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casper 3-7-09
OBAMA has stopped deliveries again, ordered the packs returned "to base" and ordered the tracking numbers cancelled. This is his response to his illegal attempts to trade OPM (other peoples money) being blocked. 
What happens now? Don't know yet, working on it.
  casper 3-7-09
casper march -7-09              2nd
 The gunfight at the O.K. Corral yesterday morning has turned into "The Battle of the Bulge" this weekend and I'm not referring to your waistline. This now involves the worlds major players because OBAMA stopped deliveries again last night.
As reported we knew more about what happened Friday morning than WE were able to discuss publicly. Now we can report that telephone calls were made to OBAMA from way over there "promising" him what would happen if packs didn't move immediately or if he interfered again as he had done Thursday. Perhaps you noticed that Summers and Geithner immediately went to meet with OBAMA at the White House after which the packs were released again and moved at 3:10 p.m. EST yesterday for delivery today. Then he stopped them again last night. During this period of continuing blockage by OBAMA and his ignoring of "promises" being made to him since the first of the week CHINA filed debt acceleration amendments in the World Court as reported.
  The reaction of the world to his blockage last night has been swift as OBAMA continues with these decisions under the tutelage of BUSH and CLINTON and the ILLUMINATI minions he chose to surround himself with. The world will take no more and made that clear to him Friday morning. In addition to his continuing attempts to trade funds not belonging to him he is well aware deliveries will lead to exposure of very serious criminal acts by successive administrations and replacement of the privately owned monetary systems of the western world. This represents a loss of "control of the world" not to mention that most of them are facing arrest.

The seriousness of the situation this very weekend can hardly be over stated as the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Instead of a "smooth as possible" transition from the old to the new the ILLUMINATI acting through their puppets OBAMA/BUSH/CLINTON have created the worst possible scenario risking a total systemic financial breakdown worldwide followed by chaos, anarchy and starvation all to preserve themselves in power.

Many dozens of the worlds key players are arriving at the Hague and elsewhere in Europe as I type. Meetings are beginning immediately and will go on throughout the night. They are now way beyond pissed having determined once and for all that OBAMA's words and signature are of no more value that was BUSH's. The major creditors of the U.S. are present as are major Trustees and many others not yet identified. OBAMA, having learned of this firestorm headed his way has sent a representative. WE hear he may be allowed to address the gathering but not attend the meetings. 

Meanwhile a couple of dozen U. S. politicians who support our return to the CONSTITUTION including Ron Paul have left the U.S. today "for their own safety" some sources say. Don't be confused by pre-recorded programs and film clips, our sources in Brussels have confirmed their arrival at hotels in Brussels. WE don't know everything and we don't know what will happen next, only that the situation has come to a head due to OBAMA's intransigence. The biggest players in the world don't travel unexpectedly and gather this quickly at this location unless something really major is about to happen. You might say the s__t has hit the fan. Our best GUESS is that the creditors are doing exactly what they promised (not threatened) OBAMA they would do which was that they would take over the FED RES and U.S. Banks and given the movements of PAUL and two dozen others it APPEARS the criminal CORPORATE GOVERNMENT may be included. WE expect things to break into the open suddenly and soon either through the Emergency Broadcast System or the main stream media should they decide the jig is up and don't want the American people to burn them to the ground when they learn all that they have been covering up.  
As for those who still "don't get it" because they have a bad case of "OBAMA FEVER", some people simply can't be educated. As we sometimes say "you can lead a donkey to water but you can't make him drink". It is the world against the ILLUMINATI and there is no longer any distinction between or patience with the puppets.
At the cost of immeasurable amounts of time and energy WE have explained in painstaking detail who the players are, what the war is about and the expected outcome. Most questions sent to us have been answered many times before and can be found archived at Fourwinds.
WE are hearing that deliveries may well be tomorrow, Sunday, with announcements possible Sunday night.
What if anything you ask could stop this outcome? Total and complete and immediate capitulation by OBAMA is our GUESS but the clock may have expired on that possibility already.
Remember friends, the CORPORATE GOVERNMENT is a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE, is not our friend and does not represent the people as you can clearly see as they continue to funnel trillions to the corrupt financial institutions and hand the tab to us and our children. These institutions pocketed trillions passing along incredible sums to the politicians who helped them rape the world. Don't cry if their demise is at hand. And don't worry about the availability of domestic access if the Banks are closed, we hear that has been planned for. Also remember that OBAMA like BUSH before him has tried to put the country back into another 70 year bankruptcy of nations contract so they could continue their corrupt management of the country a part of which was to declare We The People "Enemies of the State" as described by "S" and casper in previous reports.
Our understanding of the "new" is that it will be honest, transparent and constitutionally correct. The world, we hear, seeks a level playing field not to replace the U.S. Empire and its imperialism.
 casper 3-7-09

casper 3-8-09
The meetings which began mid afternoon Saturday U.S. time at the World Court in the Hague are nearing completion now, Sunday night U.S. time. All communications, phones, fax, computers etc. were turned off for the duration of the meetings so WE have been unable to talk to "friends" who were in the meetings before now.

The Connecticut Trustee was in the meetings representing the demands of the U.S. government/OBAMA that all money in all programs be given to them. He demanded that all money located around the world be transferred to his personal jurisdiction.

The CHINESE and DYNASTY FAMILIES present advised the Court, C.T., and the U.S. government the program money does not belong to them, it belongs to the American people, they have earned the money and they are not responsible for the debts incurred by the U.S. Government. C.T. stormed out with his tail between his legs. 

CHINA'S lawsuits against the U.S. will proceed. This is supposed to result in deliveries tomorrow and announcements tomorrow night.

All are exhausted and news is limited. Hopefully we will have more tomorrow.

  casper 3-8-09





 THEY SHOULD HAVE PAID ATTENTION TO MY Y2K, 2001, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, WARNINGS (views: 290)
watcher51445 -- Sunday, 8 March 2009, 12:45 p.m.


Be that as it may.. The WORLD BANK was hoodwinked into this Counterfeit U.S. Debt mess after the Al Qaeda incorporated the Inter-American Investment Corporation (see: CERTIFICATE F AUTHENTICITY at ) 
then used a Greek & Nevada Registered Corporation known as Hellenic Express International and proceeded to lodge forged, altered, false notary documents on property they did not own, and property which the U.S. Federal Government has "No Area of Jurisdiction" but allowed the Council on Foreign Relations to work with these Al Qaeda individuals who were and are American Citizens operating out of Nevada and Philippines which you can read about at . 

Once this Al Qaeda working inside the U.S. Treasury and U.S. Federal Reserve without interference from the Council on Foreign Relations had put out Trillions of worthless U.S. Debt Derivatives to third world nations (118 all together in what is called the unaligned nations) they saw fit to scandalize the united States by BLACKMAILING THE PRESIDENT and his family which can be read at 
for the president's brother Jeb Bush assisting them 'hoodwink the WB/IMF' and over another incident which they threatened to expose which is posted at ..


 Re: Hmmmm?! A Cyborg is a Cybernetic Organism (views: 59)
watcher51445 -- Sunday, 8 March 2009, 7:35 a.m.

The second phase of the experiment Project Cyborg 
2.0 got underway in March 2002. This phase will look at how a new implant could send signals back and forth between Warwick's nervous system and a computer. If this phase succeeds with no complications, a similar chip will be implanted in his wife, Irena. This will allow the investigation of how movement, thought or emotion signals could be transmitted from one person to the other, possibly via the Internet. The question is how much can the brain process and adapt to unfamiliar information coming in through the nerve branches? Will the brain accept the information? Will it try to stop it or be able to cope? Professor Kevin Warwicks answer to these questions is quite simply "We don't have an idea - yet, but if this experiment has the possiblility to help even one person, it is worth doing just to see what might happen". 

Professor Kevin Warwick, the world's leading expert in Cybernetics, here he unveils the story of how he became the worlds first Cyborg in a ground breaking set of scientific experiments. 

In the years ahead we will witness machines with an intelligence more powerful than that of humans. This will mean that robots, not humans, make all the important decisions. It will be a robot dominated world with dire consequences for humankind. Is there an alternative way ahead? 

Humans have limited capabilities. Humans sense the world in a restricted way, vision being the best of the senses. Humans understand the world in only 3 dimensions and communicate in a very slow, serial fashion called speech. But can this be improved on? Can we use technology to upgrade humans? ...(...)

ANUNNAKI and HUMANITY (views: 615)
watcher51445 -- Sunday, 8 March 2009, 7:12 a.m.

watcher51445 -- Sunday, 8 March 2009, 6:36 a.m.

Ladyhawke -- Sunday, 8 March 2009, 3:33 a.m. 
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Rayelan -- Sunday, 8 March 2009, 8:33 p.m.

Never_Surrender -- Sunday, 8 March 2009, 5:58 p.m.
In Bozeman, the "AMERICAN LEGION" was leveled on MAIN STREET and in White Hall the "LEGION GRILL" was leveled on MAIN STREET.
hobie -- Sunday, 8 March 2009, 12:39 a.m. 
Reader: "(hmm) GUESS WHO ELSE WENT TO BRUSSELS THIS WEEK..." (views: 876)
hobie -- Sunday, 8 March 2009, 1:34 a.m. 
hobie -- Sunday, 8 March 2009, 3:59 a.m. ...:

When People Stay True to Their Mission For Years, It's a Good Bet They Will Carry It Out Posted By: Rayelan <Send E-Mail> Date: Sunday, 8 March 2009, 1:16 a.m.

(...) My immediate project??? 
I am going to build an underground safe house just in case my RMN Radio guest "DC" is right about the star that exploded and is headed our way. It should arrive about 2012. If she's right. The earth will have its atmosphere blown away in the same way that Mars did. 
She said people could survive if they built underground houses and stocked away enough food. She said that concrete dome homes would survive the blast. 
Her interview has not been posted yet. I will let you know when it's posted. ...(...)

................;read=142703 ..


 Elite Bankers Threatened to Release Weaponized Strain of Avian Flu - Military Coup Against Bankers in Progress (views: 1281)
Rayelan -- Sunday, 8 March 2009, 12:36 a.m. 
 Here's the Interview With The Source Who Says the Elite Want a War In Mexico to Resettle up to 50 Million Mexicans (views: 654)
Rayelan -- Sunday, 8 March 2009, 1:09 a.m.


