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Thursday, January 22, 2009
Explosive Back Breaking News
Caroline Kennedy Receives Death Threats from the KHAZARIAN Jew Cabal
Story developing…
by Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert
Wednesday January 21, 2009
President John F. Kennedy watches his dancing children, Caroline and John John (AP photo)
United States of America – It can now be reported that Caroline Kennedy may have not actually withdrawn from the New York Senate race
as the ZIONIST New York Times is reporting.
Sources close to French Intelligence have confirmed that Caroline Kennedy, the daughter of assassinated President John F. Kennedy, is receiving around the clock
death threats from the same elements that threatened then Vice President, now year 2000 duly elected President Albert Gore Jr.’s daughters
during the year 2000 presidential recount in Florida.
It is none other than FBI Division 5 and the rogue Israeli Mossad Bush- Clinton “TRUE COLORS” assassination teams that murdered Caroline’s brother, John F. Kennedy Jr., that are behind these threats.
Joe Klein, Mark Halperin (pic ABC News), Larry King

Reference: Remember, folks, it was the KHAZARIAN Jew-controlled news media, such as Joe Klein of TIME magazine (212) 522-1212, Mark Halperin of Politico and Larry King of CNN (202) 898-7900, that started these anti-Catholic Caroline Kennedy smears.
Bob Woodward (AP photo)
Aiding and abetting the three KHAZARIAN Jew media types is Naval Intelligence agent and Mossad asset Washington Post editor Bob Woodward (202) 334-5746.

There is no doubt that Caroline Kennedy is clean and NOT a crook and would blow the whistle on the Bernard Madoff mega Mossad scandal in New York state.

In summation, we will have more details tomorrow on this developing story, but you can count on it, folks, that unelectable loser, KHAZARIAN Jew and assassin, Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, now U. S. Secretary of State,
is also behind the death threats against Caroline Kennedy.
We promise one thing though, that this Israeli Mossad, KHAZARIAN Jew media coup versus Caroline Kennedy will not go unanswered. Let the tribalistic war begin in full.

We renew our vow that we will not cease until every last Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate member and its treasonous media enablers like Joe Klein and Bob Woodward are removed from American soil.
Call the DNC (202) 863-8000, and tell them that this ZIONIST anti-Catholic coup d'état against Caroline Kennedy is UN-acceptable, and UN-American.
Tell them that Caroline is certainly more qualified than crook and Bush enabler, Israeli Mossad agent Diane Feinstein.
Also tell them that unless Caroline Kennedy receives the New York Senate seat a massive internet campaign will begin immediately
to cut the Democratic Party off from any future contributions.
That includes exposing the personal lives and corruption of
all the Hollywood, KHAZARIAN Jew anti-Catholic financial fixers.
We live free or die as we continue to identify the enemies of the American Republic and the 2nd American Revolution in the 21st Century and eradicate them.

Overlord at Yorktown remains relentless and victorious.
Lafayette remains at Brandywine and Albert Gore Jr. remains the REAL year 2000 President of the United States.
Year 2000 non-inaugurated, duly elected
President Albert Gore Jr.
International Intelligence Expert, Tom Heneghan, has hundreds of highly credible sources inside American and European Intelligence Agencies and INTERPOL-- reporting what is REALLY going on behind the scenes of the controlled mainstream media cover up propaganda of on-going massive deceptions and illusions.
Patriotic, God-loving, peaceful Jewish People are NOT the same as the war mongering ZIONIST KHAZARIAN Jews.
NOTICE:OccasionallytheBush-ClintonCrime Family Syndicate controlle dNSA, FBIDivision5 and/orIsraeli Mossad, invade these intelligence briefings,onthisblog and inemailsinsertingbugs, changing or removingimages,pictures and phraseology forthe purpos eof trying to keep you,theAmerican People, ill-informed.
Take notewhen they hack to insert a bug to run words together or separate letters as shown above.
3:57 AM
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Wednesday, December 10, 2008
UPDATE: Caroline Kennedy Death Threats  
by Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert

Thursday January 22, 2009
President-elect, now President Barack Obama, with active supporter Caroline Kennedy
United States of America – It can now be reported that Caroline Kennedy, daughter of assassinated President John F. Kennedy, received at least THIRTY (30) DEATH THREATS by email correspondence from known sources
within the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Israeli Mossad.

"...Herzilya, Israel, the small town north of Tel Aviv, which happens to be where Mossad's headquarters are located."
"...Mossad's Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzilya..." Christopher Bollyn

One death threat, which originated from Herzliya, Israel (Mossad headquarters), stated that should she (Caroline) continue her quest to become a U.S. Senator, she would be a statistic like her brother, a direct reference to the assassination of her brother John F. Kennedy Jr., who was likewise murdered when threatening to take the New York U.S. Senate seat that he had been told
belonged to then First Lady Hillary Clinton, the wife of the departing President.

Note: A friendly foreign intelligence agency has told this reporter     that both loser and lesbian in-the-closet, KHAZARIAN Jew Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, and current President Barack Obama White House Legal Counsel Greg Craig     were aware of the death threats for the last two weeks       and did nothing to alert then president-elect Barack Obama.

Item: It is both KHAZARIAN Jew Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton and White House Legal Counsel Greg Craig (Skull and Bonesman and year 2000 Elian Gonzalez attorney),
who are currently leaking dirt and bogus rumors about Caroline     to both FOX News
and media internet mogul KHAZARIAN Jew Matt Drudge aka Drecht.

It was only through the patriotic work of former Secretary of State Colin Powell, a current member of the joint U.S.-French Anti-Terrorist Task Force, who alerted then president-elect Barack Obama of the death threats against Caroline Kennedy and, accordingly, offered 24 hour, around the clock, full Secret Service protection
to the daughter of the assassinated President.

P.S. Remember, folks, the KHAZARIAN Jew, Mossad-controlled American media filth is paranoid about Caroline because she is not a crook and not part of the massive New York state Bernard Madoff money laundry ponzi scheme
that has bankrupted the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the brokerage firm Merrill Lynch, and one of the major banks in the United States, the Bank of America

Note: Bank of America is still on the verge of collapse, which will lead to the collapse of
54 major American banks within 48 hours.

When media stooges and mouthpieces, like Chrissy Pooh Matthews of MSNBC and his KHAZARIAN Jew Washington Post puppets talk about Caroline’s nanny problems, tax problems and alleged affair, dismiss it all folks
as dis-information to disguise the DEATH THREATS made against Caroline.
Anti-Catholic Bigots and KHAZARIAN Jews
Joe Klein, TIME magazine and Tina Brown, British Intelligence asset

P.P.S. The major reason Caroline Kennedy was forced to withdraw from the Senate race was not only the death threats but unprecedented corporate, Mossad-controlled personal media attacks against the daughter of our late assassinated President     with the lynch mob being led by anti-Catholic bigots, KHAZARIAN Jew Joe Klein of TIME magazine
and noted KHAZARIAN Jew, British Intelligence asset and monarchist
Tina Brown of a satanic website called “the daily beast”.

