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casper jan-17-09
On very rare occasions these updates convey a message of immediate import to someone somewhere. Such was the case with Monday's update
so disregard what you don't recognize or understand.
Recently high powered legal reinforcements arrived for our side of the ongoing battle with the Swamp Creature. It didn't take long for the Swamp Creature, Octopus, Corporation, NWO, ILLUMINATI. BUSH et al            to bribe this bunch to help continue their sabotage operations. This recent problem has been dealt with.
The famous/infamous "Court Packages" left the court Sunday afternoon, were ordered back by BUSH Sunday night and were back in the Court Monday afternoon and have subsequently moved again. Are these packs real or Memorex? This debate rages on,
WE believe they are real.
It is unusual for US to go 48 hours with no handle on current status. WE are in such a period now. The attempts to block deliveries, announcements, exposures, suitcase, arrest, new banking system, Constitution, etc. etc. etc. never end. Who is on first, second, and third changes each day and some days it is to foggy to see the field. Excuses, explanations and guess's fly like confetti so WE think it best not to guess, to just say WE have hit a foggy patch, another blackout some say, and we will clarify things when possible unless, hopefully, delivery interrupts the fog and the frustration.
           Yes, WE are aware of each and every one of the daily story lines, that's what we mean by "confetti". WE do not view any of them as accurate and think they continue to originate from the black hat disinfect teams described here previously as the BUSH lawyer group, the CIA and the Treasury disinfo group.
With each exposure and disclosure of their corrupt activities the drapes are drawn tighter.

            The disagreements continue regards OBAMA'S position in these most recent delays. WE continue to hear he is in bed with the CLINTONS, BUSH and their controllers, the ILLUMINATI. All public indications are that he will fund his Trillion Dollar stimulus plans with funny money added to the deficit, not with tax receipts from our funding.
The opposite is possible of course, that being the engagement of the new worldwide metals backed banking system replacing the FED with OBAMA "playing his part"
until announcements are made.
The meltdown continues and the D.C./Fed Res/Wall Street/Banking/Illuminati/Money Interest nexus continues daily to create unlimited amounts of debt as money to save their existing wholly corrupt system and to lay off on the taxpayers and their children
the expense associated with this financial/monetary folly. Preservation of the status quo at any cost is all we see publicly      which leads to the collapse of the world as we have known it via unavoidable hyperinflation, the historical method of choice for nations to repudiate their unplayable debt.    Actual U.S. debt obligations are in excess of 53T, guess what that does to the creditors of the U.S. when it is repudiated = Systemic collapse.
          All this to avoid honest banking, honest money, exposure of unbelievable corruption and a return to law and order in the United States.       Paulson and Bernake should be in Prison along with the Politicians who refused to allow free markets to punish (via failure and bankruptcy) those banks and financial entities which flooded the world with counterfeit financial exotica.
This amounts to the incremental nationalization of the banks and the socialization of America, the latter being reinforced daily by OBAMA'S political appointments.
"What's wrong with Socialism" asked Bob Beckle, long time Democrat spokesperson on national television this week? Wake up America, you are about to receive that which you voted for (53%) I.e. SOCIALISM.
Recent appointee Carol Browner (enviromental czar) had her name removed this week from the Board of the International Socialist Something-or-other. That should be enough to fool 53% of the people.
The future living standards of generations of American Citizens are being sacrificed to the greed and insanity of the Beast and the incompetence of the Politicians. Having had months to reflect upon their decision to forfeit their responsibilities by handing over incredible sums of taxpayer funds to a single unelected beaurocrat (Paulson)
the Congress is now doing it all over again with the second half of the original $700.B.. Meanwhile the FED continues to provide "guarantees" to banks and others, 360B to CITI recently and 118B to B.A. last week (8T total).
Problems of SOLVENCY can not be solved with guarantees from a Bankrupt FED which refuses to disclose where money and credit are going or what toxic "assets" are being acquired in return (cash for trash) to be followed in due course by FED RES bonds backed by said "assets" in an attempt to "mop up" the massive liquidity injections and avoid hyperinflation. It won't work.
It is such a cesspool, darn near as big as the cesspool in D.C.. They are buying time by throwing good money after bad but why bother?
The outcome will be the same, unless. Unless our funding is part of the unfolding mystery as the funding will be accompanied by a new banking and monetary system simultaneously or very shortly afterwards.
Where oh where is the Knight on the White Horse carrying the reflation of the world (settlements/our funding) in one hand and the Constitution in the other? WE don't know.
Is the collapse of civilization necessary before he appears?
The throwing of the candy from the OBAMA parade floats is about to begin.
Is it "cover" for the funding? Or is it the visible representation of the takeover of America by the Socialist/Communist NWO
and the loss of the Republic and its founding document the Constitution?
It was thirty below in Iowa this week. "The science is settled" says Gore, the 30,000 scientist who disagree are dummies.
International shipping of raw materials, oil, etc. is down 93%. Thats not a typo.

There are at least three versions floating regarding the La Guardia flight into the Hudson river. One story has 20 B.A. bankers aboard, another says 34 B.ofA. plus more from Wells Fargo and the crash no accident. The plane was enroute to Charlotte. WE don't agree but who are we to say? The previous day and night negotiations to give B.ofA. another 20B of TARP funds plus another 118B in guarantees   was taking place.
It is not necessary to know everything in order to offer "educated guesses" so in the absence of "secret Intel" WE offer the following guesses;
1. Bad guys (evil) lose, good guys (good) win.
2. Deliveries are ready to go, are imminent and will
occur literally at any moment.
3. Announcements will follow immediately.
4. Recent delays are a matter of scheduling various
interrelated items and dealing with last minute interference.
5. The current silence (blackout) worldwide is
indicative of immediate deliveries.
6. The lights are about to be turned on.

Please remember and the various web sites struggling to bring truth to the people such as They need our help.
Casper 1-17-09
Sunday, 18 January 2009
Chrysalis Nutritionist Stephen Heuer Arrested by Federal Marshalls in FDA Raid
'Both the FTC and FDA are turning up the heat on nutrition-oriented companies and websites, resorting to arrests at gunpoint to enforce "nutritional illiteracy" across America by imprisoning those who accurately describe the health benefits of nutritional products they sell.
The latest victim of this state-sponsored oppression and censorship agenda is Stephen Heuer of Cocoon Nutrition who advertised natural health products as treatments for depression and other health conditions.
It remains the position of the FDA that there is no such thing as an herb, vitamin or superfood that has any ability to prevent, treat or cure any disease or health condition whatsoever. (In other words, the FDA ridiculously believes foods and herbs are chemically inert.)
Anyone who accurately describes the biochemical effects of their herbal or nutritional products is immediately branded a criminal by the FDA and subject to arrest at gunpoint.'
Sunday, 18 January 2009
Worst Virus In Years Infects 6.5 Million Computers
'A computer virus attack that has infected more than 6.5 million Windows PCs this week is one of the worst in years, internet security firm F-Secure said Friday. In total the worm, which is known as Downadup or Conficker, has infected nearly 9 million PCs since its first version was unleashed two years ago.
'The number of Downadup infections is skyrocketing,' Toni Koivunen, an F-Secure researcher, said in an entry to the company's security lab blog. 'From an estimated 2.4 million infected machines to over 8.9 million during the last four days. That's just amazing.'

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Photo Of Israel's Use Of White Phosphorous Chemical Weapon


'Photo of Israel's use of White Phosphorous in Gaza in the January 2009 attack. Note that there is little smoke cover generated, and LOTS of fires. This is White Phosphorous, a chemical weapon, being used in a clearly residential area, to wound, main, kill and set fire to the place, in other words, to ethnically cleanse it and, and in the process commit genocide.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Societal Apocalypse


'It requires a concerted effort to comprehend the enormity of what cabal capitalists are currently perpetrating: outrages so monstrous--yet hidden and somewhat gradual--that most people aren't able to discern them.

In this essay we'll investigate how the cabal is using its  economic terrorist attacks as a means of destroying American society utterly and on its ashes attempting to create a new political-economic world order, quickening America's and the world's descent into a new Holocaust.