RMN -- Saturday, 7 March 2009, 7:38 p.m.
 Four Leaders of the Sovereign Movement Indicted by Federal Grand Jury in Las Vegas - One is Retired FBI Agent Featured in "From Freedom to Fascism" (views: 288)
Rayelan -- Sunday, 8 March 2009, 4:25 p.m. 


This is the Shot Across the Bow to the Sovereign Movement ! When will the WACOs and OKCs BEGIN?? (views: 376)
Rayelan -- Sunday, 8 March 2009, 5:42 p.m.





March 8, 2009 8:42 PM    Eisenhower Had Jewish Blood

....  West Point was very conscious of any ' Non-White' candidates. It was obvious from Eisenhower's appearance that he was carrying another race's blood. The headmaster quizzed him and he admitted he had Jewish ancestors. His father was a Swedish Jew who married a Swedish gentile woman.
During World War II when Col. Eisenhower was working for Gen. Douglas McArthur in the South Pacific, McArthur protested to his superiors in Washington (DC) that Eisenhower was incompetent and that he did not want Eisenhower on his staff. In 1943, Washington not only transferred Col. Eisenhower to Europe but promoted him over more than 30 more experienced senior officers to five star general and placed him in charge of all the US forces in Europe. ...(...)

Bernard Baruch was behind Eisenhower.
His military promotions on the eve of WWII and during the war are curious to say the least. Zionists found an Army officer who had been a military failure until Bernard Baruch promoted him to General.
His actions and responsibilities during and after the war: direct, personal negotiations with Stalin on the placements of the armies (and the surrender of territory won by Americans, with the ceding of that territory to the Russians).    
The massacre of surrendered Germans at Dachau, the fire bombing of Dresden, Operation Keelhaul, and the intentional starvation of over 1,250,000 "disarmed enemy forces" all clearly mark him as a war criminal and an embarrassment. Dresden video
In 1952, although he had been a Democrat most of his life, Baruch endorsed Dwight D. Eisenhower for president. ...(...)


Eisenhower's Holocaust His Slaughter Of 1.7 Million Germans
March 6, 2009 6:55 PM 
Posted March 6, 2009 "God, I hate the Germans..." Dwight David Eisenhower in a letter to his wife in September, 1944 First, I want you to picture something in your mind. You are a German soldier who survived through the battles of World II. » read more


Barack Obama's Economic Recovery Plan. Interview with Prof. Jack Rasmus

by Workers Emergency Recovery Campaign
March 8, 2009

The following is an interview with Prof. Jack Rasmus by the Workers Emergency Recovery Campaign (WERC). Rasmus is a professor of economics at St. Mary's College and Santa Clara University in Northern California. Below he outlines the details of Obama's economic recovery plan, showing the plan's inadequacies and the resulting implications. 


Rasmus: First, it should be noted that the real deficit by 2010 will be $2.25 trillion.
One way they are talking about financing this deficit is with carbon credits. These are carbon pollution permits. The government is expecting a $526 billion revenue from this source, though it's questionable whether they will be able to raise this amount. Governments and corporations in Europe want to give corporations credits for free. They'll try that here too.
They will issue more Treasury bonds, and they will simply have go to the printing presses and print more money. Clearly, they are in a bind -- especially if the economy continues to tank.

WERC: You have made many predictions that have actually come true -- unlike just about every mainstream economist and forecaster. What are your predictions today?
Rasmus: We're on the knife's edge of a transition between this epic recession and a depression. The bank bailout will require trillions more dollars. And even then, the impact is likely to be marginal.
The depression could be triggered by one or more of the following factors: sovereign debt crises in Eastern Europe, deepening job losses in the United States, the collapse of the treasuries' markets; the collapse of the global bond markets. These are among the many possible scenarios.

WERC: What is to be done?
Rasmus: I have outlined some policy recommendations here. Readers who would like to delve into this question in greater depth can get my full set of proposals on my website, which is You can also see my latest article in the March 2009 of "Z" magazine, where I describe my full set of proposals for recovery as an alternative to the Obama program.
 Global Research Articles by Workers Emergency Recovery Campaign



March 8, 2009 11:15 AM DEEP CAPTURE

NEW! Download the Story of Deep Capture in .pdf format. 

The Columbia School of Journalism is our nation’s finest. They grant the Pulitzer Prize, and their journal, The Columbia Journalism Review, is the profession’s gold standard. CJR reporters are high priests of a decaying temple, tending a flame in a land going dark.

In 2006 a CJR editor (a seasoned journalist formerly with Time magazine in Asia, The Wall Street Journal Europe, and The Far Eastern Economic Review) called me to discuss suspicions he was forming about the US financial media. I gave him leads but warned, “Chasing this will take you down a rabbit hole with no bottom.” For months he pursued his story against pressure and threats he once described as, “something out of a Hollywood B movie, but unlike the movies, the evil corporations fighting the journalist are not thugs burying toxic waste, they are Wall Street and the financial media itself.”

His exposé reveals a circle of corruption enclosing venerable Wall Street banks, shady offshore financiers, and suspiciously compliant reporters at The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, CNBC, and The New York Times. If you ever wonder how reporters react when a journalist investigates them (answer: like white-collar crooks they dodge interviews, lie, and hide behind lawyers), or if financial corruption interests you, then this is for you. It makes Grisham read like a book of bedtime stories, and exposes a scandal that may make Enron look like an afternoon tea.
By Patrick M. Byrne, Deep Capture Reporter

The Story of Deep Capture
By Mark Mitchell, with reporting by the Deep Capture Team
Introduction - by Mark Mitchell
I began working on a version of this story in January 2006, while serving as an editor for the Columbia Journalism Review, a publication tasked with upholding the standards of the American media. In November 2006, a hedge fund that was at the center of the scandal I was investigating offered the Columbia Journalism Review a great deal of money. Shortly before CJR accepted the money, I left my job, so I do not know if my editors, whom I believe to be honest people, would have allowed me to persevere. But I have no doubt that the hedge fund’s “beneficence” was aimed at preventing the publication of stories like this one. 

And it might well have succeeded if Patrick Byrne had not approached me with an idea. Why not combine forces and spearhead a whole new approach to investigative journalism? Most media content is produced by rumpled journalists (i.e., people like me), working alone under tight constraints. Deep Capture could be something different - a power team circumventing the traditional media and pushing limits to uncover the truth. 

When I entered the picture, this team had already established that a small number of law-breaking hedge funds had put the American financial system at risk of collapse. Indeed, the hedge funds are employing the same tactics that contributed to the stock market crash of 1929 and the Great Depression that followed. If you want to understand the current turmoil in our financial markets, you could do no better than to read the material in Deep Capture: The Analysis.

The lengthy (40,000 word) story that follows should help you to understand how - and why — Patrick came to embark on this project. I am the author of the story, and attest to its accuracy, but it benefits substantially from the work of the Deep Capture team: freelance researchers, bloggers, gonzo computer hackers, economists, and even a one-time foreign intelligence agent. 

Some mainstream journalists will not like this story. They will perhaps disapprove of our methods or decry the advent of vigilante journalism. But most of all, they will not like this story because it is largely about them - a tale of reporters who seek to be players, but instead become pawns - a tale of prominent journalists who help cover up a massive financial crime while toadying to some of Wall Street’s slimiest operators.

(...) The importance of Wikipedia entries should not be underestimated. If you do a Google search for “naked short selling,” the all-important number-one result is the Wikipedia entry that says in no uncertain terms that phantom stock does not exist.

Did Jimbo Wales give special protection to Gary Weiss and SlimVirgin, allowing them to hijack this and other Wikipedia pages? It is perhaps too early to say for sure, but it is worth understanding a little bit about Jimbo Wales’ prior career.

To summarize: Before founding Wikipedia, Wales owned a soft core porn site. Before founding a soft core porn site, Wales was a key player in the precise area of the Chicago options market where naked short sales are often negotiated.

For a good explanation of how phantom stock is created in league with options market makers in Chicago, read this paper.

(Click here to read The Story of Deep Capture, Part 2)

March 8, 2009 4:39 PM What Does One TRILLION Dollars Look Like?
Next we'll look at ONE TRILLION dollars. This is that number we've been hearing so much about. What is a trillion dollars? Well, it's a million million. It's a thousand billion. It's a one followed by 12 zeros.

You ready for this?
It's pretty surprising.
Go ahead...
Scroll down...
Ladies and gentlemen... I give you $1 trillion dollars...
(Note how small a person looks compared to the display of one TRILLION dollars!)


March 8, 2009 3:44 PM China's Spending Spree Likely to Include Canadian Companies

March 8, 2009 10:44 AM States entertaining new round of 10th Amendment resolutions.

Legislators from at least eight states have introduced "10th Amendment resolutions" for consideration during the 2009 legislative session. The following list of states are currenty considering or have already passed 10th Amendment resolutions: AL, AK, AR, CA, CO, GA, HI, ID, IN, KS, ME, MI, MO, MT, NH, NV, OK, PA, TX and WA. While the text of each resolution may 
vary, the purpose and intent does not: The federal government is to cease its encroachments and adhere to limitations imposed upon it by the Constitution. Most of the 10th Amendment resolutions came as a result of the work by Dr. Eugene Schroeder in the 90s when the Clintons were nationalizing land and destroying rural America under the guise of environmentalism. The renewed interest has been prompted by several "notices" of overreaching federal intent being promoted by Obama as "change we can live with." The most powerful 10th Amendment resolution introduced this year comes from New Hampshire, a truncated version of which appears below:
HCR 6—State of New Hampshire, 2009 Legislative session
That the several States composing the United States of America, are not united on the principle of unlimited submission to their General Government; but that, by a compact under the style and title of a Constitution for the United States, and of amendments thereto, they constituted a General Government for special purposes, delegated to that government certain definite powers, reserving, each State to itself, the residuary mass of right to their own self-government; and that whensoever the General Government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void, and of no force; that to this compact each State acceded as a State, and is an integral party, its co-States forming, as to itself, the other party: that the government created by this compact was not made the exclusive or final judge of the extent of the powers delegated to itself; since that would have made its discretion, and not the Constitution, the measure of its powers; but that, as in all other cases of compact among powers having no common judge, each party has an equal right to judge for itself, as well of infractions as of the mode and measure of redress; and...

