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casper march-23-09
A very brief extension was given by CHINA to the U.S. to deliver then use the tax receipts to pay CHINA. That's why the conflicting overnight statement from CHINA that they would continue to buy U.S. Treasuries. CHINA must expect "the deal" to hold     otherwise why issue any statement at all? Will delivery occur? We should know by Tuesday or Wednesday. 
Lets see if we understand this GEITHNER PLAN. The PONZI SEWER they constructed paid all involved huge sums from millions at the level of real estate and mortgage brokers to billions at aggregator levels such as Countrywide etc., to hundreds of billions at the bundling levels, Banks/Freddie/Fannie etc, to Trillions at the securitization level, Wall Street, The City, etc. with additional billions to support groups such as appraisers, rating agencies, etc..
   Most of these fees, commissions, bonuses, etc was paid out to the individuals moving the ponzi sewage through the pipeline to the next level up. Then, one day the music stops, the pipeline stops flowing because the world snaps to the fact the assets underlying all the financial exotica in the pipeline was worthless in the first place. Suddenly the ponzi sewage is stuck in the pipeline, stops flowing, begins to stink and harden and everything backs up spilling out all over participants who by now are living in their new mansions and looking for tax havens.
Nevermind that the financial institutions they work for were themselves badly hurt, everybody got rich especially the financial institutions so who cares about the little bit of public bitching they have to put up with. 
There remains however the problem of the stinking sewage in the ponzi pipeline, something must be done otherwise the world economy becomes a giant stopped up financial toilet. What to do? GEITHNER to the rescue.
   The FED will print trillions "out of thin air" to finance getting the sewage out of the banks. They will provide the money to their "private friends", Blackstone, Pimco, Buffett, Goldman Sachs, etc etc and provide them 85/95% of the money needed to buy the sewage from the banks at 1 or 2 % interest and make the loans non-recourse, give the "privates" most of the upside and taxpayers 100% of the downside with the banks getting as much as they can reasonably get away with
and the only actual exposure being the 1/8th of the purchase price put up by the privates which they will pull out first on the back side of the deals. End result? The corrupt banks get paid again using mostly taxpayer money and liability, this also applies to Wall Street as all of them have now become "Commercial Banks" in order to get at public funds,
and should the "assets" never recover because they were never "assets" in the first place the taxpayers are saddled with the losses now and for generations to come. Flim Flam, round and round we go with the "players" getting the upside and we the people the downside.
Do you think any of this will make the only "asset" (the original mortgage) in the ponzi pipeline once again valuable? Does the homeowner suddenly have a job so he can pay the mortgage? Does the upside down homeowner become right side up because the paper changed hands again? Is the financial exotica, MBS's, CDO's, etc etc now made valuable because of public/private ownership rather than bank ownership? NO.
   Its all about fixing THEIR banks and THEIR banking system, the rest is Flim Flam. Are you impressed that the "privates" are on the tube talking about how great it is? It is great for them, in fact they are in a can't lose situation. The government funds the deal (you and me), the money is non-recourse, the paper can just "lay there" as long as necessary as the cost of funds is 1%
and meanwhile the banks are off to the nearest resort with the champagne and caviar. And all of it is done with funny money from thin air which becomes a loan which generations of taxpayers must repay.
And, with no compensation oversight allowed in the deal the same individuals as before once again are free to take all they desire from the deal in salaries, bonuses, management fees, etc..
The money interest is like the casino in Vegas, they will win and the people will never understand the outcome was guaranteed before they ever came to town.     The goal here is to unload the sewage from the banks and to heap it on the taxpayers, the rest is Flim Flam. 
It would not be at all surprising to learn that the ILLUMINATI affiliated "privates" in the "public/private" partnerships have secret guarantees from the ILLUMINATI Banks and Treasury Dept. that they will be made whole when losses occur, anything to get it out of the banks and onto taxpayers. All money being spent in all programs, all of it, becomes our debt and we the people become debt slaves.       As this occurs it amounts to the SOCIALIZATION OF AMERICA at break neck speed. Even the protection of Pelosi's mice in San Francisco is now our debt collectively.
I often wonder if the American people actually understand what is happening to them every day on national television? Trillions are being spent much of it on garbage and paying it back falls to us collectively. Debt slavery is the result, not words on a page but actual enslavement of us and our children for generations. There is no way to recover from what is being done, the numbers are to great.                 They are putting CHAVEZ to shame. Do you really believe such things as "95% of the people will receive a tax cut"? It's just OBAMA FLIM FLAM. The cap and trade taxes alone are estimated at 144 Billion.
Do you drive a car, use electricity in your home? Your going to pay. The CBO (non-partisan) issued a report last week saying what OBAMA is doing will cause trillion dollar annual deficits for the next ten years. His budget is $3.5 TRILLION DOLLARS IN ONE YEAR not counting all the stimulus packages and bailouts and half a dozen others into the hundreds of Billions-EACH. This flood of money into the system makes the Biblical Flood look like a water sprinkler.
       This is no accident, it is not possible for them to be this stupid therefore it is intentional. If the sewage continues to fall in value its now our problem, we own it. The privates don't have a problem, the paper is non recourse. 
The banks problem is now our problem. It is in your face criminality. It is preservation of the insider money interest on the backs of taxpayers.
    Do you have any idea how much 3.5 Trillion (in one year) is?? This is not just money from helicopters but every aircraft in the world would be needed to drop this much cash. First by Deflation then by Inflation said Jefferson.
   How difficult will managing you be for these Socialist when you have no job, your money is worthless and you collectively owe more than all the assets within the United States? Is it any wonder some economist are predicting the dollar will be worthless by the end of the year? No wonder they stopped publication of M-3 a year or so ago, they knew what they were going to do. More government, bigger government, nothing but government. Not even contract law is sacrosanct any longer. It appears they are leaping over Socialism and going straight for Communism.
The money interest are continuing to play money games with each other passing paper back and forth with each and all extracting fees, bonuses, etc at every step while placing liabilities created by their previous and present corruption onto the people.
The ten square mile Federal Fort known as Washington D.C. has eliminated the Constitution and the Republic with War and Emergency powers and Executive Orders and now possess dictatorial control of America politically. Now the money interest proceeds to complete the rape of the nation financially leaving the people desperate and lost and confused
as the political/money interest partnership finishes off Free Market Capitalism and Freedom itself
while simultaneously continuing their attempts to steal every dollar possible from every known source of funds.    And OBAMA laughs about it (Jay Leno). 
Do the people get the government they deserve? The people elected BUSH SENIOR to get rid of CARTER and stagflation, CLINTON was elected because BUSH SR. was a liar (read my lips, no new taxes), JUNIOR was elected because Clinton was so corrupt the people could stand no more lies,
now OBAMA is elected to get anyone except BUSH and now we find that they are all the same thing, ILLUMINATI dictators who believe the Constitution is "nothing but a G.D. piece of paper".
Do you actually think it makes any difference whether Goldman Sachs Paulson or the Federal Reserves Geithner is running the money game today? The people will be the victims until they decide enough is enough
and if they don't they will have the Government they deserve. 
Now comes Tiny Tim to the mike attempting to explain why they must expose taxpayers to just a few trillion more to unclog the ponzi sewer. "as we do this we understand the people are upset but it is necessary". WHY? Why not let the financial exotica collapse taking whoever with it?
The real reason. in my view, is because it has been sold all over the world and when it collapses they are facing thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of lawsuits filed worldwide for OUTRIGHT FRAUD. Why do you suppose none have been filed? Because they are propping it up with public financing to stop the crash from happening. The money/political interest have decided they can deal with you and me easier than they can deal with investors worldwide who were shafted by their ponzi scheme.
So the loss's which rightly belong to the purveyors firstly and the victims secondly are instead being shuffled and Flim Flamed onto the American people and their children's children, after all OUR SHEEP don't understand and won't do anything about it anyway as long as we throw them some beads and trinkets and bull s___t they don't have to pay for   and OUR MEDIA spins it as instructed. 
Does this sound cynical? Citizens, you can not even measure how cynical or how hypocritical these ILLUMINATI pawns actually are. They are vomiting deceit, treachery and TREASON with every breath. You (we) were declared "Enemies of the State", in writing, when the Trading With The Enemies act was brought forward by Roosevelt in '33.
Now we the people will be forced to eat all bad debt, all scams, all bonuses/fees/commissions and losses of every kind and nature    while the criminals themselves are made whole right before your eyes on national television.
"Never waste an opportunity" says Pelosi and Hillary". Their "opportunity" is Socialism, even Communism while the people are so stunned they can't see what's happening to them. Attention Pelosi, Geithner, Reid, Clinton, Obama; This is not Venezuela. Just because 30% of the American people (all Democrats) can't tie their shoelaces does not mean the rest of us are asleep.
      Between April 1st and 15th several dozen 18 Wheelers containing envelopes with tea bags in them will arrive in D.C. to inform you WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH of your "opportunity". Behind every tea bag is an American Citizen who sees what is happening and is notifying you "enough is enough".
Destroying our lives with your Communist agenda and your financial Flim Flam was bad enough, now you want the lives of our children and grand children? You have crossed the line "Dear Leaders". 
  casper 3-23-09
WOW THE CINCINNATI TEA PARTY IS UNDERWAY- Photos - 1,000's of people !!! (views: 973)
RumorMail -- Tuesday, 17 March 2009, 2:45 a.m. 

More then 150 Tea Parties (list) (views: 265)
RumorMail -- Tuesday, 17 March 2009, 2:37 a.m.
...Another organization, the Political Exploration and Awareness Committee, or PEACPAC, formed a website known as ReTeaParty and accepts tea party registrations from across the nation. It also provides detailed information on how to organize tea parties and posts photos of the events....
WND has also launched its own tea party forum so citizens may exchange ideas, information and announcements about the "revolution." After reviewing various website protest listings, WND found more than 170 tea parties scheduled for upcoming months and compiled one of the most complete lists on the Internet. Here are some scheduled tea parties:...(...)
J -- Monday, 23 March 2009, 8:17 p.m.

... (UPDATE: “Hack Money, Hack Banking” by Douglas Rushkoff, the March 20 follow-up to “Let It Die,” is available here 
by Douglas Rushkoff ..(..)
I started writing a book three years ago through which I hoped to help people see the artificial and ultimately dehumanizing landscape of corporatism on which we conduct so much of our lives. It’s not just that I saw the downturn coming—it’s that I feared it wouldn’t come quickly or clearly enough to help us wake up from the self-destructive fantasy of an eternally expanding economic frontier. The planet, and its people, were being taxed beyond their capacity to produce. Try arguing that to a banker whose livelihood is based on perpetuating that illusion, or to people whose retirement incomes depend on just one more generation falling for the scam. It’s like arguing to Brooklyn’s latest crop of brownstone buyers that they’ve invested in real estate at the very moment the whole market is about to tank. (I did; it wasn’t pretty.) 

Now that the scheme we have mistaken for the real economy is collapsing under its own weight, however, it’s a whole lot easier to make these arguments. And, if anything, it’s even more important for us to come to grips with the fact that the system in peril is not a natural one, or even one that we should be attempting to revive and restore. The thing that is dying—the corporatized model of commerce—has not, nor has it ever been, supportive of the real economy. It wasn’t meant to be. And before we start lamenting its demise or, worse, spending good money after bad to resuscitate it, we had better understand what it was for, how it nearly sucked us all dry, and why we should put it out of our misery. ....(...)
But this changed the shape of business fundamentally. Instead of thriving on innovation and progress, corporate monopolies simply sought to extract wealth from the regions they controlled. They didn’t need to compete, anymore, so they just sucked resources from places and people. Meanwhile, people living and working in the real world lost the ability to generate value by or for themselves. .....
The American war for independence was less a revolt against England than a revolt against her chartered corporations. ....
Local currencies favored local transactions, and worked against the interests of large corporations working from far away. In order to secure their own position as well as that of their chartered monopolies, monarchs began to make local currencies illegal, and force locals to instead use “coin of the realm.” These centralized currencies worked the opposite way. They were not earned into existence, they were lent into existence by a central bank. This meant any money issued to a person or business had to be paid back to the central bank, with interest. ....
An economy based on an interest-bearing centralized currency must grow to survive, and this means extracting more, producing more and consuming more. Interest-bearing currency favors the redistribution of wealth from the periphery (the people) to the center (the corporations and their owners). Just sitting on money—capital—is the most assured way of increasing wealth. By the very mechanics of the system, the rich get richer on an absolute and relative basis.
....  Making matters worse, all that capital that the wealthy had accumulated needed markets—even fake markets—in which to be invested. There was a ton of money out there—just nowhere to put it. Nothing on which to speculate. 

The boom seemed to offer the promise of a new market, but it fizzled almost as quickly as it rose. So speculators turned instead to real assets, like corn, oil, even real estate. They started investing speculatively on the things that real people need to stay alive. What real people didn’t understand was that there is no way to compete against speculators. Speculators aren’t buying homes in which to live—they are buying houses to flip. Speculators aren’t buying corn to eat or oil to burn, but bushels to hoard and tankers to park off shore until prices rise. The fact that the speculative economy for cash and commodities accounts for over 95% of economic transactions, while people actually using money and consuming commodities constitute less than 5% tells us something important. Real supply and demand have almost nothing to do with prices. We do not live in an economy, we live in a Ponzi scheme.
RENSE.COM: The Coup against the American Public had overwhelmingly been passed.That was the first time they put a gun to (views: 488)
watcher51445 -- Monday, 23 March 2009, 8:29 a.m.
Again & Again & Again!        Jim Kirwan      3-22-9
Last September Henry Paulson put a gun to this nation's leaders and told them that they must pass a secret piece of legislation, without reading it, in order to avoid the certain collapse of the United States and possibly the entire global economy. When the House of Representatives voted "NO" Bush broke the law and had the US Senate originate legislation that would do what the House would not do. That illegally crafted piece of unconstitutional junk was then rerouted back through the House and when everybody finished selling out the public: The Coup against the American Public had overwhelmingly been passed.That was the first time they put a gun to our heads.
Today it was announced that there is about to be "another giant
deal." Here's a flashback to part of what happened at the beginning: because we did not demand that the troubled institutions be monitored as a precondition for the needed money, nor did we allow them to FAIL, as true Capitalism would require.
". . .as the decades have passed we [can] see now where the congress used to be, as just a privileged compound apart from the public's real concerns, where a bunch of toothless mongrels prowl in luxury among themselves and bark incessantly at the shadows in the world, well beneath their lavish perks.
Now we come to a crisis the like of which the world has never seen before: Because this global event has dwarfed all other previous financial and political events, since those dark days when public records first began to be kept. The stand-in theorhetorically responsible for the Treasury who appeared this morning to be in the middle of a series of heart-attacks, keeps trying to tell the public that "We MUST do this quickly," despite the fact that he has no real numbers as to cost or duration! He has also assured the nation that there should be nothing in this for the taxpayers, those individuals who are expected to pay for these failures.
Paulson freely admits that there are many components to this massive failure brought on by several privately-held corporate and offshore interests that have FAILED, yet he sees his measure as the only way out of this global mess.
People might have forgotten that the entire premise for private-
enterprise rests upon the risks that the so-called privatized- interests take, which include the right to fail, in order to remain free to profit hugely! ....(...)
Enough is enough; they need to give back not only all the bonus
money, but they and the members of their boards of directors need to be arrested and charged with this massive fraud against the public and the government. Under the current RICO statutes that govern criminal conspiracies, all their assets should be seized, and they should be jailed, without bail, pending formal charges while they await trial. If we cannot bring ourselves to force this to happen, then we shall deserve the fleecing that we are about to receive without even a thought for our troubles. In this case we finally have the chance to deal with these criminals one-on-one and end this nightmare once and for all.
We need deadlines this time; deadlines and public oversight for
every phase of whatever is about to be proposed-and there must be penalties written into whatever is agreed to-Penalties that shall apply the minute that the terms or conditions of the 'new contract' are violated. This and only this will show the world that we are serious about changing what passes for American domestic policy and by extension, possibly US foreign policy as
1) Who Will Speak for Us
Our Surrender has been Negotiated
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FANTASTIC!!! My Gift to AMERICA!! American Tea Party Anthem by Lloyd Marcus (views: 115)
RumorMail -- Sunday, 22 March 2009, 8:49 p.m.
Dr Rich Boylan Star Visitors knowledge sharing and various human responses (views: 466)
RumorMail -- Sunday, 22 March 2009, 8:21 p.m.
The delicate dance that Star Visitors including Zeta must do in the effort to provide scientific technical consultation to Human scientists to co-develop advancements in science, general knowledge, and technology is a challenging one, indeed. And such efforts include trying to avoid having pure knowledge provided by them for the good of all humanity then stolen and twisted by certain humans [Cabal infiltrators] into devices of evil purpose through occasional human inattention, security lapses and bribery/corruption.
And virtually all of this Star Visitor specialists consultation occurs in classified government or government-contractor laboratories. Such facilities are secure if for no other reason than to prevent unprepared citizens from wandering in and encountering Star Visitors and possibly harming them, or the visiting human experiencing disabling mental breakdown from the shock of actually seeing Star Visitors.
I am not in a position to identify all the civilian organizations which are presenting to the public knowledge, devices, and skills which originated from Star Visitor specialist consultations. There are too many. A tiny sampling of such (often unwitting) pass-through organizations apparently include:....(...)
RumorMail -- Sunday, 22 March 2009, 8:13 p.m.
What do you think of what the Fed did? They announced to CHINA that if no more T BILL/ BOND BUYING and cash LOANS were forthcoming, the FED was going to print a trillion dollars and lend it to themselves. Economic Onanism! Apparently the Chinese were no longer interested in buying anymore of our debt. Means we'll all have worthless dollar bills running out of our noses. My favorite 99c store will close! Or become the l00$ store. Hyperinflation is coming and that's not if but when!! Experts said that where this scheme had been tried in the past, it had never worked. Ask Nazi Germany who 'printed their own starting after the VERSAILLES treaty took them down after WW I. Read my grandfather on this. INFLATION IN GERMANY. The German government thought that inflation was caused by too little money in circulation and so they started printing... but... the more money they printed the more the prices went up! ...(...)
hobie -- Sunday, 22 March 2009, 7:18 p.m.
(...) Greetings and Salutations;
As the title insinuates, relax. You haven't seen any splashes across the news but I assure you, there's been plenty of action. You hear hints of it, like the need for a new currency, banking system, transparency, the new for 'assurances' from this gov about sustainability in economy, no more us dollar running the world and then there's the folks on us shores with their pitchforks and torches, ready to burn something down or tar and feather some folks. All I can say, this is the 60's again, only this time it's on steroids.
                 I'm not saying, I'm happy about this, but if you push physics(nature) it will push back. NO fiat system has lasted this long in history, so even the word 'overdue' is lost on how bad these guys have screwed up. Most don't know what they've done to create this problem and most would get a migraine if they did. Just because somebody went to an ivy league school, doesn't mean they know how to use their intelligence in the proper way. You could very intelligently blow yourself up, seeing the dangers as minimal because your intelligence didn't expand enough to see the bigger picture, I think they call that tunnel vision. Never confuse, intelligence with wisdom.
These are the people the native americans of this country warned you about when they said, 'never drink water down stream from white man'. So, really, nothing going on right now should even be a surprise.
I related to a few people this week that, I smelled a lit fuse burning, fri, there was blooey. A no down, no return, situation. Friday's date was marked for over a year and everyone got the oportunity to adjust for it, who knew of it. If you wanted to keep the crap kicking and go back to the good old days, well, I guess you are royally screwed, that ain't happening, and isn't even possible now. Time for certain people to seek underground security, like they planned anyhow, except it was other people not them, they are the elite afterall. It's really really bad when a plan, doesn't come together.
Their is no extension to the 100 yr lease and no one was interested in continuing with one more failed experiment, any longer. Not anyone who has real power, anyhow.
          Yes, the bad guys will try to negotiate til the last moment, they are like those little lizards you see running across the fence with their tails mostly missing, they don't 'get it' until it's too late to bail. Sometimes you can be so tricky, you trick yourself...or you could call it arrogance. Junior was 'tricky'. I can still see him 'winkin' as he said something he was proud to say, even while they sent everything to the top and sent it toppling over...again defying gravity. You did a good job, browny, you too, turd blossem. This is what 'trickle down' will do for you...yea, just like the feudal lords are going to share.
         The embarassing part is, these guys didn't even flip the script to make it look different, but nobody was saying a word. People, everyone is about to get 'unhypnotized' and much like a parent throwing a cold bucket of water over the child who won't wake up, it's going to hit and be really unpleasant. Good for anyone in the projects, bad for the rest. I wonder how many will still throw their letters away because they think it's too dangerous, or because they didn't hear 'nesara' announced? I realize, I defy the 'gods' with that statement but what the heck, you all know I've broken every rule and sacred object out here, all long,
I've traveled a long way staying with my gut, why change now? My surfboard is waxed and I'm catching the top of the wave that's rolling thru here. Personally I don't care about proper names, it's the wave that counts and catching it on it's first approach. As an aside, Lady Nada, nor St Germaine run my existence and you can run up 30 whatever levels to figure that one out sir. You sir, need lead in your shoes, way too much gas to get your feet on the ground. This is not solved above the people's heads. You are no different than people staring at the sky for the 50ft Jesus!
Yep, that's right, Poofy has heard enough and I'm taking no prisoners. You are about to be fulfilled if you aren't already and that's the end of that whole dialogue. Roll with it, is all I can say. This ends and contrary to what may be running around the brain, it was Always going to.
People are having massive coronaries over control issues..they have to float and hope they survive this. But I warned you all, take your pack, do what you're going to do with it, sit down for at least 3 months until the dust settles, look up and see who's left standing before you do anything, investmentwise. People will need to be fed, housing will be needed, as we work on the infrastructure changes that need to happen, planet wide. Start with family and work your way outward as conditions warrant. Take care of you own health first and don't even think about it, you can't help anyone, if you aren't taking care of you. We have enough wounded warriors.
.Now check this out because I have gotten way toomany questions about the euro, tho I've been busting ambrose pritchard every chance I got, nothing like cold hard facts;
GEAB: Growing Tensions of the Eve of the G20 Summit
Feel free to browse, even about the future of Isreal.
For you folks who believe you have reached the end of your ability to hang on, watch this, then tell me about it:
Poofy has his surfboard ready and I'm about to catch this wave. I will finish my consultations and if anybody else needs one jump on now. ....
 I give thanks.    Love and Kisses,      "Poofness"

March 23, 2009 is back online!

