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casper 4-17-09                   #1
It goes without saying does it not, that the Countries willing to accept return of their stolen funds       by allowing OBAMA to steal our funds to pay them
 are no better than those in the U.S. who stole their funds in the first instance.
WE know the Countries involved and the COWARDS who represent them
and the amounts missing as well.
Instead of pursuing the D.C. Criminals who stole their assets      they are perfectly willing to join with OBAMA in the attempt to steal our program funds.
Approximately 65% of the thefts, which are well into the Trillions of dollars, occurred under BUSH SENIOR and JUNIOR with the remainder under CLINTON and OBAMA who, since becoming President, has continued the thefts and precedents set under previous Presidents.
 Note please that the U,S, CORPORATE CONGRESS, JUDICIARY, INCLUDING THE SUPREME COURT, INCLUDING THE WORLD COURT, was aware of and was in on these thefts in one way or another. Given the Countries willingness to accept repayment by OBAMA from funds stolen from the programs    it is likely the Countries stole the assets in question from their own citizens in the first place.  
OBAMA continues to state that he will get the funds, our funds, one way or another and the countries apparently believe he will do so. Seventy percent (70%) of all their Gold and Silver is gone and can not be recovered. Four countries lost everything. OBAMA continues to try to access our accounts, various Trust accounts and any other account with substantial deposits regardless of ownership of those accounts.
He continues to "guarantee" the Countries he will be able to do so
 and will pay them by Saturday.
The World Court is refusing to act     which can only mean they were either in on the thefts or they are in cahoots with OBAMA in his efforts to steal the programs money to repay the Countries. Some of the Countries involved have "Judges"-"Justices" on the World Court who are showing themselves to be nothing more than the two bit criminals who stole the worlds assets in the first instance.
Imagine if you can friends, the utterly corrupt and EVIL nature of this UNITED NATIONS COURT, the D.C. CORPORATION CRIMINALS and even the individual Countries themselves being involved in this GRAND LARCENY and EMBEZZLEMENT on a world scale which has been underway and ongoing since the administration of BUSH SENIOR at the very least.    As the man said, "if the American people find out what we have done      they will hang us from the lamp post".
The World Court was in on and approved and may have been "rewarded" from the theft and sale of the Gold and Silver in U.S. depository's with much of the sales proceeds going to the Monarchy in England and to France, our most historically important ally in my opinion,
which makes these acts of TREASON all the more heart breaking.
There is a "Mexican Standoff" ongoing right now with OBAMA believing and telling the Countries he will be able to steal ALL funds in ALL programs    and the Countries involved and the World Court being willing to cut our throats and the throats of program participants in their own Countries   to try to cover up these monumental thefts       which are unimaginable and without historical precedent. 
The ABC boys and minions of OBAMA, BUSH and CLINTON continue to distribute stories that OBAMA has signed off on deliveries. Don't buy it, he is opposing us at every step.       What is really going on are the thefts and CRIMINAL ACTS described here for the purpose of continuing the Fraudulent Finance Carousel described by STORY.         OBAMA and his CRIMINAL ASSOCIATES think they are going to get away with this. It's not over till the Fat Lady Sings and she is not even out of bed yet. He will not win.  For his participation brother GATES and his HACKER BUDDIES
may be getting some "pink slips" of their own     we hear.
                  casper   4-17-09   no.1
P.S. Thank you WhistleBlower for your comments and confirmations.
............   casper 4-17-09        #2
 There are things I would rather be doing on a Friday night.
The reason OBAMA will not let the F.C. & O packs be delivered is because they are once again attempting to trade using that particular money as collateral.
The World Court is deeply involved in this endeavor with OBAMA to create some 'thin air money' for the U.S.
 to use to repay the countries for their trillions in lost precious metals.
Our accounts are downloaded to our individual names and the attempts to access and the attempts to use our accounts as collateral for trades is EMBEZZLEMENT clear cut and dried         and any individual will be entitled to sue the Court and Obama and the Countries for amounts far in excess of the account balances.
There are lots of Attorneys out of work in this country who will be glad to handle our cases on contingency as the upside is so great and the cases are a slam dunk.
The American people are not responsible for the debts incurred by the D.C. Criminals or their thefts of other peoples money
 and will not tolerate any false claims to the contrary.
The Countries have been warned, any Country accepting one penny of our funds will be liable for treble damages and charges of EMBEZZLEMENT and TREASON. They are not letting their own people know what is going on, they are desperate to cover up their loss of assets and their own willingness to participate in CRIMINAL CONDUCT.
OBAMA continues with the attempts to trade, once again they are being blocked.
The situation has been very intense since the Countries left the White House meetings and there is Intel WE just can't discuss at this time.
These TREASONOUS CLOWNS are not without offsets and opposition
 and you and I are not without friends and allies.
                      casper   4-17-09   #2
casper april-19-09
Listen up all you "scum and trash" out there, (OBAMA's EXACT WORDS).
There has been so much going on behind the scenes involving OBAMA (from the Caribbean), The Countries, The World Court and others all weekend
 WE can't possibly cover all the details but here are the highlights.
A Federal Prosecutor in D.C., not a name you would recognize, was to present evidence of Embezzlement against OBAMA and others
 to a Grand Jury almost immediately.
Simultaneously, friends of ours, yours and mine, were explaining the facts of life to the Countries. The Countries decided they didn't want any part of what was coming down and cut their strings with OBAMA. Under pressure from them and our friends The World Court simultaneously flip flopped back to our side
correctly perceiving they had no other choice.
A Federal Judge in Washington D.C., acting on orders of a certain SECRETARY OF STATE, bribed said prosecutor and no presentation was made to the Grand Jury as planned. WE have been asked to withhold the name of the prosecutor and the amount of the payoff      but it will be forthcoming later.
This activity led OBAMA to brag, from the Caribbean, that our side can take its best shot, that he has the prosecutor in his pocket, he has the World Court in his pocket and he will continue to trade. He went on to say that all Presidents do it and no one will testify against him or them as they have methods of dealing with those who do. The payoff to the prosecutor has been confiscated.
 WE HEAR every Federal Judge and Prosecutor in D.C. has been bought.
At the time all this was happening OBAMA did not yet know that the World Court had flipped back to our side and has again today ordered the packs back out for delivery.
The weekly drivel you are getting from other "messengers" is the blind leading the blind. WE have met farm animals with more intelligence
 and turtles with more get up and go.
Instead of taking the steady flow of FACTS provided them and trying to lend a helping hand all they do is spin in circles saying no, no, it just can not be.
It can be and it is just as WE are describing it to you.
The World Court has also ordered NO MORE TRADING AT ALL, PERIOD.
OBAMA has now undertaken to try to negotiate terms, through third parties, to avoid charges of Treason and Embezzlement. It is not OBAMA who will cause our return to the Constitution as he has fought that and our funding every step of the way.
 Realize please there are things WE can't post at this time even if this turns out to be our final update due to pending deliveries.
You are no doubt wanting to know who to thank for saving our Country and our funding, after God I mean.  Simply "thank and pray for the Doctors who are fixing our illnesses" even though you don't fully understand the meaning of this.                    casper   4-19-09
casper april-20-09 a.m.             #1
This update is for everyone of course but most especially for the MESSIAH WORSHIPERS who think their hero walks on water.
The packs, having left Treasury around 6 p.m. last night, were returned to Treasury at midnight on orders of:   OBAMA and John Roberts.
Yesterday John Roberts sent paperwork to the World Court demanding immunity for OBAMA and others to try to avoid charges of Embezzlement and Treason.
This has been rejected by the Court.
 He has now threatened the World Court and our "FRIENDS"  saying anyone who opposes him "will be removed at all cost".
Roberts, acting for OBAMA, is trying to "shake down" the Countries for additional money, the very same Countries from which they have stolen trillions of dollars of their Precious Metals.
They are broke. "Roberts is on a shake-down cruise".
More when possible,
              casper   4-20-09
casper 4-20-09       #2
When your constituency is as uninformed as that of the liberals,   a scam a day
is not really that difficult.
Take the "$2T in budget savings over 10 years" they harp on constantly. They assumed the Iraq surge, at $180B annually, would continue for 10 years for budgeting purposes, then, since the surge has already ended, VIOLA (( VOILA)), they just saved $180B X ten years. As Krauthammer pointed out over the weekend, why not assume the $700B bailout to be an annual expense for ten years
 then claim 7T has been saved ?
Another daily scam for the lolly pop crowd, "a tax cut for ninety five percent of the people". While returning some tax funds in a highly visible way with fanfare they simultaneously raise taxes quietly in a variety of  different ways, impossible for the people to escape, resulting in very large overall tax increases. Next will come taxes foe Government sponsored health care and the equally large cost of "environmental related taxation" which they intend to "Internationalize".
Then we have the Banks raising all manner of fees on depositors and increasing interest rates on credit cards after we the people have funded trillions of dollars to save them from themselves. Sort of a "thank you" America campaign
and another Government/Banking sponsored scam.  
   D.C. and the Banks are criminal enterprises. Nothing they say can be trusted as they are in bed together. Bank P&L's are a lie and the "stress test" will continue the lies on an even larger scale as they value their junk assets at inflated prices. Another scam on top of many previous banking scams   and to be followed by the greatest scam yet, the "public private" partnerships     laying more trillions off on the taxpayers.  
 These daily con jobs are bad enough but some of it might be considered "politics as usual". These domestic financial frauds are part of the much larger International Financial Frauds designed to preserve themselves (ILLUMINATI) in power at all cost.          Losing this Banking/Financial WAR leads to exposure of CRIMINAL ACTS by successive PRESIDENTS and CONGRESS' and in addition to their loss of "control", it may actually lead to their imprisonment for life.
Having already committed unimaginable acts of fraud, embezzlement and TREASON there is nothing, absolutely nothing "they" won't do to avoid exposure, loss of control and possible imprisonment. Over time we/you have learned about many aspects of these never ending frauds and their willingness to flush the entire world to save themselves and maintain control. It is bigger than reported here. It is beyond OUR complete understanding and WE deal with it around the clock.
         It involves all the WESTERN FINANCIAL ENTITIES such as the IMF, WORLD BANK, BANK OF INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS, ETC.. and it involves all the U.S. money center banks and their counter party derivative deals with money center banks around the world.           It is, from their perspective, a fight for the status quo, a continuation of their fiat fantasy world.
There are forces of equal or greater power opposing them and here WE encounter an inability to go into detail at this time      for the primary reason it would not help and it might hinder efforts to get the deal done. And so, of necessity, WE remain quiet about these matters with the exception of course of those things WE have posted in recent updates in an attempt to help you understand the intensity of the confrontation.      Observe the blocking of Trades, the "handling" of Countries, the confiscation of payoffs, the back and forth with the World Court, the expectation of New Banking, the Constitution and metals backed currency and the constant confrontation with OBAMA and others         and you see enough and know enough to realize that the white hats are present and doing their work. You can also observe the great number of peripheral but semi-related issues      such as CHI COM Government corruption, debts to Chinese Emperors and Dynasty Families, missing assets stored in the U.S., ponzi schemes everywhere, constant activity surrounding world leaders and institutions and on and on the list goes    which helps us to understand that there are many many things going on simultaneously.
A positive outcome for us has always been in the hands of others and that is still true.
WE do spend a great amount of energy trying to explain who did what to whom
today and yesterday. Even so, given the many years these updates have been written you must surely know, even if WE don't discuss it every single day, that there has never been much doubt or vacillation by us that things are working out as we have described here a hundred or more times         and reporting today's bumps in the road
 does not change our perception of the pending outcome.
More specific detail when possible.
                      casper   4-20-09             #2
From: DG
Sent: Thursday, April 16, 2009 3:45 PM
Subject: Questions to Mr. Whistleblower

Dear Patrick:


Please see the following letter to Mr. Whistleblower?  If you see use in it, please feel free to post on your site.  Please remove my email and name?


April 16, 2009


Dear Mr. Whistleblower:

Please feel free to correct or answer any of the following comments and questions?

Mr. Whistleblower, it appears you are verifying comments by Casper in regards to missing assets?  Thanks for keeping the average reader in the loop as it appears that many governments of the world are more concerned about there own pockets being lined

 than the well being of their people.  Thanks again.


The assets in question seem to be gold and silver, according to Casper’s April 16th update.  Some assets are from the collateral accounts of the global debt facility.  The first logical question is where is the gold?  Who stole the gold?  If the banks, security house or bonded warehouse did not report a theft (most likely) then there must be a paper trail?  I have not heard of any bank heist in the USA in the last 40 years?


Furthermore, since the collateral accounts must be within the Federal Reserve System and their vaults, wouldn’t the Federal Reserve be liable for the missing assets in question?  Would it be fair to make a public statement that all US Presidents since Ronald Reagan have participated with the abuse of the assets? 


Keeping this letter short.  Assuming the gold has not been part of an accounting error on the part of the banks (slight of hand trick, just change title to the gold, it resides in the same spot) is it a coincidence that Benjamin Fulford made a claim that the Chinese Emperor in fact existed and has taken possession of the vast quantity of gold owed to the Dragon clan?  This is part of some supposedly secret arrangement between the Federal Reserve and the Dragon clan many years ago?  Any basis to these statements?  I have my own theory on this, but that is another discussion.


One thing is obvious our government(s) has failed us, nobody authorized these elected officials and Bank Governors to lie to us.  As I have said in the past, “Its time for another round of firings, get rid of the bums?”


