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V. Timing
As the new year arrived the opportunites for reversed speech expanded dramatically. After all, you can't keep a politician away from microphones for long. Our contributor Aquarius let me know that the U.K.'s PM, Gordon Brown, had released a New Years message, and shortly after that he'd done a short interview about Gaza. Both soundtracks revealed good reversals, he said.
It didn't take long to discover that Gordon Brown had indeed spilled the beans....(...)
I don't believe I've ever found a more straight-forward indication of what someone is expecting to happen. I've combed through hundreds of reversals in the last two months, and none are as revealing as SOON - NUKE - WAR.
We'll have to nominate Brown for Best Enemy Asset.

I had promised myself that I would not go all out until I had either a firm hit on the location that is the target of the missile, or a really strong indication of the timing. None the less, the following hit from Junior convinced me that I simply couldn't wait any longer to take action. Bush's photo-op was on Monday, January 5th, but I didn't find the reversals until Wednesday, which was just two days ago....(...)
READY TO LAUNCH is self explanatory. HIDING IT IN THE SHOW most likely refers to the whole Gambit operation, which is essentially invisible. The action in Gaza is so convincing that it is difficult for most people to entertain the idea
that it is merely preparing a global audience for something else.

My only real clues about timing, Brown's "week", which could be a generalization, and THEIR SUNDAY which is awfully thin. Bush mentions Condi Rice in the same breath, there's a reasonble chance he's thinking that Condi was "there Sunday" and we just don't happen to know where that was.
On the other hand, if we take it as I've written it, then we can assume that he's thinking about the Jewish sabbath, or the Islamic Sabath. That means either Saturday or Friday and we have no way to tell which one it is.
But this is often the dilemma in this kind of work. You want stronger information, but you reach a point where you simply can't afford to ignore lesser items that could very well be perfectly good.
The point is this. I may have erred in thinking I had the target date, but the fact that the Armageddon Plot is going to succeed or fail in a very short time is solid reality.
Let's all keep in mind, too, that as far as this item is concerned, the old saying that no news is good news is exactly right!

And speaking of news, television coverage in the U.S. of the Gaza battle stopped rather abruptly after a CNN reporter mentioned on Monday (1/5) that a third of the Palestinian casualties that day were children. If it wasn't for the announcement today that neither Israel nor Hamas intended to observe the U.N. demand for a cease-fire, one would think the battle was over.
For now, you must go to a site like CLG News to get the real story.
(( )) This is distinctly different from the Lebanon affair, in which the strongly pro-Israel propaganda networks did a U-Turn for a month and actually encouraged anger at the Zionists. It would have made the Gambit story all the more convincing.

This time it seems they don't care that much about opinion here at home. Perhaps they feel that Americans are now so conditioned to see Islamic people as crazy-dangerous that no cover story is needed inside the U.S. to set the stage for the false-flag event.
And they're pretty busy right now building Obama's image as the country's savior
facing increasingly bad odds against saving anything at all. ( armageddon-2)


ARMAGEDDON MISSILE RELEASED TO FALSE FLAG FIRING TEAM by Ken Welch in Houston Tuesday, January 13, 2009 (0800 GMT)     ( armageddon 2-B)

In last Friday's report on Armageddon II, we noted George Bush had been told that the nuclear-tipped missile intended to trigger the invasion of Iran was "ready to launch." We also noted that the only indications we had regarding any date pointed to that very weekend.

Like everyone else, we waited to see what would happen, but news from Gaza (if you could find any) actually seemed less warlike than the previous week. As I learned this morning from audio collected on Friday, the date may have referred to the false-flag operation moving to its final phase. One thing remains certain: the deadly climax at the end of this new phase is still to come.

The weekend also caused some discussion here at The Project about our expectations for the fictional scenario that the various governments and their captive news networks will wrap around the surprise nuclear blast over Israeli territory once it takes place. The Gaza situation is simply not following the same script we saw in Lebanon, or in later operations either. Even more puzzling has been the enormous manipulation of broadcast news, which also is not following the game-plan we expected to see.

After all, what's the point of spending money and lives to create a dramatic Gaza backdrop for The Show if you don't let anyone see it?

You'll see our surprising conclusions below. As I did with the previous report, I'll continue adding material to this page as it becomes available. When it gets full, I'll just start on the next one. Eventually I'll rewrite these pages to take out the blog effect and create a single coherent report. Oh, one more thing. If you are not sure about what Reversed Speech is, our how we obtain it, check out the link at the top of the page.

I. The Release Message
Nuclear weapons have their own rules and procedures, and even a covert operation expected to remain ultra-secret forever must follow the rules. I don't have the rule book myself, and I'm sure it's kept secret as well. But after watching these guys go through the same steps a number of times, some rules are fairly clear.

First and foremost, nukes are the most valuable thing on the planet. Not only are they always kept secure, they remain in the care and custody of experts until the very last moment before they are to be used. Supposedly, only the President can authorize the release of a nuke into the hands of a military officer who has orders to use it. The "release message" is thus a key element, a milestone you might say, in these false-flag nuke plots we've been following all along.

In February, 2006, it was Dick Cheney who blurted out (in RS) that the bomb that was to be used in the first attempt at Texas City had been RELEASED to the team that would hide it on a ship docked near the port's oil terminal. (See Russian Nuke Traced to Texas, p.2)

In July of that year it was Tony Blair that informed us the same bomb that had then been shipped to Israel had been RELEASED. (See August 2006 War Warning)

In November 2007 it was Ben Bernanke who told us BUSH RELEASED IT before we even knew what the new target was! (See Iran Invasion Recycled. This is the one where Bush complains that we caught him every time.)

Last Friday we had no release message for the current operation. One would think this would be a critical piece of evidence, and it certainly is. Still, we are lucky (blessed, I think) to find what we do, whenever we can. The missile we've been tracking could have been released over the holidays, for instance, and with no one speaking before the public there would have been no way for us to pick it up.

As luck would have it, UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has now let us know that the nuclear-armed missile intended for Armageddon II has just been officially released to the team that will actually launch it. Listen to the sound clip below:...(...)
Brown's reversals from last week make it clear that he is expecting a nuclear detonation (Hiroshima).
With the missile's release, all we can do is psychologically prepare ourselves for the first use of nuclear weapons for corporate profit.
How far beyond Iran the chaos will spread     is still unknown.

by Ken Welch in Houston
Wednesday, January 14, 2009  ( armageddon 2-C)

In Iran they are already burning Barrack Obama in effigy, recognizing that he is simply the new Bush in blackface. Commentators here in the U.S. have been gently approaching the same topic as they take note of cabinet assignments, and policy statements that don't match what we all heard on the campaign trail.
Responding to a situation that can't be hidden much longer, CNN flashed a story title yesterday acknowledging the issue: Obama Two Point Oh!

In last Friday's report on Armageddon II, we noted George Bush had been told that the nuclear-tipped missile intended to trigger the invasion of Iran was "ready to launch." We also noted that the only dates that had surfaced in reversed speech seemed to point to that very weekend. Like everyone else, we waited to see what would happen, but news from Gaza (if you could find any) actually seemed less warlike than the previous week.
Then, from reversed speech, we learned that the Armageddon Missile had been "released" to the team that would actually fire it.
From the news we learned that Israel announced they would again ramp up their operations in Gaza. So if the dates meant anything at all, they may have referred to this false-flag operation moving to its final phase. One thing remains certain: the deadly climax at the end of this new phase is still to come.

