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Tom hen...Nuclear-Armed Mossad-Controlled Underwater Sea Bases Now Operational//
c-story: A R R E S T   T H E M   N O W ... the_people_that_walked_in_darkness//

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Explosive Urgent Alert
Nuclear-Armed Mossad-Controlled Underwater Sea Bases Now Operational
by Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert

Friday December 26, 2008
United States of America – It is sad to report at this hour that rogue elements of the Israeli Mossad aka the Satanic Cabala have successfully taken control of SECRET U.S. Nuclear Underwater Sea Bases in various parts of the world,
including the geopolitical sections of areas of the Middle East and the area of the Indian sub-continent.
Two major sea bases in the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean are now fully operational.

This dovetails to the recent alleged suicide attempt of French astronaut Claudie Haignere, who recently screamed "…earth must be warned…" prior to falling into a coma after a reported overdose of sleeping pills.

These now EARTH-THREATENING nuclear-armed sea bases
have their origin dating back to World War II and SECRET Nazi era Tesla and laser technology that was being developed by the then German Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler before its defeat in 1945.

This technology, which is available to the Nuclear Underwater Sea Bases, became the SECRET and HIDDEN resources of what has become the East German Stasi DVD-rogue Israeli Mossad control box
by which they exercise control and blackmail over the Western world.

Reference: This, of course, all has a current time line link to what we commonly know as the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate occupation of the United States,
which includes control of the U.S. media, the U.S. judicial system, the U.S. electoral process and the U.S. economy,
which, of course, has been bankrupted by this gangster filth.

Israeli Mossad agent Rahm Emanuel (left) Senior Advisor to
U.S. President Bill Clinton (right) AFP/Getty Image.
Since the beginning of the second Clinton Administration term, when Israeli Mossad agent Rahm Emanuel gained a major presence in the Clinton White House up to the rise of the Mossad-controlled pro Bush neocons,
forces of East German Stasi DVD and Israeli Intelligence have successfully infiltrated the U.S. Government along with its Military, and are now in position to have command and control of the launch codes tied to the Nuclear Underwater Sea Bases.

P.S. At this hour, the American People and the citizens of Western Europe, are guinea pigs with the operational sea bases being used for blackmail
concerning the Israeli Mossad's immediate demand that Iran be annihilated by a nuclear strike.
This Satanic Cabala is also demanding complete control of the World Economic System, including all financial records of the U.S. Federal Reserve, the International Monetary Fund, as well as the Bank of International Settlements.
The Satanic Cabala clearly need to cover up the crimes they have committed in looting the U.S. Treasury.

Final note: At this hour we can report that the Russian Federation, along with America' greatest ally of 200 years, the Republic of France, are resisting this extortion and blackmail,
while the government of Communist RED China has actually assisted this Satanic Cabala, including the cutting of major internet portals between Europe and Asia.

Folks, we have been under pseudo occupation since 1998.
The forces of the Satanic Cabala, with their crimes exposed, have now reached a level where they are threatening to destroy all mankind.
We can now report that then Vice President, now non-inaugurated, duly elected President Albert Gore Jr., was told in December of 2000 that if he did not let George W. Bushfraud and the Satanic Cabala get away with stealing the year 2000 presidential election,
that the American People would be attacked from these Nuclear Underwater Sea Bases.

We can also report that just recently last month, in the middle of November of 2008, fellow Satanic Cabala member, loser Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, used the secrets of the Nuclear Underwater Sea Bases to blackmail president elect Barack Obama aka British Intelligence asset,      into getting her nomination for U.S. Secretary of State.

In fact, Hillary just recently demanded total control of the U.S. State Department,
including unlimited financial resources.

As we have mentioned in the past, Hillary already has control of 60% of the black accounts tied to the U.S. Pentagon, which have had a role in sponsoring worldwide "false flag" black op terrorist attacks, including the recent attacks in Mumbai, India.

At this hour, we live free or die
as we order the Patriotic Members of the U.S. Military
to begin arresting ALL members of the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate
who have committed HIGH TREASON against the United States.

We must regretfully also order a first strike preemptive attack against all SECRET TREASONOUS installations in the Middle East
that threaten the United States and Western Europe.