[The 2,300-word resolution goes on with a spirit that would have made the Founders proud and includes forming committees of correspondence to send representatives as diplomatic envoys to discuss matters with the legislatures of the several states].





Sunday, 08 March 2009 
Putin: Obama "Idiot" For Adopting Socialism
'Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has warned the Obama administration against adopting further socialism, saying Russian history clearly proves it is a recipe for failure.
"Any fourth grade history student knows socialism has failed in every country, at every time in history," said Putin. "President Obama and his fellow Democrats are either idiots or deliberately trying to destroy their own economy".'
Or both!

Sunday, 08 March 2009 
International Womens Day of Hate
'International Women's Day (March 8) is a longtime Communist propaganda gimmick. What does it say about our world when it is enshrined in mainstream culture? Clearly, Communism isn't dead; it has just morphed into other forms. 

IWD pretends to celebrate women but this poster near my Winnipeg home shows an ugly, surly shrew brandishing a hammer. The caption reads, "if I only had a hammer.."

She'd what? Hit men over the head? Tear down society? Smash women who want husbands and children? This isn't far fetched. Under the dance notice, the poster actually says: "Come smash patriarchy at midnight!" ' ....(...)

Communism is about divide and rule. International Women's Day was inaugurated in 1910 in Copenhagen by "The Socialist International" (i.e. Communists) to promote "women's rights."...(..)

The fact that Communist-inspired agitprop is part of our mainstream culture is an example of how society has been subverted. Most people are not socialist, let alone Communist.

As long as we allow a secret Illuminati clique (Communists, Zionists, Freemasons) to control our credit, undermine society and plot world government, we are complicit in the destruction of our way of life. We will have no one to blame but ourselves. 

Related: Fema Concentration Camps: Locations and Executive Orders 
Obama Continues Bush's Repressive Policies 
and the comments....
Troy said (March 8, 2009):
I understand and agree with most everything you address, but still have a problem. While I believe this issues are real, and a huge problem, I never really hear a solution. You say 'we are complicit in the destruction of our way of life' and that we are responsible as long as we allow it to continue.
Again, I agree. What can I do right here, right now to stop this and get others who are blind to it to understand? Just realizing that it's happening won't cut it. 

The process of subversion has been going on for at least 250 years and achieved enormous power. There are always second-rate people willing to sell out their society in order to get ahead. 
There's no quick fix. Each of us has to challenge and oppose the NWOrderlies in our own way. We have to "take ownership" of our resistance by conceiving it ourselves.

Saturday, 07 March 2009 
Political Leaders for 911 Truth

Political Leaders for 9/11 Truth ( is today being launched as the latest formal group calling for a new investigation into the events of September 11, 2001. The organization is headed by Councilor (Senator) Yukihisa Fujita of Japan and former Senator Karen Johnson of Arizona. 
This initiative is formed around a petition asking President Obama "to authorize a new, truly independent, investigation to determine what happened on 9/11." 
Political Leaders for 9/11 Truth thus joins other concerned citizens’ groups calling for a new investigation, including Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Firefighters for 9/11 Truth, Lawyers for 9/11 Truth, Medical Professionals for 9/11 Truth, Pilots for 9/11 Truth, Religious Leaders for 9/11 Truth, Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice, and Veterans for 9/11 Truth.





Serious allegations of criminality are swirling around ex-US President George W. Bush and current Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir. In late February of 2009 it was reported that the Hague-based International Criminal Court was preparing to issue a warrant for al-Bashir alleging his culpability for genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. 

As the documents were being prepared against Sudan's head of state, ex-President Bush was preparing to initiate a series of high-paying speaking engagements beginning in Calgary Alberta on March 17. Bush's visit to Alberta's oil capital tests the consistency and authenticity of the Canadian government's "unequivocal" position that "Canada is not and will not become a safe haven for persons involved in war crimes, crimes against humanity or other reprehensible acts."1 ....(....)



The scene near a mosque in the Gaza town of Beit Hanoun after Israeli troops opened fire on a group of Palestinian women, killing one of them (see here) and injuring 10 others. The mosque had been the scene of an Israeli siege after a group of men, presumed to be armed, took refuge there. //

This story should come as no surprise to anyone. Successive Israeli governments have given ample evidence over the past 60 years that, in their opinion, Palestinian life is worth little more than that of the animals that extreme orthodox Jews sacrifice to their destroyer god "Yahweh". Indeed, at least on a symbolic level, the murder of Palestinian men, women and children by Israeli soldiers is seen by Zionists as a similar type of blood offering to the all-too-human "god" that "promised them Palestine" 2,500 years ago. 

With such callous disregard for the life of other human beings, what does anyone expect the end result of the manufactured "Middle East crisis" to be, other than the murder of probably millions of innocent people, Arabs and Jews alike, with only the Zionist leaders escaping unscathed, as always.
In the various news reports on this story, the men that the women were attempting to protect are described as "militants" or "gunmen", yet the Israeli soldiers are only ever referred to as "soldiers". The term "militants" has a clear negative connotation, which has been deliberately fomented by the Israeli propaganda machine over the past few years to the point that it is not synonymous with "terrorist". Palestinians, you see, are not allowed to carry or use guns in defence of their lives. If they do, they are "terrorists". Israeli soldiers, on the other hand, are free to murder and maim at will, safe in the knowledge that they will be lauded as heroes. Why? Because the Israeli government and the controlled Western media says so, and you believe it. 

If, however, you retain an essence of your own decency and humanity, you cannot but understand that these Palestinian men are, first and foremost, the fathers, husbands, sons and brothers of the women who attempted to protect them, men who were taking a stand and attempting to halt the ongoing murder of innocent Palestinian civilians that is the hallmark of every Israeli incursion into beleaguered and terrorized Gaza.

It was February. 13th, 1945. I lived with my mother and sisters (13, 5 and 5 months old twins) in Dresden and was looking forward to celebrating my 10th birthday February l6th.
... The activities of the war in the east came nearer and nearer. Lots of soldiers went east and lots of refugees went west through our town or stayed there, also in the air raid night February13th/14th. 
About 9:30 PM the alarm was given. We children knew that sound and got up and dressed quickly, to hurry downstairs into our cellar which we used as an air raid shelter......
There seem to be many issues that nag at our moral conscience like no others. 
Luckily for some, British history is so heavily sanitised that we really do not have to feel like we come from a country that has made too many blunders or committed any unspeakable war crimes. 
....Sadly the bleak truth is that today marks a very dark date, not just for the British, but for all those involved in one of the greatest premeditated mass murders in history. For today sixty-four years ago, British and American bombers dropped hundreds of thousands of bombs on the ancient German city of Dresden. 
As the bitter five-year conflict approached its final act - with Germany utterly broken and humiliated, 800 RAF bomber planes let loose 650,000 bombs in two waves of deadly attacks. The event, though largely forgotten, was one of the most shameful episodes of the Second World War. Unsurprisingly, those brave pilots in RAF planes faced very little resistance - as Dresden, like most other cities in Germany was beaten and stuffed to the brim of civilians living in the most appalling conditions....(..)
Now, so many years after the event there is nothing that can be done to excuse the incident other than to acknowledge, as a mature nation, that the bombing of Dresden was an act of pure savagery and it should never have happened in the first place. Germans have spent the best part of the last century having to apologise for their nation's war crimes, maybe a small long-overdue 'sorry' from the British and Americans would be in order? Surely it is not too much to hope for.
Comment: Well, don't hold your breath upon waiting for that "sorry" to come. Germany is paying annual fees to the state of Israel to this day for the holocaust, as Germany was the culprit to carry all the weight of atrocities committed by all during WWII.
 Case closed; and the powers of our times don't seem willing to re-open it.

Comment: It does not yet seem to have dawned on the author that elements of the British government could be seeking to provoke precisely that result: an extreme civilian reaction to extreme state oppression.
The latest article by the brilliant Abd al Bari Atwan, of the London based 'al Quds newspaper' translated into English by Maysaloon:
A Syrian Arab (emphasis on Arab) awakening in a modern and bewildering world gone insane.\17z50.htm&storytitle=ff%CA%D1%E5%ED%C8%20%C7%E1%E3%D3%E1%E3%ED%E4%20%DD%ED%20%C8%D1%ED%D8%C7%E4%ED%C7%20fff&storytitleb=%DA%C8%CF%20%C7%E1%C8%C7%D1%ED%20%DA%D8%E6%C7%E4&storytitlec=
I've dabbled with blogs before and frankly I believed they were for self centred yuppies (and westernised wannabe's) who needed another way to feel they were special and unique. Suffice it to say, I still think so, however, not all blogs need to be that way. After coming across As'ad Abu Khalil's excellent blog I am now sufficiently motivated to add my voice to the growing community of Arab bloggers giving a critical and Arabic perspective on the events and people of the Middle East, free from Orientalist assumptions and prejudice. ...........
For those of you unfamiliar with the name, Maysaloon is significant to all Syrians and is remembered every year on July 24th. It is on this date in 1920 that the heavily outgunned and outnumbered Syrian army and volunteers, under Defense Minister Yousef Al Adhmeh, faced off the invading French army. Needless to say, they were crushed. The following day the French army marched into Damascus and Syria was now under French mandate (read occupation).
  Maysaloon's Youtube channel Why Maysaloon? Why blog in English?

