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17 Dec 2008 Caroline vs Hillary Witch plus Lifelong FBI Informant Jesse Jackson
by Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert

Caroline Kennedy, daughter of assassinated President John F. Kennedy Jr.
Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate partner LOSER Hillary Clinton

Tuesday December 16, 2008

United States of America – We can now report that Reverend Jesse Jackson Jr.'s confession that he has been an FBI informant is nothing more than an attempt to escape certain prosecution for being involved in an attempt to bribe Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich for the position of Illinois U.S. Senator.

FBI tape recorded conversations detail a conspiracy between Indian businessmen and major Illinois Democratic fundraiser Mehmet Celebi to arrange a half a million dollar bribe to Blagojevich in return for appoint of Jackson Jr. as Illinois U.S. Senator.

Jackson Jr. was tipped off by British Intelligence asset and Chicago Tribune editor James Warren (312) 222-3232,
concerning the FBI's knowledge of the proposed meeting to arrange the bribe.

As reported in the previous intelligence briefing, Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation in Illinois has been wiretapped by the Bushfraud Justice Department
and spied on by both the Canadian and Turkish Consulates in Chicago.
Both the Turkish and Canadian Consulates are targets of Fitzgerald's on-going criminal inquiry.
At this hour, Jackson Jr. alleges that he is not an informant but an asset working with the Bush(fraud) Justice Department.
This, of course, folks, is all spin and damage control.

In the CIA parlance of espionage and covert operations, what Jackson Jr. is doing tonight is a 'limited hangout' – it won't work!
Reference: Now let's deal with the real FBI informant, a lifelong FBI informant and stool pigeon, Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr.

by Tom Heneghan
January 30, 2008 …SERIAL RAPIST Bill Clinton has used the Reverend Jesse Jackson as his puppet for years.
Clinton put Jackson on the DNC payroll after Jackson agreed to be used as a prop when then Governor Clinton attacked the Reverend Jackson for being too far left.
This, of course, was Clinton and Jackson playing the race card together, i.e. the "Sister Souljah moment".
Just recently the bought and paid for Reverend informant Jesse Jackson remained silent when SERIAL RAPIST Bill Clinton invoked Jackson's name so as, ONCE AGAIN, to play the race card after the South Carolina Democratic Primary.

Jackson, originally a Republican and an FBI informant on their payroll in 1968,
was in Memphis, Tennessee when Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated.
Martin Luther King Jr., second right, and SCLC aides Hosea Williams, Jesse Jackson Jr., from left, and Ralph Abernathy return to the Lorraine Motel in Memphis.
King was shot dead on the balcony April 4, 1968. Photo: AP/File
King assassinated. Rev. Martin Luther King is fatally shot on April 4 while standing on a Memphis motel balcony. Riots break out in 125 cities, leaving 46 dead.
Time, Inc. photo, 1968, via Associated Press

That is right folks, James Earl Ray was a patsy!

Jackson was then promoted by the American media as the replacement civil rights leader for the murdered Dr. King…

Now let's deal with the
Caroline vs Hillary feud
At this hour we can divulge that KHAZARIAN Jew lesbian in-the-closet LOSER Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, is blackmailing current New York Governor David Paterson
in regards to naming the daughter of assassinated President John F. Kennedy as the next U.S. Senator from New York.
Hillary, now engaged in hysterical tirades at the prospect of 'princess' Caroline in Hillary Witch's vacated Senate seat, is even blackmailing president-elect Barack Obama
on the prospect of Caroline Kennedy in the U.S. Senate.
The 3rd degree Witch, Hillary, is actually being leaked information on Fitzgerald's inquiry aka Obama from noted Israeli Mossad and KHAZARIAN Jew, former Chicago Judge and former Clinton White House Counsel Abner Mikva.
Fitzgerald is now investigating the leaks inside his investigation,
including the prospect that he is being spied on and wiretapped in violation of the law.

Hillary recently received information that Obama fundraiser, Tony Rezko, is singing like a canary and has implicated president-elect Obama
in laundering campaign funds through his wife's law firm.

