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vendredi 26 décembre 2008 09 h 14
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Friday, December 26, 2008
From Ken-Welch.Com to All Lists:


Ken-Welch.Com raised its Nuclear Event Alert Status to RED this morning at 12:01 AM EST (0501 GMT), Dec. 26, 2008.
There is a strong possibility that U.S. plans for an invasion of Iran, triggered by multiple false-flag nuclear attacks in Iraq, the Persian Gulf, and possibly a sparsely populated area in Israel,      will climax within the next 10 days.
We were tracking this operation at the beginning of the month, and believe that Christmas was the intended target date. However, the attack in Mumbai, India, destabilized the overall situation so badly that the U.S. attack plans had to be put on hold.
Urgent visits by multiple U.S. officials, including the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Of Staff, Adm. Mullen, seem to have cooled down the war talk between Pakistan and India for the moment.
Unfortunately, this is a bad time for gathering fresh information via reversed speech, because there are few speaking events scheduled for this period. All we really know is that the White House regarded this plan as extremely urgent and that it had not been cancelled. If Mullen concludes that the plan can go forward, it is likely that this will occur as soon as humanly possible. If for some reason it is too late to proceed, then the operation will most likely be rescheduled past the Obama transition, which is considered undesirable.
Lacking concrete data, all we can really say it that this is a period of extremely high risk.

Previous plans called for two small nukes to be detonated in Iraq, with the claim that they had been launched by missile from Iran toward U.S. military bases in Iraq. Remember that the U.S. has no intention at all of leaving Iraq, so the Iraqi people must once again be knocked into submission.
Those plans also included an old Scud missile, refitted with a small nuke, to provide "proof" of the false-flag scenario. That missile had to be destroyed not long ago, but it has been replaced with a "new missile" that will play the same role.

There is something unusual about the new missile that is hard to pin down. RS suggests it may be smaller than other missiles, or small in comparison to the punch it will deliver. Since Obama was concerned about high navy casualties when he was given the details of the current plan,         we believe that this may be an anti-ship missile. This opens the possibility for the first time that the Navy may be willing to sacrifice a ship or two
just to advance the false-flag scenario.
Since the White House is not controlling events this time, we have less opportunity to pick up details. However, you should certainly be able to recognize the event when it occurs.

We will not be updating the website until early next week because of holiday constraints.
In the meantime good luck to us all,
Ken Welch


thursday 25. of12.08, Sorcha Faal <> wrote :
De: Sorcha Faal <>
Objet: “Earth Must Be Warned!” Screams French Astronaut Before Suicide Attempt
Date: jeudi 25 Décembre 2008, 8 h 30

(( ....note:   
for the first time in centuries Chinese warships have left their home waters to join the massive International effort .....))

[Ed. Note: This report should be read from its website location at
as this email copy does not contain the links embedded in the original report.] December 25, 2008 “Earth Must Be Warned!” Screams French Astronaut Before Suicide Attempt By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers A most peculiar FSB is circulating in the Kremlin today stating that the renowned scientist and France’s first female astronaut Claudie Haigneré [pictured top left]
had to be ‘forcefully restrained’ after screaming “Earth Must Be Warned!” prior to her falling into a coma from a reported overdose of sleeping pills in an apparent attempt at suicide. Of Dr. Haigneré’s suicide attempt we can read from French media sources: “The first French woman in space has been hospitalized after she tried to take her own life, according to published reports.
Claudie Haignere, 51, was hospitalized late yesterday after she tried to commit suicide, an unidentified French government source told Agence France-Presse. Another source told AFP that Haignere overdosed on pills. Haignere, a rheumatologist, flew to the MIR space station as an astronaut in 1996 and to the International Space Station (ISS)
in 2001. She's studied how humans adapt their motor and cognitive skills in weightlessness and monitored astronauts from the ground. Later, on the MIR, she performed experiments in physiology, developmental biology, fluid physics and technology, according to the European Space Agency.”
More ominously, these reports continue, was that within hours of Dr. Haigneré’s alleged suicide attempt her laboratory, where she worked on the forefront of Human/Alien DNA research, at the World renowned Pasteur Institute was destroyed by fire, and as we can read as reported by the Associated Press News Service: “Fire broke out Wednesday
in a biology laboratory at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, famed for research on fighting infectious diseases, officials said. No victims were reported, and no sensitive materials or viruses were affected by the fire, which was extinguished by firefighters, an official at the institute said. The official was not authorized to be publicly named according to company policy. The cause of the blaze was unclear. The fire broke out
mid-morning in an underground level of one of the buildings in the institute's campus in southern Paris, a lab that conducts research in developmental biology, the official said.”                FSB internal reports on Dr. Haigneré state that since her return from space she had become convinced  that our Earth had been visited in our historical past by ‘ancient astronauts’ who had not only had colonized our Planet but had genetically engineered the then existing semi-human life forms into our present day human race. Dr. Haigneré’s beliefs mirror those of the prominent Israeli writer and researcher Zecharia Sitchin who it is reported: “attributes the creation of the ancient Sumerian culture to the "Annunaki" (or "Nephilim"), a race of aliens from a planet he calls Nibiru which he believes to be in an elongated, elliptical orbit in the earth's own solar system.
Sitchin asserts that Sumerian mythology reflects this view, though his speculations
are entirely discounted by mainstream scientists, historians, and archaeologists, who see many problems with his translations of ancient texts and with his understanding of physics.”
It is also interesting to note the timing of Dr. Haigneré’s alleged suicide attempt coming at the exact time that concerns are growing over the growing deployment of Global Naval Forces around the Middle Eastern region believed to have been the location of the ancient Garden of Eden, and which we had reported on in our December 21st report titled “World Shipping Comes To Halt As Global Navies Prepare For ‘Unprecedented’ Confrontation” and where we had noted that: “Global Naval Forces currently steaming towards, or already in,
The Gulf of Aden include ‘friends and foes’ alike The United States, Iran, China, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, European Union and India under what these reports state is the ‘cover story’ of protecting the shipping lanes of that region from the US backed pirates operating out of Somalia.
Current news from this region are, also, appearing to show that hostilities have already begun between our Earth’s ‘Defense Forces’ and the Watchers as like the United States last attempt to attack these ‘aliens’ by themselves this past January has, once again, resulted in massive cuts by the Watchers to the many undersea communication cables laying upon the seafloors of this region which have now isolated large parts of the Middle East and the sub-continent.”
Equally important to note is that for the first time in centuries Chinese warships have left their home waters to join the massive International effort to confront what is seen as our Earth’s most serious threat ever, and that when attempting to confront an undersea ‘anomaly’ off the coast of Papua New Guinea villagers reported a UFO like craft rapidly ascending from the ocean and streaking skyward
leaving in its aftermath giant swells which have left nearly 32,000 homeless and which the United Nations is now rushing aid towards.
To the catastrophic damage wrecked upon Papua New Guinea the UN is reporting that “the swells destroyed houses, food and water supplies, damaged crops and led to the loss of gardening tools.”
To what Dr. Haigneré was attempting to warn our World about it is not to our knowing, other than to point out the obvious conclusion that whatever had caused this most distinguished of scientists to be in such great distress could, indeed, be a prelude of more, and even stranger, events ready to overtake us in the days and months to come. © December 25, 2008 EU and US all rights reserved.
-- Sorcha Faal
mainstream news ( china + somalia):
PEKIN (AFP) - La Marine chinoise a entamé vendredi une mission historique "d'escorte antipiraterie" au large de la Somalie, la première des forces navales chinoises en plusieurs siècles qui pourrait déboucher sur des engagements militaires à l'étranger.
Trois bâtiments -- deux destroyers et un navire de ravitaillement -- ont pris la mer vers 13h50 (05H50 GMT) depuis le port de Sanya, sur l'île tropicale de Hainan, province la plus méridionale de Chine, a annoncé l'agence Chine Nouvelle.
Avec quelque 800 hommes embarqués, dont 70 d'une force spéciale de la Marine, selon l'agence officielle, le groupe naval s'apprête à rejoindre les forces multinationales patrouillant au large de la Somalie, notamment dans le Golfe d'Aden, entre Yémen et Somalie, voie maritime vers le canal de Suez et route majeure du commerce euro-asiatique....(..)

By Ben Blanchard
BEIJING (Reuters) - Three Chinese naval vessels are scheduled to leave for the waters off Somalia on Friday to help tackle rampant piracy in a sign of the country's rising global clout and diplomatic and military ambitions. The fleet -- two destroyers and a supply ship -- would have about 800 crew, including 70 special operations troops, the official Xinhua news agency said.
"We have made special preparations to deal with pirates, even though these waters are not familiar to us," it quoted mission commander Rear-Admiral Du Jingcheng as saying.
The crack special forces are expected to give the fleet an edge in seeing off the pirates, with one of the soldiers able to "handle several enemies with (his) bare hands," Xinhua said.
"Our primary target is not striking them but dispelling them," Du said. "If the pirates make direct threats against the warships or the vessels we escort, the fleet will take counter measures."
The destroyers Haikou and Wuhan, which will leave from the southern resort island province of Hainan, were two of China's navy's most sophisticated warships, Xinhua said.
A surge in attacks at sea this year in the busy Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean off Somalia has pushed up insurance costs, brought the Somali gangs tens of millions of dollars in ransom and prompted foreign warships to the area.....(....)