The small Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan, in the Eastern side of Holy City of Jerusalem, is facing imminent destruction. Only Yesterday, Sunday, we were warned that this disaster would affect up to 1,500 Palestinian through the destruction of nearly ninety homes and apartment buildings. 
We are able to warn you about this impending carnage because it is not a 'natural' disaster which will wreak havoc on these lives, rather a wholly human one. 'Hurricane Israel' is scheduled to make landfall in Silwan in the coming days, and rather create on its rubbles a public park. 
Can any of you imagine watching your home, and the homes of your neighbors, torn down in front of you - often with most of your possessions still inside? Can you imagine being made a refugee twice or thrice over - starting your lives again with only the shirts on your back? Can you imagine rebuilding your life with the knowledge that 'Hurricane Israel' could return again at any moment reducing your efforts to shambles?...(...)
Israeli forces shot a twenty year-old Palestinian farmer as he worked his land in the village of Al-Faraheen, east of Khan Younis in the Gaza Strip. 
International Human Rights Activists were accompanying the group of farmers at the time as they worked approximately 500m from the Green Line. 
Mohammad al - Breem, 20, was shot in the right leg as the farmers, together with the international Human Rights Activists, attempted to leave the area having worked on their land for 2 hours in full view of the Israeli forces situated along the Green Line. 
As the farmers were loading up the parsley and spinach from the agricultural lands shots were fired from Israeli forces on the border. Mohammad was shot in the right leg and evacuated, while still under fire, to hospital.
Join us in demanding immediate and total:
1. End to U.S. aid for Israel.
2. Divestment of business and labor investments in Israel.
3. Labor boycott of Israel.
4. Withdrawal of U.S. and allied forces from the Middle East.
To endorse the following statement, please go to:

AND is born out of the need to offer all those interested and active in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement a shared space for information, analysis, exchange of ideas and experiences. This website is overseen by the steering committee of the Palestinian BDS National Committee and has been adopted as a tool of the ICNP (International Coordinating Network on Palestine) to support efforts of networking and coordination. 
Since the Unified Palestinian call for BDS, launched in July 2005, BDS initiatives have been multiplying all over the world. Building and strengthening a global BDS movement has become a core aim for many involved in today’s solidarity work for Palestine. ...(...)

Inspired by the South African anti-apartheid movement, activists should continue to grasp the opportunities that BDS offers and build up the momentum that has been generated. As Israeli apartheid week, taking place worldwide from 1-8 March, solidarity activists should continue to work within the narrow, but highly significant space that exists for them to try and hold the Israeli government, and their own governments, accountable for abuses of human rights and humanitarian law against Palestinians. //
Jeff Handmaker is an author, a human rights lawyer, and a researcher and university lecturer in human rights at the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague.

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Jean-Moïse Braitberg is a French author Source: Le Monde

British police release three members of the Viva Palestina aid convoy destined for Gaza after their terror link charges were dropped. 
The three men, aged 26, 29 and 36 from Burnley, Lancashire, were arrested on February 13 as they were driving on a motorway to leave Britain as part of a £1 million aid convoy, organized by former Labor lawmaker George Galloway, to the beleaguered Palestinian strip. 
Nine men had been initially apprehended while driving in two vans on the M65 westbound motorway near Preston. Six of the detainees were later released without charges. 
One of the two vans surrounded by police vehicles bore an image of the Palestinian flag on its side while the other had signs reading Stop Killing Children, Free Palestine and From Blackburn to Gaza. 
The motorway was closed for a short period of time and a number of vehicles were also seized. 

"Viva Palestina" comprises of more than 100 vehicles which left London and boarded ferries from Ramsgate in Kent, to Ostend, Belgium, en route to Gaza. The convoy includes 12 ambulances and a fire engine, and carries medicine, tools, clothes, blankets and shoeboxes full of children's treats. 
The convoy needs to travel 5,000 miles through France, Spain, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt before arriving at Rafah in Gaza early next month. 
Following the arrests, anti-terror police raided five Burnley residences where the detainees lived. One front door was removed from its hinges as police entered the house, mail online reported. 
The Burnley Three, who were released from police custody without being charged on Feb. 19, are now on their way to join the rest of the convoy. 
"Viva Palestina" members cheered upon receiving the news and shouted "Allahu Akbar" in joy, Press TV correspondent Yvonne Ridley, who accompanies the Gaza aid convoy, reported. "The so-called anti terror raid made huge headlines in the British media ... I wonder if the convoy gets the same amount of newsprint and airtime devoted to this good news story to redress the balance. I doubt it," she added. 
According to Ridley, the other six men who were briefly detained last Friday are now headed for Tunisia in three vehicles laden with humanitarian supplies for the people of Gaza.
Comment: It is obvious to anyone paying attention that the objective of these so-called 'terror linked' arrests was purely that of propaganda. 
The British public are not to be allowed to have sympathy with the suffering inflicted on the Palestinians (as evidenced by the BBC's refusal to air the DEC charity appeal), and so we have this further action to grab the headlines
 and link the words Palestine, aid and 'terrorists' in the public mind. 
The tabloid readers now have their new 'opinions', ready made for Israels next set of excuses for not lifting the blockade, or indeed, their refusal to let the aid convoy into Gaza. Stand by to have the 'terror link' story wheeled out again when the convoy arrives at Rafah.
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    Gaza aid convoy arrives in Spain
Mohammed Ali Aerosol Arabic: Urban Islamic Art Fri, 20 Feb 2009

Comment: "Thousands of potential recruits have been flocking to recruiting centres in the last few months as the country entered a recession and unemployment mounted." 
Unemployment means more soldiers. Soldiers' mission is war. War: the time-honored distraction to hard economic times. Here we go again.
Who Needs A Draft? comment By: Laura 
 ... when you can force people to join the military by economic recession? 
Clever... Enron clever!


..... hal...

March 8, 2009
Washington, DC -- President Obama conceded today that the US was not winning the war in Afghanistan and opened the way for negotiations with moderate elements of the Taleban, much as America did with Sunni tribes in Iraq.

Asked during an interview with The New York Times if the US was winning in Afghanistan, Mr Obama replied “no”.

Full story Here

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March 8, 2009 9:50 AM Notice to the Unorganized Militia - from hal-turner ..........
The 9th Amendment states: 
"The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."
Hence, WE THE PEOPLE have the legal right to enforce Article II, Section 2, Clause 5. Now, it is time for us to do so.
By this communication, I hereby request the Unorganized Militia in each of the 50 states prepare to be called into service.
If all peaceful means to redress this issue become exhausted - and it appears that will happen soon - we may need the militias to settle the issue...(...)


....alcuin..... ....


US Military declare war on international bankers in response to the owners of the US Federal Reserve banks threatening Congress, the President and the entire population of the United States with a massive biological attack
A weaponised strain of avian flu is thought to be involved. Major Asian security organisations in the know have withdrawn their personnel from the USA. The US Navy is in the forefront of the bankster round-up. Several CIA bankers have been killed. Others are missing and presumed to be in secret interrogation sites, probably aboard submarines.

Outlaw the shadow banking system
Illuminati minions Barack Obama and Gordon Brown wriggle on the hook as their day of reckoning approaches.
"Outlaw the Shadow Banking System!" Guess Who Said It? by Matthias Chang
Matthias Chang is a prominent barrister, author and analyst of the New World Order based in Malaysia. His website:


Private Chinese financial interests foreclosing on US national debts of hundreds of trillions of dollars
On Wednesday 4th March 2009, a lawsuit was filed at the World Court in The Hague, by China, on behalf of the several old Chinese families, including prominent Ming dynasty descendants, who have been funding the national financial needs of the US since the early twentieth century. These Chinese debts are due to be paid no later than Friday 20th March 2009. Along with The Crown Temple, in London, the Chinese families are the major creditors of the current US national bankruptcy. 
Where has all the US bailout money gone? Federal Reserve Board refuses to disclose AIG's counterparties.
Suspicions are growing that US taxpayers' money is being secretly siphoned off to accounts at Goldman Sachs. More here and here (07.03.09).
US banks Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan used US Treasury TARP funds to purchase counterparty derivatives which bet on AIG, Bank of America and Citibank going broke
This elite-led financial conspiracy was conducted through secret offshore hedge funds controlled by Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan in the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas. There has been no US government or SEC oversight of publicly traded hedge funds that are operated offshore since President George Bush Jnr's Executive Order in May 2006, which exempted them from this oversight. The intention of the conspiracy was to bankrupt AIG, Citibank and Bank of America at a point at which the Dow Jones Industrial Average would be trading at 6,000. Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan would then step in and take over the three failing institutions at penny-share prices. The conspiracy failed. Dow Jones chart here. AIG here. Bank of America here. And Citigroup here.
Who is paying pharmaceutical company Baxter International (Deerfield, Illinois, USA) to ship live avian flu viruses mixed with vaccine material to medical distributors in eighteen different countries?
This cannot have been a mistake. Who are the bioterrorists at Baxter? And who is running them? 
Purge of US CIA drug smuggling agents under way
A worldwide crackdown on illegal Skull and Bones drug trafficking operations is becoming evident. Mexico, Afghanistan and South America are particularly involved. What will happen when all the CIA-funded mafias of the world are starved of their drug money?
Complete list of staff salaries paid to employees of the government-owned National Newspaper in Abu Dhabi, UAE (pdf - 5 pages)
Background coordinates here.



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Sumer, Nibiru, Annunakis: un joli petit documentaire très basique sur cette culture humaine hybride initiée par les announakis très avancés. Intéressant de voir qu'elle refait surface. Triste qu'on ait détruit l'Irak et ses musées, un des royaumes des dieux anciens. Le croisement des humains avec cette race. Le sang bleu ? Ça dérange bien des religions que Sumer ait existé avant elles.
Durée : 06:53Pris le : 20 août 2007Lieu : Belgique
Zecharia sitchin, archéologue et orientaliste émérite, expert en langues sumérienne et babylonienne nous introduit au mystère de nos origines et de la douzième planète, selon ce qu'il en a appris dans les tablettes de Sumer. Ne manquez pas de lire les ouvrages écrits par Sitchin, tel le livre "la douzième planète" : une vérité à ne plus ignorer, si vous voulez être en mesure de comprendre ce qui s'en vient !!!



