Tom hen... Update: Confirmed Deaths of Israeli Commandos + Terrorist Camps // .. SOTT FOCUS : JFK....( the comments of 12 texts).

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Tom hen... Update: Confirmed Deaths of Israeli Commandos + Terrorist Camps //
.. SOTT FOCUS : JFK....( the comments of  12 texts).
Monday, December 01, 2008
Explosive Breaking Update: Confirmed Deaths of Israeli Commandos
plus Terrorist Camps in Canada
by Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert

Commandos storm Mumbai Jewish centre: AFP witness
MUMBAI, (AFP) - At least 17 commandos on Friday abseiled from a helicopter into the Jewish centre in Mumbai taken by Islamic militants,
and explosions were heard, an AFP witness said.
…Witnesses said the first group of seven armed men crouched on the roof of the building as the helicopter returned to drop 10 more military personnel.
Intermittent loud explosions were heard from inside the building. It was not clear if the commandos involved in the assault were Indian or Israeli.
Sunday November 30, 2008
United States of America – It can now be reported that Indian Intelligence officials have confirmed the deaths of six (6) Israeli commandos who were killed by Indian Anti-Terrorist Security Forces      at the time the Israeli commandos were trying to storm the Nariman Center in Mumbai the day of the terrorists attacks aka the paramilitary operation.

The Indian Anti-Terrorist Task Force mistook the Israeli commandos for terrorists
        since the Israeli commandos had disguised themselves to appear as members of the paramilitary operation, which was involved in the operation in Mumbai.

We can also divulge that the Israeli commandos had actually come from a camp in India, which along with Indian Anti-Terrorist Security Forces,
was involved in infiltrating various pro-Muslim Indian terror groups.

The intelligence blowback at the Nariman Center has reached critical mass as the current Indian government remains under tremendous pressure to contain the overall scope and worldwide intelligence agencies knowledge and participation in this massive fiasco on the subcontinent.
(L) Mumbai's Chabad House, Nariman Jewish Center
(R) Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai
We can also report that the Indian investigation team has cell phone records detailing at least ten (10) cell phone calls made from the Jewish Nariman Center
to the Taj Mahal Hotel 24 hours before the attack.
At least fifty (50) participants in the paramilitary operation against Mumbai still remain loose on Indian soil         camouflaged in Indian Anti-Terorrist Task Force uniforms.

The NSA-Mossad corporate controlled American media filth can not report any of this
given White House occupunk George W. Bushfraud is using the Patriot Act and a SECRET Martial Law decree          to impose total censorship.


At this hour a Joint U.S.-French Intelligence team, headquartered on European soil, has evidence detailing a terrorist relationship between the Somalia pirates and the current Canadian government.
NAIROBI, May 30 (Reuters) - Somali pirates fired rockets as they seized two freighters off the lawless Horn of African coast bringing to three the number of ships hijacked this week, a Kenyan maritime official said on Friday.
The Bush-Clinton-Gary Best Inc. Somalia pirate operation is now linked to the trafficking in nuclear weapons and material to various ports in Africa, including Somalia itself.

The nuclear material is then transferred by sea using cargo ships directly to Canadian ports. This nuclear material is now in the hands of various terrorist groups
operating on the East and West Coast of Canada.
These terrorist groups have a direct operational link to the SECRET directorate,
which involves the Pakistani ISI, the rogue U.S. CIA, British MI6 and Israeli Mosad.

Note: We can also divulge that the terrorist groups, who plan to transport the nuclear material into the United States, are planning a major terrorist event in either south Florida or Washington, D.C. itself, which will take America directly to MARTIAL LAW
and put an end to the United States Republic.
At this hour, we are not aware if current Canadian Prime Minister John Harper has knowledge of what is going on in his own country.

Final note: Eight (8) British citizens remain under arrest in Mumbai linking them to the operational planning and participation in the Mumbai paramilitary attacks.
Our next briefing shall deal with the double and triple cross and out of control blackmail that is taking place at this hour between president-elect Barack Obama and his rumored U.S. Secretary of State to be, loser and lesbian in-the-closet Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton.

LOSER Hillary is currently in possession of a videotape showing then Illionis State Senator Barack Obama engaged in homosexual sex with a Larry Sinclair in a hotel room in Gurnee, Illinois in 1999.
The snorting of cocaine between Obama and Sinclair also took place in the hotel room.

Note: Of course, Obama's people for sometime have been blackmailing loser Hillary on her CLOSET lesbian lifestyle, including the incident in which then White House First Lady Hillary Clinton was caught by a Secret Service agent flagrante delecti having hot lesbian sex with then White House whore Susan.
Hillary then, of course, assaulted the Secret Service agent with a heavy glass ashtray resulting in medical treatment of these Secret Service agent at a hospital emergency room.