Reference: Both Joe Klein and Tina Brown covered up the Bush-Clinton-Mossad “TRUE COLORS” assassination teams that started in the 1990s and still exist today,
and KHAZARIAN Jew Joe Klein actually received a $3 MILLION BRIBE from former Clinton Administration official, and now ABC talk show host, George Stephanopoulos,
in return for beingtheanonymousauthor of the “TRUE COLORS”assassination manuscript.

Be sure to call MSNBC at (202) 885-4200 and tell them you want the "Morning Joe" show, which promotes both Joe Klein and Tina Brown,       canceled immediately.
Tell them this anti-Catholic, pro KHAZARIAN Jew program   enables two alleged journalists, who enable assassination and death threats.

P.P.P.S. As you can see, folks, we have never left Dealey Plaza.

In defiance of the TREASONOUS Federal Reserve,
U.S. President John F. Kennedy issued a $2 United States Note ......

NOT a Federal Reserve Note -- he was assassinated shorthly after ......
$2 1963 series - view the words "United States Note"
above Jefferson's pic, click here to enlarge

Remember, Caroline’s father, President John F. Kennedy, opposed the TREASONOUS Federal Reserve system, which has looted the United States of America ..
and had stopped the state of Israel from pursuing a nuclear bomb in the early 1960s.

The coup d'état versus Caroline was a clear KHAZARIAN Jew media psyop of the highest order.
We can promise you, though, there will be pay back for this criminal, personal savage attack against the Irish Catholic, Caroline Kennedy.

Final notes: To all of those foreign nations who are allies of the United States:
Do you really want to do business with an assassin, blackmailer, extortionist and criminal like Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, who will continue to use the State Department’s International Development Fund
to finance private mercenaries, assassins and terrorists throughout the world.
Bush-Clinton Crime Family....picture.....
This woman is an associate and full partner in the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate that has looted the United States and destroyed the foundation of our Republic
with the assistance of the media enablers
who will soon face justice of the highest order, with due prejudice.

In closing, at this hour, the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols continue to be delayed
by Federal Reserve Chairman Bernard Bernanke.

What makes this criminal   is that Bernanke has already testified against former U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Under Treasury Secretary Stuart Levey
and fingered them for criminal money laundry activities in reference to the misuse of the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol funds as it relates to the Bernard Madoff ponzi scheme.

President Barack Obama
(AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

It is 6:30 p.m. PST. Message to President Barack Obama:
Are you the President of the United States of America or is it Hillary?

One last note: Be sure to call KHAZARIAN Jew Senator Chuck Schumer, (D-NY), (202) 224-311, and tell him what you think of this anti-Catholic attack against Caroline.

Be sure to call FOX News at (212) 301-3000, and ask them when are they going to hire someone to oppose Bush-Clinton Crime Family mouthpiece Sean Hannity

Tell them that their owner, KHAZARIAN Jew Rupert Murdoch Greenberg, may soon face Anti-Trust problems at the Department of Justice. Also ask them when KHAZARIAN Jew, anti-Catholic bigot Rupert Murdoch Greenberg is going to open up his books
as it relates to his investments with ponzi scheme artist, Mossad asset Bernard Madoff.

We live free or die as we continue to identify the enemies of the American Republic and the 2nd American Revolution in the 21st Century and eradicate them.
Overlord at Yorktown....(...)
Patriotic, God-loving, peaceful Jewish People are NOT the same as the war mongering ZIONIST KHAZARIAN Jews.
NOTICE:OccasionallytheBush-ClintonCrime Family Syndicate controlle dNSA, FBIDivision5 and/orIsraeli Mossad, invade these intelligence briefings,onthisblog and inemailsinsertingbugs, changing or removingimages,pictures and phraseology forthe purpos eof trying to keep you,theAmerican People, ill-informed.
Take notewhen they hack to insert a bug to run words together or separate letters as shown above.
10:15 AM
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Roman Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson explicitly states that six million Jews were not killed by gassing in Second World War Germany. There were no gas chambers. Not a single Jew was killed in a gas chamber.
There is no evidence for the orthodox historical claim of a Jewish holocaust in concentration camp gas chambers. It is all lies. Podblanc videoclip here. Background here. (France)

Dershowitz silent on absence of Holocaust proof
Alan Dershowitz, the Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at Harvard University, has been challenged to provide proof that the popular Zionist narrative about Auschwitz is something other than an expedient fantasy. "Professor Dershowitz, can you provide the name, with proof, of one Jewish child who was killed in a gas chamber at Auschwitz?" The same question was put individually to hundreds of other academics. Not one attempted to answer the question. No single Auschwitz name was suggested.
So a second question was put. At the Harvard Law School, the silence is deafening. Background here.

... some more   below......


....sorcha (2)....
[Ed. Note: This report should be read from its website location at as this email copy does not
contain the links embedded in the original report.]

January 22, 2009
Death Threat Forces Last Scion Caroline Kennedy From Power
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Russian Intelligence Analysts are reporting in the Kremlin today that
President Obama’s attempt to complete the building of his power base to
topple the US Federal Reserve Banking responsible for collapsing the
economy of the United States, and dragging the rest of the World with
it, was dealt a ‘serious setback’ with the last Kennedy scion, and
daughter of the last American President to attempt to destroy the
Federal Reserve, Caroline Kennedy removing herself from replacing the
vacant Senate seat of the departing Hillary Clinton, and as we can read
as reported by the New York Post News Service:

“Caroline Kennedy has told Gov. David Paterson that she is withdrawing
her name from consideration to replace outgoing Sen. Hillary Rodham
Clinton in the U.S. Senate, The Post has learned.

Kennedy cited "personal reasons," according to sources.

Her stunning move comes as sources revealed that Paterson had intended
to appoint her to the now-vacant seat today.”

These reports, however, state the ‘personal reasons’ behind Caroline
Kennedy’s abrupt withdrawal was her having received a ‘direct threat’ by
‘email correspondence’ from ‘known sources’ within the Central
Intelligence Agency (CIA) stating that should she continue her quest to
become a US Senator she would become ‘a statistic like her brother’, a
direct reference to the assassination of her only sibling, John F.
Kennedy Jr., who was, likewise, murdered when threatening to take the US
Senate seat he had been told ‘belonged’ to Hillary Clinton, the wife of
the then departing President.

Though not known by virtually any of the average Americans currently
suffering under the unrelenting assault upon their economy by the US
Federal Reserve Private Banking System, the purpose of this carnage they
are causing has not been lost upon many of their top economists, and as
we can read as reported by the Wall Street Journal News Service:

“Interest rates on bank deposits are near zero and the Federal Reserve
guided them there for a reason: they want to remove incentive to save
and jumpstart the spending cycle. While saving is an intuitive
individual solution, it's the death knell of an economic ecosystem
measured by the sum of its parts and reliant on the velocity of money.

What we're witnessing isn't a garden-variety, one-and-done recession;
it's the cumulative comeuppance of a massive credit bubble rooted in
faulty monetary policy aimed at avoiding small, corrective recessions.”

