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casper jan-10-09
Does it seem a bit strange to you all of the self congratulatory things going on
with the BUSH'S and D.C. in general?
The dedication of the aircraft carrier named after SENIOR? JUNIOR'S televised interview's and speech's "daddy is the most humble and honorable man in history"?
Senior's interviews and speech's "Junior is the greatest President ever now its JEB'S turn?
OBAMA'S D.C. dinners honoring McCAIN, BIDEN and POWELL?
Five Presidents gathering at the White House?
Fifty, count 'em fifty,........ D.C. inaugural parties for OBAMA?
All this while the Government literally takes over all aspects the country and the economy implementing more socialist/communist steps almost daily
with no attempt to even disguise what they are doing?
These are strange days friends with more going on than meets the eye.
I had a dream last night the dollar would fall or be devalued to 42 on the USDX.
Now isn't that a crazy thing to dream about?
More important news for the FOG heads (Friends of Gore);
It was 60 below in Alaska last week.
78" of snow fell in New England over the last three weeks (thats 6'6" FOGGY'S).
Record numbers of avalanches in the Baltic Countries and Europe in a deep freeze.
Where do you reckon Brother Gore is these days?
Somewhere trying to keep warm I bet.
ALL IS WELL we hear. RELAX we hear.
casper 1-10-09


.... hal...
January 9, 2009
Hal Turner on LIVE radio This Monday
I am pleased to announce I will be appearing LIVE on radio this coming Monday, January 12, 2009 at 9:00 PM EDT on the "Scriptures for America" Worldwide radio program with Pastor Pete Peters.

The show can be heard on:
Worldwide shortwave station WWCR on Frequency 5.890

And on satellite on Galaxy 25 Galaxy 25, Channel 12 - Left (Note that the channel could be a different number depending on the digital receiver), LNB Frequency - 10750, Transponder Frequency - 11836, Symbol Rate - 20770,
Polarization - Vertical.

as well as KCKN 1020 AM in Roswell, NM (50,000 watt station)
and WLRM - 1380AM Memphis, TN
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Friday, 09 January 2009
(( to Obama)) Mr Fake President, Mr Fake Smile ...
... Your Silence On The Gaza Slaughter Is A Bloody Disgrace.
'I'll speak, y'all, as soon as they tell me what to say ...'

Friday, 09 January 2009
The David Icke Newsletter Goes Out On Sunday

Those issuing the orders to murder the innocent on this grotesque scale in Gaza are not the ones flying the planes or manning the tanks that devastate Gaza by the hour.
The pawns are doing that, the fodder people of the Israel Defence Forces, the IDF,
which was formed from the Zionist terrorist groups like Haganah and Irgun
that bombed the State into existence, as I outlined last week.

These pawns are the young people, from the age of 18, who are conscripted into the Israel military whether they like it or not. Conscripted men must serve for three years and women for nearly two years .....and they are also required to be ‘in reserve’ after that
to be called up at will by the dark suits and dark ‘hearts’ of the Israeli leadership.

But what if they refused to do that and were prepared to take the consequences because their sense of right was more powerful than their sense of fear? As they said in the 1960s: ‘What if there was a war... and no-one turned up?’ ...

... The Israeli government propaganda, in league with the unquestioning media, especially in the United States, present the impression that all Israelis are behind
the war and occupation in Palestinian lands. But this is a lie.

There is significant opposition by brave Jewish people in Israel who choose to face the wrath and hostility of Zionist authority, and those who have their perceptions implanted by Zionist authority, because they are determined to do what is right as a human being, as a consciousness, and not as a cultural software program called an ‘Israeli’.

When we walk away, the pyramid must fall because we are holding it up.


Sunday, 04 January 2009
Israelis Opposed To War

Fantastic Israeli young people who are jailed for refusing to take part in the oppression and slaughter of the Palestinians - please support them.
And all those macho-men who think it takes courage to serve in the military, well physical courage unless you are bombing a helpless people from the sky like a video game. But this is true courage. You ought to try it.
'The pioneers of a warless world are the young men and women who refuse military service' - Albert Einstein
(( video-embedded))

Saturday, 10 January 2009
Obama's Energy Czar: Socialist Agent For World Government
'Barack Obama's "climate czar" Carol Browner has been exposed as being a member of Socialist International, a highly influential group headed by a Bilderberg Group luminary that calls for the implementation of global government, despite Socialist International's attempts to seemingly "memory-hole" information about Browner on their website.'

Saturday, 10 January 2009
Difficulty Of Being An Informed American
'The American print and TV media have never been very good. These days they are horrible. If people intend to be informed, they must turn to foreign news broadcasts, to Internet sites, to foreign newspapers available on the Internet, or to alternative newspapers that are springing up in various cities. A person who sits in front of Murdoch's Fox "News" or CNN or who reads the New York Times is simply being brainwashed with propaganda.
       Before conservatives nod their heads in agreement, I'm not referring to "the liberal media." I mean the propaganda that issues from the US government and the Israel Lobby.'

Saturday, 10 January 2009
Is Feb 10th Financial Doomsday For Thousands? (USA)
'A new government regulation scheduled to take effect next month has thousands of retailers, thrift stores and small businesses worried they will be forced to permanently close their doors - and destroy their merchandise.
Congress passed the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008, or HR 4040, a retroactive rule mandating that all items sold for use by children under 12 must be tested by an independent party for lead and phthalates, which are chemicals used to make plastics more pliable. All untested items, regardless of lead content, are to be declared "banned hazardous products." The CPSC has already determined the law applies to every children's item on shelves, not just to items made beginning Feb. 10.
The regulations could force thousands of businesses - especially smaller ones that cannot afford the cost of lead testing – to throw away truckloads of children's clothing, books, toys, furniture and other children's items and even force them to close their doors.'

Saturday, 10 January 2009
What If Reality is Fiction?

Saturday, 10 January 2009
Israel is Shelling Hospitals and Ambulances and Shooting medics
'The World Health Organization stated that 21 medical personnel were killed in the Gaza Strip and that thirty other were wounded as the army did not only shell ambulances but also shelled hospitals in medical centers. The army also shelled at least eleven ambulances.'
WHO: “21 medics killed, 31 wounded due to the ongoing Israeli offensive
Saed Bannoura - IMEM

Saturday, 10 January 2009
Obama-Bush Teams To Stage 'Disaster' Exercise
'The outgoing White House administration will next week hold a joint "disaster scenario" exercise with top members of the incoming team of president-elect Barack Obama, US officials said Friday.
"I'm not going to go into the details of it, but it is a disaster scenario where the government would be very much tested," White House spokesman Scott Stanzel said.'

Saturday, 10 January 2009
AIPAC's Bribery Of Senators Exposed
'Make no mistake about it: the present system of lobbying on the national and state level constitutes nothing short of public bribery of elected officials. When a powerful lobby can promise a candidate huge sums of money and perhaps even a windfall job for the lobby after he leaves office - if only he votes their way - it is bribery, pure and simple.
Yet, this bribery permeates America's political system.
AIPAC, a lobby that in effect represents the interests of a foreign government (Israel), is so powerful that hardly a single senator or congressman can afford not to prostrate himself before this altar of Jewish extremism.' ....(...)

