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mercredi 27 mai 2009 23 h 18
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009
***** FLASH TRAFFIC **** URGENT ****
The United States has begun deploying B-2 Stealth Bombers from the mainland USA to Andersen Air Force Base in Guam. This would put the nuclear-armed bombers well within striking distance of North Korea.
The photo below was taken today at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri, home to the B-2 fleet as two B-2's taxi to the main runway for takeoff.
More details as they become available. . . . . .
19:33 Hrs -- CORRECTION: Article corrected to read "Andersen Air Force Base in Guam" as opposed to inaccurate earlier report of a base on Diego Garcia.
at 5/27/2009 07:08:00 PM
North Korea to be attacked;            U.S. Nuclear first strike "likely"
Washington, DC (TRN) -- North Korea yesterday withdrew from the Armistice that halted the Korean War. Today, official Washington is abuzz with not so secret "Top Secret" plans for the United States to make a limited nuclear first strike to wipe out the North Korean threat in one fell swoop.
Russia has been alerted to "make plans" for radiation fallout in its eastern border area.
In consultations with China, the U.S. Ambassador to Beijing was said to be stunned when he was told by the Chinese government "Kim Jung Il is out of control and dangerous. He has become a serious liability for China. Do what must be done, but please do it in a manner that minimizes risk to China."
China was then briefed about US plans and asked to prepare its southern population areas for radiation fallout. It is expected that prevailing weather patterns will disperse fallout over the sea, causing it to thin out dramatically before moving over land.
Worst development since World War 2
Our source in the State Department explained today why this situation got so bad, so fast. "The Korean War legally never ended." he said. "There is no peace treaty, there is only an Armistice, a formal cease-fire. When North Korea officially withdrew from the Armistice yesterday, it automatically brought us back into a hot war. "he continued.
Speaking on condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to speak to the media, the high ranking state department source told Turner Radio Network (TRN):
    "Of all the scenarios involving North Korea, withdrawing from the Armistice was the one thing we thought they never would do. Since the War, everyone has known that withdrawing from the Armistice means the cease-fire is over. Today, that cease fire is over; we are back at war with North Korea and this time, the outcome will not be negotiated. Withdrawing from the Armistice was the last mistake North Korea will ever make. Their leadership must surrender now or they are nothing more than dead men walking. It's over for them" he finished.
Pentagon: Nuclear first strike "Likely"
Early in the evening on Tuesday, President Barack Obama gave permission for the US Military to airlift "Patriot Missile Air Defense" systems to South Korea and additional units to bolster 16 systems already in Japan. Those systems were airborne hours later and arrived in South Korea and Japan today.
The model of Patriot Missile systems sent is "PAC-3" and they were accompanied by M-901 control stations and AN/MPQ-53 phased array radar.
Sources with acute knowledge of the plans for North Korea have confirmed to TRN that a US nuclear first strike is going to be launched.
The first strike will be carried out through submarine-launched, BGM-109 Tomahawk cruise missiles, model TLAM/A whose explosive payload can be "dialed" to be anywhere from 100 kilotons to one point five megatons nuclear yield per missile.
There will be no warning. North Korea will not be able to track the incoming cruise missiles via radar. The only way they will know the attack is taking place is when they see a blinding white flash as the temperature rises to ten thousand degrees and the wind gusts to 650 miles per hour.
North Korean troops along the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) will be hit first to prevent them from invading south Korea. Multiple cruise missiles using Time of Arrival (TOA) control will detonate simultaneously along the DMZ, wiping out over one million North Korean troops in seconds.
Minutes later, after the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) confirms that the North Korean leadership has been told by their own command structure that their troops at the DMZ have all been killed, Kim Jung Il will be contacted and asked if he is willing to surrender. It is expected he will not.
At that point, a B-2 Stealth Bomber will be sent in to deliver the final blow. Pyongyang will be hit with a surface detonation of a massive nuclear bomb, wiping out the entire city and the entire government of North Korea.
As soon as that surface detonation takes place, several hundred additional cruise missiles carrying conventional payloads and launched from land, air and sea sites, will hit every North Korean military facility in the entire country, instantly crippling their entire command and control system. Carrier based Aircraft will then fly in to clean up whatever resistance remains.
