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March 2, 2009
Obama Breaks With Europe And Israel,
 Plans June, 2009 ‘State Of Emergency’ Rule
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Russian Foreign Ministry reports on the upcoming meeting between
President Obama and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, are stating that
the new US President is preparing to fully break with his European
Allies over the handling of the worst Global Economic Crisis since the
Great Depression
and has marked June 1, 2009 as the ‘deadline’ for his
own Congress to adopt his emergency measures, after which these reports
say he will declare that America is in an economic ‘State of Emergency’
and fight for its very survival
 which will require his rule by edict and suspension of all rights and normal laws.

The Times of London reports Brown, who arrives in the US on Tuesday
 will present the European Unions plan for Global recovery that: “Will
reportedly introduce a plan requiring massive spending on a worldwide scale.

The prime minister is expected to invoke the words of President Franklin
D. Roosevelt,        who proposed the government-financed New Deal to confront
the Great Depression in the 1930s,       the paper reports.
“There is no international partnership in recent history that has served
the world better than the special relationship between Britain and the
United States,” Brown writes in an opinion piece published Sunday in the
Times of London.  Brown's 21st century deal calls for “universal action
to prevent the crisis spreading”    and “action to kick-start lending      so
that families and businesses can borrow again.” It also requires “reform
of international regulation to close regulatory gaps”
and “the creation of an international early warning system.”

Not being told to the American people by their propaganda media organs
is that the Global Economic Crisis which is destroying their Nation is,
in fact, taking an even greater toll on Europe, where according to Ed
Balls, former British Economic Secretary to the Treasury,  the UK, even after spending billions of pounds to save their Nation, is facing its “worst financial crisis for more than a century -- surpassing even the Great Depression of the 1930s”.
To the economic woes facing the European Unions largest economy, Germany, we can also read:
“The global financial crisis threatens to strike Germany - and the rest of the European Union - with hurricane-like force in the next three to six months. As the world's leading exporter and Europe's primary economic engine, Germany is already enduring its worst recession since 1990. And as world trade shrinks and layoffs mount, Germany's downward
spiral    could further fragment the 27-nation EU.”

The grim choices being faced by President Obama in the saving of his Nation though, according to these reports, lie in his radically shifting the United States away from its historic alliances with European, Chinese and Israeli service, production and financial based economic models developed and enlarged since World War II,     to one of being energy and natural resourced driven which then aligns it with Russia (oil, gas,
minerals, lumber, water.), the Middle East (oil, gas) and South America (oil, gas, minerals, water) which will determine the Nations that survive into the 21st Century.

In making this titanic shift, however, President Obama faces the full
wrath of not only his Nations traditional allies, but also that of his own US Congress that has been bought and paid for by a virtual army of corporate and foreign based lobbyists, and who in his speech to the American people this past Saturday   Obama warned:
“The system we have now might work for the powerful and well-connected interests that have run Washington for far too long, but I don't. I work for the American people.
 I know these steps won't sit well with the special interests and lobbyists who are invested in the old way of doing business, and I know they're gearing up for a fight, my message to them is this: So am I.”
                Little do the American people know however how deadly this fight is going to be as their Nation faces its worst crisis in its entire history, and as briefly articulated by the noted CNN commenter Jack Cafferty, and who said:
“The interest on the national debt will approach $500 billion a year this year or next. Our country is sinking into the quicksand of insolvency as surely as the victims of subprime mortgages who have lost their jobs and their houses    and watched their savings evaporate in the stock market decline.
The current national debt is soaring past $12 trillion. The costs of the stimulus packages and bailouts (and stimulus package is just another word for bailout) are being tacked on and passed on because they are being paid for with money we don't have.
We are staring at unfunded liabilities for Medicare and Social Security in the tens of trillions of dollars. Where's that money going to come from? We have to either raise taxes or cut benefits. There are no other options.
The baby boomers are starting to retire and will consume an ever larger share of these entitlement programs. They will also age in sufficient numbers to drive the political agenda for the foreseeable future. Think they're going to want less Social Security and less Medicare? Think again.
The generation coming along behind them that will be asked to pay for all this   can't. There are not enough good jobs left in this country to pay those kinds of bills.
At the end of the day, we are going to have to settle for less. Less money, smaller houses, smaller cars and smaller dreams. This is not your father's country anymore.
And we had better all start getting used to  it.”

To the greatest danger facing President Obama and the American people, and indeed the whole World, in this battle for who is ultimately going  to rule the United States
 we can further read:
“According to reports out of top Chinese mainstream news outlets, the RAND Corporation recently presented a shocking proposal to the Pentagon in which it lobbied for a war to be started with a major foreign power     in an attempt to stimulate the American economy and prevent a recession.
A fierce debate has now ensued in China about who that foreign power may be, with China itself as well as Russia and even Japan suspected to be the targets of aggression.
The reports cite French media news sources as having uncovered the proposal, in which RAND suggested that the $700 billion dollars that has been earmarked to bailout Wall Street and failing banks      instead be used to finance a new war which would in turn re-invigorate the flagging stock markets.
The RAND Corporation is a notoriously powerful NGO with deep ties to the U.S. military-industrial complex as well as interlocking connections with the Ford, Rockefeller, and Carnegie foundations.”

Even today we can see the seeds of this Global War being sown within the US Military Establishment where just yesterday the Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, stated to the NBC television's Meet The Press programme that “Iran is not close to having a nuclear weapon, which gives the United States and others time to try to persuade Tehran to abandon its suspected atomic arms program.”,
but at nearly the exact same time was countermanded by the US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, who said on a competing US television network that, “The United States now believes that Iran has amassed enough uranium that with further purification could be used to build an atomic bomb.”

Equally important to note about the growing instability occurring in President Obama’s government is its growing war against the Zionist power bloc in both its own Nation and in Israel,      and best typified by these two reports:
February 17th: “UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday hailed a decision by the United States to take part in a UN-led conference on racism in Geneva in April    after it walked out on the previous session   on the ground that the conference is anti-Semitism.”
February 27th: “The United States won't participate in a U.N. conference on racism in April unless the final document is changed to drop all references to Israel and criticism of religion, a senior U.S. official said Friday.”

Russian Intelligence reports state that President Obama’s ‘Chicago point man’, and current White House Chief of Staff, Raum Emanuel, who holds duel American-Israeli citizenship due to his Jewish birth, is spearheading the United States coming break with the European Union and Israeli Zionists    and has put into power, with President Obama’s ‘full support’, the Masonic-Islamic power bloc that has been built over these past 150 years to break the power of the Rothschild Banking Empire over the United States forever.

Virtually unknown to the American people is that President Obama, and his allies, have long been nurtured by the Chicago based Nation of Islam (( )) and the ancient Knight Templar Masons to ‘reclaim’ the United States for its peoples who were envisioned by its founding Masonic fathers to be  the hope for an entire World
 facing the catastrophic Earth changes long known to be occurring this very decade.

Surprisingly, even today very few Americans realize that the Chicago based Nation of Islam has long been known as one of the most powerful of the Masonic organizations established for these ‘end times’ battles now occurring,      and as we can see evidenced by the works of the writer David Livingston, and who writes: (( ))
“I've been taking a closer look at the writings of Wesley Williams, and I am shocked.  I had no idea the Nation of Islam was so enmeshed with  Freemasonry.  Enmeshed is an understatement, the two are basically one and the same.
Looking at his “The Book of God”, he basically sets the history of the
occult in reverse, where it is the "true Islam".  Everything is there.
The “Sons of God” or Nephilim, also the Fallen Angels, are God, a man,
and his council.    They have been guiding the select of humanity ever
since.  He even places them in “Shamballah” in the Gobi desert, being
the same as the “Great White Brotherhood”, or the “Hidden Chiefs” of
“Hidden Masters” of the occult.
The entire history of the occult is co-opted to his version of Islam,
including Gnosticism, the Templars and Cathars, and the Holy Grail.  He
invokes Masonic historian Manly P. Hall as a source, and also Blavatsky,
an avowed Satanist.  He even has a chapter about the “Masonic secret”,
which he correctly explains is that “Man is God”.  
(( ))

It should be noted about Mr. Livingston’s writings, however, that they put forth this true knowledge in the context of his ancient Christianity belief system that stands diametrically opposed to ours,
and which is best exampled in the Sorcha Faal’s seminal book of warning “Battle
Begins For Throne of This World: The Return of the Einherjar Warriors”
which lays bare the most accurate and historic basis for these end time days and its ultimate final outcome foretold about      even by the great seer Michel de Nostradamus, and who said: (( ))
“When those of the arctic pole are united together,
Great terror and fear in the East:
Newly elected, the great trembling supported,
Rhodes, Byzantium stained with Barbarian blood.” Quatrain 6:21

To President Obama’s having to impose upon his people a State of Emergency, putting into his hands the ultimate and final power of his Nations destiny, there should be no surprise at all, for if our World is to survive it cannot be done without these Americans,
 who though not realizing it themselves, are, indeed, our Earth’s final hope
 against those ancient monsters seeking to destroy us all.

And, as British newspapers are reporting that, “Top secret contingency plans have been drawn up to counter the threat posed by a “summer of discontent” in Britain”,
 and as Project Endgame has begun in the United States threatening to imprison their ‘best and brightest’ citizens,  a World standing at the very brink of Total Destruction
 awaits the full awakening of these Americans to support their new President
seeking to save not just them, but our entire Earth. 

But, for those weak souls not able to realize the full import of these catastrophic events to come, let them be further warned as The Master Conjunction of 2009 – 2011 is now upon us all (( Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius ))
leaving President Obama no choice but to act by June, 2009
as The Crosses of Summer, 2010, (( ))
 are nearly upon us.

© March 2, 2009 EU and US all rights reserved
  Sorcha Faal
Overview: The Five-Part Play
The gradual approach of the Chiron-Neptune conjunction, the building of its intensity and its crisis, climax and resolution resemble the stages of a five-act play. They are:
Prelude: The American Election of Nov. 4, 2008
This page has a Supplement, And the Winner Is . . .
Act 1: Conflicts: The Neptune Return of April 11, 2009, on this page
Act 2: Complications: Triple Chiron-Neptune-Jupiter Conjunction of May-August, 2009
Act 3: The Turning Point: The Exact Chiron-Neptune Conjunction of Feb. 16 - 17, 2010
Act 4: Crisis and Climax: The Crosses of Summer 2010 in July-August, 2010
Act 5: Denouement: The Near Chiron-Neptune Conjunction of Nov. 2 - 3, 2010

The two conjunctions, an exact one in February 2010 and a near one in November, occur respectively four months before and four months after the hugely transformative Crosses of Summer 2010. So the conjunctions can be said to resemble two bookends on either side of a very big, very explosive book. Since both the conjunctions come in 2010, why do some astrologers say that Chiron and Neptune have been conjunct since 2007, and will remain so even as late as 2014? To answer this, we have to define terms and timing...(...)
The Crosses of Summer, 2010
There are two powerfully transformative planetary alignments in the summer of 2010.
A T-Cross on July 30, in the fiery dog days, of six planets -- the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto -- all forming a very "difficult" and "stressful" set of 90° squares and 180° oppositions in the cardinal signs of Aries, Libra and Capricorn.
A Grand Cross on August 6 of seven planets as Venus joins the alignment, and the Moon moves into Cancer. ...(...)
.....tom heneghan......
 Saturday, February 28, 2009
BREAKING: ObamaGate is Now George Soros Ponzi Scheme Gate
by Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert
Saturday  February 28, 2009

United States of America  -  We can now report that a massive TREASONOUS criminal conspiracy to launder and disguise Citibank toxic derivatives
 has been exposed by European INTERPOL and Departments of the U.S. Treasury.
George Herbert Walker Bush, President Barak Obama, George W. BushFRAUD, Timothy Geithner, Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton and Henry (Hank) Paulson
Alan Greenspan and George Soros
The criminal treasonous conspirators that have been fingered include President Barack Obama, former President George Herbert Walker Bush, former ILLEGAL White House occupant, George W. BushFRAUD, current U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, former U.S. Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan,
and noted hedge fund manager and foreign currency manipulator, KHAZARIAN Jew, East German Stasi DVD-Israeli Mossad asset George Soros.
              All attempted a major money laundry aka a Ponzi Scheme on Thursday night, February 26, 2009, in which the aforementioned conspirators attempted to disguise up to $700 TRILLION of worthless toxic Citibank derivatives as short positions in major Asian Tiger currencies as a way of disguising and transferring the worthless Citibank derivatives.
          The toxic Citibank derivatives were ILLEGALLY converted into cash aka Taiwan dollars and EURO currency at the Citibank FOREX trading platform at Citibank offices in Singapore.
These funds were then ILLEGALLY wire transferred to currency trading platforms at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and to George Soros' own little secret currency exchange in Budapest, Hungary.
The bagman for Soros in Budapest is a Russian-Israeli mafioso, East German Stasi DVD agent András Szász, current head of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce.
Note: For years András Szász has been assisted in various financial black ops, including funding of major terrorist events, by none other than 7/7 London bombings terrorist suspect, East German Stasi DVD agent, counterfeiter, check bouncer, forger and former First Lady Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton White House confidant, fugitive Eva Teleki.
Item: It is no coincidence that the Obama Administration converted preferred stock to common stock at Citibank the day after the Asian Ponzi Scheme was exposed
 given their need to raise cash to meet their margin calls and offset their illegal currency transaction instigated by Soros and the aforementioned treasonous co-conspirators.
         Reference: We can also divulge that it was sources inside the offices of current Federal Reserve Chairman Bernard Bernanke that leaked out information to elements of the U.S. Treasury of the Soros financial currency Ponzi Scheme that was designed to wreck every major currency in Asia and launder the toxic derivatives tied to Citibank.
Significant reports by journalist Wayne Madsen:
Soros funds infiltration of 9/11 truth, election protection, and “independent” journalism
by Wayne Madsen
Online Journal Contributing Writer
(WMR) -- WMR has learned from well-placed sources that international hedge fund mogul and financier of “progressive” causes George Soros has been, for a number of years, infiltrating 9/11 “truth” organizations, groups advocating election reform, and so-called “independent journalism” enterprises in order to hijack agendas and, eventually, cause the groups to collapse from within
or be absorbed into larger organizations servile to Soros and his agenda.
Read full story