Saturday, 10 January 2009
Arms Exports to Israel From EU Worth 200 million Euros
'European Union member states authorised the export of 200 million euros in arms exports to Israel in 2007, the latest figures from Brussels disclose, with France far and away the Jewish state's biggest European weapons supplier. According to the EU's 2008 report on arms export licences, published in December for the 2007 calendar year and consolidating the accounts that member states must annually submit, 18 member states authorised a total of 1,018 such licences to Israel worth 199,409,348 euros.
France, Germany and Romania were the top three exporters. France issued export licences worth 126 million euros, the EUobserver can reveal.

Saturday, 10 January 2009
Blue Star Rampage: Israel's Dress Rehearsal For Lebanon
by Mike Whitney
'The reason the rationale for invading Gaza keeps changing, (from rocket-fire to Hamas infrastructure to strengthening deterrents to weapons smuggling to ceasefire violations etc) is because the Israeli leadership wants to conceal the true objective. The purpose of "Operation Cast Lead" is to conduct a dress rehearsal for another invasion of Lebanon.'
Sunday, 04 January 2009

Hamas Rocket Causes Devastation in Israel :
Hardly a dent in the concrete!
An Israeli police officer stands guard next to the remains of a rocket that landed just outside the southern town of Sderot January 1, 2009. ..the picture....
See here... ..the text....
Monday, 05 January 2009
Zimbabwe: Now Mugabe Imprisons 2 Year Olds - Toddler Beaten In Prison.
'Horror stories are emerging from Chikurubi Maximum Security prison in Zimbabwe where at least 16 human rights activists are being held. In a shocking revelation, activists report the youngest prisoner, Nigel Mupfuranhehwe, a two-year-old - who was abducted with his parents Violet Mupfuranhehwe and Collen Mutamagau - was beaten by security agents and needed medical attention.'
The lawyers of Jestina Mukoko, the director of the Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP), have also called for a toxicology report for fear the Zimbabwe government is poisoning her.
Mukoko is being force-fed drugs by the army doctor who oversaw her torture.
She is accused of recruiting personnel for military training in Botswana with a view to unseating the government.
Monday, 05 January 2009

Crop Circles And Government
'2008 was the year that the British Government released what they 'claim' to be all their secret UFO documents including one referring to me. Some of the documents relate to a period in the 1980's when i was putting on pressure for government openness about UFO's and crop circles during a lot of international television and radio interviews. I asked what the governments involvement was and if they were actively involved in investigations.

After the government publicly denied any involvement or interest i showed some of the media, the police and some of the Ministry of Defence's own photographs which i had in my possession, but not all my documented evidence - which you will see here for the first time'
...The lessons we should have learned is that blind loyalty and trust in Government,
much like the financial institutions, big business and even many religions has not
served us well. Our apathy in not challenging these institutions has allowed the truth
of our age to be denied us and has resulted in a great deal of wasted precious time
and effort. In many cases they have failed the people they claim to protect and serve
and also the people failed themselves. Deception and spin has come to be expected
from them all and so why should we wonder how our public servants would lie to us
so gleefully about the crop circles as well as to our senior representative - The Prime
Minster. It does not get much more concerning than that.
After all, it was not just the public that were lied to from questions raised in the British
Parliament, it was Prime Minster Thatcher as well. You can read the official record of
questions and answers in the British Parliament, called 'Hansard' and as published in
Nick Pope's article (will be coming shortly) - then ask yourself WHAT IS THE TRUTH
YES, CHANGE IS COMING. Colin Andrew Posted January 1, 2009.


tom heneghan.....

Saturday, January 10, 2009
LATE BREAKING REPORT : Treasury Hangs in the Balance, Madoff-NY State Crime Spree Escalates

Patriotic, God-loving, peaceful Jewish People are NOT the same as the war mongering ZIONIST KHAZARIAN Jews.

by Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert
Saturday January 10, 2009 at 8:15 p.m. PST

United States of America – We can now divulge that Caroline Kennedy continues to vet and screen     applicants that wish to serve in the Obama Administration.

This includes applicants and appointments for both the State Department and U.S. Justice Department.

Caroline Kennedy has already rejected at least eight (8) appointments that were requested by Secretary of State designate loser and lesbian in-the-closet Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton.

These appointments have tie-ins to the Clinton Administration and the formation of the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate-Gary Best-Mossad “TRUE COLORS” assassination teams that developed out of the Bosnian War in the late 1990s.

Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate partner-in-crime
TRAITOR Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton
Note: The sociopath Hillary has gone berserk and is making physical threats against Caroline.

Note: We can also divulge tonight that Senator Chuck Hagel, Republican of Nebraska, himself an expert on the criminal activity of the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate, is considering resigning his Senate post tonight after countless death threats made against his family, similar to the death threats made against then Vice President, now duly elected President Albert Gore’s family during the year 2000 presidential election dispute aka the THEFT of the election by Bush.

James Comey, former Deputy Attorney General//
We can now reveal that New York Governor David Paterson has received a full Justice Department report from former Deputy Attorney General James Comey detailing the extent of the criminality of the Bernard Madoff money laundry ponzi scheme
involving the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
Governor Paterson has received the names of Democratic and Republican New York politicians, both state and federal, linked to this unbelievable swindle.

I guess it is only a matter of time, folks, before the corporate-controlled media filth
start attacking the Governor of New York.


U.S. Treasury Hangs in the Balance
Madoff-New York State Crime Spree Escalates
by Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert

Saturday January 10, 2009
Ponzi scheme artist Bernard Madoff (left), George W. Bushfraud with his daddy George Herbert Walker Bush AFP/Getty

United States of America – Let us now consider the financial crisis and the second phase of the panic bailout. This dovetails to the pending Citibank-J.P. Morgan-Smith Barney merger talks.

Item: We now connect the dots, folks, in the criminal money laundering box.

Back in February of 2008, then New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, in one of his last acts as Governor of New York, warned about the impending crisis created by predatory lending
and revealed that the Bush Administration was blocking efforts to deal with it.

His extraordinary warning in the Washington Post is worth quoting at some length.
Then New York Governor Eliot Spitzer
Note: Eliot Spitzer submitted his oped to the Washington Post on February 13, 2008.
If it had an impact, it was not the one Spitzer had hoped for.

Predatory Lenders’ Partner in Crime
How the Bush Administration Stopped the States From Stepping In to Help Consumers
By Eliot Spitzer

It was on February 14, 2008, that Spitzer’s oped went up on the Washington Post website and federal agents staked out his Washington, D.C. Mayflower Hotel, Room 222.