It is rumored Obama's team has a copy of the emergency medical treatment record given to the Secret Service agent at a Virginia hospital the day of the felony assault upon him by then First Lady Hillary Clinton.
So you see, folks, what a national security risk Obama and Hillary would make.

Homosexual gays and lesbians who are "IN-THE-CLOSET" are a MAJOR THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY being vulnerable to blackmail and extortion by self-serving, hostile entities against the safety, security, sovereignty and best interests of the American People.

Remember, Hillary got elected Senator in New York by blackmailing Rudy Giuliani out of the race and Obama originally got elected Senator of Illinois by using the British Intelligence rag, the Chicago Tribune,
to scandalize his original Caucasian Republican opponent, Jack Ryan.

In his George magazine, John F. Kennedy Jr. was going to publish evidence of the Bush-Clinton Crime Family "TRUE COLORS" assassination teams, and was also considering challenging then First Lady Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton in the democratic primary New York Senate race.
Within days of his fateful meeting with Hillary, JFK Jr. was assassinated.
The Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate had John F. Kennedy Jr. assassinated by having his private aircraft brought down with a barometric bomb and laser technology.

Division 4 team names Clintons, Bush 41, 43 in JFK Jr. assassination
by Tom Flocco

At this our we live free or die as we continue to identify the enemies of the American Republic and the American Revolution of the 21st century and eradicate them.

Special message to our greatest ally of 200 years, the Republic of France :
It is time for us all to conquer or die and proceed with the liberation of the American People before it is too late.
Overlord at Yorktown remains relentless and victorious as Lafayette remains at Brandywine.
Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, said "…I am surrounded by enemies but I shall never stand down in the face of tyrants..."
God Bless and Save the
United States of America
Land the We Love
International Intelligence Expert, Tom Heneghan, has hundreds of highly credible sources inside American and European Intelligence Agencies and INTERPOL -- reporting what is REALLY going on behind the scenes of the controlled mainstream media cover up propaganda of on-going massive deceptions and illusions.

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Laura Knight-Jadczyk Tue, 31 Oct 2006

Comment: This is the first in a series of articles written in 2006 commemorating the 43rd anniversary of the assassination of JFK that we will carry every weekday
as we approach the 45th Anniversary (( in 2008)) of that tragedy for mankind.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was a man who apparently used the system to get elected and then, once in office, he let it be known that he really was all about change and helping the masses, and he died for it. It is quite fitting for us to remember JFK and the conspiracy against him at a time when a new US president who also talks about change has just been elected... If Obama really means it, he'll have to be a lot smarter than Kennedy was - a very tall order indeed.

We find it interesting that Joe Biden's predictions for an Obama presidency make an explicit reference to JFK:
"Mark my words. [...] It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy... Watch, we're gonna have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy."
It looks like Biden, and perhaps even Obama, know the details of the plan.