Request of all Patriotic readers of these intelligence briefings:

Please share and forward this explosive intelligence across the internet and around the world.
Overlord at Yorktown remains relentless and victorious.
Lafayette remains at Brandywine and Albert Gore Jr. remains the REAL President of the United States.
Non-inaugurated, duly elected
President Albert Gore Jr.
International Intelligence Expert, Tom Heneghan, has hundreds of highly credible sources inside American and European Intelligence Agencies and INTERPOL -- reporting what is REALLY going on behind the scenes of the controlled mainstream media cover up propaganda of on-going massive deceptions and illusions.

Liberty and Justice for We, the American People
Punishment with Due Prejudice for ALL Traitors
Patriotic, God-loving, peaceful Jewish People are NOT the same as the war mongering ZIONIST KHAZARIAN Jews.
1:30 AM
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...christopher story .....


Friday 26 December 2008 04:00

'The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light: they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon THEM hath the light shined'.

Isaiah Chapter 9, verse 2. Isaiah prophesied the coming of the Lord in 741 BC.
There are about 330 specific prophecies in Scripture of the coming of Jesus Christ (Christos: the Chosen), who will lead the people out of darkness and hopelessness, meaning no belief in any existence after death.

The Lord visited humanity floundering in the darkness, in two stages:

First when he brought the children of Israel out of the darkness, for which Egypt is the Biblical metaphor, towards the Land of Milk and Honey, metaphor for the True Light. Egypt was the land of complete darkness because the religion of the ancient Egyptians was focused on the WORSHIP OF DEATH. So historical ancient Egypt is a metaphor for DARKNESS AND DEATH, and the Land of Milk and Honey is the Biblical metaphor for the Truth (the True Light).

Truth is indivisible. There is only one truth, not multiple versions of the Truth. And the departure of the children of Israel from the worship of death and the darkness is a living metaphor for the Lord's decisive intervention in the development of humanity to reveal Himself and the Truth at the right stage of humanity's historical and our own personal spiritual development. This is the Truth.

It is almost universally overlooked that, while all human beings are born with the knowledge that there is something greater than them, the whole of humanity lived in total darkness prior to the revelation of the Lord to the children of Israel. This FACT is never emphasised in teaching these days. We FORGET that humanity was wallowing in depraved, devilish practices: a reality of which we in Britain were reminded on 18th December when a report appeared in our press about the hideous Moche culture which existed in what is today Peru between AD 600 until about AD 1100. This culture is known to archaeologists for the ceremonial sex acts and ritualistic human sacrifices depicted on its pottery. This old people, according to The Times's report, 'indulged in wildly exotic rituals', as was revealed on their prolific ceramics 'which depict ceremonial sexual encounters, performed in specially constructed temples... [and] ceremonial human sacrifice and blood drinking, with victims being subjected to excoriation (skinning), decapitation and bloodletting. It is thought that cannibalism probably also took place'.

Notwithstanding the Lord's intervention to redirect the spiritual development of humanity away from the darkness, of course, much of humanity subsequently remained in the darkess, as is the case today. Although the historical reality of the Lord's intervention is recorded, it was not the case that the darkness fled from the whole of humanity: only from those to whom the Word of Truth was made available, and who heard it. As Einstein is reputed to have said, time exists because if it didn't exist, everything would happen at once.

While in the wilderness (another living metaphor: for the 'dark night of the soul' which afflicts all to whom the Word is spoken and who receive it, because as soon as this happens Satan redoubles his efforts to tear the newly enlightened away from the Truth), a very large proportion of the children of Israel despaired of the return of Moses from the summit of Mount Sinai and organised themselves to return to Egypt (i.e., back to the old darkness, with which they were familiar).

These people largely perished in the desert wilderness and it was their offspring, led by Joshua (meaning 'saviour', as does the name Jesus) who entered the Promised Land (of Milk and Honey).

They had been instructed to eliminate (which sounds brutal to us today) the pagan tribes resident in the region, given these local tribes' decadent, satanic behaviour, a task which they only partially achieved. As a result, their thinking, spiritual development and worship was soon to be perverted (as with the Christian churches today) and they repeatedly lapsed right back into rank paganism, going so far even at times as to adopt the customs associated with the worship of the local tribes' pagan gods (devils), including sacrificing children to a horrible fake creature called Moloch (post-natal contraception). This persistent devil is worshipped today at the hyper-decadent Bohemian Grove sessions each summer in California which the self-deluded, double-minded leaders of the failing World Revolution attend, without bothering to grasp that their behaviour there is recorded and filmed for blackmail purposes, which is the manner most of these 'Useful Idiots' are controlled (bribery, false witness and threats of death being the other favoured control methods used by the ruthless and relentlessly evil Intelligence Power, which controls the US Government).
All pagan gods were and are in fact manifestations of the familiar ancient darkness, facilitating the possession of deluded worshippers by satanic demons. Since and where the light had not shone in the darkness, Satan always had and has a permissive ball: this may offend our manic modern sense of 'fairness', but 'that's the way it was and is'.