On March 10th the New York Times then broke the story of Spitzer’s encounter with a prostitute.
Ashley Dupre AFP/Getty Images
We can now divulge that the call girl in question, Ashely Dupre, was well placed as Spitzer’s hooker by the Israeli Mossad.
This all connects back to the murder of the noted D.C. Madam.

It is not remarkable that the corporate media filth found Spitzer’s private life to be big news but not his charges that Bushfraud and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson were prolonging the financial crisis and the relation of these charges
to what Spitzer was trying to expose and put an end to.

Robert Rubin, George Herbert Walker Bush Getty

Reference: Spitzer was ready to have former Clinton Administration U.S. Secretary Robert Rubin indicted on money laundry schemes that Rubin and former U.S. President George Herbert Walker Bush were involved with at Citibank, including the DIRECT theft of the noted Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol funds
that were ILLEGALLY wire transferred to private, secret accounts in Haifa and Tel Aviv, Israel utilizing J.P. Morgan and Bernard Madoff’s Israeli Discount Bank.

Note: Former Governor Eliot Spitzer is Jewish
and was trying to do the right thing for the American People.

And, of course, it gets worse!

The Bushfraud Administration looked the other way and did nothing to protect American homeowners.
In order to accommodate the Bernard Madoff New York state money laundry scheme, the Bushfraud Administration decided to align itself with banks that were looting the American People, including Citibank, J.P. Morgan Chase and the noted Bernard Madoff Israeli Discount Bank.
Several state legislatures, including New York state, on the urging of Governor Spitzer began to enact laws curbing such practices.
The Bushfraud Administration then began an unprecedented campaign to prevent states from protecting their residents from an outlaw federal government that was turning a blind eye.
The occupation Bushfraud Administration accomplished this fete/feat through an obscure U.S. Treasury federal agency called the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC).

For 140 years the OCC examined the books of national banks to assure they were balanced.
However, under the Bushfraud Administration, for the first time in history, the OCC was used as a tool against consumers.
In 2003, during the height of the predatory lending crisis, the OCC invoked a clause from the 1863 National Bank Act    preempting all state predatory lending laws.

Note: Bushfraud actually used the ILLEGAL, TREASONOUS Patriot Act
to issue his decree against the states.
All 50 state Attorney Generals and banking superintendents actively fought the new rules.

Bushfraud then went further and had his criminal soon-to-be indicted U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez proceed with a federal lawsuit against the states aka racial discrimination in the practice of lending.

Item: Bushfraud and his criminal U.S. Attorney General were using a federal lawsuit as a method to obstruct justice in the matter of Bernard Madoff’s continuing looting and embezzlement of state pension funds
and continuing the U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve practice of using the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol funds in this unbelievable ponzi scheme!

Robert Rubin and Hillary Clinton

P.S. Assisting the Madoff cabal in this New York state money laundry ponzi scheme is none other than Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate partner-in-crime, current New York U.S. Senator and president-elect Barack Obama’s U.S. Secretary of State designate,
loser and lesbian in-the-closet Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton.

Also tied to obstruction of justice in this ponzi scheme is current New York Democratic Congressman Steve Israel.
Note: The corporate-controlled media filth have actually proposed Israel as a senatorial candidate to replace loser Hillary Clinton.

Now you see, folks, why the Mossad-dominated media filth oppose Caroline Kennedy since she is not a crook and will not tolerate this criminal New York Federal Reserve ponzi scheme.

Question: Could it be that CNN, (202) 898-7900, and former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin are trying to attack Caroline Kennedy
so they can get a Madoff bailout from New York state?

It is laughable folks that CNN and the rest of the media filth now want to use Sarah Palin as a ‘strawman’ aka woman, to try to attack Caroline Kennedy from the back.
This is what you call a media psyop.
Just call CNN at (202)898-7900 and tell them to cease and desist and that you have had it with their crap aka their anti-Catholic Caroline Kennedy smears.

At this hour, we can report the possibility of a False Flag nuclear incident in the Middle East to be orchestrated with an air burst disguised as a missile
and blamed on Iran for the purpose of fostering a further escalation of Middle East war activities.
This is a precursor to Operation Garden Plot
and the declaration of Martial Law in the United States.

P.P.P.S. Stay tuned for our next briefing in which we will explore CIA Team B, which is still controlled by George Herbert Walker Bush, and currently involved in BRIBING president-elect Barack Obama for the purpose of covering up this criminal New York state ponzi scheme and effectively looting the U.S. Treasury funds
and blocking the implementation of the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols.

Note: CIA Team B orchestrated the failure of the Desert One rescue attempt by the Carter Administration of hostages held in Iran before the 1980 presidential election.

CIA Team B also participated in the Choicepoint software electronic voter fraud that helped STEAL the Electoral College votes of Florida and Tennessee
in the year 2000 presidential election from then Vice President, now non-inaugurated duly elected President Albert Gore Jr. ////
George Herbert Walker Bush, Barack Obama, George W. Bushfraud.

Final note: At this hour, is president-elect Barack Obama on the same page as White House occupant George W.Bushfraud in reference to the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol funds?
Message to president-elect Obama: It is time to stand up for the American People, NOW! We know you can do it.

Remember, folks, to call your Congressmen at (202) 224-3121 and tell them you want full disclosure and total accountability and that you will NOT bailout the New York Federal Reserve
or the 9/11 linked Bernard Madoff money laundry American International Group (AIG).
We live free or die as we continue to identify the enemies of the American Republic..(...)

NOTICE: Occasionally the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate controlled NSA and FBI Division 5 and/or Israeli Mossad, invade these intelligence briefings, on this blog and in emails inserting bugs, changing or removing images, pictures and phraseology for the purpose of trying to keep you, the American People, ill-informed.


10:18 PM
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Axis of Evil:
Robert Fisk's World: Wherever I go, I hear the same tired Middle East comparisons
Gideon Levy: The time of the righteous
UN human rights chief accuses Israel of war crimes
Palestinian Death: Made in Canada
Flashback: US and Israel targeting DNA in Gaza? Part 1: The DIME bomb, yet another genotoxic weapon
Flashback: US and Israel targeting DNA in Gaza? Part 2: The DIME bomb, yet another genotoxic weapon
Flashback: US and Israel targeting DNA in Gaza? Part 3 of 3: The DIME bomb, yet another genotoxic weapon
Middle East: Israel may be using 'banned' weapons in Gaza
Pentagon sends unusually large 3000 ton shipment of arms to Israel
Our humanity has failed us in Gaza  ...etc....
Middle East Madness:
Hamas leader accuses Israel of Gaza holocaust
IDF uses live ammunition to break up West Bank demonstrations
Israel drops leaflets over Gaza warning of 'escalation' in violence
U.S. says arms shipment to Israel not linked to Gaza
Death toll in Gaza exceeds 800
Every Needless Death in Gaza Is a Tragedy
Fifth journalist killed in Gaza as media outlets targetted by Israeli army
15th day under attack: death toll in Gaza reaches 804, Journalists under fire by Israeli troops
The BBC: Eyeless in Gaza
100 Survivors Rescued in Gaza From Ruins Blocked by Israelis ...  etc.....
Mohawk News Network        Sat, 10 Jan 2009

