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Date: mercredi 31 Décembre 2008, 11 h 32
December 31, 2008
New York, NY -- As I write this report, it is 3:12 in the morning. I was awoken by repeated phone calls, which, to my complete shock, were coming from from Jerusalem, Israel.

On the phone was an Israeli who claimed to be completely knowledgeable about something that I have reported on my web site for several years and he was about to change my life by providing me proof.

For years, my former radio show and my web site have been the ONLY media outlets ever to report the vast money-laundering and bribery scheme perpetrated by the Israeli government with members of the United States Congress as co-conspirators.

The scheme works like this: The U.S. Congress votes to send between $3 Billion and $6 Billion free cash to Israel every year under the guise of "foreign aid." When the money arrives, the Israeli government takes several hundred million and puts it aside to be sent back to the USA through Jewish Political Action Committees, and donated to the political campaigns of the Congress members most friendly to Israel. By funding Israel, certain members of Congress actually guarantee they'll have enough campaign cash to get re-elected.

No one investigated it because there was never any way to PROVE what was being done. This morning that changed.

The Israeli who called me is personally disgusted with his governments ongoing attacks against unarmed civilians in the West Bank and Gaza strip. He says the bombing of civilians has been far worse than reported in the media, with at least 2,000 dead and 10,000 injured.

He had hoped the Israeli government would call a truce, but minutes before he called me, the Israeli Cabinet REFUSED to order a truce.

He told me "When I heard they refused the cease fire, I knew my government was nothing more than a group of murderous butchers. I can't live with myself if I stand-by and do nothing."

So he called me and has blown the lid off the money laundering and bribery that I have reported on for years.

The Israeli sent me electronic files showing bank account numbers and routing numbers for Israeli government accounts, bank routing numbers and account numbers for NAMED members of the United States House of Representatives, the United States Senate and even elected officials in various states! The spreadsheet files are not completely in the English language but what they show is clear.

The data shows who got how much and when. The most important thing: Many of these money transfers from the Israeli government to Congress were wired DIRECTLY from Israeli government accounts into active U.S. campaign accounts - illegal foreign donations!!! Even more astonishing is that in many cases, Israeli government funds were wired directly into active PERSONAL ACCOUNTS of members of Congress and members of state governments!!!!!!!

Did you get that? Personal accounts! Bribe money wired from a foreign government into personal accounts of members of Congress!!!!!!!

Each such wire transfer is a federal FELONY and there are DOZENS of these transfers into the personal accounts of more than one hundred members of Congress and dozens of members of the Senate!

I have huge amounts of data detailing who got what, when, from which Israeli gov't account, into which political or PERSONAL account at what bank located in what country!!!!

Folks, this is huge. The level of bribery is unfathomable; we're talking hundreds of millions of dollars over the last 6 - 9 years. The level of detail contained in these reports is so incredibly thorough it would make the IRS envious!

In addition, the files show which Political Action Committess got how much and contains the INSTRUCTIONS sent to those Political action committees directly from the Israeli governemnt about who they should donate to!

This is going to totally scuttle the Israeli government and the U.S. Federal Government. It's over. When I release this, so many elected officials in this country are going to be arrested and jailed that the government will collapse. It's over for them. It is FINALLY over for them.

Before I wrote this, I forwarded copies of the electronic data to six people whom I trust in case I get murdered. This is the type of thing that gets people killed but since I am trying to save my country. . . . . . . well. . . . . . . saving America is worth dying for.

I am now making print outs and will make copies and send those copies to trusted friends with instructions to release them if anything happens to me.

In that regard I want all of you to know right now that I am healthy. I do not use illegal drugs and am not on any medications of any type. I will never commit suicide, suffer from any overdose of illegal drugs, suffer any allergic reaction to any medication. I won't engage the police in a shoot out or a high speed chase. I drive safely. I'm a regular, healthy, happy, normal married 46 year old man. If I die, you know they got to me.

I intend to publish this information, including names, dates and account numbers, here on the web.
It will take some time to prepare the info for publication since spreadsheets are not the simplest way to deliver news.

I think I will present it grouped as follows: First, by member of congress; next by members of certain committees, then by dates the money was wired versus legislation that was voted upon. It will take time to cross reference all of this and format it so it is clear concise and connects the dots in an unambiguous way.

I must admit the thought of using this information as . . . . .leverage. . . . . against these powerful members of Congress has crossed my mind. But rather than enrich myself - or get jailed for extortion -- I think I'll do the right thing and release it all publicly.

In the meantime, The Israeli Knesset would do well to immediately reconsider their refusal to call a truce. I think bombing unarmed civilians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip has gone on quite long enough. I think it should stop. Now.

