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casper 5-10-09 #1
In response to OBAMA'S threats against World Leaders, The World Court and each of us last week the Military, including the Provost, was to assist in getting deliveries done today, Sunday. This is why WE have maintained silence the last 48 hours.
The D.C. Police Comissioner and his men, now having accepted several bribes from OBAMA, LAST NIGHT TOOK SEVERAL MILITARY FAMILIES HOSTAGE in order to stop deliveries scheduled today. They were acting on direct orders from OBAMA. If this is not domestic terrorism you tell us what it is.
While OBAMA laughs it up at his White House Press Dinner last night this is what was happening simultaneously. As WE reported months ago he is described as worse than BUSH ever dreamed of being. Others say he is a "fascist dictator" and they view him as being insane.
The bribes paid to the D.C. Police Commissioner and his men have been confiscated.
WE do not know what will happen next, will report again when possible.
                casper   5-10-09  #1
p.s. As the above was being sent to you WE have just received word that all involved in the above have been arrested including the Police Comissioner, the Military Families have been freed, we are back on GO again, possible even today. Needless to say THE FUR IS FLYING including some fur WE can't discuss quite yet.

May 10, 2009 6:56 PM
----- Original Message -----
From: Fulford Benjamin
Sent: Sunday, May 10, 2009 7:20 PM
Subject: RE: Update of May 8, 2009
Dear Mr. Bellringer,
Here is a list of the members of the committee of 300. They are hereby put on formal notice. They and their families will be purged from this planet if they do not immediately change their ways.
I urge all readers of the internet to locate these people.
There is nowhere on this planet for them to hide any more.
The Yakuza and Triads will also be given this list of names.
Abergavemy, Marquis of.
Acheson, Dean.
Adeane, Lord Michael.
Agnelli, Giovanni.
Alba, Duke of.
Aldington, Lord.
Aleman, Miguel.
Allihone, Professor T. E.
Alsop Family Designate.
Amory, Houghton.
Anderson, Charles A.
Anderson, Robert 0.
Andreas, Dwayne.
Asquith, Lord.
Astor, John Jacob and successor, Waldorf.
Aurangzeb, Descendants of.
Austin, Paul.
Baco, Sir Ranulph
BalFour, Arthur.
Balogh, Lord.
Bancroft, Baron Stormont.
Barnato, B.
Barran, Sir John.
Baxendell, Sir Peter.
Beatrice of Savoy, Princess.
Beaverbrook, Lord.
Beck, Robert.
Beeley, Sir Harold.
Beit, Alfred.
Benn, Anthony Wedgewood.
Bennet, John W.
Benneton, Gilberto or alternate Carlo.
Bertie, Andrew.
Besant, Sir Walter.
Bethal, Lord Nicholas.
Bialkin, David.
Biao, Keng.
Bingham, William.
Binny, J. F.
Blunt, Wilfred.
Bonacassi, Franco Orsini.
Bottcher, Fritz.
Bradshaw, Thornton.
Brandt, Willy.
Brewster, Kingman.
Buchan, Alastair.
Buffet, Warren.
Bullitt, William C.
Bulwer-Lytton, Edward.
Bundy, McGeorge.
Bundy, William.
Bush, George.
Cabot, John. Family Designate.
Caccia, Baron Harold Anthony.
Cadman, Sir John.
Califano, Joseph.
Carrington, Lord.
Carter, Edward.
Catlin, Donat.
Catto, Lord.
Cavendish, Victor C. W. Duke of Devonshire.
Chamberlain, Houston Stewart.
Chang, V. F.
Chechirin, Georgi or Family Designate.
Churchill, Winston.
Cicireni, V. or Family Designate.
Cini, Count Vittorio.
Clark, Howard.
Cleveland, Amory.
Cleveland, Harland.
Clifford, Clark.
Cobold, Lord.
Coffin, the Rev William Sloane.
Constanti, House of Orange.
Cooper, John. Family Designate.
Coudenhove-Kalergi, Count.
Cowdray, Lord.
Cox, Sir Percy.
Cromer, Lord Evelyn Baring.
Crowther, Sir Eric.
Cumming, Sir Mansfield.
Curtis, Lionel. d’Arcy, William K.
D’Avignon, Count Etienne.
Danner, Jean Duroc.
Davis, John W. de Benneditti, Carlo.
De Bruyne, Dirk.
De Gunzberg, Baron Alain.
De Lamater, Major General Walter.
De Menil, Jean.
De Vries, Rimmer.
de Zulueta, Sir Philip.
de’Aremberg, Marquis Charles Louis.
Delano. Family Designate.
Dent, R.
Deterding, Sir Henri.
di Spadaforas, Count Guitierez, (House
Douglas-Home, Sir Alec.
Drake, Sir Eric.
Duchene, Francois.
Edward, Duke of Kent.
Eisenberg, Shaul.
Elliott, Nicholas.
Elliott, William Yandel.
Elsworthy, Lord.
Farmer, Victor.
Forbes, John M.
Foscaro, Pierre.
France, Sir Arnold.
Fraser, Sir Hugh.
Frederik IX, King of Denmark Family Designate.
Freres, Lazard.
Frescobaldi, Lamberto.
Fribourg, Michael.
Gabor, Dennis.
Gallatin, Albert. Family Designate.
Gardner, Richard.
Geddes, Sir Auckland.
Geddes, Sir Reay.
George, Lloyd.
Giffen, James.
Gilmer, John D.
Giustiniani, Justin.
Gladstone, Lord.
Gloucestor, The Duke of.
Gordon, Walter Lockhart.
Grace, Peter J.
Greenhill, Lord Dennis Arthur.
Greenhill, Sir Dennis.
Grey, Sir Edward.
Gyllenhammar, Pierres.
Haakon, King of Norway.
Haig, Sir Douglas.
Hailsham, Lord.
Haldane, Richard Burdone.
Halifax, Lord.
Hall, Sir Peter Vickers.
Hambro, Sir Jocelyn.
Hamilton, Cyril.
Harriman, Averill.
Hart, Sir Robert.
Hartman, Arthur H.
Healey, Dennis.
Helsby, Lord.
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
Her Majesty Queen Juliana.
Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrix.
Her Royal Highness Queen Margreta.
Heseltine, Sir William.
Hesse, Grand Duke descendants, Family Designate.
Hoffman, Paul G.
Holland, William.
House of Braganza.
House of Hohenzollern.
House, Colonel Mandel.
Howe, Sir Geoffrey.
Hughes, Thomas H.
Hugo, Thieman.
Hutchins, Robert M.
Huxley, Aldous.
Inchcape, Lord
Jamieson, Ken.
Japhet, Ernst Israel.
Jay, John. Family Designate.
Jodry, J. J.
Joseph, Sir Keith.
Katz, Milton.
Kaufman, Asher.
Keith, Sir Kenneth.
Keswick, Sir William Johnston, or Keswick, H.N.L.
Keswick, William Johnston.
Keynes, John Maynard.
Kimberly, Lord.
King, Dr. Alexander.
Kirk, Grayson L.
Kissinger, Henry.
Kitchener, Lord Horatio.
Kohnstamm, Max.
Korsch, Karl.
Lambert, Baron Pierre.
Lawrence, G.
Lehrman, Lewis.
Lever, Sir Harold.
Lewin, Dr. Kurt.
Lippmann, Walter.
Livingstone, Robert R. Family Designate.
Lockhart, Bruce.
Lockhart, Gordon.
Linowitz, S.
Loudon, Sir John.
Luzzatto, Pieipaolo.
Mackay, Lord, of Clasfern.
Mackay-Tallack, Sir Hugh.
Mackinder, Halford.
MacMillan, Harold.
Matheson, Jardine.
Mazzini, Gueseppi.
McClaughlin, W. E.
McCloy, John J.
McFadyean, Sir Andrew.
McGhee, George.
McMillan, Harold.
Mellon, Andrew.
Mellon, William Larimer or Family Designate.
Meyer, Frank.
Michener, Roland.
Mikovan, Anastas.
Milner, Lord Alfred.
Mitterand, Francois.
Monett, Jean.
Montague, Samuel.
Montefiore, Lord Sebag or Bishop Hugh.
Morgan, John P.
Mott, Stewart.
Mountain, Sir Brian Edward.
Mountain, Sir Dennis.
Mountbatten, Lord Louis.
Munthe, A., or family designate.
Naisbitt, John.
Neeman, Yuval.
Newbigging, David.
Nicols, Lord Nicholas of Bethal.
Norman, Montague.
O’Brien of Lotherby, Lord.
Ogilvie, Angus.
Okita, Saburo.
Oldfield, Sir Morris.
Oppenheimer, Sir Earnest, and successor, Harry.
Ormsby Gore, David (Lord Harlech).
Orsini, Franco Bonacassi.
Ortolani. Umberto.
Ostiguy, J.P.W.
Paley, William S.
Palme, Olaf.
Palmstierna, Jacob.
Pao, Y.K.
Pease, Richard T.
Peccei, Aurellio.
Peek, Sir Edmund.
Pellegreno, Michael, Cardinal.
Perkins, Nelson.
Pestel, Eduard.
Peterson, Rudolph.
Petterson, Peter G.
Petty, John R.
Philip, Prince, Duke of Edinburgh.
Piercy, George.
Pinchott, Gifford.
Pratt, Charles.
Price Waterhouse, Designate.
Ranier, Prince.
Raskob, John Jacob.
Rees, John Rawlings.
Rees, John.
Rennie, Sir John.
Rettinger, Joseph.
Rhodes, Cecil John.
Rockefeller, David.
Role, Lord Eric of Ipsden.
Rosenthal, Morton.
Rostow, Eugene.
Rothmere, Lord.
Rothschild Elie de or Edmon de and/or Baron RothschiLd Runcie, Dr.Robert.
Russell, Lord John.
Russell, Sir Bertrand.
Saint Gouers, Jean.
Salisbury, Marquisse de Robert Gascoiugne Cecil. Shelburne, The Salisbury, Lord.
Samuel, Sir Marcus.
Sandberg, M. G.
Sarnoff, Robert.
Schmidheiny, Stephan or alternate brothers Thomas, Alexander.
Schoenberg, Andrew.
Schultz, George.
Schwartzenburg, E.
Shawcross, Sir Hartley.
Sheridan, Walter.
Shiloach, Rubin.
Silitoe, Sir Percy.
Simon, William.
Sloan, Alfred P.
Smuts, Jan.
Sproull, Robert.
Stals, Dr. C.
Stamp, Lord Family designate.
Steel, David.
Stiger, George.
Strathmore, Lord.
Strong, Sir Kenneth.
Strong, Maurice.
Swathling, Lord.
Swire, J. K.
Tasse, G. Or Family Designate.
Temple, Sir R.
Thompson, William Boyce.
Thompson, Lord.
Thyssen-Bornamisza, Baron Hans Henrich.
Trevelyn, Lord Humphrey.
Turner, Sir Mark.
Turner, Ted.
Tyron, Lord.
Urquidi, Victor.
Van Den Broek, H.
Vance, Cyrus.
Verity, William C.
Vesty, Lord Amuel.
Vickers, Sir Geoffrey.
Villiers, Gerald Hyde family alternate.
Volpi, Count. von Finck, Baron August. von Hapsburg, Archduke Otto,
   House of Hapsburg-Lorraine.
Von Thurn and Taxis, Max
Wallenberg, Peter or Family Designate.
Wang, Kwan Cheng, Dr.
Warburg, S. C.
Ward Jackson, Lady Barbara.
Warner, Rawleigh.
Warnke, Paul.
Warren, Earl.
Watson, Thomas.
Webb, Sydney.
Weill, David.
Weill, Dr. Andrew.
Weinberger, Sir Caspar.
Weizman, Chaim.
Wells, H. G.
Wheetman, Pearson (Lord Cowdray).
White, Sir Dick Goldsmith.
Whitney, Straight.
Wiseman, Sir William.
Wolfson, Sir Isaac.
Wood, Charles.
Young, Owen
Some major world-wide Committee of 300 institutions and organizations are as follows:
Americans for a Safe Israel.
Biblical Archaeology Review.
British Petroleum.
Canadian Institute of Foreign Relations.
Christian Fundamentalism.
Council on Foreign Relations, New York.
Egyptian Exploration Society.
Imperial Chemical Industries.
International Institute for Strategic Studies.
Order of Skull and Bones.
Palestine Exploration Fund.
Poor Knights of the Templars
Royal Dutch Shell Company.Socialist International.
South Africa Foundation.
Tavistock Institute of Human Relations.
Temple Mount Foundation.
The Atheist Club.
The Fourth State of Consciousness Club.
The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.
The Milner Group.
The Nasi Princes.The Order of Magna Mater.
The Order of the Divine Disorder.
The Round Table.
Trilateral Commission.
Universal Freemasonry.
Universal Zionism.
Vickers Armament Company.
Warren Commission.
Watergate Committee.
Wilton Park.
World Council of Churches.
Benjamin Fulford 古歩道ベンジャミン 090-3439-5558
メール( にてお
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casper 5-10-09 #1
In response to OBAMA'S threats against World Leaders, The World Court and each of us last week      the Military, including the Provost, was to assist in getting deliveries done today, Sunday.
This is why WE have maintained silence the last 48 hours.
The D.C. Police Comissioner and his men, now having accepted several bribes from OBAMA, LAST NIGHT TOOK SEVERAL MILITARY FAMILIES HOSTAGE in order to stop deliveries scheduled today. They were acting on direct orders from OBAMA.
If this is not domestic terrorism you tell us what it is.
While OBAMA laughs it up at his White House Press Dinner last night this is what was happening simultaneously. As WE reported months ago he is described as worse than BUSH ever dreamed of being. Others say he is a "fascist dictator" and they view him as being insane.
The bribes paid to the D.C. Police Commissioner and his men have been confiscated.
WE do not know what will happen next, will report again when possible.
                casper   5-10-09  #1
p.s. As the above was being sent to you WE have just received word that all involved in the above have been arrested including the Police Comissioner,
 the Military Families have been freed, we are back on GO again, possible even today. Needless to say THE FUR IS FLYING including some fur WE can't discuss quite yet.
Greetings and Salutations,
 Folks, the biggest and most important news out here is that, with the dropping of these programs, this country is being returned to the constitution, the end of admiralty law. The work going on behind the scenes over these last few weeks was all to ensure that, thus the massive arrests around the world. This is not the time for the 'perp walks', but that news will come soon enough.
The main work was to clear out the individuals who, by hook or by crook, were trying to prevent that and keep them in power. There are many people around the planet, who've had to stay off of these shores, until that was accomplished, otherwise they'd be immediately arrested. Some you would even know their names, as they were public figures.
 Once you are free to go, meaning you have received your freedom papers, no one is going to stop you at a plane to 'eliminate you'. You have always had the option, under the constitution to stay or go from here. That's called freedom. As I have said many times in the past, it's still going to take 3-5 years to clean this mess up after 100 yrs of a fiat system, as they've had all that time to create all kinds of things buried down in the system that must be ferreted out and purged.
While many think this can be accomplished overnight, I assure you it is nigh unto impossible. Start going thru the reams of things created over these years, your eyes may very well start crossing as your head starts throbbing. Plus, there's the 'clever' way docs are laid out, that have easily slipped by without careful notice, which would appear to be legit. That is the work that is before america to return to being that shining example on the hill.          Cheney is still lying, so he's not leading this country back anywhere. The man can't even tell the truth when confronted with videos of his own face and words!
 It's his lie and he's sticking to it.
 People, it's done and set, the extra necessaries handled and being dealt with, in another venue. Anyone who gets missed on the first go around, another 5 days is set aside to catch up with. They have located everyone, who hasn't crawled under a rock somewhere, so most will be gotten to, on the first shot. They wanted deliveries handled first, then the show will begin, so the populace knows beyond a doubt there is a new day in america.            We have friends in powerful positions and they are exercising their clout, which is scarcely imaginable in this day and age. But people who really Are powerful, don't advertise it, they simply act, and don't look for admiration. The neo-cons erred greatly when they discounted the dragon clan families, which was historically dumb. Never say to someone, 'you wouldn't dare'.
 Have an excellent and productive week, one that I'm sure you won't soon forget. Again, take a deep breath and sit down somewhere. More banks will be hitting the rocks and going down, as they are international and refused to be basel 2/3 compliant, hoping some how that could be avoided and they could keep doing what they've done for years, keep stealing. A good 3 months after the droppings will show you who is surviving thru the 21st century, as the dust settles.
No need to be watching over your shoulder, act like you would in any other neighborhood, use your commonsense.
 Consultations per request, donations needed and handled thru...........(...)
Love and Kisses,     'Poofness'
Saturday, May 09, 2009 
Secret Bush-Clinton-Federal Reserve Pakistani Accounts Revealed
The New World Order have their Toys in the Attic
"Patriotism takes Courage"  "NEVER give in and NEVER give up!" "March on!"
Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert, American Patriot, Federal Whistleblower
by Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert
Saturday   May 9, 2009