Canada's Obscene role in Gaza atrocities - weapons need to be buried.
How many Palestinian infants, toddlers, children and schools have been bombed by the criminals in charge of Israeli forces in the last few days? What law are they following? An eye for an eye! A tooth for a tooth! This is primitive barbarity.
The Israelis claim if they kill enough Palestinians, Hamas will stop sending in rockets. Conveniently overlooked is the fact that Israelis have built a wall around Gaza to control every Palestinian and everything that comes in and out of the ghetto to deliberately force the people into desperation.
Also forgotten is that parts of the new smart bomb, GBU 39, designed for urban warfare, is made in Canadian facilities with the help of government tax breaks and Canada Pension Plan investments.
This is obscene!....(...)
Just follow the "blood money". Canada helps craft and support this cynical conspiracy. 10% of income tax goes to the military. The Canada Pension Plan contributions are invested in Carlyle Group and such weapons makers as NG [Northrop Grundman], L3Com, BAESystems, Bombardier, Raytheon, DRS Technologies, Boeing and many more.
How many people get their pay check directly or indirectly from the military industry?

Mineral resources to make these deadly bombs and destroy the world are being stolen from our territories that have been left polluted in the process. We constantly object and are threatened and subjected to impoverishment. Our social programs, health care, education and infra structure are cut back or stopped altogether to shut us up. For example, the dissidents of the Algonquins of Barriere Lake Quebec have moved out of their communities and into the bush. They are unwanted because they are trying to stop deforestation, demineralization and water diversion of their territory.
The guys trying to control our territories are finding the biggest obstacles are the sovereign legal resistance of the Indigenous people. A huge intelligence network has been set up to undermine and control our people and put out misinformation to us and about us to the public.
Survival is natural. To murder babies, women, men and elders is not natural.
The Palestinians are struggling to survive. Those who follow this natural instinct are labeled "terrorist". In fact we are defenders of our people, land, nation, very existence and Mother Earth. Every living creature has a right to carry out the natural instinct for self-preservation.
Creation put that in us....(...)

Thanks Mnnw       comment By: Garnet
For the info that Kanada is manufacturing the GBU 39.
Any you call yourself a Christian, Harper?
The U.S. is seeking to hire a merchant ship to deliver hundreds of tonnes of arms to Israel from Greece later this month, tender documents seen by Reuters show.
The U.S. Navy's Military Sealift Command (MSC) said the ship was to carry 325 standard 20-foot containers of what is listed as "ammunition" on two separate journeys from the Greek port of Astakos to the Israeli port of Ashdod in mid-to-late January.
A "hazardous material" designation on the manifest mentions explosive substances and detonators, but no other details were given....(...)

On January 6th 2009, Yonatan Schapira, a former Captain in the Israeli Air Force, said this on BBC News 24:
"My Government is now engaged in a massive War Crime"
( ... Now, let's see the other side of the story, shall we?
The carnage, the destruction, the annihilation, the pain, and the horror caused by qassam rockets:...)

... a link found by Jaon, a friend  :
...   \If people want to help me as an Israeli and a Jew, they have to put massive pressure on the Israeli government for a cease fire right now\/nYonotan Shapira, former Israeli Air Force captain, interviewed Jan 6 on BBC speaks out against the Israeli military\s attack on Gaza. Also says Obama \acts like a slave\ by staying silent on this and not using his influence to try to stop it./nYonatan Shapira, 32, is a Captain in the Israeli Air Force reserves. Yonatan is also a military refuser./nYonatan joined the IDF in 1991 and graduated from the Israel Air Force flight course in 1993. He served as a regular in the Air Force until 1999. While a regular, Yonatan flew primarily as a rescue and assault helicopter pilot, completing well over 100 missions, including missions in Lebanon./nIn 2001, while a civilian pilot and member of the Reserves,
Yonatan was called back to service to become one of the founding members of the Israel Air Force\s new Black Hawk squadron, for which he received specialized training in Alabama. Following initiation of the squadron, Yonatan resumed his status in the reserves. As a reservist, he served as a pilot, operations leader and instructor./nIn October 2003, Yonatan, along with 26 others, signed a declaration refusing to participate in aerial attacks on populated areas in the Palestinian Territories because of the belief that these attacks are illegal, immoral and do not serve the security of Israel.
Following this act, Yonatan was dismissed from service by the Israeli Air Force commander, General Dan Halutz./nYonatan lives in Tel Aviv and, in addition to his work as a pilot, volunteers for \SELA,\ the Israeli Crisis Management Center, an organization dedicated to aiding new immigrants and victims of terror.


...  nenki  .....

Israël utilise les GBU39, bombes sales ou à l'uranium appauvri contre les palestiniens de Gaza. Je me demande si les grands chefs d'états ont discuté de cela à l'ONU cet p.m. à leur fameuse réunion du cesser-le-feu des Isaraéliens. Comment peuvent-ils tolérer et permettre ces armes de destruction inhumaines ? C'est fait. Ils ont le droit de se défendre... mais avec quoi ?
Ils n'ont pas le tour de se faire aimer. Faudrait que quelqu'un leurs parle de décence humaine. Quoique ça n'existe plus beaucoup sur cette planète, de nos jours.
...  " Non contents de massacrer massivement les palestiniens de Gaza les SS - Soldats Sionistes- empoisonnent les survivants à l’Uranium Appauvri. La presse israélienne s’est vantée ce matin des exploits technologiques de son armée de l’air qui utilise des Smart Bombs GBU39 à l’Uranium Appauvri pour bombarder leurs cibles dans la Bande de Gaza, un territoire de 360Km2 d’une densité de population de 3823h au Km2. "
Et les médias continuent à renvoyer dos à dos Hamas et Israël !
Ces GBU 39, dites Smart Bombs( Bombes Intelligentes) sont de petites bombes, bon marché, développées par l’industrie militaire américaine pour frapper des cibles en profondeur du type bunkers. Le congrés américain a donné son accord en Septembre pour la fourniture de 1000 de ces bombes à l’armée israélienne, et la première livraison a eu lieu début Décembre.