Over the weekend there was considerable discussion here at The Project asking if we were approaching this operation in the right way, and what we might conclude about the fictional scenario various governments and their captive news networks will wrap around the surprise nuclear blast over Israeli territory once it takes place. Eventually we realized that we simply cannot assume that previous false-flag attempts   define how this one will unfold.

The Gaza situation is simply not following the same script we saw in Lebanon, or in later operations either. Even more puzzling has been the enormous manipulation of broadcast news, which also is not following the game-plan we expected to see.
After all, what's the point of spending money and lives to create a dramatic Gaza backdrop for The Show if you don't let anyone see it?

Our surprising conclusions are below. On this page you'll find our summary of what we expect to happen. Interesting examples of reversed speech that follow this plot to its success or failure   will be posted on the page that shows the "release message" establishing, among other things, that the missile to be fired at Israel
has a nuclear warhead.

If you are not sure about what Reversed Speech is, our how we obtain it, check out the link at the top of this page. Because good RS is time consuming, our postings will naturally be appearing a few days after actual events. You will see, however, that we already have a pretty good idea of what to expect, and the work itself will provide a good history after the fact.
I. Rethinking the Probable Scenario
Let's take a look now at how this plan is likely to unfold. I thought I had a pretty good idea, but over the weekend it became obvious I was relying too much on previous operations we'd uncovered, and not really noticing how different this operation is from those in the past. There was also a healthy dose of not being able to see the forest because of all the trees in the way!
Here are the key items that had to be looked at with a fresh approach.

1. The Missile
Three years ago, when we first found that Junior and his bosses in Houston were attempting to counterfeit a nuclear terrorist incident, the weapon they had to work with was a small nuclear device which we reported as a "baby nuke." These have to be hidden in the target area and detonated by remote control. Even now they have several of these (converted from Russian atomic canon shells, circa 1950) and unless they've given up on them I expect to see two of them used in Iraq to regain control of the situation there.
They will simply say they arrived by missile from Iran, badly aimed at American bases, and no one will disagree.

We learned they were interested in missiles when a Navy intelligence team attempted (twice) to steal an armed B-52 from Minot Air Force Base, but there wasn't really any clue then about why missiles would be more desirable than bombs. (Had to steal it so there would be no records.) Nonetheless, when SEAL teams obtained four nuclear shells from a Russian decommissioning facility,
the first item of business was to convert one of them to ride in the nose cone of a refurbished Scud missile the Brits had found in Iraq and kept secret.

Under the command of General Betray-us the Scud missile, complete with launch vehicle, was twice smuggled into Iran to play its role in a faked Iranian missile launch. The second time it had to be blown up in the desert while Bush watched from NSA headquarters, and we will probably never know why. Now, of course, we have yet another missile in play, but it's not being smuggled into Iran. Instead, it's been sent on a slow journey by ship. According to recent RS, the ship arrived at its destination last week
and is now tied up at a dock.

My question was, how did they plan to "prove" the missile was fired from Iran? Answer: That was last time. In the new plan this won't be necessary. All they have to do is announce very firmly that whoever fired the missile must have obtained the warhead from an imaginary Iranian stockpile, and every captive news outlet in the world will back them up. Remember, too, the official U.S. war plan states that if a weapon of mass destruction is triggered here, or anyplace in the Middle East that's supposed to be friendly,
then the U.S. will nuke the country of Iran regardless of what actually happened.

Of course, one question you won't see asked any time soon is why Iran would supply anyone with a nuclear weapon     when its use would guarantee their own destruction.

2. The Atrocities In Gaza
I wrote in the previous report that the Gaza campaign seemed to be a copy of Israel's vicious attack on Lebanon, an operation that we knew at the time was merely the staged backdrop for a false-flag nuclear detonation that eventually failed at the last minute. At that time, and only at that time, U.S. media dropped their Israel-can-do-no-wrong stance, and depicted the death and destruction in Lebanon day after day. This was probably the first and only time the American public has ever seen Middle East reality on a television screen.

The objective was to paint a picture in which Western people could see how a nuclear event might happen. They would understand how some Islamic state or organization had become so insanely enraged that they would risk the destruction of Iran just for the chance of striking a real blow at the Israeli monsters.
After all, a lot of people were beginning to feel the same way.
The Lebanon campaign also allowed the Israeli army to reach full mobilization in preparation for a dash into Syria (along with U.S. combat brigades waiting on ships off Lebanese beaches) once the real war began.

The Gaza story seemed pretty much the same as Lebanon, and there is no shortage of outrageous atrocities. Supposedly there are over a thousand dead, and many thousands more among the burned, wounded and maimed. Property destruction is said to be unbelievable. Yet much of the current information seems to be coming from people standing on the Israeli side of the fence. The actual truth could be much worse.

Gaza now differs from the Lebanon disaster in a major way. When the media controllers realized that talk each day of how many children had been killed by Israeli soldiers was beginning to create the wrong impression they elected to censor the story almost completely. In both the U.S. and the U.K. it has nearly dropped out of sight for ten days or more. Clues are given that the affair could be over relatively soon.
Of course, coverage may ramp up again as D-Day approaches.

We pretty much confirmed via reversed speech that for the Israeli government the Gaza incursion is a sham, and many others have noted there is no real objective or prize to win. For myself, I was depending on Gaza getting worse and worse as a major clue that the main event was near. Why is this not happening?
Conclusion: setting the psychological background for the missile launch is not the purpose of the Gaza attack - at least not for Western audiences. However, remember the motto of Mossad: "By way of deception, thou shalt do War."

The Gaza incursion allows Israel to call up her reserves in stages, virtually unnoticed.
In this way the Israeli Defense Force will be almost fully mobilized, gassed up and ready to go when the balloon goes up.

Seems pretty clever until you remember how many human beings had to be killed or maimed to make it happen.

3. A Very Different Environment At Home
Two years ago Americans were fully programmed to accept that the Persian Gulf oil grab was actually all about religious hatred by fundamentalist Muslims against Christians. Washington, London, and major Western media were pushing fear at the slightest opportunity. In that environment, any sort of violent, insane act seemed quite possible.

Today, people are already breathing a great sigh of relief that George Bush and his gang of thugs and killers will soon be gone for good. All things seem possible. Surely we can at least extract ourselves from the tar pit in Iraq. After all, we got rid of Saddam, although we don't quite remember why,       and who cares what kind of government they have in some Middle Eastern hell hole? I certainly don't!
In fact, few Americans can think of a good reason to still be in Afghanistan, either. Let the Afghans kill each other off and be done with it! Of course, Obama's insistence that tens of thousands of soldiers must be sent there tomorrow      is finally raising some alarms.

None the less, Obama will surely save us. Let's all say that together.

On Monday I watched an hour of CNN (actually more than I can stand) and witnessed the most bizarre example of naked propaganda I've seen to date. Thirty years ago it would have sparked congressional hearings. The so-lovely news babes and their handsome associates were in top form. Sweet, lovable Bush, who's only fault is that he can't speak English very well, had staged his farewell press conference, and don't you know, we're all going to miss him.
Meanwhile, his young, handsome, dynamic replacement with godlike voice and full grasp of every known issue, was busy saving us even before taking office.

It was an hour-long orgy of Führer Worship in the best German tradition. I'm pretty sure that one of the actresses (you don't think those are actual newspeople do you?) was pretty close to an orgasm.
Made you want to look away so she could enjoy her glowing moment in privacy!

