enjoys Bushfraud.
Again, here is Spanish King Juan Carlos up to his neck again in dirty tricks and black op against not only the American People but now the People of India.
Note: It was King Juan Carlos who was the first foreign leader to congratulate Bushfraud on his theft of the year 2000 presidential election from then Vice President now duly elected President Albert Gore Jr.
Further update: We can now report that Henry Kissinger, along with elite members of president-elect Obama's transition team, were in Mumbai (Bombay) the day of the attack, along with Kartik Raghavan, a Director of Microsoft.
Other unknown aides from the [privately owned] U.S. Federal Reserve were also present.
The purpose of this conference was to advocate an Iranian-Pakistani-Indian pipeline project, which was opposed by the Bush Administration, the Pakistani ISI as well as the Israeli Mossad.
The pipeline project would also circumvent British Petroleum's (BP) monopoly in southeast Asia.
It is clear, folks, that both British Intelligence, as well as the Israeli Mossad, along with the outlaw Bush Administration,
 had a motive to pull the trigger and launch the BLACK OP attacks.
One last note: The question has to be asked why CNN falsely reported the crash of an Air France Airbus in the Mediterranean Sea when in fact it was a New Zealand Airbus A320 aircraft that crashed into the sea off France's south coast.
This New Zealand Airbus carried seven (7) Special Operation Forces tied to the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate and the British mercenary group Blackstone/Blackwater.
        The New Zealand Airbus was actually on its way to Somalia to conduct assassinations of witnesses and individuals who knew too much about the operational links of the Pakistani ISI BLACK OP team.
Again, the training for this team of assassins took place in Somalia, Singapore and the Philippines.
There is no way this team could have trained on the Afghan-Pakistani border since the last I looked on the map there is no water in the vicinity to test speedboats.
Emergency updates will continue as intelligence is reported to us on this event.  Stay tuned.


 Maharashtra DGP A N Roy said tonight's attack in "at least seven places"
 is a "terror strike."  ......   In one of the most violent terror attacks on Indian soil, Mumbai came under an unprecedented night attack as terrorists used heavy machine guns, including AK-47s, and grenades to strike at the city's most high-profile targets -- the hyper-busy CST (formerly VT) rail terminus; the landmark Taj Hotel at the Gateway and the luxury Oberoi Trident at Nariman Point; the domestic airport at Santa Cruz; the Cama and GT hospitals near CST; the Metro Adlabs multiplex and Mazgaon Dockyard -- killing at least 101 and sending hundreds of injured to hospital, according to latest reports.

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the comments:
 Andrew G. Marshall    Global Research    Wed, 17 Sep 2008
Political Destabilization in South and Central Asia: The Role of the CIA-ISI Terror Network.
                      Historically, the Taliban were financed and armed by the Pakistani ISI, while India had backed the Northern Alliance during the 1990s. After the 2001 invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, the Northern Alliance was put back into power as the Taliban were deposed.[49] This would explain why the ISI and Pakistan has again become the main supporter of the Taliban.[50] However, in most discussion on Pakistan funding the revival of the Taliban, what is left ignored is the ISI's continued connections to British and American intelligence. For example, with the London 7/7 bombings, the mastermind was an MI6 asset and he had, along with several of the suspected bombers, connections to the Pakistani ISI.[51]
Interestingly, keeping in mind the ISI's help in the resurgence of the Taliban, in February of 2008, it was reported that, "Britain planned to build a Taliban training camp for 2,000 fighters in southern Afghanistan, as part of a top-secret deal to make them swap sides." Further, "Afghan government officials insist it was bankrolled by the British. UK diplomats, the UN, Western officials and senior Afghan officials have all confirmed the outline of the plan, which they agree is entirely British-led, but all refused to talk about it on the record."[52]

