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Posted By: Rayelan <Send E-Mail>    Date: Tuesday, 19-May-2009 01:09:37
        Note from Rayelan:
        I don't know the man who wrote this personally, but he has been connected to a mutual friend and researcher for many years. If my friend vouches for his integrity, then I think all of us should.
        I have to admit... there are many things I don't understand, so if you have questions, please send them. Hopefully Mr. West will answer them for us.
        Since this was written for Casper, and no one here at RMN has Casper's email address, can someone who DOES have his email address pass it on to him?
        For Publication at Rumor Mill News:
        By: DAVE WEST (aka, Rev.)
        My name is Dave West, and based on the postings that I have been following on the Internet, it appears to me that a forum has been created here for informing all awaiting payees of the FREEDOM arbitrage. It has compelled me to ask a few questions that I would prefer to be delivered to CASPER personally, as opposed to having posted (at this point) on your website. However, my probe will be soft; therefore, will trust that your judgment will prevail.
        Messr. CASPER, firstly, let me say that I'm not a paid investigator, except for personal interest, nor am I connected in ANY way to ANY government agency! And am certainly not one of the “Alphabet Boy's” who on basic moral principals I despise, although accepting they're a necessary evil. ...(...)
for more:
Europe as We KNOW It, Will Soon CEASE to EXIST - HOW? Watch this Video
Posted By: Rayelan <Send E-Mail>         Date: Tuesday, 19-May-2009 02:14:13
        When Gunther told me in the early 90s that the fastest growing religion in the world was Muslim, I didn't see the extreme danger to the world and everyone who was NOT Muslim.
        One other thing he told me that I have always tried to factor in to our worldwide puzzle, is this: Many of the radical Muslims are NOT Muslims, they are communists first, raised under Stalin, Kruschev, et al. In other words, our world could easily become communist in government with a male dominated Taliban style religion at the top.
        Watch this and you will know that the population demographics are non reversible.
        Please think about political correctness while you watch this.
        Islam will overwhelm Christendom unless Christians recognize the demographic realities, begin reproducing again. Now do you understand the REAL reason for abortion on demand?
        The world we know may soon become another Camelot and disappear into the mists of Avalon. ...embedded video....

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Sent: Sunday, May 17, 2009 12:08 PM
Subject: FROM: Alan Keyes at Notre Dame
Last Friday, and again this week, I and others profoundly concerned with the University of Notre Dame's scandalous invitation and extension of an honorary degree to Barack Obama were engaged in peaceful, prayerful witness to truth on the Notre Dame campus...
then it happened...
We walked onto the campus praying the rosary and bearing witness to the Church's teaching against the objective evil of abortion. At the behest of Father John Jenkins, the President of the University, we were detained by the UND police and turned over to the civil authorities!
So I went twice to jail, along with two Catholic priests and other brothers and sisters in Christ. I am told that on Thursday unpublicized action was taken by a local Superior Court judge to enforce new, harsher procedures for posting bond in cases such as ours, so that those of us persistent in our witness could be unjustly incarcerated without relief or any opportunity to post bail for days. This judge cooperated with the "powers and principalities" who disgrace Notre Dame with the Obama "honors," and now violate our constitutional and canonical legal rights to our witness for life. During our arrests we were not defying civil law, but merely obeying the laws of God and the directives of the Church and its leadership!...(...)
Discovery of the REAL Ark of the Covenant ~ For Those Who are Sick of FICTION.....
Posted By: LoneStar <Send E-Mail>    Date: Tuesday, 19-May-2009 02:58:07
        The REAL "Indiana Jones" tale of the discovery of the Ark of the Covenant in the only place it COULD have been found, the Dried Blood found on the Ark and the findings of the Genetic characteristics of that Blood with today's electron microscope technology...
        <...In the 1990's, a man named Mason in France came up with an electron microscope that could make out detail in microns, a millionth of a meter, and he made a discovery that blood never dies. No matter how old it is, how battered, whatever its condition -- it never dies. There are things called somatids in blood that are alive forever. These are like 1/10 of a micron in size but looking at them under this extremely powerful microscope, you could definitely see the activity and the fact there was life there. Well, in the U.S. another gentleman picked up where Mr. Mason left off and made an even better micron microscope. Somehow he got wind of Ron's work and came to see him. Ron took some of this dried blood he had been saving for several years in for testing using this gentleman's super microscope. They reconstituted some of the blood and sure enough, the somatids appeared on the screen and were very active. The microscope was so powerful it could also see the genetic structure of the chromosomes on the DNA molecules.....>
        *LoneStar ("Don't Mess With Texas")
amicus curiae     May 16, 2009
I was about to go to sleep when an e-mail arrived. Now I am so blazingly angry I will not sleep at all! What upset me? This prime piece of idiocy on the part of some simpletons, who have succumbed to the Monsanto-Dow-Syngenta Koolaid!