It is expected the war will be over within one or two days. Korea will be reunited. It's Capitol will be Seoul and its government will be democratically elected.
One strike, two purposes
This difficult decision to make a nuclear first strike was arrived at because the threat of North Korea invading South Korea once hostilities resume was too great a danger to world stability. The world does not need or want another large, lengthy war.
The decision to use a nuclear first strike serves another purpose as well: sending a clear message to countries like Pakistan, India and Iran about what they can expect if they continue traveling down the nuclear road.
The thinking in Washington, Beijing and Moscow is that the world needs to send this message and there will not be a better reason or better time to send it than now.
Additional details on tonight "Hal Turner Show" airing from 9:00 - 11:00 PM eastern U.S. time (GMT -0400) tonight, Wednesday 27 May 2009 .,
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Info about Patriot Missile Air Defense Systems
Info about BGM-109 Model TLAM/A Cruise Missile
18 Second Video of BGM-109 TLAM (Conventional warhead) striking target
REUTERS: "Russia fears Korean conflict can go nuclear"
at 5/27/2009 12:55:00 PM 17 comments
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US Moves To Defcon 2: No Further Updates Allowed
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Current Defcon Level
The defense readiness condition (DEFCON) is a measure of the activation and readiness level of the United States Armed Forces. It describes progressive postures for use between the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the commanders of unified commands. DEFCONs are matched to the situations of military severity. Standard peacetime protocol is DEFCON 5, descending in increasingly severe situations. DEFCON 1 represents expectation of actual imminent attack, and is not known to have ever been declared.
 During the Cold War, DEFCON 1 was feared because it would most likely precede an all-out nuclear war.
In a national state of emergency, seven different alert conditions known as LERTCONs can be issued. They consist of five Defense Conditions and two Emergency Conditions (EMERGCONs).
    This is the condition used to designate normal peacetime military readiness. An upgrade in military preparedness is typically made by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and announced by the United States Secretary of Defense.
    This refers to normal, increased intelligence and the heightening of national security measures.
    This refers to an increase to force readiness above normal. Radio call signs used by American forces change to currently classified call signs. This was reached after 9/11.
    This refers to a further increase in force readiness just below maximum readiness. The most notable time it was declared was during the Cuban Missile Crisis, although the declaration was limited to Strategic Air Command. It is not certain how many times this level of readiness has been reached.
    This refers to maximum readiness. It is not certain whether this has ever been used, but it is reserved for imminent or ongoing attack on US military forces or US territory by a foreign military power.
from   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DEF_CON
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Posted By: Nemesis <Send E-Mail>   Date: Wednesday, 27-May-2009 21:52:42
 "It appears that North Korea's combat readiness is at its peak," the source added.
        Article about N. Korea amassing troops near S. Korea:
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- Je n'ai plus de livres.  Merci de votre support.
- Merci de vos nombreux commentaires sur le video La ballade des archaïques.
Ça donne le sentiment de ne pas être le seul à comprendre.
Quand tu veux faire tuer ton chien, tu n'as qu'à dire qu'il a la rage.
Encore une fois le gouvernement Charest fait dans la petite avocasserie, et la campagne de salissage qu'il a mené envers Jean-Guy Chaput de la SODEC, n'a comme objectif que de mettres ses partisans en place.
Votre jeu de coulisse de bas étage est indigne d'un gouvernement.
Bravo à Jean-Guy Chaput de la SODEC!
Sommaire Mai
À l'exception des volcans qui n'y sont pas encore, le reste rencontre les prévisions.
Les différents pays continuent de légiférer sur les conséquences actuelles.
Si vous avez des idées noires, comprenez que ça n'a rien à voir avec vous. Contactez-moi.