We are certainly curious to see what Obama is really made of. Unfortunately, the first few signs are not encouraging. His pick for White House Chief of Staff, Rahm Israel Emanuel, indicates that he has paid for his victory with seemingly unconditional submission to the Zionist agenda.
Another bad sign is that in spite of Obama's election, Russian President Medvedev complained yet again about America's missile defense systems on Europe. While the world is celebrating, the Russians are still playing the cold war game. One would think that after an election, they would at least hold the rhetoric until they see what the new guy really is about - but they didn't. That suggests that they don't buy Obama's "change" story; or that they think that much can happen in the last 77 days of the Bush presidency. We would suggest that the Russians are much better informed than the common people...
...the comments...:
Looking From Behind The Rose Colored Glasses     By: Garbonzo
I tend to believe that JFK was striving for justice and the elimination of some of the corruption in the US.
However, considering that he was involved in the Bay of Pigs invasion and was involved in extramarital relations with Marilyn Monroe, makes me think that he was not as moral as some people like to think.
A person of high morals would not consider these actions. Kennedy signed the death warrant of his own military, along with many people in Cuba. His philandering (who knows how often) hurt his wife and family, where is the morality in this.
These are only two of the things that come to mind when people start making Kennedy out to be Jesus Christ incarnate.
How much more is there that we do not know!
Jfk    comment  By: Axj
After reading several biographies of JFK, it seems that he indeed had many affairs. What many still do not know is that he was on heavy medication a lot of the time, due to his back problems and colon disease.
Regarding the Bay of Pigs invasion, which was early during his administration - it seems that he truly regretted it, especially the lives lost during the invasion.
Comment: This is the second in a series of articles written in 2006 commemorating the 43rd anniversary of the assassination of JFK that we will carry every weekday as we approach the 45th Anniversary of that tragedy for mankind.
The Obama win continues to generate lively speculation and the links to the JFK legacy grow stronger. On the Cassiopaea forum, quoting an article from the PoliGazette, 'Black Swan' writes :
So what will the Obama administration look like? We already have hard core Zionist, Rahm Emmanuel appointed Chief of Staff but it looks as if the Kennedy/Camelot parallels are not missed by the Obama camp with rumors of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. & Caroline Kennedy possibly receiving high level appointments.
Further, both the Pentagon and then Bush himself seem to be painting the scene for a major incident that may occur during transition. In a speech at the White House, he [George Bush] said:
"we're in a struggle against violent extremists determined to attack us, and they would like nothing more than to exploit this period of change to harm the American people."
History has shown that men do not easily give up power once they have it. The McCain-Palin ticket having failed, is there a plan B that Obama the 'Gladiator' will have to contend with?
......the comments...:
History Repeats     comment By: Genero81
We need to learn that those who can "love and respect each other" are not the ones in control. It not just about money, it's the psychology behind it, the drive for absolute power as a matter of survival. Perhaps, because they have no soul.
The Big Lie         By: Dblue
I agree with this article 100% -- it reflects what I wrote myself and posted on the internet about a year and a half ago ( but the facts haven't changed. If anything, the situation has worsened. The parallels between Obama/Biden and Kennedy/Johnson are scary. I am glad I'm on the sidelines teaching in Thailand (though what's going on here politically is another 'sideshow' to the main event) where the government (hopefully) is not quite the reactionary fascist one the U.S. has had grow like a cancer on its political body. The next six months should be interesting times.

Comment: This is the third in a series of articles written in 2006 commemorating the 43rd anniversary of the assassination of JFK that we are carrying every weekday as we approach the 45th Anniversary of that tragedy for mankind.

Continuing the emotional manipulation of the masses in the style of JFK and Martin Luther King, Barack Obama has been quick to announce his intention to reverse several of George Bushes more irrelevant abuses of power, such as stem cell research and domestic drilling. What chances of reversing issues of substance, such as the clampdown on civil liberties or ending the illegal wars of Iraq and Afghanistan?

Greg Guma suggests that Obama is much more like Jimmy Carter's unpopular Presidency. He surrendered his ambitions to the Trilateral commission and was voted out of office shortly after asking Americans to conserve energy in harsh economic conditions.
The appeal of Carter to the establishment was a combination of charm, an "interesting" family, traditional values, and his outsider image. But they knew he was essentially a "centrist" eager to be all things to all people. [...] The same can be said of Obama.
Carter had at least 27 high level officials who were members of the Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations, Obama's inner circle also seems awash with North American Trilateral members including Brezinski:
The renewed prominence of Brzezinski - architect of the "secret" war in Afghanistan three decades ago - along with the appointment of James Rodney Schlesinger, CIA director and Secretary of Defense during the 1970s, to lead a senior-level task force on nuclear weapons suggests that the process of moving from a neo-con to a Trilateral approach is already underway. The prospect of a military showdown with Iran would decrease during an Obama presidency, but confrontations with Pakistan, China and Russia become more likely.
Change we can believe in? Or further evidence that the USA will continue its fascist path into imperialistic expansion where the Bushes left off?