    Major wheat industry organizations from the US, Canada and Australia have announced that they intend to work together to commercialize genetically modified (GM) wheat crops.
    Although other GM crops have been in use for several years, there is currently not a single GM wheat variety commercially available. This is partly due to consumer resistance to GM wheat, particularly in Europe, a situation that has resulted in a dearth of funding for biotech wheat research.
So, seeing as Europe is a major purchaser of our Aussie wheat, and quite a lot from Canada and USA, too, HOW will this improve sales?
    In a joint statement issued on Thursday, the organizations said: “While none of us hold a veto over the actions of others, we believe it is in all of our best interests to introduce biotech wheat varieties in a coordinated fashion to minimize market disruptions and shorten the period of adjustment.”
Excuse me? In whose best interest? They assume that they can bluff us, by acting as a group?  They seem to forget citizens are a larger group....(..)
AND  from  icke...         Tuesday, 19 May 2009
US, Canadian and Aussie Wheat Industries Unite Behind GM
'Major wheat industry organizations from the US, Canada and Australia have announced that they intend to work together to commercialize genetically modified (GM) wheat crops.'
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Monday, May 18, 2009
This Wednesday: Inside info from Bilderberger Meeting!
Folks, this coming Wednesday evening, "The Hal Turner Show" will broadcast startling information from a source who personally attended the Bilderberger meeting this month.
You will be utterly flabbergasted when you hear what went on in that meeting this year and what they are planning to do.
In the two days remaining before my show airs, I can wholeheartedly advise you as follows:
GET OUT OF THE STOCK MARKET NOW. DUMP any and all holdings you have of stocks, bonds, mutual funds . . . . all of it. Take whatever losses you must and get out now.
IMMEDIATELY CONVERT YOUR I.R.A., 401-K, Savings Accounts and other retirement accounts to "Custodial accounts" at whatever firm or bank they're in. Custodial accounts cannot be kept on the books and used for fractional reserve banking lending purposes.
If you fail to follow this advice, you will be absolutely, completely totally wiped out this summer.
More details on "The Hal Turner Show" this Wednesday evening from 9:00 - 11:00 PM eastern US time. Tune-in free while the show airs live by clicking the LISTEN LIVE logos at the top left of this page.
Posted by at 5/18/2009 04:23:00 PM
...message to casper, again....
Messr. CASPER, firstly, let me say that I'm not a paid investigator, except for personal interest, nor am I connected in ANY way to ANY government agency! And am certainly not one of the “Alphabet Boy's” who on basic moral principals I despise, although accepting they're a necessary evil. Or, at least those that are mainly concerned with the security of the USA, as opposed to the Boy's within, i.e., the “ROGUE BOY'S” whose allegiance, of course, is unto their MASTER'S, and their ideological design for a NWO. As, to their security interests in protecting the USA from enemies FOREIGN and DOMESTIC, well, it surely falls far short of their desire for profit. No doubt, you must understand of whom I'm referring to from the Cold War era; and, their mandate organized under Theodore C. Shackley, and Thomas Clines, and the brains behind the business fronts of Edwin P. Wilson. And for his examples while teaching the art of “Shady Deals Past”… now Present, and Future, that concerns the sale or procurement of any legal or illegal products/commodities without exposing those who'll benefit at the expense of those that pay their salaries. Enuf' said 'bout that. . . let's fast forward!
To let YOU know, that I know of what I speak, the figure you recently quoted as being $21T, was in fact $21.3T. And based on my personally visiting with an individual [Note: Persons names stated herein are incorrect, so as, to cloak their true identities] in the French Canton of Switzerland, whose name I'll call… Lewis Ellingford, who'd claimed (to me) to have actually triggered the initiation of the arbitrage "roll-program" from a bank in Geneva. At the time I was in Paris, awaiting an event and was asked by an attorney in Chicago (who we'll call, “Attorney B.”), who asked if I would meet with LE, listen to his story and review his documents and report back. The date of my meeting with LE, in a quaint mountain village called Villars, in Switzerland, was in late October 1989. Within two weeks of my arrival an historic event had begun - a chipping away of, and then, the fall of the Berlin Wall. And while reviewing LE's documents and faxes that showed BILLIONS of USD all drafted in the standard legalese of non-circumvention, etc., my eternal question asked of him daily was... “WHAT is the COLLATERAL for ALL these transactions?” Being that my knowledge of banking and my background tells me, regardless, of how many zeros are placed on documents the REAL value lies in the collateral for the funding. My estimates based on details of his documents were that LE's commission for his part in initiating the arbitrage was some $3.2 billion USD. And to date like ALL others has NEVER been paid. On the last day before my departure from the Alps village of Villars… LE, finally told me the collateral was - Au (Gold)!