Thanks for your time.DG

 ----- Original Message -----From: WhistleblowerTo: BellringerSent: Saturday, April 18, 2009 4:19 AMSubject: Response to DG Questions
Dear Mr Bellringer,
Thank you once again for forwarding the questions from Mr DG. My response is as follows, which if you desire to post same to fourwinds10, I have no onjection provided Mr D.G. gives his approval.
Response starts here:-
Mr. Whistleblower, it appears you are verifying comments by Casper in regards to missing assets?  That is perfectly correct in respect of the assets which are missing that are part of the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility. We are fully aware that assets deposited in the United States of America, under Custodianship Rules of the numerous International Treaties, are missing,
 and have in the past been utilized illegally by the US Government, US Federal Reserve, and US Treasury, so Casper’s statements, or those of his sources, are perfectly correct, factual and can be substantiated.
 Unfortunately, our hands are tied, under the Secrecy rules, from publicly revealing such theft and plunder. In respect of any other assets not part of the Collateral Accounts, Casper's comments do not surprise me at all. Does anyone believe that when criminals are around they are just going to take the family cash. No, they will take everything possible including the family dog if they can prosper from it.
Thanks for keeping the average reader in the loop as it appears that many governments of the world are more concerned about there own pockets being lined than the well being of their people.  No thanks are needed. We hold a duty to the Nations and People of the World, and we will exercise that duty by whatever means possible, even if it means waiting for others such as Casper and his sources, by their associated actions, to reveal the truth. Thanks again.
The assets in question seem to be gold and silver, according to Casper’s April 16th update.  Some assets are from the collateral accounts of the global debt facility.  The first logical question is where is the gold?  Gold, and / or other metals, do not vaporize. It is there somewhere. It could have been refined with new documents applied, but the Certificate of Ownership and Certificate of Origin would undoubtedly have been forged. On the other hand it could have just been moved and then used as collateral for loans etc. Only a full and intensive investigation will reveal exactly where it is and who has possession of it, and that dear sir is not as difficult as it sounds.
 Who stole the gold?  We have a dam good idea who stole the Gold and other metals, and when one thinks about it that is not too difficult an issue to identify, as the only persons who have full access to assets and such information are the very people who are responsible for the protection of the assets on behalf of the World and its People. Those people’s names or initials have previously been mentioned (justifiably I should add) on fourwinds and many other web sites. They may not be the actual persons who stole the assets, but they are the ones who instigated this and obtained the benefits of same. I can give one instance (Guaranteed to be actual and genuine) involving WJC and his cronies during the 90’s. There are many more.  
If the banks, security house or bonded warehouse did not report a theft (most likely) then there must be a paper trail?  There are definitely Paper Trials as you put it. Everything in this day and age is traceable and Governments are their own worse enemy because there are always paper trials. In addition to that, Gold, like any other metal, has a DNA, which can be traced. You also have to look at the World Bullion Authority and their excellent records. If Gold, or other Precious Metals turn up, which are not on record, then action is implemented straight away.
You can not sell or dispose of Gold, or other precious metals without the correct and legitimate documentation, all of which can be verified, even scientifically. Therefore my assessment is that the missing Gold and other metals are stored somewhere and being used as collateral through crooked banksters, whose allegiance is to those who have stolen the gold or other metals. 
 I have not heard of any bank heist in the USA in the last 40 years?  Not the ones that the MSM would publicly reveal anyhow. Criminals stick together in such matters. Yes, there is infighting, but that is normal in any form of society. The criminals do not just consist of Government people, but Military, Main Stream Media (MSM), Refineries, Banks, Investment Houses, and more. In fact the very people who have been complicit in the very Financial Crisis that has hit the world with force in the last 2 years.
Furthermore, since the collateral accounts must be within the Federal Reserve System and their vaults, wouldn’t the Federal Reserve be liable for the missing assets in question?  No, the Federal Reserve is not directly liable as they are “Holders” only. Liability, under the International Treaties, rests with the King, Queen, President, as the Primary Trustee / Custodian on behalf of the Nation and its people, of any country where assets are deposited. That Liability is automatically transferred to the Nation, its People as the true “Custodians”.          Secondary, comes the Banks, Federal Reserve, Investment Houses, and Trusts that are the “Holders” of the assets on behalf of the Custodians, being the Nation and its People. A little complex I agree, but the Responsibility and liability rests with the Primary Custodians, not the Holders, although the Holders are liable to the Custodians.  
Would it be fair to make a public statement that all US Presidents since Ronald Reagan have participated with the abuse of the assets?  Wow, what a statement, but not totally and absolutely correct. Ronald Reagan executed 2 Presidential Decrees authorizing the illegal theft and transfer of assets, by whatever means necessary, by and to the United States on the pretext of the assets being actually owned by the United States, which of course, is a complete fabrication of Fact surrounding the assets and their ownership.
The Iran – Contra Arms Affair (Remember Col Oliver North and Watergate) was one operation that derived from such illegal actions where the truth has never been revealed either publicly or even to Congress. However that was in Nixon’s (37th President) time which was before Reagan’s (40th President) time, which shows that theft and illegal use was happening prior to Ronald Reagan’s era.
The, what is referred to as “The Wanta Funds” is one that directly emanates from the Reagan Decrees, whereby Ambassador Wanta illegally obtained assets of the Collateral Accounts which were utilized within a trade to generate funds. The Funds were used by the US Government to destabilize Russia and bring down Communism. To make this appear legal and above board, the US Government coerced other Governments, namely France {President Mitterand} and the UK {P.M. Margaret Thatcher} to join them in an international arrangement which became known as the Reagan – Mitterand Protocols (Thatcher’s name was never mentioned because she was only a Prime Minister, not Head of State). These protocols were totally illegal as legalization of illegal acts is not and are not possible, even in the International arena.
                     (Note: These very Nations were the original Administrators and Managers of the Collateral Accounts (1945 – 1995) under the Trilateral Trillenium Tripartite Gold Commission, following the introduction of the Bretton Woods Treaty). Their illegal actions were the very reason why the 50 year term of the TTTGC was never extended or reissued,
and in 1995 an independent person was appointed by the Nations of the World as International Treasury Controller, Legal Heir and Owner of the Collateral Accounts.
Keeping this letter short.  Assuming the gold has not been part of an accounting error on the part of the banks (slight of hand trick, just change title to the gold, it resides in the same spot) These assets would be held “Off Balance Sheet” of the Holding Banks and other Institutions  because they are on Balance Sheet within the Federal Reserve, BIS, Swiss National Bank, etc. so there can be no accounting error on the part of the Banks. That is what makes it very easy for these banks and other institutions to use the assets without authority, without anything being seen or questioned. To steal or move the assets would not be shown of the Balance Sheets of any Banks.
 The current Financial Crisis is not just about Balance Sheet Asset Values, CDO’S CDS’s etc. A very large part of the problem emanates from the illegal use of assets of the Collateral Accounts by the Banks and Government, with their spectacular and fantasy financial operations ( amounting to approximately $3 quadrillion USD in value) for which they have been caught with their pants down, but whom are placing the responsibility firmly on the shoulders of the Taxpayer.
is it a coincidence that Benjamin Fulford made a claim that the Chinese Emperor in fact existed and has taken possession of the vast quantity of gold owed to the Dragon clan?  Slight confusion here. I am assuming the “Dragon Clan” refers to the “Dragon Funds” which in fact is held in Japan, not China as suggested.  We know of no other “Dragon Clan” where the assets of the Collateral Accounts are held under Custodianship. In fact the assets of the Chinese Emperor and Family, are part of the Collateral Accounts, some of which are held in Japan (Dragon Funds) under Custodian Rules.
          As far as we are aware, what remains of the Chinese Emperor’s Family, reside in Taiwan and America. If, they are still part of this system, which I am not going to reveal publicly whether they are or are not, then they are custodians only on behalf of the Collateral Accounts, and hold a responsibility to ensure that the assets under their Custodian jurisdiction are safe and secure. These assets are not owned by the Emperor or his Family, and therefore if the “Dragon Clan” has taken possession of Gold owed to the “Dragon Clan”, then legally it is Gold taken into possession by the “Dragon Clan” on behalf of the Collateral Accounts, not on behalf of the Family as suggested by Fulford. 
  This is part of some supposedly secret arrangement between the Federal Reserve and the Dragon clan many years ago?  Secret to a point. Certificates were issued through  (The word “through” is a very prominent factor here) various international banks, against the Gold assets of China and many other families. Those certificates can only be “called” if there is a doubt that the assets are being misused, plundered, stolen, or whose safe and secure depository is held to be jeopardized (Note: Gold Certificates hold a maximum 30 year term only after which they are invalid).
Obviously, there is a strong feeling that those assets have been, or are, jeopardized and therefore a demand for the return and relocation of depository has been made by the Trustees / Custodians in order to protect the assets from any further abuse, or similar, that are jeopardizing the assets and the legal use thereof.
There is a lot more to this than what I can explain publicly, except to say that the “Dragon Clan” hold the legal right, as Trustees / Custodians, to attend to this matter on behalf of the Collateral Accounts. If they decide that the assets are, or have been jeopardized, then it is their legal duty to act accordingly to protect the assets.
 Any basis to these statements?  I have my own theory on this, but that is another discussion. It would be interesting to know what your own theory is on this.
One thing is obvious our government(s) has failed us,  Absolutely, but you need to be more definitive when you state “Our Government(s)”. Not every Government in the world is as crooked and deceitful as the few that are responsible.
nobody authorized these elected officials and Bank Governors to lie to us.  No, agreed, but they do and it is a trait of Governments / Politicians generally.  If not lies, then their wording is such that can be interpreted in several ways depending upon individual perceptions, so there is always a way out for them by saying that they haven’t lied but it is what you, or any other person has interpreted or perceived in what they said. That unfortunately is Politicians. People say Lawyers are Liars, but Politicians are much better at it than any Lawyer.  
As I have said in the past, “Its time for another round of firings, get rid of the bums?” Politicians (Bankers can also be placed into this cocoon) no longer have allegiance to the people who voted them into power, or in respect of Bankers, to the people who are their clients. There is no social responsibility are more, its just “Bottom Lines and Personal Fortunes”, “Selfishness”, and “Greed”.
A very prominent point here that was revealed in the Financial Times just a few weeks ago. Are you aware that neither Politicians nor Bankers are required, in law, to have specific and applicable qualifications. Yes, they can hold an MBA, a Doctorate, or similar, or nothing at all, but holding such a qualification doesn’t mean that you can perform your duties in a proper professional manner to those whom you are responsible to.
 A Plumber or Electrician has to hold an applicable industry qualification before they can act as a Plumber / Electrician, but a Politician / Banker does not ………. Strange situation …………. Know of any qualified criminal currently serving time who might be interested in such positions, or a few Cashiers at the local Supermarket, as we all stand as much chance with such people, as against the current Band of Thugs and Criminals that exist in many Governments and Bureaucracies.
Thanks for your time. No problem. I have time on my hands, lying in a hospital bed at the moment, in quite a bit of pain, but bored out of my head.
Doctor’s about to do his round and he will reprimand me for working, so I’ll just inform him that it will help my recovery by being positive and active. Then I’ll just tell him, as usual, to check my chart and records to ensure he is doing his job properly and pass onto the next patient. Smiles all round, but I bet he prescribes some sleeping medication for me soon, just to keep me quite.
Apologies for the little comic relief at the end. Must keep my sanity in this place.
DG  and    Whistleblower.
....(....) (Repsonse)
----- Original Message ----
-From: DG
To: Mr. Whistleblower
Sent: Sunday, April 19, 2009 1:50 PM

April 19, 2009

Dear Patrick:
I want to thank you and Anne for being Patriots to the world. If you see merit in this exposé, please feel free to post my comments and concerns onto fourwinds?
Dear Mr. Whistleblower:
I wish you a speedy recovery? My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Your answers to my questions were thorough and revealing, something our elected officials neglected to mention. This brings me to my first point.
 I am Canadian and the head of state is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with Prime Minister Stephen Harper as head of the government of Canada. Therefore, through extension, any act against the Queen, is an act against the people of Canada, UK, Australia and many more nations of the world.
According to Christopher Story from he claims that gold and money was stolen from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II accounts. Perhaps it is more precise to say assets from the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility, Queen and Prince acting as Trustee/Custodians from that loan? The amount claimed by Mr. Story was $14 trillion. It should also be noted that Prince Al-Aweed Al-Talal of Saudi Arabia was victimized in this theft. The perpetrators must be brought to justice and dealt with accordingly? Mr. WB, it is apparent that with ‘International Secrecy Laws’ you are limited to what you can say and do. However, since you are most likely aware of elements at play in the background and now that this story has been publicized, is it true? Partly true, can you elaborate?
Thanks for the clarification on the Dragon Funds. The Chinese Emperor, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Al-Aweed Al-Talal of Saudi Arabia and a lot more are being denied the right to access these assets for the better of all of humanity? There are media reports that Germany was among the nations demanding the return of their gold deposits held within the USA depositories.
My next question would be if the US government is unable to honour that request, what happens next? The financial follies of Wall Street and the US Government have left them in debt $3 quadrillion USD. Even if the entire USA was auctioned off they could never repay that amount, including in ground, untapped natural resources?
Sir, these are a lot of questions for me to ask of you, knowing that you are under an ‘International Secrecy Law’, so I will understand, if you do not give all the answers.
Take care,
----- Original Message -----
From: "Scott" <>
To: <>
Sent: Saturday, April 18, 2009 8:50 PM
1. Originally established on January 20, 1995, and following the confirmation of the Powers and Authorities of His Excellency Dr. Ray C. Dam by the "Washington Panel" in 1998, the Office of International Treasury Control was instituted on January 20, 2003, as the management, commitment and operations organization for His Excellency Dr. Ray C. Dam.
2. Though not generally or publicly known, OITC is the largest single owner of gold and platinum bullion in the World. OITC are also a major owner of Bank Debenture Securities, International Treasuries, Cash and other forms of securities.  Since being established, OITC has become the largest single owner of Home Mortgage Securities in the World today. Original assets in the form of gold have been wisely and well utilized to create wealth that creates further wealth.
3. In March, 2006, OITC could see the need for new paradigms in economic management within and between Nations, and so decided to take new directions in investment with a focus on creating and developing economic systems that free indebted Nations from external debt, yet maintains the full credibility and creditworthiness of those Nations. It also will allow for investment into developed countries where severe problems may arise that demand major investment to protect agricultural industries without further burdening or extending the external debt level within that country. ....(....)
...more from  FW10.....
April 18, 2009 12:21 PM

Canada: In Service To The Pentagon And NATO At Home And Abroad

Canada: In Service To The Pentagon And NATO At Home And Abroad
by Rick Rozoff
Global Research, April 17, 2009     and        Stop NATO
Canada is the only nation in the world whose mainland borders three of the world's five oceans: The Arctic, The Atlantic and the Pacific.
The United States only secured access to the Arctic Ocean with the acquisition of non-contiguous Alaska from Russia in 1867 and Russia can only access the Atlantic through the Barents and Norwegian Seas.
The three oceans in question are exactly those in and over which Russia has recently resumed strategic air patrols and naval and submarine deployments starting in late 2007 after a hiatus of almost twenty years.
Should East-West tensions parallel - or exceed - those of the Cold War era Canada will be on several frontlines and is now being actively prepared for just such an eventuality.
The campaign to employ Canada as a spearhead against Russia in the Arctic and generally in furtherance of NATO's plans for the Northwest Hemisphere will have little to do with the word that has become a shibboleth for Canadian Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Liberal opposite numbers alike, sovereignty, and still less with defense.
Instead the nation's role, given its unique geographical location, will be as the West's advance guard in a geostrategic showdown in the northern latitudes.
Not that Canada's service to the United States and NATO collectively is limited to its own coasts and the oceans they abut.
Despite rhetoric to the contrary by two of the country's last three prime ministers, Liberal Jean Chretien and Tory Stephen Harper, aimed at domestic audiences and for votes in parliamentary elections, about the nation's supposed proud tradition of independence, if there has ever been a nation that never truly possessed a foreign policy of its own - particularly in respect to military conflicts - that country is Canada.
From supplying its former colonial master Britain with a disproportionate amount of troops in both world wars to following the lead of Britain and the United States in wars from Korea in 1950 to Yugoslavia in 1999 to Afghanistan at present, Canada has rarely balked at demands for political acquiescence and military complicity from its Anglo-Saxon big brothers and the NATO alliance of which it is a founding member.....(....)
The image that Harper was projecting - or rather the pose he was adopting - was, much like Jean Chretien in 2003, demonstrating that he was no neutered foreign policy poodle like Britain's Tony Blair but a virile husky able to pull its own weight and mark its territory. In fact he was already planning to prove himself a docile lapdog loyal unto death to his masters: The United Kingdom residually, the United States primarily and NATO for a sixth decade.
The above-quoted statement by the US ambassador, reflective as it was of the greatest threat to Canadian territorial claims and integrity since the pre-independence invasion of its land by the US in 1812, didn't appear to have fazed Harper overly much.
Harper's wasn't, and isn't, concerned about Canada's territorial claims; he's been enlisted to challenge Russia's.
He didn't waste any time in fulfilling his true pledge, the expansion of Canada's military into its northern frontier and into contested waters.
In his second year in office Harper "announced plans to build a new army training centre in the Far North at Resolute Bay and to outfit a deep-water port for both military and civilian use at the northern tip of Baffin Island.
His trip to the Arctic earlier this month was accompanied by the biggest military exercise in the region in years, with 600 soldiers, sailors and air crew participating.” (27)
By this time anyone who had gained the impression that Harper's jingoistic fulminations were in any manner directed at his neighbor to the south should have been disabused of that illusion. ...(...)
NATO chief Jaap de Hoop Scheffer's address included the reminder that "At our Summit in Bucharest last year, we agreed a number of guiding principles for NATO’s role in energy security....NATO provides a forum where four of the Arctic coastal states can inform, discuss, and share, any concerns that they may have. And this leads me directly onto the next issue, which is military activity in the region.

“Clearly, the High North is a region that is of strategic interest to the Alliance." (36)
The four states Scheffer alluded to are Canada, the United States, Denmark and Norway, frequently described at being in competition regarding Arctic claims but all subsumed under the NATO banner.
The four countries are partners in any number of projects from the NATO global SeaSparrow naval missile system to the war in Afghanistan.
The four also share air surveillance and defense facilities in the North Atlantic, Denmark through its Greenland island possession, and Norway is already tied into the US European missile shield project and according to Air Force Gen. Victor Renuart Jr., head of both the North American Aerospace Defense Command and the U.S. Northern Command "We are in discussions with the MDA [Missile Defense Agency] on alternatives if the discussions in Europe do not continue,” and the FTG-05 - Ground-based Midcourse [Missile] Defense-05 - "involve[s] both operational commands, Norad and NorthCom, and 'operationally sound execution,'" he added. (37)
NORTHCOM is the United States Northern Command and NORAD is the North American Aerospace Defense Command, run jointly by the US and Canada since 1958.
This march, months after Washington proclaimed its right to use the Arctic region for missile defense and strategic sea and air systems and after NATO rallied its members in pursuit of strategic military objectives there, Russia announced plans to prepare a military force by 2020 to defend its Arctic claims.
The turn for saber rattling passed from Canadian Defense Affairs Minister MacKay to Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon, who said "Let's be perfectly clear here: Canada will not be bullied.” (38)
To quote the Canadian military at some length on this April's Operation Nunalivut 2009, the first of three "sovereignty operations" scheduled in the Arctic this year: ....(....)
In the months before the US-led invasion of Iraq in March of 2003 the cruder type of American war hawk and chauvinist reviled and condemned Canada for its perceived lack of loyalty. 
These critics were rank ingrates. The US - and NATO - have never had more blindly, stubbornly obedient allies than Canada's ruling and governing elites.
April 18, 2009 12:08 PM

Countdown With Keith Olbermann - Special Comment: Prosecuting Torture Pt. 2 [4-16-09]

April 17, 2009
Keith delivers a very brief and to-the-point Special Comment re-emphasizing the points he made in his previous Comment the night before President Obama's Inauguration and further explaining why our President MUST prosecute the Bush Administration for torture if he really intends to bring us the promised Change We Can Believe In.
April 18, 2009
List of 2,359 Professionals Call for an End to Water Fluoridation and the updated list of April 8, 2009 are shown at the Fluoride Action Network's website:
U.S. signers (A-M - N-Z) and International signers include:....(....)
French Version | Italian Version | Spanish Version
Respectfully yours,
Environmental scientist, former State of Texas environmental official and former Biological Sciences faculty member at the University of Texas at Austin
Austin, Texas
Subject: Doctor exposes flouride as poison in water
This is a wake-up call people!
This mainstream media video exposing Fluoride as Poison will hopefully give you TV believers the corroboration you need.
Tablets and chewing gum that contain fluoride are to be banned in Belgium over fears they might increase the risk of brittle bone disease.
Yesterday, the Belgium Health Ministry confirmed it was banning fluoride tablets and fluoride chewing gum.(1) This fluoride ban comes after a new health study "found excessive use of fluoride products increased the risk not only of osteoporosis, but of damage to the nervous system too". Osteoporosis causes weakening of bones and can lead to fractures.
April 17, 2009 2:53 PM

CANADA: Complicit, Complacent or Committed? Proposals to Build Pension Security for All Workers

TEXT   by Jim Reid
Global Research, April 16, 2009
The Bullet 
Last summer, Buzz Hargrove, the soon to be former President of the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW), insisted – along with General Motors (GM) executives – that pension fears were unwarranted. Asked about the possibility of a worst case scenario that included GM pensions being reduced, Hargrove responded that this would be “so remote a possibility it's not worth speculating on” (Toronto Star, August 8, 2008).
Fast forward to April, 2009 and Ontario Premier McGuinty's remark, that the province's pension safety net isn't even close to being large enough to cover the auto workers if General Motors went bankrupt. The new President of the CAW, Ken Lewenza, responded with furious indignation: “to suggest that retirees will bear the brunt of something they have no control over is just unconscionable.”
Before going into who bears responsibility for doing little or nothing while GM put the pensions of GM retirees and workers at risk, some background in defined benefit pension plans and the role of government may be helpful.....(....)
Jim Reid is a union activist and a supporter of Workers for Union Renewal.
Protest the Ontario government's recent announcement that they may renege on a social safety net that would help protect pensions.
12:00noon, Thursday April 23, 2009 Queen's Park, Toronto.
 Global Research Articles by Jim Reid
April 17, 2009 3:11 PM

Iran to Host Meeting on Prosecuting Israeli War Criminals

TEHRAN, Apr. 14 (MNA) - Tehran will host a conference next week to discuss ways to obtain the arrest of Zionist regime leaders and military officials and their prosecution for war crimes and acts of genocide committed in the recent Gaza war.