UNITED STATES of America  -  It can now be reported that the recent resignation of former New York Federal Reserve Bank of New York Chairman, Stephen Frieidman, signals an expanding investigation of New York Attorny General Andrew Cuomo, who is not only focused on the massive New York state financial derivative Ponzi Scheme,
but is now centered on money laundry, and possible funding of alleged terrorists in Pakistan.
Note: Cuomo was recently in a state of shock when he looked at new evidence linking Citibank, J. P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs and AIG, to not only a terrorist money laundry in Pakistan,               but to evidence tying all of these aforementioned brokerage firms and the Federal Reserve itself to PRE 9/11 knowledge, which allowed them to profit with put options and short positions placed before 9/11.      This allowed these criminal brokerage firms to benefit from the death of near 3,000 in New York City.
          Reference: Friedman, who still sits on the Board of Goldman Sachs, has been recently cooperating with the New York Attorney General, but as you will find out in the rest of this briefing, Friedman has been playing both sides against the middle
and is now involved in espionage double-cross.  Friedman-picture
Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate bagman
Stephen Friedman with BushFRAUD   AP by Susan Walsh

         Sources close to Defense Intelligence and the National Security Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, as well as European INTERPOL, have actually fingered Friedman as the bagman for the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate involving illegal wire transfers of TRILLIONS of dollars of STOLEN U.S. Treasury funds that were laundred through Goldman Sachs brokerage firm in New York City, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the Israel Discount Bank and the Federal Reserve itself to the Israeli Bank Leumi in Tel Aviv onto secret U.S. national security accounts in Pakistan.
Note: Assisting Friedman in looting the U.S. Treasury (the back end of the toxic derivatives) is a Pakistani national who is a joint U.S.-Pakistan CIA Intelligence officer with the initials " K.H. "     KH, who was presumed dead by many in the intelligence community, including Stephen Friedman, is now cooperating with European INTERPOL.
        Note: Earlier Saturday morning, May 9, 2009, foreign born alleged President Barack Obama ordered a missile attack near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, which was was an alleged attack against so-called Al Qaeda terrorists.
We can now report that it was daddy Bush and his little bitch, Bill Clinton, that ordered Obama to launch the attack given reports that the whistleblower KH was in the vicinity.
Clearly, folks, this was not an attack on terrorists
but an assassination attempt on KH that failed.,0.jpg
KH has fingered Stephen Friedman, former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, along with former President George Herbert Walker Bush, former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf      in setting up these secret CIA proprietary accounts in Pakistan
 tied to none other than the late alleged 9/11 terrorist aka patsy CIA employee
 Tim Osman aka Osama bin Laden.
Note: Bin Laden, who died of kidney failure in December of 2001 and was a cosignator on these accounts, is claimed to still be alive based on the U.S. media's big lie that he is still wandering the hills of Afghanistan.     Believe this, folks, he is dead as a door nail!
Should bin Laden's death be reported, the IRS would have immediate access to these secret accounts that now have rotating access codes aka electronic serial combinations based on biblical chapters and verses.
The Pakistan money laundry has been a piggy bank for the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate since the 9/11 attack on America.
These accounts have now been frozen by the World Court and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) given the cooperation of the now whistleblower KH in handing over the account numbers and access codes aka the biblical chapters and verses     that have now prevented daddy Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton, along with former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan from getting into these accounts.
Barbara Bush, Andrea Mitchell, Chelsea Clinton
Reference: It has been reported that the Pakistani government refused Barbara Bush, wife of former President George Herbert Walker Bush, and Andrea Mitchell, wife of former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, and Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former President and daddy Bush's little bitch, Bill Clinton,          entry into Pakistan.
Reference: It was Chelsea Clinton that used funds from a Goldman Sachs hedge fund to arrange the BRIBING of New York Governor David Paterson   in order to keep Caroline Kennedy from being appointed the next New York Democratic U.S. Senator.
It is clear now that former Federal Reserve Bank of New York Chairman, Stephen Friedman, is caught in a double cross.
Friedman had been cooperating with the New York state investigation while at the same time keeping secret the existence of these secret Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate's accounts in Pakistan,      which now not only have a possibly link to the Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme but to the funding of alleged worldwide Al Qaeda terrorists as well as the 9/11 attack itself.
He clearly thought that KH had died - well he is clearly alive and kicking, folks.
        P.S. At this hour the Obama Administration is ignoring a French Intelligence warning of a possible FALSE FLAG terrorist attack that would be staged in New York City around the Broad Street area        aka the location of the Goldman Sachs brokerage firm.
Obama's White House Chief of Staff, former head of the North American Israeli Mossad,
Rahm Emanuel (L), ZIONIST Bibi Netanyahu with Obama  AP by Olivier Fitoussi

We can now divulge that there are tape recorded conversations involving current White House Chief of Staff and former head of the North American Israeli Mossad, Rahm Emanuel, and current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,    concerning the existence of certain files, documents and computer downloads currently held at Goldman Sachs      that involve former Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Chairman Stephen Friedman, the Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme and the secret money laundry from the U.S. to Israeli to Pakistan.
Manhattan Financial District ////
     French Intelligence sources have, once again, identified certain alleged Al Qaeda types that are linked to the noted 9/11 Israeli Mossad's Urban Moving Systems espionage group, that is still operating in New Jersey, and have been recently photographed outside the New York financial district.
P.P.S. At this hour there is NO Justice Department as the Obama Administration continues to allow Bush Clinton Crime Family Syndicate rule over the United States. The bought and paid for U.S. Congress, along with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS),
continue to run rampant in attempts to attack the American People.
Current (L), former Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretaries
Janet Napolitano and Michael Chertoff
For example, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, who has lunch on occasion with former DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff, still has a terrorist watch list that includes enemies of Karl Rove aka former Democratic Alabama Governor Don Siegelman.
Napolitano and Chertoff have also put together a list called the "Domestic Extremist Lexicon",    which classifies individuals as terrorists
 if they do not agree with corporate, fascist media versions of events.
How dare you, you conspiratorial Tyrants and
Kings and notable Queens! Not to be left out, radical feminista and tribalist Congresswoman Linda Sanchez (D-CA), is sponsoring legislation (H.R. 1966), which would allow the government to censor the internet         if it was determined that internet bloggers brought "emotional distress" to alleged individuals that were being criticized.
Ms. Sanchez is also working on legislation, which would allow the 2nd Amendment rights of the American People to be infringed on should a DHS oversight panel decide that an individual American citizen might be a terrorist and therefore be unable to buy a firearm.
Clearly, according to Ms. Sanchez, if you are critical of Ms. Sanchez
 you are therefore a "terrorist".
Ms. Sanchez, who favors the illegal invasion of the United States by illegal aliens from Mexico is the REAL terrorist and a THREAT to our U.S. Constitution.
Call the DHS and tell them you have identified a terrorist in our Congress:
     Operator Number: 202-282-8000
     Comment Line: 202-282-8495
Final note: I want to make it clear to all of our loyal readers that the Bush-Clinton-Federal Reserve Crime Syndicate is desperate.
We, the American People, have uncovered the truth about their TREASONOUS activities.  So, their next step aka the Swine Flu will be to attack us.
Daddy Bush and his little bitch, Bill Clinton, are sociopaths. They are loosing their money and their power and the U.S. Military has told foreign born alleged President Obama
 that they will not tolerate him enabling any more of this TREASON.
Again, folks, prepare for revolutionary mode.  The best defense is a great offense.
We will do whatever is necessary to save our U.S. Constitution, our beloved Republic, our freedoms and our American way of life and remove these TRAITORS from American soil.
We announce to the criminal government and its criminal corporate media enablers: 
We, the American People, who are well armed, will be victorious!
* * *  REMEMBER  * * *
The orders of the day for ALL patriots as we continue to identify the enemies of the American Republic and the American Revolution in the 21st Century and eradicate them:
Oath Keepers: Orders We Will NOT Obey
When it comes to the enemies of the American Republic and the American Revolution in the 21st century, we dedicate ourselves to the 2nd American Revolution and making these enemies a memory.
We must remove them from American soil, and DO IT NOW!
Overlord at Yorktown remains relentless and victorious.
At this hour, we live free or die as Lafayette remains at Brandywine and Albert Gore Jr. remains the year 2000 duly eletected, non-inaugurated,  REAL natural born  President of the United States.

