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     We have not kept the Constitution.  We have lost our Nation.  Are you folks brain-dead or are you going to find out what is going on, and help our Creator and Sananda (Jesus) save our Nation?  Our beloved Country has been destroyed on our Watch  and we have been brain-washed to think that we can do nothing about it.  Let us arm ourselves with the knowledge of what we have failed to do, the condition of our Country, and begain now to get it back.  We are well able to overcome!
     Please, please, please if you never hear another word from me listen, by reading the following articles at  You will rejoice to know what is really going on behind the scenes which will not be heard on mainstream news at this time. 
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      1.  Urgent Global Notice:  To President Obama, 3-31-2009
      2.  Cancer Cure Since 1930's, We are being robbed by FDA, AMA, and Big Business
      3.  Clear and Present Danger
      4.  US Declared Official Insolvency, 3/31/09
URGENT MATTER:  DO NOT READ THE ABOVE ARTICLES UNLESS YOU HAVE ON YOUR COMPUTER WEBROOT SPYWARE AND VIRUS PROTECTOR OR YOUR COMPUTUR COULD BE DESTROYED.  Casper warns of this in his 3-31-09 report I think.  If you think the government doesn't know where you go on your computer, put your head back in the sand like the ostrich.  I have quarantined over 360 spy cookies within a year.  One man went to apply for a job with the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency, aka Cocaine International Agency) and was turned down because he listens too much to Alex Jones at
     I love each of your dearly, you Divine Eternal Beings of Light.  But if you don't take the time to inform youselves of what is really  going on, when it is revealed to you, you will turn white as sheets in fear, and then your face will turn red as beets in embarrasment.
  I am trying to get your attention so you can save yourselves from
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...galloway speaking....  mainstream news....+ SOTT...........
...(....) Justice Luc Martineau said he wasn't satisfied that the necessary conditions had been met to grant Galloway an emergency injunction that would suspend the ban so he could appear at a series of scheduled lectures, including a public forum in Toronto Monday night titled Resisting War from Gaza to Kandahar.
One of the conditions is called "irreparable harm" ? in this case, whether or not the rights of Canadians will be infringed if they don't get a chance to hear Galloway.
"The judge argued because Mr. Galloway is going to broadcast speeches into the cities that Canadians can hear him that way," James Clark, a peace activist with Stop the War and one of the organizers of Galloway's speaking tour, told CBC News.
"The lawyers representing Mr. Galloway argue there's case law in the United States that says there's a difference, a meaningful difference, between hearing somebody speak over a phone or the Internet and having somebody in person who can interact with an audience, and I think there might be a potential to set a precedent on that."
Galloway will deliver his scheduled speeches to audiences in Toronto, Mississauga, Ont., Montreal and Ottawa this week from a studio in New York.
His first speech, to the Toronto audience, was set to be delivered at 7 p.m. ET Monday.
Supporters claim partial victory
Clark claimed Monday's ruling was a partial victory because the judge recognized there were "serious issues to be tried" if a judicial review of the ban occurs....(...)
and from  Fw10......

Sid Shniad  

MARCH 29, 2009
Terrorist organization advised Canadian government to ban MP George Galloway

Terrorist organization advised Canadian government to ban MP George Galloway

The JDL’s request was positively received by the Conservative government

By Scott Weinstein

An organization the FBI, the U.S. State Department and U.S. courts have branded a 'terrorist organization' has given advice to the Harper government that led Immigration Minister Jason Kenney to barring a British MP from Canada.

A spokesman said Kenney first heard about British MP George Galloway's visit from a Jewish Defense League letter, and contacted departmental communications staff at Citizenship and Immigration to prepare media lines.

The Jewish Defense League, categorized by the FBI as a “right-wing Jewish terrorist group”, was founded by US ultra-Zionist Rabbi Meir Kahane in 1968. The Jewish Defense League (JDL) wrote to the Canadian government March 16 asking it to ban Galloway. Mr. Galloway is scheduled to speak in four Canadian cities from March 30 to April 2 on "Resisting War from Gaza to Kandahar".

In the late 1960s, Kahane also founded the Kach political party in Israel, which along with Kahane Chai (Kahane Lives) were declared terrorist organizations in 1994 by the Israeli Cabinet. Kahane was shot dead in a New York City hotel in 1990.

The US State Department designated the JDL’s Israeli affiliates, the Kahane Chai and the Kach as “foreign terrorist organizations” – a decision upheld by a US Appeals Court. ( http://www.state. gov/s/ct/ rls/crt/2006/ 82738.htm )

Kach member Baruch Goldstein massacred 29 Palestinians praying in the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron. The JDL is still active with Hebron’s Jewish settlers, most visibly remarkable for its hate graffiti such as: “Arabs to the Gas Chambers”.

( see http://www.cpt. org/gallery/ slideshow. php?set_albumNam e=album03 )

In a 1986 study of domestic terrorism, the US Department of Energy concluded: “For more than a decade, the Jewish Defense League (JDL) has been one of the most active terrorist groups in the United States....Since 1968, JDL operations have killed 7 persons and wounded at least 22.”

In 2001, the JDL’s leader, Canadian Irv Rubin and member Earl Krugel were convicted of planning a terror attack in California against an Arab American congressman. Rubin was also accused of planning bombing attacks on Concordia University and California mosques. Krugel was murdered in prison, and Rubin died in prison allegedly by suicide. This appeared to spell the end of the JDL in North America.

According to The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs there exists a network of radical Zionist leaders in North America who currently serve as primary fundraisers for the outlawed Israeli terrorist group Kahane Chai. Some tried unsuccessfully to revive the JDL in the US.

( http://www.wrmea. com/backissues/ 0799/9907081. html )

The JDL resurfaces in fertile Canada

It is significant that the Conservative government for “national security” reasons bans outspoken anti-war critic and Palestinian supporter British MP George Galloway, while giving a known terrorist organization a free pass to operate in Canada and advise their policies. The Harper government is too connected to the security apparatus to be unaware of the Jewish Defense League’s terrorism designation. Perhaps the Conservative government is testing whether Canadians still care about their rights, or Canada’s policies in Afghanistan, the Middle East and inside Canadian boarders.

Canadian Jewish critics of Israel have noted the Harper government’s numerous unholy alliances to contain opponents of its Israel and Afghanistan policies. Certainly, the Conservatives' attacks on Muslims, Arabs and Palestinian supporters have provided a political terrain that is now fertile for the JDL to operate.

The Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC) and its Canadian Jewish News (CJN) has positively received the JDL and reports on some of its activities. The CJN wrote March 20, 2009 “CJC commends government for denying George Galloway entry to Canada”. Last year CJC leader Bernie Farber’s opinion on the JDL was “they have the right to exist.”

The right wing Jewish organization the B’nai Brith and the JDL both targeted the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation (OSSTF) in 2007 to prevent them from debating a motion critical of Israel. The Canada Union of Public Employees (CUPE) is a currently a target by the JDL and other pro-Israel organizations for its resolutions critical of Israel. Liberal aide Warren Kinsella appeared this week at a meeting organized by the JDL as a surprise guest. Other major news media fail to note the Jewish Defense League’s terrorist designation in their reports, but that is more likely due to ignorance.

In an interview this week on British Channel 4 TV with George Galloway, JDL leader Meir Weinstein threatened any Canadian who attended or supported Galloway’s presentation would be “monitored” by the Canadian government. (See: http://www.wikio. com/video/ 944540 )

For more information on the George Galloway Canadian tour:

http://www.defendfr eespeech. ca./

(Ottawa) http://ottawapeace. blogspot. com/ ;

(Toronto) http://www.nowar. ca/ ;

(Montréal) http://www.sphr. org

To individually or have your organization endorse a statement for Galloway to speak in Canada and denounce the attacks by the Conservative government against it’s critics, email : Galloway.Canada@

To sign an online petition to let Galloway speak in Canada: http://www.petition gallow18/ petition. html

- 30 -This article may be distributed and reprinted.

Scott Weinstein is a member of Independent Jewish Voices Canada. He can be reached at: scott.montreal@ sympatico. ca

------------ ---

Below is a report by the Canadian Press on the JDL advising Minister Kinney to ban antiwar critic MP George Galloway:

http://www.ctv. ca/servlet/ ArticleNews/ story/CTVNews/ 20090326/ galloway_ group_090326/ 20090326? hub=Canada

Jewish group proud of role in barring Galloway

The Canadian Press

OTTAWA -- The Jewish Defence League of Canada is taking credit for lighting the spark that ultimately burned a British politician's plans to enter the country. ...(...)

...more from the fresco-link at sorcha-F ... 

...(...)    My research indicates we are dealing with not one, but two celestial unknowns. That’s right, two mysterious objects are lurking about in the outer fringes of our Solar System consisting of ‘The Dark Sun’ (Marduk) and Nibiru (better known as Planet X or the Destroyer).


Bound together they reside within a mini solar system of their own     orbiting our sun, furthermore, Nibiru just so happens to be the outermost planet orbiting the Dark Sun itself.(( See upper part of picture ...below is hercolobus?... ))

AND from

As I’ve stressed in previous papers, symbology can play an important role in recording the existence of our Sister Sun, yes, these graphical icons can be an effective way to pass down hidden knowledge from generation to generation as long as you know what you are looking for. A great example of this comes from Andy Lloyd’s 'Nibiru, The Heresy Within Chartres'.
Andy photographed this amazing image (above) of the zodiac at the Chartres Cathedral in France clearly showing the Sun’s binary companion—our Dark Sun!

As it turns out Ultima Thule has its very own Dark Star symbol and it will become apparent to the reader as to the nature of this symbol further on in the paper.


In Part Four of this series, my investigation probed the possibility of a UFO base in the far north. Does a secret polar base actually exist on an uncharted island in the Canadian high arctic? Is ‘Ultima Thule’ a secret hideout for the world’s elite to meet and carry out their plans? Well, to answer these questions one has to look at a curious book entitled Gotzen geren Thule, written by Wilhelm Landig and published in Hanover in 1971.

The novel basically exposes the Canadian polar hideout, a very ambitious and encyclopedic work, to be sure, for which Landig categorically argues that his novel is “a fiction full of facts” and from what I have independently uncovered I tend to agree.

From Exhibit 2) Joscelyn Goodwin (Arktos: The Polar Myth ©1993)
    “… Gotzen tells the story of two German airmen with the… names of Recke… and Reimer… who find themselves sent, near the end of World War II, to a secret base that has been prepared in the remotest [northern] regions of Arctic Canada. The existence of this polar base, “Point 103,” is unknown not only to the Western governments, but even to most German authorities.
    It is a large underground complex with all the benefits of a technology superior to anything yet operating in Europe. Supplies are fetched mainly from the United States, where sympathizers in influential positions have been looking after Thulean interests… 

“To transport all these envoys to the Arctic in early 1945 might have presented insuperable problems, were it not for the advanced technology…Travel to and from the base is by the V7 [Vril 7]: a vertical take-off aircraft ......//..and there is every reason, outside the novel, to believe this—that… prototypes of this V7 have been built in German and Czech factories… ” [I will address the Vril Flying Discs further on in the paper—GJ].

Pages 63-64.

“… [Landig’s Thuleans]… are aware of “an esoteric world-center or headquarters of the ethically positive forces. It is the true Ultima Thule, not just the Aryan peoples, but of the whole world.” Only a few know its location, but it is not far… from the polar base of Point 103.                Other groups are in communication with [the inner-earth center] through telepathy. The ancient Egyptians knew it as the northern mountain, On; the Tibetans call it Ri-rap-hlumpo. [Or the ‘White Island’—GJ]

Page 65

“… Point 103 declares itself independent and undefeated, and substitutes for the German markings on its [Vril powered flying disc] planes its own symbol of THE BLACK SUN: a disk that is not exactly black, but the very DARKEST RED, like congealed blood… ”

Page 64.

Landig goes on to write that the blue and gold banner of the Aryans will one day fly again at this arctic hideout and the Black Sun (symbol of Point 103) will eventually turn to silver.



So what is all the controversy with the Black Sun anyway?

 I suppose the main reason is that Hitler and the Nazis believed the Black Sun was a gigantic orb of so called ‘prima materia’ that resided in the Earth’s center.

(( Our Earth Is Hollow! Could the earth, moon, planets and stars all be hollow bodies? Amazingly, the answer is Yes! And very likely inhabited within! Come join us on our voyageof .../// AND for more  AND  +  et  en francais/french ))


....He also believed that a mysterious form of energy called ‘Vril’ radiated out from the Black Sun. Not only that, the Vril Society (an offshoot to the Thule Society) believed the Aryans were actual biological ancestors of the BLACK SUN! ....

