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Posted By: hobie <Send E-Mail>            Date: Sunday, 17-May-2009 19:15:10
Greetings and Salutations;
As confusing as things might have appeared, action has begun. Every trick in the Art of War has been pulled to get things moving, stings, misdirection plays, players coming from inside of the bad guys(spies), including a legit operation, many didn't trust was real. You have a new cast of characters who've stepped out from behind the curtain from where they were monitoring and yanked the big cord, bringing the house lights up. Some sat in disbelief, mouths hanging wide open, caught totally off guard, utterly baffled, just before they were swept away and put in new digs. I'm sure some are still talking to themselves.
There has been a campaign in america, to dumb down the american mind. They hit everyone hard with making people think terrorists were everywhere, destablizing the foundation of people's minds and increasing steadily, reasons why you shouldn't feel safe. This psychological war has been engineered to keep people more suceptible to messages of fear, than anything positive. You who have read over the years, have found the pattern, especially in books written years ago about future times. People could scarcely believe, the dumping of this layer of programs was actually getting moving in their direction. I did find it interesting that, the people who don't read the internet stuff, had no problem accepting and acting on the legitimacy. Truth doesn't need big blaring headlines to establish itself, it proves itself by being itself, true.
Everything is a moment to moment situation and no one is backing off, like the guys at normandy who once had gotten onshore and drove to the huge hedges, found a way thru them and pushed onto end the war in germany. The only difference is, the future was not left out in the prosecution of this banking war, tho many secrets are still being kept, leaving many in the media trying to figure out what this will all end up looking like. I got the plan years ago, my problem was always being patient enough for it to play itself out. Sometimes, it's not helpful to know the end of a story before you actually get there. With a large enough view, it's not really that difficult to see the inevitable conclusion of something, nature always rules, even in the events of man. Some laws are immutable.
Everyone needs to pay attention now and be in expectancy. If this week's activity was any clue, few were ready for anything, as many were so conditioned to, 'well, there's another week of nothing'. What is taking place should be regarded as a military like operation. If you think, for a moment, you'll know the moment an operation is taking place, after all this length of time and what has had to be done, I got news for you. I'll give you alot of hints but the moment some one is knocking at your door is, unknowable to anyone accept those prosecuting the misson. BTW, no one is taking lenders to any camps somewhere, never to be seen by their families again. Take a deep breath, shake off the years of waiting, this is not an exercise,
 the world will now change in unbelievable terms.
Consultations available by emailing this address, donations needed and accepted at......
Be well and may we never speak again unless it's per chance on a distant beach or as result of being in some similar project to make life better on this planet.
Cheers!            Love and Kisses,             "Poofness"
alcuin  ...
UN Secretary-General Ban-Ki moon calls for Israel to be banned from membership of the United Nations (pdf file - 2 pages)
Speaking to the 63rd Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations, in New York (USA) on Monday 11th May 2009, the UN Secretary-General Ban-Ki moon said: "For 60 years Israel has violated its terms of admission, and for 60 years the UN has done nothing about it. It has watched as Israel heaped misery upon misery on Palestine, and violated international law with impunity. As its newly elected Secretary-General, I promise that the United Nations will no longer be a passive enabler of (Israeli) genocide.
 Therefore, I will ask the General Assembly to meet in special session at the earliest possible time to strip Israel of its membership. Ordinarily, a motion to expel a member nation would have to come at the recommendation of the Security Council, but this is not an ordinary motion.
Because Israel is in violation of its terms of admission (to the UN), it is not a member in good standing, so the UN has every right to declare General Assembly Resolution 273 null and void. Since Israel’s membership depends on adherence to that resolution, its expulsion is automatic.
 ((  UN General Assembly Resolution 273 voted on the 11th May 1949: Admission of Israel to the United Nations))
Essentially, the unavoidable, lamentable truth of the last six decades is that the UN has been a moral and political failure because it has refused to enforce its own rules and defend the Charter. Nothing the UN does can have any value as long as this illegitimate member (Israel) occupies a place in the General Assembly."
News background and US reaction here (16.05.09)  .....   ....(...)
The UN News Agency placed the Secretary General's remarks on its official web site on May 11 and shortly thereafter, a news site in Israel called "News from Jerusalem" published the story on its web site.
Within hours however, the remarks of the Secretary General to the General Assembly were pulled off the UN site! In their place was a second address by the Secretary General, this one to the Security Council which was made the next day, May 12.
In addition, the May 11 story about ousting Israel from the UN was pulled off the "News from Jerusalem" site! In its place is a retraction challenging the validity of the source; sort of the same language they use when challenging the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.
According to sources inside the United Nations, upon hearing what the Secretary General said, high ranking officials in the United States House of Representatives and the US Senate flexed their political muscle, demanding a total blackout of the remarks under threat of losing all US funding for the UN!
Thankfully, our source in the UN provided us with the official UN news agency release and we are pleased to published it in .pdf form at the link below.    (...pdf link)
(( ))
 More about UN Secretary-General Ban-Ki moon here. (( )) 
And another pdf file of Ban-Ki moon's 11th May 2009 speech as released by the UN News Centre can be found here. (( ))
This was removed from the UN website after censorship pressures from the US and Israel.

In many ways, the world today does not seem to be very removed from the

barbarity of world war. The invasion of Iraq has lasted longer than World War II,

and more tons of bombs have been dropped on that poor country than all the

bombs dropped in that great war. The International Declaration of Human Rights,

so prized and venerated by men and women of honour everywhere, stands as an

impotent relic of a forgotten time because conquest, cruelty, and arrogance are

still with us and growing stronger.

For all of the good the UN has accomplished since its founding, and there have

been successes, the sheer magnitude of human suffering and violations of

international law that have occurred and are still occurring must also be taken into  account.

Few people know that Israel is the only state to be given a conditional admission.

Under General Assembly Resolution 273, Israel was admitted on the condition that

it grant all Palestinians the right to return to their homes and receive

compensation for lost or damaged property. This provision is embedded in UNGA

Resolution 194.

Suffice to say, Israel has never lived up to those terms, and never intended to. For 60 years Israel has violated its terms of admission, and for 60 years the UN has done nothing about it. It has watched as Israel heaped misery upon misery on Palestine, and violated international law with impunity.

After “Operation Cast Lead,” no person, no country, no democracy can look at

Israel without thinking of the inhuman slaughter and destruction committed by the axis powers in World War II, though one could have said the same about numerous past massacres. What atrocities might  the world have been spared if the UN had refused to admit Israel 60 years ago?

Of course, the immediate post-war world was a different time. The world had just

witnessed the horrors of Hitler’s racist excesses, and collective Western guilt for

the Holocaust dictated attitudes toward the idea of a Jewish state. Even the UN

could not withstand the moral pressure. On Nov. 29, 1947, it passed General

Assembly Resolution 181, “The Partition Plan,” to carve a Jewish state out of Arab Palestine. However, it was never ratified by the Security Council, and so does not exist in law, which means the UN played no role in the creation of Israel.

Nevertheless, “The Partition Plan” was utterly illegal and a violation of the UN

Charter, because the UN had no right or power to take land from one people and

give it to another.

Currently your dark forces try to continue with their plan, but they do not have the degree of control as prior to the last Presidential election. The appointment of Obama has changed people’s expectations, and there is a strong movement that is growing in his support. He still requires time to stamp his authority on matters, but will eventually come into his own. It would not be in his interests to attempt to change too much at once. Simply make allowances, for his hands are tied in many ways whilst he has members of the Illuminati around him. The dark are still active but all advances quite satisfactorily, and after the settling down period is over major decisions will be taken that will awaken people to the truth.

 Many sources are becoming more outspoken, and the people that were hitherto living in the “dark” are opening their eyes to what has been going on in their name.


Political Institutions all over the world are being pulled apart, and their shortcomings and inadequacies becoming publicly known. It is resulting in powerful calls for change in the way they operate, so that they can be seen as answerable to the people, and have policies that are also in their interests. For too long they have worked for party political ideals, and not necessarily for the people. Politics has become corrupted largely because of the Illuminati and their ability to get “their man” elected into top positions. That will change and many souls of the Light wait their opportunity to show their credentials, and lead people back into fair and open politics. You cannot possibly know all that is going on behind the scenes, and our allies initiate much good work. It is leading to the opportunity to root out the old remnants of your last Presidents team, and there is a lot of work to undo what has been done to support the dark agenda, and patience is called for as its foundations are chipped away.