....nenki.....  ......

Georges Green interviewé par Projet Camelot. Partie 1, et partie 2. Ang.

Georges Green est un vieux de la vieille qui fait partie du pot-pourri folklorique ufologique et des secrets défense. Cette entrevue résume bien son travail. Il a été près de l'Élite et a quitté lorsque que Ted Kennedey lors d'une réunion à Aspen, Colorado, lui dit qu'il voulait coucher avec sa fille de 14 ans.À partir de la 3e minute du clip...
un peu plus loin il fait mention que Pierre-Éliot Trudeau et sa femme s'y trouvait, assis dans cette grande pièce et devant leur table à café de trouvaient une boîte de cigares remplie à moitié de cocaïne. Je comprends pourquoi elle aurait pu avoir fait un tour à l'hôpital psychiârique. Surtout que Brice Taylor, esclave présidentielle du projet 'Monarch' de MK Ultra, mentionne qu'elle a rencontré PET pour des raisons 'présidentielles'.
Ils sont tous un peu "spécial" ces gens-là. Dire que son fils est appellé à devenir politicien.
Green a également travaillé avec Billy Meirs.
Il existe beaucoup de vidéos sur lui comme vous le verrez dans la barre de droite de Google. Bon visionnement.   part1 part2

George Green:
(...) Shortly after he turned down the offer, his loans were called in and he lost many millions of dollars as finance was removed from dozens of major construction projects. Undeterred, George rebuilt his world and is in direct contact with Pleiadian intelligences and other beings. He has devoted his life to spreading the word that all is not as it seems. His very important free e-book, Handbook for the New Paradigm, has been read by millions all over the world.
George is a delight to listen to: relaxed, friendly and humorous. He has an extremely serious message: there is very little time left in which to prepare. Telling us that his "sources" are informing him that too few people are "waking up" and that it is almost too late, his own bags are packed and he is about to relocate to Ecuador where he says that many "insiders" have bought real estate and have already left the United States.
When asked when we might expect major changes to occur, his response is to look at his watch. "The moment we launch a strike against Iran is the moment no longer to be in the US," George says. "Pretty soon we'll be waking up one Monday morning to find that the world is no longer the same."
Click here for George Green's website.
Click here for a transcript of Part 1 of the video.
Click here for a transcript of Part 2 of the video.
Project Camelot | George Green
George Green : Messages for the Ground Crew Spokane, Washington April 2008 download .mov (QuickTime) download .mp4 (QuickTime) download .wmv (Windows Media) PC users: clicking streams the video. To download, right-click and then select Save As. Shortly after he turned down the offer,

Contrôle de la dépopulation. Georges Green sort le morceau de son sac.
'Biological Warfare Neutron Bombs Depopulation Agenda Fema'.
George Green talks about Neutron Bombs and the Depopulation Agenda, Fema,Camps,
Underground Cities,Biological Nuclear Weapons War with Russia as China waits to take over and repopulate the Northern Hemisphere with what's


GeorgeGreen (The Big Picture) - 113 min - Oct 20, 2006 - Conspiracies? Illuminati? Predictions & Answers. Download is starting. Save file to your computer. If the download does not start automatically, right-click this link and choose "Save As". How to get videos onto the iPod or PSP.

Project Camelot interviews George Green - Part 1 of 2 - 54 min - Apr 16, 2008 Project Camelot - George Green: Messages for the Ground Crew Part 1 of 2 Spokane, Very few people we have talked to have a span of personal experience - and contacts - which is this broad. As George describes,

No More Hoaxes - Home
No More Hoaxes - Waking up people to the real stories. Teaching the truth about aliens, ufos, conspiracy, the end of days and many more., 2000. The Office of Population Affairs of the U.S. State Department from the National Security Council's Ad Hoc Group on Population policy, U.S. A FORMER INVESTMENT BANKER, · Cached

No More Hoaxes - About Global Insights
No More Hoaxes - Waking up people to the real stories. Teaching the truth about aliens, ufos, conspiracy, the end of days and many more., Home George Green Tuesday, 04 November 2008 Get 3 FREE ebooks including "Handbook for the new Paradigm" when you subscribe to our Email Newsletter...


...nenki .... davantage/ some more :

Pour les nord-américain qui ne connaissent pas encore l'améro et l'Union Nord Américaine, un clip traduit en français... ( about North american union ):

Superman chez les Martiens. Une BD qui fait sourire. Quand l’existence sur terre nous expose aux produits chimiques et nous condamne à vivre dans une "soupe chimique". Ne manquez pas les autres BDs... sur les produits toxiques de notre environnement.
( cliquer sur la fleche orange en bas a droite... pour la suite....)
....   Les Bandes Dessinées de cette publication ont été créées par David ratte, auteur de la série « Toxic Planet », éd. Paquet. Consultez le site de Toxic Planet   .........   .......
Le site Choisir notre avenir fait partie d’une initiative commune du projet Chemicals Health Monitor lancé par Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL) et du MDRGF (Mouvement pour le Droit et le Respect des Générations Futures).  qui-nous-sommes  english
Dubaï, la Nouvelle Suisse pour l'Elite ! Ang. Elle a été contruite pour l'Élite et la classe moyenne peut foutre le camp. Un paradis fiscal et les futurs bureaux chefs des PDGs mondialistes. Cette 'ville' et région artificielle est la toile de la luxure totale de l'opulence des riches et célèbres de la Matrice. La célébration d'ouverture de l'hôtel Atlantis est le symbole du matérialisme à son paroxisme. Mais à côté de la pauvreté des peuples, du chômage et inflation croissante, qui sait combien de temps ils pourront se payer ces luxes... en paix ? Ils devront tous se cacher pour festoyer. À cause de la crise, certains projet de constructions ont été suspendus.
Dubai The New Switzerland For The Elite:

Articles du Ringardus:
La City de Londres appelle à une dictature mondial.
Dans un éditorial publié dans le Financial Times, Gideon Rachman, chef du secteur politique étrangère du quotidien de la City de Londres, appelle à la création immédiate d'un gouvernement mondial, à condition que la démocratie soit abolie .....
+ Délire ringard + Petite digression occulte sur l'élection d'Obama + Billet de Lapinus prime + Les militaires vont faire appel au privé pour leur sécurité. Tout,ci-dessous:

...(...) Délire ringard:
L'agenda des maîtres de la Terre (Le suppose-t-il ?), veut se mettre en place rapidement et suivre les recommandations des anciens et du Livre de leur D.ieu, porteur de la bonne et douce lumière qui doit nous réchauffer le cœur et réduire nos pensées à l'unique conception de son/leurs désir(s).
On peut se faire une idée de sa mise en place au travers des multiples signes, faits qui nous submergent au lieu de nous informer.
La reconstruction du Temple de Jérusalem, La jolie et bénéfique crise boursière qui nous affecte et cela ne fait que commencer, car ces braves gens avides de nos souffrances, ont mis en place leurs serviteurs à la tête de nombreux pays.
Les crises, attentats et autres diverses problèmes trouvent comme solution la limitation de nos libertés fondamentales.
Priez ; Le savez-vous encore ou pensez-vous que cela est ridicule à notre époque ?
.... La divine providence à offert à ( ...L...) par l'intermédiaire d'un inconnu, le fumeux John Doe, l'occasion de se procurer un ouvrage introuvable. Merci au Serviteur de l'Inutile pour son aide. ...... Nous vous offrons maintenant la clef pour pouvoir relié entre eux les différents évènements qui vont surgir dans les prochains mois. Puisse le Seigneur, nous donner la force de subir ces cruelles épreuves.
Ce document datant de 1927, et vieux de 82 ans, nous offre les pseudo- délires d'un initié le mec Izoulet et ses compères disciples. Il nous dévoile dans son torchon idéologique, imbuvable pour la plupart et haineux envers le Christ, un plan religieux de la synarchie, exécuté par Rome et Paris pour une époque caractérisée par la fin du capitalisme.
Le titre de son livre prophétique d'un genre connu s'intitule "Paris Capitale des religions ou la mission d'Israël ". Il devrait s'avérait être faux ou interdit de lecture sous peu, tant il est prophétique.
Nous pouvons affirmer que la mise en place de la gouvernance globale et le synchrétisme religieux (laïcité positive pour soumission négative) s'effectuera dans les prochains mois. Que voyons nous aujourd'hui ?( ...)
Petite information entre ami:
Le cartel des anglo-hollandais cherche à couler Citigroup au profit de Morgan Chase, une banque lié de longue date aux britanniques. Le groupe Anglo-hollandais souhaite qu'elle devienne la première banque d'Amérique à l'issue de la crise.
Les licenciements en Europe par dizaines de milliers, ce drame dans cette affaire, reste le fait que tous cela est le fruit d'un complot synarchqiue, engagé par des dynasties financières avec la complicités des gouvernements et des partis d'opposition. Les gens sont aveuglés, ils ne veulent pas s'instruire et prennent pour argent comptant les avis de ces pseudo-experts des merdias télévisuels.
Ha! Qu'il est doux de ne pas entendre les lamentations de ceux qui cachent leurs misères d'avoir perdu les économies d'une vie de labeur. S'ils avaient réfléchi, lu, écouté, vu la réalité des choses en face, comme les prophéties débiles du sinistre Ringard;
Consternant n'est-il pas ?
N'est-il pas encore aussi consternant de trouver encore des personnes (Ben Ouioui) pour penser que Ben Laden est responsable de l'Opération du 11 septembre ?
La crédulité n'a pas de limite.
L'anti-pape khazar Karol Katz Wojtyla vavait mis en place un pandémonium horrible à Assise et maintenant le couple Benoit XVI & Sarközy Premier le magnifique promeuvent la religion unique. Les foules endoctrinées dès le plus jeune âge à l'humanisme et aux cultes païens, ont apostasiéla oi de leurs pères.
Malgré tant de traits d'évidence, d'aucuns se refusent toujours à percevoir le drame qui va secouer les nations car, comme en avertit saint Paul :...(...)