International Intelligence Expert, Tom Heneghan, has hundreds of highly credible sources inside American and European Intelligence Agencies and INTERPOL-- reporting what is REALLY going on behind the scenes of the controlled mainstream media cover up propaganda of on-going massive deceptions and illusions.
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Detailed- Cause of Color- is Phase Conjugation- at
-Provoked some constructive comment: At 5:13 PM -0700 5/4/09, Michael Heleus wrote:
Great insight, Dan, about why plants eschew green as the color of a chi-blocking right angle--by the same token, its complementary color magenta, should also be that of a right angle but turned inside out, which can be done by lemniscate circulation of light.
>> In the '70's a dowsing researcher name of Weaver in UK found out that crosses or right angles(4) block chi flows whereas pentagrams(5) promote them.
> Marysol Gonzalez had some further relevant remarks re the green magenta in terms of Goethe's color experiments: At 10:56 PM +0200 5/4/09,
Marysol Gonzalez Sterling wrote:
>> ... in the theory of Goethe green and magenta are composed of two rays and that is the reason they are so bright.
>> one ray is red yellow, middle of it orange, icomes out from the base of the prism. in the other ray cyan violet middle blue, crossing cyan yellow creates green brighter than others, and through the other side violet and red give magenta.
>> So it would seem to make sense with what you are saying here...
-- Dan Winter - replied:
regarding- the corrected (phase conjugate cause of) physics of color:
-- the point was simple - all biology - (chlorophyll ) spits out green (negative green energy)
only because green is caused (defined by) when a photon approaches the eye CONE- at 90degrees phase angle- precisely opposite to phase conjugate
-and thereby opposite to suitability for CHARGE DISTRIBUTION
(phase conjugate or fractal distribution of charge is the cause of biology

90 degree and cubic phase angles produce opposite to constructive (phase conjugate) wave interference
(powers of 2)-proof at: animation just below
hence green interferes with all biology in the same way all harmonics do which do not phase conjugate by phi down to plank
- 'failure to embed' being the only physics definition for 'evil' -- dan winter
--image from: (above link) - illustrates HOW Golden Ratio is key to this constructive compression- KEY to AlKHEM(black holes):....(....)
Here is more-from Journal of Western Mystery Traditions- including the academic research - with Vincent Bridges co-author for the article:
Francis Garland, William Shakespeare, and John Dee’s Green Teresa Burns
Note: Further articles- complete the series on Dee, Shakespeare and Green Language
Group 1: William Shakespeare's Green Garland- Was William Shakespeare part of the magical and espionage circle that included John Dee and Edward Kelley? The Hermetic references throughout Shakespeare's plays have made many esotericists feel certain there had to be a direct connection, but what was it? These articles argue that the connection can best be found by understanding the "green language" and alchemical symbols in both men's work, and connecting them to Dee and Kelley's enigmatic friend and courier, "Francis Garland."
Francis Garland, William Shakespeare and John Dee's Green Language, by Teresa Burns
Angels in the DNA: The Emerald Modem and Dr. Dee's Ophanic Language, by Vincent Bridges
"Language," Fulcanelli tells us, "the instrument of the spirit, has a life of its own - even though it is only a reflection of the universal Idea." This Gnostic meta-linguistic mysticism is the core of illumination itself; the language of light emitted and received by the DNA may be the original of all languages, the ultimate language of initiation. Could the Ophanic be the "computer code" that unlocks the meme?
Group 2: Editorial: Espionage and Occultism: The True Nature of Secret Societies
by Vincent Bridges , Shakespeare's Green Garland Part Two: William Shakespeare, Spy, and a Visit to Trebona, by Teresa Burns
John Dee's diary
and magical record has too often been a considered straightforward private account for his eyes only, even though the person who penned them is the prototype of Agent 007. If we read Dee's diary as the not-so-private record of Elizabeth's most trusted "intelligencer," what might it tell us about his greatest student, William Shakespeare?
Lost Legends: The Great Beast and the Occult Origins of the Great War, by Vincent Bridges
Come along on a strange journey, from Bartzabel to Rasputin, as we follow Aleister Crowley's pre-WWI adventures in espionage. Did the Great War have its origin in his magickal evocation of Mars? Why did an intelligence Commander of the Royal Navy inspire the first piece of public initiatory theatre since The Tempest? Could Crowley have met both Gurdjieff and Rasputin? And what did he know about the theft of the Mona Lisa? These secrets and more revealed within.......(....)
We continue with Dan Winter's article on Science & Alchemy:
Alchemy: Golden & Fractal SCIENCE. We have taught for many years- the way in which the ark of the covenant provided the necessary phase conjugate dielectric spark gap for the mono-atomic gold powder manufacture. (Much of which even Lawrence Gardner got right in his SACRED ARK book- although boy did he screw up the ending- not to mention his belief that the powder was the solution instead of being the problem).
Gold powder (ORMES / SPICE ) was the Cash cow- of Akhunaton's Essenes- bar service to the global aristocracy very able to pay for their immortality medicine. We noted the pine cone shaped gold powder cakes - in the statuary at Rennes Les Chateau - very much a full service restaurant for the NECROPOLIS. Even the river at Rennes- the SALZ - gives you the clue to it's trace meteoritic mineral source for the key PGM powder manufacture. Vincent in his talk above - gives you clues- to river sources (Rudolf's bohemian country - setting for Shakespeare's studies with Dee) most able to provide the necessary implosive minerals- key to the ALKHEMIC - PROJECTIVE POWDER.
Also - both my talk and Vincent's discuss the inclusion of MUMMY POWDER- in the drug store services of Europe for 300 years. I had always taught it was from the Gold Powder addiction of the Egyptian Royalty- filling the veins of the mummys. Vincent taught more esoterically- that the mumification process ITSELF- produced the alkhemic trasmutation of blood to gold powder!
Regarding the SACRED ARK - more recently- we have been explaining to audiences around the world- how it was used to non-destructively contain the radioactive materials- well known to be the bane of annunaki society.
Teaching the relationship between - the implosive charge created by properly directed phase conjugators- and radioactivity- begins with understanding- how gravity is stabilized (caused) by phase conjugate fractality. All of this is of course completely lost on the mystic faithful of the Wilhelm Reich- James DeMeo - crowd.
While they talk nervously about their well documented ORANUR - experiments- which concentrated radioactive effect- using phase conjugate dialectrics they insist on mislabeling 'Orgone'. To name and describe a pure principle based on electrical symmetry- would of course require them to use the proper physics term for orgone (phase conjugate dielectric).
So let us start at the alkhemic beginning:
Khem - as we all have explained is a name for BLACKness. So it fits quite well - that alKHEMY is a name for THAT PRINCIPLE WHICH MAKES AND ACCESSES BLACK HOLES. This fits well - with more modern apologists like Nassim Harramein- ( - and much less profoundly- Dr Manjir (Punk Physics) - who have been teaching that everything in physics is basically a BLACK HOLE. This is of course just another way of saying - all of physics is made of these little hungry WORMHOLES - kind of SUCKS when you think about it.
Thing is - if you want to make some practical USE of this insight - it would be necessary to actually understand some of the precise electrical symmetry principles which make BLACK HOLES stabilize. ( The quasi religious mumbo jumbo - of the physics community around the self - organization well known to accompany optical phase conjugation- not to mention when dodecahedral palladium ACTUALLY catallyzes FUSION - is not much better than the pathetic poison of the Catholics gurgling white bread at Holy Communion in some stupid tribal memory of what the addictive gold powder was SUPPOSED to do..)
Notice how- ALL the mysteries melt- away- ('like the actors at the end of a Shakespeare play' as Vincent said) : WHEN - you understand the fractal and phase conjugate al-KHEM-ic physics of FUSION / TRANSMUTATION... for example:
-the ROSY CROSS of Rosicrusian
- and the Fractal Core- of VOYNICH manuscript (Kelley's- - FIRST trip to Dee's lab was for the purpose of trying to sell it..) - Galaxy Navigation - for Dream- Death Mapping (Cathar style?)- reprinted from - refers to the physics:
below added June 06- an exerpt from
This Culture has Precious Little Time
to Re-Enter the Architecture of Compressibility -
So that the Breath of Life
(Perfected Charge Distribution by Fractality = Self Awareness)
Can Enter to (Make Gravity &) Steer Earth's Eco-bubble in the Time of the Solar Maximum
(Compression Wave- see Voynicht Eye below) ////
Extending the Seyfert Galaxy Orgasm trigger for Solar Max dialog at - Author of Voynich Manuscript and the Approaching Eye of the Galactic Superwave.. writes.. "Hi Dan,....The galactic superwave, which was more than likely about halfway here when the last major event hit, will simply obliterate life      if someone does not step into the mix. My approach has dealt with the information given to abductees over the last fifty years, as well as the search in history for the thread that explains this. The answers as down to earth. "They" are here for the event - and, as was said to one abductee that was shown a horrific looking sky: When you see the sky look like this, know that we are coming.--Regards Jim.....((picture))
They thought the Voynich manuscript was just a star map to show the Cathar shaman where to steer at death - but much more it is to show our genepool where to steer at it's death (into the eye of the storm)-- To quote Dr LaViolette from his book, (about the astrophysics etc. of the Galactic SuperWave - compression?) --- "Earth Under Fire";
"According to a legend told by the Hopi Indians, the present world civilization is not the first to populate the earth. Before this one, there were three other "worlds", each terminated by a global catastrophe.
They call the present world cycle the "Fourth World", and claim that it too like the others before it, will one day come to an end. They say that this ending will be heralded by the appearance of Saquasohuh, the Blue Star spirit.
Since the cores of distant exploding galaxies are observed to have a bright blue star-like appearance, it is reasonable to expect that the core of our own Galaxy would have a similar appearance during its explosive phase. So the legendary appearance of the Blue Star could be referring to an explosion of our Galaxy's core.... (...)This frightening spectacle may have appeared to ancient inhabitants as a gigantic punishing "Eye" in the sky, the entire form occupying about a 16 degree field of view, or about 32 solar diameters. The "iris", would have a diameter of about, 4 degrees with a brilliant light emanating from its central pupil--the Blue Star."..(...)
 If you want to learn more about my work in this area I suggest you read my book Subquantum Kinetics and my paper on the B-2 which is in the book Electrogravitics Systems edited by T. Valone. They can be ordered from or at the website.,(( ))Best regards, Paul LaViolette"
to which Dan returned: (the reason negative charge produces gravity) " ... the centripedal nature of what is called negative charge is directly due to charge attraction due to fractality - when that charge attraction becomes broad spectral enough ( the same harmonic inclusiveness optimized by phi that defines resistance to disease in heart hrv -explaining the eeg / ekg access to voltage from gravity during bliss-shown in power spectra as phi harmonics ) - this suction is called gravity - because this creates a charge path out thru lightspeed -"dan winter
compare to - the map for navigating the KA electric field of the aura into the star body at death- from the famous ceiling at dendera zodiac:...(...)
They also suggest that Sagittarius A, a very powerful source of radio emission, is at exactly the Galactic core.
Infrared observations tell us that the stars at the core are only about 1000 A.U. apart. (Near the sun, stars are 330,000 A.U. apart!) They also suggest that the gas at the center is rotating very rapidly, with speeds of about 200 km/sec. These speeds indicate that there must be a central mass at the core of about 3 million solar masses, leading many astronomers to speculate that there is a supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy!
There is also evidence that the bulge of our galaxy contains a central bar. If this is true, our Galaxy's spiral arms would begin at the ends of the bar, spiraling out from this starting point. "
(Insert note here from Dan W., try at the same time to visualize the arms of DNA reaching out to become DONUT    during BLISS / ORGASM / DEATH etc. See below we reprint for your convenience part of noting the important parallel between DNA preparing for DEATH / ORGASM or TANTRIC DREAM / SWOON (compression)
and our galaxy doing the same ..
 and encouraging the charge lightning current in our DNA to participate:)
 .......AND from :
Dictatorial internet archive adminstrators at Cornell University are currently blacklisting cutting edge scientists and blocking them from communicating their innovative findings to the public. If you disagree with this practice, visit to learn
what is happening behind the scenes.
For a brief explanation of how the zodiac cipher uses pointer stars
to designate the approximate location of the Galactic center
and to memorialize an important prehistoric date, click here
Periods of Key Pulsars Encode Numbers from the Fibonacci Series and Express the Golden Mean Ratio.  
See Update for Decoding the Message of the Pulsars.
"Tracing the Origins of Subquantum Kinetics"   An Essay by Paul A. LaViolette
in memory of his father Fred G. LaViolette (1916 - 2008)