We cannot come to you in the midst of the present chaos, but our work with you never ceases
"We sit above your Earth and peer into your lives, with your prior permission, and wherever groups gather that discuss the future we are there with them. We use our influence to try and motivate them to make decisions that will truly benefit you in the days to come. Those of the Light continue to be tested by being drawn into the plans of the dark forces. (( ))

Some of you are feeling trapped by convention and loyalty to your employers, but it will not last longer than it needs to once the lessons have been learnt. Almost everywhere you turn is tainted with the negative vibrations, and your challenge is to serve two masters until you can step out of the stranglehold you are in.

 Be assured that as always you are never fighting such battles alone, and it will be beneficial to the outcome if you call upon your helpers, if you feel that the pressure upon you is overpowering. (( ))

We hear your calls for help, and can make those fortunate 'coincidences' happen that come to your aid. In any event your Guides are always at your side, so be calm and do not panic if matters do not seem to be working out well for you .... ((  Synchronicity // ))

You are ever expanding your consciousness, until you achieve full consciousness. (( ))

It is almost impossible to put that into words, but can you imagine what it is like be at One with everything That Is? To experience the Past, Present and Future as One and have an immutable link with all life forms? To be exactly where you wish by mere thought, and also create all that you desire?"


It may not immediately console you to be reminded that if you are of the Light, but no matter what happens you eventually come out of each life totally restored and unscathed. Those that do not are simply the victims of their own choice to deny their true selves as Beings of Light. Again, they are not left without help and their Guides will be working to lift them out of their dark periods. We stand back with awe at your amazing fortitude and spiritual strength, to allow experiences that dull your senses and awareness of your spark of Light.


Regretfully, over many life times you have been led to believe, that you are in some way a lesser Being than you really are. Your dignity and self worth have been eroded to keep you down, and be subservient to those over you. Well, we have news for you all; you are Gods in the making and that has always been so and kept from your knowledge. However, your consciousness is growing and with it comes an awakening to the truth about yourself. You are sensing that not only are you more than your physical body, but also have a Higher Self that can lift you up to levels that are more in keeping with who you truly are. You are limited by your beliefs, but as soon as you take responsibility for yourself rather than rely on others, it is as though you have switched on the Light. Indeed, that is exactly what you will have done, and a many of you can vouch for such an experience. Finding your true self is a revelation and upliftment that makes you realise how powerful you really are.


We say, take your power back because there has never been such an opportunity to do so where so much help is being given to you. It is what Ascension is about, and it does not matter who you are – everyone has the same opportunity to ascend. The effort and determination that is required may be greater from one to another depending on your present level of consciousness. However, there is provision for any soul to turn to the Light, and what a joyous experience it will be in recognising your true potential and path to the higher dimensions. It does not stop at that as you are ever expanding your consciousness, until you achieve full consciousness. It is almost impossible to put that into words, but can you imagine what it is like be at One with everything That Is. To experience the Past, Present and Future as One and have an immutable link with all life forms. To be exactly where you wish by mere thought, and also create all that you desire.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and like you we are also continuing to evolve, and we are experiencing a multitude of worlds and the different Beings that inhabit them. Life is exciting and full of wonders beyond measure, and that shall be your experience too once you become Cosmic Beings.


Welcome to the Psychics & Mediums Network UK - the official online spiritual community of the TV psychic medium Vas Andreas. The site is full of useful psychic information and an authority of reliable research. More about Vas Andreas coming soon.
Multiple witnesses see UFO hovering above Kisharsky shopping mall in Russia
The sighting took place in the town of Kashira, on the outskirts of Moscow, at 8.40pm on Monday 6th April 2009. The UFO was spotted above the newly-built Kisharsky shopping mall. Managers at the shopping centre were so concerned about the event that they delayed the opening of the mall and set up their own surveillance cameras to see what was going on. The marketing manager reported that the cameras picked up some anomalous white images but not the actual flying saucer caught on video by other witnesses. The footage filmed shows the clear outline of a disc-shaped craft that suddenly vanishes towards the end of the clip. UFO sightings in Russia have been very frequent recently.
YouTube video here (37 seconds).
 More here (17.05.09).(( it is not the stillphoto...!! ))