As for members of Congress and the Senate, you may want to start researching which countries you can flee to that do not have extradition treaties with the United States. Your time is just about up.
More info as I can make it available.
3:45 AM EDT, Dec.31, 2008
UPDATE 10:05 AM EDT, 31 DECEMBER, 2008 -- As the electronic files are being translated into English, more names have been popping up; names of present and former key members of the U.S. Media! Yes, you read that correctly.

Apparently, in addition to paying off members of the US Congress, the state of Israel has been bribing media big shots - from Editors and Assignment editors at VERY LARGE newspapers in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, to Producers and even Anchors at certain large TV News Networks.

When the translations to English came across unfamiliar names, we Googled those names and are that how we started coming up with these media big shots.

The leaking of these files is shining a light on a level of corruption both in government and media that one would not have imagined possible. More details later. . . . . . .

10:23 AM EDT 30 Dec 2008
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December 30, 2008
Madoff Insanity Defense: "Years of Jewish Inbreeding Caused Racial Psychosis"
New York, NY -- Just when you thought the Bernard Madoff $50 Billion ponzi scheme couldn't get any more incredible, this latest development hits the ball right out of the ballpark!
As we all know by now, for over 30 years Bernard Madoff swindled investors out of upwards of $50 Billion dollars.
He was arrested by the FBI just weeks ago after admitting to his employees and to his sons that his entire operation was "one big lie."
Now, Madoff's lawyers are publicly saying they may be exploring an insanity defense, but that's not the BIG news. The big news is what that defense may be based upon: Generations of Jewish inbreeding!
According to sources in the legal community, Bernard Madoff's lawyers may try to argue that centuries of Judaism required his ancestors to breed only with other Jews and often, that meant with cousins. They allegedly plan to argue the inbreeding was so genetically close that it created a "lifetime racial psychosis."
Put simply, they apparently intend to argue that Jews are nuts!
For guys like me, it doesn't get any better than this.
Full details from the New York Daily News Here
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"MagicJack" Avoid it like the plague!!!!!!
When I was hosting my radio show and tried to reduce expenses, quite a number of my audience suggested I get MagicJack. Instead, I went with Vonage and was very happy.

Over Christmas, my nephew got a new computer to take with him to college and I told my wife that maybe he should get MagicJack so he could phone home free. My wife, ever the bargain hunter, checked out Magic Jack. What an eye opener!


Read the TOS ("Terms Of Service) for Magic Jack VERY closely. You might be surprised at what you see there. Or NOT see there. What I am about to report should make you VERY concerned.
In short ... to quote a favorite cartoon character .... "Be Afwaid, Very Afwaid".

This is just pointing out the not-so-obvious that is hidden deep within the TOS, and other 'gotcha's' that you won't realize until after you give up your $ and privacy!

Here is the contact info for MagicJack:
PO BOX 6785
West Palm Beach, FL 33405
Magic Jack Phone number: 281-404-1551
Billing MagicJack number: 561-594-2140

CAUTION: it looks like they track the number that calls and places you into a repeating loop if you call back a second time. so if you need to call a second time make sure its from a different number.

In the TOS you agree that everything in your computer is fair game for them to know about; all web sites, email, and numbers called is *their* info.
You agree to have all of *your* information resold to third parties.
There is no Un-install for this program. Even if you stop using it, it gathers your information.
You are put under high pressure to sign up and pay for 5 years.
There is no published phone number, email address, or mailing address.
All customer support is done via type-in-the-box instant message chat.
There is no written warranty on the box. If it breaks, you have to buy another to maintain your service.
Computer must be left on to make or receive calls.
A Pop up window comes to the front of the screen anytime there is a call in or out call.
MajicJack Spyware slows down your computer even when you are not using MagicJack
Advertising appears in the pop up box.

Yes, you do save around $150 a year not using a real Voip company but that's a small price to pay to keep your information calling, browsing and other computer info private.

So ask yourself, is it really worth it?
Wait .... there's more.
Magic Jack is owned and run by YMAX. They are not a stand alone VoIP provider.
Also .....
The software for the MagicJack does not run directly from the device. It fully installs on the Windows system, which also makes the MagicJack less attractive for situations where one might want to use it on someone else's computer (say when visiting family).

There is no easy way to uninstall the software from the system, with the program not even showing up in the Windows Remove Program window.