As mentioned last week, my old web site is now back online.
There's nothing on it yet, but the site is up and that is the place you'll go to LISTEN LIVE when the show airs this Wednesday evening.

The links to the audio feed aren't up there yet, but they will be.

Police Officer reveals FEMA Plans; This Wednesday evening on The Hal Turner Show

This Wednesday evening, March 25, 2009 at 9:00 PM eastern US Time, "The Hal Turner Show" will kick-off it's return to the airways with blockbuster news!

A Police Officer who attended FEMA meetings at his local police department, was made thoroughly aware of federal plans to be implemented in the USA at the end of August or early September. He has revealed those plans to me and they are terrifying.

Get accustomed to the words "federalized" "voucher" "check points" and "dissident" because you're going to start hearing them a lot.

If you ever wondered how the people of the old Soviet Union allowed themselves to fall so far into totalitarianism, you won't wonder after September-- you'll be living it.

This is going to be the single most important Hal Turner Show ever aired,
so tune-in this coming Wednesday night at 9:00 PM. Spread the word.
Posted by at 3/23/2009 12:43:00 PM 6 comments
...and the commenrs......
french said...
Bolshevism AT ITS FINEST ..

March 23, 2009
Beijing -- The Chief of the CHinese Central Bank has publicly called for the world to adopt a new "reserve currency" and to "dump" the U.S. dollar as the present reserve currency of the world.
China has now joined Russia in making such calls publicly.

This is the single worst possible development that could strike the USA, and fits directly into the time frame I warned about as far back as September 2007.
If and when the world dumps the dollar, we will not be able to use our currency to buy much if anything from the rest of the world because the world is now viewing the Dollar as worthless.
If more countries adopt the view of China and Russia, the U.S. economy will cease to exist and the U.S. Government will collapse within months.

Full Details Here ...

Posted by at 3/23/2009 09:53:00 PM 2 comments
and the comments.....
Jürgen said... 
The jew-banker-created Federal Reserve Note should fail. It is a fraud. It will finally reach its true value of ZERO.
White family, get your wealth out of dollars and into something real.

The last time the USA had a true "dollar" was when people had silver certificates, which promised to pay the bearer, on demand, one dollar in silver. The jew bankers stole all of the silver that backed them, and left a non-thinking, dumbed-down populace holding mere paper "dollars."
The paper "dollar" must fail before we can start thinking about restoring a real monetary system back to America.
March 23, 2009 10:13 PM 

AryanKnight said... 
-this is still the doings of the arch-criminal jewZionist Mafia Bank'sters Rothschild/Rockefeller et'al; --as both Russia and China are deviously within the fold of the Bank'sters, whilst as usual our jewZionist-media tries to make it appear that we've another so-called cold-war thing going on, --so as to justify throwing usa-money at the usual warmongering Military-corporate Complex criminals. Same'ol S**t the jew has been doing now since America was founded really. Only solution is to outright slaughter these nefarious Fed.Reserve-mobsters, --as to enable the world to move ahead in peaceful co-existence; --btw: -only some 600-jews actually died of natural causes in the German Jew-protection camps which were not bombed by USA & Britain, --whilst some 10-Million noble Germans were murdered via Holocaust via direction of the jew Bank'ster-famlies and their wicked jew-puppets FDR & Truman... 
[ ]
March 23, 2009 11:26 PM

AIG is a Legal Money-laundering Ring By Debbie Morgan
Global Research, March 21, 2009

March 22, 2009 12:26 PM
The Circle of Financial Life, AIG, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, and Others… March 21, 2009 There is a very tight financial circle spinning in perpetuity.  There are players on the inside and there are others on the outside, forever looking for some sort of break, trying to figure out just how to stop this insidious circle from spinning… Like a tornado, it sucks money into it, but never seems to throw any out.  Thus is the disaster that is the current United States Financial crisis.  It was reported by several outlets that AIG, after receiving $170 billion-plus in taxpayer-funded bailout money, is paying “bills.”  Some of those “bills” were in the form of bonuses…$168 million in bonuses, to be exact. »

I’ve decided with all these inside-the-circle payments, that AIG is a legal money-laundering ring. 

This is an incessant circle of destruction that is continually fueled by more and more taxpayer money…how do we stop this vicious cycle?  Well…stop electing idiot lawmakers that cannot write a decent piece of legislative if their lives depended on it!  Stop electing lawmakers that are willing to make YOU tighten your belt when they are unwilling to make failing big business do the same.  Stop electing lawmakers that are IN the circle to begin with!



Bonus Money at Troubled A.I.G. Draws Heavy Criticism


Obama Orders Treasury Chief to Try to Block A.I.G. Bonuses


AIG Discloses $75 Billion in Bailout Payments

The Payment Report for AIG:

A.I.G. Lists Which Banks It Paid With U.S. Bailout Funds




Obama outraged over AIG bonuses


AIG, Seeking Government Bailout, Warned Of 'Run' On Insurance Cos


The Case for Saving AIG, by AIG



The Kick Them All Out Project


Statement of Robert B. Willumstad Before The US House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Oct. 7, 2008
 read more

Rife-type device Distributor Convicted For Sale of “Unapproved” Medical Devices

March 22, 2009 12:24 PM
March 20, 2009 Rife-type device Distributor Convicted For Sale of “Unapproved” Medical Devices (Mar. 20, 2009) From: Vic and Cindy
  Subject: Jim Folsom - Global Wellness Rife-type Device Distributor - is in jail awaiting sentencing. We need your help! Date: Mar 20, 2009  »
There was a federal jury trial and he was convicted of 26 felony counts relating to his sale of “unapproved” medical devices. 
"News Release" of Jim folsom comnviction that the United States Attorney put out
This is so WRONG! 
Jim is a very, very good man.  He has hundreds (if not thousands) of testimonials where his devices improved symptoms, and in many cases seemed to actually clear up many health problems.  He helped so many people. In my case, my father-in-law who had prostate cancer improved his PSA score from 70 down to 0.5 (YES, that's zero point five) in 2.5 months using the Global Wellness device and taking B17.  My (19-year-old) daughter had bullous impetigo which she cleared without prescription drugs using the Global Wellness device and a terminator zapper.  Go to the and look for the “CindyCharlebois” (my user name on that forum) posts for details.
Jim was above reproach ethically, and in my personal dealings with him demonstrated over and over that he was an extremely kind, caring, considerate, and patient man – a humanitarian that gave to people in need and to causes that would help mankind.  He did not have one customer that was upset with him.  However, the Prosecution used those witnesses who professed how wonderful Jim was against him with counts of customer fraud.  “Customer fraud” was not even a charge against him until the time of the trial.  How can that be? Only God knows the Truth of how “they” did it.  Not Lawfully or Legally, but it was done.
This all started in April of 2003 when Jim was raided by "Operation Cure All", the FDA/FTC and U.S. Postal Service alliance.  Many units and office related files were confiscated that day.  The units taken were being prepared for shipment overseas; they were not to be used in the USA.  Jim and his wife were shocked and terrorized for hours by the many men who came into their house with guns drawn as if they were murderers.  
Nothing happened for several years - no charges, nothing. Then in October, 2007, just days before the statute of limitations would have run out, Jim was charged with and arrested for the felony of selling a class 3 medical device without a license.  He was offered a plea bargain in December, 2007:   If Jim would plead guilty to a misdemeanor and agree not to sell his devices ever again, he’d be given a year of unsupervised probation and pay a $250.00 fine.  
Jim, knowing how wonderful the devices are, and being the principled man he is, was certain he could fight this charge and win.  He had what was supposed to be the best defense team available behind him; had evidence to prove he was selling a Class 1 device which does not have to be licensed; had been running his business very ethically; and had been collecting testimonials for years which proved the efficacy of the units.  Jim stood on his principles and wanted once and for all to clear the name of Rife and let the American people and the rest of the world have these units. Knowing he had so much evidence to prove his innocence he plead NOT GUILTY and set about to supply his defense team with all the information for his case and would have a jury trial.  Jim truly thought that when a jury of his peers heard the truth they would find him innocent and the truth would be set free to the world.  During 2008 there were 5 to 7 Grand Jury hearings to find fault and make the prosecution’s case.  
I heard from Jim fairly regularly throughout the preparations and during the trial.  He was very upbeat and confident his defense team had everything in good order from what he was being told.  However, everything backfired.  On February 17th, Jim and many of us who were following his trial were SHOCKED to find out he had been found guilty of all charges. Charges indeed. Jim thought he was being tried on three felony charges: 1. Fraud against Customers, 2. Fraud against the government, and 3. Mislabeling – Misbranding – and Adulteration. However, MIDWAY THROUGH THE TRIAL Jim found out he was actually being tried for many more charges!! In the end, according to the Official US Attorney’s News Release, he was found guilty of 26 felony charges possibly resulting in a maximum sentencing time of 140 years, and up to a $500,000 fine.  
This will no doubt set a precedent for other Rife-type device inventor/distributors, and things must be set right.  There is a group working on getting Jim out of jail.  He is in a detention center in San Diego awaiting sentencing on May 11.  We'd like to ask any of you out there who have experimented with Rife-type devices to do what you can to help Jim. By helping him you will be helping yourself and ALL Americans. Allowing us to treat ourselves using Rife-type devices will be another FREEDOM that is lost if not corrected.  
Here's what you can do: ....(.....)............
LINKS - There are a number of really great RIFE sites and write-ups about Royal Raymond Rife; here are a few:
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Alert! --Dangerous Deterioration in U.S. and Finnish Civil Liberties and Serious National Security Threat to Both Countries

March 22, 2009 12:40 PM
William Fox     Saturday, March 21, 2009, 3:00 AM
Dear Fellow Citizens of Finland and America and Members of the Greater Scandinavian Community around the World: 
      I have surfed the Internet to compile a list of email addresses that reflect a cross section of members of the greater Scandinavian community as well as other concerned citizens for this alert.  I urge you forward this email to any one who might be interested or take supportive action.
What has recently happened to Finnish political asylum seeker Henrik Holappa in America , as described in my recently published Lone Star Iconoclast article below, is an outrage.  It could happen to you some day, especially if you do not organize politically to defend free speech rights  –both here in America , in Finland , and in other countries around the world.
My disappointment is magnified by the fact that I have always held Finland in high regard for a variety of reasons. For starters, as noted here:, Finland ranks at the top in technological advancement and living standards.  On a personal level, when my mother was in grade school in Bergen , Norway , she and other students spent considerable time during recess knitting gloves for Finnish freedom fighters during the Winter War.  I have belonged to a number of Scandinavian-American societies and have always viewed Finns as brothers.  (More on my own background here: and here
For additional background on Mr. Holappa, I have posted copies of his political asylum papers on the web page I have created for him at . Please investigate his background further, and ponder the following important points:
    (a)  The original basis of Mr. Holappa’s first incarceration in Finland was a public protest that identified the nonwhite race of immigrant gangs whose rape of Nordic women has been responsible for most of the upsurge in sexual assault in Scandinavian countries in recent decades.  Ironically, some of these rapists get awarded less jail time than certain public protesters like Mr. Holappa.  Yet nothing he has said would be considered illegal in America under the free speech guarantees of our First Amendment.
    (b)  As a consequence of his persecution and alienation in the hands of the system, Mr. Holappa has become a political radical in more ways than one, to include publicly identifying areas of malevolent Zionist influence.   W. Leon Smith, the editor of the Lone Star Iconoclast has noted that this should not matter.  More important than anything that Mr. Holappa has said has been the fact that he has been jailed for his opinions both in Finland and America .
    (c)  We see a disturbing trend towards increasing repression of free speech in America following 9-11.  Please see, for example, "Thanksgiving for Thought Crime" by Capt Eric May,  my article "Facing a Thought Crime Tribunal --North of the Border!,"  and the Rev Ted Pike archive for the latest overview of serious threats.   Please remember that anti-free speech “predators” get out of control when pro-free speech “counter-predators” become weak.  We must speak out.  Over the long run, when no one speaks out, everyone gets hurt.
    (d)  There is much more at stake here than simply individual free speech rights. For example, I work closely with Capt. Eric H. May (archived at and Dr. James Fetzer, founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, to try to prevent repeat 9/11 false flag attacks.  (Please see Dr. Fetzer’s article “9/11 and the Neo-Con Agenda” here at: ).  We must maintain free speech rights so that non-governmental volunteers such as ourselves can help deter serious national security threats around the world.
    (e)  All Scandinavian countries, to some degree or another, are suffering from both an increase in gang rape combined with a corresponding loss in free speech rights.  Much of the public awareness of these issues has been suppressed by controlled national media.  This email and other alternative communications have become that much more necessary.  
Please review the article below and the links I have provided. Please also circulate this email widely.   I welcome your comments and other feedback.  
Best regards,     William B. Fox
    Publisher, America First Books
    P.O. Box 137 , Sarver , PA   16055
    Phone: 724-353-0154
    Other contact data at:
William B. Fox Archive
On March 9, while riding with journalist John de Nugent in his car on a country road north of Pittsburgh, 23-year old Finnish asylum seeker Henrik Holappa was suddenly arrested, slapped in handcuffs and leg-irons, and whisked off to the local county jail. He now faces deportation back to his native Finland, where he could be jailed 4.5 years for expressing his opinions....(...)
Holappa as a Finnish reservist

His immigration attorney summarized his political persecution in his asylum application dated Oct 10, 2009:

In recent years, the country of Finland has become home to many immigrants from Somalia and Turkey. Since the influx of these immigrants, the country has had a dramatic increase in gang-rapes of Finnish women. Mr. Holappa spoke out against these attacks of his countrywomen. Mr. Holappa’s political opinion was twisted by Finnish authorities to be interpreted as racist and anti-immigrant, when in fact, Mr. Holappa’s political opinions are anti-crime and anti-criminal immigrants—not racist.
On January 16, 2007, Mr. Holappa was detained by the Finnish police. His apartment was ransacked by police and his belongings thrown on the floor. They went to his parent’s house, where Mr. Holappa had once lived and searched there as well. They told his mother he had been arrested and that he was “in trouble” and warned her that if he pursued his political opinion, he would “not have any place in our society.” He was detained for a total of three days....(...)
In May 2008, he received a call from a police woman asking when he could to the police station as they had “dug up” his case again. On May 20, 2008, she called him again and told him he was to be indicted for “incitement of racial hatred”, “defaming the honor of the African community of Finland”, and “copyright violation….”

Holappa immediately left for America and hoped to marry an American girl. ...(...) John de Nugent believes that government agents planted a GPS tracking device in his car. How else could there be a police car waiting in ambush along a country road, that was suddenly joined by two immigration service cars ready for arrest?....(...) Anyone who looks at the blogs of John de Nugent and Henrik Holappa will discover quickly the reason for the official persecution. Among other things, Holappa discusses Jewish control of Finnish media, historical revisionist views of National Socialism, and the need for popular sovereignty against the New World Order....(...)

We need to stop this hysterical Obama Administration mugging of the rights of a totally legitimate asylum-seeking political dissident. Please visit the profile page I have created for Holappa at: within the “Suppressed Dissidents” section on my home page at, This includes points of contact to make your protest against this outrage known........


William B. Fox is a former Marine Corps Major with experience in logistics, public affairs, and military intelligence. He is an honors graduate of the Harvard Business School, a Phi Beta Kappa graduate from the University of Southern California, and publisher of
Lone Star Iconoclast archived article link Here.
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The Rockefeller Syndicate
Excerpted from the book Murder by Injection        by Eustace Mullins.       Chapter 10
        Many American conservatives believe as a matter of faith that the Rockefellers and the Council on Foreign Relations exercise absolute control over the government and the people of United States . This thesis can be accepted as a working formula if one remains conscious of the larger issues . Two writers for whom the present writer has great respect, Dr. Emanuel Josephson and Morris Bealle, insisted on focusing on the Rockefellers and excluding all other aspects of the World Order . This severely limited the effect of their otherwise ground breaking work on the Medical Monopoly.
This writer advanced a contrary view in "The World Order," fixing upon the Rothschild monetary power, which reached a point of world control by 1885, and its London policy group, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, as the policy makers for what has essentially been since 1900, re-established colonial government in the United States. The colonial, or occupation, government, functions primarily through the Council on Foreign Relations, but only as the subsidiary of RIIA and through the Rockefeller Foundation which controls government functions, the educational establishments, the media, the religions and the state legislatures.
It is true that the American colonials have "free elections," in which they have the absolute right to vote for one of two opposing candidates, both of whom have been handpicked and financed by the Rockefeller syndicate. This touching evidence of "democracy" serves to convince most Americana that we are indeed a free people. We even have a cracked Liberty Bell in Philadelphia to prove it. American youth have been free since 1900 to be marched off to die in Hegelian wars in which both combatants received their instructions from the World Order. We are free to invest in a stock market in which the daily quantity, price and value of the monetary unit is manipulated and controlled by a Federal Reserve System which is answerable only to the Bank of England. It has maintained its vaunted "independence" from our government's control, but this is the only independence it has ever had.
The realization that we do indeed live under the dictates of the "Rockefeller Syndicate" can well be the starting point of the long road back of a genuine struggle for American independence. In exposing "the Rockefellers" as agents of a foreign power, which is not merely a foreign power, but a genuine world government, we must realize that this is not merely a group dedicated to making money, but a group which is committed to maintaining the power of a colonial form of government over the American people. Thus the ancient calumny of John D. Rockefeller as a man obsessed by greed (a category in which he has plenty of company) obscures the act that from the day the Rothschilds began to finance his march towards a total oil monopoly in the United States from their coffers at the National City Bank of Cleveland, Rockefeller was never an independent power, nor does any department of the Rockefeller Syndicate operate as an independent power. We know that the Cosa Nostra, or Mafia, with which the Syndicate is closely allied, has somewhat autonomous power in the regions which have been assigned to that particular "family" by the national directors, but this always implies that that family remains under total control and answerable for everything which occurs in its territory.
Similarly, the Rockefeller Syndicate operates under clearly defined spheres of influence. The "charitable" organizations, the business companies, and the policy groups, always meld into a working operation, nor can any department of the Syndicate strike out on its own or formulate an independent policy, no matter what may be its justification.
The Rockefeller Syndicate operates under the control of the world financial structure, which means that on any given day, all of its assets could be rendered close to worthless by adroit financial manipulation. This is the final control, which ensures that no one can quit the organization. Not only would he be stripped of all assets, but he would be under contract for immediate assassination. Our Department of Justice is well aware that the only "terrorists" operating in the United States are the agents of the World Order, but they prudently avoid any mention of this fact.
The world financial structure, far from being an unknown or hidden organization, is actually well known and well defined. It consists of the major Swiss Banks; the survivors of the old Venetian-Genoese banking axis; the Big Five of the world grain trade; the British combine, centered in the Bank of England and its chartered merchant banks, functioning trough the Rothschilds and the Oppenheimers
 and having absolute control over their Canadian colony through the Royal Bank of Canada and the Bank of Montreal, their Canadian lieutenants being the Bronfmans, Belzbergs, and other financial operators; and the colonial banking structure in the United States, controlled by the Bank of England through the Federal Reserve System; the Boston Brahmin families who made their fortunes in the opium trade, including the Delanos and others and the Rockefeller Syndicate, consisting of the Kissinger network headquartered in the Rockefeller Bank, Chase Manhattan Bank, American Express, the present form of the old Rothschild representatives in the United States, which includes Kuhn, Loeb Company and Lehman Brothers.
It is notable that the Rockefeller Syndicate is far down on the list of the world's financial structure. Why then is it of such importance ? Although it is not the crucial factor in financial decision in the Western Hemisphere, it is the actual working control mechanism of the American colony. The Rockefeller family themselves, like the Morgans, Schiffs and Warburgs, have faded into insignificance, but the mechanism created in their name roars along at full power, still maintaining all of he functions for which it was organized.
Since he set up the Trilateral Commission, David Rockefeller has functioned as a sort of international courier for the World Order, principally concerned with delivering working instructions to the Communist bloc, either directly, in New York or by traveling to the area. Laurance Rockefeller is active in the operation of the Medical Monopoly, but his principal interests are in operating various vacation spas in tropical areas. They are the two survivors of the "Fortunate Five," the five sons of John D. Rockefeller, Jr. and Abby Aldrich.
Justice can prevail only when each citizen realizes that it is his God-given duty to mete out justice. History has documented all of the crimes of the usurpers of our Constitution. We have learned the painful lesson that the Rockefeller monopolists exercise their evil power almost solely through federal and state agents. At this writing, former Congressman Ron Paul is running for the Presidency of the United States on an eminently sensible and practical campaign - abolish the Federal Reserve System - abolish the FBI - abolish the Internal Revenue Service - and abolish the CIA. It has been known for years that 90% of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, ostensibly set up to "fight crime" has been to harass and isolate political dissidents.
The criminal syndicalists are now looting the American nation of one trillion dollars each year, of which about one-third, more than three hundred billion dollars per year, represents the profitable depredations of the Drug Trust and its medical subsidiaries . Before a sustained effort to combat these depredations can be mounted, Americans must make every effort to regain their health. As Ezra Pound demanded in one of his famous radio broadcasts, "Health, dammit"! America became the greatest and most productive nation in the world because we had the healthiest citizens in the world. When the Rockefeller Syndicate began its takeover of our medical profession in 1910, our citizens went into a sharp decline. Today, we suffer from a host of debilitating ailments, both mental and physical, nearly all of which can be traced directly to the operations of the chemical and drug monopoly and which pose the greatest threat to our continued existence as a nation. Unite now to restore our national health - the result will be the restoration of our national pride, the resumption of our role as the inventors and producers of the modern world, and the custodian of the world's hopes and dreams of liberty and freedom.