Stanford's shadowy financial empire
By Wayne Madsen
(WMR) --  No one will ever know just how Charlesworth Shelley Hewlett, who ran CAS Hewlett & Company out of a small office sandwiched between fish and chips shops on South Bury Road in Enfield in north London, came to be the accountant for Allen Stanford's $50 billion financial empire that included Stanford International Bank (SIB). That is because Mr. Hewlett, known as a quiet gray-haired man to those who had offices in his north London office block, died "peacefully" a few weeks before the Stanford scandal hit the front pages. Hewlett was 73 but no one knows the reason for Hewlett's death.
Read full story
We also want to reveal at this time that new major evidence has surfaced linking András Szász and wanted terrorist suspect, fugitive Eva Teleki, to the noted CIA money laundry Delmarva Timber Trust. We are also working on a story involving former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell's (a media darling) illegal use of the Delmarva Timber Trust to buy a Greek bank, which has then been used to finance various black ops in Somalia and Yemen, as well as the entire continent of Africa.
Also linked to the black op activities in Somalia and Yemen is former Clinton Secretary of State, Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate "TRUE COLORS" assassin, Madeleine Albright aka Halfbright.
It is not known, at this time, whether former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell is or is not cooperating with European INTERPOL investigators.
We can also divulge that U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has received immunity from prosecution and now feels free to once again engage in treasonous criminal activity along with former U.S. Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson.
Bernard Madoff, Sir R. Allen Stanford
Daniel Hambury/PA
P.S. We are also compiling evidence, which will connect the dots revealing a direct connection between Bernard Madoff's Ponzi Scheme and Sir R. Allen Stanford's Ponzi Scheme with crooked currency manipulator George Soros. 
 This includes the use of the island nation of Antigua to launder profits from the Ponzi Schemes through Russian-Israeli mafioso utilizing George Soros' crooked currency hedge fund, as well as the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce, using the aforementioned bagman András Szász and noted terrorist suspect, fugitive Eva Teleki.
P.P.S. We are going to further connect the dots in future intelligence briefings tying KHAZARIAN Jew Larry A. Mizel and his Denver-based Asset Investors Corporation
to the Madoff-Stanford Ponzi Schemes.
The dots will be connected linking Mizel to massive mortgage fraud involving Bank of America, Citibank and the noted American International Group (AIG).
Mizel used the noted credit swap derivative method of creating nine (9) mortgage out of every one (1) mortgage that had been finalized.
These bogus mortgage assets were then used to convert cash for the use of Madoff and Stanford, as well as George Soros, in what has now become a WORLDWIDE Ponzi Scheme aka train wreck.
At this hour, many mortgage holders who are late on their payments are having a hard time figuring out which bank to pay on their original mortgage since it has been made part of this unbelievable carousel aka Ponzi Scheme. We can also divulge that KHAZARIAN Jew Larry Mizel's partner, David D. Mandarich, is linked directly to Israeli Mossad assassination teams that have recently threatened the lives of this reporter of these intelligence briefings as well as Ambassador Leo Wanta, who still has total legal authority over the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols.
          Note: Here is an update on the status of the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterand Protocols.
As we have reported, folks, President Barack Obama has signed an executive order authorizing the implementation of the Protocols with full authority given to Ambassador Wanta.
The problem becomes what is the definition of "implement" aka Clintonian doublespeak, the definition of "is" is.
We can report that, counter to the mainstream media spin, it was former illegal White House occupant George W. BushFRAUD that instigated the recent phone call to President Barack Obama.
The subject of the conversation between President Obama and BushFRAUD was not so much Iraq policy but the status of the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols negotiations and the failed Soros currency financial black op.
Related background on the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols:
PATRIOTS Ambassador Leo Wanta, French President Francois Mitterrand and U.S. President Ronald Reagan of the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols.
Following the money backwards leads to
President Reagan, Russian rubles and Ambassador Leo Wanta
by Don Nicoloff
The story of how Ambassador Leo Wanta was commissioned by President Reagan to make $trillions for the American people in shrewd (but legal) currency trading that concentrated on buying Russian rubles at a discount to destabilize the Soviet economy surfaced in 1992.
Read the full story
ILLEGAL trading platform created in 1997
in the Clinton White House basement
Getty Images
Reference: It should be noted, folks, that the misuse of the Wanta Protocol funds dates back to 1997 when an illegal trading platform was placed in the basement of the White House by former President Bill Clinton, former President George Herbert Walker Bush, former First Lady Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, former Speaker of the House and now year 2012 republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, former Federal Reserve Chairman, KHAZARIAN Jew Alan Greenspan, Naval Admiral Leon Morris and high level FBI official George Reed.
Reference: Reed worked directly with former CIA counsel Jan Morton Heger in orchestrating the NASA space agency electronic theft of the year 2000 presidential election from then Vice President, now duly elected year 2000 President Albert Gore Jr.
As mentioned in previous intelligence briefings, the states of Florida, West Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri and New Hampshire were blatantly STOLEN.
It is a miracle, folks, that Al Gore still wound up with over a half million more votes than BushFRAUD.  It just shows you how decisively Gore actually won the 2000 presidential election.

Note: Year 2000 duly elected President Albert Gore Jr. and his family were viciously smeared this weekend by a bunch of clowns at the Republican CPAC convention.  Assisting in this smear was known right wing anti-Gore MSNBC journalist, little punk Tucker Carlson.  Also enabling the smear was known MSNBC Morning Joe talk show co-host and John Kerry "Skull and Bones" John Kerry stooge Mike Barnacle.
Item: Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich spoke at this clown convention.
Once again a direct message to the anti-Gore American corporate media filth: If you want to continue to make this personal              it is going to get physical.

The illegal White House trading platform, along with the illegal London-based trading platform, tied to former British Prime Minister, Dunblaine pedophile and war criminal, Tony Blair, was used in conjunction with George Soros, to trade illegal currency spreads and manipulate equity prices worldwide.
The platforms were also used to illegally manipulate the price of gold and silver.
Of course, it was U.S. TAXPAYERS' money that was used for this illegal trading Ponzi Scheme orchestrated by none other than the Bush-Clinton-Crime Family Syndicate and it's criminal Federal Reserve enabler.

How dare you, you conspiratorial tyrants,
kings and notable queens!

P.P.P.S. As you know, folks, if you are a regular reader of these intelligence briefings, we consistently inform you of how it is constantly getting worse.
It may now actually be getting a little bit better.
Patriotic Flag Officers of the U.S. Military, as well as President Obama's Chief Intelligence Officer, General James Logan Jones, Jr., have warned Federal Reserve Chairman Bernard Bernanke that they will no longer tolerate massive "bailout" of KHAZARIAN Jew criminal banks like Citibank, AIG and Bank of America.
The Flag Officers, as well as General Jones, know that U.S. Taxpayers' funds and the entire U.S. Treasury continues to be looted by these KHAZARIAN Jew banksters, who rob their own banks and place money in offshore proprietary accounts, with the direct assistance of former Federal Reserve Chairman, KHAZARIAN Jew Alan Greenspan.  Note: General Jones has also informed the KHAZARIAN Jew banksters aka fraudsters that they will no longer tolerate blackmail and threats that are being directed at President Barack Obama.
The U.S. Military knows that these crooked banks need to be temporarily nationalized, and that a full audit of their criminal activity must be done immediately.
A "full audit", not a stress test, will reveal that the toxic derivatives that have destroyed the U.S. and World economies are crooked.
Once the audit is completed a Bankruptcy Court can then adjudicate justice for the KHAZARIAN Jew bankers and immediately begin repatriation of the TRILLIONS of dollars of STOLEN U.S. Treasury funds that are parked in offshore secret accounts.
                 Final note: Do not want to forget, folks, that this massive criminal TREASONOUS crime spree launched against the American People has been enabled for years by the KHAZARIAN Jew, mega Mossad corportate controlled U.S. media filth.
Again, folks, there are no journalists left in the United States, just gossip columnists.
         Note: Bill Plante of CBS News, a real journalist with great insight, was recently replaced by CBS News in the White House press room by "barbie doll" actor Chip Reid.
Plus, MSNBC's show "Morning Joe" show continues to promote KHAZARIAN Jew, Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate "TRUE COLORS" assassination team enablers KHAZARIAN Jews Joe Klein of Time magazine and Tina Brown, a British Intelligence asset.
Reference: Klein, Brown and Time magazine editor KHAZARIAN Jew Richard Stengel, along with former communications director for New York Governor David Paterson, Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate mouthpiece Judy Smith, have been linked to the death threats made against the daughter of assassinated President John F. Kennedy, Caroline.
              Joe Klein, Tina Brown, Richard Stengel, Andrea Mitchell Greenspan of NBC/MSNBC aka Mrs. Federal Reserve, Judy Smith, as well as Washington Post editor Bob Woodward, have secret offshore accounts, which represent bribe money they all received in return for enabling Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate TREASONOUS rule over the United States.
These rotten pieces of filth have bribe money which represent STOLEN U.S. Treasury funds.
In closing, British Intelligence asset Tina Brown stated on the MSNBC's "Morning Joe" that she was concerned that the American People may descend into a period of vengeful populism.
Note: Tina Brown worships the British Monarch Queen Elizabeth.
Message to Tina Brown: You are finally correct.
The American People are enraged!
-  Our U.S. Treasury has been looted.
-  Our U.S. Constitution has been shredded.
-  Our electoral process has been completely degraded, and
-  Our economy has been eradicated.
At this hour, we remind Tina Brown of change you can believe in:
Public prosecutions and punishment
with DUE PREJUDICE await
Against the American People
General Lafayette rallying the troops at Brandywine
“The moment I heard of America, I loved her;
The moment I knew she was fighting for liberty,
I burnt with the desire of bleeding for her;
and the moment I shall be able of serving her,
in any time, or in any part of the world,
will be the happiest of my life.”
General Marquis de Lafayette 1778
We live free or die as we continue to identify the enemies of the American Republic and the 2nd American Revolution in the 21st Century and eradicate them.

Overlord at Yorktown ....(...)