Equally unknown to the American people is that President John F. Kennedy
was assassinated due to his signing of Executive Order 11110 on June 4,
1963, which was aimed at destroying the US Federal Reserve System and
returning the power to make money to the United States Government from
which it was stolen in 1913 after most of the top American
industrialists opposing a central banking system were murdered with the
deliberate sinking of the Titanic after their refusal to finance
Britain’s planned war against Germany in World War I.

To the greatest historical context surrounding this titanic battle
currently unfolding in the United States, we previously touched upon in
our January 16th, report ‘Assassination By Plane Crash’ Of Top American
Bankers Fails In US”, and wherein we explained that this current battle
is a part of the war began in the 19th century when the European
Rothschild Banking Empire, backing the Northern United States, engaged
in open warfare with the Southern United States backed by the Vatican.

The founding fathers of the United States had long warned their citizens
against the European Rothschild Banking Empire, of which we can read:

“The Founding Fathers were strongly opposed to the formation of a
central banking system - the fact that England tried to place the
colonies under the monetary control of the Bank of England is seen by
many as the 'last straw' of English oppression and that it led directly
to the War of Independence.

In 1791, Alexander Hamilton, the Secretary of the Treasury, made a deal
to support the transfer of the capital from Philadelphia to the banks of
the Potomac in exchange for southern support for his Bank project. As a
result, the First Bank of the United States (1791-1811) was chartered by
Congress in that same year. The First Bank of the United States was
modeled after the Bank of England and differed in many ways from today's
central banks. For example, it was partly owned by foreigners, who would
share from its profits. It was also not solely responsible for the
country's money supply; its share was only 20%, while private banks
accounted for the rest. The Bank was bitterly opposed by several
founding fathers, including Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, who saw
it as an engine for speculation, financial manipulation, and

Unfortunately, however, the masses of the American people over this past
century have ignored the warnings of their Founding Fathers and have
watched in horror as their Nation, since the Federal Reserves taking
power in 1913, has involved them in two World Wars, the Great
Depression, numerous other wars, including the Middle Eastern wars they
are involved in now, a the present collapse of our World’s entire
banking system.

On the ‘positive’ side though, that is depending upon which side one is
on, President Obama’s ascent to the Presidency of the United States is
showing that for the first time since President Kennedy’s assassination,
the Vatican power structure is, once again, on the ascendancy since
their defeat in 1865 during the American Civil War, but which, these
reports state, almost assuredly means that another brutal American Civil
War will soon have to be fought.

But, with Caroline Kennedy’s withdrawal from joining President Obama’s
Forces, the new American leader is left only with his Vice President,
Joseph Biden, who is the Vatican’s top political figure in the Untied
States groomed for power since childhood and having withstood the murder
of his wife and child upon his first election to the US Senate.

It goes without our saying that in this brief report, even when coupled
with our multiyear effort through these reports to educate the American
people to these true things, it is incumbent upon these people to begin
a more thorough examination of these things for themselves, and which
they should so choose to do will show them, unequivocally, that our
words are true and what they have been taught is totally false.

Most astounding of all is that should these American people learn the
truth of this massive war currently unfolding around them, and
destroying many of their lives, the would realize that in order to help
the forces of their new President, and help save their Nation, their
support of the President Obama’s sworn enemy, the US Federal Reserve
System, should cease at once, and totally.

And, the quickest way to defeat the European backed Rothschild banking
empire, known as the US Federal Reserve System is to, simply, stop
paying them through their criminal mortgage payments and credit card
bills and, instead, start investing all of their money into US Savings
Bonds, and which puts their money directly into the hands of their own
President and Government instead of those European banking powers
seeking to destroy them.

Should the American people decide in mass upon such an action, and as
these reports state, their recovery would be ‘so swift as to amaze them
all’. But, so deluded have these people become to believing that the US
Federal Reserve Systems method of defining them called Credit Scores,
that they have failed to realize that these Credit Scores have actually
nothing to do with them at all, but are, instead, a reflection of their
worth to the very banks that are destroying them.

One can only wonder when these poor deluded people will ever awaken to
the scam being perpetrated upon them.

But, one can also hope that they will awaken, and as one, rebuke as a
united people the insidious powers seeking to destroy them….just like
their ancestors did in founding their once Great Nation.

© January 22, 2009 EU and US all rights reserved.
Sorcha Faal
AND ...with pictures.....
[Ed. Note: This report should be read from its website location at
as this email copy does not
contain the links embedded in the original report.]

January 22, 2009
Obama Re-Sworn To Office After Foiling Coup Attempt
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A most disturbing report is circulating in the Kremlin today stating
that the newly installed US President Barack Obama has survived, during
his first day in office, a coup attempt designed to plunge the United
States into ‘immediate’ war and threaten our World’s existence.

According to these reports, the Bush appointed Chief Justice of the
United States, John Roberts, ‘deliberately’ failed to properly
administer the Oath of Office to President Obama during yesterdays
swearing in ceremony,
and which then resulted in the, again, the Bush
appointed American Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates [pictured 2nd
photo, left, with Bush], who at the time of Obama’s swearing in ceremony
was in hiding and designated as the Leader of the US should a
catastrophe occur,
to become for the past day the defacto leader of his country.

News reports from the United States are only now reporting that
President Obama has retaken his Oath of Office to ‘officially’ become
the leader of his Nation, and as we can read as reported by the
Associated Press News Service:

“After the flub heard around the world, President Barack Obama has taken
the oath of office. Again. Chief Justice John Roberts delivered the oath
to Obama on Wednesday night at the White House — a rare do-over.

The surprise moment came in response to Tuesday's much-noticed stumble,
when Roberts got the words of the oath a little off,
which prompted Obama to do so, too.

Obama and Roberts went through the drill again out of what White House
counsel Greg Craig called "an abundance of caution."
This time, the scene was the White House Map Room in front of a small
group of reporters, not the Capitol platform before the whole watching
"We decided that because it was so much fun ...," Obama joked to
reporters who followed press secretary Robert Gibbs into the room.
No TV camera crews or news photographers were allowed in.”

Not to an ‘abundance of caution’, these reports continue, was Obama
re-administered the Oath of Office, but rather because during the past
nearly 36 hours the United States has been governed by Secretary of
Defense Gates who during his brief time as leader of the US

is said to have ‘purged’ from the American Military Forces all officers previously
loyal to both former Presidents Bush and Clinton.

To the ruthlessness that Secretary Gates has moved to protect his
Nation, and now its new President, against his Nations own, but still
Bush-Clinton controlled Intelligence Agencies,
we have reported on many times previously, including the ‘death by suicide’ of US Air Force Brigadier General Thomas L. Tinsley
who Russian Intelligence sources report had tried to secretly transfer to Israel some of Americas most highly guarded nuclear missiles
for the Israelis to use to attack Iran and Syria,
an attack which would have plunged our World into Total Global War.