Climat céleste:
Climat planétaire:
Tremblements de terre et volcans:
Indonésie: L'activité s'accroit sur le Anak Krakatau et le Mount Kerinci
Tempêtes - tornades - grêle - inondations - effondrements :
Violents orages et possible tornade dans le nord de l’Allemagne --- Inondations records sur l'Est du Queensland, Australie --- Man killed in Australian floods --- Violent orage sur Madrid dans la nuit de vendredi à samedi --- Dozen die when Philippine ferry sinks --- Torrential rain, high winds force evacuations in New South Wales --- Fierce storm causes chaos in New Zealand --- Freak weather plays havoc on Delhi's streets --- Some floodwaters begin to recede in Volusia County --- A state of emergency has been declared in several North Florida ... --- Twelve die in Philippines ferry accident --- Rains and hailstorm upset horticulture in Aurangabad --- Tata aid for hail victims --- Après la grêle, les pompiers colmatent les brèches sur les toits --- Storm stops Cook Strait ferries, snow closes Desert Road --- Damage, big seas as storm whips by --- Damage to Shelton, Southbury from storm --- Golf-ball size hail, wind strike parts of County --- Monsoon too soon --- Normal life hit by heavy rains as cyclone pounds Orissa --- Deluge Devastates Saturday's Delfest Festival --- Wild weather lingers --- 2 dead after water sweeps away SUV --- Officials expect flood damage estimates today --- Rising waters flood farms in low lying areas --- Flooding reaches the lower Yukon --- Extreme weather threatens Dunedin homes --- Three people die in Georgia as a result of inundation --- Driver missing after being washed off bridge --- funnel cloud captured near Montrose --- La fonte des neiges a tué 160 personnes en Afghanistan (officiel) --- Inondations en Haïti : 11 morts --- Heavy rains trigger flood alert --- Investigating Hunan's Viaduct Collapse
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Suicides et tueries:
(2009) Suicide d'un détenu à Rennes --- Former leader's apparent suicide stuns SKorea --- Missing soldier from Fairfield commits suicide in Santa Cruz --- Park death was suicide ---Suspect held for  ---attempt to suicide ---Suspected gas suicide sickens 18 in Japan: officials ---Two attempt to commit suicide in police custody ---Police in La Crosse say couple died in murder-suicide ---Dental surgeon commits suicide ---St Albans resident committed suicide, inquest hears ---Suicide verdict for Crowborough man ---Authorities investigating apparent suicide off a bridge along ... ---Deputy saves suspect who threatened suicide ---Green Bay man in custody after threatening suicide ---Boy Commits Suicide After Parents Prohibit Gaming ---Tenth grader hangs himself in south Delhi ---Failure in love: Young couple ---3 girls hurl themselves in front of train, die ---Child Sex Assault Suspect Kills Self ---Abandoned father took own life ---Body Found on Richview Road - Update ---Aberdeen Shooting Update ---Teenager crushed to death by speeding truck ---Cop 'didn't realise' detainee was dead ---Body Found Near Myersville Identified ---Mum suffocates son, revives him, then chokes him again ---'Love triangle drama' leaves three dead ---Jilted man burns his lover, hangs himself ---GRP constable ends life at Kalka ---Cross-dressing burglar is jailed ---Police: NM mom charged in son's death was homeless ---Man found dead in vehicle ---Police probe still open in Colorado restaurateur's death ---Accused US Bank robber arrested ---Helena police defuse standoff situation ---Shelby man sentenced for role in beating death ---Man hangs himself at Appleby Apartments ---Linz09 artist found dead ---MARILYN MANSON Fan Who Shot Himself Intended To Kill Four Others ... ---Officials: Boy wrote threatening note before middle school shooting ---Man found dead at Temple Lake Park ---Missing 22 year old woman Laura Marie Nimbach ---Cops: Driver caused crash, killing two on highway ---Mumbra businessman held for killing cousin ---Man arrested in Andhra for killing wife, son ---Man accused of killing ---Woman charged with killing a rooster at a grave ---In chains, the 14-year-old boy accused of killing his 'abusive ... ---Murder suspect convicted