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Sunday, May 24, 2009
BREAKING: Obama-Bush-Cheney-U.S. Media Psyop
Behind the scenes intelligence briefings ALL Patriot Americans MUST know...the REAL facts and truth the corporate-controlled mainstream media covers up
by Tom Heneghan    International Intelligence Expert     Sunday   May 24, 2009
UNITED STATES of America  -  It can now be divulged, as reported this week by the criminal, corporate-controlled, fascist, extortion-friendly U.S. media, that current foreign born alleged U.S. President, homosexual in-the-closet, cocaine snorting Barack Obama, talks on the phone, on a regular basis, with former White House illegal occupant, homosexual in-the-closet, cocaine snorting, AWOL, War Criminal, nation wrecker George W. Bushfraud. 
Note the Sun-Times report on the Obama-Bush-Cheney familial blood line
 at the end of this intelligence briefing.
Obama is a blood-related, distant cousin to Bushes and Cheney
See the Sun-Times report on the Obama-Bush-Cheney familial blood lines
at the end of this intelligence briefing
Obama and BushFRAUD recently discussed using former Vice pResident Dick Cheney as a prop and a diversion as to enable the cover up of new "smoking gun" evidence dealing with criminal BushFRAUD's treasonous activity involving the illegal Iraq War and the 9/11 'Black Op' attacks on the United States.
Obama and Cheney's recent speeches regarding the alleged war on terror, a war that has never really existed, dealt with no specifics, but instead dealt with corporate, fascist media psycho babble, which had nothing to do with any reality whatsoever.
CONSPIRATORS    Obama, Hillary, BushFRAUD and daddy Bush
Obama, along with BushFRAUD and his daddy, George Herbert Walker Bush, and Obama's appointed Secretary of State, loser and lesbian in-the-closet Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, recently had a four-way conference call in which they discussed:
1. Continuing blocking the implementation of the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols [funds due the U.S. and French Treasuries]
2. Using corporate-controlled American media filth stooges to manipulate news events for the purpose of implementation of MARTIAL LAW, including the use of Obama's latest new idea of "preemptive detention", which would give Obama authority to hold American citizens indefinitely, without due process, after they were identified by the Department of Homeland Security as alleged suspected terrorists.
Note: Recently Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano released a memo alleging that a terrorist can be defined as ANY American who does not agree with the corporate, fascist neocon U.S. media version of events.
Reference: In fact, daddy Bush and his business partner, unelectable loser and current U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, also discussed plans to weaken, if not dismantle, the 1st and 2nd Amendments to the United States Constitution aka your right to free speech and your right to bear arms.
Obama was then ordered by his Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate 'handlers' to begin a massive FBI entrapment operation, which is designed to set up and frame U.S. citizens and patriots as alleged terrorists.
If you mention the names "Ron Paul" or "Al Gore" on which is now your NSA illegally tapped phone, you will be classified as a terrorist.
How dare you, you conspiratorial tyrants
and kings and notable queens!
Remember, folks, there is NO war on terror!

There IS a war on the American People, which began in November of 2000 with the overthrow of the year 2000 presidential election utilizing Bush-Clinton Crime Family satellite and NASA electronic computer sofware programs that effectively STOLE the year 2000 presidential election from then Vice President, now duly elected, NON homosexual in-the-closet, NON cocaine snorting, NON AWOL, NON war criminal, natural American born Albert Gore Jr.
The next step in the war against the American People was the September 11, 2001 'black op' attacks against the United States ordered by the New World Order neocon radicals using alleged Al Qaeda aka a data base of former and current U.S. CIA and Pakistani Intelligence agents as the well-scripted patsies aka Lee Harvey Oswald, to take the fall.
Reference: Osama bin Laden aka U.S. CIA employee Tim Osman has been dead since December of 2001.
The actual 9/11 'black op' attacks took place during joint U.S.-Canadian Red-Blue war games directed by then Vice pResident Dick Cheney and former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Richard Myers.
CONSPIRATORIAL TRAITORS (L) BushFRAUD center, and left to right, National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, Vice president Dick Cheney, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and Joint Chiefs Chairman Richard Myers AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais
(R) Bush later presented then retired General Richard Myers with the Presidential Medal of Freedom  White House photo by Paul Morse

The war games were used as a disguise for the laser technology attacks on New York City, which enabled both Cheney and Myers to order the U.S. NORAD defense shield shut down
so radar could not detect the laser attacks    actually launched from Canadian terroritory in the province of Ontario.
Reference: Hologram technology was used to disguise the alleged hijacked aircraft
......... while the real hijacked aircraft were flown to secret air bases in Canada.
All the passengers were then murderd by agents of rogue U.S.-British Intelligence.
Maher Arar  A deep cover French Intelligence agent and 9/11 Whistleblower
tortured in attempts to secure false confessions
AGAIN, it was 9/11 whistleblower Maher Arar that was arrested in New York City on September 26, 2002 and then kidnapped two weeks later when Arar, a deep cover French Intelligence agent, arrived in New York City to give "smoking gun" evidence of this Canadian TREASON to both U.S. Senators Charles Schumer and then Senator Hillary Clinton.
Note: Both U.S. Senators Schumer and Clinton ignored the evidence of Maher Arar and called in FBI Director Louis Freeh to enable the arrest and kidnapping of Arar.
Arar also had records and documents proving that Canadian political officials were bribed in order to keep silent on this 9/11 TREASON. We can now divulge that Arar was the French Intelligence agent who, along with U.S. Naval Intelligence Officer Lt. Vreeland, intercepted the noted 9/11 command and control attack cable from Dubai:  "the time is now, the match is hot"
Arar was taken to Syria on an illegal BushFRAUD rendition flight, where he was tortured in an attempt to have Arar give a false confession that the information given the U.S. government was not true and that he was a terrorist.
Arar was later acquitted of all charges by a Canadian court.
Remember, folks, the Obama-Cheney shadow show was all designed to allow the corporate-controlled fascist American media filth to ignore reporting the latest REAL news, including the "smoking gun" evidence that Colin Powell used before the United Nations to take the United States into the illegal war in Iraq     was from a former Iraqi Intelligence Officer who was recently murdered in Libya codename "Curveball", who was tortured and coerced into a false confession of three lies:
   1. That Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was linked to 9/11
   2. That Saddam was in possession of WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction), and
   3. That Saddam was undertaking a nuclear program.
(( Mystery surrounds prison death of terrorist whose testimony was key to Iraq invasion
Islamist dies in Tripoli shortly after human rights group visit
From Fred Bridgland in Libya         May 19, 2009
THE ISLAMIST terrorist who was the key source of the false intelligence used to trigger the US and UK 2003 military invasion of Iraq has been found dead in a Libyan prison cell.
Ibn al-Sheikh al-Libi allegedly commited suicide by hanging in the prison where he was being held in the Libyan capital, Tripoli. His death followed a visit by a team from Human Rights Watch, one of the world's leading independent organisations dedicated to defending and protecting human rights.
The al-Libi affair opens a window on an extraordinarily close espionage link that existed between the government of the former US president, George Bush, and the authoritarian Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi.
Al-Libi was the unnamed source that Bush, his former secretary of state, Colin Powell, and other administration officials relied upon prior to the Iraq invasion to assert that Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was helping a terrorist organisation run by al-Qaeda.
Al-Libi was known to Powell and Bush by the codename "Curveball". ))

AGAIN, NO nuclear program or WMDs or links to Al Qaeda ever existed in Iraq and the revelations that "Curveball" was illegally tortured in order to coerce him into such false statements is a massive violation of the U.S. Military Code of Justice
with the perpetrators of this HIGH Treason aka Bush and Cheney, subject upon conviction, being brought to justice with due prejudice.
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed    a U.S.-Pakistani Intelligence asset  Reuters
(r) simulation waterboarding      REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque/Files

The criminal U.S. media filth is also ignoring that alleged 9/11 mastermind, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed aka U.S.-Pakistani Intelligence asset, was repeatedly tortured into confessing recycled evidence   gathered by FBI agent John P. O'Neill PRE 9/11, in the summer of 2001.
The evidence showing that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed knew in advance about 9/11 aka "something big was about to happen", was ignored on at least three (3) occasions in advance of the 9/11 attacks by the BushFRAUD Administration.
This includes the now famous French Intelligence warning aka the intercepted Israeli-British-Dubai cable:   the 9/11 command and control attack order "the time is now, the match is hot"
Important related intelligence briefing:
   HOT HOT: Clinton-Bush 911 linked TERRORIST
   Viktor Bout and Eva Telege aka Teleka aka Teleki
   by Tom Heneghan    March 10, 2008
We can also now divulge that the Minnesota alleged Al Qaeda cells that the late John P. O'Neill was tracking    were also being monitored by deep cover French Intelligence agent Maher Arar and the noted 9/11 whistleblower Lt. Vreeland.
Arar and Vreeland both knew that the Minnesota alleged Al Qaeda cells had been infiltrated by the Israeli Mossad and were being scripted as fall guys that were to be blamed for 9/11.
Note: The BushFRAUD Administration failure to react to th3 PRE 9/11 warnings and arrest these alleged Al Qaeda suspects in advance of 9/11 clearly proves that the BushFRAUD Administration and Condoleezza Rice's State Department:
     1. Wanted to protect the Israeli Mossad covert relationship
     with alleged Al Qaeda, and
     2. Proving that the BushFRAUD Administration wanted
     to use alleged Al Qaeda as the 9/11 patsy for the
     TREASONOUS attack on the United States.
AGAIN, folks, there is NO real evidence linking alleged Al Qaeda aka the U.S. CIA government data base to the actual 9/11 attack itself.
FBI Special Investigator John P. O'Neill, who had fingered this 9/11 ponzi scheme, later died in the New York City Twin Towers 9/11 attacks.
 P.S. Unelectable loser Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton, appointed to her job like her business partner, BushFRAUD, just recently signed a decree giving gay couples in the State Department the same sex rights given to married couples in the State Department.
Question: Given the PRE 9/11 warnings by the U.S. State Department, could it be that State Department officials, whether they are straight or gay, are now in a possession to shake down the U.S. government?            That is a good question, are they?
P.P.S. Do not be fooled, folks, by what will become a news media blitz reference President Barack Obama's choice on his new Supreme Court Justice.
The criminal, corporate-controlled fascist American media filth love to talk about their three favorite subjects: abortion, gay marriage and alleged shadow terrorists that are about to attack the United States.
It should become clear to you now, folks, who the REAL terrorists are.
Final note to U.S. media filth and your corporate banker enablers:
You are in contempt of the American People and, at the proper time, will be dealt with accordingly.
You have enabled the destruction of the American Republic, our electoral system, our financial system, our banking system as well as our judicial system and the basic rule of law, which set American apart from the rest of the world.
Special note to Eleanor Clift at Newsweek magazine:
We are not interested in celebrity presidents or politicians anymore or self-styled royal families aka the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate operating on American soil.
It is clear, though, that alleged journalists like Eleanor Clift aka gossip columnists do not get it!   Well, folks, soon the entire corporate-controlled American media filth will regret the day that they didn't get it.
Obama Family Tree
So far, no sign he's related to Hillary
September 9, 2007            BY SCOTT FORNEK Political Editor
It sure would be an awkward family reunion. But, believe it or not, Barack Obama is related to both President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.
OK, distantly related: Obama and Bush are 11th cousins.
That's because they share the same great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandparents -- Samuel Hinckley and Sarah Soole Hinckley of 17th century Massachusetts.
Barack Obama is distantly related to former President George H.W. Bush and President George W. Bush.   (AP file)
Barack Obama is distantly related to Vice President Dick Cheney.   (AP file)
That means Obama and former President George Herbert Walker Bush are 10th cousins once removed.
Obama is related to Cheney through Mareen Duvall, a 17th century immigrant from France.
Mareen and Susannah Duvall were Obama's great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandparents and Cheney's great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandparents.
That makes Obama and Cheney ninth cousins once removed.
Cheney and Bush are related to one another by a completely different common ancestor.
We leave it to you to figure out their relationship.,BSX-News-wotreep09.stng
click url to enlarge
You, Barack Obama, are a stooge, misfit and enabler in the destruction of the American Republic!
We announce to the criminal government and its criminal corporate-controlled media enablers:  YOU ARE TOO CORRUPT TO CONTINUE!
We, the American People, who are well armed, will be victorious!
* * *  REMEMBER  * * *
The orders of the day for ALL patriots as we continue to identify the enemies of the American Republic and the American Revolution in the 21st Century and eradicate them:
Oath Keepers: Orders We Will NOT Obey
Overlord at Yorktown remains relentless and victorious.
At this hour, we live free or die as Lafayette remains at Brandywine and Albert Gore Jr. remains the year 2000 duly eletected, non-inaugurated, REAL natural born President of the United States.
Year 2000 non-inaugurated, DULY ELECTED
natural born President Albert Gore Jr.
International Intelligence Expert, Tom Heneghan, has hundreds of highly credible sources inside American and European Intelligence Agencies and INTERPOL-- reporting what is REALLY going on behind the scenes of the controlled mainstream media cover up propaganda of on-going massive deceptions and illusions.
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..................banking   history...........
May 25, 2009 1:27 PMA SHORT HISTORY OF BANKING-- (Updated May 25, 2009)
(( from :))
April 11, 2009

"Surely the Government is in control of the country and its supply of money? Surely money is only a symbolic token to facilitate the production, exchange and distribution of goods and services? Not so, say the Third Positionists, who reject both Capitalism and Communism..."