Originally from the 'New World Order Intelligence Update'web site
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Enhanced Security: Whatever happened to the SSSS and the Terrorist Watch List?

March 23, 2009 3:19 PM
March 22, 2009 I reported on July 15, 2008 that the terrorist watch list reached 1,000,665 and growing, based on ACLU tally, and the government’s own reported numbers for the size of list. The article also discussed the branding of boarding passes of decent and ordinary citizens, activists, journalists, authors, clergy, congressmen, and many others with the ominous sign of  “SSSS” “Selectee for enhanced security screening,” in order to create the illusion of safety and generating a bogus watch list that targets every American citizen.   Ironically, the new ACLU tally indicates that as of March 19, 2009 the watch list is still growing and has reached the 1,163,390 with no end in sight [1], at a growth rate of 24,000 people per month. Eventually, every American citizen will be on this list.   The Democratic congress has been complicit in this abusive process with the Bush administration and has done nothing in the last few years to dampen the misuse of this practice of unaccountable power. » read more

Israel's Dilemma: How to Calculate the Risks of Getting un-Chosen

March 23, 2009 2:48 PM
March 22, 2009 Israel's current hard-liner government is now being forced to face a very real dilemma. At what point does its behavior become so outrageous that it risks pissing God off? How far can the current government in Tel Aviv go before the Chosen People of Israel start running the risk getting un-Chosen? If the Promised Land keeps getting trashed with too many high-rise condos soaking up all the natural resources in Eden, too much use of questionable eminent domain over the olive groves where Christ walked, too much depleted uranium used too liberally, too many obnoxious settlers committing hate crimes in the Holy Land, too much saber-rattling intimidation of the meek, too many more false-flag operations than even Samson ever dreamed of and too frequent massacres of Arab and Christian Palestinians in a land where Moses preached that "Thou shalt not Kill" seemed like a pretty good idea -- might God begin to start reconsidering His choice?                      According to a BBC News report, "The spiritual leader of Israel's ultra-orthodox Shas party, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, has provoked outrage with a sermon calling for the annihilation of Arabs." When one of the most powerful rabbis in Israel is openly calling for wholesale genocide, perhaps it's time for Israel to start worrying that it might be pushing too many of God's buttons? According to one of Britain's leading newspapers, The Independent, the latest casualty figures in Gaza "list the names of 1,434 dead of whom they say 926 were civilians... » read more

English Capitalists Starved Millions of Irish to Death For Profit - George Bernard Shaw

March 23, 2009 1:16 PM
March 21, 2009 Around the ethnic celebration of the Irish on this year's St Patrick's Day, just past, there is that wisp of remembrance by the millions of New Yorkers who trace their ancestors' desperate emigration from Ireland (under British rule at that time) during the 'Potato Famine', a euphemism for capitalist England's deliberate starving of a captive population for profit. That 19th century English capitalist spectacular mass-murder is worthy remembering now, as mega-massive capitalist banking frauds for profit begin to have their inevitable loss-of-life effect in the  neo-colonized Third World.
  Capitalist 'investment' having control over resources needed to feed, cloth, shelter and care for majority humanity, stagnating in a stupid capitalist made swelter of confusion and ineptitude replacing normal plundering activity which at least allowed the plundered to eat and survive in order to produce that surplus for future plunder by First World elite. American peace activists should extend their castigation of the U.S. » read more

John O'Neill - Head Investigator of The USS Cole Attack Assassinated

March 23, 2009 2:41 PM



Tuesday 24 March 2009 03:00



















MADOFF 'VICTIMS' LIST: Two reports were posted on 6th February 2009 containing the entire list of customers of Bernard L. Madoff Securities, Inc.. Because the list is so huge, we divided it into two segments: Clients A-N; and clients O-Z, plus a Miscellaneous Section. See: Archive. Our list is the easiest to load and clearest of the lists that have been reproduced privately on the Internet.
We have just published: International Currency Review Volume 34, #2 on Systemic Fraudulent Finance and The Legalisation of Financial Corruption. Also just published are issues of our titles Economic Intelligence Review, London Currency Report, Interest Rate Service and Arab-Asian Affairs. For further details, please check the second white panel on the Home Page.
Globalist hegemony ideology and practice is comprehensively debunked in the Editor's study entitled The New Underworld Order, which can be ordered via the books section of this website. If you want to see what may well happen if the angle of decline steepens much further, you could do worse than also order a copy of The Red Terror in Russia, by the contemporary Russian eyewitness Sergei Melgounov, another Edward Harle Limited book available direct from this website.
ADVERTISEMENT: Details of the Internet Security Solution software offered by this service in conjunction with a donation are appended at the very foot of this report, below the legal data. See also the catalogue by clicking on World Reports Limited and scrolling down to the bottom.

By Christopher Story FRSA, Editor and Publisher, International Currency Review and associated intelligence publications and information services. See this site for details and ordering facility.
CORRESPONDENCE TO THE EDITOR: We routinely, automatically DELETE all emails which OMIT any element of the requested coordinates. We are not prepared to deal with anonymous spooks and other cowards who are too scared to provide their coordinates, for identification.
The CONTACT US facility is found in the red box throughout this combined website.


It is very difficult to find words to describe the desperation, stupidity and folly of the latest Geithner wheeze. This proposal for private sector investors to collaborate with the Government to relieve the banks, as The New York Times put it on 23rd March 2009, ‘of assets tied to loans and mortgage-linked securities of unknown value’, with the Government reportedly ready to lend nearly 95% of the funds for any such investment, is beyond reckless and irresponsible: it is laughable.

It reeks of an utterly perverse and desperate, A REALLY DESPERATE, perverse throw by the Obama Administration to revalidate and revalue trades within the moribund derivatives sector, which has crashed and in which no-one not in need of brain surgery has been at all interested in since the worthlessness of these Fraudulent Finance assets were exposed.

The extraordinary weakness and idiocy of this wheeze – which must rank as the most eccentric and demented proposition ever to have been marketed by the corrupt US Treasury – was impregnated within the feeble remarks of Christina D. Romer, the Chief Economist at the White House, who said in an interview on ‘Fox News Sunday’ [22nd March 2009]:

‘What we’re talking about now are private firms [i.e. the hedge funds and sovereign wealth funds, mainly – Ed.] that are kind of doing us a favor [i.e., digging us out of the hole that we’ve dug for ourselves – Ed.], right, coming into this market to help us buy these toxic assets [note that she agreed that they are worthless, by using the word TOXIC: what a superb marketing ploy!] off banks’ balance sheets…. They are the firms that are the good guys here’, she added, in order to head off the obvious objection that on the basis of recent experience, participants might be vulnerable to a massive retroactive tax, or a Congressional hearing, or both of the above.

The White House spokeswoman wasn’t asked why, if the banks’ (fraudulent Ponzi) ‘assets’ were so ‘toxic’, ANYONE would want to buy ANY of them, EVER, given that by definition worthless assets aren’t tradeable – let alone borrow money from the Government (creating further background Government debt) for the purpose, even with the official loans reaching almost 95% of value.

BUT WHAT VALUE? Even the few cents in the dollar suggested, is almost a non-starter.

Uh, as The New York Times pointed out:

‘Still, a big stumbling block remained: how to place a value on mortgage-related assets that have not been traded for months’,


The only reason that Pimco, Black-Rock and other such entities might participate in this demented scheme would be in the forlorn hope that it might succeed in revalidating and revaluing their vast portfolios of DUD derivatives ‘assets’ that they can’t shift. Not a valid or responsible reason for a money manager to trash his fiduciary responsibilities by investing in ‘assets’ that the White House Chief Economist has herself publicly labeled TOXIC.

The Editor flew to Chicago on 16th March 2009, took care of some business in the city, and later caught an Amtrak train to another destination, for some further meetings.

At 4:00am in the morning of 18th March 2009, the Editor awoke in his hotel room and felt an itch on the back of his lower right leg. On feeling the area, he became aware that a piece of plastic had been stuck onto his inner leg without his knowledge.

The Editor had been surprised to be given a large suite at the hotel in question. On 23rd March, an expert analyst informed him that the plastic was not simply placed in the bed on the off-chance that it would adhere to the back of the Editor's right leg, but that it was actually applied to the Editor very early in the morning while he was sleeping. This assessment comes from experts with such background that when asked whether the resulting Tattoo on the Editor's leg (see below) may be permanent, they were unable to answer the question, and subsidiary questions, on the telephone: meaning that they could not do so without breaching national security.

The plastic peeled off and on turning on the light, the Editor found that he was holding a printed circuit microchip embedded in a piece of transparent plastic measuring about one inch square. On holding the plastic up to the light, the embedded printed circuits, with various arrows, were very clearly visible. There is a lesion on the Editor's inner right leg where the chip was applied.

The printed circuit contained a DIAMOND shape, which is a TARGET symbol.

It also contained three 'shoes' associated with arrows, which are indications of a GPS operation to track the Editor's exact movements so that at the appropriate time he can be shot dead on demand. Three shapes in the form of flayed skins were also evident, as was a miniaturised grid, indicating, we understand, the whereabouts of the Editor physically. After being peeled off the Editor's lower right leg, a lesion remained at the place where the printed circuit/chip had been located.

The Editor reported this via intermediaries to several US operatives, who quickly responded that they had no knowledge of any such evil device being placed upon the Editor's person: in fact this message emerged almost in unision. The Editor was not satisfied with this and reported the issue to a close friend with 'connections', who was able to unravel the truth of the matter.

This is that, in addition to being a tracking device to facilitate assassination, the printed circuit also creates a TATTOO, which then operates just like the printed circuit itself when it has peeled off.

Furthermore, the friend pointed out that these people are trained to say precisely the opposite of the truth when exposed. The proposition that the US operatives had put forward was that the GPS printed circuit had been applied to the Editor's inner right leg by British MI6 operatives for his own protection, presumably on the American Airlines plane: a contradiction in terms given what the US operatives in question know about the Editor of this service.

What is certain that if this was a British operation, the plastic printed circuit would not carry a target (assassination) symbol (DIAMOND), indicating how ridiculous such US denials and lies are.

Nor is this the first time that mentally retarded, murderous NSA parasites (which is what many of them are: they produce NOTHING) have applied these craven tactics to the Editor. On the first such occasion, after the Editor had conducted certain interviews in May 2003 in North America, he found a bean-shaped object among his effects while he was visiting the seaside in the British Isles.

Fearing that it might explode, he climbed up a rock adjacent to the beach and placed the plastic bean-shaped transmitter inside a hole in the rock, and wedged a loose piece of rock into the hole. Returning out of rank curiosity two days later to see whether the 'bean' was still there, he carefully removed the wedge, only to find that the object had completely vanished. A bird or other creature could not possibly have removed it from deep inside the cliff face.

The second occasion that a chip was placed with the Editor, occurred after the Editor had paid a second visit to the office of the NSA operative William Hmailton, of PROMIS fame. On the first such occasion, everything was sweetness and light, the receptionist was warm and cosy and the Editor was treated with courtesy. On the second occasion, the previously pleasant Hamilton receptionist was distant and surly. The Editor was kept waiting in the reception area for 25 minutes, and was then ushered into a conference room by Mr Hamilton. First mistake: the Editor removed his jacket.

Almost immediately, a man in jeans knocked on the door and asked if he could 'continue' working at a computer console that was located in the corner of the room.

The Editor thought it very odd that a single computer was stuffed into the corner of the Boardroom. Hamilton said 'OK', and minutes later 'suggested' that it would be a good idea 'if we move next door. Leave your briefcase and jacket here: we'll look after them'. Second mistake. Manifestly, the fellow in jeans was acting a role: if the Boardroom had been set aside for the meeting with the Editor of this service, the computer nerd wouldn't have been given access.

'Next door' turned out to be a completely empty office suite. In at least one room, however, the Editor noticed a large number of large carboard boxes stacked all over the floor. After clicking his heels for ten minutes, the unpleasant receptionist brought in a tray with a glass and an opened bottle of Pepsi. Third mistake. NEVER DRINK FROM AN OPENED BOTTLE IN SUCH COMPANY.

Please now refer to the Gospel of Mark, Chapter 16, verse 18.

The Editor later travelled to another location and during dinner in a diner with a former contact, he described what had happened. The contact asked to look at the Editor's jacket. The microchip was stuck to the inner side of the right-hand part of the jacket. It was quickly consigned to the candle burning on the dining table.

On each of these occasions, the operatives concerned behaved in an unfriendly manner towards a visitor from the United Kingdom which is still supposed to be the United States' closest and most reliable ally. On all three occasions, we deduce that the concern within the warring and confused US intelligence community, which is being brought low by the collapse of its Fraudulent Finance schemes arising from these exposures, has been to compromise the Editor in order to attempt to close down these ongoing arms-length investigations, which have made immense progress since the Editor first became involved in this investigative reporting six years ago.

It's all about COVERING UP FINANCIAL CRIMINALITY. It's nothing to do with US NATIONAL SECURITY. The investigations are focused exclusively on the betrayal of the American people and the Rest of the World by a bunch of arrogant thieves and amoral US operatives who believe that they can do what they like, including stealing from widows ('devouring widows' houses'), depriving their Ponzi victims of all hope of recompense, and treating the rest of humanity with malice.

Unfortunately for the terrified perpetrators, this horrendous episode of US officially-sponsored financial terrorism is unravelling faster than these mental defectives and crooks can stitch their model back together again. The angle of deterioration is steepening by the day, and the more they try to patch up the broken system based on Fraudulent Finance, the worse the mess they create.

We have just published International Currency Review, Volume 34, #2, which contains an analysis of the Paulson TARP operation, with charts, and shows that the entire purpose of that operation was to refinance, not the US dollar system and the economy, but rather Carlyle, Carlyle Capital, George H.W. Bush Sr., James A Baker III and other Bush-Clinton insiders.

The issue was mailed worldwide on Wednesday 18th March. In addition, we have produced and distributed a four-page leaflet containing the three main TARP charts, showing precisely how the corrupt Paulson financing operation was intended to operate. Copies of this leaflet have been hand-delivered in sensitive places in Virginia and inside the Beltway for the past several weeks.

We have also just published several other financial services, all of which contain a chart showing that the quite incredible Geithrner TALF (Term Asset Backed Securities Loan Facility) Fraudulent Finance circular financing operation is designed with the same sick objective in mind, and that the trumpeted Obama 'Stimulus Program' is nothing more nor less than a reckless fraud: cover for the rehabilitation of the Fraudulent Finance derivatives orgy which is in fact nevertheless collapsing from the roof into the basement, as we predicted.

And the reason for this is that the exposures have been SO SUCCESSFUL that NO-ONE trusts what the US Treasury and White House, let alone the State Department, choose to concoct, which 'as we speak' entails a new scheme every few days, as the pressure of events sucks everything into its own vortex and nixes whatever new wheeze Geithner, Rahm Emanuel, Mrs Clinton, Vice President Biden and Barack Obama come up with. The objective is to re-ignite the now moribund derivatives sector that has been dealt a mortal blow by the exposures and that everyone in the business now realises is dead in the water, since the simple message that NO RECOURSE assets are by definition without value, has finally sunk in where it matters.

Witness what the big hedge fund manager Dan Loeb had to say about NO RECOURSE derivative assets on page C8 of The Wall Street Journal dated 16th March. Writing to investors in his Third Point Offshore Fund, Mr Loeb could not have been more specific:

'One area we are decidedly NOT interested in is the 'opportunity' to purchase structured debt... with non-recourse leveraging from the US Government'.

'One of our guiding principles is that we do not use financial alchemy (leverage) to turn mediocre returns into gold'. He's buying gold instead.

Also on 16th March, the Washington Post, running after red herrings as always, published an article which contained certain revealing observations by 'people in the know', but which (as usual) were designed to terrify Congress into leniency.

The article addressed the diversionary but nevertheless extremely disturbing (especially for the Obama Government which is supposed to be 'on the side of the people)) issue of the AIG bonuses: a theme replicated, by the way, in London, where similar outrage has been expressed at bonuses being paid out to large UK banks and other participants in Fraudulent Finance Ponzi operations.

Lloyds Bank called us up to snoop around recently to see whether the Editor would be willing to part with collateral, for no good reason! Likewise, Coutts Bank is snooping around a colleague of the Editor's who owns a half interest in certain development land, for the same purpose:

GRABBING COLLATERAL, for use in a reignited derivatives ORGY, which won't ignite.

The Washington Post item, entitled 'Rage at AIG Swells as Bonuses Go Out', contained this:

'Company officials contend that the uproar is scaring away the very employees who understand AIG Financial Products' complex trades and who are attempting to dismantle the AIG division before it further endangers the world economy'. HOW INTERESTING!

In other words, as others have pointed out, it is said to be 'appropriate' for the corrupt Fraudulent Finance technician foxes who orchestrated the corrupt orgy in the first place, to remain in charge of the hen house: otherwise the hen house will collapse.

''It's going to BLOW UP', said a senior Financial Products Manager, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to speak for the company. 'I have a horrible, horrible feeling that this is going to end badly''. The same message was then immediately delivered to the Congress, which subsequently decided that the 'way forward', for their own 'CYA' purposes, was to tax the obscene bonuses by 90%, an unprecedented misapplication of the Congressional power to use the tax weapon, which will have devastating consequences for many bonus recipients who may already have spent or otherwise deployed the funds (probably offshore) in question.

For further corroboration that of the accuracy of our analysis that the entire purpose of these mad financial manouvres is to 'revalidate' derivative assets that have no value, one only needed to read The Wall Street Journal's blurb by Peter Eavis published on page C10 of that newspaper on the 12th March 2009, from which the following excerpts will suffice:

'The TALF aims to reignite the securitization markets and increase the availability of consumer loans by encouraging investors to buy asset-backed bonds using borrowed money', a mad formula which could only have been developed by financial sorcerers and witchcraft specialists.

First of all, the so-called assets to be used are not real assets at all but are fictitious constructs offering NO RECOURSE, as is precisely exposed with diagrams in International Currency Review Volume 34, #2, and further publicised by means of the four-page ICR leaflet which is being hand-distributed in appropriate US places 'as we speak', and which contains the three colour diagrams which illustrate the official Fraudulent Finance scams for any confused operative to see.

Secondly, to encourage cheap BORROWING for the purpose of such TRASH is not just amoral, but also shows that the Obama Administration is engaged in a defiant operation to proliferate its own brand of Financial Terrorism, since as usual the proceeds of these fictitious trades will be stashed untaxed in offshore bank accounts, while the Treasury accumulates debt in the background on a scale with no historical precedent, aggregating some $450 billion of debt per month between this month and the end of September 2009, on the basis of the Obama Federal Budget data WHICH ARE ALREADY OUT OF DATE: according to the Congressional Budget Office report published on 20th March, which stated that the Obama Administration's agenda will gtenerate annual budget deficits of $1.0 trillion over the next ten years, over $2.3 trillion of debt-creating deficit will be incurred in excess of the Budget presentations, which were barely a month old: a display of utterly reckless irresponsibility that has appalled the Rest of the World and will lead to a hyperinflation.

Indeed, there is rejoicing in Washington, we are told, that prices ARE RISING. Believe us, if they are rising amid the worst slump for a century, you can be very certain that they will be soaring in 18 months' time, and probably much earlier than that.

The Wall Street Journal analysis elaborated:

'Yet even though the (TALF) program offers as much as 20-to-1 leverage at generous interest rates, investors have pushed for concessions during the consultation process. And the Fed has agreed to some changes'. Note that TALF has not yet got off the ground: because no-one wants it.

'One thorny issue: what to do when an asset-backed security purchased with TALF loans is subsequently found to be ineligible under the program. It is a valid concern, given the poor loan collateral shovelled into asset-backed securities during the credit boom'.

'The original agreement said that when collateral is discovered to be ineligible, investors would have to pay back their loans or find eligible collateral'.

'But investors felt this meant TALF loans weren't truly non-recourse: meaning the lender can only claim the collateral it holds, and the borrower's potential losses are capped. The new agreement should ensure the loans really are non-recourse'.

Have you understood the perverse stupidity of this convoluted upside-down reasoning? It goes: we need to be sure that the 'assets' really are non-recourse. Which is precisely what the biggest hedge fund moguls object to: vide Dan Loeb's observations above.

So you see, there is not an icicle's chance in Hades (which is where these crooks are headed) of the Obama regime's substitute for sound finance, which he signed up to on his European tour last year, achieving the intended results.