of killing before ---3 charged in killing of county man ---Double killing in Hayes, Clarendon ---Mother arrested for killing kids ---Shootings kill tricycle driver ---Man with history of violence against women found guilty of killing ... ---Report: Woman ate razors after allegedly killing girl ---Fort Worth woman accused of killing husband, concealing body in ... ---Arrests Made in Murder of Alpine Grandmother ---Worker who killed man with forklift may face charges ---Estranged couple found dead ---BOY,13, HELD OVER TEEN STAB KILLING ---Un homme se suicide devant les policiers ---Découverte de deux cadavres dans une voiture immergée dans le Rhône ---Would-be suicide jumper pushed ---Student fails Class 12 maths exam, commits suicide ---Man's death ruled suicide: Tumwater resident fell from bridge ... ---80-year-old woman committes suicide ---Murder suspect on life support after apparent suicide attempt ---Couple death's a murder-suicide ---Teenager commits suicide after being scolded by parents ---Unending cycle of bloodshed ---MBBS student kills self in hostel room ---Two kids die of burns, police suspect foul play --- Stampede kills 11 people at world music festival in Morocco ---Châteauguay teen arrested in mom's killing ---Police: Ohio man attacks neighbors, is shot dead ---3-year-old's body pulled from Willamette  --- River; girl, 7, saved ---Man killed as shell hits house in Mohmand ---Two killed at graduation party ---Girl Raped, Killed As Family Slept ---Incarcéré pour corruption, un maire des Pyrénées- Orientales se ... ---Tentative de suicide sous le pont Saint-Georges ---Mystère autour d'un homme brûlé vif route des Sanguinaires ---Police: Restaurant shooting a murder-suicide ---Panaji man commits suicide ---Suicide motive unclear --- Mother of four commits suicide in Lankaran Region of Azerbaijan ---2 jobless persons commit suicide in separate incidents ---Man commits suicide at 10th and O st. ---Murder-Suicide in East Price Hill ---Man charged with trading suicidal friend a gun for his BMW ---Fraud victim set fire to himself in flat ---Mother poisons son, daughter, dies ---22-year-old woman ends lif ---'This is Horrific': 5-Year-Old Shot in Toronto ---A 50-year-old patient committed suicide Saturday night ---A 55-year-old caretaker of a closed oil mill in Howrah was found dead on Sunday morning ---Une élue britannique dénonce un climat de chasse aux sorcières
Biologique et émies...
Mysterious disease killing Lake Mohave Carp ---New flu virus has mysterious origins ---Miladhoo School morning sessions cancelled again ---Grippe : l'OMS fait état de 12 022 personnes contaminées dans 43 pays --- Signs of Asian longhorned beetle infestation ---Bed Bugs Invade Austin Apartments ---Heart disease killing town ---Rainfall to make pests bite harder ---WALTHAM FOREST: Fears over 'killer' crows ---Bee infestation in New York
Brazil plane crash, at least 11 thought dead-local media ---2 killed in chopper crash near Black Canyon City ---Small plane crashes, killing 4 ---Zimbabweans say angry ancestors are behind road accidents ---Atterrissage d'urgence d'un avion de JAT Airways ---Déroutement cause hydraulique d'un avion de United Airlines ---Problème de train d'atterrissage sur un avion de Iberia ---Fuel problems force emergency landing ---Fuel leak — at 35000 feet
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More than 9000 children found missing till April: Madadgaar
Sommaire : J'ai choisi de mettre un sommaire à toutes les chroniques, pour en faciliter l'analyse.
Inondations et grêles sont importantes en Europe de l'Ouest, Asie et centre Amérique. 
Les tueries et suicides, qui étaient très élevés aux Indes la semaine dernière, sont à la baisse. Par contre, ils s'accroissent sur le territoire américain.
Les tremblements de terre sont bas.
Un accroissement se fera sentir dans les évènements célestes, ainsi que le géo-climat, dès la semaine prochaine, suivant le bris d'alignement de Jupiter et Neptune.
Mercure cessera d'être rétrograde la semaine prochaine et les suicides ralentiront légèrement d'ici là. Les tueries guerrière et des triangles amoureux demeureront élevés, particulièrement en Asie.