For starters, Landig’s Black Sun symbol at Point 103 is exactly the same color of a Brown Dwarf—blood red.

Secondly: The Black Sun, according to many is hidden or cloaked. This is also consistent with a brown dwarf due to the fact that most can only be observed through an infrared telescope. Esoteric researcher Peter Moon also mentions a hidden sun.

....... Thirdly: It is said the inner-earth inhabitants worship the Black Sun. My research tells me this is indeed the case however I believe the subterranean dwellers actually pay homage to its return—perihelion.       And Fourthly: As just mentioned, the Vril Society believed the Aryans were ancestors of the Black Sun. In above ‘Nibiru and the UFO Connection – Part Four,’ I stressed the connection between the Aryan Race and Sitchin’s Anunnaki. Therefore, based on this reasoning, I suggest the Anunnaki are in fact ancestors of the Black Sun—our Dark Star. Some have even dubbed the Anunnakian home-world orbiting our binary companion as the “Aryan Planet.”

..... Carl Sagan (Comet ©1985)..... But the DARK SISTER IS NOT DEAD. She is only in hiding. ONE DAY SHE WILL RETURN [and the Demon Sun’s entourage will attack again—GJ]… ”

Page 304.

....I believe Sagan was giving us a hint as to what he might have known from other, more obscure esoteric sources. One such source is the Kolbrin bible. Apparently this book has been closely guarded within private Masonic families for quite some time and only just last year Marshall Masters made this amazing manuscript available to the general public.
Originally called the ‘Coel-book,’ this particular version found its way to Glastonbury Abby in England circa 1180 AD and is basically is a collection of individual manuscripts—six originating from ancient Egypt. I contend Carl Sagan’s DARK SISTER is referenced in the Kolbrin.


...(...) I will chime in at this point to provide what I believe is an excellent example of a hidden brown dwarf donning a black robe. The illustration shown below is a model of the Epsilon Aurigae binary system. William R. Corliss provides the following:

William R. Corliss (Stars, Galaxies, Cosmos – A Catalogue of Astronomical Anomalies ©1987)


Epsilon Aurigae is one of the brightest variable stars in the heavens… [It’s] dark companion seems to have a mass almost as great as the primary [Sun] or 12 to 14 Suns. Why something so massive does not shine has been at the center of the mystery.”......

The dark object’s great mass means that SOMETHING VERY MASSIVE must be located somewhere in the ‘cloud’ [Black Cloak—GJ] holding it together gravitationally. Whatever it is, it does not generate much energy—actually only 1% of what a star of 16 solar masses should generate. Now, the core of Epsilon Aurigea’s mystery is what could be inside the dark eclipsing object.”

Pages 90-91


Is a brown dwarf lurking about in the center of this black cloud? I say yes!

And according to the Kolbrin text I argue our Sun has a very similar companion. When perihelion is reached its black cloak is shed   to reveal the true identity of our second sun.
Another example of our Sun’s Dark Sister comes from this 1608 European Woodcut (shown to the right).(( )) Notice the Sun’s Dark Sister. This amazing rendering from Vincenzo Cartari Le imagini de gli dei Padua, portrays two suns! Sagan no doubt also knew that the word ‘disaster’ is derived from the Latin ‘dis’ and ‘astrum’ which means ‘EVIL STAR.’
According to researcher Michael Hoffman an evil or ‘Satan’ Sun is mentioned in Albert Pike’s Morals and Dogma, also known as the ‘Eye of Set’ or the ‘Blazing Star.’

..... Michael A. Hoffman II (Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare ©1989)
.....“[Red] Sirius is emblematic of hidden power and secret allegiance to an invisible empire. [The Anunnaki?—GJ] “The Order of the… STAR is thus the order of the EYE OF SET, THE SUN BEHIND THE SUN… the STAR is [Red] Sirius… [Red] Sirius is the power behind the sun… Our work is… the rediscovery of the Sumerian tradition… the crux of… magical significance for the present magical revival… the key supplied by the Sumerian tradition which involved the worship of Shaitan, the astronomical vehicle of which was [Red] Sirius.”

Pages 29-30.

To me, there’s no question Sagan and Hoffman refer to Earth’s Nemesis—Our Dark Sister. (For a more in depth account of Red Sirius, see Andy Lloyd’s webpage, ‘Nibiru and the Red Sirius Anomaly’).

 (((( ....(( ))  and many pictures..

Nibiru, the Red Star of the Crossing will soon be seen in the northern hemisphere (2009), it's currently visible in Antarctica.

 Nibiru's perihelion is Dec. 21st 2012, along with a possible Rapture Event, due to Earths Schumann freq. raising, and Photon Belt exposure...(...)  and ))))


....Joscelyn Goodwin (Arktos: The Polar Myth ©1993) ..(..)
......This is a remarkable statement by Serrano because he implies the Hyperboreans are associated with another Sun, not our own but that of the Black Sun. This makes sense because the Hyperboreans are also linked with surviving a pole-shift and to me it’s obvious the Black Sun’s entourage, which includes Planet X (Nibiru), is the trigger for the pole shift. ((( See ‘Nibiru and the Lemurian Connection Part Four.’ :


As early as 1908, an article in the Overland Monthly suggested that California was a remnant of the hypothesized lost continent of Lemuria, the Pacific Ocean equivalent of Atlantis.

This idea was popularized by H. Spencer Lewis, the founder of AMORC, and the author of Lemuria, the lost continent of the Pacific, published in 1931 under the pseudonym Wishar Spenle Cerve.  “[Spencer Lewis’ book]… discusses the emigration of Lemurians to California. According to the ancient manuscripts allegedly in his possession, before the [pole-shift] catastrophe the mountains in the northeastern part of Lemuria (now northern California) were higher than they presently are today, and were perhaps the highest mountains in the world. This made Mount Shasta region an ideal place of refuge for those seeking to escape the GREAT DELUGE which occurred with the supposed sinking of the continent. He says, “The fact that only a few thousands succeeded in reaching the mountains would indicate that the last great catastrophe of Lemuria [caused by Nibiru—GJ] was more or less sudden and decidedly complete in its submergence of the land. “  ..... ...  ..)))

