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casper 3-5-09
Do you have a favorite columnist? Mine are Charles Krauthammer and Thomas Sowell, white and black respectively.
Sowell asked in his column yesterday, why is the OBAMA push to cancel union members right to a secret ballot called "The Employees Freedom of Choice Act"? Why is the attempt to stop opposing voices on radio called "The Fairness Doctrine"? And he points out that millions of lives were lost in Germany and Europe because the people were enthralled with the eloquence of Hitler and the misuse and deceitful use of words. Do you ever think about such as this? Consider how little time, how little understanding, the typical liberal (Democrat) constituent has of this kind of deceit. They see the title of the bill and think its something good.
Assuming there are a few among the M&H (mesmerized and hypnotized) out there with some semblance of an open mind left to them please read this article about Barry Soetoro (OBAMA) by Dr. Orly Taitz, attorney for Allan Keyes, one of the dozens of plaintiffs still challenging his eligibility.
If the CORPORATE GOVERNMENT/political establishment/"NWO World" is intentionally violating the most basic provisions of the Constitution is that of interest to you? Do you care? Or have you too decided the Constitution is "a living document" to be changed or ignored at the whim of whoever can obtain power by hook or by crook?
Why is his birth place so important? It is the integrity of the Constitution as the ultimate law of the land that is important. If you are willing to accept an unconstitutionally qualified candidate financed by huge quantities of foreign money the next logical step is the "world" puts forward and finances their own candidate for U.S. President. You can't be partially pregnant. You accept and defend and enforce the law of the land, the Constitution, or you don't, in which event it is soon a dusty worthless historical document. Does the election of OBAMA not fit this scenario already and exactly?
The article "AMERICAS FISCAL COLLAPSE", also posted on Fourwinds is the best description I have yet read describing what the Banks, Politicians and BUSH/OBAMA are intentionally doing to the people and the country. At the very least please read the author's (Michel Chossudovsky) concluding remarks. ...(below)...

Unless the world heeds his advice the NWO Banks and their sub-sets will, as Jefferson said, SOON see to it "the people wake up homeless in the country their fathers conquered". Print it out, pass it on, e-mail it, Knowledge is power. UNDERSTAND what "they" are doing. Either we the people will heed his call to revolution or we will meekly continue on to the slaughter house we are being led into by the Illuminati's OBAMA/BUSH/CLINTON administrations.

Friends, I am seriously concerned it is all intentional. It seems so obvious and this article confirms all I have been trying to express here.

In testimony Tuesday morning to the Senate Banking Committee BERNAKE admitted AIG is nothing more than a glorified Hedge Fund further confirming the above article. The Banks are being given trillions of "out of thin air money" charged to taxpayers, then they refuse to disclose "use of funds" as they prepare to take over (which is "privatization") the intentionally crashed assets of our country using the citizens own liability to do so, this being the only difference in what the oligarchs did in the Soviet Union.
Why no deliveries? What about the sledge hammer promised OBAMA? Don't know yet, trying to find out.
Certain packages, in the hands of certain carriers since last Thursday and scheduled for certain delivery last Friday then Saturday then Sunday then Monday went back to the court. Why? Because of the theft and attempted trade of IMF funds last weekend. 
Original F.C. Plaintiffs into the bank Tuesday taking care of business was the excuse du jour then and turns out to be true. Now WE hear of others in the bank yesterday taking care of business which is likely true. Forward Progress people. This should result in our deliveries today or tomorrow as the IMF has now been moved to next Monday.
Everyone has backed off the Hillary/CHINA/Eminent Domain story and in the case of STORY'S update last night he says it is a lie. It is not a lie. As we reported it did happen, she was simply turned down flat then the State Department denied it happened. What did you expect them to say, that Hillary and OBAMA are in CHINA trying to sell the U.S. down the river? Come on folks.
The original anonymous report from the Embassy in Beijing must have been accurate as WE are reliably informed by those present the meeting occurred with her and the outcome was and remains as previously reported which was "you don't have such authority, we want no more of your trash instruments" and laughed her out the door.  More is at stake here than ongoing financing of future Treasury Debt to finance Socialist re-engineering in the U.S. by OBAMA which was her goal.
There are debts owed going back to the early 1900's due in a couple of weeks. CHINA, actually certain families in CHINA, have refused the various U.S. (Hillary/Obama) attempts to renegotiate or to payoff with more funny paper. Gold or CERTIFIED Gold Certificates only are acceptable. 
If not paid they will LEGALLY enforce a takeover of the FED RES and American banks.
Geithner finally showed in public with successive days of testimony to congress dealing primarily with the budget. His long awaited plan for the banks is still not visible leaving us to wonder what part GOLD, Debt Settlements, our funding, announcements, etc. is responsible for the delay in something that was due weeks ago. Hmmmm.
Notice STORY'S confirmation of what we have been reporting to you, their attempts to trade any and every dime they can lay hands on.
BROWN was here this week buttering up Congress/OBAMA for his NWO plans and personal leadership of same. Old or defeated or despised politicians never die, they are simply moved around the chess board into whichever slot the Illuminati needs filled at the time, or to provide them with ongoing immunity for past deeds.
The Governments ongoing never ending protection of and attempts to bailout utterly corrupt financial institutions and their criminal leaders has already destroyed the real economy and is rapidly bankrupting the American people. At the core of it is all the usual suspects, Rubin, Paulson, Greenspan/Bernake, GOLDMAN SACHS which is the likely true recipient of taxpayer funds going to AIG and is the reason why they won't divulge AIG counter parties.    D.C. is a sewer and Wall Street is a septic tank and they are PARTNERS in every respect and virtually all of them are Illuminati.
 In the attempt to save their dollar hegemony and themselves from exposure of heinous crimes associated with black budgets they risked then sacrificed the welfare of the people to retain themselves and their fraudulent system of control/finance in power.
WE have always predicted announcements will immediately follow deliveries to start the clean up of this mess. WE have heard very little about announcements recently. The funding is important, the announcements of equal or greater importance. We have no reason to expect change in the projected scenario
 but we are as frustrated as you are as we watch the daily continuation of the status quo.
                 casper   3-5-09
AND ..... AMERICA'S FISCAL COLLAPSE  (Michel Chossudovsky)

Concluding Remarks

Financial manipulation is an integral part of the New World Order. It constitutes a powerful means to accumulate wealth. 

Under the present political arrangement, those responsible for monetary policy are quite deliberately serving the interests of the financiers, to the detriment of working people, leading to economic dislocation, unemployment and  mass poverty.

This article has focussed on how financial manipulation has served to shatter the structure of US public expenditure.   

This restructuring of global financial markets and institutions (alongside the pillage of national economies) has enabled the accumulation of vast amounts of private wealth – a large portion of which has been amassed as a result of strictly speculative transactions. 

