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casper 2-10-09
OBAMA has stopped deliveries.
He says BUSH and CLINTON have advised him
 our money belongs to the government.
He was told the money is locked down and he will never get his hands on it.
He responded that with time all codes can be broken and its just a matter of time until they do.
More when available.
 casper  2-10-09  p.m.
February 11, 2009 7:39 PM CASPER UPDATE: February 11, 2009
casper 2-11-09
No one agreed with the "OBAMA stopped deliveries" report we posted yesterday.
 No one. But the packs did not arrive.
Today almost all sources say that what ever yesterdays problem was it has been overcome and deliveries will be today. We regret to say our news is different, that OBAMA continues to block deliveries and is being advised how to do so by BUSH and CLINTON. No one wants this to be over more than we do     so we want to be wrong and others to be right. Its late in the day and there are no deliveries.
Yesterday's update brought dozens of IMF countries down on OBAMA's head and we hear about meetings which went well into the night. If our intell is correct that he is blocking deliveries at least we know that the world is responding. Under the circumstances of intense secrecy and cover stories being thrown like confetti (which originate with the ABC boys and BUSH/CLINTON/OBAMA themselves) all we can do is what we always do    that being to get at and report truth to the best of our ability.
Yesterday we heard that some peoples health was dramatically and negatively affected by our posting such a heart wrenching report. As we have said many times before, those who can't handle this terrible roller coaster ride should preserve their health and dismount. As we have also said before, we see our job as reporting truth to the best of our ability, not changing the intell to suit the perceived sensibilities of thousands of different readers. Our goal has always been to help not hurt readers. If you think we should remain quiet in the face of bad news , please let us know. This is not an enjoyable task and we would just as soon be rid of it.  So if you have an opinion to share please send it to Fourwinds and it will find its way to us.
The Sunday STORY update is very important reading. He describes what they are doing and what they are planning to do with taxpayer funds and insurance (govt guarantees). Written two days prior to GEITHNERS speech Tuesday he foretells exactly what GEITHNER would say i.e. status quo, business as usual, save the existing corrupt system including the securitization process. He (Geithner) was very clear and in your face. He, Treasury and the FED with the help of Congress are going to use taxpayer funds and liabilities to save the status quo no matter how many Trillions they must add to the nations debt, no matter how much debt service. Coupled with the stimulus it is nothing more than a forced taking and redistribution of wealth to their friends. It borders on Communism.. It's a shell game, a con game, a way to transfer the banks toxic crap onto the people via Government guarantees.
           STORY explains all this very well so please read if you care to know how the CONGRESS and the BANKS intend to continue the hatchet job on the American people. There is one very major difference in our view vs his.
He continues to portray OBAMA as the mislead victim of his handlers all of which are Illuminati and appointed by him.
WE believe OBAMA is the leader and knows exactly what he is doing which is to protect the status quo at any cost, fool the people and block the deliveries. There are many sources who disagree saying that neither he or BUSH or CLINTON can influence deliveries. If they are correct where are the deliveries?
More when available.
 casper  2-11-09
casper feb-12-09        a.m.
How appropriate.
The final version of the stimulus bill, creating 30 new government programs and agencies, will be voted on in the House tomorrow, Friday the 13th.
As for Thursday the 12th, morning news says stay home.
Now listen up.
News is subject to change on a moments notice.
There is action, there is reaction, there are diversions and there are outright lies.
There are schedules which are subject to change and are often changed.
There is conflicting information the details of which are known but can not be posted. PLEASE, be hopeful but not emotionally devastated if its not today.  
casper  2-12-09
Wednesday, February 11, 2009
Warrant Issued for Greenspan Arrest and Madoff-Gate Update
by Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert
Wednesday  February 11, 2009

United States of America – It can now be reported that former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan faces imminent arrest
 for conspiracy to commit fraud in regards to obstructing the implementation and settlement of the noted Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols.
 Greenspan recently interfered with a direct order from President Barack Obama to have the Protocols settled by ordering current Federal Reserve Chairman Bernard Bernanke to invoke the Patriot Act and declare the [privately owned] TREASONOUS Federal Reserve Bank outside the scope of U.S. Presidential Orders.
New evidence has surfaced in the Obama Justice Department linking Greenspan, along with the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate, to ILLEGAL [privately owned] Federal Reserve electronic trading platforms
 located in Baghdad, Iraq, London, England, Berlin, Germany and Mexico City, Mexico.,_Alan_(Whitehouse).jpg
These electronic trading platforms have engaged in illegal trading practices with STOLEN U.S. Treasury funds, including the $218 TRILLION of the known
“Giga” account originally located at the Bank of Lavaro in Italy.
Note: Part of the funds were later disguised in the noted George W. Bush-Francis X. Driscoll Trust.
This “Giga” account, which was a national security U.S. CIA proprietary, was under the directorship of Ambassador Leo Wanta, who also sits as the Trustee aka the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols.
We can now divulge that the illegal trading of U.S. Treasury funds by Greenspan on behalf of the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate, began in the early 1990s
 when then President Bill Clinton authorized a $500 BILLION U.S. Treasury loan to the Government of Mexico, whose President at the time was Carlos Salinas.
The loan was supposed to be for humanitarian aid, but we can now divulge that not one dime of it ever reached the Mexican People, and instead was used for trading purposes and money laundry for the benefit of secret accounts of the Bushes, the Clintons, Greenspan and, of course, President Salinas.
Note: It should come as no surprise then that the $500 BILLION loan was re-paid by Mexican President Salinas in a short period of time after the Clintons, Bushes and Greenspan successfully laundered the funds.  This included the principle and the profits.
How dare you, you conspiratorial tyrants
and kings and notable queens!
Item: Salinas currently resides in Dublin, Ireland in close proximity to the Allied Irish Banks (AIB), which is a noted Israeli Mossad-East German Stasi DVD money laundry.
The Bushes and the Clintons, along with Greenspan and former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, have secret accounts at the Allied Irish Banks (AIB) in Ireland.
Signatory to the accounts are noted Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate operatives Lorraine Fine and Gwendolyn Waymark.
Note: Both Fine and Waymark are CIA assets and have a direct tie in to the noted 9/11 linked Eisley Brokerage firm.
And, of course, it gets worse!
Alan Greenspan (Getty Images), Timothy Geithner, Michael Hayden (AP)

Yesterday, February 10th, without the knowledge of President Barack Obama,
former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan and current U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, along with former U.S. CIA Director Michael Hayden,
actually tried to move the $218 TRILLION of the STOLEN “Giga” funds back into the United States for the purpose of rebuilding bogus Bush-Clinton Crime Family criminal derivatives linked to Bank of America and Citibank.
Note: At this hour, it is unclear whether Timothy Geithner is cooperating with Federal investigators or faces arrest.
The $218 TRILLION had been spread out in various secret accounts in Spain, India, Pakistan and Israel.
Note: The original “Giga account” was set up in Rome, Italy but has since been moved all over the place by this criminal syndicate for the purpose of disguise and financial manipulation.
The attempted wire transfers were blocked by the National Security Division of the U.S. Justice Department when it became apparent that the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate was attempting to STEAL funds back that they had already STOLEN.
Reference: 80% of the STOLEN funds belong to the U.S. Treasury and the European Union, again under the Trusteeship of Ambassador Leo Wanta.
At this hour, the funds are frozen in a secret bank account in Spain
while a criminal investigation by INTERPOL is fully operational.

P.S. We can also reveal tonight that warrants have also been issued for the arrests of East German Stasi DVD-U.S. CIA agent and ex-Naxi, Colonel Dana Wilcox,
 along with former Leo Wanta colleague Michael Cottrell. (( see below))
Reference: The ex-Nazi, current East German Stasi DVD agent Wilcox has, at varied times, actually tried to misrepresent himself as Ambassador Leo Wanta
by using a voice enhancement machine to mimic Wanta's voice.
Both Wilcox and Cottrell recently tried to illegally represent themselves as representatives of Ambassador Leo Wanta in regards to implementation and settlement of the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols.

At this hour, Cottrell and Wilcox have been acting as collection agents for the British Monarch Queen Elizabeth in regards to a $6.2 TRILLION loan given by her majesty to former White House occupunk George W. Bushfraud.
Both Cottrell and Wilcox represent a noted money laundry called Pennsylvania Investments, which has been linked to the Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme in disguising bogus oil derivatives that were used by both Greenspan and Madoff
in the illegal trading of oil futures and options on the Russian Exchange.
The funds were to be used by Bush to replace the $6.2 TRILLION tied to the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols, which had been lost by former U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson     in illegal oil futures trading.

Folks, remember these Protocol funds belong to the U.S., French and Chinese Treasuries.
They do NOT belong to the Queen of England.

Since the Queen’s former Prime Minister Tony Blair engaged in this illegal trading with the Clintons and the Bushes, it is clear now that the Queen’s loan to Bush was designed to prevent massive indictments by European INTERPOL directed against, not only the Clintons and the Bushes, along with Paulson and Greenspan,
 but against her majesty’s hand-picked Prime Minister, aka the Dunblaine pedophile, war criminal Anthony Blair.
The queen should know better than to loan money to a four flusher and misfit like George W. Bushfraud.  They don’t pay back; in fact, daddy Bush once bounced a $50 check made out to the state of Texas in 1967 in regards to a license to operative an oil rig.