9:05 AM
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casper feb-26-09
 As reported previously OBAMA stopped deliveries Sunday morning. WE now have the following comment attributed to him dated Sunday afternoon; "If we don't get ours I will see to it you never get yours".  By "ours" he meant the 425 Billion for the 1600 in D.C..
I have become convinced that the "brain washed" are better off than the rest of us and I am wondering how we can get some of their wacky tobacco, silly juice, dufus patches or whatever else allows them to remain mesmerized, hypnotized and brain washed. Its just not fair that half of us should be forced to observe the obvious lies pouring forth daily
 while the anesthetized are able to applaud loudly and sincerely the same conduct which doomed the previous administration. "No lobbyist in my administration" then he appoints several. " No earmarks in our legislation" as 8000 EARMARKS totaling hundreds of billions are included in this weeks legislation.
Earmarks for beaver management, snake management on Guam, waste disposal AT THE NORTH POLE, earmarks from politicians long since out of office, earmarks from DEAD politicians (no fooling) all with funds to be forcibly taken from our children.               How dare these lying, arrogant, hypocritical traitors point their fingers at the banks, the auto companies or anyone else.  "A line by line cutting of government waste" as expenditures (400B bill this week) considered ridiculous even in good times is passed by Democrats to pay off constituents with the tab handed to our children with zero opposition from OBAMA.
 "No bank nationalization" as they proceed to do exactly that. "He wants our deliveries done" as he blocks them over and over again. "Honesty and Integrity in Government" as he surrounds himself with Illuminati, tries to access our funds every day and demands payoffs to 1600 D.C. criminals or we don't get ours. "
We are going to cut the budget deficit by half" while simultaneously announcing still more trillions in expenditures.
"Transparency in all we do" while refusing to disclose who got the TARP funds. "I don't believe in government for its own sake" as every program, every idea so far espoused calls for massive increases in the government payroll which of course translates into government dependency i.e. socialism. "We should live within our means" as trillions are spent and charged to our children large portions of which are nothing more than politicians pet projects.
 "Save the auto companies" as he appoints Geithner who is not big enough to see over a steering wheel to run the auto companies and force them to build "green cars" which no one will buy. Milton Friedman once said if you put the government in charge of the Sahara Desert there would soon be a shortage of sand, another way of describing Socialism. 
He (OBAMA) attacks banks and bankers with his mouth while handing over additional hundreds of billions to criminal institutions which are already insolvent. The same with Freddie/Fannie, now that we see how corrupt they are here is another 200 Billion, and AIG, here is another 85 billion and already it is gone.
 "Fiscal Discipline" as he and the Congress throw money like drunken sailors. "Honest accounting on the books" as all major expenditures are legislated off budget, outside the budget. 
While always saying the right thing he continuously does the opposite spraying money as if from a paintball gun. It is an amazing thing to watch. It is as if he has bought his own rhetoric and assumes the world is blind to his dichotomies. Also, his attack upon what he calls "the rich" has begun in earnest, not simply increased rates of income taxation but a much broader effort to go after the productive to fund his welfare and redistribution plans, again a mental/personality trait of the extreme left. 
The tax policies he is now announcing fall somewhere between stupid and insanity. And Control, Control, total Control of all aspects of American life by government run by them.
This mad dash toward socialism will result in a revolution which will result in a dictatorship which will result in railcars with shackles and concentration camps unless, of course, the military and the policemen/women find the courage to honor their oaths.
When the Federal Government decides to run the printing presses and the computers around the clock manufacturing money which they then pass around in return for compliance with their agenda we end up with a ten square mile FEDERAL FORT/NWO CORPORATION subverting very quickly everything this country was built on and stands for, something they were already doing and are now taking into hyper speed/space.
The left wing extremist are in control and moving with lightening speed apparently assuming their own constituents do not have the ability to see or understand and those who do no longer have the votes to do anything about it.  Now we hear they inserted a clause into the trillion dollar stimulus bill no one read before voting saying all workers on job sites paid for by stimulus money are to be ORGANIZED into unions. "Organizations" here, there and everywhere. Not joined up? No work.
Four billion of our money to Acorn to "organize". The census pulled into the Whitehouse. Millions for tattoo removal, millions to teach physicians to write press releases. PORK. PORK like you have never seen or heard of before while preaching fiscal discipline while the people suffer and all of it is charged to our children.
It is immoral. It is shameless. It is disgraceful. There is more, so much more that anyone with open eyes and ears can not possibly over look the contradictions or the high speed socialization of the country
 except the mesmerized and the hypnotized who hear nothing and see nothing
 and I am jealous and I want some of whatever they are injecting into themselves. 
The "grapevine" said delivery today. What is the grapevine? Well, first of all its nothing to sneeze at. There are hundreds of people all over the world who do their best to follow the bouncing ball and share whatever intell they come up with each other. If the grapevine were not important the ABC boys would not work so hard to confuse and mislead it with their planted disinformation. We are all members of one grapevine or another.
Some vines might be thicker, might extend further than others, but each vine is doing its best to turn grapes into wine.
The grapevine says deliveries today after successive additional releases Monday midnight and Tuesday noon. Its Thursday a.m. and it ain't happening yet. 
The grapevine says today.
What to make of this? More last minute delays for legitimate reasons OR continued spreading of disinfo to the grapevine and continued blockage by OBAMA.
 WE believe in both.
Realize please that games played with us are also being played simultaneously with those above us, behind us and on par with us around the world and that such as this could only be orchestrated from the top at the direction of those at the top  OR  by the bad guys which is the existing system putting out intentional disinfo every day which seems the logical conclusion.
Those "at the top" are not into the disinfo business. The bad guys are.  
Who and/or what is the top? Its not OBAMA, or BUSH or CLINTON or the D.C. Criminals or the FED or the corrupt domestic banks HOWEVER these, especially the PRESIDENT, has the ability to delay deliveries as has been demonstrated many times in times gone by first by BUSH and now by OBAMA as they are both Illuminati. Without a package delivery we have no appointment without which we have no access, etc..etc..It has always been thus.
At the top and on our side there exist financial powers greater than OBAMA, greater than the FED. It is they who will get the packages to us with appropriate security of the funds arranged in advance to preclude the ongoing attempted thefts. These friends of ours have tried every possible way, without success, to get the deal done through domestic banks the likely reason being that new asset backed banking destroys their play pen called fractional banking (out of thin air).
There will be domestic access we hear, but the deposits are and will remain offshore. OBAMA, the politicians, Wall Street, the FED, the Banks and the CORPORATION are all the same thing from our perspective, a swamp creature which, having destroyed everything they have touched including their own currency are still trying to save themselves, this time on the backs of this and future generations of taxpayers.
             They are buying time but they can not succeed.  The coming tsunamis of debt far exceed those so far encountered and WE THE PEOPLE will break down completely under the weight of the debt they are loading onto us to save their corrupt system rather than accepting something new they can't control.
The demands for more & more money from banks, industry, States, Cities, etc, etc, will be never ending and insatiable and continuing to provide them with funny money charged to the taxpayer is a formula for ultimate disaster.
 Debt write offs and debt forgiveness are therefore essential.
So whets the answer? Is there an answer? Yes, the new will rise in spite of them as the old comes crashing down around their ears we think, we project, we analyze as best we can. Actually it is Casper doing the guessing and the amateurish analyzing here, no since blaming it on WE.  I think the meltdown is not reversible, is international in scope, is giving the bad guys a shot at killing the Republic and the Constitution permanently and may well have been pre-planned.
At the same time the opportunity arises for something other than the evil ones to continue their evil ways which may be summarized as good vs evil and good not evil wins. How? Who? Would not a victory of such magnitude against such overwhelming odds be divinely inspired and led? I think so.
 If you buy this so far would it not also mean that the frustrating delays are only temporary, short lived and deliveries may well be today as the grapevine says? It is easy to forget but we must remember our funding is not the deal itself, only one of the many outcomes. A change in banking, debt forgiveness, a return to the Constitution, etc. is the deal and with these things comes our funding. 
I believe they recognize the hopelessness of the banking situation and the imminent failure of their monetary system and are determining how much additional capital will be required to bring the 19 banks being "stress tested" up to Basel's capital requirements with said monies provided by outside/overseas/friends of ours if necessary perhaps through Treasury.
How does one determine capital requirements when there is no market to mark assets to? Such an endeavor indicates to me capitulation. Why else would they search for a truth so far intentionally suppressed? If they don't capitulate and quickly the new is likely to proceed without U.S. participation
leaving the U.S. a third world country with the people controlled by a totalitarian government. If this guesswork in any way resembles actual truth the reasons for ultimate secrecy become apparent as speculators could profit from such knowledge, the media would go skitzo and the people could easily panic unless explanations are forthcoming immediately.
Among other things there could be a run on the banks and food supplies so the ever increasing secrecy we are encountering is not necessasarilly a bad thing. The whole damn system is bankrupt friends, the banks, the auto companies, even the government/CORPORATION/swamp creature itself. The bankrupt does not dictate terms to the creditors.
Being in our position as opposed to most of yours does not mean WE know everything or have things figured out. But WE do know many many things we call "peripheral intell" which helps us to understand and accept as fact the reality of the big picture which includes our funding.
We are very very close to completion so don't lose hope or your mind while waiting.
Morning news continues to say today.
                   casper    2-26-09
casper feb-27-09
It is easy to understand why so many are so fascinated with OBAMA. When it comes to public speaking and communicating the man is without equal.  Not only is he the best there is, he may well be the best there ever was. He offers words of hope to the hopeless and that is a good thing. Our country desperately needs an honest leader, one who can be trusted, one the people can believe in. Words and deeds are different things. Somewhere along the highway of life we each learn that when words and deeds are in conflict we must pay attention to the deeds not the words.
By Thursday evening it was obvious deliveries were not occurring as expected by the grapevine and by us.. Then came word that the packs we often mention had again left D.C. Thursday afternoon not Wednesday and it appeared-again-deliveries would be the next day, today, Friday. Before 9 a.m. this morning we were already hearing we would be put off until next week. This delay was blamed on the BUSH/CLINTON/BUSH crime syndicate-again-with this source believing, as do many others, that OBAMA is a victim of those who surround him.
It was OBAMA who stopped deliveries Thursday and again today. He is no ones victim. Now we read on Fourwinds that his Sec. of State, appointed by him, is in COMMUNIST CHINA delivering Eminent Domain agreements which hock our entire country in return for still more financing of Treasury Debt Instruments to fund the ongoing bailouts, stimulus' and earmarks passed by his allies in Congress.
 WE reported to you this hocking of our country including National Forrest, Wetlands, etc. some weeks ago. Elsewhere we watch the not yet ended battle over his refusal to produce his birth certificate.
Then back to Fourwinds for the rundown on his history as a CIA operative since his days at Columbia University where his senior thesis remains under lock and key.  Like Madoff, Stanford and the politicians in D.C.
OBAMA is, unfortunately for all of us, a snake oil salesman.
Gold into Ft Knox as described on u-tube?? WE reported that to you months ago as we had eyes on at the time.  Continued printing of Treasury currency? Yes, we were reporting that currency to you three years ago when a banker in Nebraska let some out at Christmas time only to have to go get it back. Treasury currency has been in many banks all along and is "switched out" often even though it is shrink wrapped.
A method of physical auditing WE presume.
Have you read about the sicko art work at the Denver Airport? And read about the underground "holding pens" as big as three football fields surrounded by fencing topped with barbed wire turned inward as described by multiple eye witnesses? Entire buildings constructed then buried for future use? Massive tunnels underground leading to outlying  parts of the valley?
Months ago WE were told and reported to you that "their" plans for the American people are so evil, so horrible our sources refused to discuss the details with us. These are the Satan worshipers known as the Illuminati and the members of the CORPORATE GOVERNMENT are part of it not to mention huge swaths of "The East Coast Establishment" which is slang for Illuminati.  OBAMA is the President of that CORPORATION.
This is the EVIL which is bankrupting our country and the world who are fighting the banking/monetary changes and our funding. This evil is greater in power than governments, is determined to rule the world and enslave the planet. It is the ILLUMINATI.    It is International Bankers, multinational corporations, intelligence agencies, secret societies, manufacturer's of funny money and their bribed and blackmailed political puppets who provide the "votes" for whatever "they" desire this month and forever.         OBAMA is another of their puppets.
Today a stick of dynamite with a lit fuse was placed up the behind of the World Court.
The Court in turn placed its own stick of dynamite up OBAMA's butt and lit the fuse. He was again stopping deliveries while they continued their attempts to steal the IMF funds. He was given the final warning, "no more crap will be tolerated. If there is further interference we will take over the Government of the United States (Corporation)
 and we will immediately take over all banks in the United States.
We have the legal authority to do so and we will use it". 
The packages are again moving.
Meanwhile back in CHINA, Hillary was told where to stuff it. They informed her (and OBAMA) they have quite enough of Treasury's trash debt, need no more, that she has no authority to offer them the physical assets of the people of the United States
and laughed her out the door.
WAKE UP AMERICA. Our leaders are white trash and black trash and they are doing everything possible to sell us and our country down the river all for the purpose of retaining power, continuing the corruption and avoiding the coming exposures.
WE anticipate deliveries tomorrow       unless  OBAMA blocks deliveries again.
                   casper    2-27-09
P.S. In addition to the above dear mesmerized and hypnotized ones,
OBAMA has been trying everything possible to put the nation under another 70 year "Bankruptcy of Nations Contract" -as did FDR-
so they can continue their fraudulent finance, Maritime Courts and continue the Executive and Legislative acting as Trustees of the Bankruptcy.
They are not simply criminals, they are TRAITORS
and OBAMA is their leader.
AND  more  from FW10:
February 26, 2009 7:12 PM    HAL TURNER BLOG
February 26, 2009 Beijing, China -- Sources at the United States Embassy in Beijing China have just CONFIRMED to me that the United States of America has tendered to China a written agreement which grants to the People's Republic of China, an option to exercise Eminent Domain within the USA, as collateral for China's continued purchase of US Treasury Notes and existing US Currency reserves! The written agreement was brought to Beijing by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and was formalized and agreed-to during her recent trip to China. This means that in the event the US Government defaults on its financial obligations to China, the Communist Government of China would be permitted to physically take -- inside the USA -- land, buildings, factories, perhaps even entire cities - to satisfy the financial obligations of the US government. Put simply, the feds have now actually mortgaged the physical land and property of all citizens and businesses in the United States. They have given to a foreign power, their Constitutional power to "take" all of our property, as actual collateral for continued Chinese funding of US deficit spending and the continued carrying of US national debt. This is an unimaginable betrayal of every man, woman and child in the USA. » read more
February 27, 2009 1:42 PM

Eminent Domain and the Ownership of the United States of America                    From: Dimce Giorgief

February 27, 2009 4:19 PM
(UPDATE 17  –  02/26/09)

*** 31 States already are, are now claiming, or are planning for declaration of sovereignty. ***

NOTE: Sovereignty is NOT the same as Secession.  These states (except for Hawaii) are not claiming to leave the union (for now).

All of these ‘movements’ (except for Hawaii) are explicit restatements of what has always been in place, but not necessarily enforced, as detailed by the 10th Amendment.  Hawaii is actually aiming for total sovereignty as it is claimed that Hawaii was never really a state of the U.S.A..
However, I believe the intent of these bills is to let the federal government know that the states’ sovereignty will not be overwritten… say in case certain gun ban laws get passed, FOCA-type laws, or other “War Time / Martial Law” type plans come into play.  Check them out:
States That Already Are Sovereign / Passed 10th Amendement Restatement Legislature: ..........(...)

Want to help this process along or maybe get your state to participate?  Please do!!!!  Check out this page of info/links:

- Page of Government Contact Information / CALL TO ACTION!
 * Please comment on this post or email me if you have updates on any of this post. 
 As a fun aside, there are some interesting organizations viewing this post, too:
I also want to thank everyone that is commenting on this movement at other websites and here.  I am trying to capture all of the good information you are putting out there and incorporate it into this post.  Keep ‘em coming and kudos to you all!
I just need to add… little faith, big faith, no faith, buncha faiths… one and all PLEASE say a prayer for us all and for the Will of the Lord to be done.  We can do this.  We shall not be subject to injustices any longer!!!
February 27, 2009 4:29 PM
Feb. 27, 2009

The following is a lawful document. It is likely considered a legal document as well; however, know that there is a difference. Lawful refers to Cosmic and Common Law, or even Natural Law. Legal refers to Admiralty/Maritime/Commercial/Statutory Law. Some things can be unlawful in the higher sense of the law; yet criminals who operate the system for their own profit and the exploitation of the uninformed make them legal. I encourage everyone to learn as much as you can about the system. There are remedies and lawful excuses to being victimized by a system of fraud and corruption.

This does not mean that you will not need to put on your warrior role and stand up for your fact, you will have to do that. What I have outlined here is based on my experience and research. It is far from complete. Hopefully, those of you who want to fully awaken will avail yourselves of the material and find it helpful. If that is the case, I have discharged my duty at the moment. More info will be posted at a later time showing other documents I created in this long, drawnout matter that began in July 2005.

The names of the other parties have been replaced with a ______.