On the contrary, choices made by the new team of Financial and Economic Terrorists (by their own legislated definition) in the White House, the US Treasury, the State Department, the George Bush Center for Intelligence (Terrorism), the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) and all the other nests of open-ended, reckless criminality such as the Office of the Vice President, who presides over the National Security Agency (NSA), have guaranteed a hyperinflation of unprecedented severity.

The Editor has noticed no alleviation of inflationary pressures in New York this March: quite the contrary. A breakfast in a diner that cost $3.50 four years ago now costs $12.50. Deflation?

On arrival in the United States, the Editor was almost immediately informed that a very large theft or 'diversion' or 'reallocation' of giga-funds, KNOWN ABOUT IN ADVANCE, was said to be scheduled to take place on 17th March 2009. At the end of that day, the Editor learned that Chinese interests had been paid a large sum IN CASH, not in Treasuries, to which they had objected.

Thus the 'reallocation', or part of it, about which we were warned in 'real-time', financed a payoff to the Chinese, in accordance with the pattern that has now become apparent. When a really large debtor gets nasty, the people in charge 'find a way' to make the necessary payment, in order, like drunks falling out of the pub, to sidestep an even 'worse' outcome.

Examples of this syndrome include a vast sum of money that was conveyed to the Vatican during the visit of the German Pope to America in April last year; payments made to the Mormon Church; payments to the Knights of Malta; and payments (or a payment) to the Knights Templar.

Now we have an instalment paid out to the Chinese, who are indeed owed colssal sums arising from transactions in the late 1930s and the recent expiry of the 70-year period after which the Chinese are required to be paid.

The sums are so enormous that it will take the United States TWO GENERATIONS to pay what is owed. Let us consider why this payment (may have) finally 'happened'.

Earlier in March, Chinese representatives of the Peking Government appeared at the World Court and demanded payment of monies owed following the recent expiry of the 70 years arising from the old Morgenthau 'box deal' of the late 1930s. The Chinese were reported to us by several sources to have obtained, in the week of 6th March, a lien on the Fed, which 'works for' the US Treasury.

On 12th March, against the background of 'tensions' between China and the United States over a staged confrontation at sea, the Chinese Foreign Minister, Yang Jiechi, paid a sudden visit to the White House. Mr Yang was also scheduled to meet Mr Barack Obama's National Security Adviser, former Marine Corps General James Jones. On 11th March, Mr Yang had met Mrs Hillary (who is now relabelled 'Rodham', for Rodinski) Clinton, who pontificated that the United States and China needed to reduce tensions and to avoid a repeat of a weekend confrontation between American and Chinese vessels in the South China Sea.

However the 'confrontation at sea' represented a proxy 'tension' hotspot conjured up for the sole purpose of masking the ACTUAL source of tension between the two countries: namely the ongoing illegal and criminal behaviour of the US official financial fraudsters, and the Chinese intention of exercising their lien on the Federal Reserve, reportedly obtained from the World Court.

If exercised, this would have led to the immediate seizure by the Chinese authorities of all US assets within their jurisdiction, in Hong Kong, Singapore and elsewhere, and thus to a dramatic open-ended, publicised escalation of international tensions, which are explicitly and exclusively a consequence of the hijacking of the US power centres by organised criminal elements as exposed for several years now in these reports.

Any such development would also have collapsed what remains of international economic and financial confidence, would have dealt the final blow to what remains of the self-appointed elite's deception called 'globalism' and would have catapulted the world much closer to World War: where we would appear to be headed anyway, thanks to the crass behaviour of the US authorities. Indeed, if they go on like this, World War III will be their sole recourse.

So, to 'get round the Chinese problem', funds had to be 'reallocated', like, 'immediately'. A small part of the funds were found, we understand, by taking them from two projects:

(1) The two British aircraft carriers that were to have been constructed and 'owned' by The Queen, and probably also the two further aircraft carriers that were to have been made available to the European Union Collective; and:

(2) The Bush-era 'missile shield' project for Eastern Europe, much to the fury of Poland, which greatly distrusts the Russians and thought that this protective mechanism would go ahead.

These projects, representing Bush-era quid pro quos, have been ditched by the Obama clique in order to help pay off the Chinese parties, in order to achieve a belated stay of execution of the Chinese lien against the Federal Reserve, according to sources 'special' to this service.

And nor is this the first such 'reallocation' to have taken place under Obama's watch.

Before he was reportedly arrested and placed in a 30-day cell recently, arch-fraudster Dr Alan Greenspan was stated to us by primary sources to have 'stolen' or diverted $3.0 trillion of funds, originally perhaps sourced from The Philippines. These funds, we understand, were 'restored' (like The Queen's $52 billion 'guarantees', immediately after we had publicised that theft).

On or about Wednesday 18th March 2009, $4.0 trillion 'suddenly' appeared at the US Treasury, a fact reported to us by several sources and later confirmed. Of this total, $1.0 trillion was directed to the Federal Reserve, to finance the INCREDIBLE scheme to revalue worthless derivatives assets that was trailed by The New York Times on Saturday 21st March 2009 and subsequently announced by the spinning top named Timothy Geithner, US Treasury Secretary the following week (see below).

Although this is hypothesis, it is a fact that the US authorities operate THREE currency printing plants abroad, one of which is located in The Philippines, a deeply corrupt country where such operations can be hidden, no problem. It is understood that, in the past, Greenspoon presided over the printing of a large volume of currency there, which had NOT BEEN REGISTERED with the US Treasury. Under the new legislation, anything goes, so it would have been possible for the US authorities to have simply registered this currency, and then credited it to the Treasury's books, before passing $1.0 trillion of it to the Federal Reserve.

The remaining $3.0 trillion was earmarked for payment to a US Paymaster on or about 23rd March.

Which leaves the matter of Greenspan's further DETENTION up in the air. WHY was it decided, at the meeting held on 9th March, finally to shove Dr A. Greenspoon into a 30-day holding cell (again, according to special sources)? Uh, if the information is correct, NOT because of official outrage at the fact that George Bush Sr.'s very own corrupt trader had stolen colossal amounts of funds, so much as that the stolen or 'diverted' funds were being remitted directly to the corrupt apparatus serving the George Bush Sr. Crime Nexus: whereas certain current Financial Terrorists want the stolen funds in question to pass through/into their own and their cronies' untaxed offshore bank accounts, instead of going direct into accounts within the Bush Sr. segment of the Octopus.

Hence, this is all about trying to prevent the TOTAL EXPOSURE of the PONZI MODEL, which applies right across the board and is the entire and sole explanation for the global crisis. We pointed this out as long ago as the first quarter of 2007, you may recall.

We were advised during the week ending 6th March, and subsequently, that the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Dr Ben Bernanke, had been served in person with indictment papers, in late February or early March. There have also been unconfirmed reports that the arch-criminal Mr Hank M. Paulson Jr., one of whose doubles was believed to have been shot dead between Christmas and New Year of 2007, is cruising for a bruising and may be indicted and arrested.

It is impossible to verify such 'information', so we simply report what has surfaced, with the caution that the self-appointed geomasonic elite are past-masters of the art of the duplicitous cover-up.

What they cannot handle is damage control when the roof and walls are caving in, and they find that they cannot steal enough supports quickly enough to prop up the metaphorically imploding money tower. They had no problem at all blowing up the Twin Towers and incinerating 3,000 people in the process: that was 'not a problem'. But propping up the Fraudulent Finance edifice?

• They haven't a clue. WORSE: They have perversely disregarded what they are supposed to be doing, in accordance with the Group of Seven-approved Refunding Programme, agreed upon in 2007 and 2008: allowing private sector-based trading operations to take place ON THE BOOKS, FULLY TAXED AND WITH MAXIMUM TRANSPARENCY, as reiterated in these reports. This is what these US financial engineers SHOULD be doing. Instead of which, they prefer financial sorcery and witchcraft. They will MOST CERTAINLY pay dearly for their wilful perversity.

• FACT: Private sector on-the-books trading would reliquefy the banks within weeks, or less, all above board, fully transparent and disclosed, and yes: TAXED. No more corrupt, clandestine, off-balance sheet Fraudulent Finance: but the banks survive AND PROSPER.

• FACT: The public sector cannot generate TAX ACCRUALS. It can ONLY generate DEBT, AND MORE DEBT, AND MORE DEBT. The private sector generates TAX ACCRUALS, which enable the Treasury to REDUCE ITS DEBT and thus the burden on taxpayers and future generations.

• FACT: It follows that the Obama Administration is perversely betraying the American people by DOING THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT IT KNOWS IT SHOULD BE DOING.

• This is TREASON.

• Don't try to tell us that the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve don't know that this is true and correct. They have BRAINS in both institutions: they can work it out for themselves: they don't need to read about what they should be doing on this website. However MILLIONS of people around the world DO READ THIS WEBSITE, and they KNOW that this simple logic is ACCURATE.

Sooner, rather than later, the Obama White House and the Treasury will be FORCED to recognise that they should have done what the G-7 asked them to do, starting in 2007.

If they had paid attention, they would not have got themselves, through GREED and pride, into the horrendous, terminal mess they now face.

The media focus on A.I.G., a huge laundry originally created under Frank Gardiner Wisner (born on 23rd June 1909; died on 29th October 1965) has failed to identify the most pressing factor that has been driving the reckless Fed money-spraying behaviour, which will generate hyperinflationary pressures the 'early green shoots' of which are already apparent. It is this:

• Placing compromised entities such as AIG (or General Motors) into bankruptcy would involve the appointment of a TRUSTEE. Under US bankruptcy arrangements, a Bankruptcy Trustee has almost unlimited powers to investigate every facet of what has been going on. One obvious focus of the Trustee's investigations would be the 728++ AIG offshore 'subsidiaries', of which we have published a small sample in an earlier report [Archive].

• Many of these subsidiaries have names such as 'Baker' This and 'Baker' That; and one wouldn't want the spotlight thrown onto James A. Baker III, would one?

So rather than implicate themselves further, the perpetrators are instead cynically mortgaging the futures of the next several generations of Americans by engaging in a reckless orgy of desperate Fraudulent Finance and creating colossal official debt in the background, which guarantees that the 'enforcement arm' of the World Revolution (the United States military) will in just a few years be unable to project its dangerous power around the world (a good thing) and that the Pax Americana, like the Anglo-American 'special relationship' (see below) has been destroyed.

All this is being done for one primary reason: to try to minimise the devastating consequences for the perpetrators of the ongoing exposures and the unravelling of the Fraudulent Finance orgy that has brought the whole world (deliberately?) to the brink of avoidable catastrophe.

Frank Gardiner Wisner was a key figure linking the penetration of the US intelligence structures by Nazis to the present millennial crisis of the World Revolution. After being transferred from the US Navy Censor’s Office, Frank Wisner Sr. was transferred to the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), predecessor of the Central Intelligence Agency, and served in Turkey and Romania. His agents penetrated the Romanian Communist Party and the headquarters of the Soviet Army in Bucharest, whence he discovered that the Soviet Union intended to ‘annex’ the whole of Eastern Europe.

In March 1945, Wisner was transferred to Wiesbaden, Germany, where he served as OSS liaison to the Gehlen Organisation. General Reinhard Gehlen, referenced in some detail in the Editor’s book The New Underworld Order, was the brutal Nazi repression chieftain in the German-occupied areas of the Soviet Union, responsible for untold atrocities.

The Editor’s book explains, drawing from open information, that Gehlen, over time, managed to persuade the gullible Americans that Stalin, having supposedly absorbed Eastern Europe, was poised several years after the end of the Second World War, to overrun Western Europe with 210 divisions. Soviet Divisions are smaller than Western military divisions, but even so, at that time only one and a half of Stalin’s divisions which the strategic deceiver Gehlen represented were standing by to invade Western Europe, were mechanised.

• FACT: The rest were sill horse-drawn, in World War I mode!

With the postwar US State Department penetrated by agents of influence working for the German cause, the de-Nazification process was placed into reverse without President Truman’s approval, and very large numbers of Nazi scientists who had been working on Heinrich Himmler’s mind and personality control abominations and other hideous activities, were transferred by proprietary CIA transport aircraft under ‘Operation Paperclip’ and later programmes, to the United States with their families, with a sizeable contingent of Abwehr officers whose slates had abruptly been wiped clean.

This vote-face occurred after General Reinhard Gehlen had falsified information about Soviet intentions fed to the Americans, and had re-recruited many of his former operatives to operate clandestinely under cover of the Iron Curtain environment which focused the West’s attention exclusively on ‘containing the Soviet Union’, leaving Gehlen and his organization and associates free to pursue the Nazi long-range strategy that had been developed at the German Geopolitical Centre in Madrid, established in 1942 by the Nazi intelligentsia and the Abwehr, which had always recognized that Hitler was expendable.

These operatives perceived that the defeat of Hitler could be turned almost immediately to their advantage because the West would be likely to jump to the false conclusion that the death of Hitler would be synonymous with the permanent destruction of Nazism – a perception which proved to be accurate. In the new environment, and having effectively penetrated the CIA by the late 1940s, the Nazi cadres were free to pursue their long-range strategy without let or hindrance, especially since the East German State, while clothed in Communist garb, was actually a de facto continuation of the Nazi régime, with the East German STASI secret police operating precisely along Gestapo lines.

Information obtainable at Arlington National Cemetery reveals that Frank Wisner Sr. committed suicide in 1965 using one of his three sons’ shotguns, and was buried in the Cemetery as a naval commander, his wartime rank. The reason for Frank Wisner Sr.’s suicide has never been explained, but the official ‘line’ includes the following assertions, posted on a certain US intelligence website which ‘facilitates’ the rewriting of history:

• Wisner Sr. was recruited in 1947 by Dean Acheson to join the US State Department’s Office of Occupied Territories. When, a year later, the CIA invented a covert operations cadre, the Office of Policy Coordination (OPC), Frank Wisner Sr. was placed in charge.

The OPC’s secret Cold War charter included ‘propaganda, economic warfare, subversion against hostile states, including assistance to underground resistance groups, and support of indigenous anti-Communist elements in threatened countries of the world’.

• Wisner was responsible for establishing Operation Mockingbird, the purpose of which was to influence the foreign AND DOMESTIC media. This ongoing programme remains an extreme menace domestically, to this day, embracing approximately 60 websites, for instance, which routinely punch out deliberately confusing diversionary lies and disinformation – with the main orientation in the prevailing chaotic context being that its primary purpose these days is to obfuscate the rampant Fraudulent Finance operations that the US intelligence community has developed and exploited in order to finance its status as the arrogant, uncontrolled ‘State within the State’.

A key further purpose of Operation Mockingbird in its contemporary manifestation is to throw sand in the eyes of the 320,000+ scammed Ponzi victims who have been robbed blind by these official criminals and their underworld collaborators, in order primarily to prevent them from reaching for the weapons in their attics simultaneously.

Its overarching purpose is to generate as much confusion as possible, so that the reality that the entire Fraudulent Finance crisis is one gargantuan Ponzi Fraud is constantly obfuscated. Prior to the exposures, its main purpose domestically was to keep the 320,000 scammed Ponzi victims living in la-la land, entertained by the false gods Atonn, and Atonn with his Hatonn, and a-dreaming MK-Ultra-type dreams with space ships replacing moving stairways in accordance with mental taste.

• In 1952, Wisner was appointed head of the CIA’s Directorate of Plans, with Richard Helms as his operational chief, and control of 75% of the CIA’s formal budget. He was instrumental in bringing about the fall of Mohammed Mossaddegh, an Iranian Jew, in Tehran, and Jacobo Arbentz Gusmán, also of Jewish extraction, in Guatemala.

• When the FBI Director, Mr J. Edgar Hoover, became 'jealous' of the CIA’s unfettered power, he investigated the past histories of the OPC operatives, establishing that many of them had been active in left-wing politics in the 1930s. The information was provided to Joseph McCarthy, briefed to run an operation to discredit Communism. Hoover made sure that McCarthy was given details of an affair that Wisner had conducted with Princess Caradja in Romania during the war. Hoover also claimed that the Princess was a Communist agent.

• Crucially, Wisner worked closely with the British traitor Kim Philby, the British agent who was eventually unmasked as a Soviet spy but is believed by this service to have worked for the Nazis.

• The official ‘line’ concludes that Wisner was mentally destabilised by the Soviet crushing of the Hungarian Revolution – a piece of imaginative make-believe that we consider to be laughable.

However what is not laughable is that he then underwent psychoanalysis and was subjected to electroshock therapy. After treatment and apparent recovery, Allen Dulles, CIA Director of Central Intelligence, a long-term Abwehr agent, appointed Frank Wisner to be chief of the London Station. However he was judged to be still suffering from mental illness, was recalled to Washington, and agreed to retired from the Agency.

Frank G. Wisner, eldest son of Frank Wisner Sr., born in 1938, very conveniently announced his intention to retire from the position of Vice Chairman, External Affairs, for American International Group (AIG) on 13th February 2009, when the heat in the kitchen became too hot. He had joined AIG in 1997, and was a Director of AIG from that year until 2003.

Here is a list of Frank G. Wisner Jr.’s ‘accomplishments’, apart from the senior AIG positions that this veteran and prominent CIA operative has held:

• US Agency for International Development, Vietnam, 1964-68.
• GAP in record from 1968 to 1979.
• US Ambassador to Zambia,, 1979-82.
• US Ambassador to Egypt, 1986-91.
• Senior US Deputy Assistant Secretary for African Affairs, US State Department, 1982-86.
• US Ambassador to the Philippines, 1991-92.
• US Under Secretary of State for International Security Affairs, 1992-93.
• Under Secretary for Policy, US Department of Defense, 1993-94.
• US Ambassador to India, 1994-97.
• Member of the Board of ENRON, 1997-99.
• Member of the Board of EOG Resources, 1997-
• Partnership for a Secure America Advisory Board Member.
• Trustee, Rockefeller Brothers Fund.
• Director, US-India Business Council.
• Member, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

Wisner Jr.’s domestic political affiliations illustrate our central point that it is neither here nor there which of the two wings of ‘The Party’ wins elections, as the Intelligence Power (the ‘State within the State’) always wins. He is named as having been associated with:

• Bill Bradley for President;
• Friends of Dick Lugar;
• Friends of Hillary;
• George W. Bush for President;
• Gore 2000;
• Hillary Clinton for President;
• John Kerry for President.

Politically, therefore, this man is whatever the male equivalent of a prostitute happens to be: totally devoid of principles and with infinitely ‘variable’ loyalties, and therefore ethics – a view confirmed by Vijay Prashad, then Assistant Professor of International Studies at Trinity College, Hartford, CT, in 1997. The Assistant Professor wrote:

‘When Wisner was US Ambassador to the Philippines (1991-92), Enron was engaged in negotiations to manage the two Subic Bay power plants. When Mr Wisner left Manila in July 1992, Enron won the contract and started managing the plants in January 1993. During Wisner’s long tenure in India, he fought long and hard to secure various deals for Enron’, and only left India when it appeared that Enron’s prospects in India, thanks to bribery and corruption, were secure.

Enron, of course, could hire whichever CIA operative it liked to do its dirty work, given that CIA operatives all believe they are protected from the consequences of their endless crimes by the crooks’ charter known as the National Security Act (et seq.), 1947. Thus, for instance, Vijay Prashad also pointed out that, to gain access to a lucrative contract to rebuild the Shuaiba power plant in Kuwait after it had been conveniently destroyed in Bush Sr.’s war, Enron hired James A. Baker III as consultant, 'who travelled to Kuwait to negotiate for Enron’, a CIA scamming operation which, like BCCI before it, was later stripped bare, its cash and borrowings used for illicit off-balance sheet, untaxed, clandestine leveraging and hypothecation Fraudulent Finance to generate ‘new money’ for the overall Ponzi Programme and to help finance the corrupt CIA ‘State within the State’, and then left to wither as a corpse.

One imagines that the prospect for this 70-year old of winding up contemplating cockroaches in the Metropolitan Correctional Center along with Madoff while awaiting trial for his part in the scamming operations perpetrated by A.I.G., should it finally collapse, was less than enticing: hence his exit.

We will now address some broader related issues before reverting to current themes.

On 8th November 2005, The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs [JINSA], which is located in Washington, DC, published a press release about a panel it had sponsored on 'Terrorism in Latin America', in which it reported that the event had been opened by the hardline 'conservative' US Republican, Congressman Dan Burton, who had made the following statement: and we quote:

'US national security interests in South America include control of international crime, terrorism, and drug trafficking'.

Congressman Daniel Burton did NOT say:

'US national security interests in South America include DEFEAT of international crime, terrorism, and drug trafficking'. OR:

'US national security interests in South America include ERADICATION of international crime, terrorism, and drug trafficking'. OR:

'US national security interests in South America include REDUCTION of international crime, terrorism, and drug trafficking'. OR:

'US national security interests in South America include SUPPRESSION of international crime, terrorism, and drug trafficking'.

NO. What Congressman Burton said, DELIBERATELY AND SPECIFICALLY, as reported in the JINSA Press Release (page one) was:

'US national security interests in South America include CONTROL of international crime, terrorism, and drug trafficking'.

In other words, the Congressman spoke the truth. Yes, it is indeed United States policy to:

• CONTROL international crime (i.e. to RUN international criminal operations).

• CONTROL terrorism (i.e. to orchestrate international terrorism on an open-ended basis).

• CONTROL drug-trafficking worldwide.

You will already have observed, no doubt, that although Congressman Dan Burton was addressing a REGIONAL conference (on terrorism in Latin America) he did not in fact qualify his remarks so that they referenced just Latin America alone. NO. What he did was to emphasise that it is in the United States' national interest to 'CONTROL' international crime, terrorism and drug-trafficking.

