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Monday 5 January 2009 00:01 (UK time)

The US dollar requires refunding as a matter of the most extreme urgency.

The G-7-Approved Private Sector on-the-books Capital Markets Refinancing Programme, which was criminally blocked against the interests of the American people and the entire world by the self-serving thieves headed by the Bushes, Paulson, Cheney, the Clintons, Greenspan, Bernanke et al from June 2006 onwards, is the ONLY means whereby this can be achieved.

It CANNOT be done from WITHIN the US Federal Government structures, as the Government ONLY CREATES DEBT. The Private Capital Markets Refinancing Programme agreed upon by the Group of Seven financial powers CREATES REVENUE and ONGOING U.S. TREASURY TAX RECEIPTS.

Government and White House structures, being PUBLIC SECTOR, cannot do this.

The crisis that developed from June 2006 onwards is a SPECIFIC CONSEQUENCE of the corrupt decision by President George W. Bush Jr., Henry M. Paulson, Vice President Cheney, Dr Bernard Bernanke, George Bush Sr, Dr Alan Greenspan, and others, to perpetuate the depraved deficit-financing and fraudulent finance/self-enrichment carousel CREATING EVER MORE DEBT that was then hidden off-balance-sheet, rather than proceeding with the REVENUE-PRODUCING SOLUTION using fully taxed on-the-books private sector capital markets transactions that has been ON THE TABLE since 2005/2006 and which is THE ONLY WAY FORWARD FOR AMERICA AND THE WORLD.

Due to the unchecked criminal, perverse behaviour of the highest-level operatives listed above and exposed by this service, the prospect of the weight of derivative junk crashing through the ceiling into the basement and demolishing several of the largest institutions in the world, is no longer academic. If this happens, there will be a global collapse into uncontrollable chaos.

If the incoming Obama Government deviates in ANY respect from the G-7-Approved on-the-books Private Sector Capital Markets US dollar refunding formula, THE U.S. DOLLAR WILL COLLAPSE and THE AMERICAN REPUBLIC WILL NOT SURVIVE. That is the stark reality: the bottom line.

Be warned. Our predictions, from September 2006 onwards, have been ACCURATE.
































































By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review and associated intelligence publications and information services. See this site for details and ordering facility.

CORRESPONDENCE TO THE EDITOR: We routinely, automatically DELETE all emails which OMIT any element of the requested coordinates. We are not prepared to deal with anonymous spooks and other cowards who are too scared to provide their coordinates, for identification.

Just as material posted on the Internet by ANONYMOUS sources lacks credibility, so that therefore its content should prudently be dismissed as irrelevant, so are emails addressed for our attention from ANONYMOUS senders considered impertinent and unworthy of attention. Secondly, offensive emails ventilating some gripe or other, are normally deleted unread by our system. On a pleasing note, we received a VERY LARGE positive 'e-mailbag' following the 26th December 2008 Christmas report, which the Editor found very touching, kind, unexpected and generous*. Thank you! Contrary to expectations, opposition was extremely feeble, confined even to lecturing the Editor on which Bible he should be reading! When you stand up to them, THEY FALL BACK TO THE GROUND.

* Interestingly, all these generous emails (and phone calls) emanated from the United States and Canada.
There was NOT ONE SINGLE SUCH RESPONSE from the United Kingdom. NOT ONE.



In reports posted since the US general Election, we have noted that while, given the imminent end at long last of the evil George Bush II Administration, it can be said that we have jumped out of the frying pan, it has hitherto been too early to conclude that we have yet fallen headlong into the fire. Our stance therefore has so far postulated that we were hanging in-mid-air, pending the arrival of further data, which would make the answer to this riddle more apparent.

Closer now to the installation of the new American régime, we have the following evidence, already publicised here, to suggest that President-elect Obama has not been a pushover for the Forces of Darkness that have apparently hijacked his incoming Administration.

We’ll repeat this evidence first:

When Mr Obama visited the White House for the first time following the election with his wife, the Bush team tried to bribe him. He rejected this typically brazen, arrogant and crude Bushite attempt to compromise him, according to our special sources. The fact that Obama told the President where to get off is a known PLUS for the incoming President of the United States.

We also know that when he was briefed by the FBI in Chicago immediately following the election, Mr Obama ‘blew up’ when it was made apparent to him that, under a long-planned CIA contingency arrangement in case he won the election (i.e., if the CIA Forces of Clintonesque Darkness could not rig the outcome to their satisfaction), the framework for his Administration had been decided for him by the mainly Jewish operatives who stand to lose most if corrupt ‘business as usual’ were to be thwarted with the installation of the new régime. Previously we reported that Mr Obama’s first briefing was from the CIA, but since the FBI is subordinate to the organised criminal ‘State within the State’ known as the CIA, that is a nuance that makes little difference. In subsequent days, he also received detailed briefings direct from the CIA.

It is further known that President-elect Obama lost no opportunity to make it very clear that the Settlements process must be completed (the country recipients WERE paid, effective Friday 19th December 2008, in cash, the Treasury having guaranteed the payments from 18th December). Our information is that he has demanded settlement on several occasions. It is clear that resistance to his demands by the organised criminalists has been only partially successful to date.

As further reported by this service, when impediments to settlement orchestrated by Gordon Brown became known, President-elect Barack Obama sent an emissary to speak directly with the corrupted British Prime Minister, who is an intelligence officer like his corrupt predecessor, to demand that he cease and desist, on pain of being arrested.

In June 2008, we reported that Gordon Brown’s treachery and dishonesty was exposed when he secretly flew to Belfast, having already said goodbye to President Bush II and his wife in front of the TV cameras on the steps of Number 10 Downing Street. In Belfast, he rejoined President Bush Jr. and his wife, and engaged in certain banking transactions in collaboration with Bush II himself. This was exposed after we posted the following paragraph in our report dated 18th June 2008, which was followed up and found to be accurate:

We will now pose the following question. WHY was it ‘necessary’ for Brown, who had seen George Bush in the morning of Monday 16th June, to rush up to Northern Ireland so as to be in a position to be standing on the tarmac at Belfast airport, to ‘greet’ the President and Laura when they arrived in Northern Ireland? After all, he had just said goodbye to President Bush. Perish the thought that the purpose of his presence there might have been to open bank accounts. Perish the thought.

President-elect Obama is known to have been ‘working with’ President Nicolas Sarkozy, who obtained the ‘mandate to pay’ from President George W. Bush at Camp David in October 2008 as previously reported by this service, to procure the Settlements without further ado.

The ‘Daley people’ and other ‘forces’ out of Chicago want to be paid, too, you understand (do you?) and have, as predicted ages ago, taken the law into their own hands, which is why gunshots are heard in trading rooms, bankers and intermediaries are found sitting at their desks after having suffered heart attacks or with their wrists slashed, and numerous other unspecific 'neutralisations' are and have been taking place with increasing 'Black' intensity as the hijacking of the whole world by the most ruthless gang of intelligence criminals mysteriously still walking today stretches way beyond the globally critical stage.

Within this overall context, however, it is a reality that the illicit trading team which is to operate seamlessly from the Obama White House – a team that the ‘Black’ operations intelligence criminals working for and with several domestic and foreign intelligence-linked counterparties put together ahead of Obama’s election victory and foisted on him the moment the election outcome had been confirmed – consists of finance operatives linked to past gross financial abominations, under the preceding two US Administrations.

This ‘retread’ team intends to continue the illicit trading activity under President Obama’s nose from the White House throughout the new President’s term or terms office, but is facing severe impediments behind the scenes which cannot be reported on at this time.

The primary members of this latest manifestation of the Elite Power Continuum are Rahm Emanuel (a Kissinger operative, member of the Israel Defense Force, i.e. one would suspect him to be an Israeli Military Intelligence Officer), Hillary Rodomski Clinton, Joseph Biden, Tom Daschle (Citibank stooge, mentored by Robert Rubin), Bill Richardson* (ex-Kissinger Associates), Eric Holder (he who arranged the pardoning of Marc Rich, a.k.a. the very long-range DVD operative Hans Brand), General James L Jones (yet another Kissinger associate), Lawrence Summers (mentored by Robert Rubin, guardian of Clinton’s (frozen) accounts), Timothy Geithner (ex-Kissinger Associates), Paul Volcker (Rockefeller family representative yet Chairman of a Rothschild Wolfensohn firm), David Axelrod (a political consultant whose past clients include Senators H. Clinton, John Edwards and Christopher Dodd, Stalin’s grandson), and Susan Rice, ex-Clinton’s National Security Council.

* On 4th January 2009, Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico, withdrew his name from the list of candidates for confirmation, citing 'a pending investigation into a company that has done business with his State' (code for an imminently breaking corruption scandal).

The notorious names among these operatives should be arrested forthwith and extradited to the United Kingdom to face charges of financing international terrorism, of economic terrorism, and of stealing from The Queen, and enriching themselves as a consequence inter alia of profiting from the theft of her gold on 29th-30th March 2007, which was exclusively reported, in the first instance, by this service. Protests from various quarters that ‘there is no-one willing to arrest these people’, ignore the fact that by publicising such information, the pressure on these soulless operatives is ratcheted up all the time. After all, the daily lives of all the familiar highest-level criminalists have been rendered intolerable and miserable as a consequence of what has had to be posted to date – entirely as a consequence of the perverse decisions that these people have made so as to be able to continue their terrorism financing operations. That has been their choice: they made their own filthy bed, and they must lie in it.

Almost everyone in this cauldron has been compromised to some degree or another.


Notwithstanding everything that has happened since Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill was fired by President Bush Jr., after O’Neill had asked him to release the diverted funds, and since we started to publicise the hijacking of the $4.5 trillion, and our subsequent detailed website exposures of the historically unprecedented corruption, the Intelligence Power has put in place an Economic Team, listed below, FOR THE SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE OF CONTINUING WITH THE FRAUDULENT OFF-BALANCE SHEET FINANCING OPERATIONS SEAMLESSLY THROUGHOUT THE OBAMA YEARS, from within the White House as though there has been no discontinuity and no opposition to this corruption had ever surfaced, and the Rest of the World knew nothing about it.

Beyond the standard criminal finance purpose, the mentality behind this intention (which is being thwarted) assumes that salvation is to be found through the issuance of yet more debt. For these people, who have overstayed their welcome, debt is ‘an asset’ in a sense not usually understood: for the practical factor here is that DEBT PRESUPPOSES A CASHFLOW WHICH CAN BE STOLEN.

Cashflow exists within debt ‘assets’: so these criminal finance operatives are predisposed towards the United States accumulating ever more debt, out to infinity – choosing to overlook the reality that another year or less of this behaviour will destroy the US dollar completely.

For the dollar to be destroyed, all that is necessary is for one or two big financial powers to refuse to pay or charge for their oil in dollars: and such a development is IMMINENT. The parallel collapse of one or more huge US institutions would destroy the entire world financial economy.

The US dollar external Ponzi operation that ‘worked’ for a century, notoriously depended upon the willingness of foreigners to hold dollars. It is crystal clear to this financial sector observer who has nearly four decades’ experience that if the new US Obama Treasury does not proceed with the G-7-Approved Refinancing Programme exactly as conceived, WITHOUT AMENDMENT – namely, that it is to be a PRIVATE SECTOR CAPITAL MARKETS OPERATION, not a Government operation that is susceptible to ‘insider’ corruption run surreptitiously out of the White House and the Treasury, key financial powers will DROP THE U.S. DOLLAR. The argument that 'there is no alternative' cannot be relied upon in the situation that will be unfolding in the first quarter of this year.

As the Rest of the World will KNOW at some stage soon (during the first quarter of 2009) whether the new Treasury is to implement the G-7-Approved Refinancing Plan WITHOUT AMENDMENT, any FAILURE OR FURTHER FOOT-DRAGGING on the part of the new Obama Treasury to adhere to the Private Sector Capital Markets Refinancing and US Dollar Refunding Programme as was specifically approved by the Group of Seven (G-7) powers and re-approved at the G-7 Conference in northern Germany in June 2007 when The Queen called for its implementation ‘for the sake of the whole of humanity’, could lead to the unhesitating abandonment of the US dollar as the currency in which payment is demanded and made for exported oil, irrespective of all other considerations.


Foreigners will take fright at the prospect of another eight years of a pariah US Government intent upon ADDING TO the overhang of obligations that is threatening to fall through the roof, through all the building's floors and into the basement, with catastrophic consequences.

The new Obama Economic Team, whether foisted upon the incoming President or not, is DEBT-oriented: which is a recipe for catastrophic and terminal failure. The G-7-Approved Private Sector Refinancing Programme, which GENERATES ON-THE-BOOKS ACCRUALS THAT ARE TAXED AT 35% yielding massive ongoing real money accruals to the US Treasury, CREATES NEW REVENUE AND THEREFORE POSITIVE, TRANSPARENT AND TANGIBLE CASHFLOW that is available both for paying down debt and for urgent infrastructure rebuilding and massive domestic projects: funds that, because of on-the-books transparency, cannot be diverted, stolen, exploited or ransacked by ruthless, wayward finance operatives holding high office within the US official structures.

It is the ONLY way forward, and everyone, from Barack Obama downwards, and at the highest levels of the leading financial powers, knows it.

As will be seen when we come to the deliberate imploding (by the Bush apparat) of the Madoff Ponzi Scheme Carousel, the two institutions employed by Madoff and his broker-dealership are JPMorgan Chase and The Bank of New York Mellon – the two US exotic financial enterprises which have accumulated colossal inverted overhanging pyramids of derivatives junk liabilities: indeed, JPMorgan Chase, which harbours the Terrorism Financing Center that we have exposed on this website, is where this immense assembly of fraudulent finance Ponzi Scheme scams began.


Now, we are advised by ‘deep’ sources that the Rockefellers have ‘got the upper hand’ against the Bush Crime Family apparat. But this is ‘back to front’ in the following respect:

The practical reality is that the Rockefeller interests are in extreme danger of being crushed and reduced to pulp should the accumulated weight of the derivatives liabilities that is sitting on the roof crash through successive floors into the basement: and this will happen, as the Rockefellers know very well, if the G-7-Approved Refinancing Programme creating real, on-the-books taxable revenues that cannot be hijacked, diverted or stolen by criminal operatives inside the American structures, is sidestepped, as the New Economic Team was (INCREDIBLY) set up to procure.

Hence, the Rockefeller interests (believed to be backed here by the Rothschilds as well) have been left with no option but to insist that the G-7-Approved Refinancing Programme is finally kick-started in the private sector, and NOT via the White House and the Treasury, as the debt-oriented high-level fraudulent finance engineers had intended.

More broadly, the US fraudulent finance sector is now facing the reality of collapse because by spreading the risk so widely, they have in fact generated an environment of open warfare both within the affected financial institutions, between the participants, between financial institutions, between investors and implicated US legal firms, in fact prospectively between every benighted participant in this US-instigated global panorama of financial fraud.

Why did they spread the risk so broadly?

Answer: Because it was assumed that if anyone tried to STOP the carousel (as has occurred), the outcome would be a financial nuclear explosion.

On this false premise, they therefore assumed, like professional Ponzi artists and losing gamblers in a casino, that their fraudulent finance carousel could continue sine die and that their formula for manufacturing false wealth out of nothing could never be challenged or brought down.

How wrong these ‘Useful Idiots’ were. HOW STUPID AND ARROGANT, TOO.

Because what they now face is financial annihilation and obliteration whichever way the crisis goes:

ANNIHILATION when, against the background of the G-7-Approved Private Sector Capital Markets Refinancing Programme, derivatives outstanding are priced, say, at 1 cent on the dollar:


OBLITERATION if the entire inverted pyramid of derivatives liabilities collapses, destroying the likes of JPMorgan Chase and The Bank of New York Mellon in the process – and of course the Rockefellers AND THE BUSH-CLINTON FINANCIAL CRIME apparatus with them.

In other words, THERE IS NO WAY OUT FOR THE FINANCIAL CRIMINAL CADRES. They are caught and cannot get out with the money they thought they had made.

But there IS a way out for the Rest of Us – via the G-7-Approved Refinancing Programme.

Meanwhile the emergence of the new ‘retread’ Economic Team, for the purpose of continuing debt financing and fraudulent finance as usual, explains why the outgoing US Treasury Secretary, that devil Mr Paulson, was walking around with a self-satisfied smirk on his face. He knew that when he leaves office, it will be illicit, corrupt ‘business as usual’ – run out of the White House, with him, of course, as a corrupt participant. OR SO HE IMAGINED.

The team members, specifically assembled to continue the illicit financial trading operations out of the White House, Treasury and State Department under Mr Obama’s nose, are as follows (1):

Timothy Geithner, US Treasury Secretary: President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, former Director of Policy Development for the International Monetary Fund, Member of the Group of Thirty (G-30), formerly employed at Kissinger Associates, mentored by Lawrence Summers and by Robert Rubin, and a Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission member/participant. [Trilateral Commission is another long-range German front].

Paul Volcker, to be head of a new Economic Recovery Advisory Board: Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board under Presidents Carter and Reagan, the former President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Chairman of a Rothschild Wolfensohn Company, Member of the Group of Thirty (G-30), longtime Rockefeller Family associate, and a Bilderberg and Council on Foreign Relations member, and North American Chairman of the Trilateral Commission. Volcker, as was previously reported, is also a Trustee, which may be assumed to be liable to influence his thinking.

Rahm Emanuel, White House Chief of Staff: This man is a member of the Israel Defence Force (IDF), i.e. of a foreign military establishment, from which we deduce that he is the Israeli equivalent of a Soviet Military Intelligence (GRU) officer. Why don’t they just install the head of the ongoing Soviet GRU as White House Chief of Staff, and be done with it? A hardline Zionist and a Kissinger protégé, former Senator and a member of the Board of Directors of Freddie Mac, he also spent two years as an investment banker for Wasserstein Perella [see this report]. He was a key member of Clinton’s finance campaign committee and was implicated in the cover-up of the murder of Vincent Foster. His father was a member of the Israeli Irgun terrorist group, which blew up the King David Hotel inflicting a large number of British military deaths in the process.

Lawrence Summers, to head the National Economic Council: Summers was US Treasury Secretary during the Clinton Administration, former World Bank Chief Economist, former President of Harvard University (where rising operatives are sent for indoctrination), Board Member of the Brookings Institute, protégé of David Rockefeller, mentored by Robert Rubin, and also a Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission member/participant..

David Axelrod, Senior Adviser: A political consultant whose past clients include Senators Hillary Clinton, John Edwards and Representative Christopher Dodd (Stalin’s grandson).

Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State: Originally a clandestine CIA asset who was used to infiltrate the Yale University anti-war movement, Watergate hearings participant, CIA operative, senior partner in the Little Rock, Arkansas Rose Law Firm, key figure in the Mena drug trafficking scandal, alleged architect of the Waco disaster, implicated in many deaths including the cover-up of the murder of Vincent Foster: world-class criminal operative and a Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission member/participant. Likely to order liquidation of the Editor of this service.

Joseph Biden, Vice President: Senator since 1972, Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Chairman of the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, staunch Zionist sympathiser who told Rabbi Mark S. Golub of Shalom TV: ‘I am a Zionist. You don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist’, and a Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission member/participant.

Bill Richardson: Former US Congressman, Chairman of the Democratic National Convention in 2004, former employee of Kissinger Associates, US Ambassador to the United Nations, Governor of New Mexico, Energy Secretary, key operative involved in the Monica Lewinsky Israeli intelligence honey-trap spying cover-up with Bilderberg luminary Vernon Jordan, and a Bilderberg and Council on Foreign Relations member/participant. THIS CANDIDATE HAS WITHDRAWN: SEE ABOVE.

Robert Gates, Defense Secretary: The former Director of Central Intelligence (CIA), and Defense Secretary under President George W. Bush, knee-deep in the Iran-Contra scandal and its financial ramifications, named in a 1999 class action lawsuit pertaining to the criminal Mena drug trafficking operation, Co-Chairman of a Council on Foreign Relations Task Force with Zbigniew Brzezinski, and a Bilderberg and Council on Foreign Relations participant.

Tom Daschle, Health Secretary: Former Senate Majority leader, Clinton lackey, mentored by Robert Rubin and a Bilderberg and Council on Foreign Relations member/participant.

Eric Holder, Attorney General: heavily involved in procuring the Presidential Pardon for Marc Rich (the long-range Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD) operative Hans Brand), Deputy Attorney General under Janet Reno, and facilitated the pardoning of 16 Puerto Rican FALN terrorists.

Janet Napolitano, Director of the Department of Homeland Security: Governor of Arizona, US Attorney during the Clinton Administration, instrumental in the Oklahoma City Bombing cover-up (which inter alia covered up the destruction of the German Nazi files kept in the Murrah Building) after she had declared ‘We’ll pursue every bit of evidence and every lead’, soft on immigration, described as 'another Janet Reno', and a Council on Foreign Relations Member.

General James L. Jones, National Security Advisor: Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, Special Envoy for Middle East Security, on the Board of Directors of Chevron and Boeing, NATO Commander, Member of Brent Scowcroft’s Institute for International Affairs along with Zbigbiew Brzezinski, Bobby Ray Inman, Dr Henry Kissinger, and the former DCI (CIA), John Deutch.

Susan Rice, US Ambassador to the United Nations: Rhodes Scholar, campaign foreign policy advisor to John Kerry and Michael Dukakis when Presidential candidates, member of President Clinton’s National security Council, Assistant Secretary of State for Africa, alumnus of the Brookings Institution (funded by the Rockefellers and the Ford Foundation), member of the Aspen Strategy Group teeming with insiders such as the odious drug operative Richard Armitage, Brent Scowcroft and Madeleine Albright, and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

On a much more satisfactory tack, Mr Obama has selected:

Mary Schapiro, to be Head of the severely discredited US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC): Ms Schapiro has been Chief Executive of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and was Head of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) during the Clinton era, where she ran a very tight ship. This is an inspired choice, as this lady’s reputation stands high; and as The Times, London, stated correctly on 19th December, she has a ‘deep understanding of both financial futures and the commodities markets’.

Given the imperative for the Wall Street Rule Book to be rewritten, as Michael C. Cottrell, M.S. has argued, this appointment is significant, indicating that Mr Obama is ‘not to be messed with’.