MagicJack confirmed that there is currently no easy way to uninstall the software. The process required to uninstall the software requires multiple Windows Registry edits and the removal of several folders on the Windows system. Based on this, I wouldn't recommend using the MagicJack on the systems of friends, family or business associates." -- (see magicjack fails to cast a voip spell)

Nobody should accept having to leave unwanted software on a personal computer, or any tell-tale trace of the MJ program on a public computer, a business workstation, or a borrowed device.
The key concepts here are action and intent. IF MJ is not actively monitoring computer activity and collecting data about its customers, that's great. They would be taking no action that anyone could be concerned about.
But consider their intent. Their TOS spell out their intent -- the intent to feed context sensitive advertising, which requires manipulation of information from your brain through their software into their processors.

There seems to be little restriction of what info their software can see. (Kind of like your home builder installing bugging devices and cameras into your bedroom, just not yet watching the feed.)
Then there is the ability of MJ to modify their software (upgrade, anyone?) at any time, without the common user's ability to stop it. That revision could include the spyware coding.

While you, the uncommon user, have the ability to see what they are doing, the common user has no idea when the change is made.
Now let's consider MJ's intent of not building in an UNINSTALL capability. I am suggesting that this exposes MJ's intent to have their software on your PC whether you're an active phone customer or not. What would be the intent of having that software on the PC of a former customer? (Consider, also, their "convenience" feature of taking the device with you so you can use it on a friend's PC -- thus installing the software on that machine, too!) What information could that software obtain that would be of value to MJ? And what could the common user do to stop it?

MJ could shut down their phone service tomorrow, and they have a window into 1 million PCs -- to feed advertising, log key strokes, and obtain surfing patterns.
By laughing at the TOS provisions, you are overlooking that they are warning you of their intent -- and protecting themselves from future legal action. "We told them what we were going to do. It was in our terms of service and the customers agreed." Case dismissed.

From theirEnd User License Agreement (EULA):
“You also understand and agree that use of the magicJack device and Software will include advertisements and that these advertisements are necessary for the MagicJack device to work … Our computers may analyze the phone numbers you call in order to improve the relevance of the ads”.
Any claims, legal proceeding or litigation arising in connection with the MagicJack device or Software will be resolved by binding arbitration … in Palm Beach, Florida.”

In short, it not only has one agree to ads with its paid-for system, but claims that the ads are necessary for it to work. It will also snoop on your calls to target ads more accurately, and has you sign away your legal right to take it to court if it defrauds or otherwise harms you. Delightful.

Neither the EULA itself, nor any other privacy or legal information, can be easily found at its homepage. It’s not even provided at the point of sale, where one enters credit card info, email and street addresses as such, so as to gain access to the service and have your MagicJack dongle delivered. I found the EULA’s URL through Google.

When you access MajicJack’s instant web help page, a bizarre series of “compatibility tests” take place first, reporting lies like “Your MagicJack is functioning properly” even if you don’t have one installed.

Even the “look how many people came for a free trial” counter on the homepage is a fake, a javascript applet that increments itself automatically:

// the interval (ms) between new visitors
var interval = Math.round(86400000/perday);

My Conclusion: Stay away from MagicJack at all costs
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Turner Terrorizes Congress; AGAIN THEY OBEY!
North Bergen, NJ -- Yesterday, I reminded the US government that WE THE PEOPLE have the legal authority under the Tenth Amendment, to arrest our government for aiding and abetting the genocide being perpetrated by Israel against unarmed civilians in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

I pointed out there will be about four million of us citizens in Washington, DC on January, 20 for the Inauguration and made quite clear I thought it would be something if 100,000 of us came with guns and arrested the House of Representatives, the Senate and outgoing President Bush.
I reminded them we would outnumber and outgun all their cops and soldiers at the Inauguration.

I gave the US Government 24 hours to reign-in their criminal buddies over in Israel and warned they "may face an enforcement action" if they failed.

Here we are, about 24 hours later and guess what? Israel is talking truce!
It appears Congress and the President got my message.

They know my point of law was accurate; the Tenth Amendment is a frighteningly powerful amendment. Read it, it's short and sweet. Basically it says any power not given to the feds by the Constitution, or prohibited by the Constitution to the states, falls to us. . . . . The People.
Real, legal power - for us citizens - in the highest law of the land!

They know there will be four million of us in Washington on January 20 and they are absolutely TERRIFIED at the prospect we might use the Inauguration as a cover to bring a slew of uppity Americans down there with guns to clean house.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: The ONLY thing this government understands is the prospect of force. We don't have to actually USE it (yet) just remind them it still exists.

You see, they don't care what WE THE PEOPLE think, they don't care what WE THE PEOPLE want, they don't care about our phone calls, letters, faxes and e-mails. We know that they don't care and they know that we know. It's the way of things.