• Not REGIONAL crime, terrorism and drug-trafficking, but GLOBAL ditto.

Just consider precisely what this means. In summary, what the Congressman said was that the entire complex of US Government assets and power is geared to achieving CONTROL over these heinous activities, that is to say SPONSORING, DEVELOPING AND EXERCISING HEGEMONY OVER THESE CRIMINAL OPERATIONS. When did the American people authorise THAT?

And Congressman Burton helps us all to understand that it is 'in the US national interest' that the United States' Government IS a criminal enterprise.

This being the case, we should not be surprised at any of the abominations involving despicable operatives in high places that have been referenced in these reports since we had to start posting them. After all, IT IS IN THE U.S. NATIONAL INTEREST that these abomination should take place!

Welcome back to the DIRKHEIM PARADIGM: the model used by these Fraudulent Finance types.

Emile Dirkheim (1856-1917), postulated and promulgated that the 'natural' norm for humankind was criminality, and that the absence of criminal behaviour was by definition aberrant. Note that in so doing, Dirkheim not only specifically contradicted the glorious hope and truth of Jesus Christ, but also the core teachings of his own Torah. According to Dirkheim, the Rule of Law and adherence to it are disoriented, perverse, eccentric and somewhat pathetic.

Notice any relationship to the arrogant criminal high-level behaviour spelled out in these reports?

Next, you may by now have had a chance to read through the full text of the Complaint filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission on 16th February against R. Allen Stanford, James M. Davis, Laura Pendergest-Holt, Stanford International Bank Limited, Stanford Group Company and Stanford Capital Management LLC posted by this service on 12th March 2009.

This Bush-Clinton money laundry operation developed from the Tupelo and Memphis laundry used by the Clinton gang, and subsequently by the Bush gangsters when they were running 'Black' drug deliveries into Miami and Mena, Arkansas. The Chief Investment Officer for Stanford, 35-year-old Laura Pendergest-Holt, who was also head of 'transfer operations', was arrested on 25th February and taken to a location near Houston described to us by a Houston-based source as 'super-secret'. Word from the source, based on 'inside' information, was that she was 'singing like a canary', and would be arraigned before a Federal Court on 27th February 2009. However, like 'Sir' Allen Stanford himself, this woman has in fact refused to cooperate with the special (not regular) FBI investigating team, and with the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division.

According to our sources, the 'transfer operations' involving colossal sums of money were those designated in the S.E.C. Complaint as 'Tier 3 Investments'. You can read how Stanford represented these investments by perusing the complete text of the Complaint [see Archive].

So what we have is another Bush-Clinton money laundry and criminal finance distribution operation handling drug proceeds ('Black Ops'), in the process of being closed down. And it will have been observed that 70-year-old Bernard L. Madoff pleaded guilty to all 11 counts against him, refusing to acknowledge that his operation was part of a much broader conspiracy (as was the case, given that Madoff was 'recruited' we understand, by the Bush Spider ['Die Spinne']).

As a result, Madoff, who will be sentenced in June, faces serving;

• 20 years for Securities Fraud (Count One);
• 5 years for Investment Adviser Fraud (Count Two);
• 20 years for Mail Fraud (Count Three);
• 5 years for Wire Fraud (Count Four);
• 20 years for international money laundering to promote specified unlawful activity (Count Five);
• 20 years for international money laundering to conceal and disguise the proceeds of specified unlawful activity (Count Six);
• 10 years for Money Laundering (Count Seven);
• 5 years for False Statements (Count Eight);
• 5 years for perjury (Count Nine);
• 20 years for making a false filing with the SEC (Count Ten); and:
• 20 years for theft from an employee benefit plan (Count Eleven).

Obviously, in Madoff's case, the prospect of him dying in prison could not be higher. In the case of Pendergest-Holt, however, she would possibly expect to be freed by her 65th birthday if she had been prepared to implicate others (which she is reported to have done when 'singing like a canary' but this is inconsistent with the reported fact that she is 'not cooperating').

Assuming that she is not, we have (a) Mr Madoff who would have nothing to lose (ostensibly) by cooperating, since his outcome would not be affected; and (b) Pendergest-Holt who could improve her prospects some, by cooperating. So why aren't these people (including Stanford who, it will be recalled, was picked up in Virginia, intelligence community country, after his Credit Card had been refused by a firm he approached to fly him privately to Antigua), cooperating with authorities?

There can be only one obvious explanation for this common factor: they have all been threatened: if you 'shop' other components of the Octopus, we'll murder your family members.

On 20th March, Bart Chilton, a Commissioner for the US Commodities Futures Trading Commission, said that 'rampant Ponzimonium' was being uncovered by the authorities all over the place. And as previously reported here, it is believed that at least TEN large European Ponzi schemes are 'waiting to unravel' 'as we speak'. Some are believed to be larger than the Madoff frauds.

On 18th March 2009, David G. Friehling. Madoff’s accountant, who operated from a small storefront office in the New York City suburb of New City in Rockland County, was arrested and charged with securities fraud and with aiding and abetting the investment adviser fraud perpetrated by Bernard L. Madoff. A related civil case was filed against him and his firm, Friehling and Horowitz, by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Friehling was accused by United States Attorneys Lisa A Baroni and Marc Litt, in a filing before United States Magistrate Judge Theodore M. Katz, Southern District of New York, of deceiving investors by creating false and fraudulent certified financial statements for Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC and its predecessor corporation, and causing those certified financial statements to be filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (Securities Fraud: Count One). Count Two accused Friehling of Investment Adviser Fraud; Counts Three to Six dealt with False Filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Special FBI Agent Keith D. Kelly stated in his sealed complaint, of which the Editor obtained a copy from the United States Court for the Southern District of New York on 20th March 2009, that David G. Friehling’s audit workpapers did not include documentation showing that Friehling had:

• (a) Conducted independent verification of his client’s assets;
• (b) Reviewed material sources old Madoff revenue, including commissions;
• (c) Examined a bank account through which billions of dollars of Madoff’s clients’ funds flowed;
• (d) Verified liabilities related to Madoff client accounts; or:
• (e) Verified the purchase and custody of securities by Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC and its predecessor, Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities.

The FBI Agent stated that Friehling did not request back-up documents or make enquiries required for any auditing procedure that is compliant with accepted standards, and failed to take any steps, between 1994 and 2008, to test internal controls over key areas such as redemptions by Madoff’s enterprises of clients’ funds, the payment of invoices for corporate expenses, or the purchase of securities by Madoff for its clients. (It has been separately confirmed that Madoff did not purchase a single security for at least 13 years).

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) requires that accountants who are members and who perform audits must undergo a peer review process, which includes a review of audit work papers. The FBI Special Agent elaborated that ‘each year, from at least 1994 through and including 2008, while he was certifying to the SEC that he was performing annual audits of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities in conformity with [the required standards], David G. Friehling, the Defendant, represented to the AICPA that he did not perform any audits, thereby avoiding the peer review process’.

This contradiction, extremely damaging for Friehling, highlights the PRACTICAL CONSEQUENCES of Fraudulent Finance upon discovery of the frauds in question. What is happening generally is that similar contradictions are being exposed every day, clashing with the Rule of Law in an endless series of ‘train wrecks’, which will continue for years.

Agent Kelly added:
‘In each… Report accompanying Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities’ financial statements, Friehling… falsely stated that “we conducted our audit in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the United States of America”, when in fact he had not. Friehling also falsely stated that the audit “include[d] examining, on a test basis, evidence supporting the amounts and disclosures in the financial statements”, when in fact, no such examination ever took place.

The acting Director of the SEC’s New York office informed The New York Times (20th March 2009) that Friehling ''essentially sold his license to Madoff for more than 17 years while Madoff’s Ponzi scheme went undetected''.

Further, under US law (Title 17, Code of the Federal Regulations, Section 240.17a-5(f) (3), the accountant must be independent in accordance with the provisions of Title 17, Code of Federal Regulations, Section 210.2-01 (b) & (c). Under that provision, an accountant’s independence is impaired when an accountant, or an accountant’s immediate family member, has ‘brokerage or similar accounts maintained with a broker-dealer that is an audit client if… the value of assets in the accounts exceeds the amount that is subject to a Securities Investment Protection Corporation [SIPC] advance, for those accounts, under Section 9 of SIPA (16 U.S.C. paragraph 78fff-3)…. Under Title 15, United States Code, Section 78fff-3(a), advances from SIPC are limited to a maximum of $500,000 to each customer'.

At the end of each year, between at least as far back as 1995 and 2007, an account owned by Friehling or his wife held equity balances in excess of $500,000. If convicted on all six Counts, David Friehling faces 105 years in prison. In Part 1 of our list of Madoff ‘victims’, posted on 6th February 2009 [Archive], the following Friehling accounts are displayed: ....(....)
The Securities and Exchange Commission under Mary Schapiro, its new chief, is now of course trying to rectify its own battered reputation for laxity. Given its reportedly laid-back attitude for years while these abuses were both routine and accumulating, it cannot now afford to allow a single exposed instance of breach of the Securities Acts and regulations to be overlooked.

• Yet at the same time, municipal issuers are reported to be among the worst offenders in terms of lax filing behaviour in conformity with their statutory obligations.

According to research published in The New York Times on 22nd March 2009, even though US hospitals, cities and states that borrow money are required by their bond covenants to make the required filings, nondisclosure among the community of nearly 65,000 US municipal issuers is commonplace. DPC Data, based at Fort Lee, New Jersey, which collects information on municipal securities transactions, says that 50% of such issuers are more than a year late with their filings with the SEC, while 25% are said to be chronically delinquent, by three years or more.

Apparently legislation on the Statute Book dating from the 1970s restricts the SEC’s powers to investigate municipal issuers that fail to make the required disclosures. The SEC can spring into action only if fraud is suspected. This means that when fraud does take place in this $2.7 trillion marketplace, but is not suspected, the perpetrators ‘walk away’. The small print enables the SEC to take action against brokerage firms that underwrite municipal bonds if the brokers ‘allow’ an issuer to sell debt securities without being up to date with filings for the most recent five years. However such interventions are described as ‘unusual’, code for: it never happens.

Industry insiders therefore confirm that noncompliance with filing requirements in this sector attracts zero penalty. Peter J. Schmitt, Chief Executive of DPC Data, said that failure to enforce disclosure rules in the municipal securities market ‘has created a no-penalty environment that leaves investors defenceless against questionable practices by dealers’.

One proposal now before Congress is that the Municipal Securities Rule-Making Board, a self-regulating agency established by Congress in 1975 to devise rules by brokerage firms and banks that sell and trade in municipal bonds, should be merged with the SEC, which already ‘oversees’ its operations: to no apparent effect.

All in all, this represents another vast US marketplace in which parties appear to have been playing fast and loose with the rules, so that investors may have been paying over the odds for distressed bonds without being aware that the debt issuers were under stress, let alone that fraud was going undetected: another instance of double standards: one standard for the likes of David G. Friehling, and another for a hospital board in Cincinnati, Ohio.

As the SEC Stanford Complaint [Archive: 12th March] makes clear, the Stanford leg of the Octopus was destabilized as a direct consequence of the Madoff implosion, which followed the ‘lockdown’ on 10th-12th September 2009 of the $14.0 trillion of real funds, including the $6.2 trillion of LOAN money belonging mainly to the British Head of State and made available to finance the Group of Seven-Approved on-the-books Dollar System Refunding operation described in previous reports.

Madoff was battling with a reported $7.0 billion of redemption requests from October 2008 onwards, after ‘spare’ liquidity had completely dried up, except for drug money flows, completely, following the ‘lockdown’. Likewise, the SEC’s Stanford Complaint document revealed that ‘in recent weeks… an increasing amount of liquidation activity’ had been monitored, plus ‘attempts to wire money out of its investment portfolio’. The Commission had received information ‘indicating that in just the last two weeks, SIB has sought to remove over $178 million from its accounts'.

Accordingly, the sequence of events is clear: ‘lockdown’ of the real-money $14.0 trillion, triggered on our advice as a consequence of the rampant ongoing abuses of these funds perpetrated by the US authorities and the corrupt US money center banks participating in the US Treasury's Custodial Account network; the consequent drying up of interbank market liquidity, drug money flows being insufficient to keep the vast carousel going; exposure and implosion of the Madoff Ponzi networks; leading directly to the exposure and implosion of the Stanford Fraudulent Finance operations.

Although it is true that Ponzi Scheme collapses such as these are considered by the biggest and most ruthless ‘players’ to represent mere collateral damage while ‘life moves on’, the reality is that these developments represent material gains in the process of ‘taking down’ the Octopus, which has so many tentacles that it may well take more than a generation for the beast to be slaughtered. But just remember the state of affairs two years ago: back then, the US criminalist classes thought there would and could never be any effective opposition. Recent events and have compelled some of the less arrogant of these creatures to accept that they were wrong.

Which makes it all the more extraordinary that, notwithstanding such developments, the stealing and diversion of funds has continued on an even larger scale, according to reports received during the first quarter of 2009, under Obama than under the discredited predecessor régime – even though some observers think that Mr Obama is not in charge of events.

Whether Obama is or not, a photograph of Mr Obama and Stanford published by Wayne Madsen’s service on 19th February, and public domain intelligence to the effect that Stanford’s island base of Antigua has featured prominently as a center of operations for the Israeli-Russian mafiya, make it clear (a) that President Obama knew about Stanford before he came to office and (b) that Stanford’s activities, in which many governments have taken an interest for years, were unsavoury. Stanford, who has been exposed as a long-time associate of the Bush Crime Family, has his Houston offices, Madsen reported, ‘directly across Westheimer Road in the part of the Galleria complex where the Carlyle Group offices are located. Coincidence? Not with the Bush criminal cartel’.

• On 18th March it was reported that Madsen was arrested while he was meeting a source with knowledge of Stanford’s connections, but both were later released.

According to ABC TV, in 2008 Mexican authorities seized one of Stanford’s private jets as part of an investigation into the Gulf Cartel by both the Mexican authorities and the FBI. Inside the cabin of the Gulfstream jet, police found cheques connected to drug cartel recipients. On 1st January 2009, the one-man-band accountant based in Antigua who had provided Stanford with ‘auditing’ and related services, died mysteriously just one day after the expiry of his contract with Stanford.

As previously reported, R. Allen Stanford ‘took over’ from Noriega, after Bush Sr. had double-crossed the Panamanian operative; and indeed, drug-running connections to Stanford are widely accessible in the public domain. Which brings in the covert DVD operative, Carlos Lehder Rivas, born in the United States of a Colombian mother and a German father.

Carlos Lehder began his life of crime as a low-level drug dealer in Michigan, and after doing time in jail for a drug-related car theft, Lehder ‘decided’ to seek his fortune in Colombia, according to the open ‘legend’. In reality, he was targeted and then recruited by or on behalf of the German ‘Black’ counterintelligence agency which is the heir of the Nazi Abwehr, Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD), based in Dachau, near Munich, almost certainly with the knowledge or on the instructions of George H. W. Bush Sr., the top Godfather implementing long-range DVD criminalism strategy in the Americas. As we have repeatedly mentioned, the headquarters building of the Central Intelligence Agency is named the George Bush Center for Intelligence, a simple fact which itself confirms the pinpoint accuracy of Congressman Dan Burton’s revealing admission above.

Lehder was so well-placed that when housed in a two-cell unit at the US Penitentiary in Marion, IL, he was given a telephone, which he used to contact aides to the then-Vice President George H. W. Bush, who had been in charge of the CIA during the early years of the Medellín Cartel. The Editor’s book The New Underworld Order develops intelligence to reveal that the Colombian drug cartels were in fact established with the close assistance of the CIA and that foreign operations inside the CIA (which turned out to be German and Soviet) were instrumental in their evolution.

According to a report in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published in May 1996, Carlos Lehder Rivas used an efficient, high-tech approach to cocaine smuggling that facilitated the bulk shipment of the drug in mass volume. Using a remote landing strip, Norman Cay, in The Bahamas, which Lehder had secured by bribing Bahamian officials and scaring off inhabitants.

Lehder arranged for jets loaded with bulk cocaine to land at Norman Cay, where the drug would be loaded onto similar aircraft and dispatched into northern Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas. These unexpected destinations made evasion easier because the authorities were only then watching the United States’ southern borders.

Following this ‘success’, Lehder talked other drug lords into forming a cooperative based in the northwestern industrial city of Medellín. At the peak of the Medellín Cartel’s power, a jet loaded with up to 300kg of cocaine would fly into the small Bahamian airstrip every hour of every day, 24/7. The similarity with the operation using the Mena, AK, airport facility has not been lost on observers.

Gross, unfettered, demonic violence, typical of the German Nazi mentality, accompanied all of the Medellín Cartel’s operations.

A US Federal detention order for Lehder drawn up in 1987 stated that Lehder and other Medellín Cartel operatives were responsible for assassinating the Colombian Justice Minister in 1984; for the 1985 armed attack on Colombia’s Supreme Court building that killed eleven justices and 84 other people; for assassinating two Colombian newspaper editors and 26 other journalists; for shooting the Colombian Ambassador to Hungary in 1987; and for a long list of murders of police officers, informants and government officials. Lehder also threatened to kill one Colombian Federal Judge a week if he was caught, prompting US officials to place narcotics agents, their families and other officials on worldwide alert after Lehder was finally arrested.

Yet when, following three years of US pressure on Colombia to adhere to an extradition treaty and turn Carlos Lehder Rivas over, he was finally extradited, Lehder was given kid-gloves treatment from the outset. For ‘public consumption’, the reason for this approach was that the Government wanted Sr. Lehder to testify against General Noriega, who had interfered with the George Bush Sr.-related drug operations in the region (i.e. Bush had double-crossed Noriega, as he always does, not the other way round).

In reality, Lehder’s evidence, as previously reported, was useless: and Mr Robert Merkle, the US Attorney at Tampa, Florida, at the time, who had prepared a Noriega indictment, believed that he had more than enough evidence against Noriega for any input from Lehder to be superfluous.

In the event, Carlos Lehder testified that he had had no direct contact with Noriega, although he acknowledged that the Medellín Cartel had paid millions of dollars to the Panamanian President. For much of his testimony against Noriega, Carlos Lehder Rivas in fact indulged in rambling tirades about US imperialism. This is routine among not only the ‘former’ Soviet apparatus, but among Nazi operatives, to this day. Anyone who doubts this fact should study the hatred tirades by Argentine Nazis against the United Kingdom, as part of the ongoing DVD-manipulated campaign by Argentina (which has failed) to acquire sovereignty over the Falkland Islands.

• In 1982, the Argentine junta was given the ‘green light’ by the secret German ‘Black’ penetration agent, George H. W. Bush Sr., then Vice President of the United States and in charge, therefore, of the National Security Council, to invade the Falklands.

When the time came for the 2000 US Presidential election to be stolen, ready money was needed to pay off the Democratic National Committee (which received a $32 million payoff) plus the judicial, law enforcement and legal parties whose cooperation suddenly became necessary and who were to be paid $8 million: whereupon Lehder was tapped in jail for the necessary $40 million in bribes.

The deal was that the top representative of the Bush Crime Family who required the ready cash (because of course the Bush Crime Family could not be expected to part with a single rotten cent of their own ill-gotten gains) would arrange for Lehder’s immediate exfiltration to GERMANY in exchange for Carlos Lehder Rivas extracting $40 million from a bank account on demand.

Recalling again that the Stanford tentacle of the Bush-Clinton-CIA money laundering and financial distribution network ‘took over from’ Noriega’s drug-trafficking operations, the revealing article entitled ‘Stanford has links to a fund run by the Bidens’ published in The Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, 24th February 2009, was clearly of more than incidental interest. The report stated:

‘A fund of hedge funds run by two members of Vice President Joe Biden’s family was marketed exclusively by companies controlled by financier R. Allen Stanford, who is facing Securities and Exchange Commission accusations of engaging in an $8.0 billion fraud’.

‘The $50 million fund was jointly branded between the Bidens’ Global Advisors and a Stanford Financial Group entity and was referred to as the Paradigm Stanford Capital Management Core Alternative Fund’. ‘Paradigm’ is a high-level Masonic key-word. Stanford-related firms marketed the fund to investors. Paradigm Global Investors is owned through a holding corporation by the Vice President’s son Hunter, and Joe Biden’s brother James, the newspaper stated.

Paradigm’s Attorney, Mr X. LoPresti, told The Wall Street Journal that ‘the fund has offered to turn over the $2.7 million investment it received from Mr Stanford’s firm in 2007 to a Court-appointed receiver in the SEC’s civil fraud case involving Mr Stanford’.

Crucially, Mr LoPresti told the newspaper that the Stanford entities put up the $2.7 million in seed money and marketed the (Paradigm) fund to investors. SEC records show that the fund, which was launched in June 2007, had 104 investors as of November 10, 2008, with assets of $49.8 million. Paradigm, based in New York, manages assets worth about $270 million.

Paradigm is/was mentioned on the website of a Stanford entity called Stanford Trust Company, as one of that firm’s ‘investment management strategies’.

Attorney LoPresti confirmed that under an agreement, the Stanford group was entitled to share in a proportion of the fund’s management and performance fees.

When the Bidens bought Paradigm in 2006, the purchase was accompanied by bitter litigation. A knowledgeable source separately references the sale of the MBNA Credit Card operation to the CIA’s very own Bank of America, the proceeds of which deal provided lubrication.