This is a totally different environment in which to attempt an invasion of Iran and hope to make it all seem plausible. Obama is cool with it, because if it happens quickly enough he won't have to bear the responsibility.
On the other hand, Obama has a job to do. Essentially it's Bush's job three years behind schedule. He has to continue the expansion of our new Eastern Empire, pretend to be helpless when the Bird Flu Pandemic is finally released, preside over the forced conversion to North American Union in the midst of near total collapse, and pretend to believe in Global Warming no matter how absurd it becomes.
Otherwise he just has to read the statements they write for him, and smile a lot.

In other words, and with the exception of the CO2 tax scam, Obama must be morphed into Bush as quickly as possible. Yes, he feels your pain, but he stands ready to make those really tough decisions! Americans must given a believable rationale for the apparent change that will overcome their new president.

If you feel I'm being to harsh on Obama, check out the opinion another puppet leader, ex-PM Tony Blair, voiced after election day. The speech reversal was exceptionally clear. When "the new president" was reversed it became "LOSE THEIR FREEDOM."
(Don't forget you can reverse segments of speech yourself!)

Considering the situation, I would say that although the false flag nuke is headed for Israel (because it was a lot closer to the action and they won't lose much), and the real objective is Iran, the attack itself must be portrayed in every way as a personal attack upon Barrack Obama. It will be a grim Obama who must then deal with those Islamic sub-humans, and of course the terrible threats to our security, over the next four years.
Mark my words; that hollywood grin will soon be history.

II. You've Already Been Warned
Remember, the U.S. internal propaganda machine has already told you that the attack is going to happen. The public is already psychologically prepared, although most don't realize it.

Do you remember that Barrack Obama WILL BE TESTED during his first days in office? We have Joe Biden to thank for that one, and many others who chimed in on cue.

You've also received multiple warnings from the Secretary of Defense and Admiral Mullen that the U.S. (which now includes the new Eastern empire, of course) is historically the target of terrorist operations during changes in administration. Although no one bothered to ask them to cite even one real-world example, the message remains embedded in the collective unconscious.

Hey, even the bad guys are warning you. The Florida Psy-Ops studio that creates all the Al Qaeda and Taliban audio and video tapes has now released two audio-only video tapes, reportedly from Osama bin Laden and his delightful “number two” Zawahiri. We are told that Bin Laden has again called for holy war against Israel. I’ve got the audio from that one.
I’m hoping to get the Zawahiri audio to see if it’s the same clown we caught before. Not having much luck, so far, but these days, many news stories reference something that doesn’t exist at all.
Anyway, I’m off topic. The Psy-Ops outfit is so reliable with these tapes, that we usually look for one to confirm that a false flag incident is at least underway for the moment. Of course, when something goes wrong and the attack fails, old Osama and Zawahiri look bad, but few people know the real story. Besides, they aren’t real people in the first place.
(Both were murdered before the dust cleared on 9-11, in my opinion. Otherwise they never would have allowed their names to be used without huge protest.) (Did you think that was the real Osama?)

At the White House this week they've conducted an unusual drill in which Bush and Obama staffers practice side-by-side using all the equipment and communications links to respond to a major terrorist attack centered on Inauguration Day.
As I write this, Tony Blair is being shown on CNN and the legend beneath the picture quotes him as saying "Ghastly Events Await Obama." In addition to the pre-conditioning effect, we've noticed that in the final stages of operations like this, there is a terrible temptation for those who actually know what's happening to make statements that will later make them seem very wise." Keep your eyes open for more of this.

One clue from all this is especially important.
The Defense Department propaganda carried an extra piece of information to be used later if there was some explaining to do. Starting a few days before the Inauguration, and continuing for some time after it, the U.S. military will be on FULL ALERT.
That's world-wide, including the Persian Gulf. Remember, Israel is quietly moving toward full mobilization as well.
When the time comes to nuke Iran there will be very little delay.
U.S. units will already be in position and standing at full alert.
Any last minute movements that would otherwise cause comment before the main event will be dismissed as part of the precautionary strategy.

I have accumulated hundreds of small speech reversals that alone don't tell us much by themselves. But when you add them all together a pretty good picture is emerging. I may add more material here as more information comes in, but we already have enough to easily identify the false-flag nature of the event when it occurs.

Key players who routinely mention Gambit, the nuclear false-flag plan, usually also mention The Show. We've come to recognize that this refers to all the follow-on events that are planned, including the Iran invasion, and almost certainly some fabulous television coverage that will have everyone glued to their television sets for days. The intention seems to be to make events seem even more real to the public than the original 9-11 show. Although Gambit is the evil heart of what's about to happen, it's all really about The Show.

The inauguration of Barrack Obama will provide a world-wide viewing audience already in place, and is probably the optimum day for the missile launch. However, there are always "political" considerations that influence decisions like this,
so I have no problem with the launch coming a day or two before, or after, the inauguration itself. There should be speech reversals at the last minute indicating the actual date and time, but unless we are lucky they probably won't be available for posting in advance of the event. If Inauguration Day is chosen, you can imagine that all those thousands of people converging on Washington     are going to have the most surreal experience of their lives!

Current indications are that the missile is on board a cargo ship that arrived in port last week. Unless the Israelis have refused to be portrayed as seriously lax, it's probably an Israeli port. However, we don't know the actual range of the missile, and it could be further away. If Iran is to be identified as the shooter, then the public will be reminded later that Iranian missiles don't have the range to reach Israel,
so the simplest solution was to move the missile closer to the target.

The missile is already mounted on a launcher of some sort in the ship's cargo space. When the time comes, the firing team will simply hoist away the hatch cover and trigger the launch. There will be nothing secret about this.
The Armageddon Missile will leap into the sky with a bone rattling roar and thousands of people will turn to watch it climb upward on a very photogenic pillar of smoke and flame.
Be assured, cameras will be rolling.
What will follow depends on just how much drama the planners want to create. For instance, they could claim that Israeli intelligence had learned of the plot (but not the details) and put the whole country on lockdown for several hours in advance while television viewers wait to see what happens.
Alternatively, the launch could be a complete surprise but Israeli and U.S. radar nets pick it up immediately. Either way, we will probably be told that the target is Tel-Aviv.

Camera crews accidentally in the right spot may treat us to the WHAM! of a Patriot anti-missile launch or two. (Those things are gone before you even see them move!)
It's all part of The Show.

In spite of everyone's worst fears, the actual target of the missile is a piece of Israeli beach front property on the Med. Perhaps we will be told that a Patriot missile knocked it off course. It may be simpler, though, to stick with the story you see in Gaza and say that "terrorists" just aren't very good at building or aiming missiles.
The warhead is set to detonate in the air and not on the ground. An air burst has certain advantages. In this case, the main advantage is that the intense flash will be visible all over Israel, and every video camera that is running at the time will probably record it.

Reading the tea leaves of isolated speech reversals, I'd say the Israeli's are going to lose a large hotel or resort facility. It might even be something that is in urgent need of being torn down and replaced, ala the Twin Towers. It will be interesting to see if this actually materializes.
Because everyone will know the location of the launch, authorities will converge upon the launch ship immediately. Although there's a chance it may be on fire at that point, I think it more likely that prepared evidence will be found, perhaps even some bodies. Someone may even leave their laptop again! The U.S. will want the shooters to be identified as members of the imaginary Al Qaeda,
but there may be other considerations as well, so we'll just have to wait and see. Remember how quickly we had the names and photos of those "hijackers" after 9-11.

As a reader of you will have the opportunity to watch all this without having to worry about Tel-Aviv. Unfortunately, there will be no way to take away the horror of what will follow if the Armageddon plan actually works.
Nuclear strikes on Iran will pave the way for the seizure of Iranian oil reserves, and George Bush will finally be able to say, "Mission Accomplished."