Obama's Isomorphism and the Timeline 28AD-70AD-2008AD ::: MUST(views: 80)
in_PHI_nitti --
Saturday, 7 March 2009, 2:00 p.m. 
In familiar humanoid terms; the 'inside story' goes like this. 
The politico-economic structure is a manifestation of the timeline in self-evolution. 
The restricted and physically separated 'dominions' merge and blend through a historical timeline, say a precessional Maya-cycle UNTIL this blending reaches a certain saturation point, say the accessibility of physical global communication. 
This worldwide 'web' of physical communique so renders the harbouring superorganism as 'unified' in the 'physical' sense and allows the metaphysical 'web' to SHADOW this development. 
But the 'masterplan' requires INDIVIDUAL parts of the superorganism to become 'selfaware' enough to harbour the MAT definitions of what a spacetimed universe represents in the 'greater order of things' and as NO INDIVIDUAL can hitherto accomodate the necessary spacetime parameters required; and as the timeline is 'fulfilled'; whatever modality is in control (the politico-economic system) must CRYSTALLISE the means to further 'fulfil' the timeline. 
Then for the prophecied endtime scenarios to play themselves out; the controlling system itself; will 'groom' the INDIVIDUAL required to change the course of its own agenda of control. 
This shall manifest as follows; 
Barack Hussein Obama is a secret double-agent, but he may only be partially aware of this role. 
His birthday is August 4th, 1961 and he is 'blessed' in the blessings of the Jordan, August 4th, 28AD. 
His role is to REPRESENT a MIRROR to the world as a 'honest politician' and filled with integrity. 
Barack Hussein Obama IS that, what he is trying to represent and 'there is no guile or deceit' in his mouth. 
History is repeating itself, with the metaphysical messiah of 28AD MIRRORING the world around himself in a physical context. 
Now some insight information. 
Jesus walked alone and without disciples or apostles from December 8th 24AD until his baptism by John the Baptist on August 4th, 28AD. 
Jesus did proclaim the 'kingdom of god' during that time, but without the blessing, he was one of many. 
Obama was a peacemaker on the campus at Harvard; unifying the proPalestinians with the antiPalestinians as well as black and white; Obama was elected president in that role. 
After the blessing, Jesus went into the wilderness for 40 days and upon returning confounded the 'temple scribes' and also began to work in parallel with John the Baptist and began to associate disciples, from whom he later chose the apostles as direct inheritors of his wisdom, knowledge and 'gnosis'. 
Obama is 'handcuffed' until January 20th, inauguration day, but MUST choose his 'inner circle' of advisors and 'co-decision' makers in his 'days in the wilderness'. 
Now Jesus chose his 'inner circle' of his own will or intuition; but Obama MUST chose those, who 'allowed him' into office. 
So the overall situation for the global community is this. 
There is ONE Obama, who would, and is expected to, to 'MAKE a difference' and to 'manifest change in the order of things'; BUT Obama, the 'Most powerful man in the world as the president of the United States of America' CANNOT do so, without the collaboration of the politico-economic controllers 'behind the throne'. 
There is ONE Jesus, who would and could 'MAKE a difference' and who 'manifested change in the order of things'; because he acted locally and in relative obscurity with a personally chosen circle of immediate friends and initiates. 
What is the outcome of the True Barack Hussein Obama, the peacemaker and a Prince of Peace; who IS a TRUE Prophet of the SHALOM, but who is TRAPPED as a FALSE Prophet in the Image of the Beast of prophecy (Revelation.12-13ff)? 
Barack Obama will grow old before his time and conflicts with his own family will further frustrate him and the worlds around him. 
Barack Obama will tread the footsteps of Jesus as a promised messiah and desiring in his heart to fulfil the expectations placed upon him, he will continually be frustrated by the 'advisors' and 'power mongers' about himself. 
Barack Obama has an agenda of peace and 'goodwill to all men'; this is his office given to him by the circle of the illuminati. 
This illuminati KNEW, that the image of the USA as a global leader had to be changed and modified. 
This illuminati groomed Obama and opened certain doors to radiacally change the global perception and selfimage of the USA as mirrored to the rest of the world. 
The circle of the illuminati is NOT a group of people knowingly conspiring to 'rule the world'. 
The individual members of the illuminati are only peripherally connected to each other. Partial reason for this is the elimination of blackmail, abduction and the exposure to personal perils. 
The individual members of the illuminati are normal people and inheritors of the Abrahamic starseed promises like everyone else. 
What differentiates the illuminati-members is their independence from monetary and fiscal constraints and their thorough acceptance of the metaphysical realities. 
The illuminati has been instrumental in 'manipulating' the intelligentsia and the academics on one side of the spectrum and the under-educated and the bourgoise- and the peasantry on the other side. 
The academic 'rational' elite has been 'brainwashed' in the form of a limited 'power sharing' in the academic world and the 'irrational' populus has been 'brainwashed' in the form of the mass media. 
This mass media has become 'controlled' in its strict adherence to the principles and the modus operandi as set out by the 'brainwashed' academia. 
The illuminati fully embraces the 'gnosis' of astrology, scripture, science fiction and utopian scenarios. 
The illuminati knows that to stay in control; both the academical powersharing and the deception of the populus must remain steady. 
The illuminati also knows, that for some strange reason the prognostications of all things seems to fade out near the Mayan nexus point of 2012. 
All the fiscal freedom in the world, seems to be insufficient to ensure the continuity of the illuminated BEAST of the System. 
This BEAST of revelation is the Trap and Prison of Barack Hussein Obama. 
Obama speaks like a Dragon and has the horns of a lamb. Obama is a True prophet of God; yet he is also a False prophet of the Beast in whose image he has power to be what he is. 
Obama is the Image of God AND the Image of the Antigod. 
The God is metaphysical and the Antigod is the SAME God as a physical image. 
Jesus of 28AD was both, the Son of God and the Son of the Antigod as the Son of Man and as the Son of Satan. 
Because Jesus had a physical body, was he the Son of the Devil. Everyone in embodiment IS a Son of darkness! 
Obama and WYN, both are the Son of God in the footsteps of Jesus and also the Son of the Devil as say White and Black Lucifers or as the Morning Star of the Dawn and as the Evening Star of the Sunset as Venus and as Venusia and as White and Black Madonnas. 
The Falseness in Obama is the falseness of his embodiment and the Truth in Obama is the truth of his metaphysical embodiment as a spirit. 
Because Obama is a man, his MindWave is True, but his embodiment as a ParticleWave is False. 
As Michelle Obama is a woman, her Mindwave will come into conflict with Barack's Mindwave as a female goddess. 
Post 2012AD, should the union wither the approaching storms; the False prophet of Obama and the Jezebel of Michelle can become absorbed within the lake of Michelle's Fire and the Brimstone of Barack. This is the 'Heavenly Wedding' of Barack as a selfrealised HeShe in the Christening Dragonomy with Michelle as a selfrealised SheHe. 
In either case, the 'Death of the false Images' is the fulfilment of all prophecy and the 'scriptures' of the 'Holy writ' shall become placed upon the dustshelves of the human histories. 
To conclude; Barack Hussein Obama is divinely commissioned to do what he is saying he intends to do. 
Barack Obama is HELPING to bring the war between the 'Heaven of spirit' and the 'Hell of an earth' to an end. 
The name Barack Hussein Obama carries within the reconciliation between Christianity and Islam and so between the Western paradigmn and the Middle eastern worldviews. 
Barack Obama will EXEMPLIFY to the whole world what a 'honest politician' looks like and how such should behave. 
Barack Obama so will MIRROR the corruption of the BEAST of the polito-economic systems back to the world, the populus and the illuminati. 
Barack Obama so will SHARE the frustrations of the populus in NOT being able to implement the things he promised as the 'false prophet', groomed by the illuminati. 
The whole world will FALL into DESPAIR, because Obama will be seen to be powerless to effect change. 
Because Obama has NO apostles and NO 'followers' who SHARE his visions, and despite the adoration of millions; because of that particular ONENESS of being a powerless messiah - the BEAST SHALL FALL! 
The BEAST shall fall and then many Obamas shall converge to reconstruct a United Nations, not toothless as a global instrument, but being comprised of Wisdom Carriers; native tribal chiefs from all around the globe and the seven continental sisters. 
An Orb of Elders, Unified within the vison of Barack Hussein Obama and a vision shared by themselves as their own vision; shall REINVIGORATE the oratories of Barack Obama and of Martin Luther King and of JFK and Abraham Lincoln and the founding fathers and of all the 'Speakers' in the office of Solomon, the Wise. 
Then the global war machine shall be dismantled and all military 'expenditure' shall become of civil service to construct and reconstruct infrastructures and the basic amenities on a global scale. 
Then the fiscal war machine shall be dismantled and all the monetary dependencies shall be transformed into a 'credit exchange mechanism' which is all inclusive and a function of beingness within locality. 
Then all national governments shall be abolished in a universal 'party of unity' and because of certain external occurrences post 2012, this party shall be democratically 'elected' into office on a worldwide scale irrespective of the prevalent political system in place. 
Then there will be only a global government of selected elders, interacting with local governments - there will be no nation states, but there will be community government. 
Whoever 'lives' at a certain place will make the regulations and means of trade and exchange for that place. Subsequently all territorial quarreling will become superfluous: the Tibeteans 'rule' Tibet and the Chinese 'rule' China; the Kurds 'rule' Kurdistan and the Mohicans 'rule' Mohicana and the Palestinians 'rule' Palestine. 
There will be an understanding that the place called Israel is no longer a geographical location, but a reference to the global community as a whole. 
The Mohican is an Israelite as much as the Tibetean, the Chinese, the Kurd and the Palestinian. 
So the Israelite in Israel is BOTH, an Israelite from Abraham through Isaac and Sarah and also a Palestinian from Abraham through Ishmael and Hagar. 
The woman of geographical Jerusalem so can call herself a Jewish Goddess or and and a Palestinian Goddess. 
The Mohican- or Tibetean Goddess will also be a Hebrew Sarah=Princess and if She chooses to reside in the New Palestine, then She will also become a Palestinian Goddess - all in one. 
Then there will be another open door for the Israelites which wish to change residences. 
There will be a NEW Geographical ISRAEL, following the renaming of the Old Israel as the New Palestine. 
So the Hebrew Gods and Goddesses, who do not wish to remain in Palestine as Israelites; they can easily migrate to the NEW IS-RA-EL called AUS-TRA-LIA. 
Australia will be known as as one of the seven sisters and linked in blood to America as a twinship sister and also associated with seven sisters in the Pleiadean sky. 
And there will be communication between the Pleiadean sisters and the seven Gaian sisters and many things will be known and understood and a new science will be known to enable many things and the old terran science will be the prototypical backbone for the new science and people post 2012 will turn on their TV's and view the stories pre 2012 and shake their heads in amazements: 'How could the world not understand what is so clear today? But we were all so blind, but now we can clearly see!" 
And Barack Hussein Obama will say: 'Yes, it all was worthwhile after all!" 
IAmWhatIAm - Betwixt the Physical and the Metaphysical Realities yet divided but to be as One again!



Saturday, 07 March 2009 
The David Icke Newsletter Goes Out On Sunday 
All those who say nothing can be done about what is happening globally today need to look at what these women achieved. 
Here was a small, unarmed and apparently powerless group faced with the extraordinary challenge of stopping a war between rival factions who had become so dehumanised by year after year of rape and mass murder that they were daily engaging in the most unspeakable atrocities. 