Petite digression occulte sur l'élection d'Obama
Barack Obama est né le 4 août 1961. Il la donc 47 ans. ....

Billet de Lapinus prime
"Comme vous le savez peut-être, lorsqu'une personne se porte candidate à un poste, qui plus est à celui de président des Etats-Unis, son équipe de campagne achète les noms de domaines le concernant. Avant tout, et dans ce cas précis, les adresses du style : yabonobama, ; obama2008 ; voteobama et ainsi de suite.
Mais pour faire face à toute éventualité, les adresses qui peuvent servir au camp d'en face sont aussi achetées. Ainsi lorsque quelqu'un tape dans la barre d'adresse (essayez vous verrez) "" il est directement redirigé vers google avec les résultats pour Obama, dont les sites officiels. Idem pour ""......
MAIS ALORS, quand ces noms de domaine, qui prouvent la volonté d'Obama de devenir candidat, et donc président des USA, ont-ils été acheté ? LE 15 JUILLET 2004 ...
Comment cela est-il possible ?
C'est sans doute une preuve qu'Obama a été choisi de longue date pour être président en particulier par ses financiers. Cherchez sur internet qui ils sont... George Sorros, par exemple, l'un des principaux donateurs, un homme qui a construit sa fortune sur la bourse et la spéculation.
Et maintenant Obama serait débitaire de ce genre de personne ? ...

Extrait du volume 2 sur les illuminati de EnigmaTV
"Rosemary's baby" de Polanski et Anton Lavey - 1968
L'enfer sur terre deviendra "officiel" pendant ce mandat américain ou le suivant.
Les fils de satan qui régneront sur la terre devront être de "sang très mêlé"...
Barack Obama est un illuminati de sang pur ou plutôt qui regroupe le sang pur illuminati de la terre entière.
Barack Obama est entre autre le cousin de Dick Cheney, George Bush, Lincoln, John kerry, Princess Diana, Vlad III l'empaleur (dracula),
Rockefeller, Queen Elizabeth (El Lizard birth), Napoleon, Walt Disney, etc......

Il est des informations qui circulent, et qui restent confidentielles; celle ci est de taille ..
"Hervé Morin a décidé de confier au privé la sécurité de plusieurs bâtiments du ministère de la Défense, boulevard Saint-Germain à Paris, notamment l'état-major des armées. C'est la société Onet qui viendra remplacer les gendarmes en faction. La sécurité du futur «Pentagone à la française», dans le XVe arrondissement de Paris, sera également externalisée."

LIEN RÉTABLI Des nouvelles de l'Irlande: Le Sinn Fein dénonce un accord européen visant à arnaquer la population. L'accord entériné, vendredi 12 décembre 2008, par l'Union européenne, ouvrant la voie à un nouveau référendum en Irlande sur le traité de Lisbonne d'ici à novembre 2009, n'est destiné qu'à "arnaquer" le peuple irlandais. On va nous faire les mêmes promesses et le même coup au Québec avec l'Union Nord Américaine.......
Responsable de la campagne contre le traité au sein de la seule formation parlementaire à avoir appelé à voter "non" au référendum de juin 2008, Padraig Mac Lochlainn a qualifié de "farce" le texte entériné, vendredi 12 décembre 2008, par les dirigeants européens réunis à Bruxelles. Ce texte "est une farce qui non seulement ne s'attaque pas aux raisons pour lesquelles les gens ont rejeté le traité, mais qui représente un ensemble de propositions cherchant délibérément à arnaquer le peuple irlandais", a estimé M. Mac Lochlainn, cité sur le site Internet du Sinn Fein. Il accuse le Premier ministre irlandais, Brian Cowen, de "sous-estimer la colère profonde envers l'arrogance du gouvernement et sa mauvaise gestion de la crise économique", et a averti que les Irlandais exprimeraient leur mécontentement aux élections européennes de juin 2009.
Le mouvement irlandais Libertas, fer de lance du "non" au traité de Lisbonne, a de son côté dénoncé un accord qui, estime-t-il, témoigne du "mépris" de l'Europe à l'égard du peuple irlandais. "Nous trouvons cela déplorable", a réagi auprès de l'AFP Anita Kelly, directrice de la communication de Libertas. "Nous considérons que le gouvernement (irlandais) et les responsables, à Bruxelles montrent du mépris pour le résultat du référendum irlandais." Pour poursuivre son combat, le millionnaire et fondateur de Libertas, Declan Ganley, a lancé, jeudi 11 décembre 2008, à Bruxelles, un parti qu'il veut paneuropéen, destiné à prendre part aux prochaines élections européennes. "Désormais, nous allons nous concentrer sur l'élection de juin" 2009, a ajouté Mme Kelly. "En agissant ainsi, nous proposons aux Européens un référendum sur le traité de Lisbonne et la manière antidémocratique dont l'Europe avance."
Le savoir pour Nous
La connerie pour eux
Ces droits dont vous avez plein la bouche,
vous les refusez à ceux qui ne pensent pas comme vous.
Article 19 révision Nouvel Ordre Mondial) :
« Tout individu n'a plus le droit à la liberté d'opinion et d'expression,
ce qui implique, pour lui, le droit d'être inquiété pour ses opinions et celui de la fermer,
de recevoir et de subir, sans considération pour sa personne,
les informations et les idées correctes par quelque moyen d'expression que ce soit. »
Articles 14 & 15 de la Déclaration des droits de l'homme et du citoyen de 1789 :
« Les citoyens ont le doit de constater, par eux-mêmes ou par leurs représentants,
la nécessité de la contribution publique, de la consentir librement… » ;
« La société a le droit de demander compte à tout agent public de son administration »
Article 35 du texte de 1793 :
« Quand le gouvernement viole les droits du peuple,
l'insurrection est, pour le peuple et pour chaque portion du peuple,
le plus sacré des droits et le plus indispensable des devoirs ».

Le peintre juif russe Nicolas ROERICH (1874-1949) avait, en son temps, adhéré avec sa femme à la Théosophie et à l'école Arcane d'Alice Bailey. Le vrai nom de Roerich était Serge Macronowsky.
Il était ami du maçon Tagore et ‘gourou’ du vice-président des U.S.A., le maçon Henry A. Wallace (1888-1965), durant l'administration Roosevelt. Wallace, personnalité fascinée par l'occultisme, n'eut pas de mal à convaincre le juif Henry Morgenthau (banquier membre du B'nai B'rith, de la Pilgrims' Society et de la Round Table britannique), qui était alors secrétaire au Trésor américain, de faire imprimer en 1935, selon les désirs de Roerich, le symbolisme ésotérique de la grande Pyramide du Bristish Israel et la devise « Novus Ordo Seclorum » sur le nouveau billet de un dollar américain. Roerich est aujourd'hui l'une des figures émergentes qui inspirent le mouvement New Age.
Daniel Estulin ne monte jamais dans un ascenseur sans avoir au préalable vérifié la fermeture du plancher de celui-ci.
Daniel n'a pas toujours eu peur des ascenseurs. Cette peur a commencé en 1996 à Toronto, quand se retirant d'un étage supérieur d'un immeuble "intelligent", de ceux qui ressemblent à ces fourmilières de bureaux, dans lesquelles on ne devrait pas avoir peur d'autre chose que du café, quelqu'un l'a prit par l'épaule quand il allait monter dans l'ascenseur sans vérifier la présence du plancher. Il n'y en avait pas. Celui-ci est convaincu que ce fut la 1ere des 3 tentatives d'assassinat par la CIA dont il a souffert afin de le réduire au silence lui et son enquête de plus de 13 ans sur le Club Bilderberg.