British Intelligence asset Tina Brown
Hillary Witch is being enabled in her smear operation against Caroline Kennedy by TIME magazine, (212) 522-1212, and one of its chief columnists, KHAZARIAN Jew Joe Klein, and political correspondent Karen Tumulty,
along with former Vanity Fair editor and British Intelligence asset Tina Brown.

All three are archenemies of duly elected President Albert Gore Jr. and all three helped cover up the Bush-Clinton "TRUE COLORS" assassination of Caroline Kennedy's brother and son of the late President, John F. Kennedy Jr.

It was LOSER Hillary, along with George Herbert Walker Bush and former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright aka Halfbright, that conspired to place a barometric bomb on JFK Jr.'s plane and then trigger the explosive device by using a cell phone that set off the explosive device
...... Caroline Kennedy's cell phone number was dialed from none other than Haifa, Israel.

How dare you, you conspirator tyrants
and kings and notable queens.

It was during the same time period that the same criminal conspirators tried to assassinate then Vice President, now non-inaugurated duly elected President Albert Gore Jr.
by vectoring his Air Force Two airplane over the skies of Chicago.
Reference: JFK Jr. was about to publish in his George magazine the complete details of the Clinton-Bush-Mossad "TRUE COLORS" assassination teams and the secret offshore accounts of the Bushes and Clintons that dealt with stolen U.S. Treasury funds.

The Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate wanted both JFK Jr. and Vice President Al Gore out of the way since JFK Jr. planned to challenge Hillary for the New York U.S. Senate seat in the year 2000, and the Bush Crime Family wanted a northeastern patsy like Bill Bradley as their opponent rather than Vice President Albert Gore, whom they felt they could not defeat except by fraud.

P.S. The little stooge Chrissy Pooh Matthews spent his MSNBC talk show today promoting a possible presidential candidacy of year 2000 election fixer and criminal co-conspirator Jeb Bush.
Matthews, a bought and paid for puppet of NBC General Electric, (202) 885-4200,
is a Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate mouthpiece of the highest order and has been for years.
Message to Matthews: When you run for the Democratic U.S. Senatorial nomination in Pennsylvania you are going to have a hard time explaining to Democrats in Pennsylvania why you, to this day, still brag about how you voted for George W. Bushfraud in the year 2000 presidential election.
It is well known, Matthews, that you have a personal vendetta against duly elected President Gore.
We are happy to announce tonight, Chrissy Pooh, that we have a personal vendetta against you.

Chris Matthews and Lawrence O'Donnell
You also are going to have a hard time explaining how you and that little creep, Lawrence O'Donnell, took payoffs to keep your mouths shut concerning the Clinton-Bush-George Ryan-Jeb Bush-Fidel Castro-Jesse Jackson anti Gore-Elian Gonzalez year 2000 Florida election psyop.

P.P.S. Here is a direct warning to media filth like KHAZARIAN Jew Joe Klein,
lesbian in-the-closet Karen Tumulty, Chrissy Pooh Matthews
and all others who propagate Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate lies and treason:

The American People will NOT tolerate any more of this Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate occupation of the United States and extraordinary measures WILL be taken to not only rid this country of every last Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate member, including those in the American corporate controlled media elite that enable it.

P.P.P.S.: Stay tuned for the next intelligence briefing, which will include the Madoff NASDAQ scandal, the role of the Israeli Mossad, stolen U.S. Treasury funds and the now criminal foundation linked to both the Bush and Clinton Crime Families that actually received commissions and payoffs to cover up the crime spree of Madoff.

We will also detail how the Madoff hedge fund account was used by the Israeli Mossad to finance an attempted coup in Turkey utilizing an Israeli Mossad asset and double agent Fethullah Gülen.
Gülen not only invested in the hedge fund but had links to the noted Mossad front, the 9/11 linked American Turkish Council.