Exhibit 2) Continues…

“Another aspect of [polar] reversal occurs in Kenneth Grant’s work, dedicated to the exaltation of the god Set, or Shaitan, or Satan [mentioned earlier—GJ]. “Shaitan,” he says in The Magical Revival (1972), “is the God of the South, yet his votaries [Devotees to the God of the South] face North when invoking him.” He explains this by the fact that “on entering Capricorn, the zodiacal house of Shaitan… the sun turns northward…


Grant also hints at a physical reversal of poles as he continues:

“There was a time when the South had precedence and was the primary station of the POLE STAR.” Later he says that Set [Red Sirius—GJ] “was Lord of the (South) Pole, first born of the SEVEN SONS, or stars, represented by the Northern Constellation of Typhon, the Great Bear. When primitive man moved northward from Equatoria, the Star of Set in the South sank beneath the horizon and was supposed to have ‘fallen’.”

Page 136.An amazing quote from Kenneth Grant, to be sure, making the connection that the STAR OF SET is lord of the SOUTH POLE.

Marshall Masters and his Yowusa team report that a telescope is now being built in Antarctica. Reason? To get a first-hand view of the Star of Set’s (the Dark Star’s) imminent return—with Nibiru leading the charge! Could the ‘elite’ actually be trying to invoke its return? I can only speculate.
...... .....  .......
Secret society researcher Jan van Helsing informs us that the Nazi party initials S.S. in actual fact stands for Schwarze Sonne which means ‘Black Sun’ in German. This implies there was a coded hidden reference to the Black Sun whenever SS runes were displayed. In-other-words, the Nazis were magically trying to invoke the hidden force of the Black Sun itself.


This ‘Divine’ force, I maintain was known to the Ancients and could be used in different ways. A force so powerful it was able to render objects weightless.

An electromagnetic force German Scientists were able to tap into with the help of an unknown subterranean race. The Vril Society led the way in this endeavor and by 1942 its members constructed a number of anti-gravity flying discs. Terry Melanson provides an intriguing account of what the Vril Society was all about. See Below:

Exhibit 33) Terry Melanson
(‘The Vril Society, the Luminous Lodge and the realization of the Great Work.’)....(....)
“In his controversial presentation UFO Secrets of the Third Reich, Vladimir Terziski draws a connection between [inner-earth] alien beings and such German secret societies as the Tempelhoff, the Thule, the Vril, and the Black Sun. Terziski tells of an “alien [inner earth] tutor race” that secretly began cooperating with certain German scientists in the late 1920's in underground bases and began to introduce their concepts of philosophical, cultural, and technological progress.”

(The Rainbow Conspiracy, p.62) [Page 49 in my version—GJ]

“With help from extraterrestrial[/subterranean] intelligences, Terziski postulates, the Nazis mastered antigravity space flight, established space stations, accomplished time travel… At the same time the [resident] aliens “spread their Mephistophelean ideas” into the wider German population through the Thule and Vril Societies.”

Terziski maintains that antigravity research began in Germany in the 1920's with the first hybrid antigravity circular craft, the RFZ-1, constructed by the Vril Society. In 1942-43 a series of antigravity machines [Including the Vril-7 design, see above-right—GJ] culminated in the giant 350-foot long, cigar-shaped… space station, which was constructed in old zeppelin hangars near Berlin by E4, the research and development arm of the SS… ”

[The 350-foot long cigar-shaped craft, I argue, was photographed by contactee George Adamski back in the 1950’s. See below picture—GJ]

,,,(...) Canadian Nazi historian Ernst Zundel published a little-known newsletter called Samisdat in 1975(?) and provided information through an interesting manuscript called The Lightning & the Sun by Savitri Devi.
Devi was a ‘Guru’ from India connecting roots of Naziism with the pyramid in Egypt and Pharoah Akhn-aton and the ‘ancient cult of the Sun.’ (Cult of the Second Sun?) Samisdat also published two books called UFOs, nazi Secret Weapon? by Mattern-Friedrich and Secret Nazi Polar Expeditions by Christof Friedrich.

....Peter Moon (The Black Sun ©1997)

.....“According to what Ewen told her, Hess was a highly dedicated member of the brotherhood, even more so than Hitler. Hess left Hitler’s Germany in 1941 for Scotland in order to meet someone and participate in some sort of magical ritual. It involved time travel and Ewen boasted about it as if it was successful. The control group were waiting for an ARYAN PLANET, known as MARDUK[?], to [return and] come into resonant orbit with that of Mars… [Invoking its return?—GJ] Ewen talked quite a bit about this but much of it remains a mystery… ”....

Hess had to be “replaced” but the entire affair had something to do with time. The real Hess had been sent to another time… Although these statements sound rather fantastic, this is the first information I have ever heard or read about Ewen Cameron from an insider who knew him intimately… ”

Pages 48-50

Yes, I must admit, these statements do sound rather fantastic and hard to accept. Did Rudolf Hess actually escape to an Aryan planet—the Anunnaki home-world? Or did Hess have communication lines open with the Aryans off planet or inside the Earth? Is it possible Hess could have used Base 211 for any of this?...(...)



AND  .from sorcha


Further interesting to note relating to these mysterious aircraft are the findings of Brandeis University Old Testament Studies Scholar Dr. Martin Kessler, who in his seminal work “Battle of the Gods: The God of Israel Versus Marduk of Babylon”, noted that these ancient peoples believed that the wars between these ‘gods’ had not finished but would culminate in a ‘final’ epic battle to take place in the early part of the 21st Century as the ‘Nation of the Eagle’ being the standard bearer for our human race.

As we now find ourselves living in the times these ancient peoples, of all cultures, called our ‘Final Chapter’,

it is also important to note that there exists not one, but two Nations that can accurately be described as this ‘Nation of the Eagle’, the United States (single headed eagle) and Russia (double headed eagle), and who both fly the tri-colour flag of Red, White and Blue as the standard for their peoples.

Being less entertained by the Western peoples, however, and as the Sorcha Faal most accurately described in her book “Battle Begins For Throne of This World: The Return of the Einherjar Warriors”, is that the current Global crisis, and the economic collapse of the United States, are but the ‘final signs’ that the merging of the American and Russian peoples is soon at hand and will fulfill the prophecy of Nostradamus that says…(...) 