The international conference will be held from April 21 to 22, the Tehran prosecutor’s office announced in a statement issued on Monday.


Israel’s 22-day assault on Gaza left over 1,300 Palestinians dead and destroyed or damaged thousands of buildings across the coastal enclave.


Prosecutors, judges, and lawyers from Islamic and non-Islamic countries have been invited to the conference.


With the rise in war crimes and human rights violations in many parts of the world, all countries and international organizations have a responsibility to prevent such incidents, the statement added.


If the perpetrators of war crimes in the Gaza Strip are brought to justice, it can discourage others from committing such acts and prevent the recurrence of such catastrophes, the Tehran prosecutor’s office noted.







Casper, Poof, Whistleblower, ........., Chris Story ... and the whole darned thing. :)
Posted By: hobie <Send E-Mail>
Date: Saturday, 18-Apr-2009 03:46:27
Hi, Folks -  If you've been visiting RMN for awhile, you're aware I routinely post updates from Casper and, more recently, also from Poof.
If you've been visiting RMN for a _long_ while, you'll remember we also used to post reports from "Dove of Oneness."
And we - mostly me, lately - have been posting Christopher Story's articles for quite awhile also.
I'm about to post some material from Mark Huber, who may be a guest on RMN Radio sometime next week.
Some - quite a few, actually :) - have wondered why on earth we're cluttering up the place with certain incredible/uncredible neverending stories that involve either "settlements" or "packets" and/or "deliveries".
Well, the reason's kind of simple. :) It has to do with Rayelan's information, gleaned years ago from conversations with an interesting assortment of folks who used to gather at her kitchen table, about "a long-term plan to take down the Federal Reserve and those who own or control it."
We've come to believe or understand that the demise of the Fed should also mean the demise of the Infernal Revenoo Circus, and a return to "honest money" and to the Constitution in America, and similar effects in countries around the world.
And if that's not worth reporting, almost nothing is. :)
It's tricky, though. It's tricky because _no one_ who really knows will come right out and say _exactly_ what's happening. No one who really knows will come right out and say whether that plan is succeeding, and if it is, how close it is to being fully accomplished.
They won't say, because to publish such information could "give the game away" and endanger many lives. And, of course, we wouldn't ask them to, and wouldn't want for that to happen.
Another reason not to make such information public: It could have undesirable effects on the gentle inhabitants of America and elsewhere. Sure, we're all interested that "the Truth should come out" at last. But no one would want for the people to "freak out" if there's no need for that to happen.
So - the point is that we're _alert_ to possibilities of "true change" in the world we share at this time - and we're looking for any _clues_ that such change might be occurring "below the surface."
Unfortunately - or perhaps unavoidably - the various sources of information we find available to us in this regard often are not agreeing with each other about the details. :)
Casper and Poof are talking about what have come to be called collectively, perhaps inaccurately, "prosperity programs" that closed to new members, new participants, in 1999. Casper's updates on Friday made mention of "FC and O", meaning "Farm Claims" and "Omega", one of the programs. There's some disputation about whether "Omega" is/was a bona fide program or a scam, or a bona fide program that got scuttled by some court cases, etc. Talk to three different people and you'll get three different answers about that. Whatever - we dunno, in fact. :)
Casper says Obama's standing in the way of program-related packets and deliveries. Casper says Obama-and-friends are desperately trying to get their hands on the money.
Poof, on the other hand, says not to worry, not to get caught up in the drama. But he and Casper agree, essentially, that "the bad guys are definitely gonna lose" and "they can't get their hands on the money."
Christopher Story, meanwhile, is talking about "settlements", a balancing of the books among the nations - which is different from "packets" and "deliveries" but, obviously, could be a related matter. Story has been doing an admirable job of reporting the hard details of the "fraudulent finance and corruption" that has gone into the economic turmoil we find presently going on in the world. He also reports on _the_ solution, as proposed by Michael Cottrell.
'Whistleblower' often generally agrees with Casper, but also has yet another story line going, one that says all sorts of money rightly belong to a global organization he is associated with. .....(.....);read=144895
No Other Planet Has Walked with Christ Michael  
Apr , 2005 ... The one mentioned in the A&A reports, as the KOS (King of Swords), is most certainly not a White Knight. However he is, as was told on the ...

...(...) This a schematic representation.  All circles are in reality ellipses.  Source: Urantia Book.  Graphic by Luis Prada   WRITTEN in 2005     .....(...)
Creator God Aton oversees the Grand Universe and resides in Havona in the Isle of Paradise.  Christ Michael is the Creator God and Descending Son of Nebadon.  Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn is the embodiment of Christ Michael as Commander-in-Chief for Earth Project Transition.
Since in our Superuniverse Orvonton the Father, Son & Holy Spirit are manifested as One then the Creator God Aton and Christ Michael are the same and are expressed in the body of Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, a 9½ Ft. tall bald Pleiadian Gray
....(...) You have on Earth both returning Sons of God, the Descending Son (Son of God, Christ Michael) and the Ascending Son (Son of Man, Sananda). BLESSED ARE YOU PEOPLE! This is why the Second Coming event will be sacred and not a war-type event. You were blessed with my appearance 2000 years ago, and now you are twice blessed with my promised return. I have visited no other planet in my vast realm in this manner....(...)
Let us go back to the Tree issue. Nancy, my dear, I have a message for you. I have been trying to contact you telepathically without success. The one mentioned in the A&A reports, as the KOS (King of Swords), is most certainly not a White Knight. However he is, as was told on the Tree site last week, a very high level Delta Force person. It was mentioned on the Tree site that this KOS had something to do with reverse engineering of crashed craft, and in the interrogation of ET's. Indeed, there is finally something of truth posted by the A & A's.
The truth is that the KOS was an important member of a team that shot down ET craft, took the ET's piloting them and some passengers into custody, then tortured them and caused their deaths, after information was obtained of use to these high Delta Force people. KOS is not a person who just did his job. He is extremely nasty, and has been making use of the A&A's through the Tree website. One of the activities has been to harvest e-mail addresses and obtain information on Lightworkers, and it wasn't for the purpose, I assure you, of aiding the announcement of NESARA.
There are other activities going on in which this man is involved, and he personally was working very hard at harassing and creating difficulty for Lightworkers. He is part of the plan to bring down NESARA! His group, Nancy, my dear, is the one that has created your "Hatonn". These types are associated with other groups intending to do everything possible to stop not only the NESARA announcement but, of course, First Contact and the Second Coming event.
Something very special happened today on the Thom Hartmann Show.  I was listening to Thom speak about his new book called: 'The Edison Gene', which is the real story of the ADD HT gene!  Thom was telling everyone how 40,000 years ago this gene was needed because it helped humanity 'stay alive' during a time when survival was doubtful because of the existence of the dinosaurs.  Apparently some very prominent people had the 'Edison Gene' like Thomas Edison, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Nicola Tesla and many others.
Then a call came in and it was THE KING OF SWORDS with a friend of his 'K-TAR TEC', who is a 12 ft. tall Pachat Warrior from
 'THE NIBURU' which is the StarShip of Beloved Mother Sekhmet. 
K-TarTec introduced himself and told everyone he is from the Star Nations, a group of many beings from many civilizations [The Galactic Federation of Worlds] who have come to assist the Earth through Her Ascension to the 5th Dimension.
He and the KOS then told a part of the history of this planet which began some 65 million years ago with the Annunaki Reptilians and other hybrid alien races.  These were Master Geneticists who came in and experimented on the etheric light-bodies of humanity.  Eventually over time this compromised our ability to know who we REALLY ARE and we fell into 3D reality. At this point the same Annunaki Reptilians were able to reduce our 12 strands of DNA to 2.  This caused humanity to be 'dumbed down' and truly WE FORGOT WHO WE ARE!
Then 6500 years ago, The Annunaki returned to the Mesopotamian Valley, The Land of Abraham in Iraq, and they inserted the Edison Gene into our DNA. This was done because a nuclear winter had occurred at that time, and the gene caused 'hyper-activity' which helped us to think and move faster in order to survive.  Even though this was a genetic manipulation, the human soul, which CANNOT BE COMPROMISED allowed us to convert this negative experience into a positive over time,
And now the 'Edison Gene' has actually helped us to awaken. All INDIGO and CRYSTAL PEOPLE have the 'Edison Gene'. These children and The Lightworkers have been using the gene to RE-GROW and ACTIVATE our DNA and to WAKE-UP! This is why the dark agenda created certain drugs like Ritalin, Melleril and other psycho-tropic drugs which was their attempt to suppress this ability.
INDIGO children of today are being born with 'The Edison Gene' and with all 12 strands of DNA activated. As a result they can do things that are far beyond 'NORMAL'! It is said DNA can grow to144 strands and up to 3000 and beyond! WOW! These children have the ability to change time and space, to telepathically communicate with other beings including plants, animals and angels, to bi-locate [be in 2 places at one time], to heal, and much more---all what we have called miracles!  They are here to wake us up to our true potential, to bring healing and balance to our planet, and to help us with many problems which they know how to solve! We are going to be hearing from these little miracle workers very shortly as NES ARA IS ANNOUNCED. In fact---NES ARA is the framework that will make it possible for these children to be protected and to function on this planet in FREEDOM AND LOVE!
At one point in this amazing conversation K-TarTec told everyone that he represented an alien race, that 'Humanity has a VERY BRIGHT FUTURE, contrary to what it looks like right now, and WE DO MAKE IT and GET TO GO HOME!' ...(...)  dec 11th 2003

...(....) ...  NESARA UPDATE: May 7, 2003.....

 "A" and "A" of the Jennifer Reports are husband and wife of eleven years, middle aged, and living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The father of "A" (husband) is Commander Ashtar of the Mothership The New Jerusalem, a starship of 5,000 miles in diameter, which is orbiting planet Earth at this time. "A" was given the choice of ascension to 5D earlier in life but chose to remain in 3D with the option to occasionally go into 5D in the physical. "A" has full memory of past lifestreams and speaks in person with his father, Ashtar, St. Germain, St. Michael, Sananda, Mother Sekhmet, KOS and others when he goes aboard The New Jerusalem. "A" communicates directly by phone or in person with KOS, the King of Swords or the King....(...)
..... KOE stands for King of Egypt. KOE is not in actuality the King of Egypt but a very wealthy and powerful good White Knight Arab from Arabia. The "Nameless Ones" are two very famous and good White Knights who presently reside as a husband and wife team in Tibet. Lady Nada is the twin flame of Sananda, is in charge of actual funding of the prosperity programs and Farm Claims and resides currently in Lebanon. Mr. X is an ex-policeman from Idaho who heads the U.S. Militia of the fifty states. He is next in command under the King of Swords. ...(..)
Finally, Jennifer Lee is a young housewife with a five year old son living in Los Angeles, California. She volunteered to assist "A" and "A" with their daily presentation of the progress of NESARA, thus, the Jennifer Lee Reports. This discussion reads like a science fiction novel, because in our world of lies, the Truth is in fact stranger to us than fiction. (( ))  2003
Canada Issues a Wake-Up Call: You May Be a Citizen
Posted By: watcher51445 <Send E-Mail>
Date: Friday, 17-Apr-2009 21:04:33 * APRIL 17, 2009
Canada Issues a Wake-Up Call: You May Be a Citizen
Thanks to a new law, Canada will bestow citizenship Friday on what its government believes could be hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting foreigners, most of them Americans.
The April 17 amendment to Canada's Citizenship Act automatically restores Canadian nationality to many people forced to renounce it when they became citizens of another country. It also grants citizenship to their children.
In the video 'Waking Up Canadian,' a man goes to sleep in a drab room and wakes up to find out that he's become a citizen of Canada. Surrounded by flags, maple-leaf-shaped cookies and a canister of maple syrup, he's welcomed by a hockey player, two plush moose and a uniformed Mountie.
Related Links
* Canada's New Spin on Triple Loops
* Work-Visa Numbers Get Squishy -- and Get Played
* U.S. Offers Refuge to Cubans
The Canadian government doesn't know the precise number or location of individuals affected by the legislation. But it believes most are U.S. citizens, a spokeswoman for Canada's immigration office said. U.S. Department of Homeland Security records show 240,000 Canadians were naturalized in the U.S. from 1948 to 1977; the new law fixes problems that occurred during those years.
To reach that amorphous group of beneficiaries, the Canadian government has turned to YouTube. It's running an ad there titled "Waking up Canadian," in which a man awakens on April 17 to a room festooned with red-and-white Canadian flags. He's met by a welcoming committee consisting of two stuffed plush moose, a hockey player, and a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
Eligible individuals automatically become Canadian citizens. But they don't get proof of that citizenship unless they apply for it, meaning other countries -- including those that allow people to be citizens of only one nation -- won't be alerted, according to the immigration office spokeswoman. Those people also may renounce their citizenship rights, she said.
View Full Image
James Hager
Canada is using YouTube to tout a new law granting citizenship to unsuspecting foreigners, many of whom are Americans.
The citizenship bonanza is the byproduct of a decadeslong struggle by a motley group of people who claim they were unfairly denied or lost their Canadian nationality. Canadian families who crossed the border in 1947 to 1977 to have their babies in a U.S. hospital found those children weren't recognized as Canadians unless the families registered them with the government. Some foreign brides of Canadian World War II servicemen lost their citizenship if they stayed out of the country for a decade or more.
Then there are the Canadian Mennonites who moved to Mexico in the 1920s to the 1960s. When their children and grandchildren returned to Canada, many found their nationality unclear.
Some such cases languished in litigation for years. Others surfaced in 2007, when new U.S. rules requiring passports for travel between Canada and the U.S. uncovered significant numbers of people who thought they were Canadian, but weren't. The old rules were "quite intricate," said Bill Janzen, an immigration lobbyist in Ottawa for the Mennonite Central Committee of Canada.
The new law offers citizenship to many individuals now in limbo. It also stops the previous practice of granting citizenship in perpetuity to children of Canadians born abroad, limiting eligibility to children of parents born in Canada.
Write to Phred Dvorak at
Printed in The Wall Street Journal, page A8
Copyright 2008 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved
This copy is for your personal, non-commercial use only. Distribution and use of this material are governed by our Subscriber Agreement and by copyright law. For non-personal use or to order multiple copies, please contact Dow Jones Reprints at 1-800-843-0008 or visit
More In World
Summer 2009: The international monetary system's breakdown is underway
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Date: Friday, 17-Apr-2009 20:48:45 Summer 2009: The international monetary system's breakdown is underway
Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin
Friday, April 17, 2009
The next stage of the crisis will result from a Chinese dream. Indeed, what on earth can China be dreaming of, caught - if we listen to Washington - in the "dollar trap" of its 1,400-billion worth of USD-denominated debt
(1)? If we believe US leaders and their scores of media experts, China is only dreaming of remaining a prisoner, and even of intensifying the severity of its prison conditions by buying always more US T-Bonds and Dollars
(2). In fact, everyone knows what prisoners dream of? They dream of escaping of course, of getting out of prison. LEAP/E2020 has therefore no doubt that Beijing is now
(3) constantly striving to find the means of disposing of, as early as possible, the mountain of « toxic » assets which US Treasuries and Dollars have become, keeping the wealth of 1,300 billion Chinese citizens.
(4) prisoner. In this issue of the GEAB (N°34), our team describes the "tunnels and galleries" Beijing has secretively begun to dig in the global financial and economic system in order to escape the « dollar trap » by the end of summer 2009. Once the US has defaulted on its debt, it will be time for the « everyman for himself » rule to prevail in the international system, in line with the final statement of the London G20 Summit which reads as a « chronicle of a geopolitical dislocation », as explained by LEAP/E2020 in this issue of the Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin.
Quarterly Chinese foreign exchange reserves growth - Source: People's Bank of China / New York Times, 04/2009
Behind London's « fools' game », where everyone pretended to believe that an event of « historical » international co-operation (5) took place, the G20 summit in fact revealed major divisions. The Americans and British (followed by a compliant Japan) desperately tried to preserve their capacity to
maintain control over the global financial system, freezing or diluting any significant reform granting more power to the other players, but in fact no longer powerful enough to enforce their aims. The Chinese, Russians, Indians, Brazilians,. strove to change the balance of the international monetary and financial system in their favour, but were unable (or maybe, deep down, unwilling
(6)) to impose their reforms. The Europeans (the EU without the United Kingdom) proved incapable of making up their minds between the only two options available: duplicating US and UK policies and sinking along with them, or questioning the very roots of the current monetary and financial system in partnership with the Chinese, the Russians, the Indians and the Brazilians. Today the Europeans have avoided following Washington and London in their endless reproduction of failed past policies
(7), but they do not yet dare to prepare for the future. ....(....)
CGI marcosaba: Moneyboarding in Bankistan
Posted By: CGI_admin
Date: Friday, 17-Apr-2009 17:08:48 Moneyboarding in Bankistan
Time to Break the Axis of Sleaze
Eric Margolis
The current international financial disaster brought on by Wall Street has created 25 million unemployed around the globe. People everywhere are mad as hell at both their leaders and America. U.S. intelligence says this financial crisis, not al-Qaida, is the greatest threat to national security ... But this financial crisis won't be resolved until the rotten U.S. financial sector is restored to health, transparency, and integrity. Many major U.S. financial institutions are insolvent: their liabilities exceed assets. Neither they nor the Obama administration will admit it, or take necessary action. That's because the U.S. financial industry has grown far too powerful.
C.STORY for APR 12th, addendum - STANFORD and JAMES BAKER
Posted By: hobie <Send E-Mail>
Date: Thursday, 16-Apr-2009 23:34:25
In previous reports, Christopher Story has said 'Sir' Allen Stanford took over from Noriega as a handler of Bush-related drug-trafficking profits. Here's an earlier post:
C.STORY, update for FEB 15th article - "STANFORD TOOK OVER FROM NORIEGA"
hobie -- Friday, 20-Feb-2009 23:51:27
...and here's a brief quote from that post:
On 1st November 2008, according to Mr Wayne Madsen's service, the Spanish news agency EFE reported that Venezuelan military intelligence operatives raided Stanford International Bank in Caracas and investigated three Stanford Bank employees at the Venezuela branch believed to be US drug-running intelligence agents. The press is also reporting an extremely unfortunate photo of Stanford and Barack Obama 'in happier times'.
Now Story has added this brief addendum to his April 12th article:
• STANFORD FACT: A Bloomberg report by Alison Fitzgerald and Michael Forsythe dated 16th April on the Stanford blow-out, contains, in its final paragraph, on the seventh page of this long report, the following reference: 'Kevin Sadler, a lawyer with Baker Botts LLP in Austin, who represents the [Stanford] receivership...'. So, right at the end of the report lurks the most important fact of all: the receivership is in the hands of the Bush Crime Family's TOP FIXER, James A. Baker III. The fox is calling the shots, rearranging the chickens. The rest of the article is very interesting: but not as interesting as the ONLY FACT IN THE REPORT OF ANY SIGNIFICANCE, the one at the end.
Full Christopher Story article, here:
Did A War Between Ancient Human and Reptilian Geneticists Create Pigs and Birds?
Posted By: Rayelan <Send E-Mail>
Date: Sunday, 19-Apr-2009 14:38:09 This was part of an response I wrote to this article:
Who is the “God” of the Christians?
Posted By: sonofthewind;read=145220
Because his article was so thought provoking, I chose not to put this piece in the thread because it would detract from his original article.
Many years ago, I was talking to a man who worked at one of the government alphabet agencies. He told me the most amazing story. He said he was scared to death that someone would find out he told me.
His story:
When the earth was first settled, there were two races of beings who were vying to become the "owners" of earth. Colonies were created by both groups. One was humanoid and one was Reptilian. The humans looked very similar to what we look like now. The Reptilians also walked on two feet and had two arms.
That body type is the universal body type. The reptilians had scales on their backs but they looked like big geckos.
The salesman for Geico is a gecko. According to the biography of Warren Buffet, he eventually acquired the entire GEICO company through his corporation, Berkshire Hathaway.             No, I'm not saying Buffet or any of the ruling Elite are Reptilians... but do they KNOW something they aren't telling us??
His story continues:
The colonies began to fight each other for territory. Sometimes the battle between the Reptiles and the Humans took some strange forms... that almost sound like college pranks.
The humans learned that the reptiles slept during the days and roamed at night. Therefore the humans stayed in their caves or fortified dwellings at night. Early in the mornings, after the reptiles had gone to sleep, the humans quietly slipped into their camps and stole their eggs.
The humans had acquired a taste for eggs for breakfast.
To the reptiles this was cannibalism and they decided that tit for tat was the answer to the horrors that the humans were inflicting upon them.
The Reptiles began to steal the children and eat them.
Finally one of the reptilian geneticists decided to just get rid of the humans completely.
He introduced a gene that eventually turned humans into pigs.
The humans ETs who started the human colony on earth went back to find that there were no more humans, there were only pigs and reptiles. And the pigs appeared to be being raised as food for the reptiles.
I don't remember the end of the story. Does this mean that people who eat bacon have Reptilian blood? Or does it mean that people who eat eggs are eating the fetuses of the ancient reptilian race? Did the human geneticists do tit for tat... and turn the Reptilians into chickens... i.e birds?
I don't mean to set this story as a hoax... the man who told it to me truly believed it. He also had a theory about the fire breathing dragons.
He believed that the larger reptilians produced HUGE amounts of methane gas. He said the working theory on this was that if the reptile burped at the same time he was gnashing his teeth together, the methane could have been ignited by a spark.
This sounds like a hoax... but I swear. The man who told me this story truly believed what he was saying. He was NOT the kind of man who would man up something like this for fun. He didn't appear to have a sense of humor.
Just looking over what I have written... I wonder how many of you had bacon and eggs for breakfast. Hmmmm... while I don't eat pork of any kind... I do eat eggs!!
What if our human ancestors did engineer the reptilian race into birds. What if humans are consuming the young of the reptiles as well as animals who were created from an ancient human dna pool?
I wonder what this does for our present bodies? What if pigs WERE engineered from humans. What would it do to the human body to digest human dna?
Maybe the taboo of eating pork has more to do with it being human dna than Trichinosis also called trichinellosis, or trichiniasis, the parasitic disease caused by eating raw or undercooked pork.
See this snip from the original article by sonofthewind:

Now, go ahead and do an anagram search on the word “Christian”.
You will get a one word answer “trichinas”. In case you don’t know, trichinas are “a small slender nematode worm (Trichinella spiralis) that is a parasite of flesh-eating mammals (as humans and swine) with larvae that migrate from the intestines to striated muscles where they become encysted”.
---end of quote---
I wonder if the new world order elite eat eggs and pork? What would it say about them if they ate pork but NOT eggs?? What does it say about Jews and Muslims who ban the eating of pork?
Makes me wonder who are the original humans?
PRELUDE TO MARTIAL LAW?: Montana::Wake Up Call: Very Unusual outage yesterday ------
Posted By: watcher51445 <Send E-Mail>
Date: Sunday, 19-Apr-2009 11:04:28
In Response To: Montana::Wake Up Call: Very Unusual outage yesterday (in_PHI_nitti) Largest Military Recall Since 1941?
Largest Military Recall Since 1941?
Right Soup
November 21, 2008
Right Soup is hearing that a General Mobilization of ALL former military officers is underway. We caution that the talk we are hearing is conflicting, and that no concrete evidence has been uncovered yet. Still, reports from some who would be affected say that letters began going out on November 17th to all Non Commissioned Officers to recall them to service. Letters to Warrant Officers and Sergeants will go out this coming week. Reportedly some retired military have already gotten their letters. Right Soup is actively searching for scans of said letters, and for confirmation of this news.
* A d v e r t i s e m e n t
A General Mobilization is VERY serious, about as serious as it gets. The Posse Comitatus of 1878 , which limits the use of the military for law enforcement is possibly being cast aside, if the rumored mobilization is for domestic enforcement. The Act can be set aside Executive Order of the President. Bottom line is, something big has to be imminent for this to be happening.
All sectors of society would be affected by this recall; there are doctors, lawyers, policemen, accountants, mechanics etc…it would be a huge disruption of society. For this to be happening would mean the “threat” is something which would occur within the next 3 months. A mobilization of this magnitude would be impossible to hide, so there would be a public pretext issued soon.
American Electric Power, one of the nation’s largest electricity providers, has reportedly moved 45-50 housing trailers to it’s Gavin power plant in Ohio. These trailers are equipped with beds and MREs, and reportedly many power facilities are doing the same thing AEP is doing. There is also chatter about some of our battleships mobilizing to the Persian Gulf. Could something be happening with Iran? Or could our military be preparing for a domestic problem?
Right Soup is investigating this information right now. We will be reporting back with more on this possibly blockbuster happening, and are actively seeking concrete evidence. We are actively seeking photocopies/scans of recall letters.
Research related links
1. Pentagon to detail military to bolster security
2. Mosul - Iraq’s Second Largest City in Chaos
3. Iraq Reconstruction Possibly the Largest Fraud in U.S. History
4. Albuquerque Examiner: Report argues for domestic police role for military
5. ACLU: Military skirting law to spy
6. Did Feds Use Military Intelligence to Spy On RNC Protesters?
7. FBI launches “one of the largest hiring blitzes” in its history
8. Military May Patrol Bar Zone In Canadian City
9. JCS, European Military Leaders Descend On Upstate New York
10. US Military Chief Says NATO to Defend Baltics in Any Military Attack
11. U.S. Military Preparing for Domestic Disturbances
12. Canadian Military Units To Undertake “Domestic Security”
Be prepared
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190 Responses to “Largest Military Recall Since 1941?”  ...(....)
Date: Monday, 20-Apr-2009 14:12:42 "Remote viewers are seeing world powers in the course of self-destruction. They also see that the world will not be destroyed. Between now and 2012 the world super powers will continue to engage in regional wars. Terrorism and covert war will be the main problem. In world politics something will happen in and around 2010. At that time the world powers will threaten to destroy each other.
Between 2010 and 2012, the whole world will get polarized and prepare for the ultimate dooms day. Heavy political maneuvers and negotiations will take place with little progress.
In 2012, the world will start plunging into a total destructive nuclear war.
And at that time something remarkable will happen, says, Buddhist monk of Tibet. Supernatural divine powers will intervene. The destiny of the world is not to self-destruct at this time."
Interesting, but I wouldn't hold my breath or make major decisions based on this.
Posted By: Nemesis <Send E-Mail>
Date: Sunday, 19-Apr-2009 00:24:06 
I’VE BEEN FLYING OF LATE–magical–boundless–exhilarating
(No, do not now and never have done drugs). “Coffee, please, with some sugar.”
What is the difference between physical-reality and vivid-dream reality?
Why not?
Our bodies are our space-suits. They are nothing less than biological antennas with multiple receptors. Our bodies are not only capable of integrating and interacting with the physical world but they protect us from it.
What are we inside our space suits?
ENERGY-INTELLIGENCES, or just simply, Intelligences.
If we could see ourselves with our spacesuit-eyes, what do we look like individually and fundamentally?
How did we become INTELLIGENCES?
The universe is endless and infinite. Think of the universe as a perpetual motion machine (it feeds off the energy innate within it and releases that energy after feeding, and then feeds off it again and again and again, infinitely feeding and releasing, but never consuming). A crude example would be a person eating his own leg and then his leg re-materializes and then he eats it again and it re-materializes again, infinitely).
It is the innate nature of the smallest energy-particle to combine with other energy-particles (they communicate with each other via “electrical” charge, and then stay within their combined magnetic field, or range).
Important for understanding INTELLIGENCES is that when two or more of the smallest energy-particles combine, they increase their intelligence-quotient (their capacity to “think,” meaning their energy pathways become morel complex, which increases their ability to “communicate”). A current example would be when you combine all the individual components of a computer and it is able to compute (communicate).
YOU and ME and EVERYONE ELSE, are complex energy structures who began our “life” journeys as small and separate energy-particles that combined and increased until we acquired the capacity for more and more intelligent communication. nem.
"YOU'RE ONE STEP SHORT . . " -email-
Posted By: Nemesis <Send E-Mail>
Date: Sunday, 19-Apr-2009 10:06:35
In Response To: YOUR BODY IS YOUR SPACE SUIT (Nemesis) I loved your writing.
But you stop ONE step short. (imo)
If you are willing to go as far as "space suits".
Why not take that extra step, and go as far as comparing the body to for
example CCTV cams in the London Area, but ones that can walk, talk, or
move or in more general interact as interfaces with the environment?
Then it means that someone (You!) behind a "screen" can lock onto a cam
in a certain position, and "live/interact" there with that interface
(CCTV) for a while.
Isn't that your "minds" eye? ;-)
Your dreams are as real as your "real" life.. But take place in other
There are horrible places. There are beautiful places. And for sure, you
can fly or fall.. It is all up to you. :-)
Love and Peace on your "enhanced" path. Somewhere in the future we
will meet.
In spite of what science claims, ZERO or Nothing does NOT exist.
And if awareness exists how can it become EVER zero? ~~~~~~~~~~~~0 ? 8-)
Enjoy Infinity, It's yours to embrace.
Post this? I don't know, You think that people that think that your post
was close to the edge are ready for this one?

[Ed. Note: This report should be read from its website location at
as this email copy does not contain the links embedded in the original report.]

April 15, 2009
Obama Caves To CIA, Saves Bolivian Leader From Certain Death
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

An FSB report circulating in the Kremlin today states that President Obama was forced to ‘cave into’ demands made upon by his own CIA to not prosecute them for torture and murder         or Bolivian leader Evo Morales [2nd photo, left] would be assassinated on the eve of the 34-nation Summit of the Americas in Trinidad, an action which if carried out would have permanently severed the United States from Latin America.

In facing this ‘impossible choice’, these reports continue, President Obama chose the Bolivian leaders life, and upon his informing the Bolivian Federal Police Forces of the CIA plot to kill their President was able to avert Morales’ assassination, and as we can read:
“Bolivian police said they had broken up an armed international group yesterday that was plotting to assassinate President Evo Morales. Three suspects were killed and two were arrested in a half-hour shoot-out with officers in the eastern city of Santa Cruz, police said. The area is the centre of political opposition to Mr Morales. Police confiscated explosives, high-calibre weapons and plans to follow the president's motorcade, police commander Victor Hugo Escobar said. They included C-4 explosives "that don't exist in Bolivia," Vice-President Alvaro Garcia said.”

President Obama honored his blackmailed promise to the CIA, and as we can also read:
“President Barack Obama absolved CIA officers from prosecution for harsh, painful interrogation of terror suspects Thursday, even as his administration released Bush-era memos graphically detailing — and authorizing — such grim tactics      as slamming detainees against walls, waterboarding them and keeping them naked and cold for long periods. Human rights groups and many Obama officials have condemned such methods
as torture.”

Tensions have been growing between the United States and Bolivia after President Morales’ election, and as explained in this report:
“The tiny South American country of Bolivia has just signaled that it will no longer be pushed around by the United States. This week they took radical step of declaring U.S. Ambassador Philip Goldberg to be "persona non grata",      and asked him to leave their country. He is expected to leave within 72 hours.

Why would they do such a thing? It seems that once again the United  States has been trying to interfere with the internal affairs of another country. The Bush administration doesn't seem to be able to let other countries determine their own future. They want to dictate to other countries what policies they should follow
 and who their leaders should be.
 In this case, newly-elected President Evo Morales (pictured above) has accused the United States and Ambassador Goldberg of conspiring against Bolivia's democracy
 and encouraging the break-up of the country.
Morales is the first fully indigenous person to become president of Bolivia, and he was elected to the office in 2006. Since assuming office, he has nationalized the countries gas reserves. He is trying to redistribute the proceeds from this gas to help the poor and working classes of his country. He is the first Bolivian president to really try
to help the country's underprivileged (most of whom are indigenous people).”

Russian Intelligence Analysts point out in these reports that the battle between President Obama and the CIA was foretold by the spy agency itself    when after his taking office they gave Obama the codename of ‘Renegade’, and which Obama certainly lived up to in his choice to lead the CIA, and as we can read:
“The incoming Obama administration has named Leon Panetta, of all people, as its nominee for the Director of Central Intelligence. Some observers are confused, to put it mildly, about the pick. The guy -- a former White House chief of staff and House Budget Committee chairman -- has a reputation for being a tough, competent manager, they say. But can he really be an effective CIA chief, with experience in the cloak-and-dagger world? What about those pledges, to keep the intelligence community out of politics?

"I find the choice of Leon Panetta to head the CIA a curious one," one well-connected former spy tells Danger Room. "On the one hand, if you are looking to pick a nation's top spook, it is generally a good idea to pick someone with more than a cursory exposure to the intelligence business. It is also more than a little annoying     that we can't seem to
find a CIA chief that hasn't spent all of their adult life playing politics."

On the other hand, if you are truly pushing an agenda of change, Panetta has the political and managerial chops to get the notoriously stiff bureaucratic wheels of the intelligence community moving in the right direction. Not being an establishment CIA or IC guy he is less likely to feel sentimental for the old boys and 'the way we've always done it' routine.

An ex-senior CIA manager tells Laura Rozen that the message of the Panetta appointment was clear: "The message is, 'I don't want to hear anything out of the CIA. Make it go away. No scandals. Keep it quiet,'" the former officer told me. "They put over there a guy who is a
political loyalist, who will keep everything nice and quiet, but who won't know a good piece of intelligence from a shitty piece of intelligence,
 and wouldn't know a good intelligence officer" from a bad one.”