This critical drain of billions of dollars of household savings and state tax revenues paralyses the functions of government spending and spurs the accumulation of a public debt, which can no longer be be financed through the emission of US dollar denominated debt. 

What we are dealing with is the fraudulent transfer and confiscation of lifelong savings and pension funds, the fraudulent appropriation of tax revenues to finance the bank bailouts, etc. To understand what has happened:  follow the money trail of electronic transfers with a view to establishing where the money has gone

The monetary system, which is integrated into the State budgetary process has been destabilized. The fundamental relationship between the monetary system and the real economy is in crisis. 

The creation of money "out of thin air" threatens the value of the US dollar as an international currency. Similarly, the financing of a mammoth US budget deficit through dollar denominated debt instruments is impaired as a result of exceedingly low interest rates. Moreover, the process of household savings is undermined with interest rates close to zero. 

What we have dealt with in this article is one central aspect of an evolving process of global financial collapse.

The international payments system is in crisis. The economic prospects are terrifying. Bankruptcies in the US, Canada, the European Union are occurring at an alarming rate. Country level exports have collapsed, leading to a contraction of international trade  Reports from the Asian economies indicate a massive increase in unemployment. In China's Pearl River basin in Southern Guangdong province's industrial export processing economy, some 700,000 were laid off in January. In Japan, industrial output has collapsed by more than 20 percent since December. In the Philippines, a country of 90 million people, exports collapsed by more than 40 percent in December.  

Financial Disarmament

There are no solutions under the prevailing global financial architecture. Meaningful policies cannot be achieved without radically reforming the workings of the international banking system. 

What is required is an overhaul of the monetary system including the functions and ownership of the central bank, the arrest and prosecution of those involved in financial fraud both in the financial system and in governmental agencies, the freeze of all accounts where fraudulent transfers have been deposited, the cancellation of debts resulting from fraudulent trade and/or market manipulation.   

People across the land, nationally and internationally  must mobilize. This struggle to democratise the financial and fiscal apparatus must be broad-based and democratic encompassing all sectors of society at all levels, in all countries. What is ultimately required is to disarm the financial establishment:

-confiscate those assets which were obtained through fraud and financial manipulation. 

-restore the savings of households through reverse transfers 

-return the bailout money to the Treasury, freeze the activities of the hedge funds. . 

- freeze the gamut of speculative transactions including short-selling and derivative trade.


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 Wednesday, February 11, 2009 
AIG-Gate is Now China-Gate
by Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert
Wednesday  March 4, 2009

UNITED STATES of America  -  Thanks to a major European INTERPOL investigation aka Spiderweb, it can now be reported that U.S. Justice Department investigators have connected the dots on the Bernard Madoff and Sir R. Allen Stanford Ponzi Schemes.

Investigators looking at ties between Madoff and Stanford
by Wayne Madsen

The massive money laundry aka Ponzi Scheme threatens to bring down Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway, the major British insurance firm Lloyds of London and the Mellon Bank of New York.
Maurice Greenberg, CEO of C.V. Starr
and former CEO of AIG.
It is none other than American International Group (AIG) and its holding company C.V. Starr & Co. Inc. that were used to launder the commissions and alleged profits linked to the Ponzi Schemes through major banks and financial institutions in the Peoples Republic of China.
Reference: C.V. Starr has a relations to none other than former Clinton era Independent Counsel and fixer, and registered RED Chinese lobbysit, Kenneth Starr.
           European INTERPOL recently raided the noted Bernard Madoff-Marc Rich NORDEX Corporation in Vienna, Austria and, accordingly, are now in possession of documents involving the Bank of New York and the Mellon Bank, which also fingers major Russian and Israeli mafia types in the fraudulent movement of Ponzi Scheme funds through China.
Note: The Bank of New York is linked directly to a firm called Mellon's Pershing LLC.
             We can also divulge that European INTERPOL investigators are now in possession of documents detailing the NSA/NASA electronic THEFT of the year 2000 presidential election from then Vice President, now non-inaugurated, duly elected President Albert Gore Jr. in the states of West Virginia, Tennessee, Missiouri, Florida and New Hampshire.
Note: New evidence has surfaced in the murder (ruled suicide) of Ray Lemme, former Florida Department of Transportation investigator and whistleblower on the 2000 presidential election theft.
Reference: On July 1, 2003, Florida DOT investigator Ray Lemme was found dead in a hotel room in Valdosta, Georgia            under suspicious circumstances.
In our next briefing we will have a comprehensive report on this new evidence, which includes, of course, the activities of both former Florida Secretary of Stat Katherine Harris and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush in ordering this Israeli Mossad execution of investigative whistleblower Ray Lemme.
             The evidence of the year 2000 presidential election fraud was being used as blackmail by Bernard Madoff against White House occupant George W. BushFRAUD in regards to his on-going Ponzi Scheme aka the overall plundering of the U.S. Treasury.
             It was in May of 2006 that former White House occupant George W. BushFRAUD signed an Executive Order exempting publicly traded companies aka Madoff-Stanford Ponzi Schemes from accounting and disclosure procedures required under the 1934 Securities and Exchange Act.
This was a green light to Israeli Mossad agent Bernard Madoff and British Intelligence asset Sir R. Allen Standford to continue their on-going Ponzi Schemes.
Maurice Greenberg (L), CEO of C.V. Starr and former CEO of AIG,
former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer.
It was during this period that New York Governor Eliot Spitzer became aware of the use of the New York Federal Reserve in the multi on-going Ponzi Schemes, and it was at this time that the NSA began to ILLEGALLY tap Spitzer's phone aka Operation Stellar Wind.
        Note: At this hour, the State of New York and its Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is fighting a subpoena from the U.S. Justice Department that would force the State of New York to release the details surrounding the Hooker-Gate investigation which led to Spitzer's resignation as New York Governor.
Maybe Caroline Kennedy should knock on Cuomo's door tomorrow and present him with another subpoena.
P.S. We can also divulge that Senator Dianne Feinstein's investment banker husband, homosexual in-the-closet Richard Blum's various companies are linked to the AIG-Bernard Madoff illegal London trading platform Chinese and Singapore Ponzi Scheme - the firms include C.B. Richard Ellis, New Bridge Capital and Blum Capital.
         These firms have Asian operational links to both Israeli and Chinese intelligence activities in Singapore and Hong Kong, as well as San Francisco, California.
Feinstein needs to be immediately removed as the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Commitee given the conflict of interest she clearly has with her crooked closet homosexual husband.
Note: Feinstein covered up for years the illegal UN-Constitutional NSA wiretapping aka Operation Stellar Wind that targeted the former Governor of New York state, Eliot Spitzer, at the time Spizter was trying to investigate and stop all of these Ponzi Schemes.
P.P.S. At this hour we can also divulge that the Justice Department is looking into the activities of KHAZARIAN Jew Larry A. Mizel in regards to a Ponzi Scheme that has looted the FDIC.
One final note: There is now clear cut evidence that both former White House occupant George W. Bushfraud and former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan STOLE U.S. Treasury funds and then lost the funds in illegal trading in the AIG London trading platform aka another Ponzi Scheme.
At this hour the arrogant KHAZARIAN Jew Alan Greenspan claims he is untouchable and is actually threatening to have people assassinated.
Reference: Greenspan lives in New York City in a plush Manhattan apartment with his wife, KHAZARIAN Jew and Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton stooge, Andrea Mitchell.
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton meets Chinese Prime Minister Wen
Jiabao on February 21, 2009 in Beijing, China. Clinton is on a three
day visit to the Chinese capital, as part of her first diplomatic tour
to Asia
(Photo by Oliver Weiken-Pool/Getty Images)
Stay tuned for our next intelligence briefing, which will include details on loser Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, now U.S. Secretary of State failed attempt to offer the RED Chinese government a $150 BILLION BRIBE in regards to the Chinese cooperating with a cover up of the AIG-Bernard Madoff-Sir R. Allen Stanford Chinese based Ponzi Schemes.
         The deal was for the Chinese government to use half of the $150 BILLION to buy U.S. Bonds aka junk bonds so as to continue the worldwide Ponzi Schemes.
One last note to the American media corporate filth:
You think your praise of Ted Kennedy can absolve you for your personal bogus smears and unprecedented character assassination that were directed against the daughter of the late President Kennedy, Caroline.
This tactic will not work and massive payback is well under way.
Final note to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown:
We are not interested in knighthood here in America.  I am not sure Ted Kennedy wants to be knighted by a British Monarch that once conspired to kill his brother, President John F. Kennedy (Operation Permindex).
Remember, British Prime Minister Brown as you travel back to London,
 the $6.2 TRILLION is not the Queen's money!