Ultimately, the benefactors of the Indian Embassy bombing in Kabul and other bombings, such as the recent New Delhi bombing in India, is not Pakistan, but is the Anglo-Americans. Pakistan ultimately will collapse as a result of these actions being taken. The ISI has long been referred to as Pakistan's "secret government" or "shadow state." It's long-standing ties and reliance upon American and British intelligence have not let up, therefore actions taken by the ISI should be viewed in the context of being a Central Asian outpost of Anglo-American covert intelligence operations. This connection between American and British intelligence and the ISI is also corroborated by their continued cooperation in the covert opium trade in Afghanistan, whose profits are funneled into the banks of Wall Street and the City of London.[53]
     The goal in Pakistan is not to maintain stability, just as this is not the goal throughout the region of the Middle East and Central Asia. Recent events in Pakistan, such as the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, which has been linked to the ISI, should be viewed in the context as an active Anglo-American strategy of breaking up Pakistan, which will spread chaos through the region.[54]
     Pakistan's position as a strategic focal point cannot be underestimated. It borders India, Afghanistan, China and Iran. Destabilizing and ultimately breaking Pakistan up into several countries or regions will naturally spread chaos and destabilization into neighboring countries. This is also true of Iraq on the other side of Iran, as the Anglo-American have undertaken, primarily through Iraq, a strategy of balkanizing the entire Middle East in a new imperial project.[55]
     One of the main targets in this project is Iran, for which the US and Britain have engaged in massive acts of terror and orchestrating large battles and conflicts from within the already-failed state of Iraq.[56] The Anglo-American role as terrorist supporters and as covertly orchestrating terror attacks within Iraq is amply documented.[57] To imagine that these same Anglo-American intelligence and covert networks are not using their long-time conduit, the ISI, for the same purposes in Central Asia, is a stretch of the imagination and logic. It is not merely the Middle East that is the target, but Central Asia, specifically for its geographical relationship to the rising giants such as India and China. This also follows in line with Anglo-American strategies in destabilizing the Central European region, specifically the former Yugoslavia,[58] and more recently, Georgia, largely in an effort to target Russia.[59]
What we are seeing with Pakistan and India is an effort to drive the region into chaos. The US allowing blame to be placed on the Pakistani ISI for the Embassy bombings in Kabul has provided an excuse and basis for US military intervention in Pakistan, which has already begun,[60] and which threatens to plunge the region into total war and crisis. But then again, that's the idea.
 Pakistan Daily    Sat, 30 Aug 2008
(( ..?? ))  Nobody/churchofnobody
and a comment:
What those Liberty guys went through was the equivalent of anything any US sailor ever went through. Hellish. And McCain's old man threatened them with death if they ever told. (Speaking of McCain, ha ha, it looks like he was personally responsible for the Forrestal fire in 1973).
BTW. This never gets mentioned anywhere (not even at but nukes got strapped to skyhawks and launched, in spite of the fact the Liberty hadn't told anyone who'd attacked them. The logic is unavoidable. LBJ and McNamara were in on the gag way before it happened. I'm prepared to bet that the Liberty was sent to the Levant for no other reason than to be sunk. All those servicemen serving their country? Their country ain't interested in serving them. Not unless it's on a platter to their Ashkenazi masters.
PS Have you seen the BBC docomentary Liberty - Dead In The Water? It's on google video. They discuss the nukes. Worth watching.
 Les Blough    Axis of Logic  and this link:
Comment: Very unusual for Israelis to be targeted in these false flag terror ops. Is a message being sent to Orthodox Jews who are speaking out about against Zionism?   Rabbi Meir Hirsh      Neturei Karta Palestine
 Subrata Ghoshroy      Alternet      Fri, 17 Oct 2008
 The legislation signed by Bush is technically known as the 123 Agreement because it amends section 123 of the U.S. Atomic Energy Act of 1954, which regulates U.S. cooperation with other nations in nuclear matters and prohibits trading with states that have not signed the 1968 Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Not only is India a non-signatory to the landmark treaty, it is, along with Israel and Pakistan, also in contravention of its underlying principle, having secretly developed the bomb by transferring fissile material from its civilian program.
But while the point of the legislation was ostensibly to enable India to meet its energy needs, in reality it was about much more than that. The primary motivation is the U.S. embrace of India as a strategic partner.
 Scott Creighton    Tue, 23 Sep 2008
(...)  Now, after several weeks of international bad press because of drone planes being piloted by 19 year olds with joy-sticks in California, blowing up families in Pakistan willy-nilly, after all that, the "terrorists" in Pakistan decide to blow up a second rate hotel there, killing civilians, and making them the bad guys once again? How's that for the worst timing ever, huh? Well, the worst timing for them and the best possible timing for those troubled U.S. Military PR guys and all the politicians who had been saying just a month ago we need to step up military action in Pakistan.
(...)  This is what we are supposed to believe?
We are supposed to believe that these "terrorists", when they finally have the sympathy of the world and the eyes of the world are watching Pakistan's plight very closely, not to mention the fact that Pakistan's president just announced his intentions to pull out of the Global War on Terror™, they all of a sudden decide to blow up a hotel, for no apparent reason, giving Pakistan every reason to remain an alley in the war? Are you kidding?
If you aren't familiar with the CIA's history of false-flag operations in the rest of the world, now might be a good time to Google it.
This has the markings of that type of operation written all over it.
You have a newly elected regime that isn't as inclined to hand over control of their country to the U.S. when all of a sudden, out of now-where, the "leftist" terrorist start bombing the people of the country in order to create chaos and fear in the population. This is either blamed on the President or the regime that U.S. companies don't like, or they start to foster the idea that the new anti-American leadership can't provide the protection the people need. And thus, the CIA's actions change the course of that country by covert, terrorist means.
It's on record; it's been done many times by the CIA. Not just in the Middle East, but also, Central America, South American, Italy, Cuba, and many others. (...)
Ex-Somali Army Colonel Mohamed Nureh Abdulle lives in Harardhere - the town closest to where the hijacked Saudi oil tanker, Sirius Star is moored.
He tells the BBC, via phone from his home, that the town's residents are more concerned about the apparent dumping of toxic waste than piracy.  with map  AND:
On patrol with the pirate hunters
India navy 'to go after pirates'
Press calls for action on pirates
"I thought pirates would kill me"  about
 Paul Salopek     Chicago Tribune:
 Polly Dunbar      The Daily Mail    Sat, 19 Jan 2008
 They may dress in candy-pink saris but their reputation is far from sweet.
These woman are the Pink Vigilantes, members of a group sworn to root out corruption in the police force and deliver ruthless summary justice to anyone believed guilty of domestic violence or sexual abuse. .....
"The police and officials are corrupt and anti-poor. So sometimes we have to take the law into our own hands. At other times, we shame the wrongdoers.
"But we are not a gang in the usual sense of the term. We are a gang for justice. We wear pink because it is the colour of life."
The gang is based in Banda district, one of the poorest parts of Uttar Pradesh, and the women are slowly earning the grudging respect of local officials.


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