With these latest events, however, it appears as though the CIA has no intention of going ‘quietly into the night’ and is, instead, preparing to fight for its survival against their own President, no matter what.

It should not be forgotten, either, that this is not the first time that the CIA has squared off against an American President as the still unresolved assassination of President Kennedy attests to, and as reported by the Pravda News Service in their May, 2006, report titled
“John F. Kennedy killed by CIA agents?”, and which says:
“Did the U.S. government cover up the details pertaining to the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy? An answer to this questionn will be much sought after by participants of a conference that kicked off on Monday, May 15th, in Washington, D.C. According to the report of the Warren Commission, President Kennedy fell victim to “Lee Harvey
Oswald, acting alone.” However, the “alternative” versions of the tragedy argue that two or more people shot at JFK in Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas, on November 22nd, 1963. The above versions allege that U.S. government covered up the truth behind Kennedy’s death.

The participants will reportedly present new data to support the version about the “CIA conspiracy.” According to the theory, CIA agents might have replaced Kennedy’s brain with that of another person during the president’s autopsy.

By a strange twist of fate, the plane carrying Senator Ted Kennady, the brother of the late President John F. Kennedy, was struck by lightning right on the day when the conference kicked off in the U.S. capital. No one was harmed during the incident yet the news seemed to serve as yet another reminder of grim fate controlling the Kennedys.”

© April 17, 2009 EU and US all rights reserved
  Sorcha Faal

Planets Of God…
…Seek War With Earth Again
“Unless you believe, you will not understand.
Saint Augustine (354 AD - 430 AD)
The Journal of Science is reporting today that scientists are investigating the flow of blood-red water from beneath a glacier in Antarctica; they say it is due to a new type of bacteria.
In the Christian Bible, the book of Revelation speaks of a future time when hail, fire and blood fall upon the Earth destroying a third of its surface, along with a third of its trees and all of its grass will be consumed in flame, a great, flaming mountain will fall into the sea, a third of the oceans turn to blood, a third of the sea creatures will be killed, a third of the ships will be destroyed,      and then a star named Wormwood will fall upon a third of the rivers and springs, poisoning them and the “many men who drink from them”.
           Since the discovery of nuclear weapons in the 1940’s, and through their use against Japan by the United States in World War II when the dropping of an atomic bomb unleashed a blinding flash of light and a mushroom cloud of smoke and fire, modern science has described to us the horrific effects radiation has upon the human body, including: incineration of the entire human body if it is too close to an atomic blast, the complete loss of hair, finger and toenails falling out, and the poisoning of the environment and food.
In one of the two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India called the Mahabharata, there is a passage, which many Indian scholars believe to have been written 24,000 years ago, that tells a story about…
“Gurkha, who while flying a swift and powerful vimana  hurled a single projectile  charged with the power of the Universe from which an incandescent column of smoke and flame, as bright as ten thousand suns, rose with all its splendor. It was an unknown weapon, an iron thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death, which reduced to ashes the entire race of the Vrishnis and the Andhakas. The corpses were so burned as to be unrecognizable. Hair and nails fell out; Pottery broke without apparent cause, and the birds turned white....After a few hours all foodstuffs were escape from this fire the soldiers threw themselves in streams to wash themselves and their equipment.”
                With just these two examples of modern knowledge coexisting with the knowledge of the ancient peoples of our Earth (and there are tens of thousands more examples like these that can be cited) many questions could, and should, arise within each of us because without knowing the correct answers to them      could lead to not only the destruction of our Planet, but our entire human race…
and as some say, even our immortal souls.
        How these questions are answered, however, depends upon which leg of the stool the ancients called the Triad of Human Knowledge and Understanding are placed upon, and which we know today by the words:
        Religion: a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe.
        Myth: a traditional or legendary story with or without a determinable basis of fact or a natural explanation.
        Science: a systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation.
It goes without my saying, that in the 21st Century world we live in today, Science has eclipsed both Religion and Myth and is now the premier paradigm, or archetype, by which we as human beings are ruled, live, work and are governed by; and from which all information and knowledge is compared against, even to these very words I write.
But in a world of Science that has discarded both Religion and Myth, how can any stool of knowledge, information or wisdom stand without falling?  It can’t,
and that is why our world today will be known to future generations as a time of the greatest sorrows, catastrophes and social upheavals ever to have occurred in human history.
With each leap of Scientific knowledge our world has seen, it has been met with an equal denunciation of both Religion and Myth, which has, then, led us to greater personal and social disintegration and isolation, more frequent, and larger, wars, hunger and poverty on a scale unable to be comprehended, death and destruction becoming a part of ‘normal’ life, mass imprisonment, massive depression, the wholesale destruction of our Earth,
 and too many other such calamities to name in just one writing.
       But, to the greatest ‘triumph’ of Science it is the FACT that at the same time that the elite rulers of this Earth have shed from their populations the true knowledge of both Religion and Myth, they are the strictest adherents to both!  From the very cloaks and gowns they adorn their bodies with, to the elaborate ceremonies they partake in, to the precise dates of the astrological signs they live their lives by, these, and so many more examples that can be given, prove, beyond all doubt, that THEY know the truth,
 they just don’t want YOU to know it too.
      And, as much as you may want to believe, or convince yourself, that you are not controlled and manipulated by these self proclaimed gods, you couldn’t be more wrong!  Even worse, when those few voices left in this world, like ours, seek to give you the knowledge, and guidance, needed to protect yourselves and your families from these monsters       you turn away. Exactly like you are supposed to!
      I would be less than honest with you if I didn’t make this one important fact known….No matter what you think you know, YOU DON”T KNOW ANYTHING!  And what you don’t know IS going to harm you beyond any words I have     to describe the pain, suffering and sorrow your life is going to become.
This IS a FACT that the sooner you acknowledge the truth of,
the closer you will be to saving yourself.
And, the first part of your acknowledging what you have become is having the Courage to do something about it.  Not the courage to stand before those who seek your destruction and tell them, “Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death”,
no, the courage I am talking about is that of those that supported the American Revolutionary hero Patrick Henry, who uttered these words on March 23, 1775 and stated for the millions of his fellow oppressed countrymen facing the full might and power of the British Empire…
“They tell us, sir, that we are weak; unable to cope with so formidable an adversary. But when shall we be stronger? Will it be the next week, or the next year? Will it be when we are totally disarmed, and when a British guard shall be stationed in every house? Shall we gather strength by irresolution and inaction? Shall we acquire the means of effectual resistance by lying supinely on our backs and hugging the delusive phantom of hope, until our enemies shall have bound us hand and foot? Sir, we are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power. The millions of people, armed in the holy cause of liberty, and in such a country as that which we possess, are invincible by any force which our enemy can send against us. Besides, sir, we shall not fight our battles alone.”
Unlike Patrick Henry, and the countless of others like him, throughout history, who have battled ignorance and tyranny, those of us who ARE risking our lives, who are DAILY confronted by the full weight and terror of the monsters we fight against,
YOU…YES, YOU!...have left us by ourselves without ever realizing that WE are not only your best defense, WE ARE YOUR ONLY DEFENSE!
And are we asking you for something not within your capability to give?  NOT EVEN CLOSE!  All we ask for, all we really need to keep fighting for YOU is just 2 Hours of your time every month. And since it is impracticable, and actually silly, to ask the thousands of you to actually do anything physical for us, all that we ask instead is for you to take 2 hours of your pay a month and support us.  More if you are able to help those who truly can’t, less if that is all you are able to afford.
But! Whichever course of action you choose, DO SOMETHING!  And don’t mistake me here, if it isn’t us who you want to support that’s fine, but to do nothing is cowardly…and there isn’t any other words to use even if they offend you.  After all, NO ONE is forcing you to read this…NO ONE has forced you to come to our website, day after day, running up our costs to the point where nearly every month we struggle to survive because we are not supported by the corporations and governments
who so love for you to remain as ignorant as possible.
Don’t worry either that you’ll have long to support us as the plans are already being laid for our and other websites like us, destruction…
“Influential Los Angeles Times columnist Rosa Brooks has hung up her journalistic hat and joined the Obama administration, but not before penning a public proposal calling for some radical ideas to help bail out the failing news industry. Brooks, who has taken up a post as an adviser at the Pentagon, advocated upping "direct government support for public media" and creating licenses to govern news operations.”
For those of you who believe that this could NEVER happen
 I have just one word to describe your thinking process…INSANE!
To the very few of the thousands who will read this and who have continued to support us, THANK YOU, and you KNOW how much you have been rewarded for doing so and how you’ve been able to protect yourselves and your families from the many horrors to come.
                 To all of you others I have just this to say….There is no tomorrow, there is no yesterday, there is ONLY today to make a stand for what you believe in…make it NOW, and in this season when the opposition of Saturn to Uranus has begun again,
 be warned that the ancient battles of the gods is ready to come again…
with a VENGANCE!
AND some of the links.....
Iron oxides stain the snout of the Taylor Glacier in Antarctica, forming a feature commonly referred to as Blood Falls. The iron originates from ancient subglacial brine that episodically discharges to the surface.

WASHINGTON - Hidden in the bone-chilling dark beneath an Antarctic glacier, a colony of strange bacteria is thriving. Scientists investigating the flow of blood-red water from beneath the glacier discovered the bacteria, which have survived for millions of years, living on sulfur and iron compounds, they report in Friday's edition of the journal Science.

"Among the big questions here are: 'How does an ecosystem function below glaciers?', 'How are they able to persist below hundreds of meters of ice and live in permanently cold and dark conditions for extended periods of time, in the case of Blood Falls, over millions of years?" said lead researcher Jill Mikucki of Harvard University.

Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death
Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775.
AND ...february 2009.....
Russia Issues Nuclear Attack Warning Over US Takedown Of Satellite
Global Alert Issued As Massive Strike On US Feared As China Prepares For War
Obama Orders Pentagon To Secure US Nukes After 8 Reported Missing
US To Sign Strategic Defense Pact With Iran, Russian Foreign Ministry Reports
The Power Of Things: The Aryan Symbols Of Hope
Are You Prepared For This? You’d Better Be!

Who Is Sorcha Faal?
7 April 2008
From Sister Rebekah
Jerusalem, Israel

Dearest Sisters,
I have known for some time now that I would end up being the one tasked with this most disgusting of assignments having to defend our Sorcha Faal against the most insidious attacks being leveled against her
by the powerful anti-semitic forces in the United States and Canada, namely that she ‘doesn’t exist’ and is, in fact, Sister Rachal’s father, David Booth.

As is my responsibility to the Sorcha Faal, I have completed this assignment and put herein my findings, with the added request to Sister Maria Theresa that this report remain among ourselves and not for public consumption as these issues against us have been brought about by the most powerful of our known enemies.
With God,
Sister Rebekah

Report Findings:
The first Internet posting attacking the Sorcha Faal occurred on April 7, 2005 and appeared on the known anti-semitic and hate site[1] Rense.Com and is owned/managed by a Mr. Jeff Rense and was titled  "Reader Asks - 'Who Is Sorcha Faal?'" and concludes with these words: "Sorcha Faal... plain and simple answer... It's an anagram - rearrange the letters and it spells: "as of Rachal" (Booth)” [2].
This being the original ‘attack’ Internet posting against the Sorcha Faal to appear it should be noted that it was posted without any supporting links, or tangible evidence, to support the allegations made against the Sorcha Faal by its ‘anonymous’ author, and who is only identified by the term ‘Reader Asks’.

The apparent reason for Mr. Rense making his posting about the Sorcha Faal via an anonymous posting ties into his knowledge of how such postings can lead to legal action against the poster.
 A specifc example of this involves a television executive named Patsy Smullin employed by an American television station  KOBI-TV.
In a World Independent News Group interview, Ms Smullin discredited the television accomplishments, and awards, Mr. Rense was claiming on his website, and to his Internet radio audience,      by stating that "He was a compulsive liar.", and had never been, like he claimed to be, “an award-winning television News Director and News Anchor for over ten years”.
My independent research confirms the statements of Ms Smullin in that there exists no record of Mr. Rense ever having being employed as an executive by any American television station, or network, nor does he identify on his website any such television station names or call letters.

A much more ominous portrait of Mr. Rense emerged in June, 2006, [reference June 4, 2006 posting to this blog] when a ‘scared’ Ms Smullin re-contacted the World Independent News Group a few weeks after her initial interview about Rense to ask that her initial comments be removed, and as best told here by the original writer:
"She sounded extremely nervous and agitated and her voice was shaking.....   (...)

Though their does exist numerous Internet postings alleging that Mr. Rense is an operative of the United States Central Intelligence Agency and/or United States Defence Department Intelligence Agencies, their does not exist any independently verifiable claims to support such allegations, other than the actions of Mr. Rense himself,
 and which are similar to tactics used by organizations such as these.

What draws Mr. Rense’s tactics against the Sorcha Faal more into question was his previous (April 19, 2004) attack upon Sister Rachal’s father, David Booth,
wherein in an attack ‘article’ posted to his website, and co-authored by Theresa de Veto and Penelope Periwinkle [3],        claimed that Mr. Booth’s book, “Code Red: The Coming Destruction Of The United States”, was "Almost Totally Plagiarized".
However, in numerous conversations with Mr. Booth, and his representatives for the Booth Family Trust at London’s Latham & Watkins LLP legal firm, the plagiarism claims against Mr. Booth, by Mr. Rense in his attack article, were ‘totally without merit and substance’ and no claims, by any of the alleged aggrieved parties, has ever been filed with any United States, Australian or European Court.

My research into this particular aspect of the attacks against the Sorcha Faal found a most interesting anomaly in that the plagiarism claims leveled against Mr. Booth, by Mr. Rense, in the aforementioned article, were all based upon Internet subject matter that had been posted after the publication of Code Red
 but all within two weeks of this article being penned. [4] 

It should be further noted that Mr. Rense was not alone in his attacks against the Sorcha Faal as shortly after he had penned his initial attack article against her     he was joined in his smear campaign by Arthur Topham, and who is the editor and publisher of the known anti-semitic hate website, RadicalPress.Com,     charged by B’nai Brith of Canada with “Hate Crimes” toward Jews and citizens of Israel”.
Mr. Topham’s latest attack article (March 15, 2008) is titled "Sorcha Faal... Internet Hoax Queen Courtesy of One David Booth", and recycles his previous attack articles and leads, as my research has shown is always the case,    back to Mr. Rense’s original April 7, 2005 article which first attacked the Sorcha Faal.

Though there now exists over 1,400 articles [5] ‘fathered’ by Mr. Rense’s original attack article, and built upon by Mr. Topham, there are none that provide independent verifiable information substantiating their spurious and unproven claims,
 other than quoting the original source material of the aforementioned.

The most apt quote that anyone can put on this sordid attack against the Sorcha Faal, by the racist anti-semitic elements existing in North American headed by Mr. Rense and Mr. Topham, comes from the former Minister of Propaganda of the German Nazi Empire
in one of his most oft quoted remarks: "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it."

As our previous Sorcha Faal, Sister Lyuha, had been interviewed on an American Radio Program called Feet-To-Fire (June 6, 2006), and as she has been previously ‘pre-interviewed’ for an upcoming programme on the Coast To Coast AM Radio Program [6], the truth of her ‘existence’ and being ‘real’ is known,
 at least to those who really want to know the truth.

However, there does not exist any evidence that the anti-semitic based attacks upon her, and all of us, will cease.  And, as our own history clearly shows us from our past Sisters experiences during the reign of the Nazis,
these types of attacks should never come as a surprise but, instead, always be expected.

Though I am unable to provide evidence linking these attacks against the Sorcha Faal to any government’s intelligence agencies (other than the repeated attacks upon our computer network over these last 4 years) I believe we would be foolish to not consider that they are covertly backing these anti-semite attacks as we have previously proved [7] the United States Governments establishment of ‘radical’ type websites
for the purpose of gathering names of American dissidents.

I would further recommend that the Order encourage the Sorcha Faal to change her stance against doing United States interviews     by encouraging her to accept any interview offered, though none, at least to my immediate knowledge, have been offered.

At the very least, and should the Sorcha Faal still voice her objections, I would suggest that the video feeds from her monthly addresses to the Sister of the Order be transferred to DVD and made available to the public.  As she already makes the audio portion of these addresses available on CD,
I can see no harm to her, or us, by taking this step towards greater openness.

I would be remiss in concluding this report without voicing my STRONG objection as to why any of us should really be concerned by these attacks against us. After all, we have survived as long as we have by remaining to the side of every conflict we have had to endure for hundreds of years
and I, for one, fail to see the significant difference between these times and those.

To allow ourselves to be in the position where we even have to address such idiotic issues as this one, I believe, speaks more about us than it does for those who believe such foolishness. But, and as always, I remain devoted to the Sorcha Faal and the Sisters of the Order       and believe that with this report I have fulfilled, to the best of my ability, the mandate, and burden, put upon me. 