Comment: This is the fourth in a series of articles written in 2006 commemorating the 43rd anniversary of the assassination of JFK that we are carrying every weekday as we approach the 45th Anniversary of that tragedy for mankind.
When he became US president, JFK tried to enter the corrupt political system and change it. Armored with wealth, intelligence and, most importantly, a caring heart, he had a big chance of actually doing it, and that's most probably why they killed him. Obama now is talking of change, but as our economic commentators speculated this week
[...] can a president, even the most gifted, really change things? Not by himself, of course, only the people can, and only if they and their leaders have a clear and accurate understanding of the situation, especially the role of Israel in the world today. They also need a clear and accurate understanding of human nature, both the nature of normal humanity and of the intra-species predators, the psychopaths (more on that later). In that regard, one wishes Obama would read more Andrzej Lobaczewski and less Reinhold Niebuhr.
It is easy, and not a bad thing, to be cynical of all the talk of hope and change. Many in the "foreign policy establishment" (American Imperialists in other words) see Obama as a "rebranding" of the U.S. internationally. Obama's talk about "winning" the war in Afghanistan is particularly repellant. Obama's pick of the rabid Zionist (and rabid generally) Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff, was a stomach punch to many. One hopes that Obama is following the principle of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer. Even if the ideal president was trying to move away from Zionism, how could that president possibly do it given what the United States is now? You would only get one shot and it would have to be right between the eyes. The same goes for abandoning imperialism. If you miss, you're dead. Just have a seance and ask John Kennedy.
So the jury is out. Time will tell if Obama is just an eloquent front man for the same old death machine or if he is another naïve reformer in over his head in shark-infested waters.
According to Zbigniew Brzezinski, Obama won't be able to bring any dramatic change in Washington. The former US national security adviser gives his own "insider" view of American politics in his description:
You have to think of foreign policy as, for example, a boat moving on the sea. A huge ocean liner doesn't change its course in the way that a fast motor boat does. Therefore it is not possible for the United States dramatically to change every one of its policies.
The psychopathic handlers of Sim City will go on with their plans for total control, while the newly elected president's first steps appear to follow theirs, whether willingly or by force.

....and the comments....:
Jfk Wanted To Do What Ron Paul Is Saying Must Be Done: End The Fed! /By: Kebon
I just found out that on June 4, 1963, JFK had signed an executive order that strips the Federal Reserve of the power to loan the money it creates to the US government: [Link]
This throws extensive light on his assassination. The Federal Reserve is the heart of the beast. Check out this valuable site: - it derives from the "Ron Paul Revolution" and his eventual "Campaign for Liberty".
One last thought: You people on the left had better started crash courses on how the federal reserve, the financial world and economics work. I'm from the Left, but could find out what's really happening only from the Ron Paul vein of liberty. Otherwise, I find the American progressive left somewhat passe, being a European.
I last came here a year ago to the month. That's when I told you about the Ron Paul phenomenon, whereby people are waking up. Unfortunately, you dismissed Ron Paul as irrelevant since he had no chance of winning. But it wasn't about winning the presidency - it was about spreading the message of freedom. So much has happened since then!
Who Owns America?        By: Dblue
Very interesting article. I am intrigued by the problem of determining who does own America -- the state or corporate entities. I have posted something myself addressing this problem but remain confused. (
Anyone else have some insight into this problem of ownership?

Comment: This is the fifth in a series of articles written in 2006 commemorating the 43rd anniversary of the assassination of JFK that we are carrying every weekday as we approach the 45th Anniversary of that tragedy for mankind.
It's been said that you can always recognize a man's true character by the people he surrounds himself with. Obama's leading foreign and domestic policy advisors and likely administration members are prominent members of the Council On Foreign Relations.
Mike Whitney describes the CFR as "the corporate-banking brotherhood which believes the wealth of the world should be divided among themselves regardless of the suffering or destruction it may cause."
As an example, one of those advisors and CFR members, Madelaine Albright is no exception:
When asked by CBS's 60 Minutes about the effects of sanctions: "We have heard that half a million children have died. I mean, that's more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?" Albright replied: "I think this is a very hard choice, but the price - we think the price is worth it."
'Change we can believe in' may be severely constrained by advisors with no conscience or remorse, intent on expanding America's imperialism, totalitarianism and preserving the currently destructive version of 'free market' capitalism.

Comment: This is the sixth in a series of articles written in 2006 commemorating the 43rd anniversary of the assassination of JFK that we are carrying every weekday as we approach the 45th Anniversary of that tragedy for mankind.
© / we're not no. 1 ... Click to expand
The current state of the 'American dream' is succinctly illustrated by this image on the left.

American's now have shorter lives than Bosnians, their 'democracy' is only slightly better than the Czech Republic's, they have more people in prison per capita than any other country in the world, and a child born in Slovakia is more likely to survive than in America.
Given these statistics, America's perceived standing at the top of the global village does seem ill-deserved. On the President Elect's website, the lead quotation is:
"Today we begin in earnest the work of making sure that the world we leave our children is just a little better than the one we live in today"
If he is going to fulfill that promise, Obama will be facing the same sinister forces that Kennedy faced. Sadly for JFK and the world, these forces find that such things as 'social equality' are just not profitable enough.

