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URGENT UPDATE casper 3-6-09
Apparently the war continues:
Last Wednesday a lawsuit was filed in the World Court by CHINA on behalf of the several families in CHINA who have been funding the needs of the U.S. all the way back to the early 1900's. These debts were due no later than the twentieth of this month and amendments for acceleration of payment to Monday of next week
 were filed last night in the World Court due to ongoing shenanigans of the OBAMA Administration. 
The amounts involved are into the extremely high hundreds of Trillions.
The position of the Court has been that they would have no choice but to go after as much repayment as possible        which was to include the takeover of the FED RES and U.S. domestic banks.. Now the Court is waffling with implementation of their procedures and Obama is again trying to trade certain of the funds with the attempts sanctioned by certain members of the World Court which has happened before.
OBAMA has stated he "does not give a damn what CHINA does, that they won't go through with it" and he is refusing to pay the debts.
The attempted trades have been blocked    and OBAMA is pissed to say the least. Needless to say the Court did not want this information made public. Screw 'em.
Obviously the world powers are again in "showdown at O.K. Coral mode". What this means to us and the big picture is unknown at this time
 but at a minimum will likely cancel deliveries scheduled today.
More when possible.
                        casper  3-6-09
p.s.    Wake up         all ye M&H (mesmorized and hypnotized) people.
Friday, March 06, 2009
Emergency Alert: Ponzi-Gate is Now Goldman Sachs-J P Morgan-Gate
by Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert
Friday  March 6, 009

UNITED STATES of America  -  It can now be reported that Goldman Sachs and J. P. Morgan purchased numerous counterparty derivatives that was basically a bet that AIG (American International Group), Bank of America and Citibank would go broke.
The financial TREASON was done in secret offshore hedge funds controlled by both Goldman Sachs and J. P. Morgan in the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas.
Reference: There is no government or SEC oversight on publicly traded hedge funds that are operated offshore since George W. BushFRAUD's Executive Order in May of 2006, which exempted them from this oversight.
Investigators looking at ties between Madoff and Stanford
by Wayne Madsen