» read more
· It will be posted on my personal website.
· It will also be submitted to various websites both national and international.
· Many individuals will be offered a copy beyond the timeframe shown above.
· The original, notarized copy will be retained by Ron Van Dyke

To those who would spread tyranny: Yes, people are waking up…finally! You have done your job well. No, you cannot rule the world! You can, however, join us as we create Heaven on Earth where Truth and Justice prevail and Love abounds! As ever, the choice is yours; however, the doors are closing on those who attempt to remove choice from others. The times, they are a-changin’. A word to the wise…………..

Barack Obama - Zionist Wolf In Sheep's Clothing
February 27, 2009

THE WAR FOR ISRAEL     (and you thought the oil was for the U.S.)


 Oil pipelines to Israel. (click for larger image)


You are looking at the reason for the war against Iraq. This war was initiated by Ariel Sharon for Israel's strategic benefit!
Thats what Israel does. It has its intelligence organization, Mossad, carry out false flag operations and deceives others into attacking their enemies. In short they get others to fight their wars for them.
Israel is in the midst of its plan to use the United States military, which it controls, to conquer Iraq and divert Iraqi oil to the Haifa refinery via the Mosul to Haifa pipeline. The U.S. has built airbases at H1, H2 and H3 (which stand for Haifa 1, 2 and 3) to protect this strategic pipeline. The pipeline is used to send oil to Israel. Paid for with the blood of American soldiers that die in Iraq. See: The Reason Bush Is Pushing For Syria's Invasion PDF
Iraq is being turned into another Palestine state for Israel.
This war was fought in order to secure Israel's future. Israel, being a parasite nation, needed to create an income stream that would continue if funding from the United States should dry up. They have been working on the plan to steal Iraqi oil for years. Read Israel's Blitzkrieg on Middle East Oil PDF by Joe Vialls for more on this.
To quote Mr. Vialls article, "... they are already planning to steal 1,825 million barrels of Iraqi oil per annum. Taking a nominal price of US $25.00 per barrel ... the Israeli-Jewish terrorists stand to make a cool US $45,625,000,000.00 each year .... " [Thats over 45 1/2 Billion dollars a year or $125 million each day!!!]
Mr. Vialls claims that the 45 billion a year jackpot is more than just a lot of money, it's a matter of survival for Israel.
The reshaping of the Middle East by America's military will allow Israel to:
(1) Control the strategic oil reserves in this region which will ensure low cost oil to Israel and ensure their economic survival.
(2) Ensure Israel is the dominant military force and the sole nuclear equipped military power in the region for many years to come .
(3) Neutralize Israel's enemies in the region.
(4) Expand borders per "Greater Israel". The Nile forming the border on the West through Egypt, and the Euphrates on the East through Turkey, Syria and Iraq.
(5) Allow even further expansion of borders to encompass surrounding countries.
Israel has become the 3rd largest exporter of weapons in the world PDF, selling everything from Uzis to PHALCON airborne early warning systems. Defense Ministry figures show Israeli weapons export contracts were worth $4.1 billion in 2002. Only the United States with $13.2 billion and Russia with $4.4 billion sold more weapons that year.
Israel's possesses the fourth largest army in the world.
Israel is the only nuclear enabled country in the Middle East. Israel has overtaken England to become the worlds 5th largest nuclear power, roughly equivalent to France and China in the size and sophistication of its nuclear arsenal. Recent reports indicate that Israel has deployed five different nuclear weapons designs. It is estimated to have 2000-5000 conventional nuclear warheads and many micro nuclear devices like the bomb that destroyed the Sari Club in Bali. (These new nuclear devices only emit alpha radiation that is invisible to a standard geiger counter). In addition they have the neutron bombs, (that can kill people and leave the buildings intact) and hydrogen bombs PDF. Hydrogen bombs are currently the most fearsome and intimidating weapon on earth, capable of causing over 60000 times the damage of a nuclear bomb like the one used on Nagasaki. The Hydrogen bomb is so intimidating that most nations vow never to produce it, though it is really not much harder than producing regular nukes. When we are talking WMD, this is the big Kahuna.
Israel has the capability to take out every major city in Europe. Israel refuses to sign the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BTWC) or to allow inspections of its nuclear facilities by International inspectors.
Israel stands in defiance of 69 United Nations Security Council Resolutions. A further 33 resolutions against Israel has not seen the light of day thanks to the United States vetoing power on the Security Council.
Nuclear disarmament must begin with Israel. Until that time, Arab states in the region have an inalienable "right" and "obligation" to develop similar weapons (of mass destruction) to counter this overwhelming threat to their nations and peoples.
Since Israel possess such a large nuclear arsenal, they are able to blackmail the United States into supplying them conventional weapons. They have been known to sell those weapons and technologies to other countries, once they are given to them. The Patriot missile, the Phoenix air-to-air missile, the Lavi fighter, based on the F-16, have all been sold to Beijing. Only direct U.S. intervention prevented Israel from selling Beijing AWACS technology. .............(...)
Blackwater Worldwide renamed Xe as company tries to salvage its tarnished brand PDF February 13, 2009
Security guards 'machine-gunned Iraqis as they tried to surrender' PDF 09 December 2008
Blackwater Army In Iraq... Video 9/5/2008
The Blackwater DEA photo scrubbed from the LA Times PDF 4:20 news August 4th, 2008
Scahill: Blackwater now in the private intelligence business PDF by David Edwards and Muriel Kane July 31, 2008
Blackwater in Baghdad: "It was a horror movie" PDF By Jennifer Daskal Dec. 14, 2007
Blackwater Links to California Fires PDF October 26, 2007
Blackwater or Bloodwater? The New World Order's New World Military PDF By Joe Rathbun October 6, 2007
Blackwater crushed car with three kids, old man to avoid traffic: former US official PDF John Byrne October 6, 2007
Blackwater killing people for sport - see it with your own eyes Video September 23, 2007
Blackwater’s License to Kill Revoked PDF Kurt Nimmo September 19, 2007
The picture that proves 'torture flights' are STILL landing in the UK PDF By GLEN OWEN 10th June 2007
Massive security contractor faces growing protest in rural California town over 842-acre base PDF Miriam Raftery and Muriel Kane April 3, 2007
Making a Killing: America's Private Army and the Business of War PDF David Zlutnick, Area Indymedia, CA March 25, 2007
Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army PDF March 20th, 2007
Blackwater PDF by Dr. Forbush March 20th, 2007
Bush's Shadow Army Video Jeremy Scahill March 15, 2007
Blackwater brass forms intelligence company PDF By BILL SIZEMORE, The Virginian-Pilot February 21, 2007
Blackwater Contractor Kills Vice President's Guard PDF By ROBERT Y. PELTON 02/08/2007
Our mercenaries in Iraq PDF By Jeremy Scahill, author of the forthcoming "Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army." January 25, 2007
Mercenary Jackpot PDF Jeremy Scahill August 10, 2006
Blackwater Mercenaries To Clear New Orleans PDF
Blackwater Mercenaries: Coming Soon to Your Town PDF Kurt Nimmo | September 12 2005
Blackwater Mercenaries Deploy in New Orleans PDF By Jeremy Scahill and Daniela Crespo t r u t h o u t | Report 10 September 2005
Aegis Defense Services

Aegis is run by former British Scots Guard officer Lt. Col. Tim Spicer, an international mercenary who has been involved in UN sanctions busting in Sierra Leone and Bougainville invasion planning in Papua New Guinea. Spicer's firm, Aegis, was awarded a $293 million security contract in Iraq. Spicer's men also stand accused of shooting teenager Peter McBride in the back in Belfast in 1992. That has prompted a number of members of the Irish Caucus in the Congress to demand the Pentagon withdraw its contract to Aegis. The Pentagon has rejected such action. Pentagon Iraq contractor head Tim Spicer was under arrest in 1997 in Papua New Guinea following failed Bougainville invasion and resulting coup d'etat. Aegis maintains its head office in London's Picadilly. It is also reported to have an office on K Street in Washington, DC.

Articles on Aegis:
British mercenary firm with Pentagon contracts exposed in civilian shooting incident in Iraq PDF
Video: US mercenaries randomly shooting Iraqi civilians
Israel will control the region geographically one way or another. Their plan is to have a serious supply of oil flowing to Haifa but if that doesn't work out they may just continue to 'skim the profits' from America with increased foreign aid to Israel. Either way Israel will get the goldmine and America will get the shaft. [March 7, 2003] last revised Feb. 12, 2007.
[Link to article] See also our Israeli Atrocities or the Israel Running the Show or the Israeli Weapons sections.
(1) Information is from the article " Carving Up The New Iraq" By Neil Mackay
Other related articles:
Zionism DataPage from
PNAC 101 - Rise Of The Neocons PDF
Iraq: A war for Israel? By: Mark Weber 3/30/2005
Israel's Blitzkrieg on Middle East Oil "Operation Shekhinah a.k.a. Operation Iraqi Freedom" Copyright Joe Vialls [This is a Must Read]
Timeline for War
Israeli firm awarded oil tender in Iraq 26.02.2004
The U.S. War on Iraq: Yet Another Battle To Protect Israeli Interests? By Delinda C. Hanley
Afghanistan: U.S. Escalates the Illegal Drug Industry
February 27, 2009 6:33 PM
Feb. 27, 2009 CIA is the world biggest drug cartel. Same was true for East India Company. Western civilization is built on human misery, sufferings and death. It is common knowledge that Afghanistan remains the primary source of the world’s supply of opium and heroin. » read more
The biggest producer of heroin was Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, the primary recipient of CIA funds, who maintained six heroin factories at Koh-i-Soltan. He was in competition with another favourite commander of the U.S. government, Mullah Nassim Akhundzada, for control of the poppy crop produced in the Helmand Valley. The cash from the sale of the opium and heroin was channeled through accounts in the BCCI.
In the north, poppy cultivation and heroin production were primarily under the control of commanders Abdul Rashid Dostum and Ahmad Shah Massoud, both of whom were key allies of the U.S. government, particularly after the fall of the Marxist government in 1992. The fruits of this industry were exported through the Central Asian Republics via Kosovo and Albania and into Europe. It was estimated that this source accounted for around 60% of the European market. To this day commanders in the North, now in the Karzai government and the parliament, engage in production and trade. But this is overlooked by the North American media.
It was not only the U.S.-backed radical Islamists who were in the drug business. One of the key players was Sayad Ahmed Gaylani of the moderate National Islamic Front, who was very close to the exiled King Zahir Shah. The Soviets argued that Gaylani produced and exported more illegal drugs than Hekmatyar.
Afghan poppy production tripled between 1979-82, and according to figures from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, came to dominate the heroin market in the United States and Europe. The DEA reported that by 1984 51% of the heroin supply in the United States came from the operations of the U.S. allies on the Pakistan border. The situation remains the same today. It is estimated that the illegal drug industry presently accounts for around 50% of Afghanistan’s gross domestic product.
John W. Warnock is author of Creating a Failed State: the US and Canada in Afghanistan. Halifax: Fernwood Publishing, 2008.
Cockburn, Alexander and Jeffrey St. Clair. 1998. Whiteout: The CIA, Drugs and the Press. New York: Pluto Press.
Coll, Steve. 2004. Ghost Wars: the Secret History of the CIA, Afghanistan and Bin Laden, from the Soviet Invasion to September 10, 2001. New York: Penguin Books.
Cooley, John. 2002. Unholy Wars: Afghanistan, American and International Terrorism. London: Pluto Press.
McCoy, Alfred W. 2003. The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade. Chicago: Lawrence Hill Books.
Potts, Mark, Nicholas Kochan and Robert Whittington. 1992. Dirty Money: BCCI - the Inside Story of the World’s Sleaziest Bank. Washington, D.C.: National Press Books.
Scott, Peter Dale. 2007. The Road to 9/11: Wealth, Empire and the Future of America. Berkeley: University of California Press.
Yousaf, Mohammad and Mark Adkin. 2004. Afghanistan - The Bear Trap: the Defeat of a Superpower. Havertown, Pa.: Casemate.


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Ringed by Foes, Pakistanis Fear the U.S., Too
Operation Uptick: Obama Launches Afghan Surge
February 27, 2009 6:44 PM
Feb 26, 2009 (UPDATED BELOW.) And so it begins: the great Obama “surge” in Afghanistan. Before withdrawing a single soldier from Iraq, Barack Obama is throwing 17,500 more troops into the boiling Afghan cauldron. The deployment is the first installment of what Obama aides affirm could be a much larger escalation down the road: as soon as the vaunted “strategic review” of Afghan policy – led by hawks like Joe Biden, Richard Holbrook and General David “Pre-President” Petraeus – is completed. Most of the new troops are apparently going to be sent on a fool’s errand to eradicate the only means of support of poor Afghans: the opium crop. » read more
When he returned home, Mr. Mohammed said, he went next door to his son’s house, only to find that most of his family had been killed: the son, Nurallah, and his pregnant wife and two of his sons, Abdul Basit, age 1, and Mohammed, 2. Only Mr. Mohammed’s 4-year-old grandson, Zarqawi, survived.
“The soldiers had a right to search our house,” Mr. Mohammed said. “But they didn’t have a right to do this.”
Bullet holes still pockmarked Nurallah’s home more than four months after the attack, and the infant’s cradle still hung from the ceiling.
The day after the attack, a senior Afghan official came to the door and handed Mr. Mohammed $800.
“If you spent some time here, you would see that we are not the kind of people who would get involved with the Taliban,” Mr. Mohammed said. “Anyway, what was the fault of the babies?”

The fault of the babies, Mr. Mohammed, was to be born to people who do not matter, who do not count, who are just so much roadkill beneath the wheels of the great Terror War engine, as it grinds through one country after another: mindless, heedless, omnivorous. The machine has a new driver now, but it is still headed in the same direction.