But here was first one or two women, then a few more who joined with them initially, inspiring a whole national movement of non-violent, non-cooperation which forced these moronic men to the peace table by the sheer power of their refusal to accept nothing less than that. 

This is how the apparent ‘miracle’ was achieved: 
1.) They said ‘enough’ – and meant it. 
2.) They were not going to take ‘no’ for an answer, no matter how long it took or what sacrifice that entailed. 
Crucially, there was a third element, also. They brought women together of different faiths and tribal loyalties behind the common goal of peace and freedom for all. 
It proved, as it always does, to be an unstoppable combination. 
What the women overcame through non-violent, non-cooperation and a refusal to give up no matter what the intimidation. 

See also David Icke's major 'Please don't riot' background article and please circulate as widely as possible.

I can encapsulate what is going on here with part of a letter alleged to have been sent in 1871 by Albert Pike, a Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in America, to Giuseppe Mazzini, the Illuminati 'revolutionary' in Italy. In this letter, Pike is said to have detailed the background to three world wars the Illuminati was planning to bring about their global dictatorship. The first two happened as he predicted and this is what he said about the third: 
'The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the "agentur" of the "Illuminati" between the political Zionists and the leaders of the Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion ... 
... We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. 

Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.' 
Click here for more background ... 

Many dismiss the letter as a myth, but in the context I am using it that doesn't matter. What it says is what is planned - an economic and social catastrophe in which the people turn on themselves in their engineered desperation and all morality is submerged in a mass battle for perceived survival. 

The term 'nihilism', used in the Pike letter, has this dictionary definition: 
* Rejection of all distinctions in moral or religious value and a willingness to repudiate all previous theories of morality or religious belief. 
* The belief that destruction of existing political or social institutions is necessary for future improvement. 
That pretty much sums it up, really, and this is why they want people to riot all over the world to destroy the existing order, which, yes, the Illuminati created, but they now seek to replace that with the next stage of their tyranny - total global control. This means that national governments and nation states must be destroyed to allow a world government to assume its dictatorship. 
Look at that definition of 'nihilism' again in the light of this: 'The belief that destruction of existing political or social institutions is necessary for future improvement.' 
'Rioter' and police dealing with the 'rioter' - all wearing the same police-issue boots. Just a coincidence, nothing to worry about. 
Already waiting in the wings are the agent provocateurs and the useful idiots primed to start the riots and civil unrest that the idiots believe to be challenging the existing order. But the existing order was created by the same network of Illuminati families that are seeking to create the 'new order', the New World Order, which is planned to emerge from the turmoil and chaos they are now engineering. 
To achieve this, as always, they need our cooperation and let no-one be in any doubt that those who choose to riot and loot in response to what is happening, and encourage others to riot and loot, are walking straight into the trap that has been laid for them. The government and military agent provocateurs will know that, the useful idiots will not, but it is time they did. 
I have met few more concrete-minded or naive people than those that are termed the extreme end of the political 'Left'. They have been played like a violin for hundreds of years to change the world in the image of the Illuminati blueprint in violent revolutions to bring down the established order. Now they are being gathered again to complete the journey to global tyranny and provide the violence and chaos that is designed to open the way to a world government, world army, world central bank, world electronic currency and a microchipped population connected to the global positioning satellite system, or GPS, among many other technologies of surveillance and control. 

The riots and looting they want to see, the chaos, will be met with the installation of a Police State with curfews, jail without trial, the military on the streets, and the activation of the concentration camps for 'dissidents' that we have long warned about. They are officially called 'military installations', run by FEMA, the deeply-sinister Federal Emergency Management Agency, and it is no coincidence, of course, that a bill numbered H.R. 645 is passing through Washington 'to direct the Secretary of Homeland Security to establish national emergency centers on military installations'. No, concentration camps, and other countries will have them prepared also. 
Look at what that War College document said: 'Under the most extreme circumstances, this might include use of military force against hostile groups inside the United States.' Might? It's a certainty because that's the plan and all the laws are in place to allow them to do it. They have been passed by governments around the world as 'anti-terror' legislation, but they use the terms 'terror' and 'terrorist' in such a non-specific way that all these laws can be applied to the entire population of the country that the 'laws' were supposed to protect according to their advocates. 
It was all a gigantic con, as some of us tired of pointing out. It had nothing to do with terrorists who are alleged to plant bombs and so on. All these laws have been put into place with the specific goal of controlling the mass of the people through a Police State when they triggered an economic collapse, together with new wars. 

Add to all this a stream of presidential executive orders signed by successive presidents without oversight by either the House of Representatives or the Senate. These are unconstitutional and make the president a virtual dictator. Click here to see the powers that the State can activate, thanks to these orders, when martial law is declared. 

  This is why Obama's Zionist Svengali, the White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, is seeking to have gun ownership curtailed - to make the military takeover easier. Meantime, more people are seeking to be armed and requests for concealed weapon permits in Florida alone are up 42 per cent in 45 days with the consequences of the economic turmoil in mind.(...) 
The only way to stop all this is not to react as they want us to, with violence and hostility to both the State and each other. How many violent revolutions have led to just another tyranny, official or unofficial, to replace the one that fell? It has to be so because what is destroyed by violence will be replaced by the same energy. 

 As I have said in my books, what you fight, you become. 
John Lennon put it perfectly when he sang: 
You say you want a revolution 
Well, you know 
We all want to change the world 
You tell me that it's evolution 
Well, you know 
We all want to change the world 
But when you talk about destruction 
Don't you know that you can count me out ... 

... You say you got a real solution 
Well, you know 
We'd all love to see the plan 
You ask me for a contribution 
Well, you know 
We're doing what we can 
But when you want money 
for people with minds that hate 
All I can tell is brother you have to wait  

Revolution (1968) ... click here to watch ... ...(...) 

We need to come together in mutual support, love, kindness and empathy. We need to put aside the manufactured fault-lines that divide us - religion, politics, race, culture and income bracket. That is not to say people have to reject their beliefs, just don't let them be weapons of division. 
We are all in this together and we need to meet the challenge together, not steal from each other, loot or riot, or look the other way because something happening to someone else is 'not my problem'. They are not seeking to enslave Muslims, Jews, black people, or white middle class Americans and so on. They are seeking to do it to all of us and they are picking off different groups one by one, just like the Nazis did in Germany. ...(...) 

  We need to start getting organised in communities and groups to support each other and stop cooperating with the system - not to fight it. The system can only exist with our cooperation and acquiesce. We are holding it together. They have their men and women of violence, called the military and 'Swat' teams, to deal with violent resistance. 

But their worst nightmare is our non-cooperation - the refusal to pay taxes; refusal to leave homes when banks foreclose on them; refusal to 'comply' with our own enslavement in any form. The system couldn't cope if this was done on a mass scale. And that's the point: to do this we need to do it en-masse and those not immediately affected need to support those who are. 
Instead of compliance, we need the non-comply-dance of people who beat to a different drum and will not comply with what is unfair, unjust, or targets their freedom and the freedom of others. This approach does not refuse to comply in a spirit of hostility, rage or violence, but with love, joy and laughter - and an unbreakable determination not to cooperate with their own enslavement. 
We need a mass refusal join the military, especially if they try to introduce the Draft; a refusal to do the compulsory 'community service' for young people that Obama's controllers want to introduce (as does the UK government); and a refusal to join, or accept the legitimacy of, Obama's planned civilian security force, which is nothing more than a scam to get the people to police the people on behalf of the Elite in the midst of the economic collapse and war. 
We need to start getting together local currency schemes that can operate outside the system and, yes, people should also have mass protests if they choose, so long as they are peaceful. But they need to be part of the campaign of non-violent, non-cooperation, not the focus of it. 
How many mass protests have there been over the years around the world and yet everything just goes on as before, be it war or globalisation. We need to stop posturing and then heading for the bar to feel good about ourselves and start doing what will actually make a difference. 
Mass protests can ease frustration - steam whistles as I call them - but what good do most of them do? Mass non-cooperation with the system is far more effective. 

The protests need to be targeted at non-cooperation, refusing to accept laws that ban assembly by massive numbers turning up; surrounding the homes of neighbours when the bank bailiffs come to put them on the street; and so filling the locations of government and finance with masses of people that the system cannot function. Workers who provide essential services to government, police and financial institutions etc., can refuse to do so until Orwellian laws and financial injustice are removed. In this way the perpetrators are affected, not the mass of the people, as with all-out strikes. 
And all of this needs to be good humoured and strictly peaceful. 

I would say this also to those in uniform. 
You may think you have power, but you are just pawns in the game like anyone else. You don't have the power, your uniform does, because that is an extension of the State. Those inside are just there to animate the uniform and do the bidding of those it represents. When you are useful to the cabal they'll praise you and when you are surplus to their requirements as part of the bigger agenda they'll show you the door. ......(...).. 

If there are many things you would like to do in a room, but the room is dark and you can't see, what is the fundamental first step to anything else happening? You have to turn on the light and then all the rest becomes possible. Without that you are thrashing around in the dark and falling over the furniture. 
That is what 'humans' are doing today and have been for so long. They have been manipulated to believe they are their bodies and their names when those are just the experiences of who they truly are - eternal Consciousness. As the great American comedian, Bill Hicks, said: 
'... all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There's no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves.'
The divisions between us are illusory to allow a certain kind of experience, but these illusions have been exploited mercilessly to divide and rule us. 

When we awaken to the truth of who we are the world looks very different and so do the challenges that are put before us - or we put before ourselves. Move your point of observation and everything changes. Try it. Try ceasing to identify who you are with your body, your name and the reflection in the mirror. Try seeing those things as experiences and not who you are. Try observing your life and the world from the perception of the real you - eternal Conciousness, All That Is, Has Been and Ever Can Be in our illusion called 'time'. .........(...) 
Eternal Conscious in awareness of itself doesn't riot; it is not violent and it doesn't loot. But nor does it ever do, or accept for itself and others, what is not fair, just, loving and kind. Crucially, Consciousness is without fear. When we operate on that level then we can truly claim to be Conscious and not trapped in the illusion called Mind. As Albert Einstein said: 'You cannot solve problems with the same level of consciousness that created them.' 