Comment: This is the seventh in a series of articles written in 2006 commemorating the 43rd anniversary of the assassination of JFK that we are carrying every weekday as we approach the 45th Anniversary of that tragedy for mankind.
As the G20 meet for a slap-up dinner and pretend that they can prevent what has long been predicted, there is much comment on whether anything can be achieved without the new President in place. We wonder whether anything can be achieved with Obama in place?
Ralph Nader thinks Obama is another pawn in the pathocracy:
Far more than Senator McCain, you [Obama] have received enormous, unprecedented contributions from corporate interests, Wall Street interests and, most interestingly, big corporate law firm attorneys. Never before has a Democratic nominee for President achieved this supremacy over his Republican counterpart. Why, apart from your unconditional vote for the $700 billion Wall Street bailout, are these large corporate interests investing so much in Senator Obama? Could it be that in your state Senate record, your U.S. Senate record and your presidential campaign record (favoring nuclear power, coal plants, offshore oil drilling, corporate subsidies including the 1872 Mining Act and avoiding any comprehensive program to crack down on the corporate crime wave and the bloated, wasteful military budget, for example) you have shown that you are their man?
To look objectively at the situation we do have consider all the alternatives:
On the other hand, anybody who had opposed the Bush team over the past 8 years would have had ZERO chance of running for president, much less getting elected.
If we consider that the Dominionists can so covertly plan years ahead to take over the government for evil intentions (which they, of course, do not perceive as evil though they are certainly delusional), why do we not think that a decent person could, under the very trying circumstances we have all endured over those same 8 years, decide to try to do something about it, to behave covertly, so as to get into position to do something?
It's probably not the case, but I think we ought to leave the door open to that possibility.
And if it IS a possibility, then we would have to think that Obama would deliberately create a congressional record that would support him to the presidency.
Let's keep in mind that a smart man learns from his mistakes but a genius learns from the mistakes of others. The big mistake that John Kennedy made was to underestimate his opponents and to think that just being brave and decent and standing up for what was good for people was all it took.

...and the comments...;
Salvador Freixedo By: Name
I took care to read up a bit about Salvador Freixedo. Looks like his books are difficult to get, but a good (IMO, in spanish) resume about his writings _[Link]
reads like this man - a former Jesuit - said about everything the Cassiopaea/SOTT websites are about.
Especially intriguing to me is that he _emphatically_ warns ppl to stay away from channeling, even from the *desire* to communicate with these entities.
He also talks about "natural" healers (f.e. hand-layers) and states that they are in contact with entities which help them do what they do, but that these entities always draw some kind of benefit for themselves from the individuals who they support doing these "miracles". Thanks again for a very informative text.

Comment: This is the eighth in a series of articles written in 2006 commemorating the 43rd anniversary of the assassination of JFK that we are carrying every weekday as we approach the 45th Anniversary of that tragedy for mankind.
Incumbent President George Bush was quick to praise Barack Obama's appointment to the White house. He congratulated Barack Obama on his historic victory and vowed "complete cooperation".
"Last night, I had a warm conversation with president-elect Barack Obama. I congratulated him and Senator Biden on their impressive victory, [...] I told the president-elect he can count on complete cooperation from my administration as he makes the transition to the White House,"
This reminded one forum member of Margeret Thatcher's exiting words to Tony Blair:
I can remember when Tony Blair was elected to the British premiership (after the convenient death of John Smith, the then leader of the Labour party) and how Margaret Thatcher gushed over his appointment. The actual words she used were; "I shall enjoy being a back-seat driver." This from a woman who was the Brit equivalent of a Neocon, speaking about a man who should have been a Socialist; i.e. on the side of the poor, the dispossessed and disenfranchised!
That was a massive clue right there, and NO-ONE picked up on it!
As we are well aware,Tony Blair went on to be a willing lapdog supporting the Neocon's illegal wars, destruction of the economy and clampdown on civil liberties.
Should we be unnerved by similar endorsements by the worst President in US history? A man who has gone out of his way to bring the world to the edge of destruction and go against every single principle that John F Kennedy represented...

Comment: This is the ninth in a series of articles written in 2006 commemorating the 43rd anniversary of the assassination of JFK that we are carrying every weekday as we approach the 45th Anniversary of that tragedy for mankind.
In a recent OpEd piece, Greg Bacon points out the precarious position that historical figures have found themselves in after trying to change the system:
Whoever steps forward to take on that pit of vipers known as the Fed is on a suicide mission.
Obama could go the route of that carpenter from Nazareth that kicked the moneychangers out of the Temple and was killed for his efforts.
Or he could take the route of President Andy Jackson, who closed down the 2nd National Bank of the US and got shot for his efforts, but not killed.
Or President Lincoln, who was opposed to an Independent US Treasury, but refused to pay usurious rates to finance the Civil War, so he printed US greenbacks.
Murdered by an assassin's bullet.