UPDATE: Jason Ditz, on the case again, brings word that 13 more Afghan civilians — including six women and two children — were killed in a U.S. missile strike in Herat. The American brass said they were targeting an insurgent commander, and that they killed “15 militants.” (Obviously, the U.S. is using super-sophisticated militant-seeking missiles that can sniff out political leanings from 30 miles away). Afghan authorities did find one guy with a rifle among the corpses, limbs and viscera. So I guess that’s OK then. From AFP:

“The information we have states that 13 civilians have been killed in that air strike — six women, two children and five men,” said provincial government spokesman Naqibullah Arwin.
The identities of three other men killed in the same attack were unclear, the spokesman said.
“Initial information indicates that two of the three bodies could also be civilians. Apparently they were two car mechanics taken there to fix a broken car which belonged to the armed opposition,” Arwin said.
Ikramuddin Yawar, police chief for western Afghanistan, earlier confirmed the deaths of six women and two children whom he said were from a nomad tribe, and were killed close to their tents. Three men killed in the strike were militants but the identities of five others was unclear, he said. One among the group of three had a rifle, police said.
Locals said the two others, whose remains were recovered near two gutted vehicles, were car mechanics from Herat city who were taken to the outlying Gozara district to fix a broken jeep.
At an emotional funeral in the city, Khair Mohammad said they were his brother and his assistant, and vowed revenge on the US soldiers. “He was a mechanic and was taken there by a person to fix his car. As he arrived, US planes hit the car and killed my brother and his assistant,” he said.
Another day, another killing, another enemy created. And much, much more of this to come.

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Swat & FATA for dummies: Who has Infiltrated the “Taliban”. Who are the terrorists in Pakistan?
February 26, 2009 3:29 PM
Feb. 25, 2009 The US policy in AfPak is simple, eliminate the insurgency in Afghanistan and terminate it in FATA and other areas of Pakistan. Nothing diabolical about this. However when it comes to the execution of this simple directive, there is much the American public and the world needs to know about.The US forces directly bomb Afghanistan and have 60,000 troops to extinguish the insurgency in Afghanistan. » read more

America is in the throes of a depression the likes the world has never seen. It wants to get out of Afghanistan. To make matters worse, there is serious consideration in Washington to let Pakistan run Afghanistan like it did in the 90s. The Pakistan army very cognizant of this want to prove that it can deal with the Taliban and make it work. Hence the deal in Swat. Swat spells death knell of US defeat & Afghan occupation

It is beyond comprehension that with the economic woes of the USA, the Obama Administration is not working on an exit strategy from Pakistan.

One major reason for the US to send additional troops to Afghanistan is the refusal of NATO members to meet the shortage of about 8,000 soldiers to secure some of the more dangerous areas in the Taliban strongholds of Kandahar, Helmand and Urozgan. NATO military commanders have been making requests for the additional troops for months now without getting a positive response. The deployment of the 3,200 soldiers, that too for seven months, would partially meet the NATO demand.
In fact, the Brussels-based think-tank, the Senlis Council, and other organizations and experts have estimated the need for increasing the foreign troops’ deployment in Afghanistan to at least 80,000 to tackle the growing Taliban-led resistance. There is no chance that NATO members would be willing to contribute that many troops due to fear of political fallout of deployment of their soldiers in such a volatile place as Afghanistan and owing to commitments elsewhere in other trouble-spots in the world. Some of these countries including France, Germany, Italy and Spain are even not ready to lift the strict restrictions they have placed on deploying troops in dangerous parts of Afghanistan or carrying out combat missions. Most of their soldiers are operating in the relatively safer northern provinces. The writer is an executive editor of The News International based in Peshawar. Email:

America reeling from the rebuff from Kyrgizstan on the air base, was not ready for the rough demands from Moscow. Betrayals, blackmail in Bakiyev cloaking failure as success hiding the defeat declaring victory withdrawing from Afghanistan within 12 months.

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CIA: Secret Operations, Drug Money
February 26, 2009 1:48 PM
Monday, 23 February 2009. In Afghanistan, U.S./NATO have put the blame on Taliban for poppy cultivation to finance their resistance to allied forces. Ironically, it was only in Taliban era when the world had seen a sharp decline in opium crop in Afghanistan. » read more
Above: Pakistan has become main artery in heroin trafficking route and it has a lot of implication on Pakistani security. Level of drug addicted also increased over the year due to high availability of drugs in street market. Afghanistan is main producer but Pakistan us where most of drugs are seized.

6. Conclusion

Under current situation it is very important for countries like Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and Russia to think about how to put jinni of drug back to the bottle before international drug mafia takes over these countries by destroying their social norms and values.
CIA not only has a long history of having links with traffickers but also encouraging the drug trade to get its own interests served. CIA always encourages this trade even if it affected its own citizens like in Contra movements of 1980.
Afghanistan became leader in opium production and main hub for providing heroin and its main ingredient to whole world. All this happened under the control of champion of human rights U.S. and its intelligence setup mainly CIA.
Situation is becoming more and bleaker unless Pakistan, China, Russia, Iran and Afghanistan governments start thinking about this trade and its far reaching affects on U.S. economy and CIA’s funding. It is time when the whole region should become equivocal against this trade and ask U.S. to leave the region for greater good of the billions of people in region.
Farzana Shah is a Pakistani researcher and journalist based in Peshawar. She can be reached at
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Can American Taliban bring Peace in Afghanistan? Impact & Analysis
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Afghanistan Occupation Is America’s War, Not Pakistan’s
Afghanistan, Another Untold Story
Ringed by Foes, Pakistanis Fear the U.S., Too
February 27, 2009 7:46 PM
A History of the USA's Attempt to Engage in War to Further its own Corrupt Policies
A Six-Part Investigative Report by Paul Proteus
Given that there are so many discrepancies surrounding the events of the past month, perhaps we should be looking at evidence of the past in order to determine exactly what the current American government’s real agenda is and find the answers to the important questions that need to be asked about the September 11th ‘terrorist’ attacks. Who is behind the attacks? For what reason were they carried out? And who will ultimately benefit in the longrun?
    Let’s start with the big one, the ‘mother of all conspiracies’, Pearl Harbour. In 1941 the US believed that war with Japan was inevitable and that the United States should provoke it at a time which suited its own interests. The majority of people would simply dismiss this claim as the ranting of a wacko ‘conspiracy theorist’. But it MUST be stressed that nothing you will read in this report is ‘conspiracy theory’ it is all CONSPIRACY FACT, and wherever possible I have provided official US documentation to corroborate these facts.
    In 1941, analysts recommended an eight-point plan designed to provoke a Japanese attack. These facts have been brought to light in a recent book by Robert Stinnett, entitled Day of Deceit: The truth about FDR and Pearl Harbour. The plan included military provocations and a recommendation to “completely embargo all trade with Japan in collaboration with a similar embargo by the British Empire”.
    ‘But none of this appears in the history books’ I hear you cry, ‘it’s all just conjecture’. Well if it’s official historical acknowledgement of these facts that you want, then you should attempt to tune in to the History Channel which at the moment is repeating programming that reports the fact that the US knew Pearl Harbour was going to happen and they did nothing about it.
    The US cited Japan’s continued continued wars on the Asian mainland as the reason for placing embargoes (mainly oil) on them. The real reason behind such measures was that America knew this would force Japan into an attempted seizure of oil and mineral riches in Indonesia.
A Japanese Kamikaze pilot closing in for impact.    In order to do this, the Japanese would have to nullify the threat of the American fleet stationed at Pearl Harbour. In order to enrage the American public into supporting the war effort that the American government sought to engage in, the president, Franklin Roosevelt, needed to ensure that Japan’s first strike seemed as dramatic, surprising and bloody as possible.
    As a consequence, Roosevelt kept many in the dark as to what his administration was hatching, even his own commanders in Hawai never knew what was coming, that way Pearl Harbour would be written into the history books as one of the most shocking and unprovoked acts of war.
As the world went about its unwitting business, the propaganda was being carefully prepared for the events that were about to take place. Soon enough, the psychological war would also kick into operation on American soil, and the mindset of the American public forever altered.
De-classified documents show that the Pentagon had PRIOR KNOWLEDGE  of the attack on Pearl Harbour, indeed, that they provoked and instigated the “unprovoked” attack and did nothing to stop it. A July 22 report by Admiral Richmond Turner in 1941 read:
   Roosevelt’s administration was responsible for the deaths of 2403 Americans and 64 Japanese at Pearl Harbour. The documentation clearly shows that, in the past, the US government has been willing to allow its own citizens and military personnel, as well as that of other countries, to be killed by the thousands in order to proceed with its own twisted political schemes.
    The question we must ask now is has anything changed? In the immediate aftermath of the September 11th attacks many, including government officials, were ironically calling the events ‘the new Pearl Harbour’. Was this an ominous statement to make in the wake of the amount of suppressed information that is very slowly coming to light? It has been well documented over the last month by independent media sources, including, that the US had prior Knowledge concerning the attacks on New York and Washington. If Asian school children in America knew beforehand, then why didn’t the CIA or the FBI or the NSA?
     For more detailed information on this subject see PropagandaMatrix’s own PRIOR KNOWLEDGE ARCHIVE.
    Or stay on alert for the following installments of this very report which will appear on these pages soon.
Will Ron Paul End the Ban on Raw Milk?     MERCOLA
February 26, 2009 9:25 AM
Feb. 26, 2009 U.S. Congressman Ron Paul has introduced HR 778, a bill “to authorize the interstate traffic of unpasteurized milk and milk products that are packaged for direct human consumption.” Under the bill, the federal government could not “take any action . » read more
If Ron Paul’s bill H.R. 778 passes into law, it will repeal this regulation and enable you to buy raw milk and raw milk products from other states – if it’s not available in your own -- without the transaction violating federal law. Because whereas consuming raw milk is legal in all states, only about half of all U.S. states allow the sale of raw milk products.
And currently, if you were to purchase your milk products from another state where the sale is legal, you’d be violating the law by bringing it, or shipping it, across the border.
This bill would do away with that nonsense.
As Congressman Paul stated when he introduced the bill:
 “My office has heard from numerous people who would like to obtain unpasteurized milk. Many of these people have done their own research and come to the conclusion that unpasteurized milk is healthier than pasteurized milk.
Americans have the right to consume these products without having the Federal Government second-guess their judgment about what products best promote health. If there are legitimate concerns about the safety of unpasteurized milk, those concerns should be addressed at the state and local level.”


And he is right -- demand for raw milk is growing all across the U.S. In Massachusetts, for example, the number of dairies licensed to sell raw milk has grown from 12 to 23 over the past two years alone. And, according to the Northeast Organic Farming Association, dairies are selling more raw milk than they were just five years ago, and consumers call in every week looking for advice on where to find it....(...

Pasteurizing milk not only kills potential disease-causing bacteria, it also wipes out all the beneficial bacteria, and destroys enzymes, diminishes vitamins, denatures fragile milk proteins, destroys vitamin B12 and vitamin B6, and, yes, promotes pathogens. It can, and frequently does, also cause allergies and other autoimmune dysfunction.

From a health perspective, there’s simply no rational justification to ever drink pasteurized milk, even organic pasteurized milk.  

Raw milk, in contrast has numerous health benefits, as it:

And if that’s not enough, raw-milk drinkers also rave about these additional benefits:

You do have the right – in fact, the obligation – to come to your own conclusions about what’s healthy for you. It’s part and parcel of eating for your nutritional type, which is the best way for you to optimize your health as what’s good for someone else may not be so great for your particular biochemistry.  
Shouldn’t we all have the right to choose which kind of milk we want to drink?
I think so. And thankfully, so does Ron Paul.
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  Demand for Raw Milk Continues to Grow
Soldier Questions Eligibility, Doubts President's Authority
February 25, 2009 3:19 PM
'As an officer, my sworn oath to support and defend our Constitution requires this' Feb.2 3, 2009 A U.S. soldier on active duty in Iraq has called President Obama an "impostor" in a statement in which he affirmed plans to join as plaintiff in a challenge to Obama's eligibility to be commander in chief. The statement was publicized by California attorney Orly Taitz who, along with her DefendOurFreedom. » read more
(( "As an active-duty officer in the United States Army, I have grave concerns about the constitutional eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to hold the office of president of the United States," wrote Scott Easterling in a "to-whom-it-may-concern" letter. ))
Codex Alimentarius - Dare You Ignore It?
February 25, 2009 2:36 PM
Feb. 25, 2009 More and more people are becoming concerned about the shady, secretive organization that is Codex Alimentarius - the thinly-veiled propaganda arm of the international pharmaceutical industry that does everything it can to promote industry objectives whilst limiting individual options to maintain health (which would diminish mermbers profits). Codex alimentarius is one of the major bodies behind the effort to limit access to nutritional products and information. Its motivation is not rocket science and neither is the source of its funding - money that somehow expected to return a profit to its members . . » read more
Oklahoma House Passes Sovereignty Bill
February 27, 2009 7:08 PM
February 26, 2009 Path set for other states seeking to reassert constitutional rights NEW YORK – Oklahoma’s House of Representatives is the first legislative body to pass a state sovereignty resolution this year under the terms of the Tenth Amendment. The Oklahoma House of Representatives passed House Joint Resolution 1003 Feb. 18 by a wide margin, 83 to 13, resolving, “That the State of Oklahoma hereby claims sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States over all powers not otherwise enumerated and granted to the federal government by the Constitution of the United States.” The language of HJR 1003 further serves notice to the federal government “to cease and desist, effectively immediately, mandates that are beyond the scope of these constitutionally delegated powers.” The sponsor of the resolution, state Rep. » read more
“Phase Two will be to get a Republican governor in the state capital that understands the Constitution and respects the rule of law,” Brogdon said.
“We need an attorney general in Oklahoma that will enforce this sovereignty resolution once it is passed.”
Brogdon explained that Oklahoma is on track to receive about $900 million from the $787 billion economic stimulus deficit-spending bill Obama signed into law last week.
“Governor Henry has his hand out for the Obama stimulus money,” Brogdon said. “But there are a lot of us in the Oklahoma legislature that do not want the federal stimulus money because we fear the strings that are certainly going to be attached to the $900 million. We might end up in subsequent years with a $900 million entitlement program hole in our budget for years to come, just because we took the Obama economic stimulus money this time around.”
Saturday, 28 February 2009

Che! The West's Fatal Embrace / MAKOW


'The US mass media and most of its corporations are controlled by the central banking cartel, i.e. the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Rockefellers etc. These are the same people who sponsor Communism. The guiding principle behind all world events is their plan to translate their monopoly over government credit into a world monopoly of power, wealth, culture and religion.