P.P.S. We can also report tonight that former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan has been directly linked to the Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme implicating former Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate bagman Marc Rich, along with American International Group (AIG), John Hancock Insurance company and the noted Mellon Bank of New York.

The use of PROMIS software by U.S. Justice Department investigators have traced thousands of illegal Madoff transactions to a noted NSA proprietary in Vienna, Austria called NORDEX corporation.
Both Greenspan and Madoff have been tied to the NORDEX corporation and their various illegal electronic trading platforms in Berlin, Germany, London, England and Mexico City, Mexico.
The illegal activities of Greenspan and Madoff include misuse of the noted “Giga” account funds and the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols.
Almost every major American bank is tied to this unbelievable massive Madoff Ponzi Scheme, which has absolutely wrecked the entire world economy
and sent the United State into a depression.

Final note: So you see, folks, when the U.S. Congress spends their time worrying about bonuses for bank CEOs they are using this as a diversion
to cover up the more massive crimes, which involve the looting of the U.S. Treasury
 by the Bush-Clinton-Alan Greenspan-Bernard Madoff Crime Syndicate.

Stay tuned for our next briefing, which will include more on Bernard Madoff, along with Madoff Energy, NBC General Electric, the failed company ENRON, the NORDEX company out of Vienna, Austria, U.S. Bank, and the role of General Electric’s former CEO Jack Welch and the massive electricity fraud that took place in California in 2001.

We will also explore the tie in to this massive scandal and two (2) dead U.S. Attorneys in Fort Worth, Texas that had uncovered records at ENRON’ Dallas, Texas headquarters connecting the dots.

Again, folks, you can see that there is no rule of law
and that the fleecing of America continues as President Barack Obama remains a figure head ready to ‘bailout’ these crooked U.S. banks one more time at Taxpayers’ expense.

Note: If Timothy Geithner thinks he is going to guarantee the bad investments of these criminal banks, which are all tied to the Greenspan-Madoff Ponzi Scheme,
then this criminal filth better have second thoughts.
This action will set off ‘Revolutionary’ mode in America.
Remember these ‘toxic’ derivatives are now worth $.20 on a dollar.  I assume NO patriotic American wants to ‘bailout’ these banks by contributing $.80 per derivative.
This would add up to TRILLIONS of dollars of Taxpayers’ money being absolutely STOLEN from the American Taxpayers
by the criminal outlaw [privately owned] Federal Reserve Bank aka Ponzi Scheme.

We live free or die as we continue to identify the enemies of the American Republic and the 2nd American Revolution in the 21st Century and eradicate them.
Overlord at Yorktown remains relentless and victorious.
Lafayette remains at Brandywine and Albert Gore Jr. remains the  REAL  year 2000 President of the United States.
Year 2000 non-inaugurated, duly elected
President Albert Gore Jr.
International Intelligence Expert, Tom Heneghan, has hundreds of highly credible sources inside American and European Intelligence Agencies and INTERPOL-- reporting what is REALLY going on behind the scenes of the controlled mainstream media cover up propaganda of on-going massive deceptions and illusions.
OccasionallytheBush-ClintonCrime FamilySyndicate controlle dNSA,
FBIDivision5 and/orIsraeli Mossad, invadethese intelligence
briefings,onthisblog and inemailsinsertingbugs, changing or
removingimages,pictures and phraseology forthe purpos eof trying to
keep you,theAmerican People, ill-informed.  Take notewhen they hack to insert a bug to run words together or separate letters. Patriotic, God-loving, peaceful Jewish People are  NOT  the same as the  war mongering ZIONIST KHAZARIAN Jews.  Homosexual gays and lesbians who are  "IN-THE-CLOSET"  are a MAJOR THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY being vulnerable to blackmail and extortion by self-serving, hostile entities against the safety, security, sovereignty and best interests of the
American People.
11:39 PM
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.......  c-story..............
(( is it the same Michael Cottrell ??))

PRINT EDITIONS OF THE COTTRELL PLAN: Economic Intelligence Review, Volume 11, #s 9 & 10, published in July-August, was devoted almost entirely to The Cottrell Plan and to the extensive Glossary of financial market and related definitions, which has The Cottrell Plan and the Glossary, placed at the end of this 400-page issue for long-term easy reference.
...sorcha (2)........
[Ed. Note: This report should be read from its website location at as this email copy does not
contain the links embedded in the original report.]

February 11, 2009
Global Alert Issued As Massive Strike On US Feared
As China Prepares For War
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Disturbing reports circulating in the Kremlin today are stating that
Interpol has issued an ‘unprecedented’ Global Alert for Saudi Arabian
terrorists believed planning an imminent and massive attack upon the
United States on, or near, the 16th anniversary of the first World Trade
Center bombing in New York.

Western news sources are further confirming this Global Alert, and as we
can read as reported by the CNN News Service:

“Interpol has issued a rare global security alert for 85 suspected al
Qaeda-linked terrorists wanted by Saudi Arabia. The "orange alert,"
issued on Tuesday, comes after Saudi Arabia asked for Interpol's help
last week in apprehending the 83 Saudis and two Yemenis. Interpol
Secretary General Ronald Noble said the alert is unprecedented.”

These reports further state that FSB sources in the United States fear
that the CIA-Mossad backed terror group responsible for the September
11, 2001 attacks are accelerating their plans to topple to newly
installed President Obama prior to his destroying their vast
International Drug Empire which over the past 25 years has funneled
hundreds of billions into the coffers of the Bush-Clinton Families from
the Narco States of Afghanistan, Colombia, Panama, Honduras and Mexico
established under their fascist rule. 

Even greater fears are being raised over this vast terror network after
the United States is now reporting that some of its most deadly nerve
gas may be missing, and President Obama order for the US Army’s Medical
Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) to immediately
suspend research with deadly agents after the FBI discovering some of
the most deadly pathogens from that lab may, also, be missing.

It is interesting to note that this US Army lab ordered closed down by
President Obama was the one responsible for the September, 2001 Anthrax
attacks upon the United States that killed 5, injured 17 and kept the US
on “knife-edge” for weeks.

FSB reports further state that the pending attack upon the United States
could not be coming at a worse time for our World as President Obama has
just warned his Nation that they are now in a ‘perfect storm’ as their
economy continues to implode and a secret report just released in
Brussels warns that European Banks are facing a staggering potential
loss of $25 Trillion due to toxic assets said poisoning their financial

These reports also state that China is preparing itself for Total Global
War over the collapse of the Worlds economy and that its Top Military
Command has ordered an ‘unprecedented’ mobilization of its forces under
the guise of using them in its October 1st National Day celebrations,
but which, according to the FSB, Chinese Communist Leaders are preparing
to use to occupy what they believe by then will be a ‘totally collapsed’
United States.

Most interesting about these reports are the codicils appended by top
Russian Economic Experts who state that the factional wars ongoing in
the United States and Europe over the Rothschild controlled Central
Banking System, put into place after the defeat of Nazi Germany, and the
current attempt by the Vatican backed United States, France and Britain
to take back control of their monetary systems by first destroying the
US Federal Reserve System, will ‘most certainly’ lead to World War as it
did during the West’s last attempt during the 1930’s to end the
stranglehold on their economies by these monsters. 

Not being noticed by the American people about this titanic struggle
that is going to determine if their Nation is to survive, is that their
new President Obama is openly reaching back to the last American
President facing his Nations destruction, Abraham Lincoln, and of one
such comparison we can read as reported by the Newsweek News Service:

“It is the season to compare Barack Obama to Abraham Lincoln. Two thin
men from rude beginnings, relatively new to Washington but wise to the
world, bring the nation together to face a crisis. Both are superb
rhetoricians, both geniuses at stagecraft and timing. Obama, like
Lincoln and unlike most modern politicians, even writes his own
speeches, or at least drafts the really important ones—by hand, on
yellow legal paper—such as his remarkably honest speech on race during
the Reverend Wright imbroglio last spring.”

“The theme of Obama's Inauguration is taken from a line in Lincoln's
Gettysburg Address: "A New Birth of Freedom." Asked in January by CBS
anchor Katie Couric which book, aside from the Bible, he would find
essential in the Oval Office, Obama answered, "Team of Rivals." Doris
Kearns Goodwin's 2005 bestseller recounts how Lincoln surrounded himself
with advisers who were better educated and more experienced and who made
no secret of coveting Lincoln's job.”

Continuing to remain nearly clueless to the catastrophic events
currently gathering strength around them are the American people, and
who though repeatedly being warned about what is to come still fail to
prepare for the worst horrors to come.

Even from the many warnings sent at great cost to these peoples, from
our December 15, 2008 report titled “American People Warned To Prepare
For Financial Armageddon”, even back to our March 1, 2007 report titled
“French Security Reports Urges Food Ban on US Ahead of Massive Drought,
Economic Collapse”, they continue to ignore them all.

But, to the most important warnings we have sent to these people they
seem unable to comprehend, especially our March 5, 2005 report titled
“The Last Ritual Has Been Preformed, ‘Around the World Flight’ Signals
All Out Global War, Great Strife in America”, and which to those few who
listened were able to convert their cash, savings, retirements and
stocks into gold for less than $500.00 an ounce, and which is now nearly
$1,000.00, and has protected these peoples long term wealth.

So deluded have the masses of these people become that even this
critical warning, like all of those before it, will be ignored by them,
at best, and have ridicule heaped upon at its worst….all occurring
without them ever discovering for themselves how much we have been
trying to protect them.