In 1993 LaViolette reverse engineered the propulsion system for the B-2 Bomber.
Now he exposes the most inner secrets of technologies being developed in classified aerospace programs
 Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion:
Tesla, UFO's and Classified Aerospace Technology
by Paul A. LaViolette
A Christmas note... 12/25/04 from Implosion Group - newsletter with pics: , index:
COSMIC CRYSTOS - Galactic Wave Physics & Vise-like grip of compression
"Galaxies go on and off like the blinking lights of a Christmas tree"... Chryst mass - notes...
Hello Operator: have I properly dialed my ARK-ANGLE?
-Embedding in a Galaxy wave.. here is an example of reading approaching waves..:
from: ((SORCHA FAAL)) "Western scientists do not acknowledge the wisdom of the older peoples of the world but it is most interesting that these scientists, and those who follow their new ways of thinking, were not able to save the hundreds of thousands who have perished in this past week's cataclysmic events in Asia. But a tribe of the older peoples from this area named the Morgan Sea Gypsies were able to save themselves from mass death with no device or thinking about Western science.
In a Western news report about this event titled, "Elders' Sea Knowledge Spares Some Thais" it is said, "Knowledge of the ocean and its currents passed down from generation to generation of a group of Thai fishermen known as the Morgan sea gypsies saved an entire village from the Asian tsunami, a newspaper said Saturday. By the time killer waves crashed over southern Thailand last Sunday the entire 181 population of their fishing village had fled to a temple in the mountains of South Surin Island, English language Thai daily The Nation reported."
Many peoples of the world now stand wondering about the wisdom of Western scientists and their teachings to their peoples that all is normal and fine with the world, that only the foolish have cause for fear and only the lazy of mind look to the myths and legends of the world's older peoples for guidance and direction. The older peoples of the world stand across from the Western scientists and warn of cataclysmic events to come and the signs in the heavens and on the earth continually warning those who will listen."
Are you READY TO RIDE A LONG WAVE - if so you must read it - and feel it?
and - confirming the sense of a WAVE COMING FROM GALAXY CENTER?.. our friend Randy - cofounder of Thailand's incredible save even the hopeless - wholistic health center - ( ) writes after the TSUAMI:
"Hi ALL Everyone is ok here. We are on the other side of the area. ...(...)
Best Wishes for 2005 , Randy, Peter and family"
"The Mayans tell us that in 2012 a 'serpent rope' is going to emerge from the center of our Milky Way galaxy out of which will step a bearded god of enlightenment. John Major Jenkins has proposed, and I agree, that the archaic term 'serpent rope' is interchangeable with the modern scientific term 'wormhole' or 'stargate', i.e. a tunnel that links two regions of space." from William Henry - more below..
We have long known that a series of galactic symmetry operations ("Erection of the Holy Cross" = Seyfert Galactic Burst?) were the context and trigger for our local solar maximum - the "Rapture" ( pressing RIGHT down on us now BEFORE 2012). Here thanks for many friends sleuthing we can get a LOT MORE SPECIFIC and scientific about what we face.
I was really grateful to perhaps our best Solar science "Tutankhamon Prophecies" by MAURICE COTTERELL - for noting the solar science behind the FEATHERED SNAKE..
BUT - I think we are missing something if we do not lie this snake shape down on what feathers out from the center of our galaxy (Seyfert pics below) - in time to trigger.. the SOLAR MAXIMUM.   I think THIS may be the cosmic CHRIST (crystallization of electric awareness).
"Galaxies go on and off like the blinking lights of a Christmas tree"... Christmas notes...
Developing the notion of what enters the throat of DNA... from - in the context of what emerges from the galactic core to trigger the solar maxima.. rapture?
animation to go here of spiral arms of galaxy spittting fire.. to compress charge into the throat of DNA as depicted in the above link...
Paul LaViolette - book "Earth Under Fire" - as extensively quoted in Vincent Bridges and Jay Weidner's book " Mysteries of the Great Cross at Hendaye"
One in 5 Galaxies are "Seyfert" type - which means they shoot a fire of great power - out from their core spiral periodically. "Astronomers have come to realize that galactic core explosions occur in all spiral galaxies, even in our own, and that the majority of galaxies that have a normal appearance with no sign of core activity are simply galaxies whose core happen to be in their quiescent phase. The statistics suggest that a galaxy core resides in this quiescent phase about 80 to 85 percent of the time. It spends the other 15 to 20 percent of the time in an active state, with eruptive episodes lasting from hundreds to several thousands of years." In this sense galaxies go on and off like the blinking lights of a Christmas tree. ( The book then cites rather extensive astronomic evidence for recent galactic core eruptions in our galaxy).
We would have to say- the stimulating conclusion - that we are about to be blasted from the galactic core in a way which synchronizes our well predicted Sun burp (2000-2012 Solar Maxima- THE RAPTURE) - to the galactic alignment of 3 SUPERPOSED ROTATIONS - which triggers it.
This is REMARKABLY similar in language to Nick Fiorenza's ( , ) work astronomically / astrologically describing the upcoming nutation / precession - which sees the:
1. Galactic Equator
2. Solar Equator
3. Earth Equator ..
approach the 90 degree relation ERECTION OF THE HOLY CROSS.. triggering the end of our age...      (Nick Fiorenza )
In summary - all predictions - astronomic, astrologic, Mayan, Hendaye, etc. etc. agree: the rapidly approaching end of our age is deadly.
Get embeddable in the (fractal) symmetry of compression .. or become toast. (( cuit/cooked??))
Let us apply the principle of inhabiting bodies of charge coherently (fractally) to cosmic evolution as well DNA evolution, Gland evolution, evolution of farms, architecture, planets and solar systems.
Practically what this appears to mean - is just HOW to become part of this efficient charge propagating electrical body. It would in our view be an immature incompleteness to call this the Cosmic Christ once we understand the physics. More correctly it is HOW TO EMBED in a waveform of perfect fractal CRYSTALization - whose wave elements become by that perfect embedding perfectly informed.
As in the pic above- each wave by allowing itself to be locked into stillness in precisely fractal array (the electrical recipe for the origin of biology and life force)- becomes like the billiard ball prefectly touching a million others in a row.. touching one at one end passes to the opposite end of the row - faster than light speed- total information - zero storage. (Perfect distribution - zero storage defines abundance in economics and defines consciousness for electricians) .
To understand this feeling - I recall the moment last week at Christmas after the Christmas ritual at the ancient mountain top Cathar monestary near here in S. France. We had climbed with great ardor the impossible high Pyrenees mountain top. Just after the intense ritual we were invited to the crypt in the private cellar below the altar.
Walking up the columns in the lo cathedral below the ancient cathedral I felt my often known RINGING IN THE EARS- except here it moved to quite another level of intensity. I noticed the VICE LIKE GRIP feeling which accompanies kundalini - begin to grip my skull - as the burnng in my pineal crown sweetened and warmed. The ringing in my blood and ears ( San Graal) whose piezoelectric origins I understand became more VOCIFEROUS. My mentation gained speed so fast that I knew the edge of burn out - like the monks who got to close to the Sintra cave "black hole' at the Capuchin monestary there.
            The voice of the giant worm current who inhabited that cave made its intentions known to me very seriously. The monks there were unaware of the genepools risk of survival soon portending the wind coming. The source of that great sand worm who spoke was the electro current inhabiting DNA's coeur contiguously for a million or more years. It knows when racial survival is threatened by ignorance and does not like it. The worm showed me where todays monks installed wires and lights with stupid ignorance of the very basic principles of fractality of charge distribution WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED FOR GIANT SNAKING WORMS OF CURRENT TO SURVIVE.
           These giant ones "DRAA-- KA-AN" find the bleeding caused by our stupidity inconvenient in normal times - but LIFE THREATENING as the great Sun approaches orgasm communion with the galactic community. This is the time when all great snakes (LEVITES) know how to connect to the electric socket of coeur. Fusion requires the symmetry knowledge of how to fuse (implode).  (( coeur= hearth=core))
As the great snake slithers toward us from Galaxy coeur ( "lurching toward BETH-le-HEM to be born") we must find and get in our place of charge distribution fractality (formerly called SACRED SPACE).
And there prepare to become locked in the viselike grip of compression. Like a salmon in a rushing river knowing the still point nodes in the flow like the steps of a ladder to climb the stream. ( See the dodeca soap bubble wave nodes surviving a scale change at )
Once we accept the inner velocity of that SOUND CURRENT - we can begin to be the
agent which steers the tornado.. It is more than Paul in Dune knowing the place to make a still point between the scales of the dragon worm. It is feeling for the anger and agony in where that worm has been.. ( see the messed up fractality in Orion between here and galactic core-pic herewith). This causes pain. This pain must be felt and healed -
 or the anger in that wave will blow up the Solar System.
( history:  ).
Google only lists 2500+ sites linking to, Yahoo list 18,000+??
How Fabulously Embarassing to Google's exCIA Owners Report to their Advertiser's
Immediately After they COMPLETELY BLACKBALLED ALL INDEXING of - after 1 letter of legal stupidity from Stan Tenen, THEN - we climbed not only to average approaching ONE MILLION HITS PER MONTH- - PLUS - we delivered a record 1,360 GIGabytes in the month of March 08!-
Who is Google a 'tool' of? IS GOOGLE EVIL? +Ex-Agent: CIA Seed Money Helped Launch Google...detailing Google's relationship with the Central Intelligence Agency, +naming Google's CIA point man., with the parasitic takeover by village vampire George Bush, some of us think the US may not be the best place to hang out, since the US dollar down FULLY 50% in 4 years, has only begun its crash..with most of US economy..
more from ... below.

Flower of Life Research, LLC.
Flower of Life Research, LLC Merkaba Meditation, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Sacred Geometry, Egyptian Mystery School, Right Eye of Horus, Thoth, Star Tetrahedron, ...
(( ))
Ronald L Holt
Director, FOLR LLC "To the Golden Spiral In All of Us". April 21, 1999
Experiencing Sacred Geometry without Intellectually Understanding It
               Although the Golden Mean Spiral is principally derived by utilizing mathematics, it is equally mystifying and intriguing to note that this mathematical spiral has additional properties that can be experienced by humans on a profound level that does not require an intellectual understanding of the mathematical principles. I would like to explore the phenomenon that ties the mathematical spiral to the experiential spiral.
In practical terms, they are one and the same. It will take a bit of explanation to demonstrate the probably ridiculous notion that the golden mean spiral can be experienced most simply as a profound feeling of love.
Simply put, the Golden Mean Spiral is a doorway that weaves the ethereal and material dimensions together. In another context I would say that God left us one door of eternal mystery and exploration¾ the Golden Mean Spiral or the door of love.
In this article we will explore how, in fact, the Golden Mean Spiral is an expression of the basic energy of creation that we call love.
Flower of Life graduates have spent much time exploring the merkaba through the 17-breath meditation that is taught in the course. Up until now, in depth material about the significance of the Golden Mean Spiral and how it relates to the merkaba hasn’t been deeply explored even though their interdependence is intricately entwined. In order to experience the love frequency of the merkaba, one must ride the spiral and know how to activate it. In order to simplify the initial steps to understanding how interlocked and interdependent the golden mean and the merkaba are, we need to have a general understanding and overview of several models that serve as building blocks. ...(....)
The Merkaba is a crystalline energy field that is comprised of specific sacred geometries that align the mind, body, and heart together. This energy field created from sacred geometry extends around the body for a distance of 55 feet. These geometric energy fields normally spin around our bodies at close to the speed of light, but for most of us they have slowed down or stopped spinning entirely due to a lack of attention and use. When this field is reactivated and spinning properly, it is called a Merkaba. A fully activated Merkaba looks just like the structure of a galaxy or a UFO..(...) facilitators-international
 ...flower of life in french:
Fleur de Vie, site consacré à la Méditation MERKABA et à la Géométrie ...
Ce site contient le calendrier des formations de Fleur de Vie ( Merkaba & Géométrie sacrée ) et autres activités données ou organisées par Rachel Pelletier. ...
...embedded...the wave of love ..............
flower of life in spanish:
...david icke  ...about love......
Love Can Build A Bridge Between Your Heart And Mine
Don't You Think It's Time?
Yes? So when are we going to start?
How about NOW?
Location: /David Icke Books           Infinite Love is the Only Truth,
Everything Else is Illusion
more and more homelessness.....
Homeless, 9, and coping with a hard life
Updated 12:02 p.m. ET, Sat., May 9, 2009
That was in December, when Brehanna joined the unhappy ranks of American children who experience homelessness — a group that includes one child out of every 50 in America, according to the National Center on Family Homelessness. In the months that ...
Attacks on homeless become hate crime in Md.
Updated 6:46 p.m. ET, Thurs., May 7, 2009
ANNAPOLIS, Md. - Maryland became the first state in the nation to extend hate-crimes protection to homeless people under a bill signed Thursday by Gov. Martin O'Malley. The bill adds homelessness to the protected categories under Maryland's hate ...
Fla. boy, 11, walking to D.C. for homeless kids
Updated 2:13 p.m. ET, Fri., May 8, 2009
Along the way, he'll collect donations and letters from people urging President Barack Obama to take more action to alleviate homelessness among children. He's contacted the White House about meeting with Obama, but has yet to hear back. "I just ...
IMF: Global economy likely to shrink this year
Updated 5:46 p.m. ET, Wed., April 22, 2009
... global economy is expected to lurch into reverse this year for the first time since World War II with appalling consequences for nations large and small — trillions of dollars in lost business, millions of people thrust into hunger and homelessness ...
Chronic Homelessness Down In Sacramento Co.
Updated 6:48 p.m. ET, Mon., April 13, 2009
SACRAMENTO, Calif. - The number of people who are chronically homeless in Sacramento County has gone down, according to a report from the Sacramento County Department of Human Assistance. Even though the overall number of homeless increased 14 ...
Sacramento clears out homeless tent city
Updated 8:59 p.m. ET, Mon., April 13, 2009
Clearly the bulk of the people are still outside," said Tim Brown, director of city council project 10-Year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness in Sacramento County. "Some of the residents of the community were threatening civil disobedience when push ...
Even the homeless can't escape the high price of a night in New York City.
City officials this month began charging rent to working families staying in public homeless shelters.
Saturday, May 09, 2009
London Sunday Times Covers Hal Turner in London; says Ban is "a joke"
The Sunday Times of London has done a large, front page story about U.S. "shock jocks" who have been banned from Britain and reports on my Wednesday show near Trafalgar Square!
Full Story Here
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Cops stop car over bumper sticker!
In a clear example of how tyrannical the United States is becoming, a motorist in Louisiana was pulled-over by police for having a "Don't Tread on me" Bumper sticker!
A Louisiana driver was stopped and detained for having the bumper sticker on his vehicle and warned by a police officer about the "subversive" message it sent, according to the driver's relative.
The bumper sticker is based on the famous flag designed by American Revolution era general and statesman Christopher Gadsden. The yellow flag featured a coiled diamondback rattlesnake ready to strike, with the slogan 'Don't Tread on Me!' underneath it. Benjamin Franklin helped make the rattlesnake a symbol of Americans' reluctance to quarrel but vigilance and resolve in defense of their rights. By 1775 when Gadsden presented his flag to the commander-in-chief of the Navy, the rattlesnake was a symbol of the colonies and of their need to unite in defense of threats to their God-given and inherited rights.
According to a relative of the motorist who was stopped, it happened this way: Her brother-in-law was driving home from work through the town, Ball, Louisiana, which has a local reputation for enhancing its budget by ticketing speeders. He was pulled over by police officers who told him "he had a subversive survivalist bumper sticker on his car."
"They proceeded to keep him there on the side of the road while they ran whatever they do to see if you have a record, keeping him standing by the side of the road for 30 minutes," she said.
Finding no record and no reason to keep him, they warned him and eventually let him go, she said.
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Sunday, May 10, 2009
Finally, a way to legally go after the Federal Reserve!
The federal reserve was chartered in 1913 to keep stable the U.S Money supply. As evidenced by the chart below, they have breached their fiduciary trust, causing the purchasing power of the Dollar to plummet 94% in 76 years!
Since each and every one of us has been harmed by this, each and every one of us has "legal standing" to bring suit against the Federal Reserve for the harm they have done. Once a lawsuit is filed, we will enjoy the "Discovery" process, meaning the federal reserve banks themselves and the federal reserve Board of Governors would have to open their books! We would get to see everything -- something that the federal reserve has never been forced to do in history.
Behold, below, the wreckage wrought upon our nation by these devious and despicable bankers.