Of General Tinsley’s ‘suicide’ we can read as reported by the Air Force
Times News Service:
“Tinsley’s death is assumed to be a suicide, said Col. Richard Walberg,
who assumed command at Elmendorf after Tinsley’s death, at a press
conference Monday.
Tinsley, commander of the 3rd Wing, suffered a gunshot wound to his
chest late Sunday night and was pronounced dead within a half-hour.
“To the best information, it’s possible it was a self-inflicted gunshot
wound,” Walberg said.
Medical responders rushed to Tinsley’s home on base but were
unsuccessful in trying to save him. Tinsley’s wife and college-age
daughter were home at the time of the shooting.
Tinsley was named base commander in May 2007. He had served as an F-15
instructor pilot, F-15C test pilot, wing weapons officer, exchange
officer and instructor with the Royal Australian Air Force. His
previous 22-month assignment was as executive officer to the Air Force
chief of staff, Gen. T. Michael Moseley, who resigned under pressure in

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates ousted both Moseley and Air Force
Secretary Michael Wynne, holding them accountable for failing to fully
correct an erosion of nuclear-related performance standards.”

To the nuclear weapons reported to have been planned by Bush and Clinton
forces to be secreted to Israel for their attacks against Iran and Syria
we can read as reported by the Global Research Network in their report
titled “Missing Nukes: Treason of the Highest Order”,
and which says:
“According to a wide range of reports, several nuclear bombs were “lost”
for 36 hours after taking off August 29/30, 2007 on a “cross-country
journey” across the U.S., from U.S.A.F Base Minot in North Dakota to
U.S.A.F. Base Barksdale in Louisiana.
Reportedly, in total there were six W80-1 nuclear warheads armed on AGM-129 Advanced Cruise Missiles (ACMs) that were “lost.”
The story was first reported by the Military Times, after military servicemen leaked the story.”

It is further interesting to note about these reports the continuation
of the vicious war between the US Military Forces loyal to Obama and
those still loyal to the Bush-Clinton Factions
as we had previously reported on in our November 6, 2008 report titled “Obama Forces Launch ‘Furious’ Assault Against Bush-Clinton-CIA Nazi Coup Plotters”, wherein
we had stated that Obama was ‘rushed’ to meet Iranian President
Ahmadinejad in an attempt to stop Israel’s launching of Total Global
War, and which new reports from Iran are now stating that Ahmadinejad
has, once again, gone ‘incommunicado’ due to ‘health reasons’.

It is also important to note that the ‘first causality’ of this coup
attempt was the esteemed scion of the Vatican backed Kennedy family, and
daughter of the murdered American President John F. Kennedy, Caroline Kennedy,
and who ‘suddenly’ withdrew her bid to replace Hillary Clinton
as United States Senator, and which we previously reported on in our
report titled “Death Threat Forces Last Scion Caroline Kennedy From Power”.

Most amazing of all of these reports however, it is not the shocking
content that they contain about the titanic power struggle currently
ongoing in the United States       between those factions controlled by the
European Banking Powers of the Rothschild’s     and those of the Vatican

(which in truth vary little from our reports at the outset of World War II
when their ongoing, and centuries old struggle for total Global control
led to the deaths of over 100 million),
but, it is that even now, as our World faces the consequences of this war once again,
the American people themselves have actually become more stupid than they
were in the 1920’s and 1930’s when they, as they are now, are sitting
silently by while the World is being plunged into economic collapse and Total War.

And in what is, perhaps, a most chilling irony facing these poor deluded
American people is it is a report from the US News and World Report
blogger Robert Schlesinger
whose words need nothing other than their stating:
“The Washington Post reports today that the Department of Homeland
Security will be permanently housed on a hilltop in southeastern D.C.
The site, blog friend Peter Roff points out, is on the grounds of St.
Elizabeth's Hospital ... where the first federal psychiatric hospital
was established in 1852.
Are they trying to tell us something?”

The answer to this question would be and unequivocal ‘yes’ as Obama had
already planned with the US Military his ‘course of action’ against his
enemies, and as we can read as reported by the United States Air Force
News Service in their report titled “Air Force activates provisional
Global Strike Command”, and which says:
“Air Force officials officially stood up a provisional Global Strike
Command Jan. 12 at Bolling Air Force Base, D.C. The provisional command
will be temporarily located at the Washington, D.C., base with
supporting detachments at Air Combat Command and Air Force Space
Command. Its charter is to lead preparation activities for the
establishment of a major command that will consolidate nuclear
operations under a single organization.”

May God have mercy on these poor Americans as they have no idea
whatsoever what is about to happen to them.

© January 22, 2009 EU and US all rights reserved.
Sorcha Faal
and .........WITH PICTURES......


January 20, 2009
Obama and Chief Justice "Flub" Presidential Oath
Thirty five words. The Oath of Office given to an incoming President of the United States has only 35 words. Yet somehow, both the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court and the new, incoming President, managed to "screw it up" at today's inauguration.

Each president recites the following oath, in accordance with Article II, Section I of the U.S. Constitution:
"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

But that's NOT what the Chief Justice recited and NOT what Barack Obama recited today. Watch for yourself:....(....).....embedded....
This was no accident. It was a deliberate deception, perpetrated in front of millions of eye witnesses, and it was done for a very specific reason. Barack Hussein Obama is not a natural-born citizen of the United States. As such, he is ineligible to be sworn-in as President.
Obama knows this. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court knows this. All members of Congress and the Senate know it. . . . . . and ALL of them couldn't give a shit less.

Since none of our elected officials care to obey the Constitution, our entire federal government, from top to bottom is illegitimate and, in my opinion, deserves to be overthrown by force.
Posted by at 1/20/2009 01:18:00 PM

Gilad Atzmon Palestine Think Tank

Conversation with Gilad Atzmon, world-renowned Jazzist:
Bring justice to the Israeli criminals, today!
Interview by: Kourosh Ziabari, MMN
Gilad Atzmon is unique in his stance, unprecedented in his voice and unequivocal in his statements. As an Israel-born jazz musician and anti-Zionist activist, he propagates and chants his anti-Israeli contemplations explicitly and once he finds the opportunity.
As a musician who plays soprano, tenor and baritone saxophones, clarinet, sol, zurna and flute, Atzmon has won several international awards so far, including the BBC Jazz Award 2003, and is considered as one of the most prosperous artists of his rank.
In the position of an anti-Zionist activist, despite being Israeli originally, Gilad Atzmon incessantly denounces his belonging to the Jewish state and proclaims that he merely was born there and no more, which was perceptibly out of his knack and election, and that he feels no sympathy, compassion or nostalgia toward the occupying state of Israel.

During the past years, he has written a stack of articles and given a batch of lectures, performs regularly to condemn the historical belligerence of Israel in the occupied territories of Palestine and currently is lobbying dynamically by traveling to different countries so as to augment the cognition of public opinions about the massacre of Gaza and the butchery of innocent civilians, children and women in the strip.

In his recent trip to Greece, which he departed for a few days ago, Atzmon conducted quite a lot of interviews and appeared on a number of TV, Radio programs so as to express his sharp censure of Israeli genocides in Gaza.

He believes that the people of Greece are hopefully much more knowledgeable, well-informed and that's why they have made great efforts to convey their sympathy and patronage to the people in Gaza.