Not to the greater wisdom of these times, nor the signs and portents we
put before them in our words do they see, hear or even attempt to
comprehend.  But, should they begin to turn away and break free from the
mass illusion they call reality that has been spun around them by their
propaganda media and its private agents, we can only hope that we will
be here to continue guiding them to the greater truths and knowledge
they all so desperately need in these most darkest of times.

© February 11, 2009 EU and US all rights reserved
  Sorcha Faal
[Ed. Note: This report should be read from its website location at
as this email copy does not
contain the links embedded in the original report.]

February 12, 2009
Russia Issues Nuclear Attack Warning
Over US Takedown Of Satellite
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Reports circulating in the Kremlin today are stating that a ‘shocked’
Russian leadership is struggling for an ‘appropriate’ response to the
United States deliberate destruction of one of Russia’s most advanced
surveillance satellites tasked with monitoring North Korea nuclear
missile activity. 
According to these reports, the US Air Force Space Command ordered a
‘sudden’ drop to the orbit of one of their Iridium communication
causing it to collide with, and destroy, the Russian Cosmos
surveillance satellite operating over eastern Siberia. 

Russian Military reports had previously stated that the Pentagon’s
defacto purchase of the nearly bankrupt Iridium satellite network nearly
a decade ago was intended exactly for this purpose of using these 66
satellites as ‘space weapons’ against Russian and Chinese surveillance
satellites monitoring their Global activities.

Russian Military Analysts are further stating in these reports that the
US takedown of their Far Eastern surveillance satellite was due to the
American Military’s space buildup over North Korea,
 and which we can read about as reported by Britain’s Times Online News Service:
“The United States military has launched an intensive spying operation
over North Korea, amid reports that the isolated totalitarian state may
be about to test fire short range missiles close to its disputed sea
border with South Korea.

A US military spokesman confirmed that unspecified monitoring “assets” –
probably including spy satellites and high altitude spy planes – have
been moved into position amid reports of imminent missile launches,
after unusual movements by shipping in the area.
South Korean officials confirmed the sudden disappearance of Chinese
fishing boats from an area off the north-west coast of the Korean
peninsula, possibly because of a shipping warning in advance of missile
firing exercises.”

Russian Space Analysts state that the United States is preparing to test
their Space Based Missile Defense System against the expected North
Korean launch of nuclear capable missiles toward the Sea of Japan and
which the Americans are said ‘determined’ not to let either Russia or
China to know the full capabilities of. 

Top US Military Officers involved in their vast Space Based Weapons
Systems are also reported to be ‘enraged’
after Vice President Biden announced at this past weeks Munich Security Conference that the United States may be willing to curtail its present aggressive stance,
 and as we can read as reported by the International Herald News Service:
“The United States will pursue a missile defense plan that has angered
the Kremlin, Vice President Joseph Biden Jr. said over the weekend, but
he also left open the possibility of compromise on the issue and struck
a more conciliatory tone than the Bush administration on relations
between the countries.
“It is time to press the reset button and to revisit the many areas
where we can and should be working together with Russia,” Biden said in
a speech Saturday at a security conference here attended by global
leaders and diplomats.”

Immediately after the US takedown of their satellite, Russia issued a
‘stern’ warning to the Americans, and as we can read as reported by
Russia’s RIA Novosti News Service:
“Intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) in service with the Russian
Strategic Missile Forces (SMF) could be launched within a minute if
Russia's security is threatened, the SMF commander has said.

“Over 6,000 servicemen are on 24/7 combat duty, and at least 96% of all
missile systems are ready for deployment within several dozen seconds.
It is the highest readiness level among the components of the Russian
nuclear triad,” Col. Gen. Nikolai Solovtsov said in an interview
published on Wednesday by the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper.

Russian Foreign Ministry Officials, however, say that it is ‘very
unlikely’ that the United States is about to change its plunge towards
brutal fascist rule as it continues its plunge into the economic abyss
it is dragging the entire World into also.

Reports from the US are further confirming this as in just the past week
alone, President Obama has put into his administration former President
Bush’s top cyber-security czar Melissa Hathaway; his legal team has
copied Bush's 'State Secrets' trick to cover up torture and renditions;
gone against his own intelligence agencies by stating that Iran is
trying to build a nuclear bomb; has ‘reassured’ Iraqi Foreign Minister
Hoshyar Zebari that US Military Forces will not be removed from Iraq;
and perhaps worst of all, has continued the Bush policy of giving
Trillions of American taxpayer money to the richest and most corrupt
elite members of their society
while giving to the ordinary American people a ‘tax break’ that gives them an additional $13 a week as they continue to smother under an avalanche of unpaid bills, record
unemployment, horrific costs for healthcare, and virtually no hope for the future.

Though Prime Minister Putin has warned these Americans that they “should
take a lesson from the pages of Russian history and not exercise
“excessive intervention in economic activity and blind faith in the
state’s omnipotence”, it sadly appears that George Orwell’s prediction
of what these people would become under their fascist rulers is, indeed,
coming true…
“A hideous ecstasy of fear and vindictiveness, a desire to kill, to
torture, to smash faces in with a sledge hammer, seemed to flow through
the whole group of people like an electric current, turning one even
against one's will into a grimacing, screaming lunatic. And yet the rage
that one felt was an abstract, undirected emotion which could be
switched from one object to another like the flame of a blowlamp.”

To the future these American peoples should be preparing for,
Orwell further warned them…
“If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human
face - forever.”

© February 12, 2009 EU and US all rights reserved
  Sorcha Faal
..alcuin...... ..
It may be necessary to bankrupt the UK in order to force the hands of the Rothschilds and The Crown Temple
Secret meetings currently underway in the US involve negotiations about introducing a completely new NESARA-related world financial system. The discussions, now at an advanced stage, are being blocked by powerful ancient monied interests in the City of London. These Europeans are the creditors of the American bankruptcy. It may be necessary for the Chinese, the Russians and other foreign currency holding nations to announce that they will trade all US dollars held outside of the US and all Euros outside of the Euro zone for a new currency. This would force the decadent Western oligarchs to admit to reality.
More about the Rothschilds can be found here, 
by: Fritz Springmeier  HOMEPAGE

Also by Fritz Springmeier :

The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave



 Deeper Insights Into The Illuminati Formula by Fritz Springmeier

and about The Crown Temple here.
  The Crown Temple
Secret Society of the Third Way Order
by Rule of Mystery Babylon
 The Templars of the Crown
The governmental and judicial systems within the United States of America, at both federal and local state levels, is owned by the "Crown," which is a private foreign power.
Before jumping to conclusions about the Queen of England or the Royal Families of Britain owning the U.S.A.,
 this is a different "Crown" and is fully exposed and explained below. We are specifically referencing the established Templar Church, known for centuries by the world as the "Crown." From this point on, we will also refer to the Crown as the Crown Temple or Crown Templar, all three being synonymous.

First, a little historical background. The Temple Church was built by the Knights Templar in two parts: the Round and the Chancel. The Round Church was consecrated in 1185 and modeled after the circular Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. The Chancel was built in 1240.
The Temple Church serves both the Inner and Middle Temples (see below) and is located between Fleet Street and Victoria Embankment at the Thames River. Its grounds also house the Crown Offices at Crown Office Row. This Temple "Church" is outside any Canonical jurisdiction. The Master of the Temple is appointed and takes his place by sealed (non-public) patent, without induction or institution.

All licensed Bar Attorneys - Attorners (see definitions below) in the U.S. owe their allegiance and give their solemn oath in pledge to the Crown Temple, realizing this or not. This is simply due to the fact that all Bar Associations throughout the world are signatories and franchises to the international Bar Association located at the Inns of Court at Crown Temple, which are physically located at Chancery Lane behind Fleet Street in London.
Although they vehemently deny it, all Bar Associations in the U.S., such as the American Bar Association, the Florida Bar, or California Bar Association, are franchises to the Crown. ..(...)
 The Four Inns of Court to the unholy Temple
Globally, all the legalistic scams promoted by the exclusive monopoly of the Temple Bar and their Bar Association franchises come from four Inns or Temples of Court: the Inner Temple, the Middle Temple, Lincoln's Inn, and Gray's Inn. These Inns/Temples are exclusive and private country clubs; secret societies of world power in commerce. They are well established, some having been founded in the early 1200's. The Queen and Queen Mother of England are current members of both the Inner Temple and Middle Temple. Gray's Inn specializes in Taxation legalities by Rule and Code for the Crown. Lincoln's Inn received its name from the Third Earl of Lincoln (circa 1300).

Just like all U.S. based franchise Bar Associations, none of the Four Inns of the Temple are incorporated - for a definite and purposeful reason: You can't make claim against a non-entity and a non-being. They are private societies without charters or statutes, and their so-called constitutions are based solely on custom and self-regulation. In other words, they exist as secret societies without a public "front door" unless you're a private member called to their Bar.