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Comme tous l'ont constaté, j'étais absent durant les trois derniers jours, alors que j'effectuais un voyage d'exploration pour tenter de ramener des images de la société archaïque. Après avoir roulé plus de 1500 kilomètres dont plus de la moitié, sous un orage incessant, après avoir brisé mon véhicule en plus de défoncer un pneu,
 j'ai découvert des choses fascinantes et j'en ai ramené des images étonnantes,
 dont je vous donnerai un avant-goût dans les prochains jours.
Les trois dernières journées ont été très actives. Les nouvelles affectant le climat planétaire et vital débordent et je ne suis parvenu qu'à en donner un pâle compte rendu. Tout est en hausse.
Climat céleste: (( sky climate))
-Météor vert dans le ciel d'Édimburgh
-Violente détonation en Australie
-Un disque de lumière orange en Grande Bretagne
-Mystérieuse lumière blanche en Australie
-Spectacular fireball seen in sky
-Flash lumineux sur la surface de la lune, eruption? non!
Climat planétaire: (( planet climate))
Tremblements de terre et volcans:
National briefs: Earthquakes plaguing Kodiak Island
Deadly volcano threatens DRC
Powerful 6.7 quake shakes parts of New Zealand
Tempêtes - tornade - grêle - effondrement:  (( storms, tornadoes))
Australie --- Indes: Rain and thunder storm bring relief despite power failure --- Even bureau is surprised by hailstorm --- Les vignobles du Bordelais frappés par les orages --- L'orage de grêle provoque des dégâts --- Après la grêle : les premières estimations inquiétantes des dégâts ... --- Aucune récolte pour 2009 --- TOUVRE: L'ORAGE, LA GRÊLE, L'EXPERT ET PUIS LE DÉSESPOIR --- Des pluies diluviennes se sont abattues sur la haute Côte-d'Or --- Un mur d'eau coule de la porte --- Grêle et pluie en cascade --- Le front froid frappe le Sud de plein fouet --- Robeson storm damage estimated at $800000 --- Lights still off down south: Ameren struggles to return power ... --- Storm causes major road damage, Laquey road cut off by 15-foot ditch --- Red Cross: At least 110 homes suffer major storm damage --- Overnight Storm Leaves Damage in Haubstadt --- Thousands Of Trees Lost In The Storm --- Tornades dans le Missouri: trois morts --- Heavy storm claim one --- Severe storm produces tornado near Burlington --- Storm damage assessment --- Apparent Tornado Strikes Anadarko --- NWS Confirms EF2 Tornado in Haubstadt --- Rafales jusqu'à 92 km/h --- Mini-tornade à Saint-Pons les Mûres --- Rumblings from Al-Ais volcanoes send villagers into state of panic --- Les orages de grêle sèment la désolation --- Strong storms flood Illinois, knock out power --- Flood kills 2, wounds 6 in NE Afghanistan --- City installs all five flood gates --- Unicoi County officials assessing flood damage --- Downpour brings flood --- Flood water, sewage inundates HCM City --- Hail Storm Leaves Residents Homeless --- Canvass reached 2000 homes in flood-damaged neighborhoods --- Giant hailstones kill 27 in India --- Fortes pluies à travers la Chine --- Mirande. Comme de la neige au mois de mai --- Storm spawns flooding, tornado fears --- 1st winter storm hits Cape Town --- Storm destroys Wichita Community Church --- Storm leaves more than 1000 without electricity --- Storm Delayed Jakarta-Bengkulu Flights --- Storm leaves mess behind --- Storm disrupts events, spurs reports of funnel clouds in metro-east --- Storm causes power outages --- Hail Storm Leaves Residents Homeless --- Severe storm rocks Barry County --- Mini-tornade à Saint-Pons les Mûres --- Golfe de Saint-Tropez Mini-tornade à Grimaud. --- Storm spawns flooding, tornado fears --- Thunder struck : Microburst winds, not a tornado, caused the damage --- Stormy squalls bring rain, damage --- Le sol s'effondre, elle se retrouve dans la fosse septique --- Le magasin Super U fermé après un glissement de terrain --- Fortes pluies à travers la Chine
Climat vital:  ((lives  climate ...  those turned wrong ))
Suicides et tueries:(( suicides,killings))
Enseignante poignardee à Toulouse --- Les employés d'un asile d'aliénés organisaient des combats entre les déficients intellectuels --- La Courneuve, il bloque la voiture des policiers et leur tire dessus a la kalachnikov --- Un adolescent meurt poignarde pres de valenciennes --- Un collégien agresse son professeur au couteau --- Le nombre de suicides en hausse chez les jeunes au Japon --- Un Anzinois se suicide à Locquignol après avoir appelé les secours --- Suicide d'une gendarme de 20 ans --- (2009) Écroué pour assassinats, il se suicide --- Mort suspecte à l'issue d'une garde à vue --- Un homme découvert mort dans un canal ce matin --- 3 dead in apparent double murder-suicide in Texas --- Suicide by male cousins foxes police --- 4 bodies discovered; murder-suicide suspected --- Father and son in suicide pact --- Police investigate murder-suicide at cemetery --- Phillippines: Pas inquiet à cause de l'augmentation de suicides, mais de l'utilisation de pesticide pour se suicider --- Woman commits suicide at store in Leesburg --- Rash of suicides prompts Ketchikan meeting --- Man charged in botched suicide pact
Cops: Death in car probable suicide --- News in brief: CISF commits suicide in Bangalore airport --- Dental student commits suicide --- Grief Leads to Mother's Day Suicide --- USS Hawaii Sailor's Death At Naval Base Is Ruled A Suicide --- Murder Suicide in Houston Suburb --- Police: Lake County couple die in murder-suicide --- 'Suicide' epidemic has city reeling --- Report: Shooter in Volusia murder-suicide was armed with powerful ... --- Dad sent a suicide text before killing his family --- Mangalore: Theatre Artist Shrilanjan Marakada Commits Suicide --- Suicide terror at 32000ft --- Zinkhan completely buried before suicide --- Inmate hangs himself --- Sudbury prisoner inquest --- Man who caused several SoDo crashes dies --- Body found in car; warns officials to be careful of chemicals --- BREAKING NEWS - Hancock supervisor Cuevas found dead --- Woman shoots man, kills herself --- Another Caltrain death marks third on tracks in past 10 days --- Man kills wife, her father before hanging himself --- Police ID man killed by Amtrak train --- Suicide a Growing Phenomenon in Namibia --- Un officier de police tue sa collègue et tente de se suicider
Biologique: ...épidémies et calamités  (( other,biological  lives threatened))
Le swine A H1N1 du porc mexicain: Pendant qu'il y a confirmation officielle de 4700 cas, les experts du CDC parlent de 100,000 cas aux États-Unis
Giant spiders invade Australian Outback town --- Pine trees succumb to beetle invasion --- Gypsy moth spraying begins --- Bed bugs: Little bug big problem --- Chickens still going wild on Kauai --- Des nuages de papillons traversent le ciel --- Mysterious disease kills birds in L. Naivasha --- Scientists warn of new 'super rats' --- La brucellose sévit toujours --- Plus de 500 jumeaux dans un village indien --- Kaolack : huit collégiennes entrent en transe --- Israël 24 bébés et enfants sont oubliés dans les autos en 2008 --- Cent élèves malades : analyses en cours à la cantine ---Note: Suspecter l'eau --- Délinquance Violences en hausse --- Une moisissure du foin à l'origine de l'empoisonnement des chevaux --- Purple Pee: Medical Phenomenon --- Mysterious dark circles discovered on Lake Baikal ice --- Au Québec aussi les enfants disparaissent Fears Rise Over Spate of Missing Children --- Pilot fatigue is like 'having too much to drink' --- Caterpillars devouring Chinese grassland
Les abeilles attaquent: 10 blessés
Mystery as Stockton cars behave oddly
En vrac:
-C'est au tour de Mulroney de brailler à la télévision!!! Une technique de communication éprouvée, qui fonctionne à merveille.
-Ce matin Obama, à la fin de son discours sur le système de santé, a utilisé à deux reprises la phrase " Les étoiles sont alignées"
-Complètement fou comme de la marde. Elle reçoit $420 de contravention, pour ne pas avoir tenu la rampe dans le métro Ça se passe au Québec!!!
(( ))
-Un "drop-out" se sert de son garde-robe comme laboratoire bio-engineering
-Les allergies? Ben voyons donc... C'est encore la faute du réchauffement climatique --- Et les changements sur le soleil eux??
-Ils installent des sirènes d'urgences, ici au Québec ils les ont démantelées il y a 10 ans.
-Mais qu'en savent-ils donc? "Supergiant" Asteroid Shut Down Mars's Magnetic Field
-Le monde auquel nous appartenons est déjà différent. GEAB N°35 Crise systémique globale
-1600 passagers piégés dans le tunnel du Rer-e
-Donnez-moi Dick Cheney et un waterboard, après une heure je lui fais confesser le meutre de Sharon Tate: Jesse Ventura 1 --- 2
-Le virus A H1N1 du porc mexicain pourrait avoir été créé par erreur (Note d'auteur: "Par erreur Mouhahaha")
-Zardari dit: Les talibans sont une création de la CIA et du ISI
-Comment ça se passe dans la société des maîtres?
-Les nouvelles jeunesses hitlériennes
-Climate change, water shortages conspire to create 21st century Dust Bowl
-L'élite de l'Ouest est une tribu
-Plus de job? Envoyez-vous en l'air! Du Viagra gratuit pour les chômeurs
-Avec la crise, le nombre de ventes judiciaires fait un bond
-Plus de 16 000 ménages lavallois en situation de crise
-Mythologie conspirationiste
-Saisies immobilières : la débâcle se poursuit aux USA
-1 Français sur 90 en garde à vue
-How come animals can detect earthquakes?
 Le tremblement de terre est un phénomène d'électricité atmosphérique. Ceci occasionne un effet électrique dans les globes oculaires,
dans les instants précédents les tremblements de terre.
.........pdechat............ .........
Ne sentez-vous pas le goût cuivré dans votre bouche ?
Le transit Mercure soleil surviendra aujourd'hui le 18 et son descendant se poursuivra pour la prochaine semaine, le climat vital va s'en ressentir et les évènements fous vont s'accroître.
Sujet de la semaine et martelé dans tous les territoires de l'Ouest: l'homophobie: Journée internationale contre l'homophobie --- Deux policiers cannois portent plainte pour homophobie --- Diversité ethnoculturelle et homophobie - L'homosexualité au-delà ... --- Journée contre l'homophobie : entre répression et timide progression --- Cérémonie en hommage aux victimes de l'homophobieJournée mondiale de lutte contre l'homophobie - La CSN poursuit la ... --- Journée mondiale de lutte contre l'homophobie --- Pour l'UE, l'homophobie est une violation de la dignité humaine --- Transsexualité: des associations demandent des engagements au ... --- "Des intellectuels encouragent l'homophobie par leur discours" --- "C'est l'homophobie qui est immorale", dit le chef du Conseil de l ... --- Yolande James prend position contre l'homophobie --- "Les propos homophobes sur le Net ont été multipliés par trois" --- La marche contre l'homophobie à Grenoble --- Tous contre l'homophobie --- Tag gegen Homophobie: EU verurteilt Diskriminierung von Schwulen ... --- Homophobie in Deutschland --- --- March against Homophobia and Transphobia in Ankara --- International Day Against Homophobia marked in Sydney --- Liberal bigots turn their fire on 'retarded homophobes' --- Greater Manchester proudly flies the rainbow flag for IDAHO
Il y a 30 ans, le Canada décriminalisait l'homosexualité dans la grande tendance de l'empire de l'Ouest. L'argument massue était à l'époque " Ce qui se passe entre adultes consentants dans une chambre à coucher ne concerne personne d'autre”.  Un argument raisonnable, provenant d'une société tolérante à la différence.
Seulement voilà, ça ne se passe plus dans les chambres à coucher et l'encadrement par des politiques gouvernementales québecoises avec le support des syndicats, n'est rien de plus qu'une autre merde d'accommodement raisonnable.
C'est assez d'être toujours assis sur le banc arrière de l'autobus parce qu'on n’a pas de problèmes ou qu'il faut absolument accommoder des nouveaux consommateurs ou se faire du capital politique. Quand est-ce qu'on va cesser de construire des rampes d'handicapés pour toutes les minorités qui ne veulent pas ressembler aux autres ?
À l'instar de son gouvernement, le Québec est en train de devenir un gros pneu mou !!!
Climat céleste:
Soleil: Rayonnement gamma encore 6 points de contact. Ça n'a pas cessé depuis le début de l'an.
Le champ magnétique est encore très instable
Meteor strike may have caused peat bog fire near Carlisle
Climat planétaire :
Volcans :
L'Arabie séoudite évacue 5 villages par la crainte d'un développement volcanique‎
Tremblements de terre :
Los Angeles secoué par un séisme de 4.7 sur l'échelle de Richter
Tempêtes - tornades - grêle - inondations - effondrements :
Landslide kills six in Bangladesh --- 6 killed, 15 missing in Compostela landslide --- Death toll of NW China landslide rises to seven --- Eight killed in Rwanda landslide --- 25 to 40 people die in the result of descending landslide 25 ... --- Martinique : 31.000 personnes sans eau --- Sept morts dans un glissement de terrain au Gansu --- Three die in central China as tailings dam bursts --- Wild weather sweeps country --- Un Zodiac et ses quatre occupants pris dans la tempête en Bretagne --- Storm Damage --- Waves reach 11 metres near Mossel Bay as storm lashes coast --- Storm, winds cause havoc --- Weather Service confirms two tornadoes in Central New York --- Tornados rip through Tioga County --- NWS says tornado touched down in Madison County --- Wild weather sweeps country --- Tornado leaves twisted mess --- State Highway One reopens after flooding --- Freak weather phenomenon damages local nursery --- Floods: Residents to be  moved --- BOTSWANA: More floods expected --- Woman killed in flash floods --- How high is the water, mama?
Climat vital :
Suicides et tueries: 2 commit suicide in separate incidents --- Apparent murder-suicide in Beaver County --- Woman Dies After Suicide-Risk Not Communicated --- Woman commits suicide --- Man Arrested for Killing Daughter's Husband --- Suicides à France Télécom - Déjà 17 cas en 2009 --- Mystery shrouds deaths of couple, 4-year-old --- Young 3 year old boy shot to death: Chicago police investigating fatal ...
Biologique et émies...
Total crop loss for some kiwifruit growers --- GLOBAL: Swine flu epidemic spreads ---  Experts scope out zebra mussel treatment --- Drought affected farmers face new battle --- Clover root weevil on way, farmers warned
Un avion de tourisme s´est écrasé au Guatemala --- Accident: American B772 near Tokyo on May 14th 2009, turbulence ... --- Accident: Air Do B763 at Sapporo on May 13th 2009, turbulence ...
En Vrac:
Tiens tiens tiens l'auteur est un ancien ambassadeur à l'Organisation des conférences Islamiques
Le virus A(H1N1) pourrait avoir "des effets notables" sur l'économie: N'était-ce pas là l'objectif?
Maudite gang avec leurs merdes d'OGM : BRAVO JOSÉ!!
Le populisme n'est pas un style, mais une rébellion du peuple contre le pouvoir
Question: Ou sont passés les 9 trillions de dollars? Réponse de la FED: Nous ne savons pas!
C'est lorsqu'un animal se sent coincé qu'il devient le plus dangereux
Le rapport secret qui démontre comment les nazis ont planifié le quatrième Reich. Le Plan!
Parlant de nazisme: montée des évènements à caractères nazis --- Heurts entre clandestins et néo-nazis à Athènes --- Un prêtre italien fier d'être nazi --- 400 néo-nazis se sont rassemblés dans le Limbourg --- Salif Sanfo en Allemagne : « Bientôt une maison des cultures du ...
Joe Quinn           Tue, 19 May 2009
Like most normal people, by the 100th day of the Obama administration I had hoped that Bush-era freaks like Dick Cheney would have respectfully withdrawn from public view and ultimately (and ideally) ended up parked in an old people's home where staff would joyfully beat them twice a day. But alas, like a recurring nightmare, Mr. Cheney at least seems unwilling to spare us his disturbing presence just yet.