See below for AIG's relations with the RED Communist Chinese:
AIG: Inquiring Minds Want To
The history of AIG includes...
1919 The AIG companies were one of the very few U.S. companies to have their origins in China when their founder, C.V. Starr, formed American Asiatic Underwriters in Shanghai.
1921 C. V. Starr founded Asia Life Insurance Company, the first foreign life operation to offer products and services to the Chinese people.
1931 International Assurance Company, Ltd was established.
It was renamed American International Assurance Company, Limited in 1948.
1975 AIG former Chairman & CEO, Maurice R. Greenberg, made his first visit to Beijing and has since traveled many times to China.
1980 The AIG companies opened a representative office in Beijing, the first set up in modern China by a foreign financial institution. China America Insurance Company (CAIC) was formed as a 50-50 joint venture between AIG companies and the People's Insurance Company of China (PICC). This was the first joint venture between a foreign insurance organization and PICC.
1990 The AIG companies organized, financed and chaired a major financial services conference in Shanghai to assist then Mayor Zhu Rongji in introducing the international financial community to investment opportunities in Shanghai.
1992 The AIG companies strengthened their presence in China through a branch office of AIA in Shanghai, the first foreign-owned life and non-life insurance business to receive a license from the People's Bank of China.
1994 AIA-Shanghai and Fudan University jointly established AIA-Fudan Actuarial Center AIA Information Technology (Guangzhou)
Co., Ltd. was established.
1995 The AIG companies were granted life and non-life insurance licenses for Guangzhou by the People's Bank of China.
1996 AIA signed a 30-year lease agreement on the building at 17 Zhongshan East No. 1 Road in the heart of Shanghai's famous Bund. This special building was home to C. V. Starr's original Shanghai insurance companies.  AIA-Zhongda Actuarial Center was established in Guangzhou.
1997 On approval from the People's Bank of China, AIA Shanghai General Insurance Division was re-named and established as AIU Insurance Company Shanghai Branch.
1998 AIA celebrated its historic return to Shanghai's Bund.
1999 The AIG companies obtained licenses from the China Insurance Regulatory Commission (CIRC) to operate life and non-life insurance business in Foshan and Shenzhen. AIA and AIU Foshan sub-branches and Shenzhen branches were officially opened to operate life and non-life insurance. AIA-Keda.  Actuarial Center was established in Hefei, capital of Anhui province.

2000 AIA Information Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd. was established.
2001 The AIG companies were granted approval from the CIRC to
set up wholly-owned life insurance operations in Beijing and Suzhou, as well as two sub-branches in the cities of Dongguan and Jiangmen in Guangdong Province.  A representative office was opened in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.
2002 AIA branch offices were opened in Beijing and Suzhou, and sub-branch offices in Dongguan and Jiangmen. AIG Consulting Services Co, Ltd. was established in Beijing AIG Global Investment Corporation (Asia) established a representative office in Shanghai AIA-Beida Actuarial Center was established in Beijing.
2003 The AIG companies acquired a 9.9% stake in PICC P&C's outstanding share capital at its Initial Public Offering in Hong Kong, and reached a co-operative agreement with PICC P&C to develop the accident and health insurance market in China.
2004 AIG Global Investment Corporation, Huatai Securities Company Limited and three other participants were granted approval from the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) to start preparatory work for the establishment of AIG-Huatai Fund Management Company Limited. The compamy was approved to open business in November.
2005 Approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, The Ministry of Commerce and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, AIG Global Investment Corp. raised its stake in AIG-Huaitai Fund Management Company Limited, from 33 percent to 49 percent.  AIG Private Bank Ltd. received approval from the China banking Regulatory Commission to set up its representative office in Shanghai.  It is the first foreign private bank to receive approval to open a representative office in Shanghai.
Reference: AIA in China
Note that AIG has been selling insurance in China.
Hmmmm... we all assumed those "assets" were mortgages.
But were they mortgages?
Maybe not.
$150 billion in "loans" out thus far to AIG.
An extraordinary amount, more than extended to any
other institution - even more than Fannie and Freddie (each.)
Even Citibank, which has come to the TARP window twice, has only an asset guarantee, not an operating line of credit of that size.  We've also "guaranteed" (or "taken on") tens of billions more in "bad assets" (presumably credit-default swaps, which might be open-ended obligations.)
Now AIG, a company founded in China in 1919, with very strong ties in China, is about to report a $60 billion dollar loss in one quarter and is reported to be seeking even more money - or at least a conversion to common equity - from the federal government.
This is what The Fed said in November:
“Counterparties around the world continue to
have significant exposure to AIG, and market conditions continue to be fragile and sensitive to the potential disorderly failure of AIG,” the Fed said in a report in November.
Its been three (more) months.
  Have those
exposures been unwound?
If so, nobody's said a thing about it.
How come?
More to the point, exactly who are we bailing
out here?  You did say "around the world", right?
Are we bailing out AMERICAN companies?
Or is the truth just a bit different and we're not
being told because, well, "We The People" might start chanting "When in the course of human events...." were we to be told the truth about where $150 billion has already gone, why we took on some $60 billion in guarantees, and where up to one quarter of a trillion dollars may have disappeared to as of Monday.
Don't you think we deserve some of that promised transparency?
Oh, and what was Hillary doing talking with China about buying treasuries the other day?
Just curious.