Counterparty derivatives have the effect of canceling and wiping out the original derivatives that were placed by AIG, Bank of America and Citibank.
And, of course, it gets worse!
This criminal offshore treason trading was done with none other than U.S. Treasury TARP funds aka U.S. Taxpayers' money.
The goal was to bankrupt AIG, Citibank and Bank of America at a point that the Dow Jones Industrial Average would be trading at 6,000.
Of course, the Dow never reached 6,000 today and actually rallied in the last hour to close higher.
It was at 12 noon PST when the Dow Jones was down over 150 points that a criminal referral was sent by the U.S. Treasury to the Barack Obama Administration Department of Justice.
The criminal referral dealt with the illegal TREASONOUS offshore TARP trading of Goldman Sachs and J. P. Morgan.
So you see, folks, this gang of fraudsters and filth have been using your tax money to engage in fraudulent hocus pocus derivative financial Ponzi Scheme activity.
Alan Greenspan, Henry Paulson (Reuters),
Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton (Bloomberg News/Landov),
Bill Clinton, BushFRAUD, daddy Bush.
We can now divulge that former U. S. Treasury Secretary and KHAZARIAN Jew Henry Paulson, former Federal Reserve Chairman and KHAZARIAN Jew Alan Greenspan, current U.S. Secretary of State and KHAZARIAN Jew Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton and current Vice President and ZIONIST Joseph Biden, along with former White House occupant George W. BushFRAUD, his daddy, former President George Herbert Walker Bush, and his little bitch, former President Bill Clinton,
 have all been in on this Goldman Sachs-J.P. Morgan Ponzi Scheme since the original "bail out" started in September of 2008.
It is not clear at this point whether current President Barack Obama was aware of all of this activity, but it is crystal clear that a week after the original "bail out" of AIG,
Obama received the most favorable press coverage in the history of American presidential campaigns.
Item: The aforementioned Ponzi Scheme plot hatched in September of 2008 was to reach the finish line today with the Dow going down to 6,000.  Clearly they did not reach the finish line.
The Ponzi Scheme plot was to have Goldman Sachs and J. P. Morgan take over AIG, Citibank and Bank of America and, accordingly, avoid nationalization, and of course Bankruptcy Court, which might have exposed at least some of the derivatives and possibly the overall Ponzi Scheme.
How dare you, you conspiratorial tyrants
and kings and notable queens!
P.S. Here is an update on President Barack Obama's White House legal counsel, scumbag "Skull and Bones" Greg Craig.
"Skull and Bones" Greg Craig,
Obama's White House legal counsel
Informed sources in Alabama are reporting that the chief witness against George W. BushFRAUD advisor, Karl Rove,
Alabama attorney Dana Jill Simpson, has been the recipient of death threats stemming from a letter her attorney sent to Greg Craig.
We can now report that Craig, a personal friend of the Bush Family, the attorney for Cuban Elian Gonzalez in the anti-Al Gore year 2000 presidential campaign Florida political psyop, and the major campaign chieftan for George W. BushFRAUD's 3rd cousin and year 2004 northeastern liberal presidential campaign patsy, John "Skull and Bones" Kerry Cohen, illegally divulged confidential information on Dana Jill Simpson,
which has now led to death threats against Ms. Simpson.
It is clear that Greg Craig is a national security risk and needs to be removed immediately as White House legal counsel.
The little "Skull and Bones" scumbag has now placed the life of a patriotic American whistleblower in jeopardy.
Note: The Israeli Mossad-controlled American media filth continues to cover up and stonewall for "Skull and Bones" Greg Craig's tax cheat wife.
P.P.S. Again, stay tuned for our next full intelligence briefing, which will include an update on the new evidence surrounding the "death" of year 2000 presidential election fraud whistleblower, Ray Lemme,
 and the tie in to convicted former NASA employee Courtney A. Stadd.
Lemme had evidence linking Stadd to the NSA-NASA conspiracy that STOLE five states in the year 2000 presidential election.
Note: Lemme was in possession of "smoking gun" evidence of the use of NSA and NASA satellites in the blatant THEFT of the states of Florida, West Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri and New Hampshire in the year 2000 presidential election coup d etat orchestrated against then Vice President, now duly elected year 2000 President Albert Gore Jr.
P.P.P.S. Political hack and sociopath Sean Hannity of FOX News continues his personal attacks against former Vice President, now duly elected year 2000 President Albert Gore Jr. concerning the legitimacy of the global warming crisis.
Message to Hannity: It was 75 degrees yesterday in Nebraska.
Hannity, a stooge of KHAZARIAN Jew and loser Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton and FOX News owner Rupert Murdoch Greenberg, seems to want to make everything with Al Gore personal.
Listen to this Hannity: As I have told you before when it gets personal it is going to get physical.
Hannity, along with other media whores:
-  enabled not only the theft of the year 2000 presidential election by nation-wrecker George W. BushFRAUD, but
-  enabled the destruction of our U.S. Constitution,
-  the looting of the U.S. Treasury, and
-  the dishonoring of the U.S. Military.
Again, a notice to Hannity: We take that type of TREASON activity against the American People very personal.
Final note: Dunblaine pedophile and war criminal, Tony Blair, continues to hang out in Washington, D.C.
One has to ask the question at this point if he is working for Goldman Sachs and/or J. P. Morgan.
In the words of duly elected year 2000 President Albert Gore Jr.: "Blair, it is time for you to go." So get this straight Blair: You and your British ilk of monarchists are not welcome on American soil.  So get out

