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Sunday, February 08, 2009 
 Obama Capitulates to Fed Res Masters
 and Death Threats Against Caroline Kennedy
by Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert
Saturday  February 7, 2009
United States of America – It can now be reported that the Obama Administration has been blackmailed and threatened in capitulating to the [privately owned] New World Order (NWO) Federal Reserve criminals
 that have looted and plundered the U.S. Treasury and the American economy.
U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner (L) flips
Chip Somodevilla/Bloomberg News.
U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has done an about face on his plan to have a separate U.S. bank buy back the ‘toxic’ assets linked to the Bernard Madoff ponzi scheme at current appraised value.
Instead, Geithner is going to guarantee the bad assets at their original purchase price, which will only create new Ponzi Scheme and eventually plunge the world banking system back to another round of havoc.
Reference: Geithner, as we have previously reported, cooperated with FBI investigators that were looking into the Federal Reserve Bank of New York-Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder (L) covering up
Bernard Madoff (R) massive criminal activities
We can now divulge that the Obama Justice Department, led by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, is downgrading the inquiry and, instead, is using a civil case brought against Madoff in New York state by the SEC to cover up the massive criminal activities of Madoff.
By Christopher Story

New York Senators Charles Schumer and now
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton   AP
What makes this scandalous is the civil case is being run by an SEC staff member, Andrew Calamari,
 who, along with the two New York U.S. Senators KHAZARIAN Jew Chuck Schumer and KHAZARIAN Jew, now U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton,
actually threatened another SEC official from pursuing criminal charges against Bernard Madoff in 2006.
This all dovetails to former Governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer’s attempt to break the Madoff case in February of 2008 before he was ‘outed’ by the Bushfraud Administration aka being set up by his own New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and then White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove
at the noted Israeli Mossad Washington D.C. whorehouse.
New York Governor Eliot Spitzer  ..picture....
Predatory Lenders' Partner in Crime
How the Bush Administration Stopped the States From Stepping In to Help Consumers
by Eliot Spitzer

Note: The ‘toxic’ assets tied to the Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme now include $6.4 BILLION in derivatives linked to News Corporation and FOX News owner, KHAZARIAN Jew and Israeli Mossad asset, Rupert Murdoch Greenberg.
 The ‘toxic’ assets of News Corp. are also linked to the noted daddy Bush piggy bank, Deutsche Bank, and a noted Hillary Clinton money laundry called “Slipman Children’s Trust” headquartered in Villanova, Pennsylvania.

Loser Hillary Clinton, Richard Mellon Scaife.
The Slipman Children’s Trust is actually administered by right wing propaganda artist and Mellon Bank owner, Richard Mellon Scaife.
And, of course, folks, it is going to get worse!
HIGH Treason Against the American People
TRAITOR George Herbert Walker Bush aka daddy Bush
The Obama Administration, now under control of daddy Bush’s Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), continues to use the ILLEGAL, UN-Constitutional TREASONOUS Patriot Act to block the implementation of the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols,
which would, of course, allow $1.5 TRILLION back into the U.S. Treasury.

We can now divulge that the Protocol funds were never actually deposited at New York Citibank or the New York Bank of America.
[privately owned] Federal Reserve Chairman Bernard Bernanke,
former U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson,
Dunblaine pedophile and war criminal Tony Blair
Daddy Bush (r) receives affection from his little bitch,
AIDS positive and Serial Rapist Bill Clinton

The funds aka $6.2 TRILLION were actually lost in an ILLEGAL Federal Reserve, London-based trading program administered by former U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, along with current Federal Reserve Chairman Bernard Bernanke and former British Prime Minister, Dunblaine pedophile and war criminal, Tony Blair, as well as daddy Bush’s little bitch, AIDS positive and SERIAL rapist, former U.S. President Bill Clinton, and of course, daddy Bush himself.
This gang of treasonous criminals actually used the $6.2 TRILLION tied to the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols to write put options in crude oil futures on the New York Metals and Energy Exchange
 in an attempt to recover losses accrued by the [privately owned] Federal Reserve linked to the Bernard Madoff-Federal Reserve Bank of New York Ponzi Scheme.
The bogus oil trading ventures were also run through various Spanish and Russian banking
These criminal gangsters also hoped to make money on these trades so they could then, somehow, pay Wanta aka the implementation of the Protocols.
Now hold onto your hats, folks!
These criminal, psychotic, idiotic misfits lost all of this money in their trades, aka the $6.2 TRILLION as crude oil futures collapsed from $140 a barrel down to as low as $60 a barrel.

This chain reaction bankrupted the Bear Stearns and Merrill Lynch hedge funds
and blew out Lehman Brothers.
This eventually led to the Bernard Ponzi Scheme being discovered and, as we now know, the Bank of America ‘bailout’ of Merrill Lynch, which was accomplished through threats and intimidation by current Federal Reserve Chairman Bernard Bernanke
and former White House occupunk George W. Bushfraud.
How dare you, you conspiratorial tyrants
and kings and notable queens!
Caroline Kennedy
P.S. We can now reveal that the leaks and personal attacks, along with the thirty-one (31) death threats, against Caroline Kennedy were orchestrated by current U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton
and current White House Chief of Staff, the head of the North American Israeli Mossad, Rahm Emanuel.

These leaks and personal attacks were coordinated with the corporate American media filth aka John Harwood of the New York Times, Sean Hannity of FOX News, while the death threats were enabled and coordinated with the assistance of TIME magazine journalist, KHAZARIAN Jew Joe Klein
 and internet gossip monger and British Intelligence asset, KHAZARIAN Jew Tina Brown.
Also in on the plot threatening the daughter of assassinated U.S. President John F. Kennedy,
was none other than Washington Post editor and chief, Naval Intelligence agent, Bob Woodward.
 Reference: Caroline Kennedy had been vetting various applicants for the Obama cabinet and had conducted her own internal investigation of the massive Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme that had looted the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
Caroline was also aware, through the work of her late brother, John F. Kennedy Jr., of the Bush-Clinton-Mossad-Gary Best “TRUE COLORS” assassination teams that had murdered her brother, JFK Jr., as well as former Director of the CIA William Colby, Republican Congressman Sonny Bono, Clinton Administration Commerce Secretary Ron Brown
and the attempted assassination of then Vice President, now duly elected year 2000 President Albert Gore Jr. in 1999.
Reference: The attempt to vector Vice President Albert Gore Jr.’s Air Force Two aircraft over the skies of Chicago.
At this hour, the Kennedy Family is enraged at President Barack Obama for covering up these death threats against Caroline and the attempted poisoning of her uncle, Senator Ted Kennedy, at the inaugural luncheon that took place on January 20, 2009.
Remember, folks, it was Caroline Kennedy’s endorsement and active campaign support of Obama that was vital to Obama’s victory over the unelectable loser, now U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, in the 2008 presidential primary race.
P.P.S. When it comes to Bob Woodward of the Washington Post you are dealing with a blackmailer, a manipulator and an assassin.
Woodward is currently blackmailing and orchestrating leaks against the Obama appointments for cabinet positions            in an attempt to control Obama aka ISRAELI MOSSAD and BUSH-CLINTON CRIME FAMILY financial interests.
Woodward, in the past, attempted to frame then Vice President Albert Gore Jr. on a bogus phone call investigation as a diversion to protect the Clintons and the Bushes and alleged Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr, who had all been fingered by a Federal Grand Jury for engaging in criminal conspiracy and Misprision of Felonies involving
the noted Iran-Contra-AmeriChina Global Management Group Ltd-Mena, Arkansas drugs and arms trafficking money laundry.
Woodward also engaged in ‘pirate fish’ activity when, in the late 1990s, Woodward actually flew from Arkansas to Washington, D.C. with a $100,000 check that was to be used to buy documents held by a relative of Vince Foster, Neil Cooper Moody.
Woodward’s plan was to bribe Moody in an attempt to procure the documents.
The documents dealt with the Kenneth Starr investigation, the Bush-Clinton-Iran-Contra-Mena, Arkansas-Chinese money laundry and the assassination of Moody’s relative, Vince Foster.
All was being covered up at the time by Starr.
Moody refused to go along with the bribe from Woodward and take his $100,000 Washington Post issued cashier’s check.
After leaving the restaurant at which Moody and Woodward had lunch, Moody was involved in a hit and run car accident and later died.  The hit and run driver of the vehicle that hit Moody has yet to be found or arrested.
Woodward clearly set Moody up for a Bush-Clinton “TRUE COLORS” assassination.
So you see, folks, how duplicitous and criminal the corporate media filth can be.
It should come as no surprise that this corporate media filth have been linked to the death threats against Caroline Kennedy.
President Kennedy holds the hand of his daughter, Caroline
I have been told by informed sources that it is just a matter of time, though, before massive payback is forthcoming against every member of the corporate media filth
 who engaged in these criminal acts against the daughter of our late assassinated President Kennedy.
Remember, folks, when it gets personal it is going to get physical.
P.P.P.S. It is time MSNBC not only preempts “TRUE COLORS” assassins Joe Klein and Tina Brown but puts an end to the appearances of former General Electric Chairman
 Jack Welch. Welch regularly appears on MSNBC as a financial analyst.
He recently stated we can not concentrate on revenge.  Welch clearly was referencing his fear that the Bushfraud Administration will be brought to justice for their multiple crimes and HIGH TREASON against the American People.
I have news for Mr. Welch.  There will be vengeance and justice administered to you.
We can now divulge that Welch used General Electric derivatives to not only finance part of George W. Bushfraud’s year 2000 presidential campaign, but also to finance illegal trading in electricity through the now bankrupt ENRON corporation,
 which created an electrical power crisis in California in 2001.
Welch also contributed over $1 MILLION in dirty bribe money to the Bushfraud Florida re-count committee, which helped nation-wrecker Bushfraud shut down the year 2000 Florida presidential re-count, enabling nation-wrecker Bushfraud to STEAL the year 2000 presidential election from then Vice President, now duly elected year 2000 President Albert Gore Jr.
Item: It is also important to remember, folks, that General Electric/NBC were sued in 1962 by U.S. Attorney General Robert Kennedy on the behalf and request of then Senator Albert Gore Sr. for criminal electrical conspiracy against the Tennessee Valley Authority.
So you see, folks, Jack Welch has been trying to manipulate the price of electricity on behalf of hiscriminal corporation for years.
A direct message to Jack Welch and the rest of the criminal media filth:
No, there isn’t going to be revenge, there is going to be massive payback. 
 When it starts we are going to even the score.
Final notes: President Obama, are you aware that your current U.S. Secretary of State, loser Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, ordered an ILLEGAL rendition flight and kidnapped
Ambassador Leo Wanta in transporting him from Switzerland to New York state and on to Wisconsin?
Are you aware, President Obama, that your current U.S. Secretary of State, loser Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, along with daddy Bush’s little bitch Bill Clinton, along with Donna
Shalala and Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr,
had Ambassador Leo Wanta kidnapped and taken from Wisconsin to Oklahoma where Wanta was almost murdered in the Syre, Oklahoma prison annex?
Are you aware, President Obama, that KHAZARIAN Jews Senators Chuck Schumer and Diane Feinstein are involved in a criminal conspiracy to prevent the implementation of the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols given the misuse of the Protocol funds by the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate and ponzi scheme artist Bernard Madoff?
Are you aware, President Obama, that the Israeli Mossad masquerading as alleged Al Qaeda        are still loose on American soil with nuclear suitcase bombs, which are being used to blackmail the United States government in regards to doing the will of the now out-of-control rogue Israeli state?
Clearly after reading this, Mr. President, you are now aware of ALL of this.


We live free or die as we continue to identify the enemies of the American Republic and the 2nd American Revolution in the 21st Century and eradicate them.
Overlord at Yorktown ...(...)

NOTICE: OccasionallytheBush-ClintonCrime
Family Syndicate controlle dNSA, FBIDivision5 and/orIsraeli Mossad, invade these intelligence briefings,onthisblog and inemailsinsertingbugs, changing or removingimages,pictures and phraseology forthe purpos eof trying to keep you,theAmerican People, ill-informed.
Take notewhen they hack to insert a bug to run words together or separate letters as shown above.

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The following list [A-N] of 'victims' of the Bernard L. Madoff Inc. giga-Ponzi scamming operation was released in New York on 5th February 2009. On 5th January 2009, we published an alphabetical 'first take' interim list of 'victims' developed by this service from US and British open media sources.

Precisely one month later, The Daily Telegraph, London, published a lead report in its Business Section [6th February 2009] entitled 'Madoff celebrity 'victims' revealed', which contained almost exactly the same information that appeared on this website on 5th January [see Archive].

The information supplied below covers the new list from A to N: see the separate posting for the continuation of the list from O to Z, plus a category at the foot of the list [after Z] of Miscellaneous entries using a numeral at the beginning of the title.

The separate O to Z posting can be accessed via the Archive in the usual manner.

Perusal of the list will reveal that large numbers of entries are grouped under the names of certain legal firms. This reflects the unethical practice whereby bankers informed lawyers of the names of depositors owning large sums of money, whom the lawyers then solicited as 'bird dogs' for Madoff. When, in the face of this pressure, the clients succumbed, it was the lawyers themselves who were responsible for transferring the clients' money to the Madoff Ponzi enterprise.
This gross behaviour shows that American banks cannot be trusted (which of course we all know anyway) to keep their clients' information confidential (so much for US banking secrecy), and that numerous American lawyers are money-grubbing charlatans (which we know already).

Under 'F' you will find entries labelled 'For account of', so any search will need to review all such entries including those listed [see below] under 'Mr' and 'Mrs'.
Under 'M', you will see that a significant number of entries are listed under 'Mr', 'Mrs' etc: this is absurd, but it replicates the information as originally made available by AlixPartners on behalf of the Trustee who is overseeing the liquidation of the US-based Madoff operations. The list is based on names appearing in client records at Madoff's New York offices plus clients who have contacted the Trustee. The word 'victims' is used here in parentheses because, given that some funds are being and have been recovered, some payments will be distributed; at all events, it is at present too drastic to classify 100% of the names as 'victims'.

Strictly speaking, they are prospective victims.
Cosmetic point: It is impossible to edit this huge list for style given the amount of work that would be involved, so it necessarily falls short of our usual attempted presentational standards.....(...)
Saturday 7 February 2009 23:45

• MADOFF 'VICTIMS' LIST: Two reports were posted on 6th February 2009 containing the entire list of customers of Bernard L. Madoff Securities, Inc.. Because the list is so huge, we divided it into two segments: Clients A-N; and clients O-Z, plus a Miscellaneous section. See: Archive. ....(...)

The report below replaces a scheduled report entitled GEITHNER TO LAUNCH WORLD'S BIGGEST PONZI SCAM that was to have been posted now, ahead of Mr Geithner's planned announcement on Monday.
 That report will now be posted dated Sunday 8th February, and will explain what the US Treasury under Mr Geithner has in mind: MUCH MORE of the same PONZI FINANCIAL FRAUD, with prospectively disastrous 'wheelbarrow' consequences.


On Friday 6th February 2009, a colossal sum of money was illegally diverted to the Middle East by someone inside Citibank. The perpetrator was caught but we have been unable to confirm that the funds were retrieved. Since relevant people in the United States were running around on Friday evening like headless chickens,
 there remains a possibility that the funds have not been retrieved.

The source reporting the gross diversion and theft of cash funds from Citibank told us by email        that this development has brought the Settlements payouts to a complete halt.

The immense sum of missing funds is believed to represent 'mirror' funds (or duplicated monies) created off the back of the $14 trillion referenced in our reports, which includes the very large sum of money made available by Her Majesty the Queen to finance the Group of Seven (G-7)-Approved on-the-books Refunding Programme of Capital Markets operations designed to generate taxable, transparent revenue
 to restart the banking system and world trade, which is now in depression.

Speaking in Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital, on 7th February 2009, the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, M. Dominique Strass-Kahn, said that advanced economies are already in a depression and that the financial crisis may deepen unless the banking system is fixed. 'The worst cannot be ruled out. There is a lot of downside risk', he observed (Bloomberg).
It is inconceivable that the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund would have made such a statement if he had not known that the front wheels had come off the tractor.
They flew off on Friday when it was discovered that Citibank had alienated a colossal sum of money to the Middle East illegally.
And they flew off because this money was diverted by the self-same rat gang, now directed by the Clintons from within the compromised Obama Administration, that have been stealing money ever since we started reporting on this crisis, and long before.
We have politely given the Obama Presidency the benefit of the doubt. Now that phase is over. If he ordered the FBI to arrest Greenspan [see below], good for him. But other criminals must be removed from the scenery, too.
 A ruthless response is needed when dealing with these people.

The actual $14.0 trillion is safe as it cannot be accessed by the criminals, we understand.

This latest setback (replicating innumerable instances of similar corrupt diversions of funds that continued non-stop under Bush Jr., Cheney and Paulson) not only halted ongoing Settlements payout activity, but is having MUCH MORE SEVERE CONSEQUENCES than in earlier instances.

First, if the funds are not recovered, there is a question as to whether Citibank, that irretrievably corrupt CIA enterprise, will be able to open its doors on Monday 9th February. The funds will have to have been recovered by opening time EST on Monday, or the bank may, we are informed, be liable to be out of compliance with its Basel II obligations,
 which will mean that other banks will be unable to conduct business with Citibank.
 It will have to remain closed for business.

On 3rd February, we received reports that Dr Alan Greenspan, the architect of the open-ended derivatives-based Ponzi Fraudulent Finance operations, the Master Sorcerer, had been ‘cuffed’.
On 5th February, a source advised us by email as follows: ‘I was told that the FBI has been told to arrest Dr Alan Greenspan today. I haven’t been able to confirm that anywhere, but maybe you can check it out’. We checked it out and found the report to be accurate. It is confirmed. The report that he had been 'cuffed' earlier in the week may or may not have been inaccurate: he may have been arrested twice in one week. We have no word as to whether this criminal is still in bracelets.
Nor is it yet clear whether this crook was arrested prior to the theft of an immense sum referenced herewith, or in anticipation thereof.
That the theft and Greenspan's arrest were linked, is certain.

On 6th February it was suddenly announced unexpectedly that Her Majesty The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh had cancelled an unspecified long-planned State Visit, 'because of clashing engagements', especially the meeting of the Group of 20 in London, scheduled for late March.
Now these State Visits cannot be turned on and off like a switch: they take months of planning. As one insider cited by The Times, London, on 7th February, pointed out:
‘It does not stack up to me. These things are very carefully constructed. There would be a huge amount of unwinding to do. Plans would have been quite far advanced already’.

The destination of the State Visit was withheld by the Palace but was revealed in the London press on Saturday morning as being a tour of the Gulf States, focusing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
However, only two weeks earlier, Buckingham Palace had sent emails to the Royal correspondents informing them of the dates of the tour (23rd-27th March 2009),
asking which press organisations would be likely to send journalists to cover the tour.

The sudden cancellation of such an important State Visit at short notice on grounds of a diary clash was said by the Times' correspondent to ‘strain credibility'. Such State Visits have hardly ever been cancelled before, and only in cases of extreme crisis, as for instance after 9/11.
'The cancellation will have involved months of preparatory work involving Palace officials, local Embassy staff and Royal protection squad officers going to waste. Officials would have gone on reconnaissance visits, while the Embassy would have been charged with helping the host country to draw up an acceptable itinerary.
In the weeks before the trip, every destination – every palace, every mosque, every museum – would have had to be checked for security by The Queen’s police bodyguards…. The Queen’s tours are always undertaken at the behest of the Foreign Office and this tour would have followed closely on the heels of Gordon Brown’s trip to the Gulf in November 2008 to lobby the countries of the Gulf Co-operation Council for extra IMF funds’.
The newspaper then considered whether Prince Philip’s health was a factor. The Duke has in fact pulled a muscle in his back and has been told to rest for two months, but is otherwise in very good health and it is not believed that this condition will have been a consideration at all.
The destinations were not thought to present security problems, either.

Further, the newspaper argued, embarrassment will be felt by the Rulers of Dubai (viz., Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum) and Abu Dhabi (Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan), who will have lost face as a consequence of this cancellation.

Moreover Dubai is in serious difficulties, and hardly needs such a setback at this time: The Times revealed on 6th February that ‘many expatriates have been abandoning their cars outside Dubai’s international airport and fleeing home rather than risking jail for defaulting on loans. Police have found more than 3,000 cars, mainly Mercedes and large 4x4s, at the airport in recent months’.
[Note: A similar situation has been observed recently at Dublin’s airport, where large numbers of cars have been abandoned by expatriates and Irish people fleeing that ‘enronised’ country].

So what, then, could the reason for the sudden cancellation of this British State visit to the Gulf States possibly be? The Times didn't know, as its staff haven't been following the Refunding and Settlements crisis, have they? No, they had no clue.
Indeed, the British press could not bring forward any coherent reason for the cancellation, even though the pretext of a 'diary clash' was rightly considered implausible. An accurate deduction.

The clue that this was a sudden cancellation is to be found in the fact only two weeks earlier, the Palace had emailed media outlets with Royal correspondents to ask them which journalists would be sent on the State Visit. It is also to be found in the consideration that the British know Eastern Potentates very well indeed, and are therefore acutely sensitive to the necessity of NEVER placing such people in a position where they lose face.
For such a State Visit to have been abruptly cancelled, therefore, there must be a huge crisis.
And there is. The reason for the unprecedented cancellation of this important State Visit to the Gulf States by The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh is that, in collaboration with the financial criminals in and behind Citibank,
 a vast sum of money (described to us as 'massive', and consisting of CASH) had been stolen and accepted by Dubai and possibly Abu Dhabi as well.
There must be a presumption that attempts to retrieve the funds were met with opposition

There is no way that the Foreign Office, which runs Buckingham Palace and advises The Queen in these matters, under the uniquely peculiar British system whereby Ministers advise The Monarch, who takes their advice and yet remains 100% in charge of affairs, would have agreed to this sudden cancellation if this assessment were not broadly correct.

Cancellation of this State Visit by The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh to Dubai and Abu Dhabi represents a huge escalation of the economic and financial warfare stand-off, and signals that the familiar crew of highest-level RATS in the United States are CONTINUING TO SABOTAGE THE WORLD ECONOMY,
 in a ruthless pursuit of their own criminal interests.

U.S. LAW ENFORCEMENT SHOWN TO BE A WASTE OF SPACE, WORSE THAN USELESS     Given that, in the face of this crisis, certain relevant people in the United States were, as we were told, running around like headless chickens, may we offer these CHICKENS some old advice?

GET OFF YOUR BACKSIDES AND ARREST THESE EVIL PERPETRATORS, both within and now outside the Administration, and keep them incarcerated, instead of issuing 'warnings' and 'threats' which you rarely carry out. You feeble fools, who have allowed these crooks to play havoc with the world. you weaklings who do nothing but talk and spread disinformation         instead of doing your job.


These intelligence community criminals DO NOT have protection on the pretext of 'national security'. They are exploiting the National Security Act et seq. to steal on a gargantuan scale, an activity that has nothing to do with national security.
It UNDERMINES national security, you fools.
If Citibank collapses in the face of this crisis or a further development shortly,
You are already responsible for the reality that nearly four million Americans have been thrown out of work because YOU tolerated this thievery and did NOTHING when you should have handcuffed these FINANCIAL TERRORISTS.
Now the Editor's own family has been affected, you second rate, pontificating incompetents.

The familiar crooks who are stealing are ALL Financial Terrorists. They are terrorising the whole world in ruthless pursuit of their own demented greed and power/hegemony interests.
They include the Bushes, the Clintons, Greenspan, Bernanke, Cheney and other well-known CIA operatives
 who have imprisoned Obama in the White House and are stopping him doing his job.

We also suspect that the crook Tony Blair remains involved: see the forthcoming report.

These revolutionaries, which is what they are, are no different from the revolutionaries run by Stalin in the Caucasus: they use exactly the same techniques and they have the same ruthless objectives: to seize and steal the assets of others, so as to obtain or retain power.
For them, the Dirkheim norm is the ideal: Emile Dirkheim (1856-1917) enthusiastically proclaimed that criminality becomes the norm, and the Rule of Law comes to seem eccentric and aberrant.
Under all the Patriot Acts, and the equivalent copycat anti-terrorism legislation that's applicable in Britain and Europe,
bank fraud, money-laundering, stealing and diverting money is TERRORISM.

And it is being committed by these people IN TIME OF WAR.
The proper treatment for TERRORISTS, most especially in time of war, is that if they do not cease and desist, their life expectancy is drastically shortened. Or these days, they can be hauled off for a taste of their own medicine by means of 'extraordinary rendition', which continues.
These FINANCIAL TERRORISTS are holding the world to ransom and have already semi-destroyed the world economy with their ongoing Fraudulent Finance Ponzi operations.
The Managing Director of the IMF knows what he is talking about: and he understands what this massive theft implies
These crooks need to be arrested ON TERRORISM CHARGES and dealt with AS PRESCRIBED BY STATUTE in the manner laid down for terrorists
who ruthlessly continue to commit such crimes.

Anyway, as a direct consequence of this latest unbelievable escalation of the organised criminal operations of these people, the British State Visit to the Gulf States has been cancelled. That is a signal not only to corrupt Middle East collaborators with the Clintons [see the list of 'donors' to the Clinton Foundation that we published on this website on 5th January 2009]  ..........
05  Jan  2009
and to despicable rats like Cheney, the Clintons and the Bushes, but also to everyone involved with this crisis behind the scenes in Washington and its environs, that this latest theft is the last straw. Even if the money has been recovered and Citibank opens its doors on Monday, the lasting damage has been done.

To be added to the list published with our report dated 30th January 2009:

On 4th February 2009, Alan David Saxon, the 39-year-old Chairman of Bullion Reserve of North America, a gold dealer with offices in Los Angeles, Dallas and in Hong Kong, committed suicide. Bullion Reserve had between 30,000 and 35,000 clients. Lawyers for the firm stated that an audit conducted by Touche Ross and Company had revealed that a depository, managed by Perpetual Storage Inc, of Salt Lake City and buried 200 feet into a nearby mountain range,
contained no more than about $900,000 in bullion and coins. A further $150,000 worth of gold coins were found with Brinks, Inc., Los Angeles, another storage depot used by Bullion Reserve of North America.
These discoveries were apparently made over the preceding weekend, forcing Bullion Reserve to file a bankruptcy petition in Los Angeles on Monday, 2nd February. The owner committed suicide two days later.
The respected analyst Jim Sinclair, in a note dated 4th February 2009, commented:
‘I told you not to leave a penny with any coin dealer, to distance yourself from all financial agents… If you did and have gold in anything like this, get your gold or your money out tomorrow. Buy your gold on the Comex at the world gold price and take delivery out of their warehouse'.
'Your only insurance is gold in your own hand’. Suicides of operators like this ‘have happened in the past and will happen again, except on a much wider scale!’...(...)
...casper   (2)......
casper feb-4-09
Some things are just to absurd not to mention.
While one part of the stimulus bill provides billions to fight global warming, another part provides hundreds of millions for additional polar ice breaking ships.
While the politicians chastise TARP recipients for excursions to expensive resorts, both the Dems and the Republicans went to four star resorts and spa's last week and this week with families and guest at taxpayer expense spending lord knows how much money.
BILL CLINTON, in a panel discussion at Davos;  "I don't think its wrong for the Government and the Central Bank to take over the economy". I saw this myself (T.V.).
Called the "Big Bang", the OBAMA economic package is to be announced next week and is likely to include the "bad bank" solution meaning they will buy the worthless assets from the banks printing the money "out of air" to do so and lay them off on the taxpayer at inflated values accelerating the devaluation of the dollar
 resulting in the final economic screwing of the people as inflation and rising interest rates takes whatever is left of public net worth. "Final" I say because the poor and middle class will be completely wiped out and there will be nothing left to trick them (us) out of.
 Then we can all rise up in righteous anger so the blue helmets can come and save us from ourselves. Checkmate. World government.
Meanwhile Global Taxation (Senate Bill 2433) under the guise of eliminating poverty WORLDWIDE (tax U.S. Citizens with money going to the U.N.) is making its way through the Congress as the Dems/liberals/progressives/illuminati simultaneously call for the elimination of conservative talk radio (freedom of speech) 
because they can't afford to have anyone telling the people what they are doing.
Meanwhile a big push for gun control and even confiscation is being openly discussed. No fair shooting back you understand.
Meanwhile the "candy toss" disguised as a stimulus bill is now $900.B/plus and growing, also to be counterfeited out of thin air and billed to the taxpayer
 since foreigners won't finance it.  We would be better off assigning the economic policies of the U.S. government to the workers at Taco Bell.
The televised hearings of the SEC/MADOFF scandal this week leaves one wondering whether COX and Comrades were on the MADOFF payroll. What else could explain their unbelievable incompetence. Perhaps STORY/HENNEGAN are right that the MADOFF worldwide ponzi operation was funneling money to the BUSH/CLINTON crime syndicate which put COX in office.
Having handed over 350B of the TARP funds to Paulson with no oversight whatsoever it is sickening to now watch BARNEY FRANK, CRISS DODD, CHUCK SCHUMER et al pretending to be "outraged" there is no accounting of where the money went. What a joke.  Having led this fiasco to its present state just as they led the collapse of FREDDIE/FANNIE then pretended to be outraged      is sick sick sick.
 Only a deaf and dumb public would swallow this crap. There is an appropriate use of the internment camps. No one can be this stupid, no one. They are silly putty in the hands of criminals and they are willing participants.
At Senate hearings today on the TARP funds several Senators said their phones were "ringing off the hooks" (mad Americans). I would like to think we/you/us had something to do with that. Probably not but who knows?
If there is one thing that is absolutely certain it is that WASHINGTON D.C. IS A CESSPOOL OF CORRUPTION AND THE BELTWAY IS A GIANT TOILET SEAT. Stemming the ongoing national and world economic and social meltdown/collapse with this bunch of crooks and clowns at the helm
is the height of folly. What is needed is the resignation of the CORPORATION/SWAMP CREATURE and all its agents and a return to law and order (Constitution) legitimate banking and debt forgiveness.
Now for the news:
Two weeks ago "they didn't want to do it with Paulson in place" so will wait till the next week after Geithner's confirmation. That was Tuesday last. Wednesday thru Friday of last week one B.S. story after another (arresting more bad guys, security issues) takes us to deliveries Monday and Tuesday of this week with IMF types still sitting on their butts around the world waiting for us to go first and being promised "in stone" Wednesday after we went Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday they were moved to Thursday because we had been moved to Wednesday due to last minute checks being done. Wednesday we get moved to Thursday (today) and they get moved to Friday, more gobbledygook excuses.
Now its Thursday and already(a.m.) the excuses have begun- putting us off till tomorrow. Note that this procedure is orchestrated and worldwide in scope. It is distributed from the very very top.                         Yesterday for example we RECEIVED calls from several unknown parties from D.C. area code numbers openly telling us it would be today. When questioned--they hung up. For the briefest moment we thought finally they have gotten religion. Then we deduced "another round of bullchit". This fit hand and glove with others around the world receiving the same song and dance at approximately the same time.
 We are all being manipulated/tortured-you choose the word-and it has been going on for awhile now. Why would our OBAMA sources, who we know to be real, say one thing and others with OBAMA sources, which we assume to be real, say another?                WE think "they" have finally obtained such a tight grip on the control and dissemination of all information at every level that we are now at the mercy of OBAMA and the ABC BOYS. They are pros, we collectively are amateurs. Either the day by day week by week delays are legit for unknown reasons or everyone everywhere are being intentionally manipulated daily, perhaps both.
         For example, three weeks ago, at the time of the BUGGING OPERATIONS of OUR homes, WE were working with "friends" around the country (let us call them GEORGE and HARVEY) who were assisting the effort to "get it done". Suddenly George and Harvey are in D.C. unexpectedly and since then they have not been seen or heard from. WE think they got "bought". Subsequently WE heard, from different sources, all judges and lawyers involved have been "bought".  
Acknowledging the above described manipulation does not mean that WE think "the wheels have come off". WE think the enormity of it all relegates our part of the big picture to the role of the dogs tail. Our receiving may be the "kick-off" event but much else must be "green lighted" first.
It was not long ago when the G-20 got "bought". It didn't last proving that "they" don't have the biggest stick but as you have observed "they" never give up. And so, while it would be an understatement to say that we are p__ sed we don't smell defeat.
 WE think, having watched carefully for such a long time, that completion is a matter of international negotiated agreements as opposed to the BUSH problems which were outright sabotage,
but only a blind man would fail to recognize who and what surrounds OBAMA and that today's excuse making and daily delays continues the BUSH pattern.
Three or four months ago we were told and we reported that the world had made the decision that the U.S. is "to big to fail". Since then everything we have witnessed indicates that was accurate as the worlds central banks joined the Fed in the attempt to bail out the world and preserve the existing fiat banking and financial system.
A new metals backed banking system, whether sovereign or privately implemented, is the opposite of the existing system (The Fed is a privately owned system also but is fiat).             If sovereign, the new is Treasury, actually Constitutional Treasury and would mean we have retrieved our monetary system from the Illuminati Bankers and with that would come a return to the Constitution and the demise of the Corporation. If private, as STORY alludes to it is one privately owned banking cartel over taking another.
WE believe in the former with the possibility it would operate side by side with the Fed Res for a short period after which the Fed might survive in name, under Treasury, to set interest rate policy and clean up offshore Fed Res business. And who is head of Treasury? The former head of the most important Fed Res Bank in N.Y......With 570T of Derivatives "out there" and U.S. Banks holding tons and tons of upside down crap so far not even acknowledged (to the public) much less reworked or bailed out, "change" is inevitable and OBAMA can't change that.
Decisions belong to the creditors except, possibly, to continue to try to forestall the inevitable if in fact that is what he is doing.
On another subject it might be wise to lay in an emergency supply of cash and food in your home not only as insurance regarding the banking situation but also because there are military oriented rumors about terrorist sleeper cells being activated.
Lets see what happens tomorrow. Will update over the weekend if no action.
               casper   feb-4-09
casper feb-7-09
It's about the money. It is always about the money.
If they are not busy throwing Trillions of taxpayer dollars to the winds as if it were confetti they are busy stealing ours. The last time the GOVERNMENT MAFIA, with the help of Bank of America, got into our cookie jar to the tune of 200M for each of them for a total of 425 Billion Dollars and were caught and stopped they said,
Sure enough we have not received have we?
 Now, once again, 1600 of D.C.'s finest, Senators, Congressmen/women, Judges, Lawyers, Cabinet Officials, Treasury and Justice Dept. types are to get 250M paid to them so we can have deliveries.
Having learned of this WE now receive calls saying "oh, we have changed our minds now we are not going to do it". They must think WE and you just fell off a turnip truck.
 No word how much OBAMA is getting in addition to the trillions they are currently taking from the taxpayers and handing to their Banking Buddies and all who helped them get elected. Whether this is in addition to the 200M each for which their accounts were opened at Royal Bank of Canada years ago by B.of A. personel working for them we don't know.
Lawyers tell us when this is over a class action lawsuit will be a slam dunk.
More importantly, when the American people find out "their representatives" are two bit criminals belonging to a Government sponsored MAFIA there is going to be a whole lot of slam dunking going on if WE have to buy the NEW YORK TIMES to make it happen.  Blackmail, one of their many specialties, is no doubt behind this hand over of OPM to them. When you see these people running their mouths on television or at a townhall meeting     realize who and what you are looking at.
Two million for neon signs in Las Vegas. 900K for a Frisbee course in Austin, Texas. The list of payoffs to friends is endless. 450 BILLION for such spending much of which is ongoing forever after economic recovery. This is their definition of "Stimulus". It is nothing more than armed robbery of generations of citizens in a desparate attempt to look busy, to get re-elected, to reward their special interest backers. Its another trillion of your money friends being thrown into a black hole.               There are a hundred ways to spend a Trillion Dollars effectively but 535 of them can't find those ways with binoculars. The jobs they are "creating" are another 600,000 government jobs, 1.3M jobs total says the CBO at a cost of 600+K per job. Six hundred thousand per job. The Dems argue 3M jobs so thats only 250K or so per job.
500K to 600K Americans are losing their jobs MONTHLY so they are going to create 1.3M or 3M over several years? Big deal.  The bill is twice the size of all the expenditures in IRAQ over all the years.  This BUSH sponsored crisis has provided the Democrats led by Pelosi and Reid the perfect cover to fund 20 years of backed up "rewards" for their constituents.  How easy it is to steal and spend someone elses money. 
At the Senate Finance Committee hearings     it came out that Treasury, using TARP funds, overpaid for the banks toxic assets by 78 Billion Dollars. Again taxpayer funds being handed to their buddies with no accountability whatsoever. Think about that folks. 350 Billion in a matter of two or three months taken from us by "our representatives", handed over to Paulson who then gives it to his banking buddies while the country burns down and already 78 BILLION of that identified as nothing more than a payoff to their banking buddies.
They are raping, robbing and pillaging all over again using public debt as the weapon with Dodd and Frank once again at the forefront.
 There is no end to it and they are in on it and all of them are agents of the CORPORATION and the ILLUMINATI and have previously declared the American people to be the "enemy" when they brought forward the Trading with the Enemy ACT (from the early 1900's) and added us to it IN WRITING (see the writings of "S").   700B here, a Trillion there with Trillions upon Trillions more to come.
The performance of our "leaders" is disgraceful. There is no bi-partisanship and no honeymoon.
                 Two or three "republicans" joined the Democrats behind closed doors leaving all conservatives without a voice. The interest alone on these incredible sums will reduce by hundreds of billions annually the money available to run the country. And, as with TARP, its got to be done by five o'clock or the world will end. 
        These men and women have no idea what they are doing. They are not qualified to handle such sums, such future liabilities. Their decisions will hasten the demise of the currency bringing the worst tax of all down on the heads of the people that being the invisible tax called inflation.
They refuse to listen to the Economist who come before them saying as much. There are huge negative consequences for what they are doing. The whole structure is insolvent. Throwing additional trillions into a black hole so as to appear to be "doing something" is a waste. If all the money so far thrown into the hole and yet to be thrown were properly managed
 while allowing the corrupt banks and GSE's to lay in the bed they made for themselves (failure) the whole system could have been reconstructed in a year on the foundation of solvent, honest, regional, existing domestic banks which were never part of the scams. Integrity and success would have been rewarded. 
 But Goldman Sachs, Wall Street, the Fed Res, The BUSH/OBAMA/PAULSON/GEITHNER TREASURY and the Illuminati and their puppets the politicians say no, we will instead try to save those who did the dastardly deeds in the first place.
 If they REALLY wanted to do it right they would pass "clawback" legislation to allow the Trillions already dispensed to their criminal brethren to be taken away from them including their mansions in the Hamptons. Of course that would cause the recipients of the fees, bonuses and taxpayer largess (Banks, Wall Street and GSE's) to expose the percentage of "the take" handed back to the politicians
 so we can't have that now can we.
           Someone should keep a running total of the cash which could be handed to every adult in America in a lump sum if the black hole money were given to them instead of to the criminals and their special friends. A tidy sum already I'm sure with twice as much yet to come. These jerks are voting on Hundred Billion Dollar Amendments they have neither read or have in their possession just as they did with the Patriot Act and the TARP funds.
 No friends, they do not work for you or for me.
              Soon the world will be awash with money stolen from generations of taxpayers as they foolishly attempt to overcome unmanageable solvency problems with additional never ending doses of liquidity. The result will be an impossible situation for the people but they won't give a damn  as they have 250M each plus whatever they normally steal to insulate themselves from that which they are delivering unto you.
The man in charge of the biggest weather related budget on the planet, 1.2 BILLION ANNUALLY, a man with five Masters Degrees and a PHD, a man unanimously confirmed by the Senate to head all of NASA not just the weather area, says Al Gore's man- made Global Warming conclusions are a Hoax. As does the head of "The Weather Channel" in the U.S. and his counterpart in Canada.
           For expressing these opinions openly these men and thousands more with advanced degrees have been vilified, publicly berated, called fools and worse. The United Nations desparately wants access to the wallets of American citizens and the Illuminati Agents acting in concert with them worldwide intend to see to it that they get that access. These agents are in every country, members of every government and they tolerate no debate and no dissent under penalty of destroying the careers of any who oppose them.
Whether real or not, whether man- made or not, the conduct of the proponents should alert every American to the methods, madness and Gestapo tactics of the Global Warming Crowd. Their motto/theme song should be "Let No Sunshine In".
Thursdays update should obviously have been dated the 5th not the 4th.
 Days seem to run together.
I would not presume to speak for you but if i did, if i had control of the funds, i would tell the 1600 D.C. MAFIA members, "Keep the money. One condition. You must leave the country and never return".
WE still expect deliveries at any moment now that the criminals have extracted their gallon of blood. WE don't think our eastern most friends inside CITI and other N.Y. banks last week had much to do with us as some of you "in the know" might think. 
In compliance, out of compliance, write downs of their level three assets are a direct hit to reserves so a bank not wanting to play ball can come out of compliance at will. To the extent the passage of the stimulus bill has been the hold up WE believe the votes of the three liberal republicans are assured therefore passage is assured therefore the payoff to FOB (Friends of OBAMA) is assured
therefore that should not cause further interference.
It's a damn shame friends the depths to which our country has sunk.
               casper   2-7-09
[Ed. Note: This report should be read from its website location at as this email copy does not
contain the links embedded in the original report.]

February 7, 2009
Obama Orders Pentagon To Secure US Nukes
After 8 Reported Missing
((  the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) infiltration by
elements of Israel’s intelligence service Mossad
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Troubling reports circulating around the Munich Security Conference
today are stating that the United States delegation headed by their Vice
President Joseph Biden has told German Chancellor Angela Merkel that
President Obama has ordered the Pentagon to take over from the US Energy
Department all American nuclear weapons plants      after it was discovered
that enough plutonium is ‘missing’ to make 6-8 one kiloton atomic bombs.

News of this unprecedented move to turn over to the US Military the
control over their Nations nuclear weapons making ability from its
longstanding civilian overseers        is also being circulated in the American
propaganda media, and as we can read:
“The Obama administration is considering whether to shift the management
of nuclear weapons production to the Pentagon from the Energy
Department, a step that would end more than 60 years of civilian control
over nuclear bomb manufacture.
The White House has ordered the Defense Department and the Energy
Department to study the costs and the benefits of transferring two
national laboratories that design weapons, the sprawling Nevada site
where they can be tested and all or part of four major plants around the
country that build and maintain bombs and store weapons fuel.”
Russian FSB reports are further reporting that this latest shocking move
by President Obama is a continuance of the battle President Bush had
begun against the Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) infiltration by
elements of Israel’s intelligence service Mossad, said intent upon their
not losing control of the United States
 to further their goal of destroying their Middle Eastern Islamic enemies, Syria and Iran. 

The full extent of Israel’s penetration into the CIA was uncovered in
the late 1990’s when the FSB uncovered the Mossad-CIA network attempting
to smuggle nuclear weapons plans and radiated fuel out of the Ukraine
        and which led to the United States convicting CIA agent Harold James
Nicholson (codenamed Batman) who is presently imprisoned in the US.

Upon his taking office, President Obama, these reports continue, ordered
the ‘immediate’ arrests of other rogue members of this CIA-Mossad
nuclear smuggling gang,
and which included Nicholson’s son, and as we can read:
“Harold James "Jim" Nicholson, a 58-year-old native Oregonian convicted
in 1997 of selling classified information to the Russian Federation, is
now accused of using his son to collect the debts. His son, Nathaniel
James Nicholson of Eugene, a 24-year-old disabled Army veteran,
 is accused of traveling the globe to collect.
Father and son were indicted Tuesday for conspiracy to act as agents of
a foreign government; acting as agents of a foreign government; money
laundering; and conspiracy to commit money laundering,
which carries a penalty of up to 20 years.”

Most interesting to note of the US propaganda media reports about the
arrest of Nicholson’s son are its ‘glaring incongruities’, states the
FSB (which denies any involvement with these US-Israeli criminals), and
who give as just one example in their report these words as reported by
the New York Daily News Service:
“Nathaniel Nicholson, 24, was "trained and tasked" as a spy by his
father in order to pass secrets to his handlers that revealed how the
FBI originally nabbed the ex-CIA operative.
The son collected $41,000 from the Russians for his father's "past
espionage activities”, court documents say. “Nicholson utilized his CIA
training in instructing [his son Nathaniel] on how to collect the funds
from the Russian Federation in a covert and secret manner,” prosecutors
He also allegedly conned his parents into hiding the cash; the FBI also
said he had hinted to the Russians that another son “may hold some
future value” as a traitor. The FBI disclosed that son Jeremiah
Nicholson is married to a Russian and serves as a sergeant in the Air
Force “with a security clearance.”

First to notice about this propaganda report, says the FSB, is that it
is ‘impossible’ for any imprisoned CIA agent in the US to not know that
conversations held with anyone are recorded and analyzed and all
visitors tightly controlled and constantly monitored. Secondly, the FSB
states that it is ‘totally ludicrous’ for anyone to believe that a son
of a imprisoned CIA spy could get a US Security Clearance for anything,
let alone one for the US Air Force.  The FSB further states that the
Russian wife of Nicholson’s son Jeremiah      is actually the daughter of
Russian émigrés to Israel who has never lived, or even visited, the
Motherland, and wonder why this fact wasn’t reported.

But, not just to Nicholson and his son are the links of penetration of
the Israelis into the CIA either,
 as in the past month two other of their agents have been captured, and of whom we can read about as reported by the propaganda media organs in the US, and who always
convict their most feared spies for either stupid criminal acts or sex crimes so as to destroy their credibility should they ever leak information
as to the full extent of their crimes against humanity:
“A 16-year veteran of the CIA pleaded guilty Thursday to a federal fraud
charge after using undercover agency credit cards to run up $75,000 in
personal expenses, including costly hotel stays and a $700 watch.

Steven J. Levan, 48, worked as a case agent at the CIA until his recent
termination over the fraud.  According to an affidavit  by a U.S. postal
inspector who investigated the case, Levan made unauthorized personal
use of four special credit cards that, while not officially billed to
the government, are “customarily paid by the agency.”
“The agency had to pay the defendant's fraudulent charges on those
credit cards, in order to maintain the means by which the agency
protects the identity of certain of its employees,” reads the affidavit.
Despite the relatively mild charges, Levan’s been held without bail
since his arrest on January 12, based on the government’s assertion that
the former spy could begin peddling national security secrets to foreign
powers to raise more money.”


“ABC News reports that the Department of Justice has launched an
investigation into a CIA station chief that may have drugged and raped
Muslim women in Algeria and Egypt.  Following at least two specific
complaints, investigators discovered secret surveillance tapes in the
agent’s possession showing sex acts between him and a number of women,
as well as a cache of pills of an undetermined type.

It’s impossible to overstate the damage this could do to the US, both
diplomatically and in the war on terror.  Algeria is a critical station
for intelligence against al-Qaeda, and one of the most active subgroups
of AQ operates in that country.  Reports of biological weapons research
by al-Qaeda in the Maghreb (AQIM) and laboratory accidents underscores
the need for robust CIA work in the country, which will almost certainly
suffer serious damage and a curtailment of cooperation.”

Of these two latest arrests of rogue CIA-Mossad agents by President
Obama’s forces, these reports continue, the most significant is that of
the CIA Algerian Station Chief Andrew M. Warren,
and of whom we can read:
“Andrew M. Warren grew up in Chesapeake, Virginia. An expert in Middle
Eastern affairs, Mr. Warren served as a Foreign Service Officer for the
U.S. State Department (1997-2001); during his tenure, he spent two years
in Kuwait at the American Embassy in addition to traveling extensively
throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Prior to his service at the
State Department, he worked with the National Security Agency. Mr.
Warren obtained a Masters Degree in Middle East History and Arabic from
Indiana University; and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Norfolk State University.”

What has particularly raised the FSB’s interest in the CIA’s Agent  Warren is the
contents of a book he had written tiled “The People of the Veil” in which a fictional American diplomat named Nick Phillips
is caught in the midst of an Islamic revolution in Algeria which leads to
his discovering a vast world-wide plot involving the CIA and Israel’s
Mossad working in league with Islamic terrorists to unleash nuclear and
biological destruction upon the United States.
Most amazing about all of these reports, however, is that according to
the American propaganda media: 1.) A convicted and imprisoned CIA spy is
allowed to continue his spy network from his prison cell using visits by
his son where secret information is passed between them unnoticed for
years by guards and another son is granted a security clearance by the
US Air Force.
 2.) A 16-year CIA spy veteran has absolutely no idea that
his fraudulent use of credit cards will be discovered by the most
powerful intelligence agency in the World, and
 3.) An 18-year CIA Spy Chief who was a former US Foreign Service Officer and accomplished author, ‘all of a sudden’ decides to become a deranged serial drug
abuser and rapist of Muslim women.

If we were ever to put forth such blatant lies and total absurdities in our reports
they would be branded, and rightly so, as the ravings of am deluded mind.
Sadly though, in what passes for news in the United States today, it is
a certainty that these lies and absurdities will be believed
as that is all these people have been taught to trust in.
But, to the greatest fear these people should have is if the fictional
story of CIA-Mossad agent Warren is not fictional at all
and was, instead, intending it as a warning of what is soon to come.
        It is without doubt that the American people themselves will not think so,
the same, thankfully, cannot be said about their President Obama who by all accounts
 will not rest until all of these conspirators are captured.

© February 7, 2009 EU and US all rights reserved
  Sorcha Faal
February 5, 2009
Something BIG is happening; 9 U.S. states declare sovereignty
Last week, I reported on this blog that the New Hampshire Legislature made a dramatic declaration warning the federal government that they risk "nullifying the Constitution."

Within the past 7 days, eight other U.S. states have made similar declarations of their sovereignty!

Clearly something "big" is up. These types of actions by state legislatures rarely if ever take place, and I know of absolutely no time in US history when so many states made such declarations within such a short period of time.

WHAT IF. . . . . .
The states disband the federal government; which is within their power to do via Constitutional Convention, then walk away from the entire $20 TRILLION U.S. National Debt?

They could tell the creditors to go collect the money from the people who borrowed it. . . . . Oh, wait. . . . . . they no longer exist . . . . . too bad. Bye.

We could be witnessing the foundation of the biggest financial fuck-job in the history of the world as US states dissolve the federal government that borrowed all the money!

Below are links to the nine states (so far) that have made sovereignty declarations of one type or another.


New Hampshire






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The new Christ Star is seen
A photograph taken at 8.00pm on Tuesday 27th January 2009, in Oslo (Norway). The large, bright, moving star - the same star that moved over Bethlehem two thousand years ago - has now been photographed in various places across the world. Other examples: on Sunday 18th January 2009 above the Sømna church in Brønnøysund (Norway) here; at 5.15pm on Monday 26th January 2009 over the Southwest Corridor Park, South End, Boston (USA) here; on Saturday 3rd January 2009 above Costa Rica here; on Sunday 4th January 2009 over Zürich (Switzerland) here, and on Thursday 8th January 2009 above Pasadena, California (USA) here.
The star is understood to be a large Pleiadian mothership. The deliberate and planned appearances of the star are said to presage the end of the age and the return of Maitreya, The World Teacher. Maitreya is not a religious figure, but he is sometimes known by religious names such as Christ, The Imam Mahdi, The Messiah and Krishna.
Background and commentary here.
And more about Maitreya's history here.
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