International Intelligence Expert, Tom Heneghan, has hundreds of highly credible sources inside American and European Intelligence Agencies and INTERPOL-- reporting what is REALLY going on behind the scenes of the controlled mainstream media cover up propaganda of on-going massive deceptions and illusions.
4:58 PM
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Does the front page of the Canadian Globe contain a CIA -M16 code for Viruses? (photo) (views: 107)
Susoni -- Wednesday, 4 March 2009, 2:56 p.m.
This is a curious cover. I think they know we are on to them via American publications. Are they switching to Canadian and Euro ones? Can anyone confirm this?
Is this a warning for upcoming viral wars?
Other photos on link:
Jeff - Here is the Globe's front page, as promised. Page 4 (it takes all types) and the top of page 1 had typewriter keys with NUMBERS ASSIGNED to them. Not just any letters, mind you, but the QWERTY letters which are key to a number of code chains often used by the CIA and MI6 in their exchanges.
Using the standard Qwerty code book (so named for the upper left hand ascension of five letters on a standard type-writer or computer key pad, with the corresponding number assignments above them) where number sequences as well as colors have significance, the code message, (using only RTYUI sequencing as given in the code "key") is: 3 55 3 13 C EE C M
Typing 3 55 3 13 C EE C M in Google Search engine brought up, of all things, a study conducted by the Brazilian Chemical Society dated December 2001, titled:
Enzymatic Resolution of Ethyl 3-Hydroxy-3-Phenylpropanoate and Analogs using Hydrolases
In laymen's terms, this is a detailed analysis of a specific ENZYME with rather unique properties, such as the protection of cells from viral invasions, and possibly an antidote for biological weaponry.
It is also interesting to me that the brilliant Dr. William F. Koch concluded his work on carbonyl enzyme hydrolases in BRAZIL in the early 60's, after being ruthlessly persecuted by Rockefeller's BIG PHARMA in the preceeding decades. The cartel eventually poisoned Dr. Koch at his Brazilian lab. See attached article titled Cancer Masons.
Next, I typed in C EE C M and found that this is one of the OFFICIAL CHINESE GOVERNMENT WEBSITES and stands for China Electronics Engineering Construction Management. Yesterday, the search engine translated the sight into English -- today -- it is not even in Chinese -- but is SCRAMBLED. (I wonder if this has anything to do with the Jeff Rense Show topics broached yesterday. )
IZAKOVIC -- Wednesday, 4 March 2009, 12:56 p.m.
 Lloyd Pye Video ---"Everything You Know is Wrong" (views: 331)
CrystalRiver -- Wednesday, 4 March 2009, 10:59 a.m.
Daystar -- Wednesday, 4 March 2009, 10:37 a.m.
Daystar -- Wednesday, 4 March 2009, 11:08 a.m.
Alinsky taught that the end justifies the means. In other words if evil deeds are needed to accomplish a goal that perpetrators perceive to be Good...then the evil means are justified.
This outlook is totally false and on the wrong track. Evil can NEVER produce Good. The Bible tells us that an evil tree cannot bring forth good fruit.
Trying to expose in a way that has spiritual principles behind it, should be the goal. Then when we turn to God/Spirit for solutions.....the solutions or answers that come to us will benefit everyone. Every day is a new day and everyone has the choice and opportunity.... each day... to begin anew.
To read articles on techniques used, see the link below.

Focus YOUR Personal Energy on Staying Positive

I believe it’s important to understand one particular concept, especially in times like these: You attract more of that which you feed with powerful emotions.

This concept, popularized by the wildly popular book The Secret, is why the emotion of fear can be so detrimental. And as Celente points out so succinctly in his interview, FEAR is exactly what might send the U.S. into a complete tailspin.

So please remember this: staying positive and focusing on that which is good and right and just, can help you tremendously in times like these.

One technique that I find helpful is to consciously CANCEL any negative thoughts I  may have in the moment. Personally, I simply yell "Cancel!" and imagine a large red diagonal line going through any image in my head that I don’t want. The more you and others do that, the more likely we will all reap the benefits of this positive focus and intention.

Additionally, for the past year I have participated in a coaching program run by Dan Sullivan. Dan is an amazing mentor for me and has really helped me in many ways.

It IS hard to stay positive in this current economic climate. The quickest antidote is a shift in perspective. So I’d like to share Dan’s recent insights with you on how to do this. He suggested visiting this audio page once a day for a five-minute boost, or listen to all five audios at once if you have time.
Either way, he guarantees that these short audios will point out where you can easily find huge value that won’t go bust no matter what else happens....(...)





Our presence is far more acceptable now than it was fifty years ago when we would most likely have been refused the opportunity to show up on Earth
"The Greys are in a different category, having been invited to Earth by your (US) Government many years ago in a secret agreement. They were allowed bases but not outside contact beyond the 'abductions', which are almost entirely with those who came to Earth for that purpose. It is stories like these that are kept under wraps, but will be revealed following disclosure of the whole UFO set up. You are kept ignorant of the Space Beings because you would have turned to them for the help they would have given, and that included making peace upon Earth. The dark forces do not have peace on their agenda or plan for Man, they have only been interested in global power and total enslavement of your civilisation ...."
The new global banking system is to be based on a new hard currency. Fractional banking, its many usurious practices and derivatives are to be disallowed.
"In their stead will be strictly defined, local institutions. Savings banks are to remain, but commercial and investment banks are to be regulated strictly and according to rules that involve a great deal of transactional transparency. Another aspect of this new system concerns the many social responsibilities that are to be embedded in the new banking charters. Likewise, all corporations are to be rechartered and given a similar set of rules that reflect the need for transparency and social responsibility ...."
Wednesday, 04 March 2009

Vaccines as Biological Weapons? Live Avian Flu Virus Placed in Baxter Vaccine Materials Sent to 18 Countries


'There's a popular medical thriller novel in which a global pandemic is intentionally set off by an evil plot designed to reduce the human population. In the book, a nefarious drug company inserts live avian flu viruses into vaccine materials that are distributed to countries around the world to be injected into patients as "flu shots." Those patients then become carriers for these highly-virulent strains of avian flu which go on to infect the world population and cause widespread death.

There's only one problem with this story: It's not fiction. Or, at least, the part about live avian flu viruses being inserted into vaccine materials isn't fiction.

 It's happening right now.'

Deerfield, Illinois-based pharmaceutical company Baxter International Inc. has just been caught shipping live avian flu viruses mixed with vaccine material to medical distributors in 18 countries. The "mistake" (if you can call it that, see below...) was discovered by the National Microbiology Laboratory in Canada. The World Health Organization was alerted and panic spread throughout the vaccine community as health experts asked the obvious question: How could this have happened?