We'll also explore how we can survive this Cataclysm and overcome the forces perpetrating it.'

Current financial crises are cabal-planned-and-executed terrorist "false-flag" attacks 3 on American workers: an operation in which a nation attacks itself but makes it appear that an enemy has committed the attack, provoking peace-loving people into fighting against the demonized “enemy.”

      In the present situation, the "enemy" is said to be "happenstance," as though current economic crises are merely accidental in nature--when, in fact, they are deliberately caused by the capitalist cabal. These are not crises for wealthy cabal members, because they looted their own personal billions from taxpayer money when they began the crises.

      The chart below helps us get a graphic sense of the stupendous amount of tax-payer dollars the predatory capitalists have STOLEN (through November 2008) from American workers (dollar amounts adjusted to November 2008 inflated terms).

      In all of U.S. history, adding up all the nation's large expenditures--never before has this much money been looted from American taxpayers--in a single year! All these huge past projects put together equal only about one-third of what the predatory capitalists have stolen from American workers and given to incompetent, demonic capitalist predators--in the form of multi-million dollar salaries, bonuses, and bailouts....(...)

If you've made the effort to realize the monstrousness of the current looting of workers by cannibalistic plutocrats, then you'll understand that the demonic cabal will find it necessary to move to very repressive measures to try to keep workers from reacting with violence against their capitalist murderers.(...)

Members of the House of Representatives, in secret session, were told that the tactics of the cabal, in perpetrating an economic-political-military terrorist attack against the American people, include:
  1. Collapse of U.S. economy in late 2008
  2. Collapse of U.S. political-economic system in mid-2009
  3. Civil war in 2009
  4. The advanced roundup of U.S. citizens"--deemed to be insurgents--citizens provoked to move against the government
     The detention of those rounded up at the FEMA and Rex84 camps constructed throughout the U.S.
  5. The possible public retaliation against members of Congress for the collapses
  6. The location of safe facilities for members of Congress and their families to reside in during this massive civil unrest
  7. Necessary and unavoidable merger of the U.S. with Canada and Mexico establishing the North American Union (NAU)
  8. The issuance of a new NAU currency called the Amero for all three nations as an economic solution



Friday, 16 January 2009
...embedded. video....

  • Our civil liberties, Constitution and Common Law are under attack and being dismantled.
  • Governance of our country is being handed over to the European Union and other unelected and unaccountable supranational corporate bodies without our consent.
  • Our economy has been handed over to a transnational corporate and banking oligarchy.
  • Our privacy is being constantly violated and our democracy degraded.
  • Our politics are dominated by a culture of stealth, deceit, treason, duplicity and criminality.
  • Our law is no longer a friend and protector, but increasingly onerous, invasive, disproportionate, corrupted by special interests and institutional gravy trains, and itself illegal and unconstitutional. 
We will therefore:
  • Reject the new political dispensation, whilst re-affirming the supremacy of our Constitution and Common Law.
  • Outline the stepping stones to the creation of an active national network to defend and protect non-violently but effectively our Democracy. This is not a plan for another political party- this is a movement coming from the grassroots made up of honest and decent people, armed with practical and effective suppressed knowledge to frustrate and defeat the traitors and criminals who are destroying our country and communities.  
  • Prepare ourselves to make a solemn commitment to renounce citizenship of the European Union; to declare that our membership of the European Union, and all the treaties, purported laws, courts and institutions pertaining to it, having been foisted upon us by stealth, deceit and treason, is unconstitutional and illegal, and to defend our Democracy, Constitution, Common Law and Civil Liberties. All people of honesty, good will, energy, truth, courage and compassion must now stand together.
JOHN BINGLEY............................................................THE BRITISH CONSTITUTION 
DAVID BOURNE....................................HAS THE QUEEN BETRAYED HER PEOPLE? 
ALBERT BURGESS.............................................TREASON HAS BEEN COMMITTED 
JOHN HARRIS.....................................................................FREEMAN OF THE LAND
BRIAN GERRISH..........................................................THE STATE OF THE NATION 
ROGER HAYES.......................................................WHAT WE MUST ALL DO NOW 
________________________________ _________________________________________________ 
Kings Hall, Glebe Street, Stoke-on-Trent; Saturday 24th January
11.00 am - 5.00 pm.
£12.50  per head. Payment by credit/debit card or cheque.
Bookings to:- The British Constitution Group, 7, Holland Road, Wallasey, Wirral, CH45 7QZ.
Tel; (0151) 691 1879;   (01752) 312743;  0781 352 9383.
Bookings online to www. emails to
You can also turn up on the day and pay at the door.
Saturday, 17 January 2009
Israeli Butchers Use Dead 9 yr old Boy as Target Practice:
"Dad, I'm Dying"          Ola Attallah, IOL Correspondent
' "Dad, I'm dying." The words keep echoing in Kamal Awaga's ears, sending jolts of pain into his feeble, wounded body. These were the last words uttered by his 9-year-old son, Ibrahim, before he ended up as a practicing target for Israeli soldiers.' ...(...)
"What did my son do to deserve that?" Awaga asks, shaking his head in disbelief.
"The Israelis killed my kid, not once or twice but a thousand times."
Saturday, 17 January 2009
The Genocide of a Nation, With the Full Support of the United States Government //    by Debbie Morgan
'I recently read that one of my heroes, Kevin Barrett, is leaving the country.  Barrett is a strong proponent of 9/11 truth and an even stronger enthusiast for human rights.  He cited several things, pictures of dead babies on the news overseas, probably the most exasperating, but he mentioned something else that should hit all of us square between the eyes, as well...the American Dream is dead.  He, like so many of us, is just plain fed up with the lack of conscience of this country's leadership.  I have to say, that I can't blame him.' ...(...)

What is going on in the Gaza Strip is genocide, pure and simple.  In all the barrage of rockets and missiles and whatever else Israel could shove down Palestine’s throat, “Israeli death squads,” according to another article, started moving through a Palestinian village separating the men from the women and children and then slaughtering the men, including young adults and teen-aged boys, shooting them in the back. 

Paul, Kucinich and McKinney have stated that the US has basically supplied the weapons that Israel is using to kill Palestinians…at least 41% civilian women and children.  Again I ask, why would our government supply arms to Israel, yet ask Palestine to disarm?  This doesn’t make sense!

Where does President Elect Obama stand on the situation he is about to inherit?  He has said that he does support Israel’s right to defend itself, and I am not saying that they shouldn’t, but if we afford Israel the right to defend itself then we must afford the Palestinians the same rights.  After all, this attack was planned in 2001, and was being prepared for during a ceasefire.  Israel broke this ceasefire…And, given the casualty rates that have been reported, Israel is killing far too many “women and children.”  What country is proud of collateral damage to the tune of 41% women and children?


McKinney has a plea for President-Elect Obama.  She is asking him to please “say something…about the humanitarian crisis that is being experienced right now by the people of Gaza.” 

It is apparent by the vote on H Res 34 that this country is sorely lacking integrity.  The United States has just sworn in a new Congress, one that is supposed to bring about positive change.  Yes, I remember, Obama’s campaign slogan, “Change We Can Believe in.”  But didn’t some of the newly elected Representatives tout change, as well?  Yet, one of the first pieces of legislation they pass, and quite handily, I must say, is the support of Israel…there is no change in that! 

It is time we took a page from Rep Paul’s playbook, which, by the way, is not a new idea, and stood down with regard to other governments.  Have we learned nothing about the blowback, as Paul recently pointed out, which is certainly not worth it? 

 The United States must stand down…stay out of the affairs of other country’s.  Let them rule themselves.  Let them work out there differences, the only exception being of a TRUE threat against the United States.  Since when did the United States become the police of the world?  Is that a roll we really want?  I don’t think we do…the cost is just too high!