Or President Kennedy, who printed US government currency, around 4 billion dollars worth, money which LBJ took out of circulation after Johnson took over after JFK was murdered by an assassin.
You can either take an axe to cut out the cancer infecting America or go about that job with the deft hands of a surgeon using a scalpel. Either way, whoever takes on the task is going to have a bulls eye on their back.
Does Obama pose any threat to the establishment? If that was the case, we wonder, would he not have met with a little greater resistance at some point on his ascension to the White House?

Comment: This is the tenth in a series of articles written in 2006 commemorating the 43rd anniversary of the assassination of JFK that we are carrying every weekday as we approach the 45th Anniversary of that tragedy for mankind.
(...) But it didn't have to be this way. As the reader is probably thinking by now, having read this present series of articles on John Kennedy and his plans to steer the ship of American State into peaceful waters, "Oh, what a different world we would be living in today if John F. Kennedy had lived and had finished his work!"

And it's true. Because the same cabal that was responsible for his death is the cabal that that is running the planet today via the puppet regime in the United States, and with hooked tentacles in nearly every other government on the planet. We are, indeed, facing 30 years of War Without End from which few of us will emerge alive. We are living in a virtual police state planet, with terror around every corner, a terror that is not due to some mad Muslim hating us because of our "freedoms" - what a joke - but is due to all of the machinations and manipulations of evil people in high places whose greed for money and power knows no bounds.

And that is what the monied elite wanted: War and more war to make money and more money. And their controllers - those pulling the strings behind the scenes only wanted power and more power and used the greed of the Business Titans, the Mob and the Oil Empire to achieve their ends. But, we will come to that soon enough.
It seems to be a certainty that if John F. Kennedy's life had not been brutally ended 45 years ago, there would be no so-called terrorists (of either the Islamic or Monied Elite variety), now would there be a War on Terror. What a tragedy that we don't see another John F. Kennedy on the horizon with the brains and savvy to haul our buns out of the fire now.
Nowadays, just about everyone knows that it is about oil. But what a lot of people don't know is exactly how it all got started. So, today's excerpt from Farewell America is going to take us back to the beginnings of the Oil Issue.

"The American Beauty Rose can only be coaxed to that degree of splendor and fragrance that enchants us by sacrificing the other buds growing around it. In the business world, the same operation is the result not of an unhealthy trend, but simply of a law of nature and of God." John D. Rockefeller, Jr.
Oil is the lifeblood of modern civilization. It provides the fuel for our planes, our ships, our trucks, and our 180 million automobiles, and it is the source of some 300,000 petro-chemical products. Oil accounts for more than half of the maritime freight tonnage, and furnishes more than 60% of the world's energy. It is the number one industry in the world today.
The budget of the oil industry is larger than the budget of the United States government. The annual revenue of the largest oil company in the world, Standard Oil of New Jersey, is greater than the revenue of the government of Canada. Directly or indirectly, through American domestic production (1) as well as overseas holdings, the American oil industry controls 80% of the world market. (2)....(...)
The rapidly deteriorating global economy and distractions generated by the election circus has taken front page news away from those pesky Islamic extremists who 'hate us for our freedoms'.
So now the media has been busy reminding us that the fake 'war of terror' is still going on. Barack Obama is now the target of insults of the creativity department of the Intelligence Agencies - Uhhm aka, "Al - Qaeda":
The second-in-command of Islamic militant network al-Qaeda has called on Muslims to harm "criminal" America. In a message purportedly from Ayman al-Zawahiri, the al-Qaeda deputy accused US President-elect Barack Obama of betraying his Muslim roots.
He likened him to a "house slave" - who had chosen to align himself with the "enemies" of Islam. Mr Obama has said stamping out al-Qaeda "once and for all" will be a top priority during his administration. On Sunday, he said capturing or killing Osama Bin Laden was "critical" to US security.
He has also promised to bolster the US presence in Afghanistan - a policy that would fail, said the al-Qaeda deputy. The US said the message did not signal any increased threat against America.
As we commented in response to this latest propaganda, yes, Obama has proven his loyalty to Israel in more than one way. It follows that if certain parties intend to do President Elect Obama harm, and thus further destabilize the U.S., then the groundwork must be, at least, flimsily established. Unfortunately, the creativity on the part of those who lay that groundwork is, as usual, sorely lacking.
During the G20 summit, the intelligence services themselves recently admitted who the real enemies of the State are:
law enforcement officials said they were more concerned about angry protesters, such as people left jobless by the financial meltdown, than they were about terrorists.
Barack Obama's top choice to lead the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano. Encouragingly, as Govenor, she signed a bill that prohibited the implementation of the REAL ID in Arizona:
"Everyone thinks that the REAL ID is just about protecting us against terrorism," said co-sponsor Senator Karen Johnson (R-18). "But it really represents a cash cow for technology companies as well as the birth of the National ID card, complete with all the biometric information that technology can handle - face recognition, fingerprints, etc."
Maybe this appointment signifies a more realistic approach to domestic policy? US foreign policy, however, is shaping up to look uncannily similar: Bush's 'War of Terror' allowed the invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan and plundering of rich Oil resources. Obama is in favor of moving US 'combat' troops out of Iraq and over to Afghanistan (to protect Oil pipelines and the lucrative drug trade). A change of graveyard maybe, but the absurd 'hunt for dead Osama' looks set to continue.