Reading his recent rants on Obama's (now reversed) plans to release more prisoner abuse photos and roll back illegal wiretapping and close Gitmo etc, we get the impression that behind Cheney's anger lies fear (I'm generously presuming that there actually is something more to old snarly face than pure primal anger). But what could provoke fear in man whose idea of private conflict resolution is to try and blow your face off with his shotgun?

While Dick is undoubtedly frustrated at the thought of an end to the vicarious pleasure he surely derives from his personal (if indirect) involvement in the waterboarding, sodomising or plain ol' beating to death of innocent people, not to mention an end to his personal assassination squad, the many degrees of separation between an order from the office of the VP and the 'enhanced interrogation' room where the 'fun' takes place ensure that Cheney need not fear any jail time for his 'enhanced misdemeanors' (especially under the increasingly pusillanimous Obama aka 'Judas Goat').

Like so many political debates of the last, say, 2000 years, the debate on the merits of torture in attempting to extract accurate information from an alleged suspect in the war on terror is hubris.

In 2002 the Bush administration was gearing up to launch an illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq for profit (and Israel). The CIA at that point was tasked with providing justification in the form of 'evidence' that Saddam had links to "al-qaeda". Under the direction of the office of the VP and the Sec of Defense, the CIA began torturing individuals that they had picked up in random sweeps of Afghanistan and Pakistan (and later Iraq after the invasion).
           To seasoned sadists like Cheney and high level members of the CIA it was clear that far from being a reliable way to extract accurate information from a prisoner, torture was much better suited to forcing a prisoner to state something that was not true - prisoners like Ibn al-Shaykh al-Libi (who coincidentally appears to have been suicided recently in prison in Libya) and Abu Zubaydah who remains in Gitmo to this day.
al-Libi was reportedly tortured many times, including water boarding, in Egypt and later in Libya. He was also locked in a 20 inch high "coffin" for 17 hours and then beaten for 15 minutes before he finally found sufficient inspiration and the 'right answer' about those "links between Iraq and al-Qaeda".....(....),-Others
 Paul Craig Roberts             Counterpunch
Comment: Sounds to us like an awful lot of damage control going on here and perhaps Hersh fears for his safety. You can view the original Nation report here.
Former prime minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto was assassinated on the orders of the special death squad formed by former US vice-president Dick Cheney, which had already killed the Lebanese Prime Minister Rafique Al Hariri and the army chief of that country.
The squad was headed by General Stanley McChrystal, the newly-appointed commander of US army in Afghanistan. It was disclosed by reputed US journalist Seymour Hersh while talking to an Arab TV in an interview.
.......more from  FW10............
Rumsfeld's Renegade Unit Blamed for Afghan Deaths
JErome STarkey in Kabul          written May 16, 2009
Special Forces group implicated in three incidents that claimed the lives of hundreds of innocent civilians / MarSOC was set up by former defence secretary despite opposition from within the Marine Corps
A single American Special Forces group was behind at least three of Afghanistan's worst civilian casualty incidents, The Independent has learnt, raising fundamental questions about their ongoing role in the conflict.
Troops from the US Marines Corps' Special Operations Command, or MarSOC, were responsible for calling in air strikes in Bala Boluk, in Farah, last week – believed to have killed more than 140 men, women and children – as well as two other incidents in 2007 and 2008. News of MarSOC's involvement in the three incidents comes just days after a Special Forces expert, Lieutenant-General Stanley McChrystal, was named to take over as the top commander of US and Nato troops in Afghanistan. His surprise appointment has prompted speculation that commando counterinsurgency missions will increase in the battle to beat the Taliban.
MarSOC was created three years ago on the express orders of Donald Rumsfeld, US defence secretary at the time, despite opposition from within the Marine Corps and the wider Special Forces community. An article in the Marine Corps Times described the MarSOC troops as "cowboys" who brought shame on the corps.
The first controversial incident involving the unit happened just three weeks into its first deployment to Afghanistan on 4 March 2007. Speeding away from a suicide bomb attack close to the Pakistan border, around 120 men from Fox Company opened fire on civilians near Jalalabad, in Nangahar province. The Marines said they were shot at after the explosion; eyewitnesses said the Americans fired indiscriminately at pedestrians and civilian cars, killing at least 19 people.
The US Army commander in Nangahar at the time, Colonel John Nicholson, said he was "deeply ashamed" and described the incident as "a stain on our honour". The Marines' tour was cut short after a second incident on 9 March in which they allegedly rolled a car and fired on traffic again, and they were flown out of Afghanistan a few weeks later.
The top Special Operations officer at US Central Command, Army Major General Frank Kearney, refuted MarSOC's claims that they had been shot at. "We found no brass that we can confirm that small-arms fire came at them," he said, referring to ammunition casings. "We have testimony from Marines that is in conflict with unanimous testimony from civilians."
At the military hearings on the incident, which were held back in the US, soldiers said the MarSOC troops, who called themselves Taskforce Violence, were gung-ho and hungry to prove themselves in battle. The inquiry also heard testimony suggesting there were tensions between the Marine unit and its US Army counterparts in Nangahar province.
Col Nicholson told the court the unit would routinely stray into areas under his control without telling him, ignoring usual military courtesies. "There had been potentially 25 operations in my area of operations that I, as a commander, was not aware of," he said. Asked about the moment he was told of the March shootout, he added: "My initial reaction was, 'What are they doing out there?' " The three-week military inquiry ultimately spared the Marine unit from criminal charges.
There are around 2,500 troops in MarSOC. Around half are frontline troops, the rest are support and maintenance. Originally the unit was used to plug gaps in the Special Forces world and it has operated in more than 16 countries since being set up by Mr Rumsfeld in 2006. However, in a recent interview, its commanding officer, Major General Mastin Robeson, revealed he has been ordered to focus on Afghanistan and Pakistan. Today MarSOC answers to the Combined Forces Special Operations Component Command, based in Kabul. That in turn answers to US Forces Afghanistan, which is led by the top US commander, David McKiernan, who is soon to be replaced by General McChrystal.
In August last year, a 20-man MarSOC unit, fighting alongside Afghan commandos, directed fire from unmanned drones, attack helicopters and a cannon-armed Spectre gunship into compounds in Azizabad, in Herat province, leaving more than 90 people dead – many of them children.
And just last week, MarSOC troops called in the Bala Baluk air strikes to rescue an Afghan police patrol that had been ambushed in countryside in Farah province. US officials said two F18 fighter jets and a B1 bomber had swooped because men on the ground were overwhelmed. But villagers said the most devastating bombs were dropped on compounds some distance from the fighting, long after the battle was over, and when Taliban forces were retreating. Afghan officials said up to 147 people were killed, including more than 90 women and children.
US officials dispute the number of people killed in each of the MarSOC incidents, which sparked angry public demonstrations and condemnation from Afghan President Hamid Karzai.
The spokesman for US forces in Afghanistan, Colonel Greg Julian, denied reports that commanders have lost confidence in the Marine unit. "MarSOC was involved in these incidents, but it's not all the same guys. They get the lessons passed on from all of the rotations and experiences. Yet, they are human," he said. "They have the same rules of engagement that everyone has."
The so-called "tactical directive" was introduced last September in the wake of the international uproar that followed the Azizabad deaths. It requires troops to exercise "proportionality, restraint, and utmost discrimination" when calling in air strikes. Claims that bombs were dropped in last week's incident in Farah long after the fighting finished suggest those directives may not have been followed by MarSOC.
Meanwhile, Afghan MPs have called for new laws to regulate the presence of foreign forces in Afghanistan, and limit use of air strikes, house searches and Special Forces operations. Sayed Hussein Alemi Balkhi, one of the chief proponents of the planned legislation, said: "Special Forces, all forces, should be regulated by the law. If they won't accept that we have to ask bigger questions about what they are doing here."
posted    May 19, 2009 11:43 AM Dear Mr. President: We Will Fight You
Ellen Olenska   ...written.... May 17, 2009
Dear Mr. President:
You have betrayed your most ardent supporters and your own campaign promises. The following are among those former supporters who do not support your current compromises to the elite, the Bush administration and the bankers:
The New York Times, The Nation, The Progressive, Senator Russ Feingold, Senator Patrick Leahy, Senator Dick Durbin, Congressman Wexler, Naomi Klein, William Greider, and the 88 members of the Westside Coalition to Restore the Bill of Rights, an organization I chair. Here is a list of your betrayals:
- Refusal to consider a single-payer healthcare system, even though a wide majority of Americans not employed by HMO's and big pharmaceutical companies want it desperately. (Canadians pay on average $60 per month per person for healthcare - a feat made possible by a nationwide risk pool -vs. $1950 per month here.
- A stunning gift of absolute power to 600 or so corrupt bankers that will keep Americans bankrupt for at least 100 years, as the debt created by this takeover impoverishes every American for generations.
- Your appointment of a GMO proponent as Secretary of Agriculture and a former Monsanto executive to head food safety: actions which may implicate you personally in millions of cancer cases and thousands of deaths worldwide.The Monsanto –FDA revolving door, initiated by George H.W. Bush to ensure that Monsanto would utterly control  the FDA, empower it to fire all scientists whose tests proved their GM seeds unsafe for human consumption,  and enable it to dictate non-regulatory government policy, is now Obama policy. The global domination of Monsanto, through illegal and stealthy contamination of heirloom  food crops in India, Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay and Paraguay has destroyed millions of communities and crops, such as Mexican corn, that took thousands of years to breed to perfection. When Monsanto was unsuccessful in taking over the corn crop in Mexico, they dumped tons of very cheap GM corn onto Mexican markets. Once contaminated, the pristine Mexican corn seed becomes sterile forever.  Here in the US, Monsanto sends out hit squads of thugs to threaten and intimidate American farmers, often resulting in mass bankruptcies, even though the farmers are innocent of wrongdoing. The bee die-off that threatens to annihilate all food production on the planet may be due to contamination from Monsanto's "terminator seeds". That is the suspicion, although it is yet to be proven.
Monsanto has one goal: absolute power to own and control all seeds, food, and food production, preventing any human on earth from feeding his own family by growing his own organic or heirloom crops. Once Monsanto successfully monopolizes the global food supply, they will possess the political power to starve billions of humans to death; to play God and to determine selectively who shall live, and who shall die. I beg you to watch the  documentary, "The World According to Monsanto" co-produced by the Canadian and French governments to see exactly what evil you are unleashing upon the world.  Monsanto has strived to ban this film from US markets, but since Robert Redford has released it in the US, Monsanto can no longer hide from its shocking revelations.
- Refusal to end the war in Iraq
- Escalation of the quagmire in Afghanistan and Pakistan
- Refusal to close Guantanamo where torture continues as I write this
- Refusal to hold Dick Cheney accountable for gross violations of his constitutional oath
- Refusal to end military commissions, restore habeas corpus and prosecute telecom companies guilty of spying on innocent Americans.
Refusal to restore the rightful balance of power to the Federal government, as promised repeatedly in your campaign speeches.
In those speeches you showed courage and wisdom. In office you have retreated to passivity as Larry Summers and Tim Geithner executed a coup d'etat over the Federal government. You, like G.W. Bush before you, have enriched the billionaires of Wall Street at the expense of working Americans who are already suffering a much lowered standard of living.
We no longer trust you. We will fight you. Until you live up to your promise, you cannot count on us to support your programs. We, your former supporters, are growing in ranks. You will have to answer to us as well as the Republican opposition.
Author's Bio: Ellen Olenska is a choreographer and activist
May 17, 2009
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Tom hen -9-11 TREASON....    c-story-proposals -   poof -alcuin -  pdechat - sott -
searching-fw10 -  version3
Saturday, May 16, 2009 
It is the 9-11 TREASON stupid      not the torture -     
+   Matt Drudge dying of AIDS ((Matt Drudge aka Drecht. ))
Behind the scenes intelligence briefings ALL Patriot Americans MUST know...the REAL facts and truth the corporate-controlled mainstream media covers up
by Tom Heneghan
International Intelligence Expert
Saturday   May 16, 2009
9/11 rogue U.S.-Israeli Mossad BLACK OP attacks on New York City   pic Jay Boucher
UNITED STATES of America  -  It can now be reported that the Obama Administration is in disarray and has descended into lawless with White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel
 in total rebellion and operating without oversight.
Obama's White House Chief of Staff and Israeli Mossad agent Rahm Emanuel AP  (L),
U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder
On Wednesday, May 13, 2009, the former head of the North American Israeli Mossad, Rahm Emanuel, barged into the office of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and demanded that U. S. Attorney General Holder have the Obama Justice Department grant former Federal Reserve Bank of New York Chairman Stephen Friedman immunity from prosecution in regards to Friedman's role with former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan and noted convicted Ponzi Scheme artist, Bernard Madoff, in the looting of the U.S. Treasury and the transfer of TRILLIONS of dollars to Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate offshore secret CIA proprietary accounts in Pakistan.