John Lennon also made this key point in Revolution about what needs to happen to really make a difference. We need to free our minds and become Conscious: 

You say you'll change the constitution 
Well, you know 
We all want to change your head 
You tell me it's the institution 
Well, you know 
You better free you mind instead 
But if you go carrying pictures of chairman Mao 
You ain't going to make it with anyone anyhow 

We are now fast heading for the eye of the storm that has been planned for so long to enslave the global population in a centralised tyranny. But we don't have to accept it or acquiesce to it, meekly looking on as the walls of control close in by the day. 

But that is what is happening and it has to stop. For everyone's sake, it has to stop.

We can come together, we MUST come together, putting aside the fault-lines of race, religion, culture and income bracket. These are just illusory labels through which we are divided and therefore ruled. Believe in them if you wish, and enjoy them if they make you happy, but don't let them divide us any longer.

We need to come together in mutual support at this time as those with sick minds and closed hearts are poised to throw everything at us to complete their agenda for total control. Whether their insanity prevails is not in their hands, but in ours. It is we who have the power if only we would choose to use it. 

We are One Consciousness deluded into thinking we are 'little me'. When we realise that we are all One - and act upon that with courage, love, kindness, peace and empathy for all who need support - the walls of oppression must fall.

But sitting on your arse hoping it will all go away is no longer an option. 

It never was. 



.....fw10 -2-.......... Makow.........

March 8, 2009 3:25 PM Communist Takeover Began Long Ago

Henry MaKow Ph.D. 
(March 13 2005; Updated March 1, 2008) 
Three years ago I wrote that KGB generals have been given important positions in the Dept. of Homeland Security, run by Lenin look-alike, Zionist Michael Chertoff.

I described this development as the "stealth Communist takeover of the USA. How better do it than when everyone is thinking Muslims, and our elected officials are too corrupt and compromised to protect us?"

We don't recognize what has taken place because we were taught that Communism was an idealistic but discredited "working class" experiment, tried mainly in Russia and China.

This misconception has duped millions of unsuspecting socialists and liberals including myself. As recently as 1999-2000, I was singing the praises of Canadian Maoist dupe Dr. Norman Bethune to my English literature class.

The Illuminati bankers created Communism to harness the working class to their program of a comprehensive world dictatorship (now known as "globalization.") The Illuminati and Communists are Masonic secret societies that celebrate the same anniversary, May 1, 1776 and share the same satanic symbols. Coincidentally, as you know, "Chertoff" means "devil" in Russian.

The program took a giant step in 1913 when these Luciferian London-based bankers gained control over America's finances through the passage of the Federal Reserve Act. This gave them means and incentive to step up their covert war against humanity. The two world wars were the immediate result.

Communism is a satanic movement devoted to human degradation and enslavement, not public ownership and social justice. Of course, no one would support it if they knew the truth.

Many high-ranking former-Communists have risked their lives to alert their fellow Americans. One is Bella Dodd whose shocking book "School of Darkness" I reviewed two years ago.

She describes how Communists morph into liberals, feminists and socialists, and myriad front groups (identifiable by the words like "human rights," "equality," "international" and "peace") to divide and subvert society.

In "Return to My Father's House" (1972), Maurice Malkin provides more revelations. He was a leader of the American Communist Party (CPUSA) in the 1920' s and 30's, and part of the Soviet secret service (GPU). When he left the CPUSA, he testified before Congress and suffered a stabbing attack as a result.

Malkin, a Jew, had been involved in the Bolshevik underground in Russia. His older brother Joseph, a devoted Marxist later killed by Stalin, taught him that by overthrowing the Czar, workers could "eliminate all injustices and create a heaven on earth." All problems were due to the "class war." The dogma of the duped went like this:

"The capitalist bourgeoisie owned everything yet the working class did all the work. The mission of the working class was to take through violence what rightly belonged to them...[Only Marxism] could relieve the human race of brutality, discrimination [i.e. anti-Semitism] and injustice, of hunger, poverty and the drudgery that filled the lives of ordinary working people everywhere." (27-29)

Malkin immigrated to New York and took the ersatz religion of a workers' heaven on earth with him. Lev Bronstein (Leon Trotsky), a close family friend taught him "bullets, not ballots would liberate the workers." (50)

His brother Joseph was one of the 150-175 mostly Jewish radicals who left for Russia with Trotsky in 1917 aboard the S.S. Christiansfjord. Banker Jacob Schiff financed them.

The ship was stopped in Halifax and the occupants interned. Despite (or because of) Trotsky's public declaration that they "were going home to Russia to dig the grave of capitalism," Woodrow Wilson intervened on their behalf. Rothschild agent Edward House controlled Wilson.

The Illuminati bankers despise capitalism because it involves competition and market forces. It allows other people the opportunity to prosper and be free. They favor monopoly or state capitalism and the abolition of private property because then they own or control everything and everyone. Of course, this is disguised as "public ownership" but they control the government, and its wealth.

Thus, for most of the last century the United States has tolerated a party openly dedicated to the violent overthrow of the US government and the enslavement of its people.

This party, the CPUSA was funded and directed by a hostile foreign government. It engaged in industrial and military espionage, trained guerrilla units on American soil, forcibly took over unions, raided their treasuries and controlled whole industries. It slandered, harassed and killed opponents; bribed police and judges and infiltrated the military.

Yet all the while, our highest elected officials defended it as a harmless idealistic enterprise. "Some of my best friends are Communists," FDR famously said.

Malkin reports that Adlai Stephenson (as Assistant to Navy Secretary Knox) sabotaged efforts to curtail Communist activities. In 1956, Eisenhower "liquidated all anti-subversive sections in the Immigration Dept and halted deportation and prosecution of known alien Communists. [He] stopped prosecutions of Communists under the Smith Act, giving the Party a chance to regroup and organize new mass fronts." (191)

The Liberal media marginalized and ridiculed as "right wing fanatics" people who warned of the Communist threat. To this day, people don't accept that the Rosenbergs were indeed Russian spies. The House Un-American Activities Committee is portrayed as a "witch hunt."

Communism is nothing but a sugarcoated goon squad for the Illuminati bankers. Malkin reports that the CPUSA even had a formal alliance with the mafia, another Masonic sect.

Moscow provided the Mafia with heroin to sell in the USA. The Mafia "lent" money to the Communist Party, provided muscle for taking over the labor movement, and disposed of enemies or members who woke up. (One Communist leader, Juliet Stuart Poyntz, was kidnapped, killed at sea and thrown overboard.) The Mafia also distributed counterfeit US dollars printed in Moscow.

Following Stalin's example, American Communists robbed banks, calling it "expropriation." In his book, "Left Wing Communism" (Vol. 30) Lenin counseled: "Communists are to be ready to cheat, lie, perjure and do everything possible to gain their ends." Thus, when evidence of their skulduggery surfaced, it was little matter to denounce it as a "forgery" and smear the messenger.

The Communist Party infiltrated the Negro Civil Rights movement and got Ralph Abernathy and Martin Luther King to work with their Moscow-trained Negro mercenaries. W.E.B. BuBois and Ralph Bunche were among their "Black" front men but they hardly had any Black followers. American Negroes were too patriotic.

"The Reds realized that the only way to weaken our country is by dividing it through anarchy and chaos," Malkin writes.

They had more luck with women. The Communist attitude to women is instructive since second-wave feminism is Communist in origin. Feminism is recycled "class war" adjusted for gender.

Young female members were used on the waterfront to recruit sailors and longshoremen and bring them to party functions. "Girls would always be found in the Communist summer camps doing the party's bidding plus offering a little enjoyment on the side. The Party believes that the only laws and morals are Communist morals. ....Communists do not believe in family institutions or morals so everything is free." (239)

The Communists had a department dedicated to "the destruction of the morale of the American people by undermining their faith in their moral and social patterns." (71) You can bet that something like this is behind same-sex marriage.

When Hitler and Stalin made a pact in 1939, Malkin realized there was little difference between the two and quit the Party. He devoted the rest of his life to defending American institutions, working for the U.S. Dept. of Justice from 1948-1956. He realized belatedly that his religious father's condemnations of Communism were correct, hence the title of the book.

Although this book was published in 1972, the Communist conspiracy is more active than ever. Conscious and unconscious agents abound especially in homosexual, feminist, socialist, zionist, neo-con and liberal circles. "Human Rights" commissions, "employment equity" and diversity officers are modern political commissars. "Hate speech" is censorship applied selectively. "Politically correct" is a Communist Party term.

Once, a lesbian running for the head of the English Department gave a long speech saying she believed in "peace." What did this have to do with English literature? "Peace" is code for the end of resistance to the NWO, i.e. Communist global tyranny. She was elected Chair of the Department.

The New World Order is full of empty platitudes about "peace" "tolerance" and "human rights." But in light of the NWO's murderous Communist (and Fascist) pedigree, these platitudes are no more convincing than if they were uttered by Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer.

Western elites (including the intelligentsia) suffer from a peculiar death wish. We would be slaves already were it not for the fact that ordinary Americans own firearms. This, the Internet, and the inherent self-destructiveness of evil, are my main reasons for hope.

... See Below: William F. Jasper "The Conspiracy Above Communism"

...and the comments......
Marcos in Brazil said (March 2, 2008):
Congratulations for one more excellent article. I am sad that many Americans seem to like Venezuela's Chavez and can't see the connection between him and worldwide communism. Just because he opposes evil Bush, (in a dialectical manner) people love him. The globalists make us choose between the bad and the worse. Chavez is engaged, with Lula from Brazil, Morales from Bolivia and Kirschner from Argentina, in a continental plan to establish a Marxist South America. Next will be your own Northern part of the continent.
Your readers definitely must read the writings of former Communist, philosopher and journalist Olavo de Carvalho. He inserts global communism in the wider context of the revolutionary mentality, a vain and arrogant philosophy that empowers an elite with a mission to change the world (in their own interests), regardless of any moral standards. They murder and steal, but their cause is worthy it, they think.

One could begin with the text "The Revolutionary Mentality" :

One paragraph suffices to summary it:
"By refusing himself to be accountable to anything except a hypothetical future of his own invention, and firmly disposed to destroy by cunning or by force every obstacle to the remodeling of the world to his own image and likeness, the revolutionary is the worst enemy of the human species, compared to whom the worst tyrants and conquerors of Antiquity impress us by the modesty of their aims and by a notable circumspection in the use of their means."

I will contact Mr Carvalho to see if I can translate more of his texts into English.
Keep up the good work.