Une enquête déjà synthétisée dans son livre "La véritable histoire du Club Bilderberg" présent dans les classements de vente de 25 pays et qui met à nu la nature la conspiration de cette sorte de gouvernement mondial occulte qui part l'intermédiaire de réunions annuelles, toujours ignorées par la presse et toujours en parallèle des réunions du G8, décide des événements à venir et des mouvements des marches qui modèleront l'avenir de la communauté internationale. Guerres inclues, surtout les guerres. .....
Toutes les responsabilités d'influence mondiale, depuis le FMI jusqu'à la Banque Mondiale en passant par l' ONU, seraient gérées et décidées par les Bilderbergers. ....
A propos de l'épisode de Toronto, il y a une coïncidence avec une info exclusive obtenue par Estulin qui provoqua au Canada de grandes manifestations qui portaient le slogan : "nous voulons savoir". Les Bilderbergers, cette année se réunirent à King City, ville limitrophe avec Toronto, et avaient décidé, selon Daniel, de promouvoir le projet "Grand Canal" dans l'intention de fusionner les USA et le Canada anglophone en un seul pays et un seul marché énergétique, favorisant ainsi la séparation du Québec et la purge des éléments francophones par l'intermédiaire d'un pacte gouvernemental avec les nationalistes d'une façon très similaire à ce qui est en train de se dérouler en Catalogne.
L'info de première main, révélée par Estulin, le converti en un des journalistes d'investigation les plus sollicités aux USA, puis cette directive aurait été ajournée, mais pas le projet.
D'autre part cela lui a valu d'être mis en 1ere position sur plus d'une liste d'homme a abattre.......
Daniel Estulin est russe et petit fils d'un Colonel du KGB dont la réputation est très présente chez les vétérans du service secret soviétique.....Il vient juste de recevoir un courrier urgent par UPS, une documentation sensible qui vient des USA d'un membre du service secret. ...Un des documents porte même dans son titre le mot tant suggestif : Iran.
Cette guerre est déjà décidée. De fait elle devrait déjà avoir débutée. Mais les Bilderbergs ont décidé de la retarder, à cause de Katrina et de l'enlisement de la guerre en Irak. Mais elle commencera cette même année ou début de la prochaine. Avant ceci, le prix du baril montera jusqu'Ã 150 dollars....
L'ordre du jour secret des Bilderberg propose de micropucer les Américains ....
Daniel Estulin (born in Russia) is an author who specializes in investigating the Bilderberg Group, an annual invitation-only conference of the elites in the fields of business, media and politics.......

....   Who would benefit from Quebec's separation?
The answer is the Bilderberg Group. The ultimate outcome was a planned Continental Union of the U.S. and Canada by the early 21st century, in which both would be regionalized. This would necessitate a new Constitution for the resulting United States of North America. A fundamental piece of this jigsaw puzzle was a little known “Grand Canal” water-transfer project, a scheme estimated to cost between $80 billion and $130 billion.
        Never heard of the continent-wide “Grand Canal” project? GRAND being an acronym for Great Recycling and Northern Development — envisages a dike across James Bay and the creation of a new fresh-water lake through the impoundment of rivers that now empty into the bay. This fresh water would then be pumped back to the Great Lakes basin and beyond. (See the article “The planned destruction of Canada” in the March-April, 2002 issue of Michael.)
Not surprising — the Bilderbergers, the Canadian Government, and the media whores such as Conrad Black and Robert S. Prichard, president of Torstar Media Group (Toronto Star) and a 2005 Bilderberg attendee, aren't too keen to publicize it!   all texts.
The financial enigma resolved — A debt-money system.
français español italiano português Deutsch po polsku
by Louis Even “The Money Myth Exploded” was one of the first articles of Louis Even, and remains one of the most popular to explain how money is created as a debt by private banks. It is available in the form of an 8-page leaflet (tabloid format) that you can order from the “Michael” office, in several languages:
English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, Portuguese. ..... The money myth exploded.


.. encore  nenki  .....

Syndrome grec : les émeutes qui cachent le krach. Création d'émeutes en Europe et çà ne fait que commencer ! Les islamistes vont embarquer dans la mêlée. Comme un clin d’oeil au livre de H.G. Wells The shape of things to come [La forme que prendront les choses qui viennent], qui anticipe la mise en place d’une dictature mondiale, l’article adopte ce titre interrogateur : Are Greek riots a taste of things to come ? [Les émeutes grecques, sont-elles un avant-goût des choses qui viennent]. Si jusqu’ici les médias affirmaient sans équivoque que le système bancaire grec se portait à merveille, le quotidien relève que « les évènements de cette semaine pourraient être appelés les premières émeutes du resserrement du crédit ». ...
Comme nous l’avons déjà rapporté, les privatisations sauvages tant du système de santé que du régime des retraites grecques, ont créé une situation de grogne sociale généralisée, mais légitime.
Plus d’une semaine avant l’éclatement des violentes émeutes pour lesquelles la mort du jeune Alexis Grigoroupoulos a servi d’étincelle, les médecins, les infirmières et le personnel médical, qui manifestaient devant les ministères pour obtenir le paiement de leurs salaires, furent violemment matraqués. ...(...)
Aristotelia Peloni, journaliste au grand quotidien proche de la gauche Ta Nea souligne que, d’après tous les témoins oculaires, l’adolescent fut froidement abattu par un policier et non pas lors d’une altercation. La réalité de la provocation est confirmée par le rapport des légistes, prouvant que la balle provenait d’un tir direct et non pas d’un ricochet. Le policier fut d’ailleurs immédiatement inculpé pour « homicide volontaire » et « utilisation illégale » de son arme de service.
Le syndicat de la police de Grèce déclare son embarras : « Plus de 70% des policiers ne devraient même pas porter d’arme », affirme un membre du syndicat. « La plupart d’entre eux ont des problèmes psychologiques et il n’existe que cinq psychologues pour 50 000 policiers. Certains sont dépendants des jeux vidéos et adorent appuyer sur la gâchette ».

La dette américaine approche l'insolvabilité. Selon Bloomberg, le gouvernement américan a utilisé la modique somme de 8.549 trillions de dollars pour arrêter la crise financière. La suite en anglais... spero-news...
ASPARTAME de MONSANTO: un des grands poisons alimentaires qu'on se doit de retirer du marché. Une présentation à diffuser.


Dec 24, 2008(posted) Who is Bernard Madoff, the Man Behind the $50 Billion Fraud?
Christopher Bollyn ( written) Dec. 12, 2008

**** I have been pointing out the Zionist connections in 9-11 for more than 7 years and the same connections behind the current financial crisis since September. I have been accused of being an anti-Semite because of my research. For American Zionists and "philo-Semites" who genuflect at the word "Jew" it seems that pointing out the Zionist Jew behind a crime is actually worse that the commission of the crime itself. Indoctrinated by the Zionist-controlled mass media, most Americans are simply unaware that all of the key players in 9-11 and the current financial crisis come from a very small club, i.e. the Zionist Jewish criminal gang in the United States and their comrades in Israel. The Zionist criminal network is global. *****

.... All of the key players in the current financial crisis are Zionist Jews from a very small political/ethnic community in New York City. But don't expect CNN or the New York Times to fill you in on the details -- the owners of these institutions are part of the same "community."........
Fraudster Bernard L. Madoff was national treasurer of the American Jewish Congress and Yeshiva University (YU). His business partner at YU was Sy Syms, the long-standing director of the notorious Israel Discount Bank of New York, a bank charged for laundering tens of billions of dollars in 2005. So where did the $50 billion go?
.....Madoff was chairman of the Syms business school at Yeshiva University with his partner, Sy Merns, a.k.a. Sy Syms, who has been a director at Israel Discount Bank (IDB) since 1991. The IDB bank is well known for its money laundering business.
The IDB is the Israeli bank at the center of the 9-11 funding matrix connected to the Bronfman family and Israeli military intelligence. IDB is the Israeli financial institution at the center of the Zionist crimocracy.
(See: "The Architecture of Terror: Mapping the Israeli Network Behind 9-11," especially the section on Joseph Ciechanover, the former chairman of IDB's New York branch... .. see below .. )