Climat céleste: (Pas des ovnis)
Wigan man spots UFO
Mysterious Lights Near Lebanon Explained
UFO mystery over Norwich
Mysterious Liverpool 'UFO' sighting
Climat planétaire:
Tremblements de terre et volcans:
Experts on Macedonian earthquakes: normal phenomenon
Tempêtes - tornades - grêle - inondations - effondrements :
Two People Struck by Lightning --- Rains and hailstorm affect horticulture in Aurangabad ---Violent orage de grêle sur Toulouse ---Tempête, froid, grêle... une météo très déréglée ---Beaucoup de « petits dégâts » ---Pluies torrentielles au Sud et chaleur au Nord ---India: Rains and hailstorm upset horticulture in Aurangabad ---Hailstorm had path of damage throughout region ---Les orages au rendez-vous : gros dégâts de la grêle ---L'Oise durement touchée par la grêle ---Genebrières. Orages : la grêle a ravagé le secteur ---Orages, grêle, inondations et trains bloqués ---Nouvelle tempête de grêle à Toulouse ---Déferlante de grêle sur la Pointe ---Orage supercellulaire à 30.000 décharges: le bilan par région ---Les violents orages qui ont frappé la Suisse mardi ont provoqué la ... ---Après la grêle, les pompiers colmatent les brèches sur les toits ---Vent, pluies diluviennes, foudre et grêle dans le Hainaut occidental ---Orages : 105 interventions de pompiers, 57 mm d'eau tombés hier ... ---Chaleur de l'Est de la France à la Grèce, violents orages en France ---Des grêlons comme des balles de ping-pong ---Orages d'une rare violence des Pyrénées au Nord ---Violents orages en provinces de Namur et du Luxembourg ---Dans le Cher, le vignoble de Menetou haché menu par les grêlons ---Gros dégâts après le passage des orages ---Cambrai : la violente tempête a eu raison des docks ---There she blows ---Damage, big seas as storm whips by ---High winds cause outages in several counties ---15 lives lost on storm day ---Golf-ball size hail, wind strike parts of County ---Storm Damage Closes Dale Mabry ---Cop and CMC flop show ---TRAGEDY IN SERBIA ---Cyclone in Bay of Bengal kills ... ---The hail was golf ball-sized. (T&G Staff Photos/CHRISTINE PETERSON) ---Flash Flooding Wreaks Havoc in Southeastern Utah ---Local officials paint flood damage picture for Mica ---Flood Waters Damage Tobacco Crops, Outdoor Theater ---Flood kills 4 ---Storms Flood Streets In Orange Co. ---Flooding causes road closures ---UN humanitarian wing assisting Tajik flood victims ---Flash flood waters claim 3 in Ark. - Jonesboro boy, 14, among ... ---Farms fall foul of flood ---Gale-force winds, floodwaters knock out power supply ---Rising rivers submerge homes and farmland ---Floods wash away hope of recovery ---Heavy Downpours Send Water Flowing Into Metro East Yards And Homes ---Heavy rains flood low-lying areasThousands isolated across Valley ---Mass exodus continues as 2.3 million people flee SWAT valley ---Tidal surge damages 7 dams in Khulna ---San Juan Navajo Chapter Declares Flood Emergency ---Brazil floods displace thousands ---Tallying up the damage in Daytona Beach ---Severe Flooding In Australia Strands Thousands ---4 dead in Mauban flashflood ---Wet spring, flooding delay crop planting in Tennessee ---Amazon hit by climate chaos of floods, drought ---Inondations : Yaoundé envahie par les eaux ---Inondations mortelles à Haïti ---Three people die in Georgia as a result of inundation ---Driver missing after being washed off bridge ---Town blasted by tornado wind ---Thunderstorm Tears Through Davie Neighborhood ---Coastal Bend Tornado ---Afghan floods kill 94, make thousands homeless ---Dams will kill Mekong River downstream, say experts ---Glissement de terrain mortel en Papouasie Nouvelle-Guinée ---Violents orages en Europe, chaleurs au Mexique, fortes pluies au Bangladesh ---Cyclone Aila: Plus de 70 morts  ---Les pluies de mousson arrivent sur le Sud de l'Inde ---Chaleur de l'Est de la France à la Grèce, violents orages en France
Climat vital :
Suicides et tueries:
Un catholique tué par 40 personnes après un match de football ---13-year-old Provo boy sentenced for killing friend ---Hong Kong man jumps to his death after killing wife with hammer ---Three appear over killing of traffic officer ---Two Emiratis accused of killing man in nightclub fight ---Man arrested for killing 6-month-old daughter ---Ouzbékistan: un policier tué dans un attentat suicide à Andijan ---Suicide en prison du maire de Saint-Cyprien ---Ardèche : le probable suicide d'un couple d'Oullins ---Appel à témoins pour identifier un homme brûlé vif ---Elle noie son fils de 6 ans par désespoir et haine du père ---Afghanistan : un militaire français tué avec son arme de service ---59ème suicide ou mort suspecte en détention en 2009 : Mensonge d'Etat ---Un homme se suicide devant les policiers de Sherbrooke ---Un jeune taximan a été tué par des voyous qui se volatilisèrent ... ---Tentative de suicide sous le pont Saint-Georges ---Un gendarme émascule l'amant de sa femme, dans le Bas-Rhin ---Il abrège ses souffrances dans le canal ---Double murder-suicide rocks quiet neighborhood ---Cop in botched suicide still in hospital ---Suicide attempt after sex charge ---Stepmother's grief over Iraq death leads to suicide ---Police: 3 die in murder-suicide in northern NY ---Police Investigate Possible Murder Suicide In North St. Louis ---Husband, wife dead in apparent murder-suicide ---Police: Domestic Violence Led To Murder-Suicide ---Suicide at Puri temple ---Woman, daughter attempt suicide over poverty ---Thailand Closes Gaming Sites After Boy's Suicide ---Stereotypes and stigmas : 23-yr-old widow commits suicide ---Coroner: Signs Point To Suicide In Judge's Death ---Reason behind Canton double murder-suicide unclear ---Security Guard Saves Man From Suicide ---Man commits suicide under train in Virpur ---Murder-Suicide Investigation ---Man Responsible for Standoff Commits Suicide ---Three Dead In Adair Co. Double Murder-Suicide ---HPD: 4 kids home during apparent murder-suicide ---Bridge sees 2nd suicide in a week ---Attempted suicide at cliff edge ---Two attempt suicide by drowning in the sea ---Panaji man commits suicide ---26-yr-old woman commits suicide ---Two shot dead, one commits suicide ---18-year-old boy commits suicide after being caught with a girl ---Man linked to slayings apparently commits suicide ---Golden police investigate possible suicide ---Senior couple dies in murder-suicide case ---Axed worker, 27, driven to suicide ---Boat creator 'leaves on own terms' Designer Phil Bolger's suicide ... ---Suicide motive unclear ---Standoff turns into suicide ---Father and son found dead in Bardstown ---Man kills pregnant wife, alleged paramour ---Mother of four commits suicide in Lankaran Region of Azerbaijan ---Gretna man leaps to death off bridge ---Man commits suicide at 10th and O st. ---Meeting leads to suicide for one, arrest of another ---Murder-Suicide in East Price Hill ---Unanswered Questions ---18-year-old kills self over poor result ---Married man ends life after mother objects to illicit affair ---Fiance took his own life on railway track ---Park Service employee found dead in Denali ---Man kills wife over petty issue ---Thursday's groundbreaking for the new Miami Trace Middle School ... ---Students at Fort Defiance mourn loss of teenager ---Jealousy leads to death by poison ---Student fails Class 12 maths exam, commits suicide ---State investigating two Shuman incidents ---Fraud victim set fire to himself in flat
Biologique et émies...
Deadly skin cancer cases top 10000 a year for the first time ... ---More communities concerned over beetle infestation ---RADA says drought the cause of the Beet Army Worm infestation ---2009 Bagworms Babies Emerging Now ---Bee infestation in New York ---NDDOH warns about hantavirus risk ---Livestock face toxin risk ---Giant Hogweed Confirmed in Butler County, PA
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Allègre dénonce les "mensonges et affabulations" dont il est l'objet : Bravo Allègre, enfin un individu capable d'observer et dépêchons-nous d'attraper Hulot avant qu'il ne dise d'autres imbécillités.
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Vital Signs Patterns: A Long, Bright Summer and Many Suicides
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