H Res 34: Recognizing Israel's right to defend itself against attacks from Gaza

Bush’s Final Press Conference is available on YouTube in parts or in its entirety.  The text of the conference can be seen here:

Video:  Ron Paul - Israel Created Hamas to weaken Arafat ’s Fatah


2008–2009 Israel–Gaza conflict


Video:  Cynthia McKinney: The Gaza Strip Relief Boat Attacked By Israeli Military


The Invasion of The Gaza Strip: "Operation Cast Lead", Part of a Broader Israeli Military-Intelligence Agenda


In Shallow Graves in Al-Qarrara Village - Lies Fathers and Sons - Victims of an Israeli Massacre


US plans massive arms delivery to Israel 


The Obama Factor in Israel's Gaza War

Israel accused of using white phosphorus in Gaza - 11 Jan 09


Kucinich: 50 Percent of the Population of Gaza Under 14 Years of Age!

USS Liberty Memorial Website

Take Back Washington


Saturday, 17 January 2009
The New Nazis //  By Alan Hart
'Knowing the documented truth about the creation of Israel by Zionist terrorism and ethnic cleansing, and watching - mainly thanks to Al Jazeera and Press TV live feeds - the war on Gaza, Israel's latest display of state terrorism,
I have come to a conclusion. It is time to give Israel's hardcore Zionists their real name. They are the New Nazis.' (...)
If Europeans and Americans do not stop the New Nazis, it is likely that their end game will be the extermination of millions of Palestinians.
In his book An Ethical Tradition Betrayed, The End of Judaism, Dr. Hajo G. Meyer, a Nazi holocaust (Auschwitz) survivor, compared Israel's policies - as of 2007 when the book was published - with the early stages of the Nazi persecution of Germany's Jews.
He stressed that he was not seeking to draw a parallel between Israel's current policies and the Nazis' “endgame” - the slaughter of six million European Jews (and also the mass murder of many non-Jews). ...(...)
       As we were speaking, I opened an e-mail from another Jewish friend. It contained quotes from a statement made yesterday in the House of Commons by Sir Gerald Kaufman, the only Jewish MP who has been consistent for many years in his criticism of Israeli policy.
His statement included this: “Is it not an incontrovertible fact that Olmert, Livni and Barak are mass murderers and war criminals?”
I read that to Hajo. He said, “Kaufman is right. Every effort must now be made to bring Israel's leaders to trial.” ...(....)
Then what?
Israel creates a pretext for war with them all. Endgame. A Zionist holocaust.
In my view, which Hajo Meyer shares, that could happen unless enough Israelis and the Jews of the world are prepared to acknowledge that a terrible wrong was done to the Palestinians by Zionism (the few) in the name of all Jews.
The American edition of Alan Hart's book, Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews, is to be published by Clarity Press Inc in April, beginning with Volume One (of three with possibly a fourth) which has the subtitle The False Messiah.
Saturday, 17 January 2009

We Will Not Go Down - Song For Gaza


by Michael Heart

See here...


...tom heneghan....
Saturday, January 17, 2009
HOT NEWS: Madoff and Homeland Security Tied to THEFT of U.S. Pension Funds
Explosive Back Breaking News
by Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert

Saturday January 17, 2009
Israeli Mossad asset, ponzi scheme artist Bernard Madoff (L),
MEGA Israeli Mossad agent and 9/11 co-conspirator Michael Chertoff
United States of America – It can now be reported that Bank of America, which just received a $20 BILLION ‘bailout’, is opting out on their promise to the outgoing Bushfraud Administration to buy the noted stock brokerage firm Merrill Lynch.

Reference: As of January 16,2009, Merrill Lynch has accumulated up to $118 TRILLION of mortgage and credit swap derivatives, all linked to former NASDAQ Chairman, ponzi scheme artist and Israeli Mossad asset, Bernard Madoff.

Israeli Mossad asset and ponzi scheme artist Bernard Madoff linked to Merrill Lynch's $118 TRILLION of mortgage and credit swap derivatives
Take special note, folks, that the $118 TRILLION of bogus derivatives linked to Merrill Lynch exceeds the Gross National Product (GNP) of both the United States and the European Union combined.

And, of course, it gets worse! Someday we hope it can get better.
We can now divulge that the outgoing Bushfraud Administration, along with the TREASONOUS Department of Homeland Security, used the UN-Constitutional Patriot Act to seize control of the financial operation of State pension funds in all 50 States of the Union from the U.S. Treasury.

Item: As we have reported in previous briefings, but not reported, of course, by the Israeli Mossad controlled corporate media filth,
it was former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer that was pursuing evidence tying J.P. Morgan, Smith Barney, American International Group (AIG), Merrill Lynch, Bank of America and elements of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to the massive Bernard Madoff ponzi scheme,which was involved in DIRECTLY looting and destroying the pension funds of millions of American across the United States.
New York Governor Eliot Spitzer  picture....

Predatory Lenders' Partner in Crime
How the Bush Administration Stopped the States
From Stepping In to Help Consumers
By Eliot Spitzer

Now it really gets worse!

MEGA Israeli Mossad agent and 9/11 co-conspirator
Michael Chertoff (L), Sandy Weill, former Citibank CEO
Evidence is now developing tying Department of Homeland Security Secretary and mega Israeli Mossad agent,9/11 co-conspirator Michael Chertoff, as well as former Citibank CEO Sandy Weill,to backdoor secret accounts headquartered at Citibank and Bank of America, which allowed Chertoff and Weill, as well as major elected Democratic and Republican Party officials, to what one can describe as special ‘Black ATM Cards’,
which allowed these TREASONOUS individuals to actually shift funds from the Bernard Madoff hedge fund account to various offshore secret proprietaries all tied to none other than Merrill Lynch.

How dare you, you conspiratorial tyrants
and kings and notable queens!

P.S. Just for now we will hold back the names of the Democratic and Republican Party officials who are in possession of these ‘Black ATM Cards’
given the sensitivity of the investigation currently underway in New York state.

Israeli Mossad asset U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey (L) and
MEGA Israeli Mossad agent and 9/11 co-conspirator Michael Chertoff

A Federal Grand Jury has been impanelled and its Number 1 targets in the investigation are none other than Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff
and current U.S.Attorney General and Israeli Mossad asset Michael Mukasey.

Reference: The use of the 'Black ATM Cards' allowed this criminal filth to bypass the use of actual withdrawal slips, accordingly eliminating any real paper trail, or so they thought. However, we can divulge that New York authorities, with the help of the U.S. Marshals Service and records obtained from PROMIS software,
have electronic records of the use of the 'Black ATM Cards' by this criminal filth.

As we reported earlier,folks, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and president-elect Barack Obama’s U.S. Treasury Secretary designate, Timothy Geithner,
is currently cooperating with Federal prosecutors in New York state concerning the misuse of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in the massive Madoff ponzi scheme.

Conspiratorial TRAITORS
Bushfraud and Alan Greenspan (L) White House photo by Shealah Craighead
Bushfraud and Henry Paulson Reuters by Larry Downing

We can also report that former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan aka Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate enabler, along with current U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson,      have been subpoenaed to testify before the New York Federal Grand Jury.

Item: So, it is not surprising that Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate’s FOX News mouthpiece and political hack, Sean Hannity,
is involved in a smear operation against Timothy Geithner.

Remember, folks, the criminal corporate media elite love to attack truth-tellers and non-crooked politicians with irrelevant, minuscule alleged scandals
while ignoring the countless massive crimes that continue to be perpetuated by the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate.

P.P.S. At this hour, the state of California has gone bankrupt and its entire CalPERS (California Public Employees' Retirement System) pension fund, headquartered at the Bank of America in San Francisco, is broke!
The pension funds, of course,are tied to Merrill Lynch.

Now hold onto your hats,folks, Merrill Lynch, a noted CIA-linked brokerage house, dating back to the Russian ruble covert black op of the 1980s,
actually holds the pension funds of none other than CIA employee and 9/11 patsy
Tim Osman aka deceased Osama bin Laden.