In the old days there was no paper money. The accepted token of exchange was precious metal minted into coins by the Church and the Crown. Because there was only a limited amount of gold and silver available, the economic life of the nation had a certain regularity.

An even greater restriction existed throughout Christendom. This was a prohibition against usury, or charging interest. The Church held it to be a grave sin and the code was upheld by the civil powers. There were harsh penalties for those who broke the law.

The regulation of usury was to prevent the separation of money from reality. Money is not a good, it is a measure. It is fraud to pretend otherwise, and constitutes theft. Usury is making money from lending money; it is making money from nothing. This is exactly what is happening today on a colossal scale.

Several important things arose from the prohibition of usury in medieval Christendom. Firstly Jews, who had taken to wandering around Europe in the Middle Ages, began to specialize in money-lending and other practices which were forbidden to Christians. Exploited Christians, both peasants and aristocracy, found themselves being bled dry by usurers, which is why there were sporadic uprisings, imprisonments and expulsions of Jews throughout Europe. It is one reason why King Edward I expelled these people from England in 1290. Oliver Cromwell allowed them back when the moral authority of the Church was undermined and the King was beheaded in 1649.

Secondly, gold coins, jewels and other valuables were deposited with people who held strongboxes. This was usually with goldsmiths and money-lenders who, more often than not, were one and the same. These loan-sharks and scriveners realized that, without much chance of being found out, they could charge people for looking after their deposits and then use those deposits – which did not belong to them – to make loans to other people at interest. They soon became rich and powerful.

Gold coins are heavy and awkward to carry around so the custom arose whereby the money-lenders would issue credit notes to depositors who began to trade these notes between themselves in commercial transactions. Paper money had come into existence.

A new form of usury developed as the swindling money-lenders realized the immoral benefits that could be obtained from such a situation. It became apparent to these thieves that they could go one step further than dishonestly using other people’s money for financial advantage at no cost to themselves. They could invent money from absolutely nothing. They could issue credit notes with nothing to back them up and put them into circulation as interest-bearing debts. No-one would be any the wiser. They calculated that they could safely issue notes for up to ten times more than the gold deposits they held, because the depositors would never ask for their deposits back all at the same time.

The principle of modern banking was thus established: invent money from nothing, put it into circulation as "running cash notes" that have to be paid back with real wealth that is produced from our labour, sit back and become unbelievably wealthy and powerful men: hidden rulers of nations.
In England this deceitful system was officially sanctioned in 1694. The usurper of the throne, William of Orange, had overthrown the legitimate King James II with the financial backing and plotting of powerful Jewish financiers in Amsterdam. In return he gave the sovereignty of England to a group of financiers by means of a Charter allowing them to call themselves the Bank of England. The Charter made no mention of issuing the nation’s money, but within minutes of signing the new Bank officials were discussing the form of their "running cash notes." The same system was adopted in every country by a process of Masonic revolution and manipulation....(...)
Who benefits from such a scheme? The politicians or the bankers? To ask the question is to answer it. The Bank of England is the real, but hidden, government of the country. The Government and the politicians are merely puppets controlled by the Bank – or, more accurately, the international banking families. None of our cowardly politicians dare stand up to these hidden and unelected rulers of the world, so powerful have they become. Two American presidents, possibly three, were assassinated for attempting to do so. It is far easier for them to submit to the system and enjoy a rich life than expose the real tyrants: tyrants who cause high taxes, unemployment, war, famine and misery for the rest of us. But these despots of the New World Order forget that Truth is more powerful than they could ever become. And Truth brings Justice!
The pen is mightier than the pound! This article first appeared in issue 5 of ‘The Anvil,’ published by The Third Position, BCM ITP, London, WC1N 3XX.
The Federal Reserve
The French Connection Radio Show
Zionism Research - The French Connection - Fighting Criminal Zionism
The ground shaking radio show that will snap your neck in odd directions if you listen for a while.
and a comment: (( this is the update ))
From: GP    To: 'Bellringer'    Sent: Monday, May 25, 2009 10:06 AM
(...)  I would like to make a couple of comments. First, I often see the discussion of “bloodline”.  It is more accurate to state it is the seed line, since the blood and seed are separate from each other in the human anatomy. What is significant is the seed line, from the father of the greatest illumined one, Lucifer in Genesis 3:15 to Cain, Esau, Edomites,  and down the line. Once we understand this we will begin to understand the significance of the blood sacrificial system. It is not the bloodline that is significant, but the seed line. Spirit bodies/entities do not have blood as their life source, rather have the spirit as the source of life which is imbedded in the seed.

Also, some of the best work I have seen linking North American Indians to the lost tribes of Israel and their migration to Great Britain     is Arnold Murray at the Shepard’s Chapel. His video documentaries where he visits archeological sites are a great contribution to Biblical Archeology.                GP(( ))                 (( ))


The Federal Reserve "System" & Jewish Bankers (( from
/ ))
    [Editor's Note: We all need to know the facts about who's behind the New World Order and who's responsible for the intentional destruction of the American Republic and the enslavement of its citizens. However, it's a mistake to react with anger towards Jews collectively, much as the Nazis did in the 1930s and during World War II. As Henry Makow points out is his very cogent essays, it's only the Illumiated boys at the top of the NWO pyramid who bear responsibility for the takeover agenda, and not everyone who call themselves a Jew. That being said, we must bear in mind the tremendous insights and historical analysis brought forth by historian Benjamin H. Freedman in his tome “Common Sense”. Friedman said that the public at large, and Christians in particular, have been duped into believing a wholesale lie about who Jews are, where they came from, and their "historical lineage"...(...)

As noted by Makow, and mentioned on our British Israel page, the Zionist manipulators of today who embrace the teachings and proscriptions of the Talmud are the same Pharisees who Christ had so strongly rebuked for their terrible endeavors and serpent-like ways. The boys at the top of the Jewish Illuminated pyramid are satanists who murder babies in satanic rituals and drink their blood, believing that such practices bring them power and longevity. We need to focus on the individuals resposnsible for the enslavement agenda and not resort to simplistic scapegoating. ....Ken Adachi].

...then...same text as below... from


The Federal Reserve -  Zionist Jewish Private Bankers
From Anonymous    3-28-9
Zionist Jews own and run the Federal Reserve Bank that the US government continually borrows from...and is in debt to.
Napoleon said: When a government is dependent for money upon the bankers, they and not the government leaders control the nation. This is because the hand that gives is above the hand that takes. Financiers are without patriotism and without decency.
The Federal Reserve Bank is a consortium of 9 Zionist Jewish-owned & associated banks with the Rothschilds at the head: ...(...)

In October 1987, the Association for the Monetary Union of Europe (AMUE), secretly met and recommended that the ECU (European Currency Unit) replace existing national currencies and that all European Central Banks be combined into one and issue the ECU as the official unified currency. This occurred in 1999 with the issuing of the Euro.
The plan of the international Jewish banking cabal is to have only 3 central banks in the world: The Federal Reserve Bank, the European Central Bank, and the Central Bank of Japan. All of these banks are headed by the Rothschilds.
And Next To Come Will Be The One World Government Run By Anti-Christian Jews.
Read the source article from Real Jew News with links here.
Related Articles
Pick-Pocketing the People: The ruling elite planned the global economic downturn. They timed the implementation and orchestration while controlling media coverage of it.
The Takeover of America, Republic Becomes Oligarchy: America has become an oligarchy (a government ruled by a powerful few) versus a Republic (a government limited by law) as the banking and Wall Street Masters of the Universe continue their tyranny.
P.S. Hey, we have to be slaves and not complain about it. Otherwise we'd be "anti-Semitic." It's "anti-Semitic" to notice what's happening and who's in charge, and it's "anti-Semitic" to complain about it. The FEMA camps will be full of "anti-Semites" otherwise known as "terrorists."



........fulford24................ about history of *treasures*............... resources/uploads/pdf/the_ brief.pdf

This is one of the best accounts of what is happening   that I have seen
These people are in direct contact with me and I assure you they are for real.

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Disclosure.....92 pages easy to read:

and this comment from alcuin :

The secret history of world finance since the removal of King Solomon's treasure from Jerusalem in 930 BCE (pdf file - 92 pages)
This document is of Asian provenance and is written by Eastern secret service insiders whose primary language is not English. In places, therefore, the text is a little clunky and some of the phraseology is jejune. However, Benjamin Fulford in Japan has authenticated the text here and is in direct contact with its authors. The story deals with secret international manipulations behind the negative world banking system which is now visibly collapsing. Starting in King Solomon's temple, the narrative moves through the Knights Templar, the Indonesian spice trade and the London Crown Temple's control of Washington DC thought the Bank of England's majority shareholding in the (illegal) US Federal Reserve. The document only covers the last two thousand years.

                It should be recalled that the story started twelve thousand years ago with a negative extraterrestrial initiative which is detailed in lost and suppressed histories shortly to break surface again. The negative extraterrestrials involved, who were fourth dimensional reptilians, finally changed sides ten years ago        and left Earth for good in the late 1990s.

 The royal families of the world were their servants.


.........fulford15.......... BENJAMIN FULFORD          May 15, 2009
Special message to the Bilderbergers: It is over, you have no place to hide on this planet
To the self-appointed world rulers at the Bilderberg meeting: you must by now realize it is over. Your final attempt to betray the world to a nasty Chinese faction has been rejected both by the Chinese and the rest of the world. You will soon lose the remnants of your US power base. As you know, there is a group with a legal license to kill that has been getting busy working on your underlings as they approach the center of your power base. The yakuza are also gearing up for something big, according to my own high level sources. So are the US special forces. You have been made an offer that it would be very wise to accept. We expect to hear from you soon. 
The six media barons in your group are also hereby kindly asked to start reporting the real truth to the sheeple. Zionism has run its course, the offspring of David must heed the word of their patriarch Abraham. No true Jew would have ever contemplated massacring 4 billion people.


fulford may17th..
 Benjamin Fulford: THE BATTLE BETWEEN THE SNAKE AND THE CROW (views: 294)
hobie -- Saturday, 16-May-2009 20:07:03   and

................fulford17........The battle between the snake and the crow ....(...)

The other day, as me and my Jewish friend were riding by an ancient shrine we witnessed a battle between a snake and a crow. My friend jumped into the battle on behalf of the snake. “Why do you interfere in a battle between a snake and a crow?” I asked. He said, “I felt sorry for it, it is just a baby.” The snake was a poisonous one, we could tell from its triangular shaped head. It was seriously injured with its guts sticking out in two different places. “All you are going to do is deprive the crow of its food and give this snake a slow and lingering death,” I said.

Nonetheless, he took it home. I told him to tape its mouth shut and then stick its guts back in or it would die. That is what he did. Five days later he carried the now-recovered snake on his shoulder back to the shrine and let it go. This is a shrine, by the way, dedicated to the war gods in commemoration of a great victory over 1000 years ago.
To me there was a profound philosophical lesson in that incident. It made me realize the Western view of an eternal war between God and Satan is fundamentally wrong. The Asian view of Yin and Yang is much closer to the reality. The Yin contains a bit of the Yang and vice-versa. Think of them as two opposing and yet at the same time harmonious inter-twined forces. Sometimes it is a male and a female making love. Sometimes it is best friends having animated discussions. Sometimes it is rivals in a competition and sometimes it is mortal enemies fighting to the death.
In this case, my friend was right and I was wrong. From the point of view of God, which I believe to be the life force in and of itself, the future life of a baby snake had more value than a crow’s lunch.
The West needs to replace the metaphor of God and Satan in eternal battle with one of a more harmonious interaction between the forces of dark and the forces of light.
This brings us to a fundamental question in Western philosophy which is “why does anything exist at all?” The answer is that by its very definition anything could not exist without nothing to contrast it with. The universe is composed of two fundamental particles: light and dark or energy and vacuum. You can see their primal action by looking at the static seen between channels on a TV. That is right, the universe is digital.
Every once in a while, the random interactions produce a self-replicating mathematical formula that turns into a vortex that creates a new universe or reality. The Satan worshippers who have been herding us with a Hegelian dialogue of action and reaction made a fundamental mistake by thinking that mayhem, death and destruction were necessary ingredients to this process.