...alcuin.... .....
*A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER* ..  April 24, 2008   :
The current US national bankruptcy and its enormous historical debts to China date back, in part, to the Mukden Incident in Manchuria on the 18th September 1931
The hidden financial result of this episode was that the US Federal Reserve did a deal with the Manchu Chinese Emperor, Pu-yi. In order to avoid looting by the invading Japanese forces, the Fed took away the gold, precious metals and gems content of the Chinese Royal Treasury in Manchuria and leased those contents for seventy years. In return, the Emperor received US Federal Reserve bonds, maturing in 2001, in sufficient quantity to guarantee the debt and to pay the accrued seventy-year interest. The terms of the lease required the Chinese Emperor's estate, at the end of seventy years, to exchange the bonds with interest coupons attached, to the Federal Reserve in exchange for the return of all the Emperor's gold and other treasure, plus the accrued interest, to be paid in gold, to his estate's custody.
 The US, and its European controllers at The Crown Temple in London, assumed that with the passage of time and in particular with the events of World War 2 and the 1949 Chinese Civil War, which resulted the Communist takeover of all China except Taiwan (Formosa), the Manchu Chinese Emperor's estate had lapsed and the 70-year US lease with it. This is not the case.
The Chinese Emperor's estate is extant, organised, well-founded in international law and active. The Chinese Emperor's grandson resides and works in Taiwan, and several of the old Chinese families, including the Ming, who were allies and business associates of the Manchu Empire, still reside and conduct international business from within present-day Communist China. With the assistance of the carefully protected and little-known World Monetary Authority, the old Chinese interests are now foreclosing on the US....(....)
Google Street View photo captures UFO formation in the skies above Bethnal Green, East London (UK)
The picture linked above shows nine UFOs in formation above Wolverley Street.
 More here.

As you must know by now we are not here in great numbers by chance; it is to fulfil the Creator’s Plan for this Universe
"Nothing can prevent it manifesting in Ascension. I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and like many on board our craft can observe everything that is happening on Earth. This no longer sounds so improbable to you, as your major powers have also developed similar technology. Regretfully it is used for ulterior motives, and like many discoveries is held from public knowledge and used for the advantage of the controlling global forces. With First Contact we shall ensure that every possible advancement is made available to you. Wonderful times will follow your present trials and tribulations ...."
Illuminati Committee of 300 carefully engineered the US financial collapse in the hopes of making the privately owned Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, the issuer of a new world currency       FULFORD
The Russian-supported Chinese world currency plan (here) has therefore put the Committee of 300 into a state of deep shock. The criminal cabal which controls the US is increasingly isolated and disliked. British/US relations are at an all time low with MI6 leaking US secrets all over the internet and to other countries.
More about the Illuminati here.
 More about the Committee of 300 here and here.
How Barclays Structured Capital Markets Division (London) ensured that everyone would see their confidential tax avoidance documents
For years Barclays had been engaged in engineering numerous inventive schemes to avoid very large sums of tax. Then they made a silly mistake. They went to court in London to stop The Guardian newspaper talking about their secret offshore scams. Now the whole world knows.
More here and here.
Mars, Venus, and the remnants of Pax (the trans-Martian world) are beginning to show more noticeable activity
"Your Sun is now aligning herself with the multidimensional energy streaming forth from the galactic core. Indeed, a vast new rhythm is taking hold. This new patterning is imprinting itself upon all elements in your solar system. This is causing Mars to increase her seismic activity and bring some of her abundant subterranean water up to the surface, especially at the poles. Venus is likewise demonstrating strange cooling effects in her lower atmosphere as well as increased levels of volcanism. Many of the asteroids that once formed Pax are moving around each other in quite odd ways. In the last few months, the Sun has displayed some very unusual behavior as she moves through her current sunspot cycle. All this activity is in anticipation of a tremendous amount of sacred instruction that is originating from the centre of physicality. This great signal is affecting literally billions and billions of galaxies. Physicality is nearing a great shift that is destined to move a new Light throughout it. We have watched this taking form from data received from our Science and Engineering fleets scattered throughout this galaxy. Similar reports have come from science fleets stationed in other nearby galaxies. We are on the edge of the great changes prophesied eons ago by Heaven ...."


Do you know anything about a link on the US Securities website that lists Canada as a bankrupt corporation?  Someone is looking for this info, and asked me to send an email to you as I couldn't find anything about this. 

You won't find anything about it, it was done in secret in 1933 along with all the other Countries in the world.
What the problem is though is that people have to begin to shift their ideologies a bit.  We do not live in Countries, we live on the earth.  The "world" is made up in the imagination and is overlaid on the earth, but you will never find any legislation anywhere saying that a Country is on the earth.  It exists only on maps and in the mind.  Countries are conceptual things of fiction, thus by their very nature are not Credible and thus bankrupt.  That is what is going on.  Everything in the "world" not earth, is wrapped in hearsay.  This is why everything is given a name.  If it does not have a name it is not hearsay.  That is why they need you to identify yourself as being a name, thus hearsay and they act on it.  A person has two components, a name and a Birth Date.  Berth is the place where your Ship is Berthed.  Each Country rests on an imaginary sea some have imaginary land, Canada does not have land, it is only water as it was never formed into a Country, just a Colony at best.  If you look at section 35 of the Interpretations Act of Canada it says:
"Canada", for greater certainty, includes the internal waters of Canada and the territorial sea of Canada;
Notice it makes no reference to the earth at all. Further it only makes reference to water, which means Canada is simply that in their imaginary world, water. Includes means, "just this" only the water, where Canada is exactly is not defined, because Canada does not exist on the earth, it is a fiction or rather a Corporation. ....(....)