[1] "The web page access is now restricted (as of 12/2007) from some users by the Websense firewall, which blocks the site under the categories "racism" and "hate."
[2] This statement is in direct contradiction to what has been posted on WhatDoesItMean.Com since 2004 about the Sorcha Faal and which clearly states: "The name, Sorcha Faal, comes from the ancient Gaeilge branch of the Goidelic languages of Ireland and has the meaning of:  Sorcha: She Who Brings Light Faal: the Dark and Barren Place". The ‘anonymous’ author, presumed, but not proven, to be Jeff Rense, clearly excluded this known information from his attack piece.
[3] My research has failed to prove, conclusively, that either of the named co-authors (Theresa de Veto and Penelope Periwinkle) of this attack piece were aware of the full facts regarding Jeff Rense’s smear tactics against either the Sorcha Faal or David Booth, and that at the most they are ‘minor’ players involved unwittingly and without the knowledge of Mr. Rense’s real agenda, and that Mr. Rense’s claim that these persons were “Two outstanding research journalists” cannot be proven as their exists no record (Nexus/Internet) substantiating it.
[4] I am convinced by the weight of the evidence, regarding Mr. Booth’s book Code Red, and the subsequent attacks led against it by Jeff Rense do warrant further examination.  However, as this is not the focus of this report I suffice to say that should Mr. Booth ever decide to again write a book of such damning scope against the Bush Family and their ties to Nazism he should expect more of these types of attacks.
[5] Google Search (United States Only) using search term “David Booth Sorcha Faal”.
[6] Verified in emails and transcripts of the pre-interviews between the Sorcha Faal and Coast To Coast AM radio producer Tom Danheiser.
[7] Internal report to the Sorcha Faal dated January 3, 2002 titled “US Nazi Memorabilia Websites Traced To FBI”.

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Ouvert le samedi   Michel Lacombe     Le samedi      de 12 h 13 à 14 h
Le samedi 4 avril 2009 à 12 h
- Le G20 et la visite de Obama à Londres.
Invités : Daniel Paillé, professeur aux HEC et Jérôme Creel, directeur-adjoint au département des études du Centre de recherche en économie de Sciences Po et professeur d'économie à l'ESCP-EAP (The school of management for Europe).
- Le « merveilleux monde » de la construction au Québec.
Invité : Jean Sexton, professeur de relations industrielles à l’Université Laval à Québec.
- Tribune téléphonique : Pourquoi tarde t-on à mettre en place des superinfirmières dans le réseau de la santé au Québec?
Invitée : Gyslaine Desrosiers, présidente de l’Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec.
- Chroniqueurs : Julie Laferrière, Christopher Hall, Joseph-Yvon Thériault.

Vers 12h32min., l'animateur résumait un point de la réunion du G20  2009 tout en voulant poser une question. Il indiquait qu'il avait été reconnu par les responsables des 20 pays que les banques pouvaient prêter 10 fois leur avoir. Ainsi avec un dollar en main, ils pouvaient se retourner et prêter 10 dollars à un emprêteur. Il rajouta qu'en fait les banques pouvaient aller jusqu'à prêter entre 10 et 30 fois leur actif en banque.  Puis il dit que certaines banques allaient même jusqu'à 60 fois.comme introduction à sa question....

    Ainsi, on sait que les autorités et surtout les dirigeants du monde entier sont au courant de ce stratagème qui, dans les faits et en toute impunité,  vise à spolier le BIEN PUBLIC (l'Avoir des travailleurs du monde entier), à voler le monde, à pratiquer une certaine forme de blanchiment d'argent (grâce au temps ou à l'écoulement du temps), à diluer le Koolaid dans le Bocal... et à produire une inflation inexorable et continuelle.

    Tous ces grands penseurs, tous ces bardés de diplômes, tous ces docteurs de la loi discutent et argumentent dans un discours démentiel sans jamais se préoccuper de l'élément de base du véritable problème économique qui fait rage: c'est-à-dire l'injustice intrinsecte du procédé lui-même mis en place depuis 1689 et 1694 par la première banque d'Angleterre qui a depuis essaimé dans de multiple pays et qui se poursuit de plus belle de nos jours dans nos propres pays. À l'origine l'entente royale devait être et rester entièrement secrète... vous devinez sans doute pourquoi?

    De plus, le procédé qui consiste à rajouter à son actif les montants des prêts hypothécaires faits rend innévitables des périodes de récessions et de dépressions chroniques et des faillites par millions comme à-côté à cette iniquité, à ce procédé inique. Alors, comment ce fait-il qu'à l'évidence de ces effets, ces gens suposément intelligents essaient-ils de trouver des moyens pour remettre ce monstre sur pieds pour pouvoir continuer à nous fourrer sans vergogne au su et à la vue de tous??? Sommes-nous tous aussi idiots et aveugles que ça? Et ces exclavagistes en ont-ils conscience et rien à foutre (cirer) de ce que l'on en pense?

    Qui osera-t-il enfin s'opposer à eux? Un Abraham Lincoln(assassiné par eux pour avoir voulu nationalisé la monaie), Un J.F. Kennedy(aussi assassiné par eux pour avoir voulu révéler le contact et la présence extraterrestre en sol étatsunien et avoir également voulu nationaliser leur monaie), ou un Ronald Reagan qui tenta aussi cette nationalisation vers la fin de son mandat, mais qui a été mis hors circuit par les propriétaires des journaux influents qui l'ont déclaré : vieux, fatigué, malade, sénile pour le décrédibiliser aux yeux du public et l'inciter à déguerpir et qui serai aller jusqu'à le tuer s'il avait insisté?
    Sachez que seuls leurs pantins cherchent à les glorifier et à les conforter dans leur sinistre projet d'asservissement du monde entier... par des moyens crapuleux! Quant à leur perroquets de service, leur emploi est entre leurs mains; alors ils doivent faire patte blanche s'ils veulent continuer à faire vivre leur famille avec des salaires plantureux!
(( ))
Une autre organisation secrète très influente rivalisait de zèle pour exercer un contrôle sur l'Angleterre. Les riches rabbins juifs qui étaient les dirigeants politiques et religieux du peuple juif anéanti unirent leur force dans un groupe connu sous le nom de "SAGES DE SION" (les sionistes se considèrent comme l'élite "messianique" du judaïsme et attendent que tous les Juifs du monde soient solidaires de leurs buts. Livre de Manfred Adler "Die Söhne der Finsternis", 2, Teil (...Les fils des ténèbres, 2ème partie).
De 1640 à 1689, les "SAGES DE SION" projetèrent la "révolution anglaise" en Hollande (la chute des Stuarts du trône britannique) et prêtèrent de l'argent aux différents petits partis. Ils se servirent de leur influence pour que GUILLAUME II, duc allemand de la dynastie Orange-Nassau, devienne le stathouder de l'armée hollandaise et, plus tard, ils firent de lui GUILLAUME PRINCE D'ORANGE (11).
Ils arrangèrent une rencontre entre lui et Marie, la fille aînée du DUKE OF YORK et soeur du roi Charles II d'Angleterre. Le frère de celui-ci, successeur de Jacob II, était également présent. Guillaume II épousa Marie et ils eurent un fils, Guillame III qui se maria, plus tard, avec Maria II, la fille de Jacob II. Les Maisons royales hollandaise et britanniques étaient, dès lors, apparentées. Les WHIGS, parti composé d'anglais et d'écossais influents, les aidèrent à destituer les Stuarts de leur trône en 1688, et GUILLAUME III d'Orange fut nommé ROI d'ANGLETERRE en 1689.
Guillaume III, que l'on ditavoir été franc-maçon, fonda, la même année, "l'ORDRE D'ORANGE" qui s'opposait au catholicisme et visait à consolider le protestantisme en Angleterre. Cet ordre existe encore aujourd'hui, il est surtout représenté en Irlande, où il a enivron 100.000 membres et où il attise violemment la guerre des religions (12).
Le roi Guillaume III enrôla très vite l'Angleterre dans des guerres coûteuses contre la France catholique, ce qui causa de fortes dettes à l'Angleterre. Puis ce
fut la revanche de Guillaume envers les SAGES DE SION : il persuada le Trésor britannique, avec l'aide de l'argent de WILLIAM PATERSON, d'emprunter 1.25 millions dé livres britanniques aux banquiers juifs qui l'avaient mis dans cette position. La dette de l'Etat grandissait très vite, il ne resta plus au gouvernement d'autre possibilité que d'acquiescer aux conditions exigées.
Les conditions de prêt étaient les suivantes :
1. les noms des prêteurs restaient secrets, ils avaient la garantie de pouvoir fonder une "Banque d'Angleterre" (banque centrale) ;
2. on garantissait aux directeurs de cette banque de fixer la mesure de l'or par rapport au papier-monnaie ;
3. il leur était permis de prêter 10 livres de papier-monnaie par livre d'or déposée ;
4. il leur était permis de consolider les dettes nationales et d'en assurer le montant par des impôts directs sur le peuple.
C'est ainsi que fut érigée la première BANQUE CENTRALE privée, la "BANQUE D'ANGLETERRE".
Ce genre de transactions permettait à la banque de faire une plus-value de 50% en investissant 5%. Et c'était au peuple anglais de payer. Les prêteurs ne tenaient pas à ce que les prêts soient remboursés, car l'endettement leur permettait d'avoir une influence sur le déroulement de la politique. La dette nationale de l'Angleterre augmenta de 1.250.000 livres en 1694 à 16.000.000 livres en 1698 (13).
Après Guillaume III, la DYNASTIE DE HANOVRE prit en charge la maison royale britannique, ce qui est le cas aujourd'hui encore puisque les WINDSOR descendent en ligne directe de la maison royale de Hanovre (Jusqu'en 1901, tous les monarques furent issus de la dynastie de Hanovre mais lorsque Edouard VII épousa la princesse danoise Alexandra, le nom de HANOVRE fut remplacé par "SAXE-COBOURG-GOTHA", nom du père allemand d'Edouard. Il fut de nouveau changé en "WINDSOR" le 17 juillet 1917, il est tel quel aujourd'hui encore). Il est compréhensible que beaucoup d'Anglais ne se réjouissaient pas de la souveraineté allemande, Beaucoup d'organisations se formèrent pour amener de nouveau les STUARTS sur le trône. A cause de ce danger, la dynastie de Hanovre n'autorisa pas d'armée permanente en Angleterre, ils recrutèrent les troupes nécessaires dans leur principauté et parmi leurs amis allemands. Ceux-ci étaient payés, évidemment, par le Trésor britannique, ce qui profitait aux banquiers juifs. Le PRINCE GUILLAUME IX DE HESSE-HANAU qui était aussi un ami de la dynastie de Hanovre mit à leur disposition la plupart des mercenaires (14). ....(....)






Friday, 17 April 2009 
Toben Down. Who’s Next?

by Arthur Topham
...picture..... Dr. Fredrick Toben with Lady Michelle Renouf in London after
escaping the clutches of the Talmudic Zio-bloodhounds in the fall of 2008.
This is one of those articles that I find SO difficult to write and remain civil while doing so. Being in the midst of a legal battle myself with these Talmudic Tyrants of Tyranny out to control every aspect of human life and consciousness in their mad attempt to take over the world I find the usual protocol of being courteous to these maniacal, mind-controllers practically, as well as esthetically, impossible to adhere to. So if you’re not up to a bit of cussin’ and politically incorrect pronouncements then best you switch back to FOX or CNN.
When I see a fellow Truth Warrior like Dr. Toben, trapped by their perfidious web of ‘legal’ lies and deceit and knowing only too damn well their mendacious motives for silencing men and women who have the courage of their own knowledge and convictions to stand up to these savage, pseudo-savants of sophistry and deception, a primal sense of outrage, so deep and so strong, wells up from within me and all I want to do is search the keyboard for the button that reads SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM!!!! and press on it with all my might until the intensity of the anger and the utter disgust finally abates.
True to form the Zionist media dogs lap up all the usual Zionese/Legaleese language of their masters and vomit it forth via their newspapers and out from their Ziovision screens around the world as if it is going to reinforce the obvious, blatant lies of which they are so desperately attempting to sustain. Dr. Toben “Holocaust denier” “guilty” of “criminal contempt” and “defying orders”  to stop publishing “racist material” on his website ad nauseum.
The Zionist owned and controlled “Jewdiciary” of Australia have “held” that Fredrick doesn’t accept the Zionist version of what the Talmudic Jews have mandated as “freedom of speech” and “history” so they have found him “guilty” of “28 counts of contempt”. Thus Jeremy Jones (a good kosher Jewish handle if ever I saw one), former president of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, the Orwellian weasel who first launched the complaint against Mr. Toben back in 1996, is now smirking to his Talmudic brethren and telling them how Australia is now firmly in the grasp of the infamous Noahide “Laws” of the Talmudic Lubavichers once and for all....(...)
Like Germany and Austria and France and Canuckistan another once proud member of the former British commonwealth succumbs to the evil vampires of darkness giving in to their sick, twisted, psychotic belief in their own presumptuous, pompous, egregious sense of self-worth and unique importance, over and above everyone else.
Such is the fate of all nations who fail to get a grip on the reality of what the hell is happening in their own nations and how all of these phoney baloney “Human Rights Commissions” and “Human Rights Tribunals” and “Human Rights” whatevers, beginning with the Zionist/Jew/Bolshevik creation of the United Nations, are nothing but Talmudic Trojan Horses that were rolled into unsuspecting nations under the guise of equality and democracy but are now being used against the people to keep them from criticizing and questioning any aspect of life that may happen to be influenced by these Talmudic monsters who (obviously) give no quarter to anyone who doesn’t obey their assumed authority and rule.
We’ve forgotten one of the golden rules of life and that is to be able to challenge any authority that assumes to dictate what is truth and what isn’t. In the case of the Talmudic Zionist Jews who now “legally” have the world by the short curlies thanks to their lies and doggedly determined efforts to control all avenues to understanding by owning and manipulating the media, government leaders around the world and nations’ legal systems, the options being left to dissidents are growing slimmer and slimmer as the prison-gates of the Talmudic mind-controlling gulags continue to close tighter and tighter upon a world only now dimly awaking to the realization that it has been had in terms of all what it formerly held to be historical reality, rights and freedoms.
Dr. Fredrick Toben’s website is now silent and inaccessible and the abundance of untold wealth of research and knowledge remains unavailable for any new student of history who might wish to compare Mr. Toben’s views with those of the Talmudic Jews who reign supreme over all the other avenues to supposed truth and understanding. One more trooper bites the dust leaving Australia another conquered, vanquished country, another pin in the lapel of the Rothschild criminal syndicate....(...)
Here in Canada I and others are fighting these Talmudic blowhards with all of our strength. Think about it. Where are you going to go to get some un-zionized news when Jeff Rense has his site shut down and Michael Rivero’s What Really Happened suddenly goes off the screen because the Jews who own and control the President and House and Congress of the USA have decided to throw the Constitution and the Bill of Rights down the shithole of history and substitute their Noahide Talmud ‘laws” instead?                    What are you going to do and say when anything critical of Jews or Zionism or the state of “Israel” is no longer acceptable as “free speech”? If these two icons of the alternative news media go down you can bet your bottom dollar (if you still have one that is) that any other sites of a similar nature will also disappear into that Talmudic black hole of censored news leaving people only the Zionist media as their source of “unbiased” information.
God help us all when that day comes!
Friday, 17 April 2009 
Aid Rots Outside Gaza  // By Erin Cunningham
'Hundreds of thousands of tonnes of aid intended for the Gaza Strip is piling up in cities across Egypt's North Sinai region, despite recent calls from the United Nations to ease aid flow restrictions to the embattled territory in the wake of Operation Cast Lead.'
Food, medicine, blankets, infant food and other supplies for Gaza's 1.5 million people, coming from governments and non-governmental agencies around the world, are being stored in warehouses, parking lots, stadiums and on airport runways across Egypt's North Sinai governorate.
Egypt shares a 14-kilometre border with Gaza that has been closed more or less permanently since the Islamist movement Hamas took control of the territory in June 2007.
Flour, pasta, sugar, coffee, chocolate, tomato sauce, lentils, date bars, juice, chickpeas, blankets, hospital beds, catheter tubes and other humanitarian- based items are all sitting in at least eight storage points in and around Al- Arish, a city in North Sinai approximately 50 kilometres from Gaza's border.
Three months after the end of the war, much of the aid has either rotted or been irreparably damaged as a result of both rain and sunshine, and Egypt's refusal to open the Rafah crossing.
"To be honest, most of this aid will never make it to Gaza," a local government official told IPS on condition of anonymity. "A lot of the food here will have to be thrown away."...(...)
Food aid and other essential humanitarian supplies for Gaza began pouring into Egypt at the outset of the war, and medical supplies were routed through Rafah - Gaza's only crossing that bypasses Israel - throughout the assault, while food aid was directed through Israel.
All aid meant for Gaza via Egypt must currently pass through either Al-Auja or Kerem Abu Sellem, Egypt's commercial crossings with Israel, and is subject to both Israeli-Egyptian trade specifications and Israeli import law.
Much of what is being stored in North Sinai - including food items like lentils, pasta, chickpeas, and juice - has been deemed by Israel to be "non- essential" to life in the Gaza Strip.
Two thousand "family boxes" - containing essential supplies for Palestinian families and donated by the Italian NGO Music for Peace - were recently rejected at the Al-Auja crossing by Israeli authorities because they each contained a jar of honey, the NGO's President, Stefano Robera, told IPS in Al- Arish.
Representatives from international NGOs currently in both Al-Arish and Rafah say not even a sliver of the aid donated is going through any of Egypt's transit points, despite assurances by the Egyptian government that the Rafah crossing remains open for "humanitarian considerations".
OCHA says Rafah was closed to all cargo for the month of March, and was opened for just two days to send blankets and mattresses into the Gaza Strip....(...)
Human rights organisations have recently said that not only Israel but Egypt, the EU and the U.S. could be in violation of international law for failing to adhere to the 2005 Agreement on Movement and Access, and consequently violating the basic human rights of Gaza's 1.5 million people - particularly in the post-war period.