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Princess Diana was murdered at the orders of the Queen because she was pregnant with here Egyptian boyfriend’s baby, according to a close relative of the Queen. Not only that, Diana was alive after the deliberate car accident that was intended to kill her, the source says. “She arrived at the hospital alive and they could have saved her but they let her die,” the royal says. Diana’s bodyguard knows the truth and has prepared a book that will reveal all this, according to the source. The Royal family will do everything in its power to prevent publication but it is inevitable.

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from alcuin:

Close relative of Queen of England tells Japanese source that Princess Diana was murdered on the orders of the Queen because she was pregnant with her Egyptian boyfriend’s baby
Diana Spencer was alive after the deliberate car accident which was intended to kill her in Paris in 1997, the royal source says. “She arrived at the hospital alive and they could have saved her but they let her die.” Diana’s bodyguard knows the truth and has prepared a book that will reveal all this. The British Royal Family will do everything in its power to prevent publication of the book, but the news is out and publication somewhere in the world is inevitable. A reptilian angle on the story can be found here. (( written in 2008.... ))

Diana spoke on several occasions of the time when she had seen the Queen's head shapeshift quite plainly into a reptilian physionomy.


Ohta Ryu, one of the world’s great truth seekers passed away
One of the world’s leading researchers of the secret government of the world passed away on May 19, 2009 at the age of 78. Although few people in the West realize, his contributions were essential to the global awakening that is now taking place. He was a prominent anti-war activist in the hippy era. One day after making a speech he was approached by an old man who told him about a group that researched the secret government of the West during the brief window of time before and during WW2 when Japan was independent. Professor Ohta published and continued their research. The material he published in Japanese eventually made it, indirectly, into English helping enlighten much of the world.
 I am sure he knew the fall of the illuminati was imminent before he died but it is a shame he was not able to see it to the end. We will miss you Professor Ohta.

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Special warning to the people who own the yen printing press
This is a warning to the remaining Japanese stooges who have been controlling the yen printing press in recent years on behalf of the Bush/Clinton crime family: step aside. The Heisei era has been marked by stagnation, poverty, and aged and childess society and a loss of international respect.
It is time to go back to the system used by Japan until 1985: give control of the yen printing presses back to the Finance Ministry and the Cabinet. The purge of Bush/Clinton puppets in Japan has barely just begun. If the remaining traitors are not neutralized soon, Japan is going to degenerate further.
                  Here are some questions: Why hasn’t Japan begun to build factories to produce goods using “forbidden” technology? Why did Japan hand the IMF $100 billion of Japanese money without asking about how it is to be spent? Why don’t you get the Bush/Clinton criminals to hand back the Japanese pension money they stole? Why aren’t the Japan self-defense forces shooting down the airplanes spreading chemtrails (filled with H1N1 virus?) over Japan? If you do not have the guts to stand up for your country then step aside and let those who do deal with this small cabal of criminals.

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....fulford26...............The choice:

 illuminati population reduction      or exponential expansion into the future.
Now that their plan to kill 4 billion people has been exposed, the billionaires and trillionaires of the illuminati are trying the unfamiliar game of being “nice.” Their plan is now to offer “gentle” population reduction and moderate increases in the living standards of slave populations. Oh yes, and for the American slave population, debt slavery would be slightly more “regulated,” sometime in the future.
(( ))
What a joke. These people who have systematically murdered and enslaved hundreds of millions and even billions of humans for centuries are now going to try to be “nice.”
They have lost all trust and power and are lucky to even be alive.
Let us look at the alternative plan. First we take back the money they stole from the world and ensure every human being has at least a middle-class standard of living. The Americans alone would each receive at least $1 million if the money stolen from them was given back. We also, of course will cancel all debts and free all people in jail for non-violent crimes (except white-collar mega-criminals like bankers).
After that we would unleash the century of technological advance that these freaks have suppressed in order to keep control over the slave populace. That would allow us to turn the deserts green, stop environmental destruction, end poverty, end disease and allow us to build giant space colonies. Before long we could have trillions of humans living richly on uncounted worlds.
So, which plan do you prefer, theirs or ours?

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..............Gideon Polya..............( from david icke)
Monday, 25 May 2009
Media Lying over Churchill's Crimes              By Gideon Polya   NOV20008.
'Churchill is our hero because of his leadership in World War 2, but his immense crimes, notably the WW2 Bengali Holocaust, the 1943-1945 Bengal Famine in which Churchill murdered  6-7 million Indians, have been deleted from history by extraordinary Anglo-American and Zionist Holocaust Denial.' 
In addition to his participation in British colonial war crimes in South Africa, the Sudan, Afghanistan and India as a soldier "just obeying orders", Churchill was deeply complicit as an Establishment politician, Minister and Leader in the political failures leading to World War 1; the disastrous WW2 Dardanelles campaign; the 1920s bombing  of Iraqis and Kurds; political failure leading to World War 2; active promotion of Japanese entry into World War 2, pre-knowledge of the indefensibility of Singapore; pre-knowledge of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor; opposition to Indian Independence from the crippling obscenity of the British Raj; the 1943-1945 Bengal Famine; the anti-Arab anti-Semitic war-time decision to partition Palestine in favour of racist Zionist colonizers; and promotion of Hindu-Muslim antipathy with resultant Partition carnage and the present Pakistan-India nuclear standoff.
           These core crimes will be outlined and documented below (for a very detailed and  referenced analysis of Churchill's crimes see the revised and updated 2008 version of my 1998 book "Jane Austen and the Black Hole of British History. Colonial rapacity, holocaust denial and the crisis in biological sustainability" (see: ).
           However Churchill's crimes through evil or incompetent involvement in these holocausts have been largely white-washed out of history by a huge body of Anglo-American, Zionist and Australian historians, journalists and politicians. Perhaps the most telling evidence for this entrenched  UK, US and Zionist holocaust denial comes from a passage in Tariq Ali's recent book "Street Fighting". An Autobiography of the Sixties" (Verso, London, 2005). ...(...)
          Yet, to list just s few examples of UK-US holocaust ignoring,  there is absolutely NO mention of the 1943-1945 Bengali Holocaust in  the biography of Winston Churchill by pro-Zionist Professor  Sir Martin Gilbert (Gilbert, M. (1991), Churchill. A Life (Heinemann, London); the recent histories by leading conservative Australian historian Professor Geoffrey Blainey (Blainey, G. (2000), A Short History of the World (Viking, Melbourne), Blainey, G. (2004), A Very Short History of the World (Viking, Melbourne), Blainey, G. (2005), A Short History of the 20th Century (Penguin, Melbourne); the recent history of Britain by pro-Zionist Professor Simon Schama (Schama, S. (2002), A History of Britain (BBC, London)); or even in an important book on Denial entitled "Denial. History betrayed" by Australian historian Professor Tony Taylor (Monash University, Melbourne; see my review ""Denial" book ignores UK and US genocide crimes": ).
           Another way of gauging this extraordinary English language holocaust ignoring and the ignoring of the immense crimes of Winston Churchill is to do a Yahoo Search for "Hitler's crimes" (25,000 results) and for "Churchill's crimes" (54 results, all but a mere several of these referring NOT to Winston Churchill but to horribly persecuted American Indian Professor Ward Churchill's "Crimes Against Humanity")....(...)
"History is written by the victor", an aphorism often attributed to Winston Churchill.
History ignored yields history repeated. This extraordinary holocaust commission, holocaust denial and holocaust ignoring is an object lesson of this aphorism in a 21st century in which the British Imperialism of past centuries has been transmuted into an equally violent and destructive Anglo-American imperialism (excess deaths in the 1990-2008 Bush wars now total 9-11 million).
 According to the prestigious American Association for the Advancement for Science (AAAS) the world is facing acutely serious nuclear, greenhouse and poverty threats – 25,000 nuclear weapons (including  the 15,000 of the US and the 200 of nuclear terrorist, war criminal, racist Apartheid Israel); there is a Climate Emergency in which the current 387 ppm atmospheric CO2 is already associated with huge Arctic ice melting, mass species extinctions and coral reef death and top scientists are urging a reduction to no more than 350 ppm; and 16 million people already die avoidably each year from deprivation and deprivation-exacerbated disease. Scientific risk management demands zero tolerance for lying.
We can no longer tolerate humanity-threatening lying – there must be general zero tolerance for lying, whether lying by omission or lying by commission.
We must resolutely oppose and expose racist, warmongering, genocidal, UK, Zionist and US imperialist lying, holocaust commission and holocaust denial – enough is enough, vastly too many people have died. Peace is the only way    but silence kills and silence is complicity – please inform everyone you know. ... translation available........
Dr Gideon Polya,  MWC News Chief political editor, published some 130 works in a 4 decade scientific career, most recently a huge pharmacological reference text "Biochemical Targets of Plant Bioactive Compounds" (CRC Press/Taylor & Francis, New York & London, 2003), and is currently writing a book on global mortality ---
Other articles by this author :
Thursday, September 18, 2008
Jane Austen and the Black Hole of British History - updated 2008 Second Edition

Colonial rapacity, holocaust denial and the crisis in biological sustainability.
Revised and updated 2008 Second Edition with Preface, Epilogue, 1998-2008 updating chapter postscripts and a comprehensive Index, including a Jane Austen works and connections Index.              by Gideon Maxwell Polya
Preamble, including Preface to revised and expanded Second Edition [ i ]
1. Introduction - truth, reason, science and history [ 1 ]
2. The editing of Jane Austen’s maternal connections - the Leighs and Brydges [ 8 ]
3. The editing of the Austens and consequences of rustic amusement [ 18 ]
4. Jane Austen’s siblings and their descendants [ 27 ]
5. The editing of Jane Austen’s life [ 33 ]
6. The rare intrusion of humble social reality into Jane Austen’s novels [ 42 ]
7. The sensibility of Jane Austen’s literary contemporaries [ 56 ]
8. The judgement of Jane Austen’s peers and successors [ 66 ]
9. The East India Company, the Black Hole and the conquest of Bengal [ 75 ]
10. The Great Bengal Famine of 1769-1770 [ 88 ]
11. Warren Hastings and the conquest of India [ 99 ]
12. The impeachment of Warren Hastings and the judgement of history [ 106 ]
13. Colonial famine, genocide and ethnocide [ 114 ]
14. The Bengal Famine of 1943-1944 [ 133 ]
15. Pride and Prejudice - Churchill, Science, the Bengal Famine and the Jewish Holocaust [ 148]
16. Global warming and the unthinkable world of 2050 [ 166 ]
17. Antipodean epilogue - the moral dimension of the Lucky Country and the world [ 174 ]
Notes [ 202 ]   Bibliography [ 233 ]     Index [ 263 ]
For further details of “Jane Austen and the Black Hole of British History” contact
Dr Gideon Polya, 29 Dwyer Street, Macleod, Victoria, 3085, Australia.

Repetition of immense crimes against humanity such as the World War 2 Holocaust is made less likely when the responsible society acknowledges the crime, apologizes, makes amends and accepts the injunction “Never again”.
This book is concerned in part with the 2 century holocaust in British India that commenced with the Great Bengal Famine of 1769-1770 (10 million victims), concluded with the World War 2 Bengal Famine (4 million victims) and took tens of millions of lives in between.
          However these events have been almost completely written out of history and removed from general perception, there has been no apology nor amends made and indeed it is generally accepted that, in the absence of effective global action, these horrors will be repeated on an unimaginably larger scale in the coming century.
This carefully documented “J’accuse” addresses what the author terms the “Austenizing” of history or the deletion of awful realities from historical writing.
While it was legitimate for Jane Austen, the artist, to render her exquisite novels free of the contemporary awfulness in which her connections participated, the Austenizing of British history       is a holocaust-denying outrage       that threatens humanity.
It has a central message that “history ignored yields history repeated”, that ignoring, denying, and “looking the other way” simply short-circuits sensible risk management and acutely threaten Humanity. Indeed the 2008 Second Edition has been updated to show that my fears in 1998 about further horrendous avoidable death from War, Occupation, Global Warming and Lying have been horribly realized in the 9-11 million avoidable deaths from the Bush Wars, the 16 million annual avoidable deaths from deprivation and the dire prediction of Dr James Lovelock FRS that over 6 billion people will perish this century from unaddressed man-made Climate Change....(...)

Climate Emergency Network: .

Gideon Polya Blogspot blogs:

Gideon Polya writings on Media with Conscience News (MWC News): .

Gideon Polya writings on Newsvine: .

Gideon Polya writings on Sulekha: .