Graeme said (March 2, 2008):
Hi Henry,
That's because communism, capitalism, americanism, democracy, fascism and every other 'ism' was created by the same satanic elite zionist pigs to further divide members of the human race, or rather Goyim to them....while all the different factions of zionist controlled groups are busy fighting and killing each other they sit back like the cowards hiding behind their many fronts, they are counting their riches and laughing at us gullible cattle!

Anthony said (March 2, 2008):
Two thousand years ago Jesus Christ prophesied the world would succumb to Communism. The
seventh and final Church Age (or sabbath in the antitype of Israel's Pentecostal Feast),
that ran from 1906 to 1963, was called "Laodicea" which means "people's rights" or
Communism. People are under the delusion that Communism is a political party when it is in
fact a "spirit" that pervades our legislatures, judiciaries, churches, educational
institutions, industries and political parties of every colour, and the attitudes of
families and individuals.

Because Christ who is the truth (John 14:6), has been displaced as the Absolute - even in
the churches that bear His Name - we are defenseless as individuals and as nations from
the power of Lucifer who has brought the entire world under dominion to the Talmud through
Rothschild's B.A.R. (British Accreditation Registry) which franchises judges, barristers,
solicitors and attornies in practically every nation. By this means the enemy of God and
man is able to override statute law by "case law," even in the absence of a jury, and
"case law" established in one country becomes a precedent in another jurisdiction. The
Talmud is actually based upon the Babylonian merchantile code
(, that has been "rebadged" as the U.C.C.
(Universal Commercial Code), so that worldwide, national laws are Talmudic.

Christ set man free from the iniquity of the Talmud, which is the antithesis to the Law
and the prophets (Matthew 15:1-9). But man did not bother to apprehend "faith," which is
the infinite "mind of God," and trusting in human reasoning and carnal wisdom returned to
Satanic bondage. Khrushchev launched "the most spectacular peace movement on record" in
1956. Interestingly, the prophet William Branham said that the United States rejected her
last opportunity for national repentance in 1956/7, the julilee of the 1906 Azusa Street,
Los Angeles, Pentecostal Revival. The object of the Communist "peace offensive" is "to put
the burgeoisie to sleep," so that the final takeover of the entire world by Communists
would succeed through the element of surprise.

One Nisan 14 in the Hebrew calendar (equivalent to the Roman church's "Good Friday"), the
end of the Gentile dispensation will be marked by a series of massive earthquakes, sinking
Los Angeles and a section of earth 1,500x300-400 miles, splitting the mount of olives,
causing the demolition of the dome of the Rock. About six weeks later, Russia will attack
and successfully invade the United States. The world's religions, which all have offices
in the Vatican, will unite under the Pope of Rome to restore peace. The world will implore
the Pope to be inaugural president of one world government. Rome will make a seven-year
agreement with the Banksters of the City of London to refinance the failed US dollar with
gold backing, and in the midst of the week of years - the last week of Daniel's seventy
weeks of years, Rome will break her agreement and her erstwhile partners will display
their true colours, and siding with Judaeo-Communist Russia will bomb the Vatican and the
United States from the face of the globe. Then Armageddon will set in with the
consummation of life on earth.

Yours sincerely in the love and service of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Your brother-in-Christ,
Anthony Grigor-Scott
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Dick said (March 2, 2008):
I have been a reader of your articles for several years.It is nice to finally realize that I am not insane –that there is indeed a mostrous conpiracy in play and that its' agents provatueur and machinations seem are being exposed by researchers like yourself.

Like yourself I too have struggled with my identity as a 'jew'. I was adopted by a Jewish couple, in the city of --------. My father was a 32 degree freemason and my mother a social worker for the welfare system. I went to Hebrew School, had a Bar-Mitzvah..but after that I never felt that I was Jewish. 

I worked for a relative 's business for a while and was introduced to the diabolical dogma of the talmud.
After reading your articles about the SabbateanFrankists and Protocols of the Elders of Zion...I saw the connection in the language. ....(...)

(...) John Francis Hylan was the Mayor of New York City from 1918 to 1925. He identified the ''interests'' of ''invisible government" which exercised its control over the US Government through the Federal Reserve. Hylan's most famous words against "the interests" was the following speech, made in 1922, while he was the sitting Mayor of New York City:

"...The real menace of our republic is this invisible government which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy length over City, State, and nation... It seizes in its long and powerful tentacles our executive officers, our legislative bodies, our schools, our courts, our newspapers, and every agency created for the public protection..."

"To depart from mere generalisations, let me say that at the head of this octopus are the Rockefeller-Standard Oil interest and a small group of powerful banking houses generally referred to as the international bankers. The little coterie of powerful international bankers virtually run the United States government for their own selfish purposes."

"They practically control both parties, write political platforms, make catspaws of party leaders, use the leading men of private organisations, and resort to every device to place in nomination for high public office only such candidates as will be amenable to the dictates of corrupt big business..."

"These international bankers and Rockefeller-Standard Oil interests control the majority of the newspapers and magazines in this country. They use the columns of these papers to club into submission or drive out of office public officials who refuse to do the bidding of the powerful corrupt cliques which compose the invisible government...."





Is the time between Friday March 27, 2009 to Nov 21, 2012 the 1335 days of tribulation? 

Posted By: Watchman
Date: Sunday, 8 March 2009, 12:00 p.m.

During the times to shortly come, perhaps as early as Friday the 27th March, 2009, your world will change in a manner which you never thought possible. 

I am way out on a limb by publishing a date, but I cannot hold this back any longer. 

The “beginning” I refer to is the Word of God, which will surely come to pass, with certainty. To those who disregard Him and look to figments, astrology, spirits and the modern soothsayers for comfort, I offer no apology and neither comfort nor hope. 
After all, Christianity is not a “Religion”, it is a Reality. 

In 1994 I published on my website the following: 
I am going very far out on a small limb now. I am going to lay out a scenario which I have only discussed with few. 

We can see the discontent that is seething within our people of the US growing more violent. There are lots of groups which are disgusted over the way our king has sold this country down the river to the NWO. More and more people are getting angry over taxes, and are finding out that this country owes more of it's income in usury to the bankers of the NWO than we can ever pay. The citizens of Israel WILL rebel over forced servitude (taxes). They have done it twice before. 

We can all recall through history the rebellion against the usurious taxes imposed by King George of England in the days just proceeding the revolution which started this great country of the US. The first time, however, is written in the Word in duplicate, perhaps so we would notice. The 12 th chapter of 1 Kings and the 10 th chapter of 2 Chron both tell the story and are virtually identical. It was the taxes to be increased by Solomon's son Rheoboam which split the Israelites into two separate kingdoms. 

If you read with careful thought, playing 'what if', the story of Solomon and his demise of later years, you may conclude the same thing I did. Solomon was an INTERNATIONALIST. He made treaties with virtually everyone he came in contact with, and exacted 'tribute' (taxes) from them. This may be a root cause as to why the Semetic peoples such as the egyptians and arabs hate the jews to this day. Evidently, Solomon's son Rehoboam wished to continue and enlarge upon the world order his father started, and needed even more taxes to do it. Israel rebelled. 
They will do so again. 

We all should recognize the beast with seven heads and ten horns as nothing more than the New World Order and it's rulers. Ironically, most of these leaders are of Israel, but they know only the god of money. The seven is symbolic of the earth (7 seas, 7 continents), and the 10 horns are the G-10 nations. In case you never were aware, since the Nixon administration, the earth has been divided into ten 'spheres' of economic influence. This is well documented, and can be found in any public library. Today, this is referred to as the G-10. (group of 10) Don't confuse this bunch, (which is GATT, the General Agreement on Tarriffs and Trade) with the G-7. The G-7 has to do strictly with international currency decisions, tho they work together with the other world bodies. Notice the symbol of GATT next time you see it on CNN. It is 5 U's placed one inside the other, even giving the appearance of 10 "horns". Coincidence? Maybe, but maybe it's a sign (of comfort) for some that see. 

Now the beast system will never quite come together in total until slewfoot gets kicked out of Heaven by Michael. This is because the "beast" system must get a deadly wound to one of it's heads. This wound will be healed by slewfoot. Hold onto your hat now. 

The good ol US will be the "head" that gets the "wound". We have always been the head of the NWO since the "League of Nations" after WW1 (Woodrow Wilson), and the UN after WW2 (FDR and Harry Truman). How will we get the wound? This country will collapse into anarchy against our government. It will happen like it always has before, when enough of our people realize where our 'taxes' are going. Then foreign troops (read UN) will be called to our soil by our own president and congress. The people will start an armed rebellion. The people will win, if you want to call it winning. The one world system will fall apart, since it's "head" is wounded unto death, (read no more financial support) and the so-called UN "rescuers" will look like a disorganized band of cub scouts to the whole world, having to flee for their individual lives. Think about Bosnia. It was only after the US troops went in, that the UN troops could stop running! 

The time of the conflict will make the depression of the 30's look like a picnic. People will have little food, little fuel, no electricity, and the idiots who were used to mall shopping will not know how to get any food. Their money will be useless, since there is no government to back up some silly piece of paper. Many will starve. But alas, things will get worse, much worse. 
End snip.. 
You can read the entire article here: 

In 1994, I had no idea of when the culmination of all things would come to pass. After much prayer and study, in 2003, I published a chart of the “times” given in the Books of Daniel and Revelation. The chart does not give precise dates, of course, but it does give times in terms of the feast days as shown to Daniel. It is based on the duration between “taking away the daily sacrifice” and the time of Blessedness 1335 days later. You can view it here: 

A most interesting timeline develops which culminates 1335 days afterwards (assuming Mar 27 is the start date) is Nov 21, 2012. 
The text which derives the chart is here: 

In fixing the occurrence of events an assumption had to be made. Since the last times is rife with the masquerade of Satan posing as Christ, and Christ was anointed Messiah of God at his Baptism on the first day of the Jewish month of Sebat, it is given that the False prophet of Satan would be likewise anointed on that day. See: 

The first day of the Jewish month of Sebat this year was January 26. Was there an anointing of a False Prophet that day?? Close enough, some might say.. 

Forewarned is forearmed.. We shall see what occurs on Mar 27, will it be the blackest of fridays? If so, expect Gods two final witnesses on Pentecost day, which occurs on June 5.