Once again we wait to see if those who insist they are our masters will succeed or fail at another attempt at mass murder for corporate profit.
While we wait, please send your warmest and most supportive thoughts and prayers to the several million wonderful human beings in the Middle East who are now in harm's way.

Ken Welch



[Ed. Note: This report should be read from its website location at
as this email copy does not
contain the links embedded in the original report.]

January 16, 2009

US Orders Iran And Turkey Attacks On Iraq
Over Israeli Coup Plot .

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Russian Military Analysts are reporting today that President Bush, after
consultations and agreement with President-Elect Obama, granted
‘unprecedented’ permission for Iran to join with Turkey
in attacking
Israeli backed
Kurdish military forces
based in
the American backed, and
protected, Middle Eastern Nation of Iraq

over Israel’s plan to bring down the moderate Islamic government of Turkey by the assassination of its democratically elected leaders.

Of the attacks themselves we can read as reported by Turkey’s Hurriyet
News Service: “Turkish and Iranian artillery shelled terror organization
targets in northern Iraq during the past two days, news agencies
reported on Wednesday.

Turkish artillery shelled the Sidikan district, near where the Iraqi,
Iranian and Turkish borders meet, a member of the terror organization
PKK told AFP.

“Yesterday and today, the villages of Rizka, Maradu and Kanira, close to
the Iranian border, were periodically bombarded by the Iranians,” he

PUKmedia, a news service associated with Iraqi President Jalal Talabani,
earlier on Wednesday quoted an Iraqi Kurdish official as saying that the
Iranian artillery started shelling Doli Rash area in Sangster
sub-district in Pishder district, Sulaimani last night and resumed until
this morning.”

Of the Israeli backed plot to bring down Turkey’s Islamic government we
can read as reported by Turkey’s Zamen News Service in their article
titled “Detentions reveal Ergenekon’s covert assassination plots”, and
which states:

“A new wave of detentions last week from the clandestine terrorist
network Ergenekon has revealed that the group was planning to
assassinate Alevi and Armenian community leaders, the prime minister and
members of the Supreme Court of Appeals, acts that would have dragged
Turkey into chaos if they had been carried out.

Nearly 40 individuals were detained last week in simultaneous police
operations staged in six cities as part of the ongoing investigation
into Ergenekon, a shady clandestine network of groups and individuals
accused of plotting to overthrow the government. The new detainees
include military officers, an academic with left-wing political activist
background, the former head of the Police Special Operations Unit, seven
retired generals and the former head of the Higher Education Board.”

To the best examination of the Israeli connection with the Kurdish
peoples seeking to make their homeland from parts of the Nations of
Syria, Iraq, Turkey and Iran, we can read as reported by the
internationally respected American intelligence reporter Seymour Hersh
in his 2004 report written for the New Yorker News Service:

“In a series of interviews in Europe, the Middle East, and the United
States, officials told me that by the end of last year Israel had
concluded that the Bush Administration would not be able to bring
stability or democracy to Iraq, and that Israel needed other options.
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s government decided, I was told, to
minimize the damage that the war was causing to Israel’s strategic
position by expanding its long-standing relationship with Iraq’s Kurds
and establishing a significant presence on the ground in the
semi-autonomous region of Kurdistan. Several officials depicted Sharon’s
decision, which involves a heavy financial commitment, as a potentially
reckless move that could create even more chaos and violence as the
insurgency in Iraq continues to grow.

Israeli intelligence and military operatives are now quietly at work in
Kurdistan, providing training for Kurdish commando units and, most
important in Israel’s view, running covert operations inside Kurdish
areas of Iran and Syria. Israel feels particularly threatened by Iran,
whose position in the region has been strengthened by the war. The
Israeli operative include members of the Mossad, Israel’s clandestine
foreign-intelligence service, who work undercover in Kurdistan as
businessmen and, in some cases, do not carry Israeli passports. ... The
former Israeli intelligence officer acknowledged that since late last
year Israel has been training Kurdish commando units to operate in the
same manner and with the same effectiveness as Israel’s most secretive
commando units, the Mistaravim. The initial goal of the Israeli
assistance to the Kurds, the former officer said, was to allow them to
do what American commando units had been unable to do—penetrate, gather
intelligence on, and then kill off the leadership of the Shiite and
Sunni insurgencies in Iraq.”

These reports further state that President Bush made his decision to
allow the Iranian-Turkish attacks upon the Iraqi Kurds after becoming
‘enraged’ at the claims made by Israeli Prime Minister Olmert of how he
intimidated the United States into allowing Israel to continue its war
upon the Palestinian peoples of Gaza, and of this controversy we can
read as reported by the Antiwar.Com News Service in their article titled
“Olmert's Claims Revive Israel Lobby Controversy”, and which says:

“The U.S. State Department fiercely denied claims made by Ehud Olmert
about his influence over President George W. Bush, in an incident that
has stirred up old debates about the role of the Israeli government and
the so-called "Israel lobby" in formulating Middle East policy in

On Monday, Olmert claimed that he demanded and received an immediate
conversation with President Bush, during which he convinced the
president to overrule the wishes of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
and abstain from a United Nations resolution calling for an immediate
cease-fire in Gaza.

In response, State Department spokesman Sean McCormack on Tuesday called
Olmert's claims "wholly inaccurate as to describing the situation, just
100-percent, totally, completely not true." The State Department did not
respond to an IPS request for further elaboration.

Olmert's comments were made in Ashkelon, a southern Israeli city that
has been the target of rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip.

According to Olmert, he called the White House upon hearing of the
upcoming UN Security Council resolution. "I said, 'Get me President Bush
on the phone.' They said he was in the middle of giving a speech in
Philadelphia. I said I didn't care: 'I need to talk to him now.' He got
off the podium and spoke to me," Olmert said, according to multiple
media reports.

As a result of his conversation with President Bush, Olmert claimed, the
president called Rice and forced her to abstain from voting on the
measure, which she herself had helped author.

"He gave an order to the secretary of state and she did not vote in
favor of it – a resolution she cooked up, phrased, organized, and
maneuvered for. She was left pretty shamed and abstained on a resolution
she arranged," Olmert said. The Security Council resolution passed by a
vote of 14 to 0, with the U.S. the only abstention.”

Of the most astounding facts regarding these latest moves in the Great
Game by the United States and Israel however, it remains the sad fact
that the American people continue to remain the least informed of any of
the World’s Nations as to the continued actions by their government
which is leading our World towards Total Global War, and of which they
are to be the ones most to suffer from the consequences of it.

Even more surprising, and as these reports detail in length, the
American people remain totally ignorant of the significant fact that
with the United States new security agreement with Iraq, it has pledged
itself to safeguarding the Iraqi Nation, and its peoples, against ‘any
and all’ enemies, and which Russian Military Analysts point out could
become problematic should Iraq’s Government declare war on Israel, and
which would then require the United States to go to war with the Israeli
Nation in order to protect its new Middle Eastern ally.

Unlike the American people though, the new realities of the Middle East
are not lost upon the Israelis, and who in seeking to reestablish the
ancient Nation of Kurdistan, and should they succeed, would become the
most powerful Nation on Earth due to their controlling the outlets to
both the West and East of the vast oil and gas wealth of Central Asia
needed by any present Nation wishing to survive this new century in on
an energy and resource starved Planet.

On the other side, of course, and exactly matching our most ancient of
prophecies, should Israel even come close to succeeding in its most
ambitious of goals it will most assuredly see the armies of the entire
World at its very doorstep seeking its destruction.