Monday, 20 April 2009 
What Do The Globalists Want?'Let's start by correcting an erroneous belief many people have.  The Globalists (i.e. the most powerful people in the world, the "top-of-the-pyramid" the Illuminati Families and Royal Houses of Europe) DO NOT WANT MONEY!The Globalists own the machines that print the money!  They control the politicians that regulate the money.  They could heat their castles with bales of paper money and they would still never be able to burn through it all!What the Globalists want is: A World Currency, A World Government, and a World Army.           Now....ask yourself, "Why do they want this?" '
Monday, 20 April 2009

911 & Sec. 13(1): Coincidence or Collusion?


« The 2009 UNCENSORED SYMPOSIUM New ZealandDigging Up Trouble: “Prosperity” Gold and the ongoing struggle to stop open pit mining in traditional Chilcotin territories. »911 & Sec. 13(1): Coincidence or Collusion? By Arthur Topham

'There are important reasons why the 9/11 Truth movement must be discredited in the eyes of the still bewitched mainstream public. One of the more far-reaching ones is the connection between the Israeli Mossad (their official/unofficial spy agency), the insiders within the US administration and the resulting legislation that followed in the aftermath of the premeditated attack upon the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.'

« 911 & Sec. 13(1): Coincidence or Collusion? By Arthur Topham Digging Up Trouble: “Prosperity” Gold and the ongoing struggle to stop open pit mining in traditional Chilcotin territories.
This Notice once stood at the entrance into Nemiah Terrority just after crossing the Chilcotin River....(...)

[Editor’s Note: It seems like only yesterday that I recall putting together a two page article on the issue covered in this post but as I look back through the archives of The Radical, my once hard copy newspaper which first carried the story, I realize that it came out September of 1998 in Vol. 1, No.4. The headlines for the story originally read:

There’s something fishy going on in Nemiah Territory

In my introduction to the article I had written, “There is an area of rugged beauty and grandeur that exists in the Chilcotin region of British Columbia which Terry Glavin, in his book, Nemiah, referred to as “The Unconquered Country”. It is the traditional territory of the first people who inhabited the lands surrounding Chilko Lake, one of the most pristine and sacred spots left upon this ravaged planet. They are known in their own tongue as the Tsilhqot’in People of Xeni and to the rest of the world as as the Nemiah Valley Indian Band.

In August of 1989 the People of Xeni had published a document called The Nemiah Declaration. It contained eight Articles stating that within their defined territory known as the Nemiah Aboriginal Wilderness Preserve: ....(....)






....fulford....   april19
Many Japanese inventors murdered by the US, Japanese industrialist claims.
A famous Japanese industrialist, who requested anonymity, says that many Japanese inventors were murdered by the US secret government in the post-war years. “There were several times when I invested in a project only to end up with the factory destroyed and the inventor murdered. Among the post-war Japanese inventions that were suppressed were cars that run on water, desk top fusion and anti-gravity devices, he says.
His testimony was supported by a Japanese veteran who worked on secret weapons projects during world war two. Shortly before his death early this year he told me that in 1942 the Germans built a flying saucer testing and production facility in Japan. He said that at first they were scared of riding them so they put dogs in before humans began to ride them. The entire facility was dismantled and taken to the US after World War 2, he claims.
Meanwhile, Japanese industrialists are preparing for the simultaneous development and mass production of suppressed technologies. The illuminati will no longer be allowed to hold back human progress for the sake of control.

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...TOM Heneghan....
Saturday, April 18, 2009  
 New World Order Currency Due Soon -
Obama-Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate Update
by Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert
Saturday  April 18, 2009
CONSPIRATORIAL TRAITORS Against the American People
Daddy Bush, Obama, BushFRAUD and Clinton
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

UNITED STATES of America  -  It can now be reported that TRILLIONS of dollars of AIG (American International Group), Citibank and Goldman Sachs U.S. dollar counterparty derivatives are sitting in major Japanese and Chinese banks.
These derivatives, due in May, threaten to collapse the World currency market and, once again, jeopardize the entire World banking system.
Note: A counterparty U.S. dollar derivative is actually a bet made that benefits from the appreciation of the U.S. currency.
Almost all of RED China's current assets are dollar dominated.
The now bankrupt Federal Reserve, under the leadership of its former Chairman, sociopath and Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate stooge, Alan Greenspan,
guaranteed face value payment on these toxic assets, again, due in May of 2009.
We can now divulge that the Federal Reserve does not have the funds to pay off on these derivatives.

At this hour, President Barack Obama continues to commit TREASON by handing over to both the RED Chinese government, along with the government of Japan, what is left of the U.S. GOLD RESERVE, along with other U.S. Government assets, and special programs aka emergency funds,
 which are outside the scope of the U.S. Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury.
These funds are being held at five (5) secret, private locations in the U.S. Midwest.
Against the American People
Daddy Bush, Obama, BushFRAUD

Obama, known to some as the "anointed one", who now can be called the "False One", chats with sociopath and TRAITOR, former President George Herbert Walker Bush, on a daily basis, and is now conspiring to park these U.S. dollar derivatives in the World Bank.
Obama and daddy Bush are being assisted by the International Monetary Fund (IMF)
and elements at the criminally compromised German Deutsche Bank.
French President Sarkozy AP photo
Note: French President Nicolas Sarkozy has warned Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate bag lady, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, to cease and desist or else.
President Obama, along with daddy Bush, his Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, former BushFRAUD Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, and Obama's Secretary of State, loser Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton,     are now discussing a new Black-Scholes mathematical expotential theory of pricing derivatives aka naked options; their latest plot is to park derivatives aka naked options in the World Bank
 and then price these derivatives out on a 2,050 redemption rate.
All of this hocus pocus aka massive criminal accounting fraud is contingent on a New World Order currency, which would replace the U.S. dollar, the British pound sterling, the EURO currency, along with the Chinese yuan      in late May of this year, 2009.

How dare you, you conspiratorial tyrants,
and kings and notable queens!
Reference: The New World Order currency would allow the Bush-Clinton-Crime Family Syndicate, along with their RED Chinese co-conspirators, to write off these TRILLIONS of dollars of toxic derivatives tied to the old world currency structure, park them in the World Bank, depreciate them down while bagman U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, along with Goldman Sachs try to re-sell them at the same time.
I will try to make this simple, folks.
 If you took Accounting 101 you would quickly conclude what we are describing here is a massive new PONZI SCHEME.

Item: If the Geithner plan to resell the toxic derivatives does not work, which it won't, the New World Order masters will just order new currency taxes to be placed specifically on the American People for the purpose of absorbing the New World Order write-off of the toxic derivatives that have destroyed the entire World economy.
In other words, folks, you will be paying for the Bush-Clinton-Alan Greenspan Crime Family Syndicate THEFT of your own U.S. Treasury for the rest of your lives!
And, of course, this will all be enabled
by the corporate, fascist NSA-controlled U.S. media filth.

P.S. We can now divulge that President Obama, with the assistance of former President George Herbert Walker Bush, has ordered the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to prepare for MARTIAL LAW that will be imposed on the American People
as early as May of 2009.
The MARTIAL LAW decree will include the suspension of the U.S. Constitution and the elimination of the First, Second and Fourth Amendments - the end of our Bill of Rights.

The latest leaks from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) clearly indicate that our Gestapo-run government has a list of alleged right and left wing extremists who are opposed to corporate fascist rule thrust upon them
 by an out-of-control criminal, TREASONOUS government.

against the American People
Obama and BushFRAUD's DHS Secretaries
Janet Napolitano and Israeli Mossad agent Michael Chertoff
Current DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano is being assisted in compiling these lists of actual American Patriots by former DHS Secretary and 9/11 co-conspirator, KHAZARIAN Jew and Israeli Mossad agent Michael Chertoff and Democratic Congresswoman KHAZARIAN Jew and Israeli Mossad agent Jane Harman.
They are all plotting TREASON to activate FEMA concentration camps on American soil.
Against the American People
KHAZARIAN Jews and Israeli Mossad agents
Jane Harman and Michael Chertoff kiss
AP photo
Note: When it comes to Ms. Harman, what you have here, folks, is a radical feminist, a loser Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton stooge, 9/11 cover up artist and archenemy of former Vice President now year 2000 duly elected, non-inaugurated President Albert Gore Jr.
Against the American People
KHAZARIAN Jews and Israeli Mossad agents
Jane Harman and Michael Chertoff
Both Harman and Chertoff are a THREAT to the U.S. Constitution.  They are an ASSAULT on liberty, whose loyalty is to the state of Israel, not to the United States of America.
Question: Could it be that the definition of a right wing or left wing extremist is someone who actually understands what a derivative is, or what a derivative is not.
If you need assistance in understanding what a derivative is    call CIA
journalist John Harwood of the New York Times.  He is so happy that most Americans apparently do not understand what a derivative is.
Jane Harman as guest speaker at PRO Israeli AIPAC (L),
  with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon
Call Ms. Harman at (202) 224-3121,
 and tell the little KHAZARIAN Jew, fascist TRAITOR to "shut up".
P.P.S.  All of this is happening while the Obama Justice Department and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder have new "smoking gun" evidence detailing PRE 9/11 NSA (National Security Agency) spying directed against the American People.
The spying program actually began in February of 2001, well before 9/11.
The evidence shows that the BushFRAUD Administration was concerned about who knew what about various alleged Al Qaeda terrorist cells on American soil, which had been infiltrated by the Israeli Mossad.
We can reveal that the BushFRAUD NSA, along with Vice pResident Dick Cheney and U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice,        were warned at least three times (3x) in advance of the 9/11 attack and ignored all warnings.
This all dovetails to the 9/11 Commission cover up of PRE 9/11 TREASONOUS activity, including daddy Bush's little bitch, Bill Clinton, who was briefed in late February of 2001, on Vice pResident Dick Cheney's personal negotiations with the Taliban in Afghanistan
 in reference to a possible oil and natural gas pipeline being run through Afghanistan onto RED China.
Note: The company that would sponsor the pipeline was Dick Cheney's Halliburton, who had been given the contract by former President Bill Clinton aka daddy Bush's little bitch, to rebuild Bosnia after conclusion of the Bosnia-Serbia War in 1998.
What the 9/11 Commission also covered up were personal notes in which Cheney and Clinton discussed a pretext for military action against Afghanistan should the Taliban asking price be too high for use of their territory vis-à-vis the pipeline.
These personal notes, which where never divulged to the American People show that Clinton and Cheney discussed a pretense for military action in Afghanistan aka what would become 9/11.
P.P.P.S. At this hour, TRILLIONS of dollars of STOLEN U.S. Treasury funds, which represent the back end of illegal profits from the bogus derivative market, are parked in secret CIA proprietary accounts          in India, Pakistan and RED China.
These secret accounts are under control of the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate and family dynasties in RED China, which are tied to the late Madame Wu Yi.
Listen to this, folks.  The trustee on these secret accounts is none other than 9/11 patsy, former U.S. government employee and CIA asset,
 the late Tim Osman aka Osama bin Laden.
Reference: Osama bin Laden aka Tim Osman died in December of 2001 of kidney failure in a hospital in RED China near the Afghanistan border.
Osama bin Laden is kept alive (ha) by the fascist corporate-controlled U.S. media because admitting the fact that Osama bin Laden is dead would immediately trigger an IRS audit of the accounts for the purpose of taxes due and expose the secret hiding places of the STOLEN U.S. Treasury funds tied to the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate.
You wonder, folks, if the latest Hollywood video about to be released
 will be a remake of the comedy "Weekend at Bernie's".
The new video will be called "The Weekend at Bin Laden's".
Reference: At this hour, the final implementation of the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols hangs in the balance.
American Patriot
Ambassador Leo Wanta
Remember, folks, once the Protocols are implemented, our great Patriot Ambassador Leo Wanta, along with Bill Hamilton and PROMIS software, will immediately be able to identify the exact locations of the STOLEN U.S. Treasury funds and begin immediate repatriation of these funds back into the U.S. Treasury.
Wanta will be assisted not only by Hamilton, but also by former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker.
Note: Of course, repatriation of these funds will also lead to the incarceration of the TRAITOROUS Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate and their stooges like former Clinton Administration U.S. Treasury Secretary and former Citibank CEO Robert Rubin.
Robert Rubin who, along with former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, needs to be duct tapped, handcuffed and placed in Federal prison, on various occasions
 has threatened to have Ambassador Leo Wanta assassinated.
Against the American People
KHAZARIAN Jews Robert Rubin and Alan Greenspan
AP by Gerald Herbert
It is time the U.S. Marshals arrest Rubin and Greenspan for HIGH Treason.
At this hour, will President Obama do the right thing?  Does he get it?  Or will he continue to operate as president of Goldman Sachs, not President of the United States and take direct orders from the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate,
 who continue to blackmail him on a 24-hour basis.
U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald (r),
former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich
Final notes: As promised, more on the U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald-Governor Rod Blagojevich fiasco in the state of Illinois.
We can now report that U.S. Attorney Fitzgerald may soon be investigated by a U.S. Justice Department Special Master, which deals with prosecutorial misconduct involving the indictment of Blagojevich.
The Special Master is looking at Patrick Fitzgerald's continuing to "seal" the indictments of former White House pResident, illegal occupant George W. BushFRAUD and his Vice pResident Richard Cheney for plotting to plant WMDs in Iraq before the war.
Fitzgerald continues to shield the use of the Turkish Consulate in Chicago as the liaison for the plot as well as the Valerie Plame leak case as a disguise for the larger crime aforementioned.
A split has developed between BushFRAUD and Cheney concerning the fact that Bush did not pardon Cheney's aide Scooter Libby, who can directly link Cheney to the plot to plant the WMDs in Iraq.
U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald
AP by Arbogast
The U.S. Justice Department Special Master will ask U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald a very simple question.
Was the Valerie Plame leak case, along with the Scooter Libby indictment on perjury, a diversionary move created by Fitzgerald to obstruct justice involving the higher ups in the BushFRAUD Administration?

NSA's Stellar Wind
ILLEGAL domestic spying on the American People
The Special Master will also ask Fitzgerald why he utilized the U.S. NSA (National Security Agency) and its illegal Stellar Wind espionage program to illegally spy on Illinois State politicians, whose only crime was to try to bring inexpensive Canadian prescription drugs into Illinois         in order to preempt the monopoly General Electric Medical Systems had on the prescription drug market.
Israeli Mossad agent Rahm Emanuel with Valerie Jarrett
Alex Wong/Getty Images
The Special Master is also going to ask Fitzgerald why he gave current White House Chief of Staff and Israeli Mossad agent Rahm Emanuel immunity from prosecution when Emanuel is heard on tape demanding and blackmailing Illinois Governor Blagojevich that Obama campaign aide Valerie Jarrett be appointed as the next Illinois U.S. Senator on a temporary basis so Emanuel could then seek the seat himself in 2010.

Jesse Jackson Jr (L), brother Jonathan Jackson
The Special Master will also ask Fitzgerald why he is giving Reverend Jesse Jackson Jr. immunity from prosecution when his brother Jonathan Jackson is heard on tape offering an alleged representative of Governor Blagojevich a $1 MILLION BRIBE in exchange for Jesse Jackson Jr.'s appointment to the U.S. Senate seat.
Fitzgerald allows Jesse Jackson Jr. to get away with this idea that Jackson Jr. is an FBI informant and was actually conducting a sting on Blagojevich.
That folks is absurd!