Peter Orszag, to be Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB): Ordinarily, this appointee’s brief is to continue the falsification of the US Federal Budget numbers out to infinity. However Mr Orszag has been Director of the Congressional Budget Office, which enjoys a sound reputation, whereas the OMB has for decades been engaged in creative accounting, smoke and mirrors obfuscation, and the falsification of the US Federal Budget and background debt data. On the face of it, therefore, the appointment of Mr Orszag is an inspired ‘pick’ which, we understand, was entirely Mr Obama’s own: and a clever move this is, too: because if, finally, an honest Director is installed at the OMB, it suddenly becomes much harder for the numbers to be fiddled.

Very significantly, when presenting Mr Orszag to the press and the public on 25th November, Mr Obama predicted a ‘page-by-page, line-by-line budget review to root out unnecessary spending’. And, with his Electoral College landslide victory amply confirmed, Mr Obama proclaimed that he possesses ‘a mandate to move the country in a NEW DIRECTION, and NOT TO CONTINUE the same old practices that have gotten us into the fix we’re in…. As soon as the recovery is well under way, we need to set up a long-term plan to reduce the structural deficit and to make sure that we are not leaving a mountain of debt for the next generation’.

This sounds pretty much like an Obama endorsement of the G-7-Approved Private Sector Capital Markets Refinancing Programme, which is, and HAS ALWAYS BEEN, the ONLY solution on the table, because only the private sector creates revenue: the Government ONLY CREATES DEBT.

Separately John Podesta, head of the Obama Transition Team, and former White House Chief of Staff, was implicated in the Vincent Foster murder along with Emanuel and Mrs Hillary Clinton. At the time of this analysis, there was no indication that Podesta would see ‘life after Inauguration’.

Because this pre-assembled, debt-focused incoming Obama Economic Team was put in place and apparently foisted on President-Elect Obama (whether with his consent or not is unknown), anger among the CIA-backed Internet Blogocracy was switched after the US Election away from outgoing President George W. Bush to Mr Barack Obama, who was even being referred to in late December as ‘more evil than Bush’ – an amazing transformation, given the fact that Obama had not yet shown his mettle except as analysed above (none of the febrile ‘rumours’ about what he is supposed to have agreed to, had any substance as they were typically proffered by unaccountable ANONYMOUS sources and even if that were not the case, could never be verified): nor can ANY President-Elect promulgate Executive Orders, as has been suggested elsewhere, in a quite astonishing display of ignorance! But then, the sources for this nonsense are ANONYMOUS and thus unaccountable.

The likelihood is that Obama was suddenly the focus of vituperative CIA-fanned attacks precisely because, as indicated here, the Elite Power Continuum served by the Intelligence Power, which controls the US Government, intended to pretend that there has been no discontinuity – and to continue centrally-directed, surreptitious corrupt financial operations out of the new White House under Mr Obama’s nose, as though nothing had happened. Given CIA compartmentalisation, the Blogocracy cannot be expected to be aware that this scheme has already been torpedoed.

It also stands to reason that attempts may be made to blackmail the incoming President.

However we have two points to stress in this connection:

(1) EVERY SINGLE MEMBER of this crew on the stage and off the stage, even operatives below the radar, is being prospectively blackmailed at all times. There is a ‘Black’ file on 100% of those who are chosen to walk onto the stage. So the fact that Mr Obama is almost certainly being blackmailed by the evil Intelligence Power is essentially a NEUTRAL issue. He has displayed evidence that he can be very tough, and his wife, who should know, has specifically stated that he is and will be ‘a hard task-master’. Therefore, in our opinion this man shows the character and ability to rise above this unavoidable hazard. The way to deal with the threat of any blackmail (which can of course be predicated on lies), even when baseless, is to recall that the blackmailer is invariably in a weaker position than the blackmailee, not least because if he uses his ‘weapon’, he then exhausts all his ammunition and thereafter becomes powerless. Therefore, the best course for Mr Obama, should he have concluded that he may unjustly be a blackmail target, would appear to be to steel himself to ignore any such pressure, and to bear in mind the following foreign example: which is not to be construed as having any implications whatsoever, but solely to make the point that the blackmailer is WEAKER than his target (especially, as in Mr Obama's case, when the prospective blackmail may be based upon the odious transgressions of lies and false witness):

(2) Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has been called a ‘vampire’ by his wife, no less. This probably refers to Vladimir Putin’s involvement in certain satanic activities, which would be fully consistent with his background as a Soviet Military Intelligence (GRU) operative, as well as his KGB background. (GRU officers are also KGB officers: KGB officers are not necessarily GRU officers).

Mr Putin was further deliberately photographed within the past year kissing the bared tummy of a small child. What was that all about? Here is the answer: Putin, like José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, and certain others we could name, is a paedophile, a fact which has clearly been held in reserve by those forces inside the structures who believe they can or could blackmail him. By staging this 'kissing operation', Mr Putin ‘blew’ their chances. While the revolting image revealed the truth about Putin’s depravity, it also simultaneously destroyed the blackmailing power threat held over his head. Putin shrewdly calculated that by staging the kissing session, he could neutralise the blackmailers and would ‘get away with it’: which he has.

In summary, if President-elect is liable have false witness deployed against him by these odious operatives, that is not necessarily the end of the world for the incoming President. And the other side of the coin can be summarised as follows:

Given that all the other characters on the stage will be serving at the President’s pleasure, he will be in a position to dispense with their services should they step out of line. In this connection, Mrs Hillary Clinton has already stepped out of line, according to The Guardian of 24th December 2008, which reported that:

‘The former first lady has wasted no time as she begins building up her team in preparation for taking over as America’s most senior diplomat from Condoleeza Rice’ in January 2009. ‘Sources in Washington suggested Mrs Clinton had embarked on an “empire-building” exercise as she seeks an expanded rôle within Mr Obama’s Administration’.

‘She wants a bigger budget and an expanded role for the State Department, not just in foreign affairs, but in dealing with global economic issues in the current financial crisis’ –

… code for she wants to continue ‘running the money’ as hitherto.

The Guardian further reported that ‘Mrs Clinton has told Mr Obama she wants to appoint high-profile special envoys. Her husband Bill has been suggested as a possible envoy to deal with Pakistan and India –

… code for positioning, reaffirming, revitalising and procuring the implementation (in part, by her CIA husband) of conduits for ongoing illicit financial transactions, and probably also for activation of that $2.0 trillion which at one stage ‘vanished’ into the bowels of the UBS office in India.

Other operatives (all of Jewish extraction, like herself) reportedly being considered by Mrs Clinton as she attempts to build up her State empire prematurely before she had even vacated her Senate seat or been confirmed (which she cannot be until she had vacated her Senate seat), include the well known globalist operative Richard Holbrook, Martin Indyk (a former US Ambassador to Israel), Jacob Lew (Clinton era head of the President’s Office of Management and Budget, and thus deeply involved in the falsification of budgetological numbers), and Mr James Steinberg, a former Deputy National Security Adviser to President Clinton.

Clearly, Mrs Clinton’s strategy is to inflate herself to the max ahead of Mr Obama’s Inauguration so that, as she imagined, he will find her impossible to oppose, or difficult to move: her calculations may also include the knowledge that President Obama would not be able to move her in the early years, not for 18 months, at least: during which time the extension of the illicit, fraudulent trading arrangements would have become embedded within the White House, so that the new President would be ‘unable’ to intervene.

The chances of such cynical calculations being destabilised over the next several weeks are quite high. But first, let us review the various publicised, mainly financial sector, 'neutralisations' that have taken place recently, as the struggle to procure the Settlements has intensified, in order to carry our investigation forward:

Alex Widmer, Chief Executive of Bank Julius Baer, Zürich, aged 52, was reported by Reuters on 5th December to have ‘committed suicide’. Two unnamed ‘independent’ sources were cited by the Swiss News website 20Minuten to have stated that the death was a suicide.

Swiss police refused to comment on the death. A bank spokesman, however, was careful to point out for public consumption that there was no link between Widmer’s death and the group’s current [sic] activities, but declined to give further details on the cause of Widmer’s death, saying it was a ‘private matter’. The operative word here was ‘current’, implying that Widmer had been involved in questionable activities in the past: and indeed, further enquiries by this service confirmed that this interpretation is correct. Market sources have advised the Editor of this service that ‘the top Julius Baer banker was killed and we know why’: other sources have stated unequivocally to us that this was a murder, associated with the elaborate cover-up, retribution and ‘neutralisation’ operations that are taking place in the context of the Settlements crisis.

Gavin Macdonald, aged 47, a top mergers and acquisitions banker, was reported on Monday 8th December 2008 to have died ‘from a heart attack’ at the London offices of Morgan Stanley in Canary Wharf. However he died on the preceding Friday night, so that his death was not in fact announced for at least 56 hours. Macdonald was Global Head of Mergers and Acquisitions for the institution. In view of the fact that he died ‘on Friday night’, there was plenty of lime for a ‘massaged line’ to have been developed to ‘explain’ his sudden death, which was attributed to ‘overwork’. Promptly on the Monday, Morgan Stanley’s CEO, John Mack, led tributes to the dead banker.

Mr Mack heads the institution within which a special suite devoted to the financing of terrorism, which we now refer to as the Terrorism Financing Center, is located. When the Provost Marshal attempted, with Department of Defense Internal Affairs assistance, to enter this room in October 2007, he was barred from entry on the orders of Vice President Cheney, to whom, ludicrously, he reported. You will have noted that THERE HAS BEEN NO DENIAL OF THIS INFORMATION – for the familiar reason, that the intelligence, which came from the actual ensuing investigation, is true.
Macdonald would of course have been aware of the existence of the Terrorism Financing Center, and may well have been considered a prospective threat to the ongoing cover-up operations. Mr Mack’s oleaginous tributes to Gavin Macdonald need to be considered in the foregoing context.

Christen Schnor, aged 49, a Danish-born senior executive with HSBC bank, was discovered on Wednesday afternoon 17th December hanging by a belt, naked, in the wardrobe of his £500-a-night suite at the Jumeriah Carlton Tower Hotel, Cadogan Place, in Knightsbridge, London, having also rented a £390-a-day apartment for his wife and two children in Lower Sloane Street, in the same upper-class area. Schnor worked at HSBC’s Canary Wharf office. This death resembles that of Amschel Rothschild who was discovered hanging in a high-class hotel in Paris on 11th July 1996.

Non-banking death: Michael Connell, an IT expert said to have been directly implicated in the rigging of George W. Bush Jr.’s 2000 and 2004 elections (since the Republicans cannot ‘win’ US elections without rigging them these days, as previously explained, due to deliberately arranged demographic factors) was killed on 19th December when his single-engine private plane crashed three miles short of Akron airport. Mr Connell was reported to have told a close associate that he was afraid that George Bush and Vice President Cheney would “throw [him] under a bus”.

It had earlier been verified that Carl Rove had threatened Connell and his wife, Heather (sounds familiar?). Mr Connell had flown to a small airport outside Washington DC on 18th December 2008 for a meeting. On 31st October, Mr Connell had appeared before a Federal Judge in Ohio after being subpoenaed in a Federal lawsuit investigating the rigging of the 2004 election under Karl Rove’s direction. The Judge ordered Mr Connell to testify under oath at a deposition on 3rd November 2008, the day before the election.

The White House is reported to have become extremely concerned that Mr Connell planned to divulge details of his secret illegal work for the White House. Heather Connell owns GovTech Solutions. Both GovTech and an IT firm called SmartTech of Chattanooga, TN, have been implicated in the rigging of the 2000 and 2004 elections and a White House email scandal.

In 2005, the US operative Andy Stephenson was poisoned with a substance capable of mimicking pancreatic cancer, after travelling the United States tirelessly exposing the wholesale falsification of election results using doctored software and rigged electronic voting machines, thus making a mockery of George W. Bush’s puffed-up boasting about ‘spreading democracy’ in the Middle East and elsewhere. Further exposure of this sub-scandal would be very liable to broaden and become engulfed in the colossal fraudulent finance unravelling that is taking place, which the criminalists are trying desperately to cover up, without success.

René-Thierry Magon de la Villehuchet, 65, founding partner and CEO of Access International Advisors, was found dead with his wrists slashed on the morning of Tuesday 23rd December 2008, in his office at 509 Madison Avenue, New York. The French financier, an aristocratic society fund manager with a chateau in Brittany, was found at 7.50am with no pulse, in his office a couple of blocks from the Rockefeller Center. A spokeswoman for the New York medical examiner was careful to insist many hours later that it had not yet established the cause of death.

In other such cases, ‘sources’ have been in the habit of insisting that the death was a ‘suicide’.

The French financier employed a sizeable army of royally-connected ‘Alpine advisers’ to trawl the casinos, ski slopes and yacht clubs of Europe in frantic search of wealthy investors for investment in his fund, which in turn fed the demand for ‘replacement money’ for the Bernard L. Madoff Ponzi investment operations [see below]. M. de la Villehuchet’s connections and his own aristocratic pedigree enabled him to tap into a rich seam of intermediaries who helped to secure funds on behalf of Access, for onward placement with Madoff.

His ‘advisors’ included Philippe Junot, first husband of Princess Caroline of Monaco, and Crown Prince Michael of Yugoslavia, described as an ‘investor relations executive’. Families said to have invested with the French financier included the Rothschilds, other European grandees, and heirs to the L’Oréal cosmetics fortune, especially 86-year-old Liliane Bettencourt, daughter of the L’Oréal SA founder, Eugene Schueller, who is reported to have invested part of her fortune estimated at $22.9 billion with Bernard L. Madoff through the dead French financier. The 86-year-old holds a 30% shareholding in L’Oréal SA, which is the world’s largest manufacturer and purveyor of cosmetics.

In a letter dated 12th December 2008 to clients, Access International Advisors stated that funds, including its LUXALPHA SICAV-American Selection, were invested solely with Bernard L. Madoff’s investment firm. Data compiled by Bloomberg indicated that it had $1.4 billion in assets as at 17th November 2008. Reporting M. de la Villehuchet’s death on 24th December, The Daily Telegraph cited an anonymous source as stating that it was ‘highly likely’ that the French financier committed suicide, while a French newspaper report stated that he killed himself.

However, as will become clear, we beg to differ. M. de la Villehuchet, who was found at his desk with both wrists slashed, and a boxcutter and a bottle of sleeping tablets on the floor, was almost certainly murdered, given his ALPHA involvement.

The La Tribune website stated that the financier ‘could not cope with the pressure following the outbreak of the scandal’, which is an understatement: he was desperately seeking replacement funds to satisfy his devastated aristocratic clients, implying in true Ponzi style, of course, that if such funds could by any remote chance have been procured, he would have disbursed them to refund the clients who had been severely affected or wiped out – leaving the problem of how to handle the new investors until further dupes had been inveigled to invest: but of course, raising any funds at all against the prevailing background, exacerbated by the globally publicised Madoff scandal itself, had by now become impossible.

So, yes, the financier was desperate. But one of the clues to the likelihood that he was murdered lies in the name of one of his funds, LUXALPHA SICAV-American Selection. Here’s why.

The money invested in Madoff’s operations (THE MONEY ‘IN’) has not been LOST: It has been STOLEN – by associates of the George Bush-Clinton Crime Nexus. In order to understand this, several additional facts must be added here:

(1) It has been confirmed to us that Bernard L. Madoff was recruited into the global George H. W. Bush- controlled money-leveraging and laundering operations around 2005-2006: just when the $4.5 trillion sent over by the People’s Bank of China ostensibly to finance Leo Wanta’s payment became available for the highest-level financial fraudsters to play with. What a coincidence!

(2) It has been separately confirmed to us that Bernard L. Madoff had extensive insider dealer assistance for his Ponzi operations. He could not have operated without such assistance. The immense extent of this collaboration SHOULD emerge as the SEC's investigations proceed:

However this depends on the extent to which the SEC, SIPC etc investigations have already been 'sown up'; and as indicated below, the initial impression gained is NOT ENCOURAGING.

(3) The Madoff operations formed a key component of the global financial corruption carousel presided over by the Bush-Clinton criminal high-level intelligence community gangsters.

René-Thierry Magon de la Villehuchet may have been murdered on the instructions of ‘Black Ops’ elements in order to prevent him exposing in detail the labyrinthine connections linking the Bush-Clinton Crime Nexus to the DELIBERATE takedown of Bernard L. Madoff and to the fact that the Madoff operations represented the Master Ponzi Scheme presiding over an army of subsidiary Ponzi Schemes. However the ‘neutralisation’ of de la Villehuchet cannot, obviously, prevent the inevitable connections being made between the Master Ponzi Scheme, the secondary ‘feeder’ Ponzi Schemes, and the overarching Bush-Clinton-CIA global fraudulent finance abominations being exposed in gory detail, as successive arms of the Octopus unravel and the extent of the biggest financial scandal in world history, and ALPHA's role in it, is progressively unmasked.

If those at the helm of this operation imagine that their intelligence connections will protect them in perpetuity, they may have a nasty shock coming to them, even though there may be evidence of a possible 'insider' operation to 'contain' the fallout from the 'Madoff takedown' [see below]. If our suspicions on this score prove to be correct, we would still consider the outlook for these highest-level US criminalists as grim, because the explosion is so huge that even with any 'accommodating' associates, they cannot realistically hope to prevent the audit trail from reaching their front doors.

Also to be borne in mind is the fact that the SEC's own-account operations, which are absolutely unconscionable for a Regulator, may be liable at any time to be exposed in detail, with the prospect of severe consequences for Mr Cox and others: so the SEC itself would appear to have a vested interest in ensuring that whatever emerges from the myriad complex investigations and the legal processes, is appropriately 'sanitised'. Again, our view would be that it is FAR TOO LATE FOR ANY SUCH COVER-UP OPERATIONS TO BE WHOLLY 'SUCCESSFUL'.

Following the issuance of a handful of Presidential Pardons before Christmas, President Bush II is expected to ‘do a Clinton’ and promulgate an extended list of Presidential Pardons on 19th January 2009 just before he ceases to be the most disgraced President of the United States in the always disturbed history of the Republic. Observers expect a bumper crop of blanket pardons, including one for himself, which explains why Vice President Richard Cheney, of MK-Ultra notoriety, has been bragging on TV about how he authorised torture (satisfying his innate sadism).

But as mentioned in an earlier report, these people are financiers of international terrorism as defined in their own repressive domestic legislation and in the copycat anti-terrorism legislation promulgated in the European Union context and in the United Kingdom.

Their financial thievery and scamming operations against her Majesty The Queen, the sovereign of America’s supposedly ‘closest ally’, entitles them to be arrested, held in custody, indicted, tried and sentenced to the maximum period of detention, like the many thousands of bankers scooped in the autumn of 2007 and extradited to the United Kingdom and other European countries on charges of economic terrorism, as previously reported.

These former bankers received 25 years’ incarceration for their criminal activities, and many of the lawyers who rushed across the Atlantic to bail them out were likewise arrested as co-conspirators and accessories to the fact of these terrorism financing crimes, receiving similar treatment (as also reported on this website and of course never denied by anyone).

It follows, therefore, that this expected issuance of corrupt Presidential Pardons en masse will not get these criminals off the hook. They may rely upon the fact that their routine corruption has in turn corrupted leaders of European countries such as Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has been receiving bribes from George Bush Sr. in exchange for ‘protecting’ ‘his’ stolen and corrupt funds, or their fellow intelligence operative Gordon Brown, who has been exposed as corrupt, as we have revealed. But the fact remains that, at any stage in the future, any or all of these criminal financiers of global terrorism could be picked up the moment they step into the relevant jurisdictions.

Stephen Harbeck, Chief Executive of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) who is the senior receiver of Madoff’s now defunct Ponzi-brokerage business, said on the 27th December 2008 that investigators were dealing with a ‘highly complex hybrid fraud’, elaborating that each of the individual investment accounts feeding the Madoff operations could be its own self-contained Ponzi fraud: and this is certainly the impression gained from de la Villehuchet’s desperate attempts to ‘replace’ the funds belonging to his portfolio of previously wealthy European investors.

Speaking on the steps of the US Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York, Stephen Harbeck added: ‘We will trace funds wherever the trail goes’, implying that extensive use had been made of offshore tax havens.

A report in The Guardian on 28th December said that ‘forensic accountants examining Mr Madoff’s [multiple sets of] books believed he had regularly sent large sums of money to offshore accounts in the Caribbean area and Europe. ‘There are accounts at New York Mellon Bank that we have been looking at that appear to have sent and received money from offshore locations’.

Bank of New York Mellon is one of the exotic financial enterprises identified in our reports in 2007 which mishandled the $6.2 trillion of loan funds made available by Her Majesty The Queen and by Prince Al-Aweed al-Talal of Saudi Arabia. As this element of the scandal unfolds, the prospects of the highest-level criminals emerging unscathed is expected to diminish at an accelerating pace.

On 23rd December, US Bankruptcy Judge Burton Lifland ruled that Madoff investors could receive no more than $100,000 in cash compensation, no matter how much they lost – a development that will have come as a severe blow to investors such as Mr Walter Noel (Fairfield Greenwich Group), whose operations ostensibly lost $7.5 billion, while the women’s wear magnate and Madoff mentor Carl Shapiro is reported to have lost $545 million of his personal fortune [see our alphabetical list of ‘victims’ in respect ONLY of the money ‘IN’, below]. Judge Lifland invited all Madoff investors to attend a meeting at the US Bankruptcy Court on 18th February 2009.

At this stage we ask the following questions concerning the financing of terrorism, and economic terrorism, which those whom Lenin called ‘the interested’ will certainly understand:

What did and do the Clintons, Robert Rubin, Dr Alan Greenspan, Timothy Geithner, Dr Benjamin Bernanke, George W. Bush Jr., Henry M. Paulson, and Vice-President Richard Cheney have to do with Miapollo Investments Limited, Hong Kong, Apollo Management LLP, Eva Teleki, Leo Wanta, Olga Sarantopoulos, Golub Capital, Wasserstein Perella, Timothy Geithner (protégé of the guttural triple agent Dr Henry Kissinger), George H. W. Bush Sr., and Alpha [ALPHA] Bank in Greece: always bearing in mind who set up Miapollo Investments, Inc. and Apollo Management LLP for Bush Sr.?