CIA asset tied to bin Laden infiltrated FBI before 9/11.
Special prosecutor Fitzgerald met twice with asset, covered up links to al Qaeda and corruption implicating immigration officials and NY Mayor Giuliani--all connected to documents linking Vice President Cheney to9/11 plot in Philippines
By Tom Flocco

As we have reported ad nauseum, Tim Osman aka Osama bin Laden has been dead since late 2001 of kidney failure.

Final note: Stay tuned for emergency briefings at any moment as the U.S. Treasury and the criminal Federal Reserve are now directly in default
with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the International Court of Settlements.

The U.S. is in a depression as freight rates for containers shipped from Asia to Europe have fallen to zero    for the first time since records began.
The Baltic Dry Index (BDI),which measures freight rates for bulk commodities, such as iron ore and grains,crashed several months ago falling 96%.

We face a collapse of unprecedented proportion brought to you by the nation wrecker and UN-elected,illegal White House occupant, war criminal, election fraudster, homosexual in the closet, cocaine snorting, AWOL misfit George W. Bushfraud, along with the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate enablers in the U.S. corporate-controlled mass media.

In future briefings we will bring you the names of all of these Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate media whore enablers, along with their phone numbers and addresses,
and we will then conduct a poll on the means of punishment for this TREASONOUS tribalistic filth.
We live free or die as we continue to identify the enemies of the American Republic and the 2nd American Revolution in the 21st Century and eradicate them.

Overlord at Yorktown....(...)
[Patriotic, God-loving, peaceful Jewish People are NOT the same as the war mongering ZIONIST KHAZARIAN Jews.]

NOTICE:Occasionallythe Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate controlled NSA and FBI Division5 and/or Israeli Mossad, invade these intelligence briefings, on thisblog and in emails inserting bugs, changing or removing images,pictures and phraseology for the purpose of trying to keep you, theAmerican People, ill-informed.

Take note when they hack to insert a bug to run words together as seen above.

5:01 PM
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.....RMN.....reading room....
Above we have just seen Barack Obama blatantly admit IN HIS OWN WORDS.... that his plan is to....
**AND** also to....
3) THROUGH WAR! Just like the last two times that he keeps pointing to OVER AND OVER so that we will fully know just what EXACTLY it is that is coming to our nation.....
WAR!! Without a doubt! Obama is PROMISING - WAR!! On AMERICAN SOIL!!
the thread is:
Never_Surrender -- Sunday, 18 January 2009, 5:10 p.m.
Never_Surrender -- Sunday, 18 January 2009, 6:05 p.m.
[HOW OTHERS SEE THE US]: How Deregulation Spawned American Financial Crisis (views: 134)
watcher51445 -- Saturday, 17 January 2009, 7:19 a.m.
watcher51445 -- Saturday, 17 January 2009, 7:36 a.m.
watcher51445 -- Saturday, 17 January 2009, 7:46 a.m.
watcher51445 -- Saturday, 17 January 2009, 9:23 a.m.
watcher51445 -- Saturday, 17 January 2009, 6:37 a.m.
Massive Yellowstone to Yukon (Y2Y) Land Grab Will Hurt You
-----The Washington State Senate has just had introduced again a bill (SB 5064) that would create in Washington the Yellowstone to Yukon to
Urgent Action By You Is Required ...(...)
“Proponents of protecting the Y2Y corridor say they want to foster the coexistence of humans and the ecosystem and hope to see land-use decisions in the region based primarily on ecological principles.”

Y2Y will do great damage to ranchers, miners, forestry, farmers, and all kinds of other users? It would strangle rural communities with new regulations. A vast series of new series of land regulations will be imposed to control land use jeopardizing private property rights and economic growth.

-----This massive Eco-System land grab affects large portions of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.
If Y2Y passes into law in Washington, it will set the stage to pass it into law in the other states. People living in other states affected by Y2Y must get in touch with their legislators immediately and head Y2Y off.
Here is the Greens former website with a map of Y2Y so you can get an idea
of how huge this proposal is.
This website does not always work now. If you have trouble, type
Yellowstone To Yukon into Google and you’ll find a source with a map show
show you how big this proposal is....(...)
Ladyhawke -- Saturday, 17 January 2009, 2:08 p.m.
'THE LAST TEMPLAR' (airing soon) (views: 84)
Ladyhawke -- Saturday, 17 January 2009, 1:55 p.m.
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Bolivia Breaks Relations with Israel for the Aggression in Gaza (views: 51)
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Re: 1 of 4 CHINA'S DOLLAR MILLSTONE, Part 1 Breaking free from dollar hegemony (views: 64)
watcher51445 -- Saturday, 17 January 2009, 7:06 a.m. ....:

(...) World trade is now a game in which the US produces fiat dollars of uncertain exchange value and zero intrinsic value, and the rest of the world produces goods and services that fiat dollars can buy at "market prices" quoted in dollars. Such market prices are no longer based on mark-ups over production costs set by socio-economic conditions in the producing countries. They are kept artificially low to compensate for the effect of overcapacity in the global economy created by a combination of overinvestment and weak demand due to low wages in every economy.

Such low market prices in turn push further down already low wages to further cut cost in an unending race to the bottom. The higher the production volume above market demand, the lower the unit market price of a product must go in order to increase sales volume to keep revenue from falling. Lower market prices require lower production costs which in turn push wages lower. Lower wages in turn further reduce demand.

To prevent loss of revenue from falling prices, producers must produce at still higher volume, thus further lowering market prices and wages in a downward spiral. Export economies are forced to compete for market share in the global market by lowering both domestic wages and the exchange rate of their currencies. Lower exchange rates push up the market price of commodities which must be compensated for by even lower wages. The adverse effects of dollar hegemony on wages apply not only to the emerging export economies but also to the importing US economy. Workers all over the world are oppressed victims of dollar hegemony, which turns the labor theory of value up-side-down.
"Privatization" is an expansive term covering virtually any action that involves exposing the operations of government to market pressures, ranging from contracting out janitorial services at government facilities to selling off the Naval Petroleum Reserve. The broader definition of "privatization" also includes a wide range of public-private partnerships, such as voucher systems to purchase public services from private companies. The military-industrial complex is a form of creeping privatization. The creation of public corporations, quasi-government organizations and government-sponsored enterprises falls under the general category of privatization through corporatization. In such organizations, it is often difficult to tell the difference between government service and private enterprise, since the motivation shifts from a commitment to public service to the corporate objective of earning a profit. Even non-profit corporations aim to make profits, albeit their profits are not distributed to private shareholders. "Not-for-profit" is not to be confused with unprofitability, particularly to the people running non-profit entities whose pay and benefits are tied to profitability. Activities that are governed by profit incentives inevitably place public service as a necessary evil. It is aptly described by the Chinese proverb qui di yang zu (kneeling to the ground to raise pigs), meaning to kneel not out of respect for pigs, but for the profit from such demeaning activities. Privatization is in essence the selling of failed government.
CrystalRiver -- Friday, 16 January 2009, 2:38 p.m.
(...) The common bacterium, bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) supplies the most commonly used segment of transgenic DNA. Bt has been used for decades by farmers and gardeners to control crop damage from butterfy larvae. Now, instead of spraying this bacterium directly on the crops, where it is eaten only by the target insects, the genes containing the insecticidal traits are incorporated into the genome of the plant itself. As the genetically modified plant grows, these Bt genes are replicated in every cell of the plant, including pollen. Therefore, every cell of each GM plant contains its own poison aimed to kill the target insect. The target insects consume some portion of the plant, then once ingested, the toxin produced by the Bt genes causes crystallization in the guts of boring larvae and thus death. The primary toxin is a protein called Cry1Ab. In the case of field corn, the targeted insects are stem and root-borers and butterfly larvae.

Although scientists “assure” us that bees (hymenopterans) are not affected, there are Bt variants available that target beetles, flies and mosquitoes. There is indisputable proof that Cry1Ab is present in beehives. Beekeepers spray Bt under hive lids to control the wax moth because the larvae cause messy webs on the honey. Canadian beekeepers have noted the disappearance of this moth even in untreated hives, apparently the result of bees ingesting Cry1Ab while foraging in GM canola plants.