My words and those of other anti-racist, humanitarian advocates have evidently failed – the Bush Wars have now brought Anglo invasion and killing to Pakistani Waziristan, the Northwest Frontier of the former British Raj in South Asia, for the first time since 1947; the Arctic sea ice in 2007-2008 is at its lowest extent on record (see the official US National Snow and Ice Data Center, NSIDC: ); according to UNICEF (see: ) 327,000 Afghan under-5 year old infants die each year in US-, UK-, NATO- and Australia-occupied Afghanistan (population 26 million) as compared to 2,000 in Occupier Australia (population 21 million) and according to the World Health Organization (WHO: ) the Occupiers only permit a “total annual per capita medical expenditure” of $26 in Occupied Afghanistan (as compared to about $3,000 in Australia and $6,400 in the US); and the Mainstream media continue to ignore the real extent of the 9-11 atrocity – the 9-11 million avoidable deaths (mostly of women and children) in the Bush Wars (1990-2008) (see “9-11 excuse for US global genocide. The real 9-11 atrocity: Millions Dead in Bush Wars”: ).

Because my words have evidently failed I am also trying to spread a message of Peace through Art, “saying it in pictures”.   For your pleasure here are links to some of my HUGE (circa 1.3 metres x 2.9 metres) Paintings for Peace and the Planet (I am very happy for these images to be reproduced in the interests of Humanity; please forward them to all your associates!) : ...(...) (e-mail: gpolya@.....)
...more from   .....icke.............
Saturday, 16 May 2009 
Court Orders Parents to Poison Their 13-Year-Old Child with Chemotherapy //
'Against the wishes of both the parents and the 13-year-old patient in question, a Minnesota judge has ruled that Daniel Hauser must undergo conventional chemotherapy treatments, which are characterized by the mass-poisoning of the patient with toxic chemicals.
For opting to explore alternative and natural remedies rather than chemotherapy for their son, the parents were accused of medical neglect and now face having their son taken away from them by Child Protective Services (CPS). They may also face prison time if they refuse to follow the judge's orders.'
Daniel was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, a health condition that is widely known by alternative cancer practitioners to be reversible (curable), especially in younger patients. Conventional medical doctors have told the courts that unless Daniel is subjected to toxic chemotherapy treatments, he has a 95% chance of dying.

That statistics is an outright lie. It is one of the many deceptive statistics put forth by the cancer industry in order to scare patients into submitting to extremely toxic protocols that cause far more harm than good.

Cancer patients cured by chemotherapy? Zero
There is not a single cancer patient that has ever been cured by chemotherapy. Zero. They don't exist. Not a single documented case in the history of western medicine.

And why is that? Because conventional medicine operates from the false belief that there is no cure for cancer! Thus, anyone offering a cure (or assisting in the body's own natural reversal of the disease) is immediately dismissed as a quack. Meanwhile, the real quackery is found in the pushing of toxic chemotherapy chemicals that are injected into the bodies of patients and called "treatment" when they should really be called "torture." (Nancy Pelosi, by the way, was never briefed on the fact that chemotherapy is torture...)

What's most disturbing in all of this, of course, is that the state is now forcing parents to poison their own children, requiring they hand over money to Big Pharma and conventional cancer treatment centers. The concept of freedom of choice has been stolen away from parents. The idea of protecting your children from toxic chemicals has been not just nullified, but made illegal!

Furthermore, the whole universe of natural cancer cures that really work has been sidelined by this Minnesota judge who is, no doubt, completely ignorant on cancer and human physiology. All these were utterly ignored: Vitamin D (, selenium, oxygen therapy, medicinal mushrooms, microalgae, Amazon rainforest herbs, (( ))
Chinese Medicine herbs, high-dose vitamin C, raw foods juicing, (( )), wild foods extracts, superfood powders, raw cacao, broccoli sprouts (( ))and a thousand other things that we know help the body reverse various cancers.

All these things were apparently thrown out of the courtroom and almost certainly disparaged by drug-pushing doctors who claim that only their own chemicals can treat this disease. .............(...)
Saturday, 16 May 2009 
One World Government NGO       Comes Out Into the Open
by IanPJ on Fri 15 May 2009 18:22 BST
'Whilst the country's attention is firmly focused on the greed and self destruction of our Parliamentary system, the Globalist One World Government proponents have finally broken cover and come out into the open.'
An NGO called Vote World Government has released the names of 45 authors who have published books or articles on the issue of globalizing democracy and who have agreed to set aside their philosophical differences in order to encourage the holding of a global referendum on the general goal of democratic world government. (Heck, we didnt even get that for the EU).
They must be feeling pretty confident that they are on to a winner, the people have been softened up enough and sucked into believing all of the panic stories of globalised debt, globalised terror, globalised AGW, globalised deseases, therefore global solutions must really be the only way forward to deal with it.
This subject for so long has been derided as mere conspiracy, to casually mention that the formation of Global Regional Governments such as the EU was always the precursor to Global Government would see you ostracised and called a Tin Foil extremist.
Well here they are folks, do you want to vote for the UN to be your Global government?
Doesn't mean that you would ever get the chance to vote for who sits in the UN, in the same way you dont get to vote about whether you want to be in the EU, or to vote for the EU lawmakers. (note: EU Parliament is not a lawmaking body, it merely approves what is put before it).
Thats what they call the post democratic age, incorporating 'Modern Liberty', and there are those who are working towards this end of global government, whether you want it or not.
The fact that George (Moonbat) Monbiot is one of those proponents is enough for me to say, no chance. Same goes for the EU.
WEBWIRE                   13.05.2009
Forty-five authors call for a global referendum on democratic world government
May 13, 2009, Shawville, Québec, Canada — An NGO called Vote World Government has released the names of 45 authors who have published books or articles on the issue of globalizing democracy and who have agreed to set aside their philosophical differences in order to encourage the holding of a global referendum on the general goal of democratic world government. (The list of authors is below.)
“If half of all human adults vote, and the referendum question is supported by 67% of all voters, such a global mandate will be accepted in many quarters as legally binding under international law, and it would be politically compelling no matter what its legal status,” says Canadian Jim Stark, president of VWG and author of Rescue Plan for Planet Earth: Democratic World Government through a Global Referendum.
“We are confident the human race is ready for this, even if many national governments may not be,” explains Ted Stalets, vice-president of VWG (in Nashville, TN, USA). “We resolve all of our disputes through law and democratic governance at the municipal, state (provincial) and national levels, and as Harry Truman said in 1945, there isn’t a reason in the world why we can’t do that internationally.” Stalets points to a 2004 GlobeScan poll done in 18 nations, where about 75% of those who expressed opinions indicated that they wanted a “directly-elected UN parliament.”
The plan is to pass a resolution ( through the UN calling on every nation to hold a national referendum in conjunction with its next national election, using a common ballot question: “Do you support the creation of a directly-elected, representative and democratic world government?” In the period of time before the UN General Assembly agrees to consider this draft resolution, support is being built by means of Internet voting at
The participating authors have co-signed a letter that is being sent to thousands of NGOs, asking them to encourage their directors, staff, served communities and supporters to vote online, to generate momentum. “We have to make the online referendum go viral,” says Stark, “and we can do that best with the help of the two million NGOs in the world, who know that the work they do for humanity at large is desperately needed and underfunded primarily because the human race has so far failed to govern itself globally.”
“Even a very successful global referendum will not result in the immediate creation of a democratic world government,” says Irish citizen Brian Coughlan, Liaison Officer for VWG, “but it certainly will compel the convening of a framing conference where all of the stakeholders (national governments, NGOs, corporations, unions, religions, scholars, etc.) will have to sort through the issues and compose a world constitution.”
“This global referendum initiative has world-changing potential, and deserves the benefit of the doubt,” says Swedish professor Torbjörn Tännsjö, the author of GlobalDemocracy: The Case for a World Government.
The 45 participants in the Authors’ Campaign for Democratic World Government as of May 13, 2009 (in alphabetical order by surname) ....(....)
Saturday, 16 May 2009 
Hitler's Program Has Been Revived by Obama ....   ((   L.PAC    5-15-9 ))
'What would you think about a scholarly article entitled: "What Are the Potential Cost Savings from Legalizing Physician-Assisted Suicide?" If you knew no more than the title, you might wonder if it was written by the grandaddy of British utilitarianism, Jeremy Bentham; or perhaps by LSD-pervert Aldous Huxley; or by Nazi doctor Karl Brandt.
Good guesses... but wrong.' 
This is the title of a 1998 paper co-authored by Ezekiel Emanuel, a leading adviser to Budget Director Peter Orszag and a member of President Obama's elite 15-person Federal Coordinating Council on Comparative Effectiveness Research. The Council is charged by the Obama administration with preparing the list of which medical procedures will henceforth be permitted, and which not, with an eye to cutting $2 trillion from health care payments-to be handed over to the bankrupt hedge funds and banks which run the HMOs.
Brandt, Goerring, and Hitler himself have nothing on these modern Nazis. Ezekiel Emanuel's co-author of the mentioned paper, Margaret Battin-like Emanuel, a bio-ethicist-has written other papers with sick titles like "The Least Worst Death: Selective Refusal of Treatment"; "Terminal Sedation: Pulling the Sheet Over Our Eyes"; and "Assisted Suicide: Can We Learn From Germany?" Is this any different than Hitler's doctor Karl Brandt's defense of euthanasia at Nuremberg: "Death can mean deliverance. Death is life-just as much as birth. It was never meant to be murder."
And don't forget that, among the means identified at Nuremberg as causing the "murder and ill-treatment of Civilian Populations" was the "inadequate provision of surgical and medical services" - exactly the policies being imposed on the U.S. today by Summers, Geithner, Orszag, and their British masters.
As Lyndon LaRouche stated unequivocally yesterday: "The Hitler program has been revived by the Obama administration."
"This is straight Nazi stuff," LaRouche elaborated. "It's not a quibble; it's not an interpretation. This is a direct copy of the philosophy of the Nazis. You cannot duck that issue. This is Nazi stuff. And it's explicit. We know all this stuff from Hermann Goering and so forth in the 1920s, and after that with their international connections, like certain Wall Street firms. We have been warned, and we act accordingly. People who condone this are criminals, because they either knew, or should have known, what they are doing. They either knew, or should have known."
LaRouche continued: "Please be careful: don't accept an invitation to sleep at the White House! It might be a longer sleep than you expected.... Every time the question comes up, we should say: 'This is the tradition of the Fuehrer's program being maintained. You should be grateful to your insightful President, who has helped to bring this forward. And he's going to relieve some of the strains of the world by eliminating excess population.' We keep wondering where we heard that before!"
LaRouche emphasized that the entire HMO system has to be immediately eliminated. "Repeal the HMO's, period. Because only if you repeal it, do you open the gates for the easy route to the necessary reforms. After you get the HMO's repealed, after that, then you go with the other programs for rebuilding health care in the U.S., but not before."
"Don't accept any discussion or dialogue on Social Security and such issues," LaRouche advised. "First we have to reduce the costly mismanagement of health care by these insurance companies, by eliminating the HMOs. This will eliminate the biggest factor of waste in the health care system.
"The HMOs just took over and replaced Hill-Burton. There's no way of compromising on that; you have to be absolutely ruthless. The HMO is a parasite; there's no question about it. This is all criminal, and we have to deal with it as a crime.
"The point is people get hesitant, and they say: 'In the meantime, what are we going to do?' In the meantime? There is no meantime! Either we get these guys out now, or there's no chance: mass death occurs. That's what happened with Hitler. There were Jewish communities that also said: 'Look, don't fight it, it will go away.' It's the same thing today."
As for the Nazi behavioral economists, LaRouche said, "these guys have to go. Because either these guys are going to go, or the President is going to go. And the President has to think through that choice. Because the American people are not going to put up with this crap. And these guys are going to find that the American people are going to say to the President: 'You get rid of those guys, or we get rid of you.' "
Wednesday, 20 May 2009
West Bank Becomes Waste Land
'Israel has found a cheap and easy way to get rid of its waste, much of it hazardous: dump it into the West Bank. A few Palestinians can be bought, the rest are in no position to complain. "Israel has been dumping waste, including hazardous and toxic waste, into the West Bank for years as a cheaper and easier alternative to processing it properly in Israel at appropriate hazardous waste management sites," Palestinian Environmental Authority (PEA) deputy director Jamil Mtoor told IPS.'...(...)
Israel's embargo has blocked supplies of construction material needed to repair Gaza's decimated infrastructure, and of sufficient quantities of fuel needed to run water and waste treatment plants.
"Hazardous waste and hospital waste is lying untreated. Untreated sewage has been pumped out to sea and permeated Gaza's underground water and drinking supplies, creating a potential health threat," said Steiner.