The children of Israel were always sliding backwards, like a heifer with mad cow disease.

They tended to slide backwards because they had only recently been led out of pitch darkness into the light; and for many, the light was blinding. It was more comfortable in the darkness. Today, most people find it more comfortable in the darkness, even though everyone has the means of salvation (becoming aware of the True Light of the Word), and can avail themselves at any time of the simple opportunity to experience it. It requires only a little effort to do this.

The opportunity is available to ALL by taking ONE SIMPLE STEP ONLY: the step of faith.

It is true: all that is needed to begin the process of leaving the darkness behind and coming to the light, is to BELIEVE. It is not a question of getting there by intellectual rationalisation, because we are dealing with the Great Mystery of God's Word. We cannot access understanding of His Word without first making the leap of faith, which we must do honestly, NOT half-heartedly. We have to jettison our double-mindedness, and just BELIEVE that Jesus Christ IS the Son of God and is come in the flesh. He took the form of man so that we could identify with Him and enter into a personal relationship with him. Having travelled this road with difficulty myself, I know this to be TRUE. ...(...)

Because almost as soon as we have made this leap, our eyes are opened, and we at once begin to understand. The very next step is that we MUST start reading Scripture. You cannot make ANY true progress in the spiritual life WITHOUT reading Scripture: and you must persevere, even though this will be difficult at times.
I recommend the King James Bible (starting with the Passion in Luke, and then proceeding in the first instance to the whole of the Gospel of John): thereafter, if you can find a 365-Day Bible (Scripture arranged in portions of the Old Testament, the New Testament, a Psalm and a Proverb), grab hold of it, because this enables you to read the entire Bible over the course of a calendar year.
I am now ending my tenth year of reading such a version: mine is based on the King James Bible. See if you can source a copy: then try to use it as your working text, and freely highlight key passages, writing in the margin as necessary. Don't treat this as a sacred object which can never be marked: that is what many people do, and it means they never get to absorb the Truth in depth, with each year's reading deepening one's understanding.

I recommend the King James Bible to all, both because the language is beautiful and also because studies (especially by the American writer Gail Riplinger) have demonstrated that all 'translations' into modern English have DELIBERATELY modified elements of the Lord's Word to make it 'more palatable' for modern humanity: an error so severe that Gail Riplinger found, to her astonishment, that each of three main Bible 'translators' into 'contemporary' English were later struck dumb....(...)

Step forward George H. W Bush Sr., embodiment of Lucifer himself, and your evil mass murderer son who has presided over death and destruction in Iraq and now preens himself before the whole world by flaunting the magnificence of his Presidency and the lasting value of his legacy.

Step forward Henry M. Paulson, whose double was probably shot around this time last year: you liar, you thief, you serial deceiver, you Worker of Unremitting Evil, you financier of terrorism along with your evil associates, you rascal, get behind us, you devil.

And make yourself ready for what will surely befall you, Mrs Hillary Clinton, you Jezebel, with your filthy CIA husband, you serial financiers of terrorism, who benefited so brazenly from the secret stealing of The Queen's gold and who, with the assistance of your comrade-in-crime Robert Rubin, (who was, we understand, finally booted out of Citibank earlier this month) have worked deviously and oh-so consistently with George H. W. Bush Sr. to hold the entire world to ransom, and who are now busily empire-building on the arrogant assumption that you, Mrs Clinton, will be confirmed as Secretary of State, even though (when we last heard) you hadn't even resigned your Senate seat yet, because you dare not do so (or dared not do so) for fear you would be arrested, which you and your filthy, ruthless, stealing serial criminalist husband should be.

And step forward, Dr Alan Greenspan, you serial financial fraudster, whom your previous associate George Bush Sr. (as is his wont) has long since double-crossed: you deserve to be arrested and to go to jail along with the rest of them, as does your successor, Dr Benjamin Bernanke.