... fw10......
January 9, 2009     750 Palestinians, FOUR Israelis. What is Wrong with this Picture?
----- Original Message ----- From: MG To: Sent: Friday, January 09, 2009 12:14 PM Subject: [WETHEPEOPLE_UNITED] 750 Palestinians, FOUR Israelis From: BryanD Sent: Thursday, January 08, 2009 5:18 PM To: Undisclosed- Recipient:; Subject: Fw: 750 Palestinians, FOUR Israelis 750 Palestinians, FOUR Israelis. 750 Palestinians, FOUR Israelis. 750 Palestinians, FOUR Israelis. What is wrong with this picture?!?!
And after withholding food, medical and necessary supplies to life from the Gazans since Israel "pulled out" in 2005, and really for years long before that, we are supposed to believe people who set off a few homemade rockets after watching their own people starving to death in history's largest concentration camp are the terrorists??? Homemade rockets against an arsenal of skin-eating PHOSPHOROUS 100% cancer-causing depleted uranium bombs and the FOURTH largest military in the world?! That's the US, Russia, China, and then Israel in that order--no one else--against rock-throwing kids! Half of Gaza is under the age of 18!
I'll tell you what's wrong with this picture--Americans unwilling to stand up and demand a stop to this 60-year GENOCIDE all because the entire nation has been brainwashed by the media, the education system, the movies and so-called politically correct "social movements" to remain silent out of fear of being called a name!!!!! Sticks and stones, people! It's not anti-semitic to tell the truth--that's the lie!
We're brainwashed into feeling sorry for a country that has FOUR HUNDRED NUCLEAR WAR HEADS; we're brainwashed into feeling sorry for people who control our own world's most powerful government and every system of information and can ruin your life if you stand up to them. We're brainwashed into thinking that people who point this out are racist, when the real racism is in reverse! They are getting away with mass murder! They do it by riding on your fears of even noticing, let alone speaking your minds. » read more:

January 10, 2009 2:41 PM OPERATION VAMPIRE KILLER 2000 --

Jack McLamb, reposted....

American Police Action Plan for Stopping
World Government Rule

Published by:
Police Against the New World Order
This material is UNCLASSIFIED.

This material was compiled with the assistance of the agencies listed below:

We Police Against the New World Order wish to thank these organizations for their input, information and research.

PURPOSE The Police Officers, National Guardsmen and military officers who have contributed to this special publication are aware of a plan to overthrow the Constitutional Republic of these United States of America.

This publication, many months in preparation, was found difficult to compile for many reasons. One important reason was that none of the officers involved were pleased with the duty of bringing to the attention of our colleagues the names and activities of some in our nation who have been in the past (or presently) engaged in what can only be described by law as treason and/or sedition against their own government.

While detailing the plan of these Internationalists, the main goal of this special police publication will be to promote an active program that will defend America from those at work forming an oligarchy of Imperialism against this nation of free people.

The herein-described plan to halt this un-American activity can succeed only with the combined efforts of the People's Protectors (the Police, Guardsmen and Military) and their countrymen in the private sector. ....(...)

Officers who think they will be at home watching their own children and spouses are wrong. Once the N.W.O. is set up in the year 2000 (just a couple of years away) you, officer, guardsman, and soldiers, will be in other countries . Foreign police troops will be guarding and enslaving your spouses and children in the U.S.A. [see diagram in printed manual]

Police and People Unite
January 9, 2009 12:00 PM
Jan. 9. 2009 "I soon realised that the Police force was not what I thought it was." Met Police Officer "I feel embarrassed by the Police, I want out and I feel cheated out of a career" Suffolk Constabulary Officer "The level of stress, depression and denial is huge throughout the Police force" Humberside Officer "I do not and would not recommend to anyone that they join the Police force, especially if they want to develop as a human being!" West Midlands Officer Police Officers have been duped by their employers…and more and more ‘Policy’ Officers (corporate revenue collectors) are waking up to this massive deception every day! This site is for the Police Officers, government agents and people at large who have been, and are continuing to be, deceived into false beliefs. There are many waking up every day to this phenomenal deception, knowing that something is very wrong.
So welcome aboard awakening friends and know there are many others like you. This information applies if you are in the UK, U.S, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, and EUROPE and so on!...(...)

So by ‘submitting’ an ‘application’ for ‘registration’ what is actually happening legally is that we are requesting and pleading to surrender our will and decision making and to hand over our child to the Crown/elite bankers.
Now look on your genuine certified copy of your Birth Certificate (by the way, humans don’t give birth, they are born…ships birth/berth!
Remember we are under Admiralty jurisdiction and in Admiralty everything is backed by bonds/insurance policies) and you will see a number, and this number will probably be printed in red, although not necessarily. This number is proof that a trust account was set-up and value was put into this account. This account is what’s known as a ‘Foreign Situs’ account or offshore account.
This trust account was added (pooled) to all the others from the bankrupt corporation known as the UNITED KINGDOM, UNITED STATES, CANADA, NEW ZEALAND, and/or AUSTRALIA etc (depending on where you are) and then used as collateral.
This is how governments manage to borrow money from the privately owned world banks; they use us and our children as collateral, our sweat and labour is averaged out and a price is put upon every individual! The B/C is also printed on Bond paper = valuable!

The National Insurance Policy (Social Security or whatever your particular corporate country calls theirs) is your insurance policy which is meant to enable us to pay for everything we need with just our signature…we all have pre-paid accounts in this bankrupt world, it’s just we have never been informed of the truth because the corrupt world bankers wouldn’t be able to control us if the truth was known! How can you ever pay when there is NO money? Easy, use Insurance Policies and we all have them!

Notice how many times the word ‘Policy’ has sprung up? It is in the world of corporate policies that a Police Force (Policy Force) would be needed. Look on your National Insurance card and notice that the name/legal title appears in ALL CAPITALS. This is because it is a legal fiction, a title, a person and just a corporation. It is NOT a human being living soul. Now when a Police Officer asks you for your name (legal fiction/person/strawman/corporation), they, like you, presume that you, the human being, has an obligation to give that information. You do not!

If you are a Police Officer reading this, then please try your best to find where in your rule books a ‘real’ man or woman is obligated to give you their details? You will fail miserably although you will probably be under the assumption that you have that authority. If a Police Officer asks you for your name, be very warm and caring, and then maybe ask them what name they are after…the legal or lawful name? If they say legal name, then ask them for proof of your obligation to give them that? You won’t ever see it because it doesn’t exist.               For some great info on this very matter, click on the Anti-Terrorist link on the 'Info Links' page and watch this peaceful protester inform you of how to interact with Police appropriately and with respect. Remember the vast majority of Police are totally unaware of this information & how they are being manipulated, so treat them with warmth and respect.

If you are a Police Officer reading this, then we suggest that you read through all your training manuals and guidelines etc, and notice how all the so-called laws are actually entitled ‘Acts’. This is because they are not real, they are merely statutes and only truly apply to corporations…not ‘real’ men and women! You will be amazed and shocked to discover who your bosses really are! The rules that you are enforcing are corporate statutes that have been stamped on humanity using deception, fear and force. This is one of the main reasons so many people and Police feel so oppressed, and have a deep feeling of ‘wrongness’ about the world! So Officer, the next time you talk to another human being or joke about people you've ‘nicked’, or using force and/or tasers on men and women, just remember how you ended up with your belief system…it was given to you through manipulation, conditioning and conformity; and your ultimate bosses really do not care about you at all. They are using you blindly!

Do you know how governments use legislation to create revenue? They come up with a new statute and work out how much they believe that particular so-called law would raise in revenue per year. Then they take these projections to the open market and sell the rights of this statute to the highest bidder. Then they use the Police, Judges and Courts etc to collect the revenue. There is always new legislation moving through parliament, and most of it is just another way to collect more and more revenue and to offer more and more control of the sheople!