© January 16, 2009 EU and US all rights reserved.
Sorcha Faal


Comment: More videos about israel-palestine-gaza-occupation here:

(..) '...Durable And Sustainable...' /// Comment By: bedower
Aren't these the very same words Rice, Bush and Blair spouted when they refused to call on Israel for a ceasefire, when Israel was bombing civilians in southern Lebanon a couple of years ago? Same war crimes, same weasel words from Rice. But the Bush reich has had to defend the psychopathic excesses of Israel so often that it's hardly surprising they've run out of original words. And that includes the 'Israel has the right to defend itself' refrain.
As for the Israelis letting 'humanitarian aid' into Gaza, this 'must read' article here:
[Link] tells a story that is probably nearer the truth. (Via thetruthseeker site)
((Rome's Jewish Chairman inadvertently exposes Zionist trick! ))
While we're on the subject of Blair, I suspect he has been ordered, in no uncertain terms, to keep his mouth firmly shut! Well, he made the choice to snuggle up to the Zionist beast.
You eat the lunch, you pay the reckoning - isn't that how it goes?
Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya Global Research
Comment: Other reports on Israel's Human Rights abuses:
Association of Civil Rights in Israel State of Human Rights in Israel 2008: Link
US Department of State: Country Reports on Human Rights Practices - 2007 By Aluf Benn

............... from Khaled Amayreh:
.(..) It is no exaggeration to say that genocide of non-Jews in Israel and Palestine is the ideology of Jewish settlers, and religious Zionism in general. A few weeks ago, one Jewish settler leader in Hebron who was arguing with an American tourist had this to say about how the Jewish state should deal with Arabs.
"You are a Christian, aren't you?"
"Yes," said the American.
"Do you believe in the Bible?"
"Yes," said the American.
"Well then, you should know that God ordered the ancient Israelites to wipe off the goyem from the holy land of Israel. If that was right then, why can't it be right now?"
Startled by the settler's rationale, the American tourist walked away in disbelief.
Israeli intelligence concluded after Camp David that Yassir Arafat was willing to follow the Oslo process -- but that's not what they told lawmakers.
(...) In other words, the experts in the Palestinian section of MI, headed by Lavie, saw Arafat as a potential partner for peace but their superiors reversed the assessment.

But even if only some key Israeli intelligence officers believed negotiations could yield a positive outcome, that news should be a shocking revelation. Yet in a Google News search a few days after the article appeared, found not a single mention of it anywhere in the world's news media, and certainly not in the United States, where it matters most. It matters most here because Israel can't continue its military action without at least a tacit green light from Washington. Washington can give that green light only as long as the American public raises no serious objection. The public here isn't likely to object as long as the basic plotline of Middle East news coverage remains the same; namely, that Israel attacked Gaza in self-defense.
Though U.S. news coverage isn't as wholly sympathetic to Israel as it once was, the Israelis still managed to make their version of the story central to mainstream media coverage. Millions of Americans who know nothing else about the still ongoing conflict believe that the Israelis are "retaliating against Hamas rockets." What if those millions also knew the Israeli government ignores its own intelligence experts when they say Palestinian leaders are willing to make peace? That might change the entire picture of the Arab-Israeli conflict -- and push Americans to push their government to push Israel to negotiate in good faith a peace deal with the Palestinians.
Ira Chernus is Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder and author of Monsters To Destroy: The Neoconservative War on Terror and Sin.

The International Criminal Court prosecutor says it lacks jurisdiction to investigate possible Israeli war crimes committed in Gaza.
The ICC prosecutor said in a statement Wednesday that the "court's jurisdiction is limited to war crimes, crimes against humanity and the crime of genocide committed on the territory of, or by a national of, a state party while Israel is not a member state. ....

Comment: Some of the recent articles on the deplorable atrocities committed by the Zionists on Palestinian civilians:
Waltzing with War Crimes
Gaza under cloud of white phosphorous
Demands grow for Gaza war crimes investigation
Video: Weapons expert talks on Israel 'phosphorus use'
Bush's Farewell to Israel: The Genocide of Gaza with American Arms
The Peace Palace, seat of the International Court of Justice, the Hague, Netherlands:
Hezbullah Special Website
Info Palestina
Jews Not Zionists
Sahabat Palestin
Sameeh Habeeb's Blog Live From Gaza City
Voices of Palestine
May God protect the children of Gaza from Israel, American complicity, Arab impotence, and the silence of good people.

Calls to Charge Israel with War Crimes growing, January 13, 2009
Israel's Ambassador Shalev Speech to U.N. Security Council, January 6, 2009
From its Web
MUST Read Article by Prof. Avi Shlaim of Oxford University titled:
"How Israel brought Gaza to the brink of humanitarian catastrophe", January 7, 2009
"Gaza under fire: Children found next to dead mothers", January 9, 2009
Amnesty International Report: Israel using Palestinians as human shields
B'tselem, Israel human rights group, accuses Israel of using Palestinians as human shields
Multiple Videos showing ISRAEL using Palestinians as Human Shields
BBC: Israel accused of using Palestinians as Human Shields "Jewish Fundamentalism" by Israel Shahak and Norton Mezvinsky (Must See Zionist Quotes)
B'tselem: Israel's main Human Rights Group: See their Reports and important Statistics (Statistics on Israeli Palestinian deaths from Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs)!OpenDocument (U.N. Stats on Second Intafada deaths Israeli/Palestinians) (Good Stats on Change of Religious Mix and Jewish Immigration to Israel: on Israel's Wealth, Military Expenditure, and Fatalities since 2000 Good graphs) (Several Must See Videos on Current Genocide of Gaza including statements by Rep's Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul) Israeli Campaign Against House Demolitions
Watch B'Tselem Video on Home Demolitions. Very Important Site with vital Statistics on Israel's Genocide on Gaza, Home Demolitions, and the Apartheid Wall: Great Videos)
Facts on Israeli Settlements and Ruling of Int'l Court of Justice (Photos of Gaza Massacre)
Israel's Ambassador OpEd to the Irish Times, January 9, 2009
Israel Shelled Gaza Palestinians after Evacuating, UN say, January 9, 2009)
March 1, 2008, Israel threatens to unleash 'holocaust' in Gaza"
CNN confirms Israel Broke Ceasefire First
Gaza truce broken as Israeli raid kills six Hamas gunmen, November 5, 2009 (Video of Carnage in Gaze courtesy of Israel and America) (January 2, 2009)
Letter from Amnesty International USA to Secretary Condi Rice on America's "lopsided" response to Gaza's recent violence and "its lackadaisical efforts to ameliorate the humanitarian crisis in Gaza". It also called for an "immediate suspension of weapons to Israel."
Israel broke ceasefire first (Large collection of photos of Gaza's genocide)
V. Impt review of Israel's violations of International Law/Human Rights with great maps on Israel's occupation/settlement increases/land annexation, and building of the Apartheid Wall.
Association of Civil Rights in Israel State of Human Rights in Israel 2008
Amnesty International 2008 State of Human Rights in Israel
U.S. State Department Country Report on Human Rights on Israel, 2007
Johann Hari: The true story behind this war is not the one Israel is telling; December 29, 2008
Robert Fisk: Why Do They Hate the West So Much, We Will Ask; Jan 9, 2009
Israel threatens to unleash 'holocaust' in Gaza; March 1, 2008
PHOTO; The day Israel used a boy aged 13 as a human shield
Photo of the "peaceful" Jewish settlers Israel is protecting through genocidal wars
The UN said in a report that 30 Palestinians were killed earlier this week when the Israeli army sheltered dozens of civilians in a house which was later hit by shells.
U.N . General Assembly Resolution on Self Determination, Legitimate Resistance, and International Terrorism
"Abnormal State", 1/12/09, Israel's Double Standard on UN Resolutions (Prof. Kevin MacDonald's Home Page)
"How can such a minority have such huge effects on the history of the West?
Professor Kevin MacDonald, Department of Psychology, California State University , Long Beach