The purpose of the coup was to replace the government of Turkey with a more friendly pro neocon Mossad government that would allow the United States to use Turkey as a route for Bushfraud's invasion of Iraq.
The role of accused Israeli spy Larry Franklin will also be explored, along with the link to Fitzgerald's inquiry aka the Turkish and Canadian Consulates in Chicago.
At this our we live free or die as we continue to identify the enemies of the American Republic and the American Revolution of the 21st century and eradicate them.
Stay tuned for emergency reports at any moment. Overlord at Yorktown remains relentless and victorious.
Lafayette remains at Brandywine and Albert Gore Jr. remains the REAL President of the United States
Non-inaugurated, duly elected
President Albert Gore Jr.
International Intelligence Expert, Tom Heneghan, has hundreds of highly credible sources inside American and European Intelligence Agencies and INTERPOL -- reporting what is REALLY going on behind the scenes of the controlled mainstream media cover up propaganda of on-going massive deceptions and illusions.

Liberty and Justice for We, the American People
Punishment with Due Prejudice for ALL Traitors
Patriotic, God-loving, peaceful Jewish People are NOT the same as the war mongering ZIONIST KHAZARIAN Jews.

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...casper......dec 16th..../ first one......

Now for the latest Global Warming weather update; worldwide measurements through early December show 2008 to be the coldest year on record since 1994. Do you think this will stop or slow down the "world taxation/communist restructuring"? No way Jose'.

Only announcements of a return to the CONSTITUTION can save us from the Illuminati/NWO/U.N./United States CORPORATION scams underway for decades under both Democrat and Republican administrations. The Congress and the Supreme Court are participants as demonstrated by the use of taxpayer funds to bailout corrupt banks and Wall Street and by the refusal of the Court to demand production of a legitimate OBAMA birth certificate.
Our country has been stolen from WE THE PEOPLE by the wealthy elite who have passed their own unconstitutional laws using the bought and paid for legislature which has sold out the nation in a hundred different ways. The executive has assumed the roll of dictator (HLS, Patriot Act, Torture, Illegal Wiretaps of citizens) violating all historical limits on the Presidency and then using Federal Judges employed by the CORPORATION to incarcerate any citizen attempting to fight their murder of the Republic. Not one citizen in a hundred understands what they are doing or how the country is now ruled by a privately owned banking cartel (Fed Res), bribed politicians and unelected Bureaucrats (Paulsen/Geithner) who are working for the Banks/Illuminati not the American people or even in the best interest of the country. No matter how great or obvious this Treason becomes the people seem not to have the will/ability to stop or overcome it.
Because "they" control who the people can vote for (BUSH, KERRY, CLINTON, McCAIN, OBAMA) there appears to be no way for the people to recapture the Republic from a wholly corrupt Octopus/Swamp Creature which has taken absolute control of all aspects of American life (Law Enforcement/States and Municipalities made dependent upon the Federal Government) and this "takeover" using War and Emergency Powers Laws forfeited by the Congress to the President is now so complete and all encompassing that private companies are allowed their own jails inside the Pentagon and the CIA. Government corruption abounds at every level and provides the guidance for business to conduct itself outside the law or any norm of morality. Always the people are the victims.
          The amounts of money moving back and forth among the Politicians, Business and Government Contracts is staggering and simply added to the debt owed by our grandchildren. The result of all this highly visible corruption is the collapse of the country as we have known it and "Democracy" (a form of Government despised by the founding fathers) is always followed by a dictatorship, in this case a "face" who works for the money interest (Illuminatti).
Once upon a time...we were a nation of laws. Now we are a nation of men, corrupt men who have destroyed the nation and even the world for personal gain. The pain so far inflicted upon the people in general, the elderly in particular and the unborn in spades has only just begun. At the heart of it all is the Congress, especially the Senate, which with their bought and paid for votes have allowed corruption to flourish, even participating themselves, and which has destroyed the very fabric of society including the laws set in place to protect the people from the money interest. If we do not receive this week we are going to expose the huge amounts of bribery money paid to these corrupt bastards on encrypted cards Monday a week ago yesterday. Apparently they think they are the only ones who can see the computers.
Its time their FAMILIES and Government Employees in D.C. and the American People learn what an expensive little whorehouse they are running up there. And while we are at it we may as well name those Senators and BUSH family members appointed by Senior as Trustees so they could steal still more money after blocking deliveries for years on Seniors orders. And, we might as well go ahead and describe how the MORMONS have received so much money from the L.A. based B.of A. Banks (CIA) using church members as "mules" also on orders of BUSH and certain Senators.
Its a sewer friends and like it or not it is our sewer. WE don't need others "suitcases" as we have a big one of our own.
"They" have stalled and guaranteed and guaranteed and stalled the whole world over and over again more times than we can count using every conceivable excuse. They have disregarded, even caused, more suffering by more people than can be measured. They have lied and lied over and over again even to their own Trustees and friends and allies. It's time to start naming names-and amounts-don't you think-D.P. and Senators??
The Congress, the Banks and Wall Street, the Fed Res (privately owned banking cartel), successive administrations and the CORPORATION act in concert to protect themselves, their secrets, their empire and to pursue one financial scam after another from the Brady Bonds (Cantor Fitzgerald-911) to Counterfeit Gold Certificates (VKD, GAIA), from the securitization and international marketing of worthless mortgages and other financial exotica to the bailout of their corrupt financial institutions at taxpayers expense to the outright theft of our funds over and over again over the years.
Only the announcement of a return to the CONSTITUTION has the power to stop this corruption.