This was Emanuel's spitting in the face of the Joints Chief of Staff who have warned him on many occasions that if he crossed the line one more time there would be severe consequences.
Question: Does Emanuel now face severe consequences from the U.S. Military?
Stephen Friedman, Alan Greenspan, Bernard Madoff
Note: Israel was used as the middleman in the transfer of funds. All of this dovetails to a new escalating investigation of former BushFRAUD White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove's firing of U.S. Attorneys with a specific emphasis on the U.S. Attorney case
involving the frame up of former Democratic Alabama Governor Don Siegelman.
Siegelman, a former FBI informant and Bush-Clinton-Mena, Arkansas-Iran/Contra whistleblower, had also uncovered evidence that the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate laundered proceeds from the old Iran-Contra money laundry through a medical supply and rehabilitative health company called HealthSouth          with evidence linking Stephen Friedman's Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme, the General Electric Corporation and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.
        The proceeds from this money laundry were then used, not only to transfer funds to secret offshore CIA proprietary accounts, but to BRIBE both Republican and Democratic elected officials in the state of Illinois with massive General Electric Medical Systems campaign contributions that would effectively prevent cheaper prescription Canadian drugs from reaching the United States       and, accordingly, competing with the General Electric-HealthSouth medical supply Ponzi Scheme.
U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald                UPI Photo/Kevin Dietsch
Reference: U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, Patrick Fitzgerald, has ignored two (2) criminal referrals naming none other than current White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and former BushFRAUD White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove as persons of interest. [Traitor Fitzergald is in frequent communication with Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate partner daddy Bush].
Fitzgerald, rather than pursue the truth, is trying to use former Democratic Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich as a patsy and a firewall   as to divert away from the REAL criminal activity
of both Rahm Emanuel and Karl Rove.  ......      BRIBED
Judge Mark Fuller, former president of Doss Aviation               pic Phil Fleming
Item: A new impaneled Federal Grand Jury in Washington D.C. is not only looking now at the activities of both Emanuel and Rove but also U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald as well as BushFRAUD appointed Alabama Judge Mark Fuller, who took a $300,000 BRIBE from HealthSouth as to arrange a frame up trial against the former Democratic Governor of Alabama, Don Siegelman.
How dare you, you conspiratorial tyrants
and kings and notable queens!
Note: Listen to this, folks.  Guess who showed up on MSNBC's Chrissy Pooh Matthews aka Tweety Bird's political gossip talk show aka Hardball on Friday afternoon
to try to poo-poo the escalating investigation of Karl Rove.
Well, it was none other than alleged Chicago Tribune journalist, British Intelligence asset and homosexual in-the-closet James Warren.
Message to Chrissy Pooh: This is your last warning.  Quit enabling obstruction of justice in your attempt to protect the Bush-Clinton Family Syndicate gang from being prosecuted by putting on these extortion-friendly, blackmailer-types, media whores like James Warren,
who should all be taken to Guantanamo Bay.
P.S. As much as torture-gate, like Ms. California's opposition to homosexuals, is a diversion by the controlled media from dealing with the REAL stories like the illegal PRE 9/11 domestic spying against the American People as well as the looting of the U.S. Treasury by the conspiratorial Federal Reserve, today let us bring you some real TRUTH about the BushFRAUD Administration's torture of alleged terrorists.
                  Reference: It is important to remember that it was our great ally of 200 years, the Republic of France, and its Intelligence services, that intercepted an Israeli-British cable that had originated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), that contained the 9/11 command and control attack order:               "The time is now, the match is hot."
This PRE 9/11 warning was passed on to the BushFRAUD State Department aka Condoleezza Rice as well as the FBI; it was utterly ignored by the BushFRAUD Administration.
Now let's really connect the dots here, folks.
This Israeli-British cable intercepted by the French, and now classified in Great Britain under the British Secrets Act, is titled "WD 199".
The cable, which also reached alleged Al Qaeda cells inside the United States, gave various alleged terrorists aka Pakistani Intelligence officers a heads up on what was about to occur. Note: As we have described in previous intelligence briefings, all of the alleged Al Qaeda cells on American soil had been infiltrated PRE 9/11 by the Israeli Mossad with its headquarters at the noted New Jersey-based Urban Moving Systems.
As previously reported, the BushFRAUD Administration ignored the PRE 9/11 warnings that were given to them by their own FBI and French Intelligence.
In fact the FBI field office in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the late FBI New York Special Agent in Charge, John P. O'Neill, had already identified the Al Qaeda cells in Minneapolis that got a PRE 9/11 heads up as early as July of 2001.
Note: The late FBI field agent John P. O'Neill died in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, a victim of the rogue U.S.-Israeli Mossad attack on New York City and the United States of America.
This included alleged 9/11 mastermind aka U.S.-CIA-Pakistani Intelligence officer Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.
U.S. employees        Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Tim Osman aka Osama bin Laden
Mohammed, like Osama bin Laden aka CIA Tim Osman, were U.S. government employees at the time, reference their role with the Mujahadeen in the 1980s, in their war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.
Most of the evidence that FBI investigator John P. O'Neill and the Minnesota FBI office had gathered against the alleged Al Qaeda cells and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed dealt with only with PRE 9/11 knowledge of an alleged "big show" that was about to take place.
There was no evidence linking them to the operational planning of what we now know was a rogue U.S. government BLACK OP aka inside job that was the 9/11 attack itself.
Reference: It was only after the 9/11 attack itself that the alleged members of these Al Qaeda cells, including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, were arrested and taken to Guantanamo Bay and named "enemy combatants". Of course, you see now, folks, these guys were not military combatants, they were nothing more than "gossip merchants".
Accordingly, rather than deal with the Israeli role in the infiltration of these cells and the use of these alleged Al Qaeda as patsies by the REAL 9/11 plotters,       they were then tortured and waterboarded into making false confessions regarding their roles in 9/11.
U.S.-Canadian Red/Blue War Games, which took place on 9/11, were used as a disguise to shut down the U.S. defense shield NORAD to allow the BLACK OP attacks on New York City and the Pentagon
The torture, of course, was ordered by Vice pResident Dick Cheney who, himself, was in charge of the Red-Blue U.S.-Canadian 9/11 war games that were used as a disguise to shut down the U.S. NORAD Air Force defense shield
that allowed the 9/11 BLACK OP attack to take place and succeed.
The question is out there, folks.
If you are going to try to put on trial or detain or even torture alleged Al Qaeda aka patsies for knowing in advance about 9/11, then isn't it time for the U.S. Marshal Service to arrest Cheney, BushFRAUD, Condoleezza Rice and neo Nazi Michael Hayden and all of their conspirators for knowing in advance of 9/11 and doing nothing!
A personal note: I would keep Guantanamo Bay open for these folks and, along with former Vice President now year 2000 non-inaugurated, duly elected natural born President Albert Gore Jr., ourselves administer the waterboarding on TRAITORS BushFRAUD, Cheney, Rice, Hayden and its corporate media fascist enablers like James Warren.
P.P.S. Congratulations to year 2000 duly elected natural born President Albert Gore Jr. for touching on these subjects to some degree in his remarks about misfit draft dodger and 9/11 co-conspirator, former Vice pResident Dick Cheney.
Albert Gore touched on the alleged torturing of individuals that had nothing to do with 9/11.
Let us connect the dots, folks.
Gore is referring to the torture of alleged Iraqi Intelligence Officers.
Gore's remarks connect the dots concerning the "Big Lie" that former Vice pResident Dick Cheney circulated concerning alleged representatives of Saddam Hussein aka Iraqi Intelligence Officers that took place in Prague, Czechoslovakia well before 9/11 with members of alleged Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden aka CIA's Tim Osman.
We now know folks the meeting never took place in Prague and that there was no link between Saddam Hussein and 9/11, at all!
             What happened, folks, is that these alleged Iraqi Intelligence Officers were taken to Guantanamo Bay after 9/11 and were tortured and waterboarded in an attempt to procure false confessions concerning a meeting that we now know never happened.
As you know, folks, as time went by the BushFRAUD Administration continued its crime spree (which started with the THEFT of the year 2000 presidential election), and continued their lies, with gross misrepresentation of alleged WMDs in Iraq, and the biggest lie of them all, that Saddam Hussein was working on a nuclear weapon vis a vis a forged British Intelligence document out of Niger that claimed Saddam had procured "yellow cake" for the purpose of making a nuclear bomb.
BushFRAUD went on to the United Nations to continue to promote the big lie aka his mushroom cloud speech.
Note: It was the head of French Intelligence that warned both BushFRAUD and Condoleezza Rice the yellow cake document was a British Intelligence forgery and was not solid evidence concerning the prospect of Iraq developing a nuclear bomb.
Of course, BushFRAUD, who then ignored another French Intelligence warning, proceeded to go to the UN to promote his "big lie", invited his 9/11 co-conspirator Dunblaine pedophile and soon to be fellow Iraq War criminal, British Prime Minister Tony Blair, to the White House to plot the TREASONOUS illegal war in Iraq, which has killed thousands of American soldiers, thousands of innocent Iraqis, empowered Iran and cost the U.S. Treasury and its Taxpayers 9.7 TRILLION dollars.
Note: BushFRAUD then proceeded to mount a personal vendetta against America's greatest ally, the Republic of France, whose only actions were an attempt to stop 9/11, save American lives and stop BushFRAUD from murdering innocent American soldiers and innocent Iraqi civilians in his criminal and TREASONUS war aka British Petroleum oil grab in Iraq.
How dare you, you conspiratorial tyrants
and kings and notable queens!
Item: It was former Vice President, now year 2000 duly elected natural born President Albert Gore Jr., who was one of few notable Democrats that opposed the Iraq War from the beginning and knew what HIGH Treason and criminal activity Bush and Cheney had embarked on.
It is interesting, folks, that every time our duly elected President Gore gives a speech CNN puts election-stealing, illegal Iraq War enabler, BushFRAUD stooge, 5th degree witch and James Carville's wife, Mary Matalin, immediately on CNN
 to personally attack former Vice President Gore.
Mary Matalin and James Carville          Getty Images
Message to Matalin's husband, James Carville: It is in your best interest to keep your 5th degree witch wife locked in your house given her criminal and TREASONOUS activity against the American Republic.  She needs to be taken immediately to Guantanamo Bay, duct taped and handcuffed.
Rumor has it that Tipper Gore would like to spend five minutes along with the sociopath witch Matalin.  At that point, Matalin's career as an anti-Al Gore commentator would come to an end.
P.P.P.S. At this hour a full scale feminazi tribalist war has broken out between Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Congresswoman from California and Israeli Mossad agent Jane Harman.
Both are leaking on each other and trying to destroy each other's career.
Jane Harman (top), Jonah Goldberg (L), Matt Drudge (R)
The attacks on Pelosi are being orchestrated by Harman's Israeli Mossad 'handlers' and noted right wing free lance journalist, Kenneth Starr-Monica Lewinsky enabler of the 1990s, Jonah Goldberg, and internet mogul, Israeli Mossad asset and 1990s Kenneth Starr, anti-Al Gore stooge, Matt Drudge aka Drecht.
Note: Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate enabler, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, now wants to investigate Pelosi but not Israeli Mossad agent Jane Harman.
Newt Gingrich and 3rd wife Callista
Gingrich, an archenemy of duly elected President Albert Gore, also participated with Kenneth Starr in covering up the Bush-Clinton-Mossad "TRUE COLORS" assassination teams during the 1990s.
Gingrich belongs in a federal prison for Obstruction of Justice and Misprision of Felonies based on his illegal activities in the 1990s.
Reference: It is also important to recall that Gingrich married Jackie his high school math teach 7 years his senior; he then engaged in an extra-marital affair and later requested a separation while she was recovering from sugery for cancer; during the Israeli Mossad agent Monica Lewinsky-Bill Clinton period, on Mother's Day, Gingrich asked for a divorce from his 2nd wife just after she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis to marry his long time adulterous lover Callista, a one-time Congressional aide 23 years his junior and known hooker from Madam Palfrey's Washington D.C. escort service.
Drecht who, along with Clinton Administration era Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr, had run the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate's Monica Lewinsky diversion, is an archenemy of duly elected President Albert Gore Jr. and actually a personal friend of loser and lesbian in-the-closet U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton.
Drudge aka Drecht, currently is not seen in public but talks to Jonah Goldberg on a daily basis, also travels on a monthly basis to Tel Aviv, Israel to receive treatment for the HIV virus, which Drudge received aka got infected from his lifelong Japanese lover.
We can now report that Drudge aka Drecht is dying of full blown AIDS.