March 30, 2009 1:33 PMBanning Galloway Mocks Canada's Criminal Code


In short, the CJC and the League of Human Rights of B’nai B’rith, along with other Jewish organizations that have supported the Israeli invasion of Gaza, including the Harper government, would appear to be guilty of promoting “unchecked racism and hate propaganda” that could “justify the most heinous crimes against humanity.”
Clearly these organizations and the government of Canada realize the avowed intent of Avigdor Lieberman, a self- promoted Zionist and a member of Olmert’s government that executed the “war” in Gaza and now a member of Netanyahu’s new government, to ethnically cleanse Palestinians from their land, including if necessary the use of the atomic bomb on them. It would appear that the Harper government and the Jewish Canadian organizations support Israeli governments that, in Lieberman’s words, want to “execute Israeli Arabs that are members of the Knesset,” or “Destroy the foundation of all the [Palestinian] authority’s military infrastructure … not leave one stone on another. Destroy everything.” Civilian targets included. Bomb all Palestinian commercial centers including banks and gas stations.
Ironically, it is not the Canadian Jews that are in danger by Galloway’s appearance because he is a “terrorist” and a security risk against the Jews as potential victims, but the fact that he brings information that identifies the Zionist party of the Israeli government, particularly in the form of Lieberman’s racist party, Israel Beytenu, as terrorists intent on destroying Palestinians. Hence the real danger in Canada exists for the Palestinian people living there not the Jews. Indeed, one might argue that it is the responsibility of the Canadian Government to support Galloway’s efforts to enlighten the Canadian people to the dangers inherent in the actions of the CJC and the League of Human Rights of B’nai B’rith of Canada that forced the Canadian immigration authorities to ban Galloway.
According to the Canadian Council on Human Rights, Section 319 (3), an individual cannot be convicted of breaking the Criminal Code if the statements or information provided can be established as true, are relevant to any subject of public interest, the discussion of which is for the public benefit, and if on reasonable grounds it is able to be believed as true and is expressed in good faith and intended to point out … matters tending to produce feelings of hatred toward an identifiable group in Canada.”  Quite obviously, the information George Galloway brings about the intent of the Israeli government as noted above is true and is of importance to the safety of Canadian citizens of Palestinian descent, since groups supportive of the genocidal acts committed by that government as alleged, recorded and advanced by respected Human Rights organizations before the proper world authorities, wants to prevent the citizens of Canada from hearing such information; they are the guilty parties not George Galloway.
It should be clear from the evidence presented here that a disturbing picture of an Israeli government emerges, one intent on the destruction of the Palestinian people as stated by members of that government and by the polls taken in Israel of Jewish support for the invasion, 94%, that a concerted effort to commit genocide against an identifiable group, the Palestinians, because of “race, ethnicity, and religion,” by “promoting the killing of members of the group” and “deliberately inflicting conditions of life calculated to bring about the group’s physical destruction, ” is occurring, all actions condemned by Canada’s Council on Human Rights through its Criminal Code as defined in sections 318-319.
Alykhan Velshi, Jason Kenney’s spokesman, “said that the act (immigration act 34) was designed to protect Canadians from people who fund, support or engage in terrorism.” This article makes clear that those who “fund, support or engage in terrorism” are those who convinced Kenny to ban Galloway. He could provide Canadians with accurate, recent, detailed information related to the intended destruction of the people of Gaza and their livelihood. He can provide pictures and testaments from NGOs and the people of Gaza about the actions of the IDF as they launched missiles from the sea, from the air and from tanks on the surrounded civilians of Gaza, how they used illegal chemical weapons on children and women, how they intentionally destroyed United Nations schools housing children and mothers knowing some or all would be victims of that action, how they leveled with white phosphorous  the humanitarian store house of the United Nations so that the people could not have food and water, how they maintained the locked gates so that no one could leave and no needed medical and food supplies could enter, and how even the soldiers of the IDF have now reported on the intentional killing of children and women.
This information is vital to the Canadian people if only to provide the truth that their government wants to suppress, if only to mark indelibly who the real terrorists are in Canada that want them, like their neighbors to the south, to be ignorant of that truth.
- William A. Cook, Professor of English, University of La Verne, California author of Tracking Deception: Bush Mid-East Policy, The Rape of Palestine, and The Chronicles of Nefaria. He contributed this article to Contact him at:
China holds White House "Hostage"
Finally, the main stream is starting to speak openly about what I've been screaming about for years: The USA faces utter economic destruction by China and Obama's spending is only making things worse.

Details Here
Peter Navarro is a business professor at the Merage School of Business, University of California-Irvine, the author of The Coming China Wars, and a CNBC contributor.

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My show, blog and web site plus each other show on the network will then spin-off that main page.

A place holder page will then be erect here to send visitors to the new, consolidated site.
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April 2, 2009

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...casper (6)  RMN  comments......
casper 3-30-09 early evening
The packages are back in Treasury at this hour.
WE will skip the detail for now while awaiting further clarification as to who/how/why etc..............
More when available.
                  casper   3-30-09  early evening