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The guarded gold of the Templars
An image of centuries-long stewardship

The lost gold of the Knights Templar  fulford
The fabled medieval treasure of the Knights Templar is safe in Switzerland. Along with the carefully preserved and guarded gold caches of the St Germain Trust, the Incas, the Aztecs, the Mayans, the King of Thailand, the Ming, and the Manchu Emperor of China, the Templar gold can now be used to back the new international Jubilee currencies.
 Watch the gold charts here, here, or here.
Last desperate attempt to criminalise criticism of Israel
Why is the Holocaust a subject that is off-limits to examination? How could a case buttressed by hard facts possibly be endangered by kooks and anti-semitics? Surely the case doesn't need to be protected by thought control? Imprisoning people for doubts is the antithesis of modernity. Might it be that Holocaust history is fake history? And Israel is a fake nation?
Criminalizing Criticism Of Israel            By Paul Craig Roberts
Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary  of the Treasury in the Reagan administration     5-9-9
He is coauthor of The Tyranny of Good Intentions

US Department of Homeland Security report smears patriotic veterans and patriotic political opponents
The recently disclosed DHS report here (pdf file - ten pages) which taints veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq as potential terrorists is causing growing outrage among US active duty personnel and veterans. More background here and here.
Ravidassia movement has potential to bring about end of caste system in India
The Ravidassia movement could help to bring about the end of the caste system in India, says Kathryn Lum - - Kathryn Lum is an anthropologist and Quaker
The Ravidassia movement in the Punjab, and worldwide, is inspired by the spiritual work of a low caste, untouchable leader called Guru Ravidass Ji, who dared to challenge caste oppression and prejudice in 14th century India, at a time when low-caste slavery was at its height. Present-day Ravidassia deras (religious centres) in the Punjab can use their spiritual, social and financial power to combat issues such as female foeticide and dowry, and to promote intercaste marriages.

The real reason behind the switch from analog to digital  FW10
You will have to get a new television set or a new cable box. Each will have a secret camera and microphone in it to record and send domestic data and conversations to the security services. If your present TV set was manufactured after 1995 you may already be under surveillance in this way. Your TV has the capability not only to receive a broadcast signal, but also to send one. Soon this will apply to all computers as well. Comcast says that their cable boxes are designed like this to serve you better. Once you approach your television set, your TV will recognize you and get all your favorite TV programming out ready for your viewing pleasure.

My name is Television and I spit in your face
The more time you spend watching my calculated froth and manipulative bubble, the more your intelligence is diminished, the more your immune systems are weakened, and the more my subliminal control messages raise your fears and remove your money.
said to be about 1.5miles diameters- triangle shape
Between 8.00pm and 11.00pm on Monday 27th April 2009, a massive UFO was captured on film in the skies above Lahore in Pakistan. The craft was described as being the size of a sports field and was doing manoeuvres which were "not of this planet". One local blogger who saw the UFO commented: 'It was as big as five cricket fields, even bigger. An airplane passed under it which will make you understand the immense size of this thing. It hovered really slowly over the Cantonment and DHA area, then disappeared into the sky in a flash. Everyone in my street saw it and many people made videos. When we had the army over they just said it wasn't anything to worry about, it was probably flares. I've never seen flares in my life manoeuvre around the sky in unison with each other and then go into space within a second."
<Background report here  for more.