Gilad Atzmon Palestine Think Tank
(...) Israel is desperate for an exit strategy. I learned today that Defence Minister Barak is looking for a week long humanitarian ceasefire. Please do not hold your breath, the notorious mass murderer didn't change his spots all of a sudden. Being a veteran general, Barak realises very well that his soldiers on the ground need a break and they need it now. Being that they are gathered together in a few scattered open areas, they are currently exposed to Hamas' snipers and mortar fire. In the last few days, Israeli forces started to suffer a growing number of causalities. The attempt to step up the battle into Gaza's neighbourhood met with some severe resistance. The Israeli army is stuck once again.
If this is not enough, within a few days Obama is going to reside in the White House and the Israelis are not totally convinced that the new American president will blindly support their murderous strategy. Defence Minister Barak realizes that his window of opportunity might be closing down. He realises that IDF soldiers may have to dig in Gaza city outskirts without achieving any of the war's military objectives. Barak needs a few days of ceasefire to create a new reality on the ground. He obviously prefers to hide behind a humanitarian effort. .......
As if this is not enough, the many tons of bunker buster bombs which Israel was using day and night have shaken the foundations of every building in Gaza and the question looms large as to whether Gazan houses that are still standing will be safe to live in. EU officials raised the question today wondering who is going to pay for the reconstruction of these eradicated towns, camps and villages.
In an ideal ethical world, Israel would have let the Gazans go back to their land. But ethics and Israel are very much like parallel lines. They somehow never meet. As much as it is clear that Palestinians will come back to their land, it won't be Israel that that will welcome the inevitable returning Palestinians.
Someone will have to rebuild Gaza, and the only name that comes to mind is the democratically elected Hamas. Such a huge project maintained by Hamas will be the right answer to Israel's criminal war and its murderous objectives.
James Zogby The Huffington Post

90. Eric Margolis: Is Gaza the Revenge of Bush-Cheney?
Lew Rockwell interviews Eric Margolis
More from Eric Margolis:
He has an archive of articles.
He wrote War at the Top of the World: The Struggle for Afghanistan, Kashmir and Tibet.
He wrote American Raj: Liberation or Domination?: Resolving the Conflict Between the West and the Muslim World.
He was previously interviewed in episode 74. The Greatest Disaster in the History of the West.
Syd Walker
I hear on the chatterbox that 'Osama Bin Laden' is at it again, calling for global jihad and generally stirring things up.
The BBC 'terrorism expert' explained that the authenticity of this latest audio-tape is "not confirmed".
I'll say.
Can someone please tell the idiotic disinformation artists who put this stuff out that normal people stopped believing in it years ago. They are now talking only to their pyschotic fellow-fanatics (Zionists, that is - and even then, only the very silly ones).
I don't care if you're in Hollywood, Tel Aviv or anywhere else on this potentially wonderful planet.
Pack it in.
Recent Posts:
Israel’s Dr Stangeloves
David and Goliath c. 2009
The BBC Beams at Iran
The Mis-Underestimated George Bush
No one could have predicted…
Viva Evo Morales!
More Bin Laden Bull
Humiliating the USA an Israeli Hobby
The Bill & the CST: So Happy Together
Madness as a National Lifestyle?
Saying No to Israel: JFK’s Unfinished Agenda
Who will End the War On Gaza?
Zionist PR hits new low
Mass Protest in London
We will not go down (Song for Gaza)
“Global is defined as the capability to strike any target set in the world.” Prompt Global Strike (PGS) Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) Study Plan Draft 28 Oct 2005, p.10.     February 2006“prompt-global-strike”-and-the-next-generation-of-us-strategic-weapons/
Stephen Lendman
(...) The Fourth Geneva Convention protects civilians in time of war. It prohibits violence of any type against them and requires treatment for the sick and wounded. In September 1938, a League of Nations unanimous resolution prohibited the:
"bombardment of cities, towns, villages, dwellings or buildings not in the immediate neighborhood of the operations of land forces....In cases where (legitimate targets) are so situated, (aircraft) must abstain from bombardment" if this action indiscriminately affects civilians.
The 1945 Nuremberg Principles prohibit "crimes against peace, war crimes and crimes against humanity." These include "inhumane acts committed against any civilian populations, before or during the war," including indiscriminate killing and "wanton destruction of cities, towns, or villages, or devastation not justified by military necessity."
The 1968 General Assembly Resolution on Human Rights prohibits launching attacks against civilian populations. Israel and America do it repeatedly - by land, sea and terror bombings.
Below is some relevant history....(...)
...(...) The TimesOnline.UK headlined: "Israel rains fire on Gaza with phosphorous shells" - a weapon that causes horrific burns on human skin and is illegal except for smokescreens. "Tell-tale shells could be seen spreading tentacles of thick white smoke to cover the troops' advance. (They) blind the enemy (but) anyone caught beneath them" gets severely burned. Using this type weapon in tightly concentrated Gaza assures some or perhaps many are vulnerable.
Former British major and military expert calls white phosphorous a terror weapon and if "deliberately fired at a crowd of people (should) end (someone) up in the Hague."
Norwegian Dr. Mads Gilbert is a member of its Gaza triage medical team. He told Press TV about "clear evidence that the Israelis are using new type very high explosive weapons called Dense Inert Metal Explosive (DIME) that are made out of a tungsten alloy."

They have enormous explosive power, and "humans who are hit by (them are) cut to pieces. (They were) first used in Lebanon (and Gaza) in 2006....On the long term, these weapons will have a cancer effect on those who survive....So they kill and those who survive risk having cancer."

Gilbert accused Israel of violating international law. His account was horrifying;
-- a "ten-year old boy (with) his whole chest filled with (bomb) fragments;
-- on his lap was another person's leg that had been cut off;
-- we resuscitated him and did everything we could do to save his life but he died between our hands." The "common people" of Palestine "are paying the price for the Israeli bombardments...."
The humanitarian crisis is horrific; 80% or more of Gazans are impoverished; half of them are under 15; "now they don't have food....electricity; it's cold, they don't have warmth and in addition...they are killed; this must be stopped."
"Almost all of the patients we have received have these severe amputations." Terror weapons caused them - burns, fragment injuries and most with their limbs cut off.
(..) Remember Gaza - immortalized as one of history's terror-bombing victims. World outrage demands an end to this and the prosecution of its perpetrators. We stand together in solidarity. Today we're all Gazans. We're all Palestinians.
Stephen Lendman is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization.
Damian Lataan
Jocelyn Braddell’s blog, thehandstand links to some disturbing war crimes stuff (scroll down the left side nav bar) especially from electronicintifada who are detailing names and specific times and places which can later be traced back to Israeli military records.
Dr. Asad Abu Sharekh 15 January 2009
Since last night from about 8pm until a little while ago, there have been heavy battles in Tel al-Hawa. They were hitting from the sea, from the air. Tanks were shooting. There were thick clouds of white phosphorus filling the area and filling up houses. They bombed the Red Crescent building and many cars in the street were destroyed. An apartment near me was hit and burned and one on the other side. A number of tall buildings were hit. All the windows and doors are broken and shattered. There were maybe 10 bombs falling every minute. [MORE]:
Adham Khalil 13 January 2009
So far, my own family is okay but I feel shy to speak about my family. I don't think like that. Everyone in Gaza is my family. We are suffering collectively as we are being punished and forgotten collectively, and we are dying. It is very dangerous here and everywhere in Gaza. By 5pm the streets are empty. Not even one person goes out of their homes in my area. But even in our homes, we are not safe. I swear sometimes I can smell death around us. Adham Khalil writes from the besieged Gaza Strip. [MORE]:

Picnicking on Hill Overlooking Gaza, Israelis Engage in World's Creepiest Spectator Sport:
Parash Hill, a nature reserve in southern Israel, is a great spot for a picnic. With lush green fields and a view all the way to the Mediterranean, it is a serene and picturesque place where residents of Sderot come to quietly enjoy nature. But in a nation obsessed with the glories of its latest military adventure, Parash Hill is now a place for Israelis to gather and watch the death unfold.
They come with binoculars. They bring their families and take pictures. They rationalize away the deaths of hundreds of children by reasoning that "when they grow up they'll also probably be terrorists."
Organized by the Revolution Books in Manhattan, an unprecedented Emergency Town Hall Meeting took place last night at the New York City Society for Ethical Culture on 2 West 64th Street. The focus of the evening was the intolerable humanitarian catastrophe that is being inflicted on the Palestinian People by the Israeli military in Gaza. editors attended the event, this is their report:
A crowd of over 500 was attracted by an impressive line up of speakers;....(....)

The bottom line of the evening's discussion was that the situation in Gaza is beyond comprehension. A defenseless, densely populated concentration camp of Palestinian civilians is being relentlessly pounded by an overwhelming Israeli military, using US-supplied F16 fighter jets, Apache Helicopters, 'Bunker-buster' bombs and Gun Boats targeting schools, mosques, hospitals and women and children. The Israeli military, under direct orders from the Israeli government, is also using horrendous chemical weapons such as white phosphorus and depleted uranium shells. Over 1000 people have already died and several thousand wounded men, women and children will die, slowly, bleeding to death, as aid is deliberately denied, and all of it sanctioned by the US, British and French governments (to name but a few). No one can escape in Gaza, borders are closed and even UN and refugee centers are being shelled. The hospitals are flooded with victims. Dead and wounded lie next to each other in all available rooms and hallways that are filled with the screams of dying adults and children, and the 3-week-long nonstop day and night pounding of Gaza continues.
If you lay claim to your own humanity, then you and everyone you know must raise your voices against the silence and pressure your government, by any legal means at your disposal, to stop Israel's indiscriminate and gruesome slaughter of innocent civilians.
Never before have people come together like they did last night to openly discuss the reality of the situation - that Israel is perpetrating a holocaust against the Palestinian people, and it is happening right before the eyes of the world.
We the people must reclaim our voices. People of conscience have to stand up and face the psychopaths. Now!
Haroon Siddiqui The Star
Judith Weisman, 78, is a Toronto psychotherapist. She grew up in "a very Zionist family" in Baltimore but "began to change when Israel supported the Vietnam War."
She and her husband came to Canada in 1969. She worked at the Jewish Family and Children's Services.
Israel's 1982 invasion of Lebanon estranged her from the Jewish state. "It took me a while to grasp what was being done to the Palestinians." She was critical of Israel through the two intifadas and the 2006 invasion of Lebanon.
She helped found Jews for a Just Peace; Jewish Women to End the Occupation (since renamed Women in Solidarity with Palestine); Not in Our Name; and an umbrella group, Independent Jewish Voices.
She helped host a stream of visiting Israeli scholars and human rights activists. She's awaiting the arrival of Jeff Halper of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (7.30 p.m., Jan. 23, Trinity St. Paul's United Church).

Hers has been a long struggle, ignored by the media and shunned by "the organized Jewish community" that is solidly pro-Israel.
But in recent years, she and other dissidents have been garnering support. In recent days, they've had much company.
On Wednesday, a dozen Jewish women "occupied" the Israeli consulate on Bloor St., demanding an end to the Israeli siege of Gaza. ....(...)
Note: The venue for the Jan. 23 talk by Jeff Halper
has been changed to Bloor Street United Church (300 Bloor St. W.).
and the comments:
The Propaganda Corps here strikes again..
I was watching the thousands protesting Israel in Toronto mostly Muslim crowds. Never realized how many Muslims have a genuine committment to Human Rights. I called a friend who lives in Ottawa where Sudans Embassy is located. I asked him how many people were lined up outside Sudans embassy protesting against Muslim President, Omer Al Bashir's ,ongoing Genocide in Darfur - which has cost no less than 400,000 innocent lives at last count-who are offered only a ?ne state solution...death. "not even one that he was aware of,and no mention in the news of any protest. it hit me! UN Commission,Durban,makes Israel the target of over 1/4 of all of the worlds Human Rights Violations,while holding the President of Sudan harmless for an ongoing genocide in Darfur. Israel is a great brand for Human Rights violations and should be used where ever possible. Neglect of DARFUR by the Muslim world can be answered by having President Omer Al Bashir convert to Judaism.
Submitted by shleprock at 10:31 PM Sunday, January 11 2009

........................................ for more....

Comment: So now NASA will be openly under military control. And it would seem that using the Moon for a stepping stone to Mars maybe in the plans, but for a purely military agenda.
After all, a psychopathic war-faring peoples must take their wars to space, too.
Henry A. Giroux Counterpunch
(...) What is it that connects the death of Emmett Till, the abandonment of largely poor African-Americans in New Orleans, and the deaths of innocent children in Gaza? All three are tied together by the racialized logic of disappearance and disposability implemented under the practices of a modern state. All three reference, as David Theo Goldberg points out in his newest book, The Threat of Race, populations marked as targets to be dispensed with, "heel on face eating dust when they have anything to eat at all ... deserted, reduced to philistinism, untrusted because untrustworthy. And once deserted, having nowhere to turn, no one to appeal to but a few folks of conscience, they are fair game."
All three embody the ideology of a racial state in which it is assumed that in the absence of African-Americans and Palestinians, including children, there would be no police violence, threats, insecurity, checkpoints, blockades, economic problems, immigrants - just a racially cleansed society no longer at war with itself and others. What unites all three events is the shame of racist violence and the practices of state terrorism, hardly a legitimizing foundation, normative or political, for the repulsive images and deadly actions of the type we see in Gaza promoted by Israel in the name of democracy....(...)
Henry A. Giroux holds the Global TV Network chair in English and Cultural Studies at McMaster University in Canada. His most recent books include: "Take Back Higher Education" (co-authored with Susan Searls Giroux, 2006), "The University in Chains: Confronting the Military-Industrial-Academic Complex" (2007) and "Against the Terror of Neoliberalism: Politics Beyond the Age of Greed" (2008). His newest book, "Youth in a Suspect Society: Democracy or Disposability?" will be published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2009.

"The people who did this," she said, "do not feel the pain of others."
A very clear description of a psychopath.
That's what we all need to learn about , is that psychopaths have infiltrated all governments, religions, military, and law enforcement. Any place where there is a position of power, you will find psychopaths. And there is never an end to the pathological people that will serve them in any way they can just to have a piece of the pie.
The Anyuak [Anyuaa] is an ethnic group found in the South East of the Sudan and the South West of Ethiopia straddling the international borders. IRAQ
... In January 1943, SS and police units returned to Warsaw, this time with the intent of deporting thousands of the remaining approximately 70,000-80,000 Jews in the ghetto to forced-labor camps for Jews in Lublin District of the Government General.