For what purpose did M. Jean-Paul Levitte, the former French Ambassador to Washington (now President Sarkozy’s closest intelligence and finance adviser), introduce a Mr Leon Black (not to be confused with a Mr Blue) to Crédit Lyonnais executives in Paris?

What can be stated at this stage is that the above-mentioned ‘worked with’ Mrs Hillary Clinton on the thieving of revelant accounts along with the Bushes, and that all are implicated with the ALPHA fraudulent finance and terrorism financing operation, which is still functioning. These fraudulent finance and terrorism financing operations were and continue to be committed in countries other than the United States, especially the United Kingdom, – so that all these people and their banking and intermediary associates, are specifically implicated in the financing of terrorism abroad. Under the Patriot Act USA et seq, financing terrorism abroad is a violation of the US legislation, qualifying the perpetrators to be arrested and incarcerated sine die, which is what ALL these double-minded perpetrators deserve and will, we believe, ultimately experience.

When 300 armed Metrololitan Police surrounded and raided the three ‘Safety Lock Box’ centres located in Mayfair, Hampstead and Edgeware, London, on 2nd June 2008 under the command of Assistant Metropolitan Police Commissioner John Yates, stolen, illicit and other collateral assets being used for fraudulent finance hypothecation purposes were placed wholly out of reach of the criminalist cadres and the corrupt banking strata concerned.

As we reported at the time and have reported subsequently, the British police raids marked a decisive development, arising out of intelligence gleaned inter alia from bankers arrested and extradited to the United Kingdom in the autumn of 2007. It is unprecedented in our experience for such an enormous squad of armed police to attend such raids in Britain, indicating quite clearly to anyone not sitting on their brains that this was an operation of unprecedented importance and significance, involving facing down the most ruthless gangsters on earth. And this judgment has indeed turned out to be accurate.

Because once the contents of the 'Safety Lock Boxes' had been placed out of reach (they remain under heavily armed guard, we understand), a central source of illicit creative fraudulent financing (of terrorism) had suddenly been closed down.

That left the Bernard L. Madoff complex of fraudulent Ponzi financing operations, and its colossal portfolio of feeder Ponzi self-contained fraudulent finance carousels as the primary source for the continuing flow of corrupt funds needed to keep the overall carousel going, with the exception of the Alpha operation (and probably several others, including the Omega operations). In summary, with the London ‘vaults’ shut down, the Bernard L. Madoff complex became the primary open source of funds (with the exception, as noted of the Alpha operation et al).

When margin calls arising from the implosion that occurred in mid-September, when the $14.0 trillion of LOAN money held within the Treasury custodial accounts was placed into ‘lockdown’ (on Friday 12th September 2008) following measures taken on 6th September 2008 and subsequently in Britain, the Madoff-linked feeder funds and thus Mr Madoff’s own operations collapsed under their own weight. On 18th September 2008, the Editor received the ‘triple gunshot voicemail’. On 22nd September, Senator Hillary Clinton met Timothy Geithner, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, for at least five hours, issuing a bromise statement afterwards implying that she had in fact been discussing ‘economic reform’ with Mr Timothy Geithner – whereas in reality this was an emergency meeting to discuss how on earth to prevent the exposure of the fraudulent finance operations in which both were and are implicated up to their necks – in light of the developments since 6th and 12th September, and the volume of margin calls that were ensuing.

Among the relevant sources of exotic fraudulent finance caught up in the consequent maelstrom were funds submitted by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York under Timothy Geithner to the Bank of New York Mellon and funds associated with the Securities and Exchange Commission’s own in-house proprietary trading account, mentioned in an earlier report.

For the New York Fed and the SEC themselves to have been involved in these operations represents a colossal pair of parallel scandals which should trigger indictments of the primary characters involved at both institutions – starting with Christopher Cox and Timothy Geithner.

When the Federal Reserve opened up the swap doors, they were taking in quasi-fungible assets (Treasury guarantees) and exchanging them for Euros which could then be deployed within the Swiss exotic trading operations. This revolutionary nexus of fraudulent finance, of economic and 'financial terrorism' offensives, is so huge that it cannot be explained in depth at this stage.

However we can summarise some of the stages of this immense fraudulent finance operation – winding up with the resulting dubious derivative fake ‘assets’ outstanding being ‘guaranteed’ by the Depositary Trust Clearing (DTC) Corporation, owned by the largest clearing banks, which has boasted that it has handled transactions ‘worth’ $1.8 quintillion, and has ‘guaranteed’ up to $700 trillion of derivatives contracts outstanding (taking account of double-counting).

It is reported to us by respected and responsible market sources that one very large British bank, one very large German bank and one very large Swiss bank, in particular, are among institutions which have formed the habit in recent weeks of illegally refusing to release funds when instructed to do so by clients holding accounts with these institutions.

A case involving the UK institution resulted in the removal of a senior bank officer (also a diplomat) from the institution on Monday 29th December 2008, after the funds had been transferred from the bank’s Far East office to London, to fund a certain transaction.

These banks are hoarding funds not least because they may expect to be called upon to fund guarantees entered into on their behalf by the Depositary Trust Clearing (DTC) Corporation, as an ever-increasing volume of related transactions ‘goes sour’. This factor is exacerbating the impact of the banks’ own corrupt off-balance sheet financial transactions on the real economy, and is the primary cause of the banks' 'lending strike'.

For the designers, perpetrators, intermediaries and traders involved in this biggest of all financial scamming operations NEVER THOUGHT THAT THE CAROUSEL WOULD RUN INTO TROUBLE, just as Charles Ponzi assumed that his classic scamming operation following the First World War could be continued ad infinitum. All concerned had and retained a vested interest in the continuation of this corrupt money machine, which has come unwound and will continue unravelling, contrary to their naïve and greedy expectations.

If we consider the Securities and Exchange Commission’s corrupt own-account transactions and supposedly borrowed (but now shown, post-Madoff, to have been STOLEN) funds, as our starting-point source of funds in an illustrative flow-chart, various stages can be described as follows:

Leveraging of the sourced funds 3:1 in the United States.

Transfer of the proceeds to the Swiss-based corrupt and exotic financing factory and issuance of bonds by the likes of Lehman Brothers, AIG, Bank of New York Mellon, Citibank and Morgan Stanley (funding for the bonds obtained from the Switzerland 'money factory' and direct out of the SEC’s own-account operations) at an 18% purchase price, for onward selling with a 30% mark-up, yielding an absolutely colossal 48% overall spread.

Funds sent to Spanish institutions, especially Sr. Botin’s corrupt Banco Santander (which bought inter alia Allliance and Leicester and Abbey National in the UK), and probably onwards to corrupt institutions in the Southern Cone of Latin America, where Bush people have been congregating.

Onward selling of the bonds, with a 30% backhander to the Bushes and 70% to other participants, including and especially the Bernard L. Madoff operations:

Since Madoff’s entities issued their own client confirmations and statements, Mr Madoff was able to juggle and obfuscate them with false accounting – a fact of real life that would appear to have been recognised ahead of the Madoff collapse, by Kingate Global Management, one of the ‘feeder Ponzi funds’ and one of the largest such subsidiary funds which had attracted some $2.75-$3.50 billion for investment in and ‘management by’ Madoff Investment Securities, Inc, despite having warned its investors that the Madoff brokerages ‘could abscond with those assets’.

In its fund prospectus, Kingate had warned that ‘there was always the risk that the assets with the investment adviser could be misappropriated. In addition, information supplied by the investment adviser may be inaccurate or even fraudulent. The co-managers [viz., Kingate and Tremont: see the alphabetical list below] are entitled to rely on such information (provided they do so in good faith) and are not required to undertake any due diligence to confirm the accuracy thereof’.

This approach allowed Madoff to falsify the confirmations and statements issued to his clients. The Madoff Ponzi Carousel diverged from the ENRON operation in that ENRON employed a huge transnational firm of accountants, whereas Madoff used part-time accountants.

In parallel with, complementary to, and derived from such ongoing ‘money machine’ transactions, corrupt US Treasury and Citibank terrorism financing operations operate in outline as follows:

Collateralized Debt Obligations (Mortgage Debt Securities etc) derived from Carlyle, AIG, Bush fraudulent finance and other linked sources are taken into the US Treasury/Citibank financing sub-machine to fund the master rotating derivatives underwriting machine – with the resulting new Collateralized Derivative Operations (CDOs) being delivered e.g. into the back-room operation of the complicit Bank of England (run, in 2007 at any rate, by a Carl Daniels, out of Birmingham but probably also linked to the US Embassy in London).

Bank of England issues loans against the CDOs which are fed back to Carlyle, AIG and the Bush-Clinton Fraudulent Finance Empire and Carousel.

And the resulting outstanding derivatives obligations are all 'guaranteed' by the bank-owned private corporation calling itself the Depositary Trust Clearing Corporation, WHICH IS WHY BIG BANKS HAVE PROBLEMS, AND MAY COLLAPSE IF THE NEW ADMINISTRATION MESSES UP.

The ‘package people’, like the Madoff investors, have all been ripped off, too: but most of them can’t reconcile themselves to this reality. Earlier this year, President Bush Jr. (43) was quoted as having uttered evil words which, in translation, meant that these people can shout and scream to their dying day, and they will never receive a single cent. Many of these unfortunate victims have died without coming to terms with the fact that they have been scammed by these very self-same high-level self-appointed corrupt élite financial terrorists and fraudulent finance criminals that are being exposed by this service, as the biggest financial criminal crisis in world history unravels.

They cannot enforce anything inter alia because of ‘non-disclosure’ documents that they may have signed, the nebulous identities of the parties with whom they entered into their transactions, and the fact that, wittingly or otherwise, they breached the old Prudent Man Rule, which is not a legal matter but an issue of prudence which would weigh against them in any court proceedings which cannot be brought because the Ponzi frauds were structured so that no-one could ever be held accountable. That’s what we meant by the ‘Never-Pay Syndrome’ – invented by George H. W. Bush Sr., the physical embodiment of Lucifer on earth, and the technician with whom he has fallen out, Dr Alan Greenspan, whom the Bushite CIA dogs have recently punished by pulling down the House of Madoff and making off with the trillions and trillions of dollars’ worth of proceeds (money ‘OUT’).

Meanwhile, to keep the middle-class US investor victims from reaching in unison for their guns in their attacks, an elaborate, cynical Psy-Ops operation has been mounted by CIA counterintelligence cadres through controlled outlets and their possibly unwitting disciples for years, to keep all these victims expecting resolution at the end of the rainbow.

But their money has long since been STOLEN, and incorporated into the vast revolutionary self-enrichment Ponzi money machine for the odious Luciferian globalist elite – even as members of this discredited class are at each others’ throats now that their immense system of Ponzi scams is sagging or crumbling, and as the Bush Crime Family and associates make haste to shovel as much illicit money down to the Southern Cone as can be achieved within the very short space of time left for these people before they reap the consequences of their unspeakably cruel, selfish, ruthless, criminal and reprobate behaviour.

The above should not be construed as meaning that 'the ransacked' have no eventual remedy: but their condition is unfortunately probably as parlous as the victims of the Madoff Ponzi takedown.

Whoever denies this is de facto assisting the CIA's evil 'Psy-Ops' operation against the victims.

Of course that dimension is only one segment among a myriad past and ongoing scams, many of which are focused on ripping off officially sponsored programs at a Federal, State, county and city level via the courts, schools, parks and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-related projects, foundations, charities, cemeteries, hospitals, welfare agencies, nursing and home health care operations, you name it. These scams involve inter alia the use of ‘Asset-Backed Securities Trust Pools’ (2006-HES) and 'Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates' (Series 20006-HES).

Details of such scamming have been dug up by investigators into horrendous ongoing property-related scams in Arizona linked to NAMED high-level criminalists, and separately began to emerge during a recent Cook County foreclosure, in which the Judge ordered the bank and the victim into the hallway to ‘work out a settlement’: evidently the Judge didn’t want the relevant information to be revealed in Court, probably because his name was on the list and he himself was implicated.

Literally thousands of companies are associated with this scamming operation, using Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (MERS) as the transfer vehicle. In essence, these criminals, consisting of attorneys, judges, bankers and others, are simply transferring properties without the owners’ knowledge, prior to foreclosure, with most of the accounts in question found to be held with Fidelity Investments, we have been informed. The stolen property then becomes available as collateral for further fraudulent finance operations.

Concerning the Madoff dimension, in the foregoing survey, it will have been noted that while an estimated $50 billion is said to have been ‘lost’ as a consequence of the collapse of the Madoff operations, untold trillions of dollars came out the other end.

To elaborate: the US and global ‘mainstream’ media, as well as the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, and the Bankruptcy Court, are ostensibly (to begin with, at any rate) concerned with the estimated ‘losses’ of $50 billion which have been widely publicised, based on the many documents filed with the Court (of which the Editor, by visiting the Court, obtained a complete set extant up to 21st December 2008, during his pre-Christmas visit to New York).

But that’s just the money ‘IN’.


What about the money ‘OUT’?

This, of course, as revealed above, is of a far larger order of magnitude, given the following:

Leveraging operations doubtless conducted by Bernard L. Madoff’s office itself, perhaps at 3: 1, within the United States.

Leveraging operations consistent with the illicit fraudulent finance operations that are typically conducted by the Bush-Clinton fraudsters, up to 40:1 which will have been conducted through Madoff’s London office, with counterparties in Britain. Switzerland, Spain, Austria, France, etc.

By means of the usual high-yield investment program leveraging and hypothecation operations, the base $50 billion will long since have been converted into trillions of dollars; and it is confirmed that the proceeds were transferred in large part via Israel to the Southern Cone of Latin America (Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil), where significant numbers of Bush-linked operatives and associates are reported to us to be congregating.

Significant proceeds will also have been transferred to Russia and/or converted into untraceable, portable precious gems like raw diamonds, held in Rotterdam or in London lock boxes such as those at Coutts Bank, used as the money-laundering institution for the Blair-Bush Deutsche Bank-Vatican Bank financing operation brokered by Bernie Ecclestone and laundered through Coutts Bank, which is The Queen’s Bank, acting as the clearing house and providing the operation with false ‘legitimacy’ behind Her Majesty’s back.

As we have seen, far from Madoff‘s operations having been ‘stand-alone’ from the gigantic Bush-Clinton-CIA orchestrated fraudulent finance giga-scandal that is unfolding, therefore, they formed a prominent and integral part of the overall global fraudulent finance Ponzi scamming machine.

Furthermore, the methodology employed to STEAL ALL THE MONEY (THE TRILLIONS, NOT JUST THE BILLIONS), was the standard procedure used by the US criminal intelligence community in all previous such instances – namely, to implode the operation.

That’s what they did with BCCI, walking away with over $9.0 billion clear. That's the same model as was applied in the cases of ENRON and Iceland. And that’s what Bush Sr. ordered in the Bernard L. Madoff case. By imploding Madoff, the crooks GET TO WALK AWAY WITH THE LOT.

That’s the crucial reality that everyone is MISSING. THE MONEY HAS ALL BEEN STOLEN.

No doubt the timing of the Madoff takedown was influenced by the consequences of the implosive events of September 2008, which will have triggered the thought in the minds of the top criminalist strategists that it was now time to apply the ‘BCCI treatment’, i.e. to close down Madoff altogether, let all the subsidiary Ponzi schemes and their investors flounder, make off with the ‘money OUT’ in toto, and (in Bush’s mind) deliver a body blow to the Jewish community and Israel at the same time.

IN RETALIATION for this Bush-sponsored 'BCCI/ENRON treatment' of the Madoff Ponzi carousel, the Israelis have leaked supposedly devastating money-laundering and bribery information showing how Mossad and other Israeli parties reportedly transfer money from the Israeli Government direct into active US Congressional campaign accounts (illegal foreign donations), with funds also being wired directly from Israeli Government bank accounts into active personal accounts of Members of Congress. The sources publicising this information reportedly received electronic files showing bank account numbers, bank routing numbers and account numbers for NAMED Members of the the US House of Representatives, the US Senate, and even elected officials in various States.

The incoming data allegedly showed routing numbers of the receiving banks revealing that certain Members of the US Congress and of the US Senate have bank accounts in places like Barbados, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, the Turks and Caicos Islands, the Cayman Islands and London.

Electronic file data sent over to source from Israel was said to reveal names of leading US law firms and dubious front corporations all over the United States. However, significantly, ABSOLUTELY NO CONCRETE DETAIL, SUCH AS ACTUAL BANK ACCOUNT DATA, had been published by the 4th January 2009, the initial outline surfacing via a non- anonymous website on New Year's Eve.

Whether this data 'firms up' into hard information or not, the context in which it should be viewed at this stage is that it could represent a direct Israeli tit-for-tat 'Psy-Ops' operation in response to the body blow inflicted upon Jewish interests as a consequence of the Bush-Clinton-triggered Madoff takedown. We are well into the 'Samson' period now: the gloves are off everywhere.

Even if the data is not confirmed, it surfaced specifically in the context of the Madoff 'takedown', albeit clothed by the leak source as motivated by disgust at the onslaught against the Palestinians, of whom more than have been reported were stated to have died. The source added: 'I intend to publish this information, including names, dates and account numbers, on the web'.

By 4th January, and estimated 260,000 Palestinians lacked water and roughly the same number lacked electricity. Some 80% of the population relies on food aid, requiring 400 food trucks a day into the Gaza Strip. Only 100 trucks are being allowed in, according to the BBC.

Now, on the back of this, Mr Bush Sr. and his fellow Nazis (notwithstanding that the Bushes are German Jews, originally) will have relished the prospect of destroying large numbers of competing Jewish foundations, investors, competitors, and other entities and enterprises – reducing Palm Beach, which was infiltrated and basically taken over by Americans of Jewish extraction from the 1960s onwards, to a state of near-hysteria, given that Jewish sources with whom we are in contact state that many Jewish investors there have been ‘wiped out’. We received a report (see below) if Jewish people in Palm Beach having been reduced to selling their Christmas/holiday presents in desperate hand-to-mouth attempts to raise liquidity.

In an interesting by-product of this development, certain Jewish foundations that have been wiped out or rendered useless in the New York area, had been financing revolutionary agitprop operations promoting homosexual marriage and the usual array of leftish Gramsci-tradition cultural revolutionary abominations designed to destroy what remains of Christian standards and culture, a key objective of angry, deluded Babylonian revolutionary Jews: the takedown of these people has put a stop to these activities in some instances.

As a clear consequence of the revelations from the Madoff scandal so far, latent anti-Semitism (as anticipated by this service) has predictably intensified. On 20th December 2008, Agence France-Presse reported from New York that ‘anti-Jewish commentary is inundating the Internet following Bernard L. Madoff’s arrest on charges of masterminding one of the biggest Wall Street frauds in history’ [sic] – indicating of course that the media will continue focusing on the Madoff dimension, as intended, while the much bigger perpetrators behind Madoff consolidate their getaway with the ‘money OUT’ as described in outline here.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) reported that there had been “an outpouring of ant-Semitic comments on mainstream and extremist websites”. The French agency cited an ADL statement that ‘site users have posted comments ranging from deeply offensive stereotypical statements about Jews and money – with suggestions that only Jews could perpetrate a fraud on such a scale – to conspiracy theories about Jews stealing money to benefit Israel’,

Abraham Foxman, National Director of ADL, elaborated:

‘Jews are always a convenient scapegoat in times of crisis, but the Madoff scandal and the fact that so many of the defrauded investors are Jewish has created a perfect storm for the anti-Semites. Nowadays, the first place Jew-haters will go is to the Internet, where they can give voice to their hateful ideas without fear of repercussions’.

Among entries reported to be featured in the electronic files referencing financial transfers from Israeli Government bank accounts to bank accounts in the United States is a series of entries showing transactions between Loh'ama Psichologit to the Anti-Defamation League in New York City. A Google search for Loh'ama Psichologit shows it to be the Literature and Propaganda segment of the Israeli intelligence organisation Mossad.

The Editor has a friend who is Education Director of a Jewish School and Synagogue in a certain US State. In discussion about the misbehaviour of certain people of Jewish extraction some years ago, the Editor pointed out that these people seemed intent on repeating the mistakes of the past and on stoking the latent fires of anti-Semitism. The Editor recalls his friend’s exact response:

‘Yes and these people cause our community immense concern all the time’.

Our unsolicited advice to Mr Foxman is that he should direct severe criticism publicly, or behind the scenes if he prefers, to his own community, and should issue grave warnings to these people about the prospective consequences of Jews being identified as perpetrators of financial frauds in the prevailing climate. The fact that almost all the identified victims of the Madoff scandal that have been identified to date are Jewish, misses the point – which is that no distinction is liable to be made in the minds of those criticising the Jewish community, between victims and perpetrators.

Likewise, in ‘a very worst-case scenario’ that history again repeats itself, no distinction whatsoever will typically be made between those Jews perceived to be villains, and righteous Jews. That is the danger on which Mr Foxman and his friends should be concentrating.

In case some people are still mystified as to why there is warfare among the Jews, may we remind you of the Editor’s old story about the nice lady who took pity on him when he was employed briefly with the merchant bank S. Japhet & Co., St Swithin’s Lane, in the City of London, in 1959. It was the time of the Eichmann trial. The middle-aged Jewish lady used to sit with your young correspondent occasionally in the canteen. To the Editor’s naïve question: ‘What’s this all about? Eichmann’s Jewish!’ the lady replied: ‘Didn’t you know? A Jew’s greatest enemy is another Jew?’

In addition, one must remain aware at all times, as this giga-criminal finance scandal continues to unfold, of the ‘double-mindedness dimension’ characteristic of all key operatives. These people are ALL double-minded, in direct contravention of Jesus Christ’s warning on this central issue:

‘The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single,
thy whole body shall be full of light’.

‘But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness.
If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!’
Matthew, Chapter 6, verses 22-23.

‘The light of the body is the eye: therefore when thine eye is single, thy whole body also is full of light; but when thine eye is evil, thy body also is full of darkness’.

‘Take heed therefore that the light which is in thee be not darkness’.
Luke, Chapter 11, verses 34-35.