We are part of the same experience and evolutionary path as you. We are your future and Ascension is your passport to it.
"Ascension has been your destiny ever since you set foot on Earth so many years ago. Mother Earth follows her own evolutionary path and out of her love for you has carried you along. Like you, it is also her time to complete the cycle of duality, but she has agreed to take you further into the higher dimensions. In real terms there is such a short time left before Ascension takes place, and it cannot be denied short of a new decree from the Creator. In Ascension you are looking at a Universal event of magnificent proportions that will allow every soul to uplift. It would be easy to get caught up in the panic and despair that the dark forces are creating. However, it is only a passing phase as the final outworking of events on Earth comes to fruition. It will not be too long before you clearly see the opportunity for major changes. Then you will know that the old guard have failed in their attempts to keep hold of their power. They will be resigned to defeat and removed from their positions of authority. They cannot avoid the inevitable collapse of their empire.              In days to come money will have no meaning, and you will create everything you need. Those days are nearer than you may think, and come with your upliftment through the dimensions. You see us and we look similar to you in our style of dress, but we do not need clothing such as you wear. We can 'think' our costumes or suits into existence, and this is why it has been noted that they appear as our skin, without seams, joints or buttons ...."
Support those Dear Ones that are clearly the Lightworkers, and you will find them at all different levels. You will know them by their words and deeds, as their truth will resonate with you. Do not be fooled by eloquent words that lack the Light, and certainly think twice before allowing yourself to fall for the fear tactics that are often used. That is the way of the dark as they know no other means of getting you within their grasp. Wealth is often dangled before you to buy your soul, but no one except those of a low vibration would normally become enmeshed in this way. Money has been the root of evil in many ways, but on its own it has no power – it is simply the way it is used. Material goals are waved in front of you as the panacea of life, and you are encouraged to acquire wealth in a never-ending quest. Some feel money equals happiness and whilst it helps alleviate many problems, it does not advance your spiritual evolution. That is unless you are a special person, who can see its use by sharing and allowing others to enjoy it where their needs are pressing.
          In days to come money will have no meaning, and you will create everything you need. Those days are nearer than you may think, and come with your upliftment through the dimensions. Think upon the fact that there are realms that vibrate so high, that you exist as a Being of Light. What are your needs then when you have ceased to be in the more physical realms. You see us and we look similar to you in our style of dress, but we do not need clothing such as you wear. We can “think” our costumes or suits into existence, and this is why it has been noted that they appear as our skin, without seams, joints or buttons. You will have much to learn about us, and it should be an exciting time as we are soon to be amongst you.
           We know you tire of waiting for a new path to open up, but be patient as all proceeds as it should. There may be delays, but we will compensate for them, and our plan will not in the least be affected. We have always been granted the power to keep things in balance, and we are now more active than ever. Your safety is assured, and we monitor the dark forces more than they could possibly realise. Our Light and Love will enfold you forever.
...pdechat........ les liens sont à:
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Le trip des seigneurs!
Charest et Bolduc vous ne vivez pas sur la même planète que le peuple.« Notre système de santé se porte bien en général » --- Pas du béton stie, des médecins!!!!
Francophones du monde, sachez qu'au Québec, tu vas avec ton chien chez le vétérinaire et il est traité en 2 heures, mais dans les hôpitaux tu vas attendre 10 fois plus longtemps !! --- L'urgence de Saint-François-d'Assise fermée 1 jour sur 2 ? --- Trois Rivières une seule urgence pour la région et toutes les ambulances détournées --- D'autres urgences menacées --- Engorgement à l'urgence --- Fermeture de la salle d'urgence --- Pour achever le tout  En bref - Les ambulanciers votent en faveur de la grève --- Vous vous sacrez du monde!!
Tempêtes et inondations etc:
Nouvelle Zélande orage et grêle --- Storms kick off week of wild weather
RAW VIDEO: Baseball-sized hail falling
Cachemire Hailstorm Damages Orchards in Shopyan
Arkansas community 'rain reporters' will help meteorologists forecast ... --- Trees Down, Flooding after Overnight Storms
Afrique du sud two die in Gauteng hailstorm
Ontario lifeshots: Hail of a storm
Severe Thunderstorm Damage in Denison
Kansas city severe weather in South damages homes, businesses
Palin declares disaster as Eagle experiences worst flood on record --- Disaster declared as more villages flood
Brazilian Army Called In To Aid Flood Victims --- Inondations et glissements de terrains dans le Nord-Est du Brésil: 30 morts (+ vidéos)
Cyclone Chan Hom: 12 provinces du Nord des Philippines en alerte de niveau 3
Violents orages sur la capitale du Gabon, Libreville: 1 mort
Climat vital -- Tueries et suicides:
Une mère empoisonne ses deux enfants
Un homme se pend avec ses lacets au commissariat de Bastia
3 dead in suspected murder-suicide in Alta.
Student Takes Gun, Explosives to School, Commits Suicide
3 found dead in apparent murder-suicide in Calif.
Suicide of twelve-year-old rather a homicide? Suspected suicide in Kendal, Manchester
État d'urgences en Californie à cause des incendies: maisons menacées
Suivant la parenthèse sur le climat vital, un lecteur me fait parvenir le clash entre Lalanne et Naulleau survenus sur l'émission de Laurent Ruquier. Effectivement il y avait de la crise de nerf dans l'air
Avec l'accord de la justice AbitibiBowater stoppe la recapitalisation de ses régimes de retraite, sinon il y a risque de faillite. Depuis qu'Abitibi est en affaire, il y a eu des zillions de payés aux actionnaires et quand des travailleurs ont le risque de perdre leurs pensions, ils expliquent que le peuple ne comprend pas comment la finance fonctionne. C'est grave ça!!!!  Arrêtez de croire que c'est à cause de Weaver et de son 17 millions de prime de départ que vous êtes en train de manger vos bas... Il a reçu 17 millions pour vous amener là où vous êtes, et ça n'arrêtera pas maintenant !!! Si la compagnie ne peut pas survivre sans le fond de pension des employés, elle ne mérite pas de vivre. Faites-la crever, sinon vous ne reverrez jamais votre argent!! Fiez-vous pas à votre syndicat, ils sont à voile et à vapeur. Battez-vous, sinon vous allez tout perdre.
UK recession 'worst since 1930s'
Bankers made 'astonishing mess'
En vrac:
Secret: Les fromages des grandes surfaces dont la date est expirée ou qui sont invendus, ne sont pas jetés, car ils possèdent encore de la valeur. Ils sont revendus à une compagnie appelée Kraft, qui les utilise dans une préparation appelée Cheez Whiz.
Comment transformer un policier ordinaire en mercenaire?
Comme si le fluor n'était pas assez... Les Romains sont de retour. Ne manquez pas le symbole
Forget global warming: Welcome to the new Ice Age:
goldenmean............... CONTINUED.........
South of France Retreat and Study Tour            July 1-8, 2009
The Holy Grail Mysteries and Cathar Sacred Sites
Accommodations | How to Get There | Program | Testimonials | Photo Gallery | Tuition | Payment Meals | Cancellation Policy | What to Bring | Site Tours | Lecture Series w/ Dan Winter | Video
July 1-8, 2009
What do the Holy Grail, Mary Magdalene, The Da Vinci Code, The Cathars and Templars, Rennes-le-Chateau, The Golden Ratio, Alchemy, Pharaohs, Freemasons, ancient scrolls, and scientific and modern physics all have in common? The only way to find out is to come to the South of France to explore and study with one of the leading experts in Ancient Mysteries, Dan Winter. Or you might just wish to come for the French food and countryside!
We invite you to unveil the mysteries of the South of France. Follow the Celtic Trail of the Holy Grail. Become acquainted with sacred Cathar sites and Sacred Geometry. Attend seminars in a Sacred Geometric Dome. All while staying in a villa in the South of France. Participate in a three-day seminar with Dan Winter, Bliss teacher and Sacred Geometry genius, followed by a three-day tour tracing the mysteries of the holy grail, unraveling The DaVinci Code sites, and discovering the who, when, what and where of the Cathars. Join us for an exciting exploration "cosmic physics".
"One of the most inspiring courses I have attended."
We will be staying at the Domaine de Fraisse, a gorgeous boutique hotel in the countryside of the South of France. Surrounded by pristine nature, we will be treated to healthy and hearty French meals prepared by our hosts. On some days our seminars with Dan will be held here and there will be 3 days of very exciting travel, exploration and magnetic experience at the best of the Holy Grail sacred sites - more info below. Transport will be provided. Click here for more info.
Accommodation is based on shared rooms (2-3 of same sex to each room- very comfortable). Twin share and couple rooms are available but limited — first in first served — so be quick. There are no single rooms available.
If our first hotel gets booked out, there is a second hotel available down the road by car 5 mins away, with transport provided each day to attend classes and meals, all at the same pricing.
BE QUICK AND BOOK EARLY so you are not disappointed.
NOTE: It is compulsary for you to have an email address and to make all your communications and bookings through email to both sponsors and hotel management. Please email us first to check if places available.
ALL ENQUIRES should be made to the Sponsor, Roger Green, by email to:
If you are coming from outside of France, Carcasonne Airport has cheap flights from London and other airports, especially by Ryan Air. Email your arrival time and we will arrange for your transfer on July 1. Arrival prior to July 1 is permissible; just email your details so we can arrange extra night accommodations at Domaine de Fraisse.
You will be met at Carcasonne Airport and transferred by car to our beautiful boutique country retreat hotel. There is a nominal fee for this transfer (much cheaper than local taxis) by our hotel management of 12 euros each.  There is also half day board, meals and transfer package available please reference below.
Once you have your flight details and arrival times, you will be asked to forward them by email.
If you are travelling by car or arriving at Carcasonne train station, forward your details and arrangements will be made for you.
If you require transfer on arrival day, lunch and dinner (July 1st), plus breakfast transfer on departure day (July 8th) - a 50 Euro half board/transfer fee is charged by the hotel, which you can pay directly to the hotel on arrival.
Field Trips into Grail Country and Cathar History
 Particular emphasis is placed on the pent Golden Ratio symmetry in the star maps of Rennes and others in the region. We have three days of site visits, on which we leave after breakfast, have lunch on site, and are accompanied by expert tour guides who engage us in historic dialog. Time is allocated for meditation and ritual on some sites. All are welcome to participate in the Conclusion Ritual of the Ophanim, which features the 7/5 Flower Ritual Dance.
                                                         Sites to visit include:
As with the Great Pyramids, Rennes-le-Chateau is linked to the bloodline of the keepers of the sacred information, i.e., the blueprint for the architecture of this reality -- and where we are going. Visitors come to Rennes-le-Chateau in order to activate their DNA and thus remember who they are and why they are here as we evolve through the alchemy of time. Rennes-le-Chateau is located in Languedoc, an unspoiled area of southern France. There are many mysteries surrounding Rennes-le-Chateau and its late priest, Berenger Sauniere, that link the village with coded parchments, the Holy Grail, the Ark of Noah, the Ark of the Covenant, and the treasures of the Temple of Solomon. It is of no little significance that there are 40 square miles of sacred landscape geometry surrounding Rennes-le-Chateau.
An adjacent village to Rennes-le-Chateau, Rennes-les-Bains is home to a renowned hot springs and the mysterious Fauteuil du Diable (the Devil's Armchair), a large boulder carved in the shape of a throne. Both the Devil's Armchair and the nearby spring figure strongly in the mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau, The Da Vinci Code, and the secret location of the Holy Grail. We particularly note the pent Golden Ratio symmetry in the star maps of Rennes and others in the region. We have three days of site visits: we leave after breakfast - have lunches on site - accompanied by expert tour guides along with historic dialog. Plus we allocate time for meditation and ritual on some sites. Conclusion ritual - includes the special 7 / 5 Flower Ritual Dance - of the Ophanim.
Mont Segur
The ruins of Mont Segur are perched at a precarious 1,207-m altitude in the heart of France's Languedoc-Midi-Pyrenees regions. 80 km southwest of Carcassonne, Mont Segur dominates a rock formation known as a pog -- a term derived from the local Occitan dialect meaning peak or mountain. In 1243-1244, the Cathars were besieged at Mont Segur by 10,000 Royal Catholic French troops. In March of 1244, the castle finally surrendered and the Cathar defenders were burned en masse in a bonfire at the foot of the pog. However, in the days prior to the fall of the fortress, several Cathars allegedly slipped through the French lines carrying away a mysterious "treasure" with them.  While the nature and fate of this treasure has never been identified, there has been much speculation that it could have easily been the Holy Grail.
Quiribus and Peyrepertuse
The château at Peyrepertuse is the dominating feature of the Languedoc countryside, visible for miles around and grafted so closely to the rock on which it stands that it seems to blend into the mountain itself. Peyrepertuse was never subjected to siege or attack during the Albigensian Crusade against the Cathars; it fell nevertheless to French forces in November 1240, through negotiation rather than force of arms. Looking to the east from Peyrepertuse, you will see the château of Queribus perched on its crag, witness to the fact that it was the last of the Cathar strongholds to fall in 1255. It is still probably the best preserved of the border castles, and the most inaccessible.
Cité of Carcassonne
Carcassonne is at the crossing of two major traffic routes used since Antiquity: from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean and from the Massif Central to Spain. The town is divided into two, quite separate parts. The Cité occupies a plateau on the right bank of the Aude. The Bastide Saint-Louis lies on the left bank. The old district of la Trivalle and the famous Old Bridge have been, from that time, the links between their two destinies. Carcassonne has inherited 2,000 years of history and invites you to discover its heritage of fine monuments.
Saint Martin du Canigou
We will conduct a special tour of the Celtic Dolmen in the shadow of Saint Martin du Canigou, a monastery atop the tallest of the Pyrenees mountains.
Special Tour: Celtic Dolmen in the shadow of St.Martin du Canigou.
Saint Michel de Cuixa
From Taurinya we will venture to one of the loveliest abbeys in the country, Saint Michel de Cuixa. Dating from around 1000, the abbey was attacked during The French Revolution but has retained much of its former glory. With its beautiful crenellated tower silhouetted against the wooded slopes of Canigou, Saint Michel de Cuixa inspires a sense of wonder and mystery in all who visit. So too does the bare stone crypt within. You will experience the powerful magnetism of the village of Taurinya as we visit the stone crypt beneath the cathedral in the shape of the Torus Donut. (Feeling your hair stand up from charge compression inside - is a good experiential intro to Toroidal Sacred Geometry!). It is from this very crypt that the town of Taurinya takes its name.
Canigou Swim of a Lifetime
If conditions permit, we are planning a visit to the world's greatest gorge/cascade swimming hole just up the dramatic Canigou from the cathedral and tiny village - a short hike you will NEVER forget!

Mount Bugarach
Mount Bugarach is the infamous center of all UFO activity in France. Reportedly the inspiration for the Devil's Tower climax sequence in the science fiction film "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," the inactive volcano is rumored to be both a passageway to a subterranean realm of extra-terrestrials and a landing site for UFOs so that they might pick up pilgrims who have decoded the region's mysteries.
Gorge of Galamus
Our journey concludes with an exciting climb down the breathtaking Gorge of Galamus, heralded as one of the deepest and most beautiful gorges in the world. The winding road into the gorge takes us past spectacular stone pools to the spellbinding Gorge of Galamus chapel
The Quest for the Grail
a quote from Phil Gruber, participant in the 2006 summer retreat...
"The Quest for the Grail is the greatest quest known to humankind.  It is the Quest for the eternal and quite possibly the greatest of all spiritual endeavors!  The Grail is something we have always carried within us.  The ignorance of its existence so close to ourselves has been what has bound us here for untold eons.  The word Grail originally meant 'pattern', a very special, sacred pattern.  It is the pattern that lies at the deepest core of our being, and the study of Sacred Geometry can allow us to re-discover this holy pattern, and in the process, re-discover ourselves, and live the potential that has always existed within us as individuals, and as a race.  It is about the genesis of all form and the way we were truly meant to see ourselves. 
The Grail Quest the greatest of all spiritual endeavors.  In questing for the Grail, we connect with the ultimate creative mystery that is both within ourselves and all things...the remembrance of who we are, where we came from, and why we continue to be.
The Quest for the Holy Grail is the search for the eternal in each of us!  Is there a connection between the Grail of Arthurian legend and romance, the Indigos, Mary Magdalene, and the Ring Lords of Middle Earth?  You bet there is!  The Holy its re-discovery holds the secret of restoring our 'pattern of perfection', the original design upon and through which the Angelic Human was fashioned!  Some call this design our Divine Potential, others The Immaculate Concept; still others the Holy Grail!  Mary Magdalene herself is considered by many top be the Grail, the womb through which a sacred bloodline ensued.  Is this sacred bloodline here today as the Indigos?  The Indigos hold within their genetic code not only the long-hidden story of human origins, the true meaning and purposes of our lives, but the keys to the evolution of our race!"
—Phil Gruber, well known international sacred geometry teacher
>Meteoritic REAL Solution to Transmutation from 'Projective Powder.. DIRECTLY from the NEW - Academic Evidence .. that. SHAKESPEARE- learned Alchemy as the Student and SPY with JOHN DEE & Kelley - in Prague!! - >talk about Physics of Angel Calls - Ophanim.. Enochian- Vincent Bridges-bombshell>more exciting & more true than the DaVinci Code!!
Includes over SIX HOURS of Fabulous all- new BLOCKBUSTER -Full Screen High Quality ONLINE Films.. > on this subject!
Get your spectacles on E-LIZ-a beth (as we see here- meaning 'from Lizard Born' is NOT an insult)...... Actually- it is useful to be more accurate about the JOHN DEE origin of the 007 Spy Caper: Vincent indicated that originally Dee (active collaborator with Queen Elizabeth's- spy network called THE GARLAND BROTHERS- which was Shakespeares other name- new academic research reveals) did not sign his documents 007. but rather with two circle OO (meaning FOR YOUR EYES ONLY- to the Queen
- with the OO'7' - next to it- because...
South France Grail Tour -with Dan Winter & Valerie - July 1-8
More-European Tour Conference Options for 09 with Dan Winter and Valerie Sandelin:
14 mai   Paris   Soirée-conférence avec Dan WINTER - 19h30 - 15 €  -
Nouvelles découvertes en sciences alchimiques -
Géométrie Sacrée et ADN humain - principes d'immortalité ?
Le champ fractal électrique : Le Graal ultime en science physique de la conscience
- Baton de Parole - 9, rue Ganneron - 75018 Paris
15 mai  Paris  Soirée-conférence avec Dan WINTER - 19h30 - 15 € -
Nouveau Regard sur la Physique et la Science du Feng-Shui et de la Géomancie ou Vitalité d'un lieu
Les Miroirs de L'Ame - 18, rue Duhesme - 75018 Paris
16 mai  Paris  Journée séminaire avec Dan WINTER - 9h -18h -
Géométrie Sacrée - la Science de la Compassion -
Le Biofeedback et le Heart Tuner - pour expérimenter l'ouverture du coeur.
Comment mésurer l'éveil dans nos ondes cérébrales grâce au Bliss-Tuner ?