Final note: As we close this intelligence briefing, the corporate fascist, extortion-friendly media elite filth continue to cover up the criminal activities of this Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate cabal that has destroyed the United States of America. Example: David Gregory, host of NBC Meet the Press, who makes $5 million a year and enjoys reporting on female horses, gay marriage, abortions and trivial gossip type news, wants to have us all "move on" and not deal with the crimes and HIGH TREASON perpetrated against the American People by the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate.
My opinion, folks, is if this media filth does not want to report REAL news, then let them take a pay cut and spend their time at horse racing barns deciding which horse they like best the male or female horse.
Given what we know about this media filth they probably would like both horses and invite them to one of their tribalistic toga parties in Washington, D.C.
Stay tuned for our future intelligence briefing, which will include foreign born alleged President Obama's latest attempt to appoint Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate bagman,
 Utah Mormon Governor Jon Huntsman, as the U.S. envoy to China.
Mormon Mitt Romney and Republican Utah Governor Jon Huntsman.
Huntsman is personal friends of derivative Ponzi Scheme expert, U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, and former Citibank CEO Robert Rubin, and has major ties to former Republican Presidential candidate and member of the Church of Satanic Latter Day Saints, Mitt Romney,          with connections to offshore hedge funds and the noted daddy Bush CIA bank, the Key Bank of Utah.