Wake up and join the growing consciousness. The links on this website will provide you with loads of information and research into this whole arena. Do not worry if it is from the UK, Canada or the U.S etc, as we all operate under the Uniform Commercial Code and you will notice that the same applies to nearly every country in the world, and the UNITED KINGDOM is leading the way in the 'Big Brother' Police State!

Help get the word out to Police Officers, other authorities and more and more people in general. Print the website address details out and hand them to Police Officers and whoever you like, as everyone deserves the chance to wake up! We have provided them in Word doc format and pdf.

read more:

GAZA:We Are With You‏ / White Phosph / Zionism: No Mystery
January 9, 2009 11:50 AM
----- Original Message ----- From: $_ZIONist_WORLD_CONTROL _Grid$ To: Sent: Thursday, January 08, 2009 10:55 AM Subject: [WETHEPEOPLE_UNITED] -<Exit>GAZA:We Are With You‏>White Phosph>Zionism: No Mystery -<Exit>GAZA: We Are With You‏>White Phosph>Zionism: No Mystery [announce_onepalestine] Resistance Harvest Report 01/07/09 Wednesday, January 7, 2009 9:56 PM From: To: Exit or not to Exit? "Israel", Egypt, France and the Palestinian Authority appear to either looking for an exit strategy from Gaza or introducing the diplomacy arsenal to further cloud the picture and help "Israel's" tarnished image globally. I believe it is the later as the tyrants are hoping for a final Zionist push under the clouds of diplomacy. The armed wing of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad rejected the truce talks proposal. Raging battles are being reported at this very moment in Khan Younis as the Zionists are testing their luck in a new area. And as the leader of the resistance said: "Thank God for making our enemy so dumb and stupid". » read more:
January 9, 2009 4:18 PM Mordechai Vanunu Interviewed:

Hesham Tillawi
Posted Jan. 9, 2009
Al-Jazeerah, October 21, 2005
Below is the transcript of an eye-opening radio (telephone) interview that took place between peace activist Mordechai Vanunu and talk show host Hesham Tillawi on the television program Current Issues, in September 2005.

TILLAWI. ‘Well, I do believe that we have Mordechai Vanunu with us…Mordechai, are you with us?

TILLAWI. Good Morning, I know that it is 4 o’clock in the morning there in Jerusalem. Folks, Mordechai Vanunu has spent 18 years in an Israeli jail for telling Israeli nuclear secrets. He was lured to Rome by Israeli agents and kidnapped and then sent back to Israel where he spent 18 yrs in prison and 11 of those years in solitary confinement. That is true, Mordechai?
VANUNU. Yes, that is right. ...(....)
TILLAWI So, why are we after Iran then to open its doors to inspections, but no one is asking Israel to do the same? Why is that?

VANUNU This is a very strange situation that has been developed and accepted by the Western states since the 1960’s. It goes back about 40 years. My view is that Europe and America are and have been under a long-term agenda of blackmail by the Israelis. In the first case, the Israelis constantly bring up the Holocaust and what happened to the Jews during WWII, blaming the West for it and then using this as the justification for possessing nuclear weapons as a way of preventing this from ever happening again.

TILLAWI. Mordechai, do you know how many Atomic Weapons they possess?

VANUNU At the time that I first revealed Israel’s nuclear weapons program, they had more than 200 atomic weapons and were able to produce every year about 40 kilograms of plutonium. This amount can be used in making 10 atomic weapons each year. What that means is that since 1986 they were able to make another 200.

TILLAWI In your opinion, against whom do the Israelis plan to use these weapons?
VANUNU Their target has always been the Arab states.

TILLAWI How real do you think this threat really is?
VANUNU It is very, very real. Very, very close. It’s easy. It’s simple. All that they need is one crazy leader in the government. They may use it one day to make the world see that they are very powerful and thus force the world to let them continue on with their racist apartheid state for the Jewish people while not accepting any other solutions and to continue rejecting any real solutions for these problems involving the Palestinian people.

TILLAWI Now, what is your situation? You have a trial coming up soon?
VANUNU My situation now is that they have renewed my restrictions for the 2nd year. I cannot leave the country and I cannot speak to foreigners. I am not allowed to speak to you, but I continue to give interviews, so they came and arrested me on November 11th and questioned me and now have put me in a trial. It began a few weeks ago and will continue on through next year. They are accusing me of giving interviews to foreign media. I also am not allowed to go into the occupied territories, so I cannot go into Bethlehem. That is the situation now. I am facing trial and am under restrictions.

TILLAWI So, in other words you will be getting into trouble for speaking with us tonight?
VANUNU, No, it was for interviews that I gave before. For speaking to you tonight Tillawi I will have to face another trial.

TILLAWI. Mordechai, I want to thank you for being with us. It has been a very informative interview, and I just want to say thank you again and good luck to you.
VANUNU Thank you very much and good luck to you and to your audience, and I hope to be with you all one day soon. Thank you.

TILLAWI Okay folks, that was Mordechai Vanunu, former Israeli nuclear scientist who told the world what was happening in Israel.

***An audio version of this program can be accessed by going to and clicking on the photo of Mordechai Vanunu. Please tune in to Current Issues every Thursday evening at 9pm eastern time to hear the latest and most important news with regards to what is taking place in the Middle East. It is a no-holds-barred program that isn’t afraid to tell the truth about the dangers that mankind is facing with regards to Zionism and its policies. Hesham Tillawi can also be heard Tuesday evenings at 9pm eastern time on the internet radio program entitled The Crescent and Cross Solidarity Hour with co-host Mark Glenn. The live program is dedicated to an examination of what is taking place in the Middle East and around the world from a Christian/Muslim perspective.
An easy to install ! player program is required in order to listen to the show, which can be accessed at the following site:

Earth, a planet hungry for peace
Jan. 10, 2009 THE GAZA MASSACRE --'NEVER AGAIN' -500+ Reasons (Only for the Brave)

Although the heading of these graphic photos are not in English, a "picture is worth a thousand words".
Gaza and the Children
January 9, 2009 12:46 PM
Original Message ----- From: Robert Busser To: Sent: Wednesday, January 07, 2009 1:58 PM Subject: [frameup] Gaza and the kids ......(...)
(...) This picture of the dead child in the ruins of her home which until Tuesday was her home is repulsive, and will provoke a lot of readers. It is a conscious provocation - and we have two reasons for it: Israel keep all western journalists away from the war in Gaza. The country's government claim 'the wellbeing of the journalists' as the reason, but this is an obvious lie. In modern wars, the 'strong side' does everything in its power to stop the press from documenting abuse of the civilian population, because this can weaken the support of the war.
BUT THERE ARE cameras in the war zone, and there are local photographers who are willing to go past everything that might stop them to get photos of a war in a tightly populated city out to the outside world. Pictures like this one.