Billions for AIG to Protect the Speculative Profits of Goldman Sachs/Morgan Stanley
by Raymond J. Learsy
The dysfunction of our financial institutions is almost beyond belief.
In November of 2008 with the nation's economy unraveling, Morgan
Stanley and Goldman Sachs (one of the top five U.S. municipal bond
underwriters) were infuriating politicians and public finance officials
by recommending the purchase of credit-default swaps (CDS) thereby
betting against debts of eleven states, including New Jersey,
California, Wisconsin, Florida, and Ohio among others.
Many of these were municipal bonds that they had originally underwritten. Thereby,
through an act of blatant opportunism they were adding to the
destabilization of the financial markets already at the edge.
CDS are in effect insurance policies. Insurance policies are
normally taken out to cover loss against the occurrence of an event
such as fire, or flood, or accident, and so on. But CDS, rather than
being called "insurance," became, in the parlance of the Street,
"derivatives," making them much more elegant to deal with and for the
rest of us much more difficult to understand. They were, in this case,
simply insurance bets on the bankruptcy or inability of municipalities
throughout the country to meet their debt obligations. A bit like
taking out insurance against fire on the house next door and having a
lottery on the proceeds should it burn down.
           Now to buy "insurance" one would naturally go to an insurance
company to cover the risk. And the insurance company would sell you an
insurance policy and would set an amount on their balance sheet that
would represent a reserve against the potential loss/payout. An
insurance company likely to write a policy covering this would be AIG.
After all, AIG had become the king of CDS. In all likelihood this was
the case for the likes of Goldman and Morgan-Stanley.
Except it gets worse. You see, in the mumbo-jumbo of the term
"credit-default swaps," the word "insurance" is not mentioned. And
according to the good souls at AIG, if you don't use the word
insurance, you don't have to set aside any reserves in case of loss.
          And if you don't set aside any reserves, you can issue all the CDS the
market can bear (understood to be in the range of $400 billion at AIG),
cash in the policy premiums as a humongous supplement to your usual
insurance business, allowing for zillions in paychecks and bonuses. And
of course, if it all comes crashing down you can put up the "systemic
risk" flag and your Wall Street friends in Washington will charge to
the rescue with taxpayer dollars. (What did Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein
say to Treasury Secretary and ex-Goldman CEO Hank Paulson when he was
party to the discussions on the first AIG bailout, or as Bloomberg reported yesterday, is this also part of the government's refusal "to disclose names of the borrowers and the loans"?.
During his testimony this week, Fed Chairman Bernanke felt compelled to say, and I quote:
    "AIG exploited a huge gap in the regulatory system; there
    was no oversight of the financial products division. This was a hedge
    fund basically that was attached to a large and stable insurance
    company, made huge numbers of irresponsible bets, took huge losses"
One knows the folks at Goldman are no fools. Were they going to put
good money down for CDS that their counterparty (AIG) might not be able
to honor because it made no reserve provisions? Or was the temptation
of another big pay day just too tempting not to risk Other People's
Money to play the game?
         To date we have poured $160 billion into AIG -- this while others
see the value of their homes cut in half, the better part of their
401(k)s wiped out, their government services significantly reduced, and
other lending institutions diligently try to work out past due credits,
taking significant mark-downs and extending due dates to keep
industries and corporations alive.
This, as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are being covered 100
cents on the dollar on their speculative positions of intrinsically
flawed CDS derivatives on which they gorged themselves to the bursting
point. It is past time that a distinction be made between that part of
AIG's business that was a "large and stable insurance company," and
that part that was a "hedge fund," or better put, a casino.
So the big question becomes, why should AIG's CDS be paid down 100 cents on the
dollar when the rest of the country is taking at or near 50% haircut on
the value of its assets?
But then again the rest of the country doesn't have those well-oiled
K Street lobbyists pursuing their special interests in Washington.
They just vote and pay.

International Intelligence Expert, Tom Heneghan, has hundreds of highly credible sources inside American and European Intelligence Agencies and INTERPOL-- reporting what is REALLY going on behind the scenes of the controlled mainstream media cover up propaganda of on-going massive deceptions and illusions.
7:27 PM
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as this email copy does not
contain the links embedded in the original report.]

March 6, 2009
‘We Are Preparing For The Worst’, US Warns Russia
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Grim reports from the Kremlin are stating that United States Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has informed Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during their meeting today in Geneva
that the US is ‘fast nearing’ total economic collapse and that the Obama Administration is ‘preparing for the worst’.

Reports coming from the US are confirming Secretary Clinton’s fears as new data is showing that the American unemployment rate has hit a 25-year high of 8.1% with over 12 million jobless, which is the highest number since records began in 1940. Even worse, US experts are stating that this historic unemployment rate “only hints at why this jobs
downturn is worse than any since the Great Depression”, and comes at a time when a record 31.8 million Americans are now on Food Stamps, with a record 700,000 joining the rolls this past month alone.

Fears of growing unrest in the United States also appeared to be justified as tens-of-thousands of protesters in New York City rallied in what is being called a ‘massive budget backlash’ as the consequences for the economic crimes of their elite have been put solely on the backs of the ordinary Americans struggling just to survive. 

Frustration among Americans is also growing over the destruction of their wealth, savings and retirement as their stock market continues its historic plunge into the abyss and each day sinks to new historic lows      while the US Federal Reserve, called the ‘final backstop’ for the American economy is now reporting that its reserves have shrunk to less than $2 Trillion.