As published on (, serious questions like this are being raised:
"Baxter International Inc. in Austria 'unintentionally contaminated samples with the bird flu virus that were used in laboratories in 3 neighbouring countries, raising concern about the potential spread of the deadly disease'. Austria, Germany, Slowenia and the Czech Republic - these are the countries in which labs were hit with dangerous viruses. Not by bioterrorist commandos, but by Baxter.    In other words: One of the major global pharmaceutical players seems to have lost control over a virus which is considered by many virologists to be one of the components leading some day to a new pandemic."

Or, put another way, Baxter is acting a whole lot like a biological terrorism organization these days, sending deadly viral samples around the world. If you mail an envelope full of anthrax to your Senator, you get arrested as a
terrorist. So why is Baxter -- which mailed samples of a far more deadly viral strain to labs around the world -- getting away with saying, essentially, "Oops?"
But there's a bigger question in all this: How could this company have accidentally mixed LIVE avian flu viruses (both H5N1 and H3N2, the human form) in this vaccine material?

The shocking answer is that this couldn't have been an accident. Why? Because Baxter International adheres to something called BSL3 (Biosafety Level 3) - a set of laboratory safety protocols that prevent the cross-contamination of materials.
As explained on
Wikipedia (

"Laboratory personnel have specific training in handling pathogenic and potentially lethal agents, and are supervised by competent scientists who are experienced in working with these agents. This is considered a neutral or warm zone. All procedures involving the manipulation of infectious materials are conducted within biological safety cabinets or other physical containment devices, or by personnel wearing appropriate personal protective clothing and equipment. The laboratory has special engineering and design features." ....(...)


Thursday, 05 March 2009
Supreme Court Ruling
Spells The Beginning of the End For Big Pharma
'In a 6-3 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled against Wyeth in the Diana Levine case, setting a crucial precedent in the battle against Big Pharma. The ruling ends an important part of the Big Pharma / FDA conspiracy racket that sought to market extremely dangerous (and even deadly) drugs      while providing full legal immunity to drug companies, even when those companies actively lied about the safety of their drugs by hiding negative drug studies from the public and the FDA.'
The decision has hit Big Pharma hard. The industry, already reeling from layoffs and a loss of innovation, is now facing a wave of lawsuits from potentially hundreds of thousands of people who have been harmed by dangerous prescription medications. The legal path for such lawsuits has now been cleared, and drug companies can no longer claim legal immunity just because they managed to deceive the FDA into declaring their dangerous chemicals were "approved."
Three Supreme Court Judges disagreed with the decision, siding with the granting of legal immunity to drug companies: Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Antonin Scalia and Samuel Alito, who called the decision a "frontal assault on the FDA's regulatory regime for drug labeling."

"Regime," of course, is exactly the right word to describe the FDA's campaign of medical
tyranny against the American People. That even three Supreme Court Justices would vote to enforce this dangerous, corrupt regulatory regime is more than a bit disturbing. Fortunately for the American People, the opinions of these three did not prevail.

Big Pharma has long conspired with the FDA to approve knowingly dangerous (and deadly) drugs that are then marketed to the public through a process known as "
disease mongering," in which drug companies scare up new health conditions in order to convince people they need to be medicated. Practically the entire pharmaceutical industry is based on this unholy alliance between the corrupt FDA ( and a profit-seeking drug industry (, and if the Supreme Court had granted Big Pharma immunity on any drug approved by the FDA, it could have unleashed a treacherous era of Big Pharma arrogance and the virtual abandonment of any remaining safety measures by the industry
With full legal immunity, Big Pharma would have been able to market practically any poison as a "drug," regardless of how many people were killed. Even many of its current drugs are, admittedly, little more than poison. For example, the most popular blood thinning drug sold today -- coumadin -- is literally made out of the same chemical used in rat poison ( Many psychiatric drugs given to children today are just re-branded amphetamine street drugs like "speed."

To the great benefit of the American People (and the lawyers who represent them against drug companies), the Supreme Court has now nailed the coffin shut on Big Pharma pre-emption. Sadly, this decision still cannot raise from the grave all the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have already been killed by dangerous, FDA-approved prescription medications,
but perhaps from this point forward, enough lawsuits can proceed that drug companies will either be put out of business or be forced to calculate the economic cost of killing patients while facing a wave of resulting litigation. ....(...)




Wednesday, 04 March 2009

Church Document Encourages Congregation To Obey Government / USA

'“This was handed out at the Assembly of God church that my fiancé and I used to attend. We immediately stopped attending after getting this flier about 'submitting to Obama and the government,’ states the reader. “The pastor even brought children to the front of the church, encouraging them to submit to teachers, firemen, and the police. It was insane.”' .....

A shocking document has come to light from a church in Ohio which educates its congregation that Barack Obama’s presidency is appointed by God and that Obama himself is “God’s minister,” in another perversion of Romans 13, the bible verse cited as an excuse for Christians not to oppose tyranny.

Ohio District Superintendent Rev. John Wooton was responsible for distributing the pamphlet, which was handed out at the Assembly of God church in Ohio, according to a reader who forwarded the document to us. Click here for the PDF file. .....

The document concedes that a majority of practicing Christians probably didn’t even vote for Obama because of his pro-abortion policies, indeed one of Obama’s first acts as President was to issue an executive order which ensured that millions more black babies are aborted in third world countries, with American taxpayers picking up the tab.

Obama himself has also scoffed at Christians in the past, arrogantly stating that people “cling to guns or religion” in tough times.

Despite this, the document urges Christians to “support loudly” Obama’s policies and “remember who is in control”. .....

Romans 13 has routinely been cited by tyrants throughout history in an attempt to prevent Christians from opposing their rule, indeed, it was Hitler’s favorite bible verse. Religious groups such as the Catholics in 1930’s Germany also used the verse as an excuse not to rise up against the Nazis when they were still a minority political party.

A large number of mainstream church representatives claim that Romans 13 means Christians should obey the ruling authorities no matter how tyrannical they are, and yet the bible itself is full of examples of men standing up to corrupt authorities and attempting to change the system - Jesus, John the Baptist and Moses being the prime examples.

Should Jesus have refrained from throwing the money changers out of the temple? Should Moses have cowered from standing up to the Egyptian slave masters? Should John the Baptist have kept quiet about the sinful practices of Herod Antipas, his condemnation of which led to his beheading?

The fact that large churches in America are encouraging their congregation to all but obey the government and support their agenda even if it opposes basic Christian principles is a shocking indictment of how much control the state now exercises over the church through the carrot of the 501(c)(3) Status dangled in front of corruptible pastors and preachers.

Ominously. as we first exposed in 2006, FEMA is training pastors and other religious representatives to become secret police enforcers who teach their congregations to “obey the government” in preparation for a declaration of martial law, property and firearm seizures, and forced relocation. The bible verse that FEMA encourages religious representatives to cite while undertaking this role? Romans 13.....