There is no such thing as a 'surgical strike' in one of the most heavily populated areas in the world. This little girl died along with at least 11 other members of the Daya family when their 4-story house was bombed by Israeli planes yesterday morning. This - not the camo-painted israeli soldier, or the covered Hamas warrior, is the true face of the war.

Today we show the picture 'The Others' see, so as to better understand how they feel, Sven Egil Omdal (multimedia and cultural editor) writes.

THE MOST IMPORTANT reason for us to show this face, is that the Arab world sees pictures like these from Gaza every day. Not a single still, but hours and hours of TV-images of hospital floors full of small, dead bodies
Four year olds, two year olds, seven year olds, newly borns - THese pictures represent the war in Gaza for millions of muslims - and we wonder why the hatred against Israel and the west grows?
__._,_.___   /////
Rob Kall Interview with Chris Hedges on Gaza, Hamas, AIPAC and more.
January 9, 2009 4:24 PM  posted ////
January 8, 2009 at 16:36:45 ranscribed by Jim Magee. Edited by Jay Farrington and Carla Gilby Click here for link to MP3 recording of interview, accessible until 2/7/2009 : Conference Recording
Rob Kall: this is Rob on the Rob Kall radio show WNJC 1360 and I have Chris Hedges here with me and Chris was a correspondent in the Middle East, for I think – was it seven years Chris? Chris Hedges: yes.
Rob Kall: and you've been writing about it - you've got some pretty strong takes on it and we're going to have a conversation about it tonight - did you hear Obama speak just a couple of minutes ago? Hedges: I didn't Kall: well, not surprisingly, somebody asked him what he had to say and he said - well he’s not president yet
Hedges: well, that's what he been saying since the inception of...
Kall: well you’re not talking about Christians Jews, you’re talking about
Hedges: I'm using the word messianic with a small m.

Kall: okay, well you’re talking about the extreme orthodox...
Hedges: no, I'm talking about Netanyahu, and Olmert, and Livni and Ahoud Barack - they have a messianic vision of their role in the Middle East and it is one that they are going to remove the scourge of human impediments towards a powerful Israel - one that can't be challenged. And they are as misguided as the messianic Muslims who make up Hamas and their messianic allies in the White House who believe they talk to Jesus/

Kall: do they represent the majority in Israel?
Hedges: no. They don't represent the majority in the same way that George Bush never represented the majority of Americans, you know from that aspect. You know, Israel, but that's another discussion, but the Israeli political system is so fragmented that the right has essentially always been in power in coalitions, because the only two things they want are the expansion of settlements and a hard-line military policy. And as long as you give them that they'll go along with everything else. So that's part of the confusion of Israeli politics that have even in the labor dominated coalitions, allowed the right wing to carry out these policies of seizing Palestinian land and tightening the screws on Palestinians

Kall: so to wrap things up, any advice to listeners or readers on what they can do to make a difference?
Hedges: divestment – moving in divestment campaigns. I think that we have - I mean we carry a lot of clout, and I think that divestment is big - I mean getting institutions to divest holdings within Israel. I think that anyway we can begin to punish Israel or create pressure on the Israeli government to moderate their policies is probably the most effective tactic at this point

Kall: okay. Thank you so much
Hedges: thanks for having me -

Kall: Rob Kall, bottom-up radio show, 1360 WNJC. Good night.

Rob Kall is executive editor and publisher of, President of Futurehealth, Inc, inventor . He is also published regularly on the and is a columnist with He is a frequent Speaker on Politics, Impeachment, The art, science and power of story, heroes and the hero's journey, Positive Psychology, Stress, Biofeedback and a wide range of subjects. He is a campaign consultant specializing in tapping the power of stories for issue positioning, stump speeches and debates. He recently retired as organizer of several conferences, including StoryCon, the Summit Meeting on the Art, Science and Application of Story and The Winter Brain Meeting on neurofeedback, biofeedback, Optimal Functioning and Positive Psychology. See more of his articles here and, older ones, here.
To learn more about me and, check out this article.
Contact Author
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Kucinich Speaks Against Israel Resolution.
January 9, 2009 4:12 PM
“We Must Take a New Direction in the Middle East” Washington, Jan 9 - Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today spoke out against a resolution affirming U.S. support for Israel’s military action in Gaza. While a firm supporter of the people of Israel and a critic of rocket attacks by Hamas militants, Congressman Kucinich led opposition against the incomplete resolution. H. » read more:

January 9, 2009 Preliminary Memorandum Of The Justice Robert H. Jackson Conference On Federal Prosecutions Of War Criminals.
Lawrence Velvel
Jan. 9, 2009

An extensive complaint seeking federal prosecution of American officials who ordered, authorized, approved or committed war crimes is currently being prepared. While the complaint is in preparation, the Steering Committee of the Justice Robert H. Jackson Conference is issuing this preliminary memorandum setting forth several of the points to be presented more extensively in the complaint itself. Such points include the acts of torture and abuse which constitute war crimes, the high level individuals of the American Government who ordered, authorized, or approved these acts plus some of the lower level officials who committed them, and the warnings of illegality and immorality given to the culpable American officials -- as news of their secret actions slowly began to percolate within the Executive branch -- by persons ranging from FBI officials on the ground, to other executive investigative personnel on the ground, to military Judge Advocates General, to general counsels of the armed services.
These warnings of illegality and immorality given by knowledgeable and experienced persons were ignored by the small group of high Executive officers who were determined that America would torture and abuse its prisoners and who had the decisionmaking power to secretly require this to be done.
The Steering Committee’s Report was drafted for the entire committee by the committee Chair, Lawrence Velvel.

The Report anticipates a more extensive, full scale complaint, currently being drafted, that will be presented to the Executive Branch after January 20th, urging prosecution of President Bush and those who aided him. ...(...)

(...) In sum, far from American officials and lawyers authorizing or engaging in torture because it was lawful, they authorized and engaged in it because they wanted to, they kept their actions secret from interested officials for as long as they could lest there be strong opposition to the torture and abuse they were perpetrating, they deliberately ignored repeated warnings that the torture and abuse were illegal and could lead to prosecutions, and they ignored these warnings even when they came from high level civilian and military officers.*

This posting represents the personal views of Lawrence R. Velvel. If you wish to comment on the post, on the general topic of the post, or on the comments of others, you can, if you wish, post your comment on my website, All comments, of course, represent the views of their writers, not the views of Lawrence R. Velvel or of the Massachusetts School of Law. If you wish your comment to remain private, you can email me at

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Trilateral Commission: Moving Towards Usurping Sovereignty of all Peoples.