Following is the full text of an exclusive interview with Gilad Atzmon in which a variety of topics related to the ongoing slaughter of Gaza, Israeli crimes against humanity and the necessity of holding a trial for the Israeli officials in a just and objective international court is discussed:....(....)
Tom Engelhardt TomDispatch
[Note for TomDispatch readers: Saturday is usually a dead zone for this site, but no longer. For the next two Saturdays, TomDispatch will be offering sizeable excerpts from a soon-to-be-published graphic memoir, Waltz with Bashir, created alongside the remarkable new Israeli animated movie of the same title about the invasion of Lebanon in 1982, which has just received an Oscar nomination for best foreign film. Keep your eyes out for it. Tell your friends. It's a must read.]
Yes, we now know the ever grimmer statistics: more than 1,400 dead Gazans (and rising as bodies are dug out of the rubble); 5,500 wounded; hundreds of children killed; 4,000 to 5,000 homes destroyed and 20,000 damaged -- 14% of all buildings in Gaza; 50,000 or more homeless; 400,000 without water; 50 U.N. facilities, 21 medical facilities, 1,500 factories and workshops, and 20 mosques reportedly damaged or destroyed; the smashed schools and university structures; the obliterated government buildings; the estimated almost two billion dollars in damage; all taking place on a blockaded strip of land 25 miles long and 4 to 7.5 miles wide that is home to a staggering 1.4 million people.
On the other side in Israel, there are a number of damaged buildings and 13 dead, including three civilians and three soldiers killed in a friendly-fire incident. But amid this welter of horrific numbers, here was the one that caught my eye -- and a quote went with it: Lieutenant General Gabi Ashkenazi, chief of staff of the Israeli Army, told Parliament on January 12th, "We have achieved a lot in hitting Hamas and its infrastructure, its rule and its armed wing, but there is still work ahead."
Work? The "work" already done evidently included a figure he cited: more than 2,300 air strikes launched by the Israelis with the offensive against Hamas still having days to go. Think about that: in a heavily populated, heavily urbanized, 25-mile-long strip of land, 2,300 air strikes, including an initial surprise attack "in which 88 aircraft simultaneously struck 100 preplanned targets within a record span of 220 seconds." Many of these strikes were delivered by Israel's 226 U.S.-supplied F-16s or its U.S.-made Apache helicopters.
In addition, the Israelis evidently repeatedly used a new U.S. smart bomb, capable of penetrating three feet of steel-reinforced concrete, the bunker-busting 250-pound class GBU-39 Small Diameter Bomb. (The first group of up to 1,000 of these that the U.S. Congress authorized Israel to buy only arrived in early December.) In use as well, the one-ton Mk84 Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) and a 500-pound version of the same. These are major weapons systems. Evidently dropped as well were "Dime (dense inert metal explosive) bombs designed to produce an intense explosion in a small space. The bombs," reported Raymond Whitaker of the British Independent, "are packed with tungsten powder, which has the effect of shrapnel but often dissolves in human tissue, making it difficult to discover the cause of injuries."
Keep in mind that Hamas and other armed Palestinian groups are essentially incapable of threatening Israeli planes and that the Israelis were using their airborne arsenal in heavily populated areas. Though the air war was only one part of a massively destructive assault on Gaza, as a form of warfare, barbaric as it is, it invariably gets a free pass. Yet, if you conduct an air war in cities, it matters little how "smart" your weaponry may be; it will, in effect, be a war against civilians.
Whatever the damage done to Hamas, what happened in Gaza was, simply put, a civilian slaughter. And yet, as Tony Karon, TomDispatch regular and senior editor, who runs the Rootless Cosmopolitan blog, indicates below, the very scale of the Israeli assault on what was essentially a captive population wiped away many illusions, tore up the Middle East playbook, and potentially created the basis for a new Obama era approach to both Israelis and Palestinians. Whether that opportunity will be taken up is another matter entirely. Tom
....................... Change Gaza Can Believe In
Tearing Up Washington's Middle East Playbook
By Tony Karon ....................Tony Karon is a senior editor at where he analyzes the Middle East and other international conflicts.
He also runs his own website, Rootless Cosmopolitan..............................

..............................written around january 19th.................
In Israel, all the talk is about the "picture of victory" - not victory itself, but the "picture". That is essential, in order to convince the Israeli public that the whole business has been worthwhile. At this moment, all the thousands of media people, to the very last one, have been mobilized to paint such a "picture". The other side, of course, will paint a different one.
The Israeli leaders will boast of two "achievements": the end of the rockets and the sealing of the Gaza-Egypt border (the co-called "Philadelphi route"). Dubious achievements: the launching of the Qassams could have been prevented without a murderous war, if our government had been ready to negotiate with Hamas after they won the Palestinian elections. The tunnels under the Egyptian border would not have been dug in the first place, if our government had not imposed the deadly blockade on the Strip.
But the main achievement of the war planners lies in the very barbarity of their plan: the atrocities will have, in their view, a deterrent effect that will hold for a long time.
Hamas, on the other side, will assert that their survival in the face of the mighty Israeli war machine, a tiny David against a giant Goliath, is by itself a huge victory. According to the classic military definition, the winner in a battle is the army that remains on the battlefield when it's over. Hamas remains. The Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip still stands, in spite of all the efforts to eliminate it. That is a significant achievement.
Hamas will also point out that the Israeli army was not eager to enter the Palestinian towns, in which their fighters were entrenched. And indeed: the army told the government that the conquest of Gaza city could cost the lives of about 200 soldiers, and no politician was ready for that on the eve of elections.
The very fact that a guerrilla force of a few thousand lightly armed fighters held out for long weeks against one of the world's mightiest armies with enormous firepower, will look to millions of Palestinians and other Arabs and Muslims, and not only to them, like an unqualified victory.
In the end, an agreement will be concluded that will include the obvious terms. No country can tolerate its inhabitants being exposed to rocket fire from beyond the border, and no population can tolerate a choking blockade. Therefore, (1) Hamas will have to give up the launching of missiles, (2) Israel will have to open wide the crossings between the Gaza Strip and the outside world, and (3) the entry of arms into the Strip will be stopped (as far as possible), as demanded by Israel. All this could have happened without war, if our government had not boycotted Hamas.
(...) The 2009 war may bring about the fall of the current crop of Arab regimes and the ascent of a new generation of leaders - Islamic fundamentalists who hate Israel and all the West..
In coming years it will become apparent that this war was sheer madness. The boss has indeed gone mad - in the original sense of the word.
A propaganda battle designed to promote the plan to spread war throughout the greater Middle East is now under way and will soon hit the airwaves in the United States. The plan will be presented as a television advertising campaign to promote Israel as the victim of terrorism backed by the government of Iran. The advertising campaign is due to air on television during the inauguration period of President-elect Barack Obama.