casper 3-30-09      mid evening
When we said the packages had made it to the airport Friday    that was true.
Then they were pulled back as we reported,
then we reported they were back out again with the help of the World Court, that was false. They had moved them from one secret place in Treasury as instructed by OBAMA to a different secret place causing certain flies on the wall to report they were out when it fact they had only left the place they had been "hidden".
 It took the "janitors" most of the day to find them but they did, eventually, making todays first update correct.
While this childish routine was underway WE had been investigating WHY they were playing games with the packs and as WE had suspicioned they were trading the money again this time with the co-operation of certain parties in CHINA.
WE don't know which money/whose money/how much money was traded, it really does not matter. It was a three day trade coming off at midnight tonight. This game they have been playing the last few years of "you can't catch me" has become ever more sophisticated using Banks in ever more remote and difficult to locate-locations.
As usual this trade was uncovered but only after the full time all out effort of several specialist and the funds from the trade have been seized. Again we remind you, it is not necessary they have posession of the funds being traded, only that they have the appropriate corrupt "helpers" willing to accept the funds as collateral.
When confronted OBAMA denied the above.
Upon presentation of irrefutable proof he admitted to it.
At the time of the most recent "peek-a-boo" the packs were still in Treasury. Rumor has it something may get done about that tonight    so keep your fingers crossed.
As of Sunday night multiple sources were still reporting the U.S. being barred from the G-20 meetings. WE await further news about this while doubting the above illegal activities will have helped OBAMA change anything.
More when possible.
                    casper   3-30-09   mid evening
casper 3-31-09
Anyone who thinks GEITHNER works for the taxpayers or for our country should see a doctor immediately.
This man should be forced to wear a sign around his neck identifying himself as an employee of the Banks.
The same with OBAMA. Having provided multiple bailouts already, in some cases two or three bailouts of the same institutions such as CITI, AIG and B.ofA., all at the expense of taxpayers, GEITHNER now announces he is going to get another 137B to them "as quickly as possible".
As this "forced taking" of taxpayer funds is handed to banks on a silver platter it is now disclosed that DODD has been paid $281,038.  by AIG not counting whatever his wife was paid for sitting on a subsidiaries board.
Its not just DODD and not just AIG. The flow of "kickbacks" between Banks and Politicians who voted to give them taxpayer funds is rampant in D.C. as CONGRESS is little more than a WHOREHOUSE working for the money interest just like GEITHNER and OBAMA. As TRILLIONS manufactured from thin air is disbursed to these corrupt institutions run by criminals the money disappears "into thin air" as fast as it comes in with the only tangible result being the further enslavement of the people to debt so large it can never be repaid.
This is not "Democracy" anymore than it is Constitutional (Republican) government. It is ownership of D.C. by the financial elite on display for every American to see if they will but look. The Politicians are silly putty in the hands of criminals. Like giant leeches the Political/Money Interest Partnerships are sucking the lifeblood of the country for their personal benefit at phenomenal speed. Propping up failed banks and financial institutions with never ending public financing will leave the American people bankrupt and under absolute control of the criminals who are perpetrating one scam after another and billing all of it to We the People. By refusing to allow free markets to work and punish the failed criminal institutions, freedom itself is being lost to a Socialist/Communist financial cabal which purchases and employs rubber stamp politicians with no more difficulty than purchasing a dozen donuts.
And now for the news;
Much is going on behind the scenes including additional rulings in our favor at the World Court today.. WE hear they have issued orders for delivery tomorrow and notified OBAMA of their forthcoming ruling before he left the States this morning. We also hear indictments will be coming down for OBAMA and others. Where as most observers and commentators are expecting little or nothing from the G-20 meetings WE continue to hear of major announcements being likely including those items we have often discussed such as debt forgiveness, Constitution, Banking changes, etc.. From very early this morning we were hearing deliveries Wednesday not today and this ruling supports that outcome. If this occurs will OBAMA be allowed to attend? WE don't know the answer but those reporting his being barred have not changed their tune today.
A wise commentator said not long ago that when "they" are about to do something big, communications will be cut and right on cue here comes the "conflicker" virus scheduled for activation tomorrow worldwide. Microsoft, Norton, McAfee, etc. have all issued warnings. It is being discussed on all channels due to its seriousness and latent capabilities for receiving new instructions April first. They say it could shut down tens of thousands of web sites tomorrow not to mention damage to personal computers, e-mails and files. A $250,000. reward is offered for info leading to the perpetrator. Update your security features immediately. This virus is windows based.
                   casper  march-31-09
casper april-1-09
There is no new news to report at this moment. Much is happening behind the scenes, we will address it when possible.
This morning it was reported that Lobbying firm PMS has obtained 600M in no bid contracts (earmarks) for its clients while "kicking back" 3.6M (identified so far) in "campaign contributions" to the politicians involved.
 Altogether now fellow Americans, Baaah, Baaah, Baaah.......
Ours is a Government of the Banks, by the Banks and for the Banks. Attempting to reinflate a corrupt banking network of criminals led by Goldman Sachs, CITI, CHASE, BofA, AIG etc. with public money and liabilities is immoral in the extreme. American "values" are being destroyed in the process. Who can any longer question that a rather small group of ILLUMINATI Bankers, Corporations and their bought and paid for Government Agents, including the White House, have brought our country and indeed the worlds financial system to the brink of systemic collapse?                        The President retains Dictatorial War and Emergency Power as did all other Presidents since Roosevelt, refuses to declare the "Emergency" ended and now uses his authority, with the help of the Congress, to fund Trillions of Taxpayers Dollars to the same banks and individuals which caused this crisis in the first place. The connection, the marriage, of the Banks, the Executive and Congress, i.e. the political/money interest partnership, could hardly be more obvious and everything they do is literally at the expense of the people who are presented the bill no matter how reckless or stupid or corrupt their decisions.
"The world is with us" says GEITHNER from London this morning as France, Germany, Russia, China and Czechoslovakia issue statements saying the opposite.
He is joining Obama for today's meeting with the Queen. Hmmmm.
I missed it the first time but not this time thanks to the Bellringers. Now appearing on Fourwinds please read the article A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER
which explains much of what has been going on behind the scenes as referenced in several recent casper updates. VERY important article. The anonymous author said he could expand his report later
so on behalf of all of us, WE THE PEOPLE invite him to do so now.
              casper   4-1-09
casper 4-2-09             early afternoon
Spin, spin, spin.    B.S., B.S., B.S........
Our G-20 intell does not agree with OBAMA's view as summarized above but rather with Story's current update which describes a knife fight behind closed doors. OBAMA came armed with many DEMANDS including financing for his deficit spending plans and the ability to continue his illegal trading of OPM, other peoples money. He was told "NO" in plain language, we hear.
This fellow could apparently tap dance through the arrival of KATRINA on his front porch as could HITLER. As he takes over everything from the auto industry to executive salaries he stands there in full view of the world claiming to believe in Free Market Capitalism. He says one thing and as usual does the opposite.  Government managed capitalism said MUSSOLINI, is FASCISM.
STORY describes the problems with BUSH cousin The Connecticut Trustee which we have written about many times         and goes on to describe OBAMA's blockage of deliveries (settlements) as we have been reporting regularly for several weeks running. Then he hits the nail on the head calling for action (immediate release of settlements/delivery) not more talk, negotiation or promises. What we are dealing with here is the "second rail" participants we referred to in a previous update.
Wednesday, and as of this writing early afternoon Thursday,
OBAMA has the packages held up at Treasury.
Our saving grace remains the same, that we must receive before the rest of the world can receive. That being the case you can well imagine the pressure being applied by those able to do so.
Careful language from the G-20 spoke of a "new financial regulatory architecture" which is likely a reference to Basel regulations and multiple references to strengthening the IMF including a Financial Stability Board and IMF supervision of countries financial sectors.
 While important these are not the announcements we hoped for.
 OBAMA moves on to NATO meetings with stops in France, Germany and Czechoslovakia if memory serves. He returns on the eighth I think.
Every day without exception there are intelligent, honest, informed, well meaning sources expecting delivery "TODAY". WE continue to believe the packs in Treasury are the true indicator of status and we now watch and wait to see what happens to those packs now that the G-20 dog fight has ended.
While awaiting those answers we observe no movement away from the FED RES/U.S. Gov't. world monetary construct based on DEBT. The addition of vast quantities of additional debt can not fix a failing debt based system. This "fix" is absolutely necessary if the world is to recover.
Vast quantities of liquidity poured into the existing system using every conceivable means of public financing, simultaneously, will cause a respite, a postponement,     but the down stream consequences will be horrific and increased liquidity can not solve the much greater problem of insolvency.
OBAMA's blockage of deliveries pushed us into the G-20 meetings which was not supposed to happen. Now we have no choice but to await the outcomes decided there.
         casper   4-2-09    early afternoon
casper 4-2-09           pm
WE are hopeful for Tomorrow. (Fri.)
Wendy for Casper.
AND    from RMN..........
Hi, Folks -
(Note: Casper and others depict Obama as the bad guy, sort of "Bush Part II" in some ways - however, other sources presently are holding that Obama is "the good guy" even if we're not able to see what he's actually accomplishing. As always, just because someone's saying it doesn't make it so,     and discernment is called for.) ...--hobie .
...Our G-20 intell does not agree with OBAMA's view as summarized above but rather with Story's current update which describes a knife fight behind closed doors.....(( ))
Reader C. writes (in response to an earlier post but relevant here, too):
Maybe there is a reason for this story from Casper and Story about Obama not being welcome at the G20 meetings. Every major news agency "says and shows" differently. Obama is there and he is addressing the G20 leaders. I know .. maybe that's not really him. It could be one of Obama's clones.
Story broke the story about where the money is coming from but, I think intentionally, has been making up a lot of weird stories.
hobie -- Tuesday, 31 March 2009, 5:45 p.m.
hobie -- Wednesday, 1 April 2009, 8:13 p.m.
In Response To: CASPER for JAN 1st - THE HEAD MAN of the BIS STOLE THE FARM CLAIMS MONEY - BUT... (hobie)
Rayelan posted the material Casper refers to, in April 2008:
*On April 6, 1933, President Roosevelt, with Congressional approval, declared a "national bank holiday" which lasted through April 9. There is a plethora of information about that period and the reasons causing such, but there is practically nothing said about one major event which occurred during the same time. A corporation was formed at the President's order called THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION. That was done without Congressional action of any sort, so that organization is, and always has been, a privately owned, not public, corporation. At the same time, our legal system shifted from Public and English Common Law, to Private International Law.*
*THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION then usurped all the identity, power, legal standing, laws and mandates, and assets of the Constitutional United States-virtually seamlessly and with hardly anyone even suspecting what had happened-for 75 years. *
*Let me restate that in less complicated terms-for 75 years a private corporation, not our Constitutional government, has performed the role of our government for the exclusive benefit of that organization's shareholders and their friends. *
*The CORPORATION, through Congress, immediately passed into "law" such things as the law establishing the FEDERAL REGISTER ACT, which effectively allows the President to declare and establish "law" by publishing his declaration in the FEDERAL REGISTER, that without consulting or informing Congress, let alone requiring their debate and passage of any effective law. *
*That should explain a great deal about why our "government" consistently behaves outside our Constitution and other laws. Our Constitutional government is bound (limited) by the Constitution. The CORPORATION, however, is bound only by the tenets of the United States Code and the Code of Federal Regulations, both Private International Law, which, in this country, may only be tried and enforced by and in Admiralty, not civil or equity courts. Equity courts were done away with by our "government" soon after our form of law was changed.*...(...)
....fw10..... part1.....
March 31, 2009 10:26 AM