...On January 31, 2006, a controlling interest in the Bank was acquired by an investor group led by Matthew Bronfman and Rubin Schron. The deal gave Bronfman ownership of IDB's wholly owned subsidiary, the Israel Discount Bank of New York. Bronfman is a younger brother of Edgar Bronfman Jr., chairman and CEO of Warner Music Group Corp.
The Bronfman-Schron group paid $300 million for a 26% stake, with an option on a further 25%, in IDB. Regulators approved the transfer after the bank agreed to pay $25 million to settle a money-laundering probe of its New York unit by the Manhattan District Attorney and the New York State Banking Department. On Dec. 17, 2005, the New York Times reported that some $2.2 billion of illegal funds had been transmitted from Brazil through the IDB in New York (IDBNY) -- but that was just the tip of the iceberg.
The Jerusalem Post reported on November 2, 2006, that the scale of money-laundering going on at the Israeli bank was much, much larger than the Brazil case reported in the New York Times. The Post reported that U.S. regulators fined the Israel Discount Bank of New York $12 million for violating federal and state laws designed to thwart money laundering. The Israeli bank now controlled by the Bronfmans had failed to set up an adequate program to identify and report money laundering, according to federal and state regulators. A "substantial" part of $35.4 billion in third-party wire transfers during the year ended March 2005 showed traits common to laundering operations, the complaint said.
So, how did Madoff lose $50 thousand million? How does $50 billion vanish?
Did it disappear to Israel through the Israel Discount Bank?
While Madoff has said that he acted alone in orchestrating the fraud, this is seen as very unlikely.
There was probably a very sophisticated team working on wire transfers to secret bank accounts, perhaps at Israel Discount Bank's Swiss branch, which opened in Switzerland in 2000. (The very building Madoff carried out his fraud from, the so-called "lipstick building" in Manhattan, is itself Israeli owned. Like Bronfman's partner Rubin Schron, Israeli companies have been aggressively acquiring commercial real estate in the United States -- but where does their capital come from?
Israel, after all, is a recipient of billions of dollars in financial aid from the U.S. taxpayer every year.)
John Coffee, a professor at Columbia Law School, said: “It is very rare that a fraud of this proportion could be handled by just one man. There are trades and redemptions to be done that a 70-year-old man would have to work 20 hours a day to do.”
Madoff told two "senior employees," i.e. his sons, Mark and Andrew, at his apartment the night before his arrest that the Madoff hedge fund and his investment advisory business was "basically, a giant Ponzi scheme," according to court documents. His investment fund business was insolvent, and had been for years....(...)
So who is Bernard L. Madoff? Apart from running his "investment company" and being a former chairman and director of the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASDAQ), Madoff is a very committed Jewish Zionist who has served as the treasurer of two leading Zionist organizations. Madoff is just like Richard Fuld of Lehman Brothers, Sanford Weill of Citibank, and Maurice Greenberg of A.I.G., the major culprits behind the $2 trillion bail-out.
Madoff is another New York Zionist Jew, whose grandparents and parents immigrated to the United States in the 1900s from the hotbed of Zionism in the primitive and backwards Pale of Settlement (today's Byelorussia, Poland, and Lithuania). Madoff is another Zionist "Russian" Jew who has committed a massive financial fraud and cheated Americans and others out of untold billions of dollars.
Madoff is a former national treasurer of the American Jewish Congress (AJC) of New York City, one of the major Zionist organizations. Founded by the Hungarian Zionist rabbi Stephen S. Wise, the AJC claims to be "the first Jewish Defense Agency to support the establishment of a Jewish state" and to boycott Germany in the 1930s. In 1936 the American Jewish Congress was instrumental in establishing the World Jewish Congress (WJC). Wise, president of the AJC, was also elected president of the WJC. Wise was a Zionist who had been trained at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City, where Michael Chertoff's rabbi father and grandfather, both noted Talmudic scholars, studied and taught.
Madoff is (now was) also the treasurer of Yeshiva University, a private Jewish university in New York City, where he is chairman of the board of the university's business school, the Sy Syms School of Business, which he has endowed with large donations, from his "Ponzi" scheme no doubt.
Madoff has been a member of Yeshiva University’s Board of Trustees since 1996, and was elected chairman of the board of Syms School of Business in 2000. (Yeshiva University is clearly trying to erase traces of Madoff from their website, but the cached versions remain.)
At Syms, where Madoff is the chairman of the board, "Jewish tradition provides the framework for consideration of ethical issues, an integral part of the student's education." Does the "Jewish tradition" taught at Yeshiva U. support giant "Ponzi" schemes like the one run by their chairman? Is this the kind of business they teach the students at Syms? Cheat the "goyim," i.e. non-Jews, and steal their money?

That is exactly what the Talmud teaches, make no mistake about it. The racist nature of the Talmud, and how this Jewish supremacism has manifested itself in different societies, is the main reason that Jews have been despised and expelled from so many nations throughout history. (For an scholarly interpretation of the anti-Christian content of the Talmud see: Israel Shahak, Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years, 1994)
Anyone familiar with the teachings of the Talmud, i.e. "Jewish tradition," will know that such anti-Christian schemes are at the heart of such a Talmudic, i.e. Jewish supremacist, "education." This is why so many of the financial criminals involved in the current Zionist-produced "credit crisis" are Jewish Zionists who have been indoctrinated in such "Jewish traditions." The Zionist criminals involved in 9-11 and the cover-up of the truth are all tied to the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York, which is a similar Talmudic yeshiva and Zionist indoctrination center.
Like the Israel Discount Bank, which has a branch in New York, Yeshiva University has a branch in Israel, as does the American Jewish Congress. Madoff has been the main treasurer of both Zionist institutions during the period he ran his giant "Ponzi" scheme. If Madoff has lost billions of dollars, as is alleged, these institutions should certainly be investigated as possible recipients of stolen money. Israel Discount Bank should be thoroughly investigated for its role in money laundering and criminal operations, like 9-11.

The Zionist criminal structure relies on its tax-exempt "religious" network of schools and charities. These institutions are the frame of the Zionist criminal and racist network and should be investigated and closed if they are found to be teaching racist ideologies. Jewish racism is no different than any other racism and should not be tolerated in a free and democratic society like America.

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Sources & Recommended Reading:
Bollyn, Christopher, "9-11 and the Crisis on Wall Street", September 17, 2008
Bollyn, Christopher, "The Architecture of Terror: Mapping the Israeli Network Behind 9-11," July 24, 2008
Rushe, Dominic and Dey, Iain, "Only Fools and Horlicks: possibly the biggest fraud in corporate history," The Sunday Times, December 14, 2008
Shahak, Israel, Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years, Pluto Press, London, 1994
Vekshin, Alison, "Discount's New York subsidiary fined in money laundering case," The Jerusalem Post, November 2, 2006
Comments from readers, pro and con:..(...)


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The United States government is like the Sirius Star -- except our ship of state has been taken over by a gang of organized Zionist and Israeli pirates. The difference is that our American ship of state has been taken over by an organization (like Quantum in the latest Bond film) that most people don't even know exists.
This organization was created by members of the pre-Israel Zionist terror groups, the Hagana, Irgun, Lehi, and their Mossad network. Members of these groups were sent to the United States in the 1950s to raise dedicated Zionist agents that would look and sound like Americans but think like Israelis. In this way Zionists have taken over the government and media of the U.S.S. America without the passengers or the crew even noticing.

The only thing that most Americans notice is that the voyage is not as smooth as they had expected and the ship is sinking. The Zionist-controlled media assures us, however, that all is well and the ship is on its correct course. Dream on.
Americans and others need to realize that Israeli intelligence is like the criminal organization in the latest James Bond film: They are everywhere, supporting politicians on both sides of the aisle, creating and running governments from the left and the right (including your own), yet you don't even know they exist!
Over the past 6 decades, Israeli agents have infiltrated every agency of the U.S. government and have access to all of the critical computer networks.
My next article is in the same vein as my revelations about the senior Israeli agents Michael Chertoff, Rahm Emanuel, and Dan Senor.
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Sources and Recommended Reading
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Bollyn, Christopher, "The Absence of Justice for 9/11 Victims," March 20, 2007

Bollyn, Christopher, "Terror Mastermind KSM is an Imposter - The Confession is Fake," March 16, 2007
Bollyn, Christopher, "When and Where was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Captured - or Killed?" March 16, 2007
Bollyn, Christopher, "Cheney the Tyrant on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and 9/11," August 8, 2007
"9/11 'planner' Khalid Sheikh Mohammed tells court he wants to confess," The Times (U.K.), December 8, 2008

What Herman Simm Knows
about the Sinking of Estonia.

The Israeli Who Will Run the Obama White House.
Why is this man laughing? Rahm Emanuel, Obama's political handler and new chief of staff, is an Israeli whose father is a member of the most notorious terrorist group in Israeli history. How long will the controlled media ignore Emanuel's family ties to Zionist terrorism? Do Americans, the people forced to fight and fund the fraudulent, violent, and costly "War on Terror" even care?
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My latest article is about Joseph Adam Ereli, the Israeli national and son of a Hagana terrorist in the U.S. State Department. Ereli is Israel's point man in Iraq, where he oversees the application of U.S. policy in the region.

The Architecture of Terror: Mapping the Israeli Network Behind 9-11
Written by Christopher Bollyn