These bankers use a Hegelian dialectic to achieve their end. They created both Capitalism and Communism as thesis and antithesis.  Their aim is a synthesis, combining the political and cultural tyranny of Communism with the appearance of Capitalist free markets. China or even Cuba may be the end model for the New World Order.'


Saturday, 28 February 2009
H5N1 Mixed With Human Flu Vaccination
'Officials are trying to get to the bottom of how vaccine manufacturer Baxter International Inc. made "experimental virus material" based on a human flu strain but contaminated with the H5N1 avian flu virus and then distributed it to an Austrian company. That company, Avir Green Hills Biotechnology, then disseminated the supposed H3N2 virus product to subcontractors in the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Germany.
Authorities in the 4 European countries are looking into the incident, and their efforts are being closely watched by the World Health Organization and the European Centre for Disease Control.'
Thursday, 26 February 2009
Richard Perle's Outrageous Lies      by Edmund Connelly

I’ve just finished listening to an enlightening 2-hour radio interview with hosts Mark Glenn and James Morris and guest Kevin MacDonald, and including an interesting call-in appearance from Stephen Sniegoski. The general topic was Jewish power, but one point in particular stood out: Recently, a premier architect and promoter of the neocon war against Iraq, “Prince of Darkness” Richard Perle, has been escalating his campaign to deny the neocon role in American politics. Let me explain.  

Back in 1996, a group of Americans writing for an Israeli think tank published a paper for Israeli Likud Party leader Benjamin Netanyahu called “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm.” In addition to calling for Saddam Hussein’s replacement, it also advised an overthrow or destabilization of the governments of Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Iran, thus leading to something akin to a “Greater US-Israel Co-Prosperity Sphere.”  

One year later came the formation of The Project for the New American Century (PNAC), a neocon think tank based in Washington. William Kristol and Robert Kagan co-founded it as a non-profit educational organization, but many have accused it of playing a primary role in the Bush Administration’s decision to go to war with Iraq in 2003. Later, the Pentagon hosted a unit called the Office of Special Plans (OSP), where Paul Wolfowitz joined Douglas Feith in propagating what many have claimed were false allegations about Hussein’s possession of weapons of mass destruction.  ......

The schizophrenic aspect of naming or not naming neocons as Jews was obvious at the New York Times beginning at the end of 2008. In mid-December, America’s “paper of record” featured a review of a book about neocon hawk Richard Perle written by Alan Weisman, “a world-traveled journalist and the son of Ukrainian Jews.” In the review were found familiar neocon names such as Elliott Abrams, Douglas Feith, Michael Ledeen, and David Frum. The reader, however, heard not a word about their Jewish identity.   

One month later, however, the very same Times Book Review addressed Jacob Heilbrunn’s They Knew They Were Right: The Rise of the Neocons—yet another book on neocons written by a Jewish author. But this time the reviewer, Timothy Noah, could not have been more blunt about the Jewish nature of the movement: “There’s no point denying it: neocons tend to be Jewish.” Heilbrunn confirmed this in an interview, when he bequeathed to us this verbal gift: "It is anything but an anti-Semitic canard to label neoconservatism a largely Jewish phenomenon.” In an article in The American Conservative, Philip Weiss delivered the same verdict: “Heilbrunn achieves one important chore: a forthright social narrative of the neocons as a Jewish movement.”  

All of this brings us full circle back to 2004, when Kevin MacDonald wrote that "neoconservatism is indeed a Jewish intellectual and political movement." "The current situation in the United States is really an awesome display of Jewish power and influence.”   MacDonald goes over the entire history of the movement back to the 1960s and shows that the principal players were Jews with a strong Jewish identity and a strong sense of pursuing Jewish interests — first and foremost the interests of Israel, but also advocating the use of US foreign policy to combat anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union. He shows that neocons hold traditional Jewish liberal attitudes on every other issue, including immigration policy, but that they managed to elbow out traditional conservatives in the Republican Party to the point that paleocons like Pat Buchanan have been relegated to the sidelines. ...(...)

One might argue that the Jewish nature of the neocon movement and its efforts on behalf of the State of Israel are two of the most heavily documented and discussed topics of the last decade. Here is just a short list of the most well-known considerations of Jewish power in this respect:  

Perhaps the crowning achievement in this category is Stephen Sniegoski’s The Transparent Cabal, a comprehensive solo effort that definitively documents the neocon-Zionist hand in America’s disastrous decision to invade and occupy Iraq, as well as in American Middle East policy more generally. His lucid comments on the radio show mentioned above make this topic even easier to understand. 

Finally, I arrive at the point of this column: Despite the massive proof of neocon involvement in America’s decision to go to war with Iraq and despite the overwhelming evidence that neoconservatism qualifies as a Jewish movement,

central neocon figure Richard Perle has, with a straight face, stated that neocons do not exist. And it follows that if they don't exist, they certainly are not a Jewish cabal. 

In a story last week in the Washington Post, journalist Dana Milbank expressed skepticism about Perle’s odd claims. “Listening to neoconservative mastermind Richard Perle at the Nixon Center yesterday,” he wrote, “there was a sense of falling down the rabbit hole. In real life, Perle was the ideological architect of the Iraq war and of the Bush doctrine of preemptive attack. ...(...)

James Petras, who has penned three recent books on the “Zionist Power Configuration (ZPC),” also noted the blame-the-goyim approach. "Whatever inside dope [journalist Seymour] Hersh cited that had not been public was based on anonymous sources which could never be double checked or verified, whose analysis incidentally coincided with Hersh's peculiar penchant for blaming the Gentiles (WASPs) and exonerating the brethren."            

Petras is a man worth reading. In two previous books, The Power of Israel in the United States (2006) and Rulers and Ruled in the US Empire: Bankers, Zionists and Militants (2007), he lucidly outlined the power structure that controls Washington. (See my review of both books for The Occidental Quarterly here). Last year he come out with a new book, Zionism, Militarism, and the Decline of U.S. Power that continued his exposition. (For a short summary of such ideas about the ZPC, see here.)   

Petras minces no words in this new book:

The lesson is clear: the rise of Judeo-fascism represents a clear and present danger to our democratic freedoms in the United States. They do not come with black shirts and stiff-arm salutes. The public face is a clean-shaven, neck-tied attorney, real estate philanthropist or Ivy League professor. But there is rising anger and hostility in American against the ZPC, against its arrogant authoritarian communal attacks on our democratic values, to say nothing of our national interests.......(...)

How the American people react to these brazen attempts by the Jewish neocons to whitewash their role in steering America on such a disastrous course

will show their maturity and determination to get to the truth of the matter, or it will show their lack thereof.

The proper response, of course, is to forcefully reject these outrageous lies.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009
If you want to see some real stomach-turning trash ...  
How the children of America are being indoctrinated into Obama-mania and the 'global warming' agenda  
This might also be helpful:  
Carlsbad, CA 92013

Wednesday, 25 February 2009


‘What you fight, you become.’ – David Icke

also at:

The David Icke Newsletter goes out on Sunday with a major 5,000-word background article to the economic crisis
 and how to avoid the traps that have been set for us.
The global economic collapse is designed to trigger a stream of ‘benefits’ to the Illuminati agenda. One, as I said in a recent newsletter, is to use this as an excuse to impose a global economic dictatorship controlled by a world central bank. But there are many other ‘solutions’ and connected ‘benefits’ that are planned to be exploited
and we need to be streetwise to them.

The one I want to emphasise here is the need to stay calm and react peacefully to what is happening. This is not easy when there is so much stress and fear around with regard to the economic present and ‘future’, but we need to do it all the same
 or we will walk straight into a massive trap that has been set for us.

Let’s get this straight: They want you to riot in response to the unfolding economic catastrophe       and we are already seeing people falling for this.

Why would the authorities want people to riot? Readers of my books over the years will see the answer immediately. They want an excuse to bring in a fully-fledged Police State all over the world and people who riot in their desperation (instigated invariably by agent-provocateurs) are just the excuse they are looking for.
Be very, very aware of anyone who starts rioting, or encourages others to do so, amid peaceful demonstrations. Who are they and why are they doing this when it is handing all the aces to the system to impose a Police State?
They are either stupid or agents of that State.
I have been stressing this point about the plan to stir up civil unrest and rioting whenever I can and now the insiders are beginning to put that thought into the public mind. ‘There could be riots’ is designed to communicate the theme subliminally of ‘go out and riot’.
 It is the simple power of suggestion masquerading as ‘concern’. 
The limitation of riots, moral questions aside, is that they cannot win and their participants know it. Hence, rioting is not revolutionary but reactionary because it invites defeat. It involves an emotional catharsis, but it must be followed by a sense of futility.’ 
  Martin Luther King
Wednesday, 25 February 2009
Thousands of Police to Lose Jobs    as Forces Feel the Pinch
(So when it all kicks off        they'll have to bring in the military)

This should be a reminder to those in uniform across the world who think they have 'power' that they are just pawns in the game like anyone else.
You don't have the power, your uniform does, because that is an extension of the State. Those inside are just there to animate the uniform and do the bidding of those it represents. When you are useful to the Cabal they'll praise you
 and when you are surplus to their requirements as part of the bigger agenda
they'll show you the door.
You have children and grandchildren, too, who will have to live in the world you are policing into existence by 'following orders' and believing the manipulative nonsense fed to you by Cabal 'training' fronts like Common Purpose.
Wake up from the trance and stop building a Police State for your children and grandchildren - and everyone else.
Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The Myth Man Speaks

(( US President Barack Obama has addressed a joint session of Congress for the first time, warning that the nation faces a "day of reckoning". ))

He constantly looked left and right at the teleprompter screens carrying the words of others that are his permanent crutch. And, in doing so, he spewed forth the usual bullshit to hide the truth of what and who he really represents.


And as the bullshit unfolded,

the dark suits of the Federal pig trough launched to their feet and applauded with the frenzy

that has been enjoyed by the long, long line of crooks, criminals, child abusers, drug-runners, liars and mass killers that have stood before them under the title of President of the United States.

In short, Obama stood before the most corrupt gathering in America

 and addressed the nation on behalf of his masters.


Thursday, 26 February 2009
Gathafi Blames Israel        for Darfur Unrest
'Libyan leader Moamer Gathafi demanded Tuesday that any international legal proceedings against Omar al-Beshir be halted immediately, charging that it was Israel and not the Sudanese president who was to blame for the Darfur conflict.
"It'll be no surprise to anyone when we say that we have found inequivocable proof that the Darfur problem was fomented by foreign forces," Gathafi said in a speech carried by the independent Al-Libya television channel. "Key rebel leaders have opened offices in Tel Aviv and meet frequently with the (Israeli) army," he charged.' ..(...)
The Darfur conflict erupted in February 2003, when rebels took up arms against the government in Khartoum and its allies.
Over the last six years, the rebels have fractured into multiple movements and the war has widened into overlapping tribal conflicts.
The United Nations says up to 300,000 people have died from the combined effects of war, famine and disease      and more than 2.2 million fled their homes.
Thursday, 26 February 2009
The Bankers Manifesto of 1892: History Repeated
Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr. revealed the Bankers Manifesto of 1892 to the U.S. Congress somewhere between 1907 and 1917.
'We (the bankers) must proceed with caution and guard every move made, for the lower order of people are already showing signs of restless commotion. Prudence will therefore show a policy of apparently yielding to the popular will until our plans are so far consummated that we can declare our designs without fear of any organized resistance.'
: UPDATE: Majority Of U.S. States Join Sovereignty Movement, Assert 10th Amendment Rights (views: 594)
watcher51445 -- Thursday, 26 February 2009, 7:18 a.m.
 545 people, and they alone, are responsible - 545 vs 300,000,000 (views: 552)
RumorMail -- Wednesday, 25 February 2009, 10:51 p.m.
Questionnairy -- Wednesday, 25 February 2009, 11:40 a.m.
 Rather than try to restore the old systems, the opportunity arises to set your sights upon new ones that are more fair and beneficial to all people. Hitherto, you have been seriously let down by those very people who you trusted to look after your lives. The problems did not arise from events out of their control, but it was through their greed and readiness to gamble recklessly, with your future wellbeing at stake. On another level it was encouraged, as part of the plan of the Illuminati has been to de-stabilise your economy and financial markets. Their aim is to create chaos as far as possible, so as to force countries to consider the possibility of a global government as the only way to deal with the problems. ....
We of the Galactic Federation can readily provide for your needs, and have been ready to do so for quite some time. Our ships are massive in size,
--- and some "Mother Ships are measured in several hundred miles", ---
so you can see that we can carry immense quantities of materials and equipment. ....
The conditions upon Earth must be conducive to receiving us and our plans for your upliftment, and that means having the right people in power that we can trust to work with us. Clearly that situation does not exist yet, but the people are becoming more aware that they need changes of leadership and are working to that end. People power is becoming more evident, and we can assure you that politicians are treading more carefully because of it. The consciousness of the people is changing, and it is awakening them to their true potential. They are also beginning to realise that they have power beyond their understanding. They are projecting their visions of the future, with the realisation that it will help them manifest, and are speeding up their upliftment. ........
However, one thing we can be absolutely positive about is Ascension, and that will come regardless of how many stops you make on the way. The whole purpose of our coming is to join up with you, and together we shall walk the final path to completion. Yet, that is simply the commencement of another journey that will open up the Cosmos to you. You may well consider that your time in duality was more of a bad dream, but one that filled you with experiences that have taken you much further in your evolution. .....
You have yet to understand the concept of a never-ending creation. You will never run out of new challenges in the Multi Universes, and dimensions that seem to go on for all infinity. What you are experiencing now, is but a fraction of a second in your evolution and does not warrant you spending too much energy on it. By all means see beyond your circumstances, and hold on to your vision of what will change it. You are “creating” your way out of the present problems, and as you do so you are denying the dark forces your power to further their cause. As we so often remind you, it is fear that gives out the energy that they feed upon           so it is wise to avoid the traps they set......
However, you are coming around to realising how and by whom, you have been kept under control and for what purposes. These are the times when there is present a great energy for truth, unearthing the depths to which you have been oppressed for millennia of time by the intent of the Illuminati. This is all part of the necessary cleansing process, which will allow for changes that shall restore your sovereignty and most importantly – your freedom.  SaLuSa 23-February-2009
Fin décembre 2007, nous recevions un courrier de Me Lilti, avocat des associations UEJF/J’ACCUSE, nous mettant en demeure de supprimer une traduction de l’auteur Henry Makow intitulé « Impérialisme du capital… » publié en septembre 2007. Dans cette lettre, Me Lilti souligne bien le fait que même si nous retirions le texte, il portait de toute façon plainte contre moi pour incitation à la haine… et habituels poncifs et autres accusations rituelles d’antisémitisme. Ce qui me déconcerte un peu, c’est que Monsieur le Procureur ait pu ajouter le délit de crime contre l’humanité en plus des autres insanités dont m’accusent mes détracteurs.....