Land Ownership

From: BDO
Sent: Tuesday, March 31, 2009 11:52 AM
Dear Patrick
We live in upstate New York. I purchased a Subdivision in 1990.  Just two years ago I gifted a section of land to my son and his father to build a house and the loan was to go through FHA because of the VA where his benefits go through and in the paperwork is a fully insured title search provided. The federal government told us that the deed was illegal. But that we have chain of title.  Well now we have no legal deed for over 200 years.
I wish to tell you that it leads to Tryon Province which takes in all of up state New York and all of the Canadian Maritimes Provinces.  We have not been able to get help, from all attornies they all belong to the Bar Association which is owned by the British Crown.  We have notified the Royal Family and had no response. 
 I was born in Canada from and American Mother duel citizens and my son and his father are full Native American and my son is North American Indian. We are claiming our lands Schedule A&B America and Canada and Tryon Province which is a brand new country of its own.  Which this news has been kept from everyone in both countries. 
I am claiming the Crown land for the Republic or each and since May 24 1990 we have been paying all illegal taxes and having our homes auctioned off by person that never own any land all over fake paper  (fluff over fluff) All the Banks getting paid is all illegal paperwork toxic.  We are at a critical stage because we are forming a Foundation for the Republic of each Country and we need help so that all three can take back our laws and constitution.  Most people do not know what to do.  All our public officals  have not filed their Oath of Office and registered this paperwork in three places with an insurance bond attached to it.  Without the insurance bond the public officals will and can break the law. No Oath  No Insurance No Office  VACANT
         you will find this info in the RedAmendment. This is critical this is the way we can take our lands back.  The Bar association is owned by The British Crown and I have claimed the Crown must step aside and All attorneys must resign from the bar or be brought up on charges of racketeering extortion Grand larsoney is all Treason.
If all your readers run a title search you will find out that none of your towns and counties have deeds. Because no commerical or corperation is permitted to own Crown land we fee Simpled Absolute to the Crown and claimed. All paperwork on private property is moot and has been since 1990.
All residential properties are debt free NESARA  across the board including Canada.
So no registration is how to correct everything pass the word So Saith I
BDO.  # google my address and run a search.  As one we are Victorious
Check out all elected and Appointed officials the US Marshals can arrest them and seize their assets that they have stolen from us pretending to be in office.
March 31, 2009 10:27 AM


The London G20 meeting is looking likely to end in tears
The differences among the various members of the G20 are so big it is looking likely the much anticipated meeting will deeply disappoint all concerned.  First of all while much of the developing world supports the Chinese/Russian plan for a new global currency run by a reformed IMF,
 the Americans are against it and the Europeans are split. The committee of 300 engineered the US financial collapse in the hopes of making the privately owned BIS the issuer of a world currency so the Chinese plan has put them into a state of shock.
The real problem is that the criminal cabal that controls the US is increasingly isolated and disliked. The entire world is watching in disgust and horror as they try to get American taxpayers and other countries to bail out criminal bankers who engineered the biggest Ponzi scheme in history.
The Federal Reserve Board, meanwhile is using every trick it can think of to fool the rest of the world into accepting some of the $15 trillion in funny money it has printed since last September. The Americans are also fighting efforts to shut down all those offshore tax havens that shelter the world’s criminal elite.
British/US relations are also at an all time low with MI6 leaking US secrets all over the internet and to other countries.
So it is that while the Bretton Woods meetings that set up the post war financial system lasted 22 days, the G20 will only meet for 4 and 1/2 hours. Unless some big changes come soon the G20 will issue a very disappointing statement vaguely calling for greater regulation of derivatives and papering over all the giant cracks. Many will call for a solution to be postponed until July. It is looking increasingly likely the world’s creditor nations will have to take the financial nuclear option and dump their treasuries    while unilaterally converting their own US dollar holdings into a new currency.