While the Inner Temple holds the legal system franchise by license to steal from Canada and Great Britain,
 it is the Middle Temple that has legal license to steal from America.
This comes about directly via their Bar Association franchises to the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple through the Crown Temple. ...(...)
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Geithner set to launch the world’s biggest Ponzi scam from the US Treasury
The plan is to pile bad debt upon bad debt in a fraudulent attempt to refloat trash derivatives at US banks. The Queen of England's $6.2 trillion will be deliberately bypassed. The Senate and Congress have been bought off with illicit drug money.
Greenspan detained by international law-enforcement authorities on Sunday 8th February 2009 in connection with attempted Citibank heist
The former US Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan, is said to have been involved in facilitating a $14 trillion theft on behalf of the Clintons.
Russian-led Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO) agrees to set up a rapid reaction force to combat terrorism, military aggression and drug trafficking in the region
Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan are involved. Map here. Armenian President, Serzh Sargsyan, is the chairman of the group. Up to now, much of the drug trafficking has been done by protected CIA patsies operating through the soon-to-be-closed US Manas airbase in Kyrgyzstan. On Wednesday 4th February 2009, a Moscow news conference announcing the CSTO agreement was broadcast on RussiaToday TV.
The video clips of that announcement, with English translations,
 can be found below.....
CSTO – a NATO for the East?
Global Research, February 9, 2009
Russia Today - 2009-02-05
CSTO news conference (Part 1)
CSTO news conference (Part 2)
Sixty new UFO sightings recorded in USA between 2nd and 8th February 2009
US air force fighters and helicopters were involved in interception attempts in Texas and South Dakota.
.fulford......   .....
feb 8th:
Discussions over a new financial system are presently deadlocked
Negotiations taking place in the US right now over a new financial system have become deadlocked. One problem is extreme stubbornness on the part of the City of London (the Rothschilds, Queen Elizabeth etc.). These people do not want to give up any of their ancient privileges so it may be necessary to bankrupt the UK in order to force their hand.              Another problem is a stubborn group of North American hold outs who still want the Amero. It is very unlikely and sort of agreement is going to be announced today (February 7th) and discussions will continue throughout the weekend and into Monday.
               It may be necessary for the Chinese, the Russians and other foreign currency holding nations to announce they will trade all US dollars held outside of the US and all Euros outside of the Euro zone for a new currency. This would force the decadent Western Oligarchs to admit to reality. Without such a drastic move negotiations may stagnate. In any case we shall have to see if anything is agreed upon by Monday.
and the comments...
Hi Ben...I agree with you wholeheartedly...Russia, China and others NEED to force the hand of the US, otherwise this so-called stimulus pkg isn't worth the powder to blow it to hell. The neo-cons who are holding everything up are scratching their hardest to keep the status quo...I guess it'll take the entire economy going off the cliff, before they will face what is inevitable...their ruin! love and peace, Paisley
About the suicidal Zionists
As any well educated Jew knows, Zionism is not Judaism. The word Zion means fort (Al Qaeda means “the base” which is another kind of fort). The fanatic Zionist fundamentalists these days are talking about another Mosada. They are thinking crazy stuff like “if Israel falls we will destroy 200 cities.” It almost seems as if they are trying to provoke the destruction of Israel with their murderous attacks on the innocents of Gaza.
This kind of defeatist, suicidal thinking is against true Jewish teaching. Real Jews know the essence of Judaism is to do unto others as you would have others do unto you. As soon as the Jews liberate themselves from the paranoid fortress mentality of Zionist propaganda, they will be safe in their own land. Fanatics have always ended up in the garbage bag of history. This will be true of Jewish Zionist fanatics as well. In the end, victory is assured for the righteous Jews.
janury 30th:
To the lost children at Davos
In February of 2007, the self-appointed (almost entirely rich white men) “Global Elite” gathering at Davos began to realize for the first time that perhaps the future of the planet was not something they alone could determine. George Soros even had the foresight to predict the end of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency.
Last year the wealthy surrendered the podium in large part to the over 40 heads of state who showed up for the meeting. The stars of the meeting were the leaders of Russia and China, countries that were on the margins in previous years. Both criticized the US style capitalism that has been forced on much of the world for the past 30 years or more. Few dared stand up for the old status quo. Just like that, this “mainstream thinking” became a pariah.
However, an overall look at what is going on at the meeting leaves the impression the Western elite still just don’t get it. They seem to think adding a few more colored faces into their current architecture will do the trick. It looks increasingly likely the G20 will miss their self-imposed deadline of April for coming up with a new system. It is looking increasingly likely many Western countries will have to come closer to revolution before the powers that be get the necessary sense of crisis needed to truly and fundamentally change how the planet is run.
The 15% one-week fall in Obama support=the beginning of the end for the illuminati
The 15% drop in President Obama’s support in just one week after taking office is a sign the illuminati will not be able to fool the world by putting a new face on old policies.
The fact that Obama has bombed Pakistan and refuses to condemn Israeli war-crimes in the Gaza is a sign his administration is just an extension of the Bush regime. If Obama reneges on his promise of “change” his administration will be dead in the water within a matter of months. The attitude of his boss Rahm Emmanuel as exemplified by this picture is a sad sign:
Without a true break from the past, the drop in Obama support will reach the low levels seen for ruling parties in other countries controlled by illuminati proxies.
The recent loss by Japan’s ruling party of a governatorial election in their major strong-hold of Yamagata Prefecture and the 65% non-support rating for the government of Prime Minister Taro Aso is sign the days of the humiliating post-war colonial regime in Japan are numbered.
The low support ratings for UK Prime Minister Brown and other Western leaders, as well as the riots taking place throughout Europe are more writings on the wall.
The longer the illuminati try to postpone the inevitable, the less likely it will become for them to be able to achieve a Macao-style Stanley Ho solution (Ho had a monopoly on gambling in Macao but now has only a 30% share, however, the 30% is far bigger than his 100% ever was).
If the illuminati do not hurry up and drop their arrogant attitude they will find themselves hung from lamp-posts by unruly mobs. ILLUMINATI: YOUR TIME IS RUNNING OUT. You know who to contact when you are ready to make the compromises you need to save yourselves.
january 25th:
It looks like the US is still in a state of denial under Obama
A look at mainstream news coming out of the US indicates the Obama regime is in a state of denial. The US seems like it just cannot shake off its arrogant doctrine of exceptionalism.
The fact is the Western powers are in an extremely weak state and all it would take would be a joint announcement by non-Western powers to force the West to stop its despicable behavior.
One sign the Obama regime is no different comes from the missile attack on Pakistan. The reason Afghanistan is the world’s biggest producer of narcotics can be found right in Washington at the CIA Directorate of Operations. That is where the missiles (actually an FBI raid) need to be directed.
Another bad sign is the Obama regime trying to pass the blame for US economic troubles onto China. It is like they are saying “the reason we drove ourselves into hopeless debt is because you work too hard and save too much. “
While we still await the Obama regime’s announcement of its detailed economic policies, it is looking likely the US economy will have to implode a lot more before the US will give up its arrogance.
The hypocritical Rabbi Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center will be speaking at the Foreign Correspondent’s club of Japan on February 2nd at 10AM
Rabbi Cooper revealed his shameless hypocrisy during his last visit to the FJJC when he said, on the record, that one of the reasons he wanted one of my books banned was because I wrote that President Bush had killed 1 million people in Iraq. Imagine how breathtakingly cynical you would have to be to ask for a book written by a Jewish author be banned because it is denouncing a genocide.
I will be asking my Japanese readers to follow Cooper after he leaves the FCCJ in order that they be able to identify everybody he meets during his visit to Japan. That network of people can be considered traitors and by naming them and shaming them, we will be able to ensure that Japan can once again become an independent country.
We must not allow such immoral people to further humiliate Japan.
feb 4th:
There is chaos and panic in the Japanese government just as there is in many Western countries.
The Japanese government is in a state of complete chaos. The CIA and Japanese militarist controlled regime that has been in power since 1955 is collapsing. The US government is using all its resources to try to prop it up but the efforts will be useless in the end. Secretary of State Hitlery Clinton is rushing over here to try sop up a few extra Japanese dollars to feed to unsavory US puppets in places like Pakistan. However, US colonial puppets like the Japanese members of the Trilateral Commission and the US department of the foreign ministry are doomed creatures. No matter what they do, they cannot stop what has begun. The economies of Japan and the West are shrinking by 30% in a matter of months. Of course this will mean suffering for many people in the world. However, the nightmare for humanity is coming to an end. The gangsters who ruled the world with violence and crime are on their way out as revolution begins. The beasts of the old regime have only a maximum of months left. They must cede with good graces now before it becomes too late to save them.
feb 6th:
Is Benjamin Fulford an illuminati agent?
The author Ryu Ohta, who is one of the first people in the world to expose the secret government of the West, has accused me of being an illuminati agent. I state unequivocally that my career has been that of a journalist and I was never affiliated with any secret society or government agency.
However, it is true that when I started pushing a plan to use Japan’s 7 trillion dollars in overseas holdings to end poverty and stop environmental destruction that a lot of very weird characters began to approach me. It also true that I have been given assorted trinkets, plaques and badges decorated with Freemason, Illuminati and Heraldic symbols. However, when a representative from the secret government of the West first approached me with an offer to join their club, he told me they wanted to “save the planet” by killing 4 billion people through disease and starvation. Since that time I have risked my life and survived assassination attempts in order to expose these people and their evil plans.
At present I am in touch through several different routes with people I believe represent different factions of the Western secret government. I am also in contact with prominent members of Japan’s secret establishment.
The committee of 300 (the central committee of the Western secret government) is in touch with me these days via a member of the British royal family. At present the talks are not going very well because a large faction believes they can continue business and usual and fooling the world simply by using their sock puppet Obama.
As far as I can tell the committee of 300 is divided into two major factions. One supports announcing the creation of a new financial system and the closing of all offshore banking centers. This faction also supports a 3-year Marshall plan for ending poverty and stopping environmental destruction. The other faction is still hoping to preserve their ancient powers by starting World War 3.
Although I have been told the announcement of a new financial system could be made on February 7th (tomorrow), as of February 6th, they have not been able to come to a compromise.
In any case, I wish to repeat I am not an illuminati agent. However, if I suddenly become very rich and by views change by 180 degrees then you should be suspicious. For now, I negotiate with the illuminati as if I was a lawyer representing the weakest and poorest creatures on this planet. The situation is currently volatile but since I only believe in secrecy when it is needed to save lives, I will try my best to keep you posted on the latest developments.
The bizarre creature in my spine has been identified
Doctors at the Japanese hospital who removed a growth from my spine have identified it as something known as a Myxopapillary ependymoma, which is a type of somewhat malignant nervous tumour. The tumor fortunately had an intact outer membrane so the doctors do not think there will be any need for radiation therapy. The doctors say what appeared to be eyes on the tumor were just veins. In any case by 4th, 3rd and 2nd vertebrae have been cut open and so I need to be very careful for the next two months until the bones heal. Of course, I am not so naïve as to completely take the doctors word without checking so I have arranged for detailed photographs of slices of the tumour to be sent to a trusted doctor in the US. The Japanese doctors do not trust e-mail so the photographs will be sent by snail mail. The whole process could take a couple of months.
..................................................   for all texts......
 February 9, 2009
Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair as President of Europe?
The Daily mail, in an article that appears to be planted, says former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair is to become President of Europe next year.
The idea of that Satan worshipping, war-criminal, fraudster becoming the unelected President of Europe is absurd no matter how you look at it. Blair has been flying around recently in a jet owned by Evelyn De Rothschild raising suspicions that this is a Rothschild plot to retain their European dynasty.
However, let us not forget this is the same Blair who started singing like a canary after he was threatened with arrest over a bribery scandal. Clearly the article must be a trial balloon sent up by the cornered and harried Rothschilds and their gerontocratic buddies.
These are the people who are apparently blocking efforts to announce an equitable new financial system in order to retain their ancient privileges.
This sort of absurd news item appearing at this time would seem to indicate the people in the City of London are not planning to give up just yet. That means the newest deadline for a new financial system being announced (February 10th) is not likely to be met.
..and the comments...
There will be an announcement Feb 10th but it will not be the new system being announced. T. Geithner will announce his plan to do more of the same as Paulson plan gets revamped to disguise the masses into believing what he says is fantanstic but it will be the same ponzi schemes repackaged for public consumption. American law enforcement will never understand fascism and those that lead masses into it. They HAVE TO BE REMOVED. You do not SETTLE with fascist leaders as they will 110% decieve you ALWAYS! Good Luck humanity! You need it to save the starvation of billions due to an orchestrated effort to collapse the ENTIRE WORLD'S ECONOMY! Removal of these fascists leaders and the truth be told or world descends into utter chaos!
They can not stop The Thing that will come (Unconditional Love)
The 'Justice Field' (as I call it) will bring reaction to their action
sooner then they can expect...
...hence destroying all their selfish efforts to rule upon others
The 'Christ' is already back, but this time He is hidden, in a dark place where (He cannot be crucified) He is emanating Unconditional Love that will change this world to Paradise
The EU is controlled by freemasons and by the Rothschilds.
Under the Lisbon Treaty it will become a totalitarian state.
All the power of the states will be handed over to a new superstate, the EU. The Commission will be the only body with the right to initiate legislation. There will be compulsory MILITARY SERVICE in a new EU ARMY!
...ken welch............ ..........
Even though he’ll never be allowed to make the decisions, the false-flag attack and invasion plan we’ve been calling ARMAGEDDON II belongs to Obama now.  Originally intended for the period around the U.S. November elections, it was revised and reset to target Obama’s inauguration.  But the Navy dropped the ball again! 
Listen to the magic moment in our latest report below:

by  Ken Welch in Houston    February 9, 2009
It's been over two weeks since we expected to see a false-flag nuclear blast over some sparsely populated beach-front property in Israel.  Evidence from reversed speech strongly suggests that key players in this game of global conquest expected the balloon to go up on Obama +2, or January 22.  Although we don’t yet know what the reasons were for delaying Armageddon, Navy Intelligence Management (the Nimmers) moved quickly to reassure their co-conspirators that the nuclear-tipped false flag missile would in fact be used – sooner or later.
The missile we’ve been tracking was called the RAW missile by the U.S. military propaganda specialist who created that last Bin Laden tape.  Since that was the second time I’d run across the phrase in RS I included it in the January 13th report.  There are some pretty sharp people among our expanding readership, and if I ask for help with something, I stand a pretty good chance of getting it.  I soon learned that RAW stands for Research and Analysis Wing, the silly but quite official name of India’s secret intelligence service. .......(...)
...more from fw10...........
February 9, 2009 5:21 PM Israel to Obama: Hold Iran’s Feet to Fire, or Else

Aawsat Reports  

February 9, 2009
BEIRUT (Reuters) - Israel will go along with President Barack Obama’s Iran diplomacy, but try to shorten the deadline for results by signaling its willingness to attack Iranian nuclear sites if need be.
Israel votes on Tuesday and its next prime minister — the front-runner is rightwinger Benjamin Netanyahu — is likely to go to Washington within a few months and press Obama to stick to his campaign promise not to let Iran develop an atomic bomb...(..)
              Israelis are haunted by the Holocaust, alarmed at Iranian rhetoric and enmeshed in the narrow calculus of survival, not the global strategic considerations of their U.S. ally.
And they are determined to maintain the regional military supremacy that a nuclear-armed Iran would threaten.
Israel’s recent onslaught on Iranian-backed Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip was a message to Tehran, said an analyst for Janusian, a security and political risk consultancy in London.
“This is the death and destruction they can rain down on anyone who threatens them.”


