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Casper dec 6th - - Icke - - MNN - - nenki - R.Glenn

casper dec-06-08
Congress gives hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to banks which then refuse to lend to business or to consumers instead sitting on the money to "improve their balance sheets". The economy therefore fails, markets crash, the politicians get bribed and the country gets screwed. And what did the taxpayers receive for all this money? Preferred Stock and Warrants which are already worth one third less than the taxpayer paid for them. 52 banks, not counting AIG, Freddie/Fannie, etc etc received the money with more coming as soon as Pelosi, Dodd, Frank et al get their next payday.
Its sick sick sick.
Since the Banks won't lend to mainstreet the automakers, etc. now line up for still more taxpayer funds. Facilitating all of this is the Congress who are employees of Wall Street and the Banks not the people. Don't you feel better though, knowing the banks have all that new money from your grandchildren on their balance sheets which have been fluffed up at our expense?
This incestuous and highly visible relationship between the Money Interest (Wall Street/Illuminati), Fed Res, Congress and the Corporation must surely and finally alert every American as to how things work in todays USA and who the beneficiaries are. It is a gigantic financial con game, a ponzi scheme and the people are the victims.
And what is the grateful response of the banks into which Paulsen and Congress are depositing hundreds of billions of our money? They are sending out letters nationwide, "miss a payment and your rate is automatically increased to 29.9%". Not used your card in a while? Cancelled. Credit lines being reduced across the board, no reason necessary or given. The Banks and Congress are "in business" together. Take from the people give to the Banks and all of it facilitated by "our" representatives.
Had the corrupt financial institutions been allowed to fail through Bankruptcy there would have been a mad scramble to pick up the pieces by sound banks foreign and domestic. Those who created the counterfeit financial exotica would have gone into the toilet where they belong. Yes the corrupt Fed Res System would have crashed, so what? An asset backed monetary system would arise in its place. But no, with banking control comes political control. With reserve currency control comes world control. Its preservation of the status quo at any cost and the cost is indentured servitude of the taxpayers for generations to come, all facilitated by "our" representatives.
And now, in a real world highly visible example of the BUSH SR./Illuminatti philosophy of forcing everyone into the same boat, their boat, you (we) are now the proud owners of parts of their corrupt and insolvent institutions via enforced ownership mandated by Paulsen and the Congress.
The corruption extends beyond the financial arena. The Beast, Octopus, Swamp Creature, CORPORATION is EVIL incarnate. It is/has destroyed most everything WE THE PEOPLE stand for and hold dear. They incarcerate innocents throwing away the keys to coerse pleas and obtain whatever they seek and to stop all opposition of every kind and nature. They build internment camps and rail cars with handcuffs. They lie, cheat and steal. They bribe and blackmail. They destroy the REPUBLIC and its LAW the CONSTITUTION and replace it with their own laws and government, Democracy and the Uniform Commercial Code. They create a Police State and their own Court System outside the parameters of Article III courts (constitution). They establish an absolute tyranny, refuse to redress grievances and eat out the peoples substance for personal gain and greed.
We are a dictatorship. Our dictator cares not which face we choose to convey his orders to us. Congress has acquiesced, cooperated, participated and been bribed and blackmailed into submission to this dictatorship. The courts are an instrument of this vaguely visible demon which has assumed all power unto itself under "color of law" as defined by themselves. The media has been bought, literally bought out, by the beast and are now mouth pieces for the very same criminals who own the politicians. These visible manifestations of evil control freaks are only the tip of the iceberg with hidden agendas so egregious, so horrendous and depraved as to be unbelievable to the average citizen. There is no level to which they will not stoop as they are purely Satanic in nature. Their goal is control, control of the earth and all people upon it.
WE THE PEOPLE are in the same position today as WE were when the Declaration of Independence was signed and sent to the CBIC (chief bastard in charge) King George in 1777 and we are still dealing with CBIC's named George (Sr& Jr.) today. The Swamp Creature, the World Dictatorship, the Illuminati change the names and faces from time to time but their planned subjugation of the world does not change.
Congress, as you can clearly see, is an instrument of this depraved abomination upon mankind save and except those few, democrats and republicans, who, by their votes, stand in opposition to this evil.
The world belongs to GOD not this bunch of sadistic Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.
We will receive deliveries literally at any time. There will be announcements. We will have a joyful Christmas.
To what extent the TRUTH will be shared with WE THE PEOPLE is an unknown.
To those in authority WE say we want the TRUTH, the whole TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH.
Then we will set about the business of helping others and saving our country.
Roger. Ten Four. Over And Out.
casper dec-6-08



Sunday, 07 December 2008

Petition For Sanctions, Divestment and Boycott Of Israel
'Petition in support of call by United Nations General Assembly President Miguel D’escoto Brockmann for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel'
Sunday, 07 December 2008

SWAT Team Conducts Food Raid In Rural Ohio

'On Monday, December 1, a SWAT team with semi-automatic rifles entered the private home of the Stowers family in LaGrange, Ohio, herded the family onto the couches in the living room, and kept guns trained on parents, children, infants and toddlers, from approximately 11 AM to 8 PM. The team was aggressive and belligerent. The children were quite traumatized. At some point, the “bad cop” SWAT team was relieved by another team, a “good cop” team that tried to befriend the family. The Stowers family has run a very large, well-known food cooperative called Manna Storehouse on the western side of the greater Cleveland area for many years.'