Les Miroirs de l'Ame - 18, rue Duhesme - 75018 Paris
16/17 mai  Paris  Cursus Radiesthésie-Pendule Niveau 2 - avec Jean-Philippe Ramonda/Tao Consulting
Baton de Parole - 9, rue Ganneron, 75018 Paris
6/7 juin  Vence (06)  Cursus Radiesthésie-Pendule Niveau 2 - avec Jean-Philippe Ramonda/Tao Consulting
16 au 22 juin  
Pays Cathare / Prieuré de Marcevol
 Choisir la Joie : Ressourcement avec Erik Berglund lors du solstice d'été -
Pendant une retraite de six jours dans un lieu propice au recueillement, vous réapprendrez à choisir la joie et à l'expérimenter au quotidien avec un maître en la matière. Erik met ses vastes connaissances de la métaphysique, de l'astrologie, de la guérison, de l'énergie corporelle, de la musique et du mime au service du groupe qu'il accompagne avec une rare humilité. Il permet à chacun de retrouver son axe personnel où le spirituel, le mental, l'émotionnel et le physique sont en équilibre dynamique et créent l'Unité naturellement... harmony tools
”Fractality Causes Charge to ACCELERATE! - Since all biologic growth is limited by ability to absorb energy it is self evident the best way to compress that in to nourish biology is FRACTAL! Recursive Feedback=Self Awareness=Fractality. 100 Years of Writing Field Equations, yet has physics investigated whether the same fractal field that causes gravity could also most nourish DNA-
ONE Simple Electric Symmetry (Fractality:Visualize a Rose, In 3D it is the PHASE CONJUGATING- Dodec Stellated)- to CAUSE AND STABILIZE: 1. ALL DNA GROWTH+ Healing (Concentrates LIFE FORCE),
2. GRAVITY & Atmosphere Maintenence
Illuminated Site of the Week Winner  Dear Mr. Winter: "Implosion Group on Dan Winter's Fractal Physics" has been chosen as the Illuminated Site of the Week. This award recognizes those websites that.. illuminate the Big Picture- that show What Is Really Happening in our newly ordered world. See Daily Illuminator
May 10,09:PoleShift &"Earth's Force Field":Fractal Solution to the Solar Wind, (with film) Earth's Magnetosphere is LOSING in the Solar Wind:The GRAIL (Fractal) Solution can put Humpty Back Together!
May 6.09:SHAKESPEARE-learned(Science) Alchemy&Angelics fr JOHN DEE'007' &Kelley-in Prague! >Project:Calling All Angels - Ophanim.. Enochian- Vincent Bridges-bombshell>more exciting & more true than the DaVinci Code!!6hrs Film
April 7,09:New filmseries:HeartTuner BlissTuner Training with Dan Winter+Includes new Fractal Science of Life Stories..
April 3,09:New Scientist Magazine: FRACTALS Make Sense of the Quantum World+Comment>Dan Winter &new Rimini FILM:Fractal LIFE AFTER DEATH
Mar 26,09:Phase Conjugate Visuals- Newest FILM SETS (6!), Eye Candy.. Physics Insights.. &
Mar 6,09:"An Electron in a FRACTAL Electric Field-
is So Well Distributed - You Call That GOD!"
"Pure Intent is the Wave that's SHAREABLE With ALL of DNA - Because it Serves Survival. How Fractality defines PURE INTENTION: A Perfectly DISTRIBUTEABLE Wave."New Feb09 film from Barcelona: Winter's clearest explication yet - of his Fractal / Phase Conjugate Field Theory of GRAVITY - AND- Consciousness.
Jan 29,09:WHO.. in Physics- is YALWEH?(newFILM
The Name of Plasma Bodies- Became Our Names for "GOD"- Self Empowering Physics: How The NAMING PROCESS - Teaches You How to EMBED In the PLASMA FIELD -Giving your aura leverage on the charge envelope called LIFE- at ANY SCALE!
Dec 29,08: New Science of LIFE!-the Real Secret Sacred Geometry of LIFE FORCE: Film Series Just out from Puivert,France- +more..
Dec 11,08: REAL Science of Alchemy& AlKHEMy of DEATH/with Major New FILM Release- Bath UK Conference-
Nov 15,08: Real Science of Angels:Girku / Vril/Tuoai /Silmarion Memory Crystals...+ the REAL Enki's Voice Recorder..
Aug 28,08: FRACTAL Water: Zaragosa World Expo on (Fractal)Water- New Films&Photos-w/Dan Winter,Dr.Korotkov, Emoto, Lazlo..
July 25,08: Ecology and Water-Peace&Unified Field,World Expo-Saragosa-Spain:New Fractal Science of Life-w Dan Winter+New Films+New Turin Advanced
June 22,08: Ending Religion Wars:4 Dramatic New Films Released-"ET Origins of DNA"-Angels Exist!.. from the Grail Tour..
June 14,08: Mayan Fractal Time Code: How Energy Rotation Becomes Life - 'Conjuring Up' Perception..The ONLY Exit from CHAOS
May 23,08:Budapest08 Unified Field Physics Conference-Climaxing with Phase Conjugating Profound NEW FRACTAL SCIENCE OF SURVIVAL+New Rennes 5 Film Set
May 8,08:Physics World Implodes:FRACTAL Phase Conjugation Causes Gravity, Color,Perception,Bliss-Scientists Consensus Reaching Critical Mass
Apr 23,08: New Film, Powerpoint &Gallery Greek Isles Cruise-Fractality+Science of FORGIVENESS;+ Budapest Physicists Reconvene
Mar 25,08: the latest-Golden Mean/Fractal Physics VINDICATED:HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS=GOLDEN FIELD THEORY! + another new film!
Mar 15,08: Dramatic New Film Release: Fractal Science of Life AND Gravity-from Melbourne's Swinborne University
Feb 28,08: Is Fractality the(Electric)Cause of GRAVITY&All Centripedal Self Organization-Especially Consciousness+LIFE,dialogs w/Prof El Naschie-The Solid Science..
Feb 3,08: State of the World-Spirit: Assessing our Collective Chances - from Faces Around Earth..+Exciting Updates on Europe Tours
Feb 11,08: TWO Ways to Measure ATTENTION SPAN using-HeartTuner's EKG Cepstrum Coherence Measure + Dramatic New BlissTuner Example
Jan 2,08: Caught in the MATRIX:Why Tetra/Universe Models are NOT Fractal+Do Not Account for Gravity Creation+ Latest 'Surfer'Lisi's E8 THEORY OF EVERYTHING is BASED on Golden Ratio!
Dec 15,07: DNA-Wave:7/5 Braid Language in S.American CHACANA-Mirroring Hebrew/Hungarian.+Gariev's Latest DNA Physics-WITH NEW MELBOURNE UNIVERSITY FILM:NEW FRACTAL SCIENCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS- ONLINE
Nov 2,07: New FRACTAL Science of LIFE:University Lecture new films online with Dan Winter (from Columbia)
Oct 15,07: FRACTAL COSMOLOGY:Global Acceptance,Proof: Fractality CAUSES Gravity-Mathematic Solutions-Financial Prize
Oct 8,07: TWIN TOWERS-Grail Science: RennesChateau>Canigou<Girona"Phase Conjugating"NECROPOLES-in CHARGE for Successful DEATH
Sept 27,07: Dragon Script Grail in DNA:RINGlord/Hungarian= Seraphim'Gold Plates'=Alphabet>DNA Charge Symmetry
Sept 8,07: Immortality: Can Science Know How it Works? Death Visuals Derive from DNA's Braid Sequence, & Color / Sound Harmonics Healing- Heart+Voice-article updated with Marysol's new pdf's
Aug 29,07: Microwave Tower REMOVED by SICK PEOPLE-Legal Precedent+Iran Attack news..
Aug 14,07: Secret of Biologic Architecture: FRACTAL Symmetry CONCENTRATES LIFE FORCE!-Celebrating our International University Symposium on BIOLOGIC ARCHITECTURE - Mexico City Oct 12-14, 07
July 22,07: BIOLOGIC Architecture:Electric GRAIL of Sustainable Environment-Fractal Field makes LIFE! (University Conferences World Tour Announcement)
June 29,07: Real Dragon History: Healing the Schizophrenia-God's Names in EVERY KultURe-ONE Dragon ANnunaki Family with a DNA Problem?
June 21,07: The SCIENCE of Elementals + Nature Spirits:Using EEG / EKG Biofeedback - HeartTuner / BlissTuner - (also GDV) to measure work with Nature Spirits and Elemental Forces.
June 6,07: GrailQuest-New Magazine Article: Fractal KEY to ALL of Life
Apr 14,07:Orb of Life: Egg Shape of Charge Creating LIFE FORCE-Eye's REAL Twinkle IS Dodeca! Hi Res 'Orbs' Photos- showing Dodeca in the Twinkle.
Mar 26,07: 3D Physics of COLOR-Breakthru:Golden FRACTAL Attractor (Dodeca Tilt PREDICTS Primary Colors Wavelengths! ) Implications:Healing/Fusion!
Mar 24,07: Labyrinth / Geomantics + Geobiology site completely updated, reloaded - many new images.
Mar 23,07:Grail Story FINAL PIECE: How+Why Hapsburgs Paid Sauniere at Rennes +Announcement HENRY LINCOLN Joins Tour! -New Evidence: Power of Fractal / GRAIL Ignited Blood.
Mar 20,07:Global Bee Death: The Golden Globe Disaster.Einstein as the Emperor with No Clothes... AND - No Midas Touch +Bet You Didn't Know the REAL Reason you Like Sex?(Let's embed and phase conjugate shall we?)
Mar 12,07: Proof-Phi Fractal Self Similarity CAUSES the Gravity that Holds Atoms Together(added Mar14-International Physicists Conference Version in PDF)+Photon Torus TRUE 3D ORIGIN OF COLOR
Mar 9,07: Fractal Universe-Physics from NEW SCIENTIST-vs-Inhabiting Dragons in your DNA:Gravity of the Situation
Mar 5,07: Perception IS the Physics of PHASE CONJUGATION-the Evidence, +Yet Another Breakthru in BlissTuner EEG: New-Geometric FFT-Measures COHERENCE at ANY Ratio (Phi or Octave) + Shows the Ratio!
Feb 14,07 Hex vs Pent: Emerging from the MATRIX: Brainwave Octaves vs Phi-Proof with new Fractal Synth Software-WHY Golden Ratio Charge Wave Constructive Interference is the Electrical CAUSE of Gravity, Life & Consciousness!
Feb 07,07: The 'Fractal Vacuum'-Ultimate DEFINITION of ENERGY EFFICIENCY (& Energy Sustainability)will ALWAYS be FRACTALITY!- Golden Ratio in EEG Evidences Fractal Electrical Nature of Bliss / Life Force / Gravity Phi Golden Ratio Implosive Symmetry = charge attracted into faster than light fractally perfect distribution - versus - Octave / cubic wave symmetry = charge stored in a matrix.
1. Fractal Vacuum allows Perception by Phase Conjugation: Golden EEG Research- illustrative example- transforming A.D.D. / Addiction into Bliss.
2. WHY Fractality is the key to environmentalism / sustainability / energy efficiency - because it is the key to sustaining charge attraction.
3. Fractal Synthesizer - New Phi Harmonic Interactive Software - demo - download - animations. + Frank's view of perception= phase conjugation.
4. Fibonnacci / Golden String & the Perfect Knot in DNA- pictorial literature examples.
5. 'Observer Physics': Phase Conjugation MAKES AN OBSERVER- out of the CHARGE COMPRESSING electric field CALLED ATTENTION.
6. Fractality and the 'Nature' of the Vacuum / Physics and the Djedi.-with review and link to Nassim's film on the FRACTAL VACUUM.
7. How Fractal Self Similarity between electrons and nucleus - creates the gravity / charge collapse that holds atoms together.
8. Maharishi's Mistake-REAL Brain COHERENCE - Biofeedback vs: the 'Maharishi Mistake. The Maharishi University (of COHERENCE) Graduate Dean Responds.. Learns..
9. "Oe-dipal" origins of human evolution- where the ANU urge-turns wave inside out.
10. new- Science of Fractality - articles reference index (from )
Jan 15,07: Brain COHERENCE Measured & Golden Ratio vs Octaves in EEG: 2 Breakthrus Together - Revolutionize Brain Biofeedback / Meditation Training.. Even the very Definitions of Neuroscience..
Jan 3,07: new "Bliss on a Mac": HeartTuner / BlissTuner support announced for Apple/Mac!
Dec27,06: The DNA Manifesto plus Film Trailer WITH the DNA Physics -12 Snakes into Fiery Serpent Mouth ... of EGYPTIAN AFTERLIFE ENTRY. addend:Jan19,07- Anastastia:The FORCE is with those who BLESS THEIR GENES-Shamanic Example of Learning the Magic of DNA!
Dec 17,06 HeartTuner measures BRAIN-HEART Linkup!..The Heart Brain Connection Measured.
Dec 20,06: Physics of CREATION>
Visual Illustration that SELF-SIMILARITY between Electron vs Nucleus is the CAUSE of GRAVITY!
Bo, BoHeme,Bugarach, Baal, The DRAGONS EGG and the Essene Roots of the Grail in South France.. How Humpty Dumpty fixed his Egg!