The only thing they really DO care about is being able to go about their nefarious activities without being confronted by force. Whenever the real prospect of FORCE is raised to them, they back off.

The same result happened when I published the home addresses of 64 US Senators who defied millions of us by trying to ram-through an AMNESTY bill for illegal aliens. Less than 12 hours after I released their home addresses and private, unlisted telephone numbers, 18 of those 64 senators changed their votes, sending the Amnesty Bill down to permanent defeat.
Learn from this, America. It is our right and our duty to maintain absolute control over OUR government. Mission accomplished once again.
Read my article from yesterday wherein I gave Congress 24 hours to stop Israel
Read the announcement 24 hours later that Israel is calling a truce

P.S. Some of you are wondering how it is they don't "come for me" or just outright kill me? I'll tell you: During the eight years I did my radio show - which ended on July 31 -- I made it clear that I didn't make bombs, I made bombers; American patriots who won't take it anymore.

The feds know that if they come for me, it will unleash a whole slew of Timothy-McVeigh-types and they would rather not have that. Neither would I.

They also know that neither of us (Me and Gov't) is crazy enough to recklessly do something major and violent to the other. We may be opposing powers, but we're not nuts.

So we maintain a strange antagonism with each other. It's weird, but it works when things are important enough.

And so it goes. . . . . .
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Obama sends personal, private Envoy to Gaza
***** BREAKING NEWS, URGENT ******* The Gaza Strip, Palestine -- President Elect Barack Obama has sent a personal, private Envoy to the Gaza strip with instructions to report on the situation there as an eye witness.

Obama did not go through normal Diplomatic channels when dispatching the Envoy, deiberately keeping Israel out of the Diplomatic loop!

Instead Obama operatives quietly contacted Egypt and secured their help to smuggle the Envoy into the Gaza Strip without Israeli knowledge, consent or cooperation. The Envoy arrived inside Gaza just over 24 hours ago and has already begun reporting back directly to Obama.

The information came to light when the National Security Agency (NSA) intercepted several satellite telephone calls from Gaza to a secure telephone at Barack Obama's vacation retreat in Hawaii. The NSA informed President Bush about the calls and Bush is said to have laughed then commented "The Jews are going to shit their pants when this gets out."

Information that has reached me indicates Obama is personally furious at the "barbaric" Israelis but intends to remain silent until he becomes President on January 20.

On that day, relations between the United States and Israel will take a dramatic turn for the worse, with Israel on the losing end.

More details as they become available. . . . . check back later.
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Arrogant, Defiant Blago replaces Obama
Despite having been arrested by the FBI for allegedly trying to sell Barack Obama's US Senate seat and, despite facing Impeachment by the Illinois state legislature, Illinois Governor Blagojevich has appointed a replacement Senator!

Blago knows he won't be impeached. He already allegedly told the Illinois legislature that if they try to impeach him, he will "rat them out for everything he knows they did."

Since the Illinois state legislature is almost completely occupied by criminals, they won't dare Impeach the governor for fear of going to prison too. Blago knows this. The legislature knows this. The Chicago media knows this. Soooooooooo . . . . . . .

Today, Blago stuck his finger in everyone's eye and appointed a person to fill Barack Obama's US Seante seat.
I guess we can't blame him. He knows the people of Illinois aren't the brightest bulbs in the chain. . . . so why not do what he can while he can?

Click Here
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Analyst: U.S.A. to suffer civil war & break apart
Back on November 25, this blog reported that a prominent Russian analyst was predicting Civil War inside the United States and ultimately, the breaking apart of the country. You can read what I first reported HERE

Low and behold, no less than "The Wall Street Journal" is now reporting the exact same thing!
Not only did I run the story more than a month before them, the fact that they are now running the story should send shivers down your spine. It means "the powers that be" see it coming too.
For eight years I worked hard to make certain my audience got the real news and got it first. Here again is proof that not only am I ahead of the curve, I am "spot-on" when it comes to the truly important things.

I probably don;t need to say this but I will. The ONLY purpose for breaking up the USA is to make certain "you-know-who" doesn't have to answer to anyone for what they do. For those of you who aren;t sure who "you-know-who" is, they're the same people that had to flee the old Soviet Union after it broke up. . . . . . you know, the Lenin co-religionists. . . . . . Oy Vey!

I say we should avoid the break up by causing the Lenin co-religionists to flee the USA right now! History could what we do as "Kyrstalnacht II?"

Heck, we already have the REX-84 camps set up and ready. Let's use them!

Read the WSJ story here
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