Bees forage heavily on corn flowers to obtain pollen for the rearing of young bees. These pollen grains also contain the Bt genes of the parent plant, because they are present in the cells from which pollen forms. Mr. McDonald believes it may be possible that while Cry1Ab has no direct lethal effect on young bees, there may be some sub-lethal effect, such as immune suppression, acting as a slow killer. ...(...)
Susoni -- Friday, 16 January 2009, 2:29 p.m.
CrystalRiver -- Friday, 16 January 2009, 2:09 p.m.
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Rayelan -- Friday, 16 January 2009, 1:51 p.m.
TheMythSmith -- Friday, 16 January 2009, 3:24 p.m.
Rayelan -- Friday, 16 January 2009, 1:37 p.m.
It's because I have known about a plan to bankrupt the federal reserve banks in order to put an end to the empire building dreams of the City of London.
I don't have all the facts. The world of finance... i.e. Wall Street, debentures, derivatives, hedge funds, bearer bonds, secret offshore accounts, metal trusts and other financial "papers" is far too complicated for me to even begin to understand.
I believe the ONLY people who really understand what's going on, are the children of the bankers, and a few intelligence officers who have been trained by the best in order to topple governments and bankrupt nations.

And then there's Faction Two...
The world would never have known anything about Faction Two if George H. W. Bush had not authorized the CIA to arrest Gunther Russbacher after he and I defied CIA orders and married without permission.
During Gunther's long incarceration he began teaching me about the owners of the Federal Reserve. He wrote his article on the FED, "The Short Road to Chaos and Destruction" while he was incarcerated at Terminal Island Federal Correction Institute. He wrote it in longhand and read it to me over the phone. I recorded it and typed it up.
Several months later, after another sham trial, he found himself incarcerated in Missouri facing 28 years for fraud. We never even KNEW or SAW the charges against him. The prosecutor would NOT release the evidence so he could defend himself.
In the Missouri prison, he was allowed to have a typewriter. He followed up his article on the Federal Reserve with one that explained how the Non-profits, and Non governmental think tanks were created by the owners of the Federal Reserve to hide their money, to pay their families and friends, to write laws that are then presented to their "wholly owned" Senators and Congressmen for passage by Congress.

Gunther called this essay, The Art of Global Politics.
One the day that I married Gunther, he showed me bank account receipts to bank accounts all over the world. There were so many zeros in the papers that I couldn't tell what the dollar amount was... was it in the hundreds of millions... or was it in the billions??? This was 1989.
I remembered that the pilot of the Learjet we flew to Reno commented to me, "You've married the banker." I didn't realize for years that I had married the #3 man in the CIA... a position that is referred to as, "The banker."

Who was Gunther loyal to?
You can bet that it wasn't the Federal Reserve... and because of this, when George H.W. Bush discovered that he had just married a woman who was part of a group that was trying to expose the Federal Reserve... he panicked... and locked Gunther up probably hoping to kill him before Gunther was able to reveal too much about G.H.W. Bush's role in the October Surprise.
Was Gunther loyal to the CIA? Of course not. He had been forced into the CIA with threats of sending his father to the Israelis and deporting his mother. His father was part of the Canaris Conspiracy, and when their attempt to blow up Hitler's plane failed, his father was one of the men who had to disappear. He fled to England and asked for refugee status. He was refused. That's when a low level State Department operative brought his plight to the attention of Secretary of State, Cordell Hull.
I suspect that this was the first time that Cordell Hull realized the enormity of the conspiracy... NOT against Hitler... but the conspiracy of the Elite international bankers against the world. ...(...)

I am beginning to believe that the main reason for my marriage to Gunther was so I would be able to release small pieces of the puzzle so others could begin to figure out what's going on.
I have done this by giving you information about the group of men and women... in all countries around the world, who make up a loosely connected opposition to the new world order... aka the City of London bankers and their empire.
If you are new to RMN and don't know what Faction Two is... here is a link that will bring you up to speed.
What is the Main difference Between Them?

I am pointing all of this out because I believe that what we are seeing is the bankrupting of corporate USA.
The Treasury Department is part of constitutional usA.
I am now beginning to believe that what happened in my life happened in order for me to release enough of the truth to give the people of the united states of America hope that they weren't alone in their battle to defeat the new world order... that they have allies... who fight behind the scenes... in every country around the world.

The enemy of all sovereign people is the City of London.


Elna Sondergaard    The Electronic Intifada:
A proper trial would provide the victims with the opportunity to tell their stories and to present their evidence to independent judges; Palestinian and Israeli victims would be equal -- the disadvantage of being stateless and the power imbalance between the two parties would no longer exist; testimonies of thousands of Palestinians would finally be heard -- people who have already suffered tremendously from the illegal Israeli occupation during which they have been deprived of the most basic human rights for over 40 years.
            Such a trial might silence the endless accusations from both parties by opening up an impartial and legal assessment of relevant arguments. Such a trial would send the message that in modern times, all individuals have to take responsibility for their actions. Such a trial would also likely assist in efforts to prevent future atrocities in Gaza and support conditions for a long-term peace.
Putting perpetrators on trial would cost the international community nothing, but a lack of such individual responsibility and accountability would cost the civilians in Gaza dear leaving them without remedies and hope -- while politicians and soldiers would again be encouraged to think that they are exempted from the law and that they can get away with anything.
Thus, we cannot allow these crimes to remain untried./////
Elna Sondergaard is the Director of the Human Rights Program and Associate Professor of Law at the American University in Cairo. From 2000-2004, she worked as a legal officer for UNRWA at their headquarters in Gaza.
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Kim Sengupta     The Independent   ...   plus......
Dr. Ezzeldeen Abu al-Aish, a Palestinian doctor who trained in Israel, has been a regular fixture on Israeli television during the 21-day-old war against Hamas militants, bringing witness accounts of the medical crisis facing Gazans to Israeli living rooms.
His report Friday was drenched in grief as he sobbed through a cell phone that three of his daughters and a niece were killed by an Israel Defense Forces shell.
Abu al-Aish said he hoped his three daughters would be the last victims of the fighting in Gaza, and that their deaths would help bring peace between Israel and the Palestinians.
"I want to know why my daughters were harmed. This should haunt (Israeli Ehud Prime Minister) Olmert his entire life," Abu al-Aish said on Israel's Channel 10, speaking through a cell phone in Hebrew as he has throughout the war.
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Gaza... New Sabra and Shatila
The writer is the Prime Minister of Gaza:
:: Article nr. 50858 sent on 15-jan-2008 16:04 ECT
The Free Gaza Movement ship, SPIRIT OF HUMANITY, left Cyprus Wednesday morning carrying doctors, journalists, human rights workers, and parliamentarians. The ship also carried over a ton of desperately needed medicines donated by the European Campaign to Break the Siege, and intended for overwhelmed hospitals in the Gaza Strip. At the request of the ship's organizers the passenger list and manifest were publicly released, and Cypriot authorities searched the boat prior to its departure in order to certify that it only carried humanitarian items. The organizers also sent an official notification to the Israeli government of their intent to break through the blockade of Gaza.

At roughly 3am UST (1am GMT), in international waters 100 miles off the coast of Gaza, at least five Israeli gunboats surrounded the SPIRIT OF HUMANITY and began recklessly cutting in front of the slow-moving civilian craft. The Israeli warships radioed the SPIRIT, demanding that the ship turn around or they would open fire and "shoot." When asked if the Israeli navy was acknowledging that they intended to commit a war crime by deliberately firing on unarmed civilians, the warships replied that they were prepared to use "any means" to stop the ship.

An earlier attempt by Free Gaza to deliver doctors and medical supplies ended on 30 December when Israeli gunboats deliberately and repeatedly rammed the DIGNITY, almost sinking that ship. Rather than endanger the lives of its passengers, the SPIRIT is now returning to Cyprus.

Israel's reckless and shocking threats against an unarmed ship on a mission of mercy are a violation of both international maritime law and the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, which states that "the high seas should be reserved for peaceful purposes."