It will have been observed that if Stanford, a Fraudulent Finance operation, was marketing the Biden-owned Paradigm fund to investors, the owners and managers of the Paradigm entity, viz. members of Vice President Joe Biden’s family, may have been co-conspirators in the marketing of fraudulent securities to Americans in various US States. Wire Fraud. 20 years.

Separately, Joe Biden had to agree finally to pay for the hire of a jet plane, after ignoring repeated requests for payment from the owners of the aircraft. This particular Biden scandal was exposed by an accountant (CPA), whom Biden still reportedly owes $15,000. A distinguished lady known to the Editor for many years now, worked on Mr Joe Biden’s Presidential campaign financial disclosure engagement. The source tells us:

‘I busted it for him and got everything right. He stiffed me for over $15,000 worth of work. He refused to pay once he dropped out of the race. I undertook similar Capitol Hill campaign financial disclosure work for Bob Dole, Pat Buchanan and a Democratic Candidate for Ambassador to New Zealand. All those folks paid me even though they either lost the election or else did not get the appointment. That type of work is very demanding and very tedious because your efforts are scrutinized by Congress. Biden did not care’.

As previously reported, the Editor exercised his discretionary right NOT to publish certain details that were proffered to us over the weekend of 7th-8th March 2009 – at the instigation, it transpired, of Vice President Joe Biden and certain gentlemen of Italian extraction.

Specifically, Michael C. Cottrell, B.A., M.S., received an insistent request for him to ‘ask’ the Editor to publish certain information which would have had the effect of shifting the blame for ongoing financial misappropriations and thefts squarely onto the previous (Bush) Administration, thereby redirecting the focus of attention away from the ongoing sabotage of overdue settlement payments perpetrated under the Obama-Biden Administration itself.

The only element of the information, which had been made available to the Editor IN WRITING, that was used, was the request from US sources for us to amend our earlier reference to ‘about $50 billion of funds belonging to The Queen’ having been stolen in the context of the withdrawal on 29th January 2009 of the $14 trillion in cash including the $6.2 trillion of LOAN funds, to read ‘$52 billion of ‘guarantees’ signed by the Queen (no funds stolen)'.

A guarantee with The Queen’s signature could arguably be said to be by far the most valuable prospective collateral in the world: so the stealing of these guarantees worth $52 billion face value seems to us to be even more serious than the stealing of $52 billion of monies belonging to the British Sovereign. We were subsequently informed that the '52 billion of guarantees' signed by the Queen had by some miraculous process been ‘restored’.

In other words, if I break into your house and steal all your family’s silver with a view to pledging it as collateral at a bank for a loan, but I get caught in flagrante and so send the stolen silver back, I have made restitution and remain a free man. We don’t think so. A theft took place, more than fully justifying The Queen’s belated decision to withdraw the LOAN funds, which had been languishing ever since they were made available via the Bank of England to the Bank of New York Mellon on 19th-20th June 2007 for the purpose of financing the Group of Seven-approved transparent, on-the-books, fully taxable Dollar System Refunding Programme, which would reliquefy the money center banks ON THE BOOKS not only AT NO COST TO THE U.S. TREASURY, but also to the huge advantage of the Treasury, which would receive an open-ended cascade of tax payments.

Interestingly, by way of ‘blowback’ from this development, it was reported to the Editor at 5:00pm on Sunday 22nd March that President Obama had told associates words to the effect that ‘I don’t care whether it’s the fault of my Administration or the previous Administration [that the numerous overdue settlement payments have been held up]. It’s got to be done’.

This outburst was either staged (very possible) or else reflects a blazing row that appears to have taken place between President Barack Obama and Vice President, Joe Biden, who has completely discredited himself by actually authorising an operation to try to persuade us to publish certain information that would have assisted him inter alia at his then imminent appearance on behalf of the US Government at the World Court. Although this institution is anathema to Washington, the US Government cannot avoid dealing with it, as other countries use the Court to press their claims against a pariah country called the United States.

And indeed, during the same period, Vice President Biden was reported to have appeared at the World Court, where he was refused a hearing. Had the information that we were pressed to publish actually appeared on our website, we are told that the outcome might have been different.

The attempted Biden set-up involved us publishing a series of detailed known facts concerning the misappropriation (on 18th January 2009, immediately ahead of the Inauguration) of the CMKX $12.8 billion, which would have explicitly implicated George W. Bush Jr., George H. W. Bush Sr., Dr Alan Greenspan, and the Carlyle Group in the theft of the CMKX funds. Since certain elements of the proffered information could not be verified and the pressure to publish this was not only traced to the Office of the Vice President but we were expressly informed that Mr Joseph Biden wanted the information published, we declined to agree to this quite extraordinary request – a refusal which caused consternation and much anger all round.

Further, the Editor decided that the exceptional pressure that had been exerted upon Mr Cottrell, asking him essentially to ‘order’ the Editor to publish this material, constituted not only the exertion of unfair pressure on Mr Cottrell himself, but a gross infringement of the Editor’s right to decide precisely what and when he will publish: a view with which Mr Michael Cottrell, who had been most uncomfortable with the request, immediately agreed. In fact both parties simultaneously concurred that since neither was satisfied with the information, let alone the motives behind the request, the material could not be published without further clarification (which was not forthcoming).

At all events, it is understood that this refusal by the Editor caused much annoyance all over the place: and the reason soon became clear. Mr Biden’s reported foray to the World Court flopped, because whatever he was asking for (believed to entail blaming the previous Administration for the Obama Administration’s failure to date, to perform) simply wasn’t believed. Had we published what was proffered to us, the outcome might have been different.

• In a separate instance of the US propensity to try to entrap the Editor of this service, information has recently appeared elsewhere concerning the Clinton theft of $500 million from Bank Crozier in Grenada, in the 1990s – a theft that we have referred to in International Currency Review, based upon our own long-term investigative research. It was being falsely alleged that this theft ‘must have’ occurred some time in 2003, which is not true. The purpose of this falsified information and provocation, devised by ‘Die Spinne’, was to inveigle the Editor into ‘correcting’ this false report, which the Spider hoped might have certain ‘repercussions’, given the operative currently serving as American Secretary of State.

However if we were to try to correct the lies, deliberately cynical diversionary distortions and other ‘reinterpretations’ of what we know to be true, that litter US websites, we would be fully engaged in that futile process and we would get no publishing work done at all.

By contrast, the Chinese Government, as noted above, went to the World Court in early March and obtained a lien on the Federal Reserve, we were informed. This was reportedly forthcoming after the Chinese parties had concluded that the Obama Administration had no more intention than its corrupt predecessor to meet its old financial obligations towards the Chinese, which relate to US undertakings made in the late 1930s for a 70-year period which has expired.

In this connection, the US authorities had originally assumed that the cap placed on the price of gold would limit their liabilities to the Chinese parties for all time: but because the Bretton Woods monetary system collapsed in the early 1970s, and even more to the point because the United States has been hijacked by ruthless organised criminal gangs whose only interest has been self-enrichment, funding the 'State within the State' and thus the World Revolution for three decades now, the price of gold has long since broken loose, while in terms of gold the dollar’s value has of course accordingly declined – so that it will, we are now told, take several generations for the US authorities to recompense the Chinese without resorting to war.

This horrendous strand of the crisis is overlain by the multiple other evil strands about which the ‘mainstream media’ have remained culpably silent.

For instance, the stealing of Her Majesty’s gold on 29th-30th March 2007, which we alone reported and for which we were excoriated by people in the United States who had no idea what they were talking about, appears to have been linked to an arrogant attempt by Bush-related operatives to provide the wherewithal for the Chinese Settlement. It may be the case (although no-one has told us this) that the publicity we were able to give to this matter, put paid to that criminal operation – which ended when the gold was restored, we believe, by around the same time (June 2007) that The Queen’s LOAN funds were made available for the Dollar System Refunding Programme.

Had the corrupt Paulson Treasury not immediately moved to exploit the Queen’s LOAN funds, along with the other sovereign cash funds making up the $14.0 trillion referenced in our reports, but had rather allowed the planned private sector refunding activity to proceed, the United States would have acquired sufficient accruals by now not only to have been able to meet its obligations to the Chinese, at least in part, but to implement sound financial policies across the board.

• However since Paulson is a professional criminal financier, his priorities lay elsewhere.

As a consequence, the collapse of the derivatives Fraudulent Finance Ponzi networks triggered inter alia by our exposures has occurred in sync with the colossal crisis surrounding the Chinese payments: a concatenation of events which could not possibly be worse, and which appears tailor-made to lead to World War. Given what President Obama is reported to have proclaimed (above), it is appropriate, absent contradictory information, to give the President the credit for understanding the extreme gravity of the world's crisis, even though President Barack Obama has presided over very serious criminal events which may or may not have been perpetrated with his knowledge: our inclination is still to give the President the benefit of the doubt: when dealing with such secret but earth-shattering matters, it is impossible for outside observers, whether ‘connected’ or not, to know more than a fraction of the truth.

The following information is therefore reported as received:

• 12th March 2009: Armed with the lien from the World Court, the Chinese Foreign Minister, Yang Jiechi, appeared in the Oval Office amid the cover story about tensions between American and Chinese ships in the South China Sea.

• 17th-18th March: Chinese reported to us to have received the first instalment payable by the United States as referenced above.

• 19th March: Unconfirmed rumour that, on the contrary, the Chinese Government had exercised its lien against the Federal Reserve. On our checking this out, the rumour was dismissed out of hand by knowledgeable sources.

• 20th March: Unconfirmed rumours of arrests in Washington, DC. The Editor is advised by several sources that $3 trillion ‘arrived’ at the Treasury. This is later amended to $4.0 trillion.

• 21st March: It is reported to the Editor that five officers at the Federal Reserve were arrested (see above) after having attempted to divert or steal $200 billion. Other sources said that two officials were arrested: but on 22nd March, separate sources confirm that the number of officials arrested was five.

• 22nd March: At around 5:00pm New York time, it is reported to us that the Chinese parties were paid $13 trillion by the US Government between Wednesday 18th and Friday 20th March 2009. The source provides confirmation of President Obama’s remarks, summarised above; and it is further reported that at least one Obama official was arrested on 20th March, indicating that suspicions of treachery within the Obama Administration are justified.

• 22nd March: About 20 minutes later, the following completely conflicting 'information' is made available to us:

• First, the Obama Treasury offered to pay the Chinese parties in Treasuries, an offer which the Chinese turned down flat.

• Secondly, President Obama or his officials then told the Chinese: in that case, we’ll pay you in cash (as suggested by the earlier report above).

• Thirdly, the Chinese said: ‘No way. Pay us in gold’.

• In the fourth place, the President or his officials responded:
‘There is no way we are going to pay you in gold’.

• Fifth: The Chinese responded: ‘We will only take gold’
(Unspoken: You fools are preparing your own hyperinflation and at the same time you are trying to sell trash Treasuries which no-one in the world wants to buy. Your currency is going to hell due to your own stupidity and to your successive attempts to avoid facing reality: and you want to pay us in Treasuries or cash? We have no confidence in either. We must be paid in gold).

• Sixth: President Obama or his officials responded: ‘No way. Take us to court. You’ll lose’. Which is probably true, since, if any of the foregoing sequence is accurate, the US Government had already offered to pay the Chinese in US Treasury instruments or cash.

The outcome of all this could have been that the Chinese finally accepted cash, as was implied by the original report. It should also be borne in mind either that the scenery has since changed, or that some of the so-called information is false, or that all of the information is false, or all of the above. However the foregoing provides a snapshot showing what may have been going on behind the scenes, beyond what the Editor knows because of the direct attempt to influence us to publish certain information, as detailed here and previously.

Certainly, if that information had been published, the consequences would have been severe. It may transpire that it needs to be published, given that Vice President Biden did not achieve his objectives on that occasion. The information implicating the Bush Crime Family in the CMKX theft is extremely damaging and may need to be publicised outside the Biden context.

On 19th March, Bloomberg reported that President Obama had despatched Dr Henry ('call me Henny') Kissinger, the odious triple or quadruple+ DVD agent with the guttural German accent, and the Bush Crime Family's #1 fixer, James A. Baker II, to Moscow to 'talk to the Russians'. Following their meeting with President Medvedev and GRU-'Prime Minister' Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin in Moscow, Kissinger and Baker returned to Washington DC; and our sources believe that they were accompanied by Mikhail Gorbachev, the former Chief of the CPSU's Administrative Department under Yuri Andropov (Lieberman), whose real name is Korbach or Orbach.

• FACTS: The Administrative Department was the most powerful slot in the entire Soviet CPSU structure. Gorbachev occupied that slot as early as the beginning of the 1980s. This consummate Leninist deceiver has never changed his spots. He occupies a large suite of offices inside the Kremlin. The sudden arrival of the top Soviet in the Oval Office (see immediately below) after being brought to Washington by Kissinger and Baker, must be viewed as an ominous development.

On Friday 20th March, a secret meeting took place in the White House between Mikhail Gorbachev, Presidnet Obama and Vice President Biden.

It has been reported that US-British relations are at their lowest level ever, a state of affairs that is supported by the insulting treatment meted out to this Editor in having a printed circuit or ‘chip’ stuck onto his right leg by an NSA or other US operative while he was sleeping in a hotel during his visit to the United States as described above.

On 11th March, it was reported that Sir Gus O’Donnell, the Head of the British Civil Service (an aimiable man whom the Editor has met) had protested that he had been finding it ‘unbelievably difficult’ to get hold of any Obama Administration personnel. Very senior British officials were complaining that they cannot get beyond the Administration’s mindless answering machines, and that attempts to coordinate the so-called G-20 ‘pre-summit’ summit meeting, held ludicrously in humble Lower Beeding, Horsham, in West Sussex, proved particularly aggravating in this respect.

• An anonymous German delegate to that meeting complained in Paris Match magazine that the event was “a madhouse”, adding “You don’t choose some place in the middle of nowhere for a summit of such importance’ – the point being of course that the importance of both the pre-summit summit and of the G-20 summit itself has been downgraded by the British: the actual conference in early April is not being convened in the Queen Elizabeth Conference Centre opposite Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament, where it should be held, but miles away in Docklands – a clear signal that the whole idea of elevating the G-20 onto a pedestal to smother the G-7 in order to bury the G-7-Approved private sector Dollar Refinancing Programme is felt in London to be a 'mistake'.

The top British civil servant said in public that when he tries to make contact with key members of the Obama Treasury Department, ‘there is nobody there’.

The phones ring and nobody answers. ‘You cannot believe how difficult it is’, Sir Gus O'Donnell told participants at a recent civil service conference. The reports of this fracas that we have seen did not provide any explanation for this perverse US official behaviour – which was, and is, that the British authorities do not go along with all this Obama-Geithner madness and are incensed at the repeated insults and thefts committed against the British Sovereign by the White House, reported in these presentations. Of course this is never mentioned as the underlying cause of the tension.

Although we do not credit the British Treasury with having pursued sensible policies under the Labour Government, at least there is no whiff (that we can detect anyway) of corruption there – in sharp contrast to the position in the United States, where the Treasury’s reputation sank into the sewer under the corrupt Henry M. Paulson, and is liable, under Geithner, to sink below it.

The real source of the UK-US tension, namely the cowboy finance operations of the US authorities, was ‘disguised’ for public consumption by the ‘substitute’ cover stories about Obama removing the bust of Sir Winston Churchill from the Oval Office, and the farcical gift of 25 DUD DVDs by Obama to Gordon Brown – an intellectual who reads voraciously and certainly, like this Editor, has no time at all for videos. In addition, some bumped-up American apparatchik told British officials that Britain isn’t ‘special’ to the United States, which is quite true. The Brits feel the same way, in reverse, after having had to live with the strench of the corruption machine wafting from Washington and Wall Street and the feckless refusal of US law enforcement (hitherto) to enforce the Rule of Law.

• FACT: To make matters worse, and to illustrate the crudeness of these people, the DVDs are no use in Britain, where different technical standards apply, so presumably they've been thrown away.

In any case, given recent experiences and the multitude of US abominations recorded in these reports, it is our own view that the so-called ‘special’ relationship was destroyed by the Bush II Administration; and that even though Britain itself has a criminal government, too, the United Kingdom should distance itself from a cnation run by a terrorist ‘State within the State’ which no-one in the United States has the guts, apparently, to try to bring under control.

If Congress were doing its job properly, it would demand to know why the CIA (proxy for the huge number of US intelligence agencies of which the CIA is the best known) is in the drug business.

Put another way, it would be asking WHY the United States’ national security interests ‘include the CONTROL of international crime, terrorism and drug trafficking’. President Obama should be asking these questions, too – instead of which he is complacently permitting the ‘State within the State’ to remain unreformed, running the Government, and dictating the President’s priorities.

More to the point, it is the self-financing requirements of the ‘State within the State’ that are the root cause of the Obama Administration’s short-sighted and probably fatal rejection of the ONLY solution to the entire crisis: private sector on-the-books trading that is fully transparent and taxed, generating massive ongoing windfall tax REVENUES to the Treasury, and zero cost to the taxpayer. Because the corrupt ‘State within the State’ fears that it would lose its usurped power to control the Executive Branch if it were to cease to be self-financing via its proprietary Fraudulent Finance Ponzi operations, its drug-trafficking and all the other corrupt practices in which it indulges, it has seen to it that the new Administration has chosen the route to financial and economic perdition.

• In other words, the ‘State within the State’ has placed its own corrupt interests ahead of those of the American people, as usual.

The damage to US-British relations has been done, and attitudes in Britain are hardening not only against the disliked European Union Collective (the remodelled Soviet Union in the making, and a monstrosity so corrupt that even its own Court of Auditors has refused to sign off on the European Commission’s accounts for the 14th year in a row), but likewise against the United States, which is perceived to have triggered this crisis.

• The fact that the City of London is among the most corrupt sinks of speculative iniquity on earth is not yet properly understood, although recent controversies over obscene self-enrichment and bonus arrangements are causing scales to fall from many eyes.

On 15th March 2009, The Sunday Telegraph carried a prominent article entitled ‘Obama’s bungling aides ‘are told to get a grip’’, implying that somewhere deep inside the recesses of the collective mentality within Washington DC power circles, a soupcon of anxiety about kicking Americas’s most (misguidedly) loyal ally in the teeth, was proving somewhat counterproductive.

Specifically, the article said that 'Barack Obama’s aides have privately admitted that presidential errors during his first 50 days in power have contributed to a sharp fall in Obama’s popularity with voters and pundits alike. His staff are being warned to get a firmer grip now that he has passed the 50-day mark, and prevent a repeat of the mistakes that marred the past seven weeks’.

Natürlich, the newspaper made NO MENTION of the catastrophic error that matters – the only one that matters – namely the fact that instead of ‘going financially straight’, Barack Obama has instead allowed his advisers to choose and pursue the crooked path of dud, leveraged, debt-accumulating Fraudulent Finance based on NOTHING, which will saddle the Treasury with vast accumulations of background official debt and will jeopardize the futures of several generations of Americans in the process. The only way that will be avoided is via the hyperinflation that the model presupposes.

The British newspaper focused on the WRONG ISSUES, but this fascination with the trivial aspects of diplomacy did reveal how nervous the Obama White House appeared to be over the President's meeting with the Queen (IF he turns up), giving rise to the following predicted exchange:

Her Majesty: Good morning, Mr President, how very nice to meet you.

President Obama: It’s a pleasure to be here, Your Majesty.

HMQ: Mr President, I was concerned to hear about a small matter of $52 billion of my guarantees that apparently went missing recently.

PO: I understand that these were restored, M’am.

HMQ: Yes, but why were the guarantees diverted or stolen in the first place? Were any of my guarantees used for purposes for which they were not intended?

PO: I don’t know M’am. I imagine not.

HMQ: Mr President, you are aware, are you not, that after my LOAN funds within a total amount of $6.2 trillion languished within your banking system within the Treasury Custodial Account network at several money center banks for 19 months, to no avail, I was compelled, on 29th January 2009, to order the withdrawal of these funds, which were made available via the Bank of England on 19th-20th June 2007 to finance the Group of Seven-Approved Dollar System Refunding Programme by means of transparent private market trading transactions?

PO: I am, M’am.

HMQ: Mr President, are you aware of the REASON that I had to order these funds to be withdrawn?

PO: Not entirely, Your Majesty. Please explain.

HMQ: Mr President, when you toured European countries last year, you signed documents in which, I understand, you pledged to release all the blocked or hijacked funds and to proceed, if I am not mistaken, with the G-7-Approved private sector Refunding Programme. I had been led to believe that, in the light of your undertakings, you would indeed honour your commitments.

PO: My advisers decided that I should adopt alternative strategies, I am afraid.

HMQ: But Mr President, a signed commitment is a signed commitment, you know! Furthermore, my own expert advisers inform me that the ‘alternative strategies’ that your officials have adopted are designed to revalidate and revalue fundamentally worthless false derivative ‘assets’ while at the same time accumulating vast new mountains of real debt with which generations of Americans will be burdened in the future – a state of affairs which could have been entirely avoided if you had implemented the Group of Seven-Approved Dollar System private sector Refunding Programme for which I provided the necessary funds on LOAN, and which you undertook to do last year.

PO: Unfortunately, M’am, I was advised that our banks would not be prepared to cooperate in the proposed G-7-Approved private sector Refunding Programme.

HMQ: But Mr President, you carry the privilege of being the most powerful human being on earth! You have the power to insist upon the implementation of what was agreed by the world’s leading financial powers in 2007 and 2008! In addition, I made available a very large sum of money pro bono publico on a LOAN basis to finance this project, which I told the Group of Seven powers in 2007 was necessary ‘for the sake of the whole of humanity’. Moreover the Group of Seven-Approved private sector Refunding Plan would have cost the US Treasury NOTHING, while showering it with windfall tax revenues for a long time to come! What on earth persuaded you to disregard this very simple and straightforward solution to your problems, which are OUR problems, too?