Les deux associations UEJF/J’ACCUSE, prétendument antiracistes, sont que les sous-officines du Crif. Cette institution autoproclamée, s’arrogeant le droit de parler et agir au nom de tous les Français israélites ou de confessions juives.
Comment: SOTT learned of this case shortly after the Pepin lawsuit came down upon us last year.
pulled through and continues shine in the darkness thanks to your help.
 You can show your support for Alert-info by contributing to their appeal for funds via paypal. They are facing a large payout in 'damages' to the French arm of the Anti-Defamation League, the CRIF, which is determined to shut them down. In the meantime, despite the risk of damages increasing against them, they look set to fight the lawsuit all the way to France's Supreme Court.
We salute and applaud its willingness to resist the Pathocracy's assaults on our freedom to say it as we see it.
Le 7 janvier 2008, l’UEJF et J’Accuse ont demandé à la 17e chambre du Tribunal de Grande instance de Paris, le retrait d’un article jugé antisémite, publié sur le site Internet Marc Knobel, président de J’accuse, interrogé par Actualité juive, a indiqué : « Nous continuons de poursuivre ceux qui s’escriment à publier ou à reproduire des textes antisémites, sous le couvert de la liberté d’expression. Cette situation est intolérable et nous sommes déterminés à assigner les sites qui provoquent à la discrimination, à la haine ou à la violence raciale ou religieuse. »
Le webmaster de ce site a publié un article intitulé « l’impérialisme du capital juif » écrit par Henry Makow, un auteur conspirationniste canadien.
An academic in France has been sacked by the Ministry of Defence after questioning the official version of events surrounding the 9/11 attacks. He now reportedly plans to sue the government.
Aymeric Chauprade lost his job allegedly over the introduction to his latest book about political crises around the world, and more specifically, that the 9/11 attacks in New York City and Washington D.C. were an orchestrated "American-Israeli conspiracy". The Defence Minister had strong objections to the material, so Aymeric had to go.
Jean Dominique Merchet, a French journalist, was the first to report on the sacking.

"The Ministry of Defence has reacted too brutally. They have transformed Chauprade into a victim, and not an intellectual opponent - even if what he defends is not good," Merchet said.
Chauprade explained his firing by the Ministry of Defence as the result of him speaking about a subject that was considered off limits.
"I touched upon a taboo - the theory of a conspiracy plot. Apparently there is only one possibility in an accidental world. And all the wars have sprung from this - Afghanistan and so on."

The book's introduction highlights a theory that the twin towers were blown up as part of an American-Israeli pact.
"He did scientific work - see it's written here, 'the theories included here are contesting the official theory of Muslim responsibility'. That's an opinion!" says Chauprade's lawyer Antoine Beauquier.
Defence Minister Herve Morin was reportedly outraged by the suggestions and demanded the academic's sacking from his job at the French Military College in Paris, where Chauprade was teaching geopolitics.
The Ministry has refused to comment on the affair.
Comment: Prof. Chauprade and his views on 9/11 were the subject of a "hit piece" earlier this month in the French weekly magazine Le Point. published the story with commentary. Today however it seems that the publishers of the magazine and Sarkozy have prevailed in their efforts to censor any political or academic debate on the truth of the 9/11 attacks.
Comment: The ....... Le Point comments on the fact that Prof. Chauprade is simply questioning the official US government 9/11 theory and pointing to the well-researched evidence pointing to US/Israeli government involvement in the attacks, employ the same old tactics used by pro-US government agents who dismiss out of hand any suggestion that the official story cannot be correct. They provide no evidence to justify either their adherence to the official US government conspiracy theory (that 19 hijackers commanded by Osama bin Laden from a cave in Afghanistan carried out the attacks) or their refusal to accept the alternative and much more credible conspiracy theory - that members of the US and Israeli governments conspired to carry out the attacks in order to justify the launching of a never-ending world-wide "war on terror", which in turn is being used to justify the expansion of the geo-strategic interests of these two nations and their ideological partner-nations.
Comment: Clearly the Professor is showing a great deal of rigor in refusing to blithely and blindly accept the ridiculous US government 9/11 theory. All true scientific processes must take into account all available evidence rather than cherry-picking only the evidence which supports a pre-established belief. Clearly there is a mystery surrounding the collapse of WTC 7 - it fell, for no good reason, 9 hours after the attacks began.
To this day no US government agency has satisfactorily explained the reason for this collapse, and we would be indebted to Le Point if they could point us to a source that does so. The US government report that Le Point refers to is the NIST report of 2007 into the WTC 7 collapse. The report has been shown to be little more than a whitewash. As for the sources that the Professor uses, we have not had a chance to review his book, but if as sources for his argument he offers the many books by serious and informed authors such a David Ray Griffin, then Le Point has no reason to claim that such sources are one-sided. Anyone who has impartially investigated the research available on the 9/11 attacks will immediately understand that the evidence for a US/Israeli government conspiracy is far from one-sided, and is instead stark and compelling.
Comment: This article appeared on Feb 4th 2009 in the right-wing French magazine Le Point. It is not surprising therefore that it is little more than an obnoxious 'hit piece' on Professor Chauprade whose only crime was to state the very obvious - that the official US government theory on what happened on 9/11      does not stand up to investigation.
Leading French Military Analyst Doubts Official 9/11 Story
Chauprade, l'homme qui forme les officiers et déforme l'histoire:
....Cette version voudrait qu'il existât un "mystère" autour de l'effondrement du bâtiment 7 du World Trade Center, lequel a été détruit sans avoir été touché par un avion. Alors que les services officiels américains ont pris la peine de répondre à ces questions, dans un document publié le 21 août dernier , le professeur Chauprade ne cite pas cette source dans son ouvrage imprimé en décembre 2008 ! Comment s'en étonner, puisque la bibliographie qu'il propose sur ce sujet comprend sept sources univoques, toutes favorables à la thèse du complot ?........  TEXTE par/by   Jean Guisnel
Aymeric Chauprade, Chronique du choc des civilisations. Actualité, analyses géopolitiques et cartes pour comprendre le monde après le 11-septembre , Chronique-Dargaud, 240 pages, 31 euros, ISBN : 9782205062205
.............and the comments....
This Is A Man.                    comment  By: sankara
A courageous deed is never lost. This patriot has spoken right in time and I am convinced that most French now will have no doubt as to the official lies.
Respect to Meyssan who has now been silenced but has done a lot to the cause of information and thus free will...
An Academic...                     comment  By: Garnet
with Integrity! What a breath of fresh air after reading, watching, and listening to all the right wing zionist propoganda crap spewing from the bowels of the MSM. Not to mention the silence from the ivory towers.
Joel Kovel holds the Alger Hiss chair in social studies at Bard College and is the author of Overcoming Zionism among other titles. He has recently been informed by the college that his contract will not be extended beyond July 1. In the statement below, by Kovel, he argues that his views are to blame.

In January, 1988, I was appointed to the Alger Hiss Chair of Social Studies at Bard College. As this was a Presidential appointment outside the tenure system, I have served under a series of contracts. The last of these was half-time (one semester on, one off, with half salary and full benefits year-round), effective from July 1, 2004, to June 30, 2009. On February 7 I received a letter from Michèle Dominy, Dean of the College, informing me that my contract would not be renewed this July 1...
- 2002. This was the first year I spoke out nationally about Zionism. In
October, my article, "Zionism's Bad Conscience," appeared in Tikkun. ....
- 2003. In January I published a second article in Tikkun, "'Left-Anti-Semitism' and the Special Status of Israel," which argued for a One-State solution to the dilemmas posed by Zionism.....
- 2006. I finished a draft of Overcoming Zionism. In January, while I was on a Fellowship in South Africa, President Botstein conducted a concert on campus of the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, which he has directed since 2003. In a stunning departure from traditional concert practice, this began with the playing of the national anthems of the United States and Israel, after each of which the audience rose. Except for a handful of protestors, the event went unnoticed..............
- 2007. Overcoming Zionism was now on the market, arguing for a One-State solution (and sharply criticizing, among others, Martin Peretz for a scurrilous op-ed piece against Rachel Corrie in the Los Angeles Times. Peretz is an official in AIPAC's foreign policy think-tank, and at the time a Bard Trustee - though this latter fact was not pointed out in the book). In August, Overcoming Zionism was attacked by a watchdog Zionist group, StandWithUs/ Michigan, which succeeded in pressuring the book's United States distributor, the University of Michigan Press, to remove it from circulation. An extraordinary outpouring of support (650 letters to U of M) succeeded in reversing this frank episode of book-burning...............
- 2008. Despite some reservations by the faculty, I was able to teach a course on Zionism. In my view, and that of most of the students, it was carried off successfully. Concurrently with this, another evaluation of my work at Bard was underway. Unlike previous evaluations, in 1996 and 2003, this was unenthusiastic.
 It was cited by Dean Dominy as instrumental in the decision to let me go...............

For further information:; Joel Kovel, "Overcoming Impunity," The Link Jan-March 2009 (

To write the Bard administration:  

President Leon Botstein <president@bard. edu.

Executive Vice-President Dimitri Papadimitriou <dpapadimitrou@>
Bard College, founded in 1860, is a small, highly selective[1] four-year liberal arts college located in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York.
Justin Trudeau, the MP and son of the late prime minister Pierre Trudeau, presents his first motion in the House today. By chance or luck, he drew the first slot for private member motions.
His motion, M-299, calls for a national voluntary service policy and reads: ...(...)
Last night in a speech to Congress, President Barack Obama also spoke on a similar theme, saying "I know that the price of tuition is higher than ever, which is why if you are willing to volunteer in your neighborhood or give back to your community or serve your country, we will make sure that you can afford a higher education. And to encourage a renewed spirit of national service for this and future generations."
The United States has decided against taking part in a UN-led conference on racism after it quit the previous session in 2001 over claims of anti-Semitism, US officials have said.
"We're not going to further engage in Durban II," a senior State Department official told AFP on the condition of anonymity, referring to the conference scheduled for
20-24 April in Geneva.
A US delegation took part in the preparatory talks in Geneva on February 16 and made proposed changes to a resolution expected to be adopted at the conference, which Canada and Israel have said they would boycott.....(...)
The conference was first held in Durban, South Africa a few days before the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States, and against the backdrop of the second Palestinian intifada.
Israel and the United States walked out on the fourth day of the conference in protest against attempts by Arab nations to adopt a resolution that equates Zionism with racism.
The Point  //   comment   By: whynotcoconuts
WHEN ONE PREPARES A RACIST CIVIL WAR, one is hardly gonna show up at such a cenference, unless of course on is organizing it, and not showing up to make A POINT?!!!
Victor Teboul is a writer and the founding editor of the®  Webzine He is the author of several books, namely of  the novel La Lente Découverte de l'étrangeté. He was a member of the Jury of the 2008 Governor General’s Literary Awards, for non-fiction.  about
Natif d'Alexandrie, Victor Teboul a immigré au Québec en 1963. Docteur ès lettres de l'Université de Montréal, il a enseigné l'histoire à l'Université du Québec à Montréal et a été professeur de littérature au Collège Lionel-Groulx. Il est le président de Inc qui publie® le webzine sur la tolérance :
Il est l'auteur de Mythe et images du Juif au Québec (de Lagrave,1977), un essai qui provoqua un débat public en remettant en question la représentation des Juifs dans la littérature québécoise. 
Canadian fighters scrambled to intercept an approaching Russian bomber less than 24 hours before U.S. President Barack Obama's visit to Ottawa last week, Canadian Defense Minister Peter MacKay said on Friday.
The Bear bomber did not enter Canada's Arctic airspace but the Canadian fighters had to order the plane to turn back, MacKay said at a news conference.
Tabarnak  .......... comment    By: whynotcoconuts
COME ON COME ON A RUSSIAN BOMBER, was he wearing a Popes suit and cap too?
....   Why is the United States paying around 500 billion dollars interest on money that it owes if the money it owes is to banks? Since the banks are the cause of the problems to begin with and since America is giving trillions of dollars to the banks then... why are they paying interest? Shouldn't the banks be paying interest? Are they getting the money from some special bank that hasn't been affected by the present crisis? One of the things they teach you when you study to become a lawyer is to never ask a question that you don't already know the answer to so... let's assume I know the answer to this question and you can think about it
Zippy Livni doesn't want to form a government with Bennie Netanyahoo. We're given the impression that this is because her party with Ehud Barak (no relation to the present U.S President) are a peace party looking for a two state solution and the Netanyahoo/Lieberman coalition is the party of war. Here's what puzzles me. Livni's government, under the direction of Skull Olmert, slaughtered a whole lot of Lebanese behind a false flag caper and then practically destroyed Gaza because of a certain amount of bottle rockets hitting into some stolen Palestinian land. This happened because Israel broke a cease fire by killing some Palestinians and then they went ahead and killed a whole lot more, mostly women and children. They bombed schools and hospitals and gunned people down in the streets; this and much more accomplished by the peace party.
What are we too expect from 9/11 Bennie and Mad Dog Lieberman? Here's how it looks. With Zippy and the other Hellraiser pinheads, the Palestinians only get a little white phosphorus... a destroyed infrastructure and being used for target practice on odd days of the week with every other Sunday off. With Bennie and the Vets they get used for target practice 24/7 and everybody else gets flayed alive and crucified by the side of the road to Tel Aviv come next Hanukah and then on each of the eight days they set a different group on fire so it has a kind of 'Spartacus celebrates Mardi Gras in Hell' effect which will delight all the little Israelis and the Palestinians will just be happy to be playing a part in that.

