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15 Dec 2008
HOT: Illinois Crime Spree Escalates as U S Nuclear Codes are Compromised
by Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich with president-elect Barack Obama's White House Chief of Staff designate and Head of the North American Israeli Mossad, Rahm Emanuel (left pic), and Jesse Jackson Jr. with Barack Obama

Sunday December 14, 2008

United States of America – At this hour we can divulge that Rahm Emanuel is only cooperating with Special Counsel Fitzgerald in regards to the Blagojevich-Jesse Jackson Jr. bribery case          and is actually taking the 5th Amendment concerning his role with the Israeli Mossad and the Turkish Consulate in Chicago.
Accordingly, it is likely that Fitzgerald will proceed with Emanuel's indictment,
along with the indictments of Governor Blagojevich and Jesse Jackson Jr.
    Note: Illinois Governor Blagojevich is still negotiating a plea bargain with Fitzgerald, which will deal with a lot more evidence being presented to Fitzgerald
than just Blagojevich resigning his governorship.

Reference: FBI tape recording will show that it was Rahm Emanuel that added the name of Jesse Jackson Jr. to a list that included four other individuals to be considered for the open Obama U.S. Senate seat in Illinois.
Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich with Jesse Jackson Jr.
We can now report that Jesse Jackson Jr. met with Blagojevich at 4 p.m. on Monday afternoon of last week;
the following morning at 6:00 a.m. Blagojevich was arrested by the FBI.

Mehmet Celebi with Hillary Clinton (left pic), and
Celebi (far right) with Rahm Emanuel (center)
FBI tape recorded conversations divulge that representatives of Jesse Jackson Jr. aka Indian businessmen tied to known LOSER Hillary's fundraiser, Mehmet Celebi,
were about to complete a massive financial bribe, which would obtain the Illinois U.S. Senate seat for Jesse Jackson Jr.
Item: FBI tape recorded conversations clearly prove that Rahm Emanuel was well aware of this pending bribery conspiracy for over two weeks
and did not alert the FBI to what was going on.

Barack Obama embraces his fundraiser Tony Rezko, and
Tony Rezko (right) with Blagojevich (center)
Reference: Barack Obama fundraiser Tony Rezko is singing like a canary
on elements of corruption in Illinois yet to be revealed that will make your head spin.

P.S. The situation is getting worse as the TREASON escalates.
The Bushfraud Justice Department headed by KHAZARIAN Jew, Attorney General Michael Mukasey, is actually trying to interfere with Fitzgerald's investigation
by using plants inside Fitzgerald's inquiry to leak erroneous reports to CNN and other Mossad-riddled corporate U.S. networks.
The plants inside Fitzgerald's inquiry are providing these leaks to a former Illinois Federal Judge and former Clinton Administration White House legal counsel KHAZARIAN Jew Abner Mikva.
Reference: During the Clinton Administration, operating as White House legal counsel, Mikva was part of the Clinton-Bush–Mossad team
that tipped off fugitive Marc Rich in regards to his pending arrest warrant and European RED NOTICE,
which frustrated and stopped the attempt by then Vice President Albert Gore Jr., Ambassador Leo Wanta, FBI Director William Sessions, General Vernon Walters and French President Francois Mitterrand to arrest Marc Rich
while he was traveling from Switzerland to board a ferry to Monte Carlo.
Mikva also conspired with then Clinton Administration Trade Representative Mickey Kantor to have Ambassador Leo Wanta ILLEGALLY arrested in Switzerland
with the help than none other than the Wisconsin Department of Revenue
and placed in a Swiss dungeon for thirty (30) days.

Abner Mikva, Victoria Toensing
There are reports out of Chicago that, as of this evening, Mikva and CIA Bushfraud attorney Victoria Toensing       have reached out to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange to put together a slush fund and a bribe to silence Governor Blagojevich.
Rumors have it that Blagojevich is blackmailing the entire Illinois State legislature concerning any attempt to impeach him.
Blagojevich allegedly has photos of high level Illinois State Assemblymen and Senators engaged in underage heterosexual and homosexual sex.

Emil Jones and Blagojevich AP by Jonathan Kirshner.
Blagojevich has the ultimate hole card, which is photographs of the State of Illinois Senate President Emil Jones      engaged in sexual activity with an underage 15 year old girl.

P.P.S. We can also reveal that Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald has evidence tying president-elect Barack Obama's White House Chief of Staff designate and Head of the North American Israeli Mossad, Rahm Emanuel,
to passing SECRET U.S. nuclear and NATO codes to representatives of the RED Communist Chinese government
utilizing both the Turkish and Canadian Consulates in Chicago as the liaison.

Item: Emanuel conspired with former Clinton White House National Security Advisor, Sandy Berger, to raid the U.S. National Archives
concerning evidence linking both the Bush and Clinton Administrations to 9/11 TREASON.

We can also note that the reason the Chicago Tribune withheld divulging the story of Fitzgerald's FBI wiretaps was clearly the national security side of the investigation,
which is, of course, TREASON of the highest order against the United States of America.

Final note: As crazy as this might sound, folks, believe me when I tell you that White House occupant, cocaine snorting, closet homosexual, AWOL sociopath George W. Bushfraud is seriously considering issuing pardons for Emanuel, Jesse Jackson Jr. and Blagojevich      as to escape what will clearly end up as     an all enveloping annihilation
of the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate and its associates.

Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald holds all of the cards,
including the future of the United States as a Republic.

At this our we live free or die as we continue to identify the enemies of the American Republic and the American Revolution of the 21st century and eradicate them.
Stay tuned for emergency reports at any moment.
Overlord at Yorktown remains relentless and victorious.
Lafayette remains at Brandywine and Albert Gore Jr. remains the REAL President of the United States.
Non-inaugurated, duly elected
President Albert Gore Jr.