The Israeli military has more than 600 checkpoints and roadblocks situated throughout the West Bank, severely impacting movement there, and making it hard for wastewater tankers to reach many villages and towns.
"Due to the extensive closures and roadblocks in the West Bank, Palestinians don't have sufficient access to waste sites or the ability to treat waste properly," Steiner told IPS.
(*This story is part of a series of features on sustainable development by IPS - Inter Press Service, and IFEJ -- the International Federation of Environmental Journalists). (END/2009)
Wednesday, 20 May 2009
War is a Racket!
'War is a Racket by Smedley Butler is a famous speech denouncing the military industrial complex. This anti-war speech by two-time Congressional Medal of Honor recipient exposes war profits that benefit few at the expense of many. Throughout his distinguished career in the Marines, Smedley Darlington Butler demonstrated that true patriotism does not mean blind allegiance to government policies with which one does not agree. To Hell with war.'   ...embedded video....
Tuesday, 19 May 2009
Audit the Fed, Then End It!    RON PAUL
'I have been very pleased with the progress of my legislation, HR 1207, which calls for a complete audit of the Federal Reserve and removes many significant barriers towards transparency of our monetary system.   This bill now has nearly 170 cosponsors, with support from both Republicans and Democrats.  Senator Bernie Sanders has introduced a companion bill in the Senate S 604, which will hopefully begin to gain momentum as well.  I am very encouraged to see so many of my colleagues in Congress stand with me for greater transparency in government.',tx14_paul,blog,999,All,Item%20not%20found,ID=090518_2909,TEMPLATE=postingdetail.shtml
Tuesday, 19 May 2009
1300 Girls Harmed by HPV Vaccines in UK; Bizarre Side Effects
 Like Paralysis and Epilepsy
'More than 1,300 girls in the United Kingdom have experienced negative reactions to the government-mandated Cervarix vaccine for the human papillomavirus (HPV), according to adverse events reports collected from doctors by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).
"When they introduced this new vaccine, we had major concerns about its safety," said Jackie Fletcher of Jabs, a support group for those negatively affected by vaccines. "The current statistics detailing adverse reactions -- including cases of epilepsy and convulsions -- bears out that we were right to be concerned."
Cervarix, manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline, inoculates patients against strains 16 and 18 of HPV, which are believed to be responsible for 70 percent of cervical cancer cases. The British government began a program to vaccinate all secondary school girls in September 2008, and 700,000 have received the injections so far. The government's plan is to have all girls under the age of 18 vaccinated by 2011.'
Critics have objected, however, that the government based its decision on studies of women under the age of 26, rather than studies conducted on school-age girls. In addition, while the vaccine has been shown to prevent against HPV infection in the short term, there is no evidence of its long-term efficacy or that it actually lowers cancer rates.
The MHRA reports show a total of 2,891 adverse events reported in 1,340 girls. The majority were minor and short-lived problems, such as swelling, rashes, pain or mild allergies to the vaccine. A number of cases were more severe, however, including 20 cases of blurred vision, four cases of convulsions, one case of seizures and one epileptic fit. Five cases of partial paralysis were reported, including Bell's palsy (face), Guillain-Barre syndrome (legs), hyopaesthesia (loss of sense of touch) and hemiparesis (severe weakening or paralysis of half the body).
"The government needs to look at the future of this program given the number of side-effects coming through," Fletcher said.
Sources for this story include:
Monday, 25 May 2009
Rachel Maddow on Obama's Indefinate Preventative Detention Plan ..embedded.....
Monday, 25 May 2009
Egypt Blocks Relief Convoy to Gaza
'Egyptian authorities block a 39-person solidarity convoy carrying medical aid to Gaza and permit only 16 of them to cross the border. The organizers of the European Hope for Gaza Convoy refused Egypt's offer to allow only part of the group into Gaza, insisting that all 39 members cross, according to Ahmad Al-Kurd, the minister of social affairs in the Gaza government.
Al-Kurd told reporters at the main gate of the Rafah crossing that although Egypt had given assurances to the Palestinian side that the whole convoy will be given access to the Strip, they have changed their decision at the last moment, granting entry to only 16 people.'
One of the convoy members said that the number of people permitted to enter is insufficient and would not enable Gaza hospitals to treat the patients, especially those injured during the 22-day Israeli assault earlier in the year.

Nearly 160 peace activists and workers of non-governmental organizations from different European countries were about to enter Gaza after the Egyptian authorities stamped their passports, but then were not allowed through.
The group of volunteers and European members of parliament said they were bringing 12 ambulances, wheelchairs, some 30 truckloads of medical supplies worth more than USD 47,000, and a kidney dialysis machine, in addition to advance computer programs for the blind in Gaza.
Another member stated that that there are patients who were wounded during the war, and others who suffer from chronic diseases, and that hundreds of patients in Gaza are in urgent need of medical aid.
Gaza has been under an Israeli-led land and sea blockade since June 2007.
Egypt has also maintained a near complete closure of Gaza, opening the Rafah border only occasionally.
Saving Up Our Treasure            May 14, 2009 12:25 PM
Brother G           May 10, 2009
I wasn't born with true Knowledge. I, too, had to live through Mistakes and Selfish Indulgences, buried in the False Belief of the "truths" that had been indoctrinated in me since Birth -- the Idea that what was Important to Man on Earth was "how much you had and how high you lived".
Go to a "good" college, get a "good" job, work your way up, step over others along the way. Make as much paper money as you can. Gather prestige and status.
Then Die and leave it all to Someone else.
We somehow have never seemed to grasp the futility of that last sentence. What was it all for? All the Striving and Conquering, what does it mean in the end when the Rich Man dies just as dead as the Poor Man, just as dead as the Fly we swatted yesterday?
What's The Point?
There IS NO material "point" to Material Life. WE LEAVE IT ALL ON THE TABLE WHEN WE GO. If this is the case, then what do we take with us?
Our Works. We take with us our Good Works.
Because that is the only Measure by which we will be judged after "death". Once we "die", we simply step off the Stage of 3D-Reality and return to True Life in the Higher Realms. At that moment we will immediately Remember that our Body was just a Physical Tool we constructed to navigate a Physical World. The Purpose of coming to this world was to gain Experience, promote Soul Growth and balance Karma. Once we Transition, we will have to stop for a Review of our most recent Sojourn on Earth, where we will Judge Ourselves.
Did we Treat Man and Animal Kindly?
Did we Forgive Others, and Ourselves?
Did we Resist the Temptations of the Senses?
Did we Strive to Change Ourselves, to be "Better"?
Did we Effort to find the Truth of Our Existence?
Did we Listen to our Still, Small Voice -- Our Conscience?
Did we Try to Understand and Live by God's Laws?
Did we Respect our Bodies, the Temple of our Soul?
Notice that "how famous" we were, "how much money we made", "how much property or things we owned", etc. are not included in any of those questions. That's because those things won't matter. All that will matter are the Deeds that we have performed and the Effect of those Deeds on upon our own Soul and upon the souls of our Brothers.
Our Deeds are the "Treasure" that we "mine" from the Experiences of our Lives. We can't see them shimmering like Gold coins, but they are even more Valuable. That is because these Treasures are what will be used to Judge whether we are fit to move on to the Worlds that await Us.
Live your Earth Life to Accumulate that which you will need AFTER Earth Life.
Save Up Your Treasure.
All Love,
~~ G
May 14, 2009 12:01 PM           States to FED: Stay in D.C. !
Bob Unruh - WND     May 12, 2009
       $11 trillion 'micromanaging' price sparks explosion in sovereignty movement.

A movement to reclaim for states all rights not specifically designated to the federal government in the U.S. Constitution is exploding across the nation, with 35 states already acting or at least considering such proposals – and one state lawmaker estimating the nation as a whole could save $11 trillion in coming years if it would succeed.
WND reported not long ago when the number of states with lawmakers considering such sovereignty efforts reached 20.
Now, according to the Tenth Amendment Center, such provisions have been launched in at least 35 states. They all address the Tenth Amendment that says: "powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."
South Carolina's S. 424 is an example. It is titled: "To affirm South Carolina's sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution over all powers not enumerated and granted to the federal government by the United States Constitution."
Essentially it's a reminder that the United States is made up of individual states; it's not a federal authority broken up into political subdivisions.
Get "Taking America Back," Joseph Farah's manifesto for sovereignty, self-reliance and moral renewal
In South Carolina, the proposals remains pending in the state Senate, where Sen. Lee Bright said he still hopes that it will be adopted this year.
The proposal there notes specifically that the "federal government was created by the states … to be an agent of the states," and the states currently "are treated as agents of the federal government," many times in violation of the Constitution.
The resolution states:
Be it resolved by the Senate, the House of Representatives concurring: That the General Assembly of the State of South Carolina, by this resolution, claims for the State of South Carolina sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States over all powers not otherwise enumerated and granted to the federal government by the United States Constitution........(...)
Part Four: What is Codex, Exactly?
May 25, 2009 12:57 PM
May 25, 2009 Originally designed by military and business leaders from the pharmaceutical industry in Germany shortly after World War II, historically, Codex was evolved from a collection of standards and product descriptions for a wide variety of foods developed in the Austro-Hungarian Empire between 1897 and 1911. Austria subsequently pursued the creation of a regional food code, the "Codex Alimentarius Europaeus" between 1954 and 1958.                In 1961 the Council of Codex Alimentarius Europaeus adopted a resolution proposing that its work on food standards be taken over by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO).
Today's "Codex Alimentarius" was formed by the FAO of the United Nations World Health Assembly in 1963. In the mid-1990s Codex Alimentarius signed agreements with the World Trade Organization (WTO), enabling Codex to establish trade standards that the WTO would use to resolve international trade disputes.
In summary then we have (1) the EU Food Supplements Directive, now law throughout Europe and in various stages of clarification, finalization and implementation; (2) Codex Alimentarius adopting these laws as "guidelines and standards" that each nation should aspire to, but are actually supported by legal obligations contained within a number of international trade agreements signed by the governments of numerous countries outside of Europe, including the U.S.

Stay Tuned for Part Five: Are all WTO member countries obligated to follow Codex "Standards and Guidelines"?