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  10. Beijing Intensifies Suppression of House Churches ahead of Olympics
  11. Obama: ‘Only government can break the vicious cycle’
  12. European Union Encourages British Police Hacking


Thursday, 05 March 2009

Exercise Cold Response: NATO Holds Large-Scale, Multinational Exercise In Scandinavia


'More than 7000 soldiers from 13 nations will this year participate in Exercise Cold Response. The exercise takes place in Troms and Nordland in Northern Norway between March 16 and 25.

This year the participants will be trained at deploying military quick reaction forces into an area of crisis. They will have to handle situations ranging from high intensity warfare to terror threats and mass demonstrations, the Norwegian Defence writes on its web site.'

Trained to be used against protestors!


Thursday, 05 March 2009
Did Clinton Sabotage a Palestinian Reconciliation?/ The Electronic Intifada,
'An end to the schism between the resistance and the elected but internationally-boycotted Hamas government on the one hand, and the Western-backed Fatah faction on the other, seemed within reach.
But the good feeling came to a sudden end after what looked like a coordinated assault by United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, European Union High Representative Javier Solana, and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas
 whose term as president of the Palestinian Authority expired on 9 January.'
On Friday 27 February, the leaders of 13 Palestinian factions, principal among them Hamas and Fatah, announced they had set out a framework for reconciliation. In talks chaired by Egypt's powerful intelligence chief Omar Suleiman, the Palestinians established committees to discuss forming a "national unity government," reforming the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) to include all factions, legislative and presidential elections, reorganizing security forces on a nonpolitical basis, and a steering group comprised of all faction leaders. Amid a jubilant mood, the talks were adjourned until 10 March.
Then the blows began to strike the fragile Palestinian body politic. The first came from Clinton just before she boarded her plane to attend a summit in the Egyptian resort of Sharm al-Sheikh ostensibly about pledging billions in aid to rebuild Gaza.
          Clinton was asked by Voice of America (VOA) whether she was encouraged by the Cairo unity talks. She responded that in any reconciliation or "move toward a unified [Palestinian] Authority," Hamas must be bound by "the conditions that have been set forth by the Quartet," the self-appointed group comprising representatives of the US, EU, UN and Russia. These conditions, Clinton stated, require that Hamas "must renounce violence, recognize Israel, and abide by previous commitments." ...(...)
          None of the Western diplomats imposing conditions on Hamas have demanded that Israel renounce its aggressive violence. Indeed, as Amnesty International reported on 20 February, the weapons Israel used to kill, wound and incinerate 7,000 persons in Gaza, half of them women and children, were largely supplied by Western countries, mainly the US. In a vivid illustration, Amnesty reported that its field researchers "found fragments and components from munitions used by the Israeli army -- including many that are US-made -- littering school playgrounds, in hospitals and in people's homes."

For Palestinians to "renounce violence" under these conditions is to renounce the right to self-defense, something no occupied people can do. Palestinians will certainly note that while Abbas stands impotently by, neither the US nor the EU have rushed to the defense of the peaceful, unarmed Palestinians shot at daily by Israeli occupation forces as they try to protect their land from seizure in the West Bank. Nor has Abbas' renunciation of resistance helped the 1,500 residents in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan whose homes Israeli occupation authorities recently confirmed their intention to demolish in order to make way for a Jewish-themed park. A cessation of violence must be mutual, total and reciprocal -- something Hamas has repeatedly offered and Israel has stubbornly rejected.

While Israeli violence is tolerated or applauded, Israel's leaders are not held to any political preconditions. Prime minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu emphatically rejects a sovereign Palestinian state and -- like his predecessors -- rejects all other Palestinian rights enshrined in international law and UN resolutions. When told to stop building illegal settlements on occupied land, Israel responds simply that this is a matter for negotiation and to prove the point it revealed plans in February to add thousands of Jewish-only homes to its West Bank colonies. ....(...)
Hasan Abu Nimah and Ali Abunimah, The Electronic Intifada, 4 March 2009
Thursday, 05 March 2009

Military May Patrol Bar Zone In Canadian City


'Authorities in Barrie, Ontario are considering a proposal to allow troops to patrol bar areas on weekends in a supposed attempt to prevent rowdiness, another example of the militarization of law enforcement and the public being conditioned to accept martial law.

"City police and Camp Borden officers are discussing using joint street patrols to help keep the peace in Barrie's busy entertainment district on peak weekends," reports the Toronto Star, as part of a move to "cement the base's partnership with Barrie police" (police and military merging into one enforcement unit).'

...The troop patrols are purportedly only aimed at “their own personnel and not civilians in Barrie,” but since military personnel attending the bars will be in plain clothes, who is to know the difference? ....

In case the authorities in Barrie are not to up on their history, here’s a reminder - troops patrolling the streets engaging in law enforcement duties in peace time is a scene more commonly associated with third world dictatorships, not with developed western free societies.

....and thecomments...

mythicshadow Says:

To Raymond: I live in Canada and use to live very close to Barrie. Saying we need the fucking military patrolling ANY Canadian city is like having a bulldozer dig your tulips up in the fall. this is the next step to martial law and EVEN a brain-damaged retard can see that.




Wednesday, 04 March 2009
Very important information: global shipping movements collapse
I have had my eye on this situation for some weeks since I came across news that shipping movements were falling dramatically and this trend has since continued. What this means, of course, is that goods are not being shipped around the world on anything like the scale we have been used to
and this is going to bring first a reduction in choice and variety in the shops and then, as the global economy continues to collapse, a shortage of more basic needs.
Without rushing out in a panic-stricken state and emptying the supermarket shelves, I would suggest that this is certainly a time to start building a stock on non-perishable foods because, as I keep pointing out, this is an economic catastrophe in the unfolding and we need to tune ourselves to the new world that is coming, at least in the next few years, when the basic needs are going to be far more at the forefront of our thoughts
 than the insane consumerism that has, well, consumed us.
I don't normally give advice, but I feel to in this case: Think about your basic needs at a time of shortage and start preparing for that before its too late. The shops are not going to be empty tomorrow, but why wait until they are?
( Empty Containers Clog South Korea’s Busan Port as Trade Slumps  )
A draft of the closing statement prepared for the upcoming United Nations-sponsored conference against racism, dubbed Durban 2, states that Israel's policy in the Palestinian territories constitutes a "violation of international human rights, a crime against humanity and a contemporary form of apartheid."

The conference, to be held in Geneva next month, is a follow-up to the contentious 2001 conference in the South African city of Durban which was dominated by clashes over the Middle East and the legacy of slavery. The U.S. and Israel walked out midway through that eight-day meeting over a draft resolution that singled out Israel for criticism and likened Zionism - the movement to establish and maintain a Jewish state - to racism.