Comment: This is the penultimate article (( eleventh)) in a series written in 2006 commemorating the 43rd anniversary of the assassination of JFK that we are carrying every day as we approach the 45th Anniversary of that tragedy for mankind.
Joe Biden, now 66, made a peculiar speech back in October, to a group of Obama supporters in Seattle:
We're gonna have to make some incredibly tough decisions in the first two years. So I'm asking you now, I'm asking you now, be prepared to stick with us. Remember the faith you had at this point because you're going to have to reinforce us. There are gonna be a lot of you who want to go, 'Whoa, wait a minute, yo, whoa, whoa, I don't know about that decision'," Biden continued. "Because if you think the decision is sound when they're made, which I believe you will when they're made, they're not likely to be as popular as they are sound.
One of the key policy changes championed by the President-elect is Obama-Biden's New Energy for America plan. Unfortunately, this plan is based on the February 2007 findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) who announced a so-called "consensus" on man-made global warming.
Since then, a U.S. Senate Report showed that over 400 prominent scientists disputed the man-made global warming claims of the IPCC and increasing evidence shows that we are actually heading towards a new Ice Age!
Despite widespread propaganda, less than half Americans believe in man-made global warming. Will Americans embrace the new taxes and new 'green' regulations at a time when 36 million cannot afford to feed themselves? How 'green' their energy is coming from (if they can afford to heat their homes) is likely to be the least of their worries.
During his election campaign, Obama recognised the power of the big-oil and energy companies:
"I don't take money from oil companies or Washington lobbyists, and I won't let them block change anymore."
According to this is not entirely true. They claim that Obama has in actual fact accepted funds from oil and gas employees and two of Obama's fund-raisers were top oil company executives.
In May 2008 in Dallas, Texas, prominent shareholders, including the Rockerfeller family urged ExxonMobil to take the problem of climate change more seriously. Given their history, should we be concerned that Big Oil is now supporting the fraudulent climate-change political agenda?