Author's Bio: Baron Rudi C. Loehwing - Managing Director for a non-profit campaign organization; the World Institute of Natural Health Sciences. Producer and narrative director of documentary films, radio and television programs. Publisher, Publicist and Marketing / Strategic PR Consultant. Former child actor, journalist, radio host, public relations and marketing consultant, film producer and director, I currently run the World Institute of Natural Health Sciences (WINHS.ORG), a publishing company HealthNet Publishing and 2 PR firms.
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May 25, 2009 12:55 PM
May 24, 2009 WASHINGTON – A bill approved by the House of Representatives and referred to the Senate would prohibit federal employees of executive branch from being compelled to release any document unless a court makes a specified determination by a preponderance of evidence – legislation at least one group suspects is designed to protect Barack Obama's elusive birth certificate from release. The legislation, HR 985, resides in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Sovereignty Alliance has issued a "red alert" about the bill it calls "stealth legislation ... to protect Obama from providing his birth certificate."
            "It woudn't surprise me a bit if this were one of the intended consequences of this legislation," said Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND, who last week initiated a national billboard compaign to bring attention to the issue of Obama's missing birth certificate and what it might say about his claim to be a "natural born citizen," a status necessary to serve in the White House.
"In any case, this bill puts the lie to this administration and this Congress being the most ethical and transparent in American history," Farah said.  "They're very open when it comes to the secrets of previous administratoins, but when it comes to their own work, it is shrouded in secrecy.  Even the president's birth certificate and student records are will-guarded state secrets."
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An Open Letter to President Obama; Why Is Corporate America Destroying Our Economy?
May 25, 2009 12:14 PM
May 23, 2009 Dear President Obama; This is a re-print of a comment I made on an article I published on May 16th, “As the Economy Worsens, A New America Is Emerging, Part 1″ I believe this comment was important enough to qualify for a letter to you as we seek solutions for stabilizing our economy. I am not privy if you have failed to act on this issue because you don’t believe it’s a problem, haven’t had the time, or in the alternative, support a Corapacy that is quickly destroying our economy. I certainly am not disparaging the Presidency nor being disrespectful - but based on my research and previous articles I have posted, believe that the administration is paying undue homage to a corrupt and failing “Corapacy.” President Obama, I feel if you addressed this issue with truth and clarity, the American people might understand why your administration appears to be tacking along with previous Bush era policies that have added to our financial meltdown; if you would address the issue rather than hoping that no one is taking note of who the real culprits are in the destruction of our economy, millions of us would believe that “Yes, We Can” save our economy. Based on our current strategy for tackling this emergent crisis - it is obvious that unless you address the real issues that we as a nation face, there is absolutely no way that our economy and freedom(s) can be saved.
Mr. President, because of Fox News and monopolies such as Newscorp, the Republican sector of our population doesn’t have a clue as to “why” and “how” we reached this sad state of affairs. Yes, I’m speaking of Republicans, not Neo-conservatives who hope you fail regardless of the pain and suffering that are bound to follow. There has not been an orator in the White House since the days of J.F.K. that has the ability to make himself understood and whom the bulk of the population trusts, and with that ability comes a huge amount of responsibility. I’m calling on you to exercise that responsibility, to side with the American people rather than Corporate America and address the country and explain why it’s not only necessary, but also a matter of National Security for the United States to return to its roots where people could trust our employers to make the right decisions, not just for their bottom-line, but for the good of the nation as a whole.
                        If you side with the people and tell us the truth, the whole truth, there will be a groundswell of support and outrage at our modern “Carpetbaggers” - and they will be forced to change their ways or fade into bankruptcy and obscurity. If you fail us President Obama, we will know that your real loyalty lies with those who seek our destruction, not necessarily on purpose, but are blinded by greed in their everyday decision making. If our corporations are making these decisions knowing full well they are destroying our economy in the process, then I believe they are committing acts of financial treason that have damaged the United States far worse than the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and the Bush administration combined.
I’m 58 years old, and not since the days of JFK has the United States faced a situation where our security and ability to survive as a nation has been at such risk. We also know that the stimulus as it pertains to our infrastructure was necessary, however, those are only jobs that will last for a specific time period - and when the work is completed, their jobs will disappear far quicker than they appeared. We don’t need a short-term solution, but a solution that will allow Americans to rebuild their nation on a platform that will offer jobs a hundred years from now.
And yes President Obama, I do understand the risk; the last President that attempted to stand-up for the American people was assassinated - which I fear may enter into your decision making as you ponder our situation and “how” to bring forth change that will benefit the entire country. There has also never been a time when so much counted on the ethics of one individual, our President, or where the actions of a President can either drive us over the edge and end Democracy as we know it, or face the problem head-on and relate to the people what needs to be done to save our nation from what appears to be the inevitable financial destruction of our entire economy.
President Obama, I don’t envy you or your position; you are faced with the possibility of endangering your own life if you stand against the “Corapacy”//corporacy??// and save the nation, or in the alternative, will go down in history known as the one man that could have saved America, but instead opted to protect his own interests and will forever be known as a President that didn’t have the courage to tell his constituents the truth - which would instantly cause the American people to demand the change that could and would make Corporate America act in a responsible manner - whether they like it or not!
William Cormier              Author's Website:
Author's Bio: I am nothing more than a patriotic American that is doing whatever I can to further the cause of democracy, the rule of law, and am absolutely outraged on how the Bush administration is defying our Congress, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights! Footnote: I write in a style that I believe is appropriate in today's world where we can't trust the Mainstream News Media, and rather than concentrating on one article alone, which may or may not receive the exposure and emphasis it should, I prefer to meld several relevant stories together, that each taken alone may not expose the entire situation, but when taken-in as a whole, tend to give the reader a better understanding of the subject. One article or story alone does not represent the "Big Picture" - but when several are effectively tied-together it often reveals a trend or broader view of the subject matter that is important to completely understand any given situation.

May 25, 2009 11:59 AM


The ADL ruthlessly leans on governments throughout the world to pass hate crimes legislation, as they are scared that the criminal cabal that is Israel and the Rothschilds is being exposed more and more on a daily basis, predominantly on the internet.  Their job is to protect this criminal network and what better way to do it than by passing laws in which anyone who exposes a Jewish criminal becomes a criminal.
David Irving is sentenced to three years in jail in Austria, for denying the holocaust.  It is important to note that the only historical event you can be arrested for questioning is the holocaust.  This is because this has been the Rothschilds greatest weapon in brainwashing YOU, THE STUPID GOY! is that the Jews are so poor and persecuted when in actual fact they control the vast majority of international finance and international corporations throughout the world.


Here is a link to 6 pages of autographs from the 1929 Zionist congress with some very interesting names on it.
Main page:
May 25, 2009 11:24 AM
  ----- Original Message ----- From: Chester Lee McWhorter Sr To: Sent: Sunday, May 24, 2009 8:01 PM Subject: [WETHEPEOPLE_UNITED] # 25, 26, 27, and 28.   Pages Nbr. # 25 24 May 2009 Compiled, Edited, Formatted & Distributed by American citizen Patrick Riot , DRAFT Edition_Patrick_Riot_2003@........ copyright  2004 All Rights Reserved.  ...(...)
   In 1884 the daughter of a Russian general, Mlle. Justine Glinka, was endeavoring to serve her country in Paris by obtaining political information, which she communicated to General Orgevskii in St. Petersburg. For this purpose she employed a Jew, Joseph Schorst, member of the Mizraim Lodge in Paris.  One day Schorst offered to obtain for her a document of great importance to Russia, on payment of 2,500 francs.  This sum being received from St. Petersburg was paid over and the document handed to Mlle. Glinka.  She forwarded the French original ...accompanied by a Russian translation, to Orgevskii, who in turn handed it to his chief, General Cherevin, for transmission to the Tsar.  But Cherevin, under obligation to wealthy Jews, refused to transmit it, merely filing it in the archives.
                Meantime there appeared in Paris certain books on Russian court life which displeased the Tsar, who ordered his secret police to discover their authorship.  This was falsely attributed, perhaps with malicious intent, to Mlle. Glinka, and upon her return to Russia she was banished to her estate in Orel.  To the marechal de nobless of this district, Mlle. Gave a copy of The Zionist Protocols.  Sukhotin showed the document to two friends, Stephenov and Nilus; the former had it printed and circulated privately in 1897; the second, Professor Sergius A. Nilus, published it for the first time in Tsarkoe-Tselc (Russia) in 190, in a book entitled The Great Within The Small.
                Then, at about the same time, a friend of Nilus, G. Butmi, also brought it out and Marsden’s translated copy was deposited into the British Museum on August 10, 1906.  Meantime, through Jewish members of the Russian police, minutes of the proceedings of the Basle, Switzerland 1st Zionist World Congress in 1897 had been obtained and these were found to correspond with The Zionist Protocols.  In January 1917, Nilus had prepared a second edition, revised and documented, for publication.  But before it could be put on the market, the revolution had taken place and Kerenski (Bronstein), who had succeeded to power, ordered the whole edition of Nilus’s book to be destroyed.
                In 1924, Prof. Nilus was arrested by the Cheka in Kiev, imprisoned, and tortured; he was told by the Jewish president of the court, that this treatment was meted out to him for “having done them incalculable harm in publishing The ZIONIST Protocols”.  Released for  a few months, he was again led before the G.P.U. (Cheka), this time in Moscow and confined.  Set at liberty in February 1926, he died in exile in the district of Vladimir on January 13th, 1929 ](sic). [This is a Russian edition by Sergius A. Nilus in 1905.] [Translated from the Russian Text by Victor E. Marsden – Formerly Russian Correspondent of London’s “The Morning Post”] 
Children of the New Dream          May 25, 2009 10:40 AM with Drunvalo Melchizedek Posted May 25, 2009 Diane: So Drunvalo.. » read more
Children of the New Dream/ Interview with Drunvalo Melchizedek By
Diane: There are a lot of us who are choosing immortality............

Also see "Birthing the Babes of the Light" by Penelope A. Greenwell 1994, Pentangle Press and further articles,
Encouraging - Kids of Light  Psychic Children, Meeting Thomas, James Twyman
Excerpts from Emissary of Love   Thomas Message, Psychic Children  James Twyman The Thomas Messages #1,2 & 3,by Thomas of the Psychic Children & James Twyman Whales & Dolphin & Our Future Thomas Psychic Children Message #4 & James Twyman 8/02
An Indigo Children web site     Kryon web site
The World Court in The Hague (Netherlands, Europe)
A photograph. The World Court is the United Nations' highest court.
The picture linked was taken on Monday 6th April 2009.
Your world is just beginning to shift its level of consciousness
"The first part of this has been the increase in seabed and land volcanism, paralleled with a corresponding upsurge in global seismic activity. The surface of your world needs a massive facelift as well as a new type of bio-magnetic field. This will eventually reset your world's gravitational field and align with similar alterations that are happening to the other members of your solar system, including your Sun. As your planet reaches for the 5th dimension, so too does the rest of your reality require an upgrade.
Around your solar system is something your scientists call 'dark matter.' It is the stuff of this Creation and is the medium by which this universe is lifting itself into the 5th dimension and higher. Dark matter acts much like the 'junk DNA' that makes up a lot of your genetic material. This matter is now merging with your limited realities and augmenting their ability to transform into fully conscious ones. Part of this operation is for the dark matter to begin to encode and transform limited-conscious matter. This is what is causing vast anomalies throughout the near section of intra- and intergalactic space.
          Your scientists realize just how little they know about what makes physicality work and are questioning present concepts of what gravitation and electromagnetism truly represent. This is leading them toward a number of new theories that are eventually to produce a much-needed paradigm shift. Gravitation is a by-product of interdimensional electromagnetism, which in turn comes from interdimensional Light ...."...(...)
     As we mentioned earlier, your planet and solar system are drifting through a vast sea of dark matter. This matter is unknown to your scientists as it is, as yet, invisible to them. It possesses a great deal of energy and defies what 'matter' is considered to be. This is why earlier theorists saw it as an etheric fluid, which it isn't. This matter is constantly moving from one-dimensional reality to another. Your ascension requires that it begin to interact with your reality in a more direct manner. For this to happen, you need to be physically altered. This applies of course to planets, stars, and galaxies as well as yourselves. This means comprehensive electromagnetic change and a revamping of the relationship between the numerous gravitational fields that compose this sector of physicality. This transformation is underway and has caused the lowering of Earth's gravitational strength and the Sun to engage in two consecutive, rare aspects of its traditional sunspot cycle. The way your solar system relates to its Sun is impressively changing.
      This merely hints at what is to come. The movement toward full sentiency means that as you move upward the incredible Light energy stored in the dark matter begins to become more real to you. It is one thing to be in transition and quite another to view the actual vehicle of this operation. You are now close to this revelation. To us, this Universe is full of Light whose magnificent displays are beyond description! We rejoice in these phenomena as it is a constant reminder of the glory of the Creator. We see ourselves as whole, interconnected Beings who have come together to unfold this Creation and carry out the decrees of Lord Surea. The tripartite Godhead is what guides us. You are on the path to this marvelous series of realizations, at the end of which is being able to live in the library of the Akashic and within the sacred walls of this Creation. Here, you are enlivened by the energies of Truth and by the wonders of the divine plan. ..(...)
   In sum, you are going through the middle stages of a great metamorphosis. This work is making you a physical Angel, which confers great responsibilities upon you. Just think! You are being transformed reality-wide; your 'junk DNA' and the galactic dark matter are acting in similar ways to reconstitute every aspect of your reality. Meanwhile, as you go through this, entire new galaxies, nebulae, and magnificently colored and shaped cosmic dust are to make an appearance in your telescopes and upon the electronic maps of your science! This splendor and beauty cannot fail to transform you utterly! We ourselves never fail to be awestruck time and again by what we observe on our travels, and this is what awaits you! As you return to your multidimensional state you regain your sense of wonder and amazement at the grandeur of it all!
Major World Court corruption exposure emerging: Judges' slush funds of $1.0 trillion plus identified in Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein  casper
A single slush fund account, thought to be in the name of British Justice Rosalyn Higgins, contains a total of $1.0 trillion. picturwe of her.
Other international legal conspirators at the International Court of Justice at The Hague, working with and around Higgins, have accounts credited in $ billions. Higgins is a controlled asset of The Crown Temple Illuminati in London. The cover story is that Higgins is no longer formally involved with International Court of Justice business because her term of office expired on Friday 6th February 2009.    The Crown Temple (UK) is strenuously fighting the imminent release of the NESARA-related international prosperity funds. The British Crown is also actively opposing the return of the USA to its original Constitution.
 In law, the US is not the USA. In law, Washington DC is a private British-run corporation. In law, All BAR Attorneys in the US are covert, contracted agents of the British Crown. BAR stands for British Accredited Regency. And the British Crown funds and controls INTERPOL. More background here (13.05.09), here (13.05.09) and here (14.05.09).
READER SENDS: 2K ((??)) Chinese Pilots Training in Canada
Posted By: watcher51445 <Send E-Mail>   Date: Thursday, 21-May-2009 07:52:00
        2K Chinese Pilots Training in Canada
        May 18, 2009            JK
        Just read Hawk's latest alert. Thought you both like to know that there have been 2K Chinese pilots in Canada training on planes mfg there for more than a year now. 200 located in Dunnsville, ONT, which is 600mi strike zone to DC, Boston, NYC, Philly, Cleveland, Columbus, Chicago, Detroit. Must represent approx 50% of US pop. Residents were told that Ch gov't purchased or leased former military RAF base in Dunnsville. No one seems concerned except me....
        Related background info: USAF Trains the Chinese Air Force for "Combat Readiness" Plaaf at Edwards AFB May 1999
and  RED STORM RISING ~ Unrestricted Warfare: China's Secret Plan To Destroy America..... (views: 1010)
LoneStar -- Friday, 22-May-2009 02:41:01
The Mayan Calendar and The Transformation Of Consicousness
Posted By: sleuth    Date: Thursday, 21-May-2009 18:55:55
        Hope everybody's doing well!
        This is a really good video. It is calm and expletive in its presentation. Also, there's a big party coming on Planet Earth I hear.
        sleuth ,,,,(VIDEO)
Here are just a few very important and relevant excerpts from the book "The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness" written by Carl Johan Calleman Ph.D.
His book reveals the Mayan Calendar as a spiritual device that enables a greater understanding of the nature of conscious evolution throughout human history-and how it provides the concrete steps we can take to align ourselves with this growth torward enlightenment.
Here are a couple of reviews:
"Reading this book is a powerful and electrifying experience.Each page offers penetrating insights that unravel the deepest mysteries of human history and the evolution of global consciousness."-Michael E.Salla,Ph.D.,Center for Global Peace
"Calleman's book on the Mayan calendar can only bring whoever reads it to a new threshold of understanding."-Jose Arguelles,Ph.D.,author of "Time and the Technosphere"