Sunday, 07 December 2008

US Communities Considering Own Currency

'They may be talking funny money, but it's not funny business. Residents from the Milwaukee neighborhoods of Riverwest and East Side are scheduled to meet Wednesday to discuss printing their own money. The idea is that the local cash could be used at neighborhood stores and businesses, thus encouraging local spending. The result, supporters hope, would be a bustling local economy, even as the rest of the nation deals with a recession.'


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MNN. Dec. 3, 2008. The vermin have come out of the woodwork. Now that Canada’s Parliament has been suspended, it should now be obvious to everyone, Canada is not a democracy. It never was. It is a colony that has a single person, the Queen, sitting on top as the head of state. It’s been run for the benefit of a few business interests. It only pretends to protect the people.

Canada has no land base as Ongwehonwe never gave up anything. Turtle Island and its resources belong to us.

On December 4th 2008 Canada’s Parliament was “prorogued”. In other words, the pretense of representative government of the colony was dissolved. Prime Minister, Stephen Harper presented a bogus budget to Parliament. He wanted to cut corporate taxes, slash social, education and health programs. He even wanted to cut off the election subsidies to the parties. It was outrageous. He knew it would be rejected. His party was outnumbered. Next Monday, December 8th, he would have had to face a vote of “non-confidence”, lose and then step down. Then another election would have been called with just about the same result as the last one. Harper would have had another minority government. Canadians have spoken. They don’t want him to have too much power.

The other parties, the Liberals, New Democratic and Bloc Quebec, decided to form a coalition, which was legal according to their colonial structure. It made sense. It followed Canadian cultural precedent. It has to have been anticipated by Harper and whoever pulls his strings.

What was the real plan? The Governor General of Canada, Michaele Jean, had been sent to Europe to be near whoever pulls the strings of her boss, Queen Elizabeth. The Governor General was called back “suddenly” to fulfill this colonial metaphor about being a single head of state, the “maharajah” who reigns over her subjects in Canada. Harper asked the Governor General to discontinue Parliament for eight weeks [or more].

“Prorogue” means to discontinue meetings of parliament without dissolving it. In other words, it’s a dictatorship. The Prime Minister can indefinitely extend his term of office if he can create the “need” for it. It was a measure meant to take care of emergencies – like war. It was not meant to allow a prime minister to assume dictatorial power, or to do an end run around the discussions that should take place when people living in widely separate places with different needs have to work together. Canada’s chaotic state is a sign that differences are coming out and their system cannot deal with it.(...)
His remarks about the people in Quebec have been particularly offensive and meant to start fights. Is he trying to break up Canada? Or is he just trying to create a “pretext” for martial law? Is it a coincidence that the military conducted exercises to prepare for this eventuality just two weeks ago? ....
It’s been called an “economic crisis”. Then what’s the excuse for setting up a totalitarian regime? Unless the time has come for someone to cash in! Should Harper and his “counsel of foreign advisors” decide that the situation has gotten “out of hand”, he could maintain martial law indefinitely. This would give him time to bring everybody and everything under control. His backers can then “take the money and run”.

As it stands Harper can be sent around the world to make deals to sell off our resources, and then pocket the money. Who can stop him? It’s time for people to do some serious thinking about the real meaning of “democracy”. There has to be some real consultation with the people, which he doesn’t want.
Canada’s “pseudo democracy” is dangerous. It lets a single person take dictatorial control to sell off resources without regard for the welfare of the people. We would like to suggest to Canadians that it is time for them to take a serious look at the Great Law of Peace, a tried and proven model that shows how people can work together without having a leader or head of state. It shows how differences of opinion are turned into strengths that contribute to a solution that benefits everyone.

Today Canadians are groping to be saved. It is totally absurd that someone in England can rule Onowaregeh, Turtle Island, through their nominee, the “prime minister”. Equality failed for the colonists because in their hierarchical system they want a “prime” minister, governor general, queen or a Don to sit on top and dictate to everybody. In the beginning the colonists looked at our Great Law constitution and tried to create a model with some of the principles of equality and everyone having a voice. It did not work because of their refusing to create a balance of power. .....
The whole economy of Canada and the U.S. has been based on greed and expansion for the business viability for a few. New technology pushes this idea along. In the long run this can’t work because we are not looking after our mother as one earth where we all have to stay rooted. So it’s coming to an end. We have lots of challenges. We have to learn how to achieve balance and a way of life that respects us, our land and everything on it. The bosses of the colonizers must be forced to let go of their greed. Is this possible?
                  As it looks, the Queen and the oligarchs have no further use for their colonists here in their present state. They used their natural energies and labor to build something false for themselves. They controlled their minds. In fact, they enslaved them and took all the products for themselves. Now they are taking them to a new level of bondage. Canada has expired as they thought they knew it. We Ongwehonwe were spared because we always resisted. So all they got from us was our resources. We still have our minds and our basic relations with the land and with each other.  ....
        They have to go back to the original relationship with us as the owners of the land and the colonizers as our “visitors”.