Comment: This is the concluding article in a series written in 2006 commemorating the 43rd anniversary of the assassination of JFK that we have been carrying every day up to the 45th Anniversary of that tragedy for mankind.
(...) Life magazine bought the Zapruder film and locked it up. Not even the Warren Commission viewed it as a motion picture. The magazine published staggered still frames in a cover story endorsing the Warren Report when it was issued in 1964 with captions under each frame. The caption under frame 313, where Kennedy's head explodes, said it was from a shot from the front. But that meant that Oswald could not have fired the "head shot." When Life realized its "error," it stopped the presses and rewrote the caption as a shot from the rear. The film also graphically demonstrated that the president and Texas Governor John Connally, sitting in the jump seat in front of him, were struck by bullets within three-quarters of a second of each other, which meant that there had to be more than one weapon.(...)
The issue of the head-shot that killed Kennedy is as contentious as the current day issue of the Pentagon Strike on 9/11. The government and its apologists have produced endless "experts" to prove that a gunshot to the head from the rear can cause the head to fly violently backward - in the direction the shot came from - and, at the same time, that the shot to the rear of the skull will cause a large piece of the skull to fly off to the rear as can be seen to happen in the Zapruder film above. That is, in fact, what Jackie Kennedy is seen to be trying to retrieve. To see that poor woman watch as her husband's head literally explodes in front of her eyes, and to see her try to get the pieces to put him back together, is unbearably painful to watch.
One of the key elements of the "official explanation" for the headshot is that John Kennedy's head can be seen to first move forward, and then jerk violently backward. Somehow this is twisted into some kind of off-planet physics to be hard evidence for the shot from the rear, i.e. the Texas School Book Depository, i.e. Oswald. Never mind that there are thousands, if not millions, of cases where the point of entry is small, and the bullet tears a gigantic hole when making its exit; a hole exactly like the one on the back of John Kennedy's head.
As it happens, shortly after the assassination, Dallas resident Billy Harper was walking down the median in Dealey Plaza and found a piece of the President's skull laying in the grass. Taken together with the violent motion of the President's head, the blood spray dousing the motorcyle cops who were behind Kennedy to his left rear and then the skull pieces found in the grass opposite the grassy knoll, the debris pattern clearly indicates that the head shot came from the front. ......
There is a reason that JFK's head moves forward just a fraction of a second before it moves violently back and to the left.
From the confession of James Files:
"When I got to the point where I thought it would be the last field of fire, I had zeroed in to the left side of the head there that I had, because if I wait any longer then Jacqueline Kennedy would have been in the line of fire and I had been instructed for nothing to happen to her and at that moment I figured this is my last chance for a shot and he had still not been hit in the head. So, as I fired that round, Mr. Nicoletti and I fired approximately at the same time as the head started forward then it went backward. I would have to say that his shell struck approximately 1000th of a second ahead of mine maybe but that what's started pushing the head forward which caused me to miss the left eye and I came in on the left side of the temple." ...
See: I Shot JFK. Results of a 10 year private, unbiased investigation provide the first hard evidence of conspiracy in 40 years! .....
As John Kennedy himself said:
"For we are opposed, around the world, by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence; in infiltration instead of invasion; on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice; on guerillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific, and political operations. Its preparations are concealed not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined, its dissenters are silenced, not praised; no expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed. It conducts the cold war, in short, with a wartime discipline no democracy would ever hope to wish to match. ..."
He was right; but I think he didn't realize how far they were willing - and able - to go.
Nowadays, we know how far they are able and willing to go: just look at the events of September 11, 2001, which bear the same unmistakable stamp of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. In fact, as I have mentioned before, the same gang is involved.
...... John Kennedy was on his way to give a speech on that Sunny afternoon in Dallas, Texas, 45 years ago. I think it is only fitting that we close this chapter with the words he planned to say, but never got the chance:
Remarks Prepared for Delivery at the Trade Mart in Dallas
President John F. Kennedy November 22, 1963
We began this series asking whether the Presidential election campaign promises of Barack Obama represented a sincere intention, as JFK had emulated, to change a system that is rotten to the core.
Kennedy paid the ultimate price for standing up to the corrupt, psychopathic system that has lead to untold lethal Wars supported by a complicit media and massive wealth distribution from the poor and middle classes to a wealthy elite.
Despite all the hype and slick marketing, when we have investigated who will be advising and backing Obama, it looks increasingly likely that he will be unable to live up to expectations. In fact, he seems to be little more than a new 'brand' or face of a move towards an unaccountable one world government.
One forum member points out that this possibility is further supported by Obama's selection of Timothy F. Geithner as Treasury Secretary of the USA. Mr. Geithner is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and an advocate of a one world financial system. He proposed this solution to the financial crisis days after meeting with the Bilderburger Group in an oped essay in the Financial Times
"The institutions that play a central role in money and funding markets - including the main globally active banks and investment banks - need to operate under a unified framework that provides a stronger form of consolidated supervision, with appropriate requirements for capital and liquidity."
We have considered, that however unlikely it seems, there is still the possibility that Obama could be using the system to exert change from within, learning from the tragedy that befell Kennedy after he opposed the monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that governs us. However, as one SOTT reader comments:
If Obama had the hubris for "real change", he could change things virtually overnight. I'm placing my house that nothing of any significance changes at all under Obama's administration. Still supporting Israel, still going to war on "terror", still spying on citizens, still crossing over sovereign borders, still [selling out to] billion dollar enterprise.

Change? We'll believe it when we see it!

......................... and the comments....:
Blacki                   By: Blacki
See: I Shot JFK. Results of a 10 year private, unbiased investigation provide the first hard evidence of conspiracy in 40 years!
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Reader Comment             By: Shellycheval

As John Kennedy himself said:
"For we are opposed, around the world, by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence; in infiltration instead of invasion; on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice; on guerillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific, and political operations. Its preparations are concealed not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined, its dissenters are silenced, not praised; no expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed. It conducts the cold war, in short, with a wartime discipline no democracy would ever hope to wish to match. ..."
Indeed--there is no "hidden" conspiracy--it is spoken about, written about, and feared by multitudes of people who are willing to see the evidence in front of them. Thank you Laura for this series that focuses attention on the truth once more. I celebrate this American Thanksgiving holiday by being grateful for the efforts of the SOTT team, and all others out there who are brave enough to continue the real fight for freedom.


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