There was once a Supreme Court Case resulting in a "majority opinion" which stated (paraphrasing) " any law passed in violation of the Constitution is no law at all as if it was never passed". This means that decades of unconstitutional law making by the legislature will be wiped away as if it never happened.
We must have the announcements. Nothing less will do.

WE hear two of the five big Trustees in Europe were fired then the replacements were replaced. They are not answering the phones in Brussels, not for anyone. We hope this is a good sign. Actually WE expect deliveries literally at any moment-no fooling.
Please remember to support bringers of truth such as and and similar websites after funding. Many are devoting their lives to helping the people understand what is going on in our country. Surely we can support them financially can't we? Perhaps we should "get together" and purchase a major television network? Talk about a "reality" show.........

Several days ago WE were informed OBAMA was trying to steal our money and informed you of this in a previous update. After typing all the above and winding this up the phone rings. WE are informed by impeccable sources that OBAMA informed his closest allies and advisors LAST NIGHT the people will not be allowed to have this money, that he and the Government need it worse than we do and that he will see to it that those who "deserve it" receive the money. Immediately after the phone rings again, this time sources in Europe are hearing all five Trustees over there have been fired including D.P..
Is this stuff true? It is true that it happened, whether OBAMA can actually do this or whether he is just running his mouth is not known at this moment. Remember, he is completely surrounded by the CLINTONS and their people who have fought our funding for years. The F&P funds are in Treasury and on Debit Cards.
Now Treasury is being handed over to Geithner, second only to Bernake in the FED RES SYSTEM. It appears obvious OBAMA is being blackmailed by the CLINTONS with we know not what.
ALL sources were expecting deliveries today. Higher ups, in place around the world since Monday of last week were told Wednesday for them after we go today. IMF sources had been told Wed also. Our Intel is cross checked a dozen different ways and ALL sources agreed-accounts liquid, releases given, this is it. Now this.
Every one of us must shake off our complacency and get to work finding out whether OBAMA and his CLINTON masters are going to be able to take over from BUSH and continue the blockage. No wonder the phones go unanswered over there even for extremely high level folks around the world.
The world is spitting mad over these delays. The bribery and corruption is staggering. The bribes of SENATORS referenced above is 251 million dollars per Senator paid on encrypted debit cards Monday week ago not accessible until we receive. The Banks involved with their money and the "Countries" money are CITI and B.of A....
Anyone who thought OBAMA was Mr goodie two shoes better wake up. He was born in KENYA just as three of his family members say he was and the United States Supreme Court is participating in a fraud and the final destruction of the Constitution. WAKE UP AMERICA.
Of course we will be working to obtain additional Intel and will report when possible. WE could use some help. If you are able to FACTUALLY confirm or deny the above please send to fourwinds.
casper dec-16-08