One of the layers of deep meaning here is that double-mindedness is wholly evil and represents, therefore, TOTAL darkness. It is often noted that the criminals we identify can be quite pleasant to meet (albeit there is always a spooky dimension to all of them). But their fake ‘niceness’ masks the fact that their orientation is in fact the opposite. They pose as ‘reasonable’, ‘decent’ people, but their eye is evil: they are Dark Actors Playing Games. Furthermore, they employ the duplicitous dialectical method at all times. Hence, in summary, they routinely:

Say one thing and do the opposite;

Double-cross their collaborators and associates;

Renege on all their undertakings; and:

Relish in applying the standard duplicitous intelligence community ‘bait and switch’
technique to entrap their targets.

Now George W. Bush Sr. ROUTINELY DOUBLE-CROSSES EVERYONE WITH WHOM HE DEALS, and there are NO exceptions to this rule. The same applies to his duplicitous son. So do not be in any way amazed, sceptical or scandalised that Bush Sr. and his criminalist intelligence associates will have specifically pulled the rug from beneath their collaborator, Bernard L. Madoff.

On the contrary, this operation has released trillions of dollars (probably running into the hundreds of trillions) into the hands of the criminalist operatives directed by the Bush-Clinton-CIA Octopus, while at the same time destroying a large part of the Jewish community and delivering a bodyblow to Israel in the process. After all, Bush Sr., of German Jewish extraction, consorts with the Arabs.

Therefore so far as the ‘German’ element of the Octopus is concerned, the Madoff takedown has been a superbly ‘successful’ operation – releasing immense resources ‘free’ into its hands, while undermining Jewish elements in the process. Don’t forget, either, that each arm of the Octopus is permanently entwined with other arms, locked in struggles to the death – with every component of the Octopus at various times or simultaneously at loggerheads with or fighting other arms, or all of the arms. After all, Satan is the author of all lies and confusion, which is the stinking River Styx of death in which these world-class criminals operate.

That they will all drown in its foul waters is a certainty.

So, despite occasional confusing appearances to the contrary, the global financial showdown that we predicted is now blowing up in the faces of almost all the primary Illuminati cadres and figures, with linked secondary explosions going off at intervals at an ever increasing pace – leaving the criminalist participants, for the most part, staggering around shouting and snapping at each other incoherently. Even so, there are still some of their caste, equipped with fewer brain cells than their comrades-in-crime, who would appear to have not yet understood that there has been a decisive discontinuity, thanks to the relentless exposures, and that the criminal finance community have been rumbled, and are being progressively brought to their knees.

Their Dirkeim Paradigm – after Emile Dirkheim [1858-1917], who postulated that criminal behaviour is humanity's norm and that ethical conduct is anomalous – has been turned on its head, so that the criminalists are now increasingly seen to be the anomie, with the Rule of Law, however degraded and corrupt, starting to reassert its primacy in the United States, at least in patches.

This development, to which this service has contributed, has come as a nasty shock to those criminalists who have grasped the outline of what has happened, because they had been in the ascendancy and in control for 25 years, and truly believed that their Criminal Republic had been successfully established and could never be challenged, let alone dislodged.

They thought that their fake wealth factory, based on hypothecating often stolen or diverted assets up to 40:1 (in London, for instance), would continue for ever. And they imagined that no-one would or could ever stand up to them, given their long-term success in compromising, through blackmail and/or bribery, almost everyone on their darkened stage.

Instead of which the successive bombs that have gone off and continue to explode ‘unexpectedly’ in their faces (and will continue to do so for many years ahead) have disfigured their self-righteous images of false rectitude, so that the whole world can now see these double-minded, two-faced rats for what they are: the greedy, decadent scum of the earth who have had their filthy day, and large numbers of whom face (or are already serving) extended periods of imprisonment, with 25 years apparently the norm. Others have suffered ‘neutralisation’ – the currently fashionable euphemism for being bumped off.

It is against this background that one of the most prominent members of the contemporary self-appointing élite, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, has actually become the first of their number to acknowledge publicly that an attempt really has been made by this self-same arrogant, globalist Elite Power Continuum, to steal the wealth of the whole of humanity for themselves.

Specifically, the Fund’s Managing Director warned in a speech given in Madrid on 16th December 2008 that ‘social unrest may happen in many countries – including advanced economies… Violent protests could break out in countries worldwide if the financial system is not restructured to benefit everyone rather than a small élite’.

In a BBC interview on 21st December, M. Strauss-Kahn said ‘we are in the biggest crisis we have experienced for 60 or 70 years’, and indicated that the IMF forecasts due in January 2009 would be even bleaker still. However as the Managing Director of the Fund knows that the underlying cause of the crisis is unfettered fraudulent finance, stealing and criminality, he is also well aware that no forecast that Fund's experts may issue in the foreseeable future will capture the horrors in store – given that, in the face, for instance, of all our exposures, the US criminalists have CONTINUED with their fraudulent finance operations, long after they have been exposed in general terms, resisting implementation of the G-7-Approved Refinancing Programme, which will implement capital markets transactions on-the-books to refinance the banks and to endow the US Treasury with a stream of windfall tax receipts on an ongoing basis.

The intention, up to the end of 2008 at any rate, was to apply the G-7-Approved Refinancing Programme but to run it through the White House – where, of course, it would be corrupted and would immediately revert to corrupt debt-generating fiat money ‘business as usual’. As indicated above, this intention has been thwarted.

Never before has a member of that self-appointed élite openly warned that its own behaviour was risking a global upheaval: indeed, never before has a member of that élite even acknowledged that it exists as an organised force for evil. Those of us who have done our due diligence know this to be the case; but it is unprecedented for a superior member of the caste to agree with us. French journalists inform us that the highly intelligent IMF Chief is known for his clear thinking and for his commendable verbal precision and directness. One may deduce, therefore, that this observation represented a blunt warning to the few high-level criminalists who were still seeking to resist the inevitable as late as the Christmas week, that their behaviour cannot be tolerated any longer.

M. Strauss-Kahn’s remarks echoed those of another ‘insider’, Senator Christopher Dodd, Stalin’s grandson, who, commenting on the banks hoarding money, told The New York Times in October that ‘if it turns out that they are hoarding, you’ll have a revolution on your hands. People will be so livid and furious that their tax money is going to line their pockets instead of doing the right thing'.

'There will be hell to pay'.

It would appear that even high-ups among the self-appointing globalist élite have realised that the most prominent criminalist operatives within the folds of the Octopus have overstepped the mark – threatening the collapse of the entire financial system, having chosen throughout the build-up to the present defining moment, to assume that certain banks faced liquidity problems, rather than a SOLVENCY crisis (of their own making, but a solvency crisis nonetheless).

It is unprecedented for representatives of the Illuminati-associated structures to issue warnings against their own fellow perpetrators.

Meanwhile, as the fragile world financial economy hovers on the brink of catastrophe with, as Senator Dodd has correctly gauged, the banks hoarding the funds that have been doled out by governments, the main issue early in January 2009 was: why are they doing this?

The correct answer to this question is broader than the popular generic assumption that the banks are hoarding cash in order to avoid bankruptcy.

The reality was that the big complicit institutions have been hoarding fungible cash-cash to post against the vast derivatives exposures (see above) (on the working assumption that it cannot be that the guarantees will all have to be applied at once), in accordance inter alia with their stringent obligations under Basel-II. In the United States, the two institutions in the deepest trouble in this respect are Citibank and JP MorganChase.

These institutions have not only hoarded the cash dished out to them by the Treasury under the corrupt Henry M. Paulson Jr., which means that Mr Paulson has been bribing them to refrain from disgorging the Settlements funds, but have also, as repeatedly reported by this service, duly held onto and illegally presided over the exploitation of the $14 trillion on-the-books LOAN money made available to them for the sole purpose of financing the Settlements by Her Majesty The Queen, Prince Al-Aweed Al-Talal, and the Chinese parties.

These LOAN funds were made available by these highest-level parties in 2007 so as to finance the Settlements and thereby to provide the on-the-books resources to start the aforementioned G-7-Approved Refinancing Programme of capital markets transactions which will liquefy the banks on-the-books, while providing the Treasury with an ongoing cascade of tax receipts at 35% per annum out into the future – all ON THE BOOKS, as opposed to the prevailing Dirkheim Octopus ‘system’ of debt-oriented legalised corruption which has resulted in the proliferation of unfunny money out to infinity stashed untaxed in offshore accounts for self-enrichment purposes and the financing of ‘Black Ops’ adventures and abominations.

The LOAN funds, held from mid-September onwards in 'lock-down' so that they could not be used for ANY purpose other than to finance the Settlements, were lodged within the custodial group within the JPMorganChase US Treasury suspense account with Citibank.

When the $14 trillion LOAN funds were placed into lockdown effective 12th September 2008, they were at once subject to a stronger category of control than is implied by the word ‘frozen’, which we can certainly assert metaphorically to mean that tampering with one cent of such funds would be tantamount to an act of war.

As soon, then, as the said LOAN funds were placed into ‘lockdown’, the stock market and related sectors imploded and threatened to collapse. It then immediately transpired, given this collapse of the stock market during the week ending 17th September 2008, that the $14 trillion of LOAN funds had been illegally deployed to prop up the illicit US interbank carousel and to provide the base for leveraging and hypothecation operations – facilitating corrupt exotic ‘business as usual’, which was ‘why’ the Settlements had been delayed for a good 15 months beyond the approximate stage that the LOAN funds were first made available to replace the funds that had earlier been diverted, stolen and/or encumbered, including the $4.5 trillion that was provided by the People’s Bank of China in May 2006 referenced in our earlier reports.

The ‘lockdown’ of the LOAN funds, buttressed by the backwash from the London ‘Safety Lock Box’ raids on 2nd June 2008, has driven all subsequent events, forcing the US criminalists to the wall (where they risk being shot) and lighting the fuse for the series of bomb explosions, which will be prolonged and will continue for many years.

Unsurprisingly, it was on Saturday 18th September 2008, within days of the 12th September 2008 ‘lockdown’ of the $14 trillion, that the Editor of this service received the ‘triple gunshot voicemail’ reported earlier. It can now be revealed that the message conveyed by this macabre voicemail was this: ‘We will kill you for what you have done’.


However the outcome has so far been encouragingly different. In the first place, Robert Rubin, the Clintons’ Citibank-based financial 'minder' (guardian of the Clintons’ ill-gotten gains, including illicit profits derived from the exploitation of Her Majesty The Queen’s gold which was diverted during the ‘unscheduled’ British banking ‘black hole’ shutdown on 29th-30th March 2007) – was ordered to ‘get your … out of Citibank immediately’, in mid-December.

When we followed this intelligence up, we were advised that Rubin’s presence within this criminal enterprise being no longer required, he had been faced with no choice but to hasten for the exit. However as the ALPHA operation (and possibly other CIA covert criminal financing operations) are still running, one can take it as read that this hands-on fraudulent finance specialist is still up to his neck in related activities.

On 4th December 2008, The New York Post reported the progress of an investigation of the rôles of Mr Robert Rubin and the former Citibank CEO Chuck Prince in what the newspaper called ‘a Ponzi-style scheme that’s now choking world banking’, implying that some ‘mainstream’ journalists have belatedly been following this website after all. The report gave outline details of a Federal lawsuit by Citigroup investors represented by the law firm Kirby McInerney, which had produced a 500-page report alleging what the paper described as ‘a complex cover-up of toxic securities that spread across the globe, wiping out trillions of dollars in their destructive paths’.

Investor plaintiffs in the suit have accused Citigroup management of ‘overseeing the repackaging of unmarketable Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDOs) that no-one wanted – and then reselling them to Citibank and hiding the poisonous exposure off the books in shell entities’.

The lawsuit stated that ‘when the bottom fell out of the shaky assets, Citigroup’s stock values collapsed, wiping out more than $122 billion of shareholder value’, but that Rubin and other top insiders cashed out for themselves via ‘suspicious’ share sales ‘calculated to maximize the personal benefits from undisclosed inside information’.

The investigation conducted by Kirby McInerney was applied to amend and add new details to a blanket investor lawsuit filed against Citigroup following the exposures by this service in the fall of 2007. Consequent upon our exposure of the recycling of the standard ‘Bernie Cornfeld’-style Ponzi scheme technique, the amended lawsuit called ‘the actions of Citi leaders “a quasi-Ponzi scheme” to hide troubles – and keep Citi stock afloat while insiders unloaded about three million shares’ between 1st January 2004 and 22nd February 2008 for huge profits.

The Complaint named Citigroup, Rubin, Mr Prince, Vice Chairman Lewis Kaden, ex-Chief financial Officer Sallie Krawcheck and her successor, Gary Crittenden. The suit specifically stated that Rubin cleared $30.6 million on his stock sales, while Prince cleared $26.5 million, former Chief Operating Officer Robert Druskin grabbed nearly $32 million and the former Global Wealth Management unit chief, Todd Thomson, enriched himself by $25.7 million.

The significance of this case is that it adds to the pressure on the criminal enterprise on top of all the other pressures, including the ever-present possibility (at the time of posting) that the LOAN funds provided inter alia by Her Majesty the Queen might be called at any time.

The bombs set off by the events of last September are exploding all over the place, and they will continue exploding for the next four or five years as components of the nexus of financial fraud peak in succession (the so-called ‘sub-prime’ element being only the first of the megaton nukes to have exploded to date). Still to explode between 2009 and 2012/2013/2014 into a chasm of defaults, are other manifestations of the legalisation of financial corruption, such as Credit Default Swaps (CDSs) and all forms of securitised fake ‘assets’, Alternate A ‘assets’, and ‘Adjustables’.

In non-technical language, the Credit Default Swap overhang matures and peaks in 2009, while the derivatives ‘originated’ on the basis of other residential assets, commercial property, credit cards and auto loans will ‘peak’ in disorderly sequence between 2009 and 2012-14. This means that even when remedial circumstances such as the actual implementation of the on-the-books G-7-Approved Refinancing Programme do come on-stream, high-yield residual financial sector nukes will still be exploding ‘unexpectedly’, taking the ‘mainstream’ media by surprise, as usual. There is nothing to be done now about this state of affairs.

Ever since he was briefed by the FBI in Chigaco on the day following his election victory, President-Elect Barack Obama, who ‘blew up’ himself when the duplicity of associates was revealed to him on that and subsequent occasions and who soon came to understand that his prerogative to appoint whom he liked to serve in his Administration had been somewhat pre-empted for him by the prior construction of a shell Administration for the Elite Power Continuum for him to accept on a ‘take-it-or-leave-it’ basis, Mr Barack Obama has demanded finalisation of the Settlements.

And as noted, he has himself been responsible for two of the most critical appointments – to the leadership of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Office of Management and Budget.

As his position strengthened with the waning of the CIA's sterile rearguard Bush-Cheney Internet campaign to discredit Barack Obama, and the Electoral College outcome on 11th December proved favourable to the President-Elect as expected, the President-Elect’s insistence on completion of the Settlements, to the fury of the Bush criminalists, has driven events at a hectic pace.

On Friday 18th December, Mr Obama warned that some 100 key people – including Attorneys whose firms must distribute the Settlement funds to the 1,000-odd Trustees for onward remittance – who have been protected hitherto, would cease to enjoy all immunity from the consequences of their complicity in financial crimes with effect from Monday 22nd December: indicative of the fact that if they were to impede the Settlements (as always, on the orders of Bush Sr.), they would be arrested, like the scores of bankers in Europe who have been arrested in successive waves over the past several weeks, and since the fall of 2007. On 18th December we received a report, for instance, to the effect that a further 12 ‘sleepers’ impeding the Settlements had been cuffed.

On 16th December 2008, it was reported/confirmed that five key Trustees in Europe had been arrested; and it is believed that these people were ‘taken down’ for prolonged periods.

In addition, a not inconsiderable number of ‘sleepers’ and others taking orders from the imploding George Bush Sr. apparat have, in recent weeks been ‘neutralised’ – this being the currently fashionable euphemism for ‘liquidated’.

On 23rd December (5.35pm) the Editor was advised that a significant number of bankers and others had been ‘arrested’, taken away, ‘neutralised’ (liquidated) on the preceding day, in line with similar operations on the two preceding days and earlier. On 26th December 2008, it was confirmed to us that President Sarkozy, on behalf of all the European Union's ‘Member States’, had issued ‘a final ultimatum’ to the criminalist US authorities for the Settlements payouts to be finalised by the end of the year (when Sarkozy’s six-month rotating EU Presidency came to an end), although as President of France, his ‘mandate to pay’ extracted from President George W. Bush at Camp David would not be affected (as the White House may have assumed). It was also confirmed to us from the United States that, despite everything that has happened, President George W. Bush STILL thought he was in charge of the Settlements process, given that the familiar blocking games played by the Bushes all along continued seamlessly following Sarkozy’ acquiring his ‘mandate to pay’.

On 28th December 2008, in a repetition of the familiar sterile obfuscating delay antics, a Trustee reported several instances of Trustees failing to turn up at banks for payouts, as has often been reported all along (one of the standard sabotage techniques) and that 'they are working furiously to get everyone in place', with ‘feelings really frayed right now’ – not that they have not been frayed ever since this service became involved with this crisis.

But for such a source to mention ‘frayed feelings’, giving the standard habit of understatement, reflected the extreme fractiousness of the situation, which has led to many sudden deaths, with more in the pipeline, according to our information. However, so successful has the Bush-Cheney disinformation, diversion, expectations-manipulating 'Psy-Ops' apparatus been throughout this coordinated operation to scam every target imaginable, that none of this unspecific 'information' can ever be relied upon: it is foolhardy for people to do so. Such 'information' can only become reliable when backed up by indpendent sources, as in the case of the jailed bankers in the UK.

The authorities under the incoming Administration would have the option of foreclosing on both Citibank and JPMorganChase in the event (as appeared to be the case immediately ahead of the Christmas holidays) of their continued intransigence, after partial completion of the Settlements in favour of ‘the countries’ on Thursday 18th December, which was the date when the US Treasury guaranteed value and the country recipients were said to have been ‘paid out’.

But when it came to paying out the US-based recipients, the Editor gathered that a blazing row, or ‘shouting match’ developed, involving recalcitrant American refusals to disgorge tranches of the LOAN funds to US recipients. This row may have focused inter alia on the illegality of Citibank and other institutions even contemplating further misapplication of elements of the $14 trillion in ‘lockdown’ which could NOT be touched except for Settlements disbursement purposes.

According to our sources, the explosive international slanging and shouting match started on Friday 19th December 2008, when the US tranches of the Settlements were stalled, and was still continuing on Saturday 20th December, immediately ahead of the Editor’s return to London from New York on Sunday 21st December.

In the second place, the bailout providing loans worth $17.4 billion to Detroit automakers reflected NOT the desperate plight of the US motor manufacturers, but rather alleged EXTREME FEAR in the White House and the Treasury that if General Motors and Chrysler were to be placed into Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the consequent investigations would expose the fact that these household names’ balance sheets are stuffed with fraudulent securitised derivative assets, and that their accounts had been falsified for years since such dubious assets had been treated for accounting purposes as though they are ‘real’ assets – which is not the case, as they are worthless, although the system of legalised corruption dictates otherwise.

Any Trustee appointed under Chapter 11 procedures would be bound to report such information, which would set off colossal further aftershocks throughout the financial system, coming on top of the Madoff takedown which will continue setting off landmines way out into the future, despite any evidence of 'insider' attempts to contain the fallout – not least within the offices of the Securities and Exchange Commission, which allowed these corrupt practices to flourish (even as the SEC has been participating in the fraudulent finance trading operations on own account), in the context of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 and the associated weakening of the stringent US securities legislation of 1933 and 1934, which, however, still applies and should have been enforced.

The fact that the Deposit Trust Clearing Corporation (DTCC) has been ‘guaranteeing’ these false securitised ‘derivatives’ assets, and has even boasted about clearing $1.8 quintillion of such junk as noted above, does NOT ‘guarantee’ the ‘value’ of such assets, given that they are intrinsically worthless: it simply confirms that the legalisation of US financial corruption has comprehensively failed to disguise the real-world reality that such false ‘assets’ are both illegitimate AND worthless, even though the legitimisation of corruption prescribes the opposite.

In the third place (but perhaps slightly in the wrong order), on Thursday 11th December, which we believe is about when the carousel finally ran out of fresh 'IN' resources altogether – as the events of mid-September had led to the drying-up of the secondary market, thus precluding the tapping of the secondary and tertiary markets for prop-up funds – all of the leading corrupted financial players suddenly discovered, in sync, that the cupboard was bare. Faced with this prospect, the Bush Sr. Crime and CIA criminal enterprise apparat is believed to have decided to apply the ‘BCCI treatment’ to the Madoff Ponzi scamming machine and its subsidiary Ponzi operations – just as it had earlier pulled the plug on ENRON and, more recently, Iceland, a conveniently located fraudulent finance platform established/exploited by Bushite associates (e.g. Khaled Aziz, Hospice Trust, etc).

The routine practice appears to be that as soon as one of these Ponzi fraudulent finance carousels reaches a tipping point, the criminal finance engineers deliberately allow the fake money machine to implode, rakes all the cash out for itself, and leaves all the deluded investors and (in this case) the subsidiary Ponzi investor funnels dangling, like the ‘package people’.

One consequence of this development was that lame-duck President George W. (Dog) Bush Jr. was reported to have asked his lawyers whether he could continue to stall on the Settlements (so that he could wind up stealing some more money) and what would the likely consequences be for him personally if he did so. Our sources informed us that his corrupt lawyers responded words to the effect: ‘Well, you’ve got away with it so far, so what’s the problem?’

By responding corruptly in this manner, the President’s co-conspiratorial Attorneys revealed how far behind the curve and how compartmentalised they have remained, since the reality is that Bush II has NOT ‘got away with it’ and is manifestly defeated and stretched flat out on the rack, despite theatrical appearances to the contrary. The Bushes may THINK that they have raked out all the money and have 'won', but as explained above, they are liable to lose the lot.

In any case, since President Sarkozy obtained his ‘mandate to pay’, the outgoing President Bush has not been in control of events, even though it is clear from this episode and from his behaviour generally that he thought he was still in charge. Maybe it all depends on his daily intake.