This time, however, many of the Jews, understandably believing that the SS and police would deport them to the Treblinka killing center, resisted deportation, some of them using small arms smuggled into the ghetto. After seizing approximately 5,000 Jews, the SS and police units halted the operation and withdrew.

On April 19, 1943, a new SS and police force appeared outside the ghetto walls, intending to liquidate the ghetto and deport the remaining inhabitants to the forced labor camps in Lublin district.
The ghetto inhabitants offered organized resistance in the first days of the operation, inflicting casualties on the well-armed and equipped SS and police units. They continued to resist deportation as individuals or in small groups for four weeks before the Germans ended the operation on May 16.
The SS and police deported approximately 42,000 Warsaw ghetto survivors captured during the uprising to the forced-labor camps at Poniatowa and Trawniki and to the Lublin/Majdanek concentration camp. At least 7,000 Jews died fighting or in hiding in the ghetto, while the SS and police sent another 7,000 to the Treblinka killing center. ...
On August 1, 1944, the Polish Home Army (Armia Krajowa; AK), a non-Communist underground resistance army with units stationed throughout German-occupied Poland, rose against the German occupation authorities in an effort to liberate Warsaw.
The impetus for the uprising was the appearance of Soviet forces along the east bank of the Vistula River. The Soviets failed to intervene; the Germans eventually crushed the revolt and razed the center of the city to the ground in October 1944.
Though they treated captured Home Army combatants as prisoners of war, the Germans sent thousands of captured Polish civilians to concentration camps in the Reich.
March 2008:

That's why President-elect Obama must reconsider his plan to appoint a traditional Washington-based Middle East envoy, reportedly former envoy Dennis Ross, and instead pursue a course that signals change. He should:

- Declare his determination to pursue from his first day in office, not the final six months, full peace between Israel and all its neighbors. Only by doing so can he win support among Israelis, Palestinians, the Congress, and the international partners we'll need to support this historic effort.
- Name an outstanding peace envoy to be resident full time in the region with authority over our missions in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. He or she must have the presidential backing and stamina to withstand the pressures and pitfalls of a comprehensive peace process over the long haul. In addition, this envoy must have authority over all US interactions with the Palestinians and Israelis and later, with other parties, reporting directly to the president in collaboration with the National Security Adviser and secretary of State. Assisted with staff comprising the US government's foremost experts, this envoy would be the single US voice on this issue.
- Empower the envoy to engage with all parties to the conflict, regardless of current prohibitions, on all issues, overturning long-established policy.
- Fund a political and economic development process second only to those in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Only by an "all out" effort can we hope to convince all the parties, and a skeptical international community, that the US is determined to achieve peace and prosperity for all the peoples of the region.

- Norman H. Olsen served for 26 years as a member of the US Foreign Service, including four years working in the Gaza Strip and four years as counselor for political affairs at the US Embassy in Tel Aviv. He was most recently associate coordinator for counterterrorism at the Department of State. His son, Matthew N. Olsen, is the director of Explore Corps, a nascent NGO that uses outdoor education and youth programming to facilitate peace-building among young adults, with several current projects in the Gaza Strip.
Uh... /// comment By: mallee
"- Fund a political and economic development process second only to those in Iraq and Afghanistan."
Is this turkey for real?
Linda Milazzo OpEdNews
Maybe A Litle Confused Queenie? //// Comment By: Rabelais
The cease fire, which you use to justify Israel's murder, was broken by Israel on November 4, 2008, with the assassination of 6 Palestinians. Look it up. If you don't want to look it up, here, let CNN bring you up to speed...
Until that Israeli act, there was no belligerence from Palestine. They were honoring the ceasefire. The fact that the media reports 6 "gunmen" were digging a tunnel is questionable. Ever try to dig a tunnel while holding a gun?


... And in using seeds that have been cleaned, those seeds have carbon footprint, by Mr. Hixon's figures, less than a fraction of 1% of that of GMO seeds delivered over 1000s of miles at 5 miles a gallon that semis require to run.
But Monsanto's GM-soy and other seeds have a much heavier carbon footprint that the absurd transport of seed across the country by semis.
Petroleum-based pesticides are the essence of genetic engineering, and Monsanto has a poorly known history of their relation to warfare.
"Huge excesses of nitrogenous compounds that accumulated during World War I provided the basis for the beginnings of the mass production of synthetic nitrate fertilizers. DuPont -- now the sole owner of the world's largest seed company, Pioneer HiBred -- was the largest manufacturer of gunpowder in the United States during the early 19th century and the first World War. Monsanto increased its profits 100 fold during the World War, from $80,000 to well over $9 million per year, supplying the chemical precursors for high explosives such as TNT.
"In the 1930s, chemists working for the German company Bayer discovered the highly poisonous properties of organophosphate compounds. .... As all of German industry became absorbed into the growing Nazi war machine, Bayer's organophosphate compounds were developed simultaneously as agricultural pesticides and as nerve gases for military use. These included such notorious chemical warfare agents as sarin, soman and tabun gases, all of which are still manufactured today. ...
"In the 1930s, scientists at the Swiss J. R. Geigy Company were searching for new compounds to disinfect seeds and prevent moths from feeding on wool. ... These researchers' key discovery was that DDT ... could accomplish both of their desired ends and more. ... DDT was seen as the "atom bomb of insecticides," capable of permanently eliminating various pest species.
"After World War II, DDT became the most widely applied chemical in human history .... The widespread use of DDT -- for both agricultural and household uses -- led to a dramatic shift in the chemical industry's approach to pest control ... was in many ways a direct outgrowth of its wartime origins. ...
"During the 1960s, Monsanto was a leading manufacturer of the herbicide 'Agent Orange,' which was used by U.S. military forces to obliterate the dense jungles of Vietnam. Today Monsanto's Roundup-family herbicides play a central role in the U.S. "drug war" via its widespread use to eradicate coca and poppy plants in Colombia and other countries...."
The shift to genetically engineered food seems a welcome change from such a history. But it appears there has been no change, only a more thorough and disguises means of ensuring its sales.
"Of all of Monsanto, DuPont and Dow's agricultural products, genetically engineered food crops might appear to be the least tainted with immediate wartime origins. But this technology emerged from a period when the future of chemical agriculture appeared very much in doubt. With the rapid expansion of the agrochemical industry during the post-World War II era, these companies and their European counterparts had established a profound degree of control over agricultural practices.
But as public pressure and the weight of scientific evidence curtailed the use of DDT and many other chlorinated pesticides in the 1970s, executives and corporate scientists saw the potential for limitless advances -- and ever-expanding marketing potential -- in the incorporation of technological advances into the genetics of seeds. During the 1990s, Monsanto alone spent nearly $8 billion acquiring leading commercial seed suppliers in the United States and internationally; DuPont and others quickly followed suit, leading to today's widespread proliferation of genetically engineered food crops." Click here.

Today, in Illinois, our federal agents and police, working on behalf of Monsanto, are terrorizing ... whom? Drug dealers? Financiers who have stolen this country blind? The people who took us to war based on lies and have profited while thousands of American and 100s of thousands of Iraqi have died? No. Our tax dollars are being used to turn our marshals and police into Monsanto agents to terrorize our disappearing farmers.

Terror is palpable in rural America. It defines American farming communities now.
Monsanto, with its history of warfare and creating chemicals to "cleanse" both enemies and agricultural pests of any area desired, appears to bring this power and method of thinking to all it touches.
"Rural cleansing" is its stated goal, and our farmers the pests to be eliminated. .......
april 2008:
Israel apologizes for UN refugee agency strike, as army advances:
Iran says U.S. administration must change approach
Toll in Gaza reached 'unbearable point' - UN

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