(( // en francais   : 
from:  ))
Audio Track:Skysent Artist:Anael and Bradfield
Note:Sorry about the song ending abrubtly the actual length is 11 minutes.If you would like to download the entire song/lyrics for free click this link
A Minnesota Judge Orders Arrest of Mother Who Belongs to the Nemenhah Clan - For Refusing Chemotherapy for Her Son (views: 371)
Rayelan -- Wednesday, 20-May-2009 22:26:33
Dr. Phillip 'Cloudpiler' Landis - On RMN Rayedio Tomorrow at 1pm PDT - If ANYONE KNOWS COLLEEN Tell Her to COME HOME (views: 231)
Rayelan -- Wednesday, 20-May-2009 23:09:
Warning from Cloudpiler, Chief Medicine Man of the Nemenhah - The Hauser Ruling Could Affect The Way We Raise Our Children (views: 432)
Rayelan -- Friday, 22-May-2009 03:41:32
RMN Radio - 11AM PDT - 1PM Michael Cremo - Forbidden Archeology (views: 301)
RumorMillNewsRADIO -- Thursday, 21-May-2009 11:41:23
Dr Phillip "Cloudpiler" Landis Will Be on Nightline at 11:30 ABC
Posted By: Rayelan <Send E-Mail>      Date: Saturday, 23-May-2009 00:49:42
        If you are on Mountain Time or Pacific Time you can still catch it.
        I don't know what it's going to be like... I just know that he's going to be on.
        He will be talking about Daniel and Colleen Hauser.
ABC Has a decent Article about Cloudpiler - Even gave his website
Posted By: Rayelan <Send E-Mail>   Date: Saturday, 23-May-2009 03:16:56
In Response To: Dr Phillip "Cloudpiler" Landis Will Be on Nightline at 11:30 ABC (Rayelan)
        As bad as the MSM can be, I think they mostly gave both sides of the story.
        Cloudpiler went to prison for almost the identical charges that Gunther went to prison for... "stealing by deceit". At the end of it all... like Gunther's... it was all wiped away like it never happened. Gunther spent 4 years in jail. Cloudpiler spent 4 months...
        It doesn't matter how long you spend in jail or if your record is wiped clean... what matters is the stain stays on the wall when you throw a plate of spaghetti at it. I learned this saying from Gunther. You can't imagine the inner pain he went through knowing that he had scarred me and his children... not through anything he did illegal... but because of the life he had been forced to live as a CIA operative. But that's another long story.
        The point I am making is anyone can be set up and go to jail if they are on the wrong side of powerful people. This happened to Gunther and it happened to Cloudpiler... and if could happen to any one of us.
        Here's the link to the ABC story... It's a 3 page story... the link below is to the 3rd page... where the link to the Nemenhah website is.
Leader Defends Group in Spotlight in Chemo Dispute
Web-based group in spotlight in chemo dispute concerns Native Americans, medical professionals
He speaks freely about his past and his move from Utah last year to southern Missouri when his probation ended after serving several months in prison on fraud charges tied to the sale of natural remedies.
"Trees brought us here," he said, throwing his arms open wide. "We are not a desert family."
Landis, his wife and four children started in Weaubleau, which has a population of about 500. The family has since moved about 30 miles away to land north of Stockton, a southwest Missouri town of about 2,000 where Landis says he is building a "lodge" for his family and for the Nemenhah Band, which he claims has about 4,000 members.
He said Western medicine has its place, describing a time when his daughter knelt on a nail that went under her kneecap. The nail came out, Landis said, but there was no way to see what, if any, damage had been done. Landis did what many parents would do: He took his child to the hospital and had her knee X-rayed. She also received a tetanus shot.
"Our main tenet is `First, do no harm,' not `First do nothing,'" Landis said.
He said he lost faith in most traditional medicine after a bout with bubonic plague, a broken back and cancer, which he said disappeared thanks to a tea-like concoction made from a mushroom. He still drinks the mushroom tea daily, 15 years after his diagnosis.
Landis described Daniel as a youth minister.
"The fear was so great that she broke," Landis said of Colleen Hauser. "But it pales in comparison to what she and her family will go through if she goes to jail. I've been there; I know what she'd go through."
On the Net:
The Nemanhah Band:
MD Anderson Cancer Center:
Copyright 2009 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.
.........................................................................mainstream news:
Une mère ramène son fils cancéreux au bercail après avoir fui pour éviter le traitement
Minnesota mom returns voluntarily with cancer-stricken boy:
LaRouche: Obama Has Revived Hitler's Genocide Program (views: 485)
watcher51445 -- Saturday, 23-May-2009 07:03:03    L. LA ROUCHE: THE DEFENSE OF NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY: WHAT A NEW PECORA COMMISSION MUST DO (views: 142)
watcher51445 -- Saturday, 23-May-2009 06:40:34
Saturday, May 23, 2009
Obama talks "Preventive Detention"; Jail "Suspects" BEFORE they break law.
Washington, DC -- President Obama on Wednesday said he was mulling the need for a “preventive detention” system that would establish a legal basis for the United States to incarcerate terrorism suspects who are deemed a threat to national security but cannot be tried.
What does he mean " . . . . . suspects who are deemed a threat to national security but cannot be tried?" He means people who haven't actually committed any crime, but who the government decides are "a threat."
To better understand how the government thinks on this issue just read the Department of Homeland Security Lexicon of Domestic Extremism.
In it you'll read who the U.S. Government already considers "Domestic terrorists." Here's a sampling of what's in the Official Homeland Security booklet:
    alternative media - like this blog that you're reading right now!
    animal rights extremists
    anti-abortion extremists
    anti-illegal- immigration extremists
Oh, wait, there's plenty more:
    militia movement
    patriot movement
    tax resistance movement
    environmental extremists
The groups above are just the tip of the iceberg and THEY are who this Administration is talking about putting in "preventive detention."
The fact that most participants n these groups haven't harmed a single person and aren't likely to, doesn't seem to matter. This Administration is actually -- and openly -- talking about crafting a law to put them in jail even though "they cannot be tried" in a court of law.
Lest you think we can't possibly be reporting this correctly, think again. The story was originally published in . . . . . . . "The New York Times" on May 20, 2009. (Link below)
COMMENTARY: This would be bold faced tyranny. The idea that anyone in government is even thinking like this tells you something is very wrong with our government.
Any member of Congress who dares even draft a Bill for such an endeavor must be taken out of office suddenly, dramatically and irreversibly. This would go a long way toward making certain the rest got the message in unmistakable language.
One of our Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson, is quoted as saying "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of tyrants and patriots." We have arrived at such a time.
Original New York Times Story
Lexicon of Domestic Extremists -- Dept. of Homeland Security, March, 2009
at 5/23/2009 04:55:00 AM 0 comments

VIDEO! Radio Host "Waterboarded" -- lasts 6 seconds
Chicago, IL -- Radio Host "Mancow" Muller says he a "conservative." When reports first surfaced about the U.S. using "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques"(EIT) against alleged Al-Qaida members and other "suspected" terrorists, Mancow defended the practices.
"They cut our heads off and all we do is pour a little water on their faces" he once said on his radio show.
With revelations about EIT coming out of the Obama Administration, Mancow wanted to prove that "Waterboarding" wasn't torture at all, so he agreed to be "Waterboarded" live, on the air.
Big mistake.
According to military officials, the average human being can last only 14 seconds before their survival instinct kicks in, making them feel as though they are drowning and causing them to freak out. Mancow last only 6 seconds.
In fact, the host, visibly shaken, said on the air "I hate to say this, but it's torture."
Yea. We know. We knew waaaaay back when we first spoke out against it. Welcome to reality Mancow.
Video Below.
at 5/23/2009 04:38:00 AM 0 comments