Meanwhile an operation was noted in December 2008 apparently to destabilise President Nicolas Sarkozy and to place him under a cloud, focused on the huge Clearstream corruption and money-laundering scandal that has grown a new leg – with inter alia the revelation, extracted from widely available Clearstream historical spreadsheets, that Sarkozy holds or held two secret accounts in false names, Paul de Nagy and Stéphane Bosca. We were suspicious of this sudden eruption, given that the ‘intelligence’ proffered and pilfered for international public consumption was extracted from documentation that has been circulating for several years; so it represented nothing new.

But specifically, it was reported on 18th December 2008 that Sarkozy might soon be facing renewed charges that he was at the receiving end of corrupt foreign funds through the Luxembourg-based Clearstream entity. President Sarkozy’s father’s full name was M. Nicolas Paul Stéphane Sarkösy de Nagy-Bosca. The Clearstream money-laundering scandal connects directly with American political and ‘Black Ops’ financing operations through Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), Banco Ambrosiano (the Vatican: see the preceding report), Bahrain International Bank (associated with the deceased – as of 26th December 2001 – Osama Bin Laden), and Bank Menatep, the KGB entity previously headed by the disgraced and then imprisoned covert Soviet KGB operative and oligarch and former minor Gorbachëv-era Minister, Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

The Clearstream data of which this service has been aware for several years contain accurate information, indicating that allegations by the Sarkozy entourage that the spreadsheets that have been in circulation for the past several years are forgeries, are false. M. Sarkozy was reported in February 2007 and earlier to have received corrupt funds from Zug-based Marc Rich, a.k.a. Hans Brand, the long-range DVD operative and corrupt financier who was notoriously ‘pardoned’ by President Clinton during his last hours in office (see above). The man who is now President of France was also alleged in 2007 to have received funds from Russian-Israeli mafiya accounts of Bank Menatep. However the 'surfacing' of this OLD intelligence is obviously suspect.

On Saturday 13th December, Bush Jr. appeared in Baghdad where, on 16th December 2008, he narrowly escaped being hit on the head by what have become the most famous footwear items in history – thrown by Muntadhar al-Zaidi, the courageous Iraqi TV journalist working for al-Baghdadia satellite TV station, who followed and reported on the US Apache helicopters’ trails of death and destruction, and has been a relentless exposer of the gross, Nazi-style abominations and atrocities committed by the US forces in Iraq. Throwing one’s shoe at a person is the ultimate insult in the Arab world and also anywhere in Europe from Austria eastwards.

The first airborne shoe was accompanied by the following pertinent imprecation:

‘This is the farewell kiss, you dog’.

At least, that is what was widely reported. Less widely reported was what the journalist shouted to accompany the arrival of the second airborne shoe:

‘This is from the widows, the orphans and those who were killed in Iraq’.

As the Iraqi and Arab satellite stations broadcast this expression of pent-up fury and outrage at the brutality of the invading and occupying US forces, and of the CIA's cadres with their hideous ‘Black’ abominations from Abu Ghraib onwards, regional TV stations and media websites were inundated with messages of adulation. The Guardian summarised the content of these messages thus:

‘Bush is a mass murderer and a war criminal who sneaked into Baghdad. He killed a million Iraqis. He burned the country down’.

Ostensibly, ‘the Dog’ was in Baghdad to sign off on the negotiated troop withdrawal arrangements, this being presumably Bush II’s final Iraq-related act as the most despised US President in history. But in actual fact, what Mr Bush was really more interested in, was stealing money.

Two impeccable sources informed us on 16th December 2008 that he attempted to steal a large sum while in Iraq, only to be informed that the funds had been placed beyond his reach, under the protection of the World Court.

So the workings of the devious mind of this cunning little criminal dog-snake had been anticipated in advance, given that it would have been known that he was to make a flying visit to Baghdad over the weekend of 13th-14th December 2008 (even though the visit was ‘secret’). Mr Bush’s failure to steal money from the Central Bank of Iraq or indeed from any other component of the Iraqi financial infrastructure may account for the man’s ‘crushed’ appearance during subsequent TV broadcasts.

While all this was developing, our report exposing the office suite within Morgan Stanley known from the relevant investigation in 2007 to be the Terrorism Financing Center specialising in the financing of the projection by the corrupt revolutionary United States of secret ‘Black Ops’ global terrorism operations headed by the US-created hydra called Al-Qaeda, had already been in the public domain for OVER THREE WEEKS. This exposure, which stemmed from our knowledge that the Provost Marshal was refused entry to this office suite with his accompanying personnel when he attended Morgan Stanley’s premises in October 2007, and from the findings of the subsequent official but unreported investigation, prompted the following response:

From any of the CIA-controlled disinformation or confusion-mongering websites, which obviously, being CIA-backed outlets, could not ‘touch it’, with one exception. It was suggested by an observer that the breaking of this information was worthy of a Pullitzer Prize (although simple Brits don’t really understand what on earth that is). The comment was accompanied by the add-on that ‘it had better be true, or one wouldn’t want to be in Story’s shoes’. Well, Story remains, at least as of the time of writing, in the new shoes that he bought in order to be properly dressed for his fourth daughter’s candle-lit wedding in our 11th century parish church on 13th December 2008.

NO REFUTATION WHATSOEVER from any Fourth or Fifth estate source. Manifestly, if the report were untrue (which is not the case!), it would have been necessary at some stage to discredit it. But this has not happened, because the report is true, as you would expect.

Now it is a fact that this information, which had been known for over a year by our sources, who had previously been precluded from revealing it to us, was made available for a very good reason. Even though, as indicated above, the report has so far been confined to this website, that doesn’t matter because of the website’s immense global coverage. The reality is that this information is out in the public domain, so that governments worldwide have picked it up and know the truth of the matter (if it had been withheld from them by their penetrated intelligence services).

It can therefore only be a matter of time before Al-Qaeda is wound up.

And who do you suppose has been positioned to achieve just that outcome?

Why, Barack Hussein Obama, of course. Let us explain, in case this is not clear.

Treating the 25 years of the Reagan-Bush-Clinton ascendancy as the Thesis (Clinton has all along ‘worked for’ Bush Sr., but carries the opposite (dialectical) political label), we are now presented with the purported Antithesis under President Barack Obama.

Although the Elite Power Continuum remains in place, the team members have been switched.

The socialist-internationalist British Prime Minister Gordon Brown pronounced on 14th December that Al-Qaeda was planning 20 separate terrorist attacks on civilian targets in the United Kingdom. However being also a blackmailable intelligence officer, Mr Brown knows perfectly well, or should know, that Al-Qaeda has been financed inter alia via the Morgan Stanley-based Terrorism Financing Center (our name for the abominable suite within that corrupt financial enterprise in Midtown New York City). It therefore follows that Brown may be a duplicitous deceiver who knows the truth but hasn’t got the guts to expose it, because he is being blackmailed, or is just plain ignorant due to compartmentalisation or because his handlers have been instructed to leave him in ignorance – which might be the sort of behaviour to be expected from the current Germanophile head of MI6.

As a result of the London ‘safety lock box’ raids conducted by 300 armed Metropolitan Police officers on 2nd June 2008, details of certain secret offshore bank accounts with Henry Ansbacher, British Virgin Islands, a preferred DVD money-laundering and bribery payment recipient bank, were discovered. This fact places a questionmark over the futures of certain key UK figures.

Another possible explanation for Brown’s remarks would be that they represented a feeble attempt to discredit our report: evidently, Mr Story’s exposure of the Morgan Stanley Terrorism Financing Center ‘cannot be true, because why would Morgan Stanley be interested in mounting 20 attacks against America’s supposedly closest ally’?

Anyone who thinks like this hasn’t begun to grasp:

(a) That the so-called ‘Special Relationship’ has been degraded and corroded by the wayward and relentlessly evil operations of the DVD segment of the US Intelligence Power; and:

(b) That the deviousness of the evil DOUBLE-MINDEDNESS of these people is infinite: they have NO WAY of combating the truth other than with more lies. IF YOU HAVEN’T UNDERSTOOD THE DOUBLE-MINDEDNESS DIMENSION BY NOW, YOU’LL NEVER UNDERSTAND ANYTHING.

Anyway, our revelation of the existence of the Morgan Stanley Terrorism Financing Center also represented yet another HORRIBLE BOMB EXPLOSION in the faces of the recalcitrant criminalist revolutionary perpetrators, since, by definition, it signalled not only that Al-Qaeda would have to be wound up, but, even more to the point in our context, that:

The United States’ reprobate and wholly inexcusable covert ‘Black Ops’ financing of terrorism worldwide through Morgan Stanley and possibly other criminalist US institutions, will have to be wound up, as well. This follows because now that this report has of course remained unchallenged, the US Government has come under pressure, and will remain under intensified pressure, from governments, other observers and this service, to close down these revolutionary abominations, and to make haste in doing so. The ‘discontinuity’ afforded by the arrival of a properly elected and validated (by the US Electoral College) new Administration (albeit the controlled Antithesis to the preceding Thesis), especially a man of Mr Obama’s ethnic background, provides the deliberately prearranged DIALECTICAL opportunity to achieve this desirable outcome.

We can leave our disgust and justifiable fury at the hideous behaviour of the revolutionary US Government and its ruthless Intelligence Power as a promoter and projecter of terrorism, to later.

Recalling that the Intelligence Power controls the US Government, not the other way round, it can be seen that the Bush-directed neocon (Trotskyite/DVD) intelligence community's ‘Faction A’ which has been surreptitiously promoting the World Revolution and causing mayhem around the world, is being superseded by an ‘opposing’ faction, which will now set about dismantling the worst features of the run-away revolutionary madness sponsored by Faction A.

The genies that the outgoing team’s evil people have let out of the bottle include the DELIBERATE ongoing CIA-originated radicalisation and mindless indoctrination of Pakistani youth, so that a huge swathe of that country, like Afghanistan, is in the hands of armed gangs, as is the case for the same underlying reason in large areas of Africa.

Given that the routinely treacherous British Foreign Office has a team in Rawalpindi which recruits Pakistani immigrants to the United Kingdom (each agent is said to be required to fulfil his quota of 15 Pakistani immigrants per working day, on a bonus basis), it is self-evident that elements of the British Government structures, by importing Pakistanis into Britain en masse, are actively engaged in working with the (DVD) enemy to destabilise the United Kingdom which they are supposed to be serving. This is among many such grotesque revolutionary aberrations that have come to light through recent forensic research by analysts whose brains have not yet been ‘washed’.

Such operations were originally masterminded by the Bush-linked DVD-servicing component of the corrupted US Intelligence Power, but have now all reached the ‘maximum chaos’ level and are in growing jeopardy, as we understand that, following our exposures (specifically), the Dachau-based DVD, related to Bush Sr.’s hellish activities, is now bitterly divided.

More and more of the DVD's filthy operations are being exposed, including the transfer of little girls along with drugs and nuclear components by submarine, for unloading at a northern German port (where little girls have been photographed by clandestine operatives, being disgorged from one of the submarines in question).

We now report a further dimension of DVD’s operations, which hopefully will accentuate additional splits in the ranks of German intelligence. The Brussels-located component of this shadowy ‘Black’ Nazi strategic deception continuum agency, labelled DG1-X, is hereby exposed. DG1-X specialises solely in compromising European Commissioners, which it divides into the following categories:

European Commissioners susceptible to paedophile compromise for blackmail purposes; Subsidiary question: Do they prefer little boys or little girls? Refer back to our exposé of the President of the European Commission, José Manuel Barroso, in the DVD exposure report published in October 2008.

European Commissioners susceptible to the standard honey-trap operation for blackmail purposes (provision of women).

European Commissioners susceptible to the standard bribery/financial compromise operation for blackmail purposes (money-trap operations).

As we all know, other agencies ‘do this stuff’, as you will have read elsewhere recently on this website; and not all of them are ‘Black’. But the significance of this DVD unit is that it operates in Brussels specifically to target European Commissioners, who of course are away from home when they are stuck in the distinctly gloomy Belgian capital.

The reason for the existence of DG1-X in Brussels is that the modelling of the European Union as a COLLECTIVE, in order to obscure the underlying intention for it to be controlled by Germany and to represent, ultimately, ‘Greater Germany’, as per the blueprint originally specified in ‘Europäische Wirtschaftsgemeinschaft’ [1942, Berlin], necessitated the incorporation of an add-on mechanism for ensuring that European Commissioners could always be relied upon to do Germany’s bidding. DG1-X probably targets other EU personnel as well as Commissioners.

FACT: When the Editor recited this information of late on the transatlantic telephone line, the connection was immediately severed. This always indicates that what is being said is accurate (routinely showing what fools the eavesdroppers are).

The next nuclear explosion to disfigure the faces of the Workers of Darkness was the subsidiary Octopus Master Ponzi Scheme run by Bernard L. Madoff, who was arrested at about 8.30 am in his Manhattan apartment on 64th Street on 11th December 2008. In an extensive report dated the 20th December and entitled ‘Madoff Scheme Kept Rippling Outward, Crossing Borders’, The New York Times ploughed methodically through the office press cuttings file, characterising Madoff’s self-confessed giga-scam as ‘the first Global Ponzi Scheme in history’ – which is of course NOT TRUE, since George H. W. Bush Sr.’s Octopus operations represent a whole universe of exported Ponzi schemes. But the article, which covered more than two huge full pages in the newspaper, and was only concerned with the money ‘IN’ (see above), did an excellent job assembling details of Madoff’s domestic and international connections, which were almost 100% Jewish.

As we have seen, Bernard L Madoff was recruited by George W. Bush Sr. to run ‘his’ money. After the $14 trillion was placed into ‘lockdown’ during the week ending on 17th September 2008 (see above), Madoff’s firm started to encounter massive redemption demands.

Bearing in mind that the funds, once transferred abroad, for instance to London, could then be leveraged 40:1, the pressure faced by Madoff related not just to originally invested funds, but impinged upon much larger sums of money which could not be accessed because they had been routinely transferred out to offshore tax havens and to Israel and then onwards inter alia to the Southern Cone of Latin America – Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil – where many of the key dogs and rats are now congregating, to satisfy Bush Sr., who demanded his payoff and pound of flesh at the Jews’ expense. The Madoff takedown, in short, represented another George Bush Sr. operation to claw back the immense sums he lost at an earlier stage of the crisis for which he is responsible, inter alia via naked shorts, as reported by this service.

It can be seen, too, that the destruction of Madoff was a George Bush Sr. ‘BCCI/ENRON takedown-type’ operation designed effectively to take down Israel itself – Mr Bush Sr.’s revenge against Alan Greenspan, his former technician, with whom, as our exposures gathered momentum, he had fallen out (new information). As noted, every cited victim of the Madoff implosion is Jewish.

The United States Court proceedings deal, and are likely to continue addressing, just the money originally invested (the money ‘IN’) – not the money leveraged off the base funds, which amounts to trillions and which would appear, according to our own special sources (not secondary Internet sources) to have been channeled extensively THROUGH Israel, as has been stated, en route to South America, for the benefit of the Bushrats congregating there.

In other words, the Bushrats are not only fighting each other and their double-crossed Jewish associates inside the sack, but have essentially burned the sack (their boats) as well. The colossal transfers to Israel for onward transmission to the Southern Cone, were monitored in real time.

Madoff’s operations could not have been possible without, and were assisted by, insider traders associated with the Octopus operations linked to the Bush-Clinton Crime nexus. The New York Times’ article showed clearly how the scam operated, with a key mechanism being Mr Madoff’s success in hitching other, subsidiary Ponzi Scheme investment scamming operations – such as Ascot Partners (led by J Ezra Merkin), Fairfield Greenwich Group (headed by Walter M. Noel and Jeffrey Tucker, who has said that the firm worked with Madoff for 20 years), Tremont Group, and Maxam Capital Management, which enjoyed steady annual profits averaging 8%-12% and which directed a constant stream of new investors into Madoff’s clutches.

Since we now know that Madoff ‘worked for’ Bush Sr. in his later years, the leveraged proceeds from the inflowing funds that were multiplied and consistently maximised, were in the main kept abroad, while the entities and individuals listed below were paid from new incoming funds placed by new investors or by existing investors who increased their investments, with the actual Ponzi scheme related essentially to the principal monies invested, only. So gargantuan was the greed associated with this operation, that the externally generated funds were retained offshore (they could hardly be repatriated without attracting attention and without courting mandatory IRS tax evasion investigations), while the 'IN' money was repaid, or returns on it were paid, from new 'IN' money. The 'OUT' money was effectively an entirely separate operation.

Of course the 'returns' paid to investors did not reflect actual investment outturns, but rather rigged numbers falsified to enable the 'managers' to deliver the Ponzi-style returns expected.

In other words, there were two parallel master operations: the use of the base funds for external (40:1) leveraging, hypothecation, high-yield investment programmes and the like, with the created proceeds stashed offshore, as usual, untaxed and off-balance sheet; and the Ponzi scheme and its subsidiary Ponzi Schemes revealed in the existing Court documents, whereby earlier investors were repaid and interest was paid with funds provided by later investors. The hidden operation, concerning which Mr Madoff was reported by his elder son to be ‘cryptic’, was the Bush-related sink-hole. The Court documents imply that Madoff ‘kept several sets of books’.

We speculate that Madoff succumbed to recruitment by George Bush Sr. because he calculated that the massive hypothecated fiat money accruals generated by participating in the Bush-related off-balance sheet transnational fraudulent finance operations could be tapped so as to perpetuate his ‘on-the-books’ Ponzi Scheme activities, which he had been running long before George Bush Sr. operatives recruited him. However when Bush Sr. suddenly (we are informed) made demands consistent with a Bush ‘BCCI/ENRON takedown’ decision to ransack Madoff’s operations, to rake out all the money, to destroy his Jewish participants and inflict massive harm on the State of Israel, this means of supporting the increasingly vulnerable Ponzi Scheme ceased to be available.

Separately, we have repeatedly pointed out in these reports that all get-rich-quick ‘humanitarian’ and ‘prosperity’ programs which may have enticed participants to ignore the Prudent Man Rule with promises of mouth-watering returns, represented traps for the unwary. The original Charles Ponzi story has been posted several times with these reports, and is reposted below (3).

Before considering some of the Court documents associated with the Madoff 'takedown' operation, the matter must be placed firmly in the much broader context of the Bush-Clinton-CIA/DVD Criminal Cadres' ruthless ransacking operations to steal as much of other people's coveted possessions and wealth by reprobate means as possible, in order to sustain the criminalist community's status as arbiters of both the future of humanity and of the mad World Revolution to reorder human affairs in accordance with their own sick preferences. And when we examine the clues left by the Madoff implosion operation, it becomes perfectly clear that this is an integral component of the offensive against humanity directed by the most ruthless network of gangsters to have been sicked up by the human race. The clues are quite specific, too.

According to our Palm Beach correspondent, desperate Jewish householders have been trying to sell their Christmas/holiday presents to raise cash, as their liquidity has been reduced effectively to zero. Others have been despeartely engaged in short-selling of their homes, only to find that the bankers they deal with, don't want to know. Many people in Palm Beach, our informant says, have been literally 'wiped out'. And the perpetrators of this 'takedown' have STOLEN both the money 'IN' and as indicated above, the much more prolific money 'OUT', in accordance with THE STANDARD PATTERN employed by the giga-crooks since at least the 'classic' CIA takedown of BCCI.

Other instances of the application of this technique, involving the hollowing-out of the target, to be followed by the deliberate, preplanned triggering of its collapse after all the 'free money' has been raked out, can indeed be seen to include ENRON, Iceland, even Ireland (if you look closely at the structure of that country's balance-of-payments), and now the Madoff enterprises.

Looking at 'Madoff' in this broader perspective, we can see with ease that Bernard L. Madoff is just the shill: there is always a shill. He 'had it good' for years: now it's his turn to take the full rap. If he winds up in jail for the rest of his life, what is that to the big criminals behind the curtain? If several people get killed, as happened with the takedown of Enron, what is that to the giga-crooks? If the people of Iceland starve and shiver in the cold, who cares, given that the country's entire financial system has long since been ransacked and hollowed out?

In addition, the Madoff Ponzi system 'implosion', which was directly linked to the consequences of the London 'Safety Lock Box' raids on 2nd June 2008 and the placement of the $14.0 trillion into what we have described as 'lockdown' on 12th September 2008, as sources of replacement funds effectively dried up from mid-September onwards (the London-based stolen and illicit collateral having been neutralised), serves the following purposes in the interests of the giga-crooks:

A diversionary purpose: Everyone is looking directly at the Madoff case, becoming entangled and confused by the spaghetti junction of confusing sub-cases, litigation, Court documents, SEC, FINRA and SIPC investigations: which is JUST WHAT THE GIGA-U.S. CROOKS WANT. After all, they have got away with the BIG MONEY, they have hollowed out the Master Ponzi Scheme and all its subsidiary Ponzi operations, and they urgently need the benefit of the cover so helpfully now provided by the MADOFF SMOKESCREEN, for two reasons:

(1) To ensure that no-one looks BEYOND the Court documents to grasp what has happened.

(2) To ensure that no-one looks into the criminal finance operations these people have been up to inside Citibank. In this connection, we interrupt this sequence with a reference to some comments attributed to Sir Win Bischoff, the Chairman of Citigroup, during a New Year's Day broadcast on the BBC's domestic Radio 4 Today Programme.

Asked the usual knee-jerk BBC question: 'Who is really to blame for the crisis?' (this question is asked repeatedly because none of these journalists can get it into their heads that this is 100% about ORGANISED FINANCIAL FRAUD AND NOTHING ELSE), Sir Win responded as follows:

'My view is that they [bankers] are partly to blame. There are people who feel remorse about this: there's no doubt about it. Do they all? I don't know.... It is very important for banks not to deny that they carry some of the can, whether that's 50 cents on the dollar, that is their responsibility, or 60 or 40'. Now remember that Sir Win is CHAIRMAN OF THIS HUGE BANK. WHAT DOES THIS IMPLY?