Thursday, 24 July 2008
This chapter of Solving 9-11 reveals a very significant part of the extensive Israeli and Zionist criminal network, which the evidence indicates was behind the crime of the century. The information in this chapter, which comes from material in the public domain, strongly supports the thesis that senior officers from Israeli military intelligence agencies were the chief architects of the false-flag terror of 9-11. .....
The spectacular explosions that accompanied the crashes (WTC 2)
produced light flame and whitish smoke (seen on left spewing from the impact area),
which are indications that Thermite had been pre-placed in the two computer rooms struck. What are the odds that both planes would randomly strike secure computer rooms?
The bizarre explosions that shot out of the east
and north side of WTC 1 came from the two sides of the tower
occupied by the computer room of Marsh Kroll, a Zionist-owned
company that profited greatly from the "War on Terror."
Note the white plume from the east wall and southeast
corner and the lack of a similar burst on the west side of the tower.
The plane struck the middle of the tower. Why the difference? ...............
PAINE, 1802 :
"A faction, acting in disguise, was rising in America; they had lost sight of first principles," Paine wrote. "They were beginning to contemplate government as a profitable monopoly, and the people as hereditary property."
Two hundred years later, as an American student of history, I made the same observation: A faction, acting in disguise, was rising in America. This faction also viewed government as a profitable monopoly, which they sought to control. The rising faction I noticed taking control in the 1980s was primarily Jewish by ethnicity and Zionist by ideology.
After spending several years in Europe, Israel, and the Middle East, I returned to the United States in the late 1970s and found the discourse in the media about Zionism to be extremely one-sided and distorted. Zionism, a racist ideology if ever there was one, was grossly misrepresented in the U.S. mass media as being a progressive and democratic movement of national liberation while Israel was depicted as being a kosher slice of America in the Middle East. It was very clear that the people distorting the view of the Middle East were themselves Jews devoted to the very un-American political and racial agenda called Zionism, the violent and chauvinistic nationalism of Eastern European Jews which has brutally occupied Palestine since 1948.
Honest and unbiased coverage of Israel and the Middle East became increasingly difficult to find in the U.S. during the 1980s and 1990s. The sale of Ted Turner's progressive Cable News Network (CNN) to Gerald Levine of AOL Time Warner and the transformation of the informative Christian Science Monitor marked the end of the last independent and unbiased news outlets covering the Middle East. An ethnic minority group with a foreign agenda – Zionism – had gained monopoly control over the U.S. mass media.
.... As an American raised with traditional Christian values, I realized that the culture I had grown up in was under attack and being reduced to a sub-culture. Through the Jewish-controlled media, a distinctly foreign and anti-Christian culture of pornography, perversion, and violence was being pushed. The producers of this "new culture" were primarily Jews of Eastern European origin. Through their control of the mass media, film, radio, and television networks, a diet of perverse entertainment and un-American values was being force-fed to the unsuspecting American people. .......
The "false-flag" terrorism of 9-11 is a monstrous Jewish-Zionist crime of our time. The true culprits of this heinous crime are clearly being protected by a gang of like-minded Jewish Zionists in the highest positions of the U.S. government, particularly at the U.S. Dept. of Justice and in the federal court system where justice for the victims of 9-11 has been obstructed and delayed for more than 6 years.
The lies and deception about 9-11, spread by the Zionist-controlled media, have been accepted as truth by millions of Americans. Based on a fairy tale spun from the outrageous terror spectacle, a fraudulent "War on Terror," a Zionist construct to attack our cherished American liberties, and at least three extremely costly and illegal wars of aggression in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia, are being waged. Countless thousands of lives have been wasted and more than one thousand billion dollars have been spent on this criminal enterprise and there is still no end in sight to the madness. ...
It is unacceptable for a baseless fairy tale to pass for truth while the real history is suppressed and muddled. Solving 9-11 is my attempt to clarify this muddled history; to find the truth and expose the real culprits....
We all need to know who did it and how they did it. The reasons why it was done have become increasingly obvious from the criminal wars of aggression and oppressive "homeland security" apparatus that have followed in its wake. ...
Since the day it happened, I have been asking questions about Israeli involvement in 9-11 because of the early and clear evidence, made public, of prior knowledge by the five dancing Israelis and members of an Israeli instant messaging network called Odigo. From the beginning, therefore, I considered the possibility that 9-11 was an Israeli-produced false-flag terror spectacle. The Zionists, after all, have a long history of doing these kinds of things.
I investigated and researched to see if the evidence supported this thesis. I found a great deal of evidence consistent with the Israeli thesis, which I have examined for nearly 7 years. I have discovered that agents of Israeli military intelligence or people devoted to the Zionist cause occupied every key position in the 9-11 saga. This consistency has led me to believe that the Israeli thesis is correct...
In December 2001, I spoke with Eckehardt Werthebach, the former head of the Verfassungsschutz, the domestic branch of German intelligence, about the terror attacks of 9-11. ......
Many people would have been involved in the planning of such an operation and the absence of leaks was a further indication that the attacks were "state organized actions," Werthebach said.
Andreas von Buelow, the former head of the parliamentary commission that oversaw the German intelligence agencies, told me that a sophisticated false-flag operation like 9-11 has an organizational structure with three basic levels: architectural, operational, and working. Atta and the 19 Arabs blamed as the "hijackers" of 9-11 were part of the working level, von Buelow said, and were simply part of the deception. That is, after all, how false-flag terror works.
Von Buelow said that he believed that the Mossad, Israel's foreign intelligence service, was behind the terror attacks of 9-11. These attacks, he said, were designed to turn public opinion against the Arabs, and to boost military and security spending. ...
"Terror is theatre." - John Le Carré, The Little Drummer Girl, 1983.
"Terror is theatre and theatre is illusion" is the theme of the realistic novel about Israeli false-flag operations in Europe written by the late John Le Carré.
.. The Israeli characters in The Little Drummer Girl come through without a scratch while Palestinians and Europeans are blown to bits in engineered false-flag terrorism.....
There is simply no evidence whatsoever that any such "Al Qaida" or Islamic terrorist structure ever existed in the United States or that any Muslim or Arab organization was interested in or capable of carrying out such a sophisticated attack. There is, on the other hand, a great deal of evidence that an Israeli military structure, which employed Arab disguises when necessary, is behind 9-11. This network connects the highest officers and veterans of Israeli military intelligence with all the key players, companies, and funding entities involved in setting up the 9-11 attacks.
There is evidence of an Israeli military intelligence matrix connecting every key player and entity behind 9-11. At the most crucial position in U.S. law enforcement, for example, where executive decisions were made concerning the federal non-investigation, sat Michael Chertoff, an Israeli whose mother was one of the first agents of Israeli intelligence. Having the devoted Zionist Michael Chertoff in the key position as Asst. Attorney General controlling the criminal division of the Dept. of Justice gave the Israelis the operational security to carry out this massive crime without fear of exposure or prosecution. ...
Likewise, two dedicated Zionists-cum-federal judges named Alvin K. Hellerstein and Michael B. Mukasey have overseen virtually all the litigation from the massive death and destruction of 9-11 as well as the 1993 false-flag incident at the WTC. Small wonder there has yet to be a single trial for any of the 96 families who chose to seek justice through the courts rather than accept the government pay-out for the loss of their loved ones. ......
The Ptech story is a crucial piece of 9/11 because the software was used to simultaneously coordinate the FAA with NORAD and the Secret Service.
- Jamey Hecht, "Ptech, 9/11, and USA-Saudi Terror,"
FTW Publications
Ptech was with MITRE Corporation in the basement of the FAA for two years prior to 9/11. Their specific job is to look at interoperability issues the FAA had with NORAD and the Air Force in the case of an emergency. If anyone was in a position to know that the FAA -- that there was a window of opportunity or to insert software or to change anything -- it would have been Ptech along with MITRE.
- Indira Singh, "Risk Architect"
9/11 Citizens’ Commission, Sept. 9, 2004
Indira Singh and others
pushed the false "Arab terror" story
by linking Ptech to a wrongly accused Saudi.
Who was really behind this disinformation campaign? ......
My discovery in 2005 that the Ptech software company from Quincy, Mass., was actually a disguised Israeli intelligence operation is key to understanding the role of Israeli military intelligence in the crimes of 9-11. This is a discovery that has helped reveal other key people in the Israeli network behind the crime. ...
Michael Goff - the Ptech "cut-out ".
Michael Goff was the key person at Ptech when it was founded in 1994. Goff, a young Zionist lawyer from Worchester, Massachusetts, subsequently worked for Guardium, an Israeli software company tied to military intelligence. This is the crucial connection that has helped expose the larger Israeli military intelligence network working behind the 9-11 scene.
Through Goff's connection to Guardium we can see how a nexus of senior officers of Israeli military intelligence agencies links all the key elements of 9-11. This connection also explains how dodgy Israeli enterprise spy software wound up on critical U.S. government and military computer networks. ...
Daniel Glaser, a Jewish deputy assistant secretary for Terrorist Financing and Financial Crimes at the U.S. Treasury, described Al-Qadi in Congressional testimony in 2004 as a "key terrorist financier and facilitator."
In December 2007, after an investigation that lasted six years and two months, Yassin Abdullah Al-Qadi was exonerated of all charges by judicial authorities in Switzerland. Al-Qadi's funds had been unfairly frozen for six years based merely on the reckless accusations of Daniel Glaser, an irresponsible Zionist at the U.S. Treasury who went on to negotiate the freezing and thawing of North Korean funds.
How a Lebanese Muslim immigrant funded by a Saudi suspected of being "a sponsor of terrorism" ever sold enterprise software to the entire U.S. government is never addressed by those, like Indira Singh, who promoted the post 9-11 myth that Ptech was a central part of the Arab nexus of terror. Miss Singh herself is a bit of a mystery. Why did she promote the Arab terrorism story without any evidence other than baseless accusations made by Zionist officials in the U.S. Treasury? ....
The Ptech-Guardium connection through Michael Goff is a key link to the terror structure behind 9-11. Ptech enterprise software, which has spy, surveillance, and intervention capabilities, according to "experts" like Singh, was running on nearly every U.S. government computer network at the time of 9-11. Goff, who had personally been responsible for procuring all software for the "Arab-owned" Ptech and for marketing Ptech's enterprise software, went on to work for Guardium, a company that is a branch of the research and development department of the Israeli Air Force....
Guardium is a spin-off of Log-On Software, an Israeli military intelligence company based in Ramat Gan, Israel.
..Gill Zaphrir (a.k.a. Zafrir),..... Amit Yoran, ......
Goff's father and grandfather were both highest-level Freemasons in the International (Jewish) Order of the B'nai B'rith (a.k.a. Benai Berith), an exclusive Jewish-Zionist (i.e. closed to non-Jews) order of Freemasons founded in New York City in 1843.
The Israeli nexus between Michael Goff, Ptech, Guardium, and Amit Yoran provides a logical explanation for how Israeli-cum-Ptech enterprise "spy" software wound up on the critical computer networks of the U.S. government and military.
Some of the key Israeli-run companies linked to Guardium are Amdocs, ViryaNet, Nice Systems, and CreoScitex. Like Guardium, these companies are all run by senior officers of Israeli military intelligence. ...