New FREE Service!
Get immediate notification of "leaked" government documents, "leaked" financial information and "Breaking News" as it happens -- FREE
Details Here :
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San Diego Halts Home Bible Study; threatens fines!
San Diego County, CA -- Liberal, tolerant California proves its rank hypocrisy again for all the world to see. A pastor and his wife were forced to stop having a group Bible study at their home. The county said the couple needs to apply for a "Major Use Permit" costing $10,000 or face fines for having friends over to study the Bible.
    "A pastor and his wife from San Diego, Calif., claim they were interrogated by a county official and warned that they will face escalating fines if they continue to hold Bible studies in their home.
    The couple, whose names are being withheld until a demand letter can be filed on their behalf, told their attorneys that a county government employee knocked on their door on Good Friday, asking a litany of questions about their Tuesday night Bible studies, which are attended by approximately 15 people.
    "Do you have a regular weekly meeting in your home? Do you sing? Do you say 'amen'?" the official reportedly asked. "Do you say, 'Praise the Lord'?"
    The pastor's wife answered yes.
    She says she was then told, however, that she must stop holding "religious assemblies" until she and her husband obtain a Major Use Permit (MUP) from the county, a permit that often involves traffic and environmental studies, compliance with parking and sidewalk regulations and costs that top tens of thousands of dollars.
    And if they fail to pay for the MUP, the county official reportedly warned, the couple will be charged escalating fines beginning at $100, then $200, $500, $1000, "and then it will get ugly....Broyles confirmed that the county official followed through on his threat, for the pastor and his wife received a written warning ordering the couple to "cease/stop religious assembly on parcel or obtain a major use permit."
    "The Western Center for Law and Policy is troubled by this draconian move to suppress home Bible studies," said the law center in a statement. "If the current trends in our nation continue, churches may be forced underground. If that happens, believers will once again be forced to meet in homes. If homes are already closed by the government to assembly and worship, where then will Christians meet?"
    On a personal note, Broyles added, "I've been leading Bible studies in my home for 13 years in San Diego County, and I personally believe that home fellowship Bible studies are the past and future of the church. … If you look at China, the church grew from home Bible studies. I'm deeply concerned that if in the U.S. we are not able to meet in our homes and freely practice our religion, then we may be worse off than China."
    Broyles also explained that oppressive governments, such as Communist China or Nazi Germany, worked to repress home fellowships, labeling them the "underground church" or "subversive groups," legally compelling Christians to meet only in sanctioned, government-controlled "official" churches."
The Turner Radio Network is endeavoring to identify the county official involved for further . . . . . follow-up.
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Friday, May 22, 2009
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Army Colonel Says Attack, Kill, Media!
Retired U.S. Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters says the free speech afforded by the internet amounts to an "enemy weapon system" and as such, "partisan media" outlets may have to be attacked and killed by the military in the future.
Feds Claim Right To search Any Home WITHOUT Warrant; any time of day or night!
Washington, DC -- An agency of the US federal government claims it has the lawful authority to enter ANY home in the country, without a Warrant, any time of day or night!
LEAKED: CIA Congress Torture Briefing Log
Washington, DC -- Who knew what and when did they know it? That is the single most vexing question facing the US public with regards to which members of Congress were briefed by the CIA on "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques (EIT)" more commonly known as "torture" of prisoners in Iraq, Afghanistan and at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
LEAKED: CDC Director's Bulletin on new Flu
Washington, DC -- The Turner Radio Network has obtained the Centers for Disease Control Director's Update on the new Flu outbreak, issued yesterday, May 20, 2009. This document is labeled FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY (FIUO) and FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY (FOUO) and NOT FOR FURTHER DISTRIBUTION and SENSITIVE BUT UNCLASSIFIED (SBU)
Audio Archive of Hal Turner May 20 Show
New York, NY -- A free audio archive of "The Hal Turner Show" is uploaded and available at the link below. There was so much information packed into this show that callers were only given ten minutes out of the two hour program!
Tonight's unprecedented show featured the audio of officials at St Louis Airport detaining an American citizen because he was carrying money.
The show also featured audio of a Homeowner being attacked by Jefferson County, MO Sheriffs officers who broke down her door and evicted her from her own house! When the woman protested that they were violating her Constitutional Rights, Sheriff's officers replied "You have no rights." Turner then proceeded to give out the home address and home telephone numbers of Jefferson County Sheriff Oliver "Glenn" Boyer so local citizens could "pay him a visit" over how his men behaved with that homeowner!
The most intense part of the show came in the second hour when Turner outlined information direct from inside the Bilderberg meeting, describing how and why there is going to be a massive currency devaluation perpetrated by all countries at the same time, how the stock markets will be utterly wiped out on purpose and why governments will set the value of gold as high as $53,000 an ounce to monetize the $350 TRILLION in worldwide debt
How the feds Hack Servers to spy
North Bergen, NJ -- Long a target of federal law enforcement, "The Hal Turner Show" and its associated web sites have been investigated by the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), the U.S. Marshals Service, the US Secret Service and, most recently, the Department of Homeland Security. Of course, none of those agencies ever found probable cause to file any formal charges because we don't break the law. Naturally, that small detail never stopped them from conducting surveillance, both lawful and now, unlawful. We caught them red-handed!
...pdechat......  ....
Voici ce que j'ai fait durant ces trois journées infernales:
 La ballade des archaïques ((sites))
Climat céleste:
Étrange anomalie filmée en Russie
En Roumanie
Two meteorites found in Muzaffarnagar
Spectacular fireball seen in sky
Mysterious lights in south Norfolk spotted again
An advance in solving the mysterious machine-workers' disease
Climat planétaire:
Tremblements de terre et volcans:
Saudi volcanic eruption 'imminent'
Tempêtes - tornades - grêle - inondations - effondrements :
Violent orage sur Pamplune, Espagne: 80 mm en 20 minutes
La Loire touchée par de violents orages de grêle
French police under Kalashnikov fire: early riot warning?
Haïti mauvais temps ; Les vols aériens à destination des villes de ...
Bad Weather in Florida Continues
Waterspouts make heads spin in Bay
People want action when it rains
Une tempête amène des grêlons gros comme une balle de golf!
Huge dust storm near Ceduna
'Freak storm' compounds rough season for lobster fishermen
Storm-lashed regions get no rain respite
Damaging storm hits WA
Storm razes part of power plant, team sent to probe
Dust storm disrupts flights at IGI Airport
Storm puts thousands in the dark
Relentless rains bring flooding; winds damage homes in Port Orange
Sewage leaks close Coast beaches
Water rising after heavy rain
Heavy rain in Haiti leaves 11 dead
Heavy rain sweeps across S China to make unexpected summer flood
Lescure-d'Albigeois. Risques d'effondrement : quatre famlles évacuées
Inondation d'une mine de charbon du Sichuan: six disparus
Vineyard damaged by wind
Record Rain Wreaks Havoc On Region
Severe weather wreaks havoc in county
Heavy rains, mudslides, flooding kill 23 in Tajikistan
Climat vital :
Suicides et tueries:
Décès de la comédienne Lucy Gordon
92: il tue sa voisine et se suicide
Encore un suicide à France Télécom
Suicide d'un détenu à la prison de Nice
Ted Failon's wife committed suicide, NBI findings show
Gunner of state tourism minister commits suicide
Cop attempts suicide
Woman attempts suicide in Fatehgunj; rescued by police, fire officers
Woman commits suicide by consuming poison
Mounting debts drive trader to suicide
Couple attempts suicide near Aji Dam, woman dies
Class X student commits suicide
Graduate commits suicide
Headman commits suicide
20-yr-old commits suicide, shoots himself with 'stolen' gun
Suicide rate in Bogota increases
Dad and son suicide
Police: Body in burning car apparent suicide
Police investigating attempted murder - suicide
Woman Commits Suicide In Court
Samaritan helps cop save woman from suicide attempt
Woman, two daughters commit suicide after family dispute
Woman kills self in Caloocan City
Tourist kills self in city hotel
'Patriarch' of the St. Louis Community Missing
Daughter, now 29, accuses father of sex assault
6 et 10 ans, arrêtés devant l'école pour un vélo
Bavure policière : Un policier et un chauffeur tués à Marcory
Accusé du meurtre du conjoint de son ex, il se suicide
Convicted rapist commits suicide in jail
Fort Campbell soldier's death second suspected suicide in May
2 Treasure Island deaths murder-suicide, police say
Man commits suicide after killing children
Two women found murdered in Bhuj, police still clueless about motive
Swindling doc's victims attempt mass suicide
Security guard commits suicide on school premises
Steps to stop Internet-linked suicides
Man died after taking his wife's medication
Woman slain in home
16 year old girl ends life
Man indicted in connection with mysterious death
Je ne parle pas des pays en guerre, parce qu'ils sont en guerre et l'évaluation n'est pas facile à réaliser. Mais chaque jour qui passe, 20, 30, 50 personnes meurent dans des tueries ou actes suicidaires
Biologique et émies...
Grippe A : 11.034 malades recensés dans le monde
Maintenant 10 morts aux USA
Les chasseurs abattent les corbeaux
Gallery: Mysterious scarecrow sightings puzzle farmers
First Emerald Ash Borer Confirmed in Minnesota
Caterpillar infestation in Churchdown
Plague of giant rats invade seaside resort town
Mysterious Ecological Disasters Bombard Chile
Plusieurs blessés en vol sur un avion de US Airways
En Vrac:
Le suicide assisté est un acte profondément pervers
Alaska's suicide rate increases for the 4th year in a row
Le vol des fonds de pension, pas qu'ici
Weimar hyperflation
Britain sinks into deepest deflation since 1948
Investment Banking Explained
Young Chuck moved to Texas and bought a donkey from a farmer for $100. The farmer agreed to deliver the donkey the next day. The next day the farmer drove up and said, "Sorry Chuck, but I have some bad news. The donkey died.'"
Chuck replied, "Well then, just give me my money back."
The farmer said, "Can't do that. I went and spent it already."
Chuck said, "OK, then, just bring me the dead donkey."
The farmer asked, "What ya gonna do with a dead donkey?"
Chuck said, "I'm going to raffle him off."
The farmer said, "You can't raffle off a dead donkey!"
Chuck said, "Sure I can. Watch me. I just won't tell anybody he's dead."
A month later, the farmer met up with Chuck and asked, "What happened with that dead donkey?" Chuck said, "I raffled him off. I sold 500 tickets at two dollars apiece and made a profit of $898.00."
The farmer said, "Didn't anyone complain?" Chuck said, "Just the guy who won. So I gave him his two dollars back."    Chuck now works for Morgan Stanley.
--- us historical inflation rate / + solar cycle ...
Certains diront qu'il n'y a pas de relation entre les deux. Un n'est pas une réaction à l'autre, mais il est architecturé pour empêcher de voir l'autre.
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Posted By: watcher51445 <Send E-Mail>       Date: Monday, 25-May-2009 09:01:52
        It is impossible for us as Agents of RumorMillNews to search the entire inter-net and recover this valuable information which each of you send to us morning, noon and night... Without all of you.. the REAL NEWS would never be told, and the PEOPLE would not be fully informed or have the ability to know how to defend themselves as prescribed in the Original Purpose and Intent of the First Amendment.
        God Bless each and every-one of you.. We most certainly do appreciate your input and providing valuable information.
        V.K. Durham aka watcher51445
Richard Maybury Speech: This man makes a good point. "WHAT OBAMA DOES NOT KNOW:" The economy is flesh and blood.
Posted By: watcher51445 <Send E-Mail>    Date: Monday, 25-May-2009 08:54:37
        This man makes a good point. The economy is flesh and blood.
        "What Obama Does Not Know"  By Richard J. Maybury       Keynote Speaker
        And editor of Early Warning Report   At the    Wealth Protection Conference
        Phoenix, May 2, 2009
        In 1992, I coined the term Chaostan — meaning the land of the Great Chaos — for the area from the Arctic Ocean to the Indian Ocean, and Poland to the Pacific, plus North Africa.
        Thereafter, for nine years, I warned incessantly that federal officials did not understand Chaostan, and if they did not stop meddling in those countries, we would end up in a war. And, the war would wreck the economy, because the government would pay for it by borrowing and printing dollars; the debt and inflation of the money supply would lead to economic chaos.
        Obviously, that prediction has come true, so today I'm going to explain three more things that the government and mainstream press seem not to understand.
        The title of this speech is, "What Obama Doesn't Know." The first draft was 14 hours long, but I have cut that quite a bit.
        You might ask, how can the president of the United States — the most powerful, most well-connected person in history, with all sorts of intelligence agencies — not know something important?
        The answer is that a successful politician is not an expert at economics, foreign policy, military affairs or any of the other areas in which he makes decisions.
        A successful politician is a person who is an expert at winning elections. That's how he gets the job — by winning elections. That is his skill, his career, his area of expertise. Winning elections.
        In other words, to be president, he needs to be highly skilled at illusion. He must be a better actor than his competition.
        I sometimes think we need a change to the Constitution. Every six months, a president's job performance should be evaluated, and if he isn't doing well, we should call up Hollywood Central Casting and tell them to send over another president.
        Since the president isn't really an expert at anything presidential, except how to get the job, he doesn't know what he should look for when he hires an advisor or cabinet member. Generally presidents just hire their drinking buddies, or whoever their drinking buddies recommend.
        You can see that with Obama's group of economic advisors. Before he was sworn in, he formed one group of advisors, then on February 6th, only three weeks after he took office, he hired a second group. Now he has two groups of economic advisors.
        Why? Well, if you know a bit about economics, you can make a good guess.
        During his election campaign Obama admitted he knows very little about economics.
        The first group he hired were people who were prestigious, but they have different economic models. Some are Keynesian, some monetarist, some socialist — I'll say more about the different models shortly — and I'm sure every time he got a dozen of them in a room and asked for an explanation of what's happening, he got a dozen different answers.
        He hired a second group, and he's probably getting a dozen different answers from that group, too.
        So, I'm going to explain three crucially important topics the president — and mainstream press — seem not to know anything about.
        When I'm finished, you will know more than Obama does.
        The first I'll cover is the fact that ...
        ...the economy is not a machine
        When we listen to politicians and the mainstream press talk about the economy, we usually hear comments such as, the economy is sluggish, or, the economy is slowing down. We need to speed it up, to jump start it, or repair it, or tune it up.
        But the economy is not a machine. It's an ecology, made of biological organisms — people — you and me and our loved ones, and millions of others.
        Economics is not a math course. It's not the study of charts, graphs and equations. It's the study of living, breathing, thinking, feeling humans.
        Especially feeling. And I'll say more about that shortly.
        Economics is not a branch of mechanical engineering, it's a branch of biology — because we are biological organisms.
        The economy is an ecology, the human ecology, and it is by far the most complex ecology on earth. I think, for instance, the typical big city hospital probably contains more complexity than all the other so-called natural ecologies in the world put together. ...(...)
Now you know some of the things Obama doesn't.
Perhaps a good summary of what I've said so far is, when people play God, they always do it badly. And, the politicians and bureaucrats have been playing God with the human ecology for more than a century, and now the chickens have come home to roost.
On March 29th on our web site, we posted a special bulletin telling my readers that I think there is an 85% probability the recent deflationary stage of the crisis is ending and the next inflationary stage is beginning.
I can't prove it, but I think the bottom in non-dollar assets has occurred, or is occurring, and now is the time to get into non-dollar assets: Swiss francs, New Zealand dollars, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, oil and other raw materials, real estate, and especially, gold, silver and platinum.
Pat Gorman at Resource Consultants can help you with the gold, silver and platinum. I've been recommending Resource Consultants for precious metals for twenty years or so, and never had even one complaint from any of my readers.2
If I'm right about this new inflationary cycle, then within two or three years, we will see oil at $300, gold $3,000, platinum $3,000, and silver at $50.
I think we have three to five years of chaos ahead of us, but a lot of new fortunes will be made by those who are knowledgeable and prepared.
We're going through a giant, and very painful, object lesson. But when it's over, America will be back on track to a new golden age, and the people who were knowledgeable and prepared will enjoy a prosperity far greater than anything ever seen before.
That's the objective of my newsletter, Early Warning Report, to get you through the hard times as comfortably as possible, so that you can enjoy the golden age that will come after.
This speech is copyrighted, but permission to make and distribute copies is hereby granted.
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