A possible insider control purpose: When we examine the Court papers (the earliest filed Court documents were assembled from the US Court by the Editor), we discover that CONTROL OF THE EXPOSURES MAY BE CONTAINED 'within the system'. There are several clues to this possibility:

(A) Court Document #2 [Securities and Exchange Commission COMPLAINT vs: Bernard L. Madoff and Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC, Defendants: Reference: 08 Civ. 10791 (LLS): Appointment of Receiver, Lee Richards, of Richards Kibbe & Orbe LLP 'over all the assets and accounts of defendant Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC ("BMIS") outside of the United States, to take control forthwith over BMIS's dealings and transactions with any non-United States entity or counterparty, with full access to BMIS's books and records necessary or useful to him in the exercise of his powers over BMIS's foreign business or transactions' signed by United States District Judge Louis L. Stanton at 6.42pm on 12th December 2008: plus:

Court Document #3: Securities and Exchange Commission ORDER vs: Bernard L. Madoff and Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC, Defendants: Reference: 08 Civ. 10791 (LLS) ECF Case: Order to show cause, Temporary Restraining Order and Order Freezing Assets and Granting Other Relief; Order consented to by defendants and therefore signed off by United States District Judge Louis L. Stanton at 4:51pm on 13th December 2008.

Court Document #2 appoints LEE RICHARDS, of Richards Knibbe & Orbe LLP, as 'receiver over all the assets and accounts of the defendant Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC ("BMIS") outside of the United States', while Court Document #3 appoints LEE RICHARDS, of Richards Knibbe & Orbe LLP 'as receiver for the Defendants' assets, including, without limitation, Madoff Securities International Ltd. ("Madoff International") and Madoff Ltd.': the Defendants being Bernard L. Madoff and Bernard L. Madoff Securities LLC.

LEE S. RICHARDS III is a founding partner of Richards Knibbe & Orbe LLP. His stated specialities, according to the firm's website, are 'white collar criminal defense, securities enforcement defense, regulatory proceedings, internal investigations and complex litigations'.

'He has extensive trial experience and he regularly represents investment banks, hedge funds, public companies, investment advisers, corporate officers and directors, and other professionals in investigations and proceedings by the DOJ, SEC, FINRA, and other governmental entities and SROs. He also represents companies and senior executives in commercial litigations, class action and derivative cases, and arbitrations relating to a variety of disputes'.

Under the lead-in 'Some notable representations include', Mr Richards' website lists the following:

'Representation of several major New York investment banks in a variety of DOJ, SEC and FINRA investigations...

... including the representation of one of the major investment banks which advised ENRON'.

From this information it can be stated without fear of contradiction that Mr Lee Richards III is very knowledgeable in respect of how Enron- and Madoff-type Ponzi operations are structured.

(b) Under the Securities Investor Protection Act of 1970 (SIPA, 15 U.S.C. Sec 78aaa et seq.), the SEC and also the Securities Investor Protection Corporation requested (Civ. 08-10791) the US Court on 15th December 2008 to name Irving H. Picard [SEE BELOW] as Trustee, with the firm of Baker and Hostetler LLP appointed Counsel for the Trustee. This development will be referenced in greater detail when we examine the Court documents below, where we point out that:

Baker and Hostetler LLP has been established for 90 years with offices in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Cosa Mesa, Denver, HOUSTON, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, Washington DC, Brazil and Mexico. Having been ordered to be appointed Trustee under SIPA via the SEC and Securities Investor Protection Corporation, Irving J. Picard proceeded to JOIN the New York office of Baker & Hostetler LLP, per the firm’s Press Release, dated 22nd December 2008, headed: ‘Court-Appointed Trustee In Madoff Fraud Investigation Joins Baker Hostetler in New York’.

WE REPEAT: Irving J. Picard was appointed Trustee, BAKER and Hostetler LLP were appointed Counsel to the Trustee: whereupon Irving J. Picard joins the firm of Counsel. IMAGINE!

On 3rd January 2009, The Times, London, reported that Martin Rosenman, President of Stuyvesant Fuel Service, a private New York-based fuel company, is suing Irving J. Picard, for the return of $10 million. The context of this suit revolves around that fact that Mr Picard's first action was to obtain the Bankruptcy Court's authority to transfer $28.1 million from the $200-$300 million said to be left in Madoff's bank account(s), to cover the costs of the liquidation. But Mr Rosenman argued on 2nd January that Mr Picard had no right to these funds, pointing out that he (Mr Rosenman) transferred $10 million to Madoff just six days ahead of Mr Madoff's arrest.

Specifically, Mr Rosenman argued that he spoke to Bernard L. Madoff on 3rd December 2008 about investing, and on 5th December he received details of an account into which the cash should be transferred. On 9th December, Martin Rosenman was informed by BMIS that Bernard L. Madoff had sold short $10 million in US Treasury bills on his behalf. Claiming that he had not authorised such a transfer, Mr Rosenman stated that he could find no record of any such transaction.

The lawsuit claims: 'BMIS never transacted a trade of US Treasury bills on Rosenman's behalf'. Mr Howard Kleinhendler, a partner in the firm of Wachtel & Masyr, representing Mr Rosenman, said that he suspected that at the time that Mr Rosenman invested his funds, Madoff knew that he was close to being exposed and caught, and was collecting cash in order to make a final distribution among family and friends. in addition to revealing Mr Picard's action, this is just an example of the incredible legal tangle that is now building.

(3) An examination by the Editor of the time-sequence of events which led to Bernard L. Madoff's arrest reveals an extremely tight timeframe within which the 'Madoff takedown operation' was accomplished, suggesting at the very least that Attorneys, typists and other personnel would have to have worked all night on the necessary documentation.

Now knowledgeable US sources inform the Editor that this is not unusual. Nevertheless, the whole process looks TOO PAT TO HAVE BEEN SPONTANEOUS. Consider the following sequence, extracted from the Securities Fraud Count document submitted to the Court on 11th December by the FBI Special Agent, Thodore Cacioppi:

First week of December 2008: Bernard L. Madoff informed 'Senior Employee No. 2' (one of his sons) that there had been requests from clients for approximately $7 billion in redemptions.

About 9th December 2007: Madoff informed 'Senior Employee No.1' (one of his sons) that he wanted to pay bonuses to employees in December, rather than February (as was usual).

On 10th December 2008, the 'Senior Employees' 'visited Madoff at the offices of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC to discuss the situation further... At that time, Madoff informed the Senior Employees that he had recently made profits through business operations, and that now was a good time to distribute...'.

'When the Senior Employees challenged his explanation, Mr Madoff said that he did not want to talk to them at the office, and arranged a meeting at Mr Madoff's apartment in Manhattan. According to Senior Employee No. 2, Madoff stated in substance, that '"he wasn't sure he would be able to hold it together" if they continued to discuss' the matter at the office'.

'Confession' of Madoff to his two sons on 10th December: 'His investment advisory business was a fraud... he was "finished"... it was "basically a giant Ponzi scheme"... the business was insolvent, and [that] it had been for years... the losses from this fraud [were] at least $50 billion'

On 11th December, the FBI Special Agent with another FBI agent entered Madoff's Manhattan apartment after presenting themselves, and at Madoff's invitation. 'He acknowledged knowing why we were there. After I [the FBI Special Agent] stated "we're here to find out if there's an innocent explanation", Madoff stated, "There is no innocent explanation"'.

The FBI Special Agent's Charge document was dated the same day, 11th December 2008, and was signed off by The Hon. Douglas F. Eaton, United States Magistrate Judge for the Southern District of New York. Now the Editor is prepared to acknowledge that the US 'system' is capable of great efficiency: but given the complexity of the documents that the Editor was able to obtain direct from the Court during his pre-Christmas visit to New York, and even conceding that the documents may in some instances have been elaborated from boiler-plate templates, the whole process seems to the Editor of this service to have been MUCH TOO PAT AND COMPACT TO BE REASSURING.

That, in turn, supports the analysis that the 'Madoff takedown' falls into the BCCI, Enron, Iceland imposion category, the model procedure being that when the time comes for all the accessible cash to be raked out, the carcase of the target is DELIBERATELY COLLAPSED, to facilitate this.

Depending on the circumstances, this may have to be done in a frightful hurry.

In this connection, we can aslo observe that Madoff told his sons that he had just $200-$300 million of cash left. THE REST OF THE FUNDS HAD BEEN MISAPPROPRIATED AND STOLEN. Hence he left the 'collapsing operation' until the remaining several hundred million was 'available' for the illegal distribution that he was contemplating: a step too far for his sons, who, if they had agreed to such a distribution, would have laid themselves open to immediate arrest, along with their father. Whether they will be arrested later, remains to be seen, and depends on how much they knew.

Finally, the relevance of the foregoing open information concerning the SEC-appointed Trustee and the SIPC-appointed Trustee who immediately joins the firm of Counsel, should be reviewed.

In summary, Madoff 'changes the subject': No-one is supposed to be looking inside Citibank, no-one is supposed to be going on about the Settlements, no-one is supposed to be talking about the stolen/diverted $14.0 trillion of LOAN MONEY THAT BELONGS TO THE QUEEN, TO PRINCE AL-AWEED AND THE CHINESE PARTIES, no-one is supposed to care a hoot about the plight of the 320,000 long-suffering pillaged 'package' victims, and no-one is supposed to be in charge of his or her brains any longer, because 'IT ALL DEPENDS ON THE OUTCOME OF MADOFF'.

A lovely, open-ended laywer-enriching spaghetti junction of intertwined litigation operating at cross-purposes with no conceivable resolution because the innumerable decisions will all come to rely on each other, or will be impeded by the innumerable ongoing investigations which will take years to resolve, if any can ever be resolved. The perfect contrived cover for the giga-crooks.



You are perfectly entitled to ask yet again, but with much greater determination than ever:


Law enforcement, Gold Badges and others need to get off their butts, instead of feathering their own nests like the rest of these people, and MI6/Interpol need to redouble their own operations in order to ensure that the requirements of the owners of the LOAN funds are fulfilled. Further failure to deliver, will CERTAINLY condemn the world to an absolutely horrendous future: IN 2009.

Our forecasts have been accurate to date: SO START PAYING PROPER ATTENTION and earn some respect, instead of displaying your individual and collective feebleness and impotence.

It is INSUFFERABLE for you people to be allowing these criminal operatives to get away with their crimes, if this is what is happening, and to obfuscate the audit trails with the connivance of deeply-placed Accessories to the Fact of this massive operation to hijack the whole world.

Nor can it be tolerated that the criminalist cadres may indeed be relying upon the potential for the Madoff events to OBFUSCATE matters to their advantage, and to impede the Settlements and the grossly overdue implementation of the G-7-Approved on-the-books Capital Markets revenue-producing and tax-generating SOLUTION TO THE WHOLE WORLD'S FINANCIAL PROBLEMS which the US-based Washington area operatives have deliberately, obtusely, and malevolently SABOTAGED.

So get off your butts and belatedly start DOING YOUR JOB.

Or, as we asked earlier, are you ALL co-conspirators? THAT'S THE IMPRESSION YOU GIVE.


Addressing exclusively the money ‘IN’ dimension, the Editor has obtained the complete file (Case Numbers: 08 MAG 2735, AND 08 Civ. 10791), as of 21st December, held at the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York on the Madoff case (4), which represents the biggest explosion since our exposure of the Morgan Stanley Terrorism Financing Center, from which we report as follows, bearing in mind the context outlined above:

Madoff’s ‘agreed bail package’ specified on the Appearance Bond dated 11th December 2008 bound Madoff to pay the United States $10.0 million (personal recognizance bond) secured by the Defendant’s Manhattan Apartment (valued at approximately $7.0 million) and to be co-signed by four financially responsible persons including his wife; and limited his travel to the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York and Connecticut, requiring him to surrender his travel documents. The Appearance Bond was signed by Bernard L. Madoff and by his wife, Ruth Madoff, and Peter Madoff, as surety.

On 17th December 2008 a Court Agreement to Forfeit Property was signed by Bernard Madoff and Ruth Madoff. The property forfeited pending the outcome of the case consists of the Manhattan apartment on 64th Street,, Madoff’s Palm Beach residence, and his third US residence in Montauk, on the northeast fork of Long Island.

The Complaint filed on 11th December 2008 by FBI Special Agent Theodore Cacioppi, in which Bernard L. Madoff is accused of violation of 15 U.S.C. sections 78j(b), 78ff; 17 C.F.R. section 240, 10b-5, contains inter alia the following:

COUNT ONE [Securities fraud]
1. … Bernard L. MADOFF, the defendant, unlawfully, willfully and knowingly, by the use of the means and instrumentalities of interstate commerce and of the mails, directly and indirectly, in connection with the purchase and sale of securities, would and did use and employ [sundry] manipulative and deceptive devices and contrivances in violation of Title 17, Code of Federal Regulations, Section 240.10b-5, by:

(a) employing devices, schemes, and artifices to defraud;

(b) making [many] untrue statements of material facts and omitting to state material facts necessary in order to make the statements made, in the light of the circumstances under which they were made, not misleading, and:

(c) engaging in acts, practices, and courses of business which operated and would operate as a fraud and deceit upon persons, to wit, MADOFF deceived investors by operating a securities business in which he traded and lost investor money, and then paid certain investors purported returns on investment with the principal received from other, different investors, which resulted in losses of approximately billions of dollars. (…)

3. I have reviewed the publicly available website of a securities broker dealer named Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC, from which I have learned the following:

(a) BERNARD L. MADOFF, defendant, is founder of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC;

(b) Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC is a securities broker dealer with its principal office in New York, New York;

(c) Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC “is a leading international market maker. The firm has been providing quality executions for broker-dealers, banks and financial institutions since its inception in 1960”;

(d) “[w]ith more than $700 million in firm capital, Madoff currently ranks among the top 1% of US Securities firms;

(e) BERNARD L. MADOFF, the defendant, is a former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the NASDAQ stock market; and:

(f) “Clients know that Bernard Madoff has a personal interest in maintaining an unblemished record of value, fair-dealing, and high ethical standards that has always been the firm’s hallmark”.

4. I have interviewed two senior employees of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC (“Senior Employee No. 1”, and “Senior Employee No. 2”, collectively the “Senior Employees”).

The Senior Employees informed me, in substance, of the following:

(a). The Senior Employees are employed by Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC, in a proprietary trading and market making capacity. According to the Senior Employees, BERNARD L. MADOFF, the defendant, conducts certain investment advisory business for clients that is separate from the firm’s proprietary trading and market making activities.

According to the Senior Employees, MADOFF ran his investment adviser business from a separate floor in the New York offices of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC. According to Senior Employee No. 1, MADOFF kept the financial statements for the firm under lock and key, and stated that MADOFF was “cryptic” about the firm’s investment advisory business.

(b). In or about the first week of December 2008, BERNARD L. MADOFF, the defendant, told Senior Employee No. 2 that there had been requests from [various] clients for approximately $7.0 billion in redemptions, that he was struggling to obtain the liquidity necessary to meet these obligations, but that he thought that he would be able to do so.

According to the Senior Employees, they had previously understood that the investment advisory business had assets under management on the order of between approximately $8 and $15 billion. According to a Form ADV filled by MADOFF on behalf of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC with the SEC on or about January 7, 2008, MADOFF’s investment advisory business served between 11 and 25 clients and had a total of about $17.1 billion in assets under management.

(c). On or about December 9, 2008, MADOFF informed Senior Employee No. 1 that he wanted to pay bonuses to employees of the firm in December, which was earlier than the employee bonuses are usually paid. According to the Senior Employees, bonuses traditionally have been paid in February of each year. On or about December 10, 2008, the Senior Employees visited MADOFF at the offices of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC so as to discuss the situation further, particularly because MADOFF had appeared to the Senior Employees to have been under great stress in the prior weeks. At that time, Mr MADOFF informed the Senior Employees that he had recently made profits through business operations, and that now was a good time to distribute them. When the Senior Employees challenged his explanation, MADOFF said he did not want to talk to them at the office, and arranged a meeting at MADOFF’s apartment in Manhattan.

According to Senior Employee No. 2, MADOFF stated, in substance, that he “wasn’t sure he would be able to hold it together” if they continued to discuss the issue at the office.

(d). At MADOFF’s Manhattan apartment, MADOFF informed the Senior Employees, in substance, that his investment advisory business was a fraud. MADOFF stated that he was “finished”, that he [now] had “absolutely nothing”, that “it’s all just one big lie”, and that it was “basically a Ponzi scheme”. The Senior Employees understood MADOFF to be saying, in substance, that he had for years been paying returns to certain investors out of the principal received from other, different investors. MADOFF stated that the business was insolvent, and that it had been for years. Mr MADOFF also stated that he estimated the losses from this fraud to be at least approximately $50 billion. One of the Senior Employees has a personal account at Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC in which several million had been invested under the management of MADOFF.

(e). At MADOFF’s Manhattan apartment, MADOFF further informed the Senior Employees that, in approximately one week, he planned to surrender to authorities, but before he did that, he had approximately $200-$300 million left, and he planned to use that money to make payments to certain selected employees, family, and friends. (…)

5. On December 11, 2008, I spoke to BERNARD L. MADOFF, the defendant. After identifying myself, MADOFF invited me, and the FBI agent who accompanied me, into his apartment. He acknowledged knowing why we were there.

After I stated, “we’re here to find out if there’s an innocent explanation”, MADOFF stated, “There is no innocent explanation”. MADOFF stated, in substance, that he had personally traded and had lost money for institutional clients, and that it was all his fault. MADOFF further stated, in substance, that he “paid investors with money that wasn’t there”.

MADOFF stated that he was “broke” and “insolvent” and that he had decided that “it could not go on”, and that he expected to go to jail. MADOFF also stated that he had recently admitted what he had done to Senior Employees Nos. 1, 2 and 3.

WHEREFORE, deponent prays that BERNARD L. MADOFF, the defendant, be imprisoned, or bailed, as the case may be.

Special Agent
Federal Bureau of Investigation

Sworn to before me this 11th day of December, 2008

[Signed] Honorable Douglas F. Eaton, United States Magistrate Judge,
Southern District of New York.

The Securities and Exchange Commission’s Complaint, filed with the Court on 11th December 2008 (08 Civ. 10791) informed the Court in summary that:

1. The Commission brings this emergency action to halt ongoing fraudulent offerings of securities and investment advisory fraud by Bernard L. Madoff (“Madoff”) and Bernard L. Madoff Investment securities LLC (“BMIS”), a broker dealer and investment adviser registered with the Commission. From an indeterminate period through the present, Madoff and BMIS has committed fraud through the investment adviser activities of BMIS. Yesterday, Madoff admitted to one or more employees of BMIS that for many years he has been conducting a Ponzi-scheme through the investment adviser activities of BMIS and that BMIS has liabilities of approximately $50 billion.

Mr Madoff told these employees that he intends to distribute any remaining funds at BMIS to the employees and certain investors in the investment advisor business, such as family and friends. Such a distribution will be unfair and inequitable to other investors and creditors of BMIS.

2. Expedited relief is needed to halt the fraud and prevent the Defendants from unfairly distributing the remaining assets in an unfair and inequitable manner to employees, friends and relatives, at the expense of other customers.

3. To halt the ongoing fraud, maintain the status quo and preserve any assets for injured investors, the Commission seeks emergency relief, including temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions, and an order:

(i) imposing asset freezes against the Defendants;

(ii) appointing a receiver over BMIS;

(iii) allowing expedited discovery and preventing the destruction of documents; and:

(iv) requiring the Defendants to provide verified accountings.

The Commission also seeks permanent injunctions, disgorgement of ill-gotten gains, plus prejudgment interest and civil monetary penalties against all of the Defendants.

On 12th December 2008, the SEC asked the Court to issue ‘a temporary restraining Order and an Order freezing assets and granting other relief’ (08 Civ. 10791 (LLS) ECF Case: to which, in a Note, the SEC stated that the Defendants had consented) directing that:

‘pending a final disposition of this action, Defendants, and each of their financial and brokerage institutions, agents, servants, employees, attorneys, and those persons in active concert or in participation with either of them who receive actual notice of such Order by means of personal service, facsimile service, telephonic notice, notice by e-mail, or otherwise, and each of them, hold and retain within their control, and otherwise prevent, any withdrawal, transfer, pledge, [offsetting or] encumbrance, assignment, dissipation, concealment or other disposal of any assets, funds, or other property (including money, real or personal property, securities, commodities, choses [sic] in action or other property of any kind whatsoever) of, held by, or under the direct or indirect control of, Defendants, whether held in the name of Madoff, BMIS, Madoff International or Madoff Ltd.., or for the direct or indirect beneficial interest of one or both of them, wherever situated, in whatever form such assets may presently exist and wherever located, and directing each of the financial or brokerage institutions, debtors and bailees, or any other person or entity holding such assets, funds or other property of the Defendants, to hold or retain within its control and prohibit the withdrawal, removal, transfer or other disposal of any such assets, funds or other properties, including, but not limited to:

(1) all assets, funds, or other properties held in the name of, held by, or under the control of one or both of the Defendants;

(2) all accounts in the name of Madoff or BMIS or on which Madoff is a signatory, including the accounts listed [herewith: the accounts were listed as Appendix A but are given here now]:

JP Morgan Chase Account No: 000000140081703
Account in the Name of: Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities

JP Morgan Chase Account No: 000000066709466
Account in the Name of: Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities

The Bank of New York Mellon Account No: 890-0402-393
Account in the Name of: Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities

The Bank of New York Mellon Account No: 030-0951050
Account in the Name of: Bernard L. Madoff

The Bank of New York Mellon Account No: 866-1126-621
Account in the Name of: Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC

NOTE: On 30th December, it emerged that Irving J. Picard, the SIPC-appointed Trustee, had reached 'an understanding' with Bank of New York Mellon to have certain funds released.

But the US Bankruptcy Judge, Burton Lifland, indicated that the Court papers outlining the said 'agreement' were 'very basic', according to Bloomberg, and asked Picard's lawyer, Richard Bernard, for more information on the accounts in question. Bernard told the Court that there are 'more funds and accounts', without being specific.

He added that Bank of New York Mellon was holding some funds back because it may have "set-off rights" on certain claims, adding that he was limited in what he could say in open Court because of the ongoing criminal investigations. Clause III of the Order requested of the Court by the SEC and SIPC against BMIS filed on 15th December 2008 and signed by US District Judge Louis L. Stanton at 4:08pm on that date, reads:

'ORDERED that all persons and entities are notified that, subject to the other provisions of 11 U.S.C. section 362, the automatic stay provisions of 11 U.S.C. section 362(a) operate as a stay of:

... G. The set-off of any debt owing to the Defendant that arose before the commencement of this proceeding against any claim against the Defendant'.