January 9, 2009

----- Original Message ----- From: Alex James To: Sent: Friday, January 09, 2009 5:42 AM Subject: [WETHEPEOPLE_UNITED] Trilateral Commission: Moving Towards Usurping Sovereignty of all Peoples; note the mainstream press calling for a new centralized World financial order From: Patrick Wood [] Sent: Friday, January 09, 2009 5:37 AM Subject: Chorus call for New World Order A crisis made to order? Dr. Robert A. Pastor, the principal visionary of the North American Union,stated in 2007, "What I'm saying is that a crisis is an event which can force democraticgovernments to make difficult decisions like those that will be required tocreate a North American Community," he said. "It's not that I want another9/11 crisis, but having a crisis would force decisions that otherwise mightnot get made. »..(...)
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all posts)
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<>  ...////
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Israeli Troops Kill U.N. Truck Driver   AT Gaza Crossing
January 9, 2009 4:07 PM

Jan. 8, 2009 Israeli soldiers opened fire Thursday on a truck attempting to deliver humanitarian aid to the beleaguered Gaza Strip, killing one United Nations-contracted driver and seriously wounding another, U.N. officials said. The shooting occurred at the Erez checkpoint, the main entrance used by relief agencies to funnel badly needed food and medical supplies into Gaza, where Israel is waging a devastating, 13-day-long military campaign against the militant Islamic group Hamas. » read more:
January 9, 2009 1:24 PM
More of the Picutre -- Eco-Fascism & the Late Great Climate Change Swindle

January 9, 2009 1:00 PM

----- Original Message ----- From: JF To: Sent: Thursday, January 08, 2009 4:07 PM Subject: More of the Picture -- Eco-Fascism & the Late Great Climate Change Swindle See attachments ----- Original Message ----- From: SS To: Sent: Wednesday, January 07, 2009 4:06 AM Subject: Open Letter from Sacha Stone: Eco-Fascism & the Late Great Climate Change Swindle Grey Men vs Green Money (Eco-Fascism & the Late Great Climate Change Swindle) An Open Letter from Sacha Stone (Humanitad) January 2009 __________________     We are living in a time when the net result of 'civilization' is a systemic poisoning of the food, water and air we require to survive. We are living in a time when the sperm count of an average 70 year old man is higher than that of a 22 year old. We are living in a time when the annual spend on tranquilizers for household pets in the USA exceeds 33 billion dollars p/annum. We are living in a time when nameless servants in the dim recesses of government pay five billion dollars to build a 'Large Hadron Collider' .. » read more:
Peter Schiff rips Canadian anchor on Bond Bubble
January 10, 2009 2:07 PM.
Jan. 8, 2009
Peter Schiff once again has to educate a brainwashed anchor on economic fundamentals. This time it is a BNN host from Toronto discussing the US Treasury Bond Bubble. Distributed by Tubemogul.
Making a Killing - Evil Run Rampant - Parts 1-3
January 10, 2009 2:27 PM
Posted Jan. 10, 2009 The Psychotropic Drug Scam » //////  ( )

Merchants of Death - The Pharmaceutical Industry
January 10, 2009 2:18 PM
Posted Jan. 10, 2008 From "Making a Killing" This is an excerpt of a film called "Making a Killing." It's not flattering to the pharmaceutical companies or to general trends in the psychiatric profession. We recently had a "physician" aggressively push a dangerous drug on a 91 year old family member. The warning in the pharmaceutical company's own fine print clearly stated that this drug created a danger of heart failure in patients with the very same symptoms our family member had.
The doctor responded: "It's just a baby-sized dose. It shouldn't do any harm."
We've fired the doctor.
I hope you treat all doctors enthusiasm for new, under-tested drugs with maximum skepticism.
Don't assume they know what they're doing.
Odds are they don't.
( )
Mis-medicated Victim Speaks About Abuse in USH (Utah State Hospital)
January 10, 2009 2:25 PM
----- Original Message ----- From: LP To: <> Sent: Saturday, January 10, 2009 7:45 AMMessage: My name is David Pantone.
My father is Inventor Paul Pantone who is being wrongfully held and tortured at the Utah State Hospital. I have contacted a man who was recently in the USH with my father. I have interviewed this man about his experience being abused, mis-medicated and having his complaints ignored while in the USH.
I am calling for all witnesses to come forward so we can stop this from happening to more innocent and sane people.
I will continue to make videos, with more information about my dad, the USH, the State of Utah, and what we can do to help.
Please forward this message to everyone you know, and speak with people you see about Paul Pantone in the USH.

Here is a link to the interview on youtube.
*****   January 9, 2009
Interview with a man who was unnecessarily force-medicated in the Utah State Hosptal. While in the USH he knew Paul Pantone, who is still being wrongfully held and tortured there.
( )

January 9, 2009 4:27 PM First Bees, Now Birds.
Jan. 9, 2009

Then the bees started disappearing.

Now, according to the Seattle Times, its birds:
Pelicans suffering from a mysterious malady are crashing into cars and boats, wandering along roadways and turning up dead by the hundreds across the West Coast, from southern Oregon to Baja California, Mexico, bird-rescue workers say.

Frogs and bees are so different from people that they are easier to ignore. But birds are larger, more complicated, warm-blooded animals, and thus closer to us biologically.

People will be in real trouble unless we figure out why the amphibians, bees and birds are dying.  and


conférence de Montréal:

Bonne année 2009. . . après J-C.
     Saviez-vous que notre univers existe depuis près de 14 milliards d'années.
      Le tout aurait débuté par un Big Bang explosif de . . .
      ce dont on ne sait pas trop quoi au juste.

Mais, comme notre corps biologique est composé d'atomes
qui auraient vue le jour il y a 14 milliards d'années,
notre corps spirituel, de nature divine,
devait pré-exister avant ce Big Bang !

La Tradition ésotérique parle du Aïn Sof Âour (Big Bang).
Nous devrions être capable de retrouver notre identité spirituelle
en remontant à cette époque d'AVANT LE :
"Au Commencement Dieu créa le ciel et la terre..."

Qui étions-nous AVANT le Big Bang ?
La Tradition du Aïn Sof Âour nous l'enseigne:
Nous étions déja en devenir, jusqu'à maintenant !

Tel est le ''plan'' de la conférence que je vous propose,
moi et mes invités pour notre première rencontre de 2009.
Étonnante démarche, mais combien "tripative", n'est-ce pas ?

Bienvenue !
Au plaisir de vous rencontrer.
Richard Glenn, ésotériste
dit : KIWAN sur notre site.


Primary Recommended Reading:
Yoga of Time Travel ~ by Fred Alan Wolf
The Field ~ Lynn McTaggert
Holographic Universe ~ Michael Talbot
Quantum Mind ~ Arnold Mindell, Phd.
Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance ~ James Oschman
The Power of Intention ~ Wayne Dyer
Parallel Universes ~ Fred Alan Wolf

Secondary Recommended Reading:
Science and Human Transformation ~ William Tiller (best for science)
Eagle's Quest ~ Fred Alan Wolf
Muddy Tracks ~ Frank De Marco
Using Your Brain for a Change ~ Richard Bandler
The Reconnection ~ Eric Pearl
Remote Viewing Secrets ~ Joe McMonagle
Captain of My Ship, Master of My Soul ~ Skip Atwater
A Touch of Hope ~ Dean Kraft

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