...casper ../ 2nd one.....
casper dec-16-08 2nd
The FIVE FIRED Trustees are NOT being replaced we hear.
The (our) whole thing has been moved to Switzerland.
The previous update caused an EXPLOSION of activity and phone calls demanding an explanation for the $251 million per Senator and many Congressmen.
"All Hell is Breaking Loose" we again hear.
This Intel now being verified by additional banking sources.
Brother OBAMA and the CLINTONS have been told to stick it where the sun don't shine.
WE therefore speculate we will have the announcements of the Constitution sooner than you might expect.
It would be good fun to tell you Who Fired the Five but we can't, it just wouldn't be prudent.
casper 12-16-08 2nd


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as this email copy does not
contain the links embedded in the original report.]

December 15, 2008

Obama Forces Stage Massive Takedown Of Mossad Forces In US

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Russian Intelligence Analysts are stating today that US Military and
Police Forces loyal to President-Elect Obama have staged the largest
takedown in American history of a foreign Nations spy service operating
within its borders.

According to these reports, New York financier Bernard Madoff [pictured
top left] was the target of Obama Forces as he is believed to have
masterminded the financing of Israel’s vast espionage operations in the
United States since the 1960’s.

Mr. Madoff, who holds duel citizenship in both the United States and
Israel, was apprehended this past week while attempting to flee the
United States and move billions of Mossad funds out of New York, and
which was thwarted by US District Court Judge Louis Stanton who said
‘the order he issued appeared necessary to prevent Madoff or an agent
from moving funds out of the court's jurisdiction and to "preserve the
status quo" for whatever may come from future proceedings’.

These reports further state that the powerful US Attorney, and Obama
ally, Patrick Fitzgerald was behind the takedown of Madoff and his
Mossad backers who Fitzgerald has been investigation since the 2005
arrest of Pentagon Official Lawrence Franklin, and who was charged with
passing American Military secrets to the powerful American-Jewish Lobby
AIPAC which is known to be one of Mossad’s most powerful front
organizations operating in the US.

To the power of the Mossad’s influence of the United States Government
through the use of its ‘lobby’s’ we can read:

“The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) which directly
lobbies the legislative branch of the U.S. Government

The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations
which "is the main contact between the Jewish community and the
executive branch" of the U.S. Government.

These two key groups aim to present policy makers with unified and
representative messages via the aggregation and filtering of the
diversity of opinions held by smaller pro-Israel lobby groups and the
American Jewish community at large. The diverse spectrum of opinions
held by American Jewry is reflected in the many formal pro-Israel
groups, and as such some analysts make a distinction within the Israel
lobby between right-leaning and left-leaning groups.

US Foreign Policy scholars John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt define the
core of the lobby as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the
Washington Institute for Near East Policy, the Anti-Defamation League
and Christians United for Israel.Other key organizations which they
state work to benefit Israel, in many cases by influencing US foreign
policy, include the American Jewish Congress, Zionist Organization of
America, the Israel Policy Forum, the American Jewish Committee, the
Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, Americans for a Safe Israel,
American Friends of Likud, Mercaz-USA, and Hadassah.

Chaim Waxman in 1992 in the American Jewish Yearbook listed more that 80
Jewish organisations specifically devoted to Zionist and pro-Israel
activities. Fifty one of the largest and most important come together in
the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations,
whose self described mission includes “forging diverse groups into a
unified force for Israel’s well-being” and working to “strengthen and
foster the special US-Israel relationship.”

Reports from Israel are detailing how the takedown of Madoff by Obama’s
Forces are also now affecting the Mossad’s many front operations in the
US called foundations, and as we can read as reported by Israel’s
Haaretz News Service:

“An alleged $50 billion fraud by Wall Street financier Bernard Madoff
has caused deep ripples in the Jewish philanthropic world, forcing the
closure of two prominent U.S.-based charities and threatening the
financial lifeline of a slew of other groups.