So angry have US lawmakers become against the Federal Reserve too that they are now threatening to withhold more rescue funds for the ailing Global insurance giant AIG
which has swallowed countless hundreds of billions of US taxpayer dollars but which the Federal Reserve still refuses to disclose to the US Congress the exact amount.

US opposition Republican lawmakers are also reported to be ‘livid’ over the new budget they say has been engineered solely for the benefit of powerful lobbyists and special interests     and which they have stalled from passing in the US Senate and which if not passed      could result in the American government shutting down completely.

President Obama, meanwhile, in opening his long awaited Health Summit at the White House further warned Americans that the US Health Care System poses the ‘single greatest risk’ to the American economy,
but which no consensus on how to repair this damage has yet been reached.

Russian economists though state that the greatest threat to the United States is the catastrophic debt loads it is carrying for Mexico, Ukraine, Georgia, Eastern Europe and other emerging market Nations financed during the Clinton-Bush administrations, and which amount to over $16 Trillion, and which when these countries begin to default on
these massive loans will,          quite literally, bring the US economy to its knees.

Even more dire warnings have been issued by the Dean at Russia's Foreign Ministry school in Moscow, Igor Panarin, who says President Barack Obama will order martial law this year    and that the US will split into six states before 2011,   and Russia and China will become the backbones of a new world order, the Associated Press reports.

“There is a high probability that the collapse of the United States will occur by 2010," Dr. Panarin told dozens of students, professors and diplomats Tuesday at the Diplomatic Academy.

Panarin said the recent economic turmoil in the U.S. and other “social and cultural phenomena” led him to move up his timetable for “The End” — when the United States will break up and Alaska will revert to Russiancontrol. He linked America's social and cultural issues       to the large prison populations and large numbers of gay men.

Dr. Panarin’s dire warnings were further echoed by Russian experts and as we reported on in our March 2nd report “Obama Breaks With Europe And Israel, Plans June, 2009 ‘State Of Emergency’ Rule”.

To the coming crackdown on all dissenters in the United States as their economy collapses we had also reported on in our February 24th report “US Orders Project ENDGAME To Begin, 775,000 Americans Targeted For Arrest”, and which even more disturbingly is now being reported in Canada too    as their Military Forces have announced this week that they are readying their reservists for threats to 'domestic front'.

Going virtually unreported in the American propaganda media are the underlying facts that our World has ceased being able to feed the Earth’s population, and with catastrophic droughts now being reported in the grain growing giants of the United States, China, India and Australia, and crippling droughts being reported from Kenya to Central America and beyond, the collapse of modern civilization as we know it is at hand.

But, and as we have reported on many times, to those wishing to know the full and horrible truth of the World we are now entering into, they need look no further than the still banned in the United States Pentagon secret report, published in 2004, that clearly shows what the elites have long know and the masses of ordinary peoples still ignore:
          “A secret report, suppressed by US defence chiefs and obtained by The
Observer, warns that major European cities will be sunk beneath rising seas as Britain is plunged into a 'Siberian' climate by 2020. Nuclear conflict, mega-droughts, famine and widespread rioting will erupt across the world.

The document predicts that abrupt climate change could bring the planet to the edge of anarchy as countries develop a nuclear threat to defend and secure dwindling food, water and energy supplies. The threat to global stability vastly eclipses that of terrorism, say the few experts privy to its contents.”

© March 6, 2009 EU and US all rights reserved
  Sorcha Faal

March 6, 2009

Foreign Banks got $50 Billion of AIG Bailout

American taxpayers are enraged over revelations that upwards of fifty billion taxpayer dollars given to bailout AIG, has gone to FOREIGN banks.

Even worse, the money went to cover Derivatives; which were nothing less than GAMBLING DEBTS incurred by financial hucksters trying to make a quick buck.