Message to foreign born alleged President Obama: A lot of Democrats and Patriotic American citizens patience with you is running out.
Your support is collapsing among your own Democratic Party base.
We know, as well as you do, President Obama, that the polls showing you with massive approval from the American People are bought and paid for by the same criminal Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate-Federal Reserve Banks    that you are supporting, financing and enabling on a weekly basis at the expense of the American People's U.S. Treasury.
"Skull and Bones" Greg Craig (L), Israeli Mossad agent Rahm Emanuel
Loser and lesbian in-the-closet Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton
rcenter pic: Alex Wong / Getty Images
            The presence of "Skull and Bonesman" Greg Craig, Israeli Mossad agent Rahm Emanuel and Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate's queen, loser and lesbian in-the-closet Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton in your cabinet should have told us months ago
what your "true colors" really are Barack Obama.
click url to enlarge
You, Barack Obama, are a stooge, misfit
and enabler in the destruction of the American Republic!
We announce to the criminal government and its criminal corporate media enablers:  YOU ARE TOO CORRUPT TO CONTINUE!
We, the American People, who are well armed, will be victorious!
* * *  REMEMBER  * * *
The orders of the day for ALL patriots as we continue to identify the enemies of the American Republic and the American Revolution in the 21st Century and eradicate them:
Oath Keepers: Orders We Will NOT Obey
Overlord at Yorktown remains relentless and victorious.
At this hour, we live free or die as Lafayette remains at Brandywine and Albert Gore Jr. remains the year 2000 duly eletected, non-inaugurated, REAL natural born President of the United States.
International Intelligence Expert, Tom Heneghan, has hundreds of highly credible sources inside American and European Intelligence Agencies and INTERPOL-- reporting what is REALLY going on behind the scenes of the controlled mainstream media cover up propaganda of on-going massive deceptions and illusions.
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Monday 18 May 2009 13:00 ((uk-time))
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Operating the $ Refunding from London without US Government participation delivers:

(1) Massive ongoing windfall tax accruals to the BRITISH Treasury given that all funds resident in the United Kingdom jurisdiction for 24 hours are taxable by the Inland Revenue. This makes the UK Refunding proposal of extreme interest to Her Majesty's Government and the UK Treasury.