The organization responsible for this soon to be aired propaganda is "The Israel Project". "The Israel Project" touts themselves as an international non-profit organization that "provides journalists and leaders accurate information about the Middle East". For some reason they make a point of declaring to the public that they are "not related to any government or government agency". ................(...)
The central theme of the propaganda here is this:
Iran is a terrorist state.
Iran funds terrorists.
Iran wants to kill Israelis.
Iran wants to kill Americans.
We must kill Iran.
Please support us and help us kill Iran.
And what better way to further this agenda than to broadcast it directly into the minds of Americans via 600 television spots ? ...(...)
"The Israel Project" is part of a vast Hasbara Network designed to blindly promote the policies of the Israeli terrorist government and to make us believe that its pathological policies are good for us and that we are just like them with such similar shared and common values. But the purpose and goal of the Israeli leadership is but one and has never wavered. The plan is "War in Palestine," the goal being, to "ethnically cleanse the indigenous Semitic people of Palestine and take their land". ...(...) The Israel Project and the Hasbara minions worldwide are as blatant and ruthless as the pathological minds that have created Israel. They do not care about facts. They make them and project them into our minds so that we do not know the truth.
The following is but one example that the historical facts are to be hidden from us. ..(...)
How many articles are on The Israel Project website covering the historical facts, the one hundred year history of the creation of Israel built on the fact that ethnic cleansing and murder has always been the method and objective of the creators of Israel?
It is perfectly clear that the historical facts are not to be uttered.
How many Israeli bullets have been spent in Palestine?
How many Israeli mortars?
How many Israeli bombs?
How many Israeli artillery shells?
How many Israeli missiles?
How many Israeli rockets?
How many Israeli cluster bombs?
How many Israeli white phosphorus bombs?
Hundreds of thousands? Millions? Tens of millions?
How many Palestinians have been incinerated, vaporized, blown to pieces, murdered, and ethnically cleansed?
Where on The Israel Project website can this information be found? ////
And where can the following be found? ....(...)
The Wall around Qalqiliya. A twenty-five foot high concrete cage cuts residents off from their agricultural land, necessary for their survival, and prevents you from traveling even 5 minutes out of the City. A single gate, open at the whims of the occupying army, controls 100,000 residents....(...)

The Israel Project website has a spin, an excuse, a deception for each and every genocidal act carried out by the Israeli government. When the Israeli government planned the operation that has lead to the current crisis and carried it out purposefully while the U.S. and the world were enraptured with the U.S. presidential elections, it was of course the Palestinians fault. The synchronicity of it being deliberately carried out on election day is to be ignored. The fact that Palestinians retaliated for the killing of their people is of no concern. All the facts that the rocket fire from Gaza was almost non-existent for nearly five months until the Israeli operation was carried out is not a fact. The only thing that matters is Israel and enabling the continuance of the pathologically deviant minds that have built the country for over one hundred years. That is all that matters.
Where do we go from here? It has become apparent over the last few years, that a vital piece of the current planning is to remove Iran from the equation. The right-wing U.S. Neocon and Zionist factions and the government of Israel have been pushing the "Iran is Terrorist" propaganda for several years now. ...(..)
The International Atomic Energy Agency has no oversight over Israel's Nuclear program so Israel is allowed to do as it pleases. It is no longer a secret that Israel has at least 150 nuclear weapons. Pathological minds with pathological aims require no objective truth
......and if the world begins to see the pathological mind for what it is, the diseased mind will often setup an incident to achieve their aim.
The current name of the television advertisement due to hit the airwaves is, "A Nuclear Iran". It is full of fear and pure psychological manipulation. The organization behind it, "The Israel Project," is clearly an arm of the Hasbara Network and its ties probably go much deeper.....(...)
As for this propaganda piece coming soon to a television near you for your own personal pleasure-filled mind absorption,
be frightened and be forewarned. Consider this advertisement a warning.
Not a warning about Iran, but as a warning of what pathological minds are capable of implementing in the process of achieving their aims. You may even consider it a veiled threat of the deeds that such deviant minds are capable of carrying out themselves when all else fails to get them what they want. It is well known what they want. They want Iran dead and they want Palestine as their own.
From the 1194 Gazans officially registered as killed in Israeli attacks from December 27 to January 17, a whopping 1099 were civilians, the Gaza-based Palestinian center for human rights reported on Sunday.
Only 95 of those killed were resistance fighters. ......
A governmental report on the war revealed on Monday that Israel reduced some 4,000 residential buildings to rubble and damaged 16,000 other houses during the conflict.
Since the cessation of the hostilities, at least 100 bodies have been recovered from the rubbles. The number of those killed in Israeli attacks has been put at around 1,300, according to the latest statistics.
Nearly 6,000 Gazans have been injured in the attacks.
............................................................................................................ and
........................................written around JANUARY 11th................. :
Tom Eley World Socialist Web Site

Dean Nelson and Emal Khan The Telegraph
(...)Shabana's body was found slumped on the ground, strewn with bank notes, CDs of her dance performances and pictures from her photo album.
In case anyone had not grasped the message the local Taliban commander Maulana Shah Dauran broadcast a warning on one of its FM radio stations in the valley: his men had killed her and if any other girls were found performing in the city's Banr Bazaar they would be killed "one by one".
This weekend the last of the bazaar's dancing girls, many of whom had trained under Shabana's wing and lived in her house, were seen loading their belongings on to trucks and fleeing to the relative safety of Karachi and Lahore, where their talents remain in great demand.
The banishment marks a key turning point in the battle for the Swat Valley between Taliban militants and the Pakistan Army. It followed recent orders to close down girls' schools in the valley, shut shops selling music CDs and films, and edicts on barbers to stop shaving beards.
Comment: Psychopaths cannot stand beauty in any form.
The Independent Sun, 11 Jan 2009
A family of nine is among the latest Palestinian civilian casualties as the fighting continues. Ibrahim Barzak, Kim Sengupta, Geoffrey Lean and David Randall report.

..... it is Israeli fire, Israeli weapons and Israeli military that do the aiming - and Palestinian women and children being killed at a rate that is sickening world opinion, if not yet world leaders.
And behind the statistics, the pictures of broken bodies wrapped in winding sheets are the stories of real people. People such as Olvera Al-Jarou and her tiny son Yusuf. Mrs Al-Jarou, 36, originally from Ukraine and married to a Palestinian doctor, became the first foreigner to lose her life in Gaza. Her one-year-old son Yusuf, clinging to her in fright during a bombardment, also died when an Israeli shell hit their home. A daughter, Yasmine, was severely injured and is now in intensive care; another son, Abdulrahman, was also wounded but is expected to make a full recovery.
Mrs Al-Jarou could have left with about 300 other foreign nationals allowed to leave Gaza by the Israelis last week. But other family members were denied the same escape and she decided she could not abandon her husband and children, as well as the community that has become her home. "My wife said to me that her place was with us, here, in Gaza. She could never just leave us. So she stayed, and she died," said Dr Awny Al-Jarou, who received cuts to his head. "She died. My beautiful son died as well. My wife was cut in half and my son was in pieces. My heart is breaking but I have two other children and I now have to make sure that they live and grow up. I try not to think about my wife and son."..
Death from the skies is not the only threat facing Gaza's children.
Medical facilities are stretched almost to breaking point, and no one can vouch for this better than Dr Al-Jarou. He is at the Shifa, Gaza's biggest hospital, where about 70 patients are in intensive care, among them his daughter Yasmine. They cling to life through four generators working round the clock at a hospital which has been without power for the past seven days because Gaza's sole power plant has stopped working due to lack of fuel.
"How terrible it would be," Dr Hassan Khalaf, the hospital's director, said, "if our patients survive attacks - and then die because of a lack of electricity."
And the threats to Gaza's families, these "collateral" inhabitants waiting to be damaged, now include, according to the World Bank, being drowned by sewage as the Israeli offensive threatens to cause the collapse of a giant lagoon of human waste.
The bank says the earthen walls of the 75-acre lagoon - which contains 450 million gallons of sewage - are being weakened by the bombardment and the build-up of water pressure because pumps have run out of fuel. If they were to burst they could bring about a death toll far greater than that of the military action so far.
The bank said: "Pumps transferring sewage from the lake to infiltration basins, critical to the relief of pressure on structure, are not in operation due to lack of electricity and fuel. Failure would put about 10,000 residents of the surrounding area in danger of drowning, and spark a wider environmental and public health disaster." It called on Israel to provide fuel for the pumps, let staff and spare parts through to the lagoon, and secure "a wide no-fire zone" around it..(...)
According to international agreements based on principles dating back to St Thomas Aquinas and enshrined in the Geneva Conventions, Israel should adhere to rules on:

Proportionality No more force should be used than is necessary, and casualties should be kept to a minimum. The response should be in proportion to the level of the threat.

Civilians Should not become victims of the war and have the right to be protected and their safety ensured.
Children Are not to be treated as combatants; medicines, food and clothing should be allowed through.
Targets Only military targets should be attacked and indiscriminate bombing is forbidden.
Weapons White phosphorus should not be used as a weapon of war in civilian areas, but Israel has argued that there is nothing to stop it being used as a smokescreen.
Comment: Israel is clearly in violation of every one of these rules of war.
Apparently, they do not see themselves bound by these rules or any standard of compassion.
Robert Fisk The Independent Sat, 10 Jan 2009
On both sides of the Atlantic the experience has been weirdly repetitive.

It all depends where you live. That was the geography of Israel's propaganda, designed to demonstrate that we softies - we little baby-coddling liberals living in our secure Western homes - don't realise the horror of 12 (now 20) Israeli deaths in 10 years and thousands of rockets and the unimaginable trauma and stress of living near Gaza. Forget the 600 Palestinian dead; travelling on both sides of the Atlantic these past couple of weeks has been an instructive - not to say weirdly repetitive - experience.
Here's how it goes. I was in Toronto when I opened the right-wing National Post and found Lorne Gunter trying to explain to readers what it felt like to come under Palestinian rocket attack. "Suppose you lived in the Toronto suburb of Don Mills," writes Gunter, "and people from the suburb of Scarborough - about 10 kilometres away - were firing as many as 100 rockets a day into your yard, your kid's school, the strip mall down the street and your dentist's office..."
Getting the message?...(...)
Now a trip down Montreal way and a glance at the French-language newspaper La Presse two days later. And sure enough, there's an article signed by 16 pro-Israeli writers, economists and academics who are trying to explain what it feels like to come under Palestinian rocket attack. "Imagine for a moment that the children of Longueuil live day and night in terror, that businesses, shops, hospitals, schools are the targets of terrorists located in Brossard." Longueuil, it should be added, is a community of blacks and Muslim immigrants, Afghans, Iranians. But who are the "terrorists" in Brossard?...(...)
In Ireland, my favourite journalistic justification for this bloodbath came from my old mate Kevin Myers. "The death toll from Gaza is, of course, shocking, dreadful, unspeakable," he mourned. "Though it does not compare with the death toll amongst Israelis if Hamas had its way."
Get it? The massacre in Gaza is justified because Hamas would have done the same if they could, even though they didn't do it because they couldn't.
Comment: For a fuller understanding of how such "weirdly repetitive" articles come about, see this piece on Israel's global media manipulation campaign: Hasbara spam alert! Zionism's PR machine swings into action: by Richard Silverstein The Guardian //
...(...) With Israel's foreign ministry organising volunteers to flood news websites with pro-Israeli comments, Propaganda 2.0 is here.
The hasbara brigade strikes again! You always hear about Israeli attempts at media manipulation. Everyone knows it's going on but usually the process happens through cyber insurgents like those involved with Giyus (and its media monitoring software, Megaphone). Now, we know that the Israeli foreign ministry itself is orchestrating propaganda efforts designed to flood news websites with pro-Israel arguments and information....(...)
Besides the talking points provided by the foreign ministry to the pro-Israel web activists, they are offered online pro-Israel material to link to in their comments such as these:
Comment: Full of news about brave IDF soldiers and alleged 'maps showing which mosques have the rockets hidden in them'. Not a word about more than 300 dead Palestinian children

Aish HaTorah's What Really Happened in the Middle East
Comment: Ten straight minutes of zionist "up is down', "black is white" revisionist history

YouTube video: Amid Gaza violence, Israeli and Palestinian doctors save baby's life -
Comment: Who can decry the saving of a child? But it is still propaganda to detract from the larger horror.

CNN's Amanpour interviews Tzipi Livni
Comment: The 'feminine face' of the Occupation. See here.

Military incursion should be seen as part of War on Terror
Comment: Classic "framing" by the spin-meisters "Our fight is your fight". A "must-see" video presentation on Zionist propaganda techniques can be found here

Blog from Southern Israel, Morit Rozen
An Israeli blog about how "difficult" it is to have to be away from the family home during the bombardment of Gaza, listening to the sirens and staying indoors (with abundant food, running water, power and relatives to visit) Would that the Gazans were as badly off.

Remember when the defence department was paying public relations companies and Iraqi newspapers to insert articles praising the Iraq war? The companies also attempted to plant coverage favorable to the US military in US newspapers. There rightly was a media uproar about the manipulation. We'll see whether the same happens over this....(...)
..and the comments...;
More About Hasbara Here... comment By: bedower [Link]:
Laura Knight-Jadczyk Signs Of The Times Thu, 11 Jan 2007
in this SOTT Focus article by Laura Knight-Jadczyk, written (coincidentally?) almost a year ago to the day.
Funny, Hasbara came into my mind only a couple of days ago...
Btw... comment By: bedower
...this sentence rather stood out: 'This gap will soon close; it always does.'
Maybe not this time; there are too many reports on the Net about this attack on Gaza and the accompanying Israeli atrocities, not to mention too many PHOTOS of dead and dismembered Palestinian children and other Israeli war crimes.
Maybe not this time.
'Wishful thinking gets them every time.'
Thoughts comment By: deadpool
When you have people believeing that Israel is under constant attack. That it's the victim. Why not use that?
Please pass the following link to others. Post it on messageboards, anything.
and [Link]
The Protocols Updated? comment By: Irini
I just took a brief look through the Hasbara manual, and boy, it does explain a LOT of what's going on, plus why i end up speechless, raising my arms when i speak with Jewish youths regarding the situation in Palestine! I knew it! They all read the same book!
And come on, with that "wonderful" introduction about Israel not being perfect, but still she needs the support of her children (the vampire mother) it must be hitting a soft spot in the young hearts. Who wants to aknowledge that their people are commiting the worst atrocities and they are too responsible for not speaking up, for not learning, for allowing it? Most humans have the need to believe we come from a nation/race/religion/family that's noble and just and caring, with a history to be proud of. Most human beings want to close their eyes to a truth that's not complimenting us to say the least. This manual is the "medicine" for that need, in truth a poison that sinks people further into death-like sleep, robing them of any chance of ever knowing the life-giving truth.
Youth // comment By: Chu
Very interesting article and summary of the present manipulation.
It makes you realize how easy it is to manipulate young people into a completely distorted world view.
I wonder if the UEFJ (Union des Etudiants Juifs de France - French Union of Jewish Students) has a similar "manual". Several members of this union lead the so called "SOS Racisme", supposedly created to fight racism in France, but covertly taken over by Zionists.
More information in here:


...more from alcuin:

Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia form a pro-American axis of oppressive dictators whose main interest is to contain Iran's growing presence in the region
Against this Arab trio, Iran has enlisted the support of Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas, and enjoys vast public support from the Sunni Arab world because its primary concern is upholding the Palestinian cause against Israel.

NASA UFO fraud
NASA has defrauded US taxpayers out of billions of dollars. Clear pictorial UFO evidence has been routinely airbrushed out of official NASA photographs before they are released to the public. Part of NASA's mission is to look for signs of intelligent life in outer space. Over the years, NASA has asked the US Government for billions of dollars more to 'look', after they'd already destroyed evidence that they had 'found'. Whistleblowers from inside NASA and a hacker from outside have exposed the scam.

20 minutes of high-definition UFO footage circulating in China
This latest UFO was seen and filmed in China by eight fire-fighters in Liu Pan Shui City (Guizhou) through a professional Panasonic camera with a 700x zoom. The UFO appeared to be two rotating spinning-top shaped crafts, or halves of a whole craft, joined at their bases. They were flashing purple, red, blue, orange, white and gold lights. The incident has received wide coverage by the mainstream media in China. This picture here is a still from the video footage.

You have a history of having been in touch with Space Beings for thousands of years
"The last century was particularly active, and as we have often informed you, successive world governments have rejected our help. It is regrettable that the actions of the Greys have cast a shadow over our presence, but by now you should know sufficient about them to disassociate them from us. They are not members of the Galactic Federation, and are legitimately allowed to have bases on Earth by agreement with the US government." More examples of benevolent ET messages are compiled on this page here.



...nenki....  .......

Il faut arrêter le génocide en Palestine. Vous verrez géographiquement sur cette présentation combien de terres il reste aux Palestiniens depuis l'avènement de la création d'Is-Ra-El. Que reste-t-il de Gaza ? Rien! Des ruines. Les bombes à l'uranium appauvri sont hyper puissantes.
Vous pensez Gaza mais vous avez tous oublié le massacre de Jenine et Naplouse. (documentaire en français défendu par Israel). Attention au coeur sensible pour cette présentation en Power Point.
Les photos des corps mutilés nous font demander "Quelles armes ont-ils utilisées?".
Et si elles sont permises par l'ONU, c'est l'ONU qu'il faut amener en procès mondial
et le gouvernement d'Israel pour crimes de guerres. Point barre.  JENIN massacre.

Les bienfaits du tabac... qu'on vous a caché. Les amérindiens le savaient et merci pour eux qui nous les fournissent à bas prix.
Si seulement ils ne mettaient pas les 100+ produits chimiques dedans, ça irait super bien. C'est comme les bienfaits de la 'fabuleuse' huile sacrée des esséniens, le cannabis, qui peut guérir le cancer et bien d'autres maux. Mais ça ferait trop de tord au sociétés d'alcool et surtout à l'industrie pharmaceutique.

"Dans la diffusion du tabac au XVIIe siècle, les grandes épidémies de peste, contre lesquelles les médecins ne pouvaient rien, ont joué un rôle prépondérant. Des médecins de Londres sont les premiers à remarquer que les sujets qui fument beaucoup sont bien souvent épargnés par la maladie. Jusque tard dans le XVIIIe siècle, le tabac est quasiment employé dans tous les domaines de la médecine sous forme de jus, d'huile, d'extrait, mais aussi sous forme de cataplasme, de pilule ou de solution à gargariser.
                Son usage principal se fait contre la douleur, qu'il s'agisse de rages de dents, de maux de gorge, d'estomac, de douleurs articulaires. On l'emploie contre les aigreurs, les acidités, les vers ou la putréfaction, mais aussi contre les rhumatismes, la goutte ou toute forme de maladie de la peau. Plus tard, il sera employé avec succès contre l'asthme, la coqueluche, le tétanos et même le choléra.
Sous forme de baume, il aide à soigner les blessures de guerre et autres combats. En cas de douleurs au bas-ventre, d'occlusions intestinales ou de coliques, on utilise des clystères au tabac ; à l'aide de "boîtes à tabac" spécialement développées à cet effet, on insuffle littéralement la fumée dans le derrière du patient." Ouf ! On ne verrait pas cela dans nos hôpitaux hey?
Tout ce qu'ils ont à faire est de nous mettre des systèmes d'aération super efficace dans les lieux publiques et voilà, on ira tous fumer dans notre coin.
Mais non, on se fera arrêter pour fumer dans la voiture, sur le trottoir (Nouelle Écosse) ou mieux chez soi. En effet les compâgnies d'assurances ne voudrons plus vous assumer.
Il faut absorer leur ocytocine et faire confiance à Big Brother. Tout ira bien.
L'inhalation d'ocytocine pourrait affecter des comportements sociaux. L'hormone pour inspirer confiance en un clin d'oeil ! Ils ont dû en pulvériser dans l'atmosphère le jour des élections. Pourquoi la planète entière a-t-elle été ordonnée de quitter de fumer dans les lieux publiques sans aucun débat sur les droits des fumeurs ou accomodation 'raisonnables' pour ces derniers ? Pour votre santé? Allons donc. La fumée du tabac tue les effets des ocytocines. Vous croyez que l'OMS veut votre bien ? L'intensité de la couverture médiatique et de la culpabilisation des fumeurs depuis quelques années sur les méfaits du tabac n'est pas 'naturelle' ou conséquencielle aux découvertes faites sur le tabac. La couverture est là pour faire en sorte que les effets psychiques de l'ocytocine ne soit pas neutralisé par les effets de la cigarette. Quels sont ces effets ? L'incapacité de discerner si vous vous faites fourvoyer ou pas. Tout le monde il est beau , tout le monde il est gentil.
Où se retrouve ce gène naturel, maintenant fariqué 'in labo': Enquête bidon sur le Cancer financée par l'OMS partie 1/3: l'environnement n'a rien à faire avec le cancer. Ni chimique, ni pesticide, ni insecticide, ni pollution. Non ! C'est la cigarette.
Partie 2/3 et partie 3/3.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Ken6@Ken-Welch.Com,,,,