Based on activity beginning back in 1988, and of an arbitrage that we believed we were a part of, which we referred to as “The Barclay's Deal”; And my personal summarization of world events at the time was that something dramatic was about to happen, but what? This revelation had finally dawned on me after spending a couple of weeks in Torremolinos, Spain, during the summer of 1989, whereas, we were attempting to initiate another arbitrage using a Middle East bank near Marbella. On leaving Spain via Gibraltar back to London, as our plane reaching its cursing altitude the stewardess delivered our mini-bottles of choice.; On taking the first taste of my scotch neat, a Eureka moment occurred… turning to my business associate Rob Canter, he recalls my blurting outloud... "The Wall Is Coming Down!" His reply... "What Wall? What are you talking about? It had finally dawned on me what was about to happen and what ALL the billions of USD being offered by fax and phone calls networked all over the globe was about... "Don't you get it? (Aware that Au was the collateral behind the Barclay's Deal) ”It ONLY makes sense that the USSR is throwing in the towel and the Berlin Wall is coming down!"
 The following day I laid my theory on Attorney B. in Chicago, to mull over. He called back the next day saying, "Believe you've got it right." Even Attorney B., who'd been playing the “Arbitrage Game” from his Law Offices in Chicago, didn't have a clue as to what he/they/associates were involved in, other than their desire for riches, just like everyone else. As to what was behind all the arbitrage action, he soon agreed with my scenario. My intuition had preempted by four months the coming event while then residing in Villars, and visiting with LE digesting his involvement in an arbitrage of an unfathomable dollar volume, when I receiving a call from Rob, saying… “You called it!”... “Called what?”... “Turn-on your TV... The Wall coming down!"
I had theorized that hypothecated Gulag Au from the USSR Treasury was the collateral behind what the world has come to call “The Failure of Communism”… Really? When reading about then Secretary of the Treasury, James Baker III, visiting the Russian Treasury, only to exclaim… “There is nothing of value in there, they're broke!” - Really? What is at the center of my theory is that the USSR and USA (G-7) had initiated -- "A Leveraged Buy-Out!" But, after my thinking it through following my visit with LE in Villars, of several weeks, I revised my original call, from having called it a "Leveraged Buy-Out"; to calling it what it really was "A LEVERAGED BUY-IN"!
With Russia agreeing to hypothecate their Gulag Au in exchange for IMF credits and becoming G-8! And, further, opening Russia up to FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) just as I had predicted… the rest as they say, is history! My predictions had also included identifying the next Club members, G-9 and G-10 (India and China); and, now appears they want to up the Club's ante to G-20.
Now let's come 20 years forward (plus the 2-year extension of your post) and being aware of all the bank instruments that had been created back then = PBG's (or, 7½ 20's: the PBG instruments bare interest accruing at 7.5%, all due and payable at term = 20 years! Only one payment… the last one, plus 20 years of interest!) that have finally come to term. Holders of these guarantees (nation states, trusts, foundations, etc.) are ALL calling in their markers and demanding payment. The Shrub (No. 41), who's still head of the, so-called “Shrub Crime Family” is STILL CALLING THE SHOTS, and his confederates, being CLINTON - SHRUB (No. 43) - and OBAMA, are doing his bidding.
 The beneficiary's of their grand scheme the QUEEN and SHRUB #41, et al (“et al”? Well, that's a think tank unto itself), in their quest to INSURE their NWO, comes to fruition. In so-doing they have raped the Treasury of the USA, Wall Street, and major non-compliant(s), and a goodly portion of the WEST and EAST. Only to find themselves faced by adversary's that NO LONGER are accepting the “Old Rules”… being that the DEBTOR NATIONS WILL NO LONGER RULE THE CLUB, nor make the “New Rules”, being as China, India, Brazil, et all, will NO LONGER fund our debt on demand, or without having unrestricted access to the collateral should the debtor nations fail in their repayment, as agreed. Anyone need only ask themselves… When was the last time YOU dictated the terms of a loan from your Bank?? Well, that is what the USA's led IMF has been doing since the Bretton Woods Agreements were signed in 1944.