Clause VIII elaborates: 'ORDERED that the stays set forth above shall not apply to:

G. Any set-off or liquidating transaction undertaken pursuant to the rules or bylaws of any securities clearing agency registered under section 17A(b) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, 15 U.S.C. section 78q-1(b), or by any person acting under instructions from and on behalf of such a securities clearing agency...'.

To illustrate again that the SEC has finally been galvanised in this case to be seen to be casting its net over EVERY PARTY involved with Mr Madoff, Paragraph III of the SEC's Order to Show Cause, Temporary Restraining Order, and Order Freezing Assets and Granting Other Relief [dated 12th December 2008] stated [page 8 of the Court document]:

'IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that Defendants show cause… why this Court should not also enter an Order enjoining them, and any person or entity acting at their direction or on their behalf, from destroying, altering, concealing or otherwise interfering with, the access of the [SEC] Plaintiff Commission to any and all documents, books and records, that are in the possession, custody or control of Defendants, and each of their partners, agents, employees, servants, accountants, financial or brokerage institutions, attorneys-in-fact, subsidiaries, affiliates, predecessors and successors and related entities that refer, reflect or relate to the allegations in the Complaint, including, without limitation, documents, books, and records referring, reflecting or relating to defendants’ finances or business operations, or the offer or sale of securities by Defendants and the use of proceeds therefrom'. ENDS.

The relevant Court-filed documents clearly and specifically identify all the possible categories of collaborators and participants, and all Madoff-related property wherever located, prohibiting the tampering with and destruction of documents and of course TEAR SHEETS, or any movement of funds, requiring the unravelling of all funds commingled between BMIS and Madoff’s personal account(s), so that anyone caught up in this maelstrom who disturbs the audit trail will fall within the Court’s sights for appropriate treatment.

Specifically, the Defendants were directed to ‘provide a verified accounting immediately’, against the background of the freezing of the assets of the Defendants, the appointment of Lee Richards, of Richards Kibbe & Orbe LLP as ‘Receiver for the Defendants’ assets including without limitation Madoff Securities International Ltd (“Madoff International”)’, the London platform from where the primary leveraging operations were run, ‘and Madoff Ltd’.

The SEC’s Order requesting the freezing of relevant accounts and other relief sought, as noted, prohibition of ‘the destruction, concealment, or alteration of documents by Defendants’. ‘It appears from the evidence presented that certain ill-gotten gains derived from the Defendants’ fraudulent conduct have been deposited into the accounts of BMIS and/or Mr Madoff’s personal accounts. Self-evidently, Madoff-linked accounts in London and on the Continent are clearly targeted by the language of the Court documents, but it remains to be seen whether this will result in transparency of whether, as may be expected, an opaque veil will be drawn over the international dimensions.

On 31st December 2008, it was reported that Pomerantz, a prominent law firm, was considering asking the US District Court for the Southern District of New York to publish the list that Madoff had been required to compile, detailing the precise whereabouts of the assets. This firm was reported to be seeking to sue hedge fund Ponzi operations that channelled money into the Madoff ‘money machine’. Bernard L. Madoff had been required by the US Court to draw up a detailed list of all his investments, assets, loans, lines of credit and accounts (should there be any beyond those already identified by the SEC in its documentation), and to furnish this information by close of business on New Year’s Eve (see below).

Bloomberg reported on 1st January 2009 that an SEC enforcement official, Andrew Calamari, had confirmed receipt of the list of assets required to have been delivered by Mr Madoff and BMIS by close of business on 31st December 2008, adding that the list will not be made public. The official said that the Court had not authorised the disclosure of the 'domestic' list: 'The 18th December Court Order does not authorize public release of materials related to the Securities and Exchange Commission's ongoing investigation'.

Commenting on this point, Professor John Coffee of Columbia Law School told Bloomberg that the SEC may intend the data to be kept secret because 'there is a danger that foreign regulators and foreign creditors may seek to seize that money if the names are made public'.

This was the first hint that, in addition to the US domestic legal 'spaghetti junction' of conflicting litigation, the international dimension will magnify this legal quagmire by an order of magnitude.

Under the relevant Court order signed by Louis L. Stanton, US District Judge, the list had to include all assets held by Madoff’s operations for his “direct or indirect benefit”.

Madoff’s foreign operations, such as the London-based Ponzi scamming machine offices located off Berkeley Square, Mayfair, central London, were given until 26th January to compile and hand over their own lists. Exclusion of any information from such lists will incur severe consequences.

By the end of 2008, four related cases by aggrieved investors had already been filed since the Madoff ‘confession’, arrest and bail arrangements were publicised. The SEC is expected to take steps to repatriate assets held outside the United States. All cases lodged into this maelstrom will become entangled in the already complex demands of the SEC/SIPC/FINRA investigations.

On 3rd January 2009, Fred Longer, a lawyer representing Group Defined Pension Plan & Trust, a Jersey City, NJ-based investor, filed a lawsuit in the Manhattan Federal Court against the hedge fund operator Tremont Group Holdings [see list below] over Madoff-related losses. Also named was Tremont's auditor, Ernst & Young LLP, with Longer claiming that the accounting firm missed warnings about the Ponzi scheme. This Complaint seeks class-action, or group, status.

It appears that losses disclosed by some clients, and in the public demain [see our list below] may have been inflated by purported gains shown in the clients' accounts with Madoff. Thus, whereas Yeshiva University, New York, had valued its foldings with Madoff at $110 million, it stated on 30th December that its net investment was of the order of $14.5 million, before inflation by 'fictitious profits'. So there may be large differences between 'money 'IN'', and totals 'lost'.

To add to the discomfort of the SEC and the entire Bush-corrupted Wall Street Establishment, it emerged before Christmas that Harry Markopolos, a derivatives expert who previously worked for Rampart Investment Management, a fund competing with the Madoff operations, had been warning the SEC for TEN YEARS prior to the Madoff exposures, that Bernard L. Madoff’s activities ‘stank to high heaven’. He spent ten years trying to induce the Securities and Exchange Commission to investigate Mr Madoff and all his works.

For instance, Markopolos had accused Madoff of using the names of UBS and Merrill Lynch to lend credibility to his Ponzi activities. This is a variant of our point that holders of ‘derived’ assets enjoy NO RECOURSE TO SOURCE OF FUNDS, with their ‘assets’ supported solely by the name(s) of the institution(s) marketing them (their values being, as a savvy Jewish friend of the Editor’s pointed out recently, ‘what somebody agrees to pay for them’).

The London Times reported on 19th December that:

‘According to the [Markopolos[ documents, which were written in November 2005, Mr Madoff is alleged to have told potential investors that all his options trading business was channelled through UBS and Merrill Lynch’.

‘However, Mr Markopolos asserted: “The counterparty credit exposures for UBS and Merrill would be too large for these firms’ credit departments to approve. The SEC should ask Bernard Madoff for trade tickets showing he has traded OTC [over the counter] options thru these two firms”‘.

‘It is understood that neither UBS nor Merrill Lynch has any material exposure to Mr Madoff’s businesses and also that neither had had a sufficiently substantial relationship with Mr Madoff to have conducted these types of trades. Such a discrepancy raises serious questions about the truthfulness of Mr Madoff’s sales pitch to new investors, such as hedge funds, and whether Mr Madoff sought to exploit the longstanding reputations of UBS and Merrill Lynch [sic] to legitimise his own operations’.

On 22nd December, The Times, London, elaborated:

‘Harry Markopolos, a derivatives expert who once worked for a rival fund, spent ten years urging the SEC to investigate Mr Madoff. In numerous reports, including a 19-page document written in November 2005 entitled ‘The World’s Largest Hedge Fund is a Fraud’, Mr Markopolos picked apart the investment strategy of Mr Madoff’.

‘Some claims by Mr Markopolos were anecdotal – “I have spoken to the heads of various Wall Street equity derivative trading desks and every single one of the senior managers I spoke with told me that Bernie Madoff was a fraud” – but sizeable chunks of his accusations involve detailed analysis of Mr Madoff’s investment strategy. He questions the way that Bernard Madoff charged for commissions and alleges that Mr Madoff used the names of leading investment banks such as UBS and Merrill Lynch to lend credibility to his schemes’.

‘He also claims that the overall investment strategy of Mr Madoff would have been impossible to carry out. Mr Madoff sought to lure investors with the promise of 12% returns by buying blue-chip stocks and insuring against the possibility that their value would fall by selling derivatives – a process known as hedging. Mr Markopolos argues, however, that for Mr Madoff to have fulfilled such a strategy, he would have regularly done more business than the entire New York market in those securities’.

Unsurprisingly, Harry Markopolos was to be a star witness to be questioned on 5th January 2009 by the Financial Services Committee of the House of Representatives, where the Democrat Chairman of the panel, Barney Frank, was faced with having to steer a careful course between seeking to extract the truth from terrified SEC officials, and the known involvement of severely compromised members of the Legislative Branch of the United States Government.

United States District Judge Louis L. Stanton signed the Defendants’ consent to the total Order (only partially reported here) at 4.51pm on 12th December 2008. Additionally, under the Securities Investor Protection Act of 1970 (SIPA, 15 U.S.C. Sec 78aaa et seq.), the SEC and also the Securities Investor Protection Corporation requested (Civ. 08-10791) the Court on the 15th December 2008 to agree that ‘customers of the Defendant, Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC, are in need of the protection afforded by the’ SIPA, and in particular than the Court should order:

‘that all persons and entities are stayed, enjoined and restrained from directly or indirectly removing, transferring, setting off, receiving, retaining, changing, selling, pledging, assigning or otherwise disposing of, withdrawing or interfering with any assets or property owned, controlled or in the possession of the Defendant, including but not limited to the books and the records of the Defendant, and customers’ securities and credit balances, except for the purpose of effecting possession and control of said property by the Trustee’ (who was named as Irving H. Picard), with the firm of Baker and Hostetler LLP appointed Counsel for the Trustee.

Baker and Hostetler LLP has been established for 90 years and has offices in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Cosa Mesa, Denver, HOUSTON, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, Washington DC, Brazil and Mexico. Having been ordered to be appointed Trustee under SIPA via the SEC and Securities Investor Protection Corporation, Irving J. Picard proceeded to JOIN the New York office of Baker & Hostetler LLP, per the firm’s Press Release, dated 22nd December 2008 headed: ‘Court-Appointed Trustee In Madoff Fraud Investigation Joins Baker Hostetler in New York’.

Thus no sooner had the court-appointed Trustee, Irving H, Picard, been approved, than he joined the firm appointed as Counsel for the Trustee – raising the obvious question in the minds of this and other observers as to whether we have just uncovered a posible prospective inside stitch-up, the intent of which might logically be to control the exposure of information which would link the Madoff Master-Ponzi scheme and its subsidiary Ponzi operations directly with the Bush Sr.-Clinton Fraudulent Finance Crime Carousel, as has already been signalled above. It is not stated here that this IS the case: what is stated here is solely that the question has arisen.

A Memorandum of Law supporting the application of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (all related documents labelled Civ. 08-10791), filed on 15th December, stated inter alia that:

‘A proceeding under SIPA is a liquidation proceeding. The Trustee has the same powers and title with respect to the broker-dealer and its property as a Trustee in bankruptcy, including the right to avoid preferences. SIPA does not attempt to make all customers whole [see above] and SIPC is not an insurer of customer accounts. SIPA establishes a plan of limited protection via the liquidation proceeding, in which SIPC’s role is carefully delineated'.

'It contemplates that customers’ claims will be satisfied to the maximum extent possible from the assets already on hand with the member… SIPA was not intended for the protection of brokers and dealers. However, after a liquidation proceeding is commenced to protect a member’s customers, SIPA authorizes the Trustee to close out certain contractual commitments between the members and another broker-dealer. This authority was designed to avoid the so-called “domino effect”, namely, the chance that the demise of a member might precipitate the failure of one or more other broker-dealers’.

‘Under SIPA Sec 78eee(b)(1), the Court is required to issue a protective decree if the Court finds that any of the conditions specified in the legislation exists, each of which is ‘a clear manifestation of serious difficulties that create, at the very least, an unacceptably high risk of loss of customer property for which the Defendant is responsible and accountable’.

The application by SIPC concluded:

‘According to information provided by the Commission and FINRA [the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority], the Defendant is insolvent, is unable to meet its obligations as they mature, and is not in compliance with the requirements regarding financial responsibility under sections 15(c)(3) and 17(a) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, 15 U.S.C. sections 78o(c)(3) and 78q(a) (2000), and [also] Commission Rules 15c3-1, 15C3-3 and 17a-3, 17 C.F.R. sections 240.15c3-1, section 240.15c3-3 and section 240.17a-3. Consequently, three of the conditions referred to in SIPA section 78eee(a)(3) and specified in SIPA section 78eee(b)(1) exist’.

'Pursuant to SIPA section78eee(b)(1), if the defendant consents to the issuance of a protective decree, the Court “shall forthwith issue a protective decree”’.

On the same day, 15th December 2008, Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC consented to the issuance of a protective decree by the Court, although whether this will in practice adequately serve the interests of the investors in the giga-Ponzi scheme, who were in many cases themselves operating subsidiary Ponzi schemes, remains to be seen. The obvious question in the mind of this investigator and others is: with the Court-appointed Trustee having joined the Court-appointed firm of Counsel, are we looking at a pre-prepared damage limitation operation carefully designed not to expose the corruption and to procure statutory remedies, but rather to cover up linkages which would provide further direct connections with the Bush-Clinton Fraudulent Finance Money Factory operations that have already been partially exposed by this service?

On 18th December 2008, the FBI issued the following Press Release:

U.S. Department of Justice
Federal Bureau of Investigation

26 Federal Plaza
New York
NY 10278

For Immediate Release

December 18., 2008

U.S. v. Bernard L. Madoff

If you believe that you have been a financial fraud victim in the above captioned matter, please provide the following information:

(1) Full name
(2) Mailing address
(3) Phone number
(4) COPIES of any documents that substantiate your loss (do not send original documents)

Please mail this information to:

FBI New York
ATTN: Victim Assistance Office
26 Federal Plaza
23rd Floor
New York, NY 10278

Madoff’s offices on Madison Avenue have been guarded 24 hours a day, partly to prevent attacks by irate scammed investors, with the office sealed since Bernard L. Madoff was arrested, while FBI, Securities and Exchange Commission, Securities Investor Protection Corporation and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority investigators conduct urgent forensic examinations of Mr Madoff’s multiple sets of books.

Because no information is yet available on the value of the leveraged and hypothecated ‘money OUT’ numbers, the focus, as noted above, has so far been (and may remain) on the ‘money IN’ losses attributed (as at the end of 2008) to investors and operators of sub-Ponzi schemes in the Madoff giga-Ponzi operation. Here is an interim list, based upon open data available at the end of 2008, of the affected parties, whose funds have been STOLEN, not lost:


*Note: Data extracted from open sources. Some data varies between source.

Abu Dhabi Investment Authority [at least $400 million]
Access International Advisors, René-Thierry Magon de La Villehuchet [$1,400 million]
Aozora Bank (Japanese bank) [$230 million]
Ascot Fund [Gabriel Capital, Ascot Partners] [$0.92 billion]
Ascot Partners [Gabriel Capital], hedge fund founded by L Ezra Merkin [$1,800 million]
AXA (French insurer) [$123 million]
Banco Santander, Optimal Investment Services, Geneva [$2,870 million-$3,100 million]
Bank Medici (Austrian Bank, believed bankrupted) [$2,100 million]
Banque Bénédict Hentsch & Cie [$47.5 million -$48.8 million]
BBVA (Spanish bank) [$369 million -$404 million]
Benbassat & Cie [$935 million]
BNP Paribas SA [initially $431-$478 million, later ‘billions of Euros of losses’]
Braman, Norman, former owner of the Philadelphia Eagles [$ unknown]
Bramdean Alternatives (Mrs Nicola Horlick) [9.5% of assets]
Caissse de Dépots et Consignations [$1.4 million]
Carl and Ruth Shapiro Family Foundation [see Carl Shapiro]
Carl Shapiro, former Chairman of Kay Windsor, Inc, apparel) [$545 million]
Chais Family Foundation [$ unknown]
Clal Insurance $0.8 million]
CNP Assurances [$4.1 million]
Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun [$3.5 million]
Crédit Mutuel [$124 million]
Dexia Bank [$107 million]
EIM Group (European investment firm) [$230 million]
Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity [$15.2 million: 100% loss]
Eric Roth, film writer [$ unknown]
Fairfield Greenwich Advisors & Group, Walter Noel [$7,500 million]
Fairfield Sentry/Sigma Fund [see Fairfield] [$7.28 billion]
Fairfield, CT (town pension fund for public employees) [$42 million]
Feinstein, Leonard, co-founder of Bed Bath & Beyond [$ unknown]
Fix Asset Management [$400 million]
Fortis Bank, Nederland (Dutch bank) [$1,350 million-$1,400 million]
Gerald Breslauer, Los Angeles financial adviser [$ unknown]
Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation [$1.8 million]
Great Eastern Holdings, Singapore [$64 million]
Groupama [$13.6 million]
Harel Insurance [$14.2 million]
Henry Kaufman, economist [$ unknown]
Herald USA [see Bank Medici] [$2.50 billion]
HSBC Holdings [$1,000 million]
Hyopswiss (Swiss private bank) [$50 million]
Jeffrey Katzenberg [$ unknown]
JEHT Foundation [$ unknown]
Jewish Federation of Greater Washington [$10 million]
Jewish Foundation of Greater Los Angeles [$6.4 million]
Julian J. Levitt Foundation [$6.0 million]
Kevin Bacon, actor [$ unknown]
Kingate Global Management [FIM Advisors] [$2.75 billion - $3,500 million]
Korea Life Insurance [$50 million]
Lautenberg, Senator Frank and family foundation [$ unknown]
Liliane Bettencourt, L’Oréal SA heiress [$ billions unknown]
LuxALPHA SICAV – American Selection [Ascot International Advisors] [S1.4 billion]
M & B Capital Advisers (Spanish bank) [$52.8 million]
Madoff Family Foundation [$19 million]
Maimonides School [Up to $5 million]
Man Group (British hedge fund) [$360 million]
Maxam Capital Management (CT-based fund of funds) [$280 million]
Mediobanca [$0.7 million]
Merkin, Ezra, Chairman of GMAC Corporation: see Ascot Partners
Mirabaud [$ several million]
Mortimer B. Zuckerman Charitable Remainder Trust [$30 million]
Natixis (French investment bank) [$554 million]
Neue Privat Bank [$5.0 million]
New York Law School through Ascot Partners [At least $3 million]
Nomura Holdings [$304 million]
Nordea Bank (Swedish bank) [$59 million]
North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health Care System [$5.7 million
Notz Stucki [$ unknown]
Optimal Strategic US Equity [see Santander] [$3.23 billion]
Picower Foundation [$958 million: has announced closure]
Pioneer Alternative Investments [$280 million]
Primeo Select Fund US [UniCredit. Pioneer Alt Invs] [$0.85 billion]
Ramaz School [$6.0 million]
Reichmuth, (Swiss private bank) The Reichmuth Matterhorn Fund [$327 million]
Robert J. Lappin Charitable Foundation [$8 million: 100% loss]
Royal Bank of Scotland [$599 million-$625 million]
Rye Select broad market Fund [see Tremont] $3.10 billion]
SAR Academy [$1.2 million]
Senator Frank R. Lautenberg’s Charitable Foundation [$ unknown]
Société Générale [$13.8 million]
Stephen Spielberg [$ unknown]
Sterling Equities [[$ unknown]
Swiss Life Holding (Swiss insurer) [$78.9 million]
Thema International Fund [see Bank Medici] [$1.10 billion]
Tremont Group Holdings, hedge fund of Massachusetts Mutual Life [$3,300 million]
Tufts University [$20 million]
UBI Banca (Italian bank) [$86 million]
UBS AG [$ unknown]
UniCredit (Italian bank) [$92 million]
Union Bancaire Privée (Swiss bank) [$700 million -$1,080 million]
Vincent Tchenguiz, UK property magnate, via Bramdean [£40 million]
Wilpon, Fred, owner of the New York Mets [$ unknown]
Wunderkinder Founation, Sreven Spielberg [$ unknown, heavy Madoff investor]
Yeshiva University, New York [$110-$125 million: but see text above]
Zuckerman, Morton, Chairman of Boston Properties, landlords of the Citibank offices at 399 Park Avenue and owner of The New York Daily News and U.S. News and World Report [significant losses through a fund that invested substantially all of its assets with Madoff’]

Finally, in a further indication that the skids are well and truly under the highest-level financial fraudsters, we must add that former President Clinton released what The New York Times called ‘a complete list’ of more than 200,000 ‘donors’ [sic] to the William J. Clinton Foundation ‘as part of an agreement to douse concerns about potential conflicts of interest if Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is confirmed as the Secretary of State in the Obama Administration’. The list revealed that ‘some of the world’s richest people and most famous celebrities handed over large checks to finance his Presidential Library and charitable [sic] activities’.

The New York Times’ articles [19th and 20th December 2008] did not, however, mention that the Clinton Library is equipped with some of the most sophisticated state-of-the-art eavesdropping and electronic equipment in the world, and that the new list of donors and donations (of which a small selection is appended below) is indicative of a ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ approach, also known in the United States as ‘pay to play’.

The disclosure of these names represents a component of a deal intended to smooth the way for Mrs Clinton to be confirmed and to move seamlessly into the State Department. On 4th January, the facile British Press was praising Mrs Clinton as 'an honest broker'. Manifestly, Fleet Street uses a dictionary not available to the rest of us. It would be helpful if the stupid UK journalists concerned would belatedly look up the word 'honest' in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Funds for the Katrina disaster were channelled corruptly into a joint ‘foundation’ controlled by George H. W. Bush Sr. and former President Clinton, under the ‘nose’ of the complicit or feeble Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA, originally funded with ‘Black Ops’ drug money).

The fate of the Katrina money has subsequently been ‘successfully’ obfuscated by the highest-level current and former office-holding criminal financiers, so that it is currently not possible to identify Katrina funds having been moved into the William J. Clinton Foundation: but logic would suggest that this would have occurred, and/or that the funds were used to finance illicit below-the-radar financial leveraging transactions, in the usual manner.