PO: Uh, I hear what you say, M’am. It looks as though the various patchwork schemes developed by Timothy Geithner are going nowhere anyway. I’ll reconsider the situation.

HMQ: Ah, but Mr President, as you know my LOAN funds were withdrawn on 29th January after it had become clear that your Administration was not about to honour its undertakings in this regard. I am advised that there is now a proposal that the G-7-Approved Refunding Programme should be run out of London. Very conveniently, there is a provision in British tax law whereby funds that are resident within the British jurisdiction for 24 hours, are taxable.

My Government finds it most attractive that windfall tax accruals should arise from such ongoing, transparent on-the-books trading activity. Of course, since the Refunding Programme will remain an American private sector operation, your Treasury will likewise receive immense ongoing accruals from tax. So, by running the transparent private sector Refunding Programme from London, we will be able to help you, after all. Don’t you think the daffodils in my garden are gorgeous this year?

PO (looking out of the Palace window at the magnificent display of British daffodils): Yes, Your Majesty, they are gorgeous. Don’t you think so, Michelle?

In a quite extraordinary demarche, The Sunday Telegraph reported on 15th March that ‘a White House official last week passed details to The Sunday Telegraph of Mr Obama’s desire to avoid a repeat of such errors as the inept handling of Gordon Brown’s recent visit to Washington’, in which the White House – furious at the withdrawal of the $14.0 trillion cash, and at the exposure of the $52 billion of ‘stolen’ guarantees – went out of its way to ensure that nobody from the Executive Branch attended Congress to hear the British prime Minister praise the collective of financial scamsters to the skies, while curtailing the press conference with Mr Brown to the point of extreme rudeness.

‘The concession came as allies of President Obama have begun breaking cover to question his performance and leadership on the economic meltdown and diplomacy’.

In other words, certain people on the ‘inside’ are ALREADY wondering whether the ship that they embarked upon was already starting to sink even before it set sail.

The British newspaper continued:

‘Mr Obama has now told his staff to learn from the errors made during Mr Brown’s visit and to ensure that protocol is observed when he meets The Queen later this month’.

‘A source close to Mr Obama’s top team telephoned this newspaper last week’ (and got through, unlike what happens when Sir Gus O’Donnell calls the US Treasury) to say that top White House officials now regard it as a ‘mistake’ to have returned the bust of Sir Winston Churchill that the (British) Government lent George W. Bush… and then to have sent the Prime Minister home with a gift of 25 DVDs after his visit to Washington’.

For ‘mistake’, read ‘calculated insult’.

‘Clearly it was a mistake, and they want people to know that they know that’, the source said. No apology, of course. ‘There is a collective desire to learn from the experience. They didn’t have their eye on the ball… they all know they’ve got to do better’.

NO THEY DON’T! They are NOT aborting the TALF system, which is designed to revalidate worthless false ‘assets. They are NOT aborting Fraudulent Finance; they have NOT abandoned the Fraudulent Finance Ponzi model, despite elements of law enforcement arresting exposed Ponzi practitioners like Madoff and Stanford. President Obama has NOT ordered the ‘State within the State’ to GET OUT OF DRUG-TRAFFICKING. Does he regard drug-trafficking as acceptable?

The ‘mistakes’ that the White House was desperately trying to alleviate were the insults meted out to the British because the new Administration was piqued that it was being held to Obama’s signed undertakings, because the $14.0 trillion cash was withdrawn altogether from access, because the stealing of $52 billion of The Queen’s guarantees had been exposed, and doubtless also because the earlier (2007) theft of The Queen’s gold, probably in order to finance the United States’ colossal overdue debts to the Chinese, had been aborted (after we publicised it).

‘The source said: ‘The point was made about the protocol, people need to be absolutely sure they are on top of everything to do with meeting The Queen and make sure that everyone knows what is expected. The Queen won’t be getting any DVDs’.

By the way, if any sceptics remain out there, the Editor holds in his hand a sworn document dated 9th March 2009, containing the information referenced earlier that the Editor declined to publish, which also contained the information about the $52 billion of The Queen’s guarantees, which we DID publish. It follows of course that, this confirmation in turn confirms that the $6.2 trillion LOAN information that we have referenced repeatedly, is accurate (not that it has ever been disputed by anyone at all). This is what the sworn document dated 9th March 2009 stated verbatim:

‘I, Michael C. Cottrell, B.A., M.S., do hereby swear and affirm the following:

• That on Friday, March 6, 2009, between approximately 8:19pm EST and 8.20pm EST, I received a telephone call [requesting me to inform Mr Story that]

… a clarification was “necessary” regarding “the $50 billion of The Queen’s money allegedly stolen prior to repatriation” [in the report dated Thursday 5 March 2009 02:00]

… [This] should be changed to “$52 billion of guarantees by The Queen”’ [no cash stolen].

As will be clearly understood by anyone taking care not to sit on his or her brains, this of course basically CONFIRMS EVERYTHING. We choose not to identify the name of the official party who telephoned Mr Cottrell with this request; but this is what the document states. In black and white. ...(....)
...nenki ..  .....
23 mars 2009 Comment le FMI sous-développe l'Afrique: Partie 1, partie 2, partie 3, partie 4, partie 5, partie 6. Le reportage d'un jamaïcain britanique qui retourne dans son pays ancestrale, le Ghana, pour y découvrir la pauvreté abjecte dans ce qui était parmi les pays les plus riche d'Afrique.
Comment le FMI et la Banque Mondiale ont dérobé les richesses planétaires de leurs habitants en privatisant et prêtant de l'argent aux pays sous-développés mais extrêmement riches en resources naturelles.
The World Bank (WB) & The International Monetary Fund (IMF)
A clip from the documentary "The New Rulers of The World" by film maker John Pilger.
The WB and the IMF control most of the world's cash flow.
Please check out all of John Pilger's documentaries.

Comment la Banque Mondiale crée la pauvreté dans le monde. Wolfenson se défend 'pauvrement' en détournant la question et déclarant qu'il est fier des records de la BM. Une mauvaise blague.
 Le témoignage de l'ancien chef économiste de la BM, Joseph Stiglitz, est ahurissant. Il dénonce les vraies intentions et machinations de la BM.
World Bank creating poverty (BBC Newsnight)
IMF and World Bank meet in Washington - Greg Palast reports for BBC Television's Newsnight. 
Three weeks ago James Wolfensohn, President of the World Bank, was supposed to appear on CNN, and he told CNN that if I showed up and they put me on the air he would not appear; he would remove all tapes of his interviews if Greg Palast were allowed on the air. And CNN did the courageous thing and yanked me out of the studio. Now we're going to find out why.     featuring:    Joseph Stiglitz(fmr chief economist World Bank)
Marcy Newman       Body On The Line
They call themselves the "Jewish Defense League," (JDL) but this misnomer, like the "Israeli Defense Forces" masks what they are really there to do: to murder, steal, and cover it all up. The JDL, fortunately, continues to be on the United States terrorist watch list for its history of attacks on American soil. here is one recent report by the FBI: ...(...)
Why do I bring this all up? Because the JDL in Canada, which seems to be far more active than in the U.S. of late, has issued threats on television to anyone supporting George Galloway's lecture tour, which they had a role in canceling by getting the Canadian government to ban galloway from setting foot on Canadian soil. Live on television some terrorist from the JDL threatened such people, including churches sponsoring his speaking engagements. Watch the terrorist Meir Weinstein of the JDL for yourself...(...)
Lieven De Cauter      BRussells Tribunal
The sixth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq is a sad occasion for the balance sheet: during six years of occupation 1.2 million citizens were killed, 2,000 doctors killed, and 5,500 academics and intellectuals assassinated or imprisoned. There are 4.7 million refugees: 2.7 million inside the country and two million have fled to neighbouring countries, among which are 20,000 medical doctors. According to the Red Cross, Iraq is now a country of widows and orphans: two million widows as a consequence of war, embargo, war again and occupation, and five million orphans, many of whom are homeless (estimated at 500,000). Almost a third of Iraq's children suffer from malnutrition. Some 70 per cent of Iraqi girls no longer go to school. Medical services, not so long ago the best in the region, have totally collapsed: 75 per cent of medical staff have left their jobs, half of them have fled the country, and after six years of "reconstruction" health services in Iraq still do not meet minimum standards.   (...)
for more:

Monday, 23 March 2009

Israel's War Crimes // by Richard Falk


'For the first time since the establishment of Israel in 1948 the government is facing serious allegations of war crimes from respected public figures throughout the world. Even the secretary general of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, normally so cautious about offending sovereign states - especially those aligned with its most influential member, the United States - has joined the call for an investigation and potential accountability.

To grasp the significance of these developments it is necessary to explain what made the 22 days of attacks in Gaza stand shockingly apart from the many prior recourses to force by Israel to uphold its security and strategic interests.'...(...)

The global setup provides a legal framework capable of imposing international criminal law, but it will not be implemented unless the political will is present. Israel is likely to be insulated from formal judicial initiatives addressing war crimes charges, but will face the fallout arising from the credibility that these charges possess for world public opinion. This fallout is reshaping the underlying Israel/Palestine struggle, and giving far greater salience to the legitimacy war (fought on a global political battlefield) than was previously the case.
Perhaps the most plausible governmental path would be reliance on claims of universal jurisdiction (1) associated with the authority of national courts to prosecute certain categories of war crimes, depending on national legislation. Such legislation exists in varying forms in more than 12 countries, including Spain, Belgium, France, Germany, Britain and the US. Spain has already indicted several leading Israeli military officers, although there is political pressure on the Spanish government to alter its criminal law to disallow such an undertaking in the absence of those accused.....(....)
(1) The idea of universal jurisdiction has its roots in the approach taken to piracy in prior centuries, allowing any country to capture and prosecute wherever a pirate vessel was found and regardless of the nationality of those charged with the crime.  dec 2002.

Sites we like Counterpunch    New Left Review      TomDispatch

UK Watch     ZNet


Monday, 23 March 2009
The Raid on Mayor Cheye Calvo's Home
'Berwyn Heights Mayor Cheye Calvo's mother-in-law, Georgia Porter, was stirring her spaghetti sauce when suddenly she saw armed, masked men in black swarming across their backyard.  One of the men saw her and pointed his high-powered assault weapon directly at her through the window.  She screamed.  Suddenly the front door shattered, and men in black burst into the house.Payton, one of the family's two black Labrador Retrievers, was lying stretched out on the living room floor. 
As he turned his head towards the door, the terrified Georgia watched as the men shot him in the face multiple times.  The other family dog, Chase, ran into the dining room in an attempt to escape from the screaming men, but they rushed the dining room from all directions and shot him also.'   ...(...)
Meanwhile, the crowd on the lawn was growing.  Pvt. Amir Johnson, a Berwyn Heights police officer, was on patrol when he saw officers in tactical uniforms coming out of his mayor’s house.  One of the Prince George’s County officers told him, “The guy in there is crazy.  He says he is the mayor of Berwyn Heights”.  When Johnson told him, “That is the mayor of Berwyn Heights”, the detective looked shocked.
Cheye started asking questions.  He had to ask several times “Do you have a search warrant?” before finally being told “it’s en route”.  Eventually one of the men in black pointed to the big white box addressed to Trinity that had been delivered earlier and asked threateningly, “Do you know what is in this box?”
“A box?”, Cheye thought.  “This is about a box?”
45 minutes after the raid had started, Cheye’s wife arrived home.  Seeing the road jammed with police vehicles, Trinity assumed her house had been robbed.  “Is my husband OK?  Is my mom OK?” she frantically asked the Berwyn Heights detective who met her at the gate.  After being assured they were in the house, she realized that it was too quiet.  There were no dogs barking.  She asked about Payton and Chase, and collapsed against the detective’s chest when told they were dead.
The Prince George’s County Police Department had intercepted a package addressed to Trinity containing 32 pounds of marijuana and delivered it to the house earlier that evening.  But despite it being common knowledge among narcotics officers that criminals were sending drugs to innocent people in the hopes of grabbing the packages before they got home, nobody bothered to do even the most basic background research into the Calvo’s before invading their house.
When animal control officers came to take Payton’s and Chase’s bodies away, Cheye broke down.  “I roared,” Cheye later recalled.  “I broke down sobbing.  Payton was the sweetest, most wonderful dog I had ever known.  Our lives revolved around our two dogs.  They were our kids”.
The SWAT team spent almost four hours ransacking the house.  They found no sign of drugs, no guns, no stacks of cash, not even a single rolling paper.  It took hours before someone figured out how to cut the tight handcuffs off Cheye and Georgia.  In the end, after threatening that the family could still be hauled into jail, the SWAT team finally left.      All three family members were in shock.  In fact, Georgia was so hysterical she could barely speak.  With no way to lock their front door, fear of a drug dealer missing his marijuana, and a totally destroyed house, no one slept that night. ...(...)
To combat the secrecy surrounding SWAT raids, Cheye has been working with sympathetic legislators in Maryland to pass a law requiring monthly reporting of the number of SWAT team deployments and their results to the Attorney General.  Once this data is available, it is anticipated that the police will recognize that SWAT teams are regularly being used inappropriately in some counties and will implement standards for their use.  If this does not occur, additional legislation may be required.
Since this is not a problem limited to Maryland, Cheye is also working with other legislators in other states to introduce similar legislation.  An absolutely must-read.


Monday, 23 March 2009

Canadian Killers Get Out on Bail - Writers Go to Jail
Brad Love Arrested at Political Meeting in Toronto
“Please phone your nearest Canadian Consulate and ask, how a country that says it is commited to Freedom of Speech and Human Rights can put a man in jail for writing letters?”       By Paul Fromm — MP3 (or here)
'Eight burly Metro policemen burst into a Rexdale hotel meeting room this evening and handcuffed and arrested former political prisoner Brad Love, apparently, for "breach of parole."
Mr. Love had just finished giving a rousing talk on freedom of speech in Canada to a standing room only gathering of supporters of the Canadian Association for Free Expression. He had warned that police were eager to crack down on immigration critics. Almost prophetically he explained: "If immigration were reformed and criminals kept out, it would mean far fewer cops and less overtime, also fewer social workers. Immigration is a growth industry".' .....(....)

Monday, 23 March 2009

'Down the Memory Hole,' Alan Greenspan Style/


'He's back and in denial in a March 11 Wall Street Journal op-ed headlined: "The Fed Didn't Cause the Housing Bubble." He lied, the way he did throughout his career and for 18.5 years as Fed chairman. How else could he have kept the job, be knighted in the UK for his "contribution to global economic stability, wisdom and skill," then afterwards be extolled by the Money Trust he enriched.

So now he's preserving his "legacy" by expunging its dark side the way Orwell described in 1984 - "down the memory hole," a convenient slot for "any document....due for destruction," politically inconvenient truths to be erased to preserve only sanitized versions for the public. It's called historical revisionism, but even some on the right aren't convinced.'

Stephen Lendman is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization. He lives in Chicago and can be reached at ...(...)
Also visit his blog site at and listen to The Global Research News Hour on Monday - Friday at 10AM US Central time for cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on world and national issues. All programs are archived for easy listening.

John Dugard, James Petras, and Keith Harmon Snow on The Global Research News Hour          Program Details, March 23-27:

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March 24, 2009 12:52 PM

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Be Gentle With the Bankers - No, Indict Them for High Treason

   text by Kurt Nimmo

'Simon Johnson, in an article posted on the RGE Monitor site, notes that the "CEOs of major banks have started to push back against the critics" and cites Richard Kovacevich, chair of Wells Fargo. Johnson mentions the "banking industry's thought leader," Jamie Dimon, who declares "that unless we stop vilifying corporate leaders...we will not get an economic recovery."

Sounds like blackmail to me.

Mr. Johnson tells us the banking CEOs and "thinkers" want us to "move on," in other words forget about holding the culprits (like Vikram Pandit at Citi) responsible or for that matter even vilifying them too harshly and simply move down the long and winding road with the process of looting the American taxpayer and his children and his children's children, lest there be bankruptcy and a creeping cancer that spreads over the body of the private sector.

I don't claim to know anything about banking and economics, but I do know something else when I see it - treason.'

As Irish Transport Minister Noel Dempsey said earlier this month, the bankers have used the economy as “their own personal piggy bank,” amounting to reckless endangerment. The damage done to Ireland by bankers was comparable only to Cromwell, said Dempsey. He deemed it “economic treason.”

It’s pretty much the same situation on this side of the pond, only worse. Bad debt infecting the entire economy is a greedy and immoral scam devised by the bankers as they went about extending dubious loans to the four corners and then repackaging these questionable loans as investments and selling them down the line to other institutions, thus spreading the disease. It was all about making as much money in as possible in a high-risk shell game. And when it blew up the bankers arrogantly demanded the taxpayers pick up the stupendous tab otherwise we’d all suffer a mega-depression.
              A case may be made that this sort of greediness was encouraged and fostered by the international bankers for the purpose of wrecking the economy so they might buy everything up for pennies on the dollar and consolidate their wealth and sell us into slavery. History is replete with this sort of infamy and high treason.
              It’s time we hold this execrable swine accountable under Article III, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution covering treason. The bankers have levied (economic) war against us and have adhered to our enemies, the international foreign bankers, and have given them Aid and Comfort. “The Congress shall have power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attainted,” wrote the framers.
In an email sent here it was suggested as well we send out the military to capture the chiefs of the international banks headquartered in England, France, Germany, and raid the small islands where they do business.
If we can get the country and the military back, I am all for it.


Tuesday, 24 March 2009

US Seeks to 'Bypass Afghan President'


'The US and European allies plan to create a new chief executive role in Afghanistan to bypass President Hamid Karzai, a report says. The Guardian reported on Monday that the creating of the role, possibly a prime ministerial role, will be followed by planting a high-profile figure in the heart of the Kabul government.

"There needs to be a deconcentration of power," said one senior European official in defending the US initiative for an alternative chief executive in Afghanistan.

"We need someone next to Karzai, a sort of chief executive, who can get things done, who will be reliable for us and accountable to the Afghan people".'

The report comes as President Barack Obama's administration is expected to reveal a new policy to seek "an exit strategy" from more than seven years of fighting with an insurgency in the war-ravaged country.
"Making sure Al-Qaeda cannot attack the US homeland and US interests and our allies. That's the number one priority," Obama said in explaining his new strategy for Afghanistan.
The new policy is to be unveiled at a special conference on Afghanistan at The Hague on March 31. ....(....)

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 Obama seeks 'way out' of Afghan war


Tuesday, 24 March 2009
Israel Opens Fire on Gaza
'Israeli army launched several air attacks on the Gaza Strip. Khan Younis City in the middle of the occupied Gaza Strip faced heavy Israeli bombings from the naval forces in the western part. Meanwhile, Israeli troops based in the eastern part of the City attacked with heavy gunfire and shells.'


Tuesday, 24 March 2009
The Takeover of America - Republic Becomes Oligarchy
'America has become an oligarchy ( a government ruled by a powerful few ) versus a Republic ( a government limited by law ) as the banking and Wall Street Masters of the Universe continue their tyranny and class economic rape while the public ignites in furor.'
On February 25th, 2009 I wrote that President Obama has become a cheerleader for the banking elite's culture of excess ~ and I now add that Timothy Geithner continuing as head of Treasury is the equivalent of the Fox guarding the henhouse.
The total tally of government funds committed to date to bailout is closing in on $13 trillion ~ remember, a trillion is a million million or a thousand billion and that cannot be sustained without severe consequences to the economy.
Paul Krugman pessimistically writes today that " Mr. Obama has apparently settled on a financial plan that, in essence, assumes that banks are fundamentally sound and that bankers know what they're doing. By the time Mr. Obama realizes that he needs to change course, his political capital may be gone."
While the political class and banking elite give Geithner good reviews ~ only 11% of the Public feel he is doing a good or excellent job according to Rasmussen poll reports:
" America's Political Class gives Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner rave reviews: 76% have a favorable opinion of him. Two-thirds (66%) of the Political Class say Geithner's doing a good or excellent job handling the credit crisis and federal bailouts.
However, the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that America's Populists see things from an entirely different perspective. Just 12% of Populists have a favorable opinion of Geithner, and only 11% say he's doing a good or an excellent job." Rasmussen Reports 3/22/09
It's now Wall Street versus Main Street and Obama can't have it both ways in a battle that the pubic is rightfully seeing as ' Class economic Rape '. Main Street needs a cheerleader and Keith Olbermann has picked up the scent.
That's a term that Olbermann used in his impassioned plea to Bust The Trusts on his most recent special comments regarding the bank bailouts and the excesses of the CEO'S of bailed-out multinational corporations.
VIDEO / 7 minutes /  Keith Olbermann's Must See "Special Comment" on Bank Bailout ~
Once again, a Republic is a government limited by laws but when laws and regulations break down, as they most certainly have over the past eight years, what emerges is an Oligarchy ~ the tyranny of the elite and self-appointed financial masters of the universe.
              Matt Taibbi , Rolling Stone, refers to it as The Big Takeover or better yet Power Grab ~ " The mistake most people make in looking at the financial crisis is thinking of it in terms of money, a habit that might lead you to look at the unfolding mess as a huge bonus-killing downer for the Wall Street class. But if you look at it in purely Machiavellian terms, what you see is a colossal power grab that threatens to turn the federal government into a kind of giant Enron ~ a huge, impenetrable black box filled with self-dealing insiders whose scheme is the securing of individual profits at the expense of an ocean of unwitting involuntary shareholders, previously known as taxpayers."
The takeover has already happened and only our united outraged voices can stop it now.
Allen L Roland
Freelance Alternative Press Online columnist and psychotherapist Allen L Roland is available for comments, interviews, speaking engagements and private consultations (email)
Allen L Roland is a practicing psychotherapist, author and lecturer who also shares a daily political and social commentary on his weblog and website He also guest hosts a monthly national radio show TRUTHTALK on
Cartoon courtesy of Tom Toles / Washington Post
Allen Roland’s weblog:


Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Court Again Concedes Vaccines Cause Autism


'In a recent Huffington Post exclusive, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and investigative journalist David Kirby reveal that in the recent case of Bailey Banks vs HHS, the Vaccine Court has ruled vaccines caused Bailey's autism and ordered compensation for his family.