CALL the Israeli Government and demand that it immediately STOP attacking the civilian population of Gaza and STOP using violence to prevent human rights and humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian people.
Mark Regev in the Prime Minister's office:
+972 2670 5354 or +972 5 0620 3264
Shlomo Dror in the Ministry of Defence:
+972 3697 5339 or +972 50629 8148
The Israeli Navy Spokesperson:
+ 972 5 781 86248  (Italy)
Barak, Livni and Olmert: A portrait of war criminals.
Uri Avnery     Gush Shalom
Uri Avnery, an Israeli writer and peace activist, founded the Gush Shalom movement. He had served three terms as an MP at the Knesset. This article was published by Gush Shalom.
Thank you Gerald Kaufman, MP for speaking up. Labour MP Kaufman has urged an arms embargo and compared Israeli troops in Gaza to the Nazis who forced his family to flee Poland.
Oren Yiftachel
Comment: The "absurdities" and "surprising" - and detrimental - behaviors performed by the US and Israeli governments only mirror the pathology of the individuals constituting these governments. Andrew Lobaczewski portrays in depth the character of pathocracies and the psychopaths who lust for power and destruction, in his must-read book, Political Ponerology.   australia
(...) To this date, the Israel Occupation Army (IOF) still refuses to comply with orders from the Israeli Supreme Court to stop using Palestinian civilians as human shields (click here for a BBC article about this subject). If the IOF is a “professional army” as it claims and it treats Palestinians according to International Law, then:
I wonder why Israel’s highest court would issue such an order?
I wonder why IOF refuses to stop using Palestinians as human shields?

It has been an Israeli strategy from the start to use civilian target as a strategic weapon. Israeli leaders assume this would cause the civilian population to pressure Arab leaders to submit to Israeli dictates. Sadly, this Israeli tactic has been historically effective with the corrupt and unpopular Arab leaders who are more interested in protecting their corrupt regimes than defending their countries. The reader should be reminded of the “Grape of Wrath” agreement between Hizbullah and Israel 1996 which restricted both sides from hitting civilian targets. This agreement signaled the end of the Israeli occupation in southern Lebanon, and as a result a new era in the Arab-Israeli conflict have begun where Israel’s deterrence power suffered a major setback. It should be noted that Israel has been determined not to fall into this trap again; that would explain why Israel rejected signing similar agreements with Hamas.
(A Palestinian killed by Israeli Occupation Soldiers used as a trophy...picture)
The allegation that Palestinian resistance use their own family members as human shield has been concocted by Zionists to delegitimise any Palestinian resistance, and to deflect from the war crimes that are being perpetrated on the people of Gaza.
Palestinians are no different than other colonized people; they’re simply defending their homeland from foreign aggressions. The following list of pictures, articles, movies, and Israeli quotations will conclusively prove that the Israeli Occupation Army is the one who use civilians as human shields....(...)
Comment: You can read comments and observations of readers in here:
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Abdel-Monaem Mahmoud     Islam Online
Doctors, Arabs and foreigners, who have been to the Gaza Strip in recent days are scratching their heads trying to figure out the cause of the abnormal injuries suffered by Palestinian civilians.
© Islam Online Doctors believe Israel is using DIME, an experimental type of explosive with increased lethal effects to people in its immediate vicinity.//
"I have not seen anything like this in my many years of professional experience," Asharf Mohamed, an Egyptian doctor, told
He recalls people being admitted to hospital with burnt organs, lacerated tissues or even without the lower half of their bodies.
"Many of the injuries looked like as if being cut off with a knife or something similar."
The doctor said the abnormal injuries suggest Israel's use of unconventional weapons during its three-week onslaught against the densely-populated Gaza Strip, which has so far killed more than 1200 people.
"Most of these wounds are caused by Israel's use of banned and experimental weapons. They are killing them with DIME bombs."
Comment: It is surreal to read this resolution. If it was presented to somebody completely unaware of the facts on the ground, he/she would think that two equally equipped armies were fighting, but alas! one is loosing.
Where is the condemnation of Israel's merciless carnage in Gaza?
........................    about-us
Ibrahim A. Vayid        Le Défi Media Group  Le Défi Plus/ Mauritius.



Brother Nathanael Kapner: Israel launched an air strike against Hamas in the Gaza Strip on December 27, 2008. The invasion has now expanded into an all out war with no end in sight, complete with Israeli ground troops and reserves slaughtering hundreds of civilians. What are your opening thoughts on this?
Michael Hoffman: As usual, the Israelis in Gaza are taking a crap on an entire people. The IDF is dismantling, not so much Hamas, but the infrastructure of Gaza’s government. We are seeing housing, the educational system, and Gaza’s fire-fighting & medical facilities, systematically being dismantled by Israel.
This is not a limited attack on Hamas as the Israelis spin it. This is an attack on the Palestinian people’s ability to govern, educate, house, and protect themselves.

Br Nathanael: Israel is defending themselves against criticism of civilian deaths by saying that Hamas is “using civilians as human shields.” What is your response to this?
Michael Hoffman: As always happens when these Talmudic war crimes transpire, Israeli (“hasbara”) propaganda-operations and their counterparts in the Judaic-controlled media go into high gear. We are seeing the pattern repeated in Gaza now. Every single atrocity committed by the Israelis is explained away as either “collateral damage” or “civilians being used by Hamas as human shields.”
Br Nathanael: Is there a racist and religious component involved in Israel’s massacres of Palestinian children?
Michael Hoffman: The racist component of the devaluation of Palestinian life, so evident in Gaza, is barely mentioned because it tends to show that the Judaic state of Israel is sick at its core.
Any such admission would tend toward an investigation into the roots of the Zionist pathology which, patently, are in the religion of Orthodox Judaism. For Orthodox Judaism institutionalizes the enshrinement of the humanity of the souls of Judaics while derogating the humanity of non-Judaic souls.

Br Nathanael: But what about all of the “Torah True Jews” who are against the Zionist State of Israel? Should we be applauding them?
Michael Hoffman: In the last stages of Judaic propaganda surrounding any massacre by Israelis in the Middle East, we witness the phenomenon of “Jews Against Zionism” and “Rabbis for Peace.” Attention given to these groups by the Judaic-controlled media intends to deflect attention away from the Talmud and other rabbinic texts which teach that when necessary, non-Judaics may be killed with impunity because they are not fully human.

Br Nathanael: Hasidic Jews are always publicly protesting against Zionism? Are they to be commended for their Anti Israel stand?
Michael Hoffman: The masters at this sort of disinformation are the Neturei Karta sect of Hasidic Judaism who were received by the Iranian President at the revisionist conference in Tehran. These people parade around the US and Europe condemning Zionism as being against “the Torah.” But what they mean by “the Torah” is Judaic “Law” as explicated by the Talmud - not the Torah of Yahweh, which the rabbis nullify.
Neturei Karta and the larger Satmar body of Hasidim, who are also anti-Zionist, are a function of the Cryptocracy at one of its highest levels of operation. The many befuddled “goyim” who cooperate with these groups in disseminating the propaganda that the Talmud is a document of peace and love inimical to Zionism and the Israeli state, serve to rescue the religion of Judaism from the odium it so richly deserves as the ideological engine that drives the Israeli war machine.
Br Nathanael: What then can we do to stop the continual blood baths by Israel?
Michael Hoffman: The Israeli hold on the West can only be weakened and eventually dissolved if the world will come to view the connection between Orthodox Judaism and Zionism the way it perceives the connection between Islamic fundamentalism and Al Qaeda. The actions of the Israeli military in Gaza — mass murder and constantly lying about it — are derived from the rabbinic law of Orthodox Judaism, as documented in my book, Judaism Discovered.
This is the missing element in the analysis of Israeli war crimes and deception. The rabbis teach the followers of Orthodox Judaism to lie and, when it is deemed politic, to slaughter dehumanized non-Judaics. Until this is widely understood, the Israelis will massacre civilian populations repeatedly and with impunity, as the history of the Zionist state, and now in Gaza, demonstrates.