FBI Division COINTELPRO disinfo provocateurs
Jesse Jackson Jr. and the Reverend Jesse Jackson
Jackson Jr., along with his father, the Reverend Jesse Jackson, are lifelong FBI Division 5 provocateurs and have been used by the corporate fascist media to divide and destroy the Democratic Party and to pave the way for Republican presidential victories.
Example: Jackson's presence in the 1988 Democratic presidential primary enabled unelectable Northeastern liberal Michael Dukakis to survive then Tennessee Senator Albert Gore's challenge, which paved the way for the Dukakis nomination, and eventually the George Herbert Walker Bush presidency.
Reference: The Reverence Jesse Jackson was also present at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee on April 4, 1968, when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated by an FBI Division 5-J. Edgar Hoover team,
with Reverend Jesse Jackson himself a liaison to the FBI Division 5 team.
Martin Luther King Jr., second right, and SCLC aides Hosea Williams, Jesse Jackson Jr., from left, and Ralph Abernathy return to the Lorraine Motel in Memphis.
  King was shot dead on the balcony April 4, 1968. Photo: AP/File

King assassinated. Rev. Martin Luther King is fatally shot on April 4 while standing on a Memphis motel balcony.  Riots break out in 125 cities, leaving 46 dead. Time, Inc. photo, 1968, via Associated Press
James Earl Ray was used as the patsy.
U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald
leaking Federal Grand Jury evidence
UPI by Brian Kersey
(l-r) James Warren, Jesse Jackson Jr, Rahm Emanuel, Tony Rezko
The Special Master will also ask Fitzgerald why he is leaking Federal Grand Jury evidence to former Chicago Tribune editor James Warren, who, himself, is an FBI Division 5 informant, including the copies of the actual tape-recorded conversations involving Rahm Emanuel, Jesse Jackson Jr. and Antoin "Tony" Rezko.
Warren, a closet homosexual, a blackmailer and British Intelligence asset, has been used for years by the U.S. Attorney's office in the Northern District of Illinois to orchestrate frame-ups of politicians who cannot be controlled by the Illinois mafia syndicate.
            Warren has major financial ties to the outlaw Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the corrupt Sara Lee Corporation, which backed former New Jersey Senator Bill Bradley in his year 2000 presidential primary campaign against then Vice President, now year 2000 duly elected President Albert Gore Jr.
Warren is a national security risk who constantly appears on cable television in soccer shirts.  He lives in a luxury apartment with his homosexual lover on Lakeshore Drive, Chicago, Illinois.
In closing this intelligence briefing, folks, we can not understate that the corporate fascist U.S. media elite remains a direct enemy of the American People.
Once again we want to use as an example MSNBC Hardball's Chrissy Pooh Matthews aka Tweety Bird.
Affectionate moments between Chrissy Pooh Matthews and
loser Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton
Matthews, a stooge for loser and now U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, is the host of MSNBC's Hardball show, recently disclosed that he had been recruited by the CIA as a college student and promised a starting salary of $11,000 a year.
Let the truth be told that Matthews has been a lifelong CIA and British Intelligence asset who puts out disinformation and propaganda to benefit the corporate U.S. government fascist state.
Matthews, who bragged about voting for nation-wrecker, homosexual in-the-closet, AWOL, cocaine snorting, alcoholic in the year 2000 presidential election, George W. BushFRAUD, spent his time during the 2000 election
campaign distorting then Vice President Albert Gore Jr.'s Second Amendment position and actually aiding the campaign of Gore's primary opponent, unelectable Northeastern liberal, Bill Bradley, Democrat of New Jersey.
Matthews, who hates MSNBC's Countdown host Keith Olbermann, is a personal friend of Barack Obama's White House legal counsel, "Skull and Bonesman" Greg Craig.
Greg Craig was the campaign manager for George W. BushFRAUD's year 2004 presidential election patsy, "Skull and Bonesman" John Kerry Cohen.
Matthews is a personal friend of John Kerry Cohen and has openly admitted he wants Kerry Cohen to be president some day.
Reference: "Skull and Bonesman" John Kerry Cohen is a 3rd cousin of BushFRAUD on the Forbes.
Matthews also participated in issuing propaganda on the behalf of Cuban Elian Gonzalez attorney and "Skull and Bonesman" Greg Craig, which was designed to return Elian back to Communist Cuba in order to directly harm the presidential campaign of then Vice President, now duly elected President Albert Gore Jr. in the state of Florida during the year 2000 presidential election.
Matthews, who admits to being a personal friend of FOX News' Sean Hannity and former BushFRAUD's White House Deputy Chief of Staff, Karl Rove,     was fully aware that Rove kept a file on former Florida Republican Congressman Tom Feeney concerning Feeney's knowledge of the NASA space agency electronic THEFT of the states of Missouri, Florida, West Virginia, Tennessee and New Hampshire in the year 2000 presidential election.
Matthews used this information on Rove to actually blackmail his friend Karl Rove on behalf of NBC General Electric.
You see, folks, what a piece of manure Chris Matthews is.
We announce to the criminal government and its criminal corporate media enablers, you are too corrupt to continue!
We, the American People, who are well armed, will be victorious!
* * * REMEMBER * * *

The orders of the day for ALL patriots as we continue to identify the enemies of the American Republic and the American Revolution in the 21st Century and eradicate them:
Oath Keepers: Orders We Will Not Obey
When it comes to the enemies of the American Republic and the American Revolution in the 21st century, we dedicate ourselves to the 2nd American Revolution and making these enemies a memory.
We must remove them from American soil, and DO IT NOW!
Overlord at Yorktown remains relentless and victorious.
At this hour, we live free or dies as Lafayette remains at Brandywine and Albert Gore Jr. remains the natural-born  REAL  duly elected year 2000 President of the United States.
Year 2000 non-inaugurated, DULY ELECTED
President Albert Gore Jr
International Intelligence Expert, Tom Heneghan, has hundreds of highly credible sources inside American and European Intelligence Agencies and INTERPOL-- reporting what is REALLY going on behind the scenes of the controlled mainstream media cover up propaganda of on-going massive deceptions and illusions.

Patriotic, God-loving, peaceful Jewish People are NOT the same as the  war mongering ZIONIST KHAZARIAN Jews.
Homosexual gays and lesbians who are  "IN-THE-CLOSET"  are a MAJOR THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY being vulnerable to blackmail and extortion by self-serving, hostile entities against the safety, security, sovereignty and best interests of the American People.

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hobie -- Sunday, 19-Apr-2009 19:33:16  
Hi, Folks -
There were times in the past when we didn't post Poof's updates. One of the reasons for that was that Poof sometimes writes with such obscure or self-referential references that you can't tell what he's saying. :)
I'm mentioning that, only because Poof is a little more obscure than usual today. So don't feel alone if you don't understand what Poof is saying, here and there - because there's a good chance I don't either. :)
Poof below mentions "mk". That's a reference to one of the folks who had been involved in the 'O' prosperity program. ///   --hobie
....(....)    Greetings and Salutations,
I need not say that, people have been trying to call the 'day' since back when mk was still around, but I will anyhow. I will use his own words, 'yea well, one of these days, they'll be right, if only by series of elimination'. Keep saying the day and one day you'll be right. Our boy keeps calling it, which only gives him the excuse to scream on the pres, for blocking it...cause he hates him.
If he knew anything, he'd have figured out, tx (( TEXAS))  can't cecede from the union either, neither can alaska, guess they all forgot, 1861 and the civil war...600,000 brothers dying to fight for corporations, trying to control this country. I see the gov of tx, did a recant, ahh, yea dude. Guess they forgot they didn't win tx by themselves either.
Jeeze, let's forget about the louisana purchase too, which was bought from france, a certain mr napolean. Those damn french! Oh yea, how about 300m of gold sent from Spain, brokered by the english..damn socialists! No wonder there's going to be some re-education of america going on around here. But, everyone hates each other, right? Only for public consumption, ya'll, only for the public.
With that said, the dam has already broke and the water is flowing. Only if you know someone, on those levels, will you know that. A non disclosure works quite well here, no way are they going to be out here waving there arms all over the place and dancing in the streets.
They know what just transpired on monday and it certainly isn't their job to tell it, so the screamers and the channelers, can say whatever they choose, because they don't know...uh, spirit won't tell you everything, especially in light of what is being dealt with around here. These people got phone calls, not letters, because they were already contacted or are standing next to their banks waiting to get called in to access.
The military has been involved for some time now, going all the way back to the early 90's, making old man bush sign some docs he didn't want to, which turned him because he Really wanted to be upgraded to elite status. But I told you long ago he wanted control of the new banking system...'not gonna do it, wouldn't be prudent'.
As a 4th child, I watch and learn, and these guys have had to change scenarios so many times to get this thing done, not even sure they remember which plan they are on now. However, when they changed the codes again last week, they didn't wait, they threw the switch immediately and locked the bad guys out, which produced monday's results.
Once done, Obama signed more docs for more money coming online, the imf signed their's and the world court, despite the crap flying out here, signed off on everything left to be signed off on. Now before more screaming starts, mainland china also start getting a colonic, which has moved across the planet to major banks, where folks have been getting snatch[ed] and charged with fraud.
They have known for sometime cheney, moleman himself, is right in the middle of it, including throwing everything but the kitchen sink at obama. Have you ever seen a 'skin head' black dude? Did Hitler embrace Jesse Owens when he won the gold in berlin? Yea, master race. You can't run that crap in front of God, all the folks who've been creating God in their image. It's like a blue eyed, blond haired jew called Jesus, grow up!
The old world has crashed and clearly the separation is huge, but still they who need it to continue, are losing their minds as they can't feel the ground under their feet anymore.
 I said many years ago, people will get their freedom papers and folks will continure to say even as you and I are 'pattin' our feet somewhere', they can't believe people still believe in getting money from a complet fraud. Well, tell that to bankers getting carted away right now for that very charge. from the east to the west.
Hey 'moleman' you headed for that hole in the ground yet? You and ms hilary, gotta problem, phone ain't working, ringin' busy or disconnected? Told you all, I ain't just another purty face...lolololol BTW in case, you didn't know where cheney was when no one seen him during the last admin, airforce 2 was spotted at Jackson Hole, 3-4 times a week for the last 8 years, 'fishin'? Wondering where your tax money was going? Not even the real patriots in tx were putting up with it.
Ok, I'm going to shut up now, I could go on and on but I have to leave something for the announcements. At this point I could pretty much give them myself but, that's not my job.
We understand they still want to take obama out, so I would just say, remember him in your prayers, he is bringing back the constitution, that fdr, removed in '33 for corp america. Much to the chagrin of the godless, there is power in those prayers.
 If you know anything about the martial arts, you know, feints are very important to take your enemy down.
Be cool, I won't leave you until the 'moment', so don't be trippin'. I know this is rough out here and many are suffering the impact of what is going on. Just know something, don't believe everything you hear, and only half of what you see. The market is going down to epic porportions, more like it looked like when I was a kid, but don't dispair, it will cover you, as you do your thing.
I don't do names, so don't ask me about the nesara thing. I know what they are doing, but noone is assigning names to it. We are going green, like it or not, and the enforcement is already in place. Don't anybody tell me about 'years' to enact things, that's already going on behind the scenes, including with the much hated imf.
Man, folks really need to take a chill pill.
I'm cleaning up consultations as I remain positioned to ghost up out of here.
 Contact me, if you need me.
Love and Kisses,      "Poofness"
PS: I hope you all have seen the not so pretty lady deliver her voice in front of one of the most critical guys on american idol fame, the lady broke the paradigm. LOLOL, never been kissed at 40+ now the date requests are rolling in, you go girl!
 Never know where a dragon lurks.



   from    nenki + fw10......
18 avril 2009
Eté 2009 : La rupture du système monétaire international se confirme. La monnaie mondiale à la rescousse? Les médias continuent à endormir la masse avec ses nouvelles sur le marché international disant qu'il semble se stabiliser quelque peu, ou une légère reprise à l'horizon, que le taux est bon pour acheter une maison. La confiance remonte un peu. Je ne sais pas sur quelle planète ils vivent. Ou est-ce ppeut-être qu'ils ont reçu l'ordre 'd'en-haut' de ne pas faire paniquer la plèbe.
 LEAP 2020: "La prochaine étape de la crise sera déterminée par un rêve chinois. En effet, à quoi peut bien rêver Pékin pris, d'après Washington, dans le « piège Dollar » de ses 1.400 milliards d'actifs libellés en Dollars US ? D'après les dirigeants américains et leur cortège d'experts médiatiques, à continuer à être prisonnier et même à renforcer cette condition carcérale en achetant toujours plus de Bons du Trésor et de Dollars US. Lire la suite...
April 19, 2009 11:37 AM


- Public announcement GEAB N°34 (April 15, 200) -
 The next stage of the crisis will result from a Chinese dream. Indeed, what on earth can China be dreaming of, caught – if we listen to Washington – in the “dollar trap” of its 1,400-billion worth of USD-denominated debt (1)? If we believe US leaders and their scores of media experts, China is only dreaming of remaining a prisoner, and even of intensifying the severity of its prison conditions by buying always more US T-Bonds and Dollars (2).
In fact, everyone knows what prisoners dream of? They dream of escaping of course, of getting out of prison. LEAP/E2020 has therefore no doubt that Beijing is now (3) constantly striving to find the means of disposing of, as early as possible, the mountain of « toxic » assets which US Treasuries and Dollars have become, keeping the wealth of 1,300 billion Chinese citizens (4) prisoner.
 In this issue of the GEAB (N°34), our team describes the “tunnels and galleries” Beijing has secretively begun to dig in the global financial and economic system in order to escape the « dollar trap » by the end of summer 2009. Once the US has defaulted on its debt, it will be time for the « everyman for himself » rule to prevail in the international system, in line with the final statement of the London G20 Summit which reads as a « chronicle of a geopolitical dislocation », as explained by LEAP/E2020 in this issue of the Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin......(.....)
(1) Total Chinese foreign exchange reserves amount to USD 2,000-billion, of which USD-denominated assets are 70 percent maximum, equal to USD 1,400 billion. The remaining 30 percent mainly consists of EUR-denominated assets.
(2) Most of the time, the same « experts » predicted that global economy would benefit from banking deregulation, that the Internet economy was opening up an era of endless growth, that US deficits were a sign of strength, that US house prices would always go up, and that taking on debt was the modern way to get rich.
(3) The message on the necessity to switch international reserve currency, sent out by Beijing to the world – to US authorities in particular –, on the eve of London’s G20 Summit, was not intended to merely test the waters nor was it some vague attempt with no hope of success. The Chinese leaders had no illusion on the chances for this topic to be actually addressed in the G20 Summit, but they wanted it to be discussed in the backrooms, because they wanted to send an unofficial signal to all the players of the international monetary system: in Beijing’s mind, the Dollar system is over! If no one wishes to prepare for a common alternative system, the alternative system will be built some other way, knowing that the actions the Chinese are currently taking corroborate this intention. For instance, precisely these days (random political schedule is rare in Beijing) a book is being published, entitled « Unhappy China », arguing that Chinese leaders should stand up and impose their choices on the international arena. Source: ChinaDailyBBS, 03/27/2009
(4) This link gives the figures to the last cent: ChineInformation.
(5) Angela Merkel was closest to the truth about the G20 summit when she called it « an almost historical event ». The word “almost” is emblematic of what happened in London: the G20 leaders “almost” created a framework for a joint action programme, they “almost” launched new stimulus plans and new international financial rules, they “almost” banned tax-havens, and they “almost” convinced everyone that it would happen. “Almost” but not “really”, will make a big difference for the next stages of the crisis.
(6) In the previous issue of the GEAB (N°33), our team explained this dilemma for the “international system” today. At some point, it is in the interests of new players to simply wait for the current system to break down in order to build a new one, rather than strive to reform it, and suffer a long period of uncertainty.
(7) In particular, outrageous government borrowing - also called « economic stimulus » in Washington and London.
(8) The decisions taken at London’s G20 summit directly contribute to the long-term crisis scenario.
(9) As regards the EU, LEAP/E2020 emphasizes the inanity of all those economic and political « analyses », produced by leading economists and experts close to the American Democrats, and circulated by all the largest international mainstream media, blaming the Europeans for not following in Washington’s footsteps. Paul Krugman in mind for instance, these « very good friends » of Europe, who like it so much that they think they know better than Europe what is best for it (and what it should become, as indeed the same experts usually advocate its extension to Turkey, see Israel and Central Asia), whereas they would be best giving some quality advice to their own party and their new President to prevent their own country from collapsing, as this is what is really at stake today. It is beyond belief that a panel of experts, who, in all these years, sang the praises of a system which is today collapsing under everyone’s nose, still dares give lessons to the rest of the world. Basis decency suggests only one course of conduct worldwide: silence. In Europe, this position, despite the fact that it still enjoys its usual academic and media support, is too outdated to be accepted. LEAP/E2020 believes it is necessary and legitimate to cast a critical eye on the EU, its leaders and its policies; but doing so on the sole criteria of its conformity or otherwise with Washington’s (or London’s) stance is no longer acceptable. In the same way as financiers and business leaders obviously failed to understand that times had changed regarding their stock-options and “golden parachutes”, a number of intellectuals and politicians have not yet fully understood that their points of reference, values and theories now belong to the past. They should think of the elites of the Soviet bloc and they would understand how and how fast a thought system can become obsolete.
(10) Besides collapsing tax revenues, a protest movement has started in the US against using taxes to save Wall Street and against further deficits, blaming the country’s entire leading class. Sources: USAToday, 04/13/2009; MarketWatch, 04/16/2009
(11) Sources: USAToday, 04/11/2009; MarketWatch, 04/10/2009
(12) In California for instance, the first days of April suggested revenues far lesser than the worse forecasts, likely to result in multiplying two-fold California’s debt anticipated a few months ago. A similar trend is under way at the federal level, making it possible to imagine that the annual federal deficit reaches above USD 3,500 billion, i.e. 20 percent of US GDP. Source : CaliforniaCapitol, 04/08/2009
(13) Some towns, like Auburn near Seattle for instance, are compelled to ban trucks from their major freight routes by lack of maintenance financial means. Source: SeattleBusinessJournal, 04/10/2009
(14)Thus enabling to anticipate upcoming trends.
In the same category:
Thirteen questions and answers about the future developments of the global systemic crisis (1st episode) - 08/04/2009
Open letter / London G20 Summit: Last chance before global geopolitical dislocation - 24/03/2009
LEAP/E2020 offers the GEAB archives to 100 academic libraries worldwide! - 05/11/2008
LEAP/2020: Global systemic crisis September 2008 - Special announcement - 24/09/2008
Traffic Info LEAP/E2020 - May 2008 - 12/05/2008
Special offer! Each new subscriber gets Special Edition 'GEAB/SUBPRIME CRISIS: Causes, development, consequences and strategic advice'... because an in-depth understanding is required to secure oneself - 12/08/2007
GEAB Archives Offer (1) - Six archive issues of your choice for 50 euros - 22/01/2007
French prospectivist, Pierre Gonod, analyses LEAP's work of anticipation - 30/08/2006



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