YOU ARE ALL, EACH OF YOU, SERIAL AND CONTINUING ECONOMIC TERRORISTS AND YOU STAND ACCUSED OF FINANCING GLOBAL TERRORISM, as defined by your very own legislation, replicated and even strengthened in the parallel anti-terrorism legislation applied in Britain and Europe. And so do your corrupt banking sector associates.

Of Satan, to whom those listed above and their associates appear to be bound,
Isaiah also wrote:  ...(...)

FACT: The voice of Evil Spirit is identical all over the world. A man who is possessed of demons and who speaks in Swahili or Hungarian, speaks with the same, identical deep voice. The voice can also be hideously squeaky, as occurred once when another of these people, Dr Henry Kissinger, was observed in a televised interview mocking the 9/11 victims via a high-pitched squeaky sound. ...(...)

The Lord is nowhere to be seen among the Workers of Darkness whose ruthlessly evil deeds are exposed in these reports; and neither is He anywhere present within the collapsing structures of the pagan and sterile European Union Collective.
Pathetically, on the several occasions when the Editor of this service has attended so-called 'debates' in the decadent European Parliament, the chamber of which is deliberately designed to replicate precisely the old Supreme Soviet (all that is necessary is the removal of the EU flag with its 12 esoteric stars located above the podium and its replacement by the standard hammer and sickle and bust of Lenin),
......   deluded MEPs have chorused their lamentations for the fact that the EU Collective is so greatly disliked among the 'peoples' of the satrap 'Member States'.
Reasons for this include the well-known facts, that the MEPs dare not acknowledge, that the EU is the brazen ENEMY of its 'Member States' as it exists to replace them; it is superfluous in all respects to requirements; it is a collective dictatorship answerable to no-one; and it is sterile because it is built, like the Tower of Babel, in a spiritual vacuum, without the Lord.

It does not have the Lord's blessing, and it will certainly collapse.

And all these Works and Workers of Darkness will fail, and will bite the dust.


Isaiah, Chapter 55, verses 5-6:..(...)

This takes us into an extended quest which is beyond the scope of this presentation, which can be encapsulated by the question: 'Could Hitler have been saved?' The short answer is, in theory yes, but in practice, most emphatically no.

And the same applies, I fear, to those soulless criminals exposed by this service who persist with their terrorism financing and financial fraud crimes, even though THEY KNOW PERFECTLY WELL THAT THEY ARE DESTROYING THE WHOLE WORLD BY THEIR LUST FOR MONEY AND POWER.

Arrest them NOW! We repeat: ARREST THEM NOW!



N O W!


What are you, equipped with the necessary powers, ACTUALLY DOING?
..text expanded...

To what extent have you prevented The Queen's LOAN money from being illegally exploited by these criminals under President-to-be Obama's nose, as appears to be the intention?

MEMO TO MI6: You need to advise The Queen to withdraw her loan funds IMMEDIATELY, if you cannot procure that the relevant elements of the Settlements to be financed by the $14 trillion of LOAN money, including Her Majesty's LOAN component, are remitted FORTHWITH.

As we understand the situation, you have so far FAILED to fulfil what we believe to be Her Majesty's commands in this connection. Now get cracking, get moving, not least because we will be down on you like ten tons of bricks if you don't deliver. ADVISE THE QUEEN TO PULL THE FUNDS if this is what it takes to get these criminals taken down. And you can do something else:

You should procure the arrest and extradition of these top financiers of terrorism to the United Kingdom where they should be placed on trial and sentenced to serve the standard 25 years at Her Majesty's pleasure. You should agitate and insist upon fulfilment and you should do this NOW and refuse to be taken for a ride by these world-class criminals: AND YOU MUST DO THIS FOR THE SAKE OF THE WHOLE OF HUMANITY, as The Queen demands.

And if you fail, we will assume that you work treacherously for the Germans, not The Queen.

And we will hound you like we hound the criminals themselves. No doubt you couldn't care less if we do, but that is what will be appropriate. IT'S LONG PAST MIDNIGHT, FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE.


A new, detailed report on the prevailing state of affairs is in preparation, and will be posted when it is ready, not before. No need to chase us up! It's well in hand.

The Editor expects to be hated and attacked as a consequence of this posting. But let us rejoice!

Happy Christmas. Fear not the New Year.
Fear is DEATH. Faith is LIFE.

Christopher Story FRSA.
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