The Chais Family Foundation, a California-based charity group invested
entirely with Madoff, was forced to shut down operations on Sunday after
years of donating some $12.5 million annually to Jewish causes in Israel
and Eastern Europe, the JTA announced.

"I can confirm that the Chais foundation has closed," the JTA quoted
Chais President Avraham Infeld as saying on Sunday. "All of its funds
were exposed with Mr. Madoff. We have made a decision regrettably and
with much pain to close down the foundation."

The Robert I. Lappin Charitable Foundation, a Massachusetts-based group
which financed trips for Jewish youth to Israel, was also forced to
close on Friday because the money that supported its programs was
invested with the former Nasdaq chairman.”

The timing of this takedown of the powerful Mossad backed Jewish Lobby,
and its associated spies, by Obama’s Forces, these reports continue, was
due to President-Elect Obama’s plans to ‘radically shift’ American
foreign policy away from Israeli influence upon his taking office.

To Obama’s implementation of his new foreign policy shift towards the
Arab World and against the Israelis we can read as reported by the
Christian Monitor News Service:

“During the campaign, President-elect Obama put the goal of repairing
America’s image abroad – and in particular in the Muslim world – at the
top of his foreign-policy agenda. Mr. Obama began defining how he
intends to do that this week by discussing his plans to deliver a major
speech in an Islamic capital, perhaps within the first 100 days of his

Obama’s plan, still in the formative stages, immediately set off
speculation over where the new American president would choose to
deliver his message and what he would say.”

And, to the ‘major Islamic capital’ where Obama would make this historic
speech to the Arab peoples of the Middle East, these reports state, lies
at the ‘very heart’ of the Obama Forces ‘immediate need’ to takedown
Madoff and Mossad, as the only Arab capital that could be utilized that
is that of the secular but Islamic leaning Turkish capital of Istanbul
as the traditional American allied Nation of Egypt was ruled by Obama
Forces to be ‘totally unacceptable’ as that Nations continued horrific
abuse of its citizens, and its being ruled by the despotic ‘president
for life’ Mubarak, have deemed it unsuitable to be used in attempting to
re-portray the United States ‘new image’ to a highly estranged Arab

In knowing this fact, these reports continue, Madoff and Mossad had
begun the launching of a coup against the Turkish government, and of
this plot we can read in part:

“Daniel Levi, Daniel Guney or Tuncay Guney? Who is this person whom the
prosecution in Turkey last week said it wanted to summon to interrogate?
According to reports in the Turkish newspaper Milliyet, he is a Mossad
agent who was a member of the right-wing nationalist underground known
as Ergenekon. It is alleged that Ergenekon planned to topple the
pro-Islamic government of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Another Turkish newspaper, Yeni Safak, reported that documents were
found in Guney's apartment that allegedly link members of Israel's
business community with important Turkish figures also involved in the
Ergenekon affair.

According to other reports in the Turkish press, Guney was an agent of
the Turkish intelligence service who penetrated both the ranks of the
Turkish police's intelligence service and the Ergenekon organization so
as to expose the identity of its members. In 2004, Guney was smuggled
out of Turkey and clandestinely sent to the United States; he
subsequently moved to Canada, where his name appears in the membership
list of Congregation Beit Yaakov as Daniel T. Guney.”

To the final ending of this sage it is not in our knowing, other than to
state that as of this date, and nearly 4 years removed from his initial
arrest, the Israeli Pentagon spy Franklin and his AIPAC cohorts have yet
to be prosecuted by Fitzgerald as the implications of the American
people knowing the full extent of Mossad’s penetration of their
government is being too catastrophic to contemplate.

The same reticence against moving against Mossad however, cannot be said
against the US Military, which due to its longstanding regulations
forbidding Jewish Americans to enter into its high ranking Officer Corp
or its Intelligence Services due to their duel US-Israeli citizenship,
has left them as the ‘last protector’ against having their Nation be
used solely for the benefit of Israel, and which Obama is now utilizing
to its fullest effect in his attempt to shift his country away from that
catastrophic path.

© December 15, 2008 EU and US all rights reserved.
Sorcha Faal

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