Details Here
(( The beneficiaries of the government's bailout of American International Group Inc. include at least two dozen U.S. and foreign financial institutions that have been paid roughly $50 billion since the Federal Reserve first extended aid to the insurance giant.
Among those institutions are Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Germany's Deutsche Bank AG, each of which received roughly $6 billion in payments between mid-September and December 2008, according to a confidential document and people familiar with the matter.
Other banks that received large payouts from AIG late last year include Merrill Lynch, now part of Bank of America Corp., and French bank Société Générale SA.
More than a dozen firms with smaller exposures to AIG also received payouts, including Morgan Stanley, Royal Bank of Scotland Group PLC and HSBC Holdings PLC, according to the confidential document.
The names of all of AIG's derivative counterparties and the money they have received from taxpayers still isn't known, but The Wall Street Journal has identified some of them and is publishing others here for the first time.
Lawmakers Want Names
The AIG bailout has become a political hot potato as the risk of losses to U.S. taxpayers rises. This past week, legislators demanded
that the Federal Reserve disclose names of financial firms that have received money from AIG, which Fed officials have described as too systemically important in the financial system to be allowed to fail.
In a Senate Banking Committee hearing in Washington on Thursday, Fed Vice Chairman Donald Kohn declined to identify AIG's trading partners. He said doing so would make people wary of doing business with AIG.
But Mr. Kohn told lawmakers he would take their requests to his colleagues. The Fed, through a new committee led by Mr. Kohn to discuss transparency concerns, is now weighing whether to disclose more details about the AIG transactions.
The Fed rescued AIG in September with an $85 billion credit line when investment losses and collateral demands from banks threatened to send the firm into bankruptcy court. A bankruptcy filing would have caused losses and problems for financial institutions and policyholders globally that were relying on AIG to insure them against losses.
Since September, the government has had to extend more aid to AIG as its woes have deepened; the rescue package now has swelled to more than $173 billion. ...(....)....))
 SO --- THE "GALACTIC WARS" WERE NOT "FICTIONAL" --- HUH ??? (views: 275)
Questionnairy -- Friday, 6 March 2009, 10:45 a.m.  salusa
watcher51445 -- Friday, 6 March 2009, 9:45 p.m.
hobie -- Friday, 6 March 2009, 1:55 p.m.
hobie -- Friday, 6 March 2009, 5:24 p.m.
Greetings and Salutations;
This would be a good time to read 'the sermon on the mount'. The fear and screaming is reaching a high crescendo and there's really no need for it, or does it solve anything. Every part of this world knows the time of change is upon us. Can't keep doing the same old thing and expect different results. A psychologist once said, 'you can't get upset when somebody you know keeps doing what they always do, only when they do something outside of their own paradigm'.
I don't see many people breaking their normal behavior, pointing fingers and judging, accepting none of their own responsibilty for their lives, but rather blaming, blaming, blaming, somebody anybody for the conditions in this country or the world. Like they don't live here and have no partcipation in how their own world looks or feels. Awareness is one thing, judgement is another. Until I see someone walking on water around here, well.....
There's nothing 'wrong' folks, my timing was off, because I was missing details, so please forgive me for jumping the gun. Often, I have been told, 'it ain't as easy, as you think' and I need to constantly keep that in mind. Yet, the truth is, if anyone goes back thru my messages from '99 on, the details are well laced thru them. I think the scarey part for people is, the events are actually happening now and are no longer in the mystical or conspiracy story zone.
I admit freely to be chomping at the bit, ready to run for my freedom. But we can't push the mississippi, or make the sun revolve around the earth, but we can be sure to put our feet firmly down on the ground and stop getting blown around by the winds of change.
What had been stretched out over time, got compressed into what may seem sudden, alarming, but just the medicine to cure the problems. So surely folks will have issues with getting a bucket of cold water thrown in their face, breaking them out of their deep sleep of self centeredness. Nobody likes having their held believes shown up to be pure d horse pucky. One that I learned from is, 'facts are just accepted opinions'.
You are about to presented with all you need to make an informed choice, which will be shocking all by itself...jeeze, truth??? I'm still heading across the water, incase anyone is wondering. I got work to do that I can't yet engage in the us, still way to many messed up laws, in my way. I can work better outside of the box, than on the inside, at this point in history.
I will say one thing here, other than a few nutballs, no one wants america to go down, it's just needs cleaned up from years of abuse and neglect, by the few. Frankly, the world knows our history better than we do, they've studied it, and wondered why we didn't do anything about it before.
If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, the us doesn't run the world, it just thinks it does. The adults in the world are forcing us to wake up and fully embrace why this country was assembled. That's why, new rules, will be brought forth, at the completion of these drops, none deleterious to the health of country, just more like radical surgery, long put off.
Well, I'm ready, and I'm sure most of you are, too. Just remember to breathe and walk with your feet on the ground..follow the yellow brick road! I promise, the wizard won't be hiding behind a curtain. That's it I'm outta here...(..)
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Ken6@Ken-Welch.Com,,,