The "most activity" of the Israeli operation aimed at infiltrating offices of the DEA was "reported in the state of Florida," according to the report. "The Hollywood, Florida area seems to be a central point for these individuals with several having addresses in this area," the DEA report said. Hollywood is also the area which connected 15 of the 19 Arab "hijackers" of 9-11. ..
One of the Israeli agents was 27-year-old Lt. Peer Segalovitz, a platoon leader.....
Avinoam Naor Aharonovich, one of the founders of Amdocs.....
Elad Yoran [a.k.a. Naftali Yoran], Amit's older brother, held similar dual positions at Broadview International and Riptech, his brother's company that specialized in hacking into corporate computer networks while selling them Riptech's "security" software. ...
Elad Yoran is also the CEO and founder of a similar funding company called Security Growth Partners (SGP)...
It is through such secretive "venture capital" funding entities like Broadview and Veritas Venture Partners that the hand of Israeli military intelligence can be clearly seen running the computer network "security" companies they have spawned, like Guardium. ....
The list of Elad Yoran's advisors and partners at SGP is very interesting. It includes his brother Amit Yoran, of course, and previously included another Israeli named Ilan Juran, which is another spelling of the same Israeli name.
Tim Belcher, a co-founder of Riptech, the company of "ethical hackers," is another advisor at SGP. ...
It is interesting to note that Jeremy M. Kroll, the Managing Director of Marsh Kroll, is also on the "advisory board" of Elad Yoran's Security Growth Partners.
Kroll, the son of Jules B. Kroll, has been an executive at Marsh Kroll, a division of Marsh & McLennan Co. (MMC), since 1996.
MMC is headed by Jeffrey Greenberg, the son of Maurice Raymond Greenberg (a.k.a. "Hank"). Maurice Greenberg, the CEO of A.I.G.,.....
Jeffrey Greenberg is CEO of MMC.
The first plane flew directly into his company's computer room.
What an amazing coincidence - or was it? .........
Kroll Associates was responsible for "revamping security at the World Trade Center after the 1993 terrorist bombing," Douglas Frantz of the New York Times reported in 1994. This is a crucial point because those who controlled security at the WTC are prime suspects in the demolition of the twin towers. It was directly into the computer room of Marsh (Kroll) USA in the North Tower that the first plane struck, or was precision-guided, on 9-11. The light orange flame and whitish smoke that exploded out of burning computer room of Marsh USA are indicative of a Thermite reaction. Burning jet fuel produces darker orange flames and blackish smoke.
John O'Neill, the former chief of counterterrorism with the FBI, who had investigated Al Qaida, was the head of security for the World Trade Center complex, and was reportedly killed on his first day of work on 9-11. O'Neill had been appointed to this position by the managing director of the Kroll security company, Jerome M. Hauer. Kroll evidently continued to manage security for the WTC complex from 1993 until 9-11.
Jerome Hauer (left), the first director
of Giuliani's Office of Emergency
Management and the person who chose
to locate the command bunker in WTC 7.
Prior to joining Kroll, Hauer, a Zionist Jew, had been the director of Mayor Giuliani's Office of Emergency Management (OEM), where he had been the driving force to have the OEM command bunker built in Larry Silverstein's 47-story WTC 7, the tower which fell into its footprint at 5:21 p.m. on 9-11. Testimony from Larry Silverstein and physical evidence strongly suggest that WTC 7 was demolished with explosives and Thermite. ...
There is a very significant, but little-known history of senior Israeli intelligence officers seeking to gain control of security of New York airports, ports, bridges, tunnels, and the World Trade Center in the 1980s. Being in charge of security at the twin towers was obviously crucial to the 9-11 operation. The explosive charges and Thermite that evidently demolished the three towers could not have possibly been placed in the buildings without the perpetrators having complete control of security.
Getting control of security at the WTC was something senior officers of Israeli military intelligence had actively sought since at least 1987. This was clearly part of the Israeli master plan for 9-11, a plan first articulated in 1979 by Isser Harel, the former head of Israeli intelligence (Director Shin Bet, 1948–1952; Director Mossad, 1947-1963).
Harel, formerly the director of Haganah intelligence in the 1940s, is seen as the founder of Israeli intelligence. The Haganah and Irgun were the largest Zionist militia/terrorist organizations in Palestine prior to the creation of Israel in 1948. Both organizations were involved in the terror bombing of the King David Hotel and other acts of terrorism. ...
More than 20 years earlier /Harel/ had told Michael D. Evans, an American Zionist missionary, that terrorism would "come to America." Arab terrorists would strike the tallest building in New York City, "a symbol of your fertility," /he/ said.
Michael D. Evans is a hard-line Zionist Jew
who poses as a Christian. Here Evans embraces
Menachem Begin, the former terrorist head of the Irgun
who ordered the bombing of the King David Hotel.
Isser Harel told Evans of the plan to bomb the World Trade Center
in 1979, about the time of this photo.
When Evans asked where the Arab terrorists would strike, Harel said: "In Islamic theology, the phallic symbol is very important. Your biggest phallic symbol is New York City and your tallest building will be the phallic symbol they will hit." Now, how did Harel know that, in 1979, if he was not part of it? ....
The Israeli false-flag terror of 9-11, designed to create the "War on Terror" and drag the United States into the Israeli-Arab conflict on the side of Israel, was evidently planned decades in advance.
A team of senior Israeli intelligence veterans, men who had worked under Harel since the founding of Israeli intelligence, obtained the security contract for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PA) in 1987, according to a Washington Post article from April 12, 1987. The Port Authority manages operations at New York's airports, as it did at the World Trade Center prior to the complex being leased to Larry Silverstein in late July, 20.
The contract with an Israeli "security" company called Atwell Security of Tel Aviv was cancelled after the PA learned that the firm was headed by Avraham Shalom Ben-Dor, the former head of the Israel's General Security Service (GSS), a.k.a. Shabak or Shin Bet. The Atwell company appears to have been created only for the purpose of obtaining the security contract for the Port Authority and the World Trade Center.
Avraham Bendor, or Ben-Dor (a.k.a. Abe, Avrum, or Avram Shalom) had been forced to resign as head of the GSS, which he ran from 1980 to 1986, following the disclosure that he had ordered the execution of two detained Palestinian bus hijackers.....
The former Irgun and Lehi terrorist Yitzhak Shamir (born Jaziernicki in Belarus) was the prime minister responsible for Shin Bet at the time.
Yitzhak Shamir was a leader from the extreme right-wing Likud.
After joining the Irgun terrorist group in 1935, he joined its
most militant faction, Lehi, in 1940. He personally authorized
the assassination of the UN representative in the Middle East,
the Swedish Count Folke Bernadotte, in September 1948.
....... Inset is Shamir's son, Yair. ........
Use of aliases in Israeli intelligence is common, the Washington Post reported. "One intelligence expert said that even Bendor may not be the former Shin Bet chief's real name." ......
The executive director of the Port Authority in 1987 was Stephen Berger (1985-1990).
... Today, Berger is Chairman of Odyssey Investment Partners, a private New York investment firm that specializes in private corporate transactions. Berger, a Jew, is a member of the board of New York's Citizens Budget Commission (CBC) with fellow Zionist Jews Larry Silverstein and Felix Rohatyn....
Prior to becoming director of the Port Authority, Berger was a principal with Odyssey Partners (1983-85) with Leon Levy and Jack Nash, both Zionist Jews. Before joining Odyssey Partners, Berger had been Director of Corporate Development at Oppenheimer & Co., where Nash and Levy had been "senior-most partners."..
Philip D. Kaltenbacher, a former running mate of Governor Thomas H. Kean of New Jersey, was the chairman of the Port Authority's Board of Commissioners from 1985 to 1990. ..... Kaltenbacher's father, Joseph, was a founder of the New Jersey Chapter of the American Jewish Committee and a former member of the national board of governors of the AJC, a major Zionist organization. ...
It is hard to imagine that Brezenoff, whose Yiddish-speaking grandparents had immigrated to the United States in the early 1900s from Russia and Austria, was unaware of the deal to give the PA security contract to Atwell Security of Tel Aviv. Malkin was, after all, a legendary figure among the Zionist Jews of New York.
Malkin was one of the Israeli intelligence agents involved in the kidnapping of Adolf Eichmann in Buenos Aires in 1960.....
It was none other than Isser Harel, then head of the Mossad, who had sent Malkin and six others on the mission to find Eichmann, where previous agents had failed. Harel had worked closely with Shimon Peres and Teddy Kollek in the pre-state Haganah militia of the 1940s when they had been responsible for procuring weapons and smuggling them to Zionist forces.
Other agents on the seven-person Mossad team involved in the Eichmann kidnapping were Avraham Shalom Ben-Dor and Rafael "Dirty Rafi" Eitan, the senior Mossadnik [not the Chief of Staff with the same name], who ran the Jonathan Pollard espionage operation against the United States in the 1980s. ...
A very young Malkin "retired" as head of operations of the Mossad in 1976 and moved to New York, where he worked as "a security consultant" and "posed as an artist." His "security consultant" work clearly involved brokering the security contract for the Port Authority and the World Trade Center - for the Mossad. Malkin had not retired from the Mossad; he'd gone undercover.
Malkin's artist disguise is probably the inspiration for the "art student" operation to infiltrate DEA offices in 2001. ...
The Washington Post revealed the serious nature of the crimes Malkin, Shalom, and Eitan had been involved in when it reported in 1986 that Rafi Eitan, posing as a chemist, had travelled, in 1968, to the Pennsylvania nuclear processing plant that secretly diverted several hundred kilograms of weapons-grade uranium to Israel. A declassified FBI document shows that another Israeli, "Abraham Bendor, department of electronics," accompanied Eitan on that trip....
Amazingly, a "Rafi Eitan" and "Abe Shalom" shared the same address in Miami in the 1990s. "Abe Shalom" also shared a Miami address at XX TW , with a Morris (and Lillian) Saffati, a name very similar to that of the Miami-based Israeli agent who sold weapons to the Medellin drug cartel, Maurice (and Ilana) Sarfati, a.k.a. Moshe Tzorfati. "Abe Shalom" also lived in Deal, New Jersey, near Lillian Saffati, the wife of Morris. Are these the tracks of the culprits or mere coincidences? ...
The Challenge Fund is an Israeli intelligence funding operation, based in Israel, that is also known as Etgar, which means "challenge" in Hebrew. This limited partnership involves the biggest players in the Zionist funding network in North America with the most senior officers in Israeli military intelligence. This is one of the key funding entities for Israeli intelligence operations in the United States. ..
Challenge Fund investors include "a highly distinguished group of American and European investors," primarily members of the extended Bronfman and Andreas families. Charles de Gunzburg, for example, a Bronfman cousin, is on the funds' "investment committee." Bronfman, which means distiller in Yiddish, is the family behind Seagram's, the Canadian whisky company.
Andreas is the family behind the grain broker Archer Daniels Midland (ADM)...
Joseph Ciechanover is the president of the funds and is a member of the "Investment Committee".
Ciechanover served as Chairman of the Board of Israel Discount Bank [how convenient], Israel's third largest commercial bank, and was a member of the Bank of Israel Advisory Committee. He also served as Director General of Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Head of Israel's Defense Mission to the United States and Canada,
and General Counsel to the Israel Ministries of Defense and Agriculture.....
In 1962, David Ivry became the commander of the first Israeli squadron of the French Dassault Mirage fighter jet. During the six-day war of 1967, Ivry served as a Mirage pilot and the commander of the Mystère squadron. Ivry was either personally involved in the criminal Israeli attack on the U.S.S. Liberty with Mirage fighters or commanded those who were. Thirty-four American servicemen lost their lives in the Israeli attack. In any case, Ivry has clearly been involved in numerous war crimes and has shown very little regard for American lives....
In addition to Ciechanover, the Challenge Fund has been managed by Yair Shamir, the son of Yitzhak Shamir, the Zionist terrorist who was involved in numerous assassinations, including the 1947 murder of the U.N. envoy to Palestine, Folke Bernadotte, a member of the Swedish royal family. Shamir is also suspected of being involved in the murder of President John F. Kennedy. .....
It was, I submit, through these connections with Kroll and Greenberg that agents of Israeli military intelligence gained control of security of the World Trade Center and were able to carry out 9-11.