The ‘deal’, brokered by the Obama team represented by its co-chairwoman Valerie Jarrett, reflects a 5-page Memorandum of Understanding signed on 12th December 2008 with the William J. Clinton Foundation, represented by its Chief Executive, Bruce R. Lindsey. This Memorandum required Mr Clinton to disclose his past donors by the end of 2008 and any future contributors once a year.

It also required that that ‘if’ Mrs Clinton is confirmed, the Clinton Global Initiative, an offshoot of the Foundation, will be incorporated separately, will no longer hold events outside the United States and will refuse any further contributions from foreign governments.

More vaguely, other initiatives operating under the auspices of the Foundation would follow new rules and consult with US State Department ethics officials in certain circumstances. (There is of course no reference in the document to any requirement that the ‘ethics officials’ have oversight over the intended illicit financial activities of the criminal operative Hillary Clinton in the event that, as intended, this Jezebel winds up as Secretary of State).

Previously, Mr Clinton had declined to reveal the identities of donors to his Foundation, as Federal law does not require former US Presidents to reveal foundation donors. Clinton's main argument had been that many donors expected confidentiality.

Yet, all of a sudden, this ‘concern’ was jettisoned, in the scramble to ensure that Mrs Clinton arrives at the State Department without being cuffed and jailed or bailed on the way.

To mask this U-turn, Clinton advocates waffled following the disclosures that the list showed that Mr Clinton had nothing to hide, which is NOT the point that Clinton relied upon earlier when he declined to publish the list in order to preserve the confidentiality of the donors. Many of these parties will certainly have been chagrined at the emergence of their identifies as Clinton donors, into the public domain – not least because as this concatenation of immense financial scandals progressively expands like a solar explosion, they risk their names being dragged into the sewer along with those of the Clinton criminals themselves.

The following partial list of prominent ‘donors’ to the William J Clinton Foundation has been assembled to illustrate the ‘pay-to-play’ dimension of the way these crooks operate, lifting the veil on how these organised US gangsters have spread their filthy corruption throughout the world:

Selected prominent donors to the William J. Clinton Foundation out of a total of 200,000 donors named by former President Clinton on 18th December 2008 in the interests of ‘transparency’ but contrary to the interests of the donors and as part of the deal to infiltrate Mrs Clinton into the State Department, where she will be ‘protected’ and from where the intention is that the fraudulent finance operations will continue:

Absolute Return for Kids [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Abu Dhabi Ruling Family [$ not known by this service]
Alfonso Fanjul [$ not known by this service]
Alix Foundation [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Amar Singh [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Arnold H. Simon [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Ausaid [Between $10,000,001 and $25 million]
Australian Government aid agency, an [$ not known by this service]
Barbra Streisand/Streisand Foundation [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Bernard L Schwartz [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation [Between $10,000,001 and $25 million]
Blackwater Training Center [$ not known by this service]
Blackwater Training Center [$ not known by this service]
Bloomberg L.P. [$ not known by this service]
Bren and Melvin Simon [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Brunei Government aid agency, an [$ not known by this service]
Cameron Diaz, actress [Between $25,001 and $50,000]
Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, [More than $25 million]
Citi Foundation [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative, Canada [$1,000,001 to $5.0 million]
Copresida-Secretariado Tecnico [Between $10,000,001 and $25 million]
Denise Rich [Brand], former wife of Marc Rich [Hans Brand] [$250,001 to $500,000]
Dominican Government aid agency, an [$ not known by this service]
Dubai Foundation [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Eli and Edythe Broade Foundation [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
ELMA Foundation [Between $10,000,001 and $25 million]
Elton John AIDS Foundation [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Entergy Corporation [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Frank Giustra, CEO, Radcliffe Foundation [Between $10,000,001 and $25 million]
Fred Eychaner [Between $10,000,001 and $25 million]
Freddie Mac [$ not known by this service]
Friends of Saudi Arabia [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Gilbert R. Chagoury [Nigerian President Abacha crony] [$1,000,00 to $5.0 million]
Government of Brunei Darussalam [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Government of Norway [Between $5,000,001 and $10 million]
Haim Saban and Saban Family Foundation [Between $5,000,001 and $10 million]
Howard and Michele Kessler [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Howard Gilman Foundation [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Hunter Foundation [Between $10,000,001 and $25 million]
Issam M. Fares & Wedge Foundation [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
James P. Greenbaum Jr. Family Foundation [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
John D. Mackay [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia [Between $10,000,001 and $25 million]
Kuwait Government aid agency, an [$ not known by this service]
Lakshmi N. Mittal [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Lukas H. Lundin [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
MAC AIDS Fund [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Mala Gaonkar Haarmann [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Michael and Jena King [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Michael Schumacher [Between $5,000,001 and $10 million]
Michael Smurfit [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Harold Snyder [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Nasser al-Rashid [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Nationale Postcode Loterij [Between $5,000,001 and $10 million]
Norwegian Government aid agency, an [$ not known by this service]
Omani Government aid agency, an [$ not known by this service]
Open Society Institute (George Soros) [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Paul Reynolds [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Presidential Inaugural Committee [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Princess Diana Memorial Fund [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Qatari Government aid agency, an [$ not known by this service]
Richard Caring [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Robert L. Johnson [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Robertson Foundation [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Rockefeller Foundation [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Roy and Christine Sturgis Charitable and Educational Trust [$1,000,001 to $5.0 million]
Rupert Murdoch [$ not known by this service]
S. D. Abraham [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Sheikh Mohammed al-Amoudi [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Smith and Elizabeth Bagley [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
State of Kuwait [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
State of Qatar [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Stephen L. Bing [Between $10,000,001 and $25 million]
Sterling Stamos Capital Management [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Sultanate of Oman [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Suzlon Energy [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Swiss Reinsurance Company [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Sydney E. Frank Foundation [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
T. G. Holdings [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Taiwan Government aid agency, an [$ not known by this service]
Theodore W. Watt [Between $10,000,001 and $25 million]
Tom Golisano [Between $10,000,001 and $25 million]
Unitaid [More than $25 million]
Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Charitable Foundation [$1,000,001 to $5.0 million]
Victor Pinchuk, Ukrainian oligarch [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Wallace W. Fowler [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Wal-Mart Foundation [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Walter H. Shorenstein [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Walton Family Foundation [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]
Wasserman Foundation [Between $5,000,001 and $10 million]
Zayed Family [Between $1,000,001 and $5.0 million]

Since the State Department controls much of the money operations, it is clear that the objective of the controlling corrupt “powers” has indeed been to continue the fraudulent finance operations from within the White House and the US Treasury for the next four or eight years, as previously: in other words, the fraudulent, debt-generating exotic financing was to continue seamlessly with a replacement set of highest-level fraudulent finance operatives in place, many of whom (led by Mrs Clinton and Rahm Emanuel) were/have been involved in this terrorism financing activity all along.

That is the objective ‘as we speak’. Will it be achieved? It is understood, to begin with, that former President Bill Clinton was captured some time ago on a videotape made in Alabama, referring to President-Elect Obama in disparaging ethnic terms. We have now learned that outgoing President George W. ‘Dog’ Bush is also on record as describing to Mr Obama in comparable language. Both these racist outbursts have been channelled back to the President-Elect, who reportedly laughed at the perpetrators. But ingrained in this response, we were told, was the following message:

‘You can be rude about me now, if you like. But wait and see what I’m made of when I am in power’.

Therefore, whether the incoming President will in fact allow the fraudulent finance operations to continue seamlessly, thereby ensuring a colossal financial and economic implosion worldwide early in his Administration, the collapse of gigantic corrupted US and foreign institutions, the destruction of his Presidency and Law and Order, and the collapse of the US dollar plus an immediate reversion to 'beggar-thy-neighbour' competitive currency devaluations and a bitter global trade war followed by open warfare remains, in our view, on a knife-edge at this time.

But the central issue THAT NO-ONE CAN POSSIBLY ESCAPE, is this:

The US dollar needs refunding NOW, which cannot be done by the US Government at all, because the US Government CAN ONLY CREATE DEBT.


The previous refunding of the US dollar was initiated by President Reagan and confirmed for public consumption by means of a communiqué dated 17th August 1982. The US dollar is in extreme need of a further refunding, to enable it to regain its capitalisation value and thus to renew the world’s international trading markets.

This can ONLY be done by means of the overdue Private Sector Refunding mechanism long since prescribed by the G-7-Approved Refinancing Programme of Capital Markets operations, generating cash REVENUE and not DEBT – with substantial ongoing on-the-books tax accruals paid into the US Treasury, to break the century-long, sterile and now completely discredited US debt-financing orgy which has brought the United States to its current status as a pariah state, reliant on exporting terrorism to 'get its way' and provide open-ended pretexts for it to seize the resources of others.

For this US Dollar Refunding Programme to be viable, there must be third party auditing: and the Government and its Presidential Cabinet, with an Economic Team tainted by the fraudulent finance operations of previous Administrations, cannot, in any case, be relied upon, given past experience, to do so in an objective manner.

To preclude a catastrophic perpetuation of the degenerate fraudulent finance carousel system, which is bringing the world financial and real economies to the verge of irremediable breakdown, accompanied by the collapse of colossal financial institutions and the US dollar, full disclosure and disciplined transparent regulation in perpetuity are prerequisites.


It CANNOT be done off-the-books: and, despite immense Bush-Cheney bribery, if the Rest of the World sees the Obama Administration 'trying this on', and sidestepping the precise Group of Seven requirements, there will, as Senator C Dodd has said in another, related, context, be HELL TO PAY.


SUMMARY: If the new Administration follows through with any ‘solution’ falling short of these long outstanding, pre-agreed G-7 standards, THE U.S. DOLLAR WILL COLLAPSE, the whole of humanity will suffer on a scale with no historical precedent, and the American Republic WILL NOT SURVIVE.

As the late, great Sherman Skolnik used to day: Watch this space.

References, Notes and the original Ponzi Scheme:

(1) Data courtesy of Victor Thorn, veteran researcher,
journalist and anti-New Underworld Order Author.

(2) Prudent Man Rule: This is the fundamental American principle that is applicable in respect of professional money management, originally asserted by Judge Samuel Putnum in 1830 as follows:

‘Those with responsibility to invest money for others should act with prudence, discretion, intelligence, and regard for the safety of capital as well as income’ [1830 Massachusetts Court decision: Harvard College v. Armory]. The Prudent Man Rule directs Trustees ‘to observe how men of prudence, discretion and intelligence manage their own affairs, not in regard to speculation, but in regard to the management and disposition of their funds, considering the probable income as well as the probable safety of the capital to be invested’. Investments in risky Ponzi and Pyramid Schemes and in ‘programs’ such as those referenced, typically breach the Prudent Man Rule.

Sources: (a) World Reports Limited website report dated 22nd July 2008 entitled: 'U.S. market revamp is false prospectus'; (b) World Reports Limited website report dated 18th September 2008 entitled: 'Michael C. Cottrell's U.S. financial reform proposals; (International Currency Review, Volume 34, Number 1, THE COTTRELL PLAN, pages 243-272 and GLOSSARY, pages 293-326.

(3) On 13th and 22nd January 2007, this service SPECIFICALLY identified the methodology used by the CIA/Bush financial fraudsters as being based on the CLASSIC PONZI MODEL In retrospect, it is clear that few US Ponzi scam victims took the relevance of this on board. Now the name 'Ponzi' is finally all over the newspapers: but ONLY, so far, in the Madoff context. It needs to be applied to ALL THE INTERLINKED BUSH-CLINTON-CIA FINANCIAL SCANDALS, RIGHT ACROSS THE BOARD.
It is high time that our message in January 2007 was finally understood: PONZI is the STANDARD METHODOLOGY used for all these scamming operations mounted by criminalised US intelligence-linked cadres, to impoverish and steal from their victims AT HOME AND ABROAD. IT IS STANDARD PROCEDURE. The broken-hearted 'package people' investors are classic PONZI SCAM VICTIMS.

This is not, as some knee-jerk hysterics will claim, apologetics for the criminals: IT'S FACT. And the way to deal with FACT, however unpleasant, is to FACE IT. The way NOT to deal with FACT is to place one's faith in ANONYMOUS SOURCES that, by definition, lack all credibility, whose reporting cannot be verified and which hide behind anonymity so that when they are caught out lying, they cannot be held accountable. These cowards are suspected by sane people of cynically peddling endless tall stories and disinformation that is fed to them for the self-evident purpose of keeping the scammed victims on the edge of their seats until they die. Beware of such faceless charlatans.


Website outlets focusing on keeping the scammed victims expecting payouts have now veered into total chaos mode, blaming everyone on earth from the probably recently deceased Madame Wu to Father Christmas in a deliberately shambolic and thoroughly cynical obfuscation offensive, designed EXCLUSIVELY to protect the perpetrators from the inevitable backlash and retribution that awaits them as soon as the scammed victims finally come to terms with the fact that they have been raped, pillaged, ransacked, and 'hollowed out'. In readiness for the possibility that they'll have to keep going for 8 more dreary years, targets have been switched from the Bushes to Obama.

The victims have all along been despised by the primary perpetrators, who couldn't care less about their plight and are concerned EXCLUSIVELY with the protection of their assets and bodies against the days of reckoning that await them. The fact that the Omega Ponzi operations and related scams against private victims were perpetrated by the criminalised US intelligence community does NOT mean that the perpetrators will not receive their overdue come-uppance: it simply means that a war of attrition has to be waged against these devils, who have wrecked so many Americans' lives.

(If the Editor is attacked for stating the truth after this posting, we will expose the backing behind the perpetrating website(s) involved in this outrageously cynical disinformation campaign).

The two initial reports in which we SPECIFICALLY exposed the Ponzi scamming dimension, which has of course now finally burst into the 'mainstream' with the 'Madoff takedown', were as follows:

(a) 'US intelligence community OMEGA OPS/'Ponzi Game' frauds':
13th January 2007.

(b) 'Treasongate background: Intel Ponzi Scamming:
Classic Ponzi Model for Unregistered Thievery':
22nd January 2007

The report dated 22nd January 2007 containing our first posting of the summary of the classic Ponzi scam entitled ‘How Charles Ponzi pulled it off: Making a fine art out of a pyramid fraud’, was initially published in International Currency Review, Volume 27, Number 3, December 2001, pages 51-52.

This text is now repeated immediately below, for ease of reference:

Charles Ponzi, an immigrant from Italy to Boston, MA, made millions of dollars for a brief period, by exploiting his shrewd observation that while national currencies were fluctuating wildly in 1920, just after the end of the First World War, the Universal Postal Union (UPU) issued coupons which were always worth a given amount of postage stamps.

In those days, European refugees were flocking to the United States, Canada and Brazil; and often, their only contact with their families and friends back home was an occasional letter, enclosing a few dollars. The Universal Postal Union arranged to move the millions of letters, standard business documents and messages across national borders by issuing Postal Reply Coupons. You bought a Postal Reply Coupon in your country of residence, and enclosed it with your letter.

Your mother, once she had received the letter, exchanged the Postal Reply Coupon for stamps at her local post office.

Charles Ponzi told friends in Boston: ‘Everybody’s heard of the Postal Union. They print coupons like these I’m holding here: Postal Reply Coupons. You can send a letter home, or anywhere in the world, with these coupons. And you can trade this coupon for a stamp in any country. I send my mother coupons with every letter that I write home’.

‘Now, in cooperation with certain large businesses in our city, I am making a fortune on the Postal Reply Coupon. Stocks are too risky. Forget it. And bonds, what are they paying right now? Maybe six percent? Savings accounts at Tremont Trust, they’ll give you four and a half cents on the dollar. Give them $100 and they’ll give you back $104.50. I can beat that into the ground’, Ponzi insisted, beating his cane against the floor. ‘My investors get 50 cents on the dollar. Place a hundred dollars with my Securities Exchange Company, and you take out $150. Put that $150 in, you’ll get back $225. That’s right, in six months, you can more than double your money’.

How could he pay 50%, when banks couldn’t even manage 5%? ‘Exchange rates’, Mr Ponzi explained. ‘Every morning I go down and check to see how the lira is doing against the dollar. Usually you get five lire for a dollar. This morning I checked, and with the war just ended, it takes 20 lire to the dollar’. While currency rates were bouncing around like popcorn, Mr Ponzi explained, the Postal Reply Coupon always bought one stamp. Here’s what I do’.

‘I send my cousin in Parma, Italy, $1.0. He exchanges the dollar for lire. With these 20 lire (2,000 centesimi), he can buy 66 Postal Reply Coupons (worth 30 centesimi each, the cost of a letter-sized stamp in Italy). Back in the United States, each of the coupons will buy one stamp, face value five cents. I redeem all 66 coupons for $3.30 worth of stamps. The magic happens in the exchange rate. In America, my dollar buys 20 Postal Coupons. But if I exchange the US dollar for lire, and buy the coupons in Italy, then return and buy the stamps in America, I get $3.30 worth of stamps for that same $1.0. My profit margin is 230%’.

‘Yeah, but $3.30 worth of stamps is still stamps’, complained an attentive listener.

‘I know’, said Ponzi. ‘So I sell the stamps at a 10% discount through my contacts with the larger firms downtown. Deducting the discount, I’ve got $3.0 cash now, from the $1.0 that I started out with.

Now, let’s say, I got that dollar from you. I will pay you back your dollar, plus 50 cents interest. Since I just sold $3.0 worth of stamps, I have a dollar and 50 cents for myself'.

'I’m going to spend a third of that money on my offices and processing overheads, and a third on commissions and bonuses to my sales people; and then, ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to pocket the other third and take my wife for a stroll’.

This was the essence of the original Ponzi scheme. Note that in this description, Ponzi starts out by exploiting the fluctuations of exchange rates, and the lack of arbitrage; and note that, by the end of the explanation, he is simply offering 50% interest, which he pays out to old claimants out of the additional funds he has received from other investors who are likewise anticipating a 50% return on their investments, within a short space of time.

The germ of the idea was derived from the foreign exchange market; but once Ponzi has realised that people will pour money his way if they are promised a 50% return, he can finally abandon his elaborate explanation (‘his ‘prospectus’) of the exploitation of exchange rate fluctuations and the tedious task of shipping, receiving, handling and exchanging Postal Reply Coupons, which gave him the ‘easy money’ idea in the first place.

In other words, his sales pitch is no more than a now redundant, expendable illustration – a false prospectus which disguises the fact that he is really promoting a pyramid selling operation. For he has realised that all his investors care about is receiving 50% on their money. How this is to be achieved does not normally concern them.

By December 1920, Charles Ponzi was matching old money with ever larger amounts of new money. In May 1921 alone, almost $500,000 of new money poured into the Securities Exchange Company – as 1,500 or more new customers, lured by the 50% yield offered through advertisements, sought their share of the huge profits they thought would be forthcoming at minimal risk. The office now bulged with fat stacks of dollar bills.

But problems started to arise when Joseph Daniels filed a lawsuit alleging that he had helped to found the Securities Exchange Company (SEC) with a loan of $230 worth of furniture plus $200 in cash. Daniels had indeed provided the beaten-up desks that had been offloaded in the dusty office, and had let Mr Ponzi have $200 to spark interest in the Postal Coupons.

It wasn’t simply a loan, Mr Daniels maintained, now that Mr Ponzi was drowning in cash. ‘We were partners. I put up capital and property’. On 2nd July, Mr Ponzi was handed a demand for $1.0 million.

The Boston Post telephoned, and Mr Ponzi told the reporter that he had indeed bought furniture from Mr Daniels, but that he had never received any money for investment from him.

But when the newly installed banking commissioner for Massachusetts, Joseph Allen, read the newspaper, he wondered: ‘Where did Ponzi come from? Who are his associates? How is he managing to double people’s money?’

Allen asked Ponzi to pop round to his office, for an interview. The Securities Exchange Company did not describe itself as a bank, nor did it offer any banking services. Therefore, in the absence of a complaint – and none had yet arrived – the Commissioner had no jurisdiction to examine Ponzi’s business. At the interview, Ponzi explained the curiosities surrounding Postal Coupons, pointed out that money chased money, collected his coat, doffed his hat, and bid Mr Allen goodbye.

But Richard Grozier, city editor at The Boston Post, had always thought that Charles Ponzi’s scheme was fraudulent; and to initiate what he fancied would indeed be the inevitable débacle, he elicited a comment from one of Boston’s leading citizens, Clarence Barron, the owner of Dow Jones & Co and The Wall Street Journal.

At the end of July 1920, The Boston Post carried a front page story entitled: 'Clarence Barron questions the motive behind Ponzi’s scheme'.

Theoretically, Barron admitted, you could indeed turn a profit on the UPU coupons. But that was the only truth buried within the operation. You could never earn more than a few thousand dollars, not just because of the trouble involved in offloading the stamps and tracking the various conversions driving the process, but because there simply were not enough coupons available.

France, Romania and Spain had just abandoned the scheme, a few months earlier. A cursory check with the UPU showed that they had a few hundred thousand dollars’ worth of coupons in circulation – nowhere near the $10 million or $15 million Mr Ponzi claimed to be trading. So where was Ponzi getting his coupons from? Furthermore, the US Postal Service had announced, on 2nd July 1920, that Postal Reply Coupons would no longer be redeemable in lots larger than ten. So how was Ponzi converting his coupons into stamps?

Finally, Barron asked, if Ponzi is doubling everyone else’s money, why does he keep his own funds in regional banks? The Boston Post knew that Ponzi kept millions of dollars on deposit at seven or eight New England banks, and that the accounts were ballooning. How could a man who was paying 100% interest every 90 days, put up with drawing just 4% on his holdings? Barron concluded:

‘Right under the eyes of our Government, Mr Ponzi has been paying out US money to one line, with deposits taken from a succeeding line’ (another bank).

All of a sudden, all the doors which had flown back on their hinges at the sight of Mr Ponzi, were slamming tight shut. The Massachusetts District Attorney ordered Ponzi to cease and desist. His customers demanded their money back, and Ponzi was eventually jailed for Federal mail fraud, then deported. He wound up destitute in South America.

(4) The following documents were obtained by the Editor from the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York in December 2008:

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9: Extensive miscellaneous related documentation.

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