(2) Massive ongoing windfall benefits to the UNITED STATES Treasury given that it will also receive a cascade of tax accruals from this independent private sector Refunding Program.

(3) The necessary refinancing of the UK and US banking systems ON THE BOOKS with no input from either Government and NO CORRESPONDING DEBT CREATED IN THE BACKGROUND.

(4) GOOD (i.e., on-balance sheet, taxed) money which will CHASE OUT THE BAD MONEY that the crass US Fraudulent Finance concoction will generate.

On 18th May 2009, The Financial Times reported that the US Congress will start the biggest regulatory overhaul of the US financial system in decades. The House of Representatives' Financial Services Committee, chaired by Barney Frank, will hold hearings in early June into reforms outlined by Timothy Geithner, the US Treasury Secretary.

These proposals appear to lend new meaning to the word 'convoluted' and insofar as they reflect the duplicitous plans outlined by Geithner's discredited predecessor, the corrupt Henry M. Paulson Jr., will be cumbersome and expensive: the precise opposite of the coherent proposals advanced by the US securities expert Michael C. Cottrell, B.A., M.S., which we published here last summer and on 18th September 2008 (as well as in International Currency Review).

The American and British Legislatures have one thing in common. Faced with a choice between the correct course of action and its perverse and obtuse opposite, they invariably choose to select the perverse course. In this case, there is actually NO NEED for Barney Frank to hold hearings on the Geithner porposals. He should SCRAP these hearings and investigate Mr Cottrell's straightforward outline plan instead. Then he wouldn't waste his committee's time, and taxpayers' money, looking into Geithner's convoluted and complex inventions, which, like everything else this US Treasury Secretary is playing at, won't 'fly'. (Nothing Geithner has come up with to date has 'worked').

And the reason for that is that they encapsulate the erroneous assumption that the defunct and fraudulent derivatives marketplace can be revalidated, as though there has never been a day of reckoning. It can't: so far, roughly over $300 billion of deals have been recorded: at this rate, it will take Mr Geithner and his successors 210 years to revalidate the toxic (i.e. fraudulent) derivatives sector on the basis of the $683,341 billion of derivatives 'assets' outstanding at the end of June 2008. That was the notional value, as calculated by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and replicated by the International Monetary Fund in its April 2009 Global Financial Stability Report.

FACT: The aggregated gross market value of outstanding contracts at the end of June 2008 according to the same sources was $20,353 billion.

Exactly how long it will take for the penny to drop in these confused official and legislative minds is anybody's guess: but to assist Mr Frank in his investigations, we reproduce the Cottrell Plan that we last published here on 18th September 2008, below.

There are various reasons why we aren't YET updating the 7th May report. We will do so when it is considered helpful and appropriate. We will also, in due course, be able to answer a question that has been put to us: what is the ORIGIN of the financial resources that have been abused? This is now possible, following further research conducted by the Editor of this service.

In addition, the Editor spent some time during his recent stay in New York, extracting interesting documents from the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, with special emphasis on WHICH huge banks are the most corrupt, judged by the number of cases involving them filed with the Court. It will be recalled that we have referred to certain institutions for some time by name as CRIMINAL ENTERPRISES, and that we have not been sued. This is because they cannot sue us as this statement is true. As you may imagine, these findings are 'distressing'.
Here is Michael C. Cottrell's report as posted here on 18th September 2008, republished so as to assist Barney Frank and his Committee so they don't waste their time and everyone else's:





In the first quarter of 2008, Michael C. Cottrell, B.A., M.S., President of Pennsylvania Investments , Inc., contacted the Editor of this service to brief him in detail on the dubious stratagems behind the disparate proposals that were finally unveiled at the end of last March by the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets, a.k.a. the ‘Paulson proposals’.
This far simpler regulatory régime requires a minimum of new legislation, building upon existing regulatory structures and experience, with the introduction of precisely ONE new US agency (the OFMC), compared with SEVEN new burdensome, confusing, bureaucratic, intentionally overlapping, obfuscatory agencies as proposed by the Working Group on Financial Markets (33).

Therefore, these straightforward reforms, instead of being spurious and deliberately opaque and spread out over an indeterminate timeframe, exacerbated by the carrying out of vague ‘studies’ as specified in the ‘Paulson’ proposals, could be implemented within a very limited timeframe at an early stage of the next Presidency. Establishing ONE new agency instead of SEVEN should, of itself, provide a powerful incentive for adopting Mr Cottrell’s straightforward proposals and for rejecting the hugely expensive and mischievous dog’s dinner put forward by the Working Group.

Such an initiative would do more to restore confidence in the battered US financial markets than innumerable further confused announcements by the ‘Paulson’ Treasury and other intermeddlers, and would place the incoming Administration on a sound financial market footing, without which everything it touches will disintegrate as has happened under the criminalised Bush II Presidency.

In short, these are straightforward, practical reforms which can be legislated for and implemented quickly. They can also be publicised with advantage ahead of their implementation, so that the US and world financial markets are made appropriately aware of the smack of firm, sound and decisive governance, with all that this approach will imply for the restoration of confidence in the battered financial markets in the United States and worldwide. (34).

Notes and References: ...(....)
 32. Lucchetti and Meyer, op. cit., page C18.
33. The seven new agencies recommended by the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets, which of course obfuscate the regulatory environment out to infinity, with intent, are: Mortgage Origination Commission; Market Stability Regulator; Prudential Financial Regulatory Agency; Government-Sponsored Enterprises Regulator; Conduct of Business Regulatory Agency; Federal Insurance Guarantee Corporation; and: Corporate Finance Regulator.
34. The one dimension of Mr Cottrell's practical reforms that will require an appropriate lead-time concerns the recruitment of the necessary trained and licensed management and field compliance personnel for the new Office of the Inspector General for Financial Markets Compliance (OFMC).

In addition to the need to remunerate such expert personnel sufficiently well not least in order to minimise the temptation to succumb to bribery (which has bedeviled enforcement of late), financial compensation must reflect the expertise of recruited staff and the exceptional importance of their responsibilities. At the same time, it will not be necessary to recruit a large compliance staff. A tight ship is recommended, given that a modest staff can be motivated to higher levels of achievement, especially since the recommended ethos would be one of sober determination to stamp out market abuses and corruption generally. Despite the ravages inflicted by the permissive financial market environment in recent years, it is believed that the pool of such qualified experts who are keen to enforce the Rule of Law in the United States remains of sizeable proportions.

...(...) Sherman AntiTrust Act:
Passed in July 1890, this legislation described in general terms, without the benefit of definitions, activities that were viewed as monopolistic and were therefore illegal. Many of the definitions had already been determined by case law involving court actions by employers combating the activities of trade unions. The Act forbade ‘every contract, combination… or conspiracy in the restraint of trade or commerce’. Sources: Michael C. Cottrell, B.A., M.S., ‘Elite Power & Capital Markets’, thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Science, for The Administration of Justice Department, Mercyhurst College, Erie, PA 13th February 2002; Jack C. Plano and Milton Greenberg, ‘The American Political Dictionary’, 4th Edition, Hinsdale, the Dryden Press, 1976, page 328.

Story’s First Law:
‘All organisations are run for the benefit of those running the organisation’.
Story’s Second Law:
‘The interests of the supplier and the consumer diverge’.
Story's Third Law: 'Sooner or later, all operations and covers are blown'.

Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982 (TEFRA):
Federal legislation which reversed some earlier tax reductions, established a 10% withholding tax applicable to dividends, repealed accelerated appreciation deductions and provided that American taxpayers must report all sources of income, wherever it was earned anywhere in the world.


AND    from: :