Published July 25, 2008
Last Edited August 1, 2008


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Thursday, 25 December 2008
Obamanation: A Lesson In Black Power

'Being Black in the US means something. It implies an understanding of power and oppression. It implies an inclination and proclivity to side with those that resist oppression and exploitation, the Black nation having a history of acute experience with those forces.

That said, does it matter if we have sitting, the first Black chairman in the 221 years of the House's existence, if he sits idly by and congratulates a president-elect that promises to embrace imperial foreign policy across Africa and the so-called Middle East?
Does it matter if that Presiden--Elect's skin happens to be Black if his office appoints an Attorney General that advocates more of a draconian domestic policy already decimating Black communities?
Does it matter if we are greeted by the first ever Black Attorney General if he wants to make possession with (cop's discretion) intent to distribute a 5 year felony?
Does it matter, in 2008, the color of the faces of a system that is grinding into dust, the bones of Black and Brown Americans and Iraqis alike?
Hell yes, it matters so much that he is Black. But not as a justification for backslapping celebration. Obama is a tool of the ruling class and when the power of Blackness is used by the ruling class, it is Black power in reverse, turned around to use as a weapon against everyone except the ruling class.' ...
The placement, not election, of Barack Obama on the one hand proves that a Black face in a high place is worthless while simultaneously proving that his face is worth it’s weight in gold. The critical question is for whom. For us, the people, Black administrators in a system controlled by white corporate power continues to be meaningless. The system, not select positions within it, is the problem. ...
All this makes the placement of ahandsome (read light-skinned), articulate (speak like a white newscaster) 2004 Illinois state senator to President of the United States in 2008. Once the celebration ends maybe we’ll even ask where this guy even came from.
Obama won’t serve us. He’ll serve those who coronated him. And but of course. Will Black and Brown folks take this moment to contemplate and learn or will we drunk on the narrative of those who would continue our enslavement, stand and salute our Blackness turned around to signal our own demise?
Thursday, 25 December 2008
Israel Warns America Yet Again-There's "Hell To Pay" For Not Attacking Iran.
'To most, the language appears all-too-familiar and not unlike the childhood story of the "boy who cried wolf". Indeed, it has all the hallmarks of the typical fear-mongering all have come to know all-too-well in recent years featuring a paranoid Zionist military commander working for a notoriously paranoid nation and warning of the next "holocaust" if everyone does not immediately stop what they are doing, pay strict attention and follow the prescribed course of action as laid down by the Jewish state.'’s-“hell-to-pay”-for-not-attacking-iran/

 Thursday, 25 December 2008
USA Needs Nuclear Explosion to Turn The World Into Dictatorship.
'Is the United States going to put dictatorship into effect under the guise of the anti-terrorist struggle? What may trigger another major transformation in 2009? The answer is obvious: another 9/11 in the USA.
Terrible and bloody events are in store for the world in the beginning of 2009. Most likely, the world will witness a reality show with a nuclear blast, which will be used as a reason for the US administration to change the world order again and leave the new Great Depression behind.'...(...)
When Obama learned of Biden’s speech, he tried to explain everything with rhetorical exaggerations. However, Biden’s remarks gave food for thought, taking into consideration the fact that former secretary of state Madeleine Albright described his remarks as statement of fact.
Apparently, the political elite in the United States is certain that their nation would soon suffer another mammoth terrorist act. This assumption became the subject of Michel Chossudovsky’s article “A Second 9/11„: An Integral Part of US Military Doctrine.”
Thursday, 25 December 2008
Ahmadinejad to Give Xmas Message On UK TV
'Iran's President is to deliver a Christmas Day message on Britain's Channel 4 television
in counterpoint to Queen Elizabeth's speech.'

Ahmadinejad wishes Merry Christmas
Thu, 25 Dec 2008 19:18:57 GMT
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has wished Christians around the world a Merry Christmas in a message to Pope Benedict XVI.

Ahmadinejad delivers Xmas message
Fri, 26 Dec 2008 00:44:04 GMT
Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad broadcast a Christmas Day message on Britain's Channel 4 television at 7:15 p.m. GMT.
Ahmadinejad delivers Xmas message

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad broadcast a Christmas Day message on Britain's Channel 4 television at 7:15 p.m. GMT.
'Christ would fight global tyranny'
Ahmadinejad to give Xmas message on UK TV
Ahmadinejad wishes Merry Christmas
Thursday, 25 December 2008

The David Icke Newsletter Goes Out On Sunday

Life as ‘the struggle’ is the realm of the body program, which is part of the Matrix program, and it doesn’t have to be our struggle if we can break through the vibrational concrete that enslaves us to the will of the program.
A key to that is to do what the program wouldn’t do and doesn’t want us to do. Laughing in the face of adversity and laughing in the face of danger and intimidation are two examples of this.
The idea is to keep us in fear so we give our power away to those we believe will protect us from what we fear - ‘Give the banks our money – bail them out – save us.’ We also need to be kept constantly worrying about the future, in a state of at least low-level depression that eats away our optimism and joy.
What this does is create a dense (‘I feel so tight and heavy’) vibrational state which further disconnects us from a conscious connection with what we really are – All That Is … Infinite Possibility.
The more you think limited possibility the more you know you are in the program and not in consciousness, and the energetic density that comes from depression and worry (expressions of fear) lock you into a sense of limited options and choice – limited possibility. It’s a cycle and it’s vicious.
Our ‘human’ energy fields constantly reflect our mental and emotional states in their vibrational resonance and, in turn, the resonance triggers mental and emotional states. This is how low-vibrational influences like drugs and chemical food additives can trigger hyperactivity and depression.
It appears to be a chemical reaction that is behind the problem, but the chemical reaction is merely the ‘physical’ expression of a vibrational reaction. We need, therefore, to use consciousness to break this cycle of cause-and-effect-effect-and cause. But how?
Well, about this for a start?
Try being serious or in fear – ‘tight and heavy’ - when you are laughing.



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