International Intelligence Expert, Tom Heneghan, has hundreds of highly credible sources inside American and European Intelligence Agencies and INTERPOL -- reporting what is REALLY going on behind the scenes of the controlled mainstream media cover up propaganda of on-going massive deceptions and illusions.

Liberty and Justice for We, the American People
Punishment with Due Prejudice for ALL Traitors
Patriotic, God-loving, peaceful Jewish People are NOT the same as the war mongering ZIONIST KHAZARIAN Jews.

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December 15, 2008

American People Warned To Prepare For Financial Armageddon

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Deputy Economics Minister Andrei Klepach in issuing his stark warning to
President Medvedev that the Russian economy is now in recession has
stated in even more catastrophic terms that the United States is facing
nothing less than a total ‘Financial Armageddon’.

Klepach’s warnings also echo those of the American researcher Michael J.
who in his book titled ‘Financial Armageddon’ had tried to warn
his Nations peoples about their coming collapse, none of whom listened
to his warnings though while their was still time to protect themselves.

More directly, however, Klepach’s warnings were based upon the collapse
of the buyout for Canada’s phone giant
this past week
which he states is  the ‘beginning of the end’ of American financial hegemony over the
World, and as we can read:

“The collapse of what would have been the the largest leveraged buyout
in history has some private equity executives fearing a financial
“Armageddon,” The Financial Times reported.

On Wednesday night, the $50 billion takeover of BCE, parent of the phone
giant Bell Canada, by a consortium of private equity firms collapsed,
bringing the recent era of blockbuster corporate buyouts to an end.”

The ‘domino effect’ of this buyout collapse is reverberating through all
of the World’s finance ministries and markets today with one of the
United States largest hedge funds now informing its depositors that they
can no longer access their money, and as we can read:

“Citadel Investment Group, the hedge fund firm run by Kenneth C.
Griffin, halted year-end withdrawals from its two biggest funds after
investors sought to take out $1.2 billion, according to a letter sent to

The Kensington and Wellington funds, which together manage about $10
billion, have lost 49.5 percent of their value this year through Dec. 5.
Withdrawals may resume as early as March 31, said the letter, signed by
Mr. Griffin and sent to investors on Friday, Bloomberg News reported.”

Adding to the woes associated with this Global economic collapse is the
just released World Bank report warning that we are now entering a time
not seen since the Great Depression, and as we can read:

“The world could go through its worst recession since the Great
Depression as a massive financial crisis has slashed global investment
and sharp drops in commodity prices severely hurt poor-country exports,
the World Bank warned.

The global development bank slashed its previous estimates for global
growth to 2.5 percent in 2008 and 0.9 percent in 2009, well below the
three percent rate typically considered the dividing line between global
growth and contraction.

“The financial crisis is now likely to result in the most serious
recession since the 1930s,” said the World Bank’s chief economist Justin
Lin, as the group released its annual report on the global economy.”

To the catastrophic fate awaiting the American people however, is the
collapse of their currency, and as we can read is already occurring:

“The biggest foreign-exchange strategists and investors say the best may
be over for the dollar after a four-month, 24 percent rally.

The currency weakened 5.9 percent measured by the trade- weighted Dollar
Index after strengthening between July and November as investors bought
the greenback to flee riskier assets and repay dollar-denominated loans
from lenders reining in credit. Ever since peaking on Nov. 21, the
dollar fell against all 16 of the most-widely traded currencies,
according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

U.S. policy makers are flooding the world with an extra $8.5 trillion
through 23 different plans designed to bail out the financial system and
pump up the economy. The decline shows that the increased supply of
money may be overwhelming investors just as the government steps up debt
sales, the trade and budget deficits grow and de-leveraging by investors

“The dollar will go to new lows as the U.S. attacks its currency,” said
John Taylor, chairman of New York-based FX Concepts Inc., which manages
about $14.5 billion of currencies.”

In an even greater affront to the American people about the trillions of
dollars being ‘unleashed’ upon the World by their government is that
they are not allowed to even know who is receiving these staggering
amounts of money, and as we can read:

“The Federal Reserve refused a request by Bloomberg News to disclose the
recipients of more than $2 trillion of emergency loans from U.S.
taxpayers and the assets the central bank is accepting as collateral.

Bloomberg filed suit Nov. 7 under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act
requesting details about the terms of 11 Fed lending programs, most
created during the deepest financial crisis since the Great Depression.”

Even worse for these American people is their not even realizing that
the current financial chaos enveloping them is just beginning and is
nowhere near seeing its ending point as another giant wave of home
foreclosures is about to erupt and which is being termed as a
‘Foreclosure Storm’ getting ready to hit them as the new year begins and
Jim Rogers, one of the World's most prominent International investors,
is warning that most of the largest US banks are “totally bankrupt”.

In an even more bitter indictment of the American people, who many
Russian economists have already labeled as ‘insane’, Klepach points out
in his reports that these deluded people are actually still paying great
portions of their monthly wages on home mortgages, auto loans and credit
card bills which have already been taken off the books of their already
failed banks as ‘uncollectible’ debts as all of these people will fall
into bankruptcy by the end of 2010.

One can only wonder as to why these people are paying anything at all to
anyone other than their own family’s survival. It is as if they actually
believe they will ‘somehow’ return to the spendthrift days of their past
where they cared not one wit for the future as they, even now, continue
plunging into the abyss.

We can only guess as to whether these people deserve our scorn or
sympathy as they themselves appear to be living their lives in continued
denial of the monstrous future being planned for them.

© December 15, 2008 EU and US all rights reserved.
Sorcha Faal

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