Nov 21,06: now-TWO Ways to Measure Empathy with HeartTuner + 'TM Tuner'+ Exciting Report Conference of Physicists on Consciousness +Nu Article:Pattern Recogition in EEG
Oct 13,06: BIOLOGIC Architecture: ReInventing Architecture Using the Electrical Symmetry of Biology.The ability to "Tect"(build) an "Arch" is the skill to fabricate a biologic (fractal / phase conjugate + therefore LIFE giving) CAPACITOR!
Sept 12,06:FRACTAL FIELD: Redefining the FIELDS of Healing, Peacemaking, Genetic Self Organization, Bliss, Energy Science.. + The EDIN BO UR G- Fractal Lens: Why so many ET's are behind the Gene / Bio Science "phase shift" in Edinburgh.
Aug 31,06:Phase Conjugation-Universal Biologic Solution/Healing/Path from Chaos+NewHeartTuner HRV Breath Software-Animations&The LAST Grail Secret
July 15,06: Fractal Charge Compression is CAUSE & RESULT of - a) HUMAN ATTENTION,- b) GRAVITY,- c) NOURISHING DNA
June 29,06: HeartTuner Major New Release:Caducceus Breathing /HRV-and the REAL (fractal)Heart Coherence (vs."The HeartMath Mistake")- The Harmonic Inclusive AND Coherent Heart.
June 24,06: Origin Synchronicity.. Self Organization+Awareness in Phi Electric Fractality..Once fractality recursively multiplies the phase velocities into the implosive compression point - radiance of charge is made infinitely efficient.. This is why it is so profound and self-empowering when we learn (with biofeedback ..or?) from within to MAKE these golden ratio metrics in EKG and EEG- because we then become a massive charge attractor- accounting for not just bliss and creativity - but the end of parasites and the BEGINNING of self-steering (by implosive suction) our own aura. Death survival / lucid dreaming - even ensoulment are the result. Altho the problem of getting self-empowered from an electrical viewpoint is quite simple (attract charge or die) - the psychology of DOING that is the fun part. It literally means determining which intention or wave is shareable -and embedding ourselves in that (pure coherence is always fractal). It means the REASON we don't eat most red meat is we recognize the WORK it is going to take to restore the internal memory structure to fractality (from anger/ destructive inner electrical interference symmetry). It means the REASON we eat only happy DNA and live in fractal pristine magnetics is we realize it is only from there can we radiate the charge called immortality. Etc.This is literally the physics of becoming the diVINE.
June 19,06: Calling All Angels:AmeriKA's Secret Destiny..REAL History of America's Origins(film review)+Destiny.. America's Roots film online-Ophanic / Rainmaking - international Pics.. new Essene film..
June 5,06: Essene Saint 'Grace from Mt Shasta' presents her personal BLISS experiences, her resultant shamanic vision- into the SUN, the hygiene, and the LOVE.. new film online accompanies- intro from Dan Winter:Essene History+Bliss Science- here is a living example of Bliss Lifestyle - the beauty - the hygiene- the science in practice.
May 19,06: Real Physics of the Grail -DiVINe code + Science of Death - NEW DVD+ FILM exerpt ONLINE and Grail Article +History of Hermes..meets the Jesus >Tut Connection....
April 26,06: Geobiology-with Stephane Cardinaux - Science meets Geomantics-Visual Tour- Fractal Grid+Elementals+Clairvoyance, also new films and announcements..
April 21,06: HealingPhase:Phase Conjugation (phi caducceus) principle of all energy healing,bio-ceramic & Re-Dox? - Phisciences + how Fractality Measure Chemically Predicts Which Liquid CAN Support LIFE.
April 3,06: Rosy Cross:..the REAL Grail.. a Threshold/Door/Gate- Timeportal.. (PRAHA/Prague- Rose/Secret Design.)Perfected PHASE CONJUGATION (scalar / torsional / implosion / scale invariant / global scaling) - IS- The Rosy Cross..The only cause of gravity (infinite collapse) and LIFE
Mar 3,06: Charge Self Similarity/Fractality: The Cause of Gravity / & Fusion / & Phase Conjugation-THE EXPERIMENTAL PROOF
Feb 6,06: Making Waves: Golden Mean Physics Breakthrus:Implosive gravity making charge field 'Consciousness'-Sucks its way thru the Universe
Dec 1,05: Physics of HEAVEN!+Phosphene Flares Mystical Synapse Alphabet - Chryst-Mass Message..
Nov 1,05: The True Physics of the Holy Grail: Infinite Fractal Compression. +"EartHeart!"-in print!+HeartTuner Magazine Article
Oct 8,05: Hell's Mouth:Celebrating -SHAMANIC RECAPITULATING-100 Years of MURDER & LIES That are the U.S. Government! - as we enter the INNER WORLD (Hell's Mouth)> NINE LAYERS? - Dante's INFERNO, Jason and the ARgonauts, Journey to the Center of the Earth, the Mayan "Nine Lords of the Night", the Egyptian ENNEAD, Virgil's AENEID, Hopi's PESHMEHTEN, the NINE Tiers of Palenque, DEEP SPACE NINE, and Puharich's THE NINE +"Free Energy" AND Parasites of America-++ Microwave Sattelite Animated Evidence- Hurricane Rita was Pumped Up & Later Shot Down..
Sept 8,05: All PENT-UP- Why were Katrina et al Hurricane centers all FIVE SIDED / PENT?(Implosion Fed Charge?)-Physics Q&A:If Einstein knew about FRACTALITY-would he have Compressed Charge into Gravity, + Valerie's Letter + New Pic /Article- Joe Cell Car -Runs on WATER!
Aug 14 ,05: 4 Great New Film Clips Up at ImplosionMovies-Web TV:1)Charging into the Symmetry of LIFE FORCE & Gravity Making -15 min. & 3 HeartTuner /BlissTuner Realtime InAction Clips.. new window in window training tech. - See if Dan Winter can make his own BlissTuner sing??
Aug 4 ,05: WHAT IS SALVATION?-Science Cure(Self Empowerment)for the Dying Jesus Myth..
Aug 1 ,05: Physicists FINALLY Redefine GRAVITY..Lovingly!! Physicists DEAL WITH THEIR EMOTIONS..discovery REAL Gravity Physics!..saying "golden section" in nature is not accidental, because the basis of it lies in the de Broglie waves.
July 24,05: TRI-PLOSION:FEELING Within-Quantum Bounce to REAL Center-Triangle-ating INWARD-to help you TRY IMPLOSION -Physics of PHI-Triangulation-to Tri-Plosion+Michael Heleus new site+Physicist Responds(Conic Theory of Gravity agrees:Self Similarity MAKES Gravity
July 8,05: Attention=Perfected CHARGE DISTRIBUTION Created by Successful COMPRESSION-the GEOMETRY OF ATTENTION:Neurofeedback for A.D.D. hygiene approach +pictorial look at BlissTuner Solutions
July 3,05: COHERING the Vacuum: Making Gravity in Biology- The PHYSICS WITH HEART! Heart's Fractal Electrification - IS physics creation principle ( how to compress well ) for what symmetry COHERES the vacuum - & MAKES gravity ! "
June 30,05: Squeezing the TRUTH Out- Applying the Self Sort Principle to Your Life..More on Gravity Science Made Social..
June 30,05: New: HeartTuner / BlissTuner - FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions + Users Intro for Dummies..
June 17,05: Gravity Politics- Why Governments DON'T Want You to Know HOW GRAVITY IS MADE..+ Real Story-Scientist Discovers how from INSECTS&Uses that TO FLY!
June 6,05: 12 Strands - 7 Views - New Physics on Black Hole/ Gravity Making in DNA - the Geometry AND the Psychology..of Genetic Bliss Ignition + New Web TV !!.
May 21,05: new book SCIENCE AND SPIRITUALITY-on Dan Winter's Implosion Physics-reviewed + Hurtak Enoch Orion History Decoded/Debunked..More..
May 3,05: The LOVE Vibe: Does Love Have a Freqeuncy- Music of PHI - vs Implosion -Self Empowerment vs. Mechanical Implosion
April 25,05: Galaxy Superwave - and Steering the BIG Volcano..predictions both Indigenous and Scientific..:
April 19,05: Gravity Code: World Responds to Winter's new 'Charge Self Similarity CREATES Gravity & Self-Awareness'-AND-Poincare (Dodec) Symmetry Agrees!
April 15,05: Phi Optimized Charge-Self Similarity Causing Gravity&Awareness- PDF- Invited (Hadron) Physics Journal Paper -also HeartTuner BlissTuner tech updates+ More info on water rising/Krakatoa.. ( /hadron )
Mar 30, 05: Einstein revisited- new-Self-Organization&LIFE Permeate Where Charge Compression&Distribution is Fractal/Self-Similar- - IS SELF SIMILARITY THE CAUSE OF GRAVITY? -- - -- Hadron Article
Mar 15 05: New- HeartTuner BlissTuner- reveals DRAMATIC -EEG Difference between Bliss State- Versus Telepathy / Channelling - Bliss=Phi Cascades, while Channelling/Telepathy Appear Preliminarily as OCTAVE EEG CASCADES!
Mar 4, 05: What is LIFE-answered electrically -AND - Newest Science TEST - DO YOU HAVE A SOUL!!
Feb 6,05: - "What the 'Bleep'- Implodes- Film Doesn't See the (Imploding) Heart.+Physics gets 'attracted' to the PHI-lial - Fractally! Does the Bliss / Kundalini of Cellular Microwave (the 'MicroTubule') STEER THE WEATHER ?
Feb 6,05: Phire Up my DNA! SOLUTION to:The REAL Terminator Story - Dan Winter takes Fun Questions & Some Real ET Advice!
Jan 29,05:America Bush Raped-Consequences Coming FAST- Burning Bush - and the Collapse of America-Predictions for Coming Months..
Jan 16,05: Your Life Depends on Learning to MAKE GRAVITY- Mayans:5 Continents Next After Tsunami..story- Uruk -Iraq - Babylon
Jan 6,05: Redesigning civilization for BIOLOGIC CHARGE COMPRESSION/BLISS-It's Life or Death, and Peace University Demonstration Community PLAN
Dec 25,04: COSMIC CHRIST - Seyfert Galaxies - Christmas Notes..Prepare for Cryst MASS- Dialing ARK-angles:Galaxies go on+off like the blinking lights of a Christmas tree
Dec 16,04: BlissTuner Redefines and Teaches Creativity by Measurement
Dec 15,04: Knot Slipping - Into the Coeur of DNA-Alphabet of Genes! IF a charge slip knot can be compressed into the throat of DNA - as the origin of symbol (the Alphabeta of the Symmetry of Genes?) - AND the ONLY way anything in biology becomes immortal? ..
Imagine that what we call "biology" is the way the mechanical world invented how to build a toroidal charge vector thruster device using molecules. DNA is the device biology used to store this compression into a 'holy communion' / IMPLOSION or burning fountain of charge at it's core. DNA and every protein alive - is pent: mechanism of IMPLOSION's Grand Attractor
Oct 24,04: The SHAREABLE WAVE- Fractally Attracting CHARGE:Making Bliss,Ecstasy &Creative Insight States-Teachable with Science and Measurement.
.. waves which discover the perfect branching (Scion-ce) by perfect compression (Implosion) at the coeur of DNA - become SHARE-able (Immortal).
July 22,04: Seed Germination-Knowing what electrical symmetry PRODUCES life-might save our genepool? Designed to Prove WHY All Ecologic (Agricultural & Architectural) Structures
to Acheive Life & Sustainability - Must Ultimately be Electrically Fractal
June 04: Holarchy:Solution to COHERENT&FRACTAL Heart--Coherence 'Wars':Heart Math vs. HeartTuner:Freezing a Frame"may be "DETRIMENTAL"
June 04: Is Golden Ratio in Spectrum (Harmonic) Analysis the Ultimate Tool to Prove Global Scaling (Scale Invariance)? COMPRESSION enabling principle behind the FUSION..Implosion.
May 04: Bliss Tuner Announced:Ecstatic&Insight States as Science in Feedback
April 04: Caducceus-Breathing the Heart to Bliss- versus Heartmath- Breathing Trainer Announced.& Newsletter
Mar 04: Was that the Papal We?-Popes role in War Crimes+ Enlil/Yalweh Rites of Parasite.-more on Enki drama..
Global Heart Articles - recently republished - Incunabula-Gilgamesh & Immortality .... Mathematics of Self-Awareness:Coherence & Recursion -Consciousness & Gravity asWave Attractors
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