MICHAEL A HOFFMAN II, HISTORIAN AND AUTHOR, is the founder of Independent History & Research. He was educated at the University of New York
and is a former reporter for the New York Bureau of the Associated Press. Hoffman is the author of several books, including his masterwork, Judaism Discovered. His free newsletter, The Hoffman Wire, is sent out weekly to thousands of supporters.
Place Your Order For: Judaism Discovered @ Revisionist History Here.

For More See: Judaism Discovered - Review Pt I 
And: Judaism Discovered - Review Pt II
And: “Judaism’s Strange Gods”
And: Interview With Michael A Hoffman
And: Why I Left Judaism
From: Rocky Montana
To: Patrick Bellringer
Sent: Saturday, January 17, 2009 2:52 PM

The Government should take action immediately. Double standards and preferential treatment must stop, and full transparency must begin. All bail-outs must be accountable and no more blank checks be written. If the troubled, big banks are indeed bankrupt, they should be allowed to fail and file bankruptcy just as any other business must do when it fails. The government should then take over and sell the company's assets to the highest bidders, just as was done by the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) in the 1990's. However, all American assets should be sold to verifiable, American citizens only.

What can American citizens do? Well, we surely should not reward such behavior. Until our government requires these big banks to come clean by requiring bank regulators to legitimately review their books and make determinations of financial condition for all to see, concerned Americans may want to consider taking the following action: Speak out against this unacceptable behavior. Write the banks involved and your representatives at all levels of government, expressing your concerns. Stop doing business with these banks, i.e., stop making deposits, stop using their credit cards, stop buying their investment instruments, stop investing in their stocks and bonds, and withdraw your money from these banks, and let the banks know why you are doing this. The troubled, big banks may fail anyway, regardless of all the money thrown at them, therefore, it may be prudent to find a healthy, regional bank of high ethical character and a good financial history, with which to do business.

List of nine largest banks/corps. which have been bailed out as of January 2009:
American International Group (AIG), Bank of America, Citigroup, Fifth Third Bank, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Chase, Merril Lynch, Morgan Stanley, New York Mellon Bank, Wells Fargo.

January 18, 2009  ISRAELI MASSACRES (( some of them))

January 18, 2009 10:20 AM Mohawk Nation News: Showdown at the Western Door

Jan. 16, 2009. The Seneca Nation of the Rotino’shonni:onwe, Iroquois Confederacy, are demanding that the colonial state of New York stop illegally operating an unlawful business on our territory – which is the Interstate Thruway #90. It is an unlawful business on our land. At the same time NYS is trying to destroy a significant part of the Nation’s economy by imposing illegal taxes. They have no jurisdiction over Ongwehonwe or our territories which is all of New York State and beyond. Every inch of Onowaregeh, Turtle Island, is unsurrendered Ongwehone territory. The U.S. and Canada are colonies that have no land. They are illegal occupiers.

The trusteeship of the territory in the people is affirmed in the constitution known as the Kaianerehkowa, the Great Law of Peace, which is the true law of the land.
The Seneca Nation and New York State clashed back in 1992 and 1997 leading to civil unrest in the local Seneca communities of Allegheny and Cattaraugus....(...)

...hal   ..... ..........
Democrats to reinstate military draft!!!!!!
Washington, DC -- Congressman Charles Rangel has confirmed he will introduce a Bill early this year to reinstate a Military draft, forcing young Americans into military service to fight wars for Israel and oil.

Details Here
Posted by at 1/15/2009 12:11:00 PM 10 comments

Gaza strip, Palestine -- As Israeli aggression continues against the unarmed civilians in Gaza, more and more atrocities are becoming publicly known.

While Israel **claims** they are attacking rocket launch sites, their actual attacks are doing far worse. Below is the latest photo of a child . . . . . . . screaming in agony with his left leg blown off....(...)
Think this was some sort of terrible mistake? It wasn't. It was deliberate. The same way that the bombing of a United Nations Relief Supply Warehouse was also deliberately bombed today with White Phosphorus to set it on fire.

Israel is deliberately targeting civilians and when they cannot kill them directly, they are intentionally bombing shelters and relief warehouses....(...)

Details of UN Warehouse bombing/fire Here
Posted by at 1/15/2009 09:26:00 AM 17 comments
...nenki..... ......

The end of You Tube ?
(...) Check (Nufff Respect) for more details
Youtube is Dead, or a best a dried husk of the vibrant organism it once was. You know the one where you could say whatever you wanted..... you know 'you broadcast'??
Now its 'you can upload, but we will decide who sees your video'
Youtubes new policies include CONTROLLING the media.
This is significantly different from google who essentially sells adds on traffic.
It looks like youtube want a sterile environment that is more productive for selling adds on youtube.
YouTube needs to start listening to its users. We, the people, made YouTube the most popular video sharing site. And we did that long before Google bought it. Now they're imposing a whole host of restrictions on us in order to remove our right to free speech and expression, as well as restrict our ability to network with other users and to share information with large groups of people. Hitler would have LOVED the way Google operates! We have to make our voices heard, and one of the best ways to do that is to boycott all Google products completely. ....(....)

Un autre site qui s'est fait rayé à cause d'ADL (Anti Diffamation League). La censure commence lentement à se resserrer. ....
Bad News: YouTube Partners with ADL
This is bad news for us. Not only have we been putting up with outrageous censorship on the part of Youtube, but now, presumably because they can't keep up with us and the word is getting out, they are seeking help from the ADL to help silence us. No doubt our IP addresses are also being recorded by the ADL, for they are nothing more then a domestic branch of the Mossad (the Israeli intelligence organization similar to, (and actually helped start, America's CIA).
This is bad news in that we have tough days ahead of us. It will be harder to get the message out, and we can expect more harassment from the ADL watchdogs, and their lapdogs in our government, schools, employers, organizations and political parties. The good news is we are obviously getting the message out, enough to threaten them to take more severe actions to silence us. This means we must double our efforts.
Especially with the Marxist Obama elected we can expect "hate" laws to try to further silence us.
We must never give up hope. I know I will do my part, and keep faith that we can still win this thing, but that doesn't mean I'm not serious when I ask God help us.
9/11   Activism   Articles   Censorship   Enemy Organizations   Evidence of ZOG
Government and Philosophyb   GoyimPride's Videos   History   Holocaust
International   Interviews & Audio Files

(...) Needless to remind the reader that YouTube is a monster owned by the previously known-to-be-controlled-by-zionists, Google.
It was disturbing when we heard that Uruknet was removed from Google's news search index, but now Palestine Think Tank (PTT) has its own experience with Google censorship.
... Haitham Sabbah is a Palestinian activist and blogger. He was born in exile in Kuwait on 2nd April 1969. The last time he was allowed to visit his homeland, Occupied Palestine was in 1986. He has never been allowed entry to his homeland since then. He has lived in many countries throughout the Arab world including Jordan, UAE and currently resides in Bahrain. He graduated in 1990 from Birla Institute of Technology - India with a degree in Engineering, Electronics and Communication.
He is now employed in the capacity of senior manager at Zain Bahrain - part of a leading global telecommunication company - and is a professional blogger during his personal time.
Haitham is one of the founders of the blogosphere in the Middle East and he continues to be one of the most famous bloggers there, as well as having a very large global readership. He is a well known online activist and his writing focuses on Israel's occupation of Palestine, War, Human Rights, Culture and Religious issues in the Middle East. He integrates into the sites and blogs he manages the innovations the medium allows as well as maintaining its essential character as a space of exchange of information and community.
Voici la video des admins du forum québec-politique qui témoigne du harcèlement, du piratage et du chantage à l'antisémitisme qu'ils ont subi. Ça se regarde comme si c'était sur youtube.
Ce vidéo témoigne des attentats survenus le 11 décembre sur un forum politique québécois. En fait, ce fut la culmination d'une série d'attaques qui se sont échelonnées sur une période de quelques mois.
Merci au créateur du vidéo, Samuel G., le proprio du forum Québec-Politique
[Le webzine Québec-Politique] - Le Bloc québécois responsable ?
Le webzine de Québec-Politique est un espace qui favorise l'expression des citoyens sur les enjeux ... Copyright ©2007 Qué Accueil Mission ...   ???????????