The North American Union NAU is the next totalitarian step. The oligarchs are going to amalgamate the land of the Indigenous people of the colonial entities of Mexico, U.S. and Canada. They want a free flow of commerce to benefit a few capitalists. They want to tighten their grip on the people and get rid of human rights. Everybody has to resist this potential slavery. We demand that they leave their destructive and grasping schemes behind and move toward a proper and legal relationship with us.
To save yourselves, Canadians, you have to take on our basic principles of equality, everybody having a voice, taking care of the land, living peacefully and respecting us and each other.



La cote de popularité de John James Charest est inquiétante !
Il ne faut pas que ce politicien mégalomane deviennent majoritaire !
VOTEZ pour le parti québécois. On leur arrangera le portrait après.

Les résidences de John James Charest: comment peut-il se payer ces luxueuses demeures avec son seul salaire de premier ministre ? La corruption est partout !

Ses débats et accrochages avec les syndicats: le rapport est faible.   lessivage
Avec les étudiants pas beaucoup plus de succès  interrompu
Le profonf mépris de Charest pour l'autre autorité...
MERCI HYDRO QUÉBEC, DESMARAIS, DASSAULT, CHER GOUVERNEMENT ET AL... pour nous avoir volé de plusieurs milliards de dollars des inventions révolutionnaires du bon peuple dont celle de la roue motrice électrique de Pierre Couture et son équipe. Les québécois sont encore lésés par les gros prédateurs de l'oligarchie franco-canadienne.
Electric Mini developed by PML and Portsmouth University reported on BBC South Today on 18th June 2007.

Le futur est dans la voiture électrique, ce qu'il y a de plus rapide au monde. Où sommes-nous ?
Toutes les grandes compagnies d'automobile subissent de grandes pertes d'argent. J'en suis très heureux. Ils ont fourbé l'humanité depuis des décennies au profit du pétrole qui pollue et tue. Que les gros actionnaires de Général Motor se retrouvent dans la rue... à pieds.
Electric car  vs   ferrari, it is faster:


Pour dimanche le 7 décembre 2008

Richard Glenn, par l' Ésotérisme Expérienciel.
Après avoir traversé les 7 INITIATIONS PLANÉTAIRES TERRESTRES -les 7 sacrements- et les trois premières INITIATIONS COSMIQUES: MAJEURES: LUNAIRE, SOLAIRE, DA'ATh (Jupiter) et VULCAIN . . . nous sommes, ce que nous sommes; éternellement.

L'Univers NOUMÉNAL source de
notre Univers PHÉNOMÉNAL
existe hors de toutes formes.
Comment peut-on concevoir l'informe avec notre cerveau biologique qui s'informe pour percevoir la réalité dans laquelle nous vivons notre vie spirituelle depuis notre naissance matérielle ?
Exposé de Richard, à l'aide du Document 812
remis gratuitement aux assistants à cette conférence.

Personnalités ressources:

Selon la météo,
il sera présent à Montréal (beau temps seulement)
ou sera projeté sur écran géant (s'il neige)
à partir de la conférence qu'il a donné à Québec vendredi soir le 5 décembre dernier.
M. "AÏN SOF", un maître.
Personnage unique... qui veut garder l'anonymat..
D'un âge respectable, acceptera-t-il d'être filmé ?
Mais, il passera "son Message" en cette fin d'année
que nous avons consacrée aux différentes INITIATIONS.
Il est l'invité idéal pour développer le thème de

M. Edmond Vavginiack
Ami d'enfance de Karol Voytyia (Pape J-P II).
Il vient nous présenter quelque chose de précieux
en début d'après-midi (20 min. environ).
Il remettra un document (photocopié)
aux gens sur place.
Cela semblerait avoir un rapport avec les prophéties de la Vierge... pour très bientôt !

M. Maurice Poulin, écrivain,
Spécialiste de Nostradamus.
Auteur de: "Le Grand Monarque, messager du Verseau... à l'Ère du Verseau ".
Le "Nouveau Monde" est à notre porte.
Comment Obama nous y prépare-t-il ?
Que sera l'année 2009 ?
L'événement majeur qui va transformer le "Monde Ancien" - que sera-t-il ?

M. Éric Duchaine, socio-hypnologue, PNL.
Spécialiste des techniques de manipulation des masses par le langage non-verbal et subliminal.
Comment Obama arrive-t-il a établir le "Nouvel Ordre Mondial" sans effrayer les foules ?     accueil/ homepage


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