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And: Obama ‘Lies’ For His Wall Street Handlers Click Here
February 12, 2009 7:18 AM Chapter 7 of Worldwide Evil and Misery
 Feb. 12, 2009   Robin de Ruiter     TO VIEW THIS PDF FILE CLICK ON:
February 9, 2009 3:31 PM An Alternative Search Engine to Google
casper (4) + C.Story // - Tom Hen...Greenspan Arrested?? - sorcha (2) - alcuin - Fulford - ken-Welch -  - fw10- - icke -  nenki -  pdechat. - // casper feb 9th to 12th //
casper feb-9-09
As mentioned in the last update the activity at CITI is not "our" funds and is not affecting "our" deliveries. The urgent weekend update from STORY on this subject poses no threat to us. The 14T located there did not actually leave the bank. The paperwork necessary to the movement of that money did move, but the money movement itself was stopped and any attempt to use that money as collateral for trades was also stopped. WE hear GREENSPAN was finally detained Sunday afternoon rather than the 13th or 15th as mentioned in the STORY update.
The payoff of 250M each to the Government Mafia members has also been stopped. Sorry boys, you will have to be content with your normal looting activities.
Tax receipts on our funding have been escrowed for many years and added to as amounts grew and time passed. The IRS has tried unsuccessfully for years to steal these funds. Think about this friends, while Trillions lay dormant and available to them immediately upon funding ....
 they instead rob and pillage current and future generations of taxpayers via bailouts, stimulus, etc. rather than use this debt free money and while doing it they were each fully aware of the availability of the tax receipts. Therefore, their financing schemes adding trillions to the debt enslavement of the people has been intentional
while they simultaneously tried over and over again to steal our funding for themselves. 
Deliveries are more imminent than ever before.
                 casper   fev-9-09   a.m.
Tuesday, 10 February 2009
Welcome to the Apocalypse and the Unveiling of Truth //
Les Visible
'Friends, Skeptics and Nimrods...lend me your ears. I come to exhume the truth not to bury it. The lies that men tell are the flesh of their mortality...the truth is a fire in their bones. Sooner or later the day comes. Sooner or later critical mass is reached. The pressure of what is hidden becomes stronger than what conceals it.
Then comes the mad scramble of the lie makers who are revealed in their efforts by the industry of their madness. Cracks appear in the casing and the whole ugly affair bursts forth like a new born child, smacked on the ass and crying for the attention of the world.'
(...) As I have said in recent days… apocalypse does not mean what we have collectively believed. It means… to uncover, to reveal. It is a lifting of the veils. Then what is seen becomes a judgment to those observing it. It burns the eyes and the minds of those who have woven the veils to hide the truth of themselves and it brings liberation and joy to those who can now witness the hidden reality of what is. It is one fire with two different sensations; one is the sensation of burning and shame and one is the sensation of warming, well-being and vindication. It’s the same fire with two relationships to it. You can see it spiritually or you can see it in terms of applied physics but see it you will.
                      It’s coming out everywhere. The doubts are damning. The questions are being raised by the most unlikely sources. Many, many lies are being revealed and a large percentage of so called anti-Semitic and false flag incidents all over the world are being proven to have been orchestrated by Zionist, Jewish interests. One has only to inquire to be enlightened.
By this time one can surely see that there is a great deal more than we have been told and it is showing itself with every new day. Let us imagine what the psychopaths in charge of Israel , the Federal Reserve bankers and blackmailing, scandal mongers like Abe Foxman must be thinking and feeling in these days. As the truth is consistently revealed in the actions of Bernie Madoff and Jack Abramoff and as the truth about 9/11 becomes more and more apparent one could only wish to be a fly on the wall in the rooms where history’s biggest liars confront the exposure of their evil behavior.
             It is going mainstream people and what can they do? What happened in Gaza has shown the whole world the truth about Israel . The actions of the last sixty years; the actions of hundreds of years before is all rising like the dead from the grave to convict beyond reasonable doubt. What shall they do? It can be assumed that some dreadful new crime is now marching into action while the world watches and waits. The apocalypse is no more than the truth undressing herself of the concealment of lies. The wailing and gnashing of teeth is the agony of those exposed for their countless crimes.
The dishonored dead cry out from the grave. The years of blackmail and extortion and the McHolocaust centers across the world stand as testimony to a terrible lie. They have been a monument to their own darkness and now the darkness lifts to show them and all with eyes to see what has been done and what never occurred.
           Now we see the absurdity of six million Jews who died in World War 1. Now we see the absurdity of there being more holocaust survivors now than there were at the end of World War 2. It goes on and on. We find that the number of six million was being tossed about even before the end of the First World War. No… my friends… the drunken driver in the semi filled with lies is meeting the bridge abutment of the truth and the flaming wreckage blazes on the shoulder of the highway as the rubber necking world drives slowly by.
               What is this mysterious force that cannot be contained by the control of the press? What is this force that cannot be suppressed by the bankers and the relentless operations of the captive governments and courts? What is this force that is unveiling… uncovering and revealing? Onward it marches as day follows day. Even the cattle in the field who graze upon the grass are hearing the grass speaking and the voices of the dishonored dead beneath the ground are speaking. The wind is speaking and the seas are speaking. The mind inside the mind is speaking and will not be silenced.
            History’s heroes are proving to be the villains. History’s victims are proving to be the oppressors. Up has been proven to be down and down is now up. Before is now after. Nothing is what is seems to be and what will tomorrow bring? What will tomorrow bring?
          What is being plotted behind those doors? What are they talking about in the rooms of power where deep inside they must surely be atremble.
The hot breath of fire at the nape of the neck is a chilling terror for those who imagine they can hide behind their guarded doors… behind their money and the appearance of power… behind their armies and their courts… behind the lies that are the walls they dreamed would protect them and which now become the walls of the prison that confines them. (...)
They cannot run… they cannot hide. In every direction they approach the images and the sounds. They hear the outcry of their victims. They hear the footsteps of approaching justice. They hear their names being called. There is no lawyer who can plead their case. There is no defense. Only the prosecutor will speak as they sit in the docks and hear the litany of their crimes.(...)
Imagine their horror as they wonder at the cause of this. Imagine their fear as they muster their impotence against the forces of their own destruction that they set in motion. Relentless and unstoppable it continues to their door with every passing second of the day. You cannot imprison the truth. It will, in time, burst every bond.(...)
What awaits us all in these coming days? This I do not know. All I know is that they truth is unveiling… uncovering… revealing and there is nothing any one can do to stop it; no misdirection… no added million in new unmarked graves… no rediscovered Nazis… no new lies accomplish anything more than to amplify the presence of the lies already told.
Welcome to the apocalypse and unveiling of the truth
.I Need More Light  .... a song....
.... and the comments....
psychegram said...
(...) So sure, another false flag attack is no doubt on its way, and if perpetrated there will be many millions that succumb to the terror and line up like traumatized sheep and brutalized dogs behind the true terrorists. But there will also be a great number who will see the event for exactly what it is, and can be counted on to tell everyone they know exactly what it is that they see. What might happen if enough people were to see the event for what it is, if their outrage were to switch targets from illusory foreign threats and fix instead on those who had been behind the curtain all along?
And lets not forget that for all the machinations of the world's shadow government, even it cannot control what happens outside their earthly sphere of influence. Anyone else hear about the green comet that's coming into view soon? That's nothing, I'm sure, but symbolically ... interesting.
This promises to be an interesting year....
Anonymous said...
I am certain a nuclear device will be exploded in or around the day when these serpents realize their gig is up. Meanwhile I pray their ever-dwindling water supply disappears in much the same way they have destroyed the Palestinians' farms and wells. Look for the Edomites to start moving enmass over to their cesspool as they realize there is no more blood to suck out of the working class people in North America and Europe.
rosie said...
Well Anon, my fingers and toes are all crossed that the Balrog will do extremely well tomorrow.
The 'weller' the better.
He can drag the reputation of Israel down into the chasm with him, and unlike Gandalf lets hope its mortal and final!!.
I think Gaza has opened the eyes of millions but the zionist scum are putting up a rearguard action - the grossest of lies, propaganda and more 'victimhood' dross than ever.(...)
'When the Moon is in the seventh house
And Jupiter aligns with Mars.
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars.
At dawn on 14th February the Cosmos actually embodies this perfect alignment to support our collective manifestation of love and peace and the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. '
Notice any 'peace' coming up.
Well it was a good try I guess - at the time.
Tor Hershman said...
Showin' the truth.....heck, I'm one of the best that there's been at that, see
How that "One God" thingy REALLY got started. ..... SOME BACKGROUND INFORMATION ON THE FLICK "AMEN (hotep IV, that is)": This was only the second flick moi hast made (except betwixt moi's ears and...
Stay on groovin' safari,   Tor


notamobster said...
Master_a - you are not the only one thinking that....
all - please, check out my latest "The Wholly Roman...Catholic Church" 
I am interested to hear all of your thoughts on this supposition party I had. Here:


Monday, 09 February 2009

Elisabeth Beckett

(29th July 1924 - 7th February 2009)

It is with great sadness that we share the news of the passing of Mrs Elisabeth Beckett after her fight against leukemia. Elisabeth was the daughter of a High Court judge. The fact she managed one last shot across the bows of the nation's ever-dwindling sovereignty says so much about her steadfastness.

I am old and now seriously ill. I cannot die without making clear to you, that you have broken your oath to us your people." ~ (Elisabeth Beckett's last letter to the Queen, 21st January, 2009)

She went on the offensive when she discovered that her Council Tax bill was being used as a vehicle to extract money from her (and every other resident of this nation) for the European Union inspired Regional Assemblies. She took a one woman's legal stance, using her profound knowledge of the British Constitution against her local Eden District Council, and refused to pay her Council Tax whilst under the threat of bankruptcy.
Elizabeth launched four legal cases against the government citing Erosion of the Constitution, Breach of Contract, Breach of Trust and for Treason and Legal Fraud. She also took out an injunction against Prime Minister Gordon Brown for Treason against the British People.
                      In 2007, Namaste Magazine launched an appeal for funds to avert her bankruptcy, which was successful. The funds enabled her to start the process to appeal to the High Court. Whilst working with her she became our latter day Boudica. The depth of Elisabeth's Constitutional knowledge coupled with her courage and her unfailing determination to protect our country and its people from the loss of British Sovereignty against the relentless ever invading totalitarian powers of the EU, is testament to her uniqueness.
It has been an honour and privilege to have known and worked with her. Thank you, dear Elisabeth, for your sterling efforts. You will be very sadly missed. ...(...)


This page offers a selection of important NEWS articles that have a appeared in past and current issues of Namaste Magazine, but would NEVER appear in the mainstream media. One must ask why? Again, we repeat John Swinton's address from 1880..(below).


Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Inside Iran (video)

Wednesday, 11 February 2009
UN Moves to Charge Israel With War Crimes
'The United Nations moves to set up a commission to look into Israeli war crimes and respond to its human rights violations in Gaza.'
After the United Nations Works and Relief Agency (UNRWA) compound became the target of GPS-guided Israeli mortars on January 15, the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned "in the strongest terms this outrageous attack" and called for an inquiry into suspected Israeli war crimes.
"I strongly demand a thorough investigation and punishment for those responsible," he told reporters in Beirut after the attack.
Japanese Ambassador Yukio Takasu, who currently holds the presidency of the Security Council, said late on Monday that Ban had told a closed-door briefing in the council that the UN had set up a commission as a preliminary step to look into Israeli damage to UN premises.
Several diplomats have reported that the commission would be led by the former British secretary-general of human rights group Amnesty International, Ian Martin.


Thursday, 12 February 2009

Chris Knowles - Dubai, Atlantis & Obama Sirius Election Symbolism


... We begin this program to look at the Hotel Atlantis opening Ceremony at The Palm in Dubai and move on to discuss the Obama Sirius election symbolism with Chris Knowles from "The Secret Sun". We discuss: The Ancient God's, Annunaki, Space, NASA, Project Diana, US Military, New Jersey, New York, UFO sightings, Egypt, Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons, L. Ron Hubbard, Bruce Springsteen, Phoenix, Obama, 08 Election, Dog Symbolism, Sirius Symbolism, Horus, Rebirth, Freemasonry, 9/11, World Trade Center, The World Financial Center, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Monolith, Kubrick, Disclosure, UFO Cover Up and much more. Do not miss this program!

See part two Here...

See part three here...