Conférence de Pierre Hillard: ”Vers un gouvernement mondial ?“ L'Union Européenne représente le prototype idéal pour la mise en place de ce Nouvel Ordre Mondial.
Ce block européen donnera naissance au block centre et ou panaméricain soit la SICA.
((    ¿ Qué es el SICA ?
El Sistema de Integración Centroamericana (SICA) es un organismo internacional creado por los Estados de las Repúblicas de El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica y Panamá.))
Une monnaie centre américaine et un passeport centre américaine et ainsi de suite de l'Afrique à l'Asie.
L’opération « Plomb durci »: La guerre israélienne est financée par l’Arabie saoudite
January 7th, 2009
Cette article a été publié en arabe par “New Orient News. Il n’a pas pu être diffusé sur le Réseau Voltaire, saboté depuis plusieurs semaines. Rappelons que depuis cette même époque, AMI fait l’objet d’attaques tout aussi acharnées. Par Thierry Meyssan Depuis le samedi 27 décembre 2008, à 11h30 (heure locale), les forces armées israéliennes ont lancé [...]
Obama, l’armée et la menace de la dictature aux Etats-Unis    January 4th, 2009
En choisissant l’amiral Dennis Blair en tant que directeur du renseignement américain, le président désigné Barack Obama a intégré à son cabinet trois officiers à quatre étoiles qui sont à la retraite depuis peu. Cette représentation sans précédent du corps des officiers au sein de la prochaine administration démocrate est une indication de la croissance [...]

Le 250e anniversaire de la conquête anglaise de 1759 ? Le RRQ (Réseau de Résistance du Québécois) sur le sentier de la guerre!

Article en anglais dans le Globe & Mail. Rien pour les québécois sans-dessein:
The 1759 battle marked the beginning of English rule in Canada and, 250 years later, remains a sore point for some French-speaking Quebeckers.
Some sovereigntists and observers say the commemoration is misplaced, and one well-known Quebec historian compares it to France marking the anniversary of its humiliating defeat at Waterloo....(...)  

"Lorsqu'on consulte le programme créé par la Commission des champs de bataille nationaux afin de commémorer , un malaise nous assaille très rapidement. Pour tous ceux connaissant un tant soit peu l'Histoire, il ne peut qu'être inacceptable de prendre à la légère et en humour, comme le font les propagandistes de la Commission des champs de bataille nationaux, l'événement tragique que fut la défaite de la Nouvelle-France à l'issue de la Guerre de sept ans, guerre qui l'opposa à l'Angleterre. Vient un jour où un peuple ne peut endurer davantage qu'on l'humilie, et ce jour est arrivé.
En présentant 1759 sous le sceau de l'humour et du bon-entendisme, la direction de la Commission des champs de bataille nationaux souhaite faire oublier que la guerre de 7 ans fut un âpre conflit qui provoqua la mort de 10 000 personnes en Nouvelle-France. On parle d'environ 1/7 de la population. Il ne s'agit donc pas de simples petites escarmouches n'ayant point porté à conséquence, comme certains retors historiens fédéralistes voudraient bien nous le faire croire. La Commission veut aussi cacher le fait que les troupes de Wolfe ont saccagé la colonie française au cours de cet été de 1759.
Les Britanniques ont brûlé plus de 1500 fermes sur les côtes nord et sud du Saint-Laurent et ils ont pillé les ressources des familles canadiennes, pillages qui s'accompagnèrent de tout le cortège de cruautés propres à de telles opérations de guerre; dont le viol et les exécutions sommaires.
Les bombardements anglais qui ont débuté au printemps de 1759 ont complètement détruit Québec. En septembre, cette ville n’était plus qu’un champ de ruines. Et les lendemains de la conquête ne chantèrent pas davantage pour le peuple québécois en devenir. Les Canadiens de la Nouvelle-France furent supplantés par les Anglais qui s’emparèrent complètement du pouvoir et de l’économie....(...) Le fédéral a beau avoir investi des millions$ dans l’organisation de la commémoration de 1759, investissements qui donneront assurément naissance à de fort belles festivités mettant en vedette des petits soldats de plomb arborant leurs plus beaux atours, il n’en demeure pas moins que fondamentalement, il s’agit ici d’une indigeste et écoeurante opération de propagande, et c’est cela que nous tenterons de faire comprendre à une importante majorité de Québécois. Si nous désirons vraiment remporter une victoire dans cette « bataille de la mémoire» (dixit René Boulanger) qui nous oppose une nouvelle fois à ceux d’en face, il nous faudra être déterminés et radicalement prêts à faire ravaler les mensonges aux propagandistes oeuvrant pour l’unité canadienne.
Toute notre opération culminera bien sûr l’été prochain, sur les plaines d’Abraham, en plein cœur de notre Amérique française que nous extirperons bien un jour des griffes du Canada. Nous aurons alors besoin du soutien et de la participation du plus grand nombre, de façon à démontrer clairement que le peuple québécois n’endurera pas davantage les opérations visant à l’humilier. C’est donc un rendez-vous!
À bas les propagandistes fédéraux, et vive le Québec libre!
" Lire la suite...
(Attention: je ne connais pas ce mouvement ou groupe. D'après leur site, je ne peux évaluer leur degré de connaissance vis-à-vis le N.O.M. ou autres agendas secrets du grand complot, tel l'Union Nord Américaine ou Pan Américaine...). Pas beaucoup à ce que je peux voir.
David Icke speaks to the constituents of Haltemprice and Howden about the 'Big Brother' election, forced by the resignation of David Davis, and the move towards the global Big Brother enslavement we are all facing. (Official Full Version)
David Icke - Big Brother, the Big Picture (July 6th 2008) - 2:53:42 - 6 juil. 2008 /july2008
Edge Media Television - Sky 211 -
Attendez-vous à de gros changements en 2009 si vous ne changez rien à ce qui se trame. Car tous ont mis leur sort dans les mains de rustres prédateurs qui ont créé Barack Hussein Obama, Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, la crise du terrorisme et cette crise, enfin, tout le film ou Matrice dans laquelle nous vivons. Et ce sont eux-mêmes qui ont volé et dénudé les gens de leurs biens, leur qualité de vie qui proposent les solutions du Nouvel Ordre Mondial en vous engageant à travailler plus fort pour moins cher et plus longtemps.
Ça fait combien d'années que je vous en parle? Maintenant il faut travailler pour nous tous et de les faire payer ou rembourser ce qu'ils nous doivent, un point c'est tout. C'est la seule façon de se sortir des famines, pandémies, pauvreté et chaos sociaux qui se fomentent en ce moment pour diminuer la population de la Terre de beaucoup de %........... Des rumeurs de guerres...
Québec-Radio victime de pirates informatiques
Postée le 04/01 09:33
Québec-Radio est présentement hors d'ondes. Nous avons à nouveau subi une attaque informatique, et cette fois-ci, les coups ont porté.
Le matériel sonore de Québec-Radio devra complètement être reprogrammé. Ça nous prendra quelques jours.
L'organisation du Québécois a également subi de sévères attaques informatiques il y a quelques semaines de cela, mais cette fois, les attaques étaient dirigées contre le site principal de l'organisation, celui qui est le mieux protégé. Nous avions alors été en mesure de bloquer les attaques qui provenaient de serveurs situés au Japon.
Il ne faut pas oublier que les médias indépendantistes basques ont subi plusieurs attaques informatiques qui étaient commandées par Madrid. Est-ce que l'organisation du "Québécois" est en train de subir un sort similaire? C'est possible, même s'il est trop tôt pour le dire. Ce qui est certain par contre, c'est que la sécurité de nos militants et de notre organisation sur le net constitue dès lors une de nos plus hautes priorités.
Désolé pour les inconvénients que cela vous procure, mais sachez que nous reviendrons plus fort!
Patrick Bourgeois
Québec-Radio: http//