Israel, Canada and the U.S. have already announced that they will boycott the upcoming summit.

The draft statement, obtained by Haaretz, goes on to say that Israel's policy poses "a serious threat to international peace and security and violates the basic principles of international human rights law."

In the draft, the organizers of the UN summit express "deep concern" over Israel's practices of "racial discrimination against the Palestinian people as well as Syrian nationals of the occupied Syrian Golan and other inhabitants of the Arab occupied territories."

The draft accuses Israel of implementing collective punishment against the Palestinian people, as well as "torture, economic blockade, severe restriction of movement and arbitrary closure of their territories."

Furthermore, Israel is charged with perpetrating "a foreign occupation founded on settlements, laws based on racial discrimination with the aim of continuing domination of the occupied territories," and is termed a "threat to international peace and security."

Finally, the draft calls on the international community to protect the Palestinian people against Israel's "racist" policies.
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# European states consider boycotting Durban 2 summit
# Israel, Jewish groups hail U.S. boycott of Durban 2 summit
# Jerusalem & Babylon / Ignoring Durban summit not an option
..pdechat..... AGAIN / ENCORE.............  ...........
Sun Dog  ( picture)
Appelé autrement parhélie. Un phénomène de réflexion du soleil sur les glaces en suspension dans l'air l'entourant.

C'était la version officielle, et ce sera sûrement celle utilisée cette fois-ci encore.

Malheureusement, l'étiquette apposée sur la petite boîte scientifique n'explique pas tout. Alors que les parhélies étaient auparavant un phénomène très rare et pratiquement isolé aux régions circumpolaires, elles sont devenues passablement courantes depuis quelques années. Ces apparitions semblent être actuellement le résultat des énormes fluctuations d'énergie qui bombardent la terre occasionnant des changements climatiques dans les hautes couches de l'atmosphère. De fait, c'est aussi le cas pour celle-ci filmé en Russie et qui s'est manifesté au moment d'un alignement Jupiter Mars qui affecte ces latitudes.

J'ai montré dans un de mes textes une gravure du 18ième relatant une apparition similaire et les craintes qu'elles soulevaient chez les peuples qui en observaient, et ce, même avant l'avènement du symbole catholique de la croix droite. L'histoire, très ancienne entourant les Chaldéens, les retiens comme des signes précurseurs astrologiques, avertissant les peuples d'évènements inaccoutumés à venir. Par la suite, l'inculture populaire de l'astrologie forcée par l'empire et la venue des religions manufacturées mettant en vedette un dieu, les transformèrent dans la connaissance populaire en signes destinés à avertir les peuples et pour cette raison, témoignage de la grande bonté divine.

Il faudra noter au passage les similitudes existantes avec la croix à 8 branches de la religion orthodoxe, qui possède une assise importante sur le territoire russe et le fait que le savoir chaldéen, était à une époque en mesure de prédire avec précision la venue de tels précurseurs.
Par ailleurs, suivant la position du soleil et des planètes en cause, un tel phénomène ne possède pas la même forme sous tous les angles et n'est visible comme tel, que dans un angle et un territoire passablement limité, se limitant au rôle d'un avertisseur peu performant. Au vu des moyens de communication présumés de l'ancienne histoire, il suppose un impact social assez limité dans la mesure ou il n'apparaît qu'une seule fois.

Depuis quelque temps, les phénomènes lumineux sont légion et coïncident souvent avec des évènements sévères, comme ce fut le cas avec l'apparition lumineuse de Toulouse, peu avant les vents qui ont arraché une forêt et de multiples toitures.

Météorite, ont-ils dit ? Satellite, diront-ils ?
Spéculation de bas étages répondrai-je, prouvez-le!
À venir.
À partir de maintenant, jusqu'à la seconde semaine de mars s'ouvre une période difficile.
Statistiquement, les tueries, évènements ou rassemblements à caractères violents, geste de folies, feux et accidents inexplicables, s'accroîtront plus que la norme et affecteront l'hémisphère nord. Ils devraient être plus importants sous les longitudes de l'Europe de l'Est, qu'ailleurs.
Le rayonnement le plus dommageable à l'origine de ces évènements, se produira à l'aube pour la période concernée. Elles occasionneront des poussées d'humeur rageuses ou des absences selon la durée d'exposition. Dans les relations personnelles, comprenez que le moteur intérieur de la petite rancoeur envers les vôtres, s'arrêtera moins facilement ces journées qu'à d'autres, et sera plus susceptible d'entraîner des gestes plus néfastes. Vous mêmes aurez tendance à ruminer des sujets plus vifs. Mettez donc de l'eau dans votre vin en comprenant que ce n'est pas une cause individuelle. Vous n'y pouvez rien et ne pourrez rien régler dans cette période. Apprenez à connaître ces cycles, vous n'en sortirez que grandi.
Par ailleurs, si vous êtes observateurs, vous aurez déjà constaté que les vendredis et les samedis sont pires que les autres journées de la semaine. Ce sont ces journées, que les médias utilisent pour prêter corps aux sujets plus critiques, soulevant la controverse et polarisant la population dans une direction généralement de courte vue.
Comme les statistiques disponibles sont conservées sous clé par les organisations policières, les systèmes de santés et autre « lologues » des divers pays ; comme les petits évènements ne passent pas les frontières médiatiques et qu'il n'y a que les gros évènements qui sont connus ; votre meilleure source d'informations, sont les faits divers journaliers. Sachez simplement que deux tueurs de bébés dans la même semaine, ou deux accidents de traverse de chemins de fer le même matin, ou 3 accidents avec des déneigeuses la même journée, sont statistiquement impossibles et doivent être expliqué autrement que par les bêtises des « lologues », qui ne servent qu'à construire des nouvelles lois. Comparez vous-même la situation avec celle qui prévalait il y a 25 ans. En dépit de toutes les raisons, il ne devrait pas y avoir de différence significative.
L'alignement étant puissant, il produit déjà une oscillation du champ magnétique terrestre. Il devrait donner lieu avant la fin du mois à des manifestations lumineuses dans le ciel, qui sont appelées à tort dans le langage moderne météores ou comètes ou ovnis et même accident de satellite. Ces évènements dans votre entourage, quels qu'en soient les explications officielles, doivent avoir comme effet d'accroître votre vigilance, puisque parfois à l'origine de perturbations climatiques soudaines et importantes.
Nous devrions voir vers la fin de la période mentionnée, un accroissement plus général du tremblement de la terre et des éruptions volcaniques, sans catastrophes prévisibles. Comme mentionnées déjà, les précipitations se sont accrues. Elles passeront, ainsi que le volcanisme, à une vitesse supérieure en avril. Hautes marées, pluies et taux d'humidité conséquent entraîneront la résurgence de maladies diverses, tant pour les individus que les aliments. Mais je reparlerai de tout ceci au moment opportun.
Un lecteurB répond 14 fois au lecteurA et ça fesse. N'oublions pas que ça se passe à peine à 150 kilomètres d'ici!,2933,491964,00.html                                          
Un lecteurA m'écrit pour me dire que c'est ailleurs que ça va mal, ici au Québec et même qu'en Amérique, les choses ne vont pas si mal.
Avec tout mon respect, vous manquez d'informations et êtes victimes du jeu de cache-cache que nous livrent les médias.  Les journalistes qui ont la tâche de nous informer, ne sont pas des élus du peuple, mais travaillent à salaire pour un employeur qui n'a rien à cirer de vous informer avec les bonnes choses. Pour en avoir le coeur net, profitez du témoignage de Catherine d'Écouflant qui revient de chez les Amerloques. Ici:

Ça vous donnera une faible lumière sur ce qui se passe dans cette grande Amérique, qui incidemment, est à deux pas de chez nous. Conserver à l'esprit que nous ne sommes qu'une babiole dans leur cour. Il serait tout à fait ridicule de croire qu'un effondrement complet de leur économie signifierait un effondrement immédiat de celle du Canada ou du Québec. Il y aurait au moins 48 heures de décalage.

Par ailleurs si vous croyez que c'est mieux au Québec, je vous suggère de suivre de près l'affaire de la caisse de retraite des travailleurs de la Construction du Québec.


Ça pue fortement, attendez-vous au pire dans les prochains jours !  Comme tous les autres, ils vont réclamer de l'aide du gouvernement du Québec. Pire encore, ils le feront en tapant du pied. Résultat : Surveillez de près le domaine de la construction dans les prochains mois au Québec.

Nous ne sommes, je suis, vous n'êtes qu'un jouet dans cette fraude contre le petit peuple, qui se prépare depuis des lustres. Un plan ! Un foutu plan de merde ! Protégez vos arrières et préparez-vous à des moments très difficiles... Même ici, au Québec !
« Quelqu'un quelque part aurait-il des coupons de farine, à échanger contre des coupons de beurre »
23 février 2009
Qui ne s'explique pas!

Qu'un individu capote à ce point, il n'y a pas d'explication humaine. Que plusieurs évènements similaires se produisent dans une courte fenêtre de temps est statistiquement impossible, à moins que l'on tienne compte de ce que j'explique. Au lieu d'attaquer le problème à la source, puisque le mot « astrologie », qu'il soit chaldéenne ou autre doit rester nécessairement imbécile, ils se servent de ces évènements pour limiter la liberté des citoyens en promulguant des lois de plus en plus restrictives, en donnant plus de pilules, en embauchant plus de policiers, de militaires et de « lologues ».

Depuis la fin de semaine, nous avons ceci :

Et nous y ajoutons maintenant ceci.,4452.html

Disparition étranges

Problèmes d'avions

Nous sommes mercredi le 25 février 10:00 heures.
Dans 30 minutes aura lieu la conférence de la Caisse de Dépot des Québecois concernant les chiffres du bas de laine des Québecois.
Au vu du mutisme de Charest et du parti libéral du Québec depuis plusieurs mois, au vu de l'excitation de la madame du Parti Québecois des dernières semaine et de celle entourant la niaiserie de la bataille des plaines qui n'était qu'écran de fumée, ça sera une journée très, très noire.
"Québecois, nous voulons votre bien... et nous allons l'avoir!"
Dire que vous avez ridiculisé publiquement Dumont. Menteurs menteurs!
11:30 heures - Résultat:
-25% = 40 milliards de pertes pour 2008 seulement. Et l'année en cours 2009, fut identifié comme négative à ce jour.
Ils étaient 12 à la table de conférence et 2 ont parlés. Ils avaient surement tous le rhume, car il y en avait des "hum-hum"
Les plus intelligents sont surement Rousseau qui s'est barré avant que le bateau coule avec son boni et  Richard Guay qui est tombé malade dès qu'il a vu les chiffres. Et dire qu'ils veulent mettre le grandiose conservateur Michael "té-qui-toé" Fortier sur le conseil d'administration.
L'argent ne disparaît jamais - Elle change de main. Elle passe toujours de celle du gagne petit à celle du gros lard.
Le slogan des prochaines semaines « C'est pas ma faute, c'est la sienne »
La comète Lulin à surveiller.
Encore des politiques hypocrites à double sens: Les photos radars - Raison officielle, « diminuer les accidents ! » Principal instrument : Le noble De Koninck
Vive l'état policier duquel celui qui a de l'argent s'en sort toujours. Les Simoneries n'ont jamais cessé depuis l'Empire romain
Concernant le Sun Dog russe
La croix ou le poignard céleste sont identifiés comme de bonnes nouvelles par certains groupes.
Voici un court document offrant beaucoup de matière à réfléchir concernant ce genre de phénomène. Il discute des évènements humains et céleste entourant son apparition. Ici:  un extrait du - Traité de la vérité de la religion chrétienne
Caisse de dépôts et placements du Québec : - 40 milliards - Jean Charest - Henri Paul Rousseau - Paul Desmarais
La crise actuelle n'est possible que si des gens travaillent pour la réaliser.
On peut continuer aussi longtemps qu'on le voudra à se sucer le bouton,  en se disant que ce n'est pas si pire et que ça va revenir. Soyez réalistes, le gagne-petit est toujours celui qui paye et le prix de ne pas être préparé, risque fort d'être élevé.
Après Beagle,
c'est le LEAP

Comment se préparer ? Simple !
Option #1 : Préparation de base : Demain, la société arrête pour une période de 30 à 90 jours. Rien de rien ne fonctionne plus.
Option #2 : Préparation de fond : Demain, je vous dépose par avion sur une île sauvage pour 1 an. Je vous dirai avant de partir ou elle est située.
Option #3 : Aucune préparation : Vous allez manifester agressivement devant le parlement en espérant qu'il vous sauvera.
Le mythe des cornes d'Hécate : Observatoire Lick Californie 27 février 2009 : Continuons à surveiller de près la comète Lulin.
Japan Society of Energy and Resources (JSER): Le réchauffement climatique global, n'est pas occasionné par l'homme et ressemble à l'ancienne astrologie
Igor Panarin: Docteur en science politique -  Les États-Unis se briseront en six morceaux.
Je ne comprends pas comment un académicien peut parvenir à un tel estimatif, sans tenir compte de la philosophie ancienne. Quoi qu'il en soit, il décrit ce qui devrait être le résultat de la prochaine décennie, en fonction de la prophétie de Babylone (ou celle de Daniel). Il est évident qu'une bête de cette dimension est tout à fait incontrôlable et que l'Empire utilisera leurs leviers, pour s'assurer une domination. Diviser pour conquérir!
En attendant, la Chine cherche du collatéral
Comment différentier les produits industriels, organiques ou génétiquement modifiés