My question is about the difference between these two groups of psychopaths; is it a matter of degree only? I don't know if I'll be able to hear your response over the noise of the bulldozers in East Jerusalem.

While we are on the subject of Israel, I'm wondering about all those holocaust films too, although I won't be seeing any of them. I'm suspecting this is the reason. And thinking about the Gay/Jewish Mafia in Hollywood, it came as no surprise to see Harvey Milk being 'the reader' of "My Pet Goat of Mendes" pool side at Auschwitz. Of course, Kate Winslet was pretty clear about the motive for taking roles in holocaust films and she proved to be right. My question here is; where does a sane person go when this kind of shit passes for reality?
It appears that Obama is not going to put an end to torture. It appears that they'll just close Gitmo and reopen it somewhere else. It appears that he is not going to end war; he's going to relocate that too and while offering a small token to besieged homeowners and major cash to bottomless banks, we now have bankers complaining about the token being given to the homeowners. Obama is talking tough about Iran despite all the evidence about Iran to the contrary so... how is Obama different than Bush? Yes Obama can talk and sign death warrants at the same time, whereas Bush was limited to one or the other... so goes the empire.
Now that we know that the Afghanistan war was all about getting the heroin trade back on it's feet and now that we know that most of the nations engaged by proximity or presently performing the ongoing assault are engaged in it. Now that we know that many of the major banks were propping up their bottom line with huge influxes of drug money... why is nothing being done about any of it?

Well, some of you are frothing at the mouth about now because I have the temerity to say these things... never mind whether they are true or not and they damn well are... it's that I'm saying it.
 That also begs the question of why the truth would bother anyone. Why is the truth so unwelcome? It's because it can interfere with business as usual and it makes whoever may be sucking off of that tit uncomfortable
because there's an implication that they might be part of something wrong. Well... you are. You certainly are. I'm going to take it for granted from now on that anyone who might object to the truth is automatically someone hiding something wrong about themselves.
 It doesn't matter what reasons you give. This is the real reason. I'll allow that you might be clueless and stupid      so you can pick that as an alternative option if you want to.
So it goes... on and on... so it goes... embarrassing questions and insufficient answers. Real answers require change.
Didn't I hear something about change recently? You're going to get about the same amount of change as you're getting from that big tax break. What's that come to? I hear it's something on the order of about $13. a week.
Well whoop de doo!!! I expect you'll be partying down now.
I've got a lot more questions. I want to know where that new 9/11 commission is. I want to know how come the Main Stream Media has so little to say about how really bad things are going to get. I want to know what kind of a scam 'they' are cooking up to justify attacking Iran and I want to know if they know that means an attack on Russia too?
I want to know and I don't want to know and in most cases I already know.
I may not know the details but I know the players and the intent.

The more this whole ugly business continues and the more outrageous the acts by those manipulating it continue, the more it looks like a movie. It looks like a movie whose purpose is to expose the actors. Every day it gets more absurd and every day it gets closer to the denouement.
 Armies of sleepwalkers and hypnotized subjects go about their business as if the dream or the spell were reality itself. The sleepwalkers can hear the sounds of the fire engine speeding to their burning house but in the dream it seems like something else. Those hypnotized have been told it is something else.
One thing you may be sure of... it is going to prove to be something else.
You've probably got questions too and this would be a good time for you to let fly. We're all ears here as opposed to ears of corn everywhere else (grin).
Once again, the questions that everyone should be asking themselves is, "Who am I?" "What am I doing?" "Why am I doing it?" and
"If I am in danger of losing everything; what would I most hate to lose?"
The clock is ticking and time is not on your side.

While the President Makes War  ...a   song....
Rothschilds' scrooge empire suppresses vast stores of black gold available to heal world financial system   FULFORD
There is no shortage of new gold to back the new global currencies. But the Rothschilds prefer the phoney fiat paper which crashed the capitalist casino. More here and here.

At present we have moved closer to the resolution that we seek in the area of the global prosperity deliveries
"A number of key strategic moves by our Earth allies have shifted this long-awaited disbursement much closer to kick-off. As always, the main impediment is those who continue to renege on their promises, thus creating situations that make it unsafe to go forward with these deliveries. Nevertheless, each of the delays brings this goal closer to happening. Our Earth allies assure us that their activities are reducing the effectiveness of these delaying tactics. The time for these deliveries draws closer by the day, and with them comes a sequence of actions that will set up the new transitional governments and deliver the many announcements which are to launch the new reality for your world's societies ...." ..(...)
      Most of you, by now, have experienced some form of physical or spiritual alteration; that is, many more of you are having your bodies unified with your various physical and spiritual energy fields. See yourselves as Light made physical, which is then tied like a giant circuit into your true Spirit/Creator essence. This highly complex operation is controlled by your RNA/DNA. This special organic computer acts as the safety switch in your ascension. Here, included within your genes, is a vast amount of what your geneticists call "junk DNA". As you reach certain levels of ascension, this junk DNA turns on and begins to encode your genes with new messages and programming, thus waking up parts of you that have long been dormant. This is the process that is returning you to full consciousness.
      As these new sections of DNA encode your genetics, you awaken to higher and higher levels of consciousness. However, this process is also affected by your internal epigenetics. These compete for new general settings that control important parts of your genome. The contest is won gradually as entire new sections of junk DNA start their encoding procedures, which allow whole new systems of meridians, chakras, and codes within the genome to be altered. In effect, you are changing, chameleon-like, into something quite different. Eventually this process reaches a certain buildup of proteins, peptides, etc., where a stalemate prevails. At this point a special device is needed in order to safely complete this metamorphosis. This is where our metamorphosis chambers come into the picture.
//More about the obstructed delivery of these bank packages here.

Obama stopped the global prosperity fund deliveries at 11.00am on Sunday 22nd February 2009
International Monetary Fund deceived by US. Illuminati panicking.
The United States was established with 13 colonies, one for each of the Illuminati families. The original flag had 13 stars, and still has 13 stripes. The eagle, the symbol of the United States, holds 13 arrows in its talons. The United States is actually a corporate asset of the Virginia Company that was established in 1604 in England with direct involvement of the Rothschilds. The finances of the Rothschilds were necessary to fund the exploration and exploitation of the North American continent.
The assets of the Virginia Company, including the United States, are owned by the Holy Roman Empire via the Vatican. This occurred in 1213 when King James gave all English assets to the Reptilian Pope. Executorship remains with the British royal family, but actual ownership lies with the Roman Catholic Church.
The United States of America is not named after Amerigo Vespucci, as you learned in school...  //
The name is actually a combination of words.
*"Am" is the Hebrew word for "people"
*"Ame" is also the command form of the Spanish/Latin verb "to love"
*"Eri" or "ari" is a Hebrew term for "lion"
*"Rica" is the feminine form of the Spanish word for "rich"
*"Ka" is the ancient Egyptian word for soul, or spirit force within a body
There are two layers of meanings. The Ancient Hebrew/Egyptian translates to say, "the people of the lion with spirit force"
Hence, the pyramid and all-seeing eye on the one-dollar bill.
...(...) The 13 ruling Illuminati families constantly vie for control amongst themselves. During this time period, the Spanish, British, and French Illuminati all fought to win control over North and South America. The Rothschilds kept these Illuminati factions in line by sending Hessian troops to monitor the situation. The leaders enjoyed these war games, pitting one against the other to see who would win. The hundreds of thousands of lives lost were meaningless to them.
The Manifest Destiny of the United States was created to expand the territory of the Aryans at the expense of the native populations. As always, the Illuminati seek to destroy native peoples and their cultures. This is an attempt to destroy their knowledge of God-Mind, as well as the possibility that the natives will impart this information on to others. Especially important is their need to eliminate native cultures with ancient knowledge of Atlantis and Lyrae.
The natives that gave them the most problem were the Cherokee Indians because this tribe retained most of their Atlantean knowledge, even accessing the Bear/Bigfoot frequency for information. For this reason, these people were uprooted from their homeland in the southern Appalachian Mountains, and forcibly marched to Oklahoma on what is now known as The Trail of Tears. Many died along the way. Only a remnant remained in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia. In the north, the vast Iroquois/Mohawk nation was disbanded. The Montauk, direct descendents of the Atlanteans who call their leader Pharaoh, were systematically eliminated....(....)
 World War II was a test of the final globalization and extermination projects. It was also designed to test mind-control machinations; to test the use of fluoride which deadens brain activity and slows resistance to authority; to experiment with slave labor camps and study the development of resistance; and to teach the masses to spy and report on one another.
World War II brought three primary goals of the Illuminati to fruition.
*The first was that hidden Illuminati symbolisms were brought to public attention from the underground strongholds in Tibet and Egypt, such as the Swastika and the ankh.
*The second was the creation of the State of Israel as a foundation for the New World Religion.
*The last was the creation of nuclear weapons as part of the Illuminati global ceremony.
During World War II, the Germans helped to perfect "sex-slaves" as a means of transmitting information amongst the elite. Sex-slaves can be either male or female, who are sexually programmed using Wilhelm Reich procedures, which are illegal in the United States, but used by the Illuminati and government.
These sex-slaves deliver messages and keep programmed sleepers in line. The sex-slave is downloaded with a message or function through various sexual acts and drugs, which can only be released by repeating the same sexual act with the target, or person, to be activated. They are trained to know their target’s trigger words and trigger events to activate, delete, or change programming. ...(...)
World War II also allowed the European/American Illuminati to destroy the Japanese Illuminati desires of global domination. The Japanese royal family, represented by Emperor Hirohito, have always been ostracized as non-legitimate by the ruling 13 families. The Japanese claim to be direct descendents of Lemurian purebred Reptilians.
The European/American Illuminati claim that the Japanese Illuminati are descendents from a lower species in the Draco hierarchy. This lower species is considered a worker class without any political clout or influence. The European/American Illuminati also claim that East Indians are a lower species in the Draco hierarchy. The 13 ruling families consider light skin and hair to be an elite characteristic.
On January 17, 1994, Japan sent a seismic event to California. Exactly one year later on January 17, 1995, the city of Kobe, Japan was seismically destroyed....(...)
The Illulminati Hierarchy        Stewart A. Swerdlow
Excerpts from Blue Blood, True Blood, Conflict Creation- A Personal Story, Chapter 15
The leader of the Earths Illuminati is called the "Pindar". The Pindar is a member of one of the 13 ruling Illuminati families, and is always male. The title, Pindar, is an abbreviated term for "Pinnacle of the Draco"....  ))
Ritual human sacrifices and orgies reported at Balmoral Castle (Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK)                  FULFORD
All members of the
Committee of 300 are said to be active Satan worshippers. When they meet for their regular biennial Satanic ritual at Balmoral, human blood runs. European royalty, Roman Catholic clergy and American public figures are centrally involved.
 Credible inside information from deep within the Committee of 300 is now emerging into the public domain.
More about the Committee of 300 can be found here.
Two different Obama clones in play. ...:
Nationalisation by stealth - Obama’s open-ended bailout of Citigroup and Bank of America
To allay fears on Wall Street of government nationalisation, which would wipe out bank shareholders and result in large losses for bondholders, Bernanke and Obama administration officials have spent much time reiterating the US government's support for private ownership and control of the banks. The class bias of these policies, despite occasional bursts of populist demagogy, could not be clearer.
 The controlling principle is to do the least possible harm to the interests of the richest segment of society, a miniscule minority, and do nothing that seriously impinges on the wealth and prerogatives of the most powerful sections of the ruling class - whatever the cost to the broad masses of people.
Citigroup share price chart here. Bank of America here.
Why the US granted eminent domain to China.
A lot of concerned readers forwarded this article to me(( US Gives China Eminent Domain Over US Property ....  Beyond High Treason
A. True Ott, PhD, ND    2-28-9 )) :
It contains a mixture of truth and outright disinformation.
 The big lie is the part that says China wants to kill 200 million Americans and take over their continent. As a long term resident of Asia with knowledge of the psychology of Asian leaders I promise you there is no way that could be true. However, it would certainly not be beyond the rogue elements of the US secret government to want to kill their own citizens and blame it on China in order to keep power.
The other part is about how the US industrial base was deliberately moved to China as an act of sabotage. The truth is that US business leaders were so obsessed with maximizing profits that they forgot their patriotism. Japanese businesses also built vast amounts of factories in China but they also made sure their Japanese employees and the Japanese industrial base remained OK. That is because Japanese business leaders are patriotic.
          As for the part about the US granting eminent domain to the Chinese, the fact of the matter is that China will no longer lend to the US unless it has collateral. They have seen through the Federal Reserve Board fiat money scam and will not accept worthless Fed paper. However, if the Chinese do end up taking over US companies, it would be in their interest to build up and improve their new acquisitions.
Nonetheless, the US will turn into a Chinese colony unless the American people bring their financial system in touch with reality. That might mean a sharp one off drop in your standard of living        but it would be followed by a return to fast growth.
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