My gut instincts tell me that ALL hard assets of the USA have been pledged to cover the CRIMES of those who have taken their “Oaths of Office”, our elected CRIMINALS entrusted with the nations “Piggy Bank” that has most likely been emptied-out. And OBAMA has been holding up payment to the FREEDOM payees in fear of violating the ORDERS and TRUST of his MASTER'S. Appears to me that OBAMA is between a “rock and a hard place”, or more, appropriately put “A Pyramid and the Capstone”, and hasn't decide his next move? “To pay, or not to pay, that is the question?” Or, even if the hard assets are still under His/Congress control, he may even attempt to do what FDR did prior to the USA entering WWII, when FDR signed an EO; and, thereby, “SEQUESTERED ALL” of the assets held in trust by the then (neutral) USA, as entrusted by the European banks, including the Swiss, who have never forgiven us for violating their trust. Was anyone exempt from FDR's EO? Why yes, of course, the head of the “Privy Council” the British (King, now Queen and Country!).
Now what if the Allies were on the losing side and the Third Reich had prevailed in WWII? Well, it is assumed that Preston Shrub, et al, would have fulfilled their plan 65 years prior to TODAY!
On closing, this is all going to end VERY BADLY, while certainly you and your group are entitled to immediate payment. As for what is left standing of what is no longer a REPUBLIC, it appears that isn't yet determined? But can make some educated choices; (a) the citizens of America accept their debt enslavement and whimper on; (b) the citizens' revolt, to what extent is the question? President Obama, believes he can control any coming revolt with his mouth reading from a teleprompter - NOT LIKELY!!!; or my favorite (c) the military, led by the Navy's “Black Hat” (the good guys) walks into the Oval Office in the near future and places Mr. President under arrest, including Shrub #41 & #43, and Slick Willie; and then declares MARTIAL LAW. Or, will OBAMA and the dark force (no pun intended) beat em' all to the punch and declare MARTIAL LAW himself? Oops, nearly forgot there is one final choice; (d) WAR (World War III), to distract Americans of their criminality, as we say in Ireland… “playing for time”… while looking about to see who is left standing.
It is my personal educated belief from the knowledge gained from people in “the know” of certain facets of the puzzle, documents viewed and copied, and having an understanding of how these “arbitrage roll-programs” work; and, how the bank control agents yearly designate volume and participant entry. Having said that, it is, my unshakable belief that today's current financial debacle has a DIRECT CORRELATION to the $21.3T Arbitrage that reunified Europe 20-years ago, based on the due dates (20-years) of the Prime Bank Guarantees (PBG's) issued. The outstanding debt was NEVER retired and the BANKSTERS are intent on diverting that debt back onto the citizens. At this point it appears nobody wants to answer the question… What is the TOTAL AMOUNT of worthless debt created by the BANKSTERS, WALL STREET, and INSURANCE Conglomerates in the form of RMBS, CDO's, ABS's Derivatives', by the BANGSTERS at the behest of their MASTER'S devious and malicious behavior? Or, in the near term, should we ALL be expecting to receive an invitation welcoming US to the FUTURE, each and every one of US, a slave to the… NEW WORLD ORDER?? Like it, or not, No Choice!
Messr. CASPER, apologize for this becoming so long and would like to hear from you, if not direct then possibly you may consider confirming or denying some of my many questions (yet to be asked), possibly as post scripts posted to my attention? It is my belief, that my knowledge of what REALLY happened is 95%+ complete in the interpretation of “THE PLAN” by the CRIMINAL ELEMENT within our government and their methods of funding it. And you may be able to provide a couple more pieces to the ENGINMA that appears NOBODY has enuf' pieces to the puzzle to understand what HAS and IS happening, thereby, aiding me to complete MY BOOK exposing the nature of the beast.
 It could be completed sooner… but, still a couple years away. Or, possibly publishing it on the internet? I seek not fame, nor fortune, or glory, but only a patriotic responsibility to my country, my children and grandchildren. The Sheeple have been duped AGAIN by the SWAMP CREATURE, controlling our nation's Executive, Legislature, as aided by the Courts!!!
Shame on US!!!
Well, Shrub #43, did tell a partial truth while still occupying the oval office… “America is addicted to OIL!”
What he didn't say, divulging the whole truth is… “America is more addicted to CREDIT!” The people's DEBT!
Dave West (aka, Rev.)
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