Banks is the second case where the government could not deny the overwhelming evidence showing vaccines caused a child's autism. The first was the case of Hannah Poling in March 2008. The government conceded the case and awarded her family compensation.

Small victories for these children, but what about the hundreds of thousands of other families struggling with autism? Who and what can they believe in this continuing vaccine-autism controversy?'

Congress, at the urging of the pharmaceutical industry, created the mysterious Vaccine Court in1986, which has not only protected vaccine makers from liability
 but also led to a tripling in the number of vaccines given to our children.
Why does the Vaccine Court exist? Why are the rulings in favor of the children being suppressed? Where is the justice for these parents?
In this new era of government accountability and transparency, the one in 64 American families dealing with autism deserve more.
It’s time the government told the truth about childhood vaccines.
For more information, please see our Press Release.
For a complete copy of the Vaccine Court’s ruling in Banks vs HHS, check out the Age of Autism blog:


Tuesday, 24 March 2009
NSC Advisor Jones: 'I Take my Daily Orders From Kissinger'
'Last week a caller to the Alex Jones Show mentioned a speech transcript posted on the CFR website where U.S. National Security Adviser Jones declared the following:
Thank you for that wonderful tribute to Henry Kissinger yesterday. Congratulations. As the most recent National Security Advisor of the United States, I take my daily orders from Dr. Kissinger, filtered down through General Brent Scowcroft and Sandy Berger, who is also here. We have a chain of command in the National Security Council that exists today.'
Jones made the remark at the 45th Munich Conference on Security Policy at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof on February 8, 2009.
Mr. Jones is basically telling us the National Security Council is run by Henry Kissinger. The  NSC is the principal forum used by Obama for considering national security and foreign policy matters. Biden, Clinton, Geithner, Gates, Mullen, Emanuel, Summers, and others are listed as participants, but not Henry Kissinger.
Kissinger — along with David Rockefeller, Paul Arthur Allaire, and Richard Holbrooke — directs the American Friends of Bilderberg. He is also connected to the globalist Aspen Institute, the Committee of 300, the Trilateral Commission, and sits on the advisory board of JP Morgan Chase.
“Kissinger has been patiently waiting since at least 1973 for his New World Order egg to hatch,” notes the August Review.:
/// Kissinger earlier praised Obama’s picks for economic recovery, and why not?
Obama picked Trilateral Commission wonder boy Timothy Geithner to be Secretary of the Treasury. The rest of the team are protégés of Robert Rubin, also a Trilateral and former Treasury Secretary under Clinton.
Obama’s top foreign policy advisor has been Zbigniew Brzezinski, the co-founder of the Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller.///
Finally, before Obama was elected, Kissinger went on the Charlie Rose Show and talked about the New World Order:
But never mind. It’s all a crazy conspiracy theory, never mind another indication that the one-worlders control the president, this time admitted by top NSC honcho James Jones, who just so happens to be a member if the Trilateral Commission.
Tuesday, 24 March 2009
Israeli Troops Shut Down Press Conference With Injured American's Parents; Beat Activists
'A woman and journalist were among those beaten by Israeli troops during a press conference held by the parents of critically wounded American peace activist Tristan Anderson Monday afternoon.
Anderson had an Israeli tear-gas canister shot at his head in Ni'lin on 13 March, his skull shattered and several surgeries have left him semi-conscious in a Tel Aviv hospital.
His parents arrived shortly after Tristan was hospitalized.
Israeli troops detained 11, including Sheikh Raed Salah, the head of the Islamic Movement in Israel, and Khaled Zabaka, in addition to three foreign activists.'
Several journalists reported being prevented from reaching the area, known as the protest tent, in Sheikh Jarrah where the Al-Kurd Family has taken up residence after being evicted from their home.
Israeli forces demanded that the event be shut down, and dozens refused the order, including Sheikh Raed Salah the head of the Islamic party in Israel and Sheikh Ekremah Sabry the religious leader at Al-Aqsa Mosque.
Israeli troops then descended on the activists, officials and media personnel and beat PalMedia journalist Hamza Na’agi, activist Abir Abu Khdeir, head of the Jerusalem center for social and economic rights Ziyad Al-Hamury and Salah Thyab a resident of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. The latter two were also detained.

The raid, ordered by Israeli Minister of Internal Security Avi Ditchter, came early in the event and prevented Anderson’s parents from addressing the crowd.
***Updated 16:12 Jerusalem time       See also:
Two Americans, one Palestinian shot with rubber-coated bullets in Bil'in
...and the comments......
Anonymous said...
Jew, Ashkenazi (Franco‑German, Eastern and Central European Jews)

After the Northern Kingdom of Israel was conquered by the Assyrian King Shalmaneser V, in 745‑722 BCE, (for their sin before Yahweh), the Israelites were exiled into (Assyria), 2 Kings 17:5‑7. They prospered during the years in Assyria, and became a huge number of people. Outgrowing the land area they eventually migrated North through the ‘Caucasus Mountains’, and into central and Western Europe forming the European Nations, and are known as Caucasians ‘whites.’ As these Israelites migrated they influenced many people groups, no longer having an organized religious priesthood, and not having a nation or national identity, these migrating people, descendants of Jacob/Israel nevertheless passed on their bits and pieces of the ancient Scriptural worship system which was corrupted through their many years of captive living in pagan Assyria. During the 7th century A.D. these bits and pieces of the corrupt worship system became a form of Jew‑dah‑ism and was embraced by the Khazar King, his court, and the Khazar military class, who are descendants of Ashkenaz. This new religion of Jew‑dah‑ism, became the religion of the Khazars, and forms most of modern cultic European Jewry.
In common parlance the present day ‘Jew’ is synonymous with the ‘Ashkenazi Khazar Jew’. Scripture refers to the Ashkenaz in Gen. 10:3, and in I Chron. 1:6, as one of the sons of Gomer, who was a son of Japheth, son of Noah. Ashkenaz is also a brother of Togarmah (and a nephew of Magog) who the Kazars, according to King Joseph, (of the Kazars) claimed as their ancestor. The people who refer to themselves as Ashkenazi Jews are not Israelites, and they are not Semites because they do not descend from Noah’s son Shem. They are Ashkenazi Khazar Jews, who descend from Noah’s son Japheth. Approximately 85‑90 percent of the Jews in the world call themselves Ashkenazi Jews.
Present‑day Jew‑dah‑ism, was formally formed into it’s basic cultic form about 1,000 years ago, (according to the Jews), when ‑ Rabbenu Gershon of Mainz, Germany, published a ban on bigamy. This marks the recorded beginning of the Ashkenazi Jews*, and Franco‑German halachic** creativity. The word ‘Ashkenazi’ is not Hebrew for the word Germany, although the name has become ‘associated’ with Germany because many Ashkenazi Jews organized in Russia, Eastern Europe and Western Mongolia.

*Ashkenazi ‑ (Franco‑German, Eastern and Central European Jews). **halachic ‑ loose ‘interpretations’ of Old Testament laws
10:46 PM MDT 
Anonymous said...
Jew, Sephardim (Spanish Jews)
After the Northern Kingdom of Israel was conquered by the Assyrian King Shalmaneser V, in 745‑722 BCE, (for their sin before Yahweh), The Israelites were exiled into (Assyria), 2 Kings 17:5‑7. The King then imported people groups from his country (Assyria) to replace the exiled Israelites to maintain and control the land of the exiles. The Sepharvaim were one of these people groups, along with Cuthahites, Arrahites, 2 Kings 17:24. They mingled with each other, along with Edomites, who had migrated Northward from Idumea (field of Edom), after Israel and the Yahudim (Judeans) were exiled. Adad and Anu were ancient gods of Babylonia and were also the gods of these pagan Sepharvaim people. The Sephardim Yudeans (Judeans) are a mongrel people whose descent is directly from a mixture of this Assyrian people group and the remnant of escaped Yudeans (Judeans) along with Edomites who had migrated into the land originally occupied by the Kingdom of Israel and the kingdom of Yahudah (Judah). This made their religion also of mixed character, 2 Kings 17:24‑41.
The people known as “Spanish Jews,” are descended from the Canaanites, the people who colonized Carthage. Following its sack by Rome, they adopted this Sepharvaim, or Sephardim name for deceptive purposes and constitute 5% of world Jewry today. The Sephardim Jews speak Latino, a mixture of Spanish and Hebrew. The Sephardim Jews migrated West through Egypt, then North into Spain from Judea and Samaria before, during, and after the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in 70 CE,. This migration became known as the “Jewish ‘Sephardim’ Diaspora”. Today, these Sephardim Jews are still using their ancient adopted name Sephardim (the spelling is a transliteration into English and not of significance). They settled in Spain, Portugal, the Eastern Mediterranean, Italy, the Balkans, Salonica and Macedonia, eventually emigrating into France and England, and Western Europe.
The Sepharviam Yudeans (Judeans) were known as Samaritans during the time of Messiah, because they were living in Samaria, which was the area from which Israel was removed by the Assyrian King Shalmaneser V. The twelve apostles during the time if Messiah, were instructed not to enter the cities of the Samaritans, Matt. 10:5. Although the True Israelites of tribal descent, living in Samaria did received the witness of Yahshua and the message of redemption from the apostles, Acts, 1:8. Some of the mixed Samaritans also became proselytes to the Christian faith, Acts 8:4‑25.
              The Sephardim Jews, (or Sepharviam Jews) are not of Israelite blood; they are not of the tribe of Yahudah although they were called Yudeans, ‘Judeans’, as an inhabitant, i.e. person living in the land originally occupied by the tribe of Yahudah of Israel). Their descent is mixed from Edom/Esau Canaanite stock. The Sephardim Jews, like the Ashkenazi Khazar Jews are not a Semitic people. The word Sephardim is not a Hebrew word for Spain, although the name has become ‘associated’ with Spain because many Sephardim Jews organized in Spain.
11:12 PM MDT 
Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Rockefeller: Internet is 'Number One National Hazard'


'According to the great-grandson John D. Rockefeller, nephew of banker David Rockefeller, and former Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Jay Rockefeller the internet represents a serious threat to national security. Rockefeller is not alone in this assessment. His belief that the internet is the "number one national hazard" to national security is shared by the former Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell and Obama's current director Admiral Dennis C. Blair.' ....(..)

Jay Rockefeller’s comments reveal an astounding degree of ignorance – or if not ignorance, outright propaganda. Since the September 11, 2001, attacks the government has cranked up the fear quotient in regard to cyber attacks and so-called cyber terrorism, a virtually non-existent threat except in the minds security experts and politicians. In the years since the attacks, not one real instance of real cyberterrorism has been recorded.
“Cyberattacks on critical components of the national infrastructure are not uncommon, but they have not been conducted by terrorists and have not sought to inflict the kind of damage that would qualify as cyberterrorism,” writes Gabriel Weimann, author of Terror on the Internet. “Nuclear weapons and other sensitive military systems, as well as the computer systems of the CIA and FBI, are ‘air-gapped,’ making them inaccessible to outside hackers. Systems in the private sector tend to be less well protected, but they are far from defenseless, and nightmarish tales of their vulnerability tend to be largely apocryphal.”
“Psychological, political, and economic forces have combined to promote the fear of cyberterrorism,” Weimann continues. “From a psychological perspective, two of the greatest fears of modern time are combined in the term ‘cyberterrorism.’ The fear of random, violent victimization blends well with the distrust and outright fear of computer technology.”
“The sky is not falling, and cyber-weapons seem to be of limited value in attacking national power or intimidating citizens,” notes James Lewis of the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Such a threat is overblown, Lewis explains. He notes that “a brief review suggests that while many computer networks remain very vulnerable to attack, few critical infrastructures are equally vulnerable.” In other words, Rockefeller’s example of a kid in Latvia with a laptop posing a serious “hazard” to national security is little more than sensationalistic propaganda.
So-called cyber terrorists are far less of a threat than government. China and Australia have recently imposed draconian censorship on internet freedom. Brazil, Denmark, Canada, Finland, Ireland , Italy, Israel, the United Kingdom, the United States, and many other countries also impose nominal censorship on internet freedom. Urgent calls to restrict the medium in various ways through legislation and government action have increased over the last few years (for more detail, see Internet Censorship: A Comparative Study).
However, the real threat to internet freedom is currently posed by IT and ISP corporations, not the government....(....)
Research related articles:
  1. Thai government censors Internet for ‘national security’
  2. ‘Einstein’ replaces ‘Big Brother’ in Internet surveillance
  3. Sen. Rockefeller: NSA may have spied on me
  4. Australia To Enforce Mandatory Chinese-Style Internet Censorship
  5. Australia secretly censors Wikileaks press release and Danish Internet censorship list
  6. Get Outraged And Get Active About Internet Censorship
  7. Australia: Growing opposition to Labor’s Internet censorship
  8. Australian web filter to block 10,000 internet sites
  9. Internet flaw could let hackers take over the Web
  10. U.S. military to patrol Internet
  11. Internet Censorship - The Eleven Tentacles
  12. EU Set to Move ‘Internet of Things’ Closer to Reality


Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Judgment Day for Geithner

'Whether he deserves it or not, Timothy Geithner has become the poster boy for everything that's wrong with the government's scatterbrain financial rescue plan. Geithner was in the wheelhouse at the New York Fed when Bear Stearns and Lehman Bros defaulted, and he has played a central role in the 165 million dollar AIG bonus scandal which has ignited a populist firestorm across the country.

 Now everything even remotely connected to the bank bailout has become a source of fist-clinching rage. The mood of the country has darkened from the steady downpour of bad economic news, the sharp decline in housing prices and the steep rise in unemployment. People are angry at the government, the banks and Wall Street. Their nerves are frayed and their patience is stretched to the limit.' ...(....)

The idea that 97 percent "low interest" funding constitutes a "partnership",  boggles the mind. Where can a businessman or a homeowner get gravy a deal like that? The Treasury is providing a subsidy to Wall Street crooksters to manage taxpayer money so they can fatten their own bottom line. It's that simple. Geithner's not only willing to empty the public purse for his buddies but, also, write another trillion dollar check on an account that is already overdrawn by $11 trillion. This is one gigantic looting operation concocted by bank lobbyists masquerading as public officials.
The whole purpose of the Geithner shakedown is to mislead the public. Why should the perilously underfunded FDIC provide a non-recourse loans to hedge fund sharpies and PE scalawags when its primary responsibility is to protect bank depositors? And why are they setting up more of the same Enron-type "off-balance sheets" special purpose vehicles which blew up the financial markets to begin with?  This has disaster written all over it. The non recourse loans create a "no lose" situation for investors who can dump any type of crappy mortgage-backed sludge into the program and not worry about any legal backlash.   Here's how Paul Krugman sums it up:
"The Geithner plan has now been leaked in detail.  It’s exactly the plan that was widely analyzed — and found wanting — a couple of weeks ago. The zombie ideas have won.
The Obama administration is now completely wedded to the idea that there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with the financial system — that what we’re facing is the equivalent of a run on an essentially sound bank. As Tim Duy put it, there are no bad assets, only misunderstood assets. And if we get investors to understand that toxic waste is really, truly worth much more than anyone is willing to pay for it, all our problems will be solved.
 To this end the plan proposes to create funds in which private investors put in a small amount of their own money, and in return get large, non-recourse loans from the taxpayer, with which to buy bad — I mean misunderstood — assets. This is supposed to lead to fair prices because the funds will engage in competitive bidding....
This plan will produce big gains for banks that didn’t actually need any help; it will, however, do little to reassure the public about banks that are seriously undercapitalized. And I fear that when the plan fails, as it almost surely will, the administration will have shot its bolt: it won’t be able to come back to Congress for a plan that might actually work." (Paul Krugman's blog)
Geithner's plan is a catastrophe. It's just a sloppy remake of Paulson's failed Super SIV that was supposed to save Citi from massive losses but closed without a single sale. Not one investor stepped forward to buy assets even though Paulson slapped the Treasury's seal of approval on entire operation. It was a complete bust. Now Geithner is following in the  ex-Treasury Secretary's footsteps.
The banks are not going to fix themselves. Only government can do that, which means that someone will have to fill the leadership void and do the heavy lifting. But time is running out and the problems are getting worse. Public support is on the wane. Obama should take advantage of what little confidence in the system is left and take radical corrective action. Insolvent financial institutions have to be taken into receivership and liquidated. Shareholders and bondholders will have to take a haircut. And Geithner, Summers and the rest of the White House banking fraternity will have to resign or be fired. Obama should mull over Albert Einstein's sage advice when he said, "The problems we face today cannot be solved by the minds that created them."
Mike Whitney lives in Washington state.

Zombie Economics     Judgment Day for Geithner     By MIKE WHITNEY


Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Home School: A Quiet Revolution  Story by Michael Overall
'Friends at college don't always know what to think when they ask Chris Byrd where he went to high school. "Really? You were home-schooled? Why aren't you a freak?â€
In Oklahoma, by some estimates, 33,000 children are facing that kind of question. If home schools were a district of their own, it would be twice the size of Broken Arrow Public Schools, and three times the size of Jenks.'

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Israel Arrests Palestinian Leader
'Israeli police have arrested leader of the Palestinian Islamic Movement Sheikh Raed Salah, blaming him for attending an 'illegal' meeting. On Monday, the police raided the gathering in East Jerusalem [al-Quds]'s Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and took Salah and his bodyguard away for interrogation, the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz reported. The Salah-led offshoot of the movement later said that the capture "was made as part of the process of strengthening (Jewish control) over Jerusalem".'
The meeting was held to appoint a committee dealing with the cultural affairs aimed at declaring the city "the capital of Arabic culture for 2009". Tel Aviv has taken strict measures to bar the Palestinian Culture Festival which marks the designations.
Twenty Palestinians including Hatem Abdel Qader, a senior official with the Palestinian Authority, have been arrested during police' suppression of the celebration. Police has also blocked the roads to the al-Aqsa mosque to prevent Palestinians from entering the compound and has seized banners emblazoned with celebratory slogans.
Alongside vast expanses of the Arab territories, Israel occupied West al-Quds during a six-day war in 1967.



..fulford   march 23......

Ignore any missile fired by the North Korean illuminati puppet state

North Korea is nothing more than an illuminati puppet state, according to both a senior Chinese government source and a veteran Japanese politician who was charged with negotiating with North Korea. The threatened missile launch by North Korea is almost certainly a Papa Bush Nazi scheme. They are merely using North Korea as a tool to manipulate public opinion in Japan and other parts of Asia.
In recent years Japan and North Korea had come to a 99% agreement to normalize relations when strong US pressure instead forced North Korea to act the role of a pariah war-mongering bogeyman.
The drug, arms and slave trading Papa Bush Skull and Bones crime gang sells North Korean amphetamines throughout Asia. They also got North Korea to fire off a missile before so they could force the Japanese to buy a useless, expensive missile defense system. This time the missile launch may be a ruse to get Japanese public opinion to support the bribed politicians associated with the military lobby in the upcoming election.
In the past they used North Korea to help set up the Aum Shinryikyo subway gassing cult as a way to get Japanese cooperation in the upcoming fake “war on terror.”
As illuminati rule of the planet comes to an end, they are using every trick in the book to keep in power. It won’t work though because they have been exposed.
 Their days of manipulating humanity are coming to an end.





My first interview with the Roswell alien
Official transcript of the telepathic exchange between an advanced extraterrestrial and Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy, of the US Army Air Force Roswell Army Air Field (50 9th Bomb Group), on the 9th July 1947. The previous day, a small, mind-controlled extraterrestrial craft had crashed at Roswell, New Mexico (USA) while investigating (human) nuclear testing in the area. One alien survived unharmed.

 More Roswell background here and here (mp3 audiofile of July 1947 ABC local radio broadcast - 96 seconds).
............ for more:
Table Of Contents
Editorial Guidelines Used In This Book
Introduction - The Mystery of UFOs And Extraterrestrials
About The Source of Material In This Book
Matilda O'donnell Macelroy - Biographical Information
The Letter From Mrs. Macelroy

The Transcripts
Chapter - My First Interview With The Alien
Chapter - My Second Interview
Chapter - My Third Interview
 Chapter - The Language Barrier
Chapter - Reading Lessons
Chapter - My Education Begins
Chapter - A Lesson In Ancient History
Chapter - A Lesson In Recent History
Chapter - A Time Line of Events
Chapter - A Lesson In Biology
Chapter - A Lesson In Science
Chapter - A Lesson In Immortality
Chapter - A Lesson In The Future
Chapter - Airl Reviews The Interview Transcripts
Chapter - My Interrogation
Chapter - Airl Departs

Post Script From Mrs. Macelroy

Return to The Divine and The Manipulative Extraterrestrials
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