Thursday, 12 February 2009
Obama's Bank Bailout - Bush's Plan Resurrected  by ShamusCooke.
'To reintroduce an unpopular idea by a different name is a classic trick of politicians. Obama has done precisely this in unveiling his bank bailout plan.
In a desperate attempt to distance himself from Bush, the Obama administration has added some complicated economic terms packaged into a system he simply calls the "bad bank."  The essence of the plan, however, is exactly what Bush originally proposed.
           Although the details are fuzzy, simply put, U.S. taxpayers could have to pay up to 2.5 trillion dollars more to buy the garbage loans that the banks accumulated, saving them from bankruptcy, while maintaining the same greedy shareholders and inept managers that drove the banks to ruin in the first place.
To distinguish this plan from Bush's, Obama will force taxpayers to pay trillions to private firms so that they can purchase the junk debt. Of course this changes nothing.'
Bush originally shelved this plan and instead opted towards investing (owning) directly in the banks, while purposely choosing to have no decision making power.
            The result is well known: bank executives did whatever they wanted to with taxpayer money, such as holding lavish banquets and paying millions to management — all the while making no new loans and now pleading for more money. 
The public was rightly outraged, and demands came from all corners of society for something to be done. 
 Leading economists such as Joseph Stiglitz (Colombia University) and Paul Krugman (The New York Times) advocated that the government should assert ownership over the amounts injected into the banks, since “a takeover is preferable to leaving firms in the hands of those who have so badly mismanaged them.” (New York Times, Feb 7, 2009)
          More importantly, by nationalizing the banks, the government could actually decide what to do with the money, such as “unfreezing” the credit market — the alleged goal of the past and present bailouts.  The shareholders and management could be quickly done away with, and the money could be put to work on socially useful projects, such as helping finance social works projects, giving people low or no interest loans to buy houses, finance their education, or to payoff predatory credit card bills, etc.
             Instead, Obama “will urge banks to increase their lending, and possibly provide some incentives, [but] it will not dictate to the banks how they should spend the billions of dollars in new government money.” (The New York Times February 10, 2009)

Oddly, while announcing his toothless plan to the public, Obama’s Treasury Secretary had the gall to add some populist rhetoric in referring to Bush’s bank bailout: “The spectacle of huge amounts of taxpayer money being provided to the same institutions that helped cause the crisis, with limited transparency and oversight, added to the public distrust.”
Exactly!  But now the exact same thing is being done.  Instead, as The New York Times points out:
“… the plan largely repeats the Bush administration’s approach of deferring to many of the same companies and executives who had peddled risky loans and investments at the heart of the crisis and failed to foresee many of the problems plaguing the markets.” (The New York Times February 10, 2009) 
Why is this? Why did Obama ignore the common sense advice of nationalization, which would have saved him the embarrassment of giving trillions of taxpayer money to the already-hated bank owners?
The answer is simple: Obama completely shares Bush’s perspective on the free market (capitalism), meaning that private individuals should run our economy and be accountable to no one but themselves.  Never mind that these individuals need trillions of dollars of taxpayer money — they should be left alone to do what they like.
         For such hardened believers in the market economy, nationalization is considered a cardinal sin, for it destroys the myth that the “invisible hand” of the market solves all our problems, and instead shows another way: that a government’s economy can be put to work towards socially useful activities, and not simply to profit a small group of billionaires.
Above all, the free-market believer fears that, if the banks are nationalized, people might also demand that other sectors of the economy be put under public control, completely removing the need for shareholders in the first place, the same people who benefit tremendously from bank bailouts.
                  Some analysts are predicting that once the Obama administration reviews the balance sheets of the banks that are to receive bailout money — which is one aspect of Obama’s plan — the government will realize these banks are beyond insolvent (bankrupt) and will need to be nationalized anyway.   
In this case, the banks would likely be nationalized just long enough for them to be cleaned up and sold to private investors, with the public receiving little if any benefit.  Nationalization alone is not a progressive concept.  What matters most are the reasons behind it and, more importantly, who benefits.    
  A common sense conclusion must be drawn from Obama’s bailout experience.  Millions of people rightly concluded that Bush’s policies were written with the banks and other corporations first in mind, and the rest of us second, if at all.  This conclusion must now be extended to Obama, who has shown us in blatant form who is thinking up his polices. 
            To address the steadily worsening economic crisis, serious measures are desperately needed that will benefit working people, who need jobs, health care, and a moratorium on home foreclosures.  The government hand outs to the big corporations have utterly failed; not one cent more need be given.
Shamus Cooke is a social service worker, trade unionist, and writer for Workers Action ( 


Thursday, 12 February 2009
Spain Recalls Batch of Gardasil Vaccine
'The country has withdrawn tens of thousands of doses of Gardasil after the hospitalization of two teenage girls, reinforcing critics’ doubts about the safety of the vaccine.'
Two teenage girls from the eastern Valencia region reportedly fell ill on Feb. 6 just hours after receiving the Gardasil vaccine, and they were hospitalized. One of the girls was released from intensive care this weekend, while the other remains there, according to a government statement. The girls, who received shots from the same batch of Gardasil, are in stable condition.
Gardasil is a vaccine used to prevent human papillomavirus, or HPV, which can cause cervical cancer.
AFP reports that both girls were vaccinated last weekend as
part of a government vaccination program that is targeting adolescents.
Spain’s health ministry said that Gardasil will continue to be administered but that one batch of the vaccine—batch NH52670—has been recalled. About 76,000 vaccines from the affected batch have already been distributed throughout Spain, but chemists have been instructed to halt sales.
Reuters reports that Sanofi Pasteur MSD, the Sanofi-Merck partnership that sells the vaccine in Europe, has stated that it is investigating the incident, but that
an adverse event following the shot did not necessarily mean that Gardasil had caused it.
Gardasil has been proven successful in preventing HPV, and thus cervical cancer, but a number of doctors, parents and medical experts have questioned the vaccine’s safety since the FDA approved it in 2006.
Despite reports of adverse reactions, including paralysis and even death, the
vaccine continues to be marketed successfully to teenage girls. The FDA, after reviewing 9,700 cases of reported health problems following the injection, said the most serious health problems did not appear to be related to the vaccine.
The vaccine’s safety will most likely continue to be questioned as the government continues to recommend Gardasil for teenage girls. One of the researchers who helped develop the drug, Dr. Diane Harper, has been vocal in her concern that a push by several states and pharmaceutical company Merck to
make the vaccine mandatory is happening far too fast, before clinical trials reveal any possible risks.
Additionally, the National Vaccine Information Center, a vaccine safety watchdog group, continues to issue periodic reports questioning Gardasil’s safety....(...)
...nenki .....
The Golem: The Story of Israel's Nuclear Arsenal. Un livre d'American Free Press, qui n esera pas Free longtemps encore. 2009. La mise en place de la police de la pensée mondiale.
How Israel—the racist state that has the bomb—pushed
the U.S. into the senseless war in Iraq and now demands
the United States wage an insane war against Iran!
There are multiple “mainstream” books on “the Israel lobby” and on the history of Israel’s
nuclear bomb. But only The GOLEM, the new book by AFP’s Michael Collins Piper, tells the entire story of how the existence of Israel’s nuclear weapons arsenal—in combine with
Israel’s lobby in Washington—
has brought about the dangerous phenomenon Piper calls ...
... The ‘Israelization’ of American Foreign Policy ....(...)
THE GOLEM: Although the widely-publicized new book, The Israel
Lobby, by distinguished professors John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, challenges
the lobby, the academic duo fail to discuss the serious nature of President
John F. Kennedy’s struggle with Israel over the atomic bomb. It’s as if they don’t
want to deal with the topic at all. WHY? The truth is—as Michael Collins Piper
demonstrates conclusively in The GOLEM—you can’t talk meaningfully about
the power of the Zionist lobby in America unless you face up to the reality of
Israel’s nuclear blackmail and the impact of its “Golem” on U.S. foreign policy.
Israël possèdent des centaines d'ogives nucéaire et croit dur comme fer en l'armagédon, sinon ils le créeront...
L'Argent Dette de Paul Grignon. À la demande générale. J'étais surpris lors de mes deux dernières conférences de constater que plusieurs, sinon presque tous, n'avaient pas vu la vidéo bande dessinée. Tous les jeunes devraient également le voir. Facile à comprendre et saisir que nous sommes en train de nous faire complètement laver et n'auront rien en retour que le chaos social qui a déjà commencé à s'instaurer.
Ce long métrage d'animation, dynamique et divertissant, de l'artiste et vidéographe Paul Grignon, explique les effets magiques mais pervers du SYSTEME ACTUEL D'ARGENT-DETTE dans des termes compréhensibles pour tous.
Nous vous présentons le chef d'oeuvre de Paul Grignon pour la première fois disponible avec une bande son française et textes en français !...(..)
L'Argent Dette est distribuée en DVD par à prix coutant pour les associations, commercants et particuliers qui souhaitent participer à la diffusion du message.
Film également recommandé: Zeitgeist Addendum (copyleft sous titré FR) ///
 Comment est-ce possible que ceux qui produisent la richesse réelle, nous,
 soient endettés envers les gens qui ne font que prêter de l'argent, symbole de cette richesse. Le système monétaire est démystifé. Tout va s'effondrer d'ici peu. Ordo ab chaos. Pour créer une nouvelle monnaie mondiale et un nouveau gouvernement mondial, il faut effondrer le système monétaire actuelle et les gouvernements.
Bravo Rothchild, Rockefeller, Greenspan, Volker, Iluminati et cie.
Mais on vous a tous démasqué, pauvres loques humaines. Votre jeu se termine bientôt. La Matrice va changer de mains.

Beaucoup ont mentionné, que plusieurs maladies chroniques modernes pourraient être liées au scorbut. Cette maladie affectait beaucoup les premiers explorateurs qui traversaient les mers pour venir en « Inde ».  Des « Indiens » leur avaient fourni la plante miracle avec laquelle, beaucoup avait pu en réchapper .

Je l'ai trouvé ce médicament que nos grands scientos n'ont jamais pu retracer.

 Curieux, j'ai trouvé plusieurs livres anciens qui en parlaient...

J'ai même trouvé toute une nation qui ne se nourrissait que de ça.

Haute pression, Crise de coeur, Arthrite, Névralgie, etc.

Essayez-le, ça ne coûte rien.

Le cresson d'eau. (Cresson de fontaine)

Nasturtium officinale

Cresson de fontaine - Wikipédia
Le cresson se cultive soit en pleine terre, soit au bord des cours d'eau ou dans ... Le cresson se cultive traditionnellement en fosses remplies d'eau non stagnante,
SPHÈRE ORL. Nom courant : CRESSON Nom latin : Nasturtium officinalis. Autres Noms : Cresson de fontaine, d'eau Famille : Crucifères (Brassicacées) ...

Lexique des plantes médicinales : Cresson
Le Cresson est une plante médicinale utilisée en phytothérapie : description, ... Noms usuels : Cresson des fontaines, Cresson d'eau. Famille : Crucifères ...

Cresson de fontaine - Nasturtium officinale - Guide nature Visoflora
Cresson de fontaine : informations nature et jardinage sur une grand variété ... Le cresson se cultive traditionnellement en fosses remplies d'eau courrante, ...




Caisse de Dépôt: Je serais curieux de voir les chiffres moi-même, surtout en ce qui concerne la faillite de Norbourg. Ça pue votre affaire.


Monsieur Charest, vous et votre gouvernement saviez parfaitement ce qui se passait à la Caisse de Dépot au moment des élections. Vous avez conservé le silence à dessein.

Qui ne dit mot, consent!

Vous vous êtes donc fait élire sous de fausses représentations. Je demande votre démission.

Si vous le faites, j'envisage de laisser tomber ma demande d'asile politique.



Verner, si j'étais vous, je ne me vanterais pas trop d'avoir réglé le problème de Shannon, c'est vous qui l'avez causé!



Bientôt le manège militaire de Québec sera remplacé par un bâtiment Honco. Cé tellement bô!

Ça où comme le reste, ils ne vont laisser, que la façade et La beaume nous dira ensuite : "De toute façon c'était laid"



Un annuaire de site de recherche. Bon matériel à conserver jusqu'à la faillite de Google.



500,000 foyers sans électricité sur la côte ouest-européenne.

180 morts et au-delà de 1000 maisons incendiés dans les feux qui ravagent l'Australie.


Tornade dans le Colorado



Ça scram dans la violence et autres horreurs sans noms.

4 accidents impliquant des camions de déneigement, dont deux à Montréal la même journée. 5 attaques au fusil dans la ville de Vancouver.

2 chauffeurs de taxis attaqués à Montréal.  3 militaires de Valcartier en 1 mois qui font des menaces à la pointe du fusil.

On se croirait à la lutte Grand-Prix, à toutes les semaines c'est le combat du siècle!


Faites les liens les copains!!  Commentaire d'un psychologue du grand poste de nouvelles nationales de RDI : "Ce n'est pas la première fois que ça arrive ces choses là!"


Qu'est-ce qu'on fait?

On donnes des pilules au psy.



Sarkozy était prêt à ce qui se passe en Guadeloupe. Ses militaires étaient déjà sur place depuis janvier.

17 Airbus - 4000 hommes - matériels, militaires et des tombes de plastiques...



"Le riche, celui même qui s'est légitimement enrichi, est un voleur, lorsqu'il a laissé souffrir l'indigent." Philosophe chinois





Le climat va encore très mal aujourd'hui 3 tornades en Oklahoma. Les feux se poursuivent en Australie. Deux tremblements de terre important.


Ceux qui peuvent vous faire croire des absurdités, peuvent vous faire commettre des atrocités." Voltaire


Croyez-vous vraiment que les banquiers et autres jets à quatre palettes, ont reçu des primes pharamineuses parce qu'ils ont mal fait leur travail ? Les grosses primes vont TOUJOURS à ceux qui ont bien accompli leurs tâches. Mais alors, au regard de la situation « économics» actuelle pour le moins désastreuse, quelle était donc la tâche qu'ils ont si bien accomplie ?

C'est un get-apens, une farce misérable, une pyramide de verres à champagnes, dont quelques-uns seulement sont dans les mains du vrai monde. Le reste, ça pue et ça concentre l'attention sur un faux débat.


La planète a été donnée à tous, mais certains vous la vendront !

Le seul temps où ça fonctionne, c'est lorsque le système est entretenu par ceux qui puent. Quand le jeu, les règles, les arbitres ont été fabriqués et entretenus par ceux qui puent, il ne vous reste qu'un choix pour gagner, vous tenir le nez collé dedans et monter sauvagement sur la tête de votre voisin.


Business - Busy-Nest - Nid d'occupation!

Tant qu'on mettra toute notre vie dans ça, il n'y aura pas d'autres façons de faire les choses. Un Plan! Un foutu plan de merde! Et aujourd'hui, le président de la Banque du Canada nous dit que ça va reprendre l'an prochain.


Alors qu'à deux semaines de la crise actuelle, ils ne savaient ni ne disaient rien de ce qui approchait.


« Dans les époques où la tromperie sera universelle, dire la vérité sera un acte révolutionnaire. » George Orwell

Ce connoisseur de la puante petite « économics» est prison depuis des années. Il parle de cycles et d'économics.


Le plan! Ça va arrêter lorsque tout sera au sol et qu'on sera à genoux, pour quémander de la nourriture.  Ne soyez pas naïfs et ne soyez pas victime de ces puants, arrêtez de rêver et préparez-vous!


Pour savoir comment a fonctionné cette crapulerie dans l'histoire, vous devez lire l'histoire John Law de Lauriston.


La dernière fois que tout ceci s'est produit, ce fut grâce à cet « économiste » dans la crise économique qui a frappé la France et l'Amérique en 1720. Il est l'ancêtre des devises en papier et a permis à la petite monarchie de s'enrichir encore une fois sur le dos du peuple. Pour connaître son histoire et constater la similitude des évènements avec ceux en cours, lisez

« Philippe d'Orléans, régent de France » Page 247 à 275 ici:,M1


« Français, vous êtes Mississipiens, et dans un an et quarante jours il n'y aura plus dans les États de Sa Majesté que des millionnaires, ce qui sera fort avantageux pour le commerce. Or donc, en attendant, le roi de France et moi avons quelques propositions à vous faire, que vous accepterez avec reconnaissance. M. Law, qui possède dans le Nouveau-Monde des royaumes plus grands que la France, plus riches que le Pérou, a besoin de sujets de bonne volonté.

Que ceux de tous âges, de tout rang qui voudront s'embarquer sur ses vaisseaux, soient certains de devenir ducs, princes et mêmes empereurs, une fois établis dans ce pays de Louisiane, parce qu'il pousse des louis d'or comme des champignons ; le Mississipi, dont je suis chargé de vous faire les honneurs, est la propriété de M. Law, qui, comme vous savez, a dans ses coffres de quoi acheter la pantoufle du pape.

C'est là une jolie province, où les blés ne se sèment pas, où les pavés des rues sont d'or pur, où les habits ont des boutons de diamants, où les pauvres ont des palais et au moins quatre domestiques, où le pain ne se vend que deux sous la livre, où l'on se sert d'éléphants au lieu de chevaux, où l'on vit cent ans, messieurs et dames, et chaque année en vaut plus de deux des nôtres, plus de trois, plus de vingt. L'eau-de-vie s'y donne pour rien; le vin, personne n'en veut; j'entends de vos médians de Surèues : car on y boit du vin qui n'a pas son pareil.

             Dans cette contrée délicieuse, où pour ainsi dire les allouettes vous tombent toutes rôties dans le bec, tous les habitans sont nobles, jeunes et riches. On vous a parlé des mines d'or de l'Amérique, mais ce n'est rien à côté de celles du Mississipi ; chacun est libre de les exploiter. On sort le matin dans les champs, hors de la barrière, on creuse à deux pieds de profondeur, on a de l'or plein son chapeau. Veut-on de l'argent? on creuse un trou dans un autre endroit ; veut-on des pierreries? on n'a qu'à ramasser des cailloux au bord de la rivière.

          Nous avons sur notre liste vingt ducs et pairs et cinquante ambassadeurs d'Espagne qui nous ont offert leurs services et leurs personnes. Nous sommes pareillement aux ordres du public, et nous admettrons dans ce paradis terrestre toutes personnes qui désirent faire fortune. Il suffit de se faire inscrire et de partir dans les carrosses du gouvernement. Il y a déjà cinq cent millions de bourgeois, artisans, militaires et grands seigneurs qui ont retenu leurs places, c'est dire assez qu'il n'en reste pas beaucoup : dépêchez-vous donc de les prendre. »


Menteurs vous dites??


Hier c'était l'Inde, aujourd